by The Gecko Rose

A young man, an Acolyte of cHurch of Universal Scientific Hedonism (HUSH), finally becomes a full Brother, and learns all the secrets of the Brotherhood. Including all their special transforming abilities...

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Part 1: Initiation A young man, an Acolyte of cHurch of Universal Scientific Hedonism (HUSH), finally becomes a full Brother, and learns all the secrets of the Brotherhood. Including all their special transforming abilities... (added: 8 Dec 2018)
Part 2: A New Form
Part 3: The Welcoming
Part 4: The Celebration
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Part 1: Initiation

I had been an acolyte of the cHurch of Universal Scientific Hedonism (HUSH) for some years now. I had been progressing in my studies quite well. I just passed the final test, Complete Mental Orgasm. I could now get my body to orgasm at will, and to keep that orgasm going as long as I desired, or keep it from orgasm as I wished. I had complete control. Or so I thought.

After passing the test, I was accepted by the brotherhood to become a full-fledged Brother! It was a time of great celebration. It was rare that a new Brother was confirmed into the order. At most it would happen one or two times every year. The entire brotherhood was preparing for the Ceremony Of Confirmation and Konsecration (COCK).

The temple was being cleaned and decorated by the Acolytes. The Brothers were preparing the sacraments for the ceremony. Special food and music was being made especially for me. I was spending special time with certain trusted friends and my mentor, preparing for the ceremony. This was a very special time for me. I felt so loved and honored by all those around me—Brothers, Acolytes, and worshipers alike.

Finally, all the preparations were made. I had made my final meditations, and I was ready. I had seen the final COCK celebration many times, but there were portions of the ceremony that were known only to the Brotherhood. I was dying of curiosity. All the Brothers seemed to have some kind of special ability that they shared only with those closest to them. Anyone who knew of these powers was sworn to secrecy. There was something special about not knowing in advance what would happen that served to increase the pleasure.

I had been told that the main thrust of the ceremony involved giving up my control completely to those around me, and trusting them to see me through the ceremony. As an Acolyte I had already learned to trust on so many levels. I couldn’t imagine what could be left.

The great bell of the temple began to toll. I was in the meditation room, awaiting the arrival of the heads of the brotherhood. They shortly arrived, and we began the processional from the meditation room through the complex. Brothers, Acolytes and Worshipers lined the corridors, smiling, touching me. Hands continually rubbed over my body as I walked quietly through the corridors, every touch filling me with love and pleasure.

Finally, we reached the great stone door to the Temple of Ascension. I had passed it many times, wondering always what was behind it. Now I would find out. The door was controlled by a special genetic lock, keyed to recognize the genetic code of any 2 Brothers at a time. If someone was not allowed entry, well, they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get in a second time. I always wondered why the door had to be opened by 2 people.

The two Brothers at the lead of the processional inserted their penises into two holes—one on either side of the door. The cock locks clamped on to their penises, and would not release them unless they were allowed in. Other Brothers began pleasuring the first two. After a few moments, the two lead Brothers began moaning, exercising their mental control bringing themselves to orgasm. I noticed the holes were sucking on the Brothers penises, sucking in all the cum they produced for analysis by the lock. The holes lit up, and released the Brothers from the cock locks. The great bell stopped ringing, as the temple door slid slowly upward, with a great grinding of stone.

Several Brothers were carrying torches. We entered through the door. The last two Brothers through the door inserted their penises into cock-locks on the inside of the chamber, were helped to orgasm by the others, and the door soon closed. The room was dark, lit only by the torches several Brothers had brought inside. The chamber was warm, very humid, and smelled of incense, like sandalwood. And there was another smell here too, like clay.

The Brothers with torches went through the room, and lit wall sconces that were evenly spaced throughout the chamber. As the firelight spread through the room, I could see a vast stone chamber, with a huge vaulted ceiling. It was so high I couldn’t see the apex. In the center of the chamber was a large round stone dais. The surface of it was perfectly glass smooth. Spaced around the dais were stone columns, waist-high, with bowls in the top of each. I could see a faint glimmer from each of the bowls—they had some kind of liquid in them—but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

As I looked to my right, I noticed a small antechamber set into the great stone wall between two of the vaulting pillars. There appeared to be a large carved stone bathtub set into the floor. Near the tub were a series of soaps, towels, wash-cloths, and several shaving razors. Several Brothers escorted me over to the antechamber, and began to prepare me. First, I was shaved—head to toe. I didn’t understand why—but I went along with it. A freshly-shaven body was definitely more sensitive and pleasurable.

Once my body was shaved completely—I was helped inside the empty basin. It was very deep—enough to cover me up to my neck sitting down. If I hunched down a little I could completely submerse. Then, seven brothers stood around the basin. They were each passed a goblet by Jayden, my mentor. As each of the brothers drank of the potion, Jayden explained that this was to be a very special bath. I would not be cleansed by water—but by the cum of my fellow Brothers. As a Brother—one’s cum gained special powers—and the potion they each drank heightened those powers. It also had the effect of making the brother’s cum change color based on the strongest power in their cum. Each of the 7 primary colors represented a different power—and I was to be bathed in all of them.

