by Whatinsomnia and Ziel

 Dissatisfied with the speed at which the current OTC dick growing serum works, Eli, a brilliant scientist in his own right, sets out to make his own super-powered serum. Eli wastes no time in breaking in the new concoction on himself and his boyfriend. The results speak for themselves and their new product revolutionizes the world as they know it.

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”There we go. A full nine inches. Congratulations, babe.” Eli said proudly. The slender, blond man smiled broadly as he compared his lover’s thick, olive skinned rod against the tic marks on the soft, fabric tape measure.

”Finally…” Marco grumbled. He furrowed his brow and ran his fingers through his short, wavy dark brown hair and rubbed his scalp. “We’ve been using this stuff for six months now and I’ve only added an inch.”

”These things take time. You’ve already shown much better progress than most of the testimonials.” Eli stated matter-of-factly as he pulled off his tight, latex gloves and dumped them into the garbage.

”The only reason it works so slow is because they want to make us buy more. It’s a big scam, I tell ya!” Marco grumbled as he chucked the now empty tube of MetaGro into the trashcan. “Hell, I bet you could make one that works a hundred times better than that crap.”

”You seem to give me quite a bit of credit.” Eli replied playfully as he stroked his lover’s thick cock.

”Just saying what I think, babe…” Marco cooed between gasps. “You’re twelve times as smart as any of those eggheads at MetaGro.” Marco let out a gasp and shuddered as he felt his boyfriend masterfully work over his respectable tool.

”Flattery will get you everywhere.” Eli replied seductively before wrapping his lips around the impressive dick. He could feel Marco shuddering and his lover’s sizeable dick twitching as he rubbed his tongue against it.

”God… you’re so good at that…” Marco murmured between gasps.

Eli lifted off of his lover’s shuddering dick and flashed the lean, olive skinned beauty a sultry glance. “I’m even better at this.” He said saucily as he climbed up into his lover’s lap. Eli slowly lowered himself down upon his lover’s eagerly awaiting cock. Marco shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his boyfriend’s tight hole swallow his cock. Eli definitely knew how to ride dick like a pro. The pale, slender man rocked his hips back and forth, causing his lover’s dick to slide back and forth inside of him.

Eli could feel Marco shuddering beneath him and his lover’s cock shifting and twitching deep within him. “You can’t be ready to cum already, can you?” The blond asked incredulously.

”Sorry babe… you’re too good.” Marco muttered between gasps.

”That’s no excuse. Come on. I’m not getting off until I’ve had my fun and neither are you.” Eli teased as he began rocking his hips even harder and faster. Marco grunted and groaned but still kept his load down. “That’s it… just a little more.” Eli moaned as he ramped up the pace even more.

Marco had one of the biggest cocks Eli had ever ridden, but Eli still couldn’t help but daydream about bigger and better things. Eli’s private stash of monster dildos were all at least fourteen inches long and twice as thick as the rod that Marco was sporting. These plastic replicas lacked the warmth and passion of a real dick, but they certainly split Eli wide. He couldn’t get enough of the sensation of being stretched out by such amazingly thick tools. At the rate the special gel they were using was working, it would be years before Marco’s dick got truly huge. Marco was right, and Eli knew it. The slender blond was a whiz at chemistry, and MetaGro was most likely stifling scientific discoveries that could increase the potency of their serum in order to sell more doses.

Eli’s mind drifted to thoughts of his hot Latin lover of two years sporting well over a foot of rock hard cock. Eli’s cock began to shudder and dribble pre just from thinking of impaling himself upon such a glorious specimen. He could almost feel himself getting split wider and wider as the beast ravaged him senseless. Eli moaned sensually as his cock lurched and spewed forth thick wads onto his lover’s chest and stomach. Marco let out a sigh of relief and sexual bliss as he too allowed himself to finally cum. Eli could feel the thick wads spurting inside of him.

Eli collapsed onto his lover’s chest and threw his arms over Marco’s lean shoulders as he waited for his heart rate and his breathing to normalize. “That was great, babe.” He cooed into his lovers ears in between deep breaths. “Now go get cleaned up. You’ve got work in the morning.” Eli softly instructed Marco as he got to his feet. Marco managed a weak nod and grunt of understanding but continued to lie back on the couch as he basked in the afterglow of being ridden in such an expert fashion.

Eli scooped up Marco’s discarded shirt and slipped it on as he sauntered off back to his personal lab. Eli liked to think of himself as a freelance researcher, although mad scientist was probably a more accurate description. He made a very nice living by performing experiments and studying fields of science that the big businesses didn’t deem profitable enough to foot the bill for. He had made a number of startling breakthroughs and had sold the patents from his discoveries to fund his hobby. In the few years since college he had amassed a small fortune as well as built his own private, top of the line science facility.

He took a moment to admire himself in the mirror as he entered his lab. By all accounts he was a good looking guy. His slight, slim features and long, straight blond hair could even be described as pretty or even feminine. He didn’t mind these words though. In fact, he secretly enjoyed them. He picked a hair tie up from off the desk beside him and pulled his long hair back into a ponytail, leaving just the bangs loose to frame his delicate features.

Other than his hair, he didn’t bother getting cleaned up at all. One of the beauties of working at home was that he could show up at the office clad in just his lover’s oversized, white button up shirt. Eli hadn’t even bothered to close the front of it. His smooth chest and clean shaven cock and balls were left exposed to the elements. He enjoyed the cool air against his skin, though. The only reason he was wearing the shirt was because the scent of his boyfriend’s cologne helped to calm his nerves and harden his dick.

Eli couldn’t get what Marco had said to him out of his head. There really was no reason why he couldn’t solve this issue, and who knows? He might even turn a nice profit out of it. What really motivated him was the thought of his lover sporting the cock of his dreams. Eli kept the image of Marco sporting a foot and a half long, rock hard boner seared into the forefront of his mind as he worked feverishly. The image caused Eli’s own perfectly average five inches to stand at attention, but he did nothing to attend to it. The constant state of arousal just helped spur him on in his scientific pursuits.

Eli didn’t come up from his lab for almost a week. Marco was used to these long absences by now, but he still got a little lonely during the times that Eli was in hardcore research mode. The only times Marco even saw his boyfriend were during the times when he went to the lab to bring meals or a fresh change of clothes. Eli didn’t even come up to shower or sleep since he had his own small living quarters built into the lab.

During the week Eli worked feverishly running simulations, testing isotopes, comparing genetic data. He approached the problem from every possible angle, but he still made little progress. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn’t even bothered to take care of his more basic needs. As he got into day six, his more primal desires began to override his scientific mind. He popped up one of his simulations and stared at the 3D rendered image of his lover. The render was completely nude and sporting a cock that stretched up to his chest. Eli reached down with one hand and slipped his pointer and middle finger into his ass. He almost came right then and there. It had been almost a week since he had gotten any action and he was feeling painfully pent up.

He fought a battle with his scientific drive and his sexual urges as he jacked off and tenderly fingered himself. Part of his mind refused to abandon his projects even in the midst of such base pursuits. He was very close to cracking this case after all. The only stumbling block seemed to be finding the perfect base for his serum. He had a theory, and his theories were usually right. He figured he could make a gel similar to MetaGro that, when rubbed into the soft tissue of the body, could spur rapid growth in that region. He just needed a core ingredient… something that contained much of the genetic data that he needed… something that also contained all the basic proteins needed for growth.

Eli sighed contentedly as he felt the warm goop splatter against his exposed chest. He slid back in his chair and took a moment to bask in calm and relaxed feeling that washed over him after a nice good wank. He slowly lifted his messy hand up to his face and was just about to lick it off when he had the scientific epiphany of the century. His contented grin broadened into a huge, toothy smile of manic glee as he stared at the thick, sticky mess that was dripping from his fingers.

Leaping into action, Eli gathered the materials and loaded them into the mixer he had prepared for such an occasion. He was positively giddy as he ran the calculations in his head again and again. This had to work. The science all checked out. He was never wrong on such things. He stared happily as the small wad he scraped off his chest got mixed in with various chemicals and compounds. The mixture changed from white, to green, to purple, and finally back to white. By the time it was done, the formula had taken on a gelatinous state.

He picked up the beaker and stared into it excitedly. He just needed to test it. He almost ran upstairs and forced the newly christened mixture onto his boyfriend, but as sure as he was, he would never risk something so untested on someone he cared so much about. He pondered for a moment and decided that this best course of action was to test it on himself.

Eli slipped on a pair of skin tight, latex gloves and stuck two fingers into the goop. He scooped up a small gob of it and eyed it suspiciously. Sure, he could apply it to his dick, but where was the fun in that. Not that he didn’t want a bigger dick. Even bottoms love having huge cocks after all, but he had a better idea. He would be needing a lot more spunk to make further batches. That was assuming that this current batch worked, but he already knew it would.

Eli began gently kneading the gel into his nuts. He had always had pretty meager balls, and he was excited at the prospect of soon having larger ones. He wasn’t sure how much larger yet, but if this substance worked like he theorized, he could soon make them as large as he wanted. The murky gel vanished into his skin almost instantly. It absorbed into his skin so cleanly that it didn’t even leave behind any residue.

Eli sat in his chair, waiting patiently for any sign of change. It took but a few seconds for the first tingles to begin to course through his nuts. He grinned slightly as the sensation intensified. His grin grew into a broad smile as his nuts began to swell visibly before his very eyes. His previously marginal nuts swelled to the size of golf balls in a matter of seconds.

After the initial surge, the growth seemed to taper off altogether. Eli wasn’t disappointed, though. He still had a beaker full of the stuff with which to really ramp up his size. He stuck his hand into the container and scooped up a large glob of the compound and rubbed it into his nuts. Just as before, the tingling sensation followed soon after. The much larger dosage had the effect that Eli had predicted. His already decently sized balls swelled before his very eyes. They quickly grew and grew until they were the size of chickens eggs, and then small apples, and then finally the size of baseballs before the growth ground to a halt. Eli smiled broadly as he scoped out his newly enhanced nuts. The growth had abated, but they still tingled pleasantly. He wrote this off as a mere side effect of the increased dosage.

He was so excited by his new and improved nuts that he was already rock hard. His eyes drifted over to the last little bit of the growth gel that was sitting inside the beaker. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with that. He reached his hand in and scraped up the last bits of the serum with his fingers and then rubbed the mixture along his rigid dick. He was so giddy about the prospects of increasing his mediocre dick that pre was already dribbling out of the tip of his painfully erect cock.

The gel vanished into his skin much the same as before, followed soon after by the warm tingling sensation. He watched with bated breath as his dick slowly began to expand before his very eyes. He wanted to just sit there and stare in awe at the steady growth of his own dick, but his scientific mind needed numbers to corroborate what he was seeing. He turned in his swiveling chair back towards his desk and fumbled through his drawer for something he could use. He had no rulers, but he did have a small protractor that had the first six inches marked off on it. He quickly lined the flat edge of the plastic semi-circle up along the side of his swelling cock and stared. He could barely stifle his giggles of manic glee as the tip of his dick crept up along the tic marks. His dick was already five and a half inches by the time he had begun measuring. That was a gain of half an inch in a matter of seconds, and it was showing no signs of stopping. By the time the growth finally had tapered off, the tip of his dick was well past the edge of the protractor. Eli couldn’t stop grinning like a goof even if he had wanted to. He was now sporting over six inches of cock. He had put on well over an inch in under a minute. That was more than Marco had grown in six months using MetaGro.

He was so worked up from watching his cock and balls grow before his very eyes that he didn’t even manage to get his hand around is cock to jack off before it erupted like a volcano. It was the single most powerful orgasm he had had to date. Thick, heavy ropes of jizz flew trough the air, coating his exposed chest and even splattered into his face and hair. Just one spurt of jizz would have dwarfed any load he had ever shot, but again and again spooge launched forth from his dick. It wasn’t until after the eighth heavy wad that his spurts finally began to taper off.

Eli collapsed into his chair and gasped for breath as the post-wank bliss fogged his brain. He could feel the warm, thick spunk rolled down his face and chest as he lay there. He felt so amazing that he wanted to just lie there basting in his own spooge, but his scientific mind refused to let such a wonderful sample go to waste. He forced his sluggish body to get up and get to work. He staggered awkwardly around the lab as he scraped off as much salvageable spunk as he could into a beaker. There was so much cum that he filled the beaker to the brim and still had plenty left over.

With the raw materials successfully gathered and loaded into the mixer, Eli finally allowed himself to slump back into his chair and bask in both the afterglow and the pride that came with such an impressive scientific discovery. His lethargy vanished instantly upon hearing the telltale ding from the machine though. There were far too many possibilities to explore with a brand new batch of gel for him to be sitting around goofing off like that.

