The Body-Jack 9000

by The Gecko Rose

A young man discovers the most incredible jackoff device ever, and he just can’t stop playing with it!

6 parts 6,176 words Added Feb 2018 Updated 30 Mar 2018 19k views 4.9 stars (25 votes)

Part 1 A young man discovers the most incredible jackoff device ever, and he just can’t stop playing with it! (added: 9 Feb 2018)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Rich enjoys the new levels of body transformation with the Body-Jack even more now that he can share it all with his best friend, Mike. (added: 30 Mar 2018)
Part 5
Part 6
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Part 1

It came! It was finally here. I couldn’t believe it, I had been waiting for so long. I ordered it weeks ago. The box was bigger than I expected… a lot bigger than I expected.

I practically tore through the cardboard shipping box. Nestled in a pile of packing peanuts was a dark purple box with gold outlines. I carefully pulled it out of the shipping box.

In beautiful gold calligraphy, simply stated, it said The Body-Jack. the front flap was held closed magnetically. I opened it and folded open the top lid of the box. On the very top was a purple piece of parchment. It was blank. When I picked it up, it shimmered for instant, showing strange alien characters, that quickly morphed into English words that read:

The Body-Jack 9000
The Last Toy You’ll Ever Need
by Omni-Sens, Inc., Third Spiral, Galaxy 8.

I’d found their website online. It was one of the most amazing looking sites I’d ever seen. It had all the usual advertising gimmicks, and even some statements I had a tough time believing. I got to the testimonial section, and there were some stories that sounded so incredible, I just couldn’t resist. I gave them my credit card, told them to take my money, and here it is finally. I figured all those comments about out of this world pleasure we’re just propaganda. But now I was starting to wonder…

I couldn’t wait to get started. I lifted off the foam covering and looked at this wonderful purple cylinder sitting in its foam niche, inside this gorgeous box. Next to it was a smaller rectangular thing that looked rather like a touch-screen remote control. I was trying to figure out just exactly what I needed a remote control for, when it lit up and displayed:

“Welcome to the Body-Jack 9000, the last toy you’ll ever need. I am your interface, please call me BJ.”

Wow, cool! I thought. I lifted it out of the box, I wonder if it’s voice activated for hands-free operation… “Hi BJ, I’m Rich, nice to meet you,” I said.

“Hello, Rich. I can be accessed by the touch screen you’re holding, as well as by voice, to facilitate hands-free operation. Please remove your body-jack from its case.”

I set the controller down and did as instructed. I lifted the purple cylinder out of the box, it felt light, and strangely warm to the touch. It felt almost… alive.

“Human species detected, setting initial configuration… Please select opening type: MOUTH, ANUS, VAGINA, PLAIN.”

The blinking control screen drew my attention and I picked it back up. I selected MOUTH, and as I watched, the end morphed from a plain hole into the shape of a mouth, with lips, a tongue, everything!

“MOUTH selected. Please note that this device does not need lubricant of any kind.” When I picked it up and looked at the opening, sure enough the mouth-shaped hole felt slippery even though almost dry to the touch.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I was already rock-hard and I had read so many incredible reviews, I just had to take the plunge. I took the large purple cylinder and placed the mouth-shaped entrance at the tip of my cock. Before I got anywhere, it had sucked itself onto the head of my cock and it felt like it was licking me all over! I shouted out in surprise and pleasure. Without realizing it, I’d completely let go of it all together. Somehow it not only stayed where it was, but it didn’t knock my whole cock over from its weight either! It was like it was floating by itself over my cock.

