The magician

by The Gecko Rose

 Rich doesn’t believe in magic, until a little-known Vegas stage magician with some remarkable purple paste shows him and his two eager friends (not to mention an audience of very interested guys) exactly what magic can make possible.

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I’d always loved going to Vegas, even since I was a kid. I was never much on gambling, but the sights, the food, and of course, the amazing stage shows—always made for a good time. This time around it was a little bit different though. I had a relationship, and not with one, but two of the best guys in the world. The three of us are inseparable. We do everything together, and I mean EVERYTHING. Jake is tall, skinny, with curly-brown hair and blue eyes. Mike is shorter, blonde, with green eyes. And then there’s me, Rich. I’m kind of in the middle, long black hair, and brown eyes.

Jake and Mike had never been to Vegas before—so naturally they wanted me to show them the sites. And we saw just about everything I could think of. Then, one night, Jake had found this magazine ad for a new Magician that had started doing shows on the Strip. The ad said it was an Adult Only show—and of course it was more expensive than the others. But, Jake convinced us to go, and so we did.

So, that evening, we made our way to the hotel where the theater was. It was a very small theater, not much more than 50-70 people in the audience, but every seat was taken. There was a lot of buzz though, everyone was very excited. I kept hearing people say how amazing this guy was.

The lights in the theater dimmed, the show was about to start. There was a musical fanfare, the audience applauded, the stage lit up, and out walked a tall, well built fellow, in an old-style tuxedo, complete with bow-tie, top hat and tails! He started off the show with some ‘classic’ magic. The old linking-rings trick, made a bunch of flowers appear from his wand, that sort of thing. He even had a few people from the audience on stage to do the ‘guess your card’ trick, the levitation trick, and even the sword-box.

I was starting to get a little bored. I’d seen all this stuff a hundred times. Jake and Mike were enjoying themselves, but I wanted something more. In my boredom, I looked around, I realized the entire audience was all guys—there wasn’t a single girl in the whole place. It was at this point that the Magician ( we still didn’t even know his name ) started a new trick. Only THIS time, it was pretty amazing.

From behind the little table in the center of the stage, he took out what looked like a dildo. He set it on the top of the table. It looked very life-like, it even had a ball-sack, and it was flaccid. He spoke some magic words, waved his hands in the air over the dildo, and suddenly I felt this tingling sensation in my groin. I looked at Jake and Mike, they must have felt it too. In fact, the whole audience seemed to have the same look of surprise on their faces.

The magician proceeded to stimulate his penis model. He stroked it with his hands, he even started sucking on it. And sure enough, we could all feel it. Everyone started moaning as if we were all getting the best blow-jobs of our lives. At this point the Magician encouraged us to make ourselves comfortable. Guys started dropping their pants and letting their cocks fly free. We all did the same.

Then, the magician started doing something else to his magic phallus. He spoke a different incantation, waved his hands around it, and it started growing right there on the table, getting longer and thicker as he passed his hands around it. Jake gasped, and, looking down, I saw that our cocks were getting bigger too! Before we knew it, the entire audience had become a forest of cocks, each of us trapped underneath and moaning in pleasure.

As if that wasn’t enough, our balls had grown proportionately too. The entire theater had become a sea of flesh, pressed together. And then the Magician started gently sliding his hands around the giant phallus on stage, all the time saying some unintelligable words under his breath. His hands glowed, and wherever they passed over the giant cock, we could feel it too.

At this point, he just stood still, his hands pointing, palm outwards, at the giant cock. It started glowing, shimmering colors danced over its surface. And the same thing happened to us. The theater started looking like a disco-hall, only with giant cocks in it instead of flashing lights. And the rainbow stuff felt so incredible, it was as if hundreds of tongues were racing over our giant cocks, licking our balls, making us even more stimulated and sensitive.

Finally, the Magician touched the base of his magic cock, and drew a circle around the base of it. It glowed bright white, as did our cocks. He slowly raised his arms, and the white light started to rise, replacing the rainbow. As the white light engulfed our ginormous rods, it was the most incredible sensation I’d ever felt. The entire audience was moaning in pure ecstasy. We could feel the tension rise in the room as we were all brought closer and closer to having an orgasm with the biggest cock we’d ever imagined. The white shimmering light danced over our pricks, engulfed our huge balls, and filled the theater with an eerie glow. It kept us on the edge, bringing everyone to the highest peak.

And then, at last, the Magician said one more magic word, and we all came. I was screaming with the pure pleasure of it, and drenching the entire theater in gallons of cum, raining down on us from every direction. It was as if we had all become giant cum fountains—forget the dancing waters!

Our giant balls finally emptied of their huge loads, we came down slowly from our orgasmic highs. As we returned to normality, so did the size of our cocks and balls. And, with a sweep of his hands, the amazing magic cum disappeared as though it had never been created. The Magician left the stage, and there was an intermission while we all put our pants back on…

“OH MY GOD that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” said Jake. We all nodded in agreement. It was pretty amazing, but I was still skeptical.

“Yeah—it was amazing—but—it couldn’t have been real. I mean—it was just plain impossible. It had to have been some kind of hypnosis or something.” I said.

“Oh come on,” began Mike. “How could you not believe your own eyes?”

“I’ve seen so many magicians guys—I mean—this was an incredible feeling—but there’s no way it could have really happened.”

Jake punched me in the shoulder. “OW!” I shouted. Jake smiled and we all giggled. We chatted a bit more—but I was still not convinced. The lights dimmed again, signaling the start of the second ‘act’.

“Gentlemen,” began the Magician, “this evening’s second act needs a volunteer. I need a very special volunteer, a skeptic—someone who really needs convincing.” He surveyed the audience with his clear gaze. Jake and Mike bumped into me and made me squirm in my seat. My motion must have made The Magician notice me somehow, because he pointed straight at me, “How about you sir?” The spotlight shined on me, and Jake and Mike pushed on me to make me stand up. Finally, I caved in. I stood up, and the Magician invited me up on the stage.

I made my way down the aisle, there was a little bit of applause, including Jake and Mike hooting loudly. I blushed a little in my being singled out. I stepped up on the stage. The Magician asked me my name, and I told him. Then he said, “So, Rich, you don’t believe in Magic eh?”

“I believe in things I can understand,” I began. “That last trick of yours was quite impressive—but it could just as easily have been some form of collective hypnosis.”

