Next level love

by Eclipse

 Dylan gets an app that claims to bring him closer to his soulmate, but he’s not prepared for the consequences.

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Dylan sighed as he walked back to the dorms. It was the beginning of the new academic year at his university, and everyone seemed to be already paired off. For years he didn’t mind being single, but it was starting to wear on him. It didn’t help that he was relatively average all around. Not big, not small, not thin, not fat. Nothing really to catch the eye.

“Oof!” He stumbled for a moment and looked up into the warm chocolate eyes of Kyle. “Oh, hey, sorry about that.”

“My fault,” the jock smiled back. “Wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Kyle was a jock with the body to show for it who, according to the rumor mill, modeled on the side. Just standing next to him made Dylan nervous, not only from the sheer embarrassment of being a nerdy twig but also from fear of popping wood next to the big man on campus. After the two were paired up for chem lab last year, hardly a night went by where Dylan wasn’t imagining a long steamy worship session.

Dylan didn’t just admire him for his body though. Kyle was a great study partner back in class. He always brought snacks when they had to cram for tests in the library. Best of all, Kyle was always the first to say “Hi” to him, and he always asked how his day was.

“So,” Dylan ventured, brushing some hair back over his ear. “Heading out to class?”

“Football actually. Coach wants one more practice before tomorrow’s game. Our offense could use a little work.”

Dylan tried to keep his eyes off Kyle’s solid chest that seemed to bounce on its own. “Oh cool.” He swallowed hard, slowly moving his backpack to cover his crotch. Inwardly he sighed, knowing there was no way to seduce his crush. The guy was way out of his league. “I-I-I need to get going, test tomorrow. So, uh, good luck!”

“Thanks, you too!”

“Yeah,” Dylan murmured, watching his crush walk away.

Kyle kicked the ground, grumbling. “‘You too’? Could’ve said anything and just ‘you too’?” He hissed. “C’mon and grow a pair, Parker!”

He had his eye on Dylan all last semester, trying to find some way to get close to the little guy. The nerdy twink could calculate molecular weights in his head and made O-Chem is bitch. The way his eyes sparkled when he got excited always made Kyle smile. He was smart, dedicated, nice… really nice. He’d give you the shirt off his back. What did Kyle have? Sure, he had some muscle, but it wasn’t like he was big enough to really turn heads. Nothing like the bodybuilders he idolized. He was a quarterback, sure, but he was only on the JV team. Even the “game” he mentioned was just a team scrimmage. Was that even worth bragging about to a guy like Dylan?

It’s not like Kyle ever had problems with getting girls and guys in the past, but the little guy completely disarmed him. When it came to guys, he tended to go for muscle daddies and gym bunnies for hookups, but Dylan was boyfriend material. He never had a boyfriend before, and he couldn’t fuck this up. This was no wham, bam, thank you Sam, he wanted Dylan to be his.

Kyle groaned. “Who am I kidding? If I was bigger, I bet he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me.” He tried to clear his mind before getting to practice but he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out, but it slipped and cracked on the ground. “Shit!” he muttered to himself. The screen was filled with static. It tried to load something but instead buzzed one last time and went dead.

Dylan sank into his desk chair, trying to will his boner to go away. Lucky for him, his roommate was out of town for the week. His phone buzzed with the arrival of an email. “Perfect, a distraction,” he muttered to himself. It was another request for closed beta test. It was a quick and easy way for him to pick up extra cash, even if the games were usually garbage.

This time, the app was a bright pink icon with bubbly teal letters “NLL” pierced by a golden arrow. Upon opening, cartoonish hearts with candy-like shades of pink and purple filled the screen. A stylized cartoon twunk in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up.

“Hello there! Congrats on being picked for the closed beta of Next Level Love. We’re sure you’re gonna love this app. Just give us a sec to finish loading.”

A progress bar with a winged hourglass popped up, and Dylan felt his interest start to drain. “This is one of those micro-pay gacha games, isn’t it?”

The mascot popped back up. “Hiya Dylan, I’m Eros, your guide here in Next Level Love. Hope you’re ready to have some fun with your new love life. We’ve located your potential soulmate, but it seems like his phone isn’t working at the moment. Not to worry though, you can still use the app.”