Eli hopped to his feet and skipped over to the mixer. The latest batch was several times larger than the previous one. He had an entire vat of product with which to work with now. His mind was already racing on ideas of what to do with it. Of course he knew he was going to get Marco to use it, but the question was, where would Marco use it? Obviously he would grow his boyfriend’s dick, but why stop there? Marco had long lamented his inability to really bulk up. Eli theorized that this new compound would allow for Marco’s muscles to swell in a matter of minutes, and of course, Eli’s theories were always correct. The possibilities were endless.

Eli was just about to load up the vat of gel and take it upstairs when he got a brief glimpse of his backside reflected in the glass. The blond frowned as he scoped out his own flat, boney ass. What he wouldn’t give for a truly rockin’ caboose. He got halfway through his sigh of disappointment when he realized that he had the answers to his prayers quite literally within his grasp.

Eli quickly slipped on a fresh set of gloves and scooped up huge gobs of gel into each hand and began rubbing it into his flat butt cheeks. He could already feel it working as he reached into the tub and started a second couple of handfuls. He moaned sensually as he felt his ass swelling against his fingers while he rubbed in the second helping. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from giggling as he daydreamed about how truly gigantic his badonk would be in a matter of minutes.

Eli was so happy that he sashayed over to the mirror to scope out the changes. He wished he had someone on hand that could give him a drum roll as he slowly lifted up the oversized, white button up shirt that he had been wearing. His rump was already huge and still swelling. Eli was ecstatic. He had a big dick, huge balls, and now a massive ass. He had seemingly everything he had always wanted, but something still seemed off. He turned slightly to scope out the view from various angles, and it hit him. His butt looked ridiculously out of place without hips to match. His huge, round cheeks were spilled over the sides of his slender frame. It looked like he had a couple of flesh colored playground balls glued to his backside. He knew there was only one solution for him. He had to grow his hips, too.

Eli hopped giddily back to the vat and slathered on another couple of handfuls of gel onto his boney thighs. If his calculations were correct, which they always were, he would soon have amazingly wide, sensual thighs. His hips would look positively feminine by the time he was done, but this didn’t bother him at all. He had secretly wished to have a more effeminate build. His slim, lanky body made him look too much like a twelve year old boy for his tastes. The only one who really knew about his effeminate side was Marco, who had often encouraged Eli to express this side of himself more. Eli had always been a bit too nervous about flaunting his femininity in public, but now that he would have the body to match, he was thinking it was time he changed all that.

Eli peeled off his gloves and jogged back over the mirror to check out his new and improved physique. What he saw made him overjoyed and more than a little hot under the collar. He was absolutely stunning. His narrow, lanky frame was now wide and luscious from the waist down. His was now sporting wide, sensual hips that any girl would kill to have.

It wasn’t just his waist that was looking amazing, though. His cock was simply wonderful. The rigid shaft now stood over seven inches tall and was as thick as the TV remote in the living room. His impressive dick was topped off with two huge, low hanging balls that were the size of softballs. Each hefty orb felt so heavy and full of cum even though Eli had just jacked off a scant few minutes ago. He reached down and gripped his nuts with both hands. He was slightly surprised by just how huge and full they were. It was obvious that they had grown a bit more since he had administered the dosage, but he wasn’t worried. They looked and felt even better than before. His nuts were now so huge that just one turgid orb could fill his entire palm. They were so huge and heavy that he could barely even hold his nut with one hand.

Eli took his hands off his wondrously huge nuts and turned to scope out the changes to his backside. His ass was beyond phenomenal. The previously flat, bony cheeks were now so huge and full that each cheek was as wide as his hips used to be. He slapped one of his round, supple buns and watched in the mirror as it jiggled slightly. His ass was huge, but gravity didn’t seem to be impacting it in a negative way. His cheeks managed to stay pert and perky despite their size. Each cheek was bigger than a basketball and had just the right curvature to it to really accentuate their size without looking flabby. He turned sideways to scope out his profile and was pleased to see that his ass jutted out several inches behind him. He was definitely going to be needing bigger pants, but that was a small price to pay for looking fabulous.

The only downside, if one could call it that, was that his cheeks were now so large that they were bunching up against each other. Eli shifted his weight around and quickly found that spreading his legs wider gave his copious buns more room to spread out. The new stance took some getting used to, but he couldn’t argue with the results. His new pose accentuated his luscious hips even more, drawing even more attention to just how wide and sensual his butt and hips were now.

Eli could have stared at his glorious ass for hours, but he was roused from his reverie by the sounds of a car pulling into the driveway. He glanced quickly over at the clock and, for the first time in almost a week, realized just how late it had gotten. Marco was due to be home from work already. Eli quickly put a lid over the vat and hauled the awkwardly heavy tub of goop up the stairs and plopped it on the dining room table. Marco was sure taking his time getting in from the car, but Eli was actually relieved since it meant he had plenty of time to get everything perfect for his lover’s homecoming.

Marco grunted as he hoisted the several bags of groceries into his arms and smacked the car door shut with a quick jut of his butt. He got about halfway up the steps before he began to wonder if maybe he should have made two trips instead of trying to manhandle all the groceries into the house in one load, but he was enough of a male egotist that setting one or two of the bags down to lighten the load was simply out of the question. He fumbled awkwardly with the door handle using his left knee and shifted the bags in such a way that he could pull the door open using his right pinky. Once the screen door was open it was just a matter of rubbing his butt against the knob until the solid, wooden door granted him access.

Marco heard the latch click and felt the door begin to slide open. He quickly regained his balance and turned to enter the house, but what he saw caused his jaw to drop. The bags he was carrying followed right after. There in the doorway was his sweet, slender, blond boyfriend, but Eli was much different than Marco remembered him. Everything above the waist was the same, but as soon as Marco’s eyes reached Eli’s waist he could see the blond’s hips had broadened considerably. Eli’s hips were now almost twice as wide as his slender waist.

That wasn’t even the biggest change. Eli’s state of total undress left his now almost eight inch rod openly on display. He already rivaled Marco’s old size and had Marco’s new size outclassed in terms of girth. Eli’s cock was almost as thick as a beer can now. Dangling below his lover’s impressive shaft were two, hefty nuts that were closing in on the size of cantaloupes.

“You got the formula to work, huh?” Marco replied as casually as he could muster. He was hoping to come across cool and collected, but the cracking of his voice and the red hue of his face gave him away.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Eli said happily before leaning forward and planting a kiss square on his lover’s lips. Eli was quite a bit shorter than Marco, but there was a bit of a step up to the doorway which placed Eli’s large cock at the perfect height to grind against his lover’s bulge as they made out in plain sight of the neighbors. When they finally broke apart from their passionate embrace, Marco had a large wet spot towards the bottom of his shirt where Eli’s rigid cock had leaked pre all over him, and Marco’s own sizeable cock was straining visibly against the fabric of his pants.

“Come on, come on. In with you. Off with them.” Eli muttered hurriedly as he pulled his boyfriend into the house.

“What about the groceries.” Marco asked innocently.

“Fuck the groceries.” Eli muttered as he hastily pulled open the front of his boyfriend’s shirt, popping a few buttons off in the process.

“I tried that once with a cucumber… it wasn’t as fun as I was led… oh….” Marco tried to make a quick quip, but the feeling of his lover’s mouth against the bulge in the front of his pants quickly derailed any form of witticism he could have attempted. Eli continued to suck on the front of his lover’s pleats even while awkwardly fumbling with Marco’s belt and buttons. They both held their breath in anticipation as Eli pulled down on the waistband of both Marco’s pants and boxers. They both watched in silence as his warm, olive toned cock sprung free from its cloth confines.

“Oh, we can do so much better than that.” Eli remarked lasciviously as he stared at his boyfriend’s rigid nine inches. “Come on. Step out of them.” Eli commanded his dark haired, Latin lover. Marco silently complied, stepping up with one foot and then the other, allowing Eli to pull Marco’s pants and shoes off his feet one foot at a time. Marco was left standing in the entryway clad in just a tattered blue dress shirt, which he promptly pulled off and added to the rest of the pile of clothes.

“Come on. Have a seat. Over there.” Eli jabbered giddily as he pointed over towards the dining room table. Marco smiled and silently complied. It had been ages since he had seen his boyfriend this happy, and judging from the changes the slender blond had gone through in just the course of one afternoon, Eli had every reason to be. The blond scientist was hopping around the room like a kid on Christmas.

“Huh? What’s this?” Marco asked as he prodded the giant vat of what appeared to be murky white gelatin. The goop in the gigantic bucket jiggled slightly in response to his poking.

“Try not to get any on you. It’s very powerful stuff.” Eli explained as he rounded the corner from the pantry. Eli finished pulling on a fresh pair of gloves that he had just grabbed.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Marco asked politely. He was pretty used to dealing with Eli now and so he was pretty sure he would be asked to sit back and shut up, but he still felt the need to ask anyway.

“Just sit back and watch the magic.” Eli replied giddily as he scooped up a huge handful. Eli got down on his knees in front of his boyfriend’s still fully boned rod and began rubbing the huge gob of gel into the shaft. Marco was surprised at just how quickly the substance disappeared into his skin. In a little more than a second after application he looked like he had never come in contact with the goop at all.

Marco stared at his hard-on suspiciously for a second. He was just about to ask how long it would take to feel anything when the tingling set in. It felt surprisingly nice and warm, almost as if a million tiny fingers were rubbing his dick. He moaned softly, but he didn’t take his eyes off of his cock. In a matter of seconds after the tingling set in, he could already see the difference. His dick was swelling before his very eyes. His jaw went slack as he saw his dick get bigger, and longer, and thicker. He wished he had something to gauge his size off of, but Eli has been thinking ahead. Less than a second after Marco thought about the need for measurement, Eli already had the ruler in place. Marco stared in awe at his dick as the tip slowly crept past the ten inch mark and then the eleven inch mark. He had put on over two inches in less than a minute, and it was still growing.

Eli tossed aside the ruler and grabbed two more heaping handfuls of gel. He immediately began rubbing these giant gobs of the compound into his lover’s nuts. “H.. Hey, isn’t that a little much?” Marco tried to ask, but he was quickly silenced by a stern glare from his blond lover. Marco decided to just go with it. He could stand to boost his balls anyway. The previous mixture he had been using had only increased the size of his dick a bit. His balls were still at their old size, and the bigger branch was definitely making the berries look smaller. Marco was just a little worried that his boyfriend might be getting a little carried away.

Marco’s apprehension faded away when he felt the tingling course through his balls. Even before he looked down to watch his nuts growing, he could feel them getting fuller and heavier by the second. The sensation of raw virility and sexual power that came with his balls swelling was exhilarating. He had to hold his now foot long dick back so that he could watch his balls swelling uninterrupted. He could have sworn his dick was even bigger than it was a minute ago, but that was not the most important issue on his mind at the moment. He stared in awe as his previously medium sized balls swelled up to the size of baseballs in a matter of seconds. He was so fascinated watching the two softball sized balls pull up and then descend that he was barely even aware of his boyfriend grabbing another couple handfuls of goop until Eli was kneeling before him and slowly reaching in to dose Marco’s already hefty balls once more.

“Again…?” Marco sputtered as he stared as he stared into Eli’s eyes. He recognized that lascivious glint in his lover’s eyes, but he also knew Eli well enough to know that he would never do anything that Marco would object to. Eli sure loved to push the limits, though.

“That depends. Are you asking me to dose you again or are you asking whether or not I am going to dose you again?” Eli teased playfully, wiggling his laminated fingers as he spoke.

“I…” Marco’s initial reaction was to tell Eli to stop. His balls were plenty big already. His balls were inhumanly large in fact, but his heart skipped a beat and he felt some fluttering in his stomach as his eyes drifted down to Eli’s melon sized nuts. The enlarged cum factories looked so amazing and sexy, and Marco’s own enhanced balls felt so wonderful that he just couldn’t help himself. The words were out of his mouth before he even realized what he was saying. “I want more… Bigger… please.” He pleaded breathlessly. He silently chastised himself, but it was too late. He could already feel his lover’s gelled up fingers rubbing against his tingly balls.

The second round of growth began just as suddenly as the first had. Marco actually grinned as he watched his nuts go from the size of softballs, to the size of grapefruit, and then swelled up even more until they were the size of cantaloupes.

“That’s just the start of the fun.” Eli said with a sly grin on his face. Marco looked up to see that his blond lover had another couple of heaping handfuls of the gel, but Eli didn’t appear to be interested in Marco’s nuts this time. Eli sidestepped his boyfriend’s now thirteen inch dick and straddled his lover as he leaned in for a kiss. As the two kissed passionately, Marco could feel Eli’s over ten inch, rigid dick and huge melon sized nuts sandwiched between them and Eli’s deft hands gliding across his pecs.

