Pan-Galactic Human Fan Club

by bluesuedewho

 Super-straight dude Charley gets abducted by a bunch of human-loving alien hunks. The beefy space bros keep telling him that humans are all naturally obsessed with sculpted muscles and huge dicks, but that’s crazy talk. So what if Charley occasionally slips away to jerk off to the thought of servicing giant alien dicks? That’s totally normal, right?

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I had been talking with this girl on this new dating app for almost a week—Ty or something weird like that. Really into paranormal stuff. Aliens and shit like that. Total smokeshow, though. Tits like softballs and fat pink lips. Wanted to know everything about me, too. I might have fudged some stuff to seem cooler. Not that I’m not cool, but it never hurts to hedge your bets. Anyways, I was finally moving in for the kill. Saying I really wanted to meet her, get coffee or something, maybe some chillin’ back at my place. Then, wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I freaked out a little when she didn’t respond right away. Normally she’d send a flirty little message, or a boob pic if I was lucky. The wait was agony. Not gonna lie, I was stuck in a bit of a dry spell.

“We should totally meet up!!! Let me send you an address.”

Finally. Fuckin’ score, bro! I was glued to my phone. Come on. Any second now. (boop) Was that a fucking QR code? But the edges looked funny, blurred and curved all weird like one of those magic eye pictures. My eyes were starting to cross. What was that people used to say about your eyes getting stuck if you stared too hard at those things? Better not take any chances. I screwed my eyes shut so hard I saw pops of light behind my eyelids.

“It worked!”

What the fuck? My eyes snapped back open. A giant blue dude was staring back at me. Just a fuckin’ mountain of muscle. Shoulders big as football pads and abs poppin’ like tennis balls. Pretty impressive jawline, too. I wasn’t gay, but girls would definitely go for a sculpted super-stud like this guy if he wasn’t blue.

“Charley! Finally we meet in person! I’m a big fan!”

“A fan of…Charleys?”

“Of humans! I’m actually the president of the ship’s Human Fan Club chapter. They’re going flip appendages when they see you. Apologies! I failed to execute a traditional human greeting. Hello! My name is Ty’zn Wrxx’z. Nice to meet you!” This guy had the weirdest fuckin’ accent. Dressed funny too—kinda’ retro vibes with that neon crop top, short shorts, and snapback.

I looked around in… what’s that one word? Bewildement? I guess “shock” works too. I was in some kind of sci-fi lab crossed with… a dorm, I guess. That was definitely some kind of bunk bed by the window… Holy shit! Was I in space? And like half a foot shorter? And dressed like a slutty farm girl? I thought about threatening to kick this guy’s big blue ass but then I realized it was probably dumb to pick a fight with a massive alien dude. Even without all that fuckin’ muscle he probably had lasers and shit.

“I… uh have some questions?” I said, trying not to sound too demanding.

“Of course! Would you like to eat while we talk? As it is ‘Tuesday’ on Earth, I have prepared your planet’s traditional ‘taco.’ I was able to find equivalents for most of the ingredients and synthesized the rest.”

“I love tacos!”

“Excellent!” the big blue alien beamed at me. Those were some flawless pearly whites. Were there space dentists? He twisted his wrist and lines of orange light spun around his arm like a laser show.

“Can I take a photo-record for my blog first?” He frowned. “Sorry. A ‘blog’ is kind of like a series of brief data entries shared on the Pan-Galactic Reticulum.”

“A what-um? We have blogs on Earth, but none of those reticulo thingies.”

“Oh! The Reticulum is just our version of a generic social memetosphere.” He lined his arm up near his face and there was a pop of light like an old fashioned camera. He looked down at the glowing orange grids around his beefy blue forearm. I wonder what his workout split is?

“Perfect. What do you think?” He turned his arm so I could see the weird space camera thing.

“What the shit? That isn’t me!” I hadn’t been huge before, but I was tiny now! Looking back from the floating screen was a dude with strawberry blond hair, big blue eyes, and bubble-gum pink lips. And my ass looked ridiculous in those denim daisy dukes. I looked like one of those skinny little gay guys. A twinkie?

“Unfortunately I don’t have access to full teleportation technology, but I was able to print you a body based on the research of xenologists who specialize in humans. It’s mostly hyperelastic polymers built up around a biometal frame. I also made you stainproof!”

