Side effects 2000

by Braun1 and Z

 Mike and Jan begin an odyssey of muscle, growth, transformation, sex, and love.

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This is the later revised version of this story. The original version, Side Effects, is also posted separately on the site.


Mike looked at the hand offered for a handshake. He wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. A doctorate in physics and four years experience as a fellow researcher at the institute, was experience enough to give Mike ample experience at showing authority regardless of his comparably young age, but the hand belonged to Mike's fantasy.

Finally he shook hands.

“Dr. Michael Wessel, I believe? I'm Jan Ward, glad to meet you”

His handshake was firm, actually, more than firm as Mike ended up squeezing pretty hard himself, noticing how the muscle in the man's forearm showed through the skin like braided cable. Now he finally knew the name of this man who he admired from afar for the last 6 months or so. He had looked at him more times than he would ever be able to count, but right now it was strangely difficult to look.

Especially at his face. Mike concentrated and managed to look him directly in the eyes. He was about to reply that the pleasure was all his, which he considered to be very true, but decided not to, for fear he'd start pursing his lips if he had to say more than three words.

“Call me Mike” he said, filling the three word quota, and broke the handshake. In a second he would have started to sweat at the sight before him.

“That was Jan with a J, not an I or a Y, I'm afraid my parents were not very good at English spelling” Jan said, smiling. As if everything else about him, his smile was just perfect. Mike found it difficult not to stare because there was certainly reason to do so.

The man in front of him could really be described by one single word—perfect. He was wearing a lab coat, although in Mike's lab there wasn't really reason to, and he in fact didn't insist on that particular part of protocol. It was large, but still stretched in subtle, but to a trained eye, quite revealing ways over a body fit for a god. Mike knew this body from almost any angle one would care to name, and the man could just as well be naked—either didn't help Mike keep all the concentration he could muster not to get a hardon right on the spot. He kept looking at the man's face, which actually didn't help a lot—it was a face out of so many of Mike's dreams.

Black hair, tan skin, brown, almost black eyes you could get lost in, square jaw and full lips, and a deep voice which made Mike's spine tingle. Underneath the lab coat was a body which was a perfect cross between the brawn of a bodybuilder and the streamlined grace of a marathon swimmer—he had it all, plus a naturally dark complexion, and the, there just isn't another word—perfect, amount and pattern of body hair. This was the male epitome, the original blueprint, the long lost mold men should have been cast from. Mike was starting to feel hot and he knew what that meant. He had to excuse himself. “Mr. Ward…”

“Oh, please—Jan”

“…Jan… I was just on my way to the records room, I'll brief you when I get back, it'll only be about 15 minutes”

Yeah, right. Records room. I could have come up with something better, Mike though.

“OK, I'm not going anywhere” Jan said, more or less to Mike's back.

When he finally got a position of assistant with the research team, Jan was expecting to find a stereotype old, bald and bespectacled man in a shaggy labcoat to be his 'boss'. The name on the paper didn't tell him anything at all, and when he got to the lab building, the lady at the desk kept leading him through the corridors, passing all sorts of men and women who could really be described as the 'nutty professor' type, but soon the supply ran out and he was wondering what kind of a man this Dr. Wessell would turn out to be.

Once he found out, when the lady pointed him out, his heart almost stopped. That definitely was NOT the nutty professor type. In fact, Jan knew this man, and that was an understatement.

At first glance, Jan could have passed as the classic example of a university jock, and in fact he liked to slip into that role quite often. Before it was to find a partner for the night, but he hadn't done so in years. After all, all of us grow up some day, he thought, not without bitterness about some of his past. And growing up was something which could apply in more than one sense about Jan. He was tall, almost 6’5” and had no trouble maintaining an extremely fit body, over 260# all muscle and sinew. Jan knew well what nature had given him, but he was very casual about it—for him it was just the way he was. He knew he was a magnet for both women and men, but it was only the men that interested him. His dilemmas about that were far in his past and being gay was again just the way he was. He wasn't out to the world—after all society in general had quite different ideas about being gay than Jan did—and to defend himself from unwanted attention he'd built this shield around him, of a dedicated and very private man—for those that knew him. To all the others, he might have seemed a jock, and that stereotype did have it's advantages. As far as Jan was concerned, what he did with his life and especially with his dick was frankly no-one's concern but his own.

After dealing with the initial shock of recognizing who Dr. Wessell was, he decided to just do a formal introduction and play it by ear.

As he got over that initial and very firm handshake, he was actually relieved that Dr. Wessell… Mike, as he said to call him, excused himself, before he had a chance to go into more blunders than he was already into—explaining how his name was spelled to a man who had to know all his credentials anyway. Certainly that included the spelling of his name! Even if Dr… Mike was a complete stranger, that casual outfit didn't fool Jan at all. Mike was definitely not your typical experimental physicist.

He had first met this man, what, almost half a year ago? Actually, Jan thought, more like 5 months. Not formally, no—an encounter in the gym shower could be called anything but formal. Jan was a regular to a place called 'John's', a gym not far from the institute grounds, and so was Mike. He had just started showering, when he noticed a man in the opposite stall, back turned to him. He was lathering himself slowly. He was shorter than Jan, but still something like 6' with a light but strong and muscular build, with broad shoulders, a small waist, nice legs and a butt which Jan found irresistible. His hair, which would be a very light brown, almost blond, when dry, was now wet, darker, and plastered to his head. Looking at him, Jan felt the juices stir as they only rarely did, and then realized why the man's movements looked odd when his huge erection escaped his hold. He must have been holding it with one hand as he used the other to lather himself up, and it obviously slipped, making it's head peek right over his hip. Jan got hard as stone in seconds, imagining the size of that equipment. Although he was respectably endowed, he liked them big, and what he saw could have been a measuring stick for that category. He had to turn around lest someone would enter and see him in this aroused state, washing himself quickly, wishing his member would go down. It took turning the water from cold to freezing to get him to a point where his erection subsided enough, so that wrapping his towel around his hips wouldn't make a blatant bulge. Turning around again, he was sorry to see the man was gone.

Jan soon found out the front side was as attractive to him as the back was, although he always thought the guy was deliberately cutting himself down in that department, always wearing a loose fitting sweatsuit, and glasses. Those didn't fool Jan a second as he could clearly see the lenses were about as good at magnifying as ordinary window glass. Jan was much more liberal in his gym attire, but that wasn't always so. Remembering his own past reminded him of this guy, who he now knew as Mike. Every once in a while, as Mike did his routine, the suit would reveal a strong set of arms and pecs which Jan wouldn't fail to notice. In fact, Jan was sure they had spotted each other a few times, and he was also aware he caught himself almost showing off when Mike was near on more than one occasion, which was quite out of character. In fact, now that he thought of it, he was sure he got Mike's attention on more than one of those occasions but it was always a fleeting glance, nothing more. Funny, Jan thought, he himself had been approached by men countless times, but always managed to play it cool and get rid of the attention if it didn't suit him, but if Mike did something like this… He stopped that thought. It was all just wishful thinking, anyway.

Mike was really pissed off at himself as he entered the men's room right outside the lab. How could he have lost control like that—he thought he'd gotten over this kind of reaction by the time he was 18—he could feel the hard knob of his member still extending slowly down his left pant leg, and no amount of concentration could stop it.

He let his pants down and watched as his cock get completely rigid in a second or so, and with Mike, that could hardly have passed without being noticed.

Mike would always describe himself to others as being 'slightly larger than average', that is, if anyone could get him to talk about his endowement in the first place. That would have been entirely in character. Mike was the kind of guy that would answer the phone and say it was getting slightly warm if his house was on fire. He was considerably better hung than a bit over the average, about double, actually, but in a way which had made more than a few people surprised during Mike's life. He had this incredible growing capacity—while flaccid, his cock was really almost shriveled, something like 4 and a half inches long, which anyone would deem respectable but that would barely show it's true potential. Given proper stimulation it would extend immensely, telescoping out until it grew almost three times in length. Mike was over the measuring bit by the time he was 19, and had measured himself at well over 11 inches once. He had no idea how big he was now, but this man Jan was making him break records. Mike's mind combined the real Jan with the memories of Jan, and that made his cock inflate until Mike thought it would burst. It became immense. He had so many hardons over this guy and he invariably remembered them for attaining record size, and hardness which hurt. Looking down at his raging flesh he was sure it was bigger than he had ever seen it. There was only one way to get it down, as he had by now proven unconditionally. He started jacking it off, his mind feeding him his favorite Jan memories, and this godlike figure which ended up being his assistant provided for plenty of that, assuring a quick release. One memory that would always bring him over the top was remembering the first time he saw Jan…

He was just at the end of his usual routine at 'John's' and was resting before his final set of leg extensions, when he noticed genetic perfection incarnate—and he was just getting ready to start on the lat machine. His skintight outfit didn't hide a bit of the marvelous physique. The guy was huge, but no-one could ever say 'bulk' about him at all. Those arms must have easily been 19” or maybe even 20” around, but the rest of him was so well proportioned, he looked more like a human version of some predator cat, honed and streamlined to absolute perfection. In order to get his mind to something else instead of ogling, Mike started doing his final set but the problem with extensions is that you can look around, and Mike's eyes just automatically drifted to this black-haired god there, who was just starting to pull the bar down, and as he did, incredible corded bulges sprung over his arms and back, moments before his lats jumped out straining to lift the load. By the third pull, Mike had to hastily abort what he was doing and remove himself to the locker room. Once he got there, almost bending over to hide the rising pole of his erection in his last steps, he stripped in record time thanking any gods there were that the locker room was empty, and got under the shower. He set the water to freezing, in hopes it would get his cock down, but it had the exact opposite effect. He was in the furthest stall in the corner, well shielded from anyone who would enter. To his delight, the only other person in the showers left seconds after he got in, not taking any notice of Mike at all. Anyway, there was no point in inviting hypothermia, as it obviously didn't help, so he set the water to a comfortable temperature, and looked down. His cock had attained painful hardness which with Mike also meant record size, so it was sticking up right over his abs, reaching over his navel. He wrapped his hand around it.

It took only six strokes, and remembering those huge perfect pecs with just the right amount of hair, and that face, and that back, the muscles playing under the skin… in what seemed like seconds the wall was sprayed with so much cum Mike was awestruck, once he got over the earth-shattering orgasm the likes of which he hadn't had in years, if ever. It was a wonder he was still standing.

As Mike regained his senses, the wall of the shower stall in the gym dissolved into the wall of the stall in the men's room in the institute. It was dripping with his cum, and so was Mike's hand.

'Shit' he thought, trying to scrape down his own juices using a handful of toilette paper. Still, after what must have been hundreds of times it was as intense as an orgasm could get. He cleaned himself as best he could, and straightened out his clothes. He waited a bit until his flushed face assumed it's normal color, and went back to his lab—with time to spare.

On his way, Mike inwardly cursed his closeted nature and almost complete lack of experience, thinking that if that wasn't this way he could have sorted out whether or not he had any chance with this god who called himself Jan so unassumingly. Mike had to admit that the last year's down phase he had was in a large part over simply because seeing Jan gave him absolute certainty his Mr. Right actually existed on this planet. The only problem was that he probably had a Mrs.

Ward. Mike knew himself quite well and he knew his life and lack of experience was that way because he was an all-or-nothing guy in more than one sense. It had to be the right guy, or it just wouldn't work.

And although he had an occasional regret about being this way, needing both the 'right' and the 'guy' have long been part of what he was. It didn't make things easy. The fact that he did work in a research lab gave him a good front to put up to the rest of society—being tied to work came with the turf.

At first, things between Jan and Mike were purely business. Jan was way past the time of his life when he would get involved with a guy just because he felt 'the tingle' down there. Mike, on the other hand, simply badged Jan as unnatainable in his mind—hos favorite rationalisation about this was that it prevented him getting ideas.

Funny enough, they had actually gotten to talk about the gym the very first day in the lab, simply because now there was no way to get around the fact they have met before.

As they kept spending more and more time together, with Jan getting acquainted with the project, both had gotten a habit of staying quite a bit past the normal working hours. The work was very interesting, although somewhat undervalued by other members of the institute. They both ended up excusing each other for ending the day earlier than usual because of something they had to do.

As it turned out, Mike's car wouldn't start, and the 'thing to do'

turned out to be a gym session, so they ended up in Jan's car on the way to the gym. The next time they talked about the gym was at the end of that very session, to figure out a workout schedule. Both of them had some trouble, which they kept well hidden, as they spotted each other in the gym that evening.

Ever since that day they started becoming more and more training partners. It started as an accident and as weeks went by, went through several steps of 'convenient' on it's way to friendship. In about a month they felt comfortable enough with each other, so much so Jan felt they were friends for years, which in a sense they almost were. Jan had discovered that Mike was anything but a 'boss'

character, and this became their internal joke. In fact, Mike was such a quiet and unassuming guy, with incredible drive and internal fire which Jan got only glimpses of, but recognised immediately. They were actually research partners almost from the very start. Mike himself told Jan he was much too young to be an authority and when he asked for an assistant, he really meant partner, but the institute wouldn't allow him one. By the end of Jan's eight week at the lab, they had discussed almost everything from daily chores to world politics and back to physics, save for one thing, and that was women, for which, unbeknownst to each other, they were actually grateful.

Jan really looked forward to today's workout because he really needed it, the week was more than hectic. First, about a month ago, their fairly theoretical research suddenly became quite practical. A week after that, they started kidding they were well on the way to the Nobel prize, but there was a ring of truth to it that frightened everyone involved. After all, you are not supposed to get the prize before you had gray hair (or no hair at all), and certainly not for something you discovered by a serendipitous accident.

Mike had gone back to some papers he co-authored with his mentor, and found out that although this man had tragically deceased, some of his previous research had been published posthumously in the mean time.

This lead to a breakthrough: for the first time they managed to fool the mass/energy conservation law. Actually, more like bend it—It states that mass and energy cannot be destroyed or created from thin air, just be converted from one to another and back. The law says nothing about time, though—so the result of Mike's and Jan's research, a complex machine that in itself was a breakthrough, and very much the crowning achievement of both Mike's and previously his mentors tragically extinguished life, alowed energy to be 'borrowed'.

As long as you returned it back 'at some later time' the law was satisfied. It was quite spectacular, watching discharges which seemingly came out of nowhere. Well, after the experiments the whole room got a bit colder as the energy of the discharges got 'returned', but it didn't matter—they were definitely on the way up and felt like they were discovering the Holly Grail.

As the end of the day was nearing, Mike had just finished the final series of discharges when Jan heared him calling, yelling something about noticing something really strange. Jan opened the glass door to the room with the inflation field machine.

“Look at this—have they become predictable, or am I just imagining things?”

Jan got over to the thick glass of the discharge chamber. Six sets of electrodes were imprisoned there under high vacuum. Mike started the machine again. It took some time for the accelerators to do their work and alow an energy concentration big enough to bend the laws of the universe, even if only in a microscopic space and for a very small length of time.

“Now watch carefully—it's almost as if they discharge across the set I want them to—look, one, one, three, two”. Jan watched in amazement as a discharge occurred where Mike predicted a fraction of a second after he said it.

“Now three, four…” Mike started, and Jan cut in, saying “Five”

while Mike said, “One”. The discharge split in a very curious way over two sets of electrodes—one and five! They both looked at each other and they almost felt the temperature in the room drop a few degrees, but not because of the machine—because this was downright frightening. They stood like that for seconds.

“OH… MY… GOD.” said Mike.

“No, no, no. This can't be happening. Here let me try” Jan said, and restarted the machine. They both waited the requisite time interval, very aware of the hair on their necks standing straight up.

“OK, here we go—one, one, one, one, Jesus they seem to be listening to me!” he almost shouted. “OK, OK—what if we do one, two…

seven?” and then, there was a sound like someone plucked a string the size of Golden Gate bridge, the lights dimmed, and the temperature fell something like ten degrees, and then it was dark, but not before the almost obligatory noise of burning electric equipment. And then there was nothing, for a while.

When Mike opened his eyes, he found he was looking at the ceiling.

This was really strange because he was sure the last time they were open he was looking at Jan. Then he realized he was laying on the floor. He sat up, and noticed Jan slumped by the door, his back on the wall.

“Oh shit” he uttered, but just then Jan opened his eyes. He looked at Mike with a stare you could just see saying “why am I looking at the world from below all of a sudden?”.

“What the hell happened?!” he asked, looking at Mike. He stood up, wrapping his hands around himself. “And why is it so cold?”

“I have absolutely, and I mean it, no idea at all” Mike said, looking at his watch. “Damn, my watch stopped.” The machine was obviously quite dead, probably a fuse blown somewhere. Mike rushed out the door to look at the data logging equipment, but soon found out it was also very dead.

“Oh, bloody shit, the power seems to have gone out, there are no logs at all. How the hell am I supposed to know what happened here?” he went over to the control console, noticing the smell of burned electronics. Now he was really beginning to get angry!

“Damn, damn, fucking damn!” he said, suddenly realizing Jan would probably be very surprised to hear him use such language. “This piece of shit is fried to a crisp”. He turned around and yelled a 'you sure you're OK?' to Jan, who answered he was.

A few seconds later, it became obvious that there was nothing they could do with the machine. Several key parts had literally fused together, and others, including most of the inflation field chamber, were missing entirely. The measures provided to contain the dangerous field had proven effective, but in essence, the machine was destroyed. It would take months to have it rebuilt, that is, IF the powers that be granted the money. Mike was obviously pissed, and so was Jan. The future suddenly became uncertain.

Finally, with an uncanny way of making sense which Mike had gotten to know as one of Jans principal characteristics, Jan simply said: “Mike, I think we need a workout”.

Jan once again contemplated how things just seemed to go from bad to worse. The building security came, then more people. There were procedures for this sort of thing. For a time, things were out of Mike's and Jan's hands. Both men had lifted for years and knew that the ego stayed out of the gym. A workout would do them good. Mike's car wouldn't start again, no surprise, really. Of course, Jan was more than happy to give him a lift. Truth be said, Jan had loads of occasions to be near Mike, especially in the gym. For the moment, this made Jan think much more pleasant thoughts, which was highly welcome.

Mike was a real turn-on. It was a real inspiration for Jan to go on pumping the weights which made Mike look at him with a look which Jan could almost call devouring, if it wasn't so strange. It would last only a second, and then he would avert his eyes. It almost looked as if he wanted to look and didn't want to look at the same time. Jan himself was much more adventurous and sometimes he would help Mike out in an exercise more than just spotting: touching, holding him or pushing him, which gave him opportunity to have real contact with the object of his desire. And this desire grew—it wasn't merely sexual.

He actually liked Mike as a person and friend, and that only made the desire stronger. In fact he had done some of that touching some minutes ago while Mike was finishing his last set of curls.

“Come on, quit fooling around” he heard Mike say. Jan's internal retrospective ended up being burst like a bubble. There was one last set of curls to do, and Mike was ready to give him the added pull to finish the last few reps. He started, and got on fine looking at himself in the mirror, when he noticed Mike looking at him too, practically staring at him, and he felt himself getting hard. Mike noticed that as well, because the pants he was wearing hid nothing in this position. He went on as best he could finishing the set, Mike forcing the last few reps. He saw there was no-one near and decided to rise up which would show his equipment quite blatantly. As he turned, he saw Mike quickly adjusting his sweatpants. He didn't think much of that as Mike always had these sweatpants which seemed two sizes too large, but then he noticed a lump on the pantleg that was slowly twitching. At that point he knew noting would have gotten him to go soft, but it was obvious he was not the only one with that problem. He never the less decided to play it safe, and uttered one of his favorite 'neutral' explanations. He couldn't resist adding a little twist, though.

“God, look at me, I really should get a life—and there aren't even any chicks around—so it must be you”. They both laughed. “Well, at least someone thinks I'm attractive”, Mike replied, and they both laughed out loud, but as they winded down, both ended up looking at each others crotch, and Jan noticed Mike was actually in a far more troubled predicament as his pants were beginning to tend out, and for the first time Jan got the inkling of the real size of Mike's equipment, and blurted out “You don't give yourself enough credit” realizing too late that this could hardly be 'neutral'. He suddenly felt a pang of fear, he may just have made one hell of a stupid mistake. He tried laughing, and so did Mike. It was a quite hollow laugh and ended in seconds when their eyes met.

Mike wouldn't have given up his training with Jan for anything in this world or the next, but even rolling a steam roller over him wouldn't make him admit that to anyone, especially not to Jan. He was Mr. Right, and if he couldn't have him, at least he wanted to admire him from near instead of far.

Getting to know Jan as a person only made Mike more determined. Jan was all Mike would have liked him to be, and those jock vibes he emitted from time to time to the general public, somehow were never aimed towards him, and even if they were, they wouldn't have fooled him for a second. Jan had a rare easy-going nature, and was very open, and passionate, even openly emotional. Mike knew he was actually in love up to his ears but even ten steam rollers passing over his most tender parts wouldn't make him admit that—not even to him self, really.

He loved to be near Jan but he tried hard not to show it, for fear Jan would sense the sexual side of it. There were times he thought he went over that thin line and gave off his true feelings, but luckily it seemed that Jan didn't notice. Or maybe he didn't mind?

This was again one of those times. Jan was just doing his last set of biceps curls, and as far as Mike was concerned, Jan doing curls was was not something to be missed. In Mike's opinion, Jan had the most beautifully shaped biceps on this planet (and Mike's subjective opinion was very close to the truth in this case), and when those biceps did curls, they would pump up magnificently. Seeing that would give the inkling of the true size of this Adonis before him, because those pipes of his would bunch up into shapely balls of rock hard flesh, peaking hugely. As Mike watched them do that he could barely contain himself imagining how they would grow even bigger in time, and he found himself wishing he could feel them, kiss them, lick them all over. Up and down, up and down… hard balls to hard bars of flesh with a split in-between, back to hard balls. They were so pumped up now, they looked larger than ever. He shifted his stare a bit to look at the rest of this muscle god in the mirror, and almost froze when he saw the bulge in Jan's pants. He felt that telltale hot feeling in his ears and he knew there was no stopping the hardon he was going to have in seconds, and there was no way to get away, Jan was just at that sticking point. He helped him out, thanking fate he was bent down, but just then Jan was finished. Mike just had to adjust his pants or his problem will become very obvious before he thought up an excuse to get away. But Jan just stood up, that bulge very prominent in those painted-on pants of his and said this thing which should have spelled 'red alert' to Mike, but instead it made him even hotter. He quickly tried to get out of his predicament by uttering some sort of reply, but then he felt his cock was almost at that point of hardness which only Jan could bring about. It was too late, Jan was looking right at it. And then he said the thing Mike expected the least, and started laughing. Mike laughed as well, but the laugh got stuck in his throat as their eyes met. And so did Jan's.

“I'm sorry…” they both said at the same time, which made Mike loose words for a few seconds. Then came the moment of truth. He heard Jan ask him quietly: “Mike… are you gay?”

He felt he was going to cry. He had spent his whole life getting prepared for this question and he always thought he'd be the one asking it, or at least he'd see it coming. Everything in him tried to say 'no' but instead he heard himself say a quiet “Yes”. Then, he heard the last thing he thought he would.

“Oh fuck. Your place or mine?”

Jan cursed himself inwardly all the way to his flat for not seeing it before. If you would have asked Jan to name one person in this world, right now, which he could make love to, as opposed to merely have sex with, it was Mike. Somehow he just knew it was a shared feeling. But, right now, it was like they were trying to make up for lost time, as Jan was driving, his right hand was slowly going up and down, squeezing the huge bulge that extended from Mike's crotch up his belly, while Mike had his arm around Jan's right arm and roamed over every part of Jan's body he could reach. They were both moaning silently. Every two minutes their hands would meet, and they would hold each other for encouragement—not that much of it was really needed. Jan could barely contain the urge to rip Mike's sweatpants down when they stopped at a traffic light and plunge that huge pole right down his throat, for better or worse. It was a good thing his place was so near to the gym.

They were both still in gym clothes and sweaty, no time to waste changing or showering. It took some maneuvering to get Mike, with his raging hardon adjusted so it was up his belly (and still very visible), out of the gym and into the car. Jan didn't care what anyone saw, and in fact there was a lot to see, trying as they could to hide it. They were like two animals in heat, shoving and pushing each other saying 'hurry up' but you couldn't mistake what they were up to, both sporting hardons, Mike holding Jan's arm, and Jan pushing Mike forward, his hand on Mike's butt. They must have been so hot you could have spontaneously combusted anything by bringing it within a yard of them.

When they finally got to Jan's place, it was a mad rush. They left everything in the car, Jan practically carried Mike. He had the keys out in record time, and when they pushed each other through the doorway, the first thing Jan did was strip off his shirt, which made Mike moan out loud and reach out to his pecs. Jan closed the door hitting it with his leg and practically propped Mike to the wall. As the door latched shut he was already on his knees, and pulled down Mike's pants with such force you could hear seams ripping. He pulled Mike's cock, which looked even bigger than a minute ago, bending it down, pursed his lips and attacked the head. He thought he would dislocate his jaw as he impaled his head on the hard knob, determined to devour every last fraction of an inch of that cock. He felt Mike getting busy on his traps, and his shoulders, his neck. He felt his hardon painfully straining against the lycra pants and he reached down and just tore the front open, his cock hitting his abs with a loud 'thwack'. He felt Mike's hands stroking every inch of his arms he could reach, touching the muscles as they flexed, straining against the fabric of Mike's clothing. Some conscious part of his mind was amazed at this sudden reversion to complete sexual lust.

Another part of Jan's mind knew exactly what Mike needed, and brought his arms up. As he continued pushing and pulling on Mike's shaft, he felt his own member poking into his abs, he flexed his arms, squeezing like he never did before, skin stretching so tight he thought his biceps would pop out of it.

Mike felt Jan's biceps bulge and shake under his hands. He closed his eyes and could still see them getting bigger and harder. Jan's mouth was living fire on his cock. In a few seconds it was more than he could take, he felt his cock hurt him with it's hardness, and he distinctly felt his balls swell as hard as those fantastic muscle peaks he held in his hands, and he came. It felt like his whole body ejaculated. He writhed and pushed despite himself, and he must have shouted, feeling like every convulsion passed a bullet through his shaft. He heard Jan moaning and then a sound like he was gagging.

When he came to, he almost freaked out to see Jan's mouth only an inch from his pubic hair, cum streaming from the corners of his lips, one arm still flexed. The other was around Mike's hips, pushing his cock deeper into Jan's mouth. The impression only had a fraction of a second to sink in because he could see Jan shudder, and he heard Jan's cum splash over his belly. After several convulsions, Jan sighed, and slowly pulled his mouth off Mike's tool, at the end using both hands to hold the shaft. Mike was genuinely surprised that his own cock still kept coming and that Mike managed to put all of that down his throat, in fact he gasped in surprise when the head of his cock finally came out, partly because of the size of his own manpole, and partly because Jan took the time to lick it all over. He then looked up at Mike's face.

“Boy, that was a good start” he said.

As if it was a signal of some sort, they both started stripping each other of their clothes, touching, stroking and kissing until each piece of garment, or at least what was left of it, was off, and they were both naked. All the way they kept inching towards the bedroom, and finally, Jan ended up pulling Mike along, and all of a sudden, there was a jar of lube in his hands, and Mike felt a generous amount applied on his cock. All of this had such dream-like quality, but it was the dream Mike had always wanted to dream.

Jan wanted to have that magnificent piece of manhood up in him, although he never had one even nearly as large in his life. It didn't matter.

“I want you to plow my ass with your cock” he said.

“Jan…Jan, I've never topped before” Mike said, looking straight into his eyes.

“Mike I want you to stroke me, squeeze every muscle I've got, and I want you to bust my ass if that's what it takes. Just push hard, and don't stop until you feel your balls on my ass” Jan said, and lay back on the bed, holding Mike around his hips. He started caressing his thighs and his waist, and then he took Mike's huge member which was only a fraction softer. Mike took over, holding the head, found Jan's hole, already lubed. Jan felt the blunt head about to enter, like a hot billiard ball. Mike pushed, and Jan could feel his hole being stretched slowly. More than anything he wanted to have Mike in him. Suddenly, with a jolt of pain, he felt the head in. He helped Mike push by squeezing him in with his legs. Mike had one hand around the shaft of his cock, and the other went up and down Jan's abs, feeling the line of soft black fur running up from his crotch to his pecs. The tenderness of the touch made Jan so hot he thought he would melt.

“Mike fuck me, fuck me hard, I want to feel you fill me, grow in me…” he winced. Then he felt Mike's shaft rub his balls from underneath, as it entered, and instead of pain, there was pure ecstasy. Suddenly he felt Mike's balls on his ass, and saw Mike letting himself down on his chest. A second later, they were stroking, squeezing, kissing and licking each other, Mike humping hard, pushing and pulling, almost violent. It lasted who knows how long, but Jan felt filled up as never before. Soon Mikes thrusts became harder as he rammed him to the hilt. Jan had his hand on his own cock, which was hard as never before and completely rigid and unbendable. Every time Mike would thrust, Jan's cock would end up in Mike's abs. He heard Mike moan louder. He felt Mike's member filling him even more as it swelled before it would shoot, and he only wanted it to swell more. Mike sighed, and then winced, and Jan felt his insides being flooded by load after load of hot man juice, and he felt his own balls cramp. The orgasm lasted and lasted, they both shook like being electrocuted.

Mike felt Jan turning to his side. His cock was still buried deep in Jan's ass, and the afterglow was incredible. Jan maneuvered him around, and slowly pulled himself off of his cock. He felt a hot, sticky wetness as cum flowed out of Jan's ass. Jan gave him a kiss before he finally moved away and stood up. Mike's gaze followed him to the bathroom, enjoying the sexy ways Jan's big muscles played under his skin, the taper of his wide back into his narrow waist, and the way he walked, favoring his ass which must have been sore as hell from the fuck. A minute later, he heard the toilet flush, and stood up to join Jan. He needed a shower badly, and he wanted to have it with his Mr. Right.

Just as he got to the bathroom door, Jan turned towards him. He smiled. Mike thought he'd jump out of his skin he got so hot instantly. He put his hands on Jan's pecs, feeling their bulk, and Jan embraced him. Then, they kissed, it was just like they rehearsed that moment, their lips just found one another, and as it went on and on, Jan's hands ended up on Mike's butt and Mike's hands on Jan's arms. Mike felt his cock getting hard again.

“Ooops” Jan said, as Mike's cockhead ended up between his legs, pushing. They both laughed and broke the embrace.

“Maybe we should take a day off tomorrow” Mike said, chuckling.

Somehow he wasn't at all embarrassed, and only an hour ago, he would be very much so in this condition.

“Fine by me… But, right now there's something I just got to do…”

Jan said, and suddenly there was a tape measure in his hand.

“Oh, fuck, of all things…” Mike started, feeling a pang of disappointment for being reduced to his cock, but it only brought another pang because he knew Jan wouldn't do that.

“Come on, Mike, gimme a break, I'm a physicist, we got this thing about measuring” Jan said, smiling his devastating smile again. Mike looked at him. He looked bigger than ever, and the situation gave him some ideas. He stroked Jan's pecs a little, teasing.

“OK, but I'm a physicist too, so we trade one for one. You get my 'cock constant' and I get… well, whatever I want to measure” he said.

“Deal” Jan replied, then kneeled in front of Mike, whose cock was now stone hard and sticking up. He used the tape with great skill, but Mike didn't even look, he was busy getting off the fact that a huge muscle packed god was doing what he was, and even more, getting off on some measuring he was going to do in the immediate future. He knew Jan was getting his money's worth because he could feel himself getting painfully hard again. He knew when it was his turn hearing a muffled “Wow” come from Jan. He opened his eyes. Jan stood up.

“My turn now” Mike said. Jan looked at him. Mike's eyes went down to his arm. Jan did his best to flex his biceps until Mike thought even he could see it starting to cramp. Now it was his turn for that 'wow'

but then he went from measuring to licking.

“Hey, hey, no cheating, you are influencing the results!” Jan said, letting his arm down, but only to bring both his hands behind Mike.

They kissed again. Mike felt Jan nibble his ear.

“So… satisfied with the results?” he asked.

“Oh yes. You should be written up in the record book—almost 15 inches… phew! You?”

“Are you sure you used that tape right? 15 inches—you make me sound like a white version of Long Dong Silver. Anyway, yes…” Mike licked Jan's nipple “…at almost 23 inches I'm very satisfied, and I think you are too”.

“Ha ha—yes, next you're going to tell me I should enter Mr. Olympia”

“Sounds good to me—but I wouldn't want you to shave this perfect hair here” Mike said, stroking Jan's pec again. “Besides, they wouldn't have a chance”.

“23 inches—not that I'd mind, but are YOU sure you've been using that tape right?”

“Hey, I'm a physicist, remember?”

“Come on, I've been stuck at 20, give or take a few hair widths, and that's pumped and flexed”

“What are you complaining about then? And it was pumped and flexed.

Besides, you said I've got a 15 inch cock, and I haven't”

“Mike… hang on” Jan said, and broke the embrace.

This was really strange. He liked the wordplay, in fact it had gotten him very hot, and very hard, and Mike looked about ready to burst.

But there was this thing nagging at the edge of his mind. He turned around and looked at his image in the bathroom mirror.

“Mike, do I seem… well, I know this will sound funny, but do I look larger to you?”

“Mmmm… yummy, you are huge” Mike said. Jan could see Mike's usual self catching up, evidenced by the fact his conscious brain still tried to make him not be so overt. It was extremely cute, but Jan had other things on his mind at the moment.

“No, man, I'm serious” Jan kept looking at himself, turning a bit this way and that. He couldn't really point his finger at the change, but his arms definitely looked bigger, and so did his chest. In fact, he really liked what he saw. He could see Mikes face in the mirror change to genuine curiosity as he looked as well. He could also see Mike's raging hard-on, and in fact, it did look bigger than he remembered it from only days ago when he sneaked a few looks in the gym showers. Then he noticed Mike's eyes going down, and a look of amazement form on his face as he realized the same thing. Then their eyes met in the mirror.

“Hang on…” Jan said, as he walked over to the bathroom scale. This morning when he stood onto it, it read 262 pounds. It wasn't at all precise, after all it was your old run-of-the-mill bathroom scale, spinning dial and everything, but somehow Jan had this feeling that there would be a difference which couldn't be written off to error.

He stood on the scale, and waited for the dial to stop spinning. When it stopped, it read 281 pounds.

“Mike, I think we need a shower. And after that, remember what you said about that day off? Better make it a week… at least.”

Mike's rational mind, the one usually keeping everything in check, saw a chance at a long overdue vacation, and took it. This was something Mike had only immagined. As far as he was concerned, it may well have been a dream, but he decided to take his chance and use it for all it was worth. The rapidly receding rational part of Mike was mildly amazed as the words came out of Mike's mouth: “You're on for the week, but as for the shower—later”. Normally, Mike would never have gone this far—but the part where his logical mind would usually stop him was already over. He saw Jan standing there, in all his glory, including the massive hardon, and the only thing he could think of was having it in him. He practically dragged Jan back to the bed by the dick.

“But there's something funny…” Jan started.

“Oh, I like you fine just the way you are… it can wait” Mike finished, pushing Jan onto the bed, until he had no choice but to let himself fall on it. Of course, Mike could just see it was along Jan's line of reasoning anyway. They were both so hot for each other there was no stopping them. In fact Mike had sprouted wings of passion by his standards—he was rarely if ever one to take the initiative, but he longed for Jan for months. Usually, this would in his case result in a feeling of disappointment once he'd get what he longed for, but this time, it was exactly the opposite. Now that all restraint has gone to pot, Jan was one hundred times more sexy and it made Mike permanently hard and horny as hell. In fact, he was amazed at realizing that he was indeed a bit bigger in the cock department, in fact he was bigger than he ever remembered himself, and it made him even hotter. He wanted Jan, now!

Jan was in fact now lying on the bed, and looked bigger and more perfect than ever, and his hardon was sticking right out from his crotch, as perfect as anything else about him. Mike straddled him, and with a sigh, impaled himself on Jan's tool, stroking Jan's pecs.

It made Jan suck in a breath and let it out, shuddering in ecstasy, which Mike shared to the fullest, as he felt Jan's pole filling him slowly. Although not nearly as big as Mike's, Jan's cock was by all standards large. Mike wasn't completely inexperienced, but still he felt stretched as never before. But, where he expected pain, he got absolute bliss, and he started wondering how Jan felt impaled on his own huge member. He started slowly moving up and down, which made them both grunt in ecstasy, stroking Jan's pecs, arms. Mike's cock was hard to the point of bursting, and it went right over Jan's abs, precum oozing out of the piss slit, and into the relief of the muscle beneath. In a second, their hands were everywhere. It was difficult to know which were whose, but it didn't matter. Mike as on the way to heaven, and he wanted it to last. He savored every curve on Jan's body, imagining how it felt to have all that muscle, to be so physically perfect. All his life he wondered about that, and at that strange moment he realized he really wanted a chance at such perfection. He had known this deep in his heart, after all that's why he went to the gym. Time slowed for him, as he imagined himself being Jan, worshipped by Mike, and being Mike at the same time, knowing what turned him/Jan on the best. He felt himself being filled by the real Jan, his muscles filled his hands, and his cock filled his ass, more and more. At that moment it was all he wanted.

Jan had never had sex like this before, it was… it was… he had no words, and it was getting better by the second. He felt Mike's huge cock on his belly, and it seemed ever bigger to him. He felt Mike all over, that body Mike would always hide, as if there was something wrong with it. Mike was looked at him, his eyes out of focus with pleasure. Jan only wanted to give him more, more of the pleasure Mike gave him. He stroked Mike's chest. It was taut and wiry under his hands, and he liked the shapes he was feeling. Suddenly he realized Mike's fascination with his muscles and he could see it himself. Just minutes ago when he saw he was bigger, he realized that was what he wanted, he knew the attraction of himself to himself, he felt so funny that he rationalized it all his life when it was so plain. He thought about Mike's ultra hard tube of manflesh bobbing up and down his abs, and he wondered how it would be to be that big, realizing it held the same fascination. He touched it, he felt Mike's insides writhe around his own cock which has never been so hard in his life.

Mike started moaning, and Jan became aware of their combined touches.

Hands were everywhere, and Jan only wanted it to last forever. But then he felt it, he felt his orgasm build up, slowly, almost agonizingly. He felt his spine start to tingle, and just when he thought he would go over the edge, it stopped at that hump, and stayed there what felt like forever. It had built like some giant wave, and his whole body resonated with the power stored in it, his guts and his balls churning with the power of that wave. A moment more, and he could feel the inevitable, the crest of that wave falling into itself, about to release all it's energy. He felt his innards start to cramp, he felt hot, he felt cold, all at the same time. The wave was collapsing, agonisingly slowly. Jan felt his innards cramping hard, time stretched like a rubber band. He saw flashes, every time his internal muscles would try to flex, but it was like something was not letting them. And then all barriers fell.

He felt his essence shot out with the force of an ocean, and he felt Mike shoot as well. He vaguely heared himself shouting and he flet himself shake with the power of the orgasm. When he almost regained consciousness, he still heard an echo of his own cry come from Mike's mouth. It took him a minute before he remembered where they were. He saw Mike open his eyes, and let himself collapse. They ended up in an embrace of passion, and exhaustion. As the passion slowly abided, and as reason seeped back in, Jan realised he was stroking Mike's back…

but strangely, couldn't connect what he felt with what he remembered.

“Now we really need that shower” he heard Mike whisper into his ear.

Still, there was this strange feeling, but he would never have complained to what he was feeling. It was like… more of Mike. In fact, he felt the curves and bulges of Mike press in more, like Mike weighed more. He actually loved the feeling, but it wasn't all he felt. He loved the feeling of Mike impaled on his cock, so tight.

Mike shifted a bit. Then he wiggled his butt, and laughed.

“Well, big guy, believe me, I have nothing over you down there” Mike said, and slowly moved until he straddled Jan again. As he did so, Jan's eyes went wider and wider. Mike didn't just feel heavier. He was heavier.

Jan looked at him with the same expression one would expect to have looking at a ghost. No, not a ghost—it looked like that a second ago, right now Jan looked about to start slurping! Mike knew the feeling as he looked down at Jan and what he saw almost made him return where he was seconds ago, and that is down on Jan's pecs. In fact, Mike could swear Jan looked… well, like Jan squared. He looked even bigger, but of course that wasn't possible—nevertheless, Mike loved what he saw.

“Mike, I… there's something very strange going on here” Jan said. Mike silenced him by starting to pull off him, enjoying every second.

It worked, Jan sighed a sigh which started getting Mike hard again.

Jan had only lost a fraction of his hardness. Finally, he felt the head of Jan's cock pop out of him, and fall on Jan's abs with a wet slap. Mike lowered himself again and felt something warm touch his own cock, the head of it still on Jan's abs. He moved, propping himself on Jan, his hands touching the puddle his own cum made between Jan's chest and abs. He looked down, and saw Jan's cockhead nested beside his own. He jumped off Jan in amazement.

“See what I mean?” Jan said, propped up, looking at his crotch.

“What the hell happened?” he asked, not being able to unstick his gaze from Jan's cock, which was now soft, but larger than it was when he last saw it, hard.

“You should have a look at yourself” he heard Jan say, just about as he was getting the same idea. He looked down, and almost freaked out.

He could see his abs in bold relief, and he wasn't even tensing them.

They were huge, they looked like someone put eight giant ravioli under his skin, and to top it off, his legs were huge, and cut. He moved his hand to touch his abs which went up and down as he breathed. That was completely normal, but he just couldn't believe they were his. Just then he realized he was bending to get his crotch out because somehow his chest was in the way for him to see his abs.

“Oh fuck” he heard himself say, as he touched himself, and then looked at his arm. It looked twice the size it was! “Oh fuck, oh bloody fuck” he kept saying.

“Hey! Hey, snap out of it!!!” he was startled to hear Jan shouting.

Jan was beside him, standing, holding his h ead.


“ But I… what… my… look at me!”

“Mike! Mike, tell me one thing!”

“But don't you see…” Mike started, but then he noticed Jan's suddenly huge cock, and pointed at it, noticing with a start his finger trembled. He tried stopping it from trembling, but it made it tremble even more. He looked at Jan. “…How… what happened?”

“Mike, I need you to tell me one thing. Mike, I need you to tell me exactly what you thought when we made love, anything you can remember”

Mike realized he was near fainting. Not because this felt wrong, but because it felt exactly right. There was a time he would have done everything to look like he apparently did now, and after a long time of trying he settled for what he had. He felt how thinking logically was holding him back from going mad at what happened, and in fact it made him think even more—he also thought how funny that felt. He wondered how it would be to have such muscles, well, now he was about to have a first hand chance at learning. Then it hit him.

“My God. My God, Jan, that's what I was thinking, I was thinking… I was fantasizing… I wanted to… I wanted to be big like you” he said. For some reason he felt ashamed at admitting this. “I wanted to feel you feel me like I felt you… and I wanted to be more me for you…” He was almost sobbing, and he didn't know why… no, he did.

He had to admit it to himself, he did know, it was only that he had forgotten that fantasy.

Jan embraced Mike, he just knew he had to.

“Oh, Mike, I love you, and I never want to leave you…” he said, not really knowing why, but is sounded right. He felt tears stream down his face.

“Jan…me too…” Mike whispered. Suddenly Jan realized why it sounded right.

Everyone has wishes, and dreams. Wishes and dreams that in time turn out not to be possible. We still have them, but we just never plan for them to come true, because they never do. But now they did. Jan always wanted to be hung and to be strong. Hell, all of us men want to be he-men, don't we?! He realised long ago he wanted it for himeslf, but also for someone else, someone that until now never materialised. Well, he got to be really big and strong… maybe he was just compensating. Like, if I'm good at something, then better still, be very very good at something. He was sure it was the same with Mike, only in his case it was being hung that came for granted.

He realized he was overjoyed to have his wish, and at the same time saddened because in essence, a different Jan was left behind. Would Mike love this me? He knew it was funny thinking this way, because he didn't fall in love with Mike's body and he was sure the feeling was shared. Or did he? He had to admit that at first he did. But then he remembered he enjoyed feeling Mike's muscles, before, and in fact even more now. He realized another thing then. He laughed.

“Mike, look at me”

Mike's gaze drifted from Jan's crotch towards Jans face. Then Mike smiled. It was unmisatakeably a smile of someone who had just gotten everything he ever wished for.

“Come on, we need that shower”, Jan said. Looking right back at Mike.

Mike looked like he'd gained about three years in bodybuilding, although in actuality it was probably just minutes. Mike looked absolutely fantastic. Jan felt a slight stir in his cock, feeling how low it hung now. He was just too tired to give in to the feeling right now, but he knew everything will be just fine, and somehow he knew they were going to have the time of their lives.

“Jan, I've been wondering…”

“I know. It must have something to do with the accident”

“Oh, you bet it has, it's just… too weird. How can this happen—I mean, we wished for something and, pop—now it's here. Well, it does make some sense when you think of today morning, and that discharge thing”

“Well, only one way to test it!” Jan said, and he let himself imagine it.

“Jan… don't do anything stupi… oh God” Mike said.

Mike watched in awe as Jan's hair suddenly turned from black to almost blonde, like his. It also gained something in length like his.

He had to laugh out loud, very much because of the relief he was feeling. He was definitely expecting something more spectacular, but seeing the changel happen so quickly was still a surprise.

“What, you liked it better the old way?” Jan asked.

“Well, to tell you the truth I did…” Mike answered, still laughing.

He could think of a lot of things he would wish Jan to try that could have made him jack off the whole night. Just as he thought about it, he almost froze in terror, partly because Jan's hair went back to normal, and because he realized…

“Jan stop. Stop right now. I think this works on each of us, I mean each other. This could be incredibly d angerous…”

“Well…” Jan said, looking at Mike for a few seconds, before he continued, “…no.”

“What do you mean 'no'?! How do you..? Jan, you… oh my god! What did you wish?”

“Hey, hey, don't panic, I only wanted your hair to be black like mine. It didn't work.”

“What do you mean like yours, I like it fine as it is…”

“You very likely have a point there, but that's not why I think it didn't work” Jan stepped closer, and put one hand on Mike's shoulder.

Mike flinched, but then calmed down.

“Don't worry, you can undo anything you don't like. Or do anything you like. Well, almost anything, probably. Now, I think it's better for both of us if we figure this thing out as soon as possible. Now wish me a nice tan, will you?” Jan said. He knew he was playing with the unknown, but he had a very strong hunch about this. Mike looked at him as if he was crazy.

“Come on, Mike, please do this for me. It's not as if I'm asking for anything special”

Mike chuckled. “OK, here goes… oh shit, it really works” Jan heard Mike say. He looked at his forearm, first noting that it was larger than he remembered it, and looked more defined, but that could have been due to this perfect deep golden brown tan he now had.

“Wow, I think I like that” Jan said. “I'll keep it. Congratulations, you really have fantastic powers of visualisation”

“Jan, I know what's happening” Mike said.

Mike felt like a child in a candy store, with a voucher for unlimited sweets. Why didn't he see it before!

“Jan, I know what happened” he said. He barely contained himself imagining the possibilities, but he was surprised how he suddenly saw the difference between imagining something and wishing for it, wanting it—because this difference was now crucial.

“Jan, you and I have both somehow been 'infected' with the inflation field. When our experiment blew the field somehow got into us, it is now probably a part of us, don't ask me how. The reason why it works when we touch is because it becomes one field again” A sudden thought started creeping into his awareness. “Jan, be very very careful what you wish for, I'm not sure the condition is safe at all”

Jan laughed out loud. “Well, it seems pretty safe to me, and very pleasurable. I hope it won't dissipate, though, I still have some ideas I'd want to try”

“Jan, hold it. Listen to me. I have no idea why the field is responsive to our thought, I really don't. It might be that it's even still here because it somehow likes out thoughts—before, it was never in contact with anything that could immagine anything and it would collapse by itself in the machine. Jan, if it collapses, both of us together have gained about 40 or more pounds of mass, just the thought of the amount of energy debt we have right now is scaring me shitless” As Mike realized what he was talking about, he almost fainted. He had to sit.

“Jesus I just realized we're carrying something like the combined energy this planet has used up in years, as muscle on our bodies, and this” he said, lifting his now utterly flaccid cock and letting it down with a slap. He sat on the bed. He should wish it back to it's old size, and wish away the muscle he now carried, but he had to admit that would be the last thing he really wanted.

“God, Jan, the worst thing is I don't want to return it” suddenly he was cold, and ashamed, but it was such a strange feeling because he had no idea why he was so.

“Shit.” Jan said, and sat on the bed beside him. Mike could see that every bit of sexual excitement had dissipated like a drop of water in a desert. He suddenly realized he was sleepy and he hadn't had anything to eat the last 12 hours or so. He caught himself half way wishing it would go away and almost froze in fear. Wishing—and only a minute ago it was about the safest and most futile thing you could do!

“Jan… Jan, I just thought of something. I think it would be a very bad idea if either of us fell asleep right now… oh god, if we start dreaming, who knows what will happen!”

Jan heard Mike's words and his heart almost froze. But then, there must be some logical explanation. First he gave Mike that blow job, and then Mike fucked him senseless, and as a result he gained 20 pounds of very nicely distributed muscle, but he was certain he didn't wish for it, only that Mike fuck him senseless. And he did.

That was it! He decided to try something. He did, and his lips curled in a smirking smile of a cat that ate the proverbial canary bird. He felt so elated he jumped up on the bed like a little kid, quite obviously freaking out Mike, until he grabbed him and kissed him straight in the lips.

“Mike, I love you, I love you! No, it IS safe, I can prove it!”

“Jan don't even…” Mike started.

“Too late, I already did it.” Mike's eyes went wide.

“Oh, don't worry, I just wished my skin was blue, and evidently,” he looked at himself “…it isn't. It's simple. Mike, tell me what do you think about when you are having sex?”

“What kind of a question is that?!”

“Oh, a very relevant one! I for one think of all sorts of very crazy things, and probably dangerous things, before I actually stop thinking—and guess what, we let ourselves at each other with abandon, what, three times, and—nothing happened!”

Mike looked at him. His eyes went from something that looked like fear to understanding, and then almost to lust. Jan enjoyed the change immensely.

“I think it's impossible to do anything that we don't really want to do—just like anything else, there seems to be a lot of filtering going on. And it seems also some things are still impossible—like this hunger I have, and I still feel the need to sleep.” Jan said.

“If what you say is true, that would be normal. We could possibly go on without food for ever, but there would be hunger, and wishing it away would be like wishing our digestive tract into oblivion” Mike said. “Yuck, I don't even like the thought of that” he finished, making a disgusted face. They looked at each other. Jan for one liked what he saw very much.

“Mike, where do you think we are borrowing all this from?” he said, stroking his pec. He could really feel it was bigger and he liked the feeling. He liked how it felt on him, how it felt under his hand. He liked it very much.

“I'm not certain, we would have to go back to the lab to see for certain, but I think we are not borrowing energy, but mass. Unlike our experiment, we don't have a confinement setup for the effect, for all I know we could be spreading the 'payback' effect over the whole universe. If that's so, I don't think there's anything we could do to affect anything significantly, really” Mike said.

Jan beamed. “Well, Dr. Wessell, I'll take your word for fact, it's enough for me. Besides, you're the expert on this anyway. Now, how about you and me have that shower, and then something to eat, and then…”

Mike felt huge relief. There was that nagging feeling that he might have gotten it all wrong, but the fact that nothing dangerous happened was almost conclusive evidence. He might be a scientist, but what he did was all about curiosity. What happened was so wonderful, and he knew under the circumstances, rationalization or not, he wouldn't be able to keep himself from experimenting. As he walked to the bathroom, right behind Jan, he couldn't stop consciously feeling every muscle as it moved in his body. It was very weird, normally one just moves, there's nothing to it. But all this muscle felt wonderful, and so hot, it made him hornyer with every step. However, he realized he felt more than a little shame—well, it's quite normal to get off on yourself once in a while, or even all the time to a certain degree, but it was… well, private. He knew this could possibly become a problem. Some quite weird pictures passed through his head of what he would like to try, all very sexual. But would Jan understand that?

Jan had just stepped of the scale, beaming. Evidently he was very satisfied with what he saw. He had turned to the mirror, and was tracing his abdominal muscles, one by one. Mike touched his shoulder, and Jan flinched, but Mike could see Jan's eyes refocus from his image in the mirror, to Mike's. It was like Jan's eyes did a visual equivalent of slurping. Mike was far from oblivious to the feeling himself. He looked at his image, and Jan's. Jan was on the way to sporting a huge boner, and Mike felt that warm tingling in his ears as well, looking at two magnificent men in the mirror.

“Jan, I… I don't know how to say this, but… I think we should try some wishes in private”

Jan looked at him. Then he nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Some of that sexual atmosphere did change, but still, looking at Jan, now that he knew he was even bigger, and that tan… Mike went into the shower, and put the water on full blast. It was freezing, and suddenly it became warmer. Then he felt a hand on his ass. He opened his eyes. Jan was fiddling with the valve with one hand, and with the other caressing Mike's butt. The water was soon comfortably warm, and of course it defeated the actual purpose of the shower, so Mike was now hard as stone. So was Jan, in fact, Mike was amazed that their cocks were almost the same size, but it was somehow still Jan's, that perfectly shaped man-flesh. He looked up at Jan.

Jan looked down into those incredible steel gray eyes, realizing then they were the most beautiful he ever saw. It only made him more certain Mike was his other half, now in a much more literal sense.

“Don't you ever try to run again. You know this is not only me here, there is a lot of you in what you're looking at, Mike”

Mike knew he was right. It went both ways. He knew now why they had grown initially—he remembered how he looked at Jan in the gym, curling away, those perfect biceps bulging, and how he thought they even looked bigger from the pump, and wished they would really be bigger and the rest of Jan too. Jan must have thought something along the lines when he saw him having a hardon, there was no doubt that it was bigger and he didn't wish it at the time. But, he seemed to be opened to the possibility, otherwise Jan could have imagined all he wanted. It seemed Jan was opened to a few possibilities of his own, as well.

But all that logical thought soon dimmed with Mike's rising passion, because Jan was right in front of him, and they were lathering each other up, but that of course was not the point at all, it was all about touch. Soon lathering was out and stroking and hugging was in, and then kissing, then tongues came into play, and Mike just let his roam. The repulsive taste of the soap didn't mean a thing, because of what was under it. He traced the crevice between Jan's pecs, right down, to where they joined the abs, and then he went down further, but in the cut below the top ridge the head of Jan's steel-hard cock was already waiting. He went at it with abandon, holding Jan by the cords of his obliques, breaking that hold only to stroke him wherever he could reach. Jan held his shoulders, then started stroking his back, and his arms. Mike realized what was missing, got down to his knees, never letting the head of Jan's raging cock out of his mouth, and brought his arms up and flexed for all he was worth.

He felt his own muscle bunch up into balls, stretching his skin. He was flexing like mad and just a few hours ago he wouldn't be caught dead doing that, but now he felt the power in his arms, his chest, his legs, everywhere, and when he flexed it felt incredibly arousing, as if he wasn't aroused enough. Jan's hands on his flexing muscle made him squeeze like he was doing it to save his life, because with Jan's hands on top it felt ten times better to flex. At the same time, he only wanted more of that perfect and now huge cock in him.

In seconds all reason was gone. Mike only felt Jan in his mouth, under one hand, on the other arm, tracing the bulges of his newly transformed body, and he felt his whole body, vibrant, and getting ready to drown in ecstasy.

Jan thought he would ignite in flames, this feeling of an orgasm done backwards, not sudden, but a continuous crescendo of feeling was making him want to shout out in ecstasy, or was he already shouting?

He had propped himself to the wall not to fall down and he could feel himself sliding down slowly, as his knees just stopped holding him upright, the orgasmic feeling reaching that peak, and then wavering there, going back and forth, before plunging down producing an even stronger feeling. But this Jan, the one taking note of all that, was only a small part of the real Jan, and the larger part was that feeling. He knew he had cum, was cumming, all of him. Then, he could feel this orgasm of orgasms start to fade, but it was so slow, he had time to enjoy every facet of it, and he cold feel Mike there with him, immersed in the same feeling, until finally, it finished, agonizingly slowly.

The first feeling he had was that of water streaming down on him. He felt every drop collide with him, break into smaller drops, some ricocheting off him, some becoming small torrents that broke into smaller torrents and then joined back into larger ones. When he finally regained a sense of self, Mike opened his eyes, and looked into a perfect face from the distance of two inches. His mouth tasted of something sweet and repulsive at the same time, but he loved every minute of every sensation it meant, realizing he swallowed all the essence of Jan that Jan had given him. Jan opened his eyes, and Mike could only look into them.

“Mmmm…” Jan said.

“Uh…” was all Mike could utter.

“I felt you… with me…”

“Yes, I know… and I felt you as well”

Mike had no sense of time, they might have stayed that way for a minute, or an hour, before they stood up, almost as a unit. Jan turned off the water. They toweled each other, never loosing the touch between them, and still thus connected, they went to the bed.

Mike knew they both fell asleep the second they lay down.

Jan looked at Mike's face. The hair had slipped over his eyes and he was sleeping like a baby, but Jan could see it wasn't his usual position by the angle of Mike's head. Not surprising considering Mike's shoulders were bigger. MUCH bigger. He chuckled to himself, this was going to be a man with one hell of a stiff neck when he wakes up.

Jan let his eyes roam lower, over his newfound lover's chest. Smooth, and now big. Mike had a good body, Jan always wondered why he kept it hidden behind that sweatsuit. True, he wasn't massive—well, until now—Jan realized he'll have to do some mental readjustment himself.

Mike used to be light, but he was strong. He wasn't someone that had paper thin skin, but when he really exerted himself, you could see bulges form and writhe under that skin, in some positions even his notorious suit wouldn't hide them. Now those bulges were a lot bigger, but they were still Mike all over. Jan could see Mikes abdominal muscles, eight subtly outlined squares, perfectly symmetrical. He noticed silky thin and short fuzz running down towards the larger bush of pubic hair, that light-brown-almost-blond color. It went down his legs, barely noticeable in the light of dawn.

Jan wanted to touch him, but somehow he felt it would spoil the moment. Mike looked so good he could have taken a bite out of him.

Instead, he leaned closer, and gave him a very soft kiss. It ended his diversion, and the thoughts came back into his head.

This gift that came out of nowhere—it was going to affect his and Mike's life profoundly, he had no doubt of that at all. But the fact he was now in bed with another man was the most paramount of all those changes so far. Jan admitted to himself he was frightened.

Funnily enough Jan would have been less frightened of this incredible ability of wish fulfillment as a gift than the other gift lying right there. Mike. Was this really love? He had felt like this, but to a lesser degree, before—and it turned out to be only temporary infatuation. This time it was strong, so strong that nothing right now mattered more. But, will it matter tomorrow? He knew he wanted it to. God, how he wanted this to be love! But now with this wishes-come-true thing, how would he change? How would Mike change?

Does Mike love me—the inevitable question came into Jan's mind.

Will he continue to love me, even when my desires change me? When his change him? Before, Jan thought he knew himself, who he was, but now?

What if we grow apart, he thought, suddenly. A very real fear made itself felt somewhere in Jan's chest, almost like someone putting a cube of ice near his heart. Just then, Mike stirred, and opened his eyes.

Mike had that dream again. He was lying on the beach, on the cold wet sand, in the embrace of a big, very muscular man. It was a familiar dream, one from his younger days. It was an old fantasy, one which Mike had long ago dismissed as just that, and hadn't relly had the dream since. Normally, this would have made him a bit worried, but that's where it became different—this time, the man had a face, Jan's. Then, there was a change, and Jan's face started changing to Mike's own, and he awoke to the sight of Jan looking at him. For a moment Mike was very worried by this succession of pictures, but the worry soon dissipated. It was a dream, and the reality looked much better.

'Morning' said Jan.

'Mmmm…uh..' said Mike, stretching. He looked back at Jan, and he was beaming with delight. In that look there was a lot of the sexual, but also something much more.

'Where are my glasses?' Mike asked, still not quite awake.

Jan first looked at him, his eyes bugging out and then he almost choked with a laugh, which then became throaty, and then he was laughing to tears, until he finally fell off the edge of the bed, with a very loud thud, which only broke that laugh for a short 'Ouch'. Mike wasn't what you would call a morning person, so he just continued staring at Jan until he felt over the edge of the bed. Then he moved and peered over it, at Jan, lying there on his back, still giggling, while tears streamed down his face. His whole body twitched slightly with every giggle, and looking down at it Mike felt that some parts of his anatomy were more 'morning' than others.

'Are you OK?' he asked. Jan only giggled again, finally sighing. The start of that sigh brought his chest up so much that Mike felt that warm feeling in his ears. He reminded himself he needed no restraint.

He noticed even Jan was surprised, by the way he looked at his pecs rising in front of his face. Jan's surprise only lasted a second.

'Here's a man that can wish himself to be any way he wants, that used to wear those silly glasses, and he still wants them.' He said. He looked up at Mike again and started giggling again. This time, after a few seconds Mike couldn't hold back a chuckle himself.

'Well, they are part of my image, you big stud' Mike finally managed to say, with a mock pout. It only started another salvo from Jan. He finally managed to calm down.

'I have some news for you, doctor, you are not that small yourself, and you are one dream stud for sure' Jan managed to say.

Mike suddenly remembered this fact. Yes, he could feel every big inch of his body and it really felt hot.

'Jan, do you feel this… fascination with your body?' Mike asked.

Jan looked at him with a questioning face.

'I mean, you… you have been… like this a lot longer than I have'

Mike finished. Funny, how difficult it was to say this—Jan you have been a big musclestud longer than me? It was true. And Mike would have returned to the way he was in a minute if he didn't like it this way, but of course he did like it, more than just 'like it' actually. The notion that he has become his own fantasy of what the ideal body should be on a man was definitely new to him. It felt odd.

Jan looked at Mike. The answer wasn't easy. He stood up. He could see clearly Mike's eyes devouring him, it was a great feeling. He had to admit to himself he liked what Mike's stare was devouring. Hell, how could he not like himself? But he knew what Mike meant when he asked the question. He beckoned Mike to stand up. He did, and Jan looked at him, from head to toe.

'OK, come with me' Jan said, and ushered Mike into the bathroom.

There was a large enough mirror there for what he wanted to do. They both ended up in front of it, looking at their reflections.

'So, Mike, tell me what you see…' Jan said.

Jan could see quite clearly Mike's eyes looking over his reflection in the mirror. It lasted a while, and Jan took his own time to look at Mike's reflection in the mirror. And what he saw was a 6', at the very least 225#, very lean and incredibly muscular beauty of a man.

'I see a huge muscle hunk… lets see, almost 6’5”, say, 280 pounds of prime beef, or even more—Jan, you are absolutely enormous! Look at your chest, shoulders, arms! And your abs are absolutely incredible' Jan saw him look up and back down. There was no mistaking that he was looking directly at Jan's slowly hardening cock. Even Jan was more than surprised at the way his cock hung, filling with his blood, which made it hang lower by the second. Jan knew he was actually quite a bit heavier than 280 pounds, actually he was approaching 300 and he was far bigger than he ever immagined he would ever be. He was sure if he entered a bodybuilding contest he wouldn't have to worry a lot about how he would place. He realized he hadn't even looked at himself properly, but he had something else to do, right now.

'Interesting, and who do you see right to the left of this… hunk?'

Mike was silent, and looking over his own image in the mirror.

'Come on, Mike, be honest to yourself' Jan said. Mike kept on looking. Then he went on touching. His abs, his chest. Jan could clearly see Mike's cock getting hard, but of course so was his. Mike looked up at him, almost pleadingly. After a second, they broke eye contact and then Mike flexed. Jan couldn't suppress a silent 'wow'—there was no doubt Mike would have no problems in that bodybuilding contest as well!

'That's it, go for it' Jan whispered into Mike's ear, but then he almost laughed as Mike attempted a lat spread, and didn't get it quite right. Even so, the result looked better than some real competitors could manage. 'Push your shoulders a bit forward' Jan said, correcting Mike. Then he had an idea. He flexed himself, doing a double biceps, and then a lat spread, and then a side chest pose, while Mike matched his every move. Soon they were both in it with all they got, squeezing like mad, and also hard as stone. In a second the posing involved their raging hard cocks, which were by now oozing pre-cum. Jan was amazed at the size they both attained. When Mike squeezed his abs, his cock reached practically to the bottom of his chest, and Jan's own stuck out right in front of him, double size compared to what nature had given him. The whole scene was so sexual in every possible respect, he knew he was getting off on himself and on Mike. Ditto for Mike. They both started pushing into each other, competing for the limited mirror space, and then Jan let it happen.

Mike flexed for all he was worth. He loved his new look, he loved how his chest protruded in front of him, the feeling of the cuts in his abs, and these huge peaked biceps! Their shape rivaled even Jan's, although his were much bigger. But then, Mike was shorter—it was all about proportion. And when he would flex, he could feel the power again, just like yesterday, but seeing his muscles bulge and writhe, and pump up so big was turning him on so much, and to top it all off, looking at Jan, even bigger, and then comparing their cocks as well… it was driving him into a sexual frenzy. Mike felt his cock was about to burst. He was barely keeping himself from jumping onto Jan. This getting off on himself made him even more horny. He felt he was close to cumming and he never even touched his huge sex organ, although it did get ample stimulation from rubbing against his own and Jan's muscle, and also Jan's cock on a few occasions. And then, he saw both of them are growing!

He felt getting heavier, and his muscles getting bigger even as he flexed them. He had the distinct feeling that his skin and his frame were getting crowded, muscles pressing into each other, competing for space. His shoulders got absolutely huge, and his arms must now have been well over the 20” mark and growing. His chest went higher and higher, and his abs looked ready to rip his skin every time he flexed them, his cock, which was also growing, now already reaching over the bottom of his expanding pecs. He knew he wasn't doing this, but he wanted it, and then he realized Jan's shoulder was pushing into his.

They were in contact. One more look at Jan was enough to get him over the top. He knew he was going to cum like never before, but somehow he held on for a second, seeing Jan flex and stroke himself, and that was the end of it—he felt his internal muscles flex and cramp in a salvo. The result were several 'shafts' of his jizz spread up his chest, and then over the mirror—the fluid was expelled from his enormous cock under tremendous pressure. Mike grabbed his now at least 18” organ, and again hit the mirror with his juice, where it splashed and literally richochetted of the surface. Jan's milky juices joined his in a total cumming orgy. All he saw were huge muscles, huge cocks and huge amounts of cum, and he wished he could keep cumming, before he realized what it meant. The last thing he remembered clearly was seeing his balls visibly swell and feeling the cumloads spewing out of both their cocks get thicker and even larger.