Eli leaned back and watched his handiwork as Marco’s pecs swelled up before their eyes. Marco too was staring down at his chest with rapt fascination. In less than a minute he had gone from a completely flat, boyish chest to having two toned, well defined pecs. “It works on muscles?” Marco asked in awe as he rubbed his newly christened pecs.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Eli said playfully. A smug grin was plastered across his face.

Marco’s stomach felt like it had butterflies in it before, but now it felt like those butterflies had invited all their friends and were having a vibrant butterfly rave deep in his gut. This was literally a dream come true for him. He had always wished to have muscles, but his metabolism was such that he could never seem to gain nor lose weight no matter what types of diet or exercise he had tried. He had gone so far as to contemplate steroids, but ultimately chose not to for fear of shrinking his already meager nuts. Now that they had this gel, though, he never had to worry about his balls being too small ever again. Although, he never had to worry about taking steroids either so it really didn’t matter.

“How big can you make them…?” Marco asked unsteadily. He couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. He had seen the results of the new concoction firsthand. His moderate balls had multiplied in size in a matter of minutes. It was obvious that this stuff could make him grow exponentially. With such power, why would he even worry about the max size… unless he secretly wished to reach it? Marco swallowed hard to ease the dryness in his throat. He couldn’t believe he was actually even considering such a thing.

“How big do you want them?” Eli asked playfully as he dipped his hands into the gel and made a show of getting huge, thick gobs of the goop for use on his lover.

Big… Huge…” Marco pleaded hoarsely. On some level he realized how ludicrous what he was asking was. He was giving his boyfriend free reign to turn him into a hulking muscle freak, but he wanted it. He desperately wanted it.

Eli chuckled seductively as he gathered up two huge handfuls and leaned in close to his lover. Their faces were so close that their noses were all but touching. Marco could feel Eli’s hot breath against his neck. “Say hello to the new Mr. Universe.” He heard Eli’s voice reach his ears in a hoarse whisper that sent chills down his spine, but these were not chills of fear or anxiety… No, Marco was trembling in anticipation.

Eli once again sat down in Marco’s lap and planted a deep passionate kiss on Marco’s lips as he rubbed the mixture into Marco’s olive skinned chest and over his shoulders. While the two continued to make out, Eli would continually scoop up handfuls of the mixture from the vat on the table and slather it all up and down his lover’s torso and arms.

Marco felt too amazing to complain or even question what his boyfriend was doing to him. His boyfriend was effectively giving him a full body massage. Eli’s plus sized booty was so huge that his gigantic, supple cheeks were effectively jacking off Marco’s massive dick while Eli was grinding against him. By this time Marco’s entire upper body was tingling from the copious dosage of the gel that had been applied to him. He could actually feel his muscles beginning to swell all over his body.

By the time they broke apart, Marco was gasping for breath, but this was more a result of his arousal reaching critical levels than because of an inability to breathe during their passionate kissing. Eli looked a little flustered as well, but he didn’t let it slow him down at all as he grabbed another couple of handfuls of gel and kneaded it into his lover’s pecs.

“A… Another?” Marco cooed softly as he stared at his lover. Not even he was sure if he was questioning Eli’s actions or egging the blond on. Marco’s chest was already looking very well defined, but Marco was obsessed with pecs; a fixation that he had shared with Eli on numerous occasions. In that regard they were very much alike.

“I know how much you’ve always wanted nice, big pecs.” Eli responded coyly as he rubbed the remnants of his last handful into his lover’s chest. Eli flashed his boyfriend a playful grin and grabbed a couple small gobs of gel. “I think you’re gonna really love them when I’m done.” With that Eli reached in and playfully tweaked his boyfriend’s small nipples, effectively slathering the tiny nubs with yet another dose of the growth serum in the process.

Marco’s nipples were never all that sensitive, but somehow the small pinch sent shockwaves up his spine. It felt surprisingly good. He wondered what effect the gel would have on them, but he was already having a hard time seeing over his steadily expanding shelf of pectoral muscles.

Eli grabbed a few more handfuls and went to work slowly rubbing the mixture into the regions of his boyfriend’s body that he had previously been unable to get. The effects of the first dosage were already becoming very apparent. Marco’s previously lean, dark skinned body was swelling up on all sides. His previously inconsequential muscles grew and swelled before their very eyes. His previously flat gut began to form small bumps as his abdominal muscles grew enough to become pronounced. His sinewy arms swelled and gained definition as his biceps, triceps, and forearms grew and swelled. The muscles on his shoulders and along the sides of his neck slowly grew and bulged out as his traps and delts slowly took shape. His legs went from wirey stalks to being pillars of thick brawn. Each bulging quad was as thick as his narrow torso had been just minutes before.

Eli stood back and surveyed his handiwork. His lover was already looking like a fitness model, except for his pecs which were far larger than any other muscle on his body. Marco’s massive pecs were like two massive, extra firm, king sized pillows of pure masculine brawn. His previously tiny, dime sized areolas were now the size of a milk cap and puffed up an inch above his burly pecs. Marco’s impressive physique was augmented by his absolutely massive cock and balls. His huge dick was steadily creeping closer and closer to fifteen inches and was already thicker around than Eli’s arms. Marco’s gigantic nuts were already passing the size of basketballs and were hanging so low past over the edge of his seat that they dangled halfway the floor. Each of his massive balls was heavily laden with thick, pent up cum.

Eli looked down at his handiwork with a lascivious grin. “Hmm… You look about ready to blow.” He mused playfully. “Let’s have some real fun.” He added with a devious glint in his eyes. Marco was too wracked with pleasure to even muster a comeback. All he could do was lie there and soak up the intense pleasure of his steady expansion. He became vaguely aware that Eli was gathering another couple of huge handfuls of the formula, but it didn’t dawn on Marco what Eli was planning until Eli’s hands were already sliding against Marco’s massive cock.

Eli didn’t rub the mixture into Marco’s cock, though. Instead he spread it around just enough so that Marco’s dick was completely coated in a white, glistening layer of gel. Marco already knew that this was going to make his dick absolutely massive, but it was far too late to turn back now. He was also secretly excited by the prospect. He had always half-joked with Eli about having a cock that was as big as the rest of his body. At the time, Marco had hoped that Eli had just taken it as a joke and had not caught on to the underlying truth of his statement, but the glint in Eli’s eyes made it all too clear that his blond lover was in on it from the start. Marco slumped backed in his chair and stared on in awe as his boyfriend climbed up on top of him and began to slowly lower himself down upon the humongous shaft.

Marco’s gigantic cock split Eli wider than anything he had ever ridden. The blond was in a state of enhanced ecstasy as he slowly took more and more of the massive shaft deep inside of him. It shouldn’t even have been physically possible for him to take such a beast, but once again, it seemed his theory was correct. The constant rubbing of Marco’s huge dick against his insides was causing the thick laminate of gel to rub into Marco’s cock and Eli’s insides. As the gel continued to soak in and absorb into his body, Eli could feel his insides shift and adjust to make room for Marco’s steadily expanding cock. The added dose was causing Eli’s lover’s thick Latin cock to grow and swell rapidly. Eli was so lost in the sensations that he couldn’t even speak. He could barely even grunt in raw feral passion as he repeatedly shifted himself up and down along his lover’s gargantuan cock.

Eli was cumming hard by the third thrust. Huge, thick gooey wads of spunk spewed forth from his nearly foot long cock and splattered against his lover’s broad, burly chest. The vast quantity of spooge stored in Eli’s large, basketball sized nuts was flooding from his cock at hitherto unheard of rates. Each gush of jizz was enough to coat much of Marco’s massive pecs. Eli stared intently at his lover’s phenomenal pecs as the thick wads of cum dripped off of them. The blond had never been hornier than he was in that very moment.

With every passing second, he could feel Marco’s already massive dick growing larger and larger. Finally it got to the point where it felt like Marco’s dick was in danger out outgrowing Eli’s entire body. Eli reluctantly lifted himself off his boyfriend’s enormous cock and collapsed into a well-fucked heap atop Marco’s massive, brawny, olive skinned chest. He listened to his boyfriend’s heavy breaths as he felt the steady rise and fall of his lover’s burly chest. Eli was soaking in his own cum, but that just made the moment all the more tender.

Marco had been struggling to hold back what was sure to be the biggest, messiest orgasm of all time. Even with his brain as addled by lust as it currently was, he couldn’t shake the fear that he could seriously hurt his boyfriend if he unloaded inside the slender blond’s amazing ass. Marco was overjoyed when he saw Eli finally lift off of his cock and collapse against his chest. The true extent of his most recent growth finally became apparent to him. His cock was simply massive. It was already over two feet long and was as big around as his thick, burly forearm. It was a miracle that Eli had even been able to take that inside of him without any serious pain.

Now that he no longer had to worry about the safety of his boyfriend, Marco’s mind was overloaded by the sheer size of his cock. He was filled with a sense of pride and something else as well. Something about the sheer magnitude of his tool brought him over the edge. He just couldn’t get over how amazing his gigantic cock looked or how wonderful it felt as it blasted cum all over the ceiling. Thick gobs of jizz rained down on the pair of lovers, quickly coating them both from head to toe, and still Marco kept cumming. His globe sized nuts showed no sign of stopping. That was alright with him though. He was in such a state of pure, unbridled sexual bliss that he didn’t care if he never came down from it. Again and again he shot massive, heavy ropes of jizz into the air. Even after the sixth and seventh eruption he was showing no signs of slowing. It wasn’t until the thirteenth shot that his torrent of jizz finally began to taper. By that time both he and his boyfriend were thoroughly coated in his spunk.

The two of them laid there for almost an hour just basking in the afterglow and enjoying each other’s company. Finally it came time for them to get cleaned up. The cum that covered both of them head to toe was getting so dry and crusty that it actually was beginning to be painful to leave it on. The two lovers said a few parting words and staggered off to their own personal shower stalls. They wanted to stay together and even shower in the same stall, but they both knew there was no way they would fit. Marco was so massive by this point that they weren’t even sure if he could get just his own bulk into one of the stalls.

After his shower, Eli took a seat on the couch to wait for his lover to finish up. It felt so nice to sit upon his massive, cushiony ass. His butt had grown even more since he had used the serum the first time. He couldn’t be sure how much, but his butt now provided so much extra padding that he was sitting almost a foot above the couch cushion. His hips had also gotten much wider. A cursory glance made them appear to be well over twice as wide as his narrow waist.

Eli’s dick had mostly stabilized in terms of size, but it was already capping out at a foot long and as big around as his fist. His nuts had even grown some more since he had finished making sweet, passionate to love to Marco in the dining room. They now hung down to his knees, and each engorged nut was nearing the size of a medicine ball.

Marco couldn’t keep his hands off of himself in the shower. He just kept feeling up each and every massive, bulging muscle in his body. All of his muscles in his body had swollen even more since the last dosage. What had been a very well defined six pack set of abs was now a deeply trenched eight pack. His quads which had previously rivaled Eli’s waist for sheer girth now were as thick as tree trunks. Each bulging bicep was as huge as Eli’s head and Marco wasn’t even making an effort to flex them. The real prize winning changes were Marco’s pecs, cock and balls, though.

Marco’s nuts were the size of beach balls. They were so huge and hefty that they hung down past his knees. His massive, thick cock draped over his huge sack still dangled past his balls. The shaft was almost as thick as Eli’s narrow waist. The beast had to be at least three feet long and was looking like it would hit the four foot mark in the near future.

Marco’s pecs had swelled up so much that each individual slab of brawn dwarfed Eli’s entire torso. The huge, dense muscles protruded over a foot in front of Marco’s dark skinned torso. Marco’s areolas had increased in size to the point where each dark, puffy circle was now the size of a CD, and the rock hard, erect nipple protruded out a couple inches. Each enlarged nipple was so thick that it looked like the top of a baby bottle. There was even a definite trickle of white liquid dribbling out from Marco’s nipples.

Marco couldn’t help but confirm his suspicions. He cupped a hand under the flow of liquid from his nipples and lifted it to his lips. He was surprised by the taste. It tasted wonderful. It was obvious that he was leaking milk from his nipples, but it was the most rich, full bodied milk he had ever drank. He wasn’t sure why this was happening, but he wasn’t particularly worried. The only thing on his mind was finishing up and getting back into the company of his beautiful blond lover.

When Marco finished his shower, he found Eli passed out on the couch. He couldn’t help but smile at how cute and beautiful his blond boyfriend looked. Eli had a habit of not sleeping much when he was in full scale research mode, and there was no telling how sleep deprived the little scientist was. Marco crept has silently as he could with his now bulky body and tenderly scooped up the slender man. He was surprised at just how light Eli was now. Even with his vastly enhanced butt, balls, and cock, the scientist was light as a feather. Marco felt another rush of exhilaration at his newly enhanced muscles as he gingerly carried his sleeping boyfriend back to their bed.