“So I’m some kind of stretchy robot?” I peeked down into the tiny flannel blouse I was wearing. Why were my nipples so big? “And I’m in outer space?”

“That is mostly accurate. Your body is artificial, but your mind is not. As for where you are, you are on a university scholarship.”

“…What now?”

“A Pan-Galactic ship for scholars. Do you not have scholarships on Earth? Perhaps the xeno translator is still processing [variant Earthican language]. Or maybe there’s a bigger issue with the gestalt integration,” he said as he poked at the screen floating above his arm. I felt a weird head tingle with each poke.

“Yeah. I think I’ll take that taco now,” I said, trying not to overthink things. My ex-girlfriend once told me I couldn’t overthink things even if I wanted to, but I think she was just jealous of my newest hookup.

“Superlative! I took advanced organic chemistry and xenocultural studies last semester. Fusion-style taco was my final project. I’m eager to hear your opinions.”

The space tacos were shockingly tasty. The meat inside was heavy, but it flaked like fish. The spicy, tangy sauce was A+, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the fluffy, toasty tortillas were just the right temperature. Definitely not like anything from Earth, but I ate at least a dozen of them and could have eaten a dozen more. Blue dude ate a few, but mostly watched me devour the tacos.

“Are you pleased? How do they compare to Earth taco?”

“Shit! Pretty damn tasty, bro! Fuckin’ love these fuckin’ tacos!”

“I understand that the use of expletives can be indicative of strong approval in your culture?”

“Hell yeah it is!” I felt charged up, like I had just downed an energy drink instead of a dozen space tacos. I looked out the window at the stars. “Now what?”

“Further xenocultural exchange. The Human Fan Club meets soon, but there is a particular form of human culture I’m eager to experience before that.” He tugged down his shorts and the biggest dick I had ever seen flopped out. “I believe it is called a ‘blowjob’.”

“Damn, dude! Holy fuck! You could kill somebody with that fuckin’ monster!”

“Your display of approval fits with my observation of Earth’s obsession with large male organs. Shall we proceed with the cultural exchange?”

“What? No I…I don’t… I mean, yeah it’s impressive. Gotta respect one that big. But I don’t want to, y’know, suck it.” The alien looked confused.

“You suggested that long blowjobs and rough doggystyle on the couch were your favorite leisure activities in our messages.” He brought up the floating screen again. “Your culture clearly enjoys orally stimulating reproductive organs, and large examples like mine are highly desirable. They also feature prominently in your media consumption habits.”

“Hey! Leave my porn choices out of this! It just looks better when the guy has a really big dick. And I like getting long blowjobs on my couch, not giving them!”

“Strange. You would prefer receiving oral stimulation even when presented with an opportunity to provide stimulation to a more culturally desirable specimen?” He made a swiping motion on his screen. “Have you ever tried orally stimulating a really big dick?”

“I’ve never orally stimulated any dicks!”

“Seems like this is a prime opportunity for both of us to experience something new.” He wiggled his hips. I tried (and failed) to ignore his massive blue junk swinging in the air between us.

“Look, uh… Tyson or whatever. Like, congrats on your mega-dong. God-tier cock there, bro. Seriously. I’m sure lots of humans would love to give you a blowjob, but I’m not really interested.” Okay, maybe I was the tiniest bit curious, but he didn’t need to know that.

Tyson pulled up his skimpy track shorts. How had I not noticed that fuckin’ massive bulge before? It was like he had a cat stuffed in there.

“If you ever want to try, just let me know. From what I know about human culture, you are likely to enjoy it.” His screen beeped. “The club meeting starts soon.”

Tyson…Tyzon? There was definitely a “z” in there somewhere. Anyways, his suggestion kept bouncing around my brain as we walked through the spaceship. It kinda made sense. I mean, I was a guy, and guys can’t help being curious about big things, right? Big cars, big explosions, big buildings. Big muscles. Big dicks. We’re just naturally fascinated by anything huge. Maybe it’s an evolution thing? Anything big is either a potential threat or something potentially useful. And if I knew anything about sex, it’s that a big dick is potentially very useful. Shit. Was he right? Would I enjoy sucking a really big one? All that stuff about humans being obsessed with monster schlongs seemed pretty convincing the more I thought about it.