As I watched, the Brothers began cumming… a lot. It was as if they were streaming cum into the basin, and I was getting covered with it. They began to paint my body up and down with the rainbow cum. I closed my eyes as they painted my face and head. Jayden told me it was OK to eat some if I wished—and I did. Each color had a different flavor—not just the typical salty-sweet flavor of cum. Each brother gave me a mouthful of cum, and continued to paint my body. The basin was now filling with cum—and I could feel it coating my entire body. Needless to say I was hard as a rock—but oddly enough I didn’t feel a need to do anything about it—it just felt good. I also noticed the rest of my body was growing completely relaxed—to the point where I no longer wanted to move.

It was then that I realized that I had stopped breathing, and that I couldn’t speak. And yet—I wasn’t scared either. Jayden explained that the next part of the ritual required my body to remain absolutely still for an extended period of time—and that one of the powers of the cum I was being bathed with would allow my body to live without oxygen for quite a long time. So I just relaxed and allowed the cum to fill my body. I felt like a sponge—absorbing it in through every pore and orifice. Finally—the tub was filled. The brothers stopped cumming. Then they began to rub the cum into my body. A full body massage by 16 hands was pretty amazing. Next they flipped my body over gently—rubbing the cum into my back and my anus.

Once it was determined that I had bathed long enough, I was flipped back over (face up). Someone reached into the basin and pulled out a drain plug. The cum was drained off somewhere—and then I was washed clean with the wash cloths by the Brothers. Once I was completely cum-free, I was helped out of the basin. Apparently I could move when others wished it—but not by myself.

I was taken to another antechamber. This one was at the very back of the Temple—near the heart of the mountain itself. It felt very warm here. I was led to a large dais—on top of which was what looked like a casket. It was metal, and it had something that looked like clay inside. And it was separated into the shape of a man—head, arms, torso, legs. Each piece of the casket had it’s own separate top—also filled with the clay-like stuff. I also noticed a large clay spike where a person’s rear end was supposed to go. I looked askance at Jayden. He told me not to worry—it was there for a reason—but it wouldn’t hurt. In fact—it would probably make me feel good.

Jayden explained that it was necessary to make a complete mold of my body—but he didn’t say why. Then he reminded me that I wouldn’t be able to breathe in the mold—which is partly why I had taken the cum bath. I realized this was the reason I had been shaved as well… I didn’t want all those hairs stuck in the clay! The Brothers helped me up the stairs, and helped me to lay down in the casket. The clay felt warm, wet, and squishy against my skin. Each part of my body was pressed firmly into the clay to make sure I was making a good impression. Then, the clay spike was gently pushed into my anus. I felt it hit my prostate, and keep on going deeper and deeper. The clay filled me wonderfully.

Then, one by one, each lid was closed over me—first my feet, then my shins, my thighs, my torso and arms. I realized that somehow, through all of this, I still had my hard-on. Suddenly it dawned on me why—we would need a mold of that as well. Special care was taken to ensure that part of the mold was done properly. Then at last my face was covered. I could feel the weight of the clay pushing down on every part of me. I felt a bit like clay myself at that point.

Before my face was covered—Jayden explained that the mold would have to be baked for a period of time to allow the clay to set. He told me I would feel warm towards the end—but not to worry—I would not be injured. After all the lids were closed—I felt the dais and the casket moving. It must be being put into the drying oven. I was content to lay there—relaxed and filled, weighted down as I was by the clay. I could feel parts of me getting warmer—my toes, my fingers, my nose and the tip of my penis. Eventually the warmth spread throughout my whole body and it felt wonderful. It was odd too—it felt like the clay was almost alive—trying to mold itself to me—pushing into every pore, every nook and cranny, between my toes, under my fingernails, everywhere. Slowly—I could feel the clay settling, hardening, drying out. When it felt like the clay had completely hardened—and I was starting to get a bit warmer than was comfortable—even for being in a sauna, I felt the dais being rolled out again.

I lay patiently waiting for the lids to be removed from the mold. I suspect they were waiting for it to cool—it was probably a lot hotter on the outside than on the inside. Once the mold had cooled, the lids were slowly and carefully removed. I could feel the cool humid air on my skin, and smell the sandalwood of the Temple chamber again. I was helped slowly to get up from the mold—careful to make sure the mold of my rear end stayed in tact.

After all my hard work to get this far, it felt so good just to be cared for by others, to give myself over completely to the hands of my brothers. Once I was completely free of the clay mold, I was taken to the far back of the chamber, opposite the main door. I could see that the back of the chamber was actually facing into natural rock.

It seemed there was a cave in the middle of this rock wall. I could hear a bubbling sound—like water in a spring. The clay smell was very strong here—it was coming from the spring inside the cave. I was instructed to enter the spring. I touched the water gingerly with my toes. It was hot, hotter even than bath water. And it made my toes tingle in a way I had never felt before. I looked hesitantly at the Brothers, who were all gathered around me. They looked at me with a knowing gaze, told me not to worry, that I would really enjoy the next part. So, I slid slowly into the spring, all the way up to my neck.

It felt amazing. It was like my whole body was being massaged all at once. My whole body became very relaxed and very very heavy. I just let myself go. My whole body became so relaxed—like in sleep—it felt so good just to be still and let all the pain and hard work ebb away into the… water? At some point I realized this was not just plain water I was bathing in—there was something special about it. My body began to tingle again, and then I noticed the water began to get thicker, or I began to get lighter. I was still not breathing—nor did I feel the need to. I looked at my hands under the water—and they seemed to be stretching, bending. I grabbed my right index finger with my left hand and pulled. I felt a wonderful tingle, and my finger started getting longer—stretching like clay.