They ended up in a half turn to each other, flexing in a most muscular pose looking like their skin was going to rip open, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, and almost pec to pec, their cocks big enough to be crossed in front of them, still spewing cum, while they both flexed in synch with the cumshots. It must have lasted minutes, and when Mike could finally feel the cramps become slow twitches, cum was still dribbling from his cock, and his balls ached dully. Jan was barely managing to hold his newly enormous balls in one hand while the other milked the last of the dribbling cum out of his super-cock, which was slowly starting to go from rock hard to only slightly less.

Mike did the same, feeling how his balls had grown huge and at the moment were extremely sensitive. He could do foot-long strokes and there was like half a foot more to spare of his cock, he pulled it up and the head ended right over his breastbone, half-way over his pecs, huge, the piss-slit still dribbling. They have cum what looked like a gallon of cum all over the bathroom and each other, and Mike rubbed it into his newgrown muscle, feeling every ridge, and flexing for himself to make those ridges and bulges even bigger. Then he moved on to Jan, doing the same for him.

'So…' Jan said, panting, 'Does this answer your question?'

Mike stood up on his toes to make him as tall as Jan, or almost, and leaned into him, pec to pec.

'Completely' he said, and flexed his pecs into Jan's, who returned the favor. He wanted to kiss Jan, but their pecs were in the way. He relaxed, and felt Jan's arms around him. With his hands he found both their cocks, extending up between them, still half hard, but now smaller and more manageable. He squeezed them together and stroked them, letting himself fall towards Jan, into that kiss waiting for him.

'Jeez—I surely never came this way before… We must do this again sometime…' Jan said.

'Well, not right now… what time is it?' Mike asked.

'Ummm… about half past seven, I guess, why?' Jan replied, looking at Mike, and enjoying it. Mike was covered by a sheen of cum and sweat and, Jan realized, so was he. Not to mention about half of the bathroom, and especially the mirror. It looked as if someone took a gallon of cum and sprayed it all over.

'Well, someone's got to go to get a message to the Institute and someone's got to clean all this up' Mike said, 'and we both positively must get a shower' Jan looked at the mess, and then at Mike, and decided to try a run for the phone, but Mike obviously had the same idea, so they ended up being stuck in the doorway.

'Well, as I see it, Mr. Ward, we either wait for our pump to go down a bit so we can both get out of here at the same time, or you let your boss handle things from here on' Mike said. Jan exhaled, and Mike writhed out of the bathroom, only to push Jan in, and then enter himself.

'OK boss, I guess it's time to hit the shower' Jan said.

'And one by one this time' Mike said.

A few minutes later, Jan busied himself making the most of cleaning the numerous blotches of cum, while Mike was in the shower. He shouted so his voice could be heared over the sound of the spray.

'Jan, I have almost two months of holiday left over from the last few years' After a few seconds he added 'What should I tell them? You have been with the institute too short a time, I don't think they will let you have more than a week off…'.

Jan thought about this. He was sure Mike knew this was a change in both their lives that would need a lot more than a week, or two months. A small part of him was quietly hoping for a lifetime. 'Does it matter?' Jan asked. There was only the sound of water from the shower for a long time.

'Jan… I can't let myself forget the routine of a lifetime that easily. I… just need time.' Mike said. Jan thought about this before. He knew the feeling. Of course, the tone of Mike's voice made it quite clear it was about more than just routine. Jan decided that discussion should better be left for later.

'I'll call in and tell them it's a family emergency' Jan answered.

There was a ring of truth about this that was quite disturbing to Jan.

'I'll need your car' Mike said, coming out of the shower. Jan mouthed a quick 'OK'. And then he thought of something and almost started laughing again, glad to be distracted from other more complicated thoughts.

'Yes, but what are you going to wear?' Jan said.

Mike looked down at himself. How easily we take things for granted, he thought, and laughed out loud. Good joke!

“Well, if this goes on, I think we'll need to ask that question every day'. The laugh was soon sour, as Mike realized he didn't want to go back to his old body, and he realized, his old self. He had to admit the showers he's going to be seeing for the rest of his life were more likely than not to feel cramped, and clothing is going to be a problem, but he felt better than ever—he considered the clothing and the showers a small price to pay. Jan had suggested he used some of his stuff, so he took one of his T-shirts, and shorts. The briefs were a problem, first because he could barely get them over his thighs. Mike thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, flexing just to feel his legs conquer the fabric. Finally he managed to get them on, and stumbled on the next problem—covering all his nether-regions.

Good thing his cock remained the same way as always, even at this humongous size it would attain when hard, in the accustomed manner it shriveled down to a bit over 7 manageable inches. Unfortunately, his now huge balls were an entirely different matter. He wished them back to their original size. He knew this would never do for a visit to the institute—but he'd be damned if he had to shrink back for any longer than needed!

He couldn't help but chuckle at the related problems Jan would have, all the way through the morning rituals. Suddenly he realized that's why he got away with being the one that goes out in public so easily.

Jan had a way of doing things like this. Dumb jock, my ass, Mike thought!

He dressed up, and popped down to Jan's car to get his gym bag out.

Just as he got back into Jan's apartment, he saw Jan coming out of the bathroom, grazing the doorframe with his shoulders. Yes, he though, this man was going to have some problems with clothing all right, chuckling.

'And what are you going to wear' he asked, not being able to resist the thought.

'Absolutely nothing, I think…' Jan, said flatly.

'Well, then I think I'll be back very soon!' Mike said.

'Mike… remember what you said about trying some things alone? Don't hurry… I think we both need some time…' Jan said. Mike had to admit he was right. He started taking off Jan's clothes, to put on his own.

'OK… but Jan, we'll have to… we should… we should not have secrets between us now…' Mike said, and was almost immediately sorry he said it. It sounded so pushy… but it was true. After all, for all he knew, they were the only two beings on this planet that had this incredible ability. True, some things he might need to get out of his system in private, but Mike had to admit he was frightened to explore his new abilities alone. It reminded him so much of an experiment he red about once, involving the stimulation of pleasure centers in the brain. Rats treated that way would keep on stimulating themselves until they would die of exhaustion or thirst and hunger.

He looked Jan in the eyes, and the look in them and on his face told him he had the same fears. Mike thanked fate that this was not the only reason they were together.

It was time to remind himself of how he used to be. He convinced himself he wanted it, and wished to go back to his old self. It took only a few seconds, and he looked more or less like the old Mike. He put his clothes on, but couldn't resist the hedonistic urge to let himself grow just a bit, filling the clothes much more than he used to. He could feel the fabric of his clothes move over his growing body, until it was stretched quite taut over his pecs, and around his arms and thighs, but then he realized he wouldn't pass as the old Mike, and made himself shrink back a little. The end result was still quite a bit bigger then Mike used to be, but it would probably take someone very much interested in Mike to see the difference. Someone like Jan.

'What do you think?' He said to Jan, who was standing there looking intently, as Mike went through the transformations.

'Mike… I like you any way you are, as long as it's still you' Jan said, and Mike felt relieved. He knew that was not the answer to his question, but it was an answer to another, unspoken one. 'If you get past SM without comments, you'll know you've gotten away with it', jan finally added.

Sarah-May, or SM as everyone used to call her, was the department administrator at the Institute, and it was quite obvious she had a 'thing' for Mike. She was in her late forties and with the children haveing moved out of the house, it was obvious the 'thing' was very much a case of mothering Mike. She usually had it well under control, though—but this was going to be taxing on her ever watchfull eye.

'If you don't hear from me otherwise, I'll be back by evening, big guy' Mike said. Then he just couldn't help himself, and walked over, and kissed Jan, hugging. He felt Jan's huge arms around his shoulders. 'You know I'll be waiting' Jan whispered in his ear.

Jan sat on the bed. Mike was gone only five minutes, and he already felt alone. He just had this feeling they were meant to be together, much more than ever, and he could have seen the fear in Mike's eyes when he mentioned the subject of being alone. He could feel this fear, the fear of loosing oneself and becoming completely self-absorbed because of this new ability. He knew he would not be able to resist testing it for all it was worth, and very soon. It was just this feeling of security in the company of equals. Of the one RIGHT equal, Jan reminded himself. He needed a 'lifeline' to the real world, even if it was another like himself. But Mike was so much more than that already. This sudden thing with Mike had him more than a little scared with all it's implications, but the notion of spending his life alone, his new ability making him even more so, scared him far more.

He went to the kitchen, again feeling how his now superhuman shoulders grazed the doorframe. It felt so sexy to be so big, he almost started flexing for himself. He fixed himself something to eat, not much at all. He didn't really feel hungry in the sense of not being energetic, hell, he felt he could throw cars up into the stratosphere with one hand, it was just his bowels needed something to do. Just as he was cutting himself some tomato to put into a sandwich, he got his first opportunity to test his newfound ability—he cut his finger. His coordination obviously had some catching up to do.

He looked up at the finger, noting the pain, almost finding it preposterous that this could have happened to him. Definitely lack of coordination, after all he had added about 80 pounds of muscle onto himself, maybe even more. After that last growth game, he couldn't be sure any more.

He looked intently at his finger, and wanted it 'fixed'. Still, although he knew it would happen, he was startled at the way it did.

In about one second, the cut simply closed itself and the blood just disappeared, like it was sucked into the skin. He just couldn't resist the scientist in him, and took a small spoon, and cut himself again, noting that this time there was only a strange feeling instead of pain—it was like his body knew no warning signs were needed because he knew what he was doing. This time he let a drop of his blood drip into the spoon, and then he let the wound heel. He started eating his sandwich, intently looking at the drop of blood in the spoon. He had an idea he wanted to test. Sure enough, after about 6 minutes, the drop started becoming pale, it looked like a fading image of itself—and then disappeared completely. He finished off the sandwich, and took a post-it from the fridge, and wrote down: 'The living tissue we're maid of is reclaimed when it dies'. He went into the living room and stuck the post-it on the little cork board over his desk, in the corner he liked to call his 'den'. Some habits, he chuckled to himself, just don't go away. He was almost sure he would remember any information for as long as he wanted—after all he _wanted_ it, and that word now held paramount importance.

Jan had no idea how the wish fulfillment figured in all this, but he was fairly certain that, in addition to both Mike and himself being somehow 'infected' with the inflation field, the effect was limited to his own, and Mike's of course, living cells. Still, he wanted to do another test—he had the pen still in his hand, and concentrated all he could wishing it bent. Instead of that, he found himself squeezing it until it snapped in two. He almost laughed at himself.

He rummaged through the drawer to find another pen, and wrote down 'Effect is restricted to living parts of me'. Then he added 'and Mike'. He stuck the post-it right beside the first one.

'I wonder…' he said to himself, as an idea popped into his mind. At first he considered wishing himself wings, but some reason remained, so Jan wished for an extra finger on his foot—after all if it could be done, it could be undone. And if it couldn't, he could still conceal his foot easily. However, as he suspected, nothing happened.

'Pity, I really wanted to try out wings' he said, to no one in particular. Truth be said, he wasn't surprised—he had no ideas what his body would have to do to get him working wings. In fact, what he knew about biology, told him that wings evolved out of front extremities. His limited knowledge however also supplied him with the fact that animals actually share alot of the same genetic code. A flying mammal… Jan suddenly had a vision of a humanoid with wings, and they looked like the wings of a bat. This was enough to completely obliterate the appeal of wings. Jan had a hunch that the changing ability was limited to what human genes could do, anyway.

Banishing the last remenants of the bat-wing human image from his mind, he was suddenly gratefull for this. He chuckled—it gave a whole new meaning to 'humanly possible'. He wrote that down, too.

Jan went back to the kitchen, returning the post-it's to the fridge.

He had finished the sandwitch and considered making another one. Just then it hit him. He almost shouted out 'Hey, I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want'. Well, just as he thought of that, he realized it was probably not entirely true—he could probably still eat too much and just get sick, now that fat was out of the picture.

Not that he really ever wanted to be fat, plus his genetics seemed to agree with him on this matter.

Fat… now, that got him wondering. What is it like to be fat? Like really overweight? Nah, he didn't want to try that. But somehow, he always found a beer-gut strangely appealing. He never really thought about it, and definitely never acted on it either. A fleeting thought of 'would Mike understand' let itself felt. Jan forced his mind to be rigidly logical for a second.

Maybe it's something instinctive, he thought—like a signal of abundance of food. For a moment Jan considered the source of sexual attractiveness. Looks? Sure—a lot to do with genes, but genes won't have a chance to express themselves without food. Maybe that's it, some kind of a signal to the unconscious? He had seen many a man with a big beer-gut fondle and stroke it, so there must be some associated pleasure. In fact… he even remembered how, as a kid he poked at his uncle's huge gut, fascinated how big it was. How did that feel? He made his abdomen pop out, and gave the stroking a try. Not bad. No, he really didn't like being fat. He liked being muscular, the more the better. But then, there were plenty of people who were muscular and had a beer-gut. Too bad they still had the fat everywhere else too—it was just the way things worked. For every other human, Jan thought, not without a slight smirk crossing his face!

How about only a beer-gut, Jan thought. Big but tight? He went to the bathroom—he needed a mirror. He stood sideways, and watched his gut distend into a true veteran beer-drinker gut. As it did that, Jan realised watching the act gave him an erotic tingle. There was something about the shape, and about the act of it growing. He stroked it appreciatively. He couldn't feel anything of that razor sharp six-pack that was there just a few seconds ago. He felt it's weight pull him down a little, and how his belly button ended up two inches deep in the flab. Only it wasn't very flabby at all, but tight and hard, just like he wanted it—of course. He bent forwards a little and discovered it looked bigger. He continued stroking it, his left hand soon joining his right. It felt… arousing? It was a surprise… a pleasant surprise. Then he made it grow bigger, his 33”

waistline growing more than double. It bulged immensely right beneath his pecs, and went down to his crotch, the curve like some kind of a big, partly inflated balloon. The rest of him stayed exactly the same, huge and ripped. He continued stroking, fascinated by the immense bulge, the curve of his huge baloon of a belly. He felt the weight pull him even more, and the curve get larger as he made it still grow further. His cock was already plumped and on the way to full erection, but it was quite uncomfortable being bent this way—Jan realised that he just might have discovered the downside of having a big gut. For a moment it outweighed the pleasure of the moment that it gave him, and considered stopping his experiment. Then he had an idea.

He walked, or rather waddled to the bedroom. It was easy to adjust to his added muscle—after all he had a sort of muscle-bound gait before. His newly huge belly, however, offset his balance. He needed support. He opened the doors of two built-in closets along the wall beside the bed. The doors had mirrors on the inside, and opening them all up created a big surface. His plans of the moment may have included diminished mobility, but he didn't want a diminished view.

Then, he sat in the middle of the bed, crossing his legs. The position made his gut stick out immensely, and he started stroking it again, fascinated by the size of it. It really looked like a balloon of some sort, under his skin. He untangled his legs, and spread them straight out, realizing they had obscured the view to this incredible bloated piece of his body. It looked even bigger now, and he made it still bigger. It became huge, bigger than any gut he ever saw, it curved immensely so that it went out horizontally under his pecs. Jan explored this newly created skin covered edge, went over it with his hands, from his pecs to the rounded shelf of his immense belly. It was so huge, so inflated… the feeling had made him almost fully hard. He had to admit he was enjoying this, and deny it all he wanted, it was somehow so… sexual. He shifted, pulling that weight in front of him, and pulled his cock out between his protruding gut and his right thigh, looking at his reflection in the mirror on his left, which afforded him a full view of the huge gob of his flesh that he had grown.

'Oh, heck, who am I trying to fool' he said to himself, realizing what he wanted. The only way he could get this out of his system—the only way he could KNOW, was to go all the way. He made his gut grow slowly. By the second it became larger and larger, while he stroked it with his left hand. He felt his cock grow bigger too, as it approached stone-hardness, and started to fondle it and stroke it with his right hand, feeling how his growing gut pressed the shaft of his cock. It was fully hard, and although he knew it was enormous, it was fully obscured by the humongous baloon of his gut. That in turn looked like a huge ball, so big now Jan couldn barely reach his belly button made with his hand. It already jutted upwards over his pecs, pressing into them, and over his thighs, and it was still getting bigger. It only made Jan want more—as soon as he wished it, it started growing faster. It grew bigger and bigger, and so did the speed at which Jan was franticly stroking his cock. Jan could just see small blood vessels under the distended skin, which kept distending even more, driven by the pressure of his perversely huge, yet still expanding balloon-like gut. It looked about ready to explode. Jan stroked it as far as he could reach, passing his hands from the sides towards the top, which was now in line with his eyes.

Only a few seconds more, and he would not be able to see the oposite wall any more. His cock lay along the taut and hard surface, and as Jan stroked it, he also rubbed it against the growing flesh baloon.

Jan looked at the surface straight in front of his face, the skin was slowly coming closer as the enormous ball continued expanding. Even though the mirror wasn't perfect, it was good enough to show he now had the worlds largest belly, almost a perfect sphere over four feet across.

Jan's bed was little more than a matress on the floor, which is precisely why he was now on it. Jan's legs were being pressed into the matress by the growing bulk. He wobbled slowly from side to side trying to get his legs spread more. The super-gut had long ago became so huge there would have been no way Jan could stand at all. And it was still growing! How big can it get? He wanted it to grow as big as possible—just to see what that would be! Jan barely finished the thought, when it suddenly started expanding three times faster, literally inflating itself. Jan was now stroking frantically, but being able to reach less and less. It felt as if whatever was under the skin was boiling, the pressure pushing out and up. Jan's upper body was practically hanging from it. Jan was stroking it, and his cock, in a frenzy. He had to lean towards the mirror to be able to see it's reflection, it was so wide. And it was STILL growing, but more slowly now. It was so big he could only reach around about one third, from the tips of the fingers of one hand to the tips of the fingers of the other. The skin over it was stretched almost translucent, and it felt distended as far as it would go, the mass under it a huge tumescence, almost hurting, like it was having trouble holding itself together. Finally it stopped growing, having reached over 8 feet across, and that's when Jan came with such force that his cum shot over half the room, the subsequent gushes dribbling down his shaft, which he held stuck to the balloon gut before him. He rubbed his cum into it. When the frenzy finally subsided, Jan looked at it's reflection in the mirror.

'Jan, you are really perverse…' he said, looking at his hyperdistended gut reaching so far in front of him it went twice as far as his legs. He suddenly became very much aware of his immobility, and the fascination of having the largest ball-gut was blunted.

He thought 'Well, enough of that', but continued stroking it while it started getting smaller quickly. The bed springs groaned in releif as the weight applied lessened quickly. As his gut shrinked, Jan finally let himself fall back, free of the weight. Soon it became a big beer-gut, and he held his hand on it, lying down flat on his back. In about two minutes he felt his six-pack abs suddenly emerge under his hand, it was as if the flab was being drained away. He tensed his abs and in a few more seconds he felt them appearing like sunken islands in an ebbing tide. He felt them cutting up, suddenly becoming as hard as ever and possibly even more. He ran his fingers up and down, producing a satisfying 'rrrr' noise, as they went over the hard muscular ridges. Now, that's more like it—Jan thought, can't beat the feel of muscle!

'Wow, what a way to loose weight—it sure beats liposuction' Jan chuckled, feeling the defined muscle of his abdomen again, sticky from his cum. He looked up and almost freaked out.

'Oh fuck, can it be this long?' he shouted, lifting up his flaccid cock, which almost immediately started going hard again. He realized that in order to be able to keep his hand on his cock with that size of a gut, he had to have made it longer, in fact he remembered it slipping and how he wanted his hand to be able to reach it. He was glad it wasn't his arm that got longer!

Now his cock was well on the way to full hardness, and it was longer than he imagined a cock could ever be. Some joking part of Jan's brain offered that this was considerably more hot than having one arm longer than the other.

In a few seconds his cock grew to steel hard. It was the same thickness as before, but now it was much longer, Jan kept stroking it all the time, while it was growing hard again, and now it must have been two and a half feet long, angry red-brown, the vein over it bulging, hard with a hardness Jan never felt before. He stroked it with both hands, holding it straight up, and then he let it fall towards him, making another fantasy into reality as he lifted his head, and pulled his cock towards him, it's two and a half feet easily reaching to his mouth. The head was so hard, and hot, Jan bent the shaft, and almost gobbled the head down. He felt his balls draw up, as he got one hand around them in his stroking. This was the first time he ever tasted his pre-cum and the very act got him well over the edge. He was already very sensitive, and it took him only three more strokes to cum with all his might right into his mouth, lapping what felt like pints of thick creamy manjuice. Amongst the feelings of an orgasmic earthquake, he tasted his own cum, hot, salty-sweet. It lasted again what looked like several minutes, and when he finally managed to calm down, his cock softening, he realized he was full!

'Great. Now I need another shower, and clean bedsheets.' Jan thought.

He stood up, and walked around a bit, savoring the feeling of his cock, which now hung to his knees, completely flaccid, flopping between his thighs. He went over to the still open closets, and looked at his reflection in the mirror on one of the doors, wiggling his butt to smack his cock between his thighs some more. He enjoyed it, and then kneeled down to pull out the bedsheets, feeling the head of his cock scrape on the carpeting, quite painfully. He regarded it a small price to pay. He chuckling inwardly because it brought a funny thought—'Wonder what other people would say if I told them my cock reaches the floor'. The 'Hey, that's an idea' followed imediately.

For the moment, however, Jan let his cock shrink back somewhat, and then he remembered the peculiar way Mike's cock would surprise him with it's growing capacity. 'Now THAT's an idea!' he said aloud. It made the whole 'thing' much more manageable. He immediately felt his own cock going more flaccid than what he knew as flaccid, shrinking.

He also realized the only part of 'what other people would say' right now meant 'what Mike would say'. To get his mind from that particular question, he found a pen on his desk and added 'It's amazing what some genetic limits are” on one of the post-its. Then he added: 'need to do some more experiments'.

Mike was glad he finally got out of his lab. He went in as his old self, and now, even with the euphoria of his recent change he couldn't pretend things were looking good. In fact, his setup was ruined, and he had no idea what had actually happened, all of the logs since the last backup, and that was last week, were destroyed.

The data he had was utterly inconclusive. In a way he was glad it was so, at least no-one else was going to be transformed. There was no selfishness in Mike's thoughts about this, only the fear of eventual consequences. This was just too good a thing to happen for it to go unpunished, he thought.

SM gave him a longer look than usual, but she was distracted. She told him some of the higher-ups have been in this morning because they heard about the accident and that things didn't look good.

Mike's mind was prepared for any dissapointment, with a totally in-character rationalisation that it wasn't like this was his life's work. But his new nature was already developing. For now it was this nagging voice in his head telling him that even if the discovery was way too serendipitous, it could have well been his life's work.

Besides, there was a nagging feeling he was missing something about this whole affair, but at the moment he couldn't put his finger on it. Besides, he was distracted too. In truth, both the old and the new Mike didn't want to think about all that, so he made himself appear quite pale, so much so that even SM, who has seen him in some quite bad states asked him if he was OK. Just about then Jan phoned in, asking for leave of absence, so Mike ended up going to the chief administrator, who surprisingly didn't make a fuss over the whole deal. In fact, he made it a point of mentioning that 'things didn't look good', and even suggested the 'it may be time Mike took a vacation'. Mike had witnessed the speed at which bad news could travel before, and he wasn't surprised now. He had all the reasons to get away for a while, anyway.

His mood didn't improve one bit when he called the garage to get his car towed in. As usual, no one competent was at hand to answer the phone (if there were any competents there at all) and he just left a message to call him at his or Jan's number when they get the car to the garage. He was a bit surprised how he remembered Jan's number and wasn't even sure where he had seen it, but he guessed it was another product of the accident. Well, incident—accidents are usually something to be avoided, and if he knew what the consequences of the experiment were going to be, he had to admit he would never even have tried to avoid it. There was a little bit of guilt somewhere in that thought—he could see some logic in humans not being born with this ability, it just felt too good for comfort. After the phonecall, he went home, and gladly. It wasn't only because he put Jan's T-shirt back on in the car and let himself grow back to the 'new' Mike again, but that act did help a lot.

When he finally closed the door of the apartment behind him, Mike let himself down into the easy chair, and closed his eyes. With all this happening he really needed a break. Yeah, tight—it took only a thought of what he and Jan had been up to last night and earlier this morning, and he was already starting to feel hot! At first he almost felt shame to be thinking about that particular issue with so many 'more important' issues at hand, but then he realized he was on holiday, and so help him, he'll have the best holiday in his life.

Then he thought of what Jan might be doing now, and felt the tingling feeling in his ears again. Soon, he felt his hardening cock press painfully into his balls, which were already crammed into his pants.

Those used to be baggy on the 'old' Mike, which he used to his advantage when he popped an unexpected hardon, but now they were drum tight, and the hardon on the way right now was confined in a denim Alcatraz.

Mike stood up and tried to take his pants off, but it was almost impossible. Of course he could make himself smaller, but he just plain didn't want to. He got another idea, and squatted suddenly, which produced a somewhat reluctant ripping sound. The fabric of his jeans gave way, and suddenly he felt better, pulling his pants down together with his briefs, still fighting to get them over his thighs, managing to do so in the end. He had never thought outgrowing clothes could be such fun!

His cock sprung up like it was spring-loaded the second the elastic went down over the head. Mike looked at it. He thought of the many times his extraordinary hard-on ended up being a source of public embarrassement. Now it was even bigger. He thought of Jan who had almost doubled in size, and got an idea. How did it feel to have a smaller cock? He wished it, and his cock went to fully hard in a most peculiar manner—by getting smaller. It went down from an almost hard shaft the size Mike used to be steel hard, to Jan's previous size, which Mike guessed as being 8 inches, and titanium hard. Mike laughed at the irony of the situation, and then gave it a few pulls, tentatively. He had to admit he rarely if ever got that hard, and he liked the feel, but his stroking was all screwed up, he simply didn't know how to handle a smaller organ. He tried several ways but somehow it felt odd to him, although he had to admit it, it did feel so good to be this hard. He tried fondling his abs with his cockhead, but it just wasn't the same, it didn't reach the usual places. He let himself grow back to what he used to be. He remembered how he used to surprise even himself sometimes when he got really hard, he was sure on several of those special occasions his cock ended up being obviously much bigger than with a more… normal erection. Or what used to pass for normal.

The next step was obvious: he wished he got as hard as when he was smaller, no, as hard as possible. He felt his cock suddenly start throbbing angrily, while it practically inflated before his eyes, lengthening and then thickening. He stood up quickly, trying to remember if there was some kind of tape measure in the house. His cock went rigid like never before, sticking up almost vertically, smacking into his abs and finally getting stuck in the bottom of the crevice of his pecs, as he bent down, rummaging in the kitchen drawers trying to find something to measure himself with. He didn't remember when he last did this, and the fact that he was going to now presented a huge thrill. Finally, he found a crinkled measuring tape, torn shorter at one end, and went back to the room, switching on all the lights. As he walked, his cock, still throbbing despite being insanely hard already, tapped his abs, giving him small jolts of pleasure.

He really felt hard like never before, and he tried to bring his cock level with the floor, but it was difficult, because when he did that, he felt like someone had grabbed the whole area between his legs and was trying to rotate it forwards. It was such a strange feeling, verging on pain, but actually very pleasurable. Finally, he had to move his hips to get his cock almost level. He felt it over. It was literally engorged, and huge, even by 'new' Mike's standards. It was so hard that it had turned dark red, and the veins stood out on it finger thick. They were also engorged to the point of being as hard as the shaft and as hot—it was like feeling a hot and lumpy steel rod. The skin was distended completely. Normally, even when extremely hard Mike retained some sort of foreskin ridge, but now it was stretched out completely, in fact the skin was completely unmovable.

He barely managed to hold it down to stretch the tape, noting in wonder how thick the shaft had become, and the head had engorged itself double what it used to be. Mike stretched the tape measuring almost 15 inches. He had started off as his old self when flacid, and this super erection expanded his cock to almost four times his flacid length, and much thicker than he ever attained before. He let his cock spring back up, barely resisting to suck on the huge head which was visibly throbbing. He used to suck himself off when he was a teen, but somehow he just grew out of it—or he thought he did!

He looked right into the piss-slit, distended wide open, so much so that the skin around it was visibly paler. He tried to squeeze the head but it too was stone hard as the rest of his cock, and so incredibly hot. He was rewarded by several large drops of pre-cum.

Mike was never an 'oozer', except when extremely aroused, and this certainly was the extreme of extremes. He smeared the pre-cum around the ridge of the cockhead, almost wincing in the pleasure/pain of touching it. He tried stroking the shaft, slowly. He continued doing it, looking straight down into the piss-slit which reached right under his nipples, only momentarily stopping his stroking to smear some pre-cum over them. He took the T-shirt off completely, realizing he was holding the front up with his chin all the time. His newly big pecs made that really easy.

He continued stroking his cock slowly, it must have lasted minutes, he simply couldn't get over the incredible feeling of it. The more he did it, the bigger the head looked. Suddenly, he realized it was bigger—actually thicker, and a lot. He pushed his cock back down, and noticed the shaft was much thicker also, reaching around it with one hand gave him a completely different feeling. He still had the tape in his other hand, and decided to put it to good use. First he measured the length of his cock again, which was now just a bit over 15 inches, and then wrapped it around. A quick calculation confirmed his glee at what he was seeing and feeling—it was well over 3”

across, and he let it back up. It slapped into the bottom of his pecs, sending a shudder of pleasure down the shaft and up his spine.

He put the tape measure around his neck, the ends hanging across his pecs, and continued stroking it, shuddering in ecstasy at the feeling every unsuccessful attempt to bend it gave him. He was at it for several minutes, noticing that it finally stopped expanding, the feeling of hardness verging on very real pain. It felt like every free space in his cock was filled to bursting point with his churning blood, expanding it into a phallus of a sex god. Mike of course had other ideas about that. He wished it to his new size, and with this incredible hardness. It started growing immediately, becoming longer again, until he had to dislodge the head from his pecs. He bent it slightly outwards watching in absolute awe how it continued growing in length, the almost orgasmic feeling of additional distention made even stronger by the feeling of his balls assuming their new and larger size again, and then immediately starting to swell as well. He felt his cock was bursting hard, he could barely hold it with his hand, but it was still getting bigger, until the lengthening stopped, the head reaching almost to his mouth. 'Oh my god, I'm going to cum just looking at it' he thought, taking the tape into his hands again, and stretching it over his ultra hard cock, the only way he could make a distance between it and his body was to lean backwards at the hips. He read off 23 inches, almost cumming when he noticed he could still see it getting thicker. He wrapped the tape around it and waited, barely containing himself, until it stopped stretching, his cock becoming 4 and a half inches across. It looked like some red-brown limb of a tree, topped by a head the size of a small melon.

He let the tape down, and tried to start stroking his gargantuan cock, but he could only do it with both hands. He could feel it still throbbing hard, in time with his heart which was so loud he could actually hear it. He stroked very slowly, feeling he was close to a climax he would never forget, almost clumsily, because of the size and the unusual position it ended up in, feeling his now also huge balls swing with every stroke. He continued stroking, until he ended up rubbing the edges of his palms into the immensely protruding corona of the cockhead, pushing into it, from underneath, producing such a jolt of ecstasy, he almost fell to his knees. He did it only twice more, feeling the onset of orgasm, and then it came upon him with a vengeance. His attempts to remain on his feet made him writhe and the orgasm even stronger. It was so strong he actually felt the hair on his neck rise amongst a jumble of feelings which made him see stars. It felt as if his internal muscles were cramping trying to spray his cum. The feeling was almost unbearable extasy, but nothing came out of his cock. Then, after the second cramp, his jizz came out as a single narrow shaft of thick liquid, producing a clearly audible squirting noise. It shot out with almost cutting force, splashing right into Mike's face, which made him open his eyes wide in utter surprise, only to catch another salvo in his hair. There were countless gushes, some of which must have splashed the ceiling, until he finally calmed down, shaking, still on his feet, and surprised at it.

He looked at himself with a look of a child in wonder, his chest and his face utterly covered with cum, his cock still dribbling, only slightly less hard. He had made an utter mess of himself, but it was worth it!

Wearing a Cheshire cat grin on his face, he went into the bathroom to have a shower, waddling with his feet wide and his hips sticking in front of him, holding his tree-trunk manhood straight up. He was really moving on automatic—his eyes were roaming up and down his organ, from the still impossibly huge head, down the shaft and back.

His cock appeared to be about ten times more reluctant in getting flaccid than it ever was before.

When Mike opened the valve, he was first hit by a blast of cold water, which instead of getting warmer started getting colder. Under the cold water his cock finally became softer, falling down slowly, until about half way it propped itself on the wall, and then oozed down getting more limp. Finally, it went limp enough to hang. To Mike it felt completely flaccid, but it was still large, not at all shriveled like it used to become. All that, however, was secondary to the realization that there was no hot water. Although he was uncomfortable, Mike just let himself stand under the shower, letting the cum wash away. When he started lathering himself up, he wished someone would fix the boiler in the building, once and for all—he really needed that warm water. About halfway through washing, he suddenly noticed with a start the coldness of the water didn't really bother him any more. He didn't even shiver, and it must have been very cold—yet it didn't feel that way. He rinsed off quickly, and stepped out of the shower grabbing a towel. He rubbed himself down noting in passing his cock had gone to it's shriveled dimensions, and also noticing this warm tingle in his body. It lasted only a short while and then it was gone.

After dealing with some of the mess in his living room, Mike went over to the kitchen, and poured a pot of cold water. Then he opened the fridge, and took out a ton of ice that must have been lying around in the ice box for who knows how long, the cubes all stuck together in lumps. Mike never really had much use for ice, but now it would serve a good purpose. He put the ice into the pot, and added a few big lumps of salt.

Mike realized, smiling at himself, there was just no way he'd ever let go of being a scientist. Well, he'd actually call it just insatiable curiosity, and he was just trying to satisfy some of it right now. He mixed the ice, water and salt for a while, until a lot of the ice had melted. Then he stuck his hand in it.

First, he felt the cold bite him, his joints starting to hurt. He wanted to feel warmer, and suddenly he did. It wasn't like the water was suddenly warm, because it wasn't—the ice was still there. He mixed the concoction with his hand at a leisurely pace, almost laughing at the fact it has actually started feeling nice and comfortable, even warm. He couldn't help laughing aloud at the thought of prancing around in a skimpy T-shirt and shorts in the middle of winter, there would be a lot of reasons people would be shooting glances at him. Then the phone rang.

Mike pulled his hand out of the water and turned to get the phone, when agony hit him. It was suddenly like he put his hand into a fire, and he pulled it up, screaming in sudden pain. His hand became a single burn, the remaining water on it evaporating so he could actually see the wisps of vapor coming from it, and then all of a sudden, with a very strange feeling which for a moment almost made him sick, the pain was gone completely, and his hand looked as good a new. He was so startled he kept looking at it for several seconds until the fact the phone was still ringing filtered into his consciousness. He picked up the receiver.

'Mr. Wessell? I'm calling about your car… it's just been towed in'

said a voice on the other end of the line. Mike recognized the voice immediately—after all, he had experience. Ever since his car got into that garage for the first time, there was nothing but trouble with it, and there were no problems before. Truth be said, Mike wasn't a technical layman, he could have probably fixed half of the problems, but he either didn't have the time, or he went back because the repair was guaranteed—although it always ended in him paying for something or other.

'I'm told it won't start—we have looked at it and we'll need to…'

'Oh, don't bother, I'll be right there in about ten minutes' Mike said. He laughed inwardly—if he was the old Mike that would just never have happened. He was still looking at his hand, thinking how stupid it was to pull it out like that.

'But, you need not bother, sir, we've just…'

'Oh, no, it's no bother at all, believe me—I'll be right there'

Mike reiterated. This was going to be interesting.

'But, the car is on the jack right now and…'

'Never mind, I'll be there in a minute.' Mike said, putting down the receiver. Interesting? No… this was going to be fun, he thought, with an almost evil grin on his face. But first some preparation was in order.

First of all, this thing with his hand. How could have he been so stupid not to have seen it—it was generating heat to keep him warm.

Of course, it's the only thing the body could do, when he pulled it out of he freezing water, the heat was no longer balanced with the cold, and the body just can't cool off like it can warm up, the heat just couldn't dissipate as fast in air as it did in water.

He couldn't help but look at his hand. Although there was no trace of what had happened, he guessed his hand had probably cooked itself through. He went over to his desk and wrote several notes in a notebook about this. It was a very real reminder he was still a mere mortal, that just got a lucky break. And mere mortals are entitled to their fun, which is exactly what he was going to have. 'Now, let's see' Mike thought. What he wanted was to look mad, bad and dangerous to know.

“Yo Wess! Wess!” There was a 'What?' shout from the other end of the shop. “Hey Wess, can you take this car over for a moment? It's that nerdy guy's piece of junk again, hell be coming over to see what we're doing any minute now. I've told him it's on the jack already”.

Wess Sadler was a big man, by any standards. He was about 6’2”, and a very stocky 240 pounds, with a barely perceptible beer-gut, a build which could only be likened to a bear. As if the fact he already had a mean air about him was not enough, he always looked even more intimidating in coveralls, hair unkempt, all greasy and dirty. To top it off he had an absolutely lunatic stare. All that meant he could subdue any nagging customer, and he knew it. In fact, everybody knew it so that's why Wess got all the problem cases.

“Ok, Al, but you owe me a beer” he said, moving over to Mikes car.

About ten minutes later Wess almost freaked out when the car moved.

It happened once before to him, while he was under one, and he barely got out of there in one piece.

“What the fuck do you…”

“They told me you are taking care of my car.” The voice wasn't loud at all. It was just very, very powerful.

“…think you're…” The words stuck in Wess's throat when he looked up from the floor. He had been lying with the board under his back, looking under the car, and as it moved off of him, he ended up subdued by the stare of a monster. It was leaning on the car with one hand, which was enough to push it a yard backwards, jack and all, exposing Wess's face, and to add to the confinement, a foot was right between Wess's legs. That hand was attached to the biggest arm Wess had ever seen, it was so big that the sleeves attempting to get around it were ripped up to the shoulder, to accommodate the opposing bulges of the biceps and triceps. The arm was in turn attached to the biggest torso, one with chest muscles overflowing the T-shirt which was torn from the hem down, right down the gash between those huge muscle mounds. And it was a huge T-shirt, because it was a completely huge monster—Wess suddenly felt as tiny as a child. Looking further up, Wess found a young but rough looking face topped with longish unkempt hair, and framed by a three-day beard. There was a pair of gray eyes staring at him with a look of a lunatic (and as a master at that kind of look, Wess could tell), which held a clear message saying 'Please give me a reason to pull your limbs out of their sockets'.

“You forgot to pull the hand brake”…'it' said. Wess looked down from that face, to the foot between his legs, noting the torn jeans trying to contain mammoth thighs, which even now writhed slowly in their confinement, outlining clearly an absolutely huge bulge inbetween them.

“That's very dangerous” the human monster said, flatly. Then it…

he… moved, standing straight up. Wess looked up again.

“I'm told you are going to fix it properly this time” the man said with a voice which tied Wess's stomach into a knot. It most certainly wasn't a request. While he was under the car, he saw the usual jury rig job they did when they found a 'milking-cow' that kept coming back, to make him continue coming back.

Wess nodded, still looking up. He noticed the man was holding a big wrench in his hand, and there was a nice and neat knot tied in it.

Wess gulped, and wanted to crawl back under the car and hide there.

He lowered his eyes, and somehow ended looking the bulge between those pillar-like thighs. Wess thought there wasn't a man born that could scare him, and right now, he was scared stiff—in fact this was more than an accurate description, Wess felt his cock starting to get stiff in his pants. This has never happened to him, and the surprise at this reaction made him become even stiffer, and that only made him more afraid. The situation nearly freaked him out of his skin.

'Good. It would be… inconvenient… if I had to come back again'

Wess realized he was holding his breath, and let it out croaking a 'Well, it's nothing really serious' that last 'serious' sounding more like choking. He suddenly realized this was what it feels like to have your shit freeze in your ass.

'I'll be back for the car later.' The man said turning around. He made a step, and just when Wess thought he could breathe again, he turned back. “Sorry about the wrench. I just had to give my hands something to play with while your colleagues were remembering where you were. Put it on the bill”.

A second later, the man was gone, and Wess finally breathed in, only to let his breath out in a form of a shout: “Alyoufuckingidiotsonofabitchgetinh erenow!!!”

Mike had almost jumped up in the air when he finally got out of that garage, but managed to sustain himself only because he had to muster all his will not to allow himself a raging hardon over flaunting himself in public like this. He was elated, almost intoxicated with what he had made himself to be for this little episode. First he decided he needed an unkempt 3-day beard, and it grew in seconds.

Then he decided to make himself grow until he was seriously muscle-bound. He tore Jan's T-shirt at the sleeves and around his neck, he was sure Jan couldn't wear it with his new size anyway. Then he made himself grow until he filled the shirt until every move would produce faint ripping sounds from the rips Mike had started himself.

He let his swelling thighs and calves rip his jeans further, and the feeling of his huge muscle brought another hardon which poked out through one of the rips on his jeans, quite painfully bent down. He went to the mirror, considering whether he should put on some shades.

He looked at himself.

Muscle bound didn't even start to describe the condition, he thought, looking at his growing cock making a rapidly enlarging bulge down the remains of the leg of his jeans. Mike barely resisted the urge to flex, shout out and start hitting himself on the chest like the proverbial big white ape, but for the time being just committed this to memory as a good idea for some later time. He indulged himself a little by measuring his arms, which became a gargantuan 25 inches around—cold! He tried to measure his chest but the old tape wasn't long enough. It really took all self control to attempt getting his hardon down. In the end, what he was about to do, and that was give those incompetents in that garage a really good telling, kept giving him a hardon all the way to there. Finally he wished his cock not to have a hardon, because it became so big it kept getting tangled in the steering wheel, and he didn't really want to cause an accident because of people seeing him that way. He had some ideas on letting that hardon become blatantly visible, he wanted to humiliate someone into learning a lesson about conning people countless times, and he seriously considered adding the twist of making the humiliated man sexually aroused over him in front of his peers. But Mike was still Mike, so he decided he wasn't going to be that cruel, remembering how he would feel in the same situation.

All the way, driving in the car, he had chuckled at the wish he had made—he had never thought he would want a cock that couldn't get hard, not in a lifetime! As compensation, he didn't miss a single opportunity to tense his newly huge muscle, enjoying how his lats pressed into his triceps, and his pecs into his biceps, and his thighs into each other, bringing his huge genitals poking out in front of them, in the form of a huge bulge in his briefs, under his half-torn jeans. It was quite difficult to fit into Jan's car now, but regardless of that he loved every second of the drive.

Finally, when he came to the garage, it was obvious they had considered bull-shitting about something or other. Then, he saw this big wrench, and he just couldn't contain himself any more—he wanted to test his strength, and he wanted to make a point. He just started bending it. Wishing to be strong enough made him strong enough, it was a very strange feeling—he didn't grow, but there was this subtle change. Slowly, because it wasn't easy, he tied it into a knot, the chrome-vanadium alloy giving way with a high pitched, muffled metalic squeak, trying to oppose the force his hugely bulging pecs and bis created. He heard the overtortured T-shirt produce several more faint ripping sounds, and he just couldn't resist looking at his biceps bulge until he thought it would pop. He barely resisted the urge to stroke that immense bulge by forcing himself into 'scientific mode'. It was amazing how everyone suddenly just started being eager to tell him everything he wanted to know. After this little episode he was sure the car was going to run flawlessly for years. Anyway, it was time to get back to Jan's place.

He had to return Jan's car and arrange for pickup of his own, but there was no real hurry—yme went by, well into the afternoon hours, and his car wouldn't be finished today. He just wanted to be with Jan again. Half way to Jan's place, Mike got a better idea. His place was on the way anyway, so he stopped by for some stuff and to use the phone.

Jan was now sure this morphing ability which he and Mike had been suddenly endowed with, limited itself to what would be possible to humans, however, with the added dimension of almost unlimited supply of materials and energy.

It was anything but simple—some things ran on automatic, it seemed, while others, more specific, needed a lot of thought before attempted. Some things, again, were simply impossible—at least for now. If the body didn't somehow know how to achieve them, they just wouldn't happen. About an hour ago he had decided to stop being a hedonist, having satisfied himself sexually a dozen times, and decided to try more constructive things. As a result, he now knew he could remember anything if he wanted to—in fact he had memorized several pages of one of the dictionaries he had, and he could quote from those. It took a little longer to recall after about half an hour, but once he started, he could just go on. But what he was actually most interested in was biology. First of all, he could see much better in the dark, but not overly so. In the same way he augmented his hearing and quickly wished it back to normal because of the constant noise he was hearing, from just about anything, including his own body—what a way to learn the meaning of 'noise pollution'. One thing which he did retain, was true 20-20 vision, chuckling how he teased Mike about it. He also tried changing his skin color, and while he could get it lighter, he couldn't get it to be any darker than deep brown, certainly not ebony dark. Pity, he really wanted to try ebony. He reverted back to the tan Mike gave him, it really did look good. He walked over to his room again, rubbing his shoulders against the doorframe. That rub carried a special feeling and it gave him another idea to try—but just then the phone rang. It was Mike.

Mike was having the time of his life. He had noticed the guy ogling the second he had stopped the car, and it continued while he was getting out, which Mike had to admit, must have been a good show. The guy's eyes went to Mike's body while he was parking the car, and just never left it. He was a cute black haired little stud, about 5’7”, nicely defined and tight body, and those ogling eyes were a fantastic deep blue. Mike decided, very much out of character, it was high time for him to actually enjoyed the attention.

As he moved into the building, the guy followed, passed beside him as he sat in one of the chairs, and moved behind the bend in the hallway. It was obvious the guy wanted to give the impression he went down the hall on his own business, but as Mike had him already pegged, he wasn't surprised to see him lurking behind the corner.

There was a mirror accross the hall, and hidden by the corner, the guy was checking Mike out using the mirror. Of course, the mirror worked both ways, if you knew to look at it. To Mike, it couldn't have been more obvious. He could just feel the stare passing over every inch of his body, as the guy passed by. Knowing that he was being watched, Mike took great care to present something worth watching, standing up and walking back and forth, strutting there in his torn clothes. Then he decided to make it a bit more interesting for him.

“Come here” he said. Nothing happened, the guy flinched, behind the corner. It was a good plan, the elevator was there and for a moment the guy pretended he was waiting for it.

“Come on, you're not fooling anyone”.

The guy turned, and there was very evident fear in his eyes, but also curiosity. For a moment there, Mike thought the guy was going to freak out and run, so he added: “Hey, I don't bite. And I like being looked at”, turning so the guy could see him in all his glory, he spread his lats a bit and tensed his thighs and arms. He also made his pecs jump when he could see the guy was ready to start drooling.

Then the guy came out from behind the corner, and took a tentative step towards Mike, and stopped, looking at him with a pleading look.

Mike beckoned for him to get closer, and the guy complied.

Mike noticed he was young—early twenties, 21, 22? A beautiful young man. He stopped about a yard from Mike, rising one hand, and then pulling it back, right before almost touching Mike's chest. He looked up at Mike and then down, avoiding Mike's eyes. He muttered something, it took Mike a second to realize it was a “Oh my God”.

Jan had almost laughed his ass of while in the elevator. Mike had called with the idea that they go to a gym, and Jan stopped himself just before uttering 'but we had our last workout yesterday', realizing how funny it would have sounded, and remembering Mike's words about getting out of the routine life. Keeping to any kind of routine was something they would probably forget about very soon.

However, the real laughs started when Mike said he wanted them both to strut their stuff a bit, to which Jan must have laughed for five minutes, until his abdomen hurt, remembering how the 'old' Mike wouldn't be caught dead doing that. However, to say the idea wasn't a good one would have been a blatant lie. Realisation of the idea was a different story. It took some time for Jan to find gym clothes that would actually fit him.

Jan had just stepped out of the elevator, when he got an interesting surprise to deal with. Right there, in the middle of the lobby, was a truly huge version of Mike, being ogled at and touched by a tight little kid with a good butt, the kind that would stick to Jan like flies if he allowed it. He almost laughed aloud when Mike flexed his arm, to let the kid feel it, but felt his loins tingle as well.

'Well, well, Mike my man, a lot of progress compared to hiding in oversize sweats! Obviously you have decided to start strutting your stuff early', Jan thought. He watched a while as Mike gave the kid a guided tour of his body, evidently not caring too much if someone was looking from outside—but this was a quiet part of town, so no one was. Which was exactly right for the prank Jan just had to pull!

He watched the show. He knew this was just play, but he admitted to himself he was feeling a bit jealous. It was funny, really—after all, he was that young once, he thought, looking at that beautiful little stud feeling Mike's lats. They were fully extended in a lat pose, truly enormous—he could actually hear the ripping sound the T-shirt Mike was wearing made when he flexed. At the tender age, Jan would have given anything for a chance to feel a body like that little beauty was feeling now. Jan could feel how his cock slowly extended up his spandex gym shorts just from looking at Mike, noticing the three-day beard, and he realized it wasn't only Mike that was obviously turned on (not to mention the kid doing it), the worshipping Mike was getting was turning Jan on immensely. His shorts were so tight he had to make himself smaller to be able to put them on, making himself large again the second he did, of course. As a result they were literally as tight as if they had been painted on him. Because his waist hadn't increased, the only less tight part was where he had pulled his cock—sideways and up, right to the elastic.

Right now it was becoming huge, and the only way it could go was up. Jan had been worshipped this way in his time, and he did like it to a certain level. Right now that boy was obviously considering licking Mike's flexed biceps, his hands fondling Mike's pecs. Jan remembered how he liked those touches, the fascination of someone with his muscle, when that someone would touch and feel every inch of his body. He didn't want a groveling weakling, just a man who knew how to touch. Now he discovered looking at it being done turned him on something fierce. He let the bag he was carrying down onto the floor, taking care not to make any noise, and quietly got closer, well aware both guys hadn't noticed him, which was not at all surprising, considering what they were up to. Besides, it was part of Jan's plan.

The little guy had moved to licking the crevice between Mike's pecs, which had become completely exposed, the T-shirt ripping down with Mike's flexing. Jan could see the sheen the tongue bath gave those huge hard mounds of flesh, and noticed Mike holding the guy's hand in his, rubbing the bulge of his crotch, the remains of the jeans drum-tight over it. Jan was already hot as a stove, his cock now fully hard, waving in front of him, a huge mast of maleness. The little stud was so absorbed, he wiggled that perfect butt, as if begging to have something done with it, and Jan needed no better invitation. He felt that pang of jealousy but thought of a strategy to get rid of it: 'if you can't beat them, join them'.

Mike's mind was almost ready to surrender to the onslaught of sexual feelings, when suddenly saw the super hot little stud which was giving him a tongue bath gasp in surprise. A voice said: “Er, excuse me… that's my man you're touching”

Both Mike and the guy looked up. The guy screamed, and ran out, stumbling, like there was an angry swarm of wasps after him. Both Jan and Mike looked after him for seconds. Mike was just about to say something, turning to Jan. Then, the full impact of Jan hit and his mouth just dropped open.

“Sorry” Jan said, looking genuinely sorry, but Mike noted it was an utterly different way to look sorry. “I wanted to have some fun but I guess I was a bit jealous. Sorry…” he said.

Mike was looking at Jan, but Jan had grown this morning, and Mike had barely adapted to his new size. But this was super-Jan. In front of him was the man with absolutely the widest shoulders on this earth, which also meant the widest pecs. A muscle shirt was barely containing this incredible torso which tapered immensely into Jan's unchanged waist, so the taper was just out of this world. As before, everything had absolutely perfect proportion. Incredible proportion, but it was just beautiful. Those huge arms, the big pecs, like slabs of granite, covered by that right amount of fur Mike now found even more arousing than before. Big shoulders and traps, huge thighs, an absolutely fantastic body, topped off by a pouting face. It was Jan's face. The sexual pressure inside Mike suddenly found a purpose. This was Jan, the man Mike loved. And, desired. Right now. Jan's cock was absolutely huge now, reaching right up over his pecs, just at the level of Mike's mouth. For this occasion, just like everything else about Jan, perfect. Mike felt that tingle in his ears, and unzipped his pants, pulling his out his already throbbing member. Then he took to sucking on Jan's.

“Jesus Mike, someone might come in any second…” Jan started, but Mike silenced him by squeezing his cock and strategically poking his tongue under the corona of Jan's big cockhead. Mike did a full circle around it with his tongue, holding the fiercely hot shaft with one hand, and groping Jan's pec with the other, which made Jan produce a sound like purring. Mike pulled off for just a second.

“I don't care. I want you. Now.” he said, simply.

He went back to the job at hand with a vengeance, feeling Jan squirm in pleasure. Mike's cock was fast on it's way to fully hard, and he heard Jan mutter a “Oh God”. Then he felt Jan's arms over him, going up and down his chest and arms, and then he felt his cock being pulled up. A second after that, while he was sucking Jan's pre-cum, he felt his cock growing longer, until he saw it snake up Jan's pecs.

He was sure his eyes must have bugged out, as he looked at it going up, before he could even think about it, he saw Jan's hand reach for it, then felt Jan's hand grab it, and then he almost fell on his knees when he felt Jan's mouth on it. In seconds they had adjusted to each other, and Mike felt his shoulders widen against the fabric of the T-shirt which he was wearing, realizing from now on he was going to go through doors sideways, and that was all that took him over the top, he felt his balls move up his shaft, and then he started cumming. His whole body was shaking, as he felt his shoulders and lats rip the T-shirt apart, he grabbed and groped Jan's pecs, and then his arms, which suddenly appeared in his viewfield, feeling the huge head of Jan's cock press into his mouth. He almost gagged, trying to look up into Jan's face, and when his eyes went up, he saw his cock swollen to incredible and unearthly size, Jan sucking on it, holding it to his lips with both hands. Seeing his own cock becoming so big it must have extended to the level of his face, amplified Mike's climax until it was almost unbearable. His hands went down Jan's immense shaft, and found the huge ballsac, distended over swollen sex glands the size of tennis balls. He grabbed them, and squeezed. All he heard was Jan wince, and then moan. Just as Mike had stopped cumming, he felt the back of his mouth being lashed by spurts of Jan's cum. He suck Jan's cock like mad, stroking it, squeezing it, as volley after volley went into his throat, synched with his swallowing. Jan moaned with every squirt, rising himself on his toes, thrusting his cock into Mike's mouth.

Time had lost all sense. The sensations Mike could have said he was aware of, if his rational mind were alowed to have a say at all, were of both of them still sucking on each other's cock, leaning into one another. Neither had let even a single drop of cum go to waste. They were both starting to go soft. A few seconds later, their tongues were together, all sticky from their combined cum, sharing a long kiss, and a hug. It took a long time until Mike could speak again.

However, it was Jan that actually spoke first.

“Man, your cock is as wide as a log” he said. It was really a funny thing to say. Mike's mind was in a turmoil, and providing an answer to what Jan said was actually, unlike all other things he was thinking about, possible. His mind just supplied the words and he let them out with no filtering.

“And please, the next time, instead of making it longer, couldn't you just make me taller?”

“You know it wouldn't have happened if you didn't allow it” Jan said.

He was of course right, but the 'condition' had already been remedied. Mike was more or less back to the state he was before the most public sex of his life. This brought him back to reality. What was he doing with with that kid?!

'Jan..' He started, his voice sounding worried even to him. Jan, however just looked at him and kissed him. He waved his head slowly left and right as if saying no. For a moment Mike was confused.

“Remember, we were supposed to go play in a gym” Jan said. 'I thought you'd never ask—you just started a bit early, that's all.'

The day looked like one of those quiet ones when Tom started his shift behind the gym desk. Then, without any warning, it turned into one he was never going to forget. First of all, out of the blue, around half past five, in the middle of 'slumber-hour' in this gym, the door opens, and in comes a properly big man, for a change. In fact, as Tom looked up, and then down, and then up again, and then sideways, this guy was probably bigger than Marc, the undisputed king of size, and the so far biggest man Tom ever saw anywhere. Certainly, this man looked wider than Marc, in fact, he looked the widest. To top it off, he had a face that made Tom barely hold back from giving it a tongue bath. Sort of ruggedly innocent, with brown-blond hair, and a sexy 3-day beard of the same color. Just when Tom finished the appraisal, the door opened again, and in came an even larger man, well, taller, with the same incredible proportion, and a face of a model. Now this man made Marc look small! He spoke with a deep voice, oozing with testosterone might.

“What will a workout cost in this place?”

Tom usually stood at the counter, but now, he had to prop himself onto it, because he was feeling queasy at the knees with all this muscle-he-man display in front of him.

“E..eight dollars… each?” he hazarded. The larger bent down and gave Tom a display of his huge pecs mounding so big they stretched the muscle shirt he was wearing until Tom could hear it groan. He pulled a twenty dollar bill out of the recesses of his gym bag, and handed it over. It looked positively insignificant in the hand holding it. Tom kept looking from the bill, to the hand, and up to the shoulder and back down again, feeling his crotch tingle. Finally he took the bill, when he heard the smaller… well, less big, of the two clear his throat pointedly.

“Were are the lockers around here?” the man asked, and all Tom could do was just absent-mindedly point in the general direction. He had to will himself with all his might to get the change, but before he could, the bigger guy just said 'Keep it, buy your self a power bar or something, you need to fill out a bit.', and patted Tom on the shoulder with a pat of a bear. Need to fill out?! Tom had spent years building his body, and he wasn't very big but he sure wasn't small…

but then he realized he was, compared to those two giants.

Not 15 minutes after they came in, most of the other people that were in were literally scared off, except a few that just lingered around and ogled. Those were Tom's usual competition, and Tom had to admit he felt jealous, after all, this was his turf and hunting ground.

Marc may have been the king, but he was the gamekeeper and right now the catch of the century was right here. He took every opportunity to look into what those two giants were doing, and when he saw what they were up to, he just had to do it—he phoned up Marc. He was sure to take the bait, hook, line and sinker—and Tom hoped, the fisherman, too.

'Marc, it's Tom' he said, with a very serious tone, knowing Marc wouldn't be thrilled at the call.

'What do you want…' he heard Marc's voice, irritation included—but he interjected quickly before Marc could begin to tell him off.

'Marc, there are two absolute giants here, one bigger than the other… I think they are even bigger than you, and the weights they are handling are incredible…' Tom said. There was a silence from the other end. Then, there was an 'I'll be there in a minute', and a click. Tom could barely contain himself, the three largest men on this earth were soon going to be in one place, with him around. If he knew Marc, this was going to be one muscle pumping and flexing fest to be remembered. Tom felt his cock start swelling even more at the thought, and barely containing himself, he went to look what those two were up to.

From the moment Mike put on one of Jan's muscle shirts and tight gym shorts on, needing to wish himself smaller to accomplish that, and of course growing back the second he managed to put the things on, he knew a part of the person he used to be was lost forever. The 'old'

Mike would never have even gotten the idea to go to the gym with the intention of showing off, much less dressed for the occasion. Jan, however, delighted in the thrill of what they were about to do, in fact he said a large part of the thrill was watching Mike do the showing off.

Good thing they decided not to go to their gym, after all, one does not appear altered beyond anything possible a day after they left looking, well, 'normal'—although that sex oozing exit they performed yesterday could hardly be called normal. They both agreed they will not burn their bridges in that manner. In addition, Mike had Jan agree they would keep this little trip in the realm of decency (much as the notion of it changed in the last 24 hours or so), and also not morph 'in public' unless there was an emergency—it was too easy to get carried away, and this way they would keep each other in check until they knew what they are dealing with better.

Both Mike and Jan actually knew what that was really about—they needed to get over playing with themselves, but they agreed they'll do that somewhere in private. The gym wasn't such a place, and besides, the point was to do some serious lifting. If it was difficult, the body would adapt—unless there was a 'standing' order preventing it to—and it seemed that this 'wishing' thing that happened also could do 'standing orders', at lest Jan maintained it could. Both of them were after a serious pump, and that would have been impossible with the body adapting to make the weight easy to lift, although Mike was really tempted to let it adapt just to see what he would turn into. The look Jan gave him while they were discussing these ground rules was enough to tell him they were bound to try that some time soon, with or without the actual weights.

They picked a gym Jan used to go to years ago, and headed across town. The place had changed a lot, Jan said, and it seemed it changed owners—it looked different and had a different name. A perfect setting for a little fun. They both got out of the car and entered the premises. The first thing Mike saw when they entered was this cute buff blond guy at the counter. Mike could actually feel the incredulous stare check out every inch of him. It was incredible how sexual opportunity presented itself at every corner all of a sudden—Mike could see the guy barely containing himself from slurping, although he did purse his lips, so it was Mike's turn to contain himself from strutting, or rather strutting too much.

Only a day ago, Mike would have admired this guy's beautifully built and toned body from afar. He wasn't very big, but he was built, and very well at that. A day ago, Mike would have wished to look like that, and/or to be in bed with a guy like that if they, by some magic, would have proven to be compatible. Mike was never into sex for sex sake, and this characteristic defined him in a way. He didn't expect this to ever change, and this brought a pang of guilt again, over the incident with the kid in the lobby of Jan's appartment building. Even so, Mike remembered the name on the badge—Tom. Good thing Jan came in then and offered some meaningful conversation. What looked like seconds after that, they were both hitting the weights.

Jan knew they had made an impact the second they entered—that buff little stud named Tom, as his badge said, ogled at Mike, and then positively devoured them both with his blue-eyed stare. He knew the type—the 'close to the source' kind of guy. No doubt the guy was gay, and not afraid to show it to a chosen public. That, of course, was just the start—when they hit the weights, all eyes became glued to them. That was not surprising—after all, two guys that dwarf any pro taking turns at warming-up on a bench presses with about 400 pounds, doesn't happen every day! There were a lot of muffled Ahs, Ohs and Wows and a lot of head turning. The crowd was scarce, and it was actually the setting Jan preferred. He couldn't stop looking at Mike, and it was obvious it went both ways. There seemed to be no limit to the weight they could lift, but regardless of their power, the weight had to be lifted by some serious muscle work—and right now, Mike's pecs looked not only like they were going to burst through the shirt, but through his skin. They literally puffed up from those thick slabs into ready to burst shapes made of four huge cable-like fingers of flexed muscle. Jan could barely resist running his hands over them.

When it was his turn, he could see the same devouring look in Mike's eyes. Lifting the weight wasn't exactly easy, it was strange, Jan had to put real effort in it, but it seemed like he could go on forever, he didn't even have to breathe harder. He saw Mike move out of eyeshot, towards the dumbbell rack, and the second he did, a short man with black hair that had been ogling from the very moment Jan lay on the bench, approached. Jan remembered this was by no means a gay gym, unless this had also changed, but somehow, right now the audience was all male. The guy's eyes were stuck at his pecs, Jan had actually trouble looking over them to notice the fact—he had done something like 20 reps and was sporting a nice pump already, it made his pecs puff up so much even he was surprised. They felt so heavy and full, Jan just had to flex them and give them a stroke with his hand. He couldn't beleave he had just done almost three times the reps with twice the weight compared to his personal record! Finally, after that short pause, he cranked out six more reps, and with perfect form. He lay there for a second, and then stood up and added more weight. He wasn't actually sure the bar was going to hold, it was already arched beyond anything he ever saw with six 45 pound plates on each side. The bar only protruded a little beyond that and the seventh plate bas barely holding on in the end. As Jan was putting them on, he heard the man mouth a muffled 'impossible'.

'What is?' Jan asked, well aware he was giving in to a hedonistic urge.

'Oh… nothing' The man said, but obviously thought Jan's look demanded a better answer, and added 'I thought you would need a spotter, but I don't think anyone could attempt to spot you with that weight'

'I think I can handle it safely' Jan said, and proceeded to actually do that, right beneath the guy's incredulous stare, taking care to tense all his muscles with the weight in the top position, to give him something to ogle at, and without fail, he did, shaking his head in disbelief and muttering something.

'Jesus, you must be the strongest man on this planet' the guy uttered, shaking his head.

'No I'm not… yet' Jan said, enigmatically, eyeing the man. He could have been Jan's age or thereabouts, late twenties or early thirties, it wasn't easy to tell. Jan could see a nicely thick-muscled body, the way only short guys manage to pull it off. He must have been a foot shorter than Jan, and standing before him, his eyes came right to the middle of Jan's pecs. Jan moved a bit closer to him, and the guy eyed him down and up again, very quickly. Jan looked down, and he could see a barely perceptible bulge of the guy's cock—but Jan had a trained eye, in a manner of speaking, and that bulge could have looked that way only if that cock was rigid. Jan smiled inwardly, managing to keep a straight face, and offered a hand.

'I'm Jan' he said. The guy looked quite shocked at the introduction, looking incredulously up and down Jan's arm as he offered a handshake. Jan took the opportunity to let his eyes hunt for Mike, and noticed he had business of his own. That front desk boy was literally devouring Mike's biceps which turned into incredible peaked balls of flesh as he curled with a set of absolutely gargantuan dumbells. Jan could see Mike looking at his improbable peaks in the mirror with a look of incredulity only a fraction milder than that of the kid. Even Jan took seconds to unstick his gaze off them, completely understanding and enjoying the fascination. 'Er… Ben. Nice to meet you' the guy in front of him said, helping Jan to shift his attention away from Mike displaying himself. It took a lot of Jan's concentration to keep the familiar tingle in his crotch at bay. Jan looked down again, and noticed again… Ben…

couldn't stop staring at his arm. Then Ben looked up, it was almost like a flinch.

'You have the absolutely biggest arms I ever saw, what are they, at least two feet around? My god, I can't believe they are real!'

'I don't really know how big they are, as a matter of fact, but I can tell you they are absolutely real' Jan said, chuckling. Ben just looked at his arm in utter fascination, and Jan tensed it only a bit for emphasis, which brought a sigh from Ben.

'Want to touch it?' Jan asked, deciding to cut the preliminaries.

'Oh, man, no… I mean yes, but I wouldn't want you to think I'm like, you know…' 'What, gay?'

Ben looked down. Jan said 'Hey, it's never been a problem for me, I don't see why it would be one now…' Ben was still looking down. 'Look, I'll go on with my workout, and I have no problem with you sticking around… that is if you want it. If you decide you'd like to give me a squeeze, I won't mind, not at all.' Jan said.

Of course, Jan's being gay has proven a problem many times. Normally, he wouldn't have come out like that except when he was sure it was already obvious, and no-one would get physically hurt. It was such a thrill being able to say this outright—after all, who could do anything about it? He noticed the rest of the audience suddenly left on their own business, probably catching the whiff of what was going on between him and Ben. He looked around, and found Mike doing lat pulls. In Jan's opinion, Mike always had very good potential, and he had a pleasing shape even before this adventure started. Now, this shape was greatly improved, and developed fantastically. Looking at Mike's lats puff up was a purely sexual delight. He knew that Tom guy was having a good time, and so was Mike, evidently. All that left the dumbbells free, and Jan decided to put them to good use.

