Package delivery service

by West

Jake’s package delivery company isn’t what it seems. He delivers his goods directly to the recipient’s package—the one between his legs.

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I had just been promoted at my package delivery center job. But I’m not talking about mail, I’m talking male. That’s right, my job simply grants me the ability to deliver some goods directly into a guy’s package.

The best part was now that I was promoted, I was officially cleared for in-person deliveries. How does that work? I simply show up at his door and nanobots enter his body to begin working, which also allows me to get close and personal in order to deliver his “package.” And yes, it sometimes involved sex afterwards to make sure everything works correctly.

My first delivery was for a client named Ryan K. The company compiles a comprehensive list of features to help identify the correct clients, due to a long-running scam of people posing as our customers in order to receive the delivery. Yeah, it’s still quite literally package theft. So now we get a full list that has 99% accuracy in order to assure we have the right guy. Ryan was looking fairly average to me: five foot nine, 160 pounds, 17% body fat. Pretty similar to me, but a bit smaller. And his pièce de résistance was fairly below average, which is why our company sought him out.

We have a sort of scale rating system to give a rough estimate of dick and ball sizes. The range is 1 to 100, with 50 being the worldwide averages; so anything under 50 is below average, and anything past 50 is above average. Simple enough to follow. Ryan had a soft dick size at just 31/100 and his balls were at 20/100—poor guy was average except down there. His hard dick fared better at a 53/100. Our company seeks out anyone with the potential that we deem necessary to enhance their package.

I should mention that we looked like any other package delivery service. We had a van (an electric one) and our outfits were very similar to those romper-style UPS uniforms, but more form fitting (and in my opinion sexier). The drive to Ryan’s house was pretty simple, and I arrived ahead of schedule. I grabbed his yellow envelope from the back of the truck and proceeded to his front door with my usual cheery swagger. He answered almost immediately in a polo shirt with the top button open and khaki shorts.

“Hi, I’ve got a package delivery for a Mr. Ryan K., that you?” I knew it was him, but standard company protocol requires us to verbally confirm.

“That’s me where is this coming from? I didn’t order anything.” His voice was stern, like he wanted me to leave him alone. I opened the envelope and replied with what we call the initiation phrase, which, as the name implies, initiates the microscopic nanobots and programs them with what’s on the paper.

“Looks like you ordered a package from us. Addressed to Ryan K., you. The contents of the package are an additional 52.5% increase of your personal package.” I motioned to his crotch, “May I come in?”

He stepped aside, as the nanobots had already entered him from the moment I opened the envelope. Nice house. He brought me into his kitchen as the nanobots finished integrating with his body, prompting him to strip naked. Now came one of my favorite parts and what I was trained for. I knelt down and wrapped my hand around his dick before putting it in my mouth.

Our training involves ingesting our own nanobots that can immediately measure the size of a dick once inside our mouths. My mouth told me that Ryan’s dick was only 2.35 inches long when soft and 5.62 inches hard, but in less than an hour he wouldn’t even remember being small. I handed over the envelope to him. “Here, change into these. It will help you.”

He nodded and began to put them on. They were a pair of specially fitted underwear, this time boxer briefs. The shorts were customized just for each client in order to accentuate their new package once delivered. I was looking at his body more now, he was lean and had nice definition all around and a cut torso. I was thinking he must have been a swimmer. I clicked the button on the pen in my shirt pocket, which started the package delivery process.

The host normally feels a little pain and pleasure as the nanobots work their way to his dick. Ryan shifted on his feet as he stood in his kitchen wearing nothing but his new underwear in front of me. I could see the pouch slowly start to fill out more and more as his package was being delivered. I always dreamt of this being my favorite part, seeing their bulge get bigger and bigger. And it wasn’t just their dicks, not usually anyway, their balls also got an increase in size. Another thing I hadn’t mentioned was that a guy’s erect state only changes by half unless otherwise stated.

His balls inflated completely first, going from roughly the size of grapes to a little smaller than ping pong balls. Not hefty by any means, but our mission was to grant him a package worthy of his slightly above-average body. Slowly I saw his dick filling out and pushing a bit more against the fabric of those new boxer briefs. Double checking my math, I reckoned Ryan now had a soft dick that was about 3.58 inches long and, factoring in the diminished erect effect, would be a big 7.09 inches.

My first delivery in person was successful. Ryan finally had a dick that fit him and I updated his page with his new dimensions. The algorithm automatically adjusted his scale to a 62/100 soft and 63/100 hard. So far, so good.

My next job was for a client named Jacob W. My name is Jake, too, so this was going to be strange for me.

Jacob was big, and I was excited to see him in person. He was seven foot three, 345 pounds, with 9% body fat. His package rating was already impressive at 99/100 soft and 74/100 hard, plus balls at a 75/100. Holy cowm this guy was big all around and my company wanted to make him bigger? Fine by me. He was definitely going to break our scaling once I delivered his package.