“Well said Rich. I propose to make you a believer. I will do something to you that hypnosis could not possibly accomplish, and by feeling it yourself—you will see I speak the truth.”

I was still skeptical—but I was willing to be convinced. The Magician asked me to take off my clothes. Well—if I hadn’t been here for the previous ‘trick’ I’d have said no. But, I decided to give him a chance. I took off my clothes. As I did so—several really sexy male assistants brought two large objects on stage. The first was a large clay pot of some kind—beautifully painted on the outside—though it looked like it had ancient Greek artwork or something on it. The second object was a large black wooden box, beautifully engraved with golden inlaid artwork.

The two guys who were carrying the large pot placed it down on the stage, took off the lid, and showed me that it was filled with a strange purple paste. “Rich, in order to get started, we need to paint your whole body with this special paste. It’s perfectly harmless, but it will help to make you more… pliable.” The two guys who carried the pot on stage began to take the purple paste and slather it all over me. It had a slightly sweet smell—like a kind of flower. One of them spread some of the paste on my lips, and I tasted it—it tasted quite good. One of the guys tasted some, then offered me some too. I started munching on the paste as it was offered to me—the more I tasted of it the more I seemed to want. They were very thorough, they spread it in every crack and crevice in my body.

While I was getting painted, the Magician and the other two guys were setting up the big black box. It seemed to have two sections—one about the size of my torso, and another for my head. It was padded on the inside and lined with red satin. There were two holes in the bottom for legs, two holes in the sides for arms, and what looked like stocks between the head and body sections. One large cable was lowered from the rafters and attached to a clamp on the top of the head-section. Another cable was attached to the bottom of the body-section of the box. The top cable was then tightened to hold the whole box upright.

They finished painting me, and then asked me to sit in the box, with my legs and arms through the right holes, and my head in the top part of the box. As the paste began to sink in to my body, I started feeling all warm and tingly. There was no light or sound—no hypnotic effects. I got all comfortable in the box—and I started feeling very relaxed. They closed the doors over my chest, and locked the stocks (which were also lined) around my neck. There was a special set of doors that closed round my legs, but somehow left my crotch exposed. There I was, dangling in this box, covered in purple paste, in the middle of the stage, with my arms, legs, penis, and head completely in view.

The Magician did the classic ‘walk around’, showing the audience, and me, that there was no special attachment to the box, no mirrors or anything we couldn’t see. I was feeling very very relaxed—especially after that huge orgasm we’d just had, but even more so because of this purple paste all over me. Then, two of the assistants grabbed handles on the head and body sections of the box. They held my head still, and started to rotate my body. I felt so relaxed—but I could feel my neck twisting with the box, my head held still and facing the audience. It actually felt good—like having a deep-tissue massage.

They stopped twisting the box, opened the doors, and I realized I was doing something I had never done, I was looking down at my own back! My arms were backwards, my legs were backwards—they had completely turned my head and my body a full 180! The audience applauded. I would have too. Then they turned the box even further, so there was now a full 360 twist in my neck—and it felt incredible. The audience applauded even more.

But, they weren’t done there. They un-twisted me so I was back to ‘normal’. Then, they started cranking on the cable attached to the top part of the box. I felt my head start to rise, my neck stretching away from my body. The stocks separated, and I could feel cool air on my stretchy neck. While they cranked on the cable, they painted my neck with more and more purple paste. Slowly but surely, my head rose 1 foot, 2 feet, three feet away from my body. I’d never been 8 feet tall before! I looked down, and waved at my head which now felt very far from the rest of me.

Next, they took my hands, and placed each one its own set of stocks. The two assistants then began to pull on them, stretching my arms out sideways away from my body. The other two guys painted my arms with more of the paste as they stretched further and further. Finally my hands went completely to the edges of the stage where there was some device to hold the stocks in place. The audience just kept watching—silent but attentive.

Then they did the same thing with my legs—putting each foot into a separate stock and stretching my legs. Only this time, they pulled my legs down into the audience, and I could feel lots of people touching and caressing my legs, and helping to paint them with more of the purple stuff. People started pulling on my toes too, stretching them out like fingers.

The more I was stretched the better it felt. I felt like my whole body was being massaged and caressed. I realized I was getting very turned on by being stretched like this, and my cock was just inflating through the opening in the center of the box. It was getting bigger and wider, and eventually flopped out on the floor. One of the assistants picked it up, and started painting it with more of the purple stuff, which felt incredible, and it helped it to grow even more. My penis started snaking down off the stage and into the audience, where many of the audience members started attending to it as well.

Finally, the Magician and an assistant released latches on either side of the box, and my chest and abs started to get stretched. And the more I got stretched, the more sensitive I became. My whole body became one giant elastic form. They took my torso and turned it sidways so the audience could see it stretching sideways across the stage.

The Magician then invited Mike and Jake up on the stage with me. Apparently he saw we were very close. He asked Jake to take his clothes off too. Only this time—they gave Mike some lube, and asked him to help get Jake all lubed up…. everywhere. The assistants brought out a table and asked Jake to lay down on it, with his feet pointing towards my butt.

I was looking down with fascination at this, as Mike took one of Jakes feet, and pressed it on my hole. I was so stretchy at that point his foot just slipped in right up to the ankle. The audience gasped, and I moaned—it felt so good. My body was stretched so thinly I could feel his toes wiggiling through my skin from the inside. Mike took Jake’s other foot and slid that in too. Now both Jakes feet were sticking up near my belly button, I could see his toes wiggling through my stretched out skin.

Slowly but surely, Mike and one of the assistants pushed Jake into me. Jake’s feet kept sliding upwards, tickling me from the inside. His knees slid past my sphincter, and then so did his hips. My chest had been stretched far enough that his toes were just about to my nipples. Jake clearly seemed to be enjoying himself too—moaning as he slid deeper and deeper inside me. All the while, other assistants kept painting my chest and buttocks with more and more of the purple paste.

Jake’s feet came to rest under my shoulders, and they kept pushing him, stretching my body even more. Finally, my sphicter closed around Jake’s shoulders, and there he was, completely inside me. The audience cheered.

But they weren’t done yet. Then it was Mike’s turn. They got Mike all lubed up too, and got started sliding into me too! He was facing down, or face to face with Jake, as they slid him inside me. Part way in—he turned over, so he was now ‘spooning’—with Jake’s front pressed into Mike’s back. I could feel Jake’s arms slide around Mike’s body, as they began making love inside me.