To Mike, this sudden attention, coupled with showing off his amazing strength, power and size, felt absolutely exhilarating. Almost intoxiacting. He kept lifting more and more, his muscles seemed to be impossible to tire, but he was beginning to breathe faster, and he couldn't believe the pump he was getting. He had started doing biceps curls with a weight he was only dimly aware existed before, and he had done so many reps—he just kept going on and on, barely being able to believe how his biceps kept on expanding with the pump. He moved on to bigger dumbbells, flexing his biceps into peaks so big even he was afraid they would pop through his skin. He had moved to a set of absolutely huge dumbbells which were clearly rarely used if at all—they were actually dusty.

He noticed that buff Tom stud from the front desk ogling, and he decided to give him a proper show. He cranked out rep after rep, until the two veins over his biceps pumped up with his blood into hard tubes the thickness of a finger. Mike had to consciously will his cock to remain flaccid at the thrill of his own show, but he could see a hefty bulge form in Tom's shorts, running down the left pantleg. Finally, Mike stretched a little, and then flexed his biceps, as if for himself, looking in the mirror. He flexed hard, not entirely believing the size his arms became, they were bigger by half than his thighs used to be only a day ago, and those peaks were unbelievable—the skin over them shined, it became so stretched. He stroked the bulging biceps of his right hand with his left palm, it was hard as steel, and he tensed and relaxed it a little, making it throb. He barely resisted licking his engorged biceps. Then he flexed the other arm as well, noticing clearly the wince that came from Tom, who was still ogling behind him. Unfortunately, the supply of dumbbells was exhausted, but Mike wanted to try something else anyway, so he moved on to the lat machine.

He had done his first set with the whole stack, and as he pulled, grunting, he could hear clearly the grunts coming from Tom, still behind him. He finished the set, feeling his arms lifted up by the pump of his lats. But of course, he was after a pump the likes of which were never seen before. He pulled the stack pin a bit outwards, and strutted over to the plate rack, took a 45lb plate and hung it on the pin. It wasn't really much more weight, but it was intended to be an experiment anyway. He started his set, when he saw Tom get in front of him, and first beckon and then ask him to stop. He wanted him to take the weight off because he was afraid the machine would get damaged, but finally desisted and told him not to add any more.

Mike clearly saw him hiding the bulge in his shorts, which was now really big, and throbbing, by putting his hands in front of it, but of course, that was very conspicuous, and obviously intended that way. Mike continued pumping, breathing in and out, pulling sloooowly, bending back at the bottom of the pull and squeezing with all his might, which made his pecs stick out in front of him like a shelf, and his lats explode outwards like wings. Every pull was followed by a sound from Tom, and after a couple of them, that sound was almost a moan. All of a sudden, he felt another presence behind him. He finished the set, stood up and turned around.

Behind him, beside Tom, was a true giant, just as big as Mike now was. He was dressed in a muscle shirt and shorts just like Mike, and from what Mike could see, this chocolate-colored hunk of prime beef could match him inch for inch, and that included the bulge between the pillar-like thighs.

'Mind if I work in?' the man said, in a deep, manly, yet silky-smooth voice, not without a hint of cockyness.

Tom was on the way to heaven, at least heaven as he imagined it—full of incredibly huge muscular men ready to flex and strut for him.

Right now, the way to that heaven included two incredibly huge men.

Tom almost thought 'only two' but those two looked like they had all the muscle in the world on them. As far as Tom was concerned, things could only get better—there was a third somewhere around as well!

When Tom first saw Marc, he thought he was hallucinating—there was just no way someone like Marc could have existed. But he soon found out Marc was very real. Marc was a black-white mix that seemed to have the most outstanding qualities of both, from his toes right up that impossible body, to that gorgeous face topped by atypically straight, but typically wiry, crew-cut black hair, probably a part of some native-american genes, Tom always thought. Whatever those were, were again the best on offer. Marc was huge beyond anything Tom ever laid his eyes on, until this day. He had a shape which could be described as he-man in flesh, and that included every part of him.

Marc called himself straight, which in his vocabulary meant 'fuck whoever can take it and not be fucked yourself'. He also called himself 'top of the muscle chain'. For Tom, all that meant was that Tom's eyes being laid on Marc was just the start, soon it was just about every part of Tom's body. In fact, Tom was Marc's favorite.

Marc would fuck anyone that would worship his body, and he always said that only a man knows what a man needs—and Tom was an expert in feeling and squeezing those 5” thick slabs of pec muscle, and groping those flexed 26” arms while Marc would flex that he-man cock up in Tom's bowels. Tom was one of the rare that could take that fucking willingly.

Marc was hung as a mule and was obsessed with all his muscles which included the sex muscle as well. This meant he was equally apt at making himself bigger down there, as he was with the rest of his body. When excited, that cock swelled to 13 inches long, and it would become steel-hard adding two inches more in length and swelling to a huge girth while he fucked Tom just as he wanted it—senseless.

Even soft, Marc's cock was over 10” long and he took great care to display that fact, which in fact he was doing right now, wearing the tightest shorts imaginable. They displayed a long tubular bulge down his thigh that already bulged with muscular shapes. He was taking turns with this impossibly huge stranger, going through each and every exercise the stranger was doing, matching rep for rep, weight for weight. Occasionally one would do a rep more and the other would match that, or even increase it. To start off with, Marc arrived already sporting a pump, which didn't surprise Tom at all, in fact he counted on it. Then, the two giants proceeded to compete on the lat machine, then they did leg extensions, then they used the hack with so much weight the poor thing was visibly bent under it. Tom was so hot over the looks of those two, he barely contained himself from cumming into his shorts, which visibly tented out, his raging hard-on completely evident to everyone. Tom couldn't care less. He was amply occupied with bugging his eyes at the impossible shapes those two were attaining with so much pumping. If it wasn't for the sheer curiosity about what they would be doing next, he would have freed his manhood of it's confinement and jacked off right there.

Half through the show, Marc took his shirt off, exposing his torso, glistening with sweat. Then both went back to the bench, and started lifting that bar, loaded with countless pounds of iron, left there by the third giant—No one had dared take the weights off. Tom ogled, no doubt moaning below breath, while these two continued taking turns through who knows how many sets. Half way through, the stranger took his shirt off as well, but it stuck below his pecs, so he actually had to rip it off. For a moment they both stood eyeing each other.

Tom had never seen Marc so pumped up, and the other man matched that, if not even topped it. The muscles on both bulged like they were flexed, and they were not, although they did tense them, trying to look bigger than the other, and they already looked like someone stuffed those muscular bulges with balloons. Finally, they moved some of the weight off the bar, in complete synch, one moving off the plates on the left side and one off the right, and started doing triceps extensions. Both had pumped up their pecs so big they had trouble bending their neck enough to get their head out of the way of the bar. Marc's chest was so high he couldn't see over it lying on the bench, and it inflated even further when he'd breathe in. Then the stranger would take his turn, and Tom's eyes would glue to the a sea of pec muscle before him, and drift to the triceps flexing until he thought it would sprout additional heads. After that, they moved on to using the biggest dumbbells available to do shoulder flies, and again they went on and on. Finally, they moved back to the bench, and the stranger took the bar and started curling those biceps again.

Marc was not to be intimidated. By the end of the set, they started adding small plates, daring each other to lift more, but all the time they never said a single word.

By the end of set four, they were both pumped up incredibly, the second they would let the weight down, they had to assume a posture with legs spread, and their arms would lift up automatically, with the pump in their backs and triceps and shoulders. The stranger sported a network of veins Tom had never seen the likes of, and Marc's became so big over his forearms, they looked like someone tied him up with ropes. One would put the weight down, and the other would strut and flex his biceps lightly, teasing the other. All their muscles bulged all the time. And they went on. Finally, when Tom thought they were going to continue until one either dropped exhausted or pumped up so much he'd burst, they both stopped, looking at each other. They were all sweaty, and pumped up so much that Tom thought another rep would make the skin rip over those insanely big muscles. They stood there, looking like they were doing a side chest, lat and a kind of double biceps pose all at once, and in fact they weren't flexing at all. Then came the first words, from Marc. 'Tom here' he said, panting, and tilting his head towards where Tom was standing (Tom could have added 'in a puddle of his drool' to that), 'says you're bigger than me'.

Tom looked at one, then the other. Then he remembered the third. 'But there's a…' he started, but Marc looked at him with a look that clearly stated 'I'm doing the talking here'.

'There's only one way to test that' Marc said, and turned, or rather, maneuvered, to face Tom. 'Get the key to the posing room'. Tom first looked at him, then at the stranger. Then he started saying something, but thought better of it. He had no recollection how he got to the desk and got the keys, he just knew that next they were trying to get through the door and he had the key in his hand, obviously having unlocked the door. It wasn't in use normally, Marc kept a few of his things there, but it was basically a room with three walls lined with mirrors. There was a long bench along the fourth wall, and a few boxes, an incomplete weight rack, and another shorter bench. Tom had to use the long bench right away, because the second those two got in, entering sideways, they started strutting and flexing. First, it was only 'in passing', a muscle would twitch and jump. But then, they went on to a real show. Tom found himself on the bench, shorts pulled down and cock in his hand. He was excited to the point of pain, and his balls in fact ached, swollen, attaining a size Tom never thought possible. The two heaps of pumped up muscle looked at him when Marc obviously got the idea of him deciding who the bigger was, noticed what he was up to, and just proceeded to test who was bigger by themselves.

The first thing they did was a lat spread, flexing so hard, the backs exposed to Tom, he thought their lats would fly apart trying to become wider—the two of them looked like they spanned the width of the room, and the tapers they had could only become better by the lats going out horizontally. That was when Tom came. It was such a surprise that he gasped in shock, his cum spewing in a gush of thick liquid, arcing a yard up like it was coming from a fountain. The two giants paid no attention to him at all, and moved on to a double biceps, their arms becoming, what looked to Tom like two balloons of flesh each, spanning the space between the fists and the still extended lats. Then, they moved on to a one-armed biceps pose, squeezing until Tom thought their biceps would snap in two. Marc's ballooned into those huge ball-shaped mounds, even bigger than Tom ever remembered them, crowned by a huge vein. The stranger's parried by an equally big peak, with a split right down the middle you could hide in. Both were squeezing so much the skin became reddish, and on Marc it became a deeper shade of brown. They both shook with the exertion, veins sticking out on their necks and shoulders, grunting.

Then, both shifted to a side triceps pose, pumping the arms up and down slightly, creating gashes and mounds alternately. The stranger was obviously not experienced at posing, but he caught on in seconds.

Then, most muscular, which Tom viewed from behind, seeing the actual pose in the mirror, but not failing to notice they both flexed their glutes and legs so the striation was clearly visible even through the shorts they both wore. Marc's glutes looked like two square five-inch thick plates hammered into place under the skin, while the stranger's were tilted to the side, a gash going up to the middle of them. Both had legs which looked like they could provide enough power to move a building around plowing through the ground with it's foundation, and those traps they made bunch up came up to their ears. Tom had no idea whether he was jacking off, cumming, in the process of falling unconscious, or if his skin was burning off, he only knew he had to keep on looking.

'It seems it's pretty much a tie' Mike's opponent finally said, both reluctantly going half-relaxed from who knows which turn at doing a lat spread.

Mike was very new at all this, he almost laughed out loud at the thought that a day ago he'd be on that bench behind, like that Tom guy was, beating himself off into oblivion at the sight before him.

But, Mike was not naïve, nor stupid. When this private contest between him and this other superman started, he kept himself back, trying to figure out if this guy somehow had the morphing ability as well. It soon became clear that he was well known in this gym, however, and that implied he was a regular. If he was able to morph, he certainly wouldn't need to be. It seemed that this man was a true genetic freak. But the kind of body Mike now had was extremely unlikely to be built using natural means, maybe even impossible. Mike had no doubt the he-man beside him wasn't used to being in the presence of anyone bigger than himself—and that was because Mike was sure he'd never seen anyone bigger, nor heard of. But, Mike had cheated the usual rules—what this guy did to attain such muscle, natural or chemical or whatever, was grueling hard work, and definitely involved taking many risks. In that sense Mike had no business competing at all. However, it was soon obvious a competition could not be avoided. Mike felt some real fear about what the guy would do if he found himself overshadowed. He didn't want the guy to injure himself, or worse, that the contest resulted in a subsequent death by some drug overdose or whatever. Although Mike had no doubt at first who the winner would be, he found out he was getting a proper run for his money—in fact, although he could have probably used more weight, or done more reps, the difference would have been very small. It made this guy's achievement even more remarkable. He was going to stay true to the ground rules he and Jan laid out, but truth be said, he was getting a bit worn out. Looking at the feats both he and the giant beside him did, he could only admire the man—there was no doubt this guy was a true genetic freak, who had kept on pumping the weights in order to push the limits, for who knows how long.

As far as character was concerned, Mike was getting more than a bit pissed off. This guy was also an overbearing showoff. Although Mike had to admit at least there was loads to be shown-off, still Mike didn't like the attitude. Granted, Mike was at this place to show off, but with the intention of humiliating someone else.

'There's only one way to settle this' the man said, and started to rub the big swollen bulge in his shorts. During all the showing off, it had grown visibly, protruding halfway down his thigh. Mike had a similar problem, but unlike the man in front of him, he was keeping it under stricter control. The man continued stroking his enormous endowement, and finally challenged: 'Pull out that meat so we can see who the bigger man is'.

Now, that was truly the last straw. Yes, Mike found the guy beside him hot to the limit, and yes, if we were talking just about raw sex, in some other reality he would have loved to have a chance at the wildest possible sex with him, involving an intimate flex and fuck the likes of which the world had never seen. The incredible sex appeal was not to be denied—Mike had to forbid his cock from getting hard.

However, right now, Mike thought, this guy needed a lesson. Just as Mike decided to give him one, the guy pulled down the shorts, and exposed a rapidly engorging horse-sized dick. He started pulling at it, which made it swell instantly. Mike did the same, and in a second they were beating off maddeningly slowly. The guy's cock had swelled huge, and Mike allowed his own to get just short of that.

'So, doesn't seem you can match these rock hard 15 inches' the guy said, sniggering like a Cheshire cat. 'Never seen anyone that can' he finished. Now, you are really asking for it, Mike thought, and you are going to get exactly what you deserve.

'Not so fast. I'm barely half-hard.' Mike said, and mentally unleashed his cock. He gave it a few tugs, although he had all the incentive to get bursting hard already. In about five seconds it unfurled to it's new dimension, becoming again an almost 2' mast of swollen flesh, which then continued swelling thicker once it achieved it's elephantine length. As it grew, Tom practically scrammed to get beside Mike, and the huge guy's eyes glued to it. As it grew, they just continued bugging out until Mike thought they would pop out on springs like in a cartoon. Tom in turn became progressively paler.

Finally, Mike felt his cock achieve that 'steel beam welded to his pelvis hardness', and just couldn't resist asking 'So, can you match these two feet?'

The huge guy looked up and down Mike's cock in disbelief, going from the protrusions Mike's balls made (and that was actually quite painful) in his shorts, up to the glistening head swollen to softball size, and then further up looking into Mike's face, while Tom just gurgled something. Then, the big guy just said 'Sweet fuckin' Jesus!'

and took Mike's cock with both hands, and attempted to devour it. He tugged at it, which made the root of Mike's cock massage Mike's innards with such a pain-ecstasy feeling his knees trembled. Mike held onto the guys gargantuan shoulders, looking down, noticing the guy's cock had attained incredible hardness, it was so rigid that as the guy moved attempting to suck Mike's super-cock, it wouldn't bob at all—it just moved with his pelvis. Impending sex won over Mike's rational mind. A second after that, Mike started stroking the guys shoulders and those hairless pecs, and then felt two hands on his ass, slowly moving around to reach his abs. He looked to the side, to find Tom's eyes boring into him with a begging look. Just then, the huge guy found Mike's piss slit and poked his tongue in it, and then ran his teeth right beneath the flaring corona of Mike's cockhead, moaning, which made Mike reward him with a gush of pre-cum which obviously surprised the guy. He pulled off for a second, and said, licking his lips: 'Not so fast… I want you to give it to me, I want you to fuck my brains out with it'. He looked the guy straight in the eyes, and the desire was evident. Then he looked back at Tom, who's surprise was obviously enough to get more than his cockhead going, and who said incredulously: 'Marc… him fuck you?!?'

'Quit yapping Tommy, and start sucking, help the man out!' the big guy hissed.

Now, Mike had absolutely no idea how this Marc guy was going to handle the overgrown cock he was already being pulled by towards the bench, while Tom kept crawling on his knees, trying to position himself between them, in order not to have to decide whether he was going to lick Mike's balls or suck on Marc's cock—he obviously wanted both. Mike had fucked only once in his life and that was yesterday. The urge to do just what this Marc person was asking for was overwhelming. Obviously, he'll just have to play it by ear.

Jan could have seen that Mike was more than happy with the attention he was receiving from Tom. True, Jan had some pangs of jealousy over that, but he knew it was because of his insecurity and indecisivenes about his relationship with Mike. Jan though it was high time Mike allowed himself to have some fun. He was fairly sure Mike was a very much closeted guy, at least he used to be, and Jan loved the way Mike's self-confidence was blooming right now. He decided not to interfere, Mike had to get over it and what better time than now.

Besides, Jan had a customer of his own.

Jan had gone on through a series of exercises, absolutely everything he could think of involving the biggest dumbbells he could find, and those were really big, because they were one of those that were put together with regular plates. Jan had used a curious arrangement of 25 and 45 pound plates that let him add the weight but still actually have enough space to move the dumbells around. All the way through his impromptu routine he could see Ben follow him like a bewildered puppy, keeping his distance. He didn't shy from staring, though. Ben was obviously starting to cook nicely on the sexual fire of Jan's show, and Jan knew in a short time he'd be ready for some action.

This is why Jan decided he'd leave the body part Ben seemed to like the most for last. So, finally, he ended up pumping his arms, until the sight of his biceps pumping up and flexing into peaks never before seen in this gym, or for that matter anywhere, not even by Jan himself, made the final blow to Ben's resolution to admire from afar.

Jan just kept on curling, taking great care to squeeze his biceps until he thought they'd cramp, in the top position. He had long ago attained 'a pump'. Right now, he was on the way to the mother of all pumps, and his biceps looked about ready to pop, the skin over them was red with the irritation of constantly being distended. Jan had worked up a proper sweat, and it made the skin over the biceps glisten like glass when he flexed them, but he was determined to keep on until Ben surrendered himself to the urge of touching. Finally, when Jan thought his biceps were really going to rupture, Ben got closer, and put a weary hand on Jan's rock-hard arm, and as Jan continued curling, cranking out a few more reps, Ben just kept wincing, sighing and moaning 'My god, they're gonna explode'. In a second both Ben's hands were over those peaks of muscle, one and the other, and he looked positively shocked, which was only slightly more than Jan was, Ben couldn't get his hands to span the circumference of Jan's madly pumped biceps, let alone the whole arm, and he kept on trying until Jan actually held Ben's hands off before the guy had a nervous breakdown.

Then, with Ben in tow, he headed where the sauna used to be. He tugged Ben by one hand and Ben kept feeling Jan's forearm with his other hand, like a bewildered kid, completely oblivious to what was happening around him. Sure enough, not even these owners had made the sauna work, but right now it was the only place that offered some privacy.

Once they entered, Jan closed the door. He couldn't lock it as there was no key, but he was fairly certain no one was going to intrude. On cue, Ben took all his clothes off, and Jan remained in his shorts, struggling to get the muscle shirt off, because he was so pumped up and sweaty, it clung to him like it was glued. Finally, he managed to get it off, hearing a muffled rip, but it still looked OK. Ben was already beating his cock into a pulp. Ben was actually well muscled, but at the same time sort of pudgy, almost like he had a layer of baby fat. He went over his rock hard cock, which was average in length but very thick, with a speed making his hand a blur, never taking eyes of Jan. And Jan decided to give Ben a full show, flexing for him. He felt his own cock start to inflate, looking at his slightly distorted image of himself in the shiny metal door behind Ben. He leaned into Ben, allowing him to touch his flexed pecs, and to roam over his shoulders, and finally over his flexed biceps. Jan was turned on as much by Ben's ministrations as by himself. He flexed till it was painful, looking at his own biceps. Jan always had big arms, but they looked double the size right now, the biceps like two intersecting bowling-ball sized eggs, puffing up like balloons every time he would flex. He hadn't morphed, but he sure intended to at a later time, just to see how big a biceps could be. About there Ben came, with a content sigh, dribbling cum, but it didn't phase him at all, he just closed his eyes and continued beating off, making a weird wet sound, droplets of his cum falling around. Then Jan turned around and presented his back, spreading his lats like wings until his arms stood straight out to his sides. He couldn't see himself, but from Ben's grunts and from the feeling of his lats he knew he was absolutely humongous. He felt Ben's hand roam over the expanse of his back, and then something soft and hot—he realized it was Ben's tongue. Jan felt his cock push up the waistband of his shorts, growing an inch a second, throbbing. He let it grow until the band snapped back down, exposing the head and shaft, which were still growing bigger. Ben's tongue had left his back, and he felt Ben's hand on his ass, the wet almost slurping sound becoming suddenly faster in rhythm, and then he heard Ben wince, moving his hand to Jan's triceps, obviously cumming again. Jan was genuinely surprised at the control, Ben was standing all the while, and still kept on jacking off like there was no tomorrow. It made Jan so excited his cock extended up to his pecs in record time, becoming so hot Jan felt the heat with his face. He went to a double biceps pose, swinging his pelvis back and forth which made his now gargantuan erection slap into the bottom of his pecs repeatedly, surely a novel way to jack off. After a few more times, he felt his pre-cum stick the head of his cock into the crevice between his pecs, so he flexed them which pinched the cockhed and literally catapulted his cock downwards. He almost came, but managed to contain himself enough to turn around and face Ben. The second he did that, he saw Ben inhale suddenly, and start wincing, and then almost screaming, his cock erupting a steady stream of cum which dripped in strands to the floor. Ben's eyes were bugging out, looking at Jan's ultra-cock, and he was jacking off with such speed Jan thought he'd get heat blisters. He continued cumming, which brought Jan over the top. His knees almost gave way, and he ended up standing like in the middle of a limbo dance, his cock sticking straight up. He jacked off with both hands, feeling his cock swell even more, and his cum start pushing up the shaft. He thought his balls would explode as he felt a thousand hot needles prick his cock from inside, going up the shaft, until finally, they erupted in the form of a shaft of liquid which exploded up onto the ceiling with a very loud splat, surprising Jan so he almost fell, making a few backward steps to regain balance. Then, there was another spurt like that, and another. Jan managed to catch a glimpse of Ben, who was oozing down the door, his back propped onto it, still beating himself off, with an expression of an idiot. He was drooling from the corner of his lips, and his cock was drooling too, and still he was beating himself off, but somewhat slower. Finally, as Jan winded down, after producing what seemed like two dozen spurts, which ended sprayed over everything, he saw Ben end up on the floor, and finally ease up on his beating his meet, which was very swollen, and dark red with irritation. His eyes were closed, and for a second Jan was scared stiff that there was something very wrong with Ben. Then he saw Ben was breathing. He bent down, all sticky with his own cum, and picked up Ben, who just hung over his arms like a rag doll. He put him on the bench, and he realized Ben was sleeping like a baby.

'Incredible!' he thought. He was quite frightened the guy had literally jacked himself off into oblivion, but then he stirred, pulling himself into a fetal position, and sighed a content sigh the likes of Jan had never heard.

For several minutes Jan considered what to do, sitting beside Ben on the bench. Finally, he decided to let Ben be, and take a shower. He went out, closing the door silently, and managed to pop into the locker room completely unseen, took a few things out of the locker and headed for the showers. Fortunately, they were deserted, and he took only minutes to rinse down the remains of the weird sex he just had. He thought about it, and one of the thoughts crossing his mind was 'being this big is dangerous for other people', but the connotation was so funny, like expecting people to start cumming until they went into a coma the moment they lay eyes on him and Mike.

He tried to dismiss the thought, but it kept on lingering uncomfortably.

Mike… now what was he up to? Jan realized it must have been an hour since he last saw him. He stepped out of the shower, shocking a man that just entered. He couldn't care less. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and hurried off to the sauna room to see to Ben.

When he opened the door, Ben was already dressed up, he had used his shirt to towel of the cum. The sauna was still drenched with it, but obviously both didn't care about that at all. When Jan entered, Ben almost jumped. He looked at Jan with a look that could only be interpreted as fear.

'Are you all right?' Jan asked. Ben just looked at him. Then he started nodding but stopped mid-way. “I don't know' he said. Jan could do nothing but look at him, and Ben averted his eyes. They stood there like that for a short time. 'I'm sorry… I can't be near you right now…' Ben said. Jan looked at him. Ben took his shirt and went out. Jan just stood there feeling like an idiot. The guy had probably spent a lifetime denying any attraction to his own sex, and what happened must have been an incredible shock. Jan realized he was actually lucky the guy hadn't started yelling 'Rape' when he entered.

He didn't know what to do. Finally, he left for the lockers, to get something clean to wear, and decided he'd look for Mike. As he went out he passed Ben in the showers, he stood under the torrent of water, and looked at Jan as he passed. Then he smiled almost imperceptibly, and Jan felt his heart get back into the right place.

For a moment there, he was really scared.

Marc had tried a lot of things in his life to make himself continue getting bigger. As a matter of fact, he was still at it. He was always big, but he wanted to be the biggest thing that moved on this earth, and up to now he was certain he was. He had built his muscles up to incredible dimensions, and he had also done some work on his cock. It was so big now that Marc never saw anyone who could top it, until today. He could have seen that guy was as big as him, but when he saw that cock inflate, becoming what looked like double the size of his own, he had only one thought in mind.

Marc had no problem fucking anything or anybody that would give him a good time, which usually meant worshipping every inch of his body while he flexed his muscle like mad, and it was even better if there was a mirror around. Truth be said, Marc could spend hours in front of a mirror completely alone, frequently cumming all over it several times. For him that qualified him as 'straight' although he couldn't care less what he was as long as his desires were satisfied. Ever since he met Tom, he kept wondering what it's like to be fucked by his huge cock. He had sucked himself off a few times, but he liked the feel of Tom on his cock the best. Sure, he had fucked both sexes, but the women couldn't take him any more, they mostly didn't even want to try, and he'd be damned before he'd admit he was too big on account of some broad not being able to fit him. Now, the men, those were a different story. He had several who he literally made bleed and they still kept on pushing and begging for more. Until Tom. Tom was always ready and willing to get his butt fucked apart, begging Marc to rip him open, over and over. He'd cum like a fountain, several times, while Marc kept fucking him, his hands all over Marc's body, moaning for more. After months he still couldn't get enough and Marc found even his enormous sexual endurance taxed on several occasions. He vowed he'd find out what it was about the fascination with a huge cock mangling your innards. Marc knew all about his narcissistic streak, but he considered it perfectly logical. The most desirable cock he would have liked in his ass was his own, but he'd need to make it far bigger to even attempt that, and as obsessed as he was, he wasn't counting on that being possible (but he sure as hell was going to try). So, he had a dildo cast from his own cock, and had progressed to the point where he could impale himself on it almost all the way. He'd do that and strut in front of the mirror, making himself cum like never before, which only made him want more.

But, he wanted a real cock in him, one that would pump back and forth, swelling hugely, filling him up completely, cumming. However, being the way he was, he decided that he'd be fucked only by a man at least as big as himself but preferably bigger, or none at all. Right now, he wanted that rock hard log of a cock on that mountain of a man right up his ass, no matter what it takes. For the first time in his life, Marc was actually frightened there was something he wouldn't be able to do. His hand couldn't meet around this guy's member, and Marc had never actually been fucked before, but, he reasoned, there was a first time for everything.

Right now, Marc had the cock of his desire in his hand, and was lying on the bench, pulling it, and it's owner, closer to his wanting asshole. Right then, the door opened, and in stepped, or rather, pushed, a man which was even more huge than the one whose cock Marc was holding. All heads turned towards the newcomer. Marc noticed the questioning look the newcomer gave the other giant, and the other giant just spread his arms in a 'what can I do?' gesture. The newcomer just started taking off his clothes. Marc shot a glance at Tom, and the later only whispered 'I was trying to tell you there was a bigger one', moving his gaze back to the newcomer, whose cock now looked as big as Marc's but was swelling visibly. By the time he approached Tom, almost pushing his crotch into Tom's face, it got almost as big as the one Marc was still holding. Tom gave it a few experimental tugs, with an utterly bewildered look in his eyes, looking at the result of his ministrations—and that was a completely hard piece of manmeat as long as on the other guy, only not as thick. Well, Marc thought, there is only one thing better than a super-cock, and that's two of them. As if this newcomer was a final element in the puzzle, they all moved in place.

Marc lowered his back onto the bench and pulled at the rigid pole he held, making it's overgrown owner wince, while the other even more overgrown stallion moved over his head, the fist-sized balls swinging right over Marc's face. The final element was Tom, who maneuvered himself over Marc's raging cock, took the newcomers cock in his hands, and then, started impaling himself on Marc's cock. As if that was a signal of some sort, Marc felt his asshole being stretched beyond anything he thought possible, as the huge cockhead, lubed by it's pre-cum started pushing into him. He looked up and cupped one of those balls in front of his face with one hand, and felt Toms hand on his other arm, which he promptly flexed. He heard Tom wince and saw his fucker grab Tom's pecs, and the other huge man flex into a double biceps pose, at the same time feeling his ass was going to bust. Tom let himself down on Marc's cock, taking the whole length in one thrust, and Marc felt his balls squeezed by Tom's ass, which made him flex all his muscles at once and come violently, almost throwing Tom of his cock. From that moment on, he was trapped by one orgasm after another. With each movement he felt his bowels being rearranged and his ass stretched to tearing as two feet of log-thick cock inexorably pushed into him, doing that by pushing in and then back, but always gaining. His own cock felt like it would burst into pieces, swollen like never before. He could see a bulge on Tom's abdomen as it roamed around in there, Tom humping up and down, just slow enough to make Marc lose his wits, while sucking on the other two foot shaft extending right over his head. He heard Tom wince, and then say 'payback time' and he came again, his juice spewing out of Tom's ass as Tom let himself fall down on his cock again. He felt like he was going into nuclear melt-down, dimly aware of his body spasming, clamped down by countless pounds of pumped up manmeat.

Jan could see an almost wanton desire on Mike's face, as he pushed his log-sized cock ever deeper into the huge guy on the bench. He was humping him with all his might, and the guy kept moaning 'more, rip me, fuck me', his eyes reeling in a mixture of pain, lust and pleasure. That Tom stud was humping the guy at the same time, being stroked by Mike, and then hugged so Jan could hear his bones click, and it seemed it was exactly what he wanted. Jan's balls were being given a tongue bath, interrupted suddenly by the man obviously cumming. Jan pulled off in fear the man would suffocate, but his face held an expression of absolute bliss, and his eyes circled around aimlessly. A second later, Jan flexed for Tom, and Tom came, spewing his cum all over Jan's chest, with subsequent gushes ending on the chest of the man beneath him. Then Jan rubbed it all in, into that hugely pumped up chest. The man had the biggest chest Jan had ever seen, and arms rivaling his own, which he flexed suddenly. Watching that deliciously brown skin stretch over those incredible peaks made Jan cum with all his might, grunting, splashing Tom with what looked like a gallon of cum. It lasted what seemed like minutes, and when he came to, Tom was cumming again, and then Mike roared, humping the guy so hard the whole bench moved, together with the guy, and Tom, pushing Jan. The guy on the bench winced, and just tensed, and then started jerking, uttering a series of ugh's oh's and arghs. Then he stopped, which was followed by a much wetter sound coming from where his cock went into Tom's ass. Tom continued to hump up and down. Jan looked down, feeling Tom's hands again on his cock, and noticing the huge guy's abdomen, saw a lump slowly moving back and forth under muscles the size of cobblestones. He realized Mike was fucking the guy's lights out, pulling out and pushing back, making what looked like strokes over a foot long. Then, all of a sudden, the guy took Jan's cock in his hands, and squeezed so much Jan thought his cockhead would rupture. The guy handled Jan's cock as best he could, Tom taking the advantage to stroke the guy's pecs, and then squeeze them as hard as he could. The guy started jerking off Jan's cock, while flexing his other arm, which Jan took as a cue, groping the biceps and squeezing it hard. Then, he let it go an made a lat pose, keeping his hands off his hips, which instantly produced the desired reaction, a hand went right up his lat, which Jan flexed until he thought it would jump out of his skin. He looked up for a moment and saw Mike and Tom gaping at the sight of him, and then Mike squeezed his eyes shut, and gritted his teeth, and rammed the guy beneath with such force that Tom was practically thrown into Jan, but managed to hold on to the huge pecs beneath him. Now it was Jan's turn to gape as Mike produced a double biceps, inflating his chest, and then deflating it back producing a low growl going into a most muscular pose which showed each and every separate muscle fiber on Mike's body. It was evident he had cum such a wad that it actually made the huge guy's abdomen puff up a bit. That was enough for Jan, who just managed to say 'I'm gonna cum'. He started jacking himself off, joined by Tom, and Mike started humping the guy beneath him again with a vengeance. Jan felt he was on the verge of cumming, but somehow he just stayed there, until all of a sudden, the huge guy beneath yelped, and pulled Tom's ass of his cock. That mantool seemed like it would never end, going out of Tom's ass, but Tom was not to be bothered, and as he was almost thrown off, he managed to steady himself and start jacking himself off with a speed Jan could only describe as rivaling Ben from who knows how long ago. Mike started grunting and puffing all of a sudden, at the sight of the huge guy's cock, distended to the max, because the guy was squeezing it with both hands, jerking uncontrollably, almost trashing. Tom was the first to get over the top, suddenly stopping the fantastically fast motion of his hands, and rubbed his cock into the huge guy's flexing triceps, producing a wad of cum which made him yell aloud. Jan could see Tom's balls move up the shaft of his cock, and the muscles in his thighs and abdomen become incredibly defined cords, then relaxing a little only to flex again to produce another wad of cum which ended spilling over to the huge guy's chest. The guy in turn was still holding his cock, his eyes literally reeling around, from Jan, to Tom, to Mike. Suddenly, Mike pulled out, which made the huge guy wail, but his grip on his cock never faltered. The second Mike's log of a cock was out, Jan felt something give in his innards, right between his ass and his balls, and he finally came with such force that his toes curled, and there was nothing figurative about it. It was so strong he blacked out for a second, actually seeing the flashes in his head. When he came to, he saw Mike jacking off with both hands, the huge guy shoot cum two yards in the air, and felt Tom sucking him off, and then, just seconds later, Mike moved to the huge guy who was still jerking and twitching from his orgasm, only to unload pints of cum all over him, spasming like he was being electrocuted. The guy just kept looking, completely out of it, as wad after wad spewed forth from Mike's superhuman cock, coating his pecs and then his abdomen in milky liquid, with such force the first several squirts actually rebounded off the skin. Mike's hips kept on moving back and forth as he still fucked his fists while unloading.

Finally, he started dribbling, and then he stopped, squeezing his cock from root to head, getting out the last drop of his cum. Then he just let himself fall on his knees. Jan was pretty much back with the living, his cock still being stroked by Tom, who also sucked on the head, looking right at Jan with those beautiful blue eyes. The huge guy just stayed there on the bench, his incredible arms hanging down, and his thighs wide. His cock was slowly going soft and hung towards his knees at a low angle, still dribbling cum. Mike was on his knees, panting, looking at Jan.

Jan just shrugged, repeating the gesture Mike gave him a while back, which made Mike laugh aloud. Despite Tom's ministrations Jan's cock was going soft as well, and finally, Tom let go of it and looked back and forth between Jan and Mike. Finally he spoke.

'Are you two brothers or something?'

'Err… something, I guess…' Mike answered looking at Jan. Then they both looked at the huge guy still lying on the bench. It was quite obvious they made an impression on him, in more than one sense.

He was still lying there, covered with cum and sweat. His chest heaved up and down, and it was a sight to behold.

'Will he be all right?' Jan asked no one in particular. Tom looked over to the heap of muscle lying there.

'I certainly hope so, but it was one hell of a fuck. To tell you the truth, it was high time someone fucked him up properly…' he said, and smiled. He stood up, and offered a cum-covered hand to Jan. 'I'm Tom' Jan almost doubled with laughter. An extended hand after they had already, well, extended cocks, was about the most superfluous thing he'd ever seen. Tom chuckled as well, realizing what he was doing, but Jan still grabbed his hand and squeezed it properly.

'Jan… and that's Mike over there' he said. Mike lifted his eyebrows in acknowledgment.

'And that's Marc' Tom said. Suddenly, Tom's face changed from a smile to a look of concern.

'Oh shit, there's no one out there' He said, stomping over to the bench by the wall, to collect his clothes. Then, he literally rubbed himself down and dressed himself on the way to the door, jumping on one foot and then o the other as he pulled his shorts back on. Before he exited, he turned back to them, eyeing all three. Then he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

'It seems you need some clothes' he said. “I'll be back in a minute' he finished, and went out.

Jan turned to Mike. 'Mike, we've got to talk… I think we had enough fun for a day with other people'. Mike looked at him, and then at the huge guy that Jan now knew as Marc, and nodded. They tried to clean up as best they could. They both still had their shorts on, but Mike's were ripped open down the front. He was so big they still clung to him as if they were in one piece. Mike's cock hung out, soft, sprawled over his huge balls. Jan looked down, and managed to get his genitals into his shorts, noticing the band had snapped. Both of them were covered with sweat and cum. They were startled by a gurgle from Marc, still panting on the bench—which was no wonder, after all he must have cum five times. He managed to rasp 'Just promise me you'll be back'.

For once Tom was glad that it seemed to be a slow day, no one new had come so no one really missed him at the desk. He popped over to the shower and took some towels. On the way he noticed Marc's shirt. He chuckled at the lettering on it which said 'I'm the king'. Well, not any more, Tom thought… he considered what had happened a kind of moral education for Marc.

Tom knew that Marc would have found this funny beyond belief, but Tom considered Marc 'his'. When he alowed himself to think rationally about the strange relationship they had, Tom knew wvery well he was completely and utterly in love with Marc. The problem, of course, was that it was definitely one-sided love.But Tom had stopped wasting time on wishful thinking for that to change, and decided to enjoy what he had with Marc, as weird as it was.

Several minutes later, the biggest muscle threesome in the world exited the posing room while Tom kept an eye out, realizing he didn't really know what for. Marc was visibly staggering, no doubt his ass was sore as hell, and the two strangers whose names Tom was not going to forget easily, helped him. They were respectively clothed, and wrapped in towels, or holding their huge limbs over certain strategic places, depending on what part of the clothing survived. Tom stood 'guard' while they all showered quickly, deciding not to deprive himself of the view by showering himself, and ended up with the fastest shower of his life to catch up with the three after they finished. Good thing they were well and truly sexually satisfied—Tom certainly rated the sex they had as place one, on a top ten list which was for a long time only going to have the top entry. A short time later, they all gathered around the front desk, which was noticed by just about everyone passing by because they surrounded it completely. Marc was still bare-chested, the remaining three used that opportunity to touch and grope, trying to make it look like there was nothing sexual about it, and of course, not succeeding.

Finally Marc took his shirt from Tom, and looked down at it.

'Huh—I'm the king… looks like I'm the king no longer' he said, looking at Mike and then at Jan. Mike and Jan looked at each other, Tom could see there was something unsaid but shared between them in that look, but couldn't guess what it was. Then, Jan bent over the counter and took a felt tip pen Tom used for the bulletin board, took Marc's shirt from him, and added 'HERE!' in big block lettering right under 'I'm the king'. He gave it back to Marc.

'Still, looks like I'll have to hit the weights much more' Marc said, and Mike gave him a mock punch in the shoulder. Tom couldn't believe the timidness Marc displayed, it was completely out of character.

'Play safely, this incredible body is the only one you've got' Mike said, squeezing Marc's arm a bit. Then he ran his hand over Marc's abs. Tom kept looking at Marc's face. The huge guy's eyes kept moving from Mike to Jan and back, skimming several times over their crotches. Tom suddenly felt a huge weight on his shoulder, and looked up to find Jan's hand on it. 'Take care of him' he said, Tom just nodded, 'Or we'll be back' Jan finished. Tom answered 'I'm counting on that' and almost jumped in surprise when his voice was joined by Marc's. Then, the two giant's left, Jan practically squeezing Mike out of the door with a hand on Mike's butt, which Tom didn't fail to notice. Then, Jan pushed through that door himself, and Tom looked at the closed door for a few seconds, and was finally left looking at Marc. Marc returned his gaze, looking back at him with those hazel-green eyes Tom knew so well. But, Tom suddenly realized, Marc looked different. There was no overbearing expression on that face any more, which almost made Tom kiss him, something he never even thought of before. He put his hand around Marc's huge neck in a sudden feat of pique, and to his utter surprise, Marc sighed, and shifted a bit like it was just the proper place for that hand to be.

Jan could see something was troubling Mike. It started the second the sex wore off. OK, he seemed all cheerful and they had an immense laugh trying to get into the car. Jan always thought of it as a big car but now, something over 650 pounds of pumped-up muscle distributed across two huge frames which also quite possibly possessed the widest shoulders, overhwelmed the two front seats completely. The remains of the incredible pump they had didn't help things either. Finally, Jan took the driving post which only let Mike twist and lean to the side to make them both fit. Still, Jan had to open the window on his side to be able to drive properly. It was a good thing Mike did the driving on the way to the gym, he was still smaller, but only marginally so.

But now Mike was just looking at him, as they were approaching Jan's place. It didn't stop while they were on the way to Jan's apartment.

There were a couple of people who gaped at them as they went into the building, but that wasn't important. Finally, when Jan closed the door behind them, he popped the question.

'Mike, what's bugging you?'

Mike looked at him, and sat on the sofa. Jan felt so strange because Mike was huge, and took up half of the three-seat sofa, but right now he looked like a hurt boy who needed some comfort and badly. He slowly let his gaze down.

'Come on Mike, what's wrong?' Jan asked, kneeling in front of him.

'Oh God, Jan, don't do this please…' Mike said, but Jan didn't have a clue what it was he wasn't supposed to be doing. Mike sighed.

'Oh Jan… how do I even start… Jan, I don't know if I told you this, but… I thought I'd live out my life alone until I saw you.'

Jan looked up, and felt something painful in his chest.

'When I first saw you I just knew it. I knew you are my man. Then, as months passed, I thought I was stupid, that these things just don't happen in real life. I became again sure I'd live out my life alone, and was completely content admiring you from afar, but as time went on, the feeling I had for you, that you… that there was my Mr.

Right in this world didn't go away, it only got stronger, and it was a relief to know that nature thought about me after all when it made me. And then all of a sudden you come, and this happens and… now we are here. And the first thing I do is fool around behind your back, and not once, not even twice, but three times!'

Jan almost toppled over, the tone of those words left nothing to be doubted about the sincerity. It suddenly made Jan very ashamed of himself, he wished he was so secure about his own feelings, he still had doubts about the two of them. 'I mean, what the hell more could I want, what in the world would I need from anyone when I have you?! I… I can't beleave it happened. I can't beleave I did that.' Mike said.

Jan was dumbfounded. It took a while until he could speak.

'Mike… God… Mike, what… how in heavens name do you get these ideas? We were both there, and I think we both had a good time, and I certainly hope those two had a good time as well' Jan said, not entirely sure it was the right thing to say.

'But you didn't go about it with the notion of fucking the guy, with yet another to help, and you didn't fuck him, I did… and it wasn't like anyone was making me do that, I wanted it. And even before all that there was that kid in the lobby.'

Jan was truly puzzled by the sudden reversal, but he had a hunch what this was all about. The sex was wearing off and with the effect, Mike was sinking deeper into his own presumed guilt. Jan knew this all too well, but it didn't mean it was simple to explain.

'God, Mike, like that Tom guy jacking me off was any different? How did I ever come out of that looking innocent? What do you think I was doing while you were in that room? I had a jack-off party in the sauna with a guy that almost jacked himself into a coma over me!'

'No, no, no… that's you, not me. You are so big and all muscle, you always were the perfect stud, the perfect male I… I know this will sound stupid but it's like you are supposed to do that to other guys'

Jan could not believe what he was hearing. What a way to make things more difficult! He didn't know whether he should cry or laugh, he let himself down, his head ending on Mike's knees. He could feel Mike flinch when their skin made contact. Jan sighed, and it ended being a chuckle. He looked up at Mike.

'Mike, we both know you are not stupid, hell you are just about the most clever guy I ever met, and yet you are now talking nonsense.

First of all, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Like, I'm the stud??? Mike, you are he-man squared!' Jan said, looking straight up at Mike. Jan suddenly realised that the simple act of changing his vantage point of looking at Mike presented a new thrill.

But at that moment, Jan realised something much more important—he realized Mike was right. In a month they have became better friends that some became in a lifetime, and in two days they became lovers. Yes, that was it, lovers. Jan had been disappointed several times in the past, even though all the feelings were there, but it never felt so right so soon before. But the very guilt Mike was having now suddenly became the last part of the puzzle. Jan realised he was hopelessly and totally in love with Mike. As if that wasn't enough of a change they both end up with an ability to make whatever they wish out of themselves. Mike was right, how could one possibly wish for anything more? What they need is time to adjust. Still, obviously the adjustment took toll in quite unpredictable ways.

'Secondly… secondly, Mike, now that you have me and I have you, do you think that no-one else should turn you on? Don't you think I'd liked to fuck that Marc guy, for that matter both him and Tom, and even the guy in the lobby?' Jan finally said.

'Mike, God knows they, and a lot of others before them have made me hot down there, and there will surely be others that will do that in the future, for me as well as for you. But right now, Mike, and I mean it, there is only one person that makes me, and will always make me hot right here' Jan said, and pointed at his heart. 'And here, and everywhere' he continued, pointing at his head and then just looked right into Mike's eyes. He knew there was nothing that he said in his life that was more true than this. He could see a tear stream down Mike's face and he moved, hugging Mike, and kissed it of his face.

'Hey, we're both grown up and big guys here, so no crying' he said with a chuckle, but he had to do his best not to let his voice crack and he felt tears well up in his eyes. He kissed Mike, and continued until he could feel the tension go away and him kissing back. He pulled Mike down and they ended up on the floor, still hugging, Mike ending on top of Jan.

Jan finally broke the embrace, his arms spread wide on the floor.

Mike stroked his shoulders, his chin between Jan's pecs. Jan sighed, and lifted his head, but he could just look into Mike's eyes because his pecs were in the way.

'Look, we get turned on by certain things, and we may even act on them sometimes, but what matter is the meaning of the act… so no guild trips, kay?'. Jan said softly, stroking Mike's back.

'I… I just couldn't help myself, it's like being granted a wish of wishes' Mike answered, almost whispering.

'It has been years since I've given up even having fantasies… well, even getting a smile wrom someone like Tom would make me walk on clouds… and now I suddenly seem to attract the cream of the crop…' he continued.

Jan chuckled which literally bounced Mike up and down a bit. After a short pause he said: 'Well, then I guess you really needed better glasses, because I looked at you from the very first time I saw you and haven't missed an oportunity since. My mother used to say that no-one will give you a chance if you don't give it to yourself first, you know… you weren't looking to see if anyone was looking at you.'

Mike's head came up behind Jan's pecs. His eyes and Jan's connected.

'Jan, the funny thing is, now that I have everything I thought I never would I… it overwhelms me. Damn, listen to me—now I'm complaining, how ungrateful can one get?' Mike said. As he was saying it Jan almost laughed out loud because Mike was attempting to prop his head up on Jan's chest by driving an elbow in it, and his brain was obviously doing it on automatic because he tried three times before he figured out what he was doing and stopped. But the subject at hand was too serious. 'Mike. PLEASE stop this. What we both did back there was have sex, and we both know there's going to be more of that, now don't you tell me there isn't' Jan said 'Come on, can't you admit it, you were one hunky little stud before all this, and right now you are one big super stud that makes everyone wobbly at the knees! Can't you see some people would make it their life dream to have sex with you, come on, that guy wanted to get fucked by the hottest guy on this planet which happened also to have what must be the biggest cock too, and I think that's a pretty accurate description of you' Jan said. He pulled Mike up, until they were pec to pec, ending up looking at a startled Mike. 'What do you think, all this happens to you so you are supposed to go celibate and spend your life praying or what? You expect yourself to have no reaction whatsoever to anyone but me? Life has given you a break so enjoy it! It doesn't change what I feel for you, in fact, don't mind if I join you. Beleave me, I can tell you from experience that it get's old quite quickly.'

Mike looked at Jan for a second.

'Jan, it's not that simple, I could have hurt him real bad. In fact, I just may have done it—for chrissake, I put the whole thing in him, and even I don't have an idea how he could have even survived that in the first place!'

Jan almost started tearing his hair out in exasperation, but actually he didn't move, it just felt too good being in this position.

'Mike, do I have to get up and give you a proper kick in the ass? The guy obviously had the fuck of his life, and I'm almost certain he'll be a better person for it! I know the type!'

Mike started lifting himself off Jan, and the spell was broken, for the time being.

'Jan, we both know that guy would do anything to get bigger, what will he do now? Who knows what he'll do to himself. It's not just about us having fun…'

'Mike, what do you expect from yourself? To be a mother hen to every narcissistic type out there, being doubly careful not to hurt their feelings? Come on, you know if it wasn't you, it would have been somebody else, but I'm not certain that somebody would have given it a second thought! Did you see how he looked when we left? Maybe it finally made him look away from that mirror, and realize that little Tom stud adores him. Maybe now he will even be worth it'

Mike just looked at Jan. In all honesty, Jan did feel a lot of the same doubts, especially after what happened with Ben. He knew that the changes they have gone through were much bigger for Mike than for himself, and in a sense Mike was right. He had gotten his wake up call with Ben, but Mike was having one now and with doubled intensity. It was almost like a part of the old Mike was clinging to the past and desperately pulled Mike back to that time. Suddenly, Jan had an idea.

'Mike, let's get rid of the clothes' Jan said, and Mike looked at him with a funny look. He started pulling off the tank-top, finally managing to take it off after exhaling completely, and then started pulling off his shorts, noticing Mike still looking at him like he was crazy, but that look slowly became an increasingly lusty one.

'Come on, I don't want to be the only one doing this!' Jan said, which made Mike reluctantly start taking his own tank-top off. Suddenly, Jan could clearly see Mike realize the tank-top wasn't actually hiding anything, as it was torn down the front to be able to accommodate Mike's pecs, the widest and thickest, and just the most beautiful Jan had ever seen. A second later, they were both completely naked. Just looking at Mike was enough for Jan to feel the start of the reaction, he could feel his cock getting heavier, and hang lower.

'God Jan, you are the hottest thing on this earth' Mike said. Just then Jan finally saw the missing link. Somehow, it was almost like Mike wanted to stay smaller in some way. Jan leaned over, touching Mike.

'I think it's time to even things up a little' he said, watching Mike start growing, to become as tall as Jan was himself. At first Mike didn't guess what was happening, but as their eyes became level, Jan could see the look of realization on Mike's face. However, that was offset by the fact Mike had grown proportionately, so everything on him grew, which suddenly gave Jan the first hand experience of how Mike viewed him. Jan felt his cock on the way to full hardness, looking up and down Mike. He was now as tall as Jan, and probably somewhat bigger, because his shoulders became wider—in fact Mike looked about a yard wide—and his pecs widened too, his arms were bigger and his thighs, even Mike's cock was visibly longer. It was mostly a subtle change, but it was all the change Jan could take. His cock went from hanging to stone hard and poking right up in seconds, almost hitting him in the face. That was the moment Jan truly understood the words 'getting a taste of one's own medicine'.

'Now, you are going to do to me exactly what you did to that gorgeous hunk of chocolate colored muscle back there' Jan said, and took Mike by his hardening and growing member, and started pulling him towards the bedroom. By the time they got there, it had grown big enough for Jan to barely be able to keep a grasp on it. 'And more…'

There was obviously nothing Mike could do to resist Jan, but of course, the notion never actually came up. The only thing he could do was say 'Only if you return the favor', while being tugged by his cock into the bedroom. Even the relatively small change was enough for Mike to feel different—first of all, he almost hit his head on the doorframe, and he had no choice but repeat the same gesture Jan did when passing through doors, which was a tilt of the head. He couldn't help notice Jan pushing through the doorframe turned slightly sideways, and had to mimic that himself, still feeling his shoulders grazing the frame. As they both entered, Jan turned Mike around by his shoulders and he found himself looking into a huge man in a mirror consisting of two doors of the inbuilt closet opened side by side.

'Now, you see what a super hunk you are?' Jan said. Mike could just look at himself and at part of Jan in the mirror. Two days ago he would have dropped unconscious if he had seen something like that man in the mirror out on the street. And that man was now Mike himself.

He could also see part of Jan in the mirror. As much as he didn't want to admit it to himself, he could swear he looked every bit as perfect as Jan did, and even a tiny bit bigger. He could have denied it all he wanted, but he could clearly see two huge cocks, hard as stone, like poles sticking straight up over both their pecs, and obviously, there was no denying the reaction was appropriate to the circumstance. He could see Jan move behind him.

'And I love that beard' he said, into Mike's ear, and then kissed him. Then, Mike felt Jan's lips go down from behind his ear to his traps, and then to his shoulder, while feeling Jan's hands first under his armpits, then on his pecs, and then sliding down to his abs, stopping between every ridge, and rubbing into it a bit. Mike closed his eyes, for the moment he didn't need sight. Then, he felt Jan's pecs on his back, and a hot hard rod pressing into him, with something wet and sticky right under his shoulderblades, and then Jan's hands were on his cock. Then, he could feel Jan turning him around, and moving, until they were face to face. In an almost comical moment they both tried to embrace each other and it made them both laugh out, because they were so huge they kept getting stuck into each other, hand under arm, pec to pec. Finally, they both ended up on the bed, laying on the side, still facing each other. For a few moments they only regarded each other. Jan's hand went slowly up, touching Mike's arm. Mike felt it like being touched by some magic, a firm touch, but at the same time somehow so tender it made Mike's spine tingle.

'Mike… you were so beautiful… and now you are just perfect…'

Jan said. Mike could say nothing, just sigh. There was pure lust in those fantastic black eyes of Jan's and Mike was again getting lost in them. No doubt, the same was reflected in his own eyes. Their cocks were raging hard, and the cockheads met between them. As they started stroking each other, their cocks rubbed onto each other, mixing the juices that had long started flowing. Hands darted all over, joined by lips, they tangled on the bed, until, his leg over Mike's torso, Jan pulled at Mike's swollen mast of a manhood, and brought it right down, and then, slowly started impaling himself on that cockhead the size of a huge grapefruit. Mike could feel Jan shudder and wince as he felt his cockhead distending Jan's ass. He took Jan's cock into his hands, and pulled it towards him, which made Jan almost jump in ecstasy, as Mike started licking the swollen cockhead. It was incredibly hot, and hard, but in such a surprising way, like a lump of hot glass covered in satin, the piss-slit oozing droplets of precum, which had a taste that was somehow unmistakably Jan. As Mike started going down that cockhead, licking all over the corona, he felt Jan wiggle his ass, impaling himself even more, grunting in ecstasy, one hand hot and electric on the shaft of Mike's cock, and the other going all over, darting from Mike's body to Jan's own and back. Every one of Jan's pushes sent shivers all over Mike's body, and it made him work that harder on the magnificent cock in his hand and mouth. He licked it all over, kissing, sucking, teasing with his tongue, and then managed to stuff the huge head in his mouth, not even aware of how he did that, and as he pushed it down his throat, Jan pushed himself further down, on his cock. He kept moaning, asking Mike to give him all of it, and Mike started trusting with his hips, trying to bend further down as his cock plunged deeper into Jan, Jan's own cock escaping downwards. Then, he let go of Jan's rod, sliding one hand down over it, stroking, to find Jan's balls engorged and heavy, and Jan's muscles flex and twitch ecstatically under his other hand. Jan writhed, moaning, which made Mike think for a second he was in pain, but one look into those eyes locked his soul to them.

He felt Jan's innards move around his manhood, his hand suddenly feeling Jan's balls tighten, stuck between their abdomens. Mike felt his cock was so hard it was on the verge of bursting, and he felt it has become immense, and it was almost all buried in Jan. Jan suddenly moved, which made Mike yelp an unsuccessful kind of yelp, which dislodged Jan's cock from his mouth. Then, not to be disturbed, Mike started fucking Jan, and stroking Jan's super-engorged cock, not being able to unstick his gaze from Jan's eyes, until he closed them.

But then, there was so much more to look at. He started making longer strokes, watching how Jan's pecs and shoulders bunched up flexing every time he'd ram him, until he finally let go of Jan's cock, trapping it between their pecs, and held Jan. Then they were rolling on the bed, taking turns on top of each other, their huge muscles flexing into one another, hands over pecs, biceps, back, lip to lip, only to become lip on steel hard muscle, and then, on steel hard cock, Mike pushing his hips up, until Jan's cock ended up to Mike's lips, only to be lifted up to Jan's lips when Jan bent down. Mike could feel the heat in his balls, and he knew Jan was close too.

Then, in just seconds, it spread all over both of their bodies, and then, it became unbearable. Jan begun chortling, producing a sound which was almost like growling, his whole body becoming one rigid statue of flexed muscle, which made Mike almost black out, but not before he started stroking Jan's cock with incredible speed. The sound Jan made was the last Mike heard, before the earth quite literally moved, and he felt like he was exploding. As he started cumming, he felt Jan cramping, impaled onto his cock, in unison with his own cramps. It went on and on and on, accompanied by blasts of Jan's cum ending between their pecs. Mike could actually feel Jan's balls move, and his own were squeezed tight by Jan's thighs which only added more intensity to the orgasm, and the load filling Jan's bowels to overflowing. Then, there was a period of nothingness, followed by a feeling which made electricity dance up and down his spine as Jan pulled off of his cock. Then, all sticky and lubed from his own cum, Jan spread Mike's thighs apart, and they both moved until Mike felt his own ass stretch, to accommodate Jan's cock, which if nothing else had become even harder, and maybe even bigger. They moved like one body, Mike wasn't even aware who was doing the moving and in what way, he only felt himself being impaled onto a hot mast, and in fact willing more of it. He felt like his whole body was one huge erection existing only with the purpose of becoming one with Jan, and then, exploding with a combined orgasm. He stroked, kissed, licked all that huge manmeat, regardless whose it was. Jan was doing the same. All hot and sweaty, literally stuck together they both moved, fucking and stroking and sucking until Mike felt the roar again. He shouted, and wailed in ecstasy, joined by Jan. He shook, flexed all his muscles at once, cumming like he never had before. He squeezed his balls, Jan's balls, all huge with their manly essence which he wanted released, all of it.

Jan woke up, and there was light outside, rudely intruding though the blinds. He had woken up during the night, disappointed by the feeling of emptiness as he had separated from Mike, both cocks going soft.

But, they were still deliciously tangled together, sharing their breath, warmth and contentment. So, he went back to sleep, satisfied like never before. But now, this light in his eyes was making things difficult. He snuggled and curled into Mike's body, and Mike, in turn, stirred and embraced him, but soon after that he rolled off, onto his back. It took only seconds more for Jan to become fully awake. He turned around, only to find Mike sprawled on his back in all his glory, which included a two foot hardon proudly sticking up from his crotch, tilted towards his pecs. Those in turn went up and down slowly with each breath, also creating ripples over that perfect set of abs. 'Mike, my man, what a super-stud you have become, I just knew you had it in you' Jan whispered. All his life Jan had been the big one in a relationship, and it turned him on in a certain way. So, now I've finally met my match, he thought, and he was immensely glad he did.

He looked at Mike, sprawled there. His palms were facing upwards, which put his arms in a position showing a split right down those beautiful biceps. In fact, there was almost no place on Mike's body that didn't show splits of some kind, from his immense thighs, up his abs, over his pecs, his shoulders and back down his arms. Oh, Jan knew well all that was true for himself, but it was such a thrill seeing it on Mike. And, even more, the self-confidence it gave him. The only thing that spoilt the perfect picture was a very thin sheen of dried cum between Mike's abs and pecs, and traces of it down his sides. He had a funny sort of feeling inside him, where this magnificent tool in front of him had filled him up completely yesterday. The bed was covered in blotches of dried up cum. Jan found himself thinking how he'd noticed that it didn't get completely recycled before. Then realized they both needed a shower. And something to eat. And, if this continues, a heap of bedsheets, he thought, chuckling inwardly. Mike stirred, the light was obviously a nuisance, so he put his forearm over his eyes. Not only is he a super-stud, he's also so cute, and he's all mine, Jan thought, smiling. He stood up and went to the bathroom, again dwelling for a while on how fortunate it was there was a recycling effect, thankfully there were far less cum stains then he would have expected after yesterday.

About ten minutes later, after a very much accelerated morning ritual which included the absolutely fastest shower Jan ever took, Jan was back in the bedroom, and Mike was still sleeping like a baby, more or less in the same position. So, Jan just had to do it. He very tenderly put his hand around that tree of a cock sprouting from Mike's crotch, pulled it back towards his legs and then let it go. It smacked right into Mike's pecs, which quite obviously brought a good jolt because Mike opened his eyes in surprise, flinching. 'Wha…?!'.

Jan almost doubled over laughing. 'Well, it really doesn't take a lot to get you going' he said, laughing his ass off, while Mike looked at him, not understanding. 'Come on, rise and shine!' Jan said. Well, he learned already Mike wasn't a morning person, but there seemed to be a few things that could get him started faster. Jan bent down, and gave Mike a passionate kiss. Then he kneeled by the bed and continued kissing right down to Mikes huge pec. Then, he stroked the immense mass of it, which moved, relaxed, under that perfect smooth skin, and stroked Mike's arm, squeezing his biceps a bit. Mike sighed, and then stretched, while Jan was still dispensing tender touches, and then he flexed a bit, which made his abs jump into cobblestones, his pecs bunch up and his triceps cut up into thick angular cords.

'I love it when you do that' Jan said, going over those bulges and not failing to touch Mike's still engorged cock as he went touching the abs. Mike in turn stroked Jan's shoulder and arm, so Jan returned the favor by tensing it as well.

'Mmmm… it feels so good to be this big' Mike said. He caught himself thinking what a hedonistic thing to say, but he realized he could more or less throw the notion of hedonism as such out the window now.

'It sure does, and today is a good day to grow bigger, really huge'

Jan said, chuckling.

'Like we're not really huge right now, look at us, at you—Jan, you could just walk into a bodybuilding contest and take the trophy and walk away, no-one would even object, that is if they could say something at all, they'd all need to pick up their jaw from the floor first' Mike replied, again devouring Jan with his stare. He just couldn't get over that chest of his, so big, wide, and that hair, running right up the crevice between those thick pecs and spreading outwards, slightly lighter than the hair on Jan's head, like fine silky fur.

'Mind if I give these a stroke or two' Mike asked, his hands already on the muscular expanse of Jan's pecs. He could see Jan's eyes smile, he answered 'Only if I can do the same to you', and of course he did.

Not surprisingly there were no complaints. Still, Mike's morning high had deflated, the intention wasn't to make love, just to enjoy the moment.

'Yes it really does feel good' Jan said 'But not nearly as good as you feel…'

'Me too' Mike whispered in Jan's ear. After a moment, Jan added: 'It almost feels too good, I keep watching out for some dues to be paid for feeling this good…' It was after all very true. Mike's mind supplied a proverb of his grandmothers: Having this much luck can't go unpunished. It was also a bit unexpected to have Jan bring it up, he was always the 'gung-ho' guy.

'Now look, weren't you the one that kept reminding me to enjoy the moment' Mike said. Jan was right, though. It was almost like guilt.

So far, in Mike's life all experiences said that all dues sooner or later have to be paid, and this was like living the dream of dreams at no charge at all. Mike had thought about this a lot, and although the last two days were full of other 'engagements' the thoughts always lingered somewhere in the background.

'Mike, here's what we're going to do. I happen to own, well, actually part own a cabin in the middle of nowhere, which also happens to be a bit over two hours from here by car. Right now, there is no-one there, and no-one has been there for months and no-one would normally be there for months to come. What do you say—let's go there, stay a day or two, or a week for that matter, and just play a bit?' Jan asked. His eyes had a pleading look in them, but he knew well there was no need to plead. 'There's even a lake there, should still be good for a couple of swims this time of year' Jan went on.

Mike had thought a lot about the two of them going camping somewhere where they would not be disturbed, and just let them morph to their hearts content, and for a lack of a better expression, get over themselves. He sure didn't want a repeat of yesterday, he prided himself in having control over his body, and the idea of his body controlling him wasn't appealing. He had to admit he envied Jan a bit over his ability to just take things in his stride. True, it was one of the reasons he loved Jan, too. Although Jan could sometimes be unreasonably laid back, at the moment Mike apreciated the stability it offered. He really needed it. 'Jan… where do we go from here?' Mike asked, sighing. The thoughts were back.

'Oh, easy, down to the lobby, into my car, pick up your car, get some supplies and on to that cabin' Jan said. Mike had started shaking his head after the first three words.

'Come on, I'm serious. Look at me. I'm huge, what, 6’5” and there must be well over 300 pounds of muscle in me…'

'More than well over actually, I've stepped on the scale just earlier and it spun around, I'd guess I'm about 360# which probably makes you around 370# or more… I hope you realize you have doubled in size.'

At this point, Mike was waving his hands in exasperation.

'Jan, the problem is I like it, hell, I love it, I can barely contain myself not to walk around flexing all the time' Mike said, sitting up on the bed. 'What am I going to do? All my life I've been a scientist and I just don't know how to do anything else—I can't go back to the lab like this, and I… Well, I don't want to go back to being like I was before…'

'I know, big guy, I know. Remember, we're both in this together'

'Yes but, at least you originally looked like you were on the way to looking like you… we look now, but I couldn't look like this in a million years, no matter what I did. To tell you the truth, I've dreamed about looking like this, being… well, essentially being the super-male. But that just doesn't happen, does it? Except it did to us. And you know what, the thing is, I know I could become bigger, hell, you even made me become bigger down there' Mike said, pointing at his now dormant cock 'and it only makes me want to become bigger, as big as possible. But that's not living a life, that's living a fantasy—Jan what are we going to do from now on, after all, we have got to eat, pay the rent… normal stuff like that!'

Jan looked at Mike for a second. Mike had to chuckle because he could almost see the wheels turning in his head, and he always had that expression when he would be thinking about some problem. It was just one more thing that made Jan… well, Jan.