The hallways were a lot curvier than I usually imagined spaceships. Like the walls had been grown, or sculpted, or… Organic! That’s the word I was looking for. Almost like a seashell, but made of metal and glass. We walked into what looked like a classroom, except the desks were a lot bigger than on Earth, and they were the same sort of swoopy shapes I had seen in the hall. I had been expecting just a bunch of blue guys like Tyzon, but there were all kinds of aliens. Green, orange, red, blue, and at least one purple dude, with lots of them sporting some combination of horns, scales, and tentacles. It was like a fuckin’ sci-fi convention, except all these guys were pumped-up muscle monsters instead of scrawny nerds. I felt a little intimidated by all the jacked aliens towering over me, but they were super-friendly. They flattered my outfit, asked about my life, and complimented my looks. They also wanted to take pictures of me with their floaty arm devices. A couple of guys asked for group selfies with me. I wasn’t used to being the center of attention, but I could definitely get used to it. Shame none of the aliens were chicks.

All the aliens were studying things I had never heard of—what the hell was “metachemistry”?—but they were also apparently really into human culture. I also couldn’t help but notice that the aliens all had big, fat bulges. Their jeans, gym shorts, khakis, swimming trunks, and yoga pants were all stretched out by massive dicks and balls. My ex-girlfriend said I had no imagination, but I didn’t need one to tell me what these guys were packing.

I tried at first. I tried so hard not to stare, but every time I thought they weren’t looking, I snuck a glance. Some of the smirks I got told me I wasn’t being as sneaky as I thought. Were they all as eager as Tyzon was to get a blowjob from a human? What would it feel like to suck a huge alien dick? I don’t know what the hell was wrong with my nipples, but they kept perking up and tingling. The way they kept rubbing against the scratchy flannel of my shirt was very distracting.

After I met all the club members, Tyzon told everybody to find a seat so we could start the official meeting. I ended up sitting between Crage (kinda between “Crag” and “Craig”) and Zethro (“Jethro,” but with a Z). Crage was green, and had the biggest set of horns in the room. Pretty lanky build except for the muscles he needed to support those horns. Dude’s traps, delts, and neck were bonkers. Zethro was built bigger overall, especially his mega-thick arms. He was the only purple guy in the room, and had short tentacles instead of hair. I had also stealthily scoped out both of their impressive packages earlier. Crage had a dick bulge that stretched past his hip bone and Zethro had some seriously fat nuts. What was that thing Tyzon had told me about “highly desirable specimens in human culture”?

“Welcome, members of the Pan-Galactic Human Fan Club! I motion to push the minutes back, and start off business by introducing our guest of honor today. Charley, from Earth!” Tyzon said from the front of the room. The rest of the club loudly agreed. “Charley, could you tell us a little about yourself?”

My feet didn’t quite touch the ground, so I swung them back and forth while talking to the club.

“Hi! I’m Charley, short for ‘Charlton.’ My parents were really into classic movies. I like movies too, but I’d rather not be named after a weird old actor. Uh… I work as a line cook at a restaurant, and lift weights in my spare time. I’m guessing some of you guys do too,” I said, making a bunch of them laugh.

“I like all kinds of music. And I really mean all kinds. None of that ‘everything but country and rap’ shit. I can play keyboard, but I’m just okay. Love a good meal. Let’s see…uh. Just out of a relationship. Really want to get a motorcycle when I save up enough. Probably spend too much time on the internet. I think that’s kinda like that Reticulated meme-o-sphere thing Tyzon told me about?” I rambled on for a bit, mostly just talking about boring random shit, but everyone seemed to hang on my every word, even if I said something dumb. I felt like a fuckin’ rockstar.

The meeting eventually moved on to…show and tell, I guess? The aliens took turns coming up and showing off human outfits, video clips from Earth, and the occasional piece of junk. Old pieces of Earth technology seemed especially popular. They all looked at me for approval when they presented their stuff. I made sure to clap and give them thumbs up. They went wild for the thumbs up after I explained it. Later, they voted to make me an honorary member of the club.

Most of them had questions after the meeting ended. What songs did I like, what motorcycle was I saving up for, what was my favorite Earth food. It reminded me of Tyzon’s questions back when we’d been talking on the dating app. Yan (red dude with insane legs) wanted to have a musical jam session. Zethro and Crage suggested getting a workout in some time. Everybody asked for my contact info. I checked my pockets for my phone before realizing how dumb that was.