Then it started lowering itself over the rest of my cock, ever so slowly. It sucked me in, deeper and deeper, a hungry mouth devouring my delectable cock. It kept sucking, licking, and rubbing as it went. Occasionally it would stop, back up a little, and then keep going, deeper and deeper. It made it all the way to the root, and I was already in heaven. It kept up the suction too, I could feel it press gently into my groin as my cock was pulled deeper inside. It started to feel like it was sliding up and down over my cock, like I would do by hand. But when I looked down it was still pressed firmly against my groin, my cock completely inside! It kept sliding up and down my cock. It felt like tongues were licking and swirling all around me. Somehow it seemed to learn from my reactions, because it got better the longer it went, the sensation intensifying. It found my trigger spots, bringing me closer and closer, until finally I came inside it! That was quick…

But instead of falling off or deactivating, it stayed on my still hard cock, and kept on going! It felt good, and not over-sensitive, so I started examining the control pad. It seemed to have changed a bit, but I couldn’t say how exactly. One new option said TARGET and the choices were: COCK, BALLS, BOTH. Cock was highlighted. I was curious, so I tapped on BALLS. The cylinder floated slowly and gently up and off my cock, and down over my ball sack where it proceeded to go to town on my family jewels.

At first it just kind of floated over my balls, sucking gentle on the skin in the middle. Then, it slid to the right, and I felt a gentle tugging, and then a pop, as my right nut got sucked inside. Then it slid to the left and did the same thing to my left nut. I’d never felt anything like this before! Don’t ask me how, but it had managed to suck both my balls into it at once. I could feel them inside it, being pleasured in ways I’d never imagined. It felt like a separate mouth was sucking on each of my balls, tongue and all! It was an incredible sensation. Before I knew it, I was cumming again, my free-flying cock spraying cum all over the body-jack. Again, it stayed attached, and my cum seemed to have disappeared. It was like it got soaked up into the body-jack somehow. Easy clean up!

This time I went to the controller, and under target I tapped BOTH. The body-jack gently released my balls, one at a time, and slid slowly up my cock, sensually even, until it wrapped its mouth around my head again, so suddenly and intensely I let out an involuntary moan. It slid its way down again, slowly sucking my cock into its amazing innards. When it got close to my balls, it stopped. I felt—well, I don’t know exactly what I felt. Somehow my left testicle was getting sucked, and… pulled inside. I let out a gasp as I felt it pop inside the body-jack. I felt the same thing happen again as it went after my right one. This one seemed to take longer somehow, and it felt so good as my right one popped inside.

I looked down at a strange sight. My cock and balls had been sucked inside the purple cylinder. It was as though my groin shrank just as it reached the entrance to the body-jack.

It started going to town on my boy parts, I threw my head back as it sucked, licked, stroked, caressed, and generally pleasured my junk. It felt like hands, tongues, lips, were all over me. I could feel it working its magic on me, warm, tight, now fast, now slow. It brought me to the edge, then backed away. It knew what I wanted and did exactly what it knew would drive me crazy. I writhed in pleasure, moaning the whole time. My body started to vibrate, I wasn’t going to last much longer.

My cock and balls felt huge inside the warm embrace of the body-jack. The sensations started merging together, as though my cock and my balls were just one giant sensory overload, getting bigger and more sensitive with each caress. I felt my orgasm building deep inside me, I was past the point of no return. It grew and spread slowly up through my balls and my cock, as they continued to be worked by the body-jack.

And just when I thought I would blow, it kept building, spreading up through my chest, down through my legs. From my toes to the top of my head my body writhed on the edge of release. My toes curled. My eyes turned back in my head, I was shuddering all over, moaning in that moment of ecstasy, that seemed to go on and on. I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to stay in this moment of pure pleasure. And it kept me there. My whole body became super sensitive, every brush of the sheets against my skin added to my pleasure.

Finally, I was ready. It could sense the shift in my response, and I was cumming, hard. It felt like my whole body was convulsing in the pleasure of release. If I could have shot from my toes and my fingers I would have. It was as though the body-jack was making me have as many blasts as possible, and each blast last as long as possible. It was like riding a runaway horse, to see how long I could stay on. And it was incredible!

I slowly came down from my orgasmic high, again it felt like the body-jack was keeping me from crashing too hard. I laid there in my euphoric state, floating on my bed. Eventually, I nodded off, the body-jack still encasing my genitals, and the controller happily displaying some kind of message…

New Achievement: 3 Orgasms
Feature Unlocked: body mod level 1
User activity no longer detected.
Entering regen mode.


Part 2

I woke with a smile on my face. I just finished one heck of a dream. My cock felt really… good! I looked down and saw the body-jack was still attached to my groin. “BJ, please stop for now,” I said. It slowly lifted itself off my cock, releasing my balls as well. It laid down on the bed between my legs.