Dylan groaned. “I swear, ever since Undertale everyone thinks they’re so cool for reading local data.” A greyed-out outline of a vague human shape appeared. “So where’s my soulmate?”

“I bet you’re wondering where your soulmate is. Don’t worry, we’re keepin’ an eye on him. We could tell you, but where’s the fun in that? That’s where the game comes into play. As you do stuff in your own life to take care of yourself, you gain points to find out more about him. When you level up, you can even buy special perks for him.”

Dylan raised an eyebrow. “How’d it know I’m gay?”

“Let’s try it out! Here’s a point to start. Now tap the store icon.”

“Yeah, here we go, you’re gonna ask for my credit card.” Dylan tapped the shopping bag in the top right corner. Eros appeared again, but now in an apron with a heart on the chest. Across the top read “Perks!” with two sub-tabs reading “Soulmate” and “Dylan”. To his surprise, there were no prices.

“Here you’ll be able to buy stuff for either you or your soulmate. Love is about giving, so why don’t we give something to your soulmate?”

Dylan tapped the “Soulmate” tab and there was one option.

Lover’s Embrace

Your Soulmate will feel you in their arms each night, helping them get a peaceful night’s rest.

“Sounds good to me,” Dylan said, who usually needed three cups of coffee by ten in the morning. He chose the option and suddenly a fanfare played, and confetti fell on the screen. The screen jumped back to the main menu.

“Congrats on your first level up! You get experience by completing your to-do list in real life, like working out, getting a good grade, or finishing our tutorial.” Eros winked at him. “Each time you level up, you unlock more options in the store and get more points to buy enhancements and perks for you and your soulmate. You also get a hint to your soulmate’s identity.”

“Huh, that’s kinda cool, I guess,” Dylan murmured. He looked at the clock. “Getting late, guess I should sleep for that test.”

The next morning, Kyle woke up more refreshed than ever. No soreness, no pre-game anxiety, just calm, clear focus. He reached up to his cheek. It was warmer, as if someone’s hand had been resting there. He looked down to see his morning wood harder than ever. “Hey! Did someone come over last night?” he called to his roommate.

His roommate called back from the bathroom. “Nope, but you were muttering a bit in your sleep. Seemed really into someone.”

“Huh…” Kyle rolled out of bed, unable to shake the uncanny feeling.

Dylan’s phone buzzed like a hornet’s nest the second he got out of class. The test was killer, but he figured he did a passable job. He fished his phone out of his backpack, seeing a ton of notifications from that game again.

“Ah, what the hell, why not?” He opened it up to see a list of the day’s activities preloaded from his to-do list app scroll by. With another fanfare, he leveled up. A whirlwind of text flew by, describing the experience point breakdown for each task from getting up on time to finishing the test.

“Congrats on the level up!” Eros popped up again in another shower of confetti. “Since you’re now Level 3, you get to pick two perks! There’s new stuff for sale, and we have some juicy insight into your soulmate!”

On the screen, the grey outline was still there, but there was now a little notebook icon. Dylan tapped it and a little note was added: Likes to play sports.

“Eros, you and I have different ideas of ‘juicy insight’,” Dylan laughed, but he still wanted to play along. He opened the shop and scrolled through the options, choosing one he thought his supposed soulmate would like.

Jock Envy

Your soulmate gains a significant boost in muscle. His reflexes are also a bit quicker.

“That’ll help him out, right?” Dylan thought aloud. He scrolled through and saw another perk.

Medical Miracle

Your soulmate will never get sick.

Dylan looked back to the experience checklist. Since everything came from his productivity apps… “I wonder,” he muttered. He hurried back to his dorm room to begin his experiment.

“I swear I caught that stomach flu from Chris. Been feeling like shit all day.”

“Dude stay away from me. Kyle, you alright?”

“Never better!” Kyle was filled with energy, ready to kill on the field. The only strange thing was that his clothes felt tighter than normal. He shucked his shirt and reached for his pads.

“Dude! You look huge!”

Kyle looked down. His normally loosely etched abs were now a model worthy six pack. His pecs and arms were swollen like he had just finished a workout, and his quads looked ready to crush with a single flex. Even his calves were starting to show a split. “What the hell?” he murmured to himself.

