Taste the rainbow

by OneLuckyGuy89

 Luke, Josh and Matt are called to New Orleans by their old friend, Jeremy. Luke’s 21-year-old son joins them, excited to be able to drink. The bar is known for making beer with fresh fruit in it, but little do they know the side effects they’re about to experience.

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Luke Winters finished peeing and tucked his dick back in his pants. He washed his hands and looked at his reflection in the small bathroom mirror. At 38 he still couldn’t believe there were flecks of gray in his blonde beard. Smiling at his reflection, his blue eyes popped against his skin, he still looked like a stud. The captain came over the speaker, letting the passengers know they would land in a half-hour.

He was currently on a plane towards New Orleans with his friends; Josh, Matt, and his 21 year old son, Eddy. Josh was a Jamaican beast, Matt was Chinese and Eddy had black hair like his mother, but his father’s deep blue eyes. At 17 he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant and Eddy was the result. Sadly his mother passed from brain cancer at the age of 20, but her parents being well off helped the boys when they needed it.

Luke chuckled, while he noticed his dick getting hard at his own reflection. He patted his half-hard nine inch piece and left the bathroom. Sitting down next to Eddy, who removed his headphones.

“Everything come out okay, old man?” Eddy laughed, in his deep tenor.

“Very funny, Ed. Your beard’s coming in very nice, son,” Luke said.

“I want it to be thicker,” Eddy said, scratching the patchy jawline beard.

“It will with age. You excited for New Orleans?”

“I’m excited to see cute girls and that bar Jeremy told you about.”

“You jump anytime you hear the word bar,” Luke laughed.

“I’m finally 21, can you blame me?”

“Don’t let that mess up your chances at an education. You’re a smart man, you got into Brown after all.”

“I know dad, I love you,” Eddy smiled.

“Love you too, son,” Luke said and kissed the top of his head.

After they landed they met up with Josh and Matt. Josh was 6’6” with his hair pulled back in dreadlocks and a full trimmed beard. Matt was 5’9” with a skinny toned body and wore rectangular glasses.

“Longest flight ever. The seats were too small,” Josh groaned.

“Well, trying to fit your big stomach anywhere is hard,” Matt laughed.

Josh was a basketball player back in the day before his love of beer and age had made him develop a beer gut. Of course it was as solid as the rest of him.

“I’m damn proud of this sexy body,” Josh said and proudly patted his gut.

“Be honest, old timer, you want these babies,” Eddy said, pulling up his shirt to show off his abs.

“Let’s stop showing off for each other and get to the hotel, so we can meet some ladies,” Luke said.

While they took a cab to the hotel, Luke thought back to how he got here. About a month ago, Jeremy had called out of the blue. He used to be close with Matt, Josh, and Luke until he moved to Louisiana for work. Luke was surprised to get a call from him and was surprised at how much Jeremy raved about this bar. He told him all the hotties flocked to the bar and coming here would change his life. After being weirded out, he called Josh and Matt immediately making plans. Eddy jumped on as soon as he heard the word, bar.

After getting directions from the concierge, they approached the bar deep in the city. At first the four men were very confused> This was the right place, as it said Fruit Orchard. According to Jeremy they made beer with fresh fruit, giving it unique colors.

“This looks like a gay bar,” Josh said.

“Maybe there’s two Fruit Orchard bars?” Luke said.

“Nope, this is the only one in town,” said a deep voice.

A very large man with brown hair approached them. He wore sunglasses and a pink suit, which barely contained his muscles. A white beater was worn in place of a button up and looked painted on, as an abundance of chest hair peaked through. Looking down, Luke noticed the pants also looked painted and looked like a summer squash was in the middle. Trying to casually look away, the man snickered at him.

“Something funny?” Luke asked.

“Not trying to piss you off, sir. I’m a co-owner. Name’s Roy Frost. First drinks are free and if you don’t like them, you don’t have to stay,” Roy said.

“Free drinks is all I need to hear!” Eddy cheered, but was stopped by Roy.

“ID, please.”

“Of course, sorry sir,” Eddy chuckled and handed over his ID.

“Happy Birthday, my man and enjoy the Fruit Orchard,” Roy said and watched Eddy’s ass on the way in.