“Hey Tyzon! I’m having a great time and everything, but is there a way you can get my cellphone for me? All these guys want my number, and I probably need to check for messages anyways.”

“Apologies, Charley! I forgot to mention earlier that I incorporated a pocket-ansible in your design,” Tyzon said with the now familiar twist of the wrist to summon a floating screen. He tapped twice and glowing pink lines circled around my arms. “I’ve also taken the liberty of copying data from your old communication device onto the ansible.”

“Why is mine pink?” I asked, watching information scroll across the main screen.

“I thought it was a nice color for you—plus it matches your outfit. You can always change it later. Social context field monitoring is turned on by default, so your ansible should have already added all of the club members. You can look up profiles under the ‘social intelligence’ subroutine.”

“Oh hey! It already scheduled meet-ups with some of the guys!” I looked across the room and saw the aliens in question give me a thumbs up. This was way cooler than a smart phone!

“What else can this thing do?”

“Since you’re partially artificial, the ansible can also interface with your sensory nodes. You can tweak settings, or even pull up sensory engrams for review.”

“First, what are engrams, and second, why would I want to review them?”

“Engrams are your new body’s memory files. You can re-experience them exactly as they happened, without distortion. If you saw something particularly interesting, for example, you could view the original engram through the ansible just like a photo-record. It should all be pretty intuitive,” Tyzon said. I looked down at the pink-framed screen floating above my arm.

“So I can just…” Tyzon’s chiseled blue midriff popped into view. His hand appeared in the frame, drifting towards his lower abs and hooking into his shorts…

“Shit!” I shouted, trying to think of something else. Tyzon’s abs were replaced by a picture of Zethro’s big purple triceps, and then Crage’s lengthy bulge, and then Yan’s massive red quads and calves, and then pumped-up orange pecs, and then…

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I tried to think of something other than alien muscles and dicks.

“Something wrong, Charley?” Tyzon asked as I swore at my rapidly flashing screen.

“Go back! Delete! Stop! Turn off!” I tried shaking my arm to get the images to go away. I don’t know exactly how I did it, but I think I managed to get the ansible-thingy to turn off before anybody saw the embarrassing pics. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed before in my life, but I could feel my cheeks burning.

“Uh, just a little tired. Big day, y’know. Is there somewhere to freshen up? Bathroom, maybe?”

“Bath-room? Sorry, the translator…Oh! You mean a hygiene pod. There’s a stationary unit back in my room, but you can also summon one with the ansible if it’s urgent. Just go to the ‘needs’ subroutine.”

“Yes. Urgent,” I muttered, trying to find the right icon. Light spun around me, like one of those caterpillar silk pod things. I was suddenly in a little room, maybe twice the size of a shower stall. All the white walls were smooth and curved. The only noticeable feature was a little round ledge to sit on. Was that supposed to be a toilet? Maybe it only had a hole when you were ready to use it? I sat down carefully, waiting for it to open. Nothing. Okay, good. I let myself relax a little, leaning back against the slightly cool wall. Moment of privacy. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander… There was a faint beep.

When I opened my eyes, a pink-framed screen filled half the wall in front of me, playing my memory of Tyzon pulling down his shorts in a slow-motion loop. I bit my lip. I was in private. Nothing to be embarrassed about, other than the fact that my wandering mind had instantly gone to this particular memory. The video skipped ahead to Tyson swinging his big blue bait and tackle in my face. My nipples were so stiff I could see them through my flannel shirt, and my cock was throbbing and scraping painfully against my denim shorts. I popped open the top button. I just… needed to clear my head real quick. Then I could figure everything out. I eased out of my shorts and sat back down to watch the screen.

Fuck. Was I really going to jerk off to alien dick-pics in a space bathroom? I slid my hand down into my inner thigh. The skin felt a lot more sensitive than it usually did. I hadn’t ever really thought of that as anything other than empty real estate. Never thought of my nipples much, either, but those were begging for attention. I gave one a little pinch through the flannel. Holy. Shit. I gave it a twist and saw stars. Fuck. Forget jacking off, I wanted to take these puppies for a test drive! I reached up with my free hand to tug on my other nipple. It was crazy stretchy. Must be that elastic stuff Tyzon told me about.