“Hey meathead,” one of the wide receivers snarked, “how about spending more time on the field instead of the gym?”

“At least I go to the gym. You call those toothpicks arms?” he called back, tossing up a double bi. A ripple of laughs passed through the locker room and the conversations moved on, but Kyle was still shaken by the sudden growth.

“Ah-ha!” Dylan shouted in triumph. His level was rocketing up on the screen. A little flaw in the code made it so that each time he checked off an item on his to-do list, he got experience points. If he unchecked and rechecked it after a minute, he still got the points. He filled his list with fake tasks and spent a few minutes grinding his way to infinite experience and infinite perk points. “Okay, let’s have a little fun.”

The notebook of his soulmate had filled up with a few more hints.

  • Plays football
  • Bisexual
  • Has a sweet tooth

“Oh, lots of date ideas there then,” he said as he scrolled through the shop. “Okay, what perks are best?” Obviously, the character was fake, right? He just wanted to win the game. “Wonder what the max level is—oh hey! This is perfect!”

Move over Montana

A new legend is born on the field! Your soulmate is especially gifted in football. He’ll never fumble, and every throw is a perfect spiral, right on target.

“Hmm… what else…” He poured over the list. “I guess I could give you the Barry Allen perk for running, but that won’t help much if you’re a center. Maybe it’ll tell me what position you are later. At least you’re a shoo-in for the pros now.” He looked down and snorted with laughter, instantly choosing the perk.

Packing Heat

Your soulmate gains an extra inch in length and an extra half-inch in circumference on his “weapon”.

“I mean, what guy doesn’t want a little extra?” Dylan then saw some new notes got added.

  • Average student, but wants to excel
  • Enjoys being on both ends of muscle worship sessions

“Okay, you really are Mr. Perfect. Then, hmm, what to choose? Oh, if only you were real…”

“Down! Set! Hike!” The center snapped, and Kyle launched it downfield. “Smooth as butter,” he grinned to himself, watching it fly with the best spiral of his life straight to the wide receiver in the endzone. As they moved up for kick, he reached down to adjust his cup. The snug protector was usually a perfect fit, but today it was as if it had shrunk.

Suddenly, a tingle passed through his body. The feeling of two worshiping hands passed over every muscular curve. He could feel his waistline tighten and his glutes fatten. His chest pushed out, his pads creaking in protest until finally the string snapped. His tights began to split along the seam near his quads. As his calves pushed his socks to their limits, another tear started along his sleeves. A soft moan escaped his lips. His feet forced the cleats to stretch just shy of the breaking point. Most uncomfortable of all, his jock was definitely now too small. It felt like he was trying to squeeze into his gear all the way back from junior high.

“What… the fuck?” He panted. He was living the best pump ever, every bit of him swollen and heavy. He wanted nothing more than to sneak back to his dorm and explore his new body.

“You okay, Kyle?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” It would have to wait for now.

Super Soldier

Your soulmate is the envy of militaries across the globe. He’s blessed with perfect proportions and could easily win a Men’s Classic competition. Bonus points, he’s faster, heals quicker, and is hyper-virile with genitals that would make a horse jealous. Note: Proportions may be overridden by other perks.

Dylan was proud of that one. “Now if you get hurt playing football, you’ll heal up in no time. Might help your workouts too.” He sighed, scanning the list of perks.

“So, you want help with your classes… wish I could tutor you myself, but the Quick Learner should help you out until then. Don’t think you’d want the Himbo perk. I mean, it’d be hot, but that’s kinda the opposite of what you want. I just hope you’re okay wherever you are.” Dylan stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What am I doing? The guy doesn’t exist. It’s a Friday night, I should be out doing something.” He looked back at the game. “But… I can always dream right?” His heart fluttered as he found a few more perks.

Single Digit Club

Your soulmate’s fat percentage will never go above 9% regardless of diet

Gift of Gab

Your soulmate knows just what to say, especially if it is going to turn you on. No rock kissing required.

Friend of the World

People have trouble finding faults in your soulmate and generally see him for the likeable guy he is. Accidents and weird changes are honest mistakes and won’t affect his relationships with others.