My head was lowered to the same level as my body, my neck stretched like taffy. The magician took my head gently, and began stretching my mouth. Another of the sexy assistants stripped, and got on a table next to my head. He gently offered me a foot to suck on, I started sucking on it, and it slipped right down my throat! He moaned in pleasure, and put his other foot in, and it just slipped on down too. I was looking up at him, his legs buried in my throat. I swallowed and he moaned again, sliding deeper into me. I snaked my tongue up out of my mouth, and started licking at his balls and his dick. I swallowed again and he got pulled deeper into my neck. I could feel his toes curling inside me. I closed my lips around his waist, sucking and licking his entire navel, penis, balls and even his hole.

The Magician started stretching my neck, sliding it up over his assistant’s body. My neck was stretched very thinly, and you could see every curve of his body through my skin. Another assistant was rubbing more purple paste into my neck, at the same time massaging his friend inside me. Every so often I’d swallow, sending another wave of pleasure through his body. He was able to touch Mike and Jakes feet with his, and they started playing footsie in my chest! Finally I was able to close my mouth completely around his head, and we french-kissed inside my mouth.

The Magician said, “Rich, would you like to leave here tonight with… shall we say, a permanent souvenier? Something—that will really make you believe in magic?” I was pretty well convinced at that point, but I nodded my head in agreement. My penis was then drawn back up onto the stage, long as it was, it was draped around one of the assistants to hold it up off the floor.

The Magician took the head, rubbed some more of the purple paste into it, and then very gently, but firmly began to pinch down the center. It was not painful, in fact quite the opposite. If there was any pain I hardly noticed since I had my boyfriends making love inside me at the same time. He seemed to me muttering something under his breath. I felt a strange feeling, as if somehow my penis was rubbing against itself, but that didn’t make sense. The feeling spread upwards all the way to the root of my shaft. The audience broke out in applause.

I looked down, and I seemed to have not 1, but 2 penises extending from my groin! Two of the sexy assistants came forward, and stretched them in opposite directions. I could feel separate hands rubbing both of my cocks, the feeling was incredible! They rubbed more purple paste into both of my cocks, and they began stretching and inflating too. The feeling was just amazing—each touch sending shocks of pleasure through my whole body.

My cocks stretched so long, they wrapped several times around each assistant, and then they snaked back up to Mike and Jake, who began sucking on them. While all this was going on—The Magician was working on my balls, making them large enough to handle the double demand on them. The two assistants who had my cocks wrapped around their bodies started making out, rubbing my cocks together at the same time. My whole body was ablaze with feeling, my legs and feet being stroked or kissed or sucked on by the audience, my penises being ministered to by 4 sexy guys, two of whom were making love INSIDE me. Kissing yet a third guy who was giving me the best neck massage ever, also from the inside.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. The magic paste had stopped me from getting an erection (or two)—but I was still ready to blow. I finally did, my whole body contracting in the pleasure of it. Jake and Mike were unable to swallow all my man cream, but feeling my body tighten it sent them both over the edge too. And the vibrations of my moans of pleasure sent the stage assistant over the edge too. The audience cheered in amazement. And then, I passed out.

I woke up in the bed in our hotel room. I could feel Mike and Jake pressed on either side, cuddling as we always do. The desert sun was shining brightly through the windows. Feeling me stir, Mike and Jake stirred and woke up too. “What happened?” I asked, a bit groggy.

Between them, they explained how The Magician got everyone out of me, and put me ‘back together’. Apparently the recovery from my second orgasm triggered my body to start contracting back to its normal form. The assistants helped to get us all cleaned up, get all the lube and cum and purple paste off me, and got us dressed and ready to go. They even called up a limo to take us back to our hotel, and two of the assistants came along for the ride to help get us back to our room.

“So I’m back… to the way I was?” I said, a little sadness in my voice.

Then they both grinned and Jake said, “Well, there was one major exception…”

“What do you mean? I mean, it was a great show, very impressive. I’m still not sure how they did it—but… it was just a show, right?”

Then, I felt Mike touching my penis, and I moaned. And then, I felt Jake touching…. my penis… but… I looked under the covers. Sure enough, I still had 2 of them, just like the Magician said. I threw my head back in ecstasy as they both went to work on my… gift.

I found the Magician’s gift was more than just having 2 penises. Apparently, the purple paste had changed my body just a little too. As I got… excited, my body became much more flexible than usual. My 2 penises expanded to be almost twice as large as my normal erection would have been, and other parts, like my tongue, my anus, all my muscles in fact, became extra flexible.

And, so Mike and Jake wouldn’t feel left out, the Magician also gave us a container of the purple paste, so Mike and Jake would be able to experience the same kind of joy that he had given me. They wouldn’t end up with 2 penises, but at least they could stretch as much as I could. Needless to say we spent all morning playing with our new-found abilities. So, it may be that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we weren’t likely to tell anyone once we got home. They’d never believe it.

In my head I said a little thank you to The Magician, for making me believe in Magic again.

My name is Nick, and I’d been working for the Magician for several months as one of his stage assistants. It was a blast getting to feel up these cute sexy guys every night. But recently, the audiences had started to dwindle. This is Vegas after all, and the audiences demand something spectacular.

One night, the magician gathered us assistants together, and asked if we would be willing to participate in some… experiments, to help make the show a bit more spectacular. We all knew and trusted him, and of course his shows always made us amazingly horny. So, of course, we all agreed. We had already stretched guys beyond belief, so we were all a bit curious to know what ideas he had to make the show more amazing.

The Magician had gathered us in the theatre, sitting in the front row of the house, while he sat on the stage, his legs dangling over the edge. “There are several things we have not tried on stage, so far. The first thing is, what happens when we have two or more… subjects painted in the purple paste, and then woven together somehow? This would of course be for couples or groups of friends, but it could be a lot of fun, I think.”

We all nodded. Of course, why hadn’t we thought of this? As we were thinking, he rolled onto the stage what looked like one of those three-axis spinning rides where they strap you in and you can spin like crazy. Only this one looked a little more solid, and like it was meant for two people. He chose me and the sexy guy next to me, his name was James. We are both about the same height and build, only he had black hair and green eyes, in sharp contrast to my blond hair and gaze of blue.