Marco left Eli there to sleep as he went to work cleaning up the mess he had made. The kitchen was easy enough to clean up, but he still had to clean up the groceries off the front steps. He fumbled awkwardly through his wardrobe for a bit and eventually found an outfit that almost fit. His old open sided muscle shirt fit him like a glove now whereas before it had been so loose that it looked like he had a tent wrapped around his neck. He also had a pair of workout shorts that used to be extremely loose which now hugged his beefy waist and bulging quads perfectly. The only problem was that his cock and balls were simply far too massive to hide. His junk strained against the front of his shorts and pulled the front of the waistband down almost a foot. Almost half of his cock was openly on display for anyone to see as was the top of his sack. The added weight up front also caused the top half of his massive, beefy ass to stick up over his waistband as well, but it was still better than going around naked.

He was glad that it was already dark out as he fumbled around in his state of dubious dress. He just hoped that none of the neighbors happened to look out and see him. His humongous package was making bending down an interesting task. He had to actually squat down to pick things up as opposed to just bending over, but with his new and improved physique, squats proved to be extremely easy for him. He didn’t even break a sweat. He actually enjoyed it, especially since his huge nuts would touch the ground each time he squatted down. Each and every item he picked up was a reminder of just how huge and hung he was now. What Marco wasn’t aware of, though, was that each squat caused his shorts to ride down a little lower, giving the entire neighborhood a full view of his glorious ass. By the time he had finally cleaned up the mess in front of his house, he had attracted quite a few admirers.

With the house cleaned up, Marco decided to join his boyfriend in bed. It had been a long day, and all the growth was so exhausting that he felt like he could sleep for days. Marco peeled off his awkwardly fitting clothes and tossed them on the floor as he approached his and Eli’s shared bed and quickly realized that he was far too large to crawl in beside his boyfriend. He wasn’t about to be so easily put off, though, and Eli was quite a sound sleeper, especially when he was as exhausted as he undoubtedly was tonight.

When Eli finally awoke, he was immediately surprised by just how firm his bed was. Once his vision cleared, he quickly realized why. He was sleeping atop his hulking boyfriend. What he had thought had been his pillows were actually his boyfriend’s massively swollen pecs. It was obvious that Marco had bulked up even more during the night, and Eli could only assume that he had grown some more too. Eli had to shake and shimmy his way out from his boyfriend’s thick, brawny arms, but he managed to crawl out of bed without waking the hulk. Eli took a look back at his now massive lover before leaving the room and was shocked and more than a little aroused at just how huge he was all over.

Eli staggered into the restroom and scoped out his own changes in the mirror. His cock hadn’t grown much since the night before. It had only added another inch, and was closing in on thirteen inches, but his nuts had grown quite a lot. In the hours that he had been out cold they had almost doubled in size. They were now the sizes of beach balls. His hips had grown too, although the changes there were less pronounced. His hips were now closing in on being three times as wide as his narrow waist.

Eli heard the sound of the bed and floorboards creaking and he knew that Marco was awake now, too. He wasn’t sure just how well his lover would take having grown as much as he had, but there was no sense in stalling. Eli walked back into the bedroom and was floored by what he saw. Marco was beyond massive. His upper body had swollen up much more than his lower body, and now his broad, muscular chest was twice as wide as his buff hips. Each and every groove and contour of his muscles was so deep that the light could not reach the bottom. The deep shadows just served to accentuate his astounding musculature even more.

Marco didn’t seem upset, though. Far from it. He was too enamored with his buff physique to even acknowledge Eli at first. He slowly ran a hand over his swole arms and his ripped torso as he moaned and cooed softly. He was absolutely smitten with his now even buffer body. “You really know how to make a guy feel great, babe.” Marco murmured softly without even looking up at his lover.

Eli couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He just wanted to bask in the sheer size of his lover’s muscles and cock. Marco’s junk had grown considerably overnight as well. His now beanbag chair sized nuts hung so low that they dangled around his ankles, and his massive, three foot long cock was easily thicker as Eli’s torso. Eli’s own thirteen inches rose to attention just from being in the presence of such raw, masculinity.

Eli would have jumped Marco’s gigantic bone right then and there, but he was feeling extremely weak and faint. He was absolutely famished, and judging by the audible rumble from behind the solid wall of Marco’s deep cut, eight pack abs, Eli’s massive, swole lover was in the same boat.

Eli looked over at the clock beside the bed and noticed that it was already mid afternoon. They had been out cold for over twelve hours. “Want to go get some dinner?” Eli tried to ask as casually as he could, but his raging boner and flushed face gave him away.

“Sure. We don’t have much in the house anymore, anyway.” Marco concurred. “I salvaged what I could, but most of the frozen stuff spoiled before I got to it.” He added sheepishly. The sight of such a huge, beefy man looking so apologetic and gentle made Eli’s heart flutter. He was reminded of just why he had fallen for Marco in the first place. Marco’s growth hadn’t diminished his gentle nature at all, in fact it seemed like it even enhanced it.

The two of them quickly threw on some clothes and set out for the little diner around the block. Eli was able to dress more or less normally. He threw on an old pair of Marco’s sweatpants which had been extremely loose on him before, but now hugged his ample butt and hips tightly. His massive balls strained noticeably against the front. The top half of his body was the same as it ever was, though. Eli opted to complete the set and wear one of Marco’s old hoodies. It was huge and baggy on him, but he loved being wrapped in his lover’s scent.

Marco wore the same outfit he had worn the night before when he cleaned up the spilled groceries, but today it fit him far worse. The muscle shirt didn’t even completely cover his massive, swollen pecs. The bottom of the shirt stopped right above the bottom of his pecs. His torso was now so wide that his bulging lats spilled out the huge armholes. The shirt barely even covered half his pecs. His now huge, salad plate sized, puffy areolas were left completely exposed. His nipples were now so huge and thick that they stuck out quite a few inches from his chest and were as thick around as a Wiimote. His nipples were dribbling large amounts of liquid, but Marco tried his best to ignore it. Eli, however couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Marco’s shorts were stretched so tight across his ass that they appeared to be little more than low riding speedos from the back. From the front, though they were completely indecent. His nuts didn’t even fully fit into the front of his shorts, and his cock was left to completely fly free. Marco had tried to cover this up by tying a sheet to his waist like an apron, but the massive outline of his huge cock was still painfully obvious to anyone who looked in his general direction.

The couple received several looks as they made their slow, steady stroll towards the diner. No one said anything, though. It seemed that they had just barely managed to remain in dress code, but it was obvious that many people, especially those that had seen them on a regular basis were surprised by the sudden changes they had undergone. When they finally arrived at the diner, they were shown to their seats by a waitress. The waitress had known them for over a year now and said nothing, but it obvious that she too was shocked, concerned, and even a little aroused. She took their orders, but other than that she let them be.

“Can I feel your chest?” Eli asked suddenly. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off his lover’s massive pecs throughout the entire walk.

“When do you ever need to ask?” Marco responded pleasantly. He flashed his little lover the biggest most heartwarming grin he could manage.

Eli couldn’t help himself. He had to confirm his suspicions as well as satisfy his more carnal desires. He leaned forward so that he practically lying across the table and began sensually kneading his lover’s pecs. To his surprise Marco’s chest wasn’t feeling as firm as he had expected. Both massive pecs had taken on a slightly squishy, almost spongy consistency. He dug his fingers in and squeezed Marco’s brawny chest. Eli was only partially surprised to see small trickle of liquid from Marco’s nipples turn into a full fledged squirt.

Marco moaned sensually in spite of himself as warm, fresh milk shot from his nipples. Eli grinned devilishly as he noticed this and moved in to experiment with this new development. He already found Marco’s massive pectoral muscles phenomenally sexy, but the flow of milk somehow made them even hotter. Eli crawled up onto and over the table as he continued to sensually knead and rub his lover’s chest. The blond moved his mouth closer to one of the enlarged nipples and began to passionately suckle it. He immediately felt a wash of warm liquid flood into his mouth. He was surprised at just how sweet and deep the flavor was. He had never had anything quite like it in his life.

Eli found himself with a bit of a dilemma. He was so enamored with his lover’s newly enhanced pecs that he wanted to worship every inch of them, and yet, at the same time he felt it would be a shame to let this wonderful nectar go to waste. He ended up working out a compromise where he would slowly travel from one nipple to the other, licking and nuzzling a trail back and forth as he basked in the glory of Marco’s gigantic, burly chest. When he reached the midpoint, Eli found that the small strip of fabric was getting in the way.

“Lift your arms for a sec, babe.” He commanded sensually as he slowly peeled his lover’s skin tight muscle shirt up over Marco’s bulging pecs. Marco was soon left with his arms stuck lifted straight up while his shirt pooled around his neck. Eli buried his face between the two brawny slabs and deeply nuzzled into the crevasse, soaking up every sensation he could about his lover’s new body.

Eli was so overcome with passion and hormones that his cock quickly became completely hard all over again. His rigid dick began to leak and dribble pre all over the front of his tight, grey sweatpants as Eli continued to worship his lover’s glorious chest. It wasn’t long before Eli was so overwhelmed with passion for his boyfriend’s amazing pecs that his cock spurted thick, creamy jizz all over the front of his pants.

Marco was getting worked up from the passionate nuzzling and suckling his lover was giving his pecs. The more and more attention his lover gave to his chest, the harder and harder Marco’s cock became. He was streaming pre like a fountain long before Eli creamed his pants, but Marco didn’t dare let loose in public. He struggled to hold back, but in the end, Eli’s passionate sucking and nuzzling proved to be too much. Marco let out a long, low, sensual moan as his cock began spewing forth jizz like a geyser. His huge load crashed against the seat on the opposite side of their stall. Marco wrapped his huge, powerful arms around his slender lover and hugged Eli passionately as his cock lurched and bucked.

Marco’s gigantic hail of jizz quickly coated the entire seat and dripped down onto the floor. There just seemed to be no end of spunk stored in his massive, beanbag chair sized nuts. With each powerful gush he felt like his legs would turn to jelly. When the massive torrent of spunk finally subsided, Marco slowly sank down in his seat with his little boyfriend still clutched lovingly to his chest. He could feel the deep pool of spunk pooling around his feet. He figured everyone else in the diner could see the giant puddle of jizz that was slowly spreading out across the tile, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. The two of them stayed there for some time, enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the afterglow until finally their food came.

The waitress gave them a confused look, not because she didn’t know what had happened, but because she was surprised that these two long time costumers would act in such a way. The hefty tip that Eli left more than made up for the inconvenience of having to scrub down the lake of spooge, though, and just about everyone in the restaurant that afternoon had enjoyed the show.

A few weeks later, Eli came back home from a business meeting. His stylish pants hugged his now amazingly curvaceous hips. His massive hips were easily three times as wide as his slender waist now. The growth had tapered off substantially after the first couple of day, but they still had not stopped altogether. Eli wasn’t even sure if the growth would ever stop, but he was enjoying his new size so much that he wasn’t too interested in running the necessary tests to determine when or if they would stop growing.

“I’m home, babe.” Eli called to his lover as he stepped through the doorway. It was a tight fit for him now due to his massive ass, but he was used to it. Eli’s butt was now so huge that it protruded a good two feet behind him, yet despite its size, it remained as firm and shapely as ever. He was the proud owner of the biggest, roundest, bubble butt the world had ever seen, and he was sure to wear clothes that drew as much attention to it as possible. These pants styles often looked effeminate or girly, but that was just fine with Eli. He was beyond worrying about hiding his girly side by now, and no one really gave him any grief for it either. Then again, few people would dare call his masculinity into question when the massive bulge caused by his fourteen inch long, milk jug thick cock and his two enormous beach ball sized nuts was plainly visible to anyone who saw him.

“Hey, El! How was the meeting?” Marco called excitedly from the living room. The enthusiasm was apparent in his voice, but his voice sounded somehow strained and breathy. Eli stepped into the front room to see his boyfriend sitting exactly where he had been since this morning. Marco’s gargantuan five foot long, perpetually boned cock was hooked up to a giant pump that was draining the spunk from his seemingly infinite reserve of spooge. Marco’s balls were so massive by this point that they filled the entire space between his feet and his crotch and then some. Each mammoth orb was almost three hundred pounds of sloshing cum.

“You took your pumps off.” Eli responded. A slight hint of concern was audible in his voice as he glanced at his lover’s exposed chest. Marco’s chest was now so broad that it was as wide across as Eli was tall. The massive, brawny slabs of muscle extended over three feet out from his torso. His enormous areolas were now getting close to the size of dinner plates. The gigantic nipples were as thick around as a coke bottle and stuck out several inches from his chest. A steady stream of milk flowed from either of his engorged nipples.