Your soulmate produces far more testosterone than most men. Expect a deeper voice, larger muscles, stronger musk, and more body hair. Most of all expect a higher libido.

“There babe,” Dylan whispered with a content smile. “Now you can eat whatever you want, and you don’t have to stress about body comp. You can negotiate your way through anything so no one’s gonna question why you grew. Plus, you’re gonna be the manliest guy on your team, no one is gonna mess with you.” He paused and added one more.

Contest Ready

No body hair below the neck and an automatic tan.

“Okay, a little selfish I admit, but I’ll change it if you want! Just come find me.” He looked to the door, hoping for a knock. All that he got was the sound of people heading out to the bars. “Of course, I can dream.” He said again, frowning at his phone.

The team was in an uproar once Kyle got close. “Dude, did your jersey shrink?”

“I knew you were on something, but…”

“Guys,” Kyle soothed, as he raced to come up with an excuse. “It’s nothing. I just… I just decided to take up bodybuilding! Guess the gains are starting to show, huh?”

His teammates all stared back until the normally quiet tight end nodded. “Seems legit.”

“Yeah bro, you’re lookin’ really swole!”

“For sure! No homo though.”

Kyle faltered, surprised it worked. “Um, yeah. Thanks guys. How about we take a water break?”

“Great idea, dude!”

Kyle let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. As his teammates dispersed, he wracked his brain. Nothing was making sense today! Not that he was complaining of course, but guys didn’t usually just start growing into their fantasy body. “I bet Dylan would know how to explain this,” he muttered, but he barely finished saying it before another ripple passed through him, twice as strong as before. His jersey tore clean down his chest to the top of his abs. His swelling traps and delts double-teamed his pads, cracking the plastic frame. His cleats tore open, letting his feet stretch and spread. He could feel the elastic in jock starting to give up. “God… more, don’t stop… feels so good,” he thought as he bit back a moan. Just as he felt the swelling sausage between his legs start to pre, the coach started to head his way. “Shit!”

“Parker!” The coach shouted. “What are you doing playing in a small uniform?” Each step closer, Kyle could feel another stitch on his pants snap to make room for his quads and hamstrings. The coach’s stern look faded and he put a hand on Kyle’s shoulder, leaning in close. “Listen, I won’t get mad. You’re our star player, but you gotta help me help you. What are you on?”

“Coach, I swear I have no idea what’s going on.”

“It’s okay Kyle, you’re like family to me. I’ll take care of you.” The coach’s other hand made its way to Kyle’s chest. With a mind of its own it started to rub in tiny circles. “Yeah… let Daddy take care of you…”

“Coach?!” The coach was not so much speaking as babbling to himself. His eyes were glassy, and a little drool was starting to form. Kyle broke away. “How about I just hit the showers?”

That seemed to break the spell. “You’d better,” the coach muttered, red as a rose and keeping his clipboard in front of his shorts.

“Okay, I might have gone a little far in a few places, but I wanna make sure you’re the muscle god you want to be. Sure, the mind-warping pheromones might have been a bit much, but y’know.” Dylan reasoned out loud to no one, accidentally adding another perk. “Oh shi—oh… yeah that’s fine.”

Seizing the Means of Production

Your comr—err, soulmate produces and ejaculates five times the amount of a normal healthy adult male.

He then hovered for a moment over the Confirmed Bachelor perk but held back. “No, he’s bi, that’s part of him, and it’d be wrong to change. Besides, if we’re soulmates, who cares?” He stopped for a moment. “Should add this just in case something happens before we’re together though…”


Your soulmate can only impregnate when they consciously choose to do so.

Dylan frowned. “I’m spending way too much time on this.” He was about to lock his phone when Eros popped up, looking more than slightly salty.

“You’ve leveled up quite a bit lately. You also seem to not be getting much for yourself…”

“I don’t want perks for myself,” Dylan said. “If this guy is mine, I want him to be happy.”

“It sounds like you just want to change him to fit your fantasy.”

“No, I want him to be happy, seriously!” Dylan shot back, not realizing he was now arguing with an app. “He wants to be good at football, so I gave him those perks. I also made sure he’d be popular, never get sick, eat what he wants…”

“Look, I get it. It’s nice you’re thinking of him, but he’ll be happy if you take care of yourself too.”