We both got painted up, and then we got placed into this new device. I had to straddle an A-shaped piece in the middle with my legs, while my arms went straight out to the sides and placed in special padded cuffs at the wrist. My neck and my waist were also placed into special cuffs, but only the back parts of my body were covered, just enough to hold me in place. I noticed a crank at the end of each arm, and guessed there was one by my feet, but I couldn’t tell what they were for. Next James got into the frame. He ended up facing me. His chest pressed into mine, our arms and legs gently but firmly touching, and our rock-hard cocks pressed up between us.

The first thing the Magician did was turn the cranks at our hands. As he did, the cuffs holding our wrists traveled along a rail away from our bodies, stretching our arms quite a bit. We expected some kind of stretching here—so this was no surprise. Then he did the same to our feet. It felt really really good, as a good stretching always did. Then he came back to the handles by our hands. There was a different handle that was attached to the cuffs holding our wrists together. He gave it a twist, and our arms (my right, his left) started twisting together like twist ties! One full twist. Then another, and another. We both watched with fascination and with pleasure as our arms began to look like playdoh that had been twisted too much (but fortunately our arms weren’t falling apart).

Then he started cranking on our other side. As he did, our chests were pressed even closer together. I think our cocks were so excited they started stretching by themselves—I’m sure I felt something… or was it just his heart beat? Who could tell, it all felt so incredible. Next he went for our legs. This time one of the assistants helped and both sides got done together. We both moaned, and I could feel his vibrations in my chest—as I’m sure he felt mine. Now our arms and legs were all twisted together, and it felt incredible. But it wasn’t over yet.

The Magician took some locking pins out of the frame near our waists, and then he had 2 assistants, one at each arm, take hold of the handles, and then he had them start walking around us, twisting our torsos together. We both moaned again, our chests felt so amazing, pressed so close. They stopped at a full half twist. Now my upper half was above his lower half, and vice-versa. Our chests had formed a very sexy twist, and every breath, every heart-beat, every moan could be felt by the other. Our nipples were pressed into each other, and as they got hard they just increased the sensations. It was one of the most intimate and arousing things I’d ever felt. Apparently our cocks agreed, because we could feel them snaking their way up the middle between our abs, and finally up between our pecs.

They decided to keep on going for the full 360, and at that point we couldn’t hold it in much more, we started kissing, as our bodies were twisted more and more. They kept going past the full circle. One and a half, two, three, slowly but surely twisting us together tighter and tighter. We lost count of how many twists there were, and I soon had trouble figuring out whether I was feeling me, or him, or both of us, I was so lost in the sensation.

The next thing we knew, something bumped us on the chins. Our cocks had made it up through the twist and were waiting for a little attention. I took his in my mouth, and he took mine. It was then I realized some of that pulsing I had felt was our cocks sliding up between us. The assistants decided to keep ratcheting us tighter and tighter, twisting our legs, our arms, our bodies. We were so twisted we couldn’t tell who was who anymore.

It seemed that the stretching process had left our butts strangely open and available. The Magician was curious, as were several other guys, so two of them got up behind us. The one behind James went first. I could feel his body respond to being entered, and then, after a little while, I could feel the other guy’s cock through my partner’s body—it was amazing. Then it was my turn, and it felt just as good to my partner. Somehow our bodies twisted in a way that the other guys’ cocks twisted around each other as they slid into us. I almost felt like I was getting fucked from the front and the back at the same time, and in a way I was.

The assistants couldn’t go very fast because of how tightly we were twisted, but it felt amazing. Feeling them pressed against us on the outside, their hands and arms sliding over us, their cocks sliding in and out of us, it was incredible. Between that, and us sucking on each-other’s cocks, it wasn’t long before we started popping. I could feel every squirt, inside, outside wherever it was. I could feel my partner’s cock pulsing against my chest. I could feel our friends throbbing around my prostate and my abs. Finally I felt my own load spiral up between us on it’s way to my partner’s waiting hot mouth.

After our orgasmic finish, we had to relax and untwist to return to our regular shape. The Magician seemed pleased with the outcome. It was strange, for a while afterwords—it felt like I could still feel him, his body, as though we were connected somehow. Every so often we’d glance at each other as if to say we could still feel it. Finally—I walked right up to him and kissed him again. He kissed me back, and it was like we were twisted together all over again. I could feel what he felt, he could feel what I was feeling, it was amazing! We came one more time, in each others’ arms, while the Magician watched from the side, taking mental notes…..

I watched Nick and James making out. My curiosity was piqued—I couldn’t help but wonder what that must have felt like. Well—little did I know I was about to get my chance. Next, the Magician had what looked like a giant, human-sized Rubik’s Cube rolled out on stage. There were a couple of minor differences. First, it was all black. And second, it had holes in some of the squares. “I will need four volunteers,” he said dramatically. I shot my arm up in the air, I didn’t know what it would do but it looked like fun!

He chose me, and three other fellas, and we all came up on stage. The other assistants came up to help get us all prepped. We started getting painted up—and I noticed the purple paste seemed a bit darker than usual. I didn’t think much of it though. The other guys were learning about how the cube worked, and how to make it work. I noticed it could rotate on all 3 axes, as well as spin each section in any direction. Rather clever.

First, he had me get in. They slid out the center horizontal frame of the cube where, like the old box, there were slots for hands, feet, and head, and one other hole. Well, as I started to get put into the frame, I realized my legs were already being stretched out sideways like the splits, so my hands were in the top holes on the sides, my feet were in the bottom holes on the sides, and my boy junk would reach the hole in the middle at the bottom between my legs. My head popped out the center hole at the top, opposite my cock. Once I was ‘installed’, they slid me back into the middle of the cube. I wiggled my hands and feet a little. It felt like the paste was acting faster than usual…

Then they opened up the cube vertically, as though it were hinged at one end, like a refigerator door. So, my legs got a good stretching as they got pulled further apart by the cube. They got three more of us installed in the cube, only vertically, so their heads were coming out the top, their bodies were upright, with their feet coming out the sides. I moaned a little as they closed up the box, since I was now the middle of a torso sandwich.