'Mike, have you noticed we more or less went on the whole day yesterday and we didn't eat a thing. In fact, I only eat a sandwich in the morning and I never got hungry. Well, that is if I discount the essence of Mike' Jan said, stroking Mike's abs. 'Also, this will sound funny but when did you last take a leak? And have you noticed there are far less blotches and stains than last night would warrant?

I've already found out anything we are made off will get returned as borrowed matter when it stops being alive. It seems to me we are more likely to become destitute than hungry'.

Mike thought about this and yes, it did make sense. Also, he knew cold wasn't a problem either, and heat as well if they were careful, as he had experienced. He looked at his hand, still amazed at the speed it regenerated.

'I don't think destitution would be a problem either, we could always strip and end in jail for indecent exposure' he said chuckling 'But only if we end up sharing a cell' he finished, in a much darker tone.

'It also seems we are much more sturdy than we used to be. One thing I really like about that is we'll probably never get a cold again'.

Mike thought about this. Are they going to grow old or just keep going? Luckily Jan solved that dilemma.

'Mike, do you always think about existential questions at 7:40 AM?

What will we do tomorrow, how we will live, will we have anything to eat, when we will die? Well, I don't really remember thinking about it like that for a long time, and you know what? I don't care. This whole thing that's happening is all about what we could be, and we even don't know that yet. I'd say right now the biggest punishmet would be not using the oportunity to be what we could be. Right now, Mike, we must be the two luckiest guys on the planet, so let's just party—and that's the idea of this day!' Jan said. Mike looked at him for a few seconds. Yes, he was right. Definitely Mike didn't remember when he last enjoyed himself this much, probably never.

'Oh yes, you just keep looking, I'll give you much more to look at, just you wait!' Jan said, and started pulling Mike of the bed, in a quite sensuous way. Mike of course didn't like the idea of him succeeding right away. After a few grunts, though, it almost became wrestling, and after a few more, there was no 'almost' about it.

Finally, they both ended on the floor, with Jan having the upper hand.

'So, testing my strength are you?' Jan asked, holding Mike's arms down, and sitting on his abs. Of course, Mike could easily deal with Jan in this position, but he kind of liked it. Still, no harm in a bit of play. He pressed upwards with his arms, lifting Jan off.

'Wow, look at those muscles' Jan said, playfully, and looking at him, Mike could only think 'Amen' because Jan was opposing him and those muscles flexing under his skin were just incredible. But, Mike suddenly let go, which made Jan fall into a bearhug, and he hugged him until he could hear him groan, and suddenly rolled over, so now Jan was under him.

'He he, that'll teach you not to pick on smaller guys' Mike said, chuckling. Jan was trying to free himself up to that point, but suddenly all resistance collapsed, because he started laughing. That bear hug slowly became a lovers embrace, and then a very passionate kiss.

'Smaller, huh? Mike, you're bigger than me… and I love it' Jan said 'And I love you'.

After the stunt that guy pulled off yesterday Wess was not going to be caught off guard again. He had just phoned he was coming to pick up his car. Truth be said, he was happy to be rid of it, it really turned out to be much more trouble than it was worth. Now it was fixed and since there wasn't that much wrong with it anyway, it wasn't likely it would be back any time soon. This time, Wess was going to face that man standing. After the first shock wore off, he was sure it was only his mind's eye playing tricks on him, no-one can be that big.

'Good morning' Wess turned around at the sound of that voice, and the second he did, he knew he was wrong. 'I've been told I can pick up my car here…'

Wess suddenly realized he was supposed to answer something. He suddenly felt like a wimp, because not only can one be that big, in fact that 'one' looked much bigger than Wess remembered. A small voice in the back of Wess' head insisted on asking how this guy was going to fit into that car. Another voice, one which Wess never wanted to hear, said 'that's what a real man should look like'. He was faced by a real life giant, one which was again looking down at him, and right into the eye.

'The key is in the car' was all Wess could say. There was no doubt in his mind any more a man can be that big, because right next to that first giant, there was another one. This one was equally big, which meant taller than Wess was himself, and he always thought of himself as tall. The two looked a yard wide each. The other guy was smooth faced, black haired, absolutely gigantic, with a tiny waist. His muscles were, just like those of the guy getting in the car, so big they looked about ready to rip his skin. And they were in fact ripping his muscle shirt and pants apart. And in case of the pants there was a huge bulge in them that made Wess feel like a eunuch. For some reason the only word that Wess could think of that would describe them was 'beautiful' although he kept correcting himself with 'handsome'.

'Mike, did you do this?' the other giant asked, holding that knotted wrench up, and the other, still attempting to make himself fit into the car, nodded. Then, to Wess' utter surprise, as one of the giants pulled out with the car, the other neatly unwrapped the wrench and straightened it almost completely, which made his muscles flex until Wess thought they would explode. He didn't even groan, but the wrench sure did subjected to such torture for the second time in less than 24 hours. The guy just looked at it first, then gripped it, which made the shapes in his forearms almost explode through his skin, and then he breathed in, and pushed and pulled. Wess couldn't stop looking at those hair covered pecs all puffed up with the exertion, producing shapes under that skin which looked like angry waves on a muscle sea, with something approaching horror Wess caught himself just short of bringing his hand up to touch those giant muscle bulges. Still he continued staring even when they flattened down only slightly, going relaxed, the wrench straightened, feeling a strange disappointment at seeing those biceps deflate from bigger than softball boulders to thick shaft-like shapes as the guy breathed out slowly. Wess had once seen one of those wrenches bent and it took two strong men and a length of pipe for better leverage, and yet the only indication of it being difficult to this giant was a barely audible sound of teeth gritting. Then, the deed done, the guy took one deep breath, which produced a barely audible rip in that muscle shirt he was wearing, trying to contain a chest that suddenly swelled unbelievably, before he turned around and walked away. Wess picked up the wrench. It was warm.

'Yo Wess, what you doin' back there?' It was Al. He turned around, watching the black haired giant walk away to another parked car. His gait was muscle-bound to say the least but there was absolutely no pretense in it, each movement oozed power, and Wess realized, something manly graceful, it was like watching skin encased steel move. Al turned back, facing Wess.

'Jeez, look at that freak… what was that all about?' He asked.

'Oh, nothing… I think I need a beer…' Wess answered. Al was looking at him in a strange way. 'It's not the only thing you need, man' he said, looking down, and then left chuckling. Wess looked down, shocked to see his coveralls tented out at his crotch.

Mike had been following Jan's car in his own for the last two hours.

They had decided to take both cars, dividing the supplies between them. They had taken everything but the kitchen sink, Mike thought, but offset the missing kitchen sink with other things. Jan insisted on stopping at a specialist shop of some kind and after a few minutes emerged with something that looked like a rather large collapsed bazooka painted white. He only said it's harmless, but fun when Mike asked what it was.

Finally, Mike saw Jan take a turn onto a dusty trail, off the blacktop. They had actually been driving for some 40 minutes down a side road which kept going more and more convoluted and narrower by each passing mile. This was what reminded Mike of the supplies, with each passing minute he was more and more amazed that 'in the middle of nowhere' really could mean only a two hours drive from the city, and he realized how limited his knowledge of the surrounding country really was—all he knew were the highways, and he never even thought of what was in-between them. The trail they were driving on was also getting narrower, and it led, just like the last 30 miles of the road, through a forest, which kept getting thicker. Then, it suddenly started getting sparse, and finally, they were driving alongside the forrest. The terrain was hilly, and the mid-day sun made it almost look like something out of a fairytale. And, it was completely and utterly deserted. Mike thought it was actually a good thing they went separately, because they would probably either crash, not being able to keep their hands from each other, or at least stop so many times that they wouldn't get wherever it was they were going for days. That is, provided they could fit themselves in one car, not to mention all the rest of the stuff they had. Still, the first part of the trip, on the usual highways, Mike almost drove on automatic, his thoughts contemplating his ex-life. Definitely ex, because it has changed so much now that he had trouble believing it had been real. Or this was real. Or both. The only way to avoid the confusion was not to think about it, but he couldn't help himself. He was actually glad when they got off the usual roads, and started traveling ones Mike had never been on before, and then with this last, old and wiggly road, it was a challenge which presented a welcome distraction and a return to the present. It was even more of a challenge because it took all of Mike's concentration a few times to get his coordination right. He had definitely outgrown his car, and not making himself smaller had become something of a philosophy lately.

Finally, they approached a fork in the road, and Jan took a left turn. It was obvious it was very rarely used, to say the least, in fact, Mike could barely recognize it as a road, it was only a slightly different pattern of grass and leaves. As they rounded a curve cut into a hill, suddenly the forest thinned out to bushes and there it was. Right at the edge of it, between two hills, there was the archetype of a wooden cabin, and only yards away, the ground became sloped and sandy, and there was a large lake, a funny misty green color. Mike realized it must have been a sand dig or something like that, hence the color. Artificial or not, it was perfect.

'All done' Jan proclaimed, sitting on the edge of the front porch. It took them almost two hours to get the place decent and they were now a bit dusty, and definitely ready to enjoy the rest of the day. They had taken all the things out of both cars, stuffing a small storage room with them, and the ancient, huge Frigidaire that belonged in a museum. OK, Jan though, maybe we don't need to eat but he actually enjoyed that from time to time. The cabin was basically one room, except for the storage and the simplistic bathroom, it had electricity, although it wasn't very reliable. It did have a sort of kitchen area, but the part Jan liked most was the fireplace in the middle. He was actually a little sad it wasn't winter, it really felt cozy in winter. This used to be a gravel and sand dig before it was abandoned, and the cabin used to be the office and cantine of sorts. The land and everything on it was actually shared between several members of the family, and someone had at a time thought to make it a place to spend holidays. Most of those have moved far enough never to be seen even near it, and the rest, including Jan for the most time, never bothered to come down. Still, every couple of months someone would come just to see if it was still there. For Jan it was almost a habit, he remembered coming to this place since he was 6.

As they unloaded stuff and tidied up, and then did some re-arrangement of the scarce furniture, Jan had to admit it was arousing merely to watch and feel his and Mike's body work. And, as an extension to that, he thought they earned a bath. He stripped off his shirt, very literally, because it was already ripped enough to barely hold itself together, and started pulling his shorts off.

'Ah, going somewhere?' Mike asked.

'What's the matter, shy? Come on, it's only us men here, there probably isn't a soul 20 miles around. And, the water is calling' Jan answered, chuckling. Mike looked at him, and Jan was very much aware how his gaze passed specific parts of his body.

'Well, I forgot my bathing suit' Mike said, chuckling. Then, as Jan managed to pull his shorts, carefully avoiding ripping them apart, down his thighs, and to his knees, Mike suddenly stood up, and gave him the minutest of pushes. Just enough to loose balance.

'Mike you bastard…' Jan started, falling while trying to step out of his shorts, only to finally roll on the ground. Mike was already on his way to the lake, laughing his ass off, and shouting 'the last in's a rotten egg'. Jan heard a huge splash even before he managed to stand up. He must have covered the distance to the lake in seconds, it looked like it was only 10 steps, but enough for him to notice how his cock flopped from one thigh to another and the huge mass of his muscle jump up and down under his skin as he rushed on. He stopped right at the edge of the water only to see Mike emerge to the surface with his shorts on his head. He spat water out of his mouth theatrically, and said 'The larger they are, the harder they fall'

and giggled like a little kid. He was still wearing the shirt, which was now soaked and transparent, like a second skin. Jan lunged into the water, bellowing at the top of his lungs. In a second he was beside Mike.

'Cheat!' he said, jerking his head to get his hair out of his eyes.

Mike only laughed.

'Boss, you look like an idiot with those on your head' Jan said. 'Oh, I love it when you talk dirty' Mike said, posing like some slut, pushing his hip out to the side, and stroking it. It was so comical Jan almost doubled over, laughing, soon to be joined by Mike. 'Come on big boy, don't you like what you see' Mike started in a high voice, rotating his hips, his hand on his head, but couldn't contain himself any more so the last word came out as laughter, and he doubled up, clutching his abdomen.

'Just put that hand over there again, and flex, I'll take you right on the spot' Jan said, now beside Mike. Mike calmed down, and then looked at Jan.

'No, it's your turn now. I want to see those muscles bulge and flex and grow' Mike said, squeezing Jan's pecs, throwing his shorts off his head with his other hand.

'Like this?' Jan said, and flexed in a most muscular pose.

'No, like THIS' Mike said, and did the same, only Jan could see his pecs grow visibly. 'Nothing wrong with a little pump, is it?' Mike said. This was going to be fun, Jan thought. The mere thought of what was to be next made his crotch tingle. He flexed in a most muscular and made himself grow slightly. He could actually feel his muscles become bigger and tighter as he flexed. The feeling was so hot his cock went hard in seconds. So did Mike's and in a second more, Mike's hands were all over Jan's body.

'Yes, do it… grow, I know you want it' he whispered. Jan was not to be alone in this. He could see pure lust in Mike's eyes, and there was nothing he wanted to see more. He knew Mike saw the same in his eyes. He saw Mike visibly becoming thicker, and then he flexed his biceps, producing a bulge the likes of which the world has never seen. It made both of them gasp in surprise, it looked like a huge split ball of freaky flesh, the size of the twin peak was incredible.

'God, look at that!' Mike exclaimed. 'Your turn now' he added. Jan went into a front lat pose, feeling his back grow broader by inches. It left Mike gaping and that was all the reaction Jan needed. Mike was not to be intimidated, and did the same, flexing and grunting, and growing, until Jan thought his lats were going to fill the space between his armpits and his elbows. This time, however, every muscle on Mike's body grew in proportion. His pecs inflated, gaining inches of thickness, the wet shirt he was wearing groaning under the strain, and his arms became absolutely immense, bigger than any Jan saw or imagined by far. Then, Mike doubled his flexing efforts, and the shirt ripped all the way down his abs, right behind his cock which was jutting straight up to Mike's pecs, swollen to it's incredible size. When Mike stopped flexing, his arms stayed wide, pushed apart by his enormous back and triceps, the later jutted to the side pushed out by the lats, enough to be seen from dead front. Without saying anything, he gave a few tugs to his cock, and ripped the remains of his shirt off.

Jan turned around, giving Mike a view of his back, went into a lat pose, and let himself grow. Feeling himself quite literally inflate with muscle almost made him cum at the spot, and Mike's gasps from behind him didn't help either. But he held on, realizing the winner of the game was the one who made the other cum first. He felt his muscles pushing into one another, competing for the precious space, and felt himself get heavier, but it was such a funny feeling because when he moved to accommodate his growing thighs, he felt the added mass but also felt it was effortless to move it around. He could see his pecs without even looking down, and over them his rock hard cock jutting from his crotch, which he couldn't see. He turned around again, and almost fell off his feet.

'So you thought you'd have it easy by not looking, huh?' asked the biggest muscle stud on this planet. Jan stood there, his mouth open.

Mike had grown to such proportions that there wasn't a word to describe him. Both of them had made themselves incredibly wide in the shoulders, but Mike was now more than half as wide as he was tall.

Standing there in the water, which reached just below his crotch, made him look even wider. His shoulders, pecs and abs looked permanently flexed, and there was enough of them to divide amongst three people and still make them look huge. Pecs bulging into a split shelf of muscle which jutted out 8 inches, clearly separated from shoulders just short of basketball size. Behind all that were lats which looked like a thick cloak, tapering down into a ultratight waist, tying into the immense ribcage by way of serratus muscles which looked sharp to the touch, and ready to cut themselves out through the skin. Abs? Eight huge bulging squares, separated by gashes, but surrounding all that was a sea of tangled cords of muscle, going from obliques to intercostals. They looked immensely strong and certainly had to be to carry that astonishing torso, the view of it partially obscured by a two-foot log of erect manflesh.

Mike's traps sweeped up just below his ears, but you could still see the huge neck muscles tie into them. And his arms were enough to make Jan swoon, so big Mike's elbows were held out even with his incredible shoulder width. Upper arm muscles so huge they must have been a match in circumference to the waist, biceps and triceps bulging completely relaxed, and forearms that looked like they would burst the skin containing them into shreds with their razor-sharp cords. Mike just stood there, every breath moving those incredible cuts on his body as the muscles shifted a bit. Jan realized Mike was staring straight at him, and the fact that he must have looked very similar hit him with incredible force. Suddenly, Mike kneeled into the water, and said: 'Don't move, you only need the finishing touches', and then, with an impish grin, grabbed hold of Jan's cock, and stuffed the head in his mouth, which made Jan wince, and then made a gesture like he was blowing, which made Jan almost explode in laughter, and the only thing that kept him from doing so were his pecs which visibly swelled, growing. He felt his arms being lifted apart by his growing back and triceps, and he couldn't resist stroking his pecs, looking down at the immense expanse they made. He couldn't believe they were his, but the touch was very reassuring.

Mike was blowing the god of muscle mass. Jan was now impossibly huge, he was as much bigger compared to minutes before as he was minutes before, compared to a regular Joe from the street. Mike tasted his pre-cum, the aroma reminding him that this indeed was Jan. Mike knew he probably wasn't far behind in size, he felt strong as a bulldozer and his chest jutted out like shelf. A second ago he looked to the sides only to be amazed at the view of his shoulders protruding that far out, and being so huge. He wished Jan to match his size completely, and right now, looking from below, his mouth off the incredibly engorged head of Jan's cock, but his hand still securely on the shaft, he was looking at enough muscle to fill his view completely. Mike let his hands roam under the water finding two immense pillars of muscle that were Jan's thighs, and traced the deep gashes and cuts on them up to Jan's super-tight waist. From there up, the flare looked almost like an upturned pyramid. Mike took it all in at once, the lats thick as some men's whole torso, flaring upwards to a width of surely more than a yard. In front, that perfect six-pack that was now perfectly immense, cut inches deep, and moving with every breath Jan took. Like an improbable corset of sorts the obliques, cut into shreds, connected that incredible, hair outlined abdomen, with the wall of lats. And that corset moved and writhed too, like so many interwoven snakes, suddenly braking into a zig-zag pattern of sharp tiles that made the serratus muscles, right between the place where those immense lats became the widest, and the pecs rose like two granite plates. The thickness made Mike realize how big the abs were as well, because they competed for space with the bottom of the pecs. Jan's nipples pointed straight down, and they were visibly hard. He couldn't see Jan's face, but when he moved, his hands disappearing to reach the top of those immense pec muscle slabs, Mike almost came watching Jan's arms bulge, the triceps jutting outwards, and the biceps becoming a ball which pushed into the immense forearms, which even from this angle looked bigger than the biggest upper arms Mike had ever seen before. As Jan's arms moved, the big balls of biceps muscle became even bigger, that perfect shape still clearly evident, the split visible inspite the gigantic swollen size. The knowledge that he himself was as big and as cut was as sexual as what he was looking at. The final touch was to give them both the pump of a lifetime on top of the gigantic muscle they both had now.

Mike stood up, still holding Jan by his cock, which was hot to the touch. Jan was almost panting in lust, and Mike realized he probably was as well. From head on, Jan looked even more incredible. The size of him was enough to obscure everything else, and it was visibly getting bigger, veins becoming prominent on his arms and the bottom of his abdomen. Mike regarded the sea of pec muscle, the hair outlining it even more now, for a moment he didn't dare touch it, but then he did, and he got touched back. He felt his own muscles get tight with the pump, it felt like his skin was several sizes too small. He didn't know where to look and touch first. Panting like two animals in heat, they both parted for a second, Mike just couldn't get enough of Jan and the only way he could see more was to step back, only for a second. As he did that, Jan surprised him with a double biceps pose which almost made him loose his footing. There were no words, it was pure sex, and not even touch was needed. With something like a sigh Jan breathed in, bringing his pecs up, until they jutted straight in front of him, and flexed his biceps. Just a little more and he'll explode, Mike thought, as he felt his balls tighten. There was no return. The rules had changed, and the goal was to cum all over each other. Before he lost any sense of what was actually going on, Mike parried with a pose of his own, and then it became a posing orgy. He saw pecs swell like balloons, biceps reaching fists easily, abs crunching into stone hard blocks, and lats spanning more than a yard of width, and then, he shot all over that muscle, holding his cock like a hose, shocked at the amount and the intensity all at once. The next thing he knew, two bodies were one, tangled, and groping, feeling, stroking, licking. A little later, he realized he had been kissing Jan, pressed tight into him, hugging him no doubt with immense strength, if he could judge by the hug he was getting back. It was difficult reaching Jan's face, their pecs pressed into one another. Their lips finally parted. Mike kept looking into the black eyes of his lover, and he realized, he was forever lost in them. There was no stereotype in saying those eyes were the window to the soul. For Mike, Jan's eyes were also the door, and right now, the souls have become one. His life as it was had definitely ended, to be replaced with one where he was joined with his other half. He felt Jan move, and it meant they both did. Mike felt Jan's grip tighten slightly, and then he felt his feet lifting off the bottom. He laughed, and Jan smiled. 'I just don't want to stop feeling you on me, and I want to make love to you without drowning' he whispered softly. Mike tangled his legs behind Jan, and it didn't even make him change pace. He didn't even want to guess their combined weight, because it didn't matter what it was. If this never happened, he would have loved Jan forever, but he silently thanked whoever was responsible for the extraordinary gift they shared.

Jan felt Mike's weight, carrying him, but if he had to keep doing that his whole life, he wouldn't mind at all. In fact, to be separated was the last thing he would ever want. Every inch of his skin that touched with Mikes felt on fire and it was wonderful.

Dimly, he felt the warmth of the gravel beach under his feet as they sunk into it, and he lowered himself and Mike to the ground.

They had both become so big that embracing felt completely different, first of all because Jan couldn't reach around Mike so he was almost forced to hook him under the armpits with his arms. But, because of their size, the added area of contact was more than a compensation.

For a second or two, they ended up directly face to face, separated by inches, their pecs flexing against each other. Jan looked straight into the eyes of his lover. In those eyes there was certainty which Jan had not felt for who knows how long, but he was glad he was feeling it now too. Mike smiled and they both relaxed in almost the same instant, and their lips were together. Then, their tongues were together. There was another subtle connection, deep and powerful joining of the souls. Now, with Mike on him, kissing him, and Jan kissing back, their lips and tongues darting all over, wherever they could reach, Jan only wanted to go on. He was thrilled by what he felt with his hands, his chest, his abs, his legs, his cock, and it was more huge arms, pecs, abs and cock. Then, Mike moved up, simultaneously trying to reach down to get to Jan's cock, which suddenly provided Jan with the opportunity to taste Mike's own gargantuan cockhead. However, he wasn't given enough time to explore that, as he felt his own raging cock assaulted by Mike's ass, as he impaled himself on it. But then Jan had an idea, and he lifted Mike off, which produced a very surprised look on his face for a second, and then, he brought his hips up, and then, it happened just the way he wished. He shuddered in pleasure, which was amplified to almost unbearable intensity by the look of pure lust on Mike's face, as they did what in all probability only they could do. Jan shuddered as he felt Mike sink down on his cock, at the same time he felt Mike's cock enter him. What happened next was very much dim in Jan's memory, and only the fact remained that it was some of the most unusual sex he ever had. His mind fleetingly touched the subject of the mechanics involved, as he caught himself moving, rotating to right angles with Mike, coupling with him in a frenzy of lust. His whole midsection was on fire, and it felt like it was spreading up his spine and down his legs, only to connect with Mike again through every bit of skin, through his fingers and his lips. He came first, flexing in his orgasm, and when he could again understand what was going on around him again, he saw it brought Mike over the edge, he was staring at him, his eyes fixed to Jan's, and just trembling slightly, as Jan felt a huge amount of Mike's juices fill him up. There was such a mixture of serenity, surprise and lust on Mike's face, Jan remembered he just kissed him, and kept on for what felt like hours. Later, he remembered squeezing Mike's truly gargantuan biceps which he obligingly flexed, and then returning the favor by spreading his lats until he felt them cramp for Mike to feel in turn, while they were still coupled, only to come violently, together, a few seconds after.

Then, after a period without memory, he was kissing Mike softly down his chin, and then his chest, licking his nipples, feeling his ass, and reaching down his legs, only to hold his hands a second later. He felt the ground underneath soaked with their combined juices, and relished in the feeling of being filled with them, and with Mike, and in doing the same to Mike. Then, it was bliss again.

Mike awoke with a mild start, realizing he was looking at an incredibly clear sky full of stars, which was slowly being bleached by the coming of dawn. It took minutes to actually remember where he was. When he did, he took a moment to marvel at the total absence of the fear of disorientation which he used to feel in occasions like this, and realized that the warmth of Jan, which he was still feeling, acted like a sort of spiritual anchor. He looked at the sky, chuckling inwardly that he didn't even move, and realized he actually didn't want to.

Jan was using his arm as a pillow, and he felt Jan's arm under his lower back. For a second he contemplated moving, thinking how Jan's arm must have gone to sleep, but then realized his hadn't. It was so strange to be so aware of one's own body, Mike thought. It probably had to do with adjustment, after all, he now quite probably looked beyond most peoples capability of imagination. He moved his left arm out from under his head, only to get a firsthand experience at what he had become—his back was so huge, that letting his head down on the ground almost left him looking backwards, comfortably propped on the huge mass of his traps and neck muscles. He let his hand roam around his body, and he had to admit it took some strength not to gasp loudly at what he was feeling. He realized his glutes had also grown huge and that Jan's forearm, which was also undoubtedly huge, was actually logged under the arch of his lower back. He also noticed he was slightly damp, and thought almost casually it was just morning dew, and almost laughed aloud at the casualness of that thought—it must have been quite cold but he didn't even feel it. Yet, only days ago he would be shivering and on the way to acquiring the mother of all colds. Then he went downwards toward his crotch, and stopped, realizing he was grinning. He couldn't help it, remembering the orgy they had before. The thought of it started getting him hard, and he could clearly see his cock growing in the dawning light, but instead of assuming it's huge and straight mast-like appearance, it became bent, like some sort of oriental sword. It did serve it's purpose of making love in a way probably no one else could, and the experience was something which he couldn't compare with anything he had ever done before, or even fantasized about. He wished it back the way it was, he was just sort of used to it. He chuckled softly remembering that there wasn't actually that much he did do before, but he sure was going to make up for it in the future. Doing anything with the right man, the man he loved made all the difference, and yesterday, it was all the difference in the world. It made the warmth that he was feeling from Jan, truly have a special meaning. There was no way he could imagine being without it.

Suddenly, he felt that warmth move.

'Mmmm… trying to get the better of me?' Jan muttered, and Mike felt his hand grip quite powerfully at his ass, and heard Jan chuckle in the semi-darkness. Slowly, he felt Jan's touch move around to the front, then up and down the boulders of his abs and then to his crotch, and around the base of his cock, which was still stone hard.

Jan pulled at it, making it sway. Mike was again surprised at the feeling of the weight of his own cock. It was by all standards absolutely immense. Before all this started, when he would dare indulge in thought like that, Mike would concede to himself that he was very well endowed, but more often than not he saw that as an encumbrance. Now he was more than twice as big, big enough to enter the record books easily, probably bigger than any normal human, and he loved it. He caught himself repeating 'normal human' in his head.

Yet, he felt very much normal himself, and if someone put him beside someone… well, normal, the comparison would probably be ridiculous.

He turned his head to Jan, only to look right into his staring eyes.

Jan answered the question before Mike could really ask it.

'You look absolutely incredible' Jan said. Mike almost laughed out loud because that was just what he was going to say. He thought about this.

'Jan, to tell you the truth, I don't really know how I look. But if I look anything like you…' Jan looked at him for a moment, and then said: 'Well, lets see, what do you look like. Hmmm. Well, you have the biggest everything I have ever seen, at least twice the size of anything else I have ever seen. It's kind of difficult to describe without numbers. There's a good word for it—freak.'

'Well, that makes two of us. It certainly feels good to be a freak'

Mike said.

'Yes, so it does, doesn't it' Jan said, smiling. When he gesticulated, his whole body was in motion, the muscles twitched and writhed, flexed and puffed up. It kept Mike's mantool engorged to the max, and Jan's was on the way to full mast too.

'Well, one of us is going to have to take care of that or I think you're going to burst' Jan said, stroking Mike's cock. Mike was well aware of it but his eyes were stuck to Jan's own organ which was now extending over Mike's abs, getting bigger and harder by the second, also returning to it's normal, only slightly curved immense length.

'Man, you're hard as stone, I never saw anything like it.' Jan said.

Mike suddenly realized he was stroking himself and flexing slowly.

The daylight was now complete and looking at Jan and himself alternately made him want to stand up and flex until he came, thinking how big he had become, how big they both have become. He could feel the power of his incredibly huge muscles, and it was something so deeply erotic.

'You can feel it too, can't you' Jan asked. 'Come on Mike, you know there's nothing to be ashamed of, we're in this together' Jan continued. Mike noticed he was also stroking his abs, taking attention to flex his biceps as he was going up those incredibly deep chasms. 'Flex your muscles, feel your biceps grind into your pecs and your lats spread your arms, and watch how your cock becomes hard over your own self-worship. Mike, it's all right to do that, it's a man thing—you wouldn't look like this if you didn't want to, and it's an incredible feeling to be the biggest, strongest and hungest SOB that walks this earth' Jan said. Mike just laughed. He was absolutely right. 'Next to me, that is' Jan added, chuckling.

Jan could see the change in Mike's eyes, and it was very amusing to watch.

'Oh, really?' Mike said. 'Feel this and weep' he said, and flexed his biceps until Jan thought it would jump out of Mike's arm and hit him in the face. It became a huge ball with a split peak, and it's power had to be balanced by the triceps which made it become three cords the size of lesser men's whole arms which were in turn, just like the biceps, divided into smaller cords. Jan was sure he was starting to see the individual fibers. He grabbed the huge mound, using considerable strength to poke his hand between the peak and Mike's upper arm, and squeezed hard, but it was hard as the hardest steel alloy. 'Kingdom for a tape measure' Jan thought, but said 'Not bad, not bad at all' instead. God only knows how big this biceps is, he thought, they had both grown so big it was very difficult to grasp the proportions. He stood right next to Mike, and flexed his left arm to the side of Mike's right. It was a little trick, his left was always a tiny bit bigger than his right. The size of it now surprised him, it made his forearm collide into it. He was very much muscle-bound, and it felt like he was on the top of the world. They stood like that, arm to arm, Mike's left and Jan's right hand groping and comparing in turn. Jan could see that they were almost exactly the same, although, deep down he had to admit Mike's arm looked ever so slightly bigger. Maybe he was only imagining it.

'Don't you go morphing on me' Mike said, through his teeth, never relaxing.

'Whatever for?' Jan said, in the same way. 'You need that, not me'

Suddenly, Mike moved, and Jan felt his cock being squeezed. He was already excited enough so he almost came but managed to hold himself together.

'Cheat' he muttered, barely suppressing laughter. He turned slightly, and flexed his pecs, and then went into a most muscular. Mike matched him almost instantly. A second later, they were flexing into each other, as hard as they possibly could, their teeth gritting, pec to pec. There was enough space between their faces for someone to stand on their flexed chest muscles. Jan felt his cock, as hard as it could possibly get, crossed with Mike's, underneath their flexed pecs.

'This feels so good' Mike said.

'Yes… but I'm still bigger' Jan said, this time not able to suppress a mischievous grin.

'Not a chance' Mike said, laughing. Jan suddenly moved and tried to embrace Mike, in an attempt to start a wrestling match, but of course that wasn't at all easy. First of all, Mike's chest was so big Jan's arms fell hopelessly short of connecting, and then, Mike made it impossible by flaring his lats and catching Jan's arms between them and his arms.

'So, what are you going to do now?' Mike asked, smiling a devilish grin. Jan hooked his arms under Mike's armpits and pulled up. It wasn't completely effortless because Mike had seen through his intention and started to do the same. Still, Jan was surprised how easily he moved Mike, and Mike was, like Jan himself, probably around a quarter of a ton of muscle. Muscle, which was right now writhing.

Suddenly, Jan was off balance. Mike had lifted his feet and wrapped his legs around Jan's waist. Jan was quite sure Mike was quite capable of doing damage even to him just by squeezing with his thighs, and there was a fleeting thought along the lines of 'Thank God it's him'. Still, no matter what the strength, gravity has it's own laws. Jan tried to hold himself up, but finally, they both fell rolling to the ground. In the whole commotion, Mike ended up sitting on Jan's thighs. As soon as he realized the situation he whooped an 'I win!' and started banging himself into his chest like some sort of a giant ape. It produced a sound like a huge drum, but muffled because of the huge amount of muscle.

'Oh, no you don't' Jan said, and crunched his abs. He amazed himself watching his abs become so tight he felt his pecs being pushed upwards. His intention was to throw Mike off, and he would have done that if his own cock, stone hard, didn't poke him into the eye. 'Ow…' he yelped, more surprised than really hurt. Mike almost doubled up laughing. Then, he held both their cocks to the side, hard and huge, like two masts, and slowly let himself down. Finally, with a bit of maneuvering, he kissed Jan.

'Man, if it feels so good to fight with you, I wish I was a fighter so we could do this more often' Mike said. 'Besides, I've always wanted to do this…' he continued, and started hitting himself in his chest again, but stopped after only a few thuds because he doubled over with laughter, joined by Jan. The scene was absolutely hilarious and Jan just couldn't offer any more resistance. 'Oh, and have you noticed your cock is getting too big' Mike said, again breaking into laughter. Jan would have felt embarrassed if it wasn't so funny. 'Oh yeah, what are you complaining about, yours is probably even bigger. It looks like an inflated log' Jan said. 'And I love every inch of it… and so do you. Besides, weren't you saying you were bigger a second ago' Mike asked, flexing his cock under Jan's stroking hands for emphasis. You bet I love it, Jan thought. 'It can't be too big' they both said in unison, which started another salvo of laughter. It took a while to calm down.

'You know, this really is a male thing. I'd really like to know how big we are, it's kind of strange being so big you can't even see parts of yourself, unless you try kama-sutra' Mike said.

'Like what parts, your ass? Looks good, you don't need to bother' Jan said, feeling the rock hard muscle in Mike's ass.

'Oh, you know what I mean. I've always thought I'd never want to be this big, only to catch myself saying, o yes I would, and in the end I'd always end that argument with a: who cares, since it's impossible anyway. Well, it's possible now, and it feels real good. And I'm beginning to see that thing about numbers and Physicists from an entirely different angle' he finished, laughing. 'Well, I thought about that and I've got just the right thing, waiting in the cabin' Jan said.

Jan went in first. He managed only at the third attempt—first he almost knocked his head into the top of the doorframe They both looked at each other in wonder. Mike concluded that they must have grown slightly taller, an automatic reaction to enable them to carry the muscle they now had. Before, they could both just feel the top of the doorframe graze their hair as they passed. On the next attempt Jan almost tore out the whole doorframe with his shoulders, finally managing to bend and enter sideways on the third attempt. Mike could see he actually liked the fact he had outgrown the door, and to tell the truth, so did Mike himself.

In a minute, Jan had gotten out that 'bazooka folded in half' thing, and disassembled it into a thin stand, toped by a horizontal cylinder, much like a portable projection screen. Then, with a dramatic movement, he pulled the small handle in the middle of the cylinder down to the floor.

'A mylar mirror! Jan, you oversexed fucker…' Mike started, but it was absolutely appropriate. Extended, the two thin metal-coated foil strips side by side made a huge three by two yard mirror. Mike had seen one of those, albeit smaller, before and wondered at the brain behind that perfect face, talk about forethought! Jan moved the stand and all right to the wall, and when the foil settled, Mike caught the first glimpse of Jan and himself in the mirror. For a moment he was speechless.

Looking back at him were two giants. They were a very even match.

Both, now shoulder to shoulder barely fitted the size of the mirror foil. For a second Mike and Jan looked at each other and like they had rehearsed they both took a step back. Suddenly, Mike became aware of the fact the floorboards squeaked, as they both stood side by side the weight must have been immense.

It took a while until Mike could speak, and it seemed the same predicament had befallen Jan. Mike had seen what Jan had become and knew that he probably looked the same, but seeing the whole picture was an entirely different thing. After all, that was Jan, he was supposed to be big. Several days just weren't enough to get used to this, Mike thought. Jan just said 'Wow.' Just as an idea, Mike tried a front lat spread, and couldn't help a silent gasp as he watched his own muscle expand to a yard wide wall of rock hard flesh, and then even wider, while Jan joined him, competing for precious mirror space. A minute later, they both started stroking their inflated dicks as well as flexing for each other in the mirror, and two minutes after that, with grunts of immense satisfaction, they stroked each other's muscle and cocks, facing each other, until cumming all over each other's abs and chest. It was like a mirror game of sorts where Mike matched every move Jan made and the other way around, never looking directly at each other but at their mirror images instead. It left Mike slightly sweating, breathing hard, and with the most pleasurable buzz of morning sex. He looked into the mirror again, at his cock which still stood hard as a rock, it's head logged between his huge pecs. With every move of his upper body, Mike saw the permanent splits in his pecs ripple into even more striations.

They were so big that he could flex them up to his chin. He rubbed the mixture of his and Jan's cum into them, and Jan helped him. Hands soon went all over both bodies again.

'It seems that we can't do much more than fuck, jack off, flex and stroke' Mike said, never stopping of course. Jan nodded. 'Well, that's what we're here for'. He paused for a second. 'Mike, we have to do it' Jan said. Mike nodded. He knew what Jan meant. 'It's just a male thing I guess, we would have done it sooner or later' Jan said.

Mike thought it sounded like an apology. 'I thought I was the one with doubts' he said. Jan looked into him for a second. 'Mike, I think we should both do it together'. Mike knew what he felt. It was a fear that kept coming to him regularly the last few days, the fear of what he would become. But somehow, at this moment, he knew Jan was right. It was something they had to do, and it was something they both wanted. After all it was only natural.

'No, you first' Mike said. Jan looked at him, inquisitively for a second.

'I want to have the first go at you' Mike said, smiling. He wouldn't have had it any other way.

'OK, might as well get it over with' Jan said. 'Ready?' He asked next, and Mike almost wanted to laugh, but he could understand the hesitation.

'Ready' Mike said.

Jan never really made the wish as such, it was almost like a blurred image and an impression of how he would imagine the feeling of becoming it. He watched himself in the mirror, noticing Mike looking at him with a look of anticipation, an expression which was almost a facial equivalent of a runner's crouch before the starting gun is fired.

Suddenly, Jan felt something like a hot wave go over him. First he felt something like a momentary dizziness, and then e felt like he was supercharged. Or rather, being supercharged, because he could see his own image in the mirror start to expand. He heard Mike gasp, and then it took off in waves. Jan watched in disbelief as his already impossibly thick pecs suddenly blew up into cords, which then grew almost double as thick in a matter of two seconds. He managed half a gasp of surprise, cut to silence mid way by his shoulders following the same transformation. He actually felt them getting heavier, but there wasn't time even to get used to the feeling. He lifted his hand only to see the bones in it becoming visibly thicker, then the veins become hugely distended like his blood pressure suddenly went ballistic, and then he saw the skin in his forearms being stretched by the growing muscle until he was sure he saw stretch marks develop, and start to itch, only to stop and be repaired in front of his unbelieving eyes into perfectly tanned skin, which actually looked like it wasn't there because it didn't hide a single striation or cut in the muscle. He looked back at the mirror, only to get a glimpse of his lats visibly inflating, together with his arms, but he barely had time to watch, feeling that he was suddenly loosing balance. He looked down and spread his legs, which were now double sized compared to before, almost stumbling trying to maintain balance with a still growing upper body, his arms spread outwards. He looked at Mike, whose eyes darted all over him with an expression between drooling and disbelief. Suddenly there was a feeling like a lull. Jan looked back into the mirror and saw something like a purely sexual and streamlined version of the incredible hulk on steroids, with a face Jan recognized as his own. He just managed to say 'Mike…' before he felt that supercharged feeling again. It was like he became two persons in the same body. The feeling was intensely sexual and felt by one person, while the other rationally watched this from afar, amazed. For a second he got the distinct feeling his body was…almost deciding how to proceed, and then the feeling became intense. In a spurt of growth, he felt his muscles growing further, his pecs inflated before him, he barely had time to adjust his stance with the size of his thighs, and his arms were pushed outwards by his still expanding lats and triceps, while his biceps became a permanent peak the size of a bowling ball, with a huge gash straight down the middle. He tried to move his head to look at them, only to find his shoulders literally jumping under his skin, like they were trying to free themselves of it, and his head was in every sense becoming muscle-bound with bulging traps and neck muscles. The sensation of growth was something quite like cumming, and he felt it in every fiber of his body, grunting with pleasure. He was aware he was hard like never before and the rational side of him wondered why he hadn't cum. It was almost like something was keeping him from it. He glanced into the mirror, trying to turn his immense bulk, the floor squeaking ominously under him. The growth had again slowed. He became aware of Mike feeling and groping all over with almost a shock, the feeling of growth was quite unlike anything that happened before, and it was so intense he didn't even notice Mike's hands on him. Mike had the face of total sexual adulation, and he had obviously come all over himself, his cock pressing into his pecs. Jan looked back into the mirror. He had grown taller, he could see the top of Mike's head easily, and he noticed his facial features looked somehow accentuated. Below that was a body which could be described as improbable if not impossible. At a height of about 7 feet, his shoulders must have been almost 5 feet wide. He could see his lats only because his arms, which looked a foot and a half across, were spread almost straight out from his body. His torso tapered to an incredibly tight and small waist, considering the size of the rest of him, and his abs looked like bricks stacked sideways, they were thicker than their width, and pushed out and up so much that his pecs, which looked like balloons, had to give way. Below all that were thighs that could carry a mountain. He stood spread legged for the size of them, each was half again as wide as his waist. Although he had managed to get used to a much lesser version of this stance before, anything else and he would have to crouch. In front of all that his cock was bloated until it shined like glass, even bigger than before, much bigger. His balls were squeezed by his gargantuan thighs. He was the biggest man on the planet, and he only wanted more. He barely had time to say 'Oh yes!' before he got more, surprised how his voice sounded deeper and more resonant. The feeling was back and it was stronger than ever. In a second it looked like someone heat shrunk his skin until he could feel it getting tighter, and his muscles, ready to burst, suddenly showed cuts and striations never before seen by human eyes. He didn't even have time to think about it when his cock suddenly expanded like it was being blown up.

It became longer in spurts of six inches at a time, another Jan watching as his balls followed suit, growing like someone was pumping them up. He shouted out in total ecstasy and saw his muscles inflate further, becoming still bigger. He flexed in a double biceps pose, which blew the exaggerated size of his arms into shapes that would have been obscene if they weren't pure distilled sex. Flexing was like cumming, the feeling of every muscle exploding into inflated belies, balls and bricks. He wasn't sure any more if he was looking at himself or merely feeling it happen—he felt about ready to burst and he could see himself in a strange blurred fashion, inflating even more, with something like a throbbing motion. His cock now extended straight up and was still growing, having reached past his face he couldn't even see how big it was, it's thickness becoming a tumescence which pressed his gargantuan thighs further apart, his balls two elongated shapes the size of footballs, also stretching his ballsac tight, just as his muscle did with his skin. Suddenly he felt hands on them and it was like something snapped. Every muscle in his body must have crunched to he max, as he saw his cock suddenly thicken to double it's size, and extend until it couldn't hold itself up any more with it's weight. He felt it fall and that was the last conscious feeling—then he felt like he was really exploding, but it was a feeling of complete and utter orgasm, it was like every cell in his body was cumming at once, but it wasn't like a sudden flash, it built up until he couldn't see any more, and before it took him over completely he felt himself growing, he must have still been holding that double biceps pose and he felt his upper arms being lifted up and his forearms pushed apart, and his feet literally scraped themselves on the floor being still pushed further. He must have yelled, but it was completely unimportant.

Mike was learning what it was to feel mortal fear. He was sure there were tears flowing down his face, but he ignored them, no, he denied them. He must have called and shouted dozens of times, sitting on what Jan had become. The face was Jan's all right, somehow even more handsome, and it had an almost cherubic smile on it. He was breathing, slowly, like sleeping, completely undisturbed by Mike's weight. He had pulled an eyelid off and saw completely open pupils, staring at nothing. Mike was acutely aware he was nearing a nervous breakdown. He was almost ready to admit this was the payment he was so afraid of. Just minutes before, Mike was on the way to a total and blissful sexual stimulation. The man he loved had already by all standards became a superman, and before his very eyes he was becoming the essence of the male sex, amplified a thousand times. He literally blew up in size, muscle cock and all, into the most exaggerated symbol of male power and sex. Mike was dimly aware he must have cum several times just feeling and looking as it happened, a large part of the pleasure derived from Jan's own pleasure which was evident.

But then, things went wrong. Jan was just out of it, and Mike… he was too selfish to stop it and he could have, but it just felt too good. Now, it has been minutes since Jan grew to incredible proportions, and then came, collapsing on the floor with a huge thud, and just lay there, like a doll with the strings cut. All the cool-headedness Mike was famous for had evaporated in these minutes, and he was just about ready to scream his head off in panic, when suddenly, with a deep sigh which lifted Mike up a foot, Jan finally opened his eyes. Mike was so overcome he started kissing him into the face, and attempting to hug him, which was probably impossible for him in his current state. Jan just blinked at him, finally saying 'Mike, you got to try this'. It stopped Mike dead in his tracks, relief suddenly replaced by anger. Mike would have started to hit Jan if he didn't suddenly find himself in a hug which could crumple him, and right now looked on the way to do that. He barely managed to rasp a 'Jan…' before he almost blacked out. Suddenly the pressure was gone. “Sorry about that' Jan said, and then stretched playfully, exhaling, which made Mike sink a foot lower. The scene brought his cock back to full hardness almost with a snap. Then, he could see Jan's eyes focus on him, with an expression of incredulity. 'What happened to you?' he asked. It was unmistakably Jan's voice but it had such overtones or rather undertones of pure power that if he had said 'go away' to the cabin they were in, it would have grown small legs, risen on them and shuffled away to lurk in the woods.

Mike realized what he was referring to. He was soaked and sticky, and dripping. What seemed like an hour ago he thought his balls would burst, he must have cum three times in a matter of minutes looking at the process of creation of pure male sex impersonated, but when Jan came as the finishing touch of that process, it was literally gallons. Remembering it almost made him cum now, regardless of how the growth ended. He felt all the fear and anger dissipate. His Jan was back, different, but he could only love him. He removed himself from the sprawled figure on the floor, Jan's eyes following him.

Then, Jan tried to stand up, and finally succeeded after his face went through several stages of extreme incredulity, interspersed by a quick course of 'moving oneself about 101'. When he finally stood up, his head finished more than a foot over Mike's, and Mike laughed aloud as Jan took several half steps back trying to see Mike over his own chest, which produced several very painful sounding squeaks from the floor. In fact, Mike could feel himself being lifted by an inch or so as Jan shifted his weight, bending the floorboards. Then, Mike saw Jan's eyes stop on the mirror, which was still standing there, miraculously missed by the abundant volleys of cum shot in the last half hour.

'Oh… my… God…' was all Jan could say. He was now a fully grown man. Emphasis on fully, grown, and man. In front of Mike was a creature which human minds never dared imagine.

He must have been over 8 feet tall, and to accommodate the muscle, his bones had grown very thick and wide. Even if there was no muscle on him the width of Jan's shoulders would easily be over four feet.

As it was, that incredible frame was bursting with muscle of incredible size and shape. His traps merged with huge neck muscles in a tangle, and run from jut under his ears into the biggest shoulders possible. There was absolute truth in that assessment, Jan had reached the maximum size he could be. He was over 5 feet wide, his pecs looked like two huge balls which were inflated after being crammed into a square mold, and managed to destroy the mold in the process. They were thick enough to protrude a foot in front of his face, and reach up to his chin. They merged in an angry conflict with shoulder and arm muscles, a conflict made even worse by the traps.

There was no bone visible or even imaginable, the shoulders were capped by muscle over a foott across. Even the three separate parts were slashed into separate parts allowing the other muscles to tie into the clavicles somewhere deep underneath. The middle part of the deltoid extended upwards in a huge arch which suddenly bent down, creating a more rectangular form, giving the shoulders even more width as if they weren't already wide enough. The size of the muscle could only be likened with thighs of the biggest men there had been before this specimen appeared. The front delt bulged outwards only narrowly loosing the battle for the most prominent bulge. The pecs were split by three huge gashes which were so deep that Mike could see chest hair disappear in them. There were tens of lesser splits, and amongst that there were permanent striations which looked finger deep. Nipples were nowhere to be seen, but probably nestled somewhere in the crevice between the inflated pecs and the biggest ab muscles imaginable. They didn't merely look like tiles, they looked like someone put ten huge blocks on top of each other and twenty slightly smaller ones on each side, and then squashed from above until it barely fitted the space available. Jan's abs protruded inches outwards, making the hair that used to run down the middle of them almost invisible. Mike noticed the belly button was completely invisible, hidden who knows how deep. The six-pack Jan used to have now became almost a ten-pack, the bottom of his abdomen had separated by two more shallow splits, and the central line running from the middle of his pecs, went down, surfacing two inches from his crotch.

Every muscle showed striation, throughout the abdominal area, making shapes that looked like they were barely containing themselves from bursting. They were strange striations, never before seen, an underlying fiber-like pattern. Up over the carved stone of the obliques and tens of muscular bulges, interwoven and bulging, the lats flared outwards only inches above the waist, which was thicker than it was wide. Those lats suddenly expanded to a yard wide, and then became even wider than the shoulders, over a foot thick, and getting thicker as they went upwards, holding the biggest arms on the planet out until the upper arms were practically horizontal. The shape of those was incredible. The biceps was a split ball the size of a huge pumpkin, so big that relaxed it looked like it was going to fall out of the skin, were it not for a cluster of huge tendons holding it attached towards the elbow, pushing out the forearms the size of huge hams. The wrists must have been 5 inches across to accommodate the huge tendons which twitched as Jan moved his hands which also became huge, but they looked ridiculously small compared to the piles of forearm muscles, like pieces of pipe clustered together. Behind all that was the most immense triceps of all times, pushed out by the lats, and clearly visible from any angle, each head striated like it was made of woven cables, the smallest the thickness of a finger. Those arms must have been five feet around, and they were totally relaxed. The veins running over were like a network, a map of angry bulging branches. Back down, somewhere out of the ab musculature two veins went out and branched down over the thighs.

Those were absolutely incredible, showing that the quads were misnamed, and actually had a dozen different, hugely bulging parts, coming into huge knees, keeping them well apart with their gargantuan bulk, two feet wide and three feet thick, tapering into the waist.

Under the knees were calves which looked like someone put two boulders and four pipes in a sack and attached it to the bone. Even the opposing muscles were showing, two four-inch thick bands with slanted striations, split into tens of fingers as they attached to the bone. The feet were a huge size, but totally proportional and just beautiful, large to hold the immense weight, a ton or possibly even more. In front of all that was the biggest piece of manmeat, flanked by balls the size of overinflated footballs, in an amazingly tight sack. The shaft of flesh was completely flaccid, nevertheless four inches thick and the head which even deflated was the size of a small melon, hung an inch short of the floor. It wasn't about to remain soft for long, two huge veins that were feeding it with blood churning with Jan's arousal over himself, bulging to twice their thickness in a second.

'You are going to need help with that' Mike said, and picked Jan's cock up roughly in the middle, which produced a deep sigh. Jan looked down, and Mike could see Jan had just grasped the size of what Mike was now holding in his hand. It was drooping over it and only that part was easily over a foot and a half long. Mike could next see Jan realizing what that meant with the extreme growth they were capable off.

'Oh, shit, how… how big does it get???' he asked, incredulously.

Caught off guard, Mike was silent for a few seconds. Oh, he would remember how that hard-on looked for the rest of his life, but that didn't mean it was easy describe it. In fact, he wasn't even sure he believed what he had seen. 'You'll be surprised' was all Mike could say.

'I can't believe I wished this' Jan said, still looking at the mirror. Regardless of the words, the tone spoke volumes about the complete lack of objections as to the way Jan… well, turned out, because Mike felt Jan's monstrous prong become heavier by the second on the way to a hard-on. That would take a while, though.

'I guess I did, though' Jan concluded. Mike was fascinated how Jan's voice changed. It was subtle, but it was also enough to give him a hard-on, as if the rest of the new Jan wasn't. He was still just checking himself out in the mirror, his eyes holding an expression of incredulity, and Mike couldn't blame him. Then, he looked at Mike, and it was almost as he was asking permission to show himself off.

Just as the thought occurred to him, Mike went from hard to steel-hard, immagining it. But of course, there was no reason to stop at that.

'So, what are you waiting for?' Mike asked, and Jan just smiled.

Never mind the looks, that smile was enough to melt Mike. Jan stayed like that just for a second, enough for Mike to give him a glancing once-over. Well, if he was perfect before, now he was even more so.

He was big beyond belief, but it was somehow just as it should have been. Then, to Mike's delight, Jan produced the mother of all lat spreads. Slowly, very deliberately and with total control, he spread those lats, almost inch by inch, until they grew as wide as some cloak under those shoulders, not barn-door wide, but barn-wide. Jan was so huge that he couldn't put his hands on his hips with his lats spread, but if nothing else, it made his lats stand out that much bigger. He was holding the pose, and then, as if he remembered suddenly, he inhaled deeply and flexed his pecs, which brought them so high that Mike couldn't even see Jan's chin from his vantage point. His tensed abs bunched angrily filling up the space between his crotch and the huge mass of Jan's pecs. They looked about ready to snap, and the intercostals and obliques sprung out in shapes never even conceived off. The taper was immense—Jan's shoulders were over three times as wide as his waist and his lats expanded even wider.

Mike suddenly remembered he was holding Jan's monstrosity of a cock with both hands and stroking it slowly, only to move a hand to stroke himself. The flaccid mast of flesh had already grown immensely and still looked soft, but it was still visibly throbbing and growing.

Jan saw the desire in Mike's eyes. He was holding the pose, and was just about to move into a double biceps, but seeing the look on Mike's face he relaxed for a second. It was almost reluctantly, when he flexed it was such an erotic feeling it made him want to squeeze and flex and pump up and expand his chest by breathing in until he felt he would burst. Part of that feeling he experienced while growing was back, a feeling of something like a full body erection, primed for a climax of climaxes.

He took his cock in his hand, which freed Mike to touch and grope wherever he could. Then, slowly, and very deliberately, enjoying the sensation of pure power in his muscles, he flexed his right arm, holding it down for Mike to enjoy. He looked at the mirror giving him a better vantage point and almost gasped as he saw his flexed arm.

There wasn't a sound from Mike, it was like he had stopped breathing in surprise. Then, both Mike's hands were on Jan's flexed biceps, which felt like someone was jacking him off. It made him squeeze that harder. His biceps looked like it would burst through his skin any second. From it's peak to the opposing peak of one head of his triceps it must have easily been what, 18 or 20 inches? More? He had no idea, but even with his enhanced frame he could get his forearm to an angle just slightly less than 90 degrees, the bulge of his biceps locked into it, a peak on a peak on a peak, a superhuman shape the size of a basketball compressed by his shoulder, pec and forearm until it jutted even further out, with veins cris-crossing it under a skin stretched to translucency. Mike was like in a trance, he went over it with both hands, groping, stroking, muttering something under his breath. Jan squeezed with all his might and he felt his cock becoming heavier still, and with it, he felt his whole body gain a pumped up and hard quality, in fact he could swear his flexed arm looked even bigger. Suddenly, with something like a sigh, Mike came, squirting his juices right under Jan's armpit and over his arm. Jan almost lost it then and there, were it not for the surprise—Mike just shuddered for a second and then rubbed his cum all over Jan's still flexed biceps. It took him only seconds, but in those seconds Jan's cock went full mast, and then beyond, and then even further beyond until it almost hurt with a sexy kind of feeling of being distended to the verge of exploding, which was just like Jan felt all over. He looked in front of him. He just managed to say 'Oh God!' and then he saw Mike become a blur, traversing the immense length of his cock in a fraction of a second, holding the head pointed straight to his face, and then he opened his mouth, and put his lips around the piss slit as best he could, and looked at Jan with an expression of pleading. It was too much. The only thing that delayed the inevitable, but only slightly, was Jan's own incredulity. He just couldn't believe the sex organ in front of him was his, but he felt every inch of it, and there were surely well over a hundred. It stretched what looked like three yards in front of him, and possibly more, if he had been holding it up it would have reached the ceiling.

He literally had a flagpole cock, more than six inches thick at the base and tapering slightly before the flaring head. But that didn't matter—one more look at Mike's face started the chain reaction.

With an odd mixture of satisfaction, wonder and horror, Jan saw and felt his balls swell until they stretched the sack holding them completely, and then he thought he'd fly apart. He must have blacked out.

Mike could almost feel the recoil and at that moment there was wonder about what had gotten into him, because he knew what would happen—it happened before. A fraction of a second later he almost drowned in Jan's cum. It kept coming like from a firehose, a huge length of steel hard firehose, while Mike tried to lap it down unsuccessfully.

Finally, he came to enough to see Jan on his knees, holding his balls in his hands protectively, grunting. For the time being his cock had no intention of going limp, and it still extended in front of him. It must have stretched as long as Jan was tall. Jan opened his eyes and looked up and down it incredulously, while Mike was still holding it.

'See what I mean' Mike asked, grinning. Jan kept shifting his gaze from his cock to Mike and back. He put both his hands around the shaft and slowly went forward with them, squeezing the remaining cum out of the shaft. Even at his size, in this position he could barely reach half of his pole. That's where Mike took over, producing a steady trickle of cum out of the enormous piss slit, and a sigh from Jan as Mike ended up squeezing right under the head and then rubbing it softly with his hands. Finally he kissed it. It was still hard and hot but less so. Jan's cock was slowly starting to deflate.

'Mike… I never thought I would say this but it's really too…

well, impractical' Jan said. His unrelenting and amazed gaze said another story, though.

'This figures. You get the biggest cock on the planet and you complain about it' Mike said, laughing. But, he knew what Jan was thinking. 'Don't you dare change a thing. I know you had fun with it and you better believe I had fun with it too. And, besides, it's not like you can't adjust it for the occasion—just don't do it right now!' Mike said.

He remembered a particularly endowed porn star complaining that as soon as some guys that were normally tops only saw his tool they'd put their heels in the air and demand to be fucked senseless by it.

Of course, that endowment looked pathetic compared to Mike and compared to Jan… well, Jan was in a league of his own. The point was, as insane as it may have sounded, Mike was barely resisting the urge to put his heels up himself. Truth be said, Mike was possibly the only person Jan could fuck that wouldn't get killed in the process, simply because between them they would adjust as a reflex to avoid injury. Mike always wondered what people saw in pain mixed with sex and this impossible urge he barely kept at bay caught him a bit off guard. But, no matter what, that wasn't his game, and neither was it Jan's. Mike never had a true lover before. Oh, there have been people that others would call that, but that was only sex, and rather bad sex at that.

With Jan it was love. And it was love in every sense, not just the feeling they shared, but the most passionate and at the same time tender and caring sex. The difference in the feeling was immense.

Anyway, Mike still wanted to play. Jan's cock had become soft but it was still huge. Mike was still holding it and finally stood on his toes and put it around Jan's… well, where his neck would be if it wasn't all traps and shoulders, like a scarf. It passed right under his ears in a very comical manner. Jan looked at him, scornfully.

'Well, we can't have it dragging on the floor, can we?' Mike asked.

Jan had only sucked himself off once in his life and that was practically hours ago. Somehow the thought of him again not being able to do so because he was actually too big now sprung in his mind.

He chuckled beneath his breath thinking what his mind will come up with next.

'Right now I'd give a kingdom for a measuring tape' Mike said.

'Ha ha. Now weren't you the complaining one when I wanted to measure your assets a while ago?' Jan asked, mischievously. He caught himself absentmindedly playing with his cock which was still hanging from his neck, but it had shriveled sufficiently to start sliding down, and Jan didn't really know what to do with it.

'Well, I'm a physicist too, I'm sure you'll remember' Mike said, sarcastically, 'We have a thing about numbers, or didn't you know?'

He said with a 'Yes, rub it in' tone to his voice. 'Besides, that's wishful thinking' he concluded.

'Well… not entirely…' Jan said. He saw Mike send him a glance conveying a scornful jab. 'Well, we're both physicists, and this still is a scientific experiment here…' Jan started, but Mike shut him up by an embrace. It was only possible because Jan was still on his knees. Mike nibbled his ear. 'Scientific my rosy ass' he said into his ear. Then he kissed Jan. There were volumes in that kiss. If there was any uncertainty left at all, it vanished from Jan at that very moment. He had found his other half. It didn't matter how they both looked, there was such a simple statement in that kiss and yet the most important one. An 'I love you' said without words.

'OK, so where is it?' Mike asked.

'Where is what?' Jan asked, innocently.

Mike jabbed him in the… well, the muscle plating his ribs. He barely felt it, but got the message.

'You'll get it, but only after you change' Jan said. 'It's about time I had some fun too…'

'Oh, so you haven't been having fun, have you?' Mike said, standing up. 'Well, if fun's what you want, that's what you'll get' he said. A second later, Mike was behind him, and he felt Mike's hands on his abs, rubbing them and going into every crevice. Then, Jan felt something warm and moist right at the top of his ass, in the middle of the crevice his lower back muscles made. It started moving upwards, followed by a scraping feeling. It made Jan shudder, sending sparks of electricity up his spine. Mike's tongue went further up, his beard rubbing into Jan's skin. A moment later, another moist spot joined it below.

Jan shuddered and gasped. It made Mike even harder. His hands started roaming around as far as they could reach on this mountain of muscle Jan had become. He traced every ridge, crevice and cut of Jan's abs he could reach, which moved with Jan's breathing, and which he flexed a couple of times too. He moved then to his back and Jan bent down until he was on all fours. He whispered 'Fuck me Mike'.

Mike's hands went down, massaging two boulders of muscle that were Jan's asscheaks. They had an incredible striated texture that almost drove Mike over the top by itself. Jan shifted, spreading his gargantuan thighs to open up his hole for Mike. One was as big as Mike's both put together, and Mike's thighs were incredibly big already. Mike was so hot he felt his ears burning. He guided his inflamed fuckpole to Jan's ass and slowly pressed into him. The resulting shudder looked like a hurricane had passed over the sea of Jan's back, muscles twitching and writhing, forming incredible shapes, which Mike traced and then licked and kissed in turn. He started pumping his cock in and out slowly, driving it in by small steps. His hands went around Jan's waist, feeling the muscles of Jan's abs move, and finally ended around the base of Jan's cock. It was throbbing immensely, and growing, no doubt extending underneath Jan to assume once again it's unworldly dimensions.

'Hold on' Jan said, suddenly. Mike asked himself what he should hold on to, and then Jan flexed his back some. The bulges that formed were incredible, and they were big enough for Mike to hold onto, like a freeclimber onto a cliff. Then, Jan started rising up, and suddenly he went back down. Mike thought he would melt as his cock went into Jan to the hilt. Jan took more than two feet of Mike's sex organ into him, letting out a satisfied groan. Then, Jan's ass muscles slowly clenched, and Mike felt a pull. His cock was being squeezed into a satin vise, and then, Jan stood up. Mike's eyes bugged out from the feeling of being pulled up by his cock. The pressure was such that he felt his organ growing inside Jan and he almost came, his feet dangling in the air, his toes leaning into Jan's calves. Then, he felt those calves flex, becoming like shelves of muscle. Mike got the idea, and put his feet onto them. He gasped a he realized he was standing on Jan's flexed calves, and Jan showed no signs of strain at all! A second later Jan's cock came into view over his head, fully hard. Mike thought how it was good that the actual ceiling was the roof itself—in any normal room Jan's cock would now poke well through the ceiling. There were two windows on the roof and with an almost guilty feeling of doing something that was so far unimaginable, Mike thought how they might end up having to open them to fit Jan's immense organ into the cabin. He suddenly understood what Jan had done—having his cock scrape on the floor as it grew must have been very painful. A second later, all reason went out of the figurative window.

Mike started pumping into Jan, while Jan was jacking himself off as best he could. Then, Mike stroked Jan's immense mast of a cock reaching over his head, while ramming Jan until he thought his balls would end up Jan's asshole. Then, he caught himself stroking every muscle he could get at, and finally, while he held Jan's cock with one hand, barely, because it was so thick, Jan produced a double biceps of double bicepses and Mike produced a load of cum to top all others feeling first one peak an then the other, still jacking off Jan's cock as far as he could reach, hands taking turns. Mike felt his juices rocketed out into Jan, filling him. Jan winced and dropped to his knees. Mike held Jan's cock with both hands, and it literally rebounded as he shot his first volley. Mike almost cried out in sexual glee—he felt Jan's juices distend his huge shaft as they passed through it under immense pressure, followed by a noise like someone opened a faucet, somewhere up near the roof, and then there was a shower of cum. It was followed by countless others as huge gobs of Jan's cum hit the ceiling and ricocheted down over both of them.

Some minutes later, Mike was only dimly aware of himself having dismounted from Jan, while sucking the remains of Jan's cum out of the still engorged head of his cock. They were sitting across each other separated by the length of Jan's still hard cock. They both squeezed and stroked, determined to get the last drop of cum out of it. The head was so huge that Mike could easily press his tongue into the piss-slit, and every time he did that he could hear Jan suck in his breath sharply, overwhelmed by the feeling. He must have been very sensitive, and a couple of times Mike was even rewarded by a small portion of Jan's sweet pre-cum. Finally, it started softening.

Mike let it down. It was still long enough that they couldn't touch feet and yet the head of Jan's cock was lying in Mike's lap, over his own sex organ that just hours ago would have been deemed impossibly gigantic. He caught himself wondering how big Jan's cock actually was. Putting numbers to things really was a professional deformation he thought, chuckling, remembering that thing Jan said about physicists and numbers. He looked up to find Jan looking at him, smiling. It reminded him that games were good, but the fact that they two were playing them was no game. He would always remember that smile, like a picture. A picture of HIS Jan.

'I'm not going to be satisfied until I can hold you the same way' Jan said. Mike took a second to grasp what he meant. It was now his turn.

'Well, that should be easily corrected' he said.

'Oh, wow, I was starting to wonder…' Jan said, chuckling.

'But before I do it, I want you to do me a favor' Mike said. In a strange way Mike realized it was time to leave the last frustrations of his old self behind. What would emerge will be different. He knew he wouldn't want to go back. And one of those old self ideas was of Jan being the big guy, the brawn and the protector. Mike almost laughed aloud seeing this for the first time so clearly. No, it wasn't domination, or a substitute for a father figure, just an ideal Mike had always imagined, and wanted to be closer to. So, he got closer, and closer, and then touched, and now finally loved, and in the process himself became the way he always wished. How odd that one wished all his life to become something and yet at the same time feared becoming it. He moved and finally sat in Jan's lap. Jan's surprised expression quickly gave way to something else, empathy and understanding.

'Just hold me for a while first, please…' Mike said. His back pushed into Jan's abs and pecs. He felt Jan's immense arms hug him.