“I wanted to make sure there was plenty left for you when you got home.” Marco replied, giving his chest a soft squeeze for emphasis. His voice still strained and unsteady from the perpetual state of orgasm he was in. The squeeze caused his nipples to spurt forth milk like a fountain.

“Oh, that’s so sweet, babe. I’ll be over there in just a minute to help myself to some of that.” Eli responded, flashing his boyfriend a sly wink as he did so.

“But first tell me. What did they say?” Marco pleaded once more.

“The investors loved our product pitch.” Eli explained with a huge smile forming on his face. “But that means you’re going to need to really step up your production to meet these new demands.” Eli added with a devious glint in his eyes as he set a giant jug of their new product “OmniGro” on the table in front of his boyfriend.

Eli kept a very close watch on his and his lover, Marco’s, growths during the first week after they had used the experimental serum. He was caught a little off guard by how potent the mixture was, but he didn’t let any of that show through. He was far more excited by the sheer size that his lover had grown too. After just a little more than twenty-four hours, Marco’s cock had reached almost three feet long; the massive tool was topped off with two gigantic, beanbag chair sized nuts. Eli actually had to stop himself from hopping on and nestling comfortably atop his handsome boyfriend’s immense balls.

Marco’s already massive frame continued to swell and tone. His already immense muscles continued to grow and bulge out in the most amazing way. Despite their gigantic size, they didn’t get all lumpy and veiny as is the case with most pro lifters and bodybuilders. Every day that Eli went to take Marco’s measurements, he was greeted to the sight of the most impressive and flawlessly chiseled physique the world had ever seen. Eli’s mind was already racing with thoughts about what such a product would do to the world once it became readily available, and Eli had every intention of making this product as cheap and accessible as possible; after all, it would be a crime to deprive people of such a glorious product.

Eli hadn’t bothered keeping track of his own measurements. After all, Marco had been exposed to a far larger dosage and had had the gel spread over his entire body. The already hulking, tanned hotty would give Eli all the readings he needed in order to get a decent grasp of just how the gel affected the subject. So far the results had been amazing, but with each day that passed the growths were far less substantial. By the end of the first day, things had just about stabilized.

“Hmm…” Eli mulled audibly as he looked over the charts.

“Is that a good Hmmmmm or a bad hmmm?” Marco asked nervously.

“It’s a great Hmmmm.” Eli responded with a smirk. “Only seventy-two hours since exposure and already you’re your chest is pushing one hundred sixty-seven inches in diameter.”

“That sounds like a lot.” Marco said cautiously. His brow was furrowed in a look of dubious concern.

“It IS a lot. That’s about quadruple what is average for a guy your height… a little more than that, actually.” Eli said proudly. He made a few scribbles on his note pad, pausing occasionally to chew on the end of his pen as he made some mental calculation. “Although… It’s only about an inch more than yesterday. I think this is as big as you’re going to get.”

“Wow…” Marco said in awe. His eyes glazed over a bit as he started thinking about how huge he had to be compared to your average citizen. It had been a few days since he had been out in public and so the only person he really had around to compare sizes with what his slender little lover, Eli. The slim scientist was hardly a good gauge of size though; not only was the blond man far more slender than the average person, but he also had his own set of changes going on.

Marco could feel his cock begin to shudder. He had already fully boned and leaking pre, but his own personal reveries weren’t to blame. “Um… maybe you should put something on.” Marco said with a nervous chuckle. His eyes kept drifting to Eli’s exposed lower body. Marco’s boyfriend was keeping with his old habits of walking around wearing just a loose, open front, button down shirt and nothing else.

“Nonsense. I like it like this, and I don’t have any pants that would fit me anyway.” Eli stated matter-of-factly. Eli put his free hand on his hip and stood up straighter to emphasize how dead set he was on his current attire. The maneuver caused his massive balls to swing and his huge dick to sway slightly, which just caused Marco’s cock to come even closer to erupting.

Eli’s growth were far less substantial than his boyfriend’s but still phenomenal. Eli’s cock had already crept up to close to the thirteen inch mark, and his humongous nuts were the size of beach balls that reached down to his knees. Eli didn’t have low-hangers either. They were just simply that huge. Every inch of space between his groin and his knees was hidden behind his massive balls.

Eli’s cock and balls were put to shame by his extremely curvaceous hips and his gigantic slammin’ booty. Eli was completely slim and slender from the waist up, but as soon as it got below his waist his body curved outward. His huge hips were about three times as wide as his narrow waist, and his ass was even larger. Eli’s enormous buns managed to remain completely firm and supple despite their immense size. His ginormous caboose jutted out almost two feet behind him and rocked and swayed enticingly as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. This motion caused his humongous balls to sway as well as his huge dick to wobble.

Marco was finding it harder and harder not to cream himself from such a lurid display. He just knew it had to be intentional, and as he finally managed to pull his eyes away from Eli’s astounding lower half, Marco caught sight of the devious glint in his lover’s eyes that confirmed his suspicions.

“Hold that in, loverboy, I’ll go grab the pumps.” Eli said with a noticeable touch of perverse glee in his voice. Before Marco could say anything, Eli trotted off to get the equipment, but it wasn’t like Marco would have been able to say much anyway; the way Eli’s juicy booty was bouncing around as the slender scientist jogged away was getting Marco even more worked up. All the beefy, tanned guy could do was writhe in ecstasy and chew his lower lip as his toes curled and clenched and his cock lurched and sputtered from the intensity of his arousal. His cock felt ready to explode into a geyser of pent up sexual urges, and he hadn’t so much as laid a finger on it.

Eli came jogging back with the large, clear aluminum pump and began to slide it over the overly sensitive glans of Marco’s massive, three foot long cock, but Marco was already creaming before Eli could even begin suction. It hardly mattered though; even with the slight loss off spooge at the beginning, Marco put out far more than enough spunk to fill the entire vat.

“Wow. I’m gonna have to order bigger containers.” Eli said under his breath. The look of sheer awe on his face told Marco more than enough.

“How much have you saved up already?” The far bigger and bulkier guy asked.

“Of cum? Eh. A few hundred gallons. I could have stocked up a thousand already if we had enough storage space for it all.” Eli replied with a casual shrug.

“It that gonna be enough?” Marco asked.

“Not by a long shot, but I doubt we’ll get that many orders in the first few weeks of sale.” Eli said nonchalantly as he scribbled a few more notes on his notepad. They still had another two weeks before their meeting with the investors, so they had plenty of time to stockpile even more. Eli was sure that his new serum was going to be a hit, though.

The days came and went, and just as Eli had suspected, Marco’s measurements had leveled out after that day. Eli ran the tests for the next two days, but after seeing the same results three times in a row he decided to consider the data fully collected. All he had to do was run some calculations and he could estimate the potency of the gel.

Their lives settled into a sort of routine after that; Eli spent his days running numbers and simulations in the lab as well as stockpiling more and more spunk from Marco, and Marco spent his days sitting on the couch, enjoying a quiet life of constant orgasms. Things had been going well for the couple, especially once Eli got the green light from the investors to start marketing the product. With the global launch of the growth gel just around the corner, things seemed to be looking up.

Marco was awoken early one morning by a slight rubbing sensation on the tip of his cock. His eyes fluttered open, and he stared out at his huge, throbbing erection. This was pretty standard for him, though. While he was awake he drained his hyperactive nuts several times an hour, but he liked to let his massive nuts replenish themselves overnight. As such, his morning wood was the stuff of legend. Ever since his size had leveled out a few weeks ago the tip of his cock had just barely grazed the ceiling at its full upright and locked position, but this time it was legitimate rubbing against the plaster.

Marco looked over at the clock. It was only another fifteen minutes until his alarm would normally go off to wake him up, and so he decided to just get up and get on with his day and rolled out of his large, four poster bed.

Marco had always liked this bed even though he had to hop up to climb into it; it had a very old fashioned, sturdy wooden frame with plenty of space beneath it for storage, and it had two large, comfy mattresses on top of it. The net result was that he only had about five feet between the top of his mattress and the ceiling of the room. This had never bothered him before, but ever since he had bulked up, it was beginning to feel a little cramped. The extra padding from his big, beefy muscle butt pushed his hips forward enough that he just barely had enough room for his huge three foot long schlong to stick out in front of him.

The wooden frame creaked noisily in protest as Marco rolled out of bed. The old king sized bed was designed to be able to hold over a thousand pounds without breaking, but it was having a lot of trouble with Marco’s bulk lately. Marco just chalked it down as yet another thing he needed to replace once the money started flowing in.

Marco squeezed through the narrow doorway of his bedroom. The frame creaked in protest as he forced his way through. Marco ignored it though. This too was a standard occurrence lately. He and Eli had already gotten some quotes from contractors to remodel their place and make it more livable for people of their size. He couldn’t wait until they had the money to give the remodelers the go ahead. Marco hated having to curl his shoulders inwards just to walk down the hall.

He finally squeezed out of the narrow hallway and into the front room. Eli looked up from his coffee and toast and flashed Marco a huge, toothy smile. “You’re up early, babe. Having trouble sleeping?” He asked pleasantly.

“Nah. You know how it is. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.” The huge, beefy man replied nonchalantly. “What are you doing up this early?”

Eli shrugged and took another bite of his toast. After a moment of chewing he replied. “I was just on my way to bed actually. I have been running some numbers. I don’t know if you have been paying attention to the news, but OmniGro is a hit with the public. We simply can’t produce enough to keep the shelves stocked.”

“Do you need me to get bigger?” Marco asked. Even he was surprised by the brightness of his voice. He loved being huge, but was he really that excited about getting bigger? His house could barely handle him as he was.

“Oh, no. That won’t be necessary. I’ve been thinking of outsourcing, actually. I already have some potential candidates.” Eli replied casually. Marco was glad that his slender, blond lover had seemingly missed his enthusiasm.

“I just got off the phone with some contractors. I was thinking of buying the old air field on the outskirts of town and converting it to a bottling plant of sorts.” Eli explained. He still hadn’t looked up from his paper.

Marco crept around beside his slim, blond boyfriend, which was an impressive feat for one so bulky, and peered over Eli’s shoulder. The entire left page was a giant, full color add for OmniGro. The company logo was displayed prominently at the top middle of the page. Right below that was written “Get the body you’ve always wanted!!” The font used was really bad, hyper-stylized cursive writing. The whole setup reeked of low budget, high school science fair levels of graphic design, but the ad didn’t need to be fancy. The models did all the advertising for them. Each and every person displayed on the page was an actual OmniGro client.

There was a happy couple; the man looked like he would put Mr. Universe to shame, but his wife was even better built than he. The smiling woman flexed for the camera in an effort to really show off her immaculate musculature. She was covered head to toe in huge, bulging muscles, but despite her buff physique, she had a narrow waist which gave her a sexy hourglass figure. The only area that didn’t look completely ripped was her chest; her pecs, which could only be assumed to be impressive, were hidden behind a gigantic rack. Each enormous breast was as large as a medium sized beach ball.

Besides the happy bodybuilder couple were a guy and another girl who were nowhere near as muscular. The guy was very lean and lithe, and even though he was wearing a fairly loose t-shirt, it was still easy to see that he had a tight, toned physique… although few people would be paying my attention to that. What really drew people’s attention was the bulge in the front of his tight jeans. He looked like he had a pair of bowling balls and a pool noodle shoved down there. The massive outline of his immense cock stretched all the way down to his knee.

The last person on the page was a blonde bombshell who looked like she would be at home on a Victoria’s Secret ad, except Marco doubted that they would make anything that could fit her. Her bikini top was obviously custom made, and even then it was in danger of bursting under her gigantic tits. Her huge boobs were easily the size of yoga balls, and yet despite the size, she seemed to be having no trouble standing up straight; she even went so far as the arch her back for the photo in order to really draw attention to her tremendous rack.

Though what really had Eli’s attention was what was on the opposite page. The entire page was devoted to editorials and testimonials from people who had either used the product themselves or had something to say about those who they had seen using it. People who had dosed up already had nothing but praise for the product, but most of the comments from folks who had not touched the gel ranged from shock to disgust. One lady wrote to tell about how her teenage son had used an entire bottle on his penis, resulting in the entire shaft swelling up to almost twenty inches in length. Marco grinned as he read that part. He could only imagine that the guy was stoked by the results, but he could see how his more prudish parents might be incensed by the resulting bulge.

