Headless Joe

by Alex Anders

Andy’s ad for a roommate is answered by one of those guys with a detached head, and Andy can’t stop thinking about him.

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I’d posted an ad for a roommate. It was the day the first potential roomie showed up.

“Hi, I’m Joe,” he said, putting his hand out to shake.

I took it in a bit of a daze. I’d heard about men like Joe before, but I’d never seen one, much less been this close!

“And you are?” Joe asked kindly, a faint smirk on his lips.

“Sorry,” I said, snapping out of it. “I’m Andy.”

“Hi Andy,” Joe said. “And don’t worry, I get that a lot. May I come in?”

“Of course, make yourself at home!”

Joe came in and put his bag on the floor by the coatrack and his head—

Oh, did I forget to mention that Joe was a headless? He was carrying his head under his arm.

Anyway, he put his head on the end table next to the coatrack.

“Make myself at home, eh?” Joe said. “Already made your decision?”

“Well, I’ll give it a week,” I said, “but I think you’ll manage nicely.”

And manage nicely he did! Despite his handicap, he was very good about keeping the place clean, he never brought unsavory guests over, and he was a phenomenal cook!

And he was so, so sexy! I’d always fantasized about the headless. And now here one was, living in my apartment, sleeping in the next room! My wet dreams got a lot more vivid after that, often waking me up just as they got me shooting.

In one particularly magnificent—and recurring—dream, Joe was frotting up my ass while his head sucked me off. Fairly standard fare, right? Until Joe started massaging my neck, twisting my head back and forth, back and forth, wider and wider and wider still, until pop! My own head came off!

Unfortunately, this always sent me blasting immediately, and therefore woke me up, so I never got to use my head.

Such was life!

It all came to a head—ha!—a few weeks after Joe moved in. It was one of those lazy Sundays and I got up to take a long shower after a particularly vivid dream. I could hear faint moaning coming from Joe’s room—he was masturbating, which started boning up my spent cock—and as I walked by, I saw his door was open, and he was standing in front of it!

His back was to me, so he didn’t notice as I stopped and stared, stroking my fully boned cock through my wet-dream soaked boxers. Joe was sucking himself! He was actually sucking his own cock, in full view of his roomie, and he didn’t care if I saw!

And then he turned around, and the reality was so much better! He wasn’t sucking himself, he was fucking his neck hole! This was too much.

“What are you doing?’’ I blurted.

Joe opened his eyes, but didn’t stop. He grinned manically. “What’s it look like I’m doing,” he said defiantly.

I licked my lips. “Fucking yourself in the neck,” I said rather dumbly. “But why?”

“Why not?” he shot back, his head rocking back and forth as he pistoned it over his cock. “It feels so good! Why do you think I got this done?”

I stood there in a drooling daze before I picked up on what he said. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Oh come on, Andy!” Joe said, an admonishing look in his lust-hazed eyes. “Where did you think headless came from?”

“I don’t know,” I said frankly. “Enlighten me?” I begged.

He smirked, then moaned in ecstasy as he came. Then he licked his lips and said, “Come here and let me show you.”

If my cock wasn’t already rock hard, it was now! I stripped off my very moist boxers and fairly sprinted to Joe’s side! He pulled his head off his cock and told me to eat out his neck hole, which I gladly did, greedily swallowing the load Joe just shot in there. It was delicious, manna from heaven.

I then slid the well-fucked hole onto my own cock as he slid up behind me, frotting my ass. It was just like my dream! His neck was warm and tight, easily the best hole I’d ever fucked up to that point, and his cock was already swelling in anticipation, teasing my asshole, begging to be let in.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “This is better than my dreams!”

The way his neck contracted around my cock, I could feel Joe’s smirk form. “Don’t be so hasty now. The good bit hasn’t started yet.”

The load I swallowed had stuck in my throat rather than going down. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it was weird, especially the way it fizzed and tingled. And then Joe reached up and started twisting, just like in my dream. Back and forth, back and forth, wider and wider and wider still, until pop! My own head came off!