I noticed that the controller was still displaying a message. I picked it up and it said:

New Achievement: 3 Orgasms.
New features unlocked!

Without thinking, I said aloud, “What new features?”

The controller responded: “Body modification level 1. Change the length, girth, or size of the target. Would you like to try?”

“Hell yeah!” I replied.

“Please select target,” BJ instructed.

“My cock!” I announced with certainty.

The body-jack floated up and began to lower itself over my rock-hard cock.

“How would you like to modify your cock?” it asked.

“Make it long enough to reach my mouth.”

“Adding 50 cm of length to your cock. Do you want to keep this change upon exit of the body-jack?”

“Is it permanent?” I asked, thinking it could lead to some awkward situations…

“No, all changes can be undone or kept as long as you like,” it explained.

“Then yes, I want to keep the change at exit—for now.”

“Initiating body mod level 1,” the machine confirmed.

I felt it, my cock, growing longer. I don’t know how it did it, but the body-jack didn’t move, it was firmly attached to my groin. I could feel my cock growing, sliding deeper and deeper. It felt heavier somehow too. It was incredible!

“Modification complete. Would you like to continue or exit?” the voice said.

“Exit!” I nearly shouted. I was so curious I couldn’t contain my excitement. The body-jack slowly lifted itself up, and up, and up! 6 inches, then 8, then 10… I should have stopped by now, but it kept going! 12 inches, then 14… I watched in shock as more and more cock kept coming out of the 10-inch-long cylinder. Finally, the body-jack revealed the head of my now 2-foot-long cock, towering over my chest.

I scooted into a sitting position. I grabbed my cock at the base with both hands, and slowly glided them all the way to the tip, luxuriating in my newfound length. I guided the tip of my cock to my mouth, and slowly licked at the tip. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt! I began sucking hungrily on my cock, licking it and stroking it. I never knew I could enjoy myself so much. It was incredible, sliding my hands up and down over my two-foot-long cock.

Precum started streaming from the tip, cascading down over my cock and my hands. I massaged it into my cock, and felt it dripping over my super-sensitive balls. I could feel it sliding between my legs. The pre began dripping onto my chest. I rubbed my cock into my pecs and abs, licking the head all the while.

I started to feel the sensation, my orgasm building from deep within me…. I noticed the controller flash to life. It seemed to know I was close and was offering to help finish me off. Somehow I tapped “OK” on the screen. The body-jack lifted up off the bed and settled itself over my cock head. Again it slowly lowered itself, sucking my cock inside it. I watched in shock as it devoured my cock, which was easily twice the length of the body-jack. I felt myself slide completely inside of it. It even sucked my balls into it without having to ask.

It felt like hands, and tongues, were swirling all over my cock, sucking me, licking me, stroking me, faster and faster. My orgasm continued to build, bigger and bigger, wave after wave, until I couldn’t hold it back. The damn broke, and I nearly howled in pleasure and release. I could feel each burst of jizz travel down my length, getting absorbed by the body-jack somehow. Each one took longer than usual too, like there was more cum than I had ever experienced too.

I came down from my orgasmic high, and suddenly I really had to pee. I spoke out loud to BJ, “Please return my dick to normal, as quickly as you can, and then exit.”. Within moments, my original cock was released from the body-jack, and I ran to the bathroom.


Part 3

I came back into my room, after an end-of-movie level piss. I felt so good, refreshed, like after a good night’s sleep. Amazingly, only an hour had passed since my last release.

I noticed the controller blinking again. As I picked it up, it said:

Congratulations! New Achievement: 4 Orgasms.
Feature unlocked: targets added; feet and legs.

I stared at the display. Hmmm, feet and legs…I wonder… I thought to myself. “BJ, set my left foot as the target… ooooooohhhh,” I moaned as the body-jack slid itself over my left foot right up to the ankle. How it fit through the small opening I have no idea.