My whole body started tingling as I kept playing with my new nipples. Out of all the strange shit that had happened today, this might be the weirdest. I bit back a moan as a rough twist sent shivers shooting through me. I was going to cum just from this if I wasn’t careful. I think my dick was smaller in this body, but it didn’t matter at the moment. I was busy admiring a more culturally desirable specimen. The memory was still playing. I had to admit that Tyzon had a really nice dick. It wasn’t just the biggest one I had ever seen, it was also shaped the best. Like it had been designed to maximize pleasure. I flicked at my stiff nip with my thumb. Most dicks were ugly, but it was easy to stare at the smooth, sculpted schlong in front of me. I wasn’t much of an art appreciator, but I was sure appreciating the hell out of Tyzon’s monumental blue cock. The balls were nice too. They had a big, full, built-to-please look. I hadn’t ever really thought of balls as something anyone would want to look at before I saw Tyzon’s fat pair. I bet he had huge cumshots.

I came like a fuckin’ avalanche at that thought. Just fuckin’ obliterated by the tremors of pleasure. I kept tugging my nipples the whole time, sending fresh spikes of pleasure through my brain with each pull. When the shaking finally calmed down to just little shivers, I looked down. I had only come a few measly spurts, but more importantly, I was still horny. There was a light knock on the wall.


“Just a few more minutes! Getting… uh, refreshed!” Did I really just jerk it to a picture of an alien dong and danglers? That was disgusting! Why the hell was I still horny? I wasn’t sweaty but I suddenly desperately needed to clean myself. I was still buzzing a bit from that crazy-big orgasm, but post-nut clarity and shame were setting in. Surely this hygiene pod thing had a shower or something. The pink-framed screen with a looping montage of Tyzon showing me his dick shrank down into the corner and another screen appeared with pink icons. I tapped the icon that looked like a shirt and part of the wall kinda pushed it, leaving a little nook to stash my clothes. Okay, and that probably meant the water droplet icon…

Water started raining from the ceiling even though I didn’t see any holes. Perfect. Extra-hot, just the way I liked it. I sat down on the ledge and let the steaming water wash over me with a sigh. It had been a long fuckin’ day. I got another weird, shivery feeling in my head, almost like when Tyzon had adjusted my universal translator, except then it felt like he was tapping his finger against my skull. This felt more like one of those wire scalp massagers, but way deeper. Like the wires had been pushed into my brain and were rubbing over all the little bumps and grooves and making them tingle. Weirdly relaxing.

I leaned back and casually tweaked a nipple. Kinda sore from all the rough yanking and squeezing, but a good sore. Like after a solid weightlifting session. I chuckled, imagining exercising my nipples to make them grow, tugging out little reps and sets in the gym mirror while a bunch of meatheads watched. Would my nipples just get bigger, or would they get more sensitive too?

Tyzon’s big blue dick was still bouncing on a screen nearby. I never totally cooled down after my last orgasm, but I was getting really worked up again between watching Tyzon on loop and thinking about my nipples. I wondered if I could convince him to suck on them if I gave him a blowjob first? Another screen appeared on the wall, this one with a still image of me on my knees, pink lips stretched tight around a beefy blue boner. Huh. So that’s what that would look like. A third screen popped up, featuring a close-up of Tyzon’s blue tongue hovering an inch away from a perky pink nipple. The images were hot but pretty blurry. Maybe my ex was right—I didn’t have much of an imagination.

I focused on the third screen, trying to imagine what would happen next. The big blue tongue stretched out another inch, gently teasing the puffy edges of the nipple before flicking over the tip. I heard a little whimper. Was that real me making the noise, or imaginary me? The tongue kept prodding and exploring the rapidly stiffening nub, then suddenly swiped roughly over the whole thing, sending sympathetic shivers of pleasure through me. Fuck! Since when did I have a nipple fixation? Fuckin’ weird. Didn’t stop me from staring as a pair of hungry blue lips latched onto that nipple and started sucking. I heard squeals, still not sure where they were coming from.

