The interview

by TreborNawoc

Brad is nervous about his job interview at MultiTours Resort, but the more he sees on site the more he likes—and they seem to like him, too.

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Brad was nervous. He checked his tie was straight (it was), smoothed out creases in his shirt that weren’t there, looked to see his shoes were still shiny (they were) then checked his tie again. What am I doing here? he thought. I don’t have a chance at getting this job—why did I even apply? They’re probably looking for someone older and more experienced. I mean, I’m only 21 and it isn’t like I’ve been doing this line of work for long. With all his strength he took that step forward through the main door, catching one last glance up at the sign—’MultiTours Resort’.

Brad was a day early for his interview, which was something he had done deliberately. He wanted to look over the place to see if a little familiarity would give him an edge over the other candidates, maybe give him some inspiration for the dreaded question, ‘Is there anything you’d like to ask us?’ He shuddered at memories of his last interview. Needless to say, he didn’t get that job.

But here he was, dressed very formally compared to the rest of the staff in the resort, sweating buckets in the heat. He waited until the receptionist was free—fuck, he’s hot, he thought. There’s something different about him, though. Panicking, he quickly looked away hoping that the receptionist hadn’t seen him ogling him. Phew, I think I got away with it.

“Can I help you?” the receptionist asked.

“Oh, hi. Erm, this might be a silly question, but I wonder if I could just look around. I’m here for an interview tomorrow and I’m hoping I can avoid making a fool of myself,” Brad answered.

“Oh, sure. What do you want to see? Obviously not the swimming pool, all dressed up like that!” the receptionist laughed. Brad laughed too, and now that he was opposite the receptionist he finally noticed what was different—he had four arms. Holy shit—that’s hot, he thought as he started daydreaming about those arms roaming all over his tight body.

“Hello? Anyone there?” the receptionist said to the day-dreaming guy.

“Oh sorry. Just kind of drifted off there…” Brad said, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, my best suggestion is to head through to the bar. If you speak to Trevor the Barman, he’ll be sure to give you some information about the Resort. He might be a norm, but he knows everything about this place,” the four-armed hottie said.

“Uh. Thanks!” Brad said and started to walk in the direction of the bar.

“Just tell him Ezra sent you,” the four-armed hunk shouted after him before getting back to work.

In the bar Brad started to notice all the little differences that some of the guys had. Most of them were young—in fact he couldn’t spot anyone older than their early twenties. Almost all of them had an extra something, either arms, legs, abs, and so on. Somehow his body had brought him up to the bar itself, whilst his head just keep staring and dreaming about all these hunks. He heard a voice asking to speak to Trevor, which he eventually realised was his voice. Shit—snap out of it, Brad! he thought. You’re looking like a pervert here.

Trevor came up, got Brad a drink and started chatting with him. He gave him the lowdown on the Resort, including quite a bit that wasn’t in the brochure. After an hour or so, and a few more drinks (strictly nonalcoholic—Brad wanted to keep his head), Trevor spotted someone entering the Bar and waves them over. Brad turned to look and saw the tallest man he had ever seen. This guy looked to be about 10 feet tall, with four arms on top and a charming, boyish face to round it all off.

“Ah, Grant,” Trevor called to the new arrival. “This young gentleman is coming here tomorrow for an interview and decided to try to brush up on what the Resort offers. Any chance you could help him out?”

Grant looked at Brad and smiled—it was slightly wider than a normal smile, Brad noticed—before introducing himself. He guided Brad out to a quiet part of the hotel where they could chat without having to shout over the other guests.

“So, you want some info about the Resort? Well, I’m your guy,” Grant said. He let Brad ask a string of questions, and answered them as best as he can, all the time smiling at Brad in a friendly way.

“Hey Grant. Who’re you talking too?” came a voice from behind Brad. He turned around and saw the face of an angel, with the torso of an athlete sat on the body of a horse. Oh sweet lord—he’s a centaur. And a hot one at that, Brad thought. The centaur looked at Brad and seemed to share the same, rather naughty, thoughts that Brad was also now thinking. Grant spotted this and his expression clearly showed his certainty that they were perfect for each other.

He cleared his throat to get their attention. “Hey Fin, what’s up?” Grant asked.

“Not much. Just finished with the outdoor activities for the day. Going to get showered then catch a bite to eat,” Findlay answered. “Who’s your friend here?”

“Oh where are my manners. Findlay, this is Brad, who is hoping to come on board as an Activities Coordinator. His interview’s tomorrow. Brad, this is Findlay, who is one of the Activities Team members. If you get the job, you’ll be working very closely together.”

“Oh, really!” Findlay’s eyes light up. “Can’t he just get the job anyway? Please?”

“You know we can’t do that. Plus, I’m not part of the interview team tomorrow. It’s mum and Sam who’ll be doing it. Although…” Grant drifted off. Both Findlay and Brad looked at him, their eyes saying ‘well, we’re waiting’.

“Well, there might be one way I could help. It would definitely give you an advantage over the others. But it’d be life changing, and it can’t be undone.”

Findlay looks at Brad pleadingly as though he’s trying to transmit his thoughts—which were clearly Say yes! Please God say yes!. Brad looked at Findlay and thought, I’ll get to work with that hunk every day. Fuck it, that’s worth it on its own!