The tears that kept welling up finally broke the dam of his blinking eyes and one of them fell to Jan's stroking forearm, leaving a trail as it went further down. Jan stopped stroking. Mike was surrounded by Jan's immense muscle, like lying in a safe nest of some kind. The touch was very tender when it came. He felt Jan's lips on his ear, a kiss, and a whispered 'Don't cry… please…'.

He wanted to say 'Those are tears of joy and not of sorrow, my love, my friend, my life…' but instead of the words he just wrapped his arms around Jan's big arm and hugged it. After a while, he said: 'Look at me. Making both of us behave like something out of a pathetic five cent love story about fags' He regretted it almost as it came out. This was what he wanted all his life, only he didn't dare admit it, and not only because of himself.

'I'm just a hopeless romantic, I guess…' he added, with a sour chuckle. The tears were still stinging his eyes. Of course, he could never fool Jan. He felt another soft kiss, and heard him say 'I'd never have you any other way'.

Later that afternoon, Mike finally went to business. Jan chuckled inwardly about thinking of it in that manner. But this would have to be done, better sooner than later. He remembered a much much smaller self, what seemed like a long time ago, about a year after he started seriously working out. He was always very well built, but every time he saw a bodybuilder, he would think about becoming that big, or bigger. There was something deeply sexual about being so obviously strong, displaying your sex so blatantly. Yet, he was always ashamed to admit his desire. It seemed to actually be a quite common feeling amongst his peers—in a discussion he once had with a bunch of friends, he remembered how they saw him changed and his muscles grown somewhat, and saying that they hoped he didn't want to get as big as those bodybuilder freaks. He thought about answering that he would actually want to be far bigger, but instead lied and said he wouldn't. The ones who said anything, said that they wouldn't too if they were working out, but Jan clearly remembered a glint in the eye they had. Was it a fear of admitting you were not man enough since you thought you needed improvement? He laughed, thinking of what they would think seeing him now. Assuming they wouldn't faint. He also remembered the thought that admitting to the wish was something almost primitive… or maybe primal was a better word. He had been brought up in the face of all the contrary evidence that appearance doesn't count. When he was older, he himself was involved in games where it counted, in fact was probably the most important thing.

'Mens sana in corpore sano', the Latin proverb suddenly came to mind—a healthy mind in a healthy body. A strong mind in a strong body?

Somehow, knowing that you had at last one end of the equation sorted out was… relieving? It was also almost intoxicating. He would catch himself flexing and feeling himself 'absentmindedly' every few minutes. He was immensely turned on by himself. He had known a couple of idiots that would show off and brag with their muscle amongst smaller people, and yet amongst their peers they really weren't that good in comparison. Jan concluded that his fascination with himself was more a sense of wonder what he had become, how he looked, how he moved, how it felt. He wouldn't go out and pounce onto people to show how big and strong he was. Well, that was obvious, after all! But he could never see himself as superior, just much more fortunate. If someone wanted him to show off for their delight, it was only fair that he had a good time doing it, he thought. But there was this nagging feeling that he would suddenly one day realize he had become an inconsiderate bully and asshole. He needed reassurance. He needed another like himself, and on this planet there was one person he could trust. His mind added an 'always' to that and he noticed how there wasn't any hesitation about that any more. With Mike they could keep each other in check. Besides, we can always decide to change if things don't look right, he thought.

Warned by his own experience, this time they both took precautions. A very analytical part of Jan's mind had Mike laid out in the middle of the floor on his back. After all, you can't fall off a floor, and there was no telling how big he would become—this way he had equal space to grow on all sides. And a huge space to go up, Jan thought, eyeing Mike's now flaccid cock. He had to will his cock to stay flaccid during the preparations, to make it small enough to move around unhindered. The mere thought of witnessing another transformation like his own would start a hard-on. He wondered if Mike had done the same, after all when Jan himself did it, he let the whole thing be a part of a sex game, and according to Mike for a moment it almost became an ordeal. Jan didn't remember that part but he trusted Mike. Finally, Mike said he was ready. Jan looked around at the cabin. He felt really stupid doing that as if it was the cabin that would change. The only thing he noticed was that the buckets of cum had been reclaimed as borrowed matter almost completely. Almost like they were being prepared in some kind of storage for what was to come. Then, Mike theatrically counted backwards from three.

At first, superficially nothing happened. But then a second later it was as if Mike's whole body trembled. No, it was almost like it boiled under his skin. Mike was looking straight at the ceiling, and Jan wasn't certain he was completely conscious. Then, Mike's limbs abruptly snapped outwards, including his cock which went rigid with almost a snap. His arms were spread to the side and so were his legs, and his cock jutted straight up. Then, Jan had only time to mutter some sort of bewildered curse, as the jolt of Mike's sudden movement made way for explosive growth. Mike's whole body literally inflated like someone had discharged a small explosive in a balloon. Jan just said 'Oh my God' and in the space that took Mike's muscle had grown so big that saying it was absurd was a huge understatement. Mike didn't grow any taller, and even his cock was still the same, only his muscles were so big now that Jan had doubts that Mike could move at all. It was a wonder that Mike's skin didn't rip open.

Jan could barely contain himself any longer. The form Mike had attained was absolutely incredible, it was just… so exaggerated. It turned Jan on immensely. Somewhere in his sex-overloaded mind the word 'Perverse' appeared but lasted only a fraction of a second, swamped out by the heap of rampantly grown muscle before him. He released the mental leash on his cock, and it started growing immediately. Jan wished it to stop at a manageable size—after all, he wanted to jerk off over a real, honest to God mountain of muscle, and having his cock so long that he couldn't reach the end of it didn't help that cause.

Mike had become a caricature. His waist was so small compared to the rest of him that the abdominal muscle literally overflowed it, and that in turn was overflowed by Mike's pecs. If they could be called that now. Mike's waist was a foot and a half in the air, held by enormous glutes, and even more enormous thighs. They were almost twice as thick as they were long, keeping the legs spread out, at a right angle between them. The calves must have been well over a foot across. Every part of every muscle bulged in a similar way—in every possible direction. But Mike's torso was absolutely incredible, it boggled the mind. The pecs were two immense balls—they literally stuck out, insanely inflated, the nipples stuck in a crevice between them and the equally inflated, almost overflowing abs, looking like some sort of overpressure valve ready to let go any second. Mike's head was squeezed between balloons of traps and shoulders, and his arms! His forearms looked like some cable-woven version of Popeye, but that's only if one could take that sight totally disregarding the upper arms. They were held out and slightly up by a collection of balloons that were mike's biceps and triceps. The size was anyone's guess—the biceps looked like someone stuffed a beach-ball under Mike's skin, it bulged so much that only about a tenth of it could actually be said to be held on Mike's arm, and the triceps was big enough to hold Mike's arms right at the level of his waist. The space between that and his outstretched elbows was filled with veritable pillows of lat muscle. Jan was just about to go into meltdown. He let his cock grow as large as it possibly could, as he tentatively touched Mike's pec. Mike looked like he'd explode with a bang any second, but that pec was hard as stone. It was twitching barely perceptibly, no doubt trying to grow bigger. Jan put his cockshaft right in the middle of the crevice of Mike's bulbuous pecs. He was dripping pre-cum by the pint and in no time Mike was almost covered with it, glistening. Jan jacked himself off on every part of Mike's body, his cock sticking out like a mast, he could swear it was now even bigger. He rubbed it in, a total sexual frenzy taken over him, the feeling of shame of taking advantage of his unconscious lover completely subdued. He looked at Mike's face and it had a serene grin on it, verging on the idiotic, his eyes reeling. Seeing it was the last straw, Jan came, but it was as if his cum was sucked into Mike.

Jan had only a few seconds to take in Mike's shape after he came to enough to regard it as anything axcept destilled sex, takig in once more the incredibly overbloated muscle, which was so big that the cuts all over it were almost imperceptible, because they were so narrow, squeezed shut by the muscles' sheer size. But then some sort of reason intervened and Jan wondered what will happen next.

Suddenly, Mike sighed, and at the same speed the rest of his transformation had happened, his cock grew, like some perversely fast-growing tree, in seconds. Jan almost lost the remains of his wits. He was sure he was having his first multiple orgasm, as he watched Mike's cock grow in steady motion, stopping inches short of the window on the roof, swaying slowly. A bit more and it would have gone straight through it. Then, things stopped for a few seconds, and Jan swore he cold see Mike's eyes clear as he obviously came to his senses. Jan clearly heard him mouthing a 'I can't move' but at that moment, Mike's bones started growing. As Mike tried to move, almost in jerks and fits, he'd stop for a second or two as his body would adjust. After a few tries, he even managed to sit up, his cock still sticking straight in the air. He looked at Jan, while his shoulders abruptly grew wider, allowing him to bend his neck. Jan realized he must have been wearing a completely stupid expression because Mike asked 'What's going on?'. It came out as a strange cadence as his voice changed and became deeper. It seemed as if he was completely unaware of what was happening to him. But then he took hold of his immense cock, and stood up slowly, manouvering his preposterous sex organ out of the way of the roof. Jan was back with the thinking—and he thought it looked like some strange film being shown in a five frames forward, two frames back fashion—Mike's body was continually readjusting. Finally, holding his cock low in front of him, almost like it was some fat pole-vault pole, Mike stood up in all his glory.

In one word, he was magnificent.

A little bit shorter than Jan, and somewhat leaner, he was a creature of godlike beauty. His incredible proportions were something that in all impossibility looked completely natural and right. The effect was only completely unbelievable because of the size of his cock—it was so long that he had to lean backwards to balance it's weight. It was even longer than Jan's, and curved slightly upwards.

'Let me help' Jan said, and traversed it's immense length, pulling it down tenderly, until he gingerly held it under the softball sized head, which he kissed. Mike's face, which had somehow become even more handsome in a cute kind of way, suddenly sported bugging eyes, and Jan clearly saw Mike's now immense balls snap up to the shaft. An instant later, Jan was rewarded by the essence of Mike, swallowing as much as he could. But Mike's supply seemed to be inexhaustible—his cumming must have lasted minutes, there were dozens upon dozens of bursts of cum until Jan just let them drip down his face. Finally, Mike sat down, crossing his legs, which made Jan's eyes bug out for a few seconds, taking in the amazing shapes appearing on Mike's legs, and all over his body as he moved. What he lacked in mass, compared to Jan, he more than compensated for in muscle definition, although, looking at Jan no-one would dare suppose that muscles actually could be more defined. Mike was living proof that they indeed could.

'That's me?!?!' Mike asked, incredulously. He almost choked half way through the question, surprised once again at the sound of his own voice. It wasn't that different, but it was different enough. It sounded somehow smooth, soft and yet commanding at the same time. It sounded incredibly male, as funny as the expression was.

The mylar mirror was still clear, truly a wonder considering what had been happening in the immediate vicinity. From it, back to Mike, stared a figure he would never dare imagine, let alone imagine as himself. But there was no doubt it was him, and that he did imagine it somewhere in the recesses of his mind, because he wouldn't look this way if he didn't.

He was still almost completely smooth, except for a very light fuzz of crotch hair, traces under the armpits and the beard which was stubbornly stuck at a three-day level regardless of the fact that ample time had passed since Mike had first dreamed it up. His hair had changed color ever so slightly, and had become darker and somewhat longer. His face somehow showed youth and maturity at the same time.

'But… but… I'm… amazing…' Mike heard himself stammer. Even in face of all evidence the word 'beautiful' was difficult to say. Jan laughed. 'You are beautiful, and I've been telling you that all along' he said.

Mike's skin had changed to a deeper golden glow, and his body was like Jan's, perfect—but it was still Mike. He was slightly smaller than Jan, he noticed, realizing it was his wish all along—he always wanted to fall in love with a big guy, and he was just smaller enough to satisfy the definition. Jan was taller by about 5 inches, which wasn't a lot considering they were both about 8' tall. Mike was also leaner, but you could never say that unless you saw Jan beside him—he was leaner only compared to Jan. Compared to the biggest bodybuilder, Mike in all his lean-ness, was muscle upon muscle upon muscle, incredibly massive. However, he had such a shape that made all that impossible mass somehow look extremely sleek and streamlined, even more so than Jan, and Jan was almost the definition of it. But, where Jan's muscles looked like they were permanently flexed (which only meant he redefined the word 'flex' every time he actually would do that), Mike's had a defined but smooth and flowing quality to them, that is, until he flexed them, which he did, causing Jan to feel him all over. When flexed, Mike's muscles bulged incredibly and split and corded down to what looked like individual fibers. His waist was smaller by half than his thighs, it almost looked like it would break, but the falsehood of that idea was evident every time Mike would move even slightly—incredible cords of muscle would appear surrounding huge ab muscles, hard as stone.

His eight-pack abs stayed that way but they now had a look of dry stone masonry—the ridges between them and the central split would barely fit a match, they were so tight. Above that were square feet of pecs, capped by incredibly split and also incredibly wide shoulders, with arms almost painfully defined—each and every part of Mike's bis and tris was clearly evident, and tensing them even a little produced corded striations. Flexing a lot would grow Mike's bis into peaks which were almost preposterous—they would easily touch his fists, peaking higher than they were long, with a very visible, but very tight split. His forearms were incredible—amazing while relaxed, when he would flex them even a bit, the splits would become chasms inches deep. Mike's lats, relaxed, pushed his arms to the side, not as much as Jan's, just enough to give everyone assurance that they would spread incredibly. When Mike first produced a full lat spread, he stopped mid-way, surprised himself. His back became an improbably deep and insanely wide 'V'—Jan said you could build a house on those lats, as if Mike didn't know how Jan's own looked—just big enough for that house and a detached garage, as Mike had put it. All that said, Mike wasn't very vascular, sort of just right—his bis had a decent network of veins and so did his forearms, especially when flexed. The same went for his legs. His torso was almost without veins—that is, except for the two visible over his lower abdomen, right over the bottom ridge of that amazing eight-pack. Going down, Mike's thighs flared, all heads of the quads always visible. Even the slightest movement produced striations, which would change and deepen as Mike would flex harder. Both of them were fascinated when he first did that, it was almost like watching some strange geological process take place on a landscape of muscle.

Mike's calves rivaled Jan's with their incredible shape. Like Jan's, Mike's feet and hands had grown but were not as big—as he was before the whole adventure, he was somehow still lightly built. That is, if you could say that for someone who weighted around a ton or so. A sizable portion of that must have resided in Mike's incredible sex organ. If it wasn't somehow just beautifully shaped, even with the size of it, it would be called an abomination. Both Mike and Jan didn't want to even hazard the exact length or thickness.

Substantially longer than even Jan's impossible flagpole, it reached over Jan's head when Mike was lying down and Jan was standing beside him, holding it, and when it was flaccid, which it managed only for about a minute, about half a foot remained on the floor between Mike's legs. The 'problem' was that Jan wasn't only standing there, holding Mike's cock, but he was also stroking it, and Mike was stroking Jan. At least that was the position they soon assumed, after Jan 'wanted to have a good look at that', and Mike had already been flexing for about ten minutes. It took them both ten seconds flat to once again splash the floor and ceiling with huge amounts of cum.

They ended up facing each other, holding their still engorged cocks beside each other. They ended up far enough not able to touch each other in any other way, as if this wasn't enough. Mike's cock was over a foot longer than Jan's. Next, in an attempt to put some numbers to their size, and thus replace guesswork, Mike almost toppled over while they both tried to move still holding each other by the cock, Jan trying to poke his feet and then his hands into his stuff beside the mirror, trying to get at a measuring tape he had stowed in there. After several near misses, quite a bit assisted by Mike pulling onto Jan's cock, he managed to do it. Then, they stepped closer, putting each other's cock over their shoulders, and Jan gave Mike the end of the tape—a regular surveying tape measure, 100 feet long. Mike almost choked laughing over it once Jan got it out in the open, joking that Jan surely had some uncanny expectations. Jan only replied that one has to be prepared for the unexpected, which again got them both laughing. Then, while Mike held one end of the tape, they stepped further away, their cocks ending once again side by side, the tape stretched from crotch to crotch, which also meant the whole length of Mike's cock. Jan only whistled, and then whistled again. But the tape clearly said that Mike's cock was two inches short of 10 feet in length! Jan's was equally impressive at a 'mere'

8 feet and 7 inches long. They both looked at each other. Jan just whisled under his breath.

'Mike, do you realize that most people would be very happy to have this size in inches, and we've got it in feet?!' he said. Mike just looked at him for a moment, and started stroking both their cocks, on his end. Jan squirmed in pleasure and returned the favour.

'It doesn't seem like you don't like the fact' Mike said, 'It sure feels good to me… but that's only because you are there at the other end' he finished.

'It's kind of good to play with, but not to move around… geez, it's so big it doesn't even stand up because of it's own weight, and yours would drag on the floor when limp' Jan said.

'Well, I'm kind of thinking 'underwear' right now' Mike said, laughing. They looked at each other.

'Well, it isn't like we can't do anything about this' Jan said.

'I always thought' Mike said, and added an 'but never dared to admit it' under his breath, 'that a man can't have too much muscle and too big a cock'.

'Well, it's not like this proves otherwise' Jan said, teasing Mike by pulling on his cock.

'Hey…' Mike complained, grinning. 'well, maybe we should do some adjusting… I'd kind of like to get cleaned up a bit, before it gets dark otside'

'Ok… I think I have an idea along those lines…' Jan said.

About ten minutes later, both their cocks were flaccid, and reduced to a manageable length, after a number of experiments some of which were really funny. Mike's flaccid cock was so big he could almost tie it around his neck like a tie. Jan even managed to tie them both together by their cocks, but it became painfull when he alowed his to start going erect again. Finally, after a few attempts at reducing the size, they settled for a public image. The mere notion was preposterous because it still involved two barely immaginable phisiques with two barely immaginable cocks. Sure enough, they had attempted to measure each other but nothing really usefull came of it as it ended up being all play and fun. They both agreed that they should actually do some proper measuring 'for scientific reasons' as Jan said, causing Mike to laugh to tears. Finally, they settled down.

Althought the feeling was highly erotic, it was much more about a sense of being together. It was a small world of their own, but it held the most important ingredient—they were there for each other.

'Once again, I never thought I'd say this, but that was really too large' Jan said, after they had both settled the lengths of their fuckpoles to 'something manageable' as Mike put it, slightly less than 'just' knee-length flaccid.

'Oh, come on! If you didn't know that you could get it to grow back to a size that would put six stallions to shame, like you would want it to get smaller?' Mike said. He had many an occasion to curse his ex-endowement which was big by 'normal' standards, but he had to admit that one of his favorite fantasies was to have it even bigger, just to see how that felt. Now it was stupid denying it—the fantasy had become very real.

'You know, I've been thinking—I must admit I sometimes wished I wasn't so… well, prominent' Mike said, almost blushing. The look Jan gave him said volumes, but he continued. 'I mean… before'

Now Jan laughed aloud. 'I wonder what made you change your mind' he said, finally, when he calmed down. He looked at Mike. Mike really did blush. 'God, I love you!' Jan said. Mike beamed, and then smiled.

'If I didn't know you I'd think you were ashamed' Jan said. Mike smiled again. Habits were not easy to get rid of. 'Well, I… I was afraid of being obvious… and you know what, now I don't really care. I mean, who could do anything about it?' Mike concluded.

'Well, no one, but still we would have to go out in public sooner or later' Jan said.

'That only means we'll have to find something to wear in the end.

Right now, I just want to move around… well, freely.'

But of course, they had done some measuring after becoming 'practical'. Hard, Mike's cock ended up being almost five feet long, and Jan's was only a couple of inches shorter, but somewhat thicker.

At that size, and hard, they both stood out proudly, waving in front of them like some ceremonial swords of sorts.

'But, I'll keep the possibilities open for special occasions' Mike concluded, adding that the experimental phase was over, which made Jan snigger. They looked each other over again. 'I always wanted a lover that was beautiful, and now I have the best of them all' Jan thought. He looked through the window. It was slowly getting dark outside.

'Mike, how about that skinny dipping you mentioned?' he said. Jan looked at the stains of prolonged sex. They were both cum drenched.

If it wasn't for the 'returning effect' they would probably have looked like someone had poured white cake icing all over both of them, and quite probably, cum-stuck to the floor.

'Good idea' Mike said, turning to the door. They had both noticed that they had to be careful not to stand in certain parts of the room unless they were a couple of feet apart, Jan wasn't sure the floorboards would hold their combined weight. It wasn't too difficult though, since they were so wide and thick. Mike was almost sorry that there wasn't some kind of portable scale, he was sure if there was that Jan would have thought of having it with him. Still, his mind at least for the moment cleared of incessant sex thoughts, he tried to estimate his own weight. It was difficult, because weight was proportional to the volume they occupied. They had grown in all three dimensions, which meant the increases actually multiplied. In addition, both of them had no fat to speak off, and muscle was very dense and heavy tissue—there was scarcely anything in the human body that was heavyer. Mike started calculating—his height increased about 1.3 times, his width almost 3 times, his thickness at the very least twice or more. Multiply all that… it was at the very least an 8-fold increase in volume. All that compared to his first transformation, which brought him well to about 200 pounds or more.

That put him at at least 1600 pounds now! His head reeled at the numbers. And Jan must be at least a ton of muscle. He looked back at him. He was sure he was quite probably undersetimating the numbers.

But his train of thought was suddenly derailed.

'Houston, we have a problem' Jan, said, looking suggestively at the door.

Mike turned around.

Then he turned back to Jan, not understanding. Then, he turned back to the door. Jan walked over for emphasis. The top of the doorframe neatly reached the bottom of his pecs, and he had to bend his head to fit into that part of the room. The ominous sqeaking the floor produced only amplified the overal effect. Mike almost hit himself in the head with his fist—just half an hour earlier they measured how tall they were, Jan reaching 8’7” and Mike just short of 8’2”. Jan's shoulders competed in width with the height of the doorframe!

'Oh, shit.' They both said at the same time.

A minute later, it was pandemonium.

'Jan, stop pushing, I'm going to knock out the doorframe!' Mike shouted, his head out of the door, and his torso and knees stuck in the middle of it.

'It isn't my fault that you've outgrown the cabin! Stop flexing those pecs and you'll pass through' Jan added from inside.

'Yeah, yeah—look who's talking. Maybe we should just lift the cabin up for you to get out, or do you want me to just feed you through the window after it's established that you can't leave the premises?'

Mike retorted sourly. On the first pushing atempt Jan managed to crack a floorboard, but fortunately stopped in time to prevent pushing his leg through the floor.

'We agreed not to do any damage, so quit pushing and let me think'

Mike said.

He tried breathing out and relaxing enough, bringing one knee forward. At a mere few inches short of 5 feet of shoulder width, at least he could get them out through the door if he bent sideways sufficiently. Unfortunately, he managed to get his knee stuck between the door and the frame. A second later the pressure was lost as Jan took the door off the hinges. Mike almost fell out with a plop.

'I'm not going to become smaller on account of this, it's enough that I had to reduce my cock. Too much is too much' he had said earlier, and Jan had only replied 'Now this will be interesting', once he stopped laughing, that is. Mike thought of that, thinking that the interesting part is just about to start. It was almost like crawling out of a dog house. However, Jan's exit was a debacle—he put the doors back on the hinges and held himself by the top of the doorframe with one hand. It creaked and popped, but Jan's 5 feet wide shoulders went out turned vertically, at which point he bent back into a crouched posture, his ultratight waist almost insignificant compared to the width of the doorframe. There was creak from the wood being relieved of carrying so much of Jan's suspended weight, that almost sounded like a relieved sigh. A second later Jan just lunged out, twisting his hips to let his immense tighs through. Mike thought 'I'll have to remember that trick', as Jan turned around and patted the top beam of the old doorframe, saying 'Solid workmanship from back when Jesus still walked the earth'. Then, Jan closed the door.

'Cheat!' Mike said. Of course, he just had to think before he tried to get out but as he had to remind himself so many times, old habits are hard to get rid of. After all, he hed been going through doorways in a particular manner for all his life. It was a long solved problem… until now. The scene vaguely reminded Mike of 'Alice in Wonderland', only the reason for such size certainly weren't cookies that had 'eat me' written on them. Cookies? Mike decided to hold onto the idea for later.

When they got out of the water, it was properly dark. They must have stayed in there for hours, goofing around like little children. There was nothing really sexual about it… well, almost. Jan really enjoyed the embraces that turned from feeling Mike's huge pecs, savouring their incredible square, thick and impossibly dense muscle, to feeling all over his incredibly hard body into a dunking game.

They had both discovered that their lung capacity had grown immensely, after Mike ended up dunking Jan, and he just decided to stay there. After what must have been well over five minutes, Jan tugged down on Mike's cock to 'call the lift', rising up to a properly freaked out Mike, but soon it became evident that staying under the water was easy—so much so that it was boring waiting for even the first signs of oxygen starvation. Still, staying under the water in an embrace, with no gravity to intrude, was a very special feeling. Then, with far better than Olympic speed, they swam out to the middle of the lake and back. Jan was aware they must have broken all the records. A couple of tender hughs later, Mike discovered he could dive in and jump off the bottom of the shallow lake, literally exploding out of the water, almost two yards in the air before he came crashing back down into it, if he used the full power of his immense thighs. Jan was sure he left impressions of his feet over a foot deep on the bottom when he tried it subsequently. They also agreed that their bodies must have become more dense because they barely had any buoyancy at all, and it was mostly derived from the incredible capacity of their lungs. When they breathed out, they would sink rather fast.

Finally, they ended up on the shore, lying on their backs, just touching each other tenderly, when Mike said they hadn't eaten almost a thing in the last two days, and that he really had a craving for a marshmallow, or even a couple of sausages, done over a campfire. Jan laughed, but liked the idea. So, they headed back to the cabin on foot. They had a couple of hundred yards to walk, but with legs grown longer, the yards were gobbled up as they strided to the cabin. Jan looked forward to cuddling beside a campfire, and some more play. But as they came nearer to the cabin, Jan suddenly had this strange impression of something… about to happen.

Jan couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was pitch dark, but he could see the cabin outlined in the gloom. Somehow, there was something wrong with it. It wasn't exactly the way it looked, but…

'Mike, stop' he said.

'What is it?' Mike asked.

'Shhh. Just shut up for a sec…' Jan said. He saw Mike looking at him, puzzled. Then he shrugged, and they both stood absolutely still.

They looked at each other, questioningly. Clearly heard over the slight breeze, was a strange scraping sound.

'It's coming from the roof' Mike whispered. He had an expression of utter stealth, as if he wanted to hide. Jan almost burst out laughing—first of all, there wasn't much of anything around that was big enought to hide Mike, and the idea that something could really hurt Mike was preposterous. Jan doubted even someone firing a cannon at him would do any real harm. Well, he wasn't sure, but Mike had told him about his hand healing in seconds. He gestured towards the cabin, and then towards Mike, and then gesticulated to Mike that he'll go around while Mike goes in through the door. They had already parted when the realisation hit him that it was almost pitch dark, but he could see Mike very clearly, and obviously Mike saw his gesticulating without a problem. 'Side effects' Jan thought, followed by a mental equivalent of a chuckle.

He heard Mike open the door very slowly, nevertheless producing a soft squeak, and then a far louder one as he executed 'the maneuver'

to get himself in through the door. Jan cringed at the loud sound, there was no way whoever was in there wouldn't have heard that. In a few steps more, Jan was on the left side of the cabin, where the roof edge was low enough to barely reach his pecs. Just as he got there, he saw a figure slip through the roof window. At the same time, he saw Mike switch on the lights, shout a 'What's going on here' and then there was a scream and a loud thud. Jan's first impulse was to follow the figure he saw but he soon stopped since just trying to lift himself onto the roof resulted in his hand splintering the edge of the roofing with a loud crack. It felt like he had cut his hand but then there was a strange warm feeling and his hand felt normal again. All that was happening while he was already running to the door, his feet making deep impressions in the ground. 'Mike, are you all right?' Jan shouted, before his mind caught up with how stupid that question really was, dashing for the door at amazing speed—a second later, he was in the room, and the doorframe had lost a big splinter off the top as a consequence. He should really have asked if whoever it was that intruded was all right—after all, you just had to look at Mike to know that any possible assailant would think of running rather than attacking him, that's after they had shit in their pants, most likely.

Mike was crouching in the middle of the room, right beneath one of the roof windows. He turned around, and said 'Jan, I need help here!'. Jan got closer in a flash. The floor squeeked ominously but held itself in one piece.

On the floor, lying in a quickly growing puddle of his own blood, was a young man which Jan found strangely familiar. He had fallen down, hitting a chair Mike wanted to stand on while he was measuring how tall Jan was a while earlier, before he realized it wouldn't hold his weight. It had splintered and produced a huge gash in the youths thigh, obviously puncturing some major blood vessel because the blood was actually squirting out. Mike had torn the jeans the guy was wearing and held his finger firmly at a point above the wound and the blood flow stopped. The youth just barely turned towards Jan, his face turning from dread to almost gratefulness as his eyes rolled and he went unconscious. He just slumped on the floor. Jan noticed his forearm was bent at a very odd angle.

'My god Jan, he's hurt badly… what are we going to do?! We have to stop the bleeding…' Mike sounded just short of panicking. Jan realized he was scared to the bone.

'Jan, I know this guy, it was the one I played with while I waited for you before we went to the gym… my God, how the hell did he find us! We must get him to a hospital right now! He's loosing a lot of blood!'

Jan looked down. He had finally gotten a good look at the young man's face. The last time he had seen him he only had a second to look at it, and it looked more horrified than familiar, but still… he had dismissed it then, but now there was no doubt. 'Now this is a serious problem' he thought. He touched the man's head, and suddenly there was this strange feeling, almost like a mild electric shock.

'What are you doing?' Mike asked, surprised. Then, they both gasped in surprise. The man's arm slowly twisted back to it's normal condition. The puddle of blood was getting visibly smaller, and then disappeared altogether, only a small discoloration left on the wooden floor. Mike looked at Jan with a start, and they removed their hands off the guy. The bleeding had stopped completely. There was no trace of a wound to be seen.

'Jan, we were both holding him. Jan, BOTH of us! Do you know what that means!?' Mike said, excitement rising in his voice.

The man was now obviously sleeping, completely out of it. What a perfect little stud you turned out to be, Jan thought.

'Yes… but we still have a problem. You see, I know this boy.' Jan said.

Jan saw that Mike didn't even hear his last remark. It was quite obvious that he had an acute case of intruding reality.

'Jan, how are we going to explain! I mean… I mean, look at us and he saw us and who knows what he's going to think or even worse tell!'

Mike was saying.

'Mike, didn't you hear me, I KNOW him!' Jan almost yelled.

'I know, I know, you saw me letting him drool all over me in your lobby, but Jan, he got here, how did he find us? And he'll have to leave some time, there will be stories! Jan, I don't want to go back to the way I was! I've been wanting for something like this all my life and…' Mike went on babbling and then suddenly he stopped.

Jan's words finally got through to Mike's brain. 'What do you mean you know him?'

'Oh, it's not what you think, I mean he's not an ex or anything…'

Jan said.

'Mike, there is nothing really that mysterious! This boy here…' Jan looked down at the figure still sleeping, '…well, this man here, he's my… well, you could call him my step-nephew. He's name is David and I hadn't seen him ever since… well, in years. It's real easy to explain how he got here, he's been coming here since he was a kid, well, at least until several years ago when his family moved east'

Mike looked at Jan. He looked down at the guy he now knew was David.

He noticed again that David was a very nice looking young man. To say the least. He was lying there peacefully, curled in a ball, his hands now under his head, one pant leg of his tight jeans torn right off by Mike's ministrations from earlier on. Mike noticed his T-shirt was torn in the back too. 'Damn, Jan, at least let's get him off the floor'. This sounded funny even to Mike only a second after he said it. Jan just looked at him from his toes up to his face, and chuckled. Of course, there was really no need for both of them to do the job. He picked David up very carefully. To Mike he was light as a feather and he looked very fragile in Mike's now huge arms, held there almost like a baby. He noticed that his arms were so huge they competed favorably with the guys torso. Still, the eye accustomed to doing quick double-takes and sizing up other guys, Mike noticed that David wasn't fragile. Just as it looked the last time he saw him, he wasn't very big or anything, but even slumped in Mike's arms he actually had a pretty tight and hard body. Mike carefully laid him down on the collection of mattresses in one corner of the room, which Jan and Mike had agreed to call a bed after they dismantled the ancient wooden double-bed frames earlier this morning. He couldn't help notice that the guys pecs bulged a bit under his shirt, and his arms filled the sleeves quite nicely. David was a real turn-on, and seemed to be well aware that he was, even though his jeans were torn now, they were tight, showing off a very small waist, good legs, and probably agreat butt, which of course Mike couldn't see at the moment. There was also a tight T-shirt showing off the very nice form of his upper body. Mike knew now that David was a couple of years older than he first thought, but even with several days of stubble growth on his face, lying there he looked younger than his actual age. The kind of youthful look that made you think 'young man' and not so much 'boy'. He seemed to be almost smooth all over, which probably accented the effect, just a little black fuzz where his nicely muscled leg went out from his torn pantleg. Mike thought he could very well have walked out of a TV commercial. As if Jan was reading his mind, he said 'He really is good looking. A real little stud.' Jan saw Mike giving him a look that was strange for a second.

Then Mike said: 'OK, now tell me what the story is. We have to figure out how to handle this.'

Jan thought about this for a moment. What is Davey, well, David going to think when he wakes up? It struck him kind of funny to remember what he used to call him when he was… what, 16? God, had so many years really passed?

'Well… Mike, some of this I'm guessing, but here are some facts. I have an older sister, and she married this older guy. David is his son from an earlier marriage. When I last saw him he was… 16 I guess, he's something like 6 years younger than me… they moved east not long after that'.

Jan sighed. This was one period of his life he didn't really like talking about. He looked at Mike, who obviously decided he'd let Jan tell the story without interruption. Damn, it wasn't easy talking about the biggest mistake he ever made. But then, if he couldn't talk about it with Mike… He sighed again.

'Jan, what is wrong?' Mike said. Jan was once again surprised, but only for a moment.

'You really can read me like a book, huh?' he said, with a sour chuckle. Not because of the question but because of the feeling of having to once again go over that part of his past.

'Oh, Mike…'

After a pause, Jan continued: 'When I had turned 21 I came out to my family… at the time I thought I was in love, that I've found that special someone. It turned out he wasn't what I thought, later. But at the time, that infatuation made me feel like I could do no wrong. I guess I just served the truth to my parents, and only later it became apparent that it was a very hard blow for them' Jan said. If only I knew that was just the beginning, he thought.

'I didn't know about the other problem. A year before I came out, my sister and her husband to be, Terry, David's father, were still dating. She asked me not to tell our parents and I respected that. I spent almost two months at their place as vacation, at the invitation of my sister and enjoyed it immensely. A big part of that was getting to know David. I don't know exactly how, but… well, David and got to be real good friends. We spent a lot of time together that summer, I guess I became his big brother in a way, he was alone since early childhood. We talked about anything and everything. I saw them all next some months before my sister got married to Terry. And that was really the other problem.' Jan said. He thought about the past for a few seconds before continuing. 'What I didn't know at the time was that my parents didn't approve of Terry. They liked David well enough, who wouldn't, but Terry… of course, my sister got married anyway. In the end they couldn't really do anything about it. And I guess that was the beggining of the end.'

Jan looked at Mike, who was looking back at him throughout the monologue.

'I guess Korina and I just left our parents no choice but acknowledge both of us, my sisters marriage and my being gay. It was all too fast, and neither of us was there to make it easyer on them. They sure didn't like either. It was acknowledgment, but certainly not acceptance. Of course, David knew nothing about me being gay. You must understand that to a certain extent David really idolized me, I guess. He wanted to be like me, he said on several occasions, like 'his big uncle Jan' he used to say' Jan produced a rather sour laugh. Looking at David now he saw that that particular influence remained, and found it an incredible irony. He remembered David being all over Mike, and thought how David and himself ended up having things in common.

'At the time I had I guess, oh… three and a half years of weight training under my belt and he always said he wanted to have muscles like me and always took every opportunity to wrestle me or tackle me, or just plain ask me to 'make a muscle'. Well, I guess now we both know why he liked your little show in the loby' Jan siad, and immediately felt guilty about it, because he could see Mike revisiting his own, to Jan's mind, still misplaced, guilt. Jan decided not to comment on this at all—for him it never was a problem in the first place.

'I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I had sensed doubt in my sister and assured her that there would never be anything… I mean that I wouldn't, you know, try anything. I mean, the boy was like a kid brother I never had. It's not that he wasn't really cute even then, though'. Jan cut himself short remembering he might be making things worse for Mike.

'Anyway, we all got together a couple of months after the marriage at my parent's place for a weeks vacation, it was supposed to be a kind of kiss-and-make-up I guess. That's when I last saw David. I remember we went to the local gym together. Well, that's when it started. I…

well, I had broken up with my… boyfriend that I mentioned, and was very much disillusioned. The gym was my sanctuary, and it showed.

After that workout Davey… at the time I thought nothing of it, I mean, he did it before. He had talked me into a posing session for lack of a better word. He… well… it became pretty hot. He had made me flex and he had done it I guess dozens of times before, he did some touching, but this time it was feeling over, and he didn't stop at that. He got well into it before I realized what was going on. I stopped him. I… at the time I thought he didn't really know what he was doing. He was so distressed he started crying. He sobbed out… ah, well, somehow he had learned I was gay and I… at the time I didn't know what it was, I guessed he was just curious and wanted to play some kind of prank. He ran away.' Jan said. His whole soul was being gripped by a mixture of fear, guilt and remorse. He should have just listened!

'Mike… you must understand that I wasn't really myself then, coming from a failed relationship. The boy didn't have anyone he could turn to, and I pushed him away. And God knows what had come over me, then I made it even worse. I thought of all the people my sister accepted who I was. I told her…' Jan shook his head. His voice broke.

'That was when all hell broke loose, huh?' Mike said. He held Jan by the shoulder. “you don't have to go on' he finished. Jan burried his head in his hands and sighed. Suddenly there was this feeling of relief, now that he could share what he thought of as his darkest moment.

'Mike… I… no, this is important, and if there is someone I can share this with, then… it's you.' Jan looked up at Mike. Suddenly he felt so happy that he had Mike in his life.

'All hell broke loose, all right. I told Korina that Davey could be gay, I mean it dawned on me he was looking for someone he could trust with this and… telling was the most idiotic thing I could do. But I didn't want the guy to have a hard time over it as I did. I spoiled it all. It snowballed. She might have understood me, but Terry never did. When she told him, they screamed at each other so loud that the whole house shook. There were… words. Somehow, my parents got involved. Soon enough, there was talk of 'me seducing him'. They were screaming in the other room, and at some point David couldn't take it any more. After what I did, I guess he thought he couldn't come to me. He just cried and ran out of the house. They heard it. Then…'

Jan took a breath. 'Well, there were more words. I… got angry. I don't know what got into me. Hearing all the bullshit they were screaming their heads off over, I got really mad. Ah… well, in the end Terry needed his teeth fixed, and I moved away for good. I guess I really burned my bridges there'.

'Oh, Jan…' Mike started. 'Come on, you are acting as it was all your fault! You know it wasn't—I mean, maybe it was just too much too soon, for all of you. There is no way to predict these things.

Anyway, I'm sure they have cooled down in the meantime'

'That doesn't solve the immediate problem. I'm guessing, but the fact Davey… David was there in the lobby with you and… I don't think there could be better proof. But what really worries me is that he's hundreds of miles from home. If he recognized me in that lobby and heared what I said, who knows what he thought! This place here isn't that far away, I guess it was the only place he thought he could run away to. For all I know, he might have been looking for me, maybe not for the first time, either. We can't just leave him be! Mike, I owe him, big time. I owe him two now, this was the second time he came to me because he didn't have anyone else to turn to and I let him down again!'

Jan looked at the sleeping form again. He slowly turned him over.

'Look, he's not exactly clean. Who knows where he had been spending the days. Damned, he had probably run away, or even worse his stupid father had kicked him out of the house! And he must be hungry, too. I wonder how he got here, he sure as hell didn't get a ride, there's no one that would be going here. It doesn't look like he's on foot though.' Jan finished. 'Well, maybe there's a car somewhere. I better go look, maybe I can find some of his stuff in it, and get rid of the torn jeans. And start some kind of dinner, I guess' Mike said.

Jan looked at him. He thought 'thank you, whoever you are, for giving him to me'. He only said 'OK, you do that'. A few seconds later, he added: 'Maybe I should wake him up. I don't think he could deal with both of us at the same time', but half way through he heard the doorway squeak again and Mike was gone. He realized then that he had already decided somehow not to morph back to something approximating what he was the last time David had seen him. It was strange how he accepted the new body he now had so easily. Well, not really, he thought. It was after all what he wished for in the first place. It was the way he wanted to be. In a sense, it always was him. However things go, he didn't want to go back. All the others had better accept that. Even Davey… David. He chuckled remembering how this young man sleeping there on the bed wanted everyone to call him David, but he would let Jan call him Davey. Well, he's almost 25 now, and all grown up, so I better drop the kiddy nickname, Jan reminded himself.

Sure enough, Mike managed to find an ancient Toyota hidden in the brush, right down the road from where their cars were parked, also hidden. The car itself looked so bad that having three wishes to use on it would have bee a complete waste of effort. It wasn't locked, in fact it seemed that it couldn't be anyway. He looked inside and then into the trunk, finding a worn out backpack with some clothes and a rotten sandwich in it. He threw the rotting food away and took the backpack with him. Even with his improved long step it took some time to get back to the cabin. Jan had wanted them both to park away from it so that in case someone intruded they wouldn't be easily detected, obviously they weren't the only ones with such ideas. He had no doubts that they would have had ample warning—he had no real problems seeing things quite clearly in complete darkness and his hearing seemed to be vastly improved. It got him thinking. How could he explain how both he and Jan looked? Will David recognize Jan, or Mike himself? How will they explain the almost instant healing? Mike wasn't even sure about that last thing. They had never tried anything on anything living, let alone people. Or had they, unknowingly? He really had problems grasping all the implications, but the well worn path of reasoning became active again. When overwhelmed by a problem, split it to smaller problems, and solve one by one. The immediate problem would be explaining the looks. He didn't know about the healing. He had considered changing back to how he looked the last time David saw him, but he realized he didn't really want that. He was pretty sure Jan didn't want it too. Maybe it would be best if they told the guy the truth, he was bound to find out anyway. After all, he was in a way family. And if Jan owes him, so do I, Mike thought. So much for fabricating stories. The time has come to interface with the real world again, Mike thought. The fairytale was good while it lasted, he thought, saddened.

David woke up to a smell of something being grilled. In a strange way he felt that wasn't really right but he liked the smell, his stomach had a way of reacting to it even before the brain awoke completely.

The later was well on it's way to consciousness. One of the first realizations was that he actually was asleep and the last thing he remembered was falling. Surely not? Yes, but he did, and it was because… he suddenly remembered the light coming on, someone shouting with a voice that could move mountains, and then intense pain, and… the rest must have been a product of imagination. It just couldn't be real. Still, when he opened his eyes, he was looking at a bedsheet from inches away, there was no pain, and he actually felt really good. Much better in fact than he did for a long time. He moved. The next thing he saw was a strangely bulging tan colored wall, topped by a clump of hair. The realization that he was looking at someone's gigantic and naked back hit him like a rock. He gasped, almost jumping off the bed. Then the wall moved.

'Mike, he's awake' Jan said, as he turned.

David stared at him, his eyes were just about ready to pop out of his skull. He looked like he was trying to say something. He started and gave up several times over. Jan actually tried to hold him but as he moved, David practically scampered into the corner. Jan stopped his advance fearing David would make an impression in the wall, he was just about starting to crawl toward the ceiling, all the time looking at Jan.

'Hey, take it easy, Davey, take it easy!' Jan said. It had an incredible effect. For a moment nothing happened, and then David's face changed from utter horror to utter disbelief. He looked Jan over, up and down.

'How do you know… Oh God. Uncle Jan?!?' He said, actually, almost whispered.

Jan nodded.

'No no no no' David said, 'this can't be happening'. He looked Jan all over again, this time going up and down, and then sideways. Then he said 'You can't be real'.

'Sorry to dissapoint you, but I am' Jan said.

'Yes he is. We both are' Mike added, which made David turn to him like someone pinched him.

'Oh my God. There's two of them' David whispered. He just slumped back on the bed. Jan and Mike looked at each other, it was like they were debating who was going to continue talking by exchanging only glances. It was Jan that finally said: 'Yes, I really am Jan Ward, your step-uncle, I know it looks weird and unbelievable but it really is me'.

For the first time in his life David felt his limbs refuse to move.

And, at the same time he realized it wasn't because of fear, either.

Not only was he facing his most incredible sexual fantasy, but there were two of them, and one of them seemed to be two of his sexual fantasies all at once. It was just too much. He didn't know where to look first—Jan, if it was him, used to be a stud of the highest order, and prime beef to top that, and now he was so… big! He was huge, he was enormous! It looked like even sitting he was almost as tall as David was when he was standing, and his muscles were so big he looked about ready to burst.

'Man, oh man! I don't believe this!' It was as if the words came out by themselves. He was looking at a god! His face was even more handsome than ever, just perfect, and that body was just unbelievable. His shoulders were so wide that David had doubts his hands could span across them. Those pecs looked two feet wide and a foot thick each, sticking out like a shelf, cut and shredded several times over, and the shoulders just added to that, and the traps, and the abs! Somewhere at the edge of his awareness David knew he had a hard-on, he was so stiff it felt numb. Those abs were the size of cinder blocks, and stuck out, my God! And those arms! Never in his wildest dreams could David imagine such arms, biceps like a split basketball, and triceps bigger than even that, they were just there and looked like they would burst the skin, veins popping, and muscle twitching. David didn't even dare imagine them flexed, they would be even bigger! And that voice! It felt like you were being commanded by it and at the same time stroked and fondled down the spine, and around your cock.

“I must be dead…” he heared himself whisper. The '…and gone to heaven' thankfully, never filtered from his brain to his mouth.

And only yards further, there was another god, that looked a fraction leaner, but as he moved, every time his muscles would bulge enormously, almost like he had no skin, and yet it had a perfect tan, and it looked like shrink-wrap, the muscles underneath forming such bulges it was preposterous to watch, it was almost like they bulged stopping just before the skin would crack open. He moved, turning his back, and the curve of it, as it went from a tiny waist to huge shoulders, it was enough to look at it and cum. Huge shoulders, split and re-split, pushed out by enormous lats, outwards they went, and then further out, only to plunge back as dozens of tiled cords went out to hug the enormous ribcage, until they tied into a waist which almost looked too small to hold even a torso half the size of this one. The circumference of that chest had to be measured in yards! How would it feel to touch it, follow that curve from waist, up, and then flaring out so… sexually? David dared imagine a lat spread. As incredible as it may sound, he felt his tortured hardon grow even at the thought. Somewhere in the recesses of his mind, a part of David wondered if he had cum or if he would cum any second now, just by looking.

'Man, I cant believe this. I just cant believe this!'

How BIG they were, and so… pumped up, every part of them bulged, and then even more as they moved, even a little twitch would make the bulges bigger! David didn't know where to look first, somehow, he contained himself from squeezing every preposterously bulging curve, afraid it would all turn out to be a dream. He felt like he could grope and touch each and every muscle, he wanted nothing more than rub his cum into every one of them, and then to lick them clean, slowly, all over, exploring all the striations and crevices, and then do it all over again, feeling the bulges grow and flex. But he didn't move, because for all the turn-on they were so perfect, he wished they could stay still only so that he could marvel at them, assimilate slowly every position and form they could attain with his hungry eyes. The only part that spoiled it was the towels. They looked like something a puritan idiot would put onto a statue, spoiling the most perfect male form, male sex incarnate, concentrated to the point where you could have sex with it just by looking.

David just sat there, mouth open in disbeleaf. From time to time his gaze went from Jan to Mike, and then back. He muttered something several times. Both Mike and Jan didn't dare move because David looked about ready to loose his wits. They just agreed beforehand to let him wake up on his own and not make the situation any worse.

Fortunately, Mike remembered people were used to clothes, and that presented a huge problem, because they didn't have any now. They made themselves half decent by wrapping towels around their hips. It took practice because their equipment stubbornly refused to be contained within their folds. But they had also agreed that they wouldn't morph back. This was who they were now, and the world had to face them sooner or later. Mike had started a fire in the fireplace so it was rather cozy. It actually took remembering that they had become much more tolerant to the cold than ordinary people, because it was cool at this time of night. However, the idea was cooking some food over the fire, and Mike had actually done quite well, although it was only egg, biscuits and sausage. Jan took a plate from Mike and offered it to David, very slowly.

'Here, you must be hungry. It's not much but we can promise better later'. David's hands obviously moved on automatic. His gaze was still cruising up and down Jan and Mike, even as his hands and mouth worked at the food. It was spooky to watch. Jan talked slowly.

'I'm sorry we startled you. In fact, I'm sorry I startled you before, back in the lobby of my building. I know this looks crazy to you and I guess, unbelievable. But what… who you see here is indeed me, Jan, and this is Mike. Mike is my man, the man I love. As you can see, we look… different. It is a side effect of an experiment we were working on…' he turned to Mike, '…what seems like a lifetime ago but it's actually days.'

Jan was almost getting freaked out by the situation. David was just sitting there, eating, and staring. He even stopped muttering in surprise. He could see the same fear in Mike's eyes. Have they scared him so much, or were they just so unbelievable. Or both. Mike suggested they both stay put, sit down and don't do any sudden movements, but this was getting unbearable.

Just then, David stopped eating, the fork half way to his mouth. He stayed that way for a few seconds which almost freaked Jan out, and then put the fork down.

The food is real. I seem to be real. They made the food, so they must be real. Somehow, those thoughts seemed perfectly normal to David. Of course they are real, can't you believe your eyes, he thought, and he wasn't sure if he could. But he was seeing it, it must be real. If it is just a dream then I must touch them. How he wanted it to be real!

In some strange fashion he felt himself get over the initial shock, and go into bewilderment. And then, bewilderment was giving way to a feeling of being hot. Very hot.

Jan was sitting less than a yard from David. David suddenly moved, extending a hand. Then, his finger pointing to Jan, he slowly moved it closer and finally touched Jan's relaxed pec. He pulled back quickly, as if Jan was blazing hot and he got burned. It surprised Jan, though, which produced a tension in his pecs. His gaze never leaving the huge canyon between Jan's pecs, David did the finger thing again, pushing hard, almost like trying to believe it was real, hard muscle, and then, he just went back to eating, still staring. He didn't say a word, but somehow he looked reassured. It made Jan nervous to say the least. He just couldn't stay put any more. He rose up and turned. He needed to move. Suddenly, David dropped his fork.

In the silence, it sounded like someone shattered a hundred glasses at the same time.

David saw Jan turn. Jan stood up. And up. And up. All at the same time, he saw the muscle moving. The shoulders slump slightly, now held in their widest position. The arms held out by lats the size of wings, balloon pecs bulging, nipples hidden somewhere by their impossible hanging mass, as Jan moved, striations appeared on the six blocks of abs over the twoel, the bottom of the thighs that he could see cording up into pillars of muscle, calves jutting outward, so wide David could see the separate heads even from the front, forearms like tangled cable, and… could it be possible? As the floor squeaked underneath the moving muscle mountain, a ripple passed that towel, right over the bottom rim, from the left thigh to the right.

Everything else but looking was not important any more. The noise the fork made as it fell onto the plate startled even David, knocking him out of the daze, and he suddenly found the words.

David looked at Jan, starting from his feet and ending at his face.

'Man, you are a fuckin' awesome!' He exclaimed, succinctly.

Jan just blinked for a second.

'Well, that is the first sensible thing you've said' he finally uttered. From the sound Mike made, Jan knew he barely stopped himself from laughing.

After a while, David had finally relaxed somewhat, or at least it seemed so. He let Mike have the plate back, checking out Mike's biceps which swelled and relaxed as he handled back another full plate. It took David only minutes to wipe the second portion completely clean. Mike started preparing another batch of sausages.

David couldn't get enough of staring at Jan, and Mike. It looked like he was taking turns looking at Jan, and then Mike, and then back again, memorizing each and every muscle group in detail.

'You are so… huge! Man I can't believe it!!' he exclaimed, several times. When Mike moved to take the plate earlier, David almost jumped hearing the floor squeak underneath him. He moved several more times to touch Jan and Mike but he always stopped just short of that.

'Well, I am very real. I won't disappear if you touch me again'. Jan said, still not at ease.

David just smiled shyly. He looked just so… cute doing that.

'And he won't pop either' Mike added. 'Although he looks like he could' he continued, stroking Jan's shoulder, affectionately.

'The problem is that I could' David said, in a very very low voice.

'Or at least parts of me' he added, in an even lower voice. Still, Jan could hear him very clearly. He noticed David sat in a rather strange position. Suddenly, there was a change. In a second, tears were streaming down David's face.

Jan and Mike just looked at one another for a second. Jan put his hand on David's shoulder. He couldn't help notice how big it was, David's shoulder disappeared in it, Jan being extra tender, afraid he could unintentionally hurt the young man. David just slumped, twitching slightly at Jan's touch. His face was darkened by several days of beard growth, and his unkempt hair gave him somehow a look of innocence. Looking at him, Jan thought that he was actually very beautiful. He started sobbing, his sad face and the streaming tears, gave him the look of a lost child, despite the fact that his body was very much that of a man. 'Davey, I know I let you down, but I won't do that again. Whatever is bothering you, you can tell me. Please. Anything you need, you just have to ask.' Jan said, softly. He wanted to somehow console David.

He stroked his shoulder.

'Please… don't' David said.

'Come on, what is wrong?' Jan said.

'I…' David looked up. 'I'm sorry I fooled around with… Mike… I wanted to find you, I didn't have anywhere to go. We… I ran away, and… and… well, I wanted to… I mean…'

'Woa, hold on, hold on' Jan said.

'Look, don't let that bit in the lobby bother you, OK? I mean, it's only natural, I fool around with him all the time' Jan said, trying to make it a joke to make things easier. David laughed a bit through the tears, and Jan was relieved.

'It wasn't fair. He's yours and… and besides I've got someone too and… it wasn't fair.'

'Don't worry about it, OK? I mean, he's not easy to resist, is he? I should know!' Jan said. He looked at Mike and stroked his thigh. Then he looked straight into Mike's eyes. There was a whole conversation in that look, though it lasted only a second. It was one of memory of younger days, doubt, love, agreement, defiance and acceptance.

'No… he isn't' David said, looking down. He looked at Jan. 'You both aren't' he said, finally. Somehow there was shame in it. Jan really wasn't sure how to handle this.

“Davey, a long time ago I wasn't fair to you. It cost us both. I…

don't know what to say, I don't ever want to repeat that mistake again. I let you down when you needed me, and now I honestly don't know how I can ever make it up to you.'

'Unc… God, I don't even know what to call you!' David said. 'I don't know what to call a god, a walking fantasy…' he continued.

'I'm afraid even to touch you. I'm afraid of the way I'd like to touch… both of you' he finished, almost sobbing. Jan saw it coming.

But he didn't have an answer. He looked at Mike again. The silence coming from him and the worried look didn't help at all. It only told him Mike had the same worries.

It wasn't easy falling to sleep, as much as he tried. They had detached part of the mattresses and made him a separate bed, nearer to the fireplace. He had to admit he was tired but he couldn't sleep.

He knew the adrenaline in his system was doing that, and most definitely, the testosterone. Not only did he have so many unanswered questions, on top of it all, he was hopelessly horny. In the last hour his cock went half hard for the grand total of two minutes, and that was from being hard as a steel pipe. Even now he had a hard-on to top all others, it felt like someone had stuffed a log down his pants, he couldn't even sit straight. That was only natural, he thought, almost angry. Those two were such a turn-on that he couldn't stop looking at them even when his eyes were closed—even then the picture of either one wouldn't go away. They were his ultimate fantasy. Theo had told him once he was the proverbial size queen, preferably muscle, but other things would do nicely, and David and Theo were birds of a feather. In more than one sense.

Theo… his only friend through thick and thin, and of late his lover. Or at least they liked to call each other that. By the raunchy standards of his fantasies and the stories and pictures he was so fond of, they never really got too far from foreplay. Basically, they jacked off together a couple of times. Now, possibly Theo was his lost lover even before they became lovers in the true sense of the word. Thinking of Theo and that he might have lost him didn't help his situation one bit. He couldn't even immagine life without Theo in it.

David met Theo in the gym. His father never liked him going there when he was younger but in the end he went anyway. Theo was one of those people that were almost a fixture in the gym, and it showed. He was beautiful. He was not huge but he was just… very muscular, and so well developed, David could look at him for hours marveling at his body, the beautiful curves of it. He was also older, and more experienced—in many ways. David had made the gym his sanctuary, a place where his troubled relationship with the rest of his family, such as it was, did not interfere. Maybe that's why they became training partners and then good friends, ever since that incident David had closed into himself, and now he had to admit that maybe he had opened a little more towards Theo in the beginning, because he reminded him so much of Jan. His 'uncle' Jan. Of course, he wasn't his real uncle, just like Korina wasn't his mother. This line of thought brought a feeling much like the sky suddenly clouding. Since the incident he had found out how much of a jerk his father really was. He used to adore him. For a time he had a real family, and now, a year after it has completely broken apart, Korina, his stepmother, was one person that he knew as a friend, and could always turn to, for just about anything. What an irony.

How infatuated David used to be with Jan! Jan was the epitome of male beauty. But he was just… like a brother to him. It had shocked him to find out that Jan had made himself basically fall of the end of the earth because he thought he had done the most terrible wrong. He had explained to unc… funny how he couldn't stop thinking of him as his uncle Jan, that Korina told him she had hoped so many times to hear from Jan, if it wasn't for the blowup they had, she would have never learned what a bigoted jerk she had married. David never blamed Jan, in fact, he blamed himself because, really, while Jan was probably the best person to be his teacher in matters gay, David should have known better than to force him into that position. Still, even now, after all that has heppened, even after he met Theo, he knew he was infatuated with Jan. In love with him, in a special naive way. But then, looking at him even now… if it wasn't for the black hair… in a strange way, in Theo he saw Jan, and in Jan, he saw Theo. Theo, who he wanted to find so badly. Theo, who had gone away because he also thought he had done him the worse of wrongs. Caused the final blowup between him and his father, followed by David leaving. But during the last couple of days he realized he was finally free. His only guides to the people he needed to find, a few days ago, were two little pieces of paper, one with the address of Theo's brother and one which Korina gave him, the last one she had of Jan. It took him a whole day to track the last one, because it had changed. He had run out of money, and he needed more time. He couldn't just show up at Theo's brother's place. He didn't even know Theo was there for sure. By an incredible turn of luck he managed to locate the place where Jan lived. And there, he walked into a creature of fantasy.

Thinking of Mike, and Jan… in a way he was envious but also glad, during the years he had wished Jan had found someone he loved, that he was happy. Looking at them look at each other, David felt the familiar feeling, the one he had every time Theo was near.

But, right now, looking at the forms of Jan and Mike under the thin bedsheet, David barely contained himself. His hands were around his cock, which was hard to the point of bursting, he could swear that having it hard for so long made it swell bigger than he ever remembered. It was such a strange feeling, he was so horny just looking at them, they were sex incarnate. He felt at the same time somehow insignificant compared to them, but also somehow proud that he knew Jan, and if Jan loved Mike, then he just knew it was somehow right.

And, then there was this feeling of wonder, how strong they must be, how must it feel to have all that muscle, and flex it, make it grow into incredible hard bulges at will, and feel someone else's touch on it, or even your own. David always had an active imagination, but now he didn't even have to imagine the incredible curve of Mike's back, tapering down to an incredibly small waist, Jan's arm around it. The bedsheet looked insignificant over their enormous bulk, and hid nothing. He didn't know how they could be that big, but they were, they were real. He couldn't grasp that they were so much bigger now compared to the last time he saw them—now that he learned it was them in that lobby. What could make them become like this? They were two gods, gods of maleness, sex and beauty impersonated.

He kept looking at them. Jan had said it was an accident, and right now, David wished he could have one like that. And Theo, too. It would be a dream come true. A moment ago, David caught himself stroking his dick, when Jan turned on his back. He was so startled, he didn't want Jan to wake up and see him jacking off over them.

After all, he knew he was reacting to a mental picture, a turn on, and these were real persons, persons he cared about. You can't just jack off over someone who is right there, and not care how they would feel about it. Even so… he barely held himself together against the onslaught of sex those two presented to his senses. David tried to distract himself, repeating all the unanswered questions he had. It wasn't working, his mind woulr steer his thoughts to sex at the first oportunity.

He had no idea how he survived the fall from the window, though whenever it was mentioned the two got a strange look in their eyes.

But he did faintly remember… could it have been real? They were wearing those ridiculous towels even now. Even in that lobby, before he ran, he remembered seeing… something that surely wasn't possible. But then he hadn't recognized Jan, and now he was so much bigger. David's gaze drifted down to Jan's crotch. Several times when they both moved they had adjusted those towels, and… could it be possible? It would have to be enormous! But they were enormous. Were they that big… all over? Even thinking of Theo didn't help. Theo was as much a size queen as he was. They had jerked over some pictures of really huge guys, but somehow, it still was jerking off over each other. Although it remained largely unsaid, they saw each other in those pictures and once they even talked about how they would play with each other if they could be that big. And Mike and Jan were. They became that way. David wanted to jack all over both of the biggest giant musclemen in history, lying there in the other corner, their huge chests slowly going up and down, and somehow, he knew that if Theo were with him, he would be doing the same. He realized he was stroking himself, ever so slowly, again.

Jan couldn't really sleep for a while, but finally, his hand around Mike, and Mike's around him, he drifted to a slumber. Only to be woken up, what seemed like minutes later, by a strange rhythmical sound. In seconds he realized there was someone standing in the shadows. It was David. The shadow moved slowly, and with a start, Jan realized the boy was jacking off, stroking his naked torso with one hand, and his substantial cock with the other. If it wasn't for his deep breathing, even Jan wouldn't have heard him. Looking at the shadows, his eyes becoming accustomed to the dark with their new-found ability, he took in David's sleek and hard form. David played sports before Jan ever met him, and obviously continued weight training, but either didn't want or couldn't go at it the same way Jan did. He was by no means massive. Suddenly, Jan realized he reminded him incredibly of Mike, as he used to be. Almost perfect form that somehow failed to build the muscle it craved. It made Jan so hot. He was already turned on his back, Mike leaning into him. It was a somewhat strange position because they were so big now. Jan looked through the slits of his eye-lids. He remembered how something like this used to be his fantasy, being the fly on the wall looking at two fantasy men with each other. Of course, now he had his fantasy sleeping right beside him, and feeling Mike's warmth suddenly felt so very reassuring. Something he needed badly after the past came hunting for him. But now, the past was standing only yards away, in the shadows, giving itself a hot once-over. In a strange way, Jan felt sexually aroused, over the silent worship David was giving him and Mike. Almost like when he used to touch and squeeze you when he made you show off, he heard the thought in his own voice, but dismissed it. It was different. He felt flattered, like somehow he had the approval of someone he trusted, that he and Mike were indeed a couple. Almost like in a strange way this was David's blessing of sorts. That brought on a mental chuckle.

Jan also felt like he owed David something. The thing David came asking for so long ago, and he had so rudely turned him down. Since he had woken up, Jan had mentally been keeping his cock in check. He had felt that the towel, which Mike and he agreed on keeping, had slipped while he had slept, and… he suddenly realized: what am I hiding? For over a day both him and Mike had given up clothes, and were none the worse for it. In fact, considerably better. What did they have to hide? His improved eyesight didn't fail to notice where David was looking, when his eyes weren't shut, his imagination giving him what he couldn't see. And there was very little he couldn't see.

He slowly moved his hand, like in his sleep, letting it fall over Mike's waist, and taking the edge of the towel around Mike's hips with it. It was only barely holding itself there, so it suddenly loosened. David slowed down his already maddeningly slow beat. Jan waited for him to continue, thinking that Jan was still asleep. His hand was now inside the fold and he slowly and carefully wrapped it around the still concealed tube of Mike's cock. He let his control fall, hoping that Mike had not wished the ability off. He wanted to give a full show.

It was too much, he couldn't help himself, he had to look. He had to bring himself off over all that muscle, but he wanted it to last, it may be his only chance. He stood there, in the shadow. In the almost complete darkness, only the very faint glow of the fireplace illuminated the forms of Mike and Jan. Jan was lying on his back, his abs making an incredible curve as they bulged, going up from his minuscule waist to his pecs. His waist was so small that his abs actually tapered into it. His torso was so big and his pecs so enormous that David could just see the top of Jan's face, even standing so near. One hand just over where his navel would be, if not for the huge muscle obscuring it, and one practically poking into Mike's crotch under the towel, his lats flaring hugely underneath, Jan's arms showed the most incredible biceps split in history. His jutting chest glittered strangely as the glow of the dying fire illuminated the hair on it. David couldn't help imagine it pumped up, grown even bigger, like Theo's would after a workout. Or sweaty when making love, bulging and writhing. He could just imagine Mike's lips on it. His immagination went back and forth picturing himself in the place of Jan and Mike, being so big, being worshipped and worshipping back. It almost drove him over the edge, he could feel his cock throb, and he eased off a little with the stroking. Mike's huge leg was pressing into Jan's leg. Jan's legs were spread out, and slightly to the side, his crotch… suddenly, in the gloom David noticed how Jan's crotch bulged. It was like a thick tube went up under that towel, only to plunge down between his spread thighs. Could it be throbbing? Mike's abs which looked like dry stone masonry, were partly obscured by Jan's forearm. It was incredibly corded even relaxed. The towel had almost slipped down from Mike's hips, exposing Mike's ass. David could see only one ass-cheek, and it was tight and hard even to the eye, he could see faintly how it dimpled, and even the reminiscence of corded muscle under that supertight skin. He wished the towel could fall, so he could see where Jan's hand roamed, expose the hidden treasure he was so jealous Jan could touch. Mike's shoulders were slumped forward, which brought his pumped-up pecs out, squeezing each other for space, like two big balls of freaky muscle under the skin, nipples pushed almost into Mike's abs. Suddenly Jan stirred in sleep, and moved his arm towards his head. David almost blacked out, his cock went even harder that before, so hard it hurt, as he saw the ball of Jan's biceps grow, and grow and grow until it became bigger than his head, locking into the forearm. Jan couldn't put his hand under his head, his biceps was so big! It had distended the skin so much it shined like glass from the light of the fireplace, revealing a shape like some giant ball. David almost expected a bang from it bursting, it was so big. He remembered how he would almost blow his load feeling Jan's arms flex, so many years ago, and now that biceps must be ten times as big, and looked ten times as hard. He imagined spreading his cum all over that impossible ball of flesh, while Jan flexed it with all his might, and David squeezing it with all the force he could muster. He couldn't contain himself any more, and then, he saw IT. Under the rim of the towel, he unmistakably saw the head of Jan's cock poking out. It was twitching with Jan's heartbeat. And it was pushing outwards. At the same time, Mike's towel slowly fell, and David gasped as he saw the biggest cock in the world exposed. It was obviously still limp, but it reached almost to Jan's knee, and it was thick as a fire-hose. David knew his eyes were wide, and his hand went up and down on his bursting member, ever so slowly, as he saw Jan's cock, not an inch smaller, crawl out of the towel as it was becoming erect. With every heartbeat, both were becoming longer by inches. David wondered how long they were, it must have been two feet already, and they were getting bigger, and bigger still. With a shock, David realized he couldn't stop. Mike's cock had already become over a yard long, and it was now trying to bend itself upwards, towards Jan's chest, and Jan's was poking downwards, getting longer and thicker by the second, it must have been longer than David's arm. Growing even bigger, Mike's cock looked like a half-limp fencepost, climbing up Jan's thigh as it became harder, and Jan's started curving up, lifting itself off the ground.