As usual, I came instantly, but this was no dream. I did not wake up. I was a headless now!

“Well, almost,” Joe said in response to my outburst. “Right now, if we put your head back on, the seam will seal right back up, and it would be like this never happened.”

“Why would I want that?” I asked dumbly.

“Just checking,” Joe said with a grin. “To seal the deal, you need to ram something up your neck hole so hard and so thoroughly that you wreck the tissues, preventing them from ever lining up again. I find fucking it works best,” he added with a sage nod. Since his head was still pierced on my cock, it was an electrifying experience, and my member immediately started swelling and leaking for the third time that hour, much less day!

Joe noticed, and let out a glug of surprise, and maybe discomfort. He pressed on though: “Now the only question is, who should do the honors? You, or me?”

Oh god, I hadn’t thought of that. Decisions, decisions! “I mean either one is equally hot, to me at least,” I said diplomatically. “Which would you prefer?”

“This ain’t my first rodeo, kid,” Joe said. “And while I am a champion neck-fucker, I find I much prefer watching to doing, if you get my drift.”

“Alright then,” I said, pulling Joe’s head off my cock, enjoying the suction immensely. Then we exchanged heads. With my own head in my hot little hands, I gently lowered it over my throbbing cock, then teased my own neck hole with my own cockhead. It sent shivers up my spine. Joe, for his part, slotted his head in place over his cock then settled in on his bed to watch the show.

The anticipation was almost overwhelming. Fortunately, I had already shot two loads that morning, so it was much easier to edge. As I teased my new hole, I tentatively pushed my cock into it, and it felt perfect, like my neck was the lock and my cock was the key! I slotted right into place, clear to the hilt! My cock’s head rested comfortably on the back of my tongue, and it tasted delicious. For a while, I just stood there, openmouthed, dumbstruck, enjoying the sensation of having a cock—my cock!—up my throat! Then I licked my lips—which of course jostled my throbbing cock—and set to work.

I started slow, pulling a-a-almost all the way off, then a-a-all the way back on, then off, then on, pistoning back and forth like a freight train starting off. Soon, like said freight train, I started gaining speed, pistoning faster and faster and faster until I was moaning with ecstasy and rubbing my throat raw and finally exploding *up* my throat! That was the sweetest load I ever tasted.

Joe, for his part, had also come and filled his mouth with another load. He extracted himself from his perch on the bed and walked over to me, cock still lodged up his throat, and we kissed, sharing our loads between our mouths. It felt like hours before we pulled apart and pulled off and cleaned ourselves out, but after we did, Joe said, “All right bro, moment of truth.”

I understood him immediately, and gingerly placed my head atop my shoulders. I felt nothing. No fizzing, no tingling, no sealing up. I let go of my head and it immediately slid right off—a thrilling experience in itself—but Joe deftly caught it.

It was official. I was a headless now! And I was never going back.

A few weeks later, I caught Joe packing his things.

“Joe!” I cried. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” he assured me. “But I have taught you everything I know, so it’s time for me to move on.”

“What do you mean, ‘move on’?”

Joe smiled. “I mean that I need to find my next victim. Oh, don’t worry, I only go for willing victims, like you. But I just feel the need to spread this wonderful curse. And so, I must be off.”

I sighed and stroked my neck, especially the underside which had quickly developed a soft and fatty callous around my puckered neck hole. It’s like I have a second ass. “Will I ever see you again?” I asked.

“Who knows,” he shrugged. “But if we do, I won’t hesitate to make it a night to remember,” he added with a wink.

And so he left my life.

That was two weeks ago. After moping around for all that time—punctuated by the occasional glorious neck fuck—I finally decided to get out and meet someone.

And so, here we are, in a dimly lit gay bar talking about our lives and really, there’s only one question left.

Wanna take a load off your shoulders?

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