I started playing with my stretchy body, pulling, twisting, bending. It was as if my bones were made of cartilage. And the more I did this the stretchier I got. Until, finally, I pulled on my finger a little too hard, and it completely detached from my hand! And yet, it felt amazingly good when I did this. I looked at Jayden. He told me my body was being changed by the waters, and not to worry. He said to keep playing, and enjoy myself. So I did.

Eventually, my body felt like it was actually melting, disintegrating, and yet, I could still feel it. I looked down at my chest, which looked more like soup than flesh, and I pushed my hand into it. It felt all warm and ticklish, and amazingly good. I started mixing up my own body, until finally, my head went all the way into the water. At that point, I just felt like this soupy lump of clay. I couldn’t move, but I felt so relaxed I didn’t care. My body was swirling around in the current of the water, and I kept feeling so light and sensitive to everything. It was almost like every cell in my body was now as sensitive and pleasurable as my penis was.

After some time, I felt as if I was rising up out of the water. Some sort of finely-woven fabric was lifting up from the bottom of the basin, and taking me with it. I could feel myself being moved, and then poured into something. I realized this must be the reason for the mold that was made of my body earlier, I was being re-shaped into my original form. I could feel the doors of the casket being closed, but it all felt very disjointed, lots of mixed signals. And then the warmth began, I could feel it much more strongly this time. And yet, it was never painful. Just warm. It felt amazingly good. I was clay, being baked in an oven, and I liked it!

Eventually I felt myself begin to cool. And I realized that I had more sensation now. It was as if my body was beginning to remember what it was supposed to do. I could wiggle my toes and my fingers, even open my eyes. The lids of the casket were opened, and I could see, hear, move my body just as if nothing had happened. And yet, I knew there was something different.


Part 2: A New Form

I was helped out of the casket again by the Brothers. They were careful to ensure I didn’t hurt myself, and helped me to stand. I noticed something odd though…. they were all wearing gloves. They took me to another antechamber where Jayden was waiting for me. It looked as though he was meditating.

When Jayden heard us enter, he smiled, and opened his eyes. The room was small. A bench style seat carved from the rock wall, a table in the center with a single candle on it. There was also a smaller dais that looked like a kind of bed. Jayden gestured to a spot on the bench seat next to him.

“Welcome my brother,” he began. “Now that you have completed your transition, there is much you need to learn about your transformation. Your training over the last months has been designed to help prepare you for this. Your body is now made of, well, a sort of clay-like substance. We don’t know exactly what it is, only what it can do.”

“You will probably have noticed that you are still not breathing, even though you feel your chest rise and fall. While your body still metabolizes oxygen, your entire body can now absorb it directly from the air. The act of ‘breathing’ is simply a muscle memory. But, it serves to maintain the illusion of normality for the others, so please do not break yourself of this habit.”

“This substance that your body is made of has many special properties. At your will, you can un-specialize your cells, and change them to take any form you wish. At the beginning your cells can only take forms that your body knows from your own genes. Yes, you still have genes, DNA, that’s how your cells remain yours. You have control over them at all times, unless you consciously choose to give up that control.”

“You can learn, over time, to teach your cells new forms, and eventually merge with other physical objects, walls, floors, glass, anything. Because your body is now made of the same material as mine, there is a natural tendency for our forms to want to merge with each other. Before we allow this, you must learn to control your own cells, to avoid getting lost. That is why all the brothers were wearing gloves when they helped remove you from your body mold. So, let’s start with some exercises to help you learn control of your new form. Please lay down on the bed here.”

I got up, and moved easily over to the dais. It was a lot to take in, being made of clay. I almost didn’t believe it, but for the memory of being in that amazing hot spring. I laid down, and I was surprised at how comfortable I was on the solid rock shelf.

“Now then, first, let’s try a simple exercise, let’s see how large you can make your penis.” So, I thought about the fact that I could make my penis bigger. I reached up and started stroking it. “Think about pulling your penis a little longer with each stroke,” suggested Jayden. I imagined I could feel my penis growing a little bit with each stroke. And then, I felt like, my hand had to move a little further each time. I looked down, and sure enough, my penis was growing!

I kept pulling and tugging on it, and it kept growing up my navel, over my abs, between my pecs, until finally I could feel it resting on my chin. With both my hands moving up and down the full length of it, I couldn’t resist. I opened my mouth and the head just slipped right in. And it kept growing longer. I realized I wasn’t breathing, and I just let it grow, and it just went right down my throat. It was the most amazing feeling.

And then, I felt my tongue wrapping around my penis and I wondered how it would feel running along the length of my now super-long penis. So my tongue started growing, out of my mouth, spiraling around the length of my penis. Down and down it went, until I felt it wrapping around my balls, and then finally reaching my sweet spot.

It wasn’t long before I could hold back no longer. I erupted in the most amazing way, I thought I would just keep cumming and cumming. Finally, I lay there, completely spent, and kind of in a tangle. I’d made my penis and my tongue really long, but I wasn’t sure what to do now.