David felt like his balls were going to fly apart. His hand had a life of it's own on his cock, and his other hand roamed wherever it could reach. Maybe he was moaning too, but it wasn't important.

Suddenly, in a second, Mike's cock managed to straighten itself and it ended up Jan's abs. Jan's cock took off like someone had opened some kind of valve. It rose up, and up, curving, throbbing, bloating itself thicker and longer. It's going to reach the ceiling, David thought. Mike's cock distended like some perverse flesh version of a drainpipe, growing until it reached over Jan's chest, curving so that it almost touched Jan's mouth. Two seconds more, and Jan's cock pumped itself up with his blood, so hot that even David could feel it from afar, poking up, and curving slightly, it's head bloated to a size of a melon, at the height of David's mouth. It's so huge, so long, David thought, his mind mixing the picture of Jan, Mike, Theo, and himself. They all became somehow connected, the way Theo would like to be like Jan and Jan used to look like Theo, and how David would like to be to Theo what Mike was to Jan. At the same time, he saw Jan's hand grip the base of Mike's cock, so thick that only Jan could do that, and next, he realized his own hands were around the shaft of Jan's cock, and his mouth was kissing it's huge head, while his cock was rubbing into Jan's. Jan was looking directly into David's eyes, and Mike's hands roamed over Jan's torso, and then Mike would stop and flex a little. He felt… he felt like he was ripping apart and it was the best feeling he ever had, he came. Once. Twice.

Many times. So did Jan and so did Mike. He felt their hot juices, thick super-human cum soak every pore of his body. Every part of his body must have touched just about every part of theirs. He had no idea how long that lasted. Maybe it was real, maybe it was a dream. If it was, he could almost feel Theo there with him, and somehow, at the same time in him. He laughed, groaned, cried, and shouted in ecstasy, all at the same time, over and over. Was it a dream? He didn't care.

Mike awoke to a kiss, and it was Jan's. He couldn't imagine a better way to be woken up. He opened his eyes and moved to hug Jan.

'Shhh. Stay there, you don't want to wake him up' Jan said.

With a start Mike realized that curled between him and Jan, his upper body resting on Mike's torso, and his knees pushing into Jan's side, slept David. On his face was the most serene expression Mike had ever seen.

'I don't want to wake him up, to tell you the truth, I don't think he could take it'. Jan said.

'Any idea about the time?' Mike asked. They had a rather wild night and slept in, but it must have been close to noon already.

He looked back down at David. He had to admit that deep down he felt a little jelous. Memories of last night flooded back. David seemed like he had lost control, he touched, groped, stroked, wherever he could, and had cum so many times that in the end both Jan and Mike were very much afraid he would wear himself out. In a way he probably had, because after maybe two hours, he practically fell asleep sucking on Mike's cock, after five unsuccessful attempts to put the head of it in his mouth, at one point Mike thought David had dislocated his jaw. Mike felt guilty, it felt somehow wrong for him to be engaged in sex with someone else, and have someone else touch the man he loved. But no-one came out short-changed last night. In fact, Mike felt pretty well worn out himself at the end of it, amazed how someone so small could wear out someone so big. Two someone's, to be exact.

'I know what you are thinking.' Jan said. 'I told you there were going to be times like this. Thanks for letting him do… what he did, and trusting me on this. Just immagine you were him, and were forever denied this. It's just as well we got it over with, I just hope it won't be too much of a problem for him'.

Mike thought about it. He had to admit that he had a good time. A very good time. Just like they both had with Tom and Marc, back at the gym. He smiled, remembering it. He had to admit he liked it at some level, but he could only make love with Jan. Jan was… the man he loved. All the rest was good, but it just couldn't compare. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night by Jan's ministrations, only to notice David. One look from Jan told him all he needed to know. His mind brought back to that moment, Mike thought about something else.

'Jan, did you ever have the feeling we did this because we felt sorry for him?'

Jan appeared thoughtful for a while. 'No… I didn't. You?'


'Why do you ask?'

'Jan… did you notice he said something, a name, several times' Mike said. Jan moved carefully. He looked at Mike. 'Yes… yes, I remember. Mike, are you thinking… what I think you are?' 'Jan, I think… I think he is desperate. He is looking for someone.

Not just anyone, not any person, I think he has found THE person.

Look at him. Can't you almost feel as if he lost someone he loved?'

Jan looked at Mike like he had just dictated the theory of everything, that elusive holly grail of physics, a formula that explained the universe. Jan couldn't have put it any better at all.

Mike really put his finger on it. He was exactly right.

'I think… Theo, that's the name he mentioned' Jan said. Just then, like an echo, they heard it from David. He said it faintly, stirred and then opened his eyes. Both Jan and Mike could see the process of David realizing where he was and what he was doing there take place over several seconds. He flinched, and tried to stand up.

'Ow, watch it!' Mike said, and Jan just tensed his lats, giving David firm foothold, or as near as that. In a second more, David stood up between Jan and Mike. For a second he just stood there getting his bearings. It was obvious a replay of the night's events was taking place, and his face showed some mixed emotions about it too.

Mike looked at him, and now that he was stark naked, there was no doubt he was a very beautiful young man. In fact, he looked more beautiful than ever, even with his black hair matted by cum in a few places. He was actually much more beefy than Mike had imagined, good strong arms, nice 6-pack abs and well developed pecs, complimented by a narrow waist and strong and nicely shaped legs. Not very big, but not small either, David was by the current standard short, but his shoulders were wide and nicely muscled, and it gave him a very pleasing and flowing form. Mike also remembered the beautiful blue eyes, which were right now going from Mike to Jan and back. David really was almost completely smooth all over, except traces of black fuzz down his thighs and under his belly-button, and a bush of pubic hair. In it nested a nicely shaped cock, now limp, but showing signs of not staying so for long. It was pretty big too, even though Mike had learned a whole new definition of that word in the last few days.

He really looked good, he was almost beaming in the morning light.

Somehow, this picture was strangely familiar to Mike.

David stretched out and finally scratched himself between the pecs in a very sexy way. Jan looked at him, appreciating the view. He was really a well built little stud.

'Well, well, I see you've continued working out since we last met'

Jan said. David smiled. David, my boy, you could break some hearts with that smile, Jan thought.

'Well, I tried my best but it didn't work that well.' He looked at Jan with those deep blue eyes of his. Jan realized that he really liked this kid. He wasn't family, and yet… he was. He wouldn't have done anything like the last night with a kid brother but David wasn't his kid brother. Still, he was so afraid he would hurt him again.

'Not as well as it worked with you both' David said. Well, I was waiting for that, Jan thought.

'Well, it doesn't seem that bad to me' he said, evading the answer. Mike almost spoiled it all by saying 'Well, I used to be worse than you are now'.

'To tell you the truth, I don't know what it is, but I've never felt so good. I feel like I could carry the house on my back' David said, and stretched again, or was it flexed? He stretched his arms back over his head, and then brought his hands down flexing his biceps.

They bulged very satisfyingly into nicely shaped peaks. The scene somehow reminded Jan… it was very familiar. Still, Jan could see that although David might have felt great physically, there was a lot bothering him. His face didn't hide it that well.

Suddenly, Jan remembered what it was that was so familiar. He looked at Mike, and to his surprise, Mike nodded, giving him a very serious look.

'Well, it was an accident, except that we ended up looking just the way we always wanted to' Jan said, not knowing what else to say and still evade the answer. It was just a question of time when he'll link the fact that he couldn't fall from the roof window unharmed, and the splintered chair, and torn jeans. And the cat will be out of the bag once he sees himself in a mirror. How could he tell him that apparently what happened to them, they could make happen to him too?

And Jan knew that there was no way he could refuse David if he wanted it. Suddenly he felt scared. What will Mike say? Was this the first chrysis?

“Guys… I got to take a leak” David said. Jan caught himself wondering how he's going to do it, his cock blatantly hard, leading the way as he went to the small bathroom. Before he entered, he stopped, and turned back to Jan and Mike.

“I suppose… I should thank you for last night… I think. I… If you don't mind, I'll take a little walk down to the lake for a while… I need to think.”

The look of worry was on his face again. Jan and Mike listened intently to the bathroom ministrations, then, a few seconds later, David was out in shorts he produced from his backpack, and his shirt.

A few seconds later, Jan and Mike were left looking at the closing door of the cabin.

'Jan, we got to talk' Mike said.

'No kidding.' Jan said, darkly.

'The kid has morphed!' Mike added, whispering.

'Yes, I know' Jan said in his normal voice. 'Stop whispering, we're not in a church'. Mike had to laugh to that. 'That settles the 'if'

and definitely the 'how'. I'm not surprised at the way it's going too. I wonder… it obviously takes all of us to want it but it seems that it is enough for one to want and the rest not to be opposed and it happens. I know I would have wished him to realize his dream.' Jan said.

'Oh, come on, Jan, it's written all over his face. Besides, I should know, I've been there. Of course I did want him to become… better, at some level, I guess' Mike said. And it's obvious that David wanted it too, Mike thought. 'You can't say that he doesn't like it!'

'I guess that explains the why, in addition to how and if. Mike, how do we tell him? It's only a matter of time until he'll notice, and I can't… un-think it.' Mike could hear a dose of exasperation in Jan's voice.

'Actually, I can, but I don't want to if he doesn't. Mike, if he asks, you know I can't refuse him. Please, I don't want us to go apart on this, please!' Jan said. No, Mike realized, he pleaded. Even the thought of a quarrel with Jan made a pang of deep sadness be felt in Mike's heart.

'Jan…' Mike started. 'Jan, I don't know. I like him and it seems like you are burdening me with the responsibility of the decision. I don't know. I honestly don't know' Mike said. Here comes our first hurdle, he thought.

'All I know is, there is still something missing' he said.

This place had changed so much. Not obviously, but so many details, David thought, as he walked by the lake. He thought he would have many more misgivings about last night. Instead, he found himself sexually satisfied beyond anything he ever thought possible. And that was it—he felt no guilt, really. It was only sex. Emotionally, it ment nothing. Well, not really nothing. He could feel the relationship between Jan an Mike even when they were having sex with him. Or rather, alowing him to have sex with them. The fact that they even did that was testament to a special trust between them.

Emotionally, on one hand, David felt free. In some strange way, he had gotten 'over' Jan. He was completely sure that Mike was the right person, and that made all notion of some misguided jealousy dissapear. Not only that, somehow the feelings he held for Jan, not the adolescent fantasy, but the true sense of a friendship, had somehow encompassed Mike as well.

On the other hand, last night was an emotional catharsis of a different kind. He had the unique oportunity to enact several of his wildest fantasies last night, and as sexually satisfying as they were, they were really pale compared to everything that he had with Theo. His feet on automatic, David had turned back to the cabin, having reached a resolution. Now that he had gotten his personal sexual fantasy fulfilled, he knew for a fact it could never compare with love. And he ealised just how much he loved Theo. There were no two ways about it—he had to find Theo, no matter what.

Mike was well aware the conversatoion had been going in circles for a while. Between him and Jan, they had gone through several scenarios on how to explain the situation, and however either of them tried to figure a way to avoid the truth, sooner or later they came back to the fact that for all intents and purposed, David was as close as they had to family at this moment. There was far too much at stake to lie to him. Even so, there was this elusive missing element, that Mike had a feeling would make the jigsaw puzzle fall into place. One name.

Just as he was about to rehash yet another version of events so far, the door started opening and David came in. His expression had changed, quite obviously, to one of a man on a mission. Mike just hoped that what he was about to ask wouldn't make things worse for him. Before Jan could even begin speaking, Mike said: 'David, can I ask you something?'

'Sure!' David said. If I got this wrong, I'm sorry to do this to you, Mike thought, but there is no other way…

'Who's Theo?' Mike asked. For a second, it was like the sun had gone down on David. A shadow of sadness went over his face, it was so obvious it was painful to watch. But then, David looked directly into Mike's eyes, and said: 'I'm glad you asked, Mike. He's MY Jan.'

From that moment on something changed in Mike. He felt immense relief. And he knew that he would do anything for this young man standing before him. He wasn't only Jan's friend, which made him Mike's friend as well. He and Mike shared a special bond, that of two people dealt the same fate. They both were on the same path, only Mike had reached his goal already.

'I've got to find him' David said.

By mid afternoon, they were on their way back to town. That took some doing. They now owned a huge van, and in fact, although it was made to hold at least 8 people, Mike and Jan found it barely adequate.

David was at the wheel, because without some sort of modification, neither Jan or Mike could fit into the driver's seat, of course unless they modify themselves, but as Jan had put it, that modification would go against everything they beleaved in—not without a hint of humour. David just couldn't stop retelling the exploits of the day, and it was quite obvious it was a way to ease his tension. He was quite nervous and obviously very excited by the two behemoths he was driving. As far as how Jan and Mike got exactly the way they were, the cat was mostly out of the bag—after all, there was no way to explain the morphing bit otherwise, and David still kept saying he couldn't believe it even after he saw it done several times.

First of all, there was the washing. David could only stand a short splash in the lake since it was quite cold, but Jan and Mike seemed not to be affected by the cold at all. David only came along to enjoy the scenery, having finished most of his cleaning up in the miniscule shower in the cabin. Jan and Mike could never have fitted it, of course, so they decided to use the lake instead. This time both Jan and Mike were completely in the nude, and that amount of pounds, inches and feet wasn't to be missed. David was actually disappointed, because the two giants were all business, the highlight being washing each other's back. Things became really interesting again when Jan and Mike decided they needed their cars to get back to town. Even if someone pulled out all the seats, either of them couldn't get into any of the cars. That's when Jan remembered that there was a used car dealer in a small town about 35 miles away. Then, they asked David for some privacy, and after a hushed conversation, ended up pulling straws. Mike lost. He didn't look at all happy with that at the time.

Then, David saw him morph for the first time. He remembered Jan shake him to see if he was OK. David probably wouldn't be if it wasn't for the bigger shock of seeing Mike and Jan in their full glory before. This way, when Mike started getting smaller, he only gasped and had to sit down. In the end, Mike became… smaller, if you could say that, but if nothing else, he looked bigger, proportion-wise. It was almost like he left all the muscle on him he used to have, and shrunk his frame, becoming about 6’5” tall, with all other dimensions shrinking proportionally. He still had to have well over 400# in him, and he looked like some super-bodybuilder with muscles grown out of control. He looked like a shrunk down and even more pumped up version of Jan, and David's cock definitely made it known that David liked it. About a minute later, while Jan was explaining where the dealer was, and David told them he knew it because that's where he exchanged his car for the battered Toyota and some desperately needed cash, Mike suddenly became very eager to meet the dealer, and there was a glint in his eye and a grin which made David wonder about this. He even said he was glad he drew the short straw, to which Jan only chuckled.

Then, there was the dressing up. After Mike had declared that he wasn't going to become any smaller and 'that's it!' after he tore two XXXL size shirts Jan had brought with him, any of which could have doubled as a tent for David, Jan managed to convince him to do so temporarily, to get them on. Then, Mike grew back, pouting, while the third shirt's sleeves got ripped up his arms and the extra baggy jeans tore up to the top quarter of his thighs. He then removed the torn parts, and when he was finished, he stood there in 'cut-offs'

and a 'short sleeved' shirt, which was unbuttoned all the way down to the middle ridge of his abs. He stuck his tongue out at Jan demonstratively, and he looked so good that Jan just picked him up and kissed him, although he protested and wanted the 'big dope' to put him down. David had no doubt they were in love from their toes up to the top of their ears. Even so, witnessing Mike change was quite disturbing. Next it was David's turn to bust out of his jeans, which he swore were tighter, and his hard cock didn't help things either.

Once he put his spare jeans back on, which Jan had washed in the lake together with his T-shirt, he looked quite presentable, by the virtue that the sun dried and crinkled clothes somehow stretched tight over David's body. Jan said they can appear to shrink when they are washed that way. David noticed Mike give Jan a funny look about that. Then, David took Mike's car which was smaller, and Mike took Jan's car.

They were pretty good cars, but when David expressed his doubts that they would get a good deal, Mike just said that they most certainly WILL. It turned out he was right. Nothing they had done that day could have ever topped the time at the dealership. First of all, they came in with the cars. The attending guy flashed a glance at David, but stared blatantly at Mike, and blushed almost purple when he was caught staring at Mike's crotch.

David couldn't blame him, because that's what he did too, after all you couldn't help noticing it bulged almost as much as Mike's incredible ass. After a couple of strolls, checking out the prices offered for the cars they had, Mike spotted a huge van, and declared that was it. As soon as the attendant vanished towards the office, Mike grew back to his full size. The result was that a few seconds later the shirt was in shreds on the ground, and only the fact that Mike's waist was so small compared to the rest of him, kept him decent. If you could say that for a guy whose basket was exactly that—a basket, that's how much it would take to contain it. It looked like someone had stuffed a very large melon down Mike's pants, and squashed it trying to stuff it in, but it was all still there. Mike still kept complaining the pants were tight. Well, that was actually the remains of Mike's pants, which were now rip-offs with the side seams ripped almost all the way up, only the belt keeping them in one piece. Then they went inside the building to negotiate a deal, as Mike put it.

Before David could say anything, Mike's towering figure was on it's way to the office building in the corner of the lot. He barely fitted between the rows of cars and only his height made it possible for him to move without restrictions. David had to trot at a fair speed to be able to keep up, and he was already lagging, but he didn't have anything against that at all. Mike was barefoot, and wearing only the remains of the jeans. From behind he looked like a moving oversized statue, except he was very much alive and… bulging. David couldn't get his gaze off Mike, and surveyed in detail the heaving mass of Mike's enormous torso, the moving pillars of his legs, and above all the tightest ass in the world. It was so tight that striations appeared even through the straining fabric of the cut-offs. As Mike walked, numerous hills and valleys appeared on his back and a 'Christmas tree in a hurricane' would be the best description of the shapes appearing right above that incredible ass of his. The effect was added to by Mike's triceps standing out and his legs just writhing as he walked. David had troubles keeping himself only semi-aroused all morning, and the scenery didn't help much. Still, David got a real inkling of Mike's size when he entered the building, bending to pass through the double doors which he had to open completely. He did so before David managed even to start his comment that he's practically naked and that's not the way to impress someone into a good deal. Fortunately he thought better of it—there was hardly something as impressive as Mike in the radius of a couple dozen miles or so—and that was of course, Jan.

The opening round of 'negotiations' definitely went in favor of Mike, since it consisted of the lot attendant guy from earlier practically scamper from his table, becoming purple in the face in the process, and gurgling something unintelligible, disappearing through a door somewhere. Mike had only looked at him, and then looked back at David. He could swear the expression Mike had, said 'what's wrong with him?'. The noise caused the female secretary to look up and promptly faint when she saw Mike, and though David had anticipated something like that he barely had time to stop her from falling out of her chair. It also resulted in the owner's cigar falling out of his mouth, which was the first thing David noticed about him. Mike didn't even attempt to get into the separate cubicle of the office, because the cubicle itself surely wouldn't have survived it. Fortunately, the owners reaction was to come running out. It was quite obvious that his feet were quicker than his brains because on his way you could see his whole expression change. Mike just waited for him politely, and in the end in a desperate attempt to force his feet not to turn back and run, the owner, a short plump man, ended up seated at the front desk. Mike refused the seat politely. That seat didn't know how lucky it was, David thought. David himself was stuck to where he was standing. After all, there wasn't anything he could really do but look.

The second round didn't go as easily. David had to admit the owners years of experience made up for the confusion, and he proceeded rambling about terms and conditions, quite obviously working on automatic. Mike had laid out the 'deal' speaking very softly, and the owner parried laying out the exact terms why they didn't need any more cars of the type Mike was offering, while David helped the secretary up in her chair, which definitely ended round two in favor of the domestic team, though it was a very slim edge they gained, as David could see the owner sweating somewhat. The secretary's eyes were reeling, but still somehow managed to stay on Mike all the time.

However, Mike parried by looking down (and very much so) at the owner. That in itself was very intimidating. Mike towered over him so much that when the guy looked upwards, he could only se the vastness of Mike's pecs. David could swear Mike even flexed up and spread his lats a little, because he looked about to tear the building to shreds. The owner did his best to attempt complaining, going through a remarkable succession of crestfallen expressions and of names for Mike, something like boy-son-mister-sir, because Mike got such a glint in his eyes it even scared David, and made the secretary pass out again. When Mike asked if the owner was 'the same man who traded that heap of junk Toyota to his nephew here', pointing at David, and doing that in a voice which managed to add a cathedral reverberation quality to it's insisting tone, it had a profoundly shaking effect on the owner. It rated at earthquake+tornado level. You could even notice the shakes in the owners signature on the papers. In the end everything about the poor guy looked slumped, even his tie. All in all, in about 7 minutes, they were the owners of the vehicle they needed, and proceeded back to it with the papers and keys. They even got a substantial check and some cash out of the deal. David had to chuckle because Mike was letting his footsteps be felt by the trembling of the floor, as they strode out.

The huge dark blue van was built on a truck frame, and it was OK as far as Mike was concerned because of the sliding doors which he could actually use. It will be cramped, though, especially for Jan. Mike opened the sliding door, being extra careful about it. He still didn't know how strong he was and though he was getting used to it, it wasn't easy to gauge holding things. Then, Mike sat down onto the floor of the van, and started counting the money they got as a difference between the price of the van and the two cars. It was a respectable bundle. And, they had even managed to negotiate towing away hat heap of junk Toyota. Mike chuckled, wishing all the negotiations he ever made were as easy as that.

'Well, we've certainly had worse days that this' he said, counting the cash. Finally, when he sorted out the bundle he gave it to David, who stared directly at him. It was quite obvious he was devouring Mike with those fantastic eyes of his. Mike put his hands at his hips and pushed himself up, ending a couple of inches more into the doorframe.

'Amazing' David said. As Mike executed his maneuver, his lats flared out and it was evident he had to work on fitting into the doorway.

'What?' he asked, trying to make it sound as naive as possible.

'You are' David said.

'Well, I'm glad you like it' Mike said. It was also obvious something was troubling David and Mike was trying to proceed carefully.

'Like it?!' David said, snorting. 'I'm barely keeping myself from jumping onto you and just feeling… oh, never mind' he said.

'Well, if it's any consolation, it goes both ways. When you look at me like that I want to flex up until I could pop just to make you touch… but never mind' Mike said. David looked quite sad again.

'Look… I know what's troubling you. You know, you are pretty good yourself, and quite big too. And I can see you like what you see'

Mike said, looking at David's crotch. And at other parts of him.

David looked down too. 'No, you are not leaking' Mike said, chuckling. David chuckled too. After all, there was no forgetting last night.

'It's not easy for me either. A while ago I did exactly what you did, fooled around with another guy, and Jan didn't say a thing, he even joined me. You're afraid what Theo would think. I think… well, imagine what he would do if he was in your place? Would he like what he saw?'

David looked at Mike. 'Yes.' he said simply, after a pause.

Mike wanted to tell him that he should look at himself, and in fact stopped himself from warning David that he's likely to have Mike's problem soon. That would be really pushing it.

'What would you do if you were given an option to look like me? Would you do it?' Mike said, taking the opportunity to investigate.

'Would I? I would give anything…' David started, and then stopped.

'And you would wish for Theo to have that wish with you, too, am I right?' Mike said. 'You really love him, don't you.'

'Yes. I can't imagine loosing him. And being with you two just makes the feeling stronger. Fooling around feels so… lame, indecent…'

'David, come here' Mike said. David looked at him, inquisitively.

“Come on, trust me' Mike said. David got nearer. Mike took his hand, and then he flexed his other arm, and placed David's hand on the peak of his biceps which looked to be on the verge of bursting. There was token resistance from David, but then he let his hand roam with abandon.

'Feels good, huh? I know it does to me. But David, imagine it was Theo you were feeling, how much better would that be?' David suddenly let go of Mike and Mike relaxed.

'You see, that's what I feel when I'm with Jan. Even when I'm not, I think it's him. I can't stop thinking of him. And you think of Theo all the time, even yesterday you said his name over and over' Mike said.

'Love comes from the heart, and not from… this' Mike said, pointing at his arm 'or this here' he said, pointing down at his ample crotch.

It was somehow easier talking about this now, as if he was reassuring both David and himself. 'As long as you know you really love each other, what you do with this and this here' he said, again pointing at parts of his anatomy 'can be just good clean fun, as long as you understand each other on this. I'm sure Theo won't mind, and we wont tell him. But you will have to.' Mike finished. 'You are a good guy, and I know Theo is too. He'll understand' Mike said, holding David's shoulder, carefully. David produced a beginning of a smile.

'Come on now, we got to get some clothes'.

For some time David was very much preoccupied getting used to driving something this big.

Mike decided to spare the town people of any more shocks by having David go to the store and use some of the cash to buy the biggest clothes he could find. With some care, they even managed to deposit the check at an ATM, without arousing suspicion. Mike of course had no doubt the check wouldn't bounce.

While they were traveling back he kept complaining that Jan would never fit into the clothes, but from the tone of his voice, Mike knew he didn't mind that, just as David didn't himself.

A couple of minutes later, on the road back, David cut the silence.

'Mike… thanks.' He said.

'Don't mention it. After all, what are uncles for?' Mike said, with more than a bit of relief.

David just chuckled.

An hour and a half later, back at the cottage, they were all packed and ready to go. Jan had done an excellent job of cleaning up the place, he even carried the Toyota to the cottage. David kept complaining that he would never forgive himself for missing that, but Jan assured him it wasn't even worth a good grunt.

A minute later, the powerful V8 groaned as they took off to the city, after some more work at getting Mike, whose cut-offs had finally given up containing his genitals, and Jan, who was up to then naked as the day he was born, decent and presentable in public.

Jan knew something was familiar about the address David gave him. He was lucky David kept talking about what he and 'uncle' Mike did earlier, which Mike parried with calling him nephew, and they would both chuckle every time he did that. Jan didn't mind at all, and in fact he was very happy David and Mike seemed to have become so relaxed with each other so quickly. He only wished he could do the same. He still felt guilty to have let David down, although David nearly bent himself backwards trying to explain that he never held Jan guilty of anything.

As the miles rolled by, Jan couldn't help returning to the address on that little piece of paper over and over. David was a master entertainer, he kept cheering them all up by telling one joke after another, but he couldn't fool Jan, Mike, nor himself. They were all nervous, and David especially. When they entered the city, Jan somehow thought 'The boys are back in town' and that's when he finally remembered.

'Mike, the address! I know where it is!'

'You do?' Mike and David said, in unison.

'Yes, it's the gym!'

'What gym?' Said David, and 'THE gym?!' said Mike.

'Yes, it's THE gym. The one where we met Marc and Tom. Why in creation would a guy put his place of residence as a gym?' Jan said, scratching his head. He noticed David ogling at his biceps which swelled hugely as he tried to fit his arm between his head and the roof of the van, careful not to drive it right through.

'Who knows, maybe that used to be some residence before, or there used to be one and they tore it down, or something' Mike retorted.

'No, it was a gym before, I know, I used to be a member. It's been a gym at least two and a half years'. 'Why would Theo… or his brother… give their address as a gym?'

David asked.

'I have no idea. What's Theo's brother's name?' Mike asked David.

'That's the problem. I don't know. He moved here before I got to know Theo well enough to know he had a brother. I just know him as Mr.

Skahill. I got the address from Theo's landlord, to forward his mail.

I guess he just gave the surname so that there wouldn't be confusion when his mail got there' David said.

After a few minutes, they were parked in front of the gym.

'So, what do we do now? We sure as hell can't just go in there' Mike said.

'You are definitely right about that one. I'm sure Tom would faint, if he's in there' Jan said, chuckling. He stopped, noticing David looked really troubled.

'What's wrong?'

'Unc.. Jan, what will I do?! What if he isn't there—I'll never find him! And what if he is? What do I tell him? What happens if he sees you? What will he think… about me and you two… what we did?'

David said. He sounded just on the brink of tears, and Jan couldn't blame him.

'Davey… come on. We talked this over. I'm sure he won't mind. You have to find him, and we'll sort the details out later, OK?' Mike said. Jan was surprised David didn't even flinch when Mike called him Davey. So far, Jan was the only one who was ever allowed to call him that.

'I know… but I slept with you. Things would be easier if I didn't.

What am I going to do if he…?' David's voice cracked. 'You don't want to loose him… I know' Mike said. He looked at Jan.

'Davey, you said that he was 'your Jan'. Well, I told you this Jan had the same thing happen, in fact right in this gym, and ended up loving his Mike even more than before' Jan said. He realized he was scared, scared of letting David down again. But somehow, he had a feeling things were going to turn out right. Mike's look told him he thought the same. He looked around in exasperation, and saw a way out.

'I think I have an idea' Jan said.

When the phone rang, Tom was just spotting Marc on his last and heaviest set of chins. He was really royally annoyed at the intrusion, because he enjoyed every second of it even though it was hard work. Marc did chins with about 220 pounds strapped to his waist and right now he looked bigger and wider than ever. And the strangest thing is, he didn't strut around as he used to. In fact, the last days have been almost a shock to Tom, Marc had changed completely.

They had sex several times, and it was the best Tom ever had, and Marc was actually… tender! And caring, and he even went out of his way with Tom. It was almost frightening, this change, but at the same time, Tom liked it. Very much. He liked how Marc would look at him, and for the first time, Tom found himself looking at Marc as a person and not only a mountain of horny muscle with a horse-cock that somehow preferred fucking him, Tom. He even touched Tom, and stroked him, and talked, actually talked with him!

Marc finished and let himself down from the bar, which groaned thankfully for the break it was getting. 'It's OK, answer it' Marc said. Tom had a problem getting used to this. Normally, Marc would be pissed off at the intrusion, and Tom wouldn't be spotting him in the first place. He went over to the counter.

'Yes!' Tom answered, annoyed and letting his voice show it.

'Tom, this is Jan'. Tom felt his knees almost buckle to the sound of that voice and he had to sit down.

'Yes?' he finally managed to say.

'Can you do me a favor, and come out for a second' Jan said.

There was a voice from the receiver, but David couldn't hear what it was it said. Jan had seen the public phone, and they had re-parked right beside it, David had dialed the number and gave Jan the receiver through the window of the van. No use exposing passers by to shocks. Mike asked Jan how he remembered the number, but Jan just replied 'It's written right there, Sherlock' pointing at the gym's sign over the entrance.

'Easy, the dark blue van right beside the phone booth on the parking lot' Jan said.

David was turning progressively paler.

'Don't worry, it's just the guy at the counter. He should be able to tell us whether Theo was here if you give him a good enough description' Mike said.

'I've got a picture, but I've got to get it out of my bag' David said silently.

'OK, but not yet, Tom will be more than a bit surprised so wait until he gets over us' Mike added.

'OK, I'm waiting' Jan said. He turned over to David and gave him the receiver. 'Don't worry, you'll be fine' he said. David opened the door and replaced the receiver. He started getting into the van, just as he did that, Tom appeared behind him. David turned around. Jan almost jumped looking at David. For a second he thought David would faint.

'My God… Theo!' David said.

'No… that would be my brother' Tom said, just in time to notice Jan.

'It was Mike and Jan' he said. But wasn't that part of the problem?

You are the problem, too, MArc thought. How can one's life change so in only days? Is it possible that I've been such an idiot all this time, Marc asked himself, and so blind?

Marc started building his body when he turned 16. He was always big, it was like he got the best possible set of genes from his mixed background—black and white and even some native blood put in for a good measure. His father was 5’10” and a stocky 180#, but Marc was a hair shorter, yet bigger than him even before he ever saw a weight.

Not that any of that would matter to his parents. They did not engage in 'upbringing', what they did was perfecting a product. Being born as the only son and only child in a family that owned a stake in just about any industry worth owning a stake in, meant that he could only have the best, and be the best. Come what may. For better or for worse. Want it or not. His parents only hired the best tutors. But nothing he ever did was good enough, though he was good. His genes didn't only give him the body but the brain to go with it. But he'd gotten over all that early, his parents just could never be pleased enough—with him, just like with all their other endevours. Marc knew he was extraordinary, in his own way.

So, while all his rich so-called friends took up what their exclusive clubs offered, Marc took up weights, and started growing. And growing, and growing. A shade under 5’10”, he started off at a very beefy 190# and now, at 27, he maintained about 5-6% body fat, and weighed in the low half of the 300s the last time he bothered to look, and still growing, albeit more slowly. He looked at his reflection in the mirror right now. Until recently he was pretty sure there was no bigger man walking this earth, taking his height into account. Of course he never competed—no point, he knew he'd be the winner. Maybe that was how it all started—maybe that's how he got to think his biggest sexual attraction was himself. Until he saw Mike, and then Jan.

Marc knew he was obsessed with his body, the size of it, the power—and also the power it had on others. He realized he was a freak, he had big muscles to start with and had made them huge and then some, and he had a huge cock too, even before he stared doing things to make it even bigger, he was hung like a mule, over a foot long when hard. He had worked his butt off making himself grow, trying just about everything there was to try. But, he was anything but stupid—the money helped and as a result he was quite an expert. If he hadn't been that way, he'd probably be dead or at least very sick. As it was he was very healthy. After all, Marc would never jeopardize that which he loved most—himself.

The growing included his cock, which he had managed to enlarge by using some pretty unorthodox methods. He wasn't getting much out of them now, but if there was anyone who could figure out how to break a plateau, it was Marc. He had often wondered if he would ever think he was too big, and decide to stop trying to get bigger. The pictures of himself his mind would come up with, trying to decide if 'that was too big' would make even the wildest muscle and/or size- queen blush, but he always ended up wanting to be even bigger than those impossible pictures his mind conjured. And here he was, having learned that he would get hot at anyone impossibly huge, not just himself. Maybe he only discovered this because up to now he was the biggest.

He was his own life's work, and he only wanted to look the way he thought a perfect man should look—perfect for him. So far, he only had himsef to look at. Normally, looking at himself in a mirror would be all the turn-on he'd need. But right now, his fuckpole remained flaccid, and hanging. Normally he'd be at least jacking off right now, taking advantage of his muscles engorged to even more incredible dimensions by the skin-splitting pump the workout gave him, but mostly he'd be expecting Tommy to come in any second. Tommy—yet another element in the puzzle.

The money? He always had plenty, being from an exceedingly rich family. At 18 he decided to go his own way, and although as a result no-one from his family ever wanted to have anything to do with him again, it was exactly what he wanted. His father set up a 5 million trust fund in Marc's name when he was born, control of it went to Marc when he turned 18, the voting age in his father's country of origin. His father always thought that if he had the sense to do what is right at that age, his son would too. Only that sense didn't really agree with his parents, but by the time they realized that, they couldn't do anything about it. 27 years ago, 5 million dollars was worth a lot more than it is now. Marc's income came from tenants in a building he owned, and as of two years ago, from this gym, in addition to the trust fund and dozens of clever investments, which in the mean time has grown nearly 12 times. He never took any money from the fund itself except to buy the building and the gym.

Marc loved the attention he would get, though he didn't crave it. Or maybe, he did? Anyway, he didn't really care where it came from, since most of it came from himself, but having someone else flip over his flexing body and baseball- bat cock made him even hotter.

Straight? Gay? It didn't really matter. He couldn't really tell, until now. Oh, I guess there were signs, he thought.

He couldn't be bothered to work at the gym, so he hired someone to do that. That's how he met Tom. He called him Tommy, since he looked so small compared to Marc himself. Oh, it wasn't sex at the start, but it definitely went that way soon. Marc saw the desire in Tommy's eyes the second he first met him, and on one occasion, when none of his usual admirers were around, he let him realize it. Tommy was as gay as they come, but only when Marc was concerned. Oh, he would be giving the looks to many guys but he gave his ass only to Marc, and he was the only one who could take Marcs extraordinary endowment.

Since Marc was the biggest stud of all, or at least he thought so until recently, and Tommy was obviously after the biggest stud he could find, it was a case of combining business with pleasure. Only, Marc had never quite realized how much pleasure there was in that relationship, until now. He always thought Tommy was hooked on him for good, and he had to admit he run the gym very well, and even took care of some of Marc's errands. BEtween them there were never any problems. Marc was fair enough to pay him very well, but he was the one who decided when there was sex. And Tom always seemed to be willing. It was easy to arrange things since they all lived in the same building, anyway. But now, there were two new studs, and even Marc couldn't see himself beating them soon.

'They wanted to talk to my brother' Tommy said. A couple of days ago, in walks a carbon copy of Tommy, and Marc thought his fortune suddenly changed from good to even better. Theo turned out to be as gay as Tommy, and as interested in Marc's huge muscles, but it never went further than stares and a quite obvious hard-on. Tommy said he hasn't gotten over his ex, and Marc imagined he'd come around eventually. After all, Marc used to think that no-one knew how to better treat his cock and muscle than Tommy, and that could only be topped by two Tommys, and this was as close as it could get.

'They have grown' Tommy said. 'They are just unbelievable' he said.

Marc was an expert in the art of the possible, as far as muscle goes.

No-one could grow so much in days! But the evidence was plain, for all to see. Marc could see the stain on Tom's tight pants. He knew Tom had creamed them. He saw it before. The last time it happened was when he barged into the posing room while Marc was posing in the nude. He was pretty sure that when Tom said Mike and Jan had grown, it was all over, and that they had grown considerably. In fact, Tom was gone for about 10 minutes, and now that he's back, he just went and sat at the counter looking at nothing in particular, a sure sign of a fantasy playing in his head. Marc felt… hurt. He used to be that fantasy.

And that was the final part of the puzzle. Those two, Mike and Jan, they were obviously in love. It couldn't have been more plain even if they had it painted on their foreheads in yellow phosphorescent paint, in block lettering. It was obvious even to Marc, who never believed in it. He never let Tommy do the 'sissy' stuff with him, the kissing, stroking, hugging. Tommy would put in a little bit of it sometimes. It felt good, but the arrangement was clear—Marc fucks the living daylights out of Tom, flexing his muscle and getting off on that. What Tom manages to get out of it, he can keep. But, even Marc knew he was getting off far more over Tommy letting himself go at Marc's body. He liked that, he had just realised how much. And…

and… no use denying it now. He did get off on Tommy. Now that he was actually thinking about it, he realised that Tom would probably do anything Marc asked—and this trust which Marc used to think was stupid, now felt different. It felt undeserved. But… Marc wanted it. He needed it. Maybe that was what he wanted all his life.

Maybe he was just afraid to go further then just sex. Even so, those two, Mike and Jan—not only had they both, with Tommy, given him the most mindboggling sex he ever had, but now, it was like he discovered what it was all about. And, the most puzzling thing was, he knew that even as they were wearing him out, they were loving each other, as strange as that may sound. Marc would have been very possessive if anyone but him took advantage of Tommy. Tommy was his, it was an unspoken, but clear arrangement. But why would Tommy want him now?

So, to sum it up—he thought he was the biggest, only to discover he wasn't. Not only that, but he was beaten by two people, all at once.

Also, to rub in the defeat, they made Marc'c cock which he thought huge, look small. To boot, Marc thought he knew every way, natural and unnatural, a guy could get bigger muscles and a bigger cock, and the two seemed to have discovered a way to make it happen in days, and Marc hasn't got a clue about it, and by the looks of it, chances of him ever knowing were very slim. Then, for a while, he thought things would even get better than having Tommy as his favorite fuck, by including Tommy's twin brother, and that failed too. Then, when that seemed to fail, he still had Tommy, but now it seems he doesn't any more. And finally, he discovered he was gay, an absolute size queen for anyone, himself first, and that there is such a thing as love. And, the worst part of it all, he probably wasn't going to get a chance at experiencing it, because what could have been love is going to walk away, because Marc realized what it was too late.

The bottom line was that an incredible number of things went wrong at the same time, and as Marc didn't believe in destiny, the only person he could blame was himself. From somewhere in his memory he recalled how someone told him that one of these days life was going to catch up with him, and it sure looked like it did that in a big way. It was time to unroll the timeline backwards and figure out where he started to go wrong.

'Who is it'? A voice very much like Tom's asked, from the other side of the door. The butterflies in David's stomach suddenly seemed to be very determined to start the proverbial hurricane going. Not ten days have passed since he heard that voice and there wasn't anything he would have liked more than to hear it, but somehow, there was still doubt that he was doing the right thing. For a fleeting moment, before his clenched throat finally decided to say his name, he thought of not ever hearing that voice again, and the feeling of mixed despair and fear that it brought somehow became the ultimate reassurance.

'David.' He said, not very loud at all. From the other side of the door there was silence. David felt a cold fist squeeze at his heart, when suddenly, he heard the lock clank. The door opened, first just a little, then completely.

There, in the doorway, in the shades, stood Theo.

'Hi… how're you doing?' David said, almost whispered. Out of a thousand things, this stupid line came out, and he cursed himself inwardly even as he was saying it. Neither of them moved at all, and their eyes met. David saw Theo's eyes change just a little, and his face looked… strained. David couldn't contain his tears any longer.

Even as they looked at each other, his vision blurred and he felt them overflowing. The next thing he knew were Theo's arms around him, and his around Theo. They must have stood there like that for minutes, David's tears soaking into Theo's shoulder. Everything came in at once, the warmth of Theo's body, the hardness of those chiseled arms around him, Theo's breathing, his smell.

'You… shouldn't have… left' David mustered between sobs. He felt Theo nod. They separated, but just a little, their hands still on each other, and ended up looking into each other's face. David suddenly realized he never saw Theo crying, and now, as he looked at him, Theo seemed like a lost puppy. Somehow, he never thought of Theo as anything but his pillar of strength. Before he even realized what he was doing, David used the end of his sleeve to wipe Theo's tears of his face. For a second there, Theo almost laughed, and then just planted David's head onto that big chest of his, hugging him, and kissed him softly on the cheek. A deep sigh escaped Theo's lips. Finally, he whispered, 'How right you are… I always said you were the clever one'. Two seconds later, they said 'I love you' almost in unison. They hugged again, forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

'How did you find me?' Theo asked.

'Like anything could keep me away, huh? Whatever got into you—I mean, even the idea to go away?!' David said. 'No. No, don't tell me, let me guess, that moron that happens to be my father. Talk about accidents of birth.'

'Oh, come on, he is your father, and he does love you, in his own way. Believe me, my father used to be even worse, he had to deal with two sons being gay at once' Theo said.

David decided not to think about that particular part of his recent past.

'How come you never told me you and your brother were twins?' David said.

'Well, you never asked, I guess. But how did you find him?' Theo answered. There was a short period when it looked like he was musing inwardly over something that was obviously a hard issue. 'I… even told him not to tell you where I am if you come looking'.

'Ah… well, that's where my uncle comes in, as I told you.' said David.

'Ah, your step-uncle, you mean the gay one. Wow, I still can't believe the coincidence!' Theo just chuckled, and David couldn't help but do the same. It really was weird—it is a small world after all, and it seemed that fate wanted the two together, no matter what it had to pull in the process. Not that either of them would ever complain.

Still, there was this thing he did with Jan and Mike. He had to tell Theo.

'Look, about my uncle… Jan. I've got something to tell you, and it isn't easy…' David started. For a second he felt that cold grip around his heart. No, he will understand, he reassured himself.

'OK, out with it' Theo said. David suddenly lost all resolve. 'What?

Have you been fooling around with him?' Theo said, jokingly.

For a second, David felt that iron grip tighten and twist. He heard himself say a quiet 'Yes'.

Theo said nothing. David looked at him, and Theo looked back, his expression unreadable.

'Look, it was wrong, I was horny, and I didn't know what I was doing… no, I did know what I was doing but… Oh, God, how can I explain?'

'Well, I don't blame you, from what you said, he used to be quite the hunk'.

'No, it wasn't… well…' David sighed, exasperated.

'Theo, I… I… Man, I love you! It's… I mean, have you ever asked yourself, why you? You actually are a lot like him, you know. Maybe that's why I somehow trusted you more than anyone else I met since…

you know. And, God am I glad I did, because there isn't a day I don't think that if I only said one word differently, we may never have…

loved each other.' David said.

'But there is this side of me that started it all, and I told you it was with him… You know me, the size queen. I mean, you should see him, and Mike. You are _not_ going to believe it. I… just couldn't help myself. But… truthfully, it was nothing really. All three of us needed to get off and we did, together. It wasn't anything much more than a circle jerk' David finished.

'I know what you mean…' Theo said. 'I mean, I got really close to doing… or rather, being done by… well, you remember that Paul guy from our gym back home? Now, he's nothing compared to this guy Marc, that Tom is with. The guy is SO big, I mean you can't imagine how huge he is, you know how we always thought Paul was huge, well, this one looks like twice his size!…'

Be careful, I can imagine quite a lot, David thought. This was definitely another thing to be handled with care. Suddenly he became aware that Jan and Mike were still waiting in the car in front of the building.

'…And I mean, everywhere! And he was really coming on… ' Theo continued.

It reminded David on the little games they used to play, looking at built guys and constructing scenarios to make it with each one of them. Sometimes it turned into a 'one-up' game, of who thought of a bigger stud, and usually it meant bigger everywhere. Sometimes it was a kind of foreplay they did. It all started before they even confessed to each other they had the hots for each other, and in fact that's how their first sex started too.

'Now, I could swear you are playing a one-up on me, to make it easier on me' David said.

'No, I'm serious. I mean, I barely resisted, I mean, the guy can't get through that door, and man…' Theo started whispering, 'You should see his cock, man!' he stopped talking and held his hands about 15” apart. David lifted an eyebrow. 'So help me, and I mean at least… I still can't believe it. He actually showed it off to me, he let himself grow hard when I saw it… well, he had these super-tight pants and he deliberately put it right down his pantleg, I mean it looked like someone put a salami in there, and then it wasn't even hard, then he just stood there and it started growing.'

Theo still whispered and shook his head in disbelief. “I mean, what would you do? Honestly if you hadn't come, I don't know how long I would have lasted.' Theo said in his normal voice. 'I'm not surprised Tom is staying here, I told you once about us two being amateurs when it comes to digging muscle, because this must be heaven for him'

'Look, Theo, the point is, you resisted, I didn't.' David said.

Theo looked at him for a while, his gaze going up and down David's body. He had his standard clothes on, meaning tight jeans and T-shirt, and a plaid shirt over that since it was a rather cold evening. He looked better than ever. 'Look…' Theo started. For a moment his speech faltered, but then he continued. 'I… the only thing that kept me away from that stud was that in about two days I realized what I did was completely wrong. In my head, it looked like the right thing to do, but every aspect of it felt wrong. Man, I kept seeing you everywhere. And now… oh, God it's so good to have you, and… there is one little bit of me that resents that little adventure, but most of me says it serves me right because I ran away when you needed me most. Can you forgive me? Can I still love you?'

David almost burst to tears. He got up, and let himself down in front of Theo, who was siting on the sofa, and embraced him.

'Oh, you big, hunky, stupid… man I love…' David said, and kissed Theo's hands, now wrapped in his '… so much'. How good it felt to feel Theo, once again! David savored the feeling, Theo's hands stroking his back. After a while, David said: 'Now no more foolish stuff, OK? We're together, and whoever has something against that, may kiss both our asses'. Theo chuckled.

'Oh, my God, they are waiting downstairs!' David suddenly remembered Jan and Mike again. They said they were going to wait to see if he was all right. He was already gone so long it was a wonder at least one of them wasn't stomping straight through that door to see if he was OK.

'Theo, about my… well, Jan and Mike. They had an… accident.'

David said. 'Well, not an accident, but something happened to them accidentally… and, well…' he trailed off. How could he ever lessen the impact of seeing Jan and Mike for the first time?

'What are you talking about, are they OK?' Theo asked.

'Oh, they are OK, in fact considerably better than OK. I wish we could have an accident like they had, actually.' David answered. Theo looked at him with an 'are you sure you have all your marbles up there' expression.

'I… I think I better go get them, and you'll see.' David said.

Well, it was only fair to give him some kind of warning, though a part of him barely waited to see the reaction.

'I'm not sure that's a good idea' Mike said.

'Why not? he's going to meet you two sooner or later, so let's get it over with' David said.

'Yes, only remember what happened with Tom, we were just lucky you were close enough to catch him on his way down… or up, depending how you look at it.' Jan said, chuckling.

'Well, OK, that only means I got experience now…' David said.

'I sure never saw someone get from soft to post-orgasm that fast'

Mike said. 'Are you sure you want us both to come up?'

'Well, I reckon there is only so much that can happen, and at least if you are both there it won't happen twice. I mean, there is just so much surprise one can take. I should know.' David said. 'Besides, you saw Tom, and Theo is an almost exact copy. Surely neither looks like they have a weak heart?'

'OK, if you say so, but I still think it is a bad idea.' Jan said.

A couple of minutes later, avoiding casual passers by, that would forever remain blissfully ignorant of a debt of gratitude they owed the dark, they got into the building, and were carefully on the way to the third floor, where Tom's apartment was, and which was now shared by Theo. The extra caution was needed, because when two supermen weighing a ton moved around you could feel it in the floor, and they didn't want to cause a panic because of someone thinking it was an earthquake or something. But what they failed to anticipate was simple human curiosity. So, when David stepped onto the top of the stairs (the third floor was the last), Theo was waiting in the doorway. Mike was right behind David, and Jan was right behind Mike.

There was nothing David could do. For a while Theo stood there, and then his bugging eyes started from the floor, taking in Mike's jeans, which were torn to accommodate his calves, and were further filled to the point of bursting with his thighs, only to be almost comically gathered around his minuscule waist, because there were no jeans with legs wide enough that also weren't wide in the waist. David was dead sure Theo's one eye was taking in Mike, while the other was taking in Jan, in a desperate effort not to miss a single detail of this momentous occasion. Jan must have had an even worse effect on poor Theo, he was wearing stretchy XXXXL size sweats that were threatening to burst, stretched to the limit over Jan's legs, which were even bigger than Mike's. Of course, further up, things didn't let up. Jan was weraing a tank-top which was torn out the sides to accommodate his enormous lats and down the hem, the shelf of his yard-wide chest still stretching it to the limit. Mike wore a plaid shirt with the sleeves completely torn off, and only the bottom three buttons in place, since the incredible swell of his chest and back couldn't be contained, and the lack of buttons was a result of a failed experiment intended to refute that. Somehow, this display of masculinity so big and strong that clothes for mortals just wouldn't do, made them both look even more sexy than if they were completely naked. Before taking the upper bodies in, Theo's gaze lingered at the crotches of the two gods of maleness, which wasn't surprising, considering most of the considerable slack in that area of the clothes, was taken up by the bulges which Jan's and Mike's superhuman endowments made. It left nothing much to guesswork. It was obvious they could cause an inferiority complex even in a prize stallion at his best, not even taking their incredible growth capacity when aroused into account. Theo was lucky not to know about that yet, David thought. Of course, Theo's gaze darted left and right, taking in the arms that looked bigger around than their owner's waists, and shoulders that combined filled out the width of the ample hallway.

Theo's gaze still went up, and then further up, not surprising since the top of Jan's head was grazing the ceiling, and Mike wasn't far behind. By the time Jan, Mike or David figured out that Theo's gaze was going a bit too high, Theo was looking at the ceiling (but wasn't seeing it), half on his way to falling to the floor, like a statue that somehow lost balance.

Somewhere between sexual stupor, surprised wonder and the sudden certainty that even the wildest fantasies can come true, Tom managed to muster enough sense to realize he was sitting at the gym counter in tights soiled by what looked like a pint of his own cum. It was becoming more like cement right now, while he was staring at the opposite wall, with his cock still tenting the said tights. The thing that managed to call him back from his fantasy was that Marc was nowhere to be seen. He said he was going to have a shower and go home, but it must have been hours ago. It was soon time to close the gym and there was only a lonely man in the corner finishing his last set of ab crunches, grunting trying to crank out the last few. Though by all standards he was very well built, Tom's gaze didn't linger over him any more than with a purely professional interest, and that was of seeing the guy leave.

Tom's standards have changed as dramatically as possible in minutes, over two hours ago.

What he has seen defied the mind, but if nothing else, his soiled shorts were proof positive that it was all real. In fact, almost too real to handle. In days, two of the biggest men he ever saw got, by his rough estimate, at least three times bigger. They were so big it was… Tom was about to say supernatural, and remembered what Mike said, that it was basically an accident. And accidents are definitely natural. And, I guess, my reaction to it was natural too, Tom thought. They were both… well, just they were both so sexual, super men in the true sense of the word. God if I keep this train of thought I'm going to cum in my pants again, Tom thought. But he couldn't help imagine himself having that accident. And Marc? Wow! Maybe, now that he's become… livable with, maybe now… for a second, Tom was distracted by thoughts of Marc. Tom always wanted Marc to get a taste of his own medicine, not because it was bad medicine, but because it was good—it just wasn't being used right.

He wanted Marc to feel the feeling, and maybe that would finally make him think about the reason for it. What Marc wanted was just raw sex, never went for anything more, he'd always call it the 'sissy stuff'.

Maybe… Tom still had trouble admitting it, but maybe what he always wanted was that Marc would see that life is not only about getting off, and look around and find someone who… what? Tom couldn't count the number of times he asked himself, why does he… love the huge, beautiful hunk, who was also really clever, if you were persistent enough to look deep enough, and also impossibly overbearing and narcissistic, which is the first thing you'd see… or at least he used to be that way. Tom know fully that it was a crush. If only for the looks, Marc was everything Tom could ever want, and somehow, Tom just knew that there was something more in Marc that was worth his attention. Knowing that a Mike and a Jan were out there, something even more incredible than his wildest muscle fantasies, only changed that for the better. The state of his pants was all the testimony anyone needed as to the sexual attraction those two presented, but one look at Mike and Jan together told anyone, that they came as an item, now even more than before. It may have been an accident but their fantasy did come true in all senses of the word. Maybe one of Tom's would too.

Funny how it all seemed to revolve around him—even the reason they were here. Suddenly he understood his brother. There was no mistaking the look in that young guys eyes when he mistook him for Theo. It seemed that he was the only one who started with sex and wished for friendship and love, while the others went the proper way around. But ever since that foursome in the posing room, something has happened to Marc, he really wasn't the same. Tom really wanted him to get a shock that would show him his place but now he was more than a bit worried it had been too much. But where was Marc anyway? While deep in thoughts, Tom's eyes followed the last guy in the gym as he finished up what he was doing and left. He stood up, put up the 'closed' sign, locked the front door, and then went to the door next to the passage to the lockers, marked 'Private'. He saw Marc go in there, and sine Tom didn't see him leave, Marc must surely still be in there. No doubt getting off on himself as he always did. It reminded Tom of the first time with Marc. Well, he could still use the same excuse—his own locker was in there too, and he really needed to get out of these pants, the stain was too obvious—it had got stuck to his crotch and was pulling hus pubic hair, which was actually quite painful.

Behind the 'private' door, there was a small locker room with just four lockers, and behind that, through another door was a bathroom you'd expect to find in an appartment. On second glance it was rather unusual, since the locker room had a nice floor, not the tile you'd find in normal locker rooms, and the wall opposite the lockers was covered by a huge mirror. The shower was also somewhat unusual for it's size, although it was understandable taking Marc's stature into account. Thinking about it, Tom couldn't help but remember the sight of Jan and Mike in that van. Those two were definitely on a good path to redefine architectural standards. He went in.

The first surprise was that he found Marc sitting on the bench in front of the lockers, in the nude, staring at himself in the mirror, his chin propped by his hands. He only flinched a tiny bit when Tom entered. For a few seconds Tom looked at him, surprised. This was the very last 'pose' he would have expected. Marc was known not to be able to resist a mirror. The fact that he was doing so now was such a surprise that Tom just didn't know what to do, so he opened his locker and started undressing. In his confusion, it gave him something to do, but this would not last long—after all, he was only dressed in spandex shorts and a very tight tank-top, and those were off in seconds. He turned around. Marc didn't even flinch this time. It was weird looking at the mirror, Marc's form, sitting on the low bench, underneath his reflection. The contrast reminded him how big Marc really was.

Tom was no slouch in the muscle department, but compared to Marc, he was small, almost looked unfinished. But then, he knew only two men who were bigger, and those two were in a league of their own. One thing where Tom could compare to Marc, if not even be deemed better, was definition. But what he craved was size—the kind Marc had, or, now that he knew it could be real, even more. But, he was sure it would never happen—Marc had used all kinds of weird stuff to get the way he was, but Tom never would. He tried once, and barely came out of it alive, after some dealer sold him some contaminated crap that was supposed to be the steroid to finally make him grow. He spent six weeks in hospital, being treated for hepatitis, loosing almost all the precious mass he gained in two years of hard work. His brother, because they 'decided' it together, was only a bit more lucky than that and was discharged in four weeks. During that time he vowed to himself he'd never touch anything hundreds of times. His present condition was the result of 5 years of toil. On the street he'd be called a hunk, but in a gym it was just enough for people to recognize him as someone who knows his stuff, until someone bigger came around. But, he did have a hard body, which had become easy to maintain, with that uncanny definition typical of natural bodybuilders that were at it for years.

He looked at Marc again. For a second, there, it looked like he wasn't even breathing, but the movement in Marc's lats reassured Tom that he was. Tom noticed that there were lighter stains where Marc's huge rear delts joined his bulging lats, remains of dried up sweat on his otherwise flawless milk-chocolate skin. And the musky odor was a dead giveaway, he hadn't even showered. That was totally out of character, and it also meant that Marc had been sitting here for hours. Tom was getting very worried. And what was worse, he really didn't know what to do. Finally, he just sat beside Marc, and joined him in staring.

It lasted only about ten seconds, because Tom felt ready to just about jump out of his skin. The big guy was bothered beyond anything Tom had ever seen, and he felt he had to do something about it. But, Marc was always in control and he disliked any… affection. So, when his hand went out to touch Marc, he stopped himself half way. That would be something Marc would call 'sissy stuff'.

Marc let out a sigh, and said: 'Tommy… I know I really don't deserve it, but I really need you to do… the sissy stuff to me tonight.'

Tom was sure the crash of his jaw as it hit the floor was heard for miles around.

It was only because Tom was in shock for half an hour after Marc said what he did (he still couldn't believe it!!!), that when he managed to get him into the shower, and soap him up and rinse him thoroughly, he kept himself from devouring that incredible body on sight. He did get properly hard, but for once, and that really shocked him, Marc didn't. He had never, ever imagined, not in his wildest dreams he'd see Marc so… timid. He looked like all his boats have sunk, and willingly did anything Tom told him to. Looking at him, and feeling him over under that shower, Tom's bewilderment was the only thing that kept him from cumming several times. That, and… a fantasy that might just come true tonight, the chance fate had dealt him was not to be wasted in a quick shower fuck. So, he finished off washing Marc and himself, threw on some clothes, and threw some at Marc, who obediently (Incredible!!!) put them on. In the end, it was Tom driving Marc's Toyota truck (the only vehicle Marc could fit in), with Marc looking quite blankly, sitting in the passenger seat. Tom left his car in front of the gym, that being the last of his worries.

Then, when they got home, he practically ordered Marc to get something to eat, then get back and strip, which he did without even saying a word, to Tom's utter amazement.

In keeping with character (or at least what it used to be before this incredible change), Marc had a bedroom with a huge bed, and mirrors all around, but Tom decided they were going to use the spacious living room. For a second, he wanted to pop over to his apartment which was much smaller and right across the hallway, to get something he had kept for months, but thought of Theo and his lover, and decided he'll leave them alone. He knew the contents of Marc's bathroom cupboard very well, and that would have to do—he found some body lotion and took the bottle. Marc's living room was huge, very sparsely furnished, but had what Theo needed—an exceedingly thick rug, and free space. There was also a very nice fireplace. So, after a couple of minutes rummaging around Marc's wardrobe, he found two big sheets, and put them on the floor. He had Marc sit down on them, naked as he was. Then, he lit the fire in the fireplace, and stripped himself. Maybe the reason he always thought of this fireplace and the two of them in front of it together, was because it was as stereotypically romantic as Marc stereotypically wasn't. He got an immediate pang of guilt, this was not about getting even. Marc seemed to need TLC and Tom was going to give it to him, no matter what. He had dreamt of this day for over a year, maybe for all his life.

'OK, big guy, down here' he said, and Marc lay on the floor, on his belly. Tom opened the lotion, and put a little in the small of Marc's back. Of course, there was actually nothing small about that. Marc was so big that he could comfortably stay there, his arms spread out his sides, his huge chest keeping him propped up sufficiently for his head to rest comfortably on the pillow Tom had brought over from the bedroom. Tom started slowly massaging the oil into the boulders of muscle under Marc's perfect chocolate colored skin.

Marc was almost smooth. Normally, if he'd let it grow, he had very sparse hair running right in the middle of his pecs, and down to his crotch. From there, it spread, like silky fur down his legs. He also had a little on his forearms, but it was almost imperceptible.

However, Marc normally took it off. He didn't shave, but used some kind of chemical remover—there was no way he could reach between those hugely pumped up pecs with a shaver anyway. Tom had seen Marc with hair only twice, and he actually liked him that way, somehow, even the small amount of hair was just the right amount to push all Tom's buttons. But now, Tom was enjoying every curve of Marc's massive back. He ran his hands down the canyon in the middle of it, between the hugely protruding rhomboid muscle, and then back up, tracing it's outline, grabbing it's bulk with both hands, as he stroked the lotion into the skin. Then, he'd go down on the outside of those big symmetrical mounds, and touch Marc's bulging rear delts, poking out under his skin. Tom lingered over them lovingly, making circle motions, cupping them with his hands and squeezing them. How big they were! Then, his thumbs locked into that canyon of Marc's back again, he went up, until he could feel the place where the spine meets the scull, adorned on both sides by immensely thick columns of muscle, that were the start of Marc's traps. Going down those curves, the widening muscle filling his hands as he went lower, and it got wider, was almost like it was stroking him more than he was stroking it. He straddled Marc. He felt his cock, heavy with his churning blood, rest on Marc's lower back muscles, and though he wasn't actually touching it, he could almost feel Marc's stone-hard ass behind his own. Tom put some more oil onto his hands and resumed rubbing Marc's immense traps, which were slightly tense, and which then relaxed, just as Marc sighed. From there, Tom went on, his hands devouring Marc's shoulders. With amazement he realized he never touched them like this, he never touched Marc at all this way. For the job he needed both hands, those shoulders were so big, so he kneaded first one then the other, jumping back and forth, not being able to let even the smallest part of that muscle untouched, unsavoured. It was almost like in a frenzy, he couldn't decide which he wanted more, and he wanted all of Marc. He couldn't contain himself any more. His hands went wider, fingers rubbing into the immense splits between the heads of Marc's shoulder muscles, and then into the deep and narrow pit made by the ends of them and the traps, and then, outward again, more and more, down over those incredible arms, bigger than any bodybuilders. Finally, Tom let himself down, flat against Marc, his arms stretched over Marc's. His tongue explored Marc's neck, and then, his lips kissed Marc. There wasn't a sound, just a light shudder, which Tom felt with every inch of him that was in contact with Marc. Tom suddenly became aware of his own heavy breathing. His cock was painfully hard and poked him in the stomach. He moved slightly downwards, until he felt his balls slide between Marc's asscheeks, and then he went further down, until his cock rested there. As he did that, his tongue traced the muscles of Marc's back, and his hands, with a mind of their own, started stroking up and down the incredibly wide lats. From right beneath the mounds of shoulder muscle, over yet another big bulge, never even finding a bone, just big, thick muscle, Tom's hands went, a far cry from grabbing the thickness of those lats, and then, groping, slithering, lower and lower, closer to each other, down from that almost yard wide expanse, to that rock hard and tiny waist. Tom moved lower, still bent down, his face buried where the glutes of steel joined two immense columns of lower back muscle, licking the shapes they made, tracing the protrusions of that Christmas tree ripple on both sides of them, his hands stroking up and down Marc's lats, around his waist, feeling the outline of the boulders that were Marc's abs, on the other side. Dimly, Marc's sighs registered in Tom's consciousness, as his eyes roamed over the incredible shapes the light from the fireplace made of his lover in the dark. This night, we are lovers for the first time, a fleeting thought made itself known to Tom. He bent down again, kissing first one then the other asscheek, round, hard even though not flexed, and just perfect.

Huge by any standard, save two people, but unlike those, these were the ones Tom wanted most. He moved lower, shuffling his knees, until he realized that was not the way—Marc's thighs were just too big.

Tom turned around, his face now towards Marc's feet. Almost absentmindedly, Toms hands again found themselves with more oil in them, and stroking downwards, completely by feel. By some strange quirk of the fireplace, Tom could see just the ends of two diamond shaped calves, and two heels. Suddenly, driven by some unknown urge, he lifted one foot up, and licked the heel, then rubbed the sole.

There was a sigh and a muffled giggle from behind him. Tom did the same with the other foot, and even nibbled on the big toe a little.

He never really understood the fascination with feet, but these were his lover's and he wanted every part of him he could get.

'Turn over' he heard himself say, and Marc did, adjusting the pillow back under his head. Tom noticed Marc's cock was throbbing slightly, but it wasn't completely hard yet, though it hung over his immense thigh already. There was so much he wanted to do before doing the obvious. For a second their eyes met, and for the first time, Tom saw something different than lust in them. And with that, he clearly saw two traces of tears. He straddled Marc again, bent down, and kissed him right into the middle of his forehead, and then on each eyelid.

Marc shuddered, and let out a quivering sigh.