Again the body-jack went to town on me. My foot was getting massaged. It sucked on my toes, licking the sole of my foot. I almost felt like I could cum from my toes, it felt so good. But yet, I wanted more. I instructed BJ to add my lower left leg as a target. It felt like it got warmer, and I gasped as I watched my leg slowly slide into the foot-long purple cylinder, being pleasured more and more with each inch that slid inside. Soon my knee was protruding from the purple cylinder, magically shrinking somehow as it approached the purple lips of the entrance.

My left leg felt so good. It was being rubbed, massaged, my toes were getting licked and sucked on. I added my left thigh to the targets. I moaned as I felt it slide inexorably up my thigh, finally stopping at my hip. I looked down at the incredible sight of the body-jack sticking out from my groin in place of left leg. I lay there, enjoying it for a while, and then decided to try something else.

“BJ, make the target both of my feet,” I said breathily.

The body-jack slid slowly off of my leg, stopping at my ankle. I put my right foot near the entrance, and it did its thing. My toes, the ball of foot, the arch, the heel, and finally the ankle were drawn inside. My legs, stretched out straight, stuck out of the end of the body-jack like giant stems in a flower vase. Inside, my feet were being pleasured like nothing else. It felt wonderful.

Next I added my lower legs, and watched in awe as my legs slid deeper into the body-jack. My knees became a blur with the body-jack attached to both of them, my calves completely inside. I finally added my thighs, and again watched, amazed, as they slid into the 12 inch purple cylinder. The body-jack was now nestled neatly beneath my balls, my legs completely enclosed. I felt so incredibly relaxed, and yet horny at the same time. The weight of my legs was held inside the body-jack, and I felt strangely light.

I could feel the body-jack vibrating under my family jewels, and I just couldn’t resist. I added my balls and my cock to the targets. I moaned as I watched my balls just sink into the surface of the body-jack, followed ever so slowly by my cock. Almost the entire lower half of my body was buried in the impossibly small body-jack! I came, hard, and then I blacked out.

Achievement unlocked: 5 Orgasms!
New Feature available: Body Mod Level 2, Duplicate & Delete
User activity no longer detected.
Entering regen mode…


Part 4

“Mmmm,” I moaned, sleepily. I felt soooo goood under the covers, like I had slept and had some incredible dreams. I was shaking. No, something was shaking me…. no, someone was shaking me! Yes! Why was someone shaking me? I feel too good, leave me alone! Wait, who was shaking me? And why were they shouting my name?

I moaned, I squinted, to see my best bud Mike nervously standing over me. “Whassamatter?” I asked him, smiling hazily.

“Rich, what happened to you? We need to get you to the hospital or something…” he said frantically, looking down at my lower half, which was now apparently gone, but was really inside the BodyJack. He reached out to try to pull it off of me. It seemed to glow for a moment but stayed thoroughly attached to me.

Neither of us noticed, but the remote control displayed:

“Welcome Player 2. Human species detected, setting initial configuration for player 2…
“Player 1 (Rich)—Achievement unlocked, added player 2. New Feature available: Body Mod Level 3, Merge and separate.
“Player 2 (?)—Please select your default opening: MOUTH, ANUS, VAGINA, PLAIN.”

“Huh?” I replied, I was still trying to come to grips with what was going on… I looked down, and then it dawned on me. “Dude, it’s totally fine, this thing is incredible. Watch this! BJ, exit please.”

“Exiting…” displayed on the remote control screen, which Mike was just now noticing. The purple cylinder slowly disgorged my legs and feet, while Mike looked on in awe.

“What the heck…. wow! This thing is unbelievable, what is it?” Mike replied incredulously.

I was a little embarrassed at that point. My best friend found me in the middle of jacking off, which was something we had not really ever shared together. But he was so intrigued by this that he was just wondering what it was all about.

“This is the BodyJack-9000. It’s like a Fleshlight…”

“Only a billion times better! Dude—that’s awesome! Thought you know, I’m a little sad, I guess we could have been helping each other this whole time…” he said sheepishly.

My eyes widened in surprise. I sat up, grabbed him around the legs and gave him a big hug. My face accidentally pressed into his crotch, and I couldn’t help but notice Mike was getting boned just from what he had seen. I took that as my cue, and just yanked his pants down. His cock flopped out right onto my face, and I took it into my mouth before Mike could argue.