I looked over at Jayden, he smiled at me. “That was most impressive, with both your penis and your tongue at the same time! Now—to get you back together again, so to speak. In many ways, changing your shape is like flexing a muscle. To return to your normal form, just relax, and picture your normal body in your mind. Focus on one thing at a time to start. Work on your tongue. Feel it relaxing to it’s normal shape.”

Sure enough—I could feel my tongue rewinding into my mouth. I did the same with my penis, and it went back to normal too. This wasn’t so hard, I thought to myself. I smiled, feeling very contented.

“Now that we have that out of the way,” began Jayden, “I want you to think about something a bit more complex. It’s easy to do what you did because we all have the desire to do just what you did. Now let’s try something all together different. Look at your hand. Now, imagine your thumb retracting into your hand.”

I did as Jayden instructed. Sure enough, I could feel my thumb shrinking into my hand. It was still there, but pulled inside me. “Now do the same with your fingers,” continued Jayden. And, one by one, my fingers pulled into my hand, which had now become this amorphous ball at the end of my wrist.

Jayden talked me through this exercise of retracting various body parts, and extending them again. It culminated in me retracting everything, and becoming a lump of clay on the table, and then re-forming into my own body. We practiced this many times until I could do it very quickly.

Then we started working on forming various shapes with my clay self, geometric shapes, natural shapes, faces, faces of various animals, human faces. We spent what seemed like a long time working on this. There was a lot of detail, and a lot to learn. But we got the basics down pretty quickly, and Jayden said there would be time to perfect my technique, the important thing was being able to restore my own natural form after the exercise, without losing any detail anywhere.

Once Jayden was satisfied with my progress, we moved on to the next lesson. “Remember I said your body was made of clay?” I looked at him with raised brows—that’s not something you forget. “Well, there are several other things you can do with your body that we haven’t talked about yet. Do you remember when you were in the spring, and your body was… going to pieces? Well, being made of clay, you can still separate your body into pieces. There is no pain to this process. Clay enjoys being molded and shaped, and, so will you. You will still control and feel your body in its pieces as well. This is one of the things we don’t understand about this substance. We know it works, but not why.” He smiled. “So, what do you want to try first?”

I thought about it. Being able to take my body apart and put it back together again, and still feel it while I did this…. My thoughts returned to my penis again, naturally enough. Jayden smiled. He knew what I was thinking, as he always does.

“Imagine your groin area going soft, squishy, feel it getting squishy.” I did as I was told. I looked down, and I could see my pubic area getting, well, soft and squishy. “Now, reach down, and push your fingers in to the soft spot, cup your hand underneath, and lift up.” I watched as I took my right hand, and my fingers pushed down into my own clay. It felt incredibly good. The clay all around my fingers, inside me, became very sensitive, just like skin. I cupped my hand under my penis and balls, and gently pulled up. I could feel the tugging as I pulled up. My body was stretching, and then finally giving way. And there it was, my penis, which was rock hard at that point, resting in the palm of my hand!

Without even thinking, I brought my hand up to my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and gave my penis a lick. Sure enough, I could feel it just as though it were still attached! I was completely fascinated. I put my penis in my mouth, and began rotating it, and I could feel it spinning inside my mouth and I could feel the sensation of my mouth spinning around my penis. It was almost enough to send me over the edge.

While I was playing with my new discovery, Jayden began to do something that I didn’t quite notice, being occupied as I was. The next thing I knew, I felt a penis in my groin area, but it wasn’t mine! I looked down, and Jayden had put his penis on my body! And then, he bent down, and gave it a lick. I almost popped again—I could feel his penis as though it were my own! Jayden really started going to town on his own penis, and I continued sucking on mine. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt, having two penises at the same time.

Jayden stopped blowing his penis for a moment. I looked down. He was growing a new penis on his body where his original had been. I knew this was possible, but we hadn’t practiced growing additional body parts yet. And then, he removed this second penis, and placed it on my stomach. Finally, he grew two mouths, extending from his chest, and began to suck on both of his penises simultaneously. The feeling was so incredible I came all over both of us, with three penises!

From what I could tell Jayden was feeling it too. We both exploded and it just kept going and going, it was just mind-blowing. Finally the orgasm subsided, and Jayden collapsed on the chair behind him. “Now that we have that out of the way,” Jayden began, “we can start you on the next phase.”

As he talked, I softened the places where Jayden had given me his penises so he could return them to himself. He picked up the one from my groin, which felt amazing, as his hand pushed into me. I watched as he lifted his first penis off my groin area. As I watched, Jayden’s penis just melted into his hand. He smiled at me. Then, he wrapped his hand around his second penis, which was still on my stomach. I felt a little tugging as he re-absorbed it without even lifting it from me.

Jayden had me practice removing and re-attaching various body parts. My feet, my hands, arms, legs, even my head. Then I worked on detaching and then controlling each part, making my body parts into a series of shapes, spheres, cubes, pyramids, changing each at will. We even practiced exchanging body parts back and forth. It was a lot of fun! Once Jayden felt I had accomplished a good level of control, we moved on to the next lesson.

“As you probably guessed,” Jayden went on, “it involves growing duplicate body parts. It tends to be easier to concentrate if we get the sex out of the way first. Of course, after sex like the last time may not be quite so easy!” finished Jayden, winking knowingly. Again, it will be easiest to start with the part of your body you focus on the most. Look down at your penis. Now, imagine it getting wider, feel it with your mind.”