'I love you' Tom said. He wanted to say that so many times, now, he thought, it might finally mean something. When it happened, it was still a surprise. It was like something broke in Marc. He closed his eyes, and sighed. Tom saw tears make their way down the sides of his face. The man he so much wanted to love, and who he never thought had any feelings at all, was crying, silently. He sobbed and sighed, his big chest heaving mightily. Suddenly, he moved, and he felt two tree-trunk arms embrace him. Like someone desperate to keep what was being taken away from him, Marc held Tom to him, his embrace almost bone-crushing. As the sobs slowly subsided, Marc's hands slowly released their grip, and then started stroking Tom's back, and neck.

'Tommy…' he started, but Tom stopped him, with a soft kiss. 'No words now…' he whispered. He felt Marc nod, silently. Marc's right hand went up, rubbing the tears out of his eyes. Tom looked up, and decided to give the immense bulge of biceps on it a quick peck. He heard Marc's sob turn into a small chuckle. In a second, Tom's hands were again full of lotion, and ready to continue their play. They did so in moments, starting with Marc's neck. A few seconds later, they were moving down the middle of his pecs, and out over his abs.

The six perfect boulders underneath the paper thin skin of Marc's abdomen looked like they were floating there, sleeping on some sea, drifting on waves, up and down with Marc's breathing. Every once in a while, Marc would move, trying to see what Tom was up to, over his big shelflike chest, which made those boulders stand at attention, the lines between them becoming deep cracks. Before rubbing them up with lotion, Tom gave each one a kiss, and licked his way up the central line, right back up to the big pillows of pec muscle. With a long 'Ahhhh' Marc lifted his arms putting his hands behind his head.

Tom could feel the twitching of Marc's cock right under his ass, as it hardened slowly. He looked up noticing the balloons of arm muscle, which he knew so well, but was never more fascinated with than now.

The strange lighting made them look more inviting then ever. But, he first had to finish the job at hand. He poured the lotion right where the pecs and abs pressed together, into that pit in the middle, and watched in the half-darkness, half light, how it oozed slowly down and outwards, like some strange field of muscle being irrigated. As soon as it emerged down Marc's sides, Tom stroked it in, feeling the incredible texture of those chiseled side abdominals, and then intercostals, before he again found himself kneading the immense lat muscles. Then, he went back up, savoring two square feet of perfectly pumped pecs, relaxed, but by no means flat, brimming with muscle, like two overfilled sacs. They were so… male, soft, and hard at moments notice, bulging, pumped and chiseled. Tom barely contained himself from rubbing his cock right into them until he could use his own juices instead of the lotion. Up his hands went, and then back down, tracing the three bumps that were the ends of the three clearly separated parts of those incredible pecs, his fingers finding a path over them… one, two, three, and then down, and out, lingering over two small, but now very hard nipples. Tom bent down and gave them each a kiss, and then a soft nibble. He heard a moan from Marc and felt the results of his ministrations right under his ass, Marc's cock was slowly attaining it's log-like size, and it had had a sudden surge just then. But he knew what both Marc and himself liked best.

He moved suddenly, cupping Marc's immense right biceps with both hands. Marc grunted, but did nothing, until Tom started squeezing.

Just as Tom wanted, Marc squeezed back, flexing his biceps. It may not be the biggest any more, but it still is the most perfect, Tom thought. In this case it meant that shape which when flexed produced such a humongous bulge you expected it to burst out of the skin with a bang. With a moan, Tom's hands were replaced by his lips. He licked, kissed and nibbled, as Marc flexed harder and harder, grunting, while Tom's hands squeezed the equally enormous triceps. He let go only for a second, looking at Marc who was smiling at him, and have him a quick kiss, which produced a very surprised look on Marc's face. Then, Tom moved on to the other arm, again giving it first a thorough oil job, and then, with Marc flexing with all his might, a tongue job too. Tom could feel Marc's excitement with his ass—the hot and huge shaft of Marc's cock was almost propping him up now.

Marc's other arm suddenly found it's way around Tom, but where it would have been pressing him into the flexed biceps, this time it stroked him lovingly, ruffling his hair, and going up and down, sometimes cupping his hard ass too, while Tom licked his way up Marc's steel-cable clad forearms. By this time, both were moaning in delight, Tom rubbing his cock into Marc's abs, higher and higher, as he moved up to reach every bit of Marc's arms with his tongue and lips, until he felt the head of his cock collide with the shelf of Marc's pecs. Suddenly he felt Marc's hand on his ass, and his other arm relaxed, and moved. In a second, he was pushed up, his cock right between Marc's bulging pecs. Marc looked straight at him, and pushing him up with one hand, cupped Tom's ready to burst cock in his other, and then, pressed it right into the middle of his chest. Tom thought he would melt in delight. This was the first time Marc had ever done anything to get Tom off in any way. Then, Marc started stroking Tom up and down his back, while giving him a nudge to show what he wanted. He mouthed a 'Do it' and Tom finally realized one of his fantasies—he started moving his crotch back and forth in slow strokes, each time he'd go up Marc would flex and roll his immense pecs into big balloons of rock hard muscle, stroking Tom's cock with their freaky mass. For Tom, it was pure ecstasy, even the feeling of his legs spread as wide as possible because Marc was so big, even pushing into Marc's lats was a part of it. He lost control of his hands, they became instruments of lust, groping, touching, feeling, stroking all over. 'Come on Tommy, give it to me!' He dimly heard. He felt Marc's hands leave his body, and saw them touch together, as he started a lying down version of a most muscular, all his muscles jumping, lifting Tom up slightly. It was just the last straw, and Tom let go with a scream. One, two, three gushes of his juices exploded onto Marc, and seeing the effect, coating Marc's maniacally flexed pecs with his cream, produced a dozen more smaller spurts. They ended all over, even over Marc's chin. Tom's eyes never left Marc's and that was probably the most stimulating thing of all. Then, Marc's tongue lashed out and licked a strand on his chin. And then, which almost made Tom cum again, he flexed his pecs so hard, that when he bent his head down, he could just lick another strand from the top of them! Tom gasped, and it was almost like Marc was waiting for that.

He felt Marc's cock hit him in the back, hard as a steel rod, and as hot as the fire in front of them. He dismounted.

He saw Marc's hand go down towards his cock, and stopped it with his hand. 'No!' he said. Marc just looked at him but it was a look almost saying 'take me, please!'. Tom looked at Marc's immense fucktool.

Until he saw Mike and Jan he though it must surely be one of the biggest on the planet, and even now he was sure of it. But he could swear it was bigger than ever, even bigger than when they had that posing room foursome, and then he thought it was going to burst inside him if it didn't rip him open first. Pre- cum was oozing from the immensely engorged head, and the whole head and shaft was so distended the skin on it shone in the flickering light of the fireplace. Tom realized they were both covered with a sweaty sheen, the fireplace was producing far more heat than the season warranted.

Still, he knew if he did anything to that cock, it was going to be over soon. He still wanted it to last. He crouched beside Marc, and slowly started licking his abs. They were flexing and writhing madly, as Marc was moaning, since Tom was now holding the base of Marc's cock as hard as he could, stretching the skin even more downwards, almost like doing strokes, but actually only stretching it and then letting go repeatedly. The skin was already so distended it obviously produced an ecstatic kind of almost pain, since it took only seconds for Marc to almost start trashing. 'Hold off!' Tom cried. Although it looked like it could swell no more, Tom knew Marc's cock swelled even bigger right before he'd cum. It was so hard now it stuck straight up, like a steel beam welded to Marc's pelvis. It didn't even wave as Marc rocked his crotch back and forth in an attempt to bring himself off, which was incredible considering the size of it. Tom had measured Marc many times (as far as Marc was concerned a tape measure was an effective sex toy), and knew he could grow a fraction over 15”

but right now it looked bigger than that. It throbbed visibly, trying to get even bigger. Tom was still slowly pulling the skin down, while Marc was wincing in synch louder and louder. 'Goood… OooAh! Let me…' he winced, pleadingly. 'Owww… I'mmm…' he started. Tom saw Marc's dick suddenly expend even bigger, and felt his balls pull up.

They were so swollen Tom gasped in surprise. Marc hissed, trying to push his crotch higher, to make Tom's fist, which couldn't grasp the girth of Marc's cock completely, bring him finally off. But Tom was careful not to. Marc's cock looked like it was made of dark purple glass. It was thicker than ever, and the head looked like it would burst any second. Tom started stroking the insides of Marc's thighs with his free hand, and he managed to do that only twice, when suddenly, Marc screamed, lifting his crotch up as far as it would go, his cock escaping Tom's grasp. It swelled thicker and longer visibly, and then, let out three successive volleys of cum with machine-gun speed. They flew out as three long shafts of liquid, hitting the ceiling with three successive loud splashes. Marc's eyes had rolled up in their holes, and he was wincing without breath, his fists and toes curled in an orgasm Tom had never seen the likes of before. It must have lasted a good two minutes until Marc finally slumped back down. His cock, though, didn't. Marc was left lying there, slumped, breathing hard, while Tom looked at him completely shocked. They must have just waited there for several minutes, until Tom decided it would be a shame leaving Marc's still completely engorged cock to waste. He again straddled Marc's thighs, and proceeded to lick it clean like a lollipop. Marc opened his eyes like he was stung, but couldn't move, his cock so sensitive that every move Tom made on it produced almost crippling ecstasy. He winced almost pleadingly every time Tom's tongue touched any part of it, and moaned when Tom tried to bend it unsuccessfully.

Tom was overcome with lust. This was the best sex he had ever had, because for the first time, he was actually making love—for the first time, it went both ways. Right there lay his biggest reward, finally he had his dream come true. And definitely one big part of that was right in his hands now. Tom had sucked Marc off many times, but now it would be so difficult to be almost impossible. He was dead sure Marc's cock had expanded beyond anything he had ever seen before. He knew Marc had done some unusual things to make it bigger, and once he even said he pumped it up with a vacuum pump, and that it was over 16” long right out of the pump, but this was even bigger. He also said, he stopped doing that because he couldn't get it completely hard, but this was as hard as diamond. The thought of seeing any part of Marc even bigger made Tom even hotter. He wanted Marc the way Marc liked it most. He lifted himself up, and applied a generous amount of lotion to his asshole. Then, he stood over Marc's hard-on, which looked even more ready to burst now than ever, and started going down. The second his ass-hole touched the blunt, orange-sized head of Marc's cock, Marc opened his eyes wide part in disbelief, part in ecstasy. It felt like being ripped open and tickled at the same time, all through almost the minute it took for Tom's already accustomed ass to stretch over the impossibly engorged tumescence of his lover. Tom winced, and for a second considered just letting himself down on it, even if it came out his mouth. Somehow, he mustered the required amount of reason not to do that, he started letting himself slowly down, in small strokes, while looking straight into Marc's eyes which bugged out more with every inch of his cock Tom managed to take. Tom was sure his eyes bugged out too, for an entirely different reason. Finally, he felt himself being filled up as he never was, and his roaming hands confirmed that there was even more of Marc left. He had to wait before he could take more. He slowly let himself down on Marc's chest, which produced almost a wail from Marc.

'Jesus… it felt like it would break off… and it was so good!' he squeezed through his teeth. Tom had a fleeting though of Mike and Jan and their size, which was now certainly even bigger, and wondered how they manage with it. But that thought was quickly gone with the feeling of what Marc's organ was doing to him. Slowly, so maddeningly slowly, and so incredibly gently, Marc started pushing in and out in minuscule strokes, while stroking Tom and kissing him. This time, they both took it slow, discovering each other in a completely new way. It took a good half hour before their combined cries of ecstasy again celebrated what they shared. An hour later, after they had both dozed off for a while, and the fire had turned to amber, they reminded the world once again of their joining, this time, Tom really thought Marc's cock was going to poke out his mouth. He had managed to take it all, God knows where. When he whispered to Marc he was bigger than ever, he just said it felt that way too, and he was sure it was because of Tom. Later, while they slept, they finally became separated when Marc's super hard-on subsided, but every time they'd drift apart, Tom would wake up finding Marc's arms around him, Mac's voice saying something like 'don't go' in his sleep. Towards the early hours of the morning, Tom woke Marc up by giving his cock, which had again attained it's record size, a thorough tongue job, only to be joined by Marc in a combined suck, self-suck and French kiss. This time they were just a little less loud than the last, but Tom made up for it an hour later when Marc performed his very first blow job on Tom, with surprising expertise.

'I can't believe it. I just can't' Theo was saying. He was lying on his bed where Jan had originally placed him, only he'd stripped and was ready for sleep in the meantime, of course, after he'd regained his senses, and then, lost them again, and regained them again, only much more slowly. Jan and Mike had left about half an hour ago, and Theo must have said 'I can't believe it' so many times that even the walls must have been bored by now.

'Well, there's your evidence, right there' David said, stripping. He pointed to the top of the door-frame which was cracked visibly, after Jan hit his head on it trying to get through with Theo in his arms. It will be interesting explaining that to Tom when he comes back. Which was another question, he was supposed to be back already, at least according to what Theo said.

'Sorry, it doesn't help, really' Theo said. 'I mean, did you get a good look?'

'Look? Seems you have a slight memory problem there' David chuckled. 'If you are after details of anatomy, I'm ashamed to admit I can be very specific' he continued, in a much darker tone. David was left standing there only in his briefs. He looked down at Theo, covered up by a relatively thin sheet, on the mattress on the floor, which he had been using for a bed for as long as he was with his brother. It was only a small apartment, with a bedroom and a spare room, but the spare didn't have a bed. Still, compared to sleeping in the car it was a hell of a lot better. 'I could swear they were spending their days buck naked in that cabin and I told you that when I dropped in, they had basically wrapped bedsheets around themselves for me. I suppose they were just being kind, I don't think anyone on this planet could really do anything about it if they decided to just prance around in the nude. That's, once they'd get over the shock of seeing them that way'.

'Never mind them, I'm more interested in you right now' Theo said. David looked at him questioningly.

'Have you been hitting the gym more than usual since I have been gone or what?' Theo asked.

'Yes, I've been exercising with the wheel of the car driving around trying to find you, genius!' David answered with a frown.

'Well, maybe that little exercise with Mike and Jan made up for it—since we are now back to ripping old wounds open again…' Theo answered. For a second there was just silence while they were looking at each other.

'I'm sorry' they both said in unison. Then they both chuckled. 'I guess we really deserve each other' Theo said. David switched off the light and slipped into the bed, snuggling up with Theo.

'Yes, I guess we really do' he said. Theo's hand quickly found it's way to David's chest.

'Well, it's just that you look…' he felt Theo's hand grab his pec, '…and feel… well, more muscular.'

'Oh, come on, the last half decent meal I had was with Jan and Mike at the cabin, and before that I've mostly been living off air' David said. 'I know I've lost weight'.

'Doesn't seem that way to me… but maybe I'm just imagining things because I missed you so much' Theo said. David felt his lips on his shoulder. His hand joined Theo's. Then, Theo's hand started stroking his chest. It felt soooo good! He couldn't help but get a hard-on. A second later, Theo's hand started going lower, and then, still lower. Then, without warning, it grabbed his now fully hard member.

'Wow! You ARE bigger' Theo said, giggling. David just let his other hand roam, and soon, tracing down Theo's rock hard abs, found that Theo was just as hard as he was. David turned around and now they were face to face. They kissed tenderly, almost probing. The truth was, they never really went too far from this point before. Suddenly, they could hear a muffled moan, then another. And then, there were some unintelligible words, and then there was almost a scream. The intonation left nothing to the imagination.

'Well, now we know where Tom is' Theo chuckled, 'Seems like he's having a good time with that heap of muscle he calls his lover' he added.

'Well, I've got mine right here' David said, stroking Theo's hard pecs.

'Well, I'm a far cry from that guy, about as far as he is compared to those two… my God! Even the thought makes me horny' Theo said.

'Yeah, I noticed. You spent the evening covering your crotch' David said. 'Well, now you know what I meant when I… you know…'

'And the noises from next door don't help either' Theo said, referring to the continued muffled moans and soft cries from Marc's apartment.

Now David recognized one of the games they used to play. They would imagine themselves as their own fantasies, and tell each other about it, bringing each other off on that. David didn't actually want that right now but it was a good start.

'What would you do if I wanted to plow you with a 15” cock, I guess you'd be making noises too' David said, mischievously. Actually, the thought of having a huge member and bringing his lover and himself off with it was very appealing. He suddenly realized that even though he actually wasn't up to playing, his hand had found his cock and was slowly stroking the length of it.

'Oh, I'd love that… only this isn't Tom's voice, believe me, I know. You got to wonder what he's doing to that guy. Maybe the big ones do get more out of their tool' Theo said. David could see Theo was looking straight into him, even in the dark. Of course, this must be one fantasy that all men have, at one time or another, only the two of them have found a slightly different way to share it. David's hand found Theo's cock, fully engorged. A second later, Theo's hand replaced David's on David's cock.

'So if I had a 15” cock, what would you do with it?' Theo asked, mischievously. This was all just play, David felt Theo's hips already rock back and forth.

'Oh, I'd do this…' David said, squeezing Theo's cock and stroking it a bit faster. Theo moaned.

'Oooh… but anyway I don't think we could do much more than that with it. Maybe it'd be just too big to be practical'. David looked at Theo. He immediately thought of Mike and Jan and their ability to change, or morph as they called it. His imagination produced an immediate hot surge in his crotch.

'Oh, I'm sure we could figure out something…' David said, which made both of them chuckle. 'Maybe I'd tease you until it was really hard, just to see if it can get even bigger'

'Ohh…' Theo moaned again. David suddenly felt the urge to do something he never had before. He moved around on the mattress, never letting Theo's cock out of his hand. The sheet soon went off, and David was now lying so his face was inches from Theo's erection. Theo was far from being mule hung like he claimed Marc was, and of course, Jan and Mike were just in their own league. However, he had a big cock by normal standards. As a matter of fact, they had both measured each other as a part of a similar game they played with each other once, and David knew they were both in the big category, Theo was 8.5” long and David just a bit shorter, but thicker. Definitely more than enough to have all the fun with, but they have both wondered many times how it felt being really horse-hung. David knew if they ever got an option to try it, they both wood. Still right now, the most important thing about the cock in front of him was that it was Theo's. Slowly, hesitantly, he brought his mouth to the tip of Theo's cock, and licked it tentatively. Theo gasped in surprise, but said nothing. The taste was salty, somewhat like sweat, only there was a sweet tang to it too, from Theo's pre-cum. The only other cocks David had ever seen hard this close in real life except his own and Theo's were Mike's and Jan's. He wasn't an oozer himself, and would produce pre-cum only when extremely aroused, and Theo would make only a little of it. Mike produced a little all the time when he was completely hard, and before he saw Jan in a completely aroused state (which really gave new meaning to 'completely'), he thought oozers happened just in stories. He always wanted to taste it, and now he did.

Next, with sudden determination, he pushed the knob of Theo's cockhead into his mouth. Theo winced a bit as David's teeth touched the sensitive corona, but David realized the error of his way soon enough and started swirling his tongue around it. Theo started huffing and grunting in ecstasy, and then, with a sudden movement, David felt something moist and warm on his cock. He realized he was having his very first 69 and it was enough to bring him to the very edge. Theo had much more experience than David had, but David always wanted to go one on one with him and wouldn't let him do many of the things Theo wanted, until he could return the favor. Somehow, miraculously, he managed to keep himself from cumming. There was a game he wanted to play to the end. He eased off Theo's cock.

'Maybe…' he said, almost wincing, because Theo continued his ministrations, 'maybe I'd wait until you got really big, bigger than a horses dick' he said, and gave Theo's cock another wet lick, from the base, Theo's pubic hair rasping on his tongue, right up the tip.

'Maybe I'd lick it like this… until you grew huge, two feet long, or even two and a half' he said. Thinking of that happening made him even harder. He could feel his cock expanding further right there in Theo's mouth and it almost drove him crazy.

'Maybe then, I'd measure it with one of those…ooohh… yard sticks and then make you flex your muscles and flex your cock too, and demand it get even bigger than the yard stick, how would you like that?' he asked, feeling Theo's cock throb. He was precariously near himself. Well, you wanted a game, now you got one, David thought. Not that I'm not enjoying it myself, he added. Theo was sucking with the force of a vacuum cleaner, producing sob-like noises, going straight down to the base of David's cock in strange motion, almost like swirling and plunging at the same time. David knew full well this was going to be the best orgasm he ever had. He put his lips back on Theo's cock, determined to bring him off. He tried to go deeper this time, but almost gagged. He barely suppressed the urge to cough but his throat contracted producing a sensation like he was trying to swallow some silky smooth and huge sweet. He managed to dig himself out of his predicament, but the noises coming from Theo were bringing him off the rocker. He let go again of Theo's cock, and said, slowly: 'Maybe I'd want you to grow even bigger than Mike and Jan, longer than 5 feet'. For a few seconds there was no real reaction, only Theo suddenly stopped, and then continued with renewed vigor. David had plunged Theo's cock deep down his throat again, and felt it throb suddenly, and expand. He knew this little fantasy would bring him of, because Theo was, although he didn't really admit it, just as big a size queen as David was too. Even though it was only a fantasy, he imagined what they would do if they were as big as Mike and Jan, the second he first saw Mike and Jan—and he then realized why Jan and Mike went to the cabin to have some privacy. Suddenly, David felt Theo's cock spasm, and that was what brought him over the edge. David knew that when he had an orgasm, he didn't breathe at all, and that probably saved him, because he would have suffocated on Theo's cum. Theo was cumming like a rocket, the immense amount of it filled David's mouth, but he wasn't of this world any more, and it ended up dripping down Theo's cock. Somehow he became aware of another muffled cry coming from next door joining Theo's as Theo himself was rewarded with David's cum. The sensation was really so intense he later swore he saw fireworks. After an immeasurable time he became aware of the strange taste of Theo's cum—not unpleasant, just strange. He swallowed it, and contrary to what he always thought, that it would disgust him, it felt good. Maybe all the difference was that it was Theo's cum. Finally, when they had winded down some, David shifted back face to face with Theo. He whispered 'You know, actually, I wouldn't really care, as long as it was you'.

'Maybe that's the payback' Mike said.

'Oh, come on. You can't be serious.' Jan answered him. It was kind of strange being in a bed, or at least what was left of it. They had dismantled it and put the mattresses on the floor of Jan's bedroom. After all, at least the floor can't easily break under you, and you can't fall further than the floor either. They have already been talking for the better part of an hour.

'Oh, well, really, I just always dreamed of having day to day moral dilemmas of being able to morph people, and deciding weather it would be a good thing to do it to them or not… provided I could really control it at all, which I don't really know that I can.' Mike said.

Jan looked at him for a moment. 'Look, it seems to me that is a minuscule price to pay. Look at us! We've turned into our wildest fantasy, and we've both met the man of our lives… or at least I have.'

'Oh, don't you ever doubt that I have too' Mike said. For a moment he looked deep into Jan's eyes, and then he kissed him, and just held his hand on Jan's chest.

'Jan, what did we gut ourselves into, I wonder…' he sighed.

'Look at it this way—isn't it time to give, and not just to get, even if it's from thin air?' Jan said.

'Oh, we both know it's not from thin air, and that's only part of the problem.' Mike sighed again. Things have really become tangled up. 'You know, although it was an accident, at least we know what is happening to us, if not all the consequences'.

'Mike my love, so far I really love the consequences' Jan said, chuckling.

'Oh, yes. We are what, roughly a ton in matter debt each—imagine what it would do if it suddenly became energy just so it can get itself returned—I don't think the planet would survive. And now, we've put at least one more person into the picture, for sure, and possibly two more. And the worst thing is, they don't even know what's happening'.

'I know, I know. Don't you think it worries me too? For one thing, how do we tell them? If nothing else, it's only a matter of time before David tells someone what we are capable of and once he steps on a scale, or Theo gets a good look, the worms will be out of the can. He'll figure it out for sure, he's always been a clever boy'. Jan said. 'The next thing will be… who knows? You know that if he asks, I can't refuse, and I'm sure you wouldn't be able to, either. And then, who comes next? Theo, and how will that go without Tom? Who knows how we might already have changed Tom and that Marc guy too.'

'Yeah, that's the one I'm having the trouble with. I know I could certainly refuse him.' Mike said.

'I'm not so certain about him. There's something between him and Tom, I'm sure of that. I mean, look at the evidence. It was clear that Tom is a muscle queen par excellance, he got hooked onto the two of us the second we first walked into that gym. If nothing else, you saw what happened when he saw… well, the new and improved us' Jan said.

'Well, you're not that easy to resist, you know' Mike said, chuckling. He stroked Jan's giant pecs. At that moment Mike realized that he couldn't ever see the fascination of touching Jan lessen. They didn't have sex ever since that episode with David, which was surely some kind of a record. Mike had been feeling a stirring 'down there' for the better part of the evening, and only the fact that they were in company so far, and that they had some pretty complex issues at hand, kept him from making love with Jan.

'You take a good look in a mirror, provided you find one big enough' Jan answered. 'Look, but the point is, even with the two of us there, Tom would only allow Marc to fuck him' Jan said. Suddenly he felt Mike grab his cock.

'I should say that was only common sense, after all he would probably want to survive the experience, wouldn't he?' Mike said, darkly. 'You know, I sometimes think we've gone too far with this'.

'Aha. So why don't you go back to the way you were, then?' Jan asked. There was a pause.

'OK, OK. I don't want to, because… well, because it feels so damn good to be so big, to have gigantic muscles, and a cock that is so impossibly big. It feels incredibly good, and it's a hundred times better when you have someone even bigger to share it with, one who loves you, one who you love. More than all of this flesh, more than anything. It's so good because it's like living a dream, all dreams at once' Mike said. 'Point taken. But still…'

'Oh, no, no 'but still'. Remember, any one of us could have simply adapted or adapted Tom if he wanted to be fucked, to put it bluntly. It is quite possible we did that to Marc anyway. And, remember the way he behaved after? I don't think it stops at the physical.'

'You know, Jan, I've been wondering about how it really happens. It seems that it needs both of us to be there and all involved have to want it. Or, at least, what will happen will be something that agrees with everyone—so at least in that I don't think we could really do anything… that would be disliked, I guess.'

'Yes, I've been thinking about that too. In a way, what happened to David is proof—after all, you've been with him before, even for a short time, and nothing happened then' Jan said. He felt a little guilty about bringing that up again, but if they had truly gotten over it, then, he reasoned, there was no need to have any reservations about it anyway.

'And, Theo. The moment he saw us it was obvious he liked what he saw.' Mike said.

'Oh yeah!' Jan chuckled. His hand stroked down Mike's own incredible pecs, slowly swirling down his perfectly huge abs, until it went lower, stroking Mike's cock slowly and teasingly.

'I could just see him stop himself from asking 'how big is that thing' several times over… your pants do nothing to hide it.' Jan said. Mike's hand squeezed Jan's own manhood in defiance, a mockery of a pout on his face.

'He probably could manage to ask if his gaze wasn't locked on that balloon of flesh you call a biceps. Do you always sit on the floor with your hands behind your head?' Mike asked.

'Oh, and you really have to roll your pecs to get the kinks out of them every five minutes, huh?' Jan parried quickly.

'Touché…' Mike said. His hand was tracing the outline of Jan's pecs. It took some time because of the size of them. 'It's just that it's really a turn-on, when someone acknowledges you're the hottest thing around… or, at least the second hottest' he said.

'Not that the others involved are slouches either' Jan said. He sighed, enjoying Mike's ministrations, his other hand joining Mike's. It wasn't easy because of the size of them, their shoulders kept getting into each other's way. Jan thought that it was really funny but if they really wanted to reach all of each other then the only proper position was one being on top of the other. Or a 69, he reminded himself.

'I mean, look at Theo. He's just like Tom, buff and hard as nails but not very big at all, certainly small as other gym folk go, but we both know you don't get that way unless you've worked your butt off in a gym. He definitely wouldn't be doing that if he didn't want to get bigger. I could almost see him imagining what he'd look like if he could have the same 'accident' we had'. Mike said. 'Yet, as far as I can say, nothing happened, so either you weren't wishing or he wasn't, the later I find highly unlikely.'

'Well, I know I wasn't opposed to it' Jan said.

'Yes, but he only ever was in contact with you, so that could explain it. But then, how about Tom and Marc? They didn't look changed physically?' Mike explained.

'I wouldn't say that about their attitude, though. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of scared to draw conclusions on that.' Jan said. There was a pause where he enjoyed Mike's continuing touches.

'All of which doesn't really solve anything. We know we can do it and how it's done, and that they wanted it, whatever it is, but the question still remains, should we?' Jan concluded.

'One thing we should do is tell them. At least that. I'm not really certain about anything else.' Mike said.

'Oh? Look at it this way, if you were the way you were, and you met a… well, for all intents and purposes, someone who looked like a fantasy you, and he told you he could make you be that way too, by merely thinking it, but he wasn't sure he should, what would you do? I bet you'd bend over to make it happen! I mean, who are we to judge if what people want is good for them? Just put yourself into their shoes and you only get one possible answer.' Jan concluded.

'Yes, but where does it end? You know, friends of friends of friends… we do every male on the planet, or, for that matter, every person on the planet?'

'No. Mike, what happened is that we involved people by not being careful about what we can do. At least now we know what can happen, and isn't it only being fair to them that they at least know they are involved, and that we teach them the ins and outs?

Mike laughed out loud. 'Which 'in and out' are you referring to? I'm certain they know about at least one. I mean, imagine you do morph them into what they want, what do you think would happen first? They'd be at it like rabbits.'

'Which is exactly what's going to happen here very soon' Jan said. 'And, you'd be wrong—we'd all be at it like rabbits. Man, I'd really want to see what they'd turn into and I'm sure it's going to be fun' Jan said. Of course, there was something here left unsaid. Mike shifted to lay on his side and their eyes met.

'Jan, I've never been in a gang-bang before' Mike said. Jan knew what was worrying him.

'No? What do you call that little episode in the gym, or the one with David at the cabin, then?' Jan asked. Mike remained silent.

'Look, you know it's about giving and taking. We all enjoyed it, isn't that what it is all about? I don't see that any of us came out of it any worse, that _we_ came out any worse' Jan said.

For a moment Mike was silent. Then, he said: 'Yeah, the danger of hurting someone or getting a disease or something, notwithstanding'. Jan looked straight at Mike. With their new abilities, even pitch dark couldn't hide a worried face.

'I don't think that's actually a concern for us any more, I wouldn't be surprised if there was no real way we ever could get ill in any way any more. But you're avoiding the issue. And my answer is, I'll always love only you. No matter how we get to enjoy ourselves from time to time' Jan said.

Slowly, Mike's expression changed. In a quick burst of motion, Mike ended on top of Jan, and they embraced tightly. 'Did you think for a moment that now that I've found you, I'd go away'? Jan said, or rather sighed, almost sobbed. The tears welled in his eyes. They were very evident in Mike's eyes already. Jan couldn't help the picture of two teenage schoolgirls coming up in his head. He knew he was in love so much it was bordering on the pathetic.

'Did you… think that now that I found you I'd ever let you go?' Mike said in answer. His voice was strained.

'Mike… oh, Mike' Jan said. He kissed Mike, a long hot kiss. 'You're mine, I think you always were, and always will be' he said, and kissed Mike's welling tears away. 'Don't you know that I have given up on loving, on believing in love, and you have taught me what love is all over? I'll always love only you, no-one else, no matter what.' he whispered in Mike's ear, and kissed him again.

For a time, there was no sound form either of them, but the embrace, the warmth and power of it said all that needed to be said, that here were two men that could never be pulled apart again, not by any force in this universe.

'Mike, I believe that it is a wonderful gift to be able to share the joy of sex, with people you care for and know what sharing is about, and we are all willing. But life is so much more, and mine is now yours, because I love you, only you.'

'Jan… I love you…' Mike said, softly. For the next few minutes they only cuddled and kissed. 'Had you worried there for a minute, huh?' Jan said.

'You… big… muscle… heap, you…' Mike said, finally, mockingly putting a fist up Jan's chin. They both chuckled mid way before he even finished.

'There's a pot calling the kettle black! You be careful or I'll get you with my… poker' Jan said, barely suppressing a laugh.

'Promises, promises' Mike said, nibbling Jan's chin. Suddenly Jan tried to move, but Mike easily had him pinned down. Of course, only because Jan wanted it.

'O, no, no. First, you must solemnly swear to be the master of ceremonies tomorrow.' Mike said.

'Oh, really, and wh..' Jan started, but Mike silenced him with a kiss.

'That's what you get for giving loaded answers to loaded questions' Mike said. 'I'd really like to see you in a gym' he said, mimicking Theo's voice with astounding accuracy, 'So, how about tomorrow morning' he added, this time in a mockery of Jan's voice. 'But isn't it closed' again in Theo's voice. 'That's what I though too' in Jan's voice again, joined by Jan. They both laughed.

'You know, I should kick your butt for that' Mike said.

'Careful, I'm good with that poker, you know, although I think I would enjoy that…' Jan protested, mockingly. 'Besides, I just wanted to see what he'd say… I mean, with David telling him about last night and all. That was an interesting look they exchanged, wasn't it'. Jan said. Mike's ministrations were having an effect though. Mike's cock which was still flaccid, but which Jan could feel twitch, was trapped between them, and Jan's manhood was probably well over half hard, extending down towards his feet. 'Besides you were awfully suggestive with Tom back in the van…'

'Uh-umm' Mike intoned, stroking Jan's arms and shoulders, while giving him little nibbles wherever he could. He suddenly stopped.

'So, am I ever gonna see that poker, or are you only going to make empty threats?' he asked. Jan laughed, and attempted to look 'over' Mike, to where his cock had attained almost a full hardon and was overhanging the end of the mattress with it's enormous length. Of course, there was just no way he could ever look over Mike in this position, unless he had a neck of a giraffe, because Mike was for all his insisting on being smaller than Jan, so huge that the two of them one on top of the other spanned well over a yard in height, just lying there. Of course, the mattress was merely a token separating them from the floor, their combined weight compressing it wafer thin. Mike made an equal mockery of looking over his shoulder, Jan barely suppressing an outburst of laughter. If he started, he wasn't sure he could stop. About all that Mike could see was half of his boulder-sized shoulder, and the end of his right trapezius. Then, he rose up and looked towards Jan's feet. Jan's cock was almost at full mast, it rose up at a low angle, swaying slowly, twitching with Jan's heartbeat. Mike's was well on the way too, so he casually hung it over his thigh, where it continued expanding.

'Oh, you call that a poker?' Mike said, teasing the swaying tumescence the size of a flagpole. 'That's just a nice big lollipop' he said, finally.

'Oh yeah?' Mike said. He 'flexed' his cock, pumping a huge amount of blood into it, which brought it up like an enormous jack-knife. It smacked straight into Mike's shelf-like chest, bending slightly around it and barely missing Mike's forehead. It produced a meaty slap which also sent shivers down Jan's spine, and obviously surprised Mike. When he got over the sensation, Jan burst out laughing.

'Ha ha… You said before we needed to get our heads together but I don't think those were the ones you meant' Jan managed to say, before he had the engorged head of Mike's own gigantic fucktool lodged right between his own pecs.

'Watch it, you big lug or you're gonna get _my_ poker' Mike said, trying hard to sound intimidating. Of course, Mike had become really good at looking intimidating, but for Jan he could only look unbelievably sexy.

'Oh, no, you asked for it firs… ooohhh' Jan managed, as Mike started licking the engorged head of Jan's cock. Jan squirmed in delight.

'Told you. Just a big, sweet and suckable lolliaaahh!' he winced, Jan taking hold of Mike's cockhead, and stretching his lips as far as he could over it (which wasn't that far because it was so big), and plunging his hot tongue straight down the slit in it. Get a taste of your own medicine, went briefly through his head, before he realized it was a big question who was tasting whose medicine actually. Not that it mattered.

A few seconds later they had both 'adjusted' and Mike was now lying on Jan, face to face. Their cocks, extended up just below their faces, were pressed together between two sets of the largest pecs on the planet. The kisses flew wildly, and landed both on faces and cockheads, while both of them sent shivers and pangs of ecstasy up each other's spine with the smallest of movements. Mike thought he'd go wild every time Jan moved, because he flexed his pecs ever so slightly, the hair on them provided incredible stimulation to Mike's cock, as if all else wasn't enough. Jan on the other hand was nearing bliss, Mike's incredible muscle definition had him experience every ripped striation down the middle of Mike's torso with his cock. Hands were constantly in collision, trying to grope and stroke and just touch every reachable part of both bodies.

“Oh God, Mike… I'm not gonna last' Jan managed, between kisses, and licks. Mike didn't answer, only started rubbing himself into Jan the more, and kissed him again. Somehow their cocks have become tangled and Mike used that fact to his best advantage—a second later his tongue job on the diamond hard head of Jan's member was reciprocated by Jan on Mike's own lust engorged tool. They were both seconds from cumming, and Mike suddenly moved, separating their crotches enough to push his hands between them, his and Jan's chest the only supports he needed by virtue of their incredible size. The movement pinned their cocks between them producing ecstatic pressure. Jan gasped, and Mike knew there was no way back. He grabbed both their cocks, one in each hand, and squeezed, even as he felt his innards cramp with that pleasure-pain of orgasm. His hands were just big enough to grab ad hold enough of the steel hard cocks to keep the jizz in. For a second he thought his balls would explode, it was so intense, and Jan winced, and bucked up so that Mike was almost thrown off. The last thing he felt was both cocks throbbing as both Mike's and Jan's internal muscles tried to pump out their juices into a blocked passage. It felt so intense it burned, and Mike had no idea what had happened, he just knew he had to hold on.

Sometime later, he found himself still lodged on Jan, both of them looking at each other, their eyes locked, panting. Their mighty chests heaving, their faces constantly moved to and from each other. Mike was still holding both their cocks in a vise-like grip, which was becoming painful.

'Oh… my… God…' Jan panted, 'Where did…you learn…that?!'

'I have… no idea' Mike said.

A few seconds later, their lips were locked in a kiss, and Mike did the unwise, letting go. There was a flood of sperm, coating their faces and the top of their pecs, but fortunately, not as abundant as it could have been. They both chuckled but never broke the kiss.

'And now, I want you to really give me that poker of yours' Mike said. 'I want you to make it smaller, put it in me, and then, fuck me by making it grow in me'

Jan looked at him, his cock never went down completely but it was on the way to steel hard again, just thinking of what Mike said. 'Feeling adventurous?' He asked. Mike just nodded, and they separated, briefly. Mike lifted himself up from Jan, with a noise quite like unsticking a sticker, lifting himself up in something like a push-up, propping himself on Jan's lats.

'Jan, you're wider that the mattress!' Mike said, smiling.

'Yep, and it's a king size, too' Jan, said, chuckling. 'This better?' he asked. He spread his lats out willing them to expand as far as they could go, and they did. Mike gasped in amazement.

'Oh, fuck! Jan… I thought… this… oh my God!' Mike stroked Jan's spread lats, which were now overhanging the mattress by at least half a foot on each side. They were hard as stone and showed striation even from the front. Jan could see Mike's whole demeanor change, he was becoming hot with lust until he was actually hot to the touch. Jan's cock was hard as diamond now, and he had already made it smaller, and thinner, a mere foot and a half long—mere only by his and Mike's standard. He lifted Mike up by his hips, surprised how easy it was, while Mike still wouldn't let go of his lats, which writhed with exertion, flexing and relaxing. Jan 'flexed' his cock, which brought it standing up like it was welded to his crotch, it's head just touching Mike's ass, as he moved to squat on it, his hands finally of Jan, if only for a moment. Then, Mike adjusted Jan's manhood and let himself slowly down on it, the shaft lubed up from both their juices and the abundant pre-cum Jan produced, impaling himself all the way in one smooth and ecstatic motion. Mike's own cock was still at it's hardest, so hard it stuck straight up and lodged itself between Mike's pecs which were flexed in ecstasy of the moment, showing that rip-through-the-skin definition only he could show. With a satisfied chortling sound, Mike opened his eyes and looked down at Jan, resuming his stroking of Jan's lats.

'Come on, spread them for me' Mike said, and Jan did.

'Oh… you are so enormous, bigger than ever…' Mike whispered.

'If you go on I think you'll wear them out' Jan said, softly. He was enjoying himself, Mike was squeezing so hard that if it was anyone else but Jan, he'd probably crush them.

'I thought you grew as big as you could' Mike said.

'I don't know… I wanted it to have some proportion… maybe I could pump up some parts some more' Jan said.

Mike didn't answer, just rocked his hips. Jan groaned in delight, and Mike started rubbing the remains of their previous sex into Jan's chest, which already heaved with excitement.

'Grow that poker Jan…' Mike said, it was almost a whisper. 'Make love to me'. Jan wished… he didn't really know what. He wished what Mike wanted, he wished to pleasure him the best he could, as one would wish only for the one who you love more than anything in the world. He felt his manhood expand slowly, almost painfully slow. Mike groaned a muffled 'yes…', and kneaded Jan's muscles wherever he could reach. Every few seconds his hands would turn from enormous strength to incredible gentleness, as he touched and stroked Jan's face and hair. Jan found his own hands stroking Mike's long manhood, wandering off on the tangents of Mike's incredible body. The only thing he could think was, I love this man. Suddenly, a bit of mischief lurking in Jan, produced a change in Mike, Mike's cock bending over his bulging chest and reaching right to Mike's lips. In an almost telepathic moment, Mike started sucking on his own cock, and the sight of it was so erotic Jan barely suppressed an urge to cum immediately.

'Uhmmm…. grow it Jan… give it to me' Mike mumbled, and Jan felt his cock expand further.

'Yes… fill me up…' Mike moaned, and sucked again on his own cockhead. Jan felt his cock expand even further, in small jumps, as Mike moaned rhythmically in time with them, and moved ever so slightly, slowly bringing Jan to his peak. He couldn't see over his chest, but his crotch felt like it had grown a tree stump instead of a cock, and he had to wonder where Mike was putting it all, until he noticed Mike's abs bulge out slightly. Mike felt incredibly velvety tight inside, hot as a stove. Just looking at Mike, lost in the sensations would be enough, if he himself wasn't causing even more of them, his innards pulsing in time with is movements. What a strange sensation, Jan felt lust and pride that he was satisfying his lover. Mike started moaning louder, almost gasping, his innards producing tremors almost caressing Jan's cock, while Mike's hands swirled all over Jan's body madly. Suddenly, Mike pushed his own cock, long to shame a horse, diamond hard, hot and beautiful, straight down, and Jan suddenly found his mouth stuffed with hot cockmeat.

'Take me… take me' Mike winced. Jan stuck his tongue into the huge piss-slit, and Mike roared in ecstasy. Jan felt his own cock produce another spasm of growth before the roar took him over too.

Several incredible eons later, or at least that's how it seemed, Jan came to, his mind still overcome by a strange vertigo feeling, his arms crushing Mike into his chest, with a feeling of being completely full. A trickle of Mike's cum made itself felt as it oozed down his chin and neck, the taste of it amazingly sweet and bitter at the same time, remaining in his mouth. Mike panted, satisfied, and Jan realized he was too. The neighbors surely knew of how good it was too—if not by the sounds of it, by the tremors in the walls and floors of the building, caused by the strangest and most intense fuck he ever had. Mike almost hummed in satisfaction, smiling. He would have been curled up if Jan's cock still wasn't lodged up his ass. His cock was deflating slowly, and both were enjoying the incredible afterglow, only Jan felt his member as engorged as it could be. Mike kissed him softly, and licked a drop of his own cum from Jan's nose, smiling. 'What?' Jan whispered.

'Oh, nothing… only… I love you…' Mike said. 'I was just thinking if we could stay like this forever' he added after a moment.

Jan chuckled. 'Not a good idea, my cock is killing me, you wore me out'

'Not a chance, you are un-wear-outable' Mike said. He lifted himself up slowly, and even more slowly, started pulling off of Jan's cock. It slowly went out with Mike producing a long sigh. Suddenly, the head went out with a lout pop and Jan felt a flood of his cum splash out.

'There go the bedsheets' Mike said. 'But it would have been a bit… difficult to move coupled… with that in me' he added. Jan propped himself up, although it wasn't really necessary. His cock was almost as long as before, probably 4 and a half feet. God knows where Mike had put it all, but it was almost wedge shaped, a big bulbous mushroom head at the end, and the shaft starting slender—or at least slender considering what it was capable of, but thickening until the base must have been at least 8 inches across. Jan squirmed thinking of the size Mike's asshole must have stretched to.

Mike stood up, and stretched, and then bent over—exposing again his comparatively tiny ass, striated and muscular as if made out of cables. It was as tight as ever.

'Jeez, I thought you could fit a bowling ball in there…' Jan said, his cock finally going limp, and at the same time morphing back to it's 'normal' abnormally huge dimensions. Mike crouched down, and stroked it.

'Glad to see it's back to the beauty you chose it to be' Mike said.

'Sorry, but what you made it be didn't look… very nice' Jan said.

'Oh, but what a job it did…' he said, and bent down and gave Jan a peck on his left pec, and then stroked it a little. 'Darling, you were perfect…' he said in a slightly mocking voice, and they both laughed.

'I would never want to hurt you… especially not this way' Jan said.

'I know, my love… But you can't… that's he beauty of it' Mike said. He stood up, and busied himself finding a new bedsheet. Jan got off the bed only a couple of seconds later, hesitant to put a stop to his enjoyment of Mike's beautiful form in movement. But then, he realized, he always enjoyed that, before all this happened. Wasn't that what this was all about? He thought of tomorrow for a while, helping Mike with the bed.

'No shower tonight, we don't fit it any more' Mike said, wiping off some of the results of their lovemaking from both of them with the still usable end of one soiled sheet.

'Oh, I think most of what we… let go, will be reclaimed anyway, we'll handle the rest in the morning' Jan said. 'Right now, I want to…' he hugged Mike '…sleep with my love.'

A few minutes later, they were back in bed, Jan hugging Mike's curled form from behind.

'Jan…' Mike whispered.


'I… don't ever want to be a second of time when I'm not near enough to touch you… no matter what happens to us'

Jan sighed, and planted a small kiss right to the base of Mike's neck. He stroked Mike's chest, and whispered into his ear.

'I love you… I don't think I can ever say that too many times.' For a few moments, before they both drifted to sleep, he thought of tomorrow, strange unfinished thoughts and doubts, and even a bit of lust. But, in the end, tomorrow could only be dealt with tomorrow.

David woke up from a most wonderful dream only to find out it wasn't entirely a dream. He dreamt that Theo and he were lying naked in the sun, and that Theo was giving him a blow-job, which felt wonderful.

Only, in that dream, they somehow both looked much bigger, more muscular than they were, and maybe even more hung, but it was all somehow right. He woke up just as he was about to cum, like he would in almost every sexual dream he ever had, only this time, reality actually continued the dream, and in a few seconds, once he got his bearings, he unloaded with a shout, it felt so good. Theo followed only seconds later, jacking himself off, his lips still on David's engorged cock, not wasting a single drop of cum. Unfortunately, David was too slow to save most of Theo's essence from going to waste, but he made up for it by licking it off Theo's hot body.

Enjoying that special moment after good sex, they hugged each other and just relaxed.

There was a muffled moan, followed by a couple more muffled moans, and then another which could not be called muffled any more.

'Well, seems that the neighbors are up' David said.

'That was Tom all right… But then, you were 'up' early too—I just couldn't let that big beauty you got there go to waste' Theo said, while they showered together. David lathered Theo up and down, tracing the graceful lines of his body. It was a beautiful body, not huge by any standards, but David thought that in it's definition it could even rival Mike, who gave new meaning to that word. Theo was so beautiful. 'David… you are just perfect' Theo said. David almost glowed in the light of the morning that shyly managed to get to the bathroom through the dividing wall of glassy bricks. They stroked each other, lovingly, rinsing. Still, Theo couldn't dismiss the fact that David looked really buffed up. The water made his skin shine and it accentuated his pecs, shoulders and arms. When he moved, his abs would become very visible, and even striations would appear in his pecs. The hot water did nothing to stop Theo from becoming hard again, and the effect was obvious on David too. They kissed, embracing tentatively. They had never done anything like this and it was a game of small moves. Still, just a short time later, their cocks were together, Theo stroked both of them, while David's arms roamed all over Theo's body. Theo looked down, and suddenly realized that David was indeed bigger in the cock department. Once they had compared, and they were practically the same, only now, cock to cock, David was longer by at least an inch, and he actually used to be a fraction smaller, and he was always thicker than Theo but now he was a lot thicker. However, before Theo could say anything about it, David was on his knees and Theo's cock disappeared down David's throat. 'Quick learner' went through Theo's head, before he stopped thinking and the electricity that David's tongue made, completely swamped out rational thought. Looking at David, feeling his shoulders and back, was all too much for Theo, and he was over the top quickly.

However, David suddenly let go, and started jacking Theo off. 'I want to see you cum' he said, softly, and then, started stroking Theo's cock faster and faster. Theo thought his legs would give out, and felt David's extended tongue just barely brush off the tip of his cock with his every quickening stroke, and then, he let go. When he came to, David's face was literally covered with his cum, and he squirmed because some of it ended in his eyes. Theo quickly helped him out as best he could, rinsing him with warm water, lifting him again into a standing position, nearer to the showerhead. David's cock poked him straight into his thigh and as soon as he saw David was OK, Theo kneeled, and took it into his mouth, deep-throating him, taking it as deep as it would go. The second David's pubes touched his lips, Theo heard David wince, and felt his cock throb, filling him up with a huge hot load of cum. David was always abundant, but even so, this was amazing considering he had cum minutes ago. Theo let go, David's cock plopping out of his mouth. It was in that just cummed state, beautifully big and swollen, but not stone hard any more, glistening with cum and the flowing water. David winced as the droplets played on his sensitive organ, briefly producing a throb in it.

'God, it's so beautiful, and… I swear, you are bigger than you used to be' Theo said. For a few seconds David didn't say a thing, still immersed in the postorgasmic feeling.

They exchanged a few words more during another lather and rinse to clean themselves off again. Finally, Theo decided he wanted the matter cleared. The more he looked at David, the more the differences became obvious. David never before had his shoulders show clear definition, and when he moved, his thighs showed cords of muscle moving beneath his skin. His pecs definitely looked bigger, and so did his arms, and for that matter, his back tapered… not so much wider, but somehow… just more sexy. And his cock was bigger for sure, no matter that David thought that was funny. Somehow, even his face was… more David than ever. Theo suddenly noticed a bathroom scale, in the corner, and decided to solve the dilemma. Something was strange here, but it's not that Theo would ever complain. David always wanted to look more muscular, and he had almost perfect genetics for it, but the fact was, he always compared himself to the wrong people—most of which had at least five more years of going to the gym under their belts. No matter how many times Theo said it, David was always skeptical, but for the amount of time he was at it consistently (which wasn't easy considering the family problems he had endured) David was almost amazing. Now he was much more amazing—not so much that he was bigger, but there was definitely more muscle in him.

'David, do me a favor… see that scale over there, just don't ask me anything, but step on it'.

David looked at Theo, nodding his head in disbelief. 'Come on, you know that what you are saying doesn't happen'.

'David, just please step onto that scale'.

'Oh, OK… at least that will be the end of it' David said, and did as he was told. There was a silence as the dial steadied itself.

Then, David looked at Theo, with a look of utter surprise. '…or maybe it won't' he finally managed to utter. 'No, the scale must be wrong'

'Here, let me…' Theo said, and stepped on it himself. They both looked at what it said, and sure enough, it was just what Theo had weighed, actually, even less since he lost some weight. 'That figures—Tom would never use a bad scale'.

David looked at Theo, then at the scale, then back at Theo. 'But that doesn't happen! You can't gain 10# by doing nothing!' he said. 'Oh yes you can. I know at least two people who can do it.'

'Oh my… you mean, Jan and Mike!'

'Looks to me you could be the third.' Theo said.

Marc wondered how he never saw it all before. It was amazing to be so blind with 20-20 vision, but that's exactly what he had been. Even now, Tommy's head was on Marc's chest, using it as a pillow, and it was as if it had always belonged there. Tommy had dozed off again, just after Marc had woken him up… by sucking someone else off for the very first time ever. He had woken up hours ago, and thought of his past, the present, and a future with Tommy in it, when he had first seen Tommy as he really was—beautiful. Somehow, he just…

knew what he had to do, and even now the taste of Tommy's cum lingered in his mouth. It was so different than his own, and just…

amazing. Marc laughed inwardly as he remembered Tommy's surprised face. He told him he never had such a good blow job, and Marc admitted that he never thought it would actually feel so good to do it to someone else. But the fact was, he had ample experience, he did it to himself thousands of times, so he liked to think he knew how to pleasure a man. Funny how the fact that he did that to Tommy, filled him with a feeling of pride. There was so much he had been missing all these years. But he was not going to miss out any more. He never believed in love, and now, for the first time in his life, he could actually feel it. Tommy stirred in his sleep, and Marc hugged him.

Tom was not small, and neither was he a boy, but right then, in Marc's arms, cuddled into his huge body, he looked more than ever like he needed protection, and Marc found himself thinking that he would rather die than let anything happen to the only person that he loved in this world. Yes, he thought, that's what it is. He started remembering his past, thinking of the times he was with Tommy, and it almost made him cry when he remembered the times he had hurt him.

Marc had a very good memory, and each vivid detail he recalled showed him how wrong he was, how foolish, how arrogant, abusive, selfish, downright mean and unfair he was and how Tommy endured that, because he loved him, Marc. It was a one-sided crush, that's what he thought, and now, he realized he was afraid to admit it had long ago turned into love. Tommy stirred again, and opened his eyes. He got his bearings, and looked up at Marc. He smiled, and it was like the sun had dawned once again. What a fool I've been, Marc couldn't help but think again, not to have seen this, not to have returned it before.

He sighed.

'What is it?' Tom asked.

'Oh… I was just remembering the day when I fell in love with you'

Marc said. Tom looked at him with genuine puzzlement.

'You know, when you first… after we first… well, you remember what you said to me after that? You said: you have such beautiful eyes' He looked straight into Tom's eyes.

'And I'm sure you remember what I said…' Marc continued.

Tom just said a silent 'Yes'. That was when the 'sissy stuff' was first mentioned. It was as derogatory as it could get, and there were far worse things said that day too.

'Well, I was an idiot.' Marc said, matter-of-factly. Tom wiggled around, and just kissed Marc's big pec—that was the closest to his face he could reach in this state. They were still on the floor in front of the fireplace, only one bedsheet had miraculously found it's way from beneath them to on top of them. Marc let his head fall back onto the floor, and Tom felt a deep, shuddering sigh go through Marc.

'Tommy… I'm so undeserving of that' Marc managed to say, and then, he started sobbing. When he finally let go, he was crying unstoppably. Tom had been shocked when he saw tears the previous evening, but this was almost a torrent of grief. He had never in his life expected to see Marc show any kind of genuine emotion, especially anything like compassion, or remorse, or love, and here he was, crying his heart out. Tom didn't really know what to do, and he only hugged Marc as he best could. In all his size and power, suddenly Marc seemed small and powerless. He was mumbling something in a foreign language, and finally, after repeating it several times, Tom recognised a question put between sobs if he could ever forgive him. He found himself kissing Marc and stroking him, like an injured child. His mother used to say that all the wrong he would ever cause would come back at him, and Marc's wrongs were back with a vengeance.

Marc went on half intelligibly how he was fit to grovel in front of him, and if he kicked him in the face he would amply deserve it, and went on and on asking if Tom could ever love him.

'Oh God, Marc… don't you know I have forgiven you everything even back then?' Tom managed to say. It was a highly emotional moment, and he was on the edge of tears himself. They remained thus, in a hug, for what felt like hours, until their tears became tears of joy, that they had finally made a proper start. When they have both managed to calm down some, they enjoyed the moment, like one enjoys the moments just after a storm. In this case, the clean air was replaced by a clean slate to start things over again, and follow them through as they were supposed to be followed.

'I love you, Tommy.' Marc said. Tom had never heard anything more wonderful.

'I love you, Marc' he said. Marc smiled. For the very first time, Marc's smile didn't look like something overconfident, or arrogant, it just looked happy.

'From now on, I won't ever look back again, and I will work my butt off to make every day I have with you count. Will you let me do that?' Marc asked. Tom hugged Marc as best he could, and kissed him deep, hard and long, confident that finally, finally one of those 'accidents' that we'd all want, has happened to him.

'I hope that answers your question' he said, once he managed to force himself to break that kiss. Marc smiled, no, he positively beamed.

And Tom finally felt that everything was right in his life. His only true wish had been granted. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

The door opened, and in it stood Tom, naked, with a towel around his waist. 'I guessed it would be you' he said.

'Well, we could hear you were awake and it wasn't difficult to figure out where you ended up' Theo said. David just said 'Good morning' The similarity between Tom and Theo was amazing, just like with most identical twins. Theo had his favorite T-shirt on, which hid nothing much, and tight jeans, both were a present from David. If it were not for that fact, the twins would have been very difficult to tell apart.

'Come in' Tom said. They got into Marc's apartment, just as Marc nonchalantly strode out of his bedroom, buck naked. He was a sight to behold. David had never seen a man so perfect in his life. He was enormous, painfully well balanced and symetrical, and drop dead gorgeous, his skin was perfect, both texture and color. David had to admit that Jan was always number one on his list, though looking at present company, Tom, Theo and Mike could easily be models, but Marc was a serious contender for place number one. Of course, the fact that he also sported a horse cock which hung there, half way to his knee, totally soft, without any trace of modesty (as if there was a need for that) helped Marc's placing on that imaginary list immensely. If nothing else, his size (and in all departments), without the good looks would have placed him at place three—there were only two men David knew were bigger or better hung, but those were in a special league.

'Hi Theo… and, David, is it?' Marc said, a towel draped nonchalantly over his shoulders. He stepped right behind Tom, and hugged him passionately and kissed him. 'I'm off to the shower… you join me?' he said. David noticed that Marc was actually a tiny bit shorter than Tom, but his size produced an illusion… well, it wasn't really an illusion—Marc was a giant, no doubt about that.

There are very few people who can be giants and be less than 6' tall.

'I'll be there in a minute…' Tom said, his voice holding an obvious hint in it.

'OK, babe' Marc said, turned and strode off to the bathroom, with a gait that clearly said 'carried on the wings of love'. Three pairs of eyes followed him, and not only because his perfect butt wiggled in a most sexy manner.

Theo spoke first.

'What happened to him—he looks human!' he said. David didn't know what he meant but Tom clearly did. Of course, David didn't have the chance to get to know Marc before the amazing recent change, Theo did.

'Later, if you don't mind…' Tom started. A second later they heard the water and humming. That was too surprising even for Tom. Theo looked at him in amazement, and said: 'How can one change so much…'

in the middle of the sentence he realized… he turned to David.

'Oh my God. David, do you think Jan and Mike… Tom, you told me you all had a… Ohmygod.' David and Theo looked at each other so pointedly, they could have posed for the definition of this classical gesture for an illustrated dictionary of stereotypes.

'Tom, David and I have found out something, and right now, there is even more reason for you to know about it. Tom, we need to talk, and Marc must hear it too!' Theo said.

'I don't know weather I should be worried more or worried less' Jan said.

'I know what you mean' Mike said. It was kind of strange talking to a much smaller version of Jan, behind the wheel of the van. Still, much smaller meant about 7' and well over 500# of beef—Jan had literally made himself smaller, but proportionally in all dimensions. The van wasn't leaning over to his side only because Mike was leaning to the other side, crammed in the back, still at full size. It was Jan's turn to shrink in order to be able to get behind the wheel—an agreement they had come to earlier.

'I suppose David and Theo are OK' Jan said. 'After all, David sounded fine on the phone, in fact… somehow… enthusiastic?'

'What I find strange is that, get this, Tom and Marc, are there. Did he really say that, Tom _and_ Marc?' Mike asked.

'He did all right. His tone made it abundantly clear those two were considered a pair' Jan answered.

'You know, now that he said it, maybe you are right. Maybe there was something there when we… you know…' Mike said. His words trailed off into silence. Jan decided some things don't change as fast as others—Mike still had a problem integrating into the stud image.

Not to mention a problem with recreational sex, if it could be called that. Jan didn't really mind but he thought his own view of things was a bit more realistic.

'God, why don't they make these things any bigger?' he said, in frustration, instead of a proper comment. He was of course referring to the fact that his shoulder was crunched into the window, but Mike knew it was the frustration of the situation in general. When David called, he invited them both to a 'reunion', that's how he put it, in the gym. It was supposed to be closed till late afternoon. Somehow, his tone, at least Jan said so, made it known that he cat was out of the bag concerning the side effects of being in contact with both Jan and Mike. Neither Jan nor Mike talked about it. Well, not then. But it appeared it was time to do some reckoning. In a way, Mike felt relief now that he could stop being mysterious about what happened to him and Jan.

'Thank God the gym's got high ceilings. I can't stand being cramped like this.' Jan's words came to Mike through the noise of worrisome thoughts.

It was really fortunate that it was a Sunday, so the street was deserted. Of course, the fact that Marc's gym wasn't really in a very popular part of town helped. Mike almost oozed out of the van barely managing to get through the door without damaging it, and Jan stepped out, needing only seconds to grow back to his usual glory. To say either of them was dressed conservatively would have been a very funny notion. Jan carried his gym bag with spare clothes. Mike of course took every opportunity to notice how Jan's biceps bounded into two clearly outlined elongated bulges whenever he'd swing the bag around although it was for him an insignificant weight—still, some habits are hard to break. Mike used to do that when they were both MUCH smaller, which felt like it was ages ago.

It went without saying that there was probably going to be some play involved, and clothes were the suspected casualties. It was almost strange because the clothes were Mike's idea. But if the truth was now known, it was certain there would be some incredible transformations today, and neither Jan nor Mike attempted to deny the excitement that meant. Watching Jan's clothes go from baggy (which was really special considering how big even this small version was!) to painted-on as he grew, was a major turn-on for Mike. Jan stopped just short of ripping his cut-offs apart with the size of his basket and the muscle- shirt he wore, which he got as a joke item, saying 'XXXXXL' on it's back, was stretched so tight there was no doubt it was at least another two Xs too small. To add to that, the bottom ridge of Jan's impossible abs was showing, because the shirt was so stretched width-wise it actually shortened as a result. Needless to say, Mike wasn't lagging in any respect. He had tights which he shortened by ripping off half of the legs. The remaining half had crawled up his enormous thighs and was obviously bothering him because he kept pulling down at them. He had on the remains of Jan's plaid shirt, which he managed to rip further just after they left Theo's apartment the previous evening, getting into the van. The shirt had no sleeves and half of the shoulder area was missing too.

It could be loosely described as the front and back of a shirt, barely held together by the collar and the remains of the stitching around Mike's waist. There was no question of buttoning up anything but the two lowest buttons. Besides, it was so stretched in the shoulder area that Mike's pecs were almost completely exposed. Jan wore the biggest sneakers they could find, but had to take them off before growing back again, because they would be too small. In fact, they kept handing those over to the one who did the driving because both were uncomfortable driving barefoot, and they only managed to get one pair. As a consequence Mike came barefoot, and loved every minute of it. The ground trembled as they bounded towards the gym entrance.

Jan first thought it was nice of someone to have had the forethought of unbolting both wings of the entrance door because it sure made entering much easier. Until he saw the quickly sketched sign 'Closed for the day because of family emergency'. There was a curious ring to it, and it was also almost proof positive that the secret was out.

Mike had already gone in, only to find the gym itself deserted, but there were voices coming from the posing room, so there was no need to guess where the rest of the crowd was. The fact that they were there seemed very suggestive to Jan, and Mike communicated the same thing with one look in Jan's direction. After all, that was practically the only part of the gym that had no windows, so anyone outside would not be able to see what was going on inside. True, there was the disfunctional sauna, but that was far too small for six people… of unknown size, Jan reminded himself. Who knows what this day will bring in that department.

The unintelligible conversation ceased before they could get close enough to the door. After all, it's hard to make a stealthy approach when you are almost a ton of muscle—every movement is felt in the floors. Besides, they weren't trying to be stealthy in the first place. Mike entered first, followed by Jan, both performing the contortions that have come to be the normal way of entering premises.

The long bench-like protrusion opposite of the mirror wall was occupied by Marc sitting in all his glory, clad only in very tight shorts, arm in arm with Tom. Even with all eyes turned to Jan and Mike, their hands were held together. The scene looked almost unreal compared to the last time Jan and Mike saw those two together, and they couldn't help but lock eyes for a second, a little conversation going on untold. Theo sat over the old bench, hunched on his elbows, and David was hunched over him, his head on Theo's shoulder.

'Oh, hi… we were hoping you'd be early' David said.

'Excuse me, I'm just going to insure no-one disturbs us' Theo said, and David moving off to allow him to get up, quickly went out of the room. Tom just said hi, and Marc stared, his eyes wide open in disbelief. Jan was just grateful Marc was sitting down, he still had to display a reaction to Jan's and Mike's appearance, but Jan didn't really expect anything spectacular—he was sure the rest of the crew brought him up to speed by now. Still, just then, Tom turned to a very unresponsive Marc and whispered 'I told you'.

'I hope you don't mind if I sit down, the ceiling is bothering me'

Mike said. Tom just nodded, David said 'Not at all' and smiled, and Marc continued staring. Jan joined Mike on the floor, carefully sitting cross-legged afraid his cut-offs won't hold together, but miraculously they did. It was quite obvious the rest of them also got the idea about the shorts because when he lifted his gaze, four pairs of eyes suddenly stopped looking in the direction of his crotch. He only gave a quick glare to Mike who grinned mischievously. It went without saying that the contents of all shorts would get to be revealed today, but Jan didn't really like the idea of an early and still inappropriate start. Be that as it may, both his and Mike's attire was all but hiding their equipment. Theo had returned in the meantime and said nothing. The suspense was hanging in the air as stubbornly as the sun over a desert.

'OK, now I think you already guessed why we are all here' David started. he looked at Mike and then at Jan. Jan suddenly remembered that look from David's younger days, the 'I know something you don't and I'm gonna use it to screw you up good' look. He was just about to start saying something to get the ball back in David's court, when Mike cut in.

'Yes, Tom and Marc here can see an incredible change in us compared to what we looked like before, and David probably told you that we can control that at will—and finally, you have all changed in subtle ways too, except Theo. So, now you want to know what the hell is going on.' Mike said., in a very business-like voice. One which Jan had learned to associate with Mike trying to explain something to their administrator back at the institute. He had talked to Mike before they left the apartment and they had agreed not to keep anything secret, but Mike definitely started off much earlier than Jan had expected. It definitely turned the advantage of surprise in Mike's favor, because David and Theo looked at each other for a second, then Theo looked at Tom, and Tom looked at Marc who never stopped looking at either Jan or Mike or both. Jan could swear Marc's eyes were trying to adjust so to keep both under a stare.

'Well, yes…' David spoke first. That look was gone, to be replaced by a look of slight puzzlement.