I pulled onto a country road and drove a few hours to a huge farm in the middle of nowhere. Driving down the road I turned down his driveway and approached a massively scaled home at the center of what I assumed was Jacob W.’s farm. Hopping out of my truck, I quickly and eagerly rang his doorbell. The man who answered it was huge. “Hi, I’m looking for a Jacob W., is that you?” I nervously asked the titan. “Got a delivery.”

“Nah, he’s my husband. Does he need to sign? I can go grab him.” I nodded as he shut the door to look for him.

Back he came with Jacob behind him as they both came to the door. Somehow Jacob was shorter than his husband was, but Jacob had more meat on his bones (and probably between his legs too). “I’m Jake. What’s this about signing for a package?” He met my eyes as he spoke. Okay, now I have to deal with two giants. No big deal. I’ve trained for this. Just have to ask his husband’s name.

“Hello, Jake. That’s my name too! I’m sorry I didn’t catch your husband’s name?”

“Call me George,” said the husband, extending his hand for a handshake. Perfect, I thought. Making direct contact with him allows some nanobots to infect him, too, to make sure he thinks nothing strange is going on.

I reached out and shook the proffered paw. “Nice to meet you, George!” I turned to my client. “Jacob, I’ve got a package addressed to Jacob W. that will provide you with a 41.25% size increase to all of your package dimensions. Congratulations!” I was in awe—he was already at the top end of our scale, and now he would be busting past all of it. I couldn’t wait to get started.

At this point both Jake and George had the nanobots inside them so we could start the process. They led me into their huge house and I felt so incredibly small inside. The ceilings must have been 15 feet high to accommodate for the taller-than-seven-foot occupants. George took my hand as we walked straight into their bedroom where the nanobots told him to sit on the bed and watch the delivery happen.

Jake stripped naked to reveal his ridiculously huge and good looking body. Muscles were everywhere, veins were bulging, his size was beautiful. And then my eyes met his dick. Well, the scale wasn’t lying with the 99/100 rating. I got to work measuring it, quickly putting his whole gargantuan length inside my mouth. In addition to his impossible length he was also very thick, though it was no match for my qualified mouth. Jake was 7.33 inches long soft, and 5.75 inches thick. While hard Jake would grow to 8.5 inches and 7 inches thick. I handed him the envelope and he pulled out an army green thong with the biggest pouch I’d ever seen. Jake pulled it up his muscular legs and around his massive tool before stretching the waistband out with a satisfying smack against his body.

I wasted no time clicking my pen. This was going to be amazing! Within seconds I could see his package inflating bigger and fatter. His balls were roughly the size of lemons and were steadily approaching their new softball size. At this point he was really starting to fill out the thong’s huge pouch. Before, it had hung down loosely even with his size, but now it was starting to stretch the material outwards. His husband was on the bed with a hand in his pants, enjoying the show. When George saw I was looking at him, he fished his dick out of his pants and started freely jerking a dick that I couldn’t help but think looked small for him.

Turning back to Jake, I saw he was finished. The super pouch of his thong was stretched across his package, outlining his huge and thick dick. Running the calculations in my head, I concluded that Jake was now hanging a jaw-dropping 10.35 inches soft with a new girth of 8.12 inches. Courtesy of the Everything Edition, his erect size increase mirrored the soft increase, which meant he would be a whole foot long and 9.88 inches thick. I couldn’t believe it—Jake’s boner would now be roughly the size of those one-liter smart water bottles!

George got up from the bed and walked over to his husband, yanking down the thong he was wearing. Jake’s massive meat spilled out and the sheer weight of it caused it to bob up and down on top of his softball sized balls. His husband tried to fit his new size in his mouth but Jake was simply too big.

“Step aside, George, let me suck him off for you.” I motioned for George to move so I could show him how easily Jake’s monster fit inside my mouth. I could feel my jaw expanding as it stretched wider to accommodate the impossibly thick and long dick. As Jake began shooting his thick cum down my throat, I swallowed it all up and let out a satisfying “ahh” afterwards.

Next I shifted my focus to George. I couldn’t leave him hanging so I sucked his dick too, granting me the ability to see how big his dick was. George was 3.38 inches soft and 5.69 inches hard, so it was much easier for me to swallow his whole rod than it was Jake’s—not that I couldn’t manage. I felt bad for the guy, since he could no longer fit his husband inside him. But I wasn’t too worried—I had a hunch I’d be returning to their farm at a later date.

Jacob W. did in fact break our scale. While technically it only went as high as 100, he was sent to 143/100 soft and 129/100 hard with balls at 106/100. The biggest I’d ever seen out in the field—but then, I was just starting…


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