Next came the fun part. The Magician had a regular Rubik’s cube sitting on a pedestal out front. Apparently it was the control mechanism for the big cube. He took the top horizontal square and rotated it halfway around. The next thing I knew, the same chunk of the big cube was twisting too! Only, with our bodies inside, they were getting all twisted together. The Magician finished rotating the top square a full 360—so on the outside it looked the same, but on the inside, our torsos were twisted together like a bunch of pipe cleaners.

It was an amazing sensation. Next he took the box and rotated the verical side facing the audience. My feet were getting twisted together with the other guys’ arms and legs. Then the Magician did the same thing with the side where my head and arms were. Then he started mixing it up at random. Rotating one side, then another. We were moaning uncontrollably. Occasionally I’d see a part I thought was mine, and wiggle it, only it wasn’t mine. Finally—I saw a familiar foot, I wiggled it, and sure enough it was mine. How it got next to my head I have no idea, but it felt amazing.

The Magician toggled a switch, and the flood-lights around the base of the giant cube turned on. Now we could see how we looked on the inside of the box. We were a huge tangled knot of body parts. A couple careful twists, and now, every head had a cock near it, ripe for the sucking. Of course the power of the purple paste made our necks and mouths very stretchy, so not only could we reach easily, we could suck the other person’s entire package at once. We all moaned while we were sucking each other. The whole box became a giant vibration. Hands reached to the nearest feet and started stroking them as well. I felt like my whole body was touching flesh. We somehow all managed to cum at the same time, and it felt like it went on forever. As we finished, and our cocks were released, we realized they’d expanded some just because the intensity of our orgasms was so strong. What came out was longer than what went in!

Finally, we had to get un-wound. The Magician waved his hands over the mini cube, and the big one un-rotated, exactly the opposite of how it had rotated up. I could feel our bodies sliding over each other as we returned to normal. But, when they finally opened the box, even though we were completely un-wound, we were still smooshed together. We ended up coming out of the box in one big blob. It took the Magician a little while to separate us safely, but we didn’t mind, it all felt so good.

The Magician continued exploring new ideas. At our next show, after he’d tried out the twisting act to great success, he asked for a volunteer to try something different. “Sometimes we must lose ourselves, to find ourselves… “ he began. “Personally, I’m in favor of getting lost in pleasure. It has a way of being very… freeing. Who here is a top? It’s okay, no one will jump on you. You sir, right there, come on up.”

The man the Magician selected was a jock. Six foot four, and all muscle. Clearly, this guy was a top, he liked to be in charge, and he wanted everyone to know it. He fairly strutted up on stage, to the polite applause, and stares, of the rest of the audience. While he was making his way up to the stage, the Magician was bringing out another contraption.

It wasn’t so much of a contraption, as much as a big mound of…. something. It almost looked like a giant, flesh-colored, Jell-O mold. It was about 4 feet tall, and 3 feet in diameter, the shape of a big cylinder with rounded edges. The Magician started playing with this mound of flesh-like stuff. He’d wave his hands, and make it sway back and forth. Then he’d get it to stretch, and form into geometric shapes, a cube, a pyramid, a sphere, and he could make them shrink and grow to amazingly small, and large, sizes.

“This, my friends, is Pleasure. It is pure, distilled Pleasure. It has the most amazing properties. And with the help of our friend the Top here, we’ll show you how it works. Now, sir, please remove your clothes, you won’t be needing them.” The hunk removed his clothes, unashamedly, and one of the assistants took his clothes and set them aside. They had him step up onto the platform next to the Pleasure Flesh.

The Magician asked the guy his name, which was Mike. “Now then, Mike, go ahead and touch it.” Mike reached out his right hand and touched it. The flesh reached toward his hand a little, and when he touched it, his hand sank into it, just up to his wrist, and he instantly moaned. His dick started rising to attention.

“This is the most amazing sensation, it’s like my fingers are getting massaged and… sucked.. and… oooooooh.” The Magician stepped over, and had the flesh release his hand before he fell over. It was amazing to think someone like that could be so overcome.

“Now Mike, I want you to put your penis in it, like you’re going to have the best sex of your life, are you ready?” Mike nodded, but he looked a little unsure. He shook off the feeling and decided he was going to enjoy himself. He took a hold of the top of it, like he was grabbing a nice piece of ass, and began to slowly work his dick into the flesh. His hands sank into the surface, and his dick and balls were quickly swallowed by the stuff. He tried to pull out a bit, but he was stuck! It didn’t seem to matter though, since his eyes seemed to roll back in his head. He was moaning, even louder than before, and his legs looked like they were shaking. He started breathing more heavily, moaning, then shouting, like he couldn’t believe or handle what was happening to him. It didn’t take too much longer before he clearly was blowing his load right into the middle of the stuff. He almost passed out again from the intensity of it, but the assistants caught him and helped him recover.

There was just one problem. This time, the Magician didn’t release him from the Flesh, his hands and his cock were still buried in it. The Flesh then started changing shape, it grew taller, until it was about 6 feet tall. Mike was still stuck in it, only now it looked like he was stuck to a flesh colored pole. And then, a penis grew out of the flesh, right in front of his mouth. Mike looked at it carefully. Sure enough—it was an exact copy of his own handsome cock, just waiting for some attention. He leaned in and licked the tip, and looked back surprised. “I felt that! “ he shouted.

Needless to say, he started going to town on his ‘cock’. After a little while though, the duplicate cock disappeared, much to Mike’s dismay. But then something even better happened. A duplicate cock grew on the opposite side of the fleshy tower. Mike couldn’t reach it, stuck as he was. But, the assistants could, and one of them started giving Mike one heck of a blow job. Mike started moaning again, as if every touch, every lick, was magnified a thousand times.

Mike was enjoying himself so much, he didn’t notice the second cock growing to his left, pointing right towards the audience. That is, he didn’t until another assistant came over and started sucking on that one too! Mike shouted, gasping with pleasure. Several pairs of balls started growing out of the flesh, each of which quickly was ministered to by one of the very adept assistants. Mike was in such a haze of pleasure he couldn’t even think enough to realize he probably should have cum by now…

The flesh, sensing Mike’s pleasure, started reaching out towards him. Two mouths started reaching towards his nipples. First one latched on, and then the other. Each time Mike let out another gasp. He started leaning his chest and abs against the flesh. They sank just into the surface, and as they did, nipples started appearing in various places around the other side. And of course the stage assistants were doing their jobs well, every nipple that appeared got a lick or a suck or a tweak.