I did what Jayden told me. As I watched, my penis started getting wider. Jayden told me to focus on the slit, and feel it growing down the center of the shaft. Sure enough, I could feel it, like a tingling sensation going down the center of my penis. And then, I could feel it, like two pieces of skin rubbing together. As I watched, my penis slit right down the middle. As it separated, the second half started to form from the tip of each new ‘half’, following down from the tip. The next thing I knew, I had two flaccid penises!

I thought for a moment, stared hard, and the next thing I knew my two penises had become four. I was hard again already. I knew I needed a couple extra hands to take care of all four penises. So, I just did the same thing from my fingers, all the way up my arms to my shoulders. Voila, four hands for four penises.

Next I split my mouth into four mouths, and the next thing I knew I had four giant penises being sucked by four mouths and four tongues. I doubled the tongue in each mouth while I was at it. I could feel each penis, each pair of tongues lusciously licking around them. And even that wasn’t enough. I doubled my balls, and then again, one pair for each penis. I could feel my tongues extending down to lick around them.

I extended my tongues even further, down to my anus. I could feel them all licking my sensitive orifice. eight tongues, four penises, four pairs of balls, all being licked, sucked and stroked at the same time! I nearly wore myself out. But before I did, Jayden asked me to stop. “Return everything but your penises to their normal state,” he said. So I did.

“You’re going faster than I could have imagined, so, let us try the next step. We’re going to combine the geometric forms and the duplication into a single exercise. If you’re successful, I think you’ll enjoy the outcome.”

So, Jayden instructed me to retract my legs and arms, and form my torso into a cone shape, with my head at the peak, but in the shape of the cone. I did as I was instructed, with my four penises now spaced evenly around the base of the cone. “Very good,” Jayden began, “now, grow as many penises and balls as you can.”

So I did. The four became eight, the eight became 16. Soon I was able to grow them without having to divide existing ones. Penises began sprouting from my chest and back, higher and higher up the cone. Finally, the peak of the cone became one last penis. All that remained were my eyes. Practically all of my body was made of hard, eager penises. I felt strangely content.

Once I had finished forming, Jayden began to change as well. He stood up on the table, straddling me. He formed a larger cone shape, but hollow on the inside. Then, inside the cone, he grew tongues, mouths, and lots of them. He slowly lowered down on top of me, careful not to touch any of my penises until he was ready.

And then it began, the licking, the sucking. Geometric patterns, licking up and down, rows, stripes, circles. I was awash in a kind of pleasure I had never known. He played each of my penises like a musical instrument. At one point, he locked on to the top penis, retracted everything to just little tiny tongues, and started spinning himself like a top, flicking the ends of each of my penises in turn.

The pleasure was so intense I had to grow a mouth just so I could moan. Jayden could sense I was losing control, so he took over, and some how managed to flip us over, so he was supporting me like one cone-shaped cup inside another. My own body was also hollow on the inside – I had used all of it to form the penises on the outside.

Jayden continued stimulating me. Licking, sucking, each of my penises, bringing me closer and closer. I grew so hard even my balls felt rock hard. Finally, I could stand it no more. I came, harder, and longer that I had ever cum before. It was as if I was ejaculating from my whole body at once. And when it was finally over, I felt like a puddle.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Several hours pass…

I opened my eyes… well, re-created them, and then opened them. I was a puddle. I could hear/feel Jayden tell me not to worry, he caressed me and I fell back to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Several more hours pass…

While I slept, Jayden laid my body gently back on the bed. As my body relaxed and regenerated, it eventually returned to its natural form. I wasn’t sure how long I slept for, but after all the work I had done with changing my new form, well, I was well and truly exhausted. I awoke to the smell of…. pancakes! Jayden had gotten me some breakfast, I’d slept for so long. Pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit, orange juice, even a little rose-bud was on the tray. I was famished! I thought of making several mouths and swallowing the whole thing in one go, but Jayden stopped me. My body still needed to take time eating, even though my internal organs were gone, the process of ingesting and processing food would still take time.

It was strange, eating now. I could taste the food I was eating, but not just with my tongue. I could taste it with my entire mouth, even with my teeth! It was like my body could taste with every cell now. It was a wonderful feeling. Not only that, each cell was extracting nutrients straight from the food – it was like I was tasting and digesting with my mouth, my tongue, and as I swallowed, I could feel the food traveling throughout my whole body. I could taste the pancakes in my fingers, in my toes, everywhere! It was the most amazing feeling. Even more amazing, was that I could feel every part of the food getting used up, absorbed. There was no waste of any kind. I even tried wiping the plate with my finger to pick up some extra syrup, and it just absorbed right into my finger!

While I was eating, Jayden started to explain the final lesson to me. “As I mentioned before, our clay bodies have a natural tendency to want to join together, like a kind of magnetism. We’ve already played around with swapping body parts, and you’ve exercised excellent control. The final step on this journey is to completely merge with another Brother, and eventually join the Brotherhood in the Total Merge. Once you’ve finished eating, I will show you the Merge.”

I was so absorbed with the new sensations of eating that Jayden’s words didn’t really sink in. My whole body was suffused with the flavour of my food, I could taste strawberries in my elbows, orange juice in my chest, bacon in my penis, it was just amazing. I was savouring every bite. I even licked the plate for the syrup, I couldn’t help myself. Jayden simply smiled and watched with a knowing gaze.

