Shrinking for Sean

by Blue Blue

 Sean was super excited about the idea of me using the shrinking serum to become smaller than him so we could screw like that—and I was even more into it than he was.

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Sean grabbed me by the waist of my jeans and pulled my firm body tightly into his own. We had the same figure—5’11”, with broad shoulders and slender thirty inch waists.

“Here goes nothing.” I took the glass vial and dripped five emerald drops down my throat, greedily swallowing and smacking my lips as I eyed Sean. I pressed my forehead to his and looked straight into his two blue eyes. My bulging crotch raged head-on with his—I could feel the outline of his hard-on beneath the denim with my own dick. Beneath our t-shirts, our nipples aligned like a mirror—at the exact same height and distance apart.

“I'm gonna' fuck you so hard—God! I can't imagine your small little hands and tight little ass!” Sean began to sweat at the mere thought of my small little frame stretched around his massive cock inside.

I ran both my hands up his shirt and underneath his armpits, pulling on his shoulder blades and drawing him closer to me. Sean slid his right hand behind me and under the tight elastic of my Calvin Klein white briefs, his index finger traveling down the cleft of my firm butt-cheeks.

Sean was massaging my behind when the room began to swim slowly in circles. Sean caught me and hauled me on top of him on the bed. For a moment, my head and abdomen were overcome by a strange pain, but it quickly passed. My hard on throbbed with anticipation.

I pulled his shirt over his head, exposing broad, sculpted shoulders narrowing down to a taut, slender waistline. I dug both my hands beneath his belt, beneath his white bikini briefs, which were overflowing with his mountainous erection. I couldn't stand the anticipation any longer—I was empty inside, aching to be filled, fulfilled. I straddled his hips and sat my cheeks right on top of his obscene bulge.

“Eager, aren't we?”

“I can't wait any longer. If this stuff works…I'm gonna' cum at the mere thought of it.”

I unbuttoned his fly and slid his jeans down to his ankles and threw them off. I could smell the fresh cum from the new stain on his underwear. He smiled mischievously at me as I slid my hands around his thin waist, under his firm ass, and gently pulled them down his perfect thighs and off his feet. He stood before me naked. I still had all of my tight-fitting clothing on, so I knew if the potion was working…

Just then, I felt another twinge in my bowels, a small discomfort, and suddenly my watch moved down my wrist, halfway down my forearm. My jeans felt looser, and my belt buckle definitely needed to be notched down again. Surprised and dazed, I momentarily stepped off the bed, and on the next stride, my left foot stepped right out of the shoe. It had been tied tightly and double-knotted! My right foot did the same.

Aroused, I lay down directly on top of Sean, and to my surprise, my eyes only reached his Adam's apple.

“Sean! This stuff is incredible. How much time do we have?”

“I don't know little guy, but you're getting cuter by the minute.”

Sean had always been a boy lover, attracted to men and teens with smaller frames, and tending to date smaller framed and younger looking men. As for me, I'm now nineteen, but have always wanted to shrink, to become younger, slimmer, trimmer, and to have sex with relatively bigger men and bigger cocks. Now the moment had arrived. Over the past few months, I had learned to accommodate Sean's eleven inch behemoth down my throat and up my ass, but the moment of truth had come.

Sean grabbed me by my skinny little neck, and lowered me slowly down past his pecs, below his navel, and into his groin. His cock looked even bigger than normal. I eagerly licked the long shaft up and down, desperately summoning more saliva to coat him. His head was as big as a crab apple, and I stretched my lips over his huge glans, and began to gently bob on the first few inches. It was definitely larger, or rather, my mouth was now smaller. I could usually get the first five inches in with ease, but as his shaft barreled down on the back of my throat, I could feel the gag reflex rising too early. I relaxed. Up and down, up and down…

Sean moaned with delight as my munchkin mouth fellated his dick.

“Come on boy! Deep throat my huge cock while you still can fit it in there!”

“I'm trying” I said and vigorously pushed my head down over his cock. I could feel my gag subside, and soon only four inches were left outside of my tiny mouth.