“I guess, but what do I get myself? I want to make sure I get something that he’d like on me. If I could just unlock more of his likes, then I’ll make myself like that!”

“That’s not the point! He’s your soulmate, and he’ll like you for who you are, not someone who tries to be perfect for him. I swear, humans today…”

“Fine,” Dylan murmured. “Wait, what was that last part?”


Dylan shrugged and scrolled through his side of the store for once. Suddenly, his cheeks burned. “Oh crap, should’ve gotten these a while ago.”

Mr. Fantastic

You can stretch to accommodate any size without pain, and you will always feel perfectly tight to your soulmate.

Fanfiction Logic

You never have to prepare to receive during anal intercourse. You are also instantly lubed. Don’t ask questions, we don’t know how it works either.

Eros rolled his eyes. “You’re hopeless.” Dylan however didn’t even hear him as he was already trying to decide what to give his soulmate next.

Kyle stood in the stream, letting the showerhead blast him with ice cold water. It had no effect, he could have drilled a hole in the wall with how hard he was, and he swore the water began to steam as it hit him. “What the hell is going on?!” He slammed his fist on the wall, cracking the tile. “Damn it.” He already tore off a locker door and then ripped the towel rod from the wall, now he was about to punch it down. That said, it’d be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy it a little…

He ran his hands down his new shredded eight pack and fondled his monster cock, now just shy of a foot long. His testicles were the size of eggs. He could practically feel them vibrate and churn. All the hair on his body had mysteriously disappeared when he stripped, leaving him smooth as silk. At first, he was mad, but when he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he couldn’t help but beat off to his new body. Twice.

Now, here in the shower, his cock hadn’t softened at all. He took a quick peek to make sure no one was coming. Then, he started to stroke again with one hand, letting the other wander across his chest, playing with his downward pointing nipples. He moaned, his normal voice now a deep rumble that only turned him on more. “So big, so manly… so hot… yeah, won’t be able to keep your eyes off me now Dylan… fuck yeah, you can grab whatever you want. Bet you’d love to suck this monster. I’m gonna give it to you. Gonna make you mine and pound you so hard you won’t be able to think about anyone else… fuck!” A pint of steaming cum splattered against the shower wall. Suddenly, Kyle realized what he had been saying and turned bright red. “Where did that come from? Ugh, and that isn’t gonna wash down, is it?”

“Why wasn’t this an option before?!” Dylan shouted.

Not the Droids You’re Looking For

Chances are your changes are going a bit overboard. Not to worry, use this perk to bend reality and no one will question any changes to you or your soulmate no matter how bizarre they are. Of course, both of you will still notice.

“Sorry!” He shouted to his phone, again forgetting it was a game. “Hope no one has given you any problems. I’ll make it up to you, promise!” He turned to the notes section and poured over the information he had gathered so far. New bullet points had been added.

  • Main fetish: Muscle Growth, no boundaries
  • Preferred Dom Top

“You’re my soulmate for a reason!” Dylan cheered. His cock was at full mast as he imagined the scene about to play out. He began stroking furiously as he scrolled through. “Here you go, my beastly love, I hope you enjoy it! Just please, find me soon.”

USDA Grade A Beef

Your soulmate has muscles that are the upper limit of what is humanly possible, including with steroids and hormones. His genitals grow to proportionally match. This enhancement is not recommended without perks such as Mr. Fantastic or Porn Physics 101.

Rocket 69

Your soulmate’s ejaculation is inhuman and strong enough to shred condoms. Not recommended for casual hookups with women without the Woohoo perk.

Kyle roared as he pumped out another gallon of cum into the shower. The drain was completely clogged now, but he didn’t care. All he could do was enjoy the ride. “Oh shit… another growth wave?”

This time, he could feel his body stretch out, a gentle blissful pull at both ends as the floor got farther and farther away. His head peeked out over the stalls, putting him at seven feet tall. His ass swelled outwards. His tight waist could no longer remain small and trim and inflated out as muscle piled onto his abs giving him a proper thickness, while his chest forced his shoulders out. He looked more like a T than a V, complete with mountainous shoulders and deep splits in his traps. His skin was stretched paper thin revealing all striations and veins. His balls were now baseballs, forced forward by his redwood thighs. Even his calves kept up with the growth, far thicker than his teammate’s arms. Hell, they were thicker than some of their waists!