“Yeah, suck that fuckin’ tit, bro,” I muttered as imaginary Tyzon went to town. I nearly came when he started softly chewing on the fat pink tip. God, that would feel fuckin’ amazing . Tyzon gave that nipple a serious workout, pushing imaginary me to achieve multiple screaming orgasms. Like a personal trainer, but for tits. The nipple looked big and swollen by the time he was finished, pebbly pink skin still glistening from all the sucking—the image was a sharp as an HD tv. There was that brain tingle again. It wasn’t… deeper exactly, but I definitely felt it in new places.

I bet I could get that other picture moving too. Make it nice and clear. The water was still plenty hot and I had nowhere to be any time soon. If the guys from the club got worried they could just message me, right? I almost felt like a teenager again, horny as hell and spending hours in the bathroom, jerking off on the toilet, jerking off in the shower.

I looked over to the second screen where imaginary Charley was blowing imaginary Tyzon. With a little mental push the picture started moving, other me’s head lazily bouncing and bobbing on the business end of a giant blue dick. I rubbed my chest at the same pace. I was tempted to focus just on my amazing new nipples but I shouldn’t neglect the rest of my body. I reached down to give my dick a tug. It felt nice. Probably nicer than it used to (maybe the nerves were more concentrated since it was smaller?) but not as compelling as my tits. Another couple of tugs down there did nothing to fill the growing need for stimulation. The action on the screen was stalling too.

It looked like other me wasn’t really into the blowjob. He was barely sucking on what little he could fit in his mouth. Tyzon’s imaginary dick looked great, but otherwise, it was one of the worst blowjobs I had ever seen! I could feel my own boner starting to get soft. Shit. I couldn’t believe imaginary Charley was wasting an amazing opportunity! Not many people got the chance to suck a big blue alien dick. Maybe it was time for personal trainer Tyzon to put Charley through another epic workout. That slut was going to learn to like sucking dick or die trying.

The image shifted, angled up at Tyzon’s confident face. He twisted his broad blue fingers into other me’s hair and took control of the poor excuse for a blowjob. Now that was more like it. Every time imaginary Charley gagged, Tyzon would tug his head up just enough to stop the choking and hold it there. Then he’d push a little deeper and repeat the process until other me was inches away from deepthroating him. Tyzon’s speed picked up the longer the strokes got, working towards a smooth, gliding pace. Porn really did look better with a huge alien dick at the center of attention. Those pink lips were opening up for Tyzon’s big blue throat-stretching machine, but not quite fast enough or deep for his liking.

“Get ready,” Tyzon tightened his grip before dribbling the little head in his hand like a basketball and finally slamming balls deep with a grunt, holding the squirming imaginary Charley firmly in place. Tyzon gave me a self-satisfied smirk before looking suggestively back down at the teary-eyed, whimpering twink impaled on his dick. That sent me over the edge again. I watched through half-closed eyes as Tyzon resumed steadily pumping away. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why was I suddenly so obsessed with Tyzon’s dick? Would the same thing happen if I saw other aliens naked? Did I really want this to happen in real life, or had just gotten carried away imagining it? Another weird head tingle interrupted my thoughts. I should probably finish showering at some point. Maybe someone in the club could explain why I was acting like this.

I hit an icon with pink bubbles, releasing jets of soapy foam from the curved ceiling and then more hot water. Did hygiene pods come with towels? I wondered as I looked at the other icons. One was a spiral. At first I thought that was supposed to be a drain, but so far all the water had automatically disappeared into the floor. Maybe it was a blow-dryer? Sure enough, the room was blasted with hot air, surprisingly quiet for how strong it felt. I hoped the clothes icon would let me pick a new outfit, but it just opened up the little cubby with my daisy dukes and flannel shirt. At least I felt clean.

I twisted my wrist counter-clockwise, dissolving the hygiene pod back into light and closing all the pink screens. Tyzon was right—it was starting to feel pretty intuitive. Half the club members had left, and the rest were gathered at the front of the room.

“Charley! Suitably refreshed?” Zethro slapped me on the shoulder, nearly sending me flying. His beefy hands were like dinner plates.

“Yeah, I…uh. Just needed a quick…shower,” I muttered, trying keep my eyes above waist level. I didn’t want to accidentally start fantasizing about giant purple balls.

“Tyzon’s roommate is visiting his homeworld, so we’re headed back to his room for an afterparty. We can continue earlier conversations, or Yan has Earth music to listen to. I can bring Earth games as well.”

“Sounds…cool,” I said, giving Zethro a weak thumbs-up sign.

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