“I’m not letting him go in there by himself,” Luke said.

“Agreed,” Matt and Josh nodded.

The guys were surprised at how basic the bar looked inside, the menu was a little odd though. There were only six drinks on the menu and there weren’t even any common beers.

Fruit Orchard Drink Menu
Cherry Choker
Bartlet Baritone
Orange Orangutan
Bubbly Blueberry
Lemon-Lime Long
Grape Sack Ale

The bartender was a lot tinier than Roy. He was a little bleach blonde twink wearing a neon pink tanktop.

“Hey there, what can I get you?” he smiled.

“I’ll have a Bubbly Blueberry,” Eddy smiled.

“Coming up. Anything for you guys?” the bartender asked the others.

“I’ll take a Lemon-Lime Long,” Josh said.

“How about an Orange Orangutan,” Matt said.

The bartender came back with three brightly colored drinks. Luke was still suspicious.

“This is amazing and I can already feel it hitting me,” Eddy said. “High IPA?”

“Yeah, definitely,” the bartender laughed.

Eddy suddenly belched and Luke could’ve sworn he saw his son’s ass swell larger. Two more belches rang out and he looked at his friends. Suddenly a crop of curlies was popping out of Matt’s collar and Josh looked two inches taller.

“Here’s a Cherry Choker, it’s a house favorite,” the bartender said, giving it to Luke.

“Do you know Jeremy Alvarez?” Luke asked, before taking a sip.

“Yeah, you’ll see him later,” he smiled.

Luke couldn’t believe how good the beer tasted. After downing half of the glass, he belched and swore he felt his dick get longer. Quickly finishing his drink, just like the other three he was in a euphoric stupor.

“Can I get a Grape Sack Ale?” Luke asked.

The bartender slid the other three—an Orange Orangutan and two Bartlet Baritones. Eddy grabbed his orange drink and the other two grabbed the green colored ones. Handing Luke the violet drink, the man quickly downed it. Four consecutive burps and the changes began. Loudly moaning Luke felt his balls swell in his pants. Josh and Matt quickly coughed and then in significantly deeper voices moaned in lust. Looking into each other’s eyes, they quickly started making out and groping each other’s bodies.

“So itchy,” Eddy cried, scratching his butt and exposed chest.

Luke licked his lips at the dark hair exposed from his V-neck and covering his son’s chest. Eddy rubbed his face, as his beard thickened into a full thin beard on his face.

“This is hot!” Eddy cried and ripped off his shirt, showing off his hairy chest and stomach.

“You’re so hot!” Luke blurted out with an obvious boner.

“Ya think so?” Eddy smirked and pulled his father into a kiss.

“What’s up, losers?” yelled a baritone voice.

The four separated to look at the giant man in front of them. The man had to be 7’0” tall and was a super buff and hairy Latino. The only article of clothing he wore was a mesh, forest-green jock. Luke felt himself getting hot and frustrated on how tight the under was and pubes sticking out.

“Jeremy?” Matt gasped.

“What’s up, boys?” he asked, gathering the three in a bear hug, lifting them up.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Eddy moaned, his erection tenting his pants.

“And you brought the little colt,” Jeremy purred. He quickly eyed Eddy up and down. “You’re cooking just right, bud. That hair on you looks amazing,” Jeremy added, feeling his torso. “That cock needs a boost though.”

“How do I get as big as you?” Eddy panted, humping Jeremy’s leg.

Jeremy looked at his three friends worshiping each other’s bodies. Smirking evilly, he grabbed the kid’s hand. “Follow me and I’ll fuck you in your soon to be, big, hairy ass,” he said and pulled Eddy along.

They went through a black door in the back of the bar and Eddy was shocked at the scene inside. It was a dance floor full of men just like Jeremy, all dancing naked or fucking each other. He was pulled up to the bar and the bartender smiled. Sporting spiked up pink hair, a thin beard and covered in body hair. He wore a glow stick necklace, bracelets and a neon pink Speedo, filled to bursting.

“Keegan, give me a rainbow shot. This boy wants to become a man,” Jeremy said.

“You got it papi. Will I be allowed a taste?” Keegan asked, in his own baritone.

“With how horny a rainbow gets a man, we’ll all get a taste,” Jeremy laughed.