I had continued to shrink. I looked in the full length mirror on our wall, and I saw what seemed to be a fourteen year old boy in baggy clothing giving Sean head. Then I realized that boy was me! I took off my shirt and admired my now thin shoulders and protruding shoulder blades and collar bones. I had lost almost all the fat off of my body, and most of the well defined muscles. I lowered my eyes and gazed upon my waist. It looked like I was wearing clown pants, but they were only a thirty inch waist! I couldn't imagine how I could now fit Sean's big prick up my tiny hips and into my now miniaturized intestine, but I was determined to do it. Sean grabbed me with both hand around the waist, and he could nearly reach all the way around! It couldn't be more than 24 inches.

I quickly stepped out of my absurdly oversized jeans, and my briefs immediately fell to my knees, exposing a little boy penis. Although this potion was supposed to just make you shrink, it also seemed go through reverse puberty to do so. I had no pubic hair around the base of my little prick, and the rest of me was hairless like a child.

Sean was growing visibly excited at my self-examination, but his sex drive compelled him. He easily picked me up, and laid me down on my back, with my head over the side of the bed.

“What are you gonna do, Sean?”

“You'll see, you'll see.”

He approached behind my head, and flipped his now gargantuan cock over my face, and between my lips, forcing my jaw open and shoving his log deep into my mouth, to the back of my throat. He told me to relax, and to lean my head back. I did as was told, and as I saw his balls inch their way closer to my nose, I could feel him swell my neck and throat.

He just rested there with his member filling my neck up, and with my face embedded in his crotch. I couldn't believe I had deep throated the whole thing. I reached up with my now young adolescent hands, and felt my tiny, underdeveloped neck and throat. The skin was tight, trying to contain the long, hard ridge in my throat—I could feel his cock burrowed deep inside my little neck.

He pulled out so I could breathe, and then began to face fuck me, all the way in and all the way out. I could feel my neck muscles expand violently to accommodate him.

My little body quivered as this giant of a man with his trunk of a dick plunged deep inside me, filling my face and deep into my esophagus. In and out, in and out, in and out. I was in ecstasy!

After about five minutes of thoroughly fucking my face, he pulled out, and I lied there, feeling the new, wonderful, and slender strangeness of my new body. I had continued to shrink, and as I got off the bed, the ceiling seemed vaulted and the room immense. Before me sat Sean, a god with massive biceps, pecs, a towering figure, and to my surprise, when he stood up, I was only as high as his waist. I reached up as high as I could, and could just barely touch his huge nipples, fleshy saucers on his pecs.

“Come here little guy” Sean called and he swooped down to pick my small frame off the ground, carrying me as if I were weightless. He picked me up from underneath my armpits, and rested me on his still throbbing and rock hard cock; as my firm little butt cheeks fell on either side of his pole, I reached my legs around his waist like a monkey. He picked me up again, resting me on his side above his hip, as a mother would do with a young child, his muscular hand under my bottom. He seemed so big and I so small.

“Are you ready for this?”

“God, yes! I need you inside of me! But first, let me get something, a little surprise…”

I jumped down, ran over to the dresser, and pulled out a small plastic package. In preparation for this event, I had gone to the local Kmart, and picked up a three pack of 8-12 year old boys' underwear. The potion is supposed to last for at least 24 hours, and I didn't have any clothes that might fit, so I picked a few things up. Unwrapping the clear plastic, I selected a tiny little pair of briefs with Superman on them. I stepped into the kiddie underwear, pulled them up, and they fit pretty well—they were almost too big! Oh well, I had always been skinny, even when I was young enough to wear these, my mom had to buy the smaller sizes to match my tiny waist.

I hopped across the room sporting my new undies, and also a raging tiny hard-on underneath. Bounding over to Sean, I went straight for his dick, and opened my mouth wide.

“Hold on there, little fella'. We're moving onto the next step.”

Even in the few moments I'd had the underwear on, I could feel my tiny waist grow even smaller beneath the new elastic. This was going to be incredible.