'Yeah, 'change', now they'll have to find another word for understatement! Look at you?! No human, if you can still be called human, can ever change this much, let alone in days! I mean the last time I saw either of you, you were bigger than anything on this planet but still barely possible, and now you look like… well, three times bigger! And it all happened in a couple dozen hours?!'

Tom almost shouted.

'For the record, when I last saw Jan he was pretty big, I'd have said 240-ish' David added, 'Scuse me, but we all know what we like and sorry guys but when I look at them I can barely keep myself from cumming' he added, mischievously, but Mike noticed there was a careful glance at Theo. 'And I've seen both Jan and Mike change size at will literally in seconds'.

There was a short pause which was broken by Theo speaking up before it started verging on the uncomfortable. 'And then there's this business with us being changed. David's never looked this good in his life…' Theo said, turned to David and continued 'Well, sorry but that's the truth, not that I'd ever complain'. David nodded.

“I won't even start on what happened here' Tom said, looking at Marc, and positively beaming. Marc turned to him and smiled, and then turned back to regarding Mike and Jan.

'Well, it's nothing dangerous, and we have learned how to control it.

It's an easy matter to turn you back the way you were' Mike said. The second he did he realized the implicit error in his words—neither of them would have changed the way they did if they didn't want it in the first place. Mike and Jan just provided the means. It was obvious everyone loved what had happened and that meant there was no way they would suddenly want it back the way it was—which was required for it to happen. Of course, Mike could scarcely finish the thought.

'Back the way we were??!!' they all said unanimously, even Marc. In fact there was an echo-like quality to Theo's voice which Jan realized was Tom. It was amazing how similar the twin's voices were.

In fact, it was amazing how similar they were now that Jan got to see both at the same time, but also, seeing them side by side, he could notice the subtle differences. What happened next was a veritable cacophony of three voices. David was asking them to explain how it worked, Theo said in disbelief that he can't believe that they think only they would like to look like that, with the emphasis on 'that', Tom said it gave him what he always wanted and he would never go back.

'OK, OK, I'll explain as best I can, Jan will fill in the details'

Mike said, and recounted the chronology from the accident to meeting Tom and Marc, and then David.

'What we didn't know then is that we can change not only each other because we seem to share the morphing field, but anyone we touch. We are not yet sure but it seems that it's enough for one of us to touch but the changes will be very slight. On the other hand, when we both do, they can be pretty substantial' Mike said.

Without taking his eyes off Jan (that was only because he was the most recent target of his stare) Marc said, 'Yes and it's not only physical either'. For a second all eyes were turned to him. 'Not that I'd mind…' he said, grinning. Mike suddenly had a thought along the lines 'well, so he's human after all' but he immediately felt he was being too hard on Marc. After all, he knew almost nothing about Marc as a person. The only 'knowledge' he had were assumptions.

Marc continued, 'But just let me tell you, I wouldn't change a single second. In a couple of hours I've learned how much I've been missing out of life and how much more I would have missed if this never happened' Marc said 'I… I owe you, a lot…' he said, and his arm went around Tom.

'You have to know that there is no way we can ever do something you don't want. All involved have to at least agree if not want the change actively for it to happen'.

For a second there was silence.

'Do you mean to say you can change us?' Theo said.

'We know you can, do you mean you will, I mean, do you want to?'

David asked.

Uh-oh, here it comes. Jan looked at Mike and found a 'yes' in his eyes, looking back at him. He nodded. For a second there was a pause, and then some gasps.

'That's, of course, only if you want it' Jan said, just to say something. After all, he and Mike were changed as modeled by their own fantasies, and denying they had to do with pure sex would have been completely stupid. After all, all men must have them, only they really never come true. Or very very rarely, Jan corrected himself.

Still, even though so much was really obvious from the stares, and in fact, from the bulge growing down Marc's pants and from a wet patch on David's, although everyone knew what this was all about it was difficult to actually talk openly about the subject. The stares he and Mike were subjected to actually made him feel good, real good.

Good enough to show off, maybe it was vain, but all the acknowledgment felt almost intoxicating, even if nothing was ever said. He could see even Mike had the same feeling in all his still lingering modesty, he must have touched his arms and pecs and flexed his thighs dozens of times, unconsciously. Or at least he was doing a good job of making it look unconscious. Oh, well, hey, everyone likes to be appreciated.

In fact, while Mike continued explaining the ins and outs amongst the chatter of the rest of the 'crew' Jan noticed the looks the guys were giving both of them, and each other, and the subtle touches of each other and themselves, and frequent re-arranging of crotches. And, was that bulge in Marc's shorts growing bigger? Imaginations were sure working well right now! In fact, Jan found himself imagining how the guys would turn up and had to stop the tingle in his crotch from becoming something bigger. Much bigger.

'Jan, we got to figure out how we are going to go about this' Jan was woken from his reverie by Mike's words.

'Yes, I'm kind of wondering what you wished for, to get the way you are' Tom said, chuckling. 'In fact, I think that right now I'd really like to see what that really is, too' he concluded. There was a 'hear, hear' from Theo, and David said 'You know those clothes aren't really fooling anyone. Besides, Tom here has a tape measure and I for one would really like to use it on either of you… or both.'

'You have just redefined what male means, look…' Tom said, pointing at his crotch and the slight damp patch that could be seen there together with a respectable bulge '…what you are doing to us!'

'No, I mean, the best way would be if we could…hold on, maybe we could…' Mike started, only to be suddenly prompted by five 'What?!'

shouts. Of course, being the fifth, Jan was promptly given an 'Et tu, Brutus' look from Mike.

'Excuse us for a sec, guys' Jan said, and shuffled on the floor to speak into Mike's ear. There was a mumbled disapproval from David, but no real complaints.

'Mike, can't you feel the sex in the air? Look at them, they are all past the selfish bit, just their imagination of what they could become is getting them hot for each other, get it, each other! We have all given our hearts to our respective others, would you want something like this, a chance to be each other's and your own fantasy, pass you by? Look at them!' Jan whispered.

'I _know_, hell I feel it myself. It's like… it's like knowing we will always be together makes this… sex game just a game, a good way to get off. But what do you expect, me strutting for them or something?' Mike whispered back. They both looked at the foursome, and found them all staring back. The faces were almost giddy, and Tom was actually openly stroking Marc's now _very_ prominent cock and whispering something in his ear.

'Yes I do, as a matter of fact…' Jan started and Mike already started a 'WH…' but Jan stopped him.

'Look, they will want a show, eventually, and I think it's best to give thwm one, and enjoy it. There is so much sex in the air it's a wonder it's not raining cum in this room, and remember what happened when we did it? Maybe if we give them and ourselves a release, it will be easier later when they start growing. You think you'll be able to resist the urges, when David gets to be super-David, or Marc?

God knows what he'll turn into and I'm barely keeping myself from busting my pants over it. I know what your problem is, you are afraid showing that turn on will somehow diminish what we've got. Now let me tell you once and for all, it won't, because my love, even when I get that tingle down there, it's about you' Jan said. Their eyes met for a second. There was a distinct murmur in the background indicating that the public was at the end of it's patience.

'OK… Jan… when this is over, just promise me two things, that we won't regret this, and that we'll go somewhere to be alone for a while, OK?' Mike said. There was an edge to his voice.

'OK, now I've got an idea. The problem is, who goes first, and sorry, I'm not prepared to decide. Besides, we'd have to do them one by one and I don't think they could keep themselves from changing longer than a few seconds, and we both know there's going to be a reaction.

I know it's gonna turn into an orgy anyway but I want to get this over while we are still rational. And, we can't afford the time to have them come back over and over for more experimenting, because I think we'll have a competition. But Jan, what if we actually wish them to have the _ability_ to change like we do, not the changes themselves, think that would work?' Mike said.

'Mike, you are a genius! It's so simple it just has to work. Well…

I hope it will. Then we could give it to all of them and they could decide their own timing. We could sort of sit back and enjoy…' Jan said.

'Jan!' Mike did the impossible, a whispered shout.

'Yes, I know, I have a dirty mind. And you aint fooling anyone either'.

'OK, here's what we are going to do. We have never done this before so we don't know if it's going to work but we think it should. We need to touch each one of you in turn'. Mike said.

'Ow wow, does that mean we get to touch you back?' David asked. There was a chuckle from Tom and Theo, and a very audible sigh from Marc. A look in his direction showed Marc's imagination and reaction to Mike and Jan has caught up with him. Jan saw Tom move his hand on Marc's thigh, only he made the mistake of moving it over the one where Marc's manhood was still growing and had reached well towards his knee. Surprisingly enough, Tom recovered real quickly and actually started absentmindedly stroking the bulge, which produced a barely audible wince from Marc. Tom was obviously enjoying it and Jan was sure this was some kind of little payback between the two.

'You'll have to wait for that a little while… till we get through with all of you' Jan said.

'OK, who's first?' Jan continued. Surprisingly, there wasn't a rush.

It was almost as if everyone waited for someone else. Jan gave Mike a look, this was a very good sign. David and Theo were whispering amongst themselves fervently. Jan only caught a 'No, you go first'

from Theo. Finally, David said, 'If no-one has objections…'. There were none.

David had to admit the thought of becoming a god, which is the only word that kept coming up as an appropriate description was… almost scary. But he always wanted it. It suddenly occured to him that it wasn't some sort of a very elaborate self-sex wish, but that most of it had become just genuine curiosity eince he met Mike and Jan, and found Theo. He wanted to be what Jan and Mike were—but not if the only man he ever truly loved, and couldn't imagine being without couldn't have it too. It was obvious that Mike and Jan were just that—Mike AND Jan. Somehow, because they were a pair, the way they looked had a purpose, some kind of internal logic to it. He stood in front of Jan and Mike. Once again, their incredible size was breathtaking. For a second, the sexual excitement ebbed. He looked at Mike.

'Just one thing. If it somehow turns out that you can't change Theo, I will not want this gift any more. I…' he said very silently. Jan looked at Mike. Mike said 'We understand'. He put his big hand on David's left shoulder, and Jan's found it's place on his right. The thought that came into David's mind was how heavy they were, quickly to be dismissed as stupid. Then, something happened, it was almost a sound, but without a sound. It lasted for a second, almost like a shiver. It almost felt like a very mild earthquake. Then it was gone.

'What was THAT?' David asked. From the faces of Jan and Mike it was clear they both felt it. They looked at each other and smiled.

'David, welcome to the club…' Jan whispered. The feeling of confusion was soon replaced by concern. David turned to Theo.

'I'm not doing anything without you' were the only words he said to him.

'Damn, this is not working' Jan whispered. Theo heard him and he was immediately sorry. The look in Theo's eyes became a cold grip which he could feel very distinctly squeezing at his heart.

'Don't panic… OK, Theo, you need to want the ability to change. If you don't want it on any level, it won't work' Mike said quitely, no one wanted panic right now. Theo looked at him with an expression which clearly said 'Do you think I'm an Idiot?' without him even uttering a single word. Mike of course didn't balme him for a second, it was stupid to say what he did, but somehow, the silence was a void that begged to be filled with an explanation. And then it dawned to him!

'Jan, of course! It's obvious!' Mike almost shouted, 'David, we need you!'

David was again beside them in what seemed like a flash.

'Can't you see, there's three of us now! David, touch him, and give him the gift' Mike said, still sounding cryptically to Jan. But before he could complain, David held Theo's hand and the strange feeling was there almost like a short electric shock. It was such a surprise to Theo, he actually jerked, only to be almost torn out of Jan's and Mike's grip, by being embraced by David. Next, there was a very passionate kiss, accompanied by a whistle from Tom and Mike.

Now, that boy always had a flare for the dramatic, Jan thought. David bowed, while Theo still looked at him in a daze. Then, he looked at Jan and Mike, and smiled. Jan found himself almost moved to tears, it was so strange to see on a grown man the smile of a child who has just gotten his biggest wish fulfilled. The feeling was incredible.

'Guys, you're next' he heard David say. But the comotion was already evident between Ton and Marc.

'Please, I need to do this' Marc said. It was obviously intended to be quiet but stern. It came out quite loud. Suddenly, he could literally feel four pairs of eyes on him. He looked straight into Toms eyes. Once again, he felt a mixture of guilt, shame and a feeling of a lot of time lost. Time that could have been spent loving and instead was spent hurting. Suddenly Marc found himself thinking about the huge erection he was sporting and for the first time in his life he was ashamed of it. He felt the grip of real fear, the fear he would be once again the way he was, a self-absorbed bully who didn't care about hurting people. This was something that had to be done.

'Tom. I… I love you. I am… I am afraid. I…' He stammered. It was a whisper, but Jan's senses were very much improved and he heard it very clearly. He was sure Mike heard it too, and he shot a glance at Mike, verifying that he was indeed right. This short look conveyed a lot. Jan had a feeling something was coming up which needed both of them.

Tom nodded barely perceptibly. Marc turned to Jan. 'Can I have a word… in private' he said, looking at all the others with an expression of very real shame. He was obviously trying to hide it, and the thought that he obviously didn't have experience popped into Jan's mind. Jan looked at Mike who obviously understood and at David and Theo who had a mixture of puzzlement and 'Can we get this over so we can play' look on their faces. He took it as a yes.

'Of course…' he said. Marc went towards the door, and Jan shifted to follow him, contorting to get through it. He made sure it remained open a crack. Whatever Marc wanted to say, he needed Mike to hear.

One look at Mike told him he had caught the hint. Besides, Jan had a gut feeling about this, he was almost sure he knew what it was going to be about.

This must be a first, Marc thought. His cock was so hard and so huge now it poked out of the pantleg and tented it to the point where it was barely holding itself together. He had a couple of occasions when his erection would be record- breaking, but this was way beyond that—a manifestation of Jan and Mike's powers, no doubt. It felt like a baseball bat, even to Marc. Days ago, he'd be parading his hardon, and probably stroking it right here in the open, for everyone to see how big it has become, and using a tape measure to put numbers to it too. He might have even pulled out his old vacuum pump to try to get it even bigger and then parade about shamelessly, preferably pumped up to the max, and flexing. He used to love that, putting everyone down with his overwhelming superiority at being THE male. Now, he almost wished it fell off. Of course, his body had other ideas, which was no wonder, considering the company.

'OK, I'm listening' Jan said. Jesus, what a voice!

'I… I don't really know how to say this. I mean, I know you are doing us a huge favor… huh, huge, listen to me!' Marc found himself bitterly laughing at his words. He looked up at Jan, to find a god-like face with mild puzzlement mixed with slight anoyance on it.

Do they know what they are really offering, Marc thought? How could I ever refuse, and I don't want to… oh, admit it, you are afraid you are no better, you will always be that showoff, enjoying hurting other people because of… fear?

'It can't happen if you don't want it. Though I doubt that you don't'

Jan finally said.

'Don't want it? DON'T want it? Do you know what you are saying? Hey, look at me! I may be…' he paused for a while '…or have been a jerk but I know what I did and what this is all about, and what price I've paid so far' Marc said. 'I know this must be hard to beleave, but you have already brought about my own personal chatarsis, and I have learned perhaps the most important thing about myself just last night. All I ever wanted, was to be loved. I know that now. Only I replaced it with sex, pure distilled sex. I know I'm a freak and it didn't help, can't you see?' there was a desperate edge to Marc's voice which he suddenly heard himself. He needed a moment to calm down. 'Look, I have made it my life to satisfy a selfish sexual desire. I _know_…' Marc caught himself almost shouting. He made himself whisper.

'…I know everyone wants it, somewhere deep down. And I got it. Look at me! I know the limits and you have just moved them light years further, and are asking me if I want more? I want to be the biggest hungest son of a bitch on this planet, we all do! Look at this!' he said, pointing at his enormous erection. 'Right now I don't know weather to jack off over you or kneel and worship you, and just thinking how I could look if this happened to me, how I would feel!?'

he was shouting again. He breathed in deeply.

'You know how it feels, it's like you are on top of the world, no one is better, stronger, more… MAN. You want to get bursting hard and flex and have sex for everyone to see. And I did that. I never thought of anyone but myself, I hurt people. I… I hurt Tommy'. His eyes started to sting. A second later tears welled up and there was no way he could stop them. 'And all I really wanted was that someone loved me… and then that someone became Tommy. Somewhere up here', Marc said, pointing at his head, 'I knew it, but this thing here,' he said, pointing at his enormous erection, 'wouldn't let me see that..'

he almost sobbed out.

Jan was dumbfounded to say the least.

'I… I need to ask a favor…' Marc said. He had again calmed down.

'Wh… what?' Jan said, it was the first thing that came to mind out of a loss of words.

'I'm asking you… well, I have this… instinct about people. How they can look. When… you know, when you see someone and think, if he hit the gym, he'd look amazing…' Marc said. 'What does that…' Jan started.

'It's not what you think…' Marc said. What is it that I think, Jan couldn't help asking himself. Marc's continuation however didn't leave time for contemplation.

'Look, I know what I'm capable of. I know I'm a freak, and I've always known it. But the way I am a freak is like an addiction. I know I'm not going to be able to stop myself, I'm hooked on muscle, dick, sex. Yes, I know, we all are, but now, with what you are doing… you and Mike seem to handle this so easily, and I know…

don't ask me how, but I know the other guys will be the same. Just promise me, if I go overboard, you will stop me…' Marc said.

'Overboard? And what makes you think I could?' Jan started, but he was quickly interrupted. 'Jan, listen to what I'm saying. I have this thing about knowing genetics when I see it. I know it doesn't get any better than mine, but I have a very good idea what my limits are, or were. I am positive that whatever happens with me, you will probably be the only one that will be able to stop me if… if force has to be used. Trust me on this'. Marc said.

Jan thought about this for a second. He made a mental note to get to know Marc much better soon, because this little speach was, amongst other things, more words spoken by Marc than Jan had ever heared before, and it was hinting at a mind that was sharp as a steel trap, but was obviously well hidden. For the moment, that was not very important. He knew where this was going but he needed Marc to say it himself. 'Why?' he asked.

'I need you to promise me one thing. Promise me… promise me that you will knock some sense into me if I become so self absorbed…

again… promise you will stop me before I end up hurting someone…

I end up hurting Tommy.' Marc said, almost in a whisper. Jan said nothing, but he felt great relief. His father always said he was a romantic idiot for believing that all people have good in them, somewhere deep inside. They never talked about how it was that Jan knew. But it was a relief to see his instincts were right. In the end we're all flesh and blood. Still, there was more he wanted to hear from Marc. It came very quickly.

'To tell you the truth, I'm surprised you are willing to give me such a fantastic gift, considering my… past record. I'm surprised Mike agreed' Marc said, almost sounding introspectively. Jan was genuinely surprised at Marc's insight. Before he could say any thing, however, Marc continued.

'Jan… from what David told us, I have a pretty good hunch I am talking to the right person about this. Let me just say this… in my defense, I have finally realized why I was doing what I was doing.

All my life I wanted to be the best so that when I found love, I would… I would have removed any reason to loose it. Somewhere along the line it became only physical, and I was afraid to go any further because… because I just didn't know how to be… emotional, and getting that wrong would have been one reason to loose the love I wanted. I hurt people out of fear I'd be hurt myself. Tommy is the only one who saw that, somehow. I have no idea how. I really don't know how he could ever love me after what I did to him' Marc said. He looked up at Jan again. He was practically pleading.

'Jan, I don't ever want to loose him… I love him… and I… I am afraid I'll go back to the way I was'.

Jan looked down at Marc. He almost wanted to hug him. Somehow he felt it was going to happen later.

'All right, I promise I'll do what you want' Jan said. 'But I know what you fear won't happen. You have already cured yourself' he continued.

'I wish I could be that certain' Marc whispered.

'I am. You see, you are right to think you are talking to the right person. I used to be just like you' Jan said. 'A long time ago. And for a short time' he added quickly. 'And if you tell Mike what I've told you, you're dead.'

Jan of course knew Mike heard it all. It would have come out anyway sooner or later, and Jan was pretty sure Mike would have figured most of it out anyway. He wasn't afraid of it, and it was a minor part of his life, but it was something he didn't like remembering. He made a mental note for thanking David for making him see the light all those years ago, even if he didn't realize it at the time. He looked down at Marc, and couldn't help smiling. Marc smiled back.

'Come on, they are waiting'. Jan said, and went to the door. He felt a hand on his wrist.

'Jan…' Marc said, letting go, 'thanks… I owe you… one more, I guess.'

When they entered the posing room again, all eyes were on Marc.

However, only Tom's said 'Are you OK?'. It was amazing to Jan how such subtleties suddenly became obvious. Just as obvious as the glance he gave Mike, which said 'I hope your doubts are settled' was obvious to Mike, and just as Mikes nod said all that needed to be said to Jan.

Marc went to the bench where Tom still sat, and hugged him. 'You first' he said. Tom walked over to where the others stood. Mike and Jan held him by the shoulders and David and Tom held a hand each. Tom instinctively closed his eyes. The moment they all connected, he jolted visibly and opened his eyes, with a look of bewilderment.

'Oooh…' was the only thing he said. The next second he was beside Marc.

'Come on, big guy, you don't want to be left out now, do you?' Tom asked.

'No… but you know how I am. Once I start I won't stop easily.' Marc said, in a serious tone.

Tom reached down and gripped the huge bulge of Marc's cock. He gave it a couple very exaggerated strokes, which left Marc gasping. He leaned over Marc who had sat back on the bench. He then turned over to look at the rest of the bunch who were smiling at him, and leaned over till his mouth was almost touching Marc's left ear, while still deliberately looking at the others, and 'whispered' loud enough for everyone to hear 'I was counting on you not stopping at all, stud'.

There were sniggers from Theo, and Mike practically blushed.

A second later, Marc was in position, Jan and Mike again holding his shoulders and Theo and David his hands. Tom stood right in front of him and lightly stroked Marc's pumped up pecs, and then his hand suddenly went down. Marc winced and there was a very audible rip.

'Je-sus H. Christ!' Theo said, slowly.

Marc only produced a small wince, and finally uttered 'Sorry'. His shorts were still on him but held by a minor miracle, now torn by his erection breaking free. Right now, that erection was swollen beyond belief, and angry red, almost purple, obviously harder than diamond, reaching between Marc's pumped up pecs.

'Now that's the spirit… not to mention the convenience' Tom said, with a honest to God Cheshire cat grin on his face, and grabbed Marc's cock. Again there was a jolt.

'Uh, guys, I… it's a bit difficult asking this, but… is there a place where we…' David said, 'I mean, Theo and I, could be more…private?'

Tom whistled and Marc smiled. Mike and Jan looked at each other.

Finally, Theo said: 'OK, I guess fair is fair, good of you to ask before we… well, started whatever we are going to… do' he said, looking at Jan, then Mike, and gave a particularly lingering look at Marc. In fact, Jan could swear Tom's gaze traced slowly up the shaft of Marc's immense cock. It was quite obvious that both had some ideas on what was coming next.

Jan knew David and Theo hadn't done much as far as sexual experimentation went, there was a hint of that from David. Besides, in more ways than for the rest of them, this time was special. They deserved some privacy. One look at Mike told him Mike had understood, and obviously, a similar exchange between Tom and Theo communicated the same.

'You'll find the keys to the sauna behind the counter. It doesn't work but it's empty and no-one will bother you there… at least not for a while' Tom chuckled.

'Yes, we'll barge in if everything goes silent' Marc added.

'Just a word of warning' Jan said, 'Be careful what you wish for…'

'Oh, come on, can't you tolerate some competition?' David said, chuckling.

'No, he's serious… ' Mike said, and looked at Jan.

'Lets just say that getting the way we are now can be very overwhelming… possibly like nothing you have ever experienced before. When I did it, I was out for minutes and I don't even remember it. Mike had it different altogether. My point is, we don't really know what the reaction will be so be careful. And, I think I should add this: if you want to do the same thing we did, and I have a hunch you do, remember to control your strength. You can still be hurt, even if you can heal incredibly fast, and believe me, pain is still very much painful. You are not indestructible. I learned it the hard way' Jan said.

David looked at Jan. After a second or two, while his eyes suddenly got a mischievous glint to them, he just said: “OK, uncle Jan'.

Jan was quick on the retort. 'Oh, yes, and if you call me uncle once again, you will learn it the hard way too!'.

David just smiled. Tom added: 'We know you're going to take out all the stops, just don't trash the place. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!'

Jan's improved hearing just barely picked up a 'Well, that doesn't limit them much…' from Mike.

'While we're at it, what is it that you did, to get this way?' Tom asked.

Mike's eyes met Jan's for a moment.

'We maxed out' Jan said, simply.

'Maxed out?' Marc asked, 'Maxed out what?'

'I think that much should be obvious' Mike said.

David turned to Theo and for a second his grin had an obvious 'slurp' implied in it. He grabbed Theo's hand and went for the door.

'Don't worry, we'll be back. We wouldn't want to pass the chance to check up how all of you… maxed out' Theo said, risking the door shutting in his face.

'You know what, I'm thinking tape measure, right now' Tom said. 'I just got to check the growth on my hunk here' he continued, stroking Marc's cock, which looked even more engorged now than some minutes ago. His pelvis was pushing in and out in time with Tom's stroking, a sure sign he needed to get off badly. By the looks of Marc's mantool, which was absolutely huge, it seemed like he had started changing already. Tom, however, played the little torturer, he'd change the timing of his stroking so that Marc's moving actually didn't help him at all.

'Oh, nonono… not before I give you the go-ahead!' Tom whispered to Marc. Marc only grunted. 'You owe me for teasing me for hours at a time all these months, and not telling me you wanted me after all' he said, in an ominously sounding mischievous tone. 'And what are you two waiting for?' Tom said, then, looking at Marc and Jan. 'Come on, guys, give me a hand here… or should I say a bulge?'

Tom found two puzzled faces staring at him.

'Oh, come on, you know what this muscle-bound freak here wanted all his life, time to let him have it in style' Tom said. 'First, I think a taste of what he could have is in order, and that's where you two come in' he said, and then added a 'please' which actually sounded funny. Then he turned back to Marc who was obviously getting into the stroking in a big way, his eyes half closed and moaning silently, and said: 'And you don't dare change till I tell you to'.

'Could one of you guys get my tape measure from under the counter?'

Tom said.

'If you plan on measuring anything, then I think I have a better idea' Jan said.

'Jan, you didn't!' Mike said, incredulously, but with an obvious hint of a turn on in his voice.

'Oh, I sure did!' Jan said, with a big grin on his face. He was out of the room in a few seconds, a small wonder considering he practically extruded himself through the doorframe, and it took only a few seconds more till he was back. With the surveying tape in his hand. When Tom saw it, his mischievous smile became a grin, but one of incredulity.

'Mike, I think it's time to get rid of the clothes' Jan said.

'Oh, goody, that's what I've been waiting for!' Tom exclaimed. Marc winced silently.

'David's been telling some pretty incredible stories about you and I think it's time for you to live up to them' Tom said, never faltering with the stroking of Marc's tool which looked about ready to burst.

Obviously, Marc would not be getting any release soon at all. Not if Tom had anything to do with it.

Tom's cock hurt with a once in a lifetime hard-on. In fact, he was sure if it lasts a lot longer, it will be a last time in a lifetime hardon, it felt like it would explode, it was so engorged. His tight pants were soaked with his pre-cum, and having even a small spot there happened only when he was really very aroused. This however put a new meaning to aroused. Marc was sitting on the bench, his cock sticking straight up—it was that rigid. Not to mention bigger than Tom had ever seen it, and by inches. Marc had a huge tool, which used to get to 15 inches when totally hard, but it would at best stick straight in front of him because of it's immense weight. Now it was steel-pipe rigid, bigger, and so hard, that when Tom stroked it, and pulled it, Marc's pelvis moved around with it. Marc got an incredible kick out of being measured, and it was only one part of Tom's plan.

He wanted to turn Marc on to the extreme, and get him so aroused, when he started growing there would be no stopping him until he grew as big as he possibly could, and all over at that. The thing about Marc was, he never failed being turned on by himself, and Tom wanted this to go as far as it can, because, truth was, he was turned on by Marc being turned on by himself. For both of them, it was something they both wanted gotten over with. One thing both Marc and Tom had in common was that they were turned on by big, or rather BIG men. Of course, Marc just happened to be BIG. Until Mike and Jan. Another part of the plan was, getting Mike and Jan to show off again. Tom couldn't wait to see how big they _really_ were, and how big their enormous muscles would flex. And finally, the last time they were all in this room, there was a competition going on which resulted in sex so intense it bordered on nuclear meltdown. That was the final part of the plan.

'Now, let's see just how long your cock is… since you insist on showing it off' Tom said. Handling the survey tape was such a turn on, because of the implication of what Jan said, that it will be needed. Tom slowly stretched the tape from the base of Marc's tree of flesh to the head, being careful not to touch too much. He didn't want Marc to come until he could do it with the intensity of a tidal wave.

'Wow, you are huuuge… you've grown almost 4 inches, it's 19” long!'

Tom said. He turned to Jan and Mike, who stood there, Mike removing his remains of a shirt. It joined the other bits and pieces in the corner.

'Not as huge as our friends there… but you'll get your chance'. Tom added, seeing the size of Jan and Mike's organs, still limp, but hanging surely as long as Marc's steel hard tool. God, they can't be completely limp, Tom thought! Just look at the size of them!

'Let's see…' he said, and scampered over to Jan first. Both him and Mike endured the ministrations stoically.

'Well, Marc my man, you got a _long_ way to grow yet, these boys here sport true hoses, and they are totally soft, and still bigger than you' Tom said. 'Don't you just want to know how big they get hard, huh?' he continued, and slowly fondled both Jan's and Mike's cock, stretching them downward.

'Wow, there's some potential here' he said, seeing how easily both organs stretched. He yanked Mike's cock, and stretched it out what looked over a foot and a half over it's soft length. It was still soft and sort of springy, clearly able to grow more than the attempted stretch.

'Come on, guys, get into the spirit' he added, 'I don't believe this situation doesn't turn you on at all'.

Looking from below, both Jan and Mike looked even bigger than usual, and in fact, they looked so big Tom almost came, but even though he didn't know it at the time, he was already using his newly given ability, and kept himself from cumming. God, look at those cocks, they are so huge, but yet so perfect for someone so big, so male! He remembered David mumbling something about five feet and even now Tom didn't believe it, but he was willing to have it tested. But he wanted them to show off some muscle first. From where he was crouching, his view was full of muscle, huge beyond belief.

'Come on, show this showoff here' he said, pointing at Marc, who was obviously almost boiling with lust. Tom could swear Marc's cock had grown even more. He stood up, reached out and stroked Jan's biceps.

It was so huge his hand couldn't even begin to fit the top of the peak, which prominent even completely relaxed.

'Come on, show me…' Tom said, and wrapped the tape around Jan's immense arm. For a second there was another non-verbal exchange between Jan and Mike. Tom read the tape 'Hey, look at this, 44”

biceps… man, would I like to see that pumped and flexed just as hard as it can possibly be'.

'Well, maybe you'll get your wish today' Mike said, slowly. Then, Mike started stroking Jan's abs. It was obvious Jan enjoyed it. 'Come on baby, seems we can't avoid a performance. Flex for me…' Mike said. Slowly, Jan kneeled, to give Tom good access, and flexed up his biceps, into a big, hard balloon of freaky flesh. Tom gasped, as it got bigger and bigger, stretching the tape to 50”. 'Don't forget a pump' Mike added. Jan smiled, and deliberately pumped his arm up and down. As he did this, something happened which almost made Tom loose all control and Marc, still propped on the bench, winced. In a couple of seconds, Jan visibly grew. His muscles attained a complete skin-bursting pump, evident by the skin becoming shiny and stretched.

A myriad of veins sprung out over his forearms and the one over his biceps grew so big Tom later swore it added an inch to it's size.

Jan's legs became immensely vascular, and veins appeared even on his shoulders. Of course, what stared Tom in the face was a biceps which obviously grew and pumped up so big it's impossible peak locked into Jan's forearm, it became so huge Jan couldn't bring his forearm any closer than at a right angle. And in that position, the peak reached straight up to Jan's clenched fist, which also brought out bulges of muscles in his forearm.

'Oh…my…God…' Tom could only say. 56” fully pumped and flexed, it looked like a huge egg of some kind, split, and so peaked it threatened to burst out of the skin. It was bigger than most chests on bodybuilders Tom had seen, and he'd seen plenty. Once the incredible numbers were put to the visual impact, Tom realized how big Jan and Mike really were. Their immense height and incredible proportion actually only hinted at the enormous amount of muscle on them. Tom's mind was accustomed to putting numbers to bodies, by years of looking at them and being in the iron game, but the proportions of Jan and Mike literally overflowed his sense of size. A quick mental calculation came up with either of them outweighing him almost 10 times! That in itself nearly brought him over the orgasmic peak right there, but somehow he resisted.

'Show him' Jan said, to Mike. Tom turned to Mike only to see an even more incredible transformation. Mike just redefined the word pump. Where Mike was incredibly defined before in an inconspicuous kind of way, if that could be said of someone so big, the incredibly sharp lines seen whenever he moved, became blatantly obvious. However, Mike was much less vascular, he almost looked like a tan statue come to life, pure perfection and incredible power, embodied in polished living steel. Then, Mike produced his own one-arm biceps flex just below Jan's, to give a good comparison.

'Oh… my… oh… my…' Tom stuttered. For a second Tom thought he would black out. Mike flexed with such force he shook, and his biceps looked just as big as Jan's, only it peaked so blatantly Tom was sure it would just fly off Mike's arm. It was a diamond hard split ball with another bulge on top that stuck out three inches. The shape defied description, it was the peak of biceps peaks.

'I have to touch it, this can't be real!', Tom whispered incredulously. 'Isn't there something you should do with that?' Jan pointed to the tape. Tom felt like in a dream and managed to wrap the tape around the biceps of bicepses, his hands trembling. It indicated 53”. Then, he saw Jan first kiss it lightly and then lick it, full mouth. Mike moaned audibly.

'Come on, stud, let go' Jan said. His hand hefted Mike's hose of a cock and it was obvious Jan's own was on the way to an erection.

The next couple of minutes were a blur. Jan and Mike moved, posing a lat spread each, competing to see who could get over two yards wide, and then produced a succession of poses. As they did that, their immense hoses lengthened visibly, until they almost reached the floor but still looked less than half hard. Tom looked at Marc, whose eyes were wide open, and his cock was now sticking up what looked like over two feet in length. Marc's gaze went from Jan to Mike to Tom and then to his cock, and it had a look of incredulity verging on I'm-loosing-my-wits. Tom could understand that completely. The two biggest studs on the planet were now openly engaged in foreplay, stroking, flexing, groping and licking. In a second Tom was beside Marc.

“I said no growing' he hissed.

'I can't help it' Marc winced, 'It's so hard it burns' he added. Tom realized it was probably growing because it was the only way to get release from a hard-on literally on the verge of bursting. It was time.

'OK, then, now let's see if you have muscles that top those!' he said, and pointed to Mike and Jan. The two obviously heard well what he said, because Jan said 'Now this I really got to see' and Mike only mumbled a 'you bet'.

'Come on babe, grow' Tom said. With a look of almost relief, Marc did… something. It was just a feeling that something changed, at first, and then he really started changing. He started growing, slowly at first, and he got off the bench and sat on the floor, his cock still sticking straight up. Then, he really started growing, in unison with Jan's and Mike's cocks, which had gotten hard enough to stick straight in front of them and were still getting bigger by the second. But not as fast as Marc, and, also Tom. Tom literally tore through the skimpy clothes he was wearing. The remains of Marc's were off in shreds a second later, only because they were so much bigger to start with. Tom held his steel hard cock, which was now visibly growing, and pushed himself into Marc. He wanted to rub his cock into the growing muscle, everywhere, fuck every crevice, soak every huge bulge with his precum. He was dimly aware that the process had made his cock into a long snake, which oozed like a faucet, slicking up Marc's ballooning body, while it still grew—Tom tried to reach every nook and cranny of Marc's body, and Marc kept expanding, so there was more and more to reach for.

'Yes, grow baby… grow those pecs' Tom mumbled. Then he shouted 'Bigger… come on'. Suddenly, it was like Marc was some kind of a balloon and someone opened the valve from trickle, to full.

'Oh, yes….' Tom moaned. Marc only winced, not moving at all, as he literally blew up. Mike later said it looked like a lifeboat inflating from a compressed air bottle. Jan and Mike were stroking each other, in their own sexual frenzy, watching intently as Marc kept on bulging, his skin distending over bloated and still swelling shapes of his muscle.

Mike cursed under his breath in bewilderment. In seconds Marc had…

literally inflated, like some kind of muscleman-shaped balloon. It brought Mike's cock to fully hard with a snap, no matter the control he was trying to impose. Jan was not far behind. He could feel Jan's hands roaming his body, and was aware of his own hands doing the same to Jan. It was difficult to move, their cocks now became almost five feet long masts of steel hard flesh, sticking up in an arc right in front of them. Yet, Marc continued inflating. His pecs grew and grew, until they looked almost like some kind of beach balls made of muscle, sticking out and up. His arms also grew, his lats grew, his abs, his legs. Tom kept cheering him on, almost shouting, 'Bigger, bigger…' and then 'Come on, give me more', rubbing his own python-like organ into the ballooning flesh, stroking it, and with every one of Tom's shouts Marc grew in jolts, moaning in ecstasy, while Tom's hose of a cock lengthened so it could reach more of Marc's body. And, that body was slicked up with Tom's precum, and with Marc's which oozed from the only seemingly unaffected part of Marc's anatomy, his cock. Or rather, less affected—now a yard long, it was sticking straight up, like some kind of a periscope in a sea of muscle. The precum produced an obvious trail as it flowed down the immense shaft. In a matter of seconds, Marc's growth surpassed anything a human could imagine, and that's having Mike and Jan in mind. In an instant frozen in time, Mike realized something else—Marc didn't become taller, or at least if he did it was imperceptible compared to the growth of his muscle. His pecs protruded what looked like a foot in front of him, immense globes of muscle. His arms became at least the size of his thighs the way they used to be. His abs looked like a collection of smaller balloons, and his legs were so big they were pushed apart. Wide apart. His lats held his arms, that now had a taper worthy of Marc's ex-back to them, the biceps and triceps were so big. They stuck out almost straight, and that was incredible having in mind how wide Marc had become. Everything on Marc was so big it bulged and blatantly stuck outwards. And yet, Tom urged for more, and Marc provided it, growing even more massive!

Tom's hands alternated with his cock darting all over Marc's still expanding muscles. For all intents and purposes, Marc was one huge sexual organ, an enormous sex muscle, and he was getting as close to having a full body fuck as possible.

'Bloat up… yeah, as big as it can get and then even bigger!' Tom was moaning. Mike suddenly felt Jan's hand on his cock, and the last shred of control was lost. He cried out, letting sex take control of his mind. It made Tom turn around only to see two mountains of muscle, with cocks reaching to the ceiling, become even more incredible by their cocks getting longer by a foot a second. Some edge of Mike's mind continued being able to just record everything as it was happening. He felt his cock become as huge as it possibly could get, hurting hard. It became longer than Mike was tall, and Jan's incredible organ did the same, falling forwards, bridging the gap between where they… kneeled? Mike suddenly realized they were kneeling, overtook by the moment. The immense heads of Mike's and Jan's cocks suddenly were held by Tom's hands.

'Use him!' he heard Tom cry. Mike felt Jan's arms all over him and had no idea what his hands were doing, he just felt his pelvis thrust in time with Jan's, rubbing the huge heads of their flagpole cocks into Marc's still growing muscle. Marc looked like a caricature, his muscles so big now he was truly muscle bound. His shoulders were so big that together with traps they practically enclosed his head.

Could he possibly move at all? Out of the middle of this mass of ballooning muscle, still somehow sitting on the floor, now propped to the bench in the far wall, Marc's long, but in comparison to his mass, thin pole protruded. A thought occurred to Mike that much of it's length was swallowed by the thickness of the muscle around it, but he barely had time to even realize he was thinking. He saw Tom grab the head of the organ, and shout: 'Now grow your cock, make it huge, humongous' Tom commanded. A second later, it was like he was unrolling a hose. It kept getting longer and thicker by the second. In what looked like only a couple of seconds it became at least as long as Jan's and Mike's and continued getting even longer, yet it somehow drooped, like it was half hard.

But not for long. With an almost blood-curdling, and incredibly deep and reverbrating intonation, Marc roared as it suddenly spasmed, growing hard so fast it shot out right between Jan and Mike who were still holding each other, literally a mast of chocolate colored flesh. Tom screamed in ecstasy, and fell back, his hose starting to spew cum, getting larger and larger with each spurt, as well as Tom himself. He was cumming and changing all at once. But it was too late for Mike. The last thing he remembered was hearing Jan unload, he had already gone too far. Looking at Marc's balls become the size of two footballs and literally spasm as he started cumming caught in the orgasm of orgasms, he heard a sound of thick milky cum splashing onto the mirror on the opposite wall. His last thought was one of regret that he couldn't see Tom changing, and then it hit him with the force of a tsunami.

'So, what do we do now?' Theo asked.

The question was a bit of a surprise, even though it was exactly what David was asking himself. Oh, it wasn't that he didn't have any ideas, far from it. In fact, as far as from it as one could possibly be. It was really exactly the opposite. David had fantasized about this kind of thing so many times, his problem now was more about wanting to do everything, and not being able to decide how to start.

One big part in that was that after that episode with Jan and Mike, he had learned once for all that sex was easy. But this was Theo, and it was supposed to be special. Just pulling all the stops and getting off seemed… vulgar? Even worse, David could feel his newly acquired power. It was enough to want to feel stronger, and he would feel it.

He knew full well that the feeling is not just a feeling. The sauna was a medium sized room with a large metal door that was seldom used, and didn't really want to budge easily, but he had moved it with ease, he could barely feel the resistance. He had also hugged Theo the first thing after that door closed behind them, and lifter him up, completely effortlessly. He couldn't really see any difference in his looks as they went by the mirrors in the weight room, or they were too subtle to be seen. It wasn't surprising as it seemed that they had both somehow agreed not to do anything unless they can do it together. One thing which frightened David was getting too involved with that feeling of power.

David's imagination had often provided him with scenarios of wild muscle sex and now suddenly he saw clearly that there was often an element of domination in them. Now, knowing that all of those dreams could quite literally come true, he was more than a little afraid of it. He wondered how Jan and Mike dealt with this. Tom and Marc were an even bigger mystery as he just didn't know that much about them.

Besides, Marc was so much bigger than Tom—at least up to now—that David's mind somehow already assigned the roles. It was an unfair assumption, he knew—but he used it instead of solid knowledge, because for the moment it made his problem smaller.

Finally, although he couldn't imagine not wanting to do a sexual act with Theo, they just never did that much together. They rarely had a chance, so far. David was really very inexperienced, and he never truly talked to Theo about that, or what Theo's experiences might be.

Well, he did, but never in depth. He was afraid he'd do something wrong.

'I'll bet you I know what you're thinking' Theo said. 'You are afraid… and so am I. And you know what, it's really stupid—why would we be afraid of each other?'

David looked at him. They were sitting side by side on the lowest bench in the 'sauna' which was basically just a room with tiled walls and a series of wooden bench-like platforms along three of it's walls.

'I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of me' David said.

'Why? Do you want to hurt me? Do you think you could?' Theo asked.

For a second, David almost lost his temper. It sounded as if Theo was mocking his innermost fears, but suddenly, he realized Theo was right. They would never want to hurt each other. In fact, even if they would, as David understood what Jan and Mike told them, it would really be impossible—by the very nature of the gift they now had.

At that moment David also realized that there might be far more to that gift than just the physical aspect of it. He didn't have much time to dwell on it though.

'Come here' Theo said. David shifted closer, and Theo embraced him.

'Were here, alone, and there is pretty much nothing anyone can do to separate us' he whispered softly. 'So why not just forget the world, and concentrate on us?' he added.

David nodded, looking into his eyes. Theo again leaned over, and started whispering into David's ear. For a moment he was distracted by the shape of David's earlobes. They were just so sexy! He almost burst laughing as he never ever in his life thought anything like that before, but it was the truth. So, he leaned towards David's ear, and whispered: 'I know this is all quite new… so let's just play it by ear'. Then he kissed David's earlobe. 'And by other things…' he added. David just giggled, and started kissing him back. Seconds later, hands started moving. Slowly, tentatively first, than more and more frantically. Theo suddenly found himself wishing to give those hands more to roam over, more to feel. There was a rush, almost like a shudder, with an orgasmic quality of it's own. David gasped, his eyes closed. His face looked almost angelic. He was just lovely, both in the way he looked, and in the feelings he stirred up in Theo. That feeling was back again.

David suddenly opened his eyes, and just said: 'Theo…'. Theo licked David's lips, then his neck, and then his pecs. His quite obviously bigger pecs. He just said 'I know…'.

The bench had become too short by about the third orgasm. The first happened while they were just lying there, Theo on top of David. As the seconds passed, and the kisses flew as often as did their hands, both of them saw each other change and refine, grow and shape to become more of themselves. They were literally shaping each other, exploring each other's dreams by making them real, in small steps.

Their eyes stayed locked, and that was enough. By the time the second climax came, there wasn't any part of their bodies they had not explored, by sight, touch, taste, change. Their rampant erections kept growing together with their bodies. There were no words, because none were needed. There were probably sounds, but they were not heard.

By the third orgasm, they had engaged in a veritable flex fest, groping, squeezing and flexing every body part. A simultaneous flexed biceps, becoming more enormous by the second, while being licked and groped to abandon, brought up that third climax.

The fourth happened on the floor, brought on by a combination of a suck off and self suck never seen before. By the time they came to the fifth, David had gotten his first fuck, performed by a creature from his wildest fantasy, who also happened to be his lover, and it reached places a normal human could not hope to reach, or immagine.

The sixth was all about returning the favor, seeing Theo's eyes roll up, and his enormous body buckle even under David's own enormous body, both of them still growing. The seventh orgasm took care of the ceiling paint by virtue of an impromptu competition as to whose dick would grow long enough to reach it first, while they lay on the floor—after which they discovered the ceiling was actually too low, which soon produced orgasm number 8. Orgasm 9 was about taking turns at a full body lick while the other was performing a full body flex.

Number 10 was the result of a completely new perspective at everything as they both made themselves shorter, retaining all the enormous mass, just to be able to fit in the space between the benches on the floor—because they did, after all, promise not to trash the place. After that they lost count.

When Jan finally got to his senses, the first thing he saw was a stain on the ceiling. He realized he was lying spread on his back.

And that stain on the ceiling… it could only be one thing.

'Well, it's going to be interesting to clean that, and better yet, explain it to a gym member' he thought, getting up. His cock, now spent on creating that huge blotch on the ceiling was extended to its full flaccid length, and Jan realized, it was in contact with something warm. Humanly worm. He sat up, and noticed Mike just coming out of it.

'What is it with sex while changing? It is so… intense, almost too intense' Jan thought. One thing which continually nagged him was that neither he or Mike had been the ones changing, well, if one discounts the fact that they let their 'cocks loose'. Jan refused to let himself grasp all the implications of that just now, but it was well worth investigating.

He looked around, only to notice something like a hose right next to him. He traced it, and found it lead to Marc, or at least what used to be Marc. He, in turn was embracing, if that's what it could be called, someone who, by process of elimination had to be Tom. And, while Jan could understand how Tom now looked, because he knew how he looked and how Mike looked—Tom had, at first glance, risen to the occasion and standards of present company—Marc topped what even Jan's beefcake oriented imagination could think up. It was almost difficult to look at him because the incredibility of what he was seeing was overwhelming. The brain had problems believing what it was clearly seeing. Here was a being that best fitted the term 'mountain of muscle'.

'Man, this guy will have to be really careful around sharp objects'

Mike said, just then.

'And there isn't underwear on the planet that would fit THAT' Jan said, and they both traced what looked like a long piece of brown colored fleshy hose and was without a shred of doubt, Marc's cock.

There was no doubt at all who had the longest cock on the planet! It looked flaccid. Mike was the first to test that as he, for lack of a better word, picked it up and pulled it from it's place between him and Jan. There was an immediate response from within the heap of muscle that Marc became, a grunt no doubt in Marc's voice, although changed somewhat.

'Can you believe this thing?! It's completely soft! Look at the length of it, it must be longer than he's tall!!' Mike said incredulously. Then both Jan and Mike obviously recalled what they were doing and their last 'position', and simultaneously looked back towards the mirror. Sure enough, there was a stain almost a yard across smack in the middle of it and there was also an unmistakable trail leading from it to the end of Marc's hose, no doubt left there as it shrunk going from hard to flaccid. Jan and Mike looked at each other with genuine expressions of surprise and incredulity.

'Amazing!' they both said in unison. 'Unghhh… what happened?' came out of Marc. Jan and Mike must have been beside him in a flash. This probably set some record in recuperation, both Jan and Mike were out much longer after their transformation. With amazing presence of mind, Marc slowly disengaged himself from Tom, who was still out like a light. In fact, he was even snoring lightly!

Slowly and carefully, Marc unfolded his body and ended up putting Tom down on the floor. He stood there bent over (making both Jan and Mike marvel at how quickly he adapted once again) for a few moments. A small chuckle and a sigh could clearly be heard, and then a whispered 'He's so beautiful'.

'How do you feel?' Mike asked.

'I… well, as a matter of fact… Wow—what happened with my voice?' Marc said. His voice was definitely his, but his added size and mass added an effect that was best described as hearing the grand pipe organ's lowest register pipes from outside the cathedral door.

It just hinted enough at it's power for everyone to know that when that voice was raised, even stone would take notice.

Then, Marc looked down, or rather tried to—and ended up looking into his own pecs. Then he looked back up, with a very confused expression on his face.

'Forget the voice! I think you should take a look at… the rest of yourself' Jan said. Suddenly, it looked like Marc suddenly remembered something, and all of a sudden his hands went down, and ended up right around the base of his cock. 'Oh my God!' he whispered, and looked back up at Mike and Jan, with a completely incredulous look.

His hands trembled as he pulled his cock up and up, hand over hand. Suddenly, he let it go and it unfolded itself drooping to the floor again, causing a shudder in Marc and an 'Ow'. His hands went up over his abs, and then he suddenly brought them up and after several tries managed to get a look at his right arm. Then he tried to bend over and almost ended up toppling over—which was really no wonder. His eyes were literally bugging out. Jan and Mike had seen this syndrome before… they looked at each other, a decision debated and made without words: 'Come on, this will give you a better view' Jan said, and then Jan took him under one and Mike under the other arm, hoisted him up and carried him to the mirror.

'Aw, dammit… mind the dick!' Marc complained, his hose obviously dragging on the floor, which must have been quite painful.

'Oh, sorry…' Jan said.

'Well, it wasn't MY idea' Mike mumbled. Incredibly enough, the huge blotch of Marc's cum had all but disappeared, obviously having been reclaimed.

'Well, it wasn't mine, either!' Marc said, cryptically.

As Mike helped Jan carry Marc, he couldn't help but be amazed and aroused. Marc didn't grow in height much, although he would have stood head and shoulders over almost anyone, at about 7' tall. But in present company, things were different—he was a foot or more shorter than either Jan or Mike. And Mike thought, about as much shorter than Tom, although he only had a quick glance at him.

However, in that height, Marc must have packed more muscle that Mike—in fact, he could probably have given Jan a run for his money in the sheer mass department. He certainly redefined the limits of the amount of muscle a human frame can hold, and that's present company included.

'Would you two mind putting me down already!' Marc growled.

'Fine with me, you are quite heavy. Not that I couldn't manage' Mike said, grinning. Even so, Mike had gotten quite used to his new strength and could gauge fairly accurately the weight of what he was lifting. Although it wasn't really a challenge—most of the problem holding Marc up was finding a place to hold onto on that completely muscle-packed body—Marc would only be able to weigh himself on an industrial scale, and a big one at that.

'Yep, I'd say at least three quarters of a ton or so…' Jan added.

Mike thought that was underestimating it quite a bit!

All three regarded a reflection of Marc in the mirror. Whereas both Jan and Mike became the definition of huge, Marc was the exception that defined the definition. Carrying so much muscle on a comparatively short frame gave that muscle an incredibly pumped up look. Whereas Jan and Mike were enormous, ripped and pumped, Marc's muscle could only be described as balloon-like. His chest, shoulders and back bulged outwards and sideways completely unflexed, so much so that his width approached his height. His pecs were so big that Mike doubted Marc would ever be able to see anything but his feet without a mirror, and that should also take some contortionism. Marc seemed to take the opportunity to pass his hands over every part of his body he could reach. Which was also something to be defined anew—his arms were definitely at least as big as Jan's, and his forearms weren't far off. All that, plus the bulging lats under them, made Marc's arms stand outwards from his body, which made it real easy for Mike and Jan to carry him to the mirror. His shoulders were two immense split balls, and those pecs were nothing short of amazing.

When relaxed they looked like two huge balls, a yard wide, but every movement would suddenly split them with gashes inches deep, just as did his shoulders. But the most amazing were his abs. With such huge shoulders, and thighs as big around as barrels, which made Marc stand spread-legged (and also made Mike think that Marc was probably taller than he looked, if only he could bring his knees together), his waist was so tiny, it needed to be incredibly strong to support such overdeveloped upper and lower body. Consequently, it looked like a collection of living bulges, cables and edges. With every movement, it was the bodypart that made Marc's undoubtedly incredible strength most evident. The next thing was his ass. Uncharacteristically, it was rather small compared to his legs, but that particular part of his body showed striations even while he was just standing there.

And, Mike had to admit, it looked incredibly sexy. In all his incredible size, Marc still didn't look grotesque, which was really a feat. But, what he was, was musclebound, in fact, he was the epitome of the word. His body was positively overcrowded by muscle. If there was someone on the planet whose muscles had muscles, that would be Marc. Somehow, looking at him, Mike thought, it will definitely be difficult to take a bath. Assuming he finds one that fits.

Another thing that will never fit any clothes were Marc's genitals.

While Jan and Mike had already adjusted theirs so that at least they could walk unencumbered, Marc's cock was still quite literally a hose of flesh, and for the moment, most of it was actually behind him.

About 3 inches thick, it was so long that half of it rested curled on the floor. But obviously not for long—it was as clear as day that Marc approved completely of his transformation, producing a double biceps that made both Jan and Mike gasp, and Marc utter a curse under his breath. The resulting balls of flesh that grew on his arms made his torso, head, shoulders and arms one contiguous wall of muscle.

The effect was obvious an all of the men but definitely on Marc, it was obvious that snake of his was starting to twitch. How it was going to become hard was anyone's guess, considering the size of it, but there was no doubt it could, and there was also no doubt who was king of the hill in the cock department, as if the muscle wasn't enough.

'Hey, not that I wouldn't like to know how big that particular part of your body grows, but I don't think it will fit the room'. Jan said.

'Well, well, Tommy my love, I knew there was no way you could ever disappoint us both' Marc said. Mike looked at him, puzzled, and so did Jan. With incredible presence of mind, Marc just added 'You don't know what I wished for—so I'll tell you: I only wished to be what Tom wanted most and what you see is the result. And of course, I completely approve. I used to think I had a wild imagination, but Tommy has even more muscle lust then even me' he finished, chuckling.

'Some things are, however, impractical…' he added, after a few moments of appearing thoughtful. Then, his cock literally retracted, it almost looked like it was being rolled into his body, but, one cannot escape a character built in a lifetime—it still hung well below Marc's knees. “I'll remember to use the fully developed version for special occasions, though…' he chuckled.

Some part of Jan was amazed at the transformation. Now that Marc seemed to attain his wildest dreams, all the attitude had vanished.

Maybe because is simply wasn't needed any more… Jan thought that with his previous record, he'd be strutting his new (and incredible) look, but instead, he just took it in his stride. The constant need of proving himself, it seems, vanished—replaced by self-confidence, which was well deserved, and completely unassuming. Yet another thing to add to the puzzle of how deeply the changes really went. In a way, Jan felt relieved that his assessment that Marc had already cured himself was true. Instead of voicing all that he just decided on a tip for Marc: 'Well, just a suggestion—wishing for it to be able to go extremely flaccid as well as having extreme growing capacity cures THAT particular problem' he said. It was evident in his voice that he barely contained himself from laughing at the situation, although he doubted that anyone, except possibly Mike, could pick up that it would have been, in part, a laugh of relief. He did, after all, make a promise he would rather not need to keep.

'Thanks for the tip… but there is another thing I must do.' For a second, Marc again appeared thoughtful. Suddenly, there was some kind of a change in Marc's body, like a shudder under his skin, but it was gone in another second. 'Ahhh… I always wanted to do that' Marc said.

'What was it you did, exactly?' Mike asked.

'Ah… one does not get as big as I… was, without using some potentially dangerous stuff. Quite dangerous, as a matter of fact. I took great care to avoid any danger, but there is always that which one can't account for. Nothing comes without consequences, and I just took care of them' Marc said. Then he looked at Jan, continuing: 'I suppose now I really cured myself' he said. Jan was rather startled by this echo of the thought he just had seconds ago, but said nothing. 'I suppose that's one more thing I owe you… come to think of it, although I never really had any regrets, I was lucky in the first place, and now you have given me this chance to come completely clean, and in fact get all the rewards of the risks I was willing to take… just saying thanks somehow sounds very feeble…' Marc said.

'Um… ah, I think you should stay away from sharp objects' a voice, changed, but unmistakably Tom's, said. The three other men turned around.

'Oh… well, I was about to complain because the view was sure nice, but on second thought, this is even better' Tom said, standing up.

And up. It was obvious he was surprised as he regained his balance twice while standing up. He also looked quite meaningfully at the ceiling, which was now a lot closer!

'Wow, the world surely looks different from this high above' He said, finally. Just like Mike, Marc and Jan, his voice now had deep undertones. It also had something else—something both Mike and Jan had, and Marc too, although he had not tried it yet, but Tom could do it without trying. His voice was oozing maleness. This guy could get anything just by using that voice. Not to mention that figure!

Marc had to admit he had become the embodiment of his own dreams, well, at least some of them. On the other hand, you have to be careful what you dream for, he mused. The feeling of being so overwhelmingly muscular was incredible, but he found himself thinking of that in a whole different light—right now, what occupied his thoughts mostly was Tom.

'Well, well… my, Tommy, where have you been keeping all that muscle? Not to mention that cock, and… well, that… everything!'

He finally said. It wasn't really what he meant, but from the look on Tom's face, it was obvious he understood.

Before Marc, and actually quite a bit above him, was a figure that could only be described as beautiful. Of course, Tom was a real stud before the transformation, but now he was just amazing. In fact, he reminded Marc of Mike, only he was obviously built lighter, but also, even with Mike being so incredibly defined, Tom was a notch harder—it was incredible. Watching him move was like watching a cross between a predator, a dancer, a bodybuilder and a runner. Marc touched Tom, looking into his eyes, and under his hands, he felt warm living steel. However, there was no doubt that Tom was big, actually, very big, but somehow in a quite unassuming manner. Marc thought of it as one of those guys you just notice when clothed, but are left speechless once the clothes are off. He realized just then that was really what attracted him to Tom in the physical sense from the very beginning. A question formed in Marc's mind as to how was it that he could think about all this so easily until now. He decided that he didn't need that answer, whatever it was, he just wanted it to stay that way. He went back to his mental description of Tom. The basic idea was sound, just multiplied by, oh, about 100 times. There was absolutely no way that Tom would ever just casually be noticed for a short while. First of all, just like the rest of the company, he could not fit any normal clothes.

Looking at him completely naked, the first thing to notice was a set of very wide shoulders, a tiny waist, and basically a small-boned frame, that got extended to, well, about 8 feet tall, and more than proportionally wide. Then, one would have to notice that mane of blond hair, which had somehow actually turned a bit darker, as had his eyes. Pale blue before, now they were deep blue, and they talked to anyone looking into them. The old saying that eyes were a connection to the soul, was completely true with Tom, only they also connected to the soul of anyone that looked into them. Looking into them quite literally shut up both Marc and Tom.

Next would come a three-day beard, just the right tone of blond to be noticeable. If possible, it made Tom even more sexy. Then, going down, came pecs, muscle plating over a wide chest, square, thick, cut, hard as steel. Corded massive shoulders, big arms, split and slashed with incredible muscle and forearms that hinted at crushing steel bars. His six-pack abs peculiarly managed to almost become an 8-pack, the bottom ridge was almost split in half by yet another ridge, only it went only halfway across. Whenever Tom breathed out the part-way ridges would show. His small waist, just as tight as the rest of him, curved into thighs that no-one would ever doubt of being incredibly strong even though they were not exactly huge—not in the sense Marcs were, but certainly way beyond anything seen on a 'normal' human. Just like the rest of Tom, these were slashed, cut, sinuous and steel hard. The most incredible thing on Tom's legs must have been his shins, though—even considering present company, one does not see the muscles over the shinbone outlined like that. Tom's stood out even when he was just standing there. From behind, Tom was in all his corded sinuousness, very broad. His back easily rivalled Mikes, and would no doubt produce one amazing lat spread. The various muscles were clearly carved out, almost resembling an anatomy chart.

But here his build could clearly be seen as coming from a lighter basic form. The three other men all had at least a slight 'cobra'

effect to their back, and Marc knew he was the champion there, having been blessed with a back like that ever since he started working out, Tom's was almost a straight V taper, but what a taper it was! And talk about ass! To top it all off, Tom was now hung typically for the group.

Somehow, that all was just noticed on the side. Marc again felt that special something, the feeling so new to him, but so wonderful. He suddenly realized, as his 'appraisal' ticked on in his head, it was entirely in his mind's eye, gathered from a collage of images of Tom from the moment Marc awoke after his transformation, to the moment his eyes met Tom's. Once that happened, his eyes never left Tom's.

Never more than at that moment he felt that he knew where his future was. He hugged Tom, and finally he felt he had accomplished something important.

'Unh… man, easy, you don't know how strong you are' Tom wheezed through clenched teeth.

'Uh.. sorry, I… I guess it takes time to get used to…' Marc fumbled for words.

Then, Tom just smiled and kissed Marc right on the top of his head.

It was obvious from the way it felt to Marc that he too felt confused by the change, but that doing it felt like the right thing to do, it was almost like he was reluctant.

'Marc, you are awesome' Tom whispered. Marc chuckled silently. 'Well, you haven't seen yourself in the mirror yet…' he answered. Only days ago he would never believe he would say this.

'You know what, the only thing that matters is that I have you' Marc said.

The doorframe squeaked as Mike and Jan exited the room. Tom clearly heard Jan say 'Come on, it's time to make ourselves scarce' and he laughed inwardly at the pun.

They went right past the counter and the little lobby area right next to the entrance.

'Jan, just leave them alone… whatever happens, I don't think we can do anything to help, and they are both grown ups… just let them be'

Mike said.

Jan looked at Mike for a second. His 'protector' role towards David was very much evident to Mike, but considering it's expression that Mike saw when David literally dropped in on them at the cabin, Jan was getting better about it. Still, Mike could understand very well where Jan was coming from, so he didn't comment.

'Yeah… I guess you're right. I do wonder a bit, though, it was amazing how all the products of our little episode back there in that room got absorbed' Jan said. 'There was almost no trace left at all.

We must be generating an amazing local deficit for the inflation field, after all, there's six of us now'. Mike just looked at him. A tone of apology was present in that little speech. Mike continued to just look at Jan, fully aware that he was dodging the real issue.

'Well, OK, I know, but I only wanted to check up on them… anyway, you are right, we should leave them alone, and wait for them here', Jan finally said.

“Good. That way we can all have a little talk, it high we had one!'

Said a third voice.

The last thing Mike would have expected was that someone would be sitting in the gym lobby. Right next to the counter, so Mike and Jan saw nothing as they passed by, the counter shielded the chairs from their view. They spun around as one unit. The stranger kept his advantage of surprise by saying: 'Hello, Michael. It's been a while… and you must be Jan Ward?'

Mike was very surprised to say the least, suddenly feeling more than a bit modest in his nakedness, without reason of course—but it was just in his nature. His recently found confidence helped him get his mind back on track very quickly, though. Still, it was odd standing in front of a stranger naked, plus he seemed to know who Mike was, and Mike was clueless.

'Don't worry about your friends in the sauna, I've just checked on them a minute ago… It was getting quite boring just sitting here listening to the cries and moans, besides they stopped, so I went to see if they are OK. They are just getting over the final transformation, they'll be out for a while. I'm sure you already know that's quite normal.' The stranger stated, matter-of-factly.

The man stood up from the chair he was occupying, or rather, overwhelming. Even at first glance, it was obvious this was no ordinary man. He was easily well over the merely freaky stage as far as size goes, maybe slightly shorter than present company and quite a bit leaner, but rather obviously, fitted into the present select group of men. He must have been just a bit shorter than 7 feet, and very wide. He was dressed quite conservatively considering the undoubtedly fantastic body underneath the clothes, baggy trousers and a long thin overcoat. The whole picture reminded mike of the way any shady character would be depicted in cartoons, almost like the proverbial 'agent' of some sort. Mike almost expected a hat too, wide brimmed to cast a shade over the face, but there wasn't one.

The amazingly muscular body wasn't really hidden at all by the clothes, if one looked with any degree of attention. If one looked casually, the width of those shoulders could be mistaken as padding, 50's style. The man had a face which radiated experience, it had a kind of youthfully aged quality to it, which was emphasized even more by a shoulder length mane of silver hair bundled into a ponytail.

Actually, it was more aged youthfulness. The whole figure was one of someone very old and wise, but young of body and soul. The eyes gave it away, though. Just as Mike gave the stranger a once-over, the stranger did the same to Mike.

'I believe you have me at a disadvantage' Mike said tactfully. The stranger ignored the implied question and said: 'Well, you certainly kept your impeccable manners!' The stranger said, smiling. He was obviously overjoyed for some reason, and Mike was obviously still clueless.

'Michael, I knew you would do it, and as always, you did it perfectly! Just look at you, you are finally out of your shell, and I am glad I was right. It's so good to see you again!' the man said, and hugged Mike, much to Mike's total surprise. Quite tight, too, Mike noticed. Some ingrained habit remained and Mike actually tried to break free away from the stranger. As soon as the man felt it, he stepped away.

'Oh, I'm so sorry, Michael… it's just been so long, and look at you! Wow, I believe you have done way better than I ever expected, and as my favorite student, I always expected a lot from you'.

Now Mike was puzzled. But there was something really familiar about this man, and also, Mike felt, a contradiction. There was this nagging feeling, something at the edge of consciousness, nagging that this situation isn't quite right. There were only three people that he knew that called him by his full name, and two of those were his parents. But surely… no, impossible, he thought.

'OK, maybe this will help' the man said, and in a matter of seconds, the man changed, becoming much, much smaller, his coat suddenly touching the floor, and his appearance became much older. But the face was similar, and to Mike, now it was instantly recognizable.

'Oh. My. God.' Mike said. He turned to Jan, who just stood there through the whole conversation, looking completely bewildered.

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