The disassembly line

by Alex Anders

 Rex finally gets to make his dream a reality. 

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“Are you sure about this, hon?”

“As sure as shootin’,” Rex replied, carefully folding his pants for the last time. “I’ve wanted this for as long as I could wank.”

“It’s just,” Marc replied, “I dunno, I just don’t want to lose you, I guess.”

“Last chance, Mr. Clabber,” the nurse technician said, holding out a vial of gel and a bottle of elixir. “After this, there’s no going back.”

“I’ve already signed all the waivers, haven’t I?” Rex said, taking the bottle and downing it in one chug. “Ooh, tingly.” He took the vial and started rubbing it into his skin, starting with his very erect dick.

“What about you, Mr. Marley?” the nurse said.

“If you love someone, set them free, and all that,” Marc replied. “It’s his decision, anyway.”

Rex stopped his massage to look at his boyfriend. “Hey, Marc, it’s okay. I can stay with you, you know. They don’t own me.”

Marc gave a small, knowing smile. “Would you be happy all in one place, Rex? I don’t own you either.”

Rex frowned.

The nurse technician noticed. “I know I said you already had your last chance, but if you reimburse us for—”

“No,” Rex cut in. “Marc’s right. Let’s do this.” He finished rubbing in the gel, leaving his skin with a slight gloss. He then lay down on the mechanized gurney and settled into position.

The technician pushed the button and Rex disappeared into the bowels of the factory.

As he trundled along, the factory set to work. Four robots grabbed his feet and hands, twisting them gently back and forth, back and forth, wider and wider and wider still until they went all the way around. For his part, Rex moaned in erotic pleasure as his hands and feet were unscrewed from their sockets, until they popped off, each appendage attached to a cock where their joint used to be. He lifted his arms to see two puckering holes in his wrists, the perfect dimensions for a rock hard cock.

The factory wasn’t done yet. At the next station, four more robots grabbed his forearms and calves, twisting and pulling his limbs in just the same way the last four did his hands and feet. Rex groaned again as his limbs separated at the elbows and knees and his lower limbs became double-ended fleshlights, a matching hole at each end and a cock sprouting from the ends of the stumps left behind, as rigid and thick and hot as his original cock, or, indeed, the ones on his hands and feet.

The next four robots grabbed hold of these four new cocks and started twisting and pulling them off, too, revealing them to be double-ended and stuffed into corresponding holes on the elbows and knees. Then the next four grabbed hold of his upper arms and thighs and pulled them off, creating four more doubled-ended fleshlights, and the next four pulled out the four new double-ended dildos left behind. All the while, Rex was moaning and writhing in utmost pleasure, his original cock drooling pre profusely. It was a miracle he hadn’t shot a load yet!

The next robot was alone, and took hold of Rex’s original cock, its fleshlight-like grabber gently but firmly grabbing onto the leaking appendage and starting to twist. Rex moaned louder and writhed harder as the machine edged and twisted and pulled out a double-ended cock with the balls in the middle, leaving only a single, winking hole behind on the crotch. Another fleshlight-like appendage swallowed the newly exposed end of the double ended cock as Rex finally shot his loads, keeping the mechanized gurney, and the other machinery, clean of white hot cum.

The factory placed the new toy back on the gurney with the rest of Rex, then trundled him along to the next robot in line. This one was bigger and grabbed hold of his ass. Instead of twisting, this one pinched in Rex’s waist, squeezing first his sides, then his belly and back, then his sides again, back and forth, deeper and deeper, until a little light jostling and his ass was separated from his abs, leaving two cocks sprouting from his waist, side by side. The next robots made quick work of these before another big one grabbed hold of his abs and pulled them off his pecs, leaving two more cocks behind. A few more robots, and soon Rex’s chest was off his neck, another double dildo between them.

The factory, now finished with him, spat him out to the waiting nurse technician and Marc.

“How are you feeling, hon?” Marc asked.

“Amazing,” Rex panted. “I’m finally complete.”

The nurse snorted.

“You know what I mean,” Rex said, wiggling his hand in an attempt to wave him off.

“I do, actually,” the nurse said. “Now, what pieces do you want to keep?”

Marc, without prompting, grabbed hold of Rex’s cock. The original one, with the balls and cumming ability. “I’m not letting anyone else get their hands on this bad boy.”

Rex laughed.

The technician smiled. “Anything else?”

Marc bit his lip. “Well, I mean…” he started. Then he sighed.

“Marc, what’s wrong?” Rex asked.

“I,” Marc stammered. “I kind of need my boyfriend to be in one piece.”

Rex softened, with a sad little smile. “You think I didn’t know that, Marc? Why do you think it took me so long to apply for this? I do love you Marc, but this is who I am.”

“I know, I know, and I’m sorry I held you back, but—”

“But nothing,” Rex cut in. “And you have nothing to apologize for, it was my choice, and my fault for thinking you wouldn’t be strong enough to go on without me. Promise me you’ll find someone to share your life with.”

“I will, Rex, of course I will,” Marc said. “But I’m still going to mourn our relationship.”

Rex smiled, wider and a little happier. “And promise me you’ll share my dick. No use keeping it to yourself.”

Marc grinned. “I’ve already got someone lined up.”

Rex scoffed out a gasp. “Marcus Martin Marley! You sly dog! It’s that barista boy, isn’t it? I knew you two were up to something!”

Marc blushed and grinned wider. It was all the answer Rex needed.

He smiled. “Well, at least he’s cute. I couldn’t be thrown over for a nicer guy. I’ll be expecting fireworks this evening. You two better not disappoint! And give Chris my regards.”

“I will, Rex,” Marc said, and walked back up to the gurney. “I love you,” he said, and kissed his ex-boyfriend for the last time.

“I love you, too,” Rex replied, after the kiss. “And remember, fireworks!”

Marc grinned. “Bye hon,” he said, and left.

Rex said his goodbye, and sighed. “All right, let’s get this over with.”

The nurse technician wheeled the gurney into the next part of the factory, and Rex’s new life.


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