Once I was sated, Jayden had me stand in front of him, facing him. He put his hand out, palm facing me. I pressed my hand on to his. “Now, we will begin the Merge. Our bodies will join together into a single form. This is the most intimate form of connection of our Brotherhood. You will be able to feel me, and I you, every part of each other. In order to make your first merge easier, I ask that you allow me to control your body.”

I nodded my head nervously. “Very good. Now, to start, you must soften your hand where it touches my own, you will be able to feel me, and you will feel me in your mind, don’t be afraid.” I began to soften the clay of my hand. I could feel Jayden do the same. Where our hands touched, I could feel Jayden start to… pull my hand inside his. I could feel him, caressing me, gently tugging, pulling me into him. He pulled me into an embrace, kissing me deeply. Where our bodies touched, he made both of our bodies soften into base clay. And then, I could feel our bodies…. mixing together.

I could feel his chest inside mine, I could feel my arms inside his back. I could feel his arms inside my torso. I could feel our faces joining together, sliding together. I could feel his thoughts “You feel delicious.” he said. I realized… I could taste him as well. Apparently he had had a cheese omelette for breakfast. I could taste the egg, the cheese, the spices, and I could taste him as well. I could feel him sliding through my whole body, and I could… feel myself sliding through him.

He pulled us together, and shrank us down to a sphere. Our bodies mixed together in a jumble of sensations. I could feel his toes in my chest, I could feel his tongue on my…. penis? It was so liberating, so relaxing, so wonderfully perfect. Our flesh swam together, mixing, joining, sliding. I truly couldn’t tell what was me and what was him. We had become one being, and it was amazing.

After a little while, Jayden thought “Now that we have merged, you need to practice pulling yourself out. Concentrate on your right hand, feel the flesh pulling together, feel it grow out of us.” And so I did. There we were, a sphere of clay with a hand sticking out the side. “Excellent,” thought Jayden. “Now, extend your arm, feel the rest of your body pull together, forming from your arm down.”

I felt a little like I was pushing my way out of a warm pool of of pudding, I didn’t want to get out, but I could do it. I pulled my own body together, and slowly pulled my way out of the sphere that was the two of us. My head, torso, left arm, and finally my legs pulled up and out of the sphere. I could feel Jayden ‘sucking’ on my toes as I pulled myself free. “Hey now!” I shouted.

Once I was separated, Jayden quickly re-formed into his human form. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it, your toes tasted like maple syrup!” he replied with wry grin. “You did that very well – again I am impressed with your control and ability. Now, it’s your turn to initiate the link. I grant you control of my body.”

This time, it was different. When Jayden was in charge all I had to do was let go and let him pull me in. Now I was in charge. This time, I stood behind Jayden, my chest pressing into his back. He softened the clay in his back, and I softened the clay in my chest. I wrapped my arms around him, and gently hugged him into me. I could feel his whole body as though it were my own, and I knew that I was in charge.

I joined our bodies together, I could feel him inside me, and me inside him. As our shoulders joined, I let our heads remain apart, so we could kiss, face to face. As we kissed, our legs joined together, our arms melting into the center of our body. Our faces melted together, as I retracted our legs up into the center, pulling us back into a sphere.

Again our bodies mixed together, I could feel his toes wrapping around my penis, my tongue wrapping around his ear. I could taste him, feel him, smell him, hear him. I could feel his thoughts as though they were my own. We had become one being again. Our bodies swam together again, enjoying the intimacy, the pleasure, the joy of being two parts of one greater whole.

And it was over again all too soon. Jayden had me practice separating my body from his again. We merged several more times, each time with him pushing me to return to my sole self a little faster. When I had gotten good enough, Jayden decided it was time to present me to the rest of the Brotherhood for the final steps in my initiation.


Part 3: The Welcoming

Jayden left our training room to inform the Brothers that I had passed the initial training, and I was ready for The Welcoming. Jayden, in his usual cryptic fashion, told me to rest and prepare. But he didn’t really tell me what I needed to prepare for.

I relaxed. I meditated. I wondered what was going to happen next. I heard the great door open as all of the Brothers entered the Temple. I could hear echoing of happy voices, occasional laughter. And I heard sounds of things rolling across the floor. Great large heavy things that echoed loudly in the cavernous hall. My mind was racing with the possibilities.

Finally, all the loud noises stopped. Even the quiet murmuring of voices and laughter stopped. Then, I heard the foot-falls of Jayden’s bare feet, padding down the stone corridor towards the training room. He walked through the opening, looking almost majestic, wearing a deep reddish-brown ceremonial robe. He also wore a cream colored sash, which I gathered meant to show he was my mentor.

Jayden gave me a wide comforting smile. “Are you ready?” he asked. I nodded. I felt nervous. After everything I’d already been through, I really shouldn’t have been, but I didn’t know what was to come. Jayden took me by the hand, just like an older brother might do, and we walked together down the corridor back to the main chamber in the Temple of Ascension. Jayden could sense my apprehension. “Don’t worry, you’ve passed! This is official bit is like a graduation ceremony, not a test. Just enjoy it!” I nodded and smiled weakly.

We approached the main hall where I could see all the brothers had gathered, also wearing their ceremonial robes. I was still naked, of course. The brothers were standing in a large semi-circle, around the big stone dais in the center of the chamber. We took our places at the edge of the circle.