Sean hoisted me on top of him by my bottom, seating my on his lap. Before I had straddled his waist, and now I was straddling his beast of a dick. Sean couldn't wait much longer, and he gently slid his right hand down to the base of my back, pulled the red elastic away from my skin, and continued to slide his middle finder between my boy cheeks. I tensed as he tried to enter my tight, tight sphincter with his finger, but he was only smearing copious lubricant up and down my short crack.

He put one finger in slowly, and it felt just like a quarterback was ramming his horse dick up into my stomach. I cried with pain, but told to him to keep doing it, to keep going.

He firmly coupled two fingers together, and as he shoved them past my rectum, searing pain followed. “Hold on Sean, I might be too small—I don't know if I can handle this.”

“I know you can take me. I'll be real gentle.”

A second finger pried at my boyhole, and I relaxed to permit its entry. Sean began massaging my young prostate and I gasped with delirious pleasure. His huge tongue snaked into my mouth, filling me as a third finger pressed into me. I gasped with the sensation, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Oh God Sean, fuck me! I want to feel your massive cockhead penetrate my little bottom.”

His fingers vacated and I felt the soft and bulbous head resting against my entrance. My knees were resting on either side of Sean when I felt myself shrink again! Now I couldn't quite straddle his waist, and so I raised my knees so that I was kneeling on Sean's body.

Sean flexed his mammoth, muscled hips, and the fat head of his cock shot past my sphincter muscles. My body, already traumatized by the shrinking potion, began tremulating with this massive penile invasion. I began to groan and scream incoherently.

“Shhh, shhh honey. Just relax for a second,” Sean cooed.

Another short advance, and I could feel the massive diameter of his cockskin burrowing a few inches deeper into me. Before when Sean had fucked me, it was pleasant and fun, but his now monster sized cock was mind-blowing.

I let gravity pull be down until my tiny boy ball sack rested on just above the base of his dick, in his patch of pubic hair. Sean grinned deviously.

“You haven't got all of me yet, little guy.”

And with that Sean grabbed me by my skinny waist and pushed me the final two inches onto his beast of a cock. I looked down and could see the outline of his thick cock pressing out against my the tight skin of my belly. My waist was so skinny that my skin actually bulged with this mancock deep inside of me.

Then he began to fuck me silly.

I bucked wildly as he began to deep dick my little boy cunt. His huge and sculpted body pounded into my lithe frame mercilessly, sending waves of pleasure to every corner of my body.

“Shit, you are so incredibly tight. I've never fucked anything this tight before. It's unreal.”

Sean began to lift my body all the way of his dick, then brought me back down. He was masturbating his dick with my entire body!

I felt a bit disoriented for a second, and when I opened my eyes, Sean's beautiful face seemed even further away than before. He leaned forward to kiss me, but my face came to rest just beneath his firm pecs. When I reached my head up, I could just lick his nipples.

“I'm still shrinking.” With alarm I noticed that the Superman underwear that I was wearing just a few moments ago had begun to fall at my sides. Sean pulled out of my ass for a moment to throw them to the side. When he re-entered me, I realized that his cock was like a fist entering my tiny boyhole. I was never more aroused in my life.

“I can't take this anymore—you're so fucking tight. I'm gonna cum.”

Sean's cock twitched inside of me, shaking my frame. When he came, I could feel a gushing of hot liquid unleash inside of me. My own dick, now only an inch long, but hard as a rock, tensed and began to orgasm. But as I was being filled my Sean's cum up my ass, my own dick didn't shoot anything at all! This was the first time in 7 years that I had had a dry orgasm. Sean continued to shoot load after copious load up my boyhole, and I rode him as his eyes fluttered and toes curled.

When he was finished, I collapsed on top of him, and his cock began to grow soft and recede. I looked up, and his handsome face seemed huge and masculine. He smiled, and rubbed his fingers through my hair.

I laid down against his hard stomach, hugged his chest, and nestled my small head into the space between the firm mounds of his pecs. With that, I fell into a deep and restful sleep.

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