“Okay. What do I need to do?” Brad asked as Findlay let out a breath in relief. Grant simply stood up and started to lead Brad to his suite.

“Now you have to want this. As I say, once it’s done there’s no going back,” Grant warned as they reached the door to his suite. But Brad only thought of Findlay and nodded his agreement. Opening the door, they both stepped into a massive room with the longest bed Brad had ever seen. Grant started to strip, and Brad suddenly thinks oh here we go. Let me guess, suck off the boss’s son to get the job. I know that old OH MY GOD HE HAS TWO DICKS.

“I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is ‘no, it’s not a case of sleeping with the boss’s son to get the job’ because you’ll still need to do the interview,” Grant said. “Let’s say in this case the boss’s son is going to make you fit and ready for the interview, allowing you to stand out from the rest. But first, you need to get naked!”

Brad resigned himself to his fate. Well, I’ve come this far. I definitely won’t get the job if I just run out now…, he thought as he took his clothes off. Grant whistled in appreciation at Brad’s tight body.

“I can see what Findlay likes in you,” Grant said. “Now, this bit will hurt, but it’ll be worth it…”

As Brad bent over on to his hands and knees, Grant lined up both his long, slick cocks at Brad’s tight hole. As he started to push them in Brad began to wince. He’d never had anything like this up his ass. In fact, he’d never had anything up his ass at all. Grant slowly continued to stretch Brad’s hole, until he had both cock-heads in.

“Okay. That was the hard bit!” Grant said. “Now comes the fun bit!” Grant started to slowly fuck Brad’s hole, building slowly in speed as his cocks slid further and further each time. Brad started to get the rhythm and worked with Grant, rather than against him. Actually, he thought, this isn’t too bad.

A few minutes passed and the boys were moving as one, when Brad felt as though he was being pushed forward by Grant. In reaction, he moved his hands to lift his head and shoulders forward. A few seconds passed and he felt the same and repeated the process. Shit, are you going to take me on a tour of the room? Brad thought as his head kept getting closer and closer to the other wall. It had been a few minutes and Brad was now almost into the en suite bathroom when something suddenly dawned on him—all this time he had been moving his arms to bring his body forward, he’d never moved his legs…

Looking through his arms along his abs he noticed that his body was getting longer and longer. “Oh my fucking G…” he started to say just as Grant climaxes, shooting four balls worth of cum into Brad’s ass and pushing Brad’s head forward another 4 feet. Brad blacked out from confusion, and pleasure…

When he woke up, Brad noticed he’s in the very long bed, but his feet seemed to be firmly on the floor. Throwing off the covers, he got to fully see his new body. Letting out a yelp, he started to get dizzy trying to focus on his legs at the other end. He was also now aware of familiar and unfamiliar voices in the room that sounded muffled: ‘Yeah, mum and Sam said just to hire him and they’ll interview all the other guys to get another staff member.’ ‘Oh I think he’s taller than you, Luke.’ ‘No fair—he has a fifty pack—quick Grant, fuck me and see if I grow even more!’ ‘I’ve fucked you often enough, Luke, for us both to know that isn’t happening.’ ‘I put a pair of my shorts on him so he has something to wear at least—he’s packing quite a snake down there now.’ ‘Trust you to look!’…

“Brad?” Findlay said, waking him from his dizziness. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, hi. I was just dreaming about you,” Brad said, a little dazed, before realising it was out loud. “Erm, eh, oh, what I meant, em, was…” he stumbled as Findlay just laughed.

“C’mon stud. You can treat me to breakfast now that you’re on the team,” Findlay said. “And then you can take me out for dinner after we’ve finished your induction.”

“Wait, what? Breakfast? What time is it? Wait, I’m on the team? Did I get the job? I thought the interview was today?” Brad went round in circles. Grant loomed over him.

“Okay Brad. It’s time to stand up and get used to your new body,” he said.

Brad stood up, and up, and up until he was towering over Grant and the other tall guy in the room (he guessed he was the one called Luke).

“Holy shit!” Luke gasped. “Just how tall is he?”

“I reckon about two foot taller than you, so just over 13 feet tall,” Grant said, matter-of-factly. 13 FEET TALL, Brad screamed in his head.

“Now watch out, big guy,” said Luke. “I’ve gone through the same thing, and it takes a wee while to get used to the extra height and the extra weight.” Extra weight? Brad thought. I suppose it makes sense. There’s more of me now.

He made his way over to the door, walking slowly as though he were re-enacting Chariots of Fire. The other three boys just laughed before Findlay took control and led him downstairs to the outside restaurant to get some breakfast. After he had something to eat, Findlay took him for his induction which included collecting some measurements—height, 13ft 5in / waist, 29 inches / weight, 418 pounds / cock, 23 inches (the last one was just for Findlay’s, ahem, knowledge).

After his induction day Brad did take Findlay out for dinner to the roof-top restaurant where they ended the night, just staring at each other under the stars. I’m going to like it here, Brad thought.

2,166 words Added Oct 2021 5,637 views 5.0 stars (184 votes)

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