by TreborNawoc

 Rowan is excited about his upcoming 18th birthday and his life to come at uni with his best friend turned boyfriend. On the big day, though, a series of changes forces him to begin an entirely new kind of life.

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It was the night before his 18th birthday. Rowan was excited. Tomorrow he turned 18 years old, and in a few weeks, he’d be starting his first year at Avonkirk U studying history. He was looking forward to meeting new people, as well as keeping in touch with his friends who were also heading off to uni.

His phone buzzed as he received a text from his boyfriend, Marc,

‘Hey stud, looking forward to joining the 18+ club tomorrow? M x’

God, even thinking about him texting made Rowan feel horny. He felt he was the luckiest guy in school when Marc asked him out. Marc—the hottest guy in Avonkirk High School, captain of the football team, wrestler, winner of the school science prize three years in a row. He had a gorgeous face and a body to match, especially those arms. Rowan loved nothing better than to place his head on Marc’s four pillow sized pecs and feel his four arms embrace him. He was getting hard just thinking about it.

He texted him back, ‘You bet, can’t wait to see you! R x’

Marc had turned 18 only a week before and was heading to Avonkirk U to study medicine.

Rowan decided to save himself for tomorrow night, when he could get his hunk of a boyfriend alone. With a smile on his face, he fell into a deeper than normal sleep.

When he awoke, Rowan felt slightly dizzy, as if the room was spinning. Closing his eyes, and allowing himself to properly wake up, he opened them again and the dizziness was gone. Something still didn’t feel right though…

As he lifted himself up onto his pillow, he realised that he couldn’t feel his legs. Looking at the end of the bed, he noticed that they hadn’t moved when he shifted himself up.

Throwing the covers off, he screamed in horror at the sight…

There, sitting on his bed, were two legs. But the flesh was completely blackened, almost like dust. As he moved from the toes and looked further up, he noticed that the legs were now disconnected from his body. Feeling the part of his body where his legs joined, he could feel nothing but smooth skin. Further horror dawned on him as he realised that smooth skin now covered the same space where his cock, balls and anus used to be.

He screamed again, this time bringing his parents and sister into the room.

On seeing the ghastly scene in front of them, his mother fainted, his sister screamed, and his father threw up.

Rowan just burst into tears. So much for his birthday…

Doctor MacNeill was stumped. His big bushy moustache twitched in confusion. He had seen many things in his time here, some of which his colleagues outside town just thought he was making up, but this one confused him.

Sure, there had been a lot of 18th birthday transformations, but they usually involved the boys—always boys, the Doctor thought—growing extra parts, not losing bits.

By now, Rowan’s legs had withered away to nothing more than dust on the bed, something else that confused the Doctor.

Okay Angus, he thought, get your head around this one. It’s an 18th birthday, so a common time for a multi to transform, if they haven’t been since birth. The young lad is in shock, but no pain whatsoever. His dad is an ex-employee of that Government Research facility that shut down a few years ago—so that connection exists. But what is going on…

“I’m stumped, Mrs Fraser, I really am,” he said to Rowan’s mother. “I’ve seen plenty of things happen in this town, but this is new to me. Now, young Rowan needs more treatment for shock than anything, so I’ll deal with that. However, he isn’t in pain, so we can start to look at this more carefully once we deal with the shock.”

Rowan’s mother just nodded.

Marc chose that time to knock on the door. Rowan’s father opened.

“Ah, Marc. Now probably isn’t the best time. Rowan isn’t feeling very well, and we have the doctor round to see him.”

“Oh? Is there anything you’re needing for him? I came round to drop off his present before the party tonight. I don’t mind doing anything if it’ll help?”

“Ah, you’re a good lad, but I think we’ll be fine. I think that the party might be off too, but I’ll tell you what, you pop round at tomorrow night. I’m sure that Rowan could do with some friendly company.”