Michael, the Elder Brother, was tall, with wavy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing the same ceremonial robes but with a golden sash. “Brothers,” he began, “we are gathered here today to welcome Bastian. Jayden, as Bastian’s Big Brother, do you feel he is ready to join us?”

“Bastian has studied hard. He has learned much. Furthermore, his natural skills and instincts far outweigh his learned abilities. He has more than earned the right to be called Brother. I am proud of him, and proud to welcome him among us,” Jayden replied. Even in my new form, I found I could still blush from embarrassment.

“Very well,” continued Michael. “Brothers, I call upon you all to welcome our youngest brother, Bastian. Treat him with love, show him respect, gift him with trust. Bastian, as the newest member of our family, it is your turn to learn the Bonds of Brotherhood. Will you grant us your trust, and allow us to merge?”

With that, I was helped up on to the dais, and asked to lay down. The brothers all came close around me. They each dipped their hands into the bowls surrounding the stone dais (which I realized seemed to be more than just stone…). They began to massage the liquid into my body – and I realized from the smell it must be the water from the special spring. I became very relaxed again, as I was massaged thoroughly from head to toe. I don’t think I had a single piece of exposed skin, with all the hands touching me. I felt my body begin to grow soft, like a melting candle, as the special water did its work. And, I could feel all my brothers, as they touched me. I could feel their welcome, their caring, their joy at having me join them. I’d never felt so content, and so loved before.

When I had been massaged enough, each of the Brothers bent down and began to kiss or suck on some part of my body. My toes, my fingers, my ears, my penis, my nipples were all getting sucked on. I started moaning uncontrollably. Had I not been so relaxed I probably would have popped right then. And then, I felt something strange. I looked down, and the brothers who had sucked on my toes stood up, and my toes were gone! I could still feel them, but they were now a part of the brothers who had been sucking on them, merged with my brothers’ bodies.

Where one brother left off, another joined in and began sucking up more of my body. My hands, my feet, arms, legs, my balls, every part of me got absorbed by a different brother. It was such an incredible feeling. I felt like tongues were licking me from the inside out, and in a way they were.

Eventually all that was left of me was my head. Every other part of me was inside one of my Brothers, getting licked, or sucked, or… sensations I couldn’t even describe. It was incredible. And I could feel each of them, welcoming me, treating me as a true Brother.

I was stuck in this place of love, joy, and pleasure. It just kept going – I was just completely awash with the feeling. As I watched, my brothers began pleasuring each other, and I could feel the sensations grow stronger, more powerful. As they pleasured each other I could feel them pleasuring me more too, it all built one upon another.

Jayden merged his hands into the dais, and with some effort, it seemed, he changed the shape of it to make it be more of a basin. My head was stuck in the center, while my body continued to be pleasured inside my brothers.

I could feel my Brothers pleasuring me more and more. It felt like my body was losing its shape again, becoming clay, merging with each brother, just as I had done with Jayden. Only this time, the sensations were even more overwhelming. I could feel each of my Brothers from the inside. So many feelings of welcome, joy, pleasure, love. It was as though they were all making love to me in the most intimate way possible.

Almost in unison, I could feel each part of my body travelling through my Brothers, being guided to the same place in each one. As I watched, my Brothers balls began to inflate. I realized that my body was being made into cum by each of my Brothers, and soon I would get the most amazing Bukkake of my life.

I could feel each of my Brothers building to climax. Touching each other, pleasuring each other, and somehow their balls were doing something to me from the inside! Every part of my body was being pleasured in the most amazing way. I could feel it as my brothers got closer, the sensations growing stronger and stronger. I could even feel it as some of my brothers hit a peak and waited for the others to catch up.

I closed my eyes, as I felt the tension build. I could feel my brothers tighten up in the beginning of orgasm. It was as if I was having 30 orgasms at once… the tightening, the plateau, the exquisite release, over and over again. I could feel my body traveling through my Brother’s balls and penises, finally spraying out into the basin, splashing against my own face. I drank myself in, my whole body, a giant puddle of cum.


Part 4: The Celebration

I woke, slowly. I was laying in a large basin, staring up at the ceiling. Then Jayden and Michael were looking down at me, grinning. “Wow, Bastian, we haven’t had a welcome like that in a very long time—I am so glad you have joined us!” exclaimed Michael.

I blinked and looked at Jayden, who offered me his hand to sit up. “The last I knew I was a giant puddle of cum…. “ I said, giving Jayden a confused look.

“Just take it easy my Brother. That was a pretty intense experience just now, give yourself a minute or two to recover.” Then Jayden and Michael helped me out of the basin. One Brother brought me my own new robe, and another placed a sash on me as well. Looking down, I saw that it was a shimmering rainbow, a pastel gradient wrapping around my body. Michael and Jayden looked on approvingly.

The rest of the brothers were clad in their robes as well. The Temple door was opened, and Michael led the way out. I followed, in the middle of the pack, surrounded by my Brothers. The entry-way to the Temple was filled with people. Michael drew everyone’s attention and announced “Friends, brothers, please welcome our newest Brother, Jayden!” He gently pulled me to the front of the group and everyone cheered. “And now, to the Great Hall, let us feast!”