Kyle, now feeling more than a little claustrophobic, knocked out the stall divider into the next shower and stretched. “Fuck yeah! I’m a living hulk!” He flexed as hard as he could, his cock twitching with need, ready to explode. He couldn’t hold back and grabbed it with both hands and repainted the ceiling.

He didn’t have a chance to enjoy the afterglow. “What the fuck? Something just dripped on me!” Kyle spun around to see the team in the locker room, half of them covered in his cum. Before he could say a thing, one of them spotted him. “Kyle, hey, did you get something on the ceiling?”

The question was surprisingly innocent. “Um… I… don’t know?” Kyle choked out, suddenly noticing his voice had dropped again into a rumbling baritone. He then saw a bunch of hungry eyes looking at him.

“Dude, when did you… when did you get so hot?”

“Yeah, it’s like I never noticed before… don’t go hidin’ from us now.” One of them tore away the shower curtain.

Kyle slowly backed up. “Guys, you’re kinda scaring me.”

“Nah man, we’re just enjoying you. We wouldn’t do anything to hurt our boss, our… alpha.”

Suddenly, a linebacker jumped on him with a tape measure and a very noticeable hardon. “C’mon let us measure you, please?” Cheers went up and half of the teammates, already naked, were fighting to get closer.

Kyle fought to hold back another explosion, but with the team looking at him– no, worshipping him with their eyes, all standing around him– he coated them all in another giant load. A chorus of moans echoed through the room as the mass of zombified teammates moved on him, desperate to touch the massive muscle beast.

It’s Turning the Frogs Gay!

Contact with your soulmate’s cum will convert any straight male to a gay male.

“Huh,” Dylan said, looking back at his phone as he wiped the excess spunk off his hand. “Don’t remember clicking that one. Guess I better add this just in case. Don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Porn Physics 101

Class is in session and logic doesn’t matter. Your soulmate can fit in anyone, regardless of size. The receiver may feel some, but manageable, pain without the Mr. Fantastic perk. Your soulmate also cannot catch or transmit any disease, infection, or other health condition through intercourse or related acts.

He then popped open the information tab again. This time, the app decided it was time to share some stats. “Oh man, I’m gonna cum again!”

- Height: 7 feet
- Weight: 635.2 pounds
- Chest: 95.9 inches
- Biceps: 38.6 inches
- Waist: 47.7 inches
- Quads: 48.2 inches
- Calves: 37.5 inches

“But,” he said mid-stroke, “you probably want to be a little bigger…”

“Fuuuuuck,” Kyle groaned, pulling his still diamond hard cock from the center’s ass. The rest of the team lay in a heap in the locker room, fucked silly and covered with his cum. Even the coach joined in at the center of the dogpile. “What am I doing here? I’m huge! I could totally ask Dylan out now…” he trailed off. “But… what if he thinks I’m a freak?”

A shiver shot down his spine, and the air grew heavy. The team began to moan around him, those few who were conscious now worshipping his mighty legs. Suddenly he felt something wash over his mind like a warm bath. All his fears evaporated. A cocky smirk blossomed on his face.

“No, Dylan’s gonna love this,” he growled. “He’s gonna be mine. Boys! Make a path!”

Kyle stomped down the aisle as the team squirmed out of the way. Without the least bit of effort, he tore a bank of lockers from the wall. He folded the sheets of metal as if they were thin as origami paper into a makeshift belt. He tore the shower curtains and hitched them to the belt into a simple loincloth. “What do you think? Am I presentable for my future husband?” He was answered by a collective moan and a few stray cumshots. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

He smashed down the wall and walked out into the night. He bounced his pecs, laughing. “I’m unstoppable! I should take Dylan down to the train station and throw trains for him. Bet that’ll make him cream himself.”

Alpha Dream

Your soulmate has unstoppable confidence and mass-produces pheromones that influence others to follow his will. For you, it is an aphrodisiac instead. Priority over all other perks.