Mike couldn’t help himself, he threw his head back and moaned. He steadied himself on my shoulders, and then finally he pulled back.

“Dude, that was amazing… you’re such an awesome friend. I feel like I owe you some too though,” and with that he pushed me down and started sucking on my now very hard cock.

I laid there, resting on my elbows, while my best friend went to town on my cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the BodyJack control screen blinking. I gently lifted Mike up off my cock, and had him sit up by me with his back against my chest. “Dude, check this out!” I said as I showed him the screen. “Call it ‘BJ’, you just talk to it!” I handed him the purple cylinder for him to examine.

“Hi BJ, my name is Mike.”

“Hi Mike, I’m BJ, the controller for the BodyJack 9000. Please select your desired default opening, MOUTH, ANUS, VAGINA, or PLAIN.”

“Anus please!” Mike replied immediately. My eyes went even wider. I’d known him all this time and yet I never knew this about him. The BodyJack’s opening turned into the shape of a beautiful star-shaped hole, and Mike was very impressed. He slid it to the top of his member, and started to lower it down. I grabbed his arms and pulled them away. He tried to stop me, but watched in awe as the BodyJack slowly engulfed his cock on its own.

Mike leaned into me as he moaned and squirmed with the pleasure the BodyJack was giving him. I began rubbing his chest, tweaking his nipples, nibbling on his neck, and generally carrying on rubbing him all over. My own cock was trapped between us, and was rather enjoying him squirming on my chest.

Needless to say, Mike was so excited it didn’t take him long to catch up to me. He popped his cork, but he clearly wasn’t done. ‘BALLS’ showed up as a new target, and I tapped the panel without telling him. The BodyJack slid slowly off his cock, and went to town on Mike’s balls. His eyes widened as it settled in his crotch and sucked both of his balls inside.

I continued to work him over from behind. I think he liked his balls getting sucked a lot more than he realized, it wasn’t long before he popped again, and watched his spunk get absorbed by the purple marvel. And yet, he was still not sated. Smiling, I tapped ‘BOTH’ on the control panel, and I watched as the BodyJack absorbed his cock.

Mike moaned again as his cock sank into the purple tube, along with his balls. Mike leaned back and pulled me into a very passionate kiss. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. This was so much fun, and so hot, watching him go through the same beginning steps I did only a few hours ago.

I wrapped myself around him, our tongues battling while he was being pleasured by the BodyJack. I kicked it up a notch, massaging him, tweaking his nipples, rubbing him all over. I felt him tense again as he approached his third climax. He moaned into my mouth as he came hard, one final time. And as quickly as he came, he left. He fell slack in my arms, unconscious.


Part 5

So, here I was, naked, on my bed, with my best friend, also naked, passed out in my lap. His family jewels buried in my new toy, after having just cum three times in a row. I never even knew he was interested before… but then again, I didn’t realize I was either. He’s my best friend, I never thought about him that way before. But he was so sexy, and so sweet, lying there in my lap.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help my rock-hard cock at all, pressed between us while he was enjoying the ministrations of the BodyJack. I wasn’t jealous, actually I was glad he got to try it out. But I was a little uncomfortable, and a lot horny. And then, I noticed the control panel blinking at me.

I had just introduced a new Player to BJ, and that new player had cum 3 times. I wonder what I missed… “BJ, what features have I unlocked?”

BJ replied, “Hi Rich. You unlocked the achievement: 5 Orgasms! You earned the new feature: Body Modification Level 2, Duplicate & Delete.
You also unlocked the achievement: added player 2.
You earned the new feature: Body Mod Level 3, Merge and separate.”

Whoa. ‘Duplicate and delete’, and ‘Merge and Separate’. I wonder if that meant what I thought it did. I figured I could experiment a little, Mike was going to be out for a while…

“BJ, double my right foot.” The BodyJack slowly removed itself from Mike’s cock and balls, and moved down to my own right foot. It changed back into a mouth, based on my personal preference, and slowly settled onto my toes, then down over my instep, and finally around my heel and ankle. It started massaging my foot as it had before, but then, I felt something warm and tingling. “Woooooooaaaahhhh!” I cried in pleasure. I felt it, two heels, two soles, two insteps, ten toes… I almost couldn’t believe it. I laid there, feeling my two right feet getting pleasured in ways I’d never felt or imagined.