The flesh went for his toes next. Somehow it knew where to go next. As each toe was enveloped, another gasp of pleasure escaped Mike’s lips. The flesh slid under his feet, enveloping them up to the ankles. It felt to Mike like he was standing on the softest, spongiest set of tongues, licking his feet and sucking on his toes. Then his toes, too, began appearing across the surface of the flesh. Sometimes in pairs, or by themselves, and every one got a lick or a caress.

The Flesh began to look strange, with random body parts sticking out of it, cocks, balls, nipples, toes, all over there were parts appearing and disappearing. Mike was awash with sensation. The flesh began spreading across his chest and abdomen, filling in every crack and crevice of his well-defined chest, and his 6-pack abs. It began swirling into his belly button, and as it did it sent him over the edge one more time, and he came, shouting with the pleasure and the joy of it.

Mike leaned even more into the Flesh, weak from his incredible orgasm. The Flesh wasn’t done with him yet, though. It pulled him in closer, wrapping tendrils around him in parts, lifting his legs up and around it, like he was straddling his lover, standing before him. It was sliding something between his legs, and slowly, gently, up his crack, and right into his anus. He was too tired to protest, and he wouldn’t have, even if he could, it felt sooooo gooood. He let out another moan as the tendril penetrated him.

Soon, his entire body was completely pulled into the flesh, from his neck to his toes. His head popped out the top, as the Flesh re-shaped itself. Now it was forming copies of Mike’s sexy butt, 6 copies at least, along with assorted cocks, nipples, toes, and various other body parts. The hot, naked stage assistants began walking up to Mike, preparing to blow his mind and his body with one amazing experience. In perfect unison, they took cocks in their mouths, tweaked nipples, and penetrated those sexy asses with their own amazing cocks.

Mike became lost in a sea of ecstasy, finding pleasure in things he never imagined. Eventually, the Flesh began to grow mouths, which first the assistants kissed. But when the mouths showed up at crotch level, well, they naturally started putting their dicks in them too. Mike started feeling the pleasure of having both his butt and his mouth fucked at the same time, and it just sent him over the edge. The entire blob that was Mike trembled, contracted, and nearly exploded in orgasmic bliss. In fact, it did, as the flesh was blown into small squishy pieces, leaving a very confused Mike, fainting into the arms of a stage assistant.

Mike thanked the Magician for the gift he had been given. It was some time later that Mike discovered the Flesh had given him something too, and more than just the love of having sex. But that is another story.

“One illusion that has been performed since the beginning, is the vanishing act.” The Magician began with a mysterious flourish, as his assistants brought things out onto the stage… “How do you improve on something so classic? Some have made bigger things disappear. Some have made things re-appear that vanished long ago. But, there is one thing no one has done. At least, not until tonight! Tonight, you will see a twist on the classic. Something you have never seen before! Who dares to be our volunteer?”

I’d always loved vanishing acts, watching people, or things, disappear to some ‘magical’ place and come back again. Somehow it turned me on in a way I never understood before. So I figured I’d raise my hand. Actually—I think my hand went up before I had time to think about it, because the next thing I know I’ve got a big spotlight on me and I’m getting invited up on stage! I was so nervous and excited I was almost shaking. The Magician asked my name, “Michael” I replied. He shook my hand, and somehow I calmed down right away. Was it his warm firm grip, his penetrating gaze, I couldn’t tell. Next—the assistants help me take off my clothes, I guess disappearing with clothes on is a no-no.

Next, they asked me to lay down on what looked like a solid table. But after I lay down, they slid something out from underneath, and I began to sink into the table. I guess it was made of a whole bunch of tiny spikes or nails (with flat ends), like that old kids toy you put your hand or face into, but with thousands and thousands of them. I sank down and I could feel them surrounding my body, filling in every detail, between my fingers, around my arms and legs, between my buttocks, everywhere. It was like I was lying in very tall, very thick grass. The table was tilted up so I was facing the audience, but still at a bit of an incline so my body was supported by all the tiny spikes. “And now Michael, prepare for something you have never felt or experienced. Remember—this is not going to harm you at all—but, you are not merely becoming invisible either. You are about to disappear! One piece at a time… “

The Magician brought over a container of some kind, and it had some kind of paint or goo or something inside. He took out a foam brush, a small one, about 1 inch wide, dipped it in the goo, and then painted a stripe up the middle of my left thigh. I didn’t know what to expect, but it started to tingle, and then it felt amazingly good, like a deep tissue massage that passed right through my leg. I looked down, and where the paint had been, there was nothing, and then the little tiny spikes started to pass up through the middle of my leg! The bone, everything else in the middle was gone, and it looked like the edges had covered up with skin. The Magician stuck his hand in the hole, and gently caressed the inside of my leg. It was so sensitive, and it felt so good I moaned in pleasure. Then he did the same thing to my right thigh. The audience looked on, awe-struck.

“Michael, how do you feel?” I said I felt incredible, which I did. The Magician smiled, and went on. My arms were near my sides with my hands resting in a forest of the little spikes. Next, he painted stripes across my wrists. The bottom part of my lower arms disappeared, which felt amazing, but my hands were fine, just no longer attached to my body. I could feel them and move them somehow—and it was cool and strange at the same time. And once my lower arms were gone, the spikes popped up in their place, and I couldn’t feel them anymore.

As more of my body vanished, the rest became much more sensitive. I was getting a hard-on just from feeling myself disappear. My lower legs went next, up to the knee. I could still wiggle my toes though! It was so strange and yet so amazing. Next my upper arms from elbow to shoulder were vanished. Next he began to work on my chest. My abs went first, leaving my navel and my pecs completely seperated. Then he painted a Y shape from my shoulders and down across my sternum, leaving my head, neck, and pecs (with very perky nipples at this point). Then he painted a big box around my belly button, making all the flesh around it disappear. Finally, my thighs were vanished completely.

So here I was, a head, two hands, two nipples, a navel, cock, balls, and two feet. Then the real fun began. Various assistants came up to me and started lifting up and fondling my parts, massaging, caressing, licking, sucking. I moaned uncontrollably, this was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Or so I thought. They brought out a special stand, and placed my butt in it, with my cock on one side and my hole on the other. Then they lifted my head out and placed it back on the table where my cock had been. They wheeled the stand up, and lo and behold, I was able to give myself a blowjob! One of the assistants started fingering me while my cock was embedded in my face, and finally, I came, and with nowhere for all the cum to go it just dribbled out of my mouth and all over the table.