Eros glared at Dylan as he scrolled back through the perks he applied. “Okay, okay, I’ll admit, I officially went too far.”

“You think?!”

“Hey, don’t point fingers, it’s your game!”

“I’m not the one who decided to cheat the system.”

“You asked me to beta test.”

“That’s a good point.” Eros shifted his glare away. “All of this would’ve been fine if jock-boy didn’t drop his phone. You guys would’ve at least traded perks then.”

Dylan sighed, looking back at the perks and full stats.

- Height: 8.2 feet
- Weight: 1019.2 pounds
- Chest: 110.1 inches
- Biceps: 44.2 inches
- Waist: 54.7 inches
- Quads: 55.1 inches
- Calves: 44.1 inches
- Penis Length: 20 inches

The new description of his soulmate sounded more like an oversexed superhero he’d read about online. “Yeah, I guess I should’ve added more for me too. I mean, if a guy like this really existed, he wouldn’t look twice at me.”

A thundering knock came at the door. Dylan jumped, nearly dropping his phone. He shoved his dick back into his boxers and yanked up his pants. “Who is it?”

“Kyle,” the voice called back, though it really didn’t sound like him.

“Hold on a sec,” Dylan shouted back. “You okay? You sound really-” He cut himself off as he threw open the door and looked up… and up…

“Hey Dylan,” the beast purred. “Sorry, would’ve stopped by earlier but I got held up.”

Dylan made a few noises that didn’t quite approach a coherent sentence. The man before him, if man was even the right word anymore, was far larger than anything he had ever seen, save for morphed pictures. It was as if someone had photoshopped the best assets of the bodybuilding greats together and multiplied it by ten. The quarterback couldn’t stand straight in the hallway.

“So, you like what you see? Because I like what I see.”

Dylan whimpered, feeling his already sensitive dick shoot again into his pants. The smell… the smell coming off Kyle was foreplay by breathing, each breath a sensual caress down his chest.

“May I come in?”

Dylan nodded furiously. Kyle somehow squeezed through the door and shut it behind him. His monster was barely concealed behind the shower curtain thong. Dylan sat in his desk chair with a squeak, feeling smaller than ever. Kyle paused for a moment to search for his words when he saw Dylan’s phone on the desk. “What’s this?”


“Breathe buddy, not gonna hurt you– unless you ask.” He added with a small rumble of a laugh. He picked up the phone and carefully scrolled through the list. “You… you did this?”

The dam broke. “I didn’t mean to! Well, I mean… I did but I thought it was a game! It said it was for my soulmate and– well– I guess I chose it because you liked stuff like that, so I wanted to make you happy, but I didn’t know it was you, you know and-”

Kyle pressed a finger to Dylan’s lips to shush him. “But you did do it? Can you show me?”

Dylan swallowed hard and carefully took his phone back. Kyle sat Dylan on his forearm so he could watch. “So, like… there’s these and…” Dylan quickly tapped three perks, not paying attention, but immediately paled when he saw what he chose.

Quick Reload

Your soulmate has no refractory period.

Missile Silo

Your soulmate has a monstrous weapon of “ass” destruction… Not all puns have to be 10/10, y’know.

What is a King to a God?

Your soulmate has transcended humanity and their physique is beyond mortal capability. His titanic body is completely flexible and does not tax his internal organs to maintain at all.

Kyle let out a combination of a growl and a moan as his cock tore through the makeshift poser. It rose proudly like the cannons of a battleship, reaching just below his collarbone. Almost immediately a river of pre began to fall from the tip. Kyle’s growth wasn’t done though, as his body became packed tightly with as much muscle as it could possible hold. He panted, holding in another orgasm and looking at Dylan like a starving man. Dylan remained frozen, unsure of what the muscle god would do.

Kyle shut his eyes and focused on breathing. Finally, he managed to ask, “What about you?”


“Why didn’t you use it on yourself?”

Dylan tried to manage his babbling, but words were pouring out faster than his brain could process them. “I… I didn’t really want to use it on me when there was stuff I could do to fulfill your fantasies, at least to start. I knew you wanted to be good at football, so I picked stuff for that and… it kinda got away from me. I thought it was a game– not to say I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was you! You’re were already great to start with though, so it’s not like I had to change stuff. I mean, you’re perfect, or you were perfect, but I think you look really hot now! I should stop talking.”