On and on it went. Each snippet was about another person that had taken things, as the writers put it, “too far.” Eli was intently focused on one tiny testimonial in the corner, though. Marco craned his neck to try and read it for himself. The story seemed strange, but nowhere near as severe as the others on the page. It was one of the less critical articles to boot. The writer, who signed his story as “confused on campus” told a story about how one of his roommates had gotten ahold of several tubes of the stuff and had shared them with two of their other roommates. The three roommates had proceeded to hulk themselves out with the gel, which the writer didn’t mind; in fact, he even mentioned how great it was being surrounded by three super hung, muscle-bound studs whenever he was back at the dorm. The thing that was odd about the story was that the writer had mentioned that he too had added a few inches to his dick as well as gained a bit of muscle mass all over. He was ecstatic about now looking like a gay porn star, but he was obviously confused seeing as he had never once come in contact with the gel himself; his three roomies had burned through every last drop of the stuff before he had gotten off work that night.

“Huh.” Eli mused out loud after reading the article for the fifth time.

“Is that a good ‘huh’ or a bad ‘huh’?” Marco asked curiously.

“It’s neither, really.” Eli replied with a shrug. “I thought something like this might happen, but I hadn’t expected anything so soon.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Marco asked. He furrowed his brow and searched Eli’s face for anything that might give him a clue as to what the slender scientist was thinking, but Eli’s face was completely vacant, almost serene looking.

“The serum stays in your body once it’s been used.” Eli stated matter-of-factly. “But once the initial growth passes it becomes dormant. It’s completely harmless, but our bodies, and this goes for anyone who has used some, no matter how small the dosage, will continue to give off trace amounts of the formula in vapor form.”

“Wait, so will this affect us at all?” Marco asked. Once again he tried not to sound too excited, but a little of it slipped through.

“I doubt it. The two guys in a house like this will give the vapor plenty of space to dissipate, but put three hulked out dudes in a tiny dorm room… well, see for yourself.” Eli explained.

Eli set down the paper and lifted a hand up to his face as he yawned loudly. “I’m going to go pass out. Think you can handle putting on some pumps yourself today?”

“Yeah, sure. Just get some rest, and leave everything to me.” Marco assured his sleepy boyfriend. He shifted over slightly and placed his hands on Eli’s shoulders to give the slim blond a nice shoulder massage, but Marco’s immense junk was getting in the way. His humongous beanbag chair sized nuts pressed up against Eli’s back, and his huge, thick cock towered over Eli’s head and even dribbled a bit of pre onto the man’s long, blond hair.

Eli ran his fingers through his hair. When he pulled his hand back his fingers were completely coated in pre. He smirked as he watched the thick, viscous liquid roll down his fingers and across the palm of his hand. “Looks like someone started the day off on the right foot.” He said with a chuckle.

Eli slowly got up from his seat. He made sure to favor his pre-slicked hand so as not to smear the clear liquid all over the table. He flashed Marco one last tired grin before turning and sauntering off towards the bedroom. He swished his hips as he went which just caused his huge, juicy badonk to bob and sway back and forth enticingly for Marco’s viewing pleasure. The big, buff guy was already completely boned before Eli’s little stroll down the catwalk, but watching his lover’s huge supple ass put Marco very close to the edge.

Eli looked back over his shoulder and shot Marco a sly wink and a saucy grin. “Better get hooked up before you pop, lover boy.” He lifted his still pre-soaked hand up to his lips and seductively licked the slimy liquid off of his fingers. Marco’s cock gave a shudder and a lurch as he struggled to keep his impending load from splattering across the dining room ceiling. Eli had an amazing talent for getting under Marco’s skin. Marco could not have imagined a hotter glance even with the dark circles that were currently under Eli’s tired eyes.

Marco staggered off towards the front room and quickly and awkwardly hooked his cock up to the pumps. He was so horny and his cock was so sensitive that he let loose a solid burst of jizz before he could even turn on the suction. Even his erect nipples were dribbling cum. Messes like this were unfortunately pretty common nowadays. It was always a pain trying to get all that spunk out of the carpets. It seemed no matter how hard he tried it always seemed to soak in. Even with the cleaners that came to clean up on an almost daily basis, the house was starting to get a distinct smell to it as a result. Marco couldn’t wait until they were ready to begin remodeling so they could get more spooge resistant furnishings.

With his dick and nipples finally hooked up to the pumps, Marco flopped back onto the couch. His huge, muscular butt just about filled both cushions. It was obvious that they would need a bigger sofa, and not just because this one was making audible groans of protest under the sheer weight of Marco’s immense brawn. Marco just about filled this couch, but Eli’s enormous ass straight up spilled over the edges. There was no way the two of them could get on it together which made movie nights far less comfortable and romantic than the couple would have liked. To make matters worse, ever since Marco’s growth he had been unable to get his butt print to settle in properly. It was like he had spent the last few weeks with a butt print that was ever so close to being perfect, which was actually worse than having no groove on the chair at all.

Marco flipped on the TV and aimlessly channel surfed for a bit. He wasn’t a fan of TV and even less a fan of daytime talk shows, but there was little else available for him at the moment. He couldn’t very well go out in public without clothing, and even if he did have something to wear, he would rather lay low until public opinion warmed up to people like him.

Generally speaking, people who had been exposed to high doses of OmniGro were looked upon as both freaks and deviants. Not only were their massively oversized body parts seen as ridiculous and unwieldy, but most people also considered it to be a sign of a complete lack of self-control.

Marco knew things would change soon enough though. Every day brought another news story about the latest case of ‘hypertrophia’ as the news media called it or about the latest celebrity to enhance themselves to extreme levels. As the weeks went on, more and more people would be using the product, even if just in small doses.

Eli’s words echoed through Marco’s mind. He couldn’t help but wonder what would happen once there were three or four enhanced individuals on a busy subway train or commuter bus. Before long there would be more and more cases of second hand enhancement. The busy metropolitan areas would soon become hotbeds for incidental growth. Marco knew his mind was probably exaggerating things, but the image was enough to once against bring him over the edge. His head rolled back against the headrest of the sofa as his three foot long cock shuddered and lurched. His massive, bean bag chair sized nuts seized up and dumped hundreds of gallons of spunk directly into the suction cups. His chest, too, trembled from the force of his arousal. The steady flow of cum that was being pumped out of his nipples ramped up as well. It was as if his whole body had been brought to climax by his musings.

Marco’s eyes drifted lazily towards the vat in the corner of the room. Eli had bought larger ones to handle Marco’s ever growing loads, but even the new containers were proving to be too small. Marco grinned as he sunk into a blissful stupor from the overwhelming sensations of orgasmic pleasure that wracked his body. It was safe to say he didn’t regret his new size one bit.

As the weeks went on, Marco grew used to the steady sensation of his fully boned cock rubbing against the ceiling as he slept. It was just another one of those things that he accepted as being a normal part of his new life; just like having to force his way through tiny doorways and having to squeeze through narrow hallways. It seemed like with each passing week the doorway got just a little smaller, but he had no way to prove it. As far as he could tell he was the same size he had been for the past two months.

One day Marco was awoken by the sound of the front doorbell ringing. He was dazed for a moment. It had been so long since anyone had come to see them that he had almost forgotten what their doorbell sounded like. His eyes darted over to the clock on the nightstand by his bed. It was already almost eleven a.m. Marco had been sleeping in a lot lately, which actually bothered him a bit. He was never a fan of lying about all day, but his recent isolation had left him with little else to do. Marco grumbled and rolled back over onto his pillow. Eli would get the door long before Marco could even get out of the bedroom, so there wasn’t really much point in trying.

The doorbell rang yet again. It was then that Marco remembered that Eli was out meeting with investors and doing the PR circuit. Marco was impressed at how easily Eli had slipped into the role of consummate businessman. For someone who liked to keep to himself and hole up in his lab for weeks on end, Eli could certainly put on a grin and schmooze with investors when the need arose. “Stupid Eli and his going out and his having clothes.” Marco grumbled irritably to himself.

He perked up instantly as he remembered the clothes. He had put an order in recently with a new company that had sprung up in the wake of OmniGro’s growing popularity. It was an online retailer that specialized in clothing, particularly for people with extreme sizes.

Marco all but leapt out of bed. The whole house shuddered as his hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of burly muscles hit the ground. He lumbered as quickly as he could towards the front door. He turned sideways and tried to squeeze through the bedroom door, but he found that it was just too small for him. He didn’t have time to try and ease his way through like he normally did. He gritted his teeth and plowed right on through, tearing the doorframe from the wall in the process. He wasn’t usually one to cause property damage, even when in an

emergency, but the remodelers would be along any day now. That doorway was going to be torn down one way or the other.

He continued his trek towards the front of the house. He had to hobble sideways through the narrow hallway, but it was a hell of a lot quicker than trying to curl his shoulders inward and squeeze through. He all but ran through the wide open front room and flung the door open. Marco far underestimated the sheer power of his gigantic muscles and ended up accidentally snapping the wooden door clear off its hinges. He was glad it was only going to be another week until the remodelers showed up to start work. In the meantime, a little extra air circulation wouldn’t be too bad.

He peeked his head out the front door and saw the big red van with “B. B. Outfitters” written on the side in large, bold green letters begin to take off down the road. Marco couldn’t wait another day. He forced his way through the open doorway and down the stairs. The wooden planks weren’t designed to accommodate someone of his sheer mass. The wood splintered and cracked audibly with every step he took, but Marco ignored it and charged out onto the front lawn. The van was already moving by the time Marco reached the street. He rushed out into the middle of the road and began jumping and waving his arms in an effort to alert the driver to his presence. The van skidded to a halt almost immediately after; although it was hard to say whether the driver slammed on the breaks because of the shockwaves that reverberated through the asphalt every time Marco’s immense bulk made contact with the road or if it was because of the sight of almost a thousand pounds of muscle rippling and roiling while a giant, three foot long cock that was thicker around than an oil drum which was complete with two gigantic testes that were each close to the size of a small recliner were bobbing and boinging around as the gigantic, muscular man tried to flag the driver down.

The driver gave a long whistle of admiration as he peeked his head out of the driver side window. “Yer a big one, you are.” The man said with a slow southern drawl. Marco could only see his face, but the guy appeared to be in his early twenties and had a thick, messy mop of reddish brown hair that all but covered his eyes.

The driver put the van in park and hopped out. He didn’t even break his stride as he bumped the door shut with his butt and pulled a clipboard out of the little green messenger bag that was slung over his shoulder. Now that the driver was out of the car, Marco could get a look at the dude’s body, and there was plenty there to look at. While nowhere near as huge as Marco, the driver, whose nametag indicated his name to be “Carl”, filled out every inch of his outfit and then some. The buttons on the dude’s red, button up shirt were struggling to hold the shirt shut as the wall of muscles behind it struggled to burst free. His short sleeves had tears up the side which Marco could only assume were a result of the man’s large biceps bursting through when he had inadvertently flexed them too hard. Carl’s thick quads strained against his blue jeans, but they weren’t what really caught Marco’s eye. The outline of Carl’s cock was easily visible through the taut fabric of his pants. The dude had nuts the size or oranges and a huge, thick sausage that stretched halfway down to his knee and was easily as thick around as his wrist.

The driver let out another long whistle of admiration as he scoped out Marco up close. “How much did you have to use to get that big? Heck. It took me weeks to save up enough for three tubes, and this is all I got to show for it.” Carl shrugged and flipped through the pages of orders attached to his clipbook. “Gonna get another tube come payday. Already got new clothes to grow into.” He stated matter-of-factly as he found the order form he was looking for.

“Speakin’ o’ which. I bet you need some clothes of yer own. Well, you called the right place.” The delivery guy drawled on.

Marco tried to remain calm and patient, but he was feeling a bit out of place and was eager to get back indoors. The driver didn’t seem to mind his nudity, but already Marco could tell he was getting glances from the neighbors. The only people home this time of day were housewives and some teenagers or college kids who either feigned illness or just didn’t have class this time of day. It didn’t help matters that Marco’s perpetually boned cock was standing at attention for all to see. The massive shaft was so huge that it reached up to about eye level and all but blocked his view unless he pushed it out of the way somehow. Marco shifted his gigantic schlong off towards his side so that he could speak to the driver face to face without pointing his humongous dick directly at the dude.

Carl looked back up from his paperwork and handed Marco the forms to sign. Unfortunately Marco did not have enough hands to fill out the forms and hold his cock at bay, so he ended up placing the clipboard against the shaft of his dick and used it as a table to write on. This had the added benefit of holding his dick down at enough of an angle that he could still be able to see the driver. As Marco was hurriedly signing on the dotted lines, Carl took a moment to check out Marco’s amazing physique in even better detail. Marco’s attention was momentarily drawn away from the paperwork when he heard yet another long, low whistle.