Jeremy told Eddy to kick off his shoes and the boy nodded. Then he took off his jeans and V-neck. He stood there in the buff with a steel hard erection. Jeremy licked his lips imagining the boy’s sparse hair thickening and multiplying, growing taller, muscular and his dick swelling to a monster.

“Bottoms up, little man. We’re eager for you to join the club,” Jeremy said and Keegan nodded.

Eddy grinned lustfully and quickly downed the shot. Quickly letting out a loud moan, he started rubbing himself and the process began. Eddy’s cock quickly softened, so it could quickly begin growing to 6, 8 and stopping at 10 inches soft. The turgid member began to fill with blood, as his hairy sack swelled like a water balloon. The nuts stopped at the size of grapefruits, visibly sloshing cum inside. The sound of cracking bones echoed in the room as Eddy shot up from 5’11” to 7’0” in mere seconds. Starting at the calves, muscles started swelling and hair thickened and spread. Pubic bush grew out to connect to his thigh hair and multiple eyes were on his thickening, hairy ass. Flexing his thickening biceps peaking at 25 inches and his armpit bushes grew thicker. As his chest swelled to the size of dinner plates, he tweaked his thicker nipples and the chest hair spread to cover up to his throat. Precum began leaking from the bulbous head and his moans dropped to baritone levels, as his neck thickened and his Adam’s Apple swelled. Finally the thin beard on his face thickened and grew down to his throat.

“I’m as big as you guys and my voice is so sexy!” Eddy cried, his deep voice rumbling in his throat.

“Yes, and now you can take big cocks like this one,” Jeremy said, ripping off his Speedo.

The thick sausage was already leaking and after gripping Eddy’s hips, he shoved himself in roughly, taking the boys cherry.

“Fuck, so good, fuck me harder papi!” Eddy cried, his tongue hanging out.

“Open wide, Mr. Man,” Keegan ordered, his cock dripping in Eddy’s face.

The young man hungrily devoured it and began sucking like a champ.

“Hang onto that new chest fur, young colt. You’re going for a ride,” Jeremy growled, gripping his hairy cheeks.

Eddy tried a retort, but his mouth was full. Jeremy quickly jackhammered into Eddy’s prostate, causing the younger man to see stars and cum all over the floor for five minutes. Every shot was like a zap of ecstasy through his whole body. Keegan, stimulated from Eddy’s moans, quickly shot his thick jizz into Eddy’s gut. Other men in the room approached the trio and an orgy began.

About half an hour later, the black door was slammed open. Luke, Matt and Josh ran into the room. Luke looked around frantically and suddenly yelled.

“Eddy Winters where are you?”

A dark haired, hairy stud poked out his head. The thick beard on his face was dripping in jizz and he smiled at Luke.

“Give me a sec dad, I’m so close. So close, fuck, fuck, fuck yesss!” Eddy bellowed in his baritone.

“I enjoyed your sweet ass!” Eddy cried, smacking the rando’s ass he had been fucking.

The large man, claiming to be his son, strode over. Large sweaty muscles were splattered with hot cum and the still glistening dick swung with its obvious heft. This mountain of a man with a magical voice was his son? Suddenly he looked into the blue eyes and he was sure. Now with new information he couldn’t believe this specimen of perfection was his little boy. From the large, hairy chest, to the thirteen inch, thick cock, Eddy was a god amongst men.

“Son, you’re gorgeous—and that voice!” Luke drooled.

“I know right? Tingles you in all the right places. Now you ready to join the party?” Eddy asked, his deep voice tickling his father’s libido and his large dripping cock, enticing him.

“You know it!” Luke smiled.

“Three more shots for my friends!” Jeremy cried.

A couple hours later, the orgy had ended and Josh finished fucking Matt’s ass. As the Jamaican unloaded in the Asian’s hairy ass, he collapsed on him and they fell asleep. Father and son laid next to each other, panting and covered from head to toe in cum. Eddy rubbed his hand in his father’s sticky chest hair and quickly kissed him.

“I want to fuck you again,” Eddy smiled.

“In a little bit, I need to rest. I’m so happy we listened to Jeremy, though.”

“For sure. This is going to be the hottest vacation ever,” Eddy smiled and the two began making out.


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