Michael, Jayden, and I, led the way to the Great Hall. I was amazed, it had been really decked out in my honor. There were rainbow banners, bunting, and bows all over the room. Rather than banquet tables, the room was filled with cushions, pillows and various soft furniture. A true feast had been laid out, and all my favorites too. Shrimp cocktail, roast prime rib, swordfish, Caesar salad, dinner rolls, you name it, all spread on squat rectangular tables throughout the room. The general idea was that you were supposed to mingle with people, going from one table to another, eating and talking, and touching.

Touch was a very important symbol to HUSH. It allowed a physical connection, it showed trust, and made communication easier, especially amongst brothers. And in my case, being the guest of honor, I was meant to be touched by everyone. But since they couldn’t all touch me at once, I had to move from one group to the next. Of course, I was also, surprisingly, very very hungry. So I would go to one group of guys, lay down, get fed, touched, and stroked, by everyone there, and then move on. Some tables were naturally more forward than others, and Jayden stayed with me to ensure I was not getting worn out by my experience. Touching skin to skin is fine, but in my new form, it can have a whole new impact.

And that new impact was exactly what I was feeling. I felt energized, refreshed, happy, and as I ate and snuggled, I could feel, literally, how my fellows felt about me too. I could feel their love, their joy, their welcoming spirit, their happiness for me and having become a Brother. It was invigorating, and very intense. The slightest little caress sent physical and emotional fire through my whole body. Occasionally I would feel a little overwhelmed, at which point Jayden always stepped in to help calm me down.

During my training as an Acolyte, Jayden explained that it was important to find a group of friends amongst the Pilgrims, the young men who came to learn and enjoy the services of the cHurch. I had made a few friends during that time, but now, I realized I had a special sense about everyone who touched me. The guys who I’d befriended, and a few others, made me… tingle, light up inside in a way only Jayden had made me feel before.

Towards the end of the evening, I was feeling quite sated, both physically and emotionally, as was most of the room. Michael stood, and in so doing naturally drew everyone’s attention. He announced the end of the Feast, and everyone applauded. He then asked Jayden to announce the names of those would be staying for dessert. As each name was called out, the guy would stand and smile. Once the names had been called, there were about a dozen guys standing and looking around. Everyone else slowly meandered out, while the Brothers themselves cleared the leftover food and cleaned up the room to prepare for dessert.

Jayden took me to a side-room off the main hall. The walls were lined with long tables filled with plates, utensils, and serving platters. “Let’s prepare dessert, shall we?” Jayden winked at me. He had me lay down on one of the empty tables. Nearby was a table with different ‘real’ desserts on them, chocolate cake, mousse, cheesecake, and so on. Jayden helped me with each one, trying it, merging with it, and then forming a part of myself into each one. Before long, the platters were filled with new ‘desserts’. It was odd being cake. I was all light and fluffy and spongy. And being chocolate, well, I can only describe it as feeling dark, sweet, warm, and full of pure joy.

Things were a bit fuzzy for a while after that, so Jayden filled me in on this next bit…

After the room got cleaned up, Michael explained to the guys who were left that they were about to be inducted as special members of HUSH. They would be sworn to secrecy about what they were about to witness. But, if they agreed to that, they would become part of something truly amazing. Needless to say, they all agreed easily. With that, the Brothers brought out the ‘dessert’. I vaguely recall parts of me being moved, vibrated as the plates were set down. And then, I remember it, as forks pulled apart my cakey self, tingling as the tines poked through me. The joy as tongues lavished themselves over me and through me. And the relaxation and relief as I dissolved into their tender mercies. Only I knew I was destined for somewhere better than to be digested by 12 hot guys.

As the guys finished their desserts, I concentrated on aiming for each guy’s balls. I couldn’t quite tell where I was going or how I did it, but I could feel each guy’s lust growing as I moved closer to my targets. The guys were clearly showing their excitement as I filled their swelling ballsacks, and the Brothers wasted no time in helping them reach the heights of their enjoyment. And naturally, the Brothers were terribly skilled in the art of the Blowjob, especially with their special talents. Before long, 12 hot young guys were blowing their loads, or rather me, into the waiting mouths of my Brothers. Of course, being no small amount of volume, their orgasms went on far longer than any of them had ever experienced. And I was helping things along, stimulating them from the inside, up to the last possible instant. They came and came, for quite a long time, I could feel myself spraying out of them, stream by stream, sliding down my brothers throats and filling them up.

Finally spent, the boys all lay together, lined up on the floor cushions, while my Brothers stood over them. They began bringing themselves to climax, hands-free no less. Soon they too were pumping me out of their incredible cocks, only this time I was spraying all over their gorgeous naked frames. I felt myself sliding over them, riding over their hot, spent, naked bodies. I had my fun with them as I slowly congealed back into my original fleshy form. I could sense them watching me with awe, as huge blobs of cum slid across their bodies of its own accord, tweaking their nipples as it went.

Slowly I became one whole contiguous being. I changed back to my normal flesh color, then formed arms, legs, torso, head, and finally a face. I popped my eyes open and slowly and seductively said “Hi there, you sexy things!” The guys all giggled, and then they all stopped, dumbfounded, realizing what had just happened to them. And then they erupted with questions about me, the Brothers, what we could do. I promised all their questions would be answered, but at that moment, we were all very tired, and slowly drifted off to sleep. I felt my Brothers drape us with blankets as we drifted off.

What an incredible day…

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