My curiosity was driving me crazy. “BJ, exit, and keep the changes,” I requested. The BodyJack slid slowly over my ankle, revealing two heels, two insteps, and 10 toes. I had two right feet attached to my leg at the ankle! I wiggled my toes, and rubbed my feet together. I rubbed them up and down Michael’s hairy shin, I could feel the hair between all my toes. It was awesome. I couldn’t really do much else with my foot right then, not with Mike on my lap.

“BJ, return my foot to normal.” The BodyJack lowered itself over my right feet, and I felt a sort of tickling sensation as the second one was deleted. This was pretty cool, I thought. I wanted to try it on something else, but most of me was not accessible. Well, I might as well try the merge thing. “BJ, merge my toes on my right foot, then exit and keep the changes.” I felt a warm tingling in my toes, and then the BodyJack slid off my foot. Sure enough, it was like I had one mound of flesh at the end of my foot, with extra joints. All my toes had been merged! That was interesting by itself, but I couldn’t help but wonder…

“BJ, return my foot to normal.” And so it did. “BJ, can I pick any player’s feet or legs as targets?”

“Yes, once you have unlocked a target, and any valid players are within range, all valid players can be targeted.”

“Interesting…” I thought to myself. And here I had a willing participant right in front of me… “BJ, merge my right foot with Mike’s right foot.” The BodyJack then lifted itself off my foot, and I slid my foot right next to Mike’s. The BodyJack then slid down over both of our right feet. I felt the warm tingling sensation again, only this time it was a little different. The screen showed it was done. “BJ, exit and keep the changes.”

And lo and behold where two feet had gone in, only one came out! Mike’s skin was a bit darker than mine, and the one foot was sort of in between. His feet were also bigger than mine, and the one foot was again halfway between in size. I stared, looking at this one foot with two legs attached at the angle. I could feel it like it was mine, but it also felt foreign somehow. I wiggled the toes. Then Mike, in his sleep, wiggled them too! I lost control, and came, all over my chest and Mike’s back. Whoops…

Mike started to stir, and I thought this would be even more awkward to explain… “BJ, return our feet to normal and exit, quickly!” The BodyJack enveloped our foot, and quickly separated us back to our normal right feet. It slid off, just in time, and returned to lay on the bed next to the controller.

“Rich, achievement unlocked: 6 orgasms. New targets added: hands and arms.”

Oh. Yes.

“BJ, double my arms and hands, then exit and keep the changes.”

Dutifully, I held out my right arm, and the BodyJack slid down over it, all the way to the shoulder. I felt a warm tingling all along my entire arm and hand. It felt like I had more fingers than I was used to, and then it felt like I was holding hands… with myself. Another arm rubbed against mine, only they were both mine!

The BodyJack slid off my right arms and proceeded to work on my left. I felt the same sensation on my left side, as two left arms emerged from the amazing, incredible purple cylinder. And there I was, with four arms, and a sleeping Mike to play with… I touched him, I caressed him. I stroked his hair, and rubbed hands over his chest. The feel of him under my hands and arms was amazing.

He seemed to be enjoying it too, because at that moment, he began to wake up. I figured I’d have a little more fun with him and just stay this way until he woke up…


Part 6

Mike began moaning gently, nuzzling into my left arms, as he stirred to consciousness. He turned up to me, and gave me a gentle kiss. “Hi…” he said cautiously, smiling sheepishly.

“Hi back,” I said, nuzzling his nose a little. I too grinned sheepishly. “Mike, I… “

“I know, neither did I,” he said, responding to the unfinished sentence. We could always do that. I guess we were closer than I thought. He leaned in for another kiss. I continued stroking him in various places. I wondered how long it would take him to notice… We snuggled for a bit, and then Mike started to pay attention to what was going on.

“Dude! Four arms? That’s so hot!” He spread open even more for me to touch him with my four arms. He moaned and cooed as I stroked him with my four arms and my twenty fingers. “So what else can this thing do?” he asked excitedly.