Marc nodded and handed over the present before heading on his way. He hoped Rowan was okay…

Marc returned the following night as instructed. Inside he found the atmosphere was more like that of a funeral than a birthday. Rowan was still in his room, while the family sat downstairs in silence. Marc headed upstairs to see his boyfriend…

Hearing someone knocking on the door, Rowan just told them to go away. But Marc stepped in to see him. Not noticing the perfectly flatbed cover, Marc did notice Rowan’s eyes, bright red with a whole day’s worth of tears.

He sat down and pulled Rowan in with all four arms. Rowan simply burst into tears again.

Marc just held him tight, letting him pour out all his grief. However, something felt odd…

“Rowan, I don’t want to cause more worry, but you’ve got a lump at either side of your chest.”

Marc lifted Rowan’s t-shirt with his upper arms, using his lower arms to investigate. Rowan definitely had lumps growing underneath his armpits. It also looked like his torso had stretched a bit as his rib cage seemed lower than normal, but his belly was still the same. As he watched, Marc saw the lumps twitch and grow further, slowly gaining momentum. Describing what he could see, Rowan just wondered why all this was happening to him…

After 15 minutes, the lumps were now growing quite steadily, and Marc had already worked out what was about to happen.

“Rowan, you’re growing another pair of arms—you’re a multi like me!” he said, excitedly.


“You’re actually growing another pair of arms! I can also see your nipples splitting in two, so it looks like you’ll end up with an extra set of pecs—assuming you actually start working out, that is…”

“Hey, now’s not the time to tease. You know I work out; I just never seem to put on any muscle at all.”

“Well, it looks like your new shoulders are almost in. Do you feel them yet?”

“No. It just feels like there is something pushing against my che-”

Rowan doubled over in pain. Marc grabbed him and held him close. Without warning, the new arms just cracked out of his side, reaching full size in the space of a few minutes.

After the pain subsided, Rowan felt a panic. He now had new arms, but he couldn’t feel them at all. The worry of having to live with the weight of two dead extra arms subsided as he slowly felt them coming under his control. The nerve pathways were now connecting to his brain, and the feeling of the extra limbs was flowing through him.

“Marc, this feels amazing. Is this what you’ve felt like your whole life?”

“I was born with these, remember,” he said, pulling a quadruple bi pose. “I’ve never felt what it’s like to only have two arms.”

“Let’s just say that gaining the extras feels amazing. It almost makes up for the loss of my legs…” Rowan became mournful again.

“Look, Doctor MacNeill says he’ll look into it. Plus, who knows what might happen next. Might be an idea to let the Doc know about these twigs though,” Marc laughed as he wound Rowan up.

The two boys continued to chat into the early hours, sharing their first 8-armed hug, and talking about what the future will be like now that Rowan is a multi…

Doctor MacNeill was still stumped. Angus, every day you are more and more clueless about this stuff, he thought. Just as you think you’re on to something and think you’ve got it all figured out, something like this happens.

He had brought a wheelchair from his surgery over so that Rowan could regain some mobility and get some fresh air. Rowan was now out in town with his sister, being pushed by Marc.

“I don’t know if there will be any other transformations,” the Doctor, “but it may be that this is his transformation and that he is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.”

“Well, at least he still has his health, I suppose,” Mrs Rowan said, sounding resigned to the fact.

“I think I’ll keep young Rowan under observation for the next few weeks just in case. I’ll pop round every day just to see if there are any other changes, and to see how he is getting on.”

In town, Rowan was starting to brighten up a bit. People were staring, as would be expected, but the high prevalence of multis in town meant that most just went about their normal daily business.

A few of Rowan’s classmates saw him and came running over to see why he was in a wheelchair. Rowan explained what happened, and his classmates all sympathised with him. A few of the guys who were born multis welcomed him into the club, before everyone headed on their way.

“Rowan, why is it that there aren’t any girls who have extra bits?” his little sister asked.

“We don’t know,” Marc jumped in. “It does seem to be something to do with the male genome, but there hasn’t been any serious scientific study on the issue. Probably because Avonkirk isn’t that big a town, and most of it seems connected in some way with the old Research Lab on the south side.”