Thoroughly spent, I was placed back into my original ‘slots’ on the table. Then, slowly, one piece at a time, more of me was vanished. Fingers, toes, hips, hands, feet. Then my belly button went, and I almost shot again right there. Both of my pecs disappeared together, and I was nothing but a head and a cock. Finally my cock was gone too. I closed my eyes, felt the touch of the paintbrush on my face, and smiled as I disappeared completely. The audience applauded. I think…. And then I was gone. …

I could hear cheering. Lots of cheering, boy was it loud! A bright light was in my face. Wait… I had a face! I was… moaning. Why was I moaning? Something felt good. Something felt really really good.

Another meeting with just the assistants was held the next night we were off. “My friends, we have achieved so many wonders so far. We have stretched people, we’ve woven them together. But what else can we do? But, we have not yet completely separated someone. That is, we’ve always kept them in one piece, stretched out though they might be. But, starting with that, imagine if we could do the old Sword trick, for real? Or how about the giant Buzz-saw? For couples we could even have a game of swap, swapping arms, legs, heads, from one body to another.”

We all nodded silently, almost in awe. How awesome would this be if we could do it? The Magician opened the curtains, and unveiled a new stage tool. It was another box, with separate slots for head, arms, legs, and torso. The box was built into a frame, like one of those old-fashioned puzzles with tiles that slide around to make a picture. There were boxes all connected into the shape of a body. Hands and feet would stick out the ends of four of the boxes, and there were spots for ‘separators’ to slide through various sections. The frame was on a pivot so the whole thing could rotate vertically or horizontally. I instantly raised my hand, the Magician smiled and invited me to be the first to try it out.

The Magician rolled out a new vat of the magic Purple Paste. We took the lid off, to see that it was an even deeper purple than what we were used to. “I had to come up with a stronger batch, the old stuff wouldn’t work fast enough.” He smiled while a couple guys put some gloves on, I got naked, and they helped to paint me up with the new batch. He was right, the stuff worked really quickly! I was feeling the tingle of it the moment it hit my skin. I could feel it, sinking into my body, softening every muscle. I’m glad they started at the top and worked their way down, as it became difficult to stand once they started working on my legs.

While I was getting prepared, the Magician prepared the new stage box. He laid the box horizontally, and opened all the individual doors to each section. It was lined like the old box was, with special holes for wrists and ankles, but with many more doors and latches. Once I had a first coating of the purple paste, they had me lay down in the box, and then they kept painting me with the new, darker paste. I started eating some of it too, and it had a stronger, more intense flavour, and I wanted to eat more and more of it. I didn’t realize it, but they stopped when they felt various parts of me were more.. squishy than normal.

They closed all the compartments, one by one. Thud, latch. Thud, latch. There were actually four doors over my chest, two over my pecs and two over my abs. There was a triangle-shaped box around my groin, with separators between my hips and between my stomache. I was all closed up but for my face, my hands and feet. I wiggled my fingers and toes a little bit. The box was lifted upright, so I was facing the audience. The Magician walked around the box, checking to make sure it was all closed up properly. “What do you think would get us the best reaction, hmm?” he asked.

It was a rhetorical question of course, we all knew the answer. The most shocking part of the body to go for is always the head. The Magician slid out onto the stage a box full of big rectangular separators, all of which had been coated in the purple paste. He took one, walked up to the front of the box, winked at me, and gently started sliding the divider into the box, at the base of my neck. It was warm, and I could feel it press into my skin. And then, a funny thing happened. It tickled, I started laughing, I hadn’t even realized I’d stopped breathing (or needing to…). I could feel my vocal chords vibrating against the box. I could still feel my body, but I realized I wasn’t connected to it any more! They undid some latches, and sure enough, slid my head straight up and away from my body!

It was amazing! Here I was, a head, without a body, watching the Magician continue his new trick. I realized that little stands had been brought out around the stage. One of the assistants walked up to my head, picked up the box, detached it from the rack, and brought it over to one of the stands. Now I could see the rest of myself. It was strange, looking at my body as if in a mirror, or from someone else’s eyes. I wiggled my hands and my feet, and I could still feel them and see them move! The Magician and the other assistants started putting the separators in between my arms and legs. Apparently once the boxes were separated, they could rotate. Once my feet were separated (which also made me giggle) they turned the boxes so the bottoms of my feet were facing front. It was a very strange sensation.

They continued putting more separators in to the box. They’d worked all the way up to my torso. The strangest feeling was when they put vertical separators right through the middle of my abs and pecs. It really made me feel giddy and ticklish, I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally each cube was separated, and my body was literally in pieces. They started sliding the boxes off of the frame, mixing them up at random on the individual stands. They slid me around and mixed me up. Then they opened little doors on the front of each one.

The next thing I knew, the guys were… licking me. They were sucking on my nipples, my toes, and someone was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. I started moaning—I couldn’t help it. Someone took one of my nipples and started spinning the box while they licked at it. Then they all stopped, and mixed me up again. I frowned until I opened my eyes to see my own penis staring back at me. I grinned and starting giving myself a blowjob—and it was incredible!

While I was… occupied, the Magician wanted to continue some more experiments. He had a second grid, identical to the one I was in, and proceeded to work on another of the assistants. I could hear him giggling as they split him up the way they did to me. Apparently the two frames were interchangeable—they took his frame and locked it in with mine. Then they started mixing us up together.

Next, they began re-constructing two bodies, but it wasn’t clear whose pieces were whose. I was a little confused. they laid the frame horizontally and began slowly taking out the separators. I could feel my body joining back together, but…. it didn’t feel quite right. We both sat up simultaneously. Looking down, it seemed like they’d gotten some of me, and some of the other fella mixed together! And yet, I still felt… whole.

We looked at each other in confusion. Then, I started to stroke my left pectoral, which was clearly his. We both moaned. Apparently, he could still feel himself, and I could feel it because it was physically attached to me. The Magician just looked on, wondering what would happen next. Naturally, we started making out. I could feel him, he could feel me, we could feel all the parts of both of us, it was amazing. Somehow we had swapped cocks as well… so I started sucking my cock, which was attached to his body. Then I paused and he did the same thing, and I felt it, just like if he were sucking my own cock. Then we tried to do each other at the same time. Then it felt like two people were sucking my cock at the same time, even though one of them was his… it was just amazing.