“For me?” Dylan was taken aback by the surprise in Kyle’s voice. “You… like me?”

“Of course!” Dylan bubbled. “You’re so talented at sports and you’re really nice! You’re a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. And… you were always friendly to me, always checking in on me and making sure I’m alright.” Dylan took a deep breath, now looking embarrassed. “It’s why I’ve been wanting to ask you out ever since the beginning of our classes together, but I got scared I’d lose what we already had.”

Kyle frowned. In one swift motion, he flipped Dylan into his hands and pinned him– not roughly but firmly– to the bed. “You’re telling me,” he growled, “I could’ve been in here with you every night for the past semester?!”

Dylan was petrified. “What?”

Kyle suddenly realized what he said. “I… fuck it. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to ask you out for months! But now, this happens.” He laughed. He pushed his face into the crook of Dylan’s neck, rewarded with a symphony of sweet sounds.

“But… I…”

Kyle silenced him with a deep kiss. Dylan nearly melted in his arms, feeling like his soul was leaving his body. His hands wandered the mass before him, squeezing but not even denting Kyle’s 747-sized lats. “You’ve got too many clothes on.” Kyle rumbled and before Dylan could protest, they were in tatters on the floor. Dylan wrapped his way around Kyle’s battering ram, kissing the head softly.

Now it was Kyle’s turn to be surprised. Dylan curled up and started sliding onto Kyle’s cock. Kyle could hardly resist, all he wanted was to fuck hard, to claim Dylan as his. “How are you taking all that?!”

Dylan laughed nervously. “I might have had a few prep perks.”

Kyle snorted a laugh as his control crumbled. He began pushing the massive log inside the twink’s perfect ass. Dylan’s tight muscles milked his dick, pulling it in farther. At halfway, he couldn’t hold back anymore. In one swift punch, he hilted Dylan. The twink’s eyes rolled back in his head as he shot across Kyle’s abs.

The spasm shook him to his core, sending a little vibration down Kyle as he began to plow hard. With each smack of his hips against his soulmate, Kyle felt his cock swell, already pumping Dylan full of pints of pre-cum. He pressed Dylan into his chest and kept pounding away, shaking the bed. Suddenly, the mattress fell to the ground as the iron frame finally gave way, but neither man noticed. All they cared about was the other.

“Gonna… cum…” Kyle finally said. Dylan could only nod, already feeling another load building up. In one final roar, Kyle slammed into Dylan, burying his cock as a tanker load of cum flooded his ass and shot out the sides. He shoved his tongue into Dylan’s mouth, and kept him tight together. Dylan could only moan in bliss, unloading again onto Kyle’s rocky abs.

Five minutes later, Kyle finally finished cumming and withdrew. Dylan finally broke the kiss and gasped for air, looking lovingly at the god he created. “Oh my god, that was worth the wait.”

“Hell yeah,” Kyle laughed. “Ready for round two?”

“Round two?” Dylan groaned. “I need a break!”

“Okay a little break, but you’re not leaving this room until you’re milked dry. Give me your phone.”

“What?” Dylan squeaked as Kyle tossed him over one arm and lumbered to the desk.

“Just a little thank you gift for my man,” Kyle purred in his ear. He held out the phone to show Dylan the new perk.

Sharing is Caring

All active perks will apply to both of you.

Dylan felt his dick shoot back to life as tingles began to spread through his body.

Eros hammered away at the computer. “I should have expected someone would do that,” he grumbled tapping away. “Ah well, what is it humans say? Find a bug, fix a bug, find twenty more.”

“That’s why it’s still in beta,” the voice of Ganymede came form between his legs. “Told’ya we should’ve done more bug testing first.”

Eros purred feeling the prince’s mouth envelop him. “Hey, at least it worked out in the end. Modern problems need modern matchmaking, right?”

Ganymede laughed, teasing the god’s balls. “Yeah, which means you deserve a break.”

“Gan, c’mon. If I finish the app, it does my job for me, and we can have all the fun we want. I just need to make a few more cha—oh!”

“Later,” came the possessive growl. “My turn now.”


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