“Huh. I’ve never seen that one before.” Carl said as he pointed his thumb to one side of his chest and then moved his hand horizontally across his pecs until he was pointing to the other side. “Might have to get my girl to try that. What’d you do? Put the sauce right on the teets?”

“Uh… Something like that.” Marco said. He was slightly taken aback by how upfront and chill this dude was about his enlarged nipples. The few people Marco had seen so far had reacted with shock or disgust, but this delivery guy was actually fascinated by them.

“Not bad. What’s yer girly say about all the stuff you’ve done? Don’t get me wrong. I totally see why you’d want that big ol’ dick, but can you even use it for much at that size?” The driver said amiably.

Marco knew the guy was just making conversation, but he was still slightly flustered by the topic. “Well… I have a boyfriend actually… and he really likes it.” Marco replied as he handed the papers back to the driver. Marco was never one to shy away from talking about his home life or the fact that he was happily devoted to his boyfriend, but what the driver had said really got to him. Eli was one hell of a power bottom, and Marco had always been the top. The sad fact of the matter was that his dick was simply too huge to be used in such a way anymore. It had seriously changed the dynamic of their relationship, especially when it came to the bedroom; the change wasn’t necessarily for the worse, but Marco sometimes missed having Eli ride his cock like a pro, and it was obvious that Eli missed being reamed by Marco’s impressive tool.

“Right on.” Carl said pleasantly as he looked over the papers. “Everything seems to be in order. Now let’s get you suited up.”

Carl strolled casually over to the side of the van and opened the large, sliding side door. He rifled through the packages for a minute before shoving all the smaller parcels off to the side and grunting as he hoisted a gigantic box out of the back. The container was simply huge; it was so large that it reminded Marco of the comically oversized ACME crates that Wile E. Coyote’s latest master plan came packaged in. The package was so heavy that even the swole young delivery guy was straining to lift it.

“Here. Let me get that for you.” Marco said as he moved in beside Carl and reached an arm under the package. Marco was able to effortlessly lift the gigantic crate with just one arm.

“I appreciate it.” Carl said with a relieved sigh. He wiped the sweat from his brow which was causing his shaggy bangs to cling to his forehead. “Well. You seem to have things well enough under control from here. I’ll probably be seeing you around, seeing as you’ll be needing more clothes sometime, right?” Carl gave Marco a playful nudge to the side with his elbow before turning to saunter off back to his van.

“You bet I will.” Marco chuckled. He gave the driver one last parting wave, but he doubted Carl even saw it. The delivery guy wasn’t even facing Marco and was already hopping back into his van.

Marco turned and trotted back to the house. He was trying to avoid flat out running, but he was in a hurry to get out of the public eye, especially given his indecent state. He was surprised that no one had bothered to come out and confront him about his complete lack of dress, but then again, it seemed like people were getting much more relaxed when it came to nudity. There were some areas where city councils were already making steps to overturn public indecency laws.

Marco didn’t even bother heading back to his bedroom. He threw the crate down right in the middle of the front room and began to it open. He was pleased to see that the contents of the crate seemed to match what he had ordered, although given that the manufacturer had had to make his order completely from scratch it would have been hard to have gotten it confused with someone else’s; Marco was just so much larger than anyone else out there that no one made clothes in his size.

Marco felt like a kid on Christmas, except this time he was actually happy to be receiving clothing. He pulled out shirt after shirt, pants after pants and began to mentally plan and coordinate his outfits. He had never really been one for fashion; he had always just seen clothes as a basic fact of life. Living a life as a reluctant nudist for the past month or two had really given him a new perspective. That said, he found that he had gotten so comfortable hanging around in the buff lately that he didn’t really have any problems with the nudist lifestyle. He would gladly go out in public like that if not for the minor detail about it being illegal and just generally frowned upon in polite society.

Marco grabbed a pair of black slacks and a purple button up shirt. They looked ridiculously huge compared to most clothes, but they had to be in order to fit him; the shirt alone was easily five times wider than any shirt he had ever seen before, and the pants had a front pocket that looked like it might as well be a parachute.

He didn’t waste any time getting dressed. He hopped into the pants first. They were very tight around his legs, but he could at least get them on. Next he hoisted his massive, bean bag chair sized nuts and loaded them into the front pouch one after the other. He couldn’t even imagine how heavy each turgid orb had to be, but they were as light as a feather to him thanks to his several hundred pounds of muscle. He felt like he could lift things that would make Superman jealous… although Superman fit into outfits quite a bit better.

It was then that Marco encountered his first setback. His balls filled up almost every last inch of the front pouch, which wouldn’t have been too big of a deal, but His rigid dick was too hard for him to fold over and tuck in. He wasn’t going to be getting his colossal dong into his Dockers unless he found a way to soften it enough. Which was an exceptionally daunting task considering he hadn’t gotten it to go down below a semi in weeks now.

He was so excited to actually have clothes that he didn’t let it get to him for long, though. If worst came to worst he could tie a flag to it and try and pass it off as a pole or something; maybe he could even put a tarp over it. As long as it was covered it was fine, right?

He waddled awkwardly back over to where he set the shirt down. He hadn’t even done up the fly yet and the pants already felt so tight that he could barely walk. Instead of having a zip up fly, the pants had a series of holes that had a large cord of rope going through it almost like the top of a shoe; this was probably for the best since he didn’t have any underwear he could wear under these pants, and he couldn’t even imagine trying to zip up that much zipper while trying not to catch his junk in the fly.

Marco pulled on the shirt next. It was going well enough at first, but it was a lot tighter than he expected. His huge, bulging biceps and triceps filled out his sleeves and then some. Fortunately the fabric seemed to have a bit of stretch to it so that he wasn’t in danger of exploding out of his sleeves unless he really flexed his arms. He was a little disconcerted about the tightness for other reasons, though. He was sure he had special ordered the clothes to be just a little bit bigger than his actual measurements so that he would have a little more room to breathe in.

Marco tried to button up the front, but his broad, bulging pecs were simply too huge for the small metal clasps which were used in place of buttons to even reach each other. Marco pondered for a moment; if he hooked his nipples up to the pumps for a bit he could get some of the swelling in his pecs to go down a bit and possibly close the front of his shirt, but that would take a lot of time. It was already going on noon. Eli would be done with his meetings any minute now, and all Marco could think of was how great it would be to be able to leave the house and enjoy a nice quiet lunch out on the town with his boyfriend. It’d be the closest thing the two of them had had to a date in months.

Marco decided to improvise a bit. His midriff was a bit narrower than his chest and so he could still close the shirt down towards the bottom. He managed to bring the bottom two sets of clasps together but only just barely. There was still a huge window between the two clasps where a large portion of his bulky, chiseled abs could be seen. His abs were still better concealed than his chest, though. The fabric of the shirt was stretched taut across his massive, bulging pecs like a second skin. There were very clearly visible outlines of. It would have been painfully obvious to anyone that Marco had his gigantic nipples which were as big around as a coke bottle and jutted out a few inches even had his shirt completely covered them, but the edges of his shirt just barely managed to cover the nipples themselves; small patches of the dark brown skin of Marco’s areola’s spilled out from under the fabric, though. He was in very real danger out having his gigantic, thick nips spilling out of the front of his shirt if his pecs swelled up any more.

Marco was trying to figure out if there was anything more he could do when his train of thought was derailed by the rhythmic chirping of his cell phone which he had left charging by the fridge the night before. He recognized the tune immediately; it was the special ringtone he had set it to play whenever Eli called him. Marco practically bounded across the front room, causing the entire house to shudder with each heavy, ecstatic footfall. He quickly picked up the phone and hit the button to answer the call and pulled the phone up to his ear.

“Hey, babe.” Marco said as casually as he could muster.

“Oh good. You’re awake.” Eli said happily. “I just got done with the investors and was thinking of picking up some food on my way home. Does anything tickle your fancy?”

“Actually, I was thinking about meeting you for lunch.” Marco replied.

“Oh? Did your clothes show up already? That was fast.” Eli said. It was obvious from the tone of his voice that he was surprised and a quite happy to hear the good news.

“Yeah. It’s a tight fit, but I think I can make them work.” Marco replied excitedly. He didn’t outright say it, but it was obvious that Marco was itching to get out of the house. Eli had been watching his lover’s cabin fever get progressively worse as the days stretched into months. Eli wasn’t sure how decent Marco’s attire was, but he wasn’t about to prolong his boyfriend’s isolation any more than was absolutely necessary.

“Great. It’ll probably have to be someplace close to the house… I don’t think our car can handle you, sadly…” Eli replied. His voice trailed off a bit as the end as he became lost in his own thoughts, namely trying to imagine the logistics of someone as massive as Marco getting around town efficiently.

“That’s fine. I was actually thinking we should go to the little café down the road.” Marco responded happily. His voice sounded so happy that Eli couldn’t help but imagine Marco hopping up and down like a puppy that was about to be taken on a walk.

“Great. I’m still downtown so it’ll be an hour or so yet… Want to just plan on meeting there at around one?” Eli asked.

“That sounds great.” Marco replied excitedly. “That’ll give me time to figure out how to get my dick to play nice as well.” Marco added with a nervous chuckle.

“I’ve got something for that, actually.” Eli stated suddenly. “There’s a little pill bottle next to the toaster. Take one of those and it should take the edge off and probably even get you soft.” Eli explained. Eli’s voice sounded so flat and even as if what he was saying was the most normal thing in the world, but to Marco this was staggering news. “Just don’t take more than one… maybe two at a time.” Eli added.

“One pill. Got it. See you at one?” Marco asked hurriedly. He could have easily sat on the phone for hours chatting it up with his boyfriend, but he far preferred to do his conversing in person. There was also the little matter of the pills. Marco loved having a hard-on as much as the next guy, but it lost its novelty after a week or so. Not only would it be a relief to not be fully boned for a change, but it would make it that much easier for him to go out into the world and not be so worried about offending people with his new and improved body.

“You got it.” Eli replied with a soft chuckle. Marco really sounded like a kid who was excited to be finally getting the chance to go to Disney World rather than a grown-ass man who was just going down the street for a casual lunch. Eli couldn’t help but find it endearing. “I’ll see ya then. Love ya.”

“Love you too, babe.” Marco responded and then hung up. He couldn’t believe how giddy he was feeling. He couldn’t wait to get out there and take the world by storm, but first he had to check out those pills that Eli mentioned. Marco turned and looked over by the toaster, and sure enough, there was a small, unmarked pill bottle sitting right next to it. The small bottle looked like a small, travel sized Tylenol bottle with the label ripped off, which is probably what it was, but Marco knew that what was contained within was anything but a headache remedy.

Marco poured out two pills onto his palm and checked them out. The pills appeared to be two small, slightly yellowish, chalky tablets. He didn’t waste any time and quickly tossed them into his mouth. He bit into them and immediately regretted it. Not only did they taste awful, they tasted kind of like chalk and vinegar, but it felt like the powder was drying out his tongue. He quickly poured himself a glass of water and chugged the whole thing in one swill. It washed the dust away, which made his tongue feel better, although slightly swollen, but he still had that awful aftertaste; it wasn’t until he had another three glasses in his system that he finally got rid of it.

Marco decided to kill some time while he waited for the drugs to kick in. After all, he had a little over an hour before he was supposed to meet Eli, and it would only take him fifteen minutes to walk to the little restaurant around the block. Marco glanced over towards the dinner table and noticed that there were a few pages from the recent newspapers that had been set aside in a neat little stack; no doubt this was Eli’s doing. Marco couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about these pages.

A casual glance at the various articles on the page made it obvious that these were all about OmniGro and the societal upheaval that had started as a result. It was strange for Marco to be reading about all of this from an outside perspective. He had been more or less cut off from the outside world for months, and so all of this seemed rather sudden. He figured things probably seemed a lot less jarring for those who were out and about on a regular basis. As it was, though, Marco’s few glimpses into the outside world came by way of the news media which had a way of hyping things up to extreme levels… still, if what he was reading was to be believed, the world had changed a lot in the past few months.

The first article was a full color front page add that showed a group of individuals standing on the front lawn of the local courthouse clad in just tennis shoes and protest signs. The people’s sizes ranged from average to extreme; some were even bigger than Marco. None of them quite rivaled him in terms of sheer mass, but one or two of the guys there had cocks that rivaled the size of the rest of their body. One of the dudes was even reclining on his massive sofa sized nuts.

The women in the crowd were huge in their own ways. There were quite a few ladies there with massive breasts. The girl with the largest boobs was barely even visible behind her enormous rack. Her gigantic tits rested solidly on the ground and only her head and her arms which were holding a banner above her head were visible. There were also plenty of women there who had chosen to enhance more than just their bust size. There were a few ladies who had very obvious muscle tone and even one or two who looked like they were trying out for the Miss Universe pageant. By far one of the most common modifications, though was increased hip and rear sizes. Marco was impressed by some of the extreme hourglass figures that he witnessed on the page. One lady in particular had an extremely narrow waist which looked like it could snap in half under the weight of her gigantic tits, and her humongous ass matched her enormous boobs tit for tat. There was even one girl there whose immense backside almost rivaled even Eli’s… almost.