After our play time, we got all painted up again and got back in the boxes. This time the Magician tried something else. He constructed one single body, with two heads, four legs, two penises, and four arms. That was a lot harder to manage, but eventually we worked it out. I think he got the legs and I got the arms. Either way, it was a lot of fun, and it felt amazing, but it wasn’t quite as good as being two separate people.

The Magician put us back together again, with all the right bits and pieces. We could still feel each other’s bodies for a while, which was awesome but weird at the same time. Next the Magician needed to do a few more experiments to be sure all the equipment and such worked. First, he had me strapped to a table, and did the giant buzz saw routine. It tickled when it vibrated its way through my middle. I couldn’t help but giggle when they wheeled the two halves of the table side-by-side and I was staring at my toes, which I made wiggle. Then he carefully put me back together again, making sure I was the right-way around of course.

The other guy got to do the swords through the box routine—but for real. This time it was his turn to giggle as the swords poked through him. The big moment was when they lifted the sides of the box straight up, and of course he got lifted up by the swords—which proved they were going through him. He even kicked his legs and wiggled his toes to show he was floating freely. Then they brought him back down—just in case hanging from the swords was going to be too much.

Next the Magician brought out the old Magic Cabinet. Actually, he brought out two, one for each of us. We each stepped into one, they closed several doors across the front, and then they slid dividers in horizontally, separating the large cabinet into smaller sections, and our bodies into ‘chunks’; from feet to knees, knees to hips, hips to rib-cage, and then finally at the neck. First, they rotated the whole box, and opened the door at the back where my butt was, which was now facing the audience. Then, they rotated the top of my box, opened the door, and I saw the others gasping as my face was looking backwards from atop my backwards body!

Next, they closed the door over my butt, and rotated that section around. Then they opened all the doors, and you could see my face, my back, my cock, and the backs of my legs and feet. The one of the assistants started playing with my cock again—just to prove I could still feel it… clearly my moans gave that part away. Then they closed up all the doors, and took the sections of the box apart completely. They re-stacked the pieces, but I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on.

When they opened the door—I appeared to be facing the audience, but my head felt lower to the ground… They wheeled a mirror out so I could see, and I was a little shocked. My abs had replaced my feet, my legs were on top of them. My crotch and buttocks were in the same place, but my crotch faced to the right and my butt to the left. Then my head, facing forward. Then my pecs, and finally my feet on top where my head would have been. Then, two assistants came up, one on each side, and started in on a train session. The guy at the back started sucking on my nipples, and my toes too. It felt amazing, being in parts and being pleasured like this. It was just incredible. And it didn’t take long before we were all cumming.

Finally, we were put back together in the proper order, and helped out of the cabinets. I was happy, relaxed, and more than a little tired. But wow, what an incredible show we were going to put on!

The magician called me up on stage. While I made my way up from my seat, a strange device was being wheeled out on stage. It looked like a bicycle rack, the kind you put on your car’s trailer hitch and stand the bike’s wheels in. Only bigger. The Magician had me stand in the middle of it, with my legs straddled apart. There was a vertical post right behind my back, with a horizontal rail where they proceeded to attach my arms. There was another strap that went around my abs, and additional straps for my ankles. There was a central pair of rails that went horizontally, right in front of my crotch. The magician attached a black rectangular box to the rails, encasing my family jewels.

“Now, you may feel a little tugging, or tingling sensation,” he said. The insides of the box seemed to shrink tightly around my junk, holding them firm, but not uncomfortable. I couldn’t really see anything when I looked down, except this black box seemingly attached to my front. The front of the box was open so the audience could see what was happening. The Magician waved his hands around the outside of the box, and concentrated. While I watched, the box started to twist, first one way, then another. I could feel it, rolling my dick and balls to the left, then to the right, then back the other way. It felt really good. Each time the box changed direction it went a little farther and a little farther. I felt a kind of tugging / tingling feeling at the base of my dick and my balls, it felt so good I started moaning in pleasure.

Then I felt it, a kind of gentle pop, like when you loose a baby tooth and that last thread lets go. The box spun freely at that moment, and then slowed down. The others gasped. I was a little startled, but I was okay. The Magician asked if I was alright, and I said I was. Then, one of those hot sexy assistants came over and started giving me a little hand job. It felt really good, and I started moaning again. The assistant paused for a moment, then, at the Magician’s instruction, pushed the box sideways, so it started sliding down the rails to my right. Once he got out of the way, the audience gasped. I had been watching the sexy assistant, so when I heard the gasp, I looked down, and saw that where my dick and ballsack had been, was now just empty skin!

The assistant started giving me a little blowjob, to my dick which was now, apparently separated from my body! He was rather talented, and I started moaning again. Even though my dick was detached from my body, I could still feel it! The others applauded. Then, the assistant stopped his ministrations, and the Magician walked up to me, stroked my now blank spot where my dick used to be (which also felt good). He put another empty box into the rails. Then, I felt another warm, tugging, tingling sensation. Then it felt like the magician was giving me a hand job. I looked down and he was. But with the second box!! I had somehow grown a second dick! The magician then made the second one spin and separate, just like the first one. Then, a second assistant came and slid the box down to my left. Here I was, with two dicks, neither of them attached to my body! Then both assistants started in with blowjobs. And, I could feel both of them! It was the most mind-blowing sensation I’d ever felt!

The Magician didn’t stop there. He gave me a third, a fourth, fifth, and sixth set of man parts! For the last one he invited my partner up on stage. There were six assistants, each giving one set of genitals the suck of its life. And then my partner started licking the ‘empty spot’ where my dick used to be. If anything it was more sensitive than anything I had ever felt. Then, the Magician did something even more unexpected. He took me out of the device, and put my partner in! He put the box around my guy’s dick, and did the same twist and pop. Then, somehow, he could feel all the different dicks that were in the boxes, just like I could!

The magician then put both of us back together, and had one of the assistants bring us aside before we went back to our seats to see the rest of the show. He gave us some paper instructions, and a specially designed wood-carved case. Inside the case, were the 6 extra penises that appeared on stage that night. Since they only worked with the two of us, we got to take them home!


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