“I don’t think she’ll understand any of that Marc, she’s only 8 years old,” Rowan laughed, the first proper laugh he had in days. Sure enough, his sister had already given up listening and was now skipping along beside them singing a song.

“Urgh, my stomach feels like it’s doing summersaults,” Rowan said. “Aargh, now it feels like I’m being stabbed by needles in my legs.”

Ignoring Rowan’s sister’s ‘but Rowan, you don’t have any legs’ comment, Marc starts walking them home so that Rowan can get some comfort…

By the time Marc gets Rowan and his sister home, Rowan is hugging his belly with all four arms. The discomfort has now turned to pain.

Marc lifts Rowan up to his bedroom, laying him on his bed, before heading downstairs to get something to ease Rowan’s pain. Hearing Rowan scream, Marc rushes upstairs to help. On arriving, he’s greeted by a sight that shocked him completely…

The space where Rowan’s legs once were was no longer smooth but was in turmoil with many things moving underneath the skin. In the exact centre, a small, sharp horn-like bone is piercing through, causing blood to pour over the bedsheets.

Rowan continues writhing in pain, groaning and screaming as the horn continues to force its way out of his skin.

As the horn pushes out, the skin surrounding it begins to change colour, becoming a dark orange. The skin also starts to bulge out in 8 different places.

Marc calls Mrs Fraser to contact Doctor MacNeill. He then moves to Rowan’s upper body and holds him tightly through the pain. Making soothing noises, Marc tries his best to take Rowan’s mind off this latest transformation.

After 30 minutes or so, Doctor MacNeill arrives and bursts through the door. What he sees is something he’s never seen before…

Rowan’s upper body is as he last saw it, although it had the huge arms of Marc Fairbairn around it, but below the waist is something completely new. A large spiky horn has pierced through the skin, causing a lot of blood loss, while the skin around is now an orange colour and extending in 8 separate ‘limbs’.

Just as he goes to check on Rowan, the horn splits in two, forming what can only be described as a beak. As it opens, the Doctor can see inside to what looks like a mouth, with a large thick tongue. However, the chance to study this passes as the beak closes and the ‘limbs’ begin to grow.

“Okay, m’boy,” the Doctor says to Rowan in a calm voice, “I’m going to give you something for the pain, to take your mind off this latest, ahem, episode.”

Administering the drug, the Doctor watches as Rowan drifts off to sleep.

“He’s waking up…”

Rowan opens his eyes at Marc’s voice and sees his beautiful face taking up his entire vision.

“Hey Marc,” Rowan says, rubbing his eyes with his upper arms. “How long was I asleep?”

“4 days man,” Marc says with a smile, “do you feel any different?”

“Hmmm… I feel a lot better, but not much different…”

As he took inventory of the situation, Rowan felt his arms, all four of them, his pecs—wait, I don’t have pecs—his abs—I have abs now?—his tentacles…

With a shot, Rowan’s eyes open wide as he looks down. Where he had nothing the day before, he now had an enormous set of 8 tentacles. He was a massive octopus from the waist down.

“Holy shit!” Rowan shouts.

He concentrated and moved his tentacles, giving Marc a hug with all eight of them. He then realises that he now has a second mouth between his tentacles. Concentrating some more, he opens that mouth and discovers that he has no vocal cords down there but reckons he could eat something with that mouth.

He also realises that he now has a penis again, sitting inside his beak. He concentrates some more and let’s his cocks stretch out of his beak.

“Marc? Could you tell me how big I am?”

“Rowan, you’re huge. You’ve muscled up too.”

Embarrassed, Rowan clarifies his meaning.

“Oh, sure. Fuck Rowan, you’re huge. That thing is longer than my arm, and as thick as my wrist.”

Pushing off using his tentacles, Rowan leaps on to Marc, carefully twisting so that he lands on his back with Marc on his belly.

“Do you still love me, now that I’m a monster?” Rowan asks.

“Of course, I do, you idiot. I love you Rowan, and nothing is going to change that…”

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