“Well,” I began, “I just unlocked this feature to duplicate and delete. Before that I got the option to make something longer or shorter, or bigger around. And… it just gave me one called ‘merge and separate’…. I don’t know what else it can do beyond that…”

“Wow! Incredible! Hey Rich, I was wondering, you said you could merge and separate… with anyone?”

“Yep, with anyone who’s already used the BodyJack that is. And we have to be close enough for it to work.”

Mike’s eyes widened as I spoke. A big grin spread across his face, and he pulled my head down to whisper in my ear. At this point my eyes widened. I looked at Mike, “Are you sure?” He nodded and gave me a big goofy grin.

I tapped a few options on the control panel. Then Mike and I moved to face each other, our legs wrapped around each other, and our very hard members pressed close together between us. We picked up the BodyJack and placed it above our cocks. We watched eagerly as the BodyJack slowly lowered itself over both our cocks. We held each other and watched as we felt our cocks get warm and tingled inside. Slowly, the BodyJack began to lift itself off, up, and up, and up it went, revealing 1 very large, very long shaft. It kept going until it reached face-level, and then finally, 2 heads appeared at the end of our merged cock shaft.

The BodyJack lay down on the bed, and Mike and I stared, slack-jawed for a moment, at our merged, enlarged, double-headed cock. Mike reached out and gently grabbed it around the middle, then stroked up and down the length of our joined uber-cock. We both moaned as he did so. It was awesome. I leaned forward and took one of the heads in my mouth, and Mike moaned in surprise.

We looked at each other for a moment, grinning. Then we went to town on our megacock, stroking, licking, sucking, it was so amazing. And it was even better because I could share it with my best friend. Hand over hand would slide up and down the entire length. We even played the game where we each took turns wrapping a hand around it, one on top of the other, and then the bottom hand would jump to the top and slide the other hands down.

We would lick at it, suck on the heads, sometimes move in for a kiss, and then move back to sucking the heads again. Sometimes my extra arms would tweak nipples, or continue to stroke our megacock, or fondle our balls. We got our cock all covered with pre and saliva, sliding up and down its length, luxuriating in it.

I had never been so close with anyone before, and this was bringing us closer than we had ever been. Other thoughts began swarming through my head as we brought each other closer and closer to our climax. And then, I felt it… I couldn’t tell if it was me or him… that moment when you know it’s coming. And then I felt it again. I couldn’t tell if I was feeling him or me first, and somehow it didn’t matter.

And then I realized he was staring at me, and I was staring at him too. He had felt it also. It only made us want to go even faster. We stroked, we sucked, we licked, faster and faster. Hands slid up and down our awesome cock, tongues licked it all over.

We pressed our chests together, trapping our cock between it, sucking on the heads and kissing each other. We rubbed together, up and down, sliding the entire length between our abs and pecs. We leaned forward and back, rubbing our cock between our chests. We squeezed together, kissing, rubbing our pecs together, sliding our cock up and down.

Finally, we hit the tipping point. I could feel Mike’s orgasm somehow as well as my own. It was like having a double-orgasm. I could feel Mike cumming at the same time as me. I could feel his orgasm propel his cum as I could feel my own. Our cum mixed together and sprayed up and out of our cock-heads, covering us with stream after stream of cum. It slid down our chests, lubricating our cock, and painting our faces. We fell over on our sides, pressed together, our mega-cock between us, laughing, and kissing. Mike nestled in my four arms again, and we both fell asleep, happier than we had ever been.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

And on the BJ Controller screen, it showed:

“Rich, achievements unlocked: dual merged orgasm (counts as 2), 8 orgasms total. New targets added: anus and prostate.
Mike, achievements unlocked: dual merged orgasm (counts as 2), 5 orgasms total.
For 4 orgasms: Feature unlocked: targets added; feet and legs.
For 5 orgasms: New Feature available: Body Mod Level 2, Duplicate and Delete.
User activity no longer detected. Entering regen mode…”

6 parts 6,176 words Added Feb 2018 Updated 30 Mar 2018 19k views 4.9 stars (25 votes)

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