Marco flipped through a few of the other articles. They were all pretty much the same. All across the country people were banding together in favor or more lax dress codes, and in some cases favoring doing away with clothes altogether. Each page had more and more cases of famous actors and musicians as well as esteemed politicians and businessmen showing off their latest enhancements. The papers weren’t in chronological order, but Marco was beginning to piece together a timeline. Every day the world as a whole was coming to terms with the steady transformation of the human race. It looked like the day where massive enhancements were considered the norm was right around the corner.

Marco set the papers down and took a moment to collect his thoughts and catch his breath. His heart was pounding in his chest, but it was more because of his excitement than because of his arousal. Sure, there had been plenty of hot guys on the pages, but he didn’t feel as horny as he constantly seemed to. His perpetually boned dick had even begun to deflate a bit for the first time in months.

Marco checked the clock. He had only been reading the paper for fifteen minutes. He could easily kill a little more time, but his dick had already softened to the point where he could get it into his pants. Marco was excited to have the chance to get some fresh air that he decided to pack it in and get out a little early. There was only one page of the stack of articles anyway, and he doubted that there was anything important on that page.

What Marco didn’t know was that that last article could have explained a lot to him. There was a large segment of the page that was circled in red marker that Eli had been studying lately. The story reported the findings of an independent study carried out by a local college. They were researching the long term effects of OmniGro on some of the few early adopters. What they found was staggering. Just like Eli had concluded, they had found that the growths all but stopped after about two or three days, but their research went farther. A few months after the fact there were still signs of continuous growth. The changes were so minor that they were all but undetectable, but there was no doubt about it. People never did reach a maximum size. Those who had used the product were in for a lifetime of slow, steady, almost imperceptibly small growth.

It took a little effort, but Marco was finally able to slide his chubbed up cock into the front pouch of his pants. His huge dick still bulged out of the open fly quite a bit though. Marco laced up the fly as best he could and then tied up the top in a bow just like as if he was tying his shoe. His immense package was finally covered for the first time in months, but it still looked positively obscene. The soft mass of his enormous cock still smooshed through between the laces a bit, and he could not bring the two sides of his fly together, leaving a large open segment that was easily a foot across at its widest point that revealed almost two feet of the length of his massive chubby for all to see.

His far too small shirt did little to help cover his upper half either. The bottom hem of his button up shirt barely reached past his belly button, and immediately after the bottom clasp the two sides of the front of his shirt pulled apart at a sharp angle which left the base of his cock as well as his patch of neatly trimmed, dark brown pubes openly on display. His attire could hardly be considered decent, but he didn’t care. He had clothes for the first time in months, and he couldn’t wait to get out of the house.

Marco stepped into some loose, slip-on shoes, grabbed his wallet and keys, and set out on his lunch date with his boyfriend. His pants had stretched out a little bit, but they were still plenty tight and restricted his movement quite a bit. Still, he wasn’t about to let something as silly as tight pants put a damper on his day. He strode proudly down the sidewalk, waving happily and smiling broadly at anyone he came across. A few people were taken aback, but it was hard to say whether they were shocked by the absolutely massive, muscular dude whose clothes hardly even fit him, or whether they were just confused and a little uneasy by how happy and friendly this complete stranger was being.

Many of the passers-by couldn’t even be bothered to take notice of the man’s happy, smiling handsome tanned face or his emphatic waves. Their eyes were transfixed on his physique which was not at all hidden by his clothes. If anything, the obscene way his shirt and pants caused his chest and cock to spill out just drew even more attention to them.

Marco was covered from head to toe in massive, bulging muscles which strained visibly against his tiny shirt. His enormous, thick pecs were so huge and broad it was like he had a couple of twin sized mattresses strapped to his chest. The gigantic slabs of pectoral brawn were so huge that they jutted out over a foot in front of him.

Marco’s humongous nipples were not drawing attention for once. Not only were they completely covered, but his nipples had softened for the first time in weeks; the bulge from those was barely noticeable. There was just two, small damp spots right near the edges of his opened shirt front from where his nipples had been dribbling pre earlier, but thanks to the new pills Eli had developed, that flow had completely stopped.

His rippling abs were all but covered by his shirt, but there was a sizable window between the two clasps that he had managed to fasten. A large segment of his huge, deeply trenched abs were easily visible. The purple shirt just seemed to form a frame as if his huge, muscular abs were on display at an art gallery. They certainly were an immaculate work of art in and of themselves.

His huge, tree trunk quads and massive calves strained visibly against his tight pants, and those who were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Marco from behind were granted access to the glorious view of his gigantic, bulging muscular butt. Marco had always had a little bit of a bubble butt, but it wasn’t much to write home about before, but now that he had massive slabs of beef behind the slight layer of soft flesh, it made his ass absolutely phenomenal. The tight, black fabric of his pants was pulled so tight and taught across his ass that the shape of his massive buns and even the dimples on the sides of his muscular glutes was readily apparent to even the most casual of glances. If it was even possible, the view from behind was even farther improved not just by the outlines of his traps, delts, and lats pressing hard against his tight shirt, but also by the sight of his massive bulge with dipped down below his knees.

All the glances Marco was getting actually filled him with confidence. He straightened up and strode proudly down the sidewalk. This just caused all the muscles in his body to flex ever so slightly and made the view even more breath-taking. It also had the unintentional added benefit of causing his hips to jut forward ever so slightly which made his already enormous package seem even bigger.

There were no shortage of eyes glued to Marco’s crotch. His huge, beanbag chair sized nuts bobbed and rocked back and forth in time with his steps. His massive, three foot long cock was draped over his nuts and struggling in vain against the front of his laced up fly. Marco couldn’t help but smile at all the attention his body was getting. Not a single person there seemed to be offended by it; in fact, most of them seemed completely enthralled and more than a little turned on by his glorious visage.

Marco was feeling so good about himself and about life in general that he decided to make a brief stop off on his way to lunch. He ducked into the little florist that was on the corner right down the block from the restaurant. Fortunately the place had large, double doors so that he could get in easily enough. Extra large doors had actually become a fairly common thing lately. More and more establishments had taken steps to make it easier for their larger patrons to get in and out of.

“Lookin’ good, bro!” Came a deep, happy voice from behind the counter. Marco glanced over to the register and saw the dude who was working there at the time. The guy appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties and had the build of your typical college jock. He had neatly cropped blond hair and a light bit of blond stubble that just made his chiseled jawline even more handsome. His lovingly crafted physique filled out his tight, red polo shirt perfectly. His olive green apron did nothing to diminish the outlines of his impressive muscles. A small nametag clipped to the front of his apron identified him as Bryce. “Fan of the cream, I see.” He added with a sly wink.

The part-time florist then stepped out from behind the counter and gave Marco a glimpse of what he looked like below the waste. It became immediately apparent why he was chilling behind the counter instead of out on the floor where he could greet customers. He was completely nude from the waist down, except for the bottom half of his apron which draped ineffectively over his immense junk. Even behind the olive colored apron the dude was wearing, Marco could tell the dude’s schlong was immense. His balls were every bit as big as Marco’s but his dick was even larger. Already Bryce’s cock brushed the ground as he walked and was as big around as the toned dude’s waist. “Here. You might want one of these.” Bryce said pleasantly as he pulled a small business card out of the front pocket of his polo.

“Uh. Thanks.” Marco said awkwardly. It was an understatement to say that Marco was surprised to see someone so excited to see how huge Marco was, but Marco was even more surprised to find someone who was even better hung than he. Marco took a quick glance at the business card and saw that it was for what could best be described as support group. “Omni rights!” The card said in big bold letters. Then underneath was smaller subtext that said, “Omni = all. Omni rights are rights for all!”

Bryce gave Marco a playful nudge and flashed a smug grin at the bewildered, muscle-bound guy. “Between you and me, we don’t do much campaigning anymore. It’s become more of a fan club.” Bryce stated proudly. “I’m one of the biggest guys there, but I think you’d have everyone beat.” Bryce explained happily. He even went so far as to strike a pro-bodybuilder flex pose to drive home his point.

“Uh… yeah. Probably.” Marco replied bashfully. It was one thing to strut his stuff for an audience, but he had never expected someone to be so chummy with him about it. It was getting harder and harder for Marco to keep a level head as the buff, super hung stud kept bumping up against him. Even with the double dose of inhibitors in his system, Marco was beginning to feel his cock chub up ever so slightly and his nipples regain some of their hardness. Marco could see that even Bryce was getting a little worked up. The florist’s enormous, exposed cock was already beginning to raise up a bit, lifting the guy’s apron and exposing his humongous nuts in the process.

“Man, though. How much did it take to get that huge?” Bryce asked in awe. He was practically undressing Marco with his eyes and was even going so far as to rub his hands along the exposed muscles of Marco’s torso.

“I… honestly couldn’t tell you.” Marco murmured. Bryce’s soft caresses were getting under his skin and already he could hear the thick chords that laced his fly groaning in protest as his cock steadily swelled. “How much have you used?”

“I just finished off my fifth tube last week. Gonna get another one next paycheck…” Bryce’s voice drifted off as he began to run his hands across Marco’s bulging pecs.

“I’m here to pick up a gift… for my boyfriend, actually.” Marco said awkwardly as he pulled away from the hunky blond’s sensual touches.

“Oh, man. I’m sorry.” Bryce said as he jumped back a few feet. He raised his hands up towards his shoulders with his open palms out like a kid who was trying to act like he hadn’t just been caught touching something he totally wasn’t supposed to be. “I got a little carried away. I didn’t mean anything by it, but wow.”

“It’s alright.” Marco reassured him. “I just didn’t want you getting the wrong idea is all.”

“Roger, Cap’n, but no worries. I’m not into dudes. I just appreciate an artist when I see one.” Bryce replied happily, even going so far as to flash a cheesy thumbs up.

“Heh. Well I’ll tell my boyfriend you think so. He’s the one who dosed me up so to speak.” Marco responded with a hearty chuckle. He then furrowed his brow for a second and added. “But uh… You’re the second person who has made it sound like it’s expensive. I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“Oh it’s dirt cheap, bro… if you can get it. Most of the shipments get bought up by scalpers who jack up the price. There’s a shortage going around lately.” Bryce explained.

“Yeah… They’re opening up a new bottling plant to help speed up production.” Marco mused out loud.

“Oh? I hadn’t heard that. Man, have you heard some of the rumors surrounding that place? I’ve heard they bottle jizz to use as the main ingredient. How wild is that?” Bryce said. He was so excited that he was practically gushing; it was obvious that he was no casual fan.

“I had heard that too…” Marco replied cryptically. He stared off into space and had a sly grin on his face as he began hatching some plans.

“Wouldn’t that be the life though? I can only imagine how big the dudes would have to get to do that sort of job. That’s the life, man. None of this minimum wage flower trimming. Would you believe that I just graduated college and this is the only job I could get?” Bryce rambled on excitedly. Marco didn’t reply at first; he simply cocked an eyebrow which made his sly grin even more cryptic.

“You know… if you really want to get a bit bigger, I can hook you up with my supplier. You know. Cut out the scalpers.” Marco finally said after a bit of a pause.

“Would you? That’d be tight! Here.” Bryce pulled out another Omni Rights card and a pen from his pocket and hastily scribbled down his phone number on the back of the card.

Marco accepted the card graciously, but then he caught sight of the clock out of the corner of his eye. “Oh hell. I’m late.” He grumbled.

“Oh no. Did I keep you too long? I’m sorry, man.” Bryce apologized emphatically. “Where ya headed anyway, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“I was just about to meet my boyfriend for lunch. I thought I’d get him something nice on the way.” Marco explained. He was being polite, but his eyes kept darting to the clock which let Bryce know all he needed; Marco definitely needed to get out of there in a hurry.

“I gotcha. Gonna need something a little bigger to make up for being late, huh?” Bryce asked. He winked knowingly at Marco and then scurried around the shop snipping flowers here and there and loading them into a vase. Marco was too surprised by how fast a guy with such an impressive boner could move. It didn’t even seem like Bryce should be able to even see where he was going with that thing up in his face, and it was even more amazing that the toned young florist wasn’t knocking anything over with his cock and nuts as they flung and bobbed along as he worked.

In a matter of moments, Bryce was back with a small green vase filled with an arrangement of colorful flowers. “Here ya go. On the house. Now don’t keep your loverboy waiting any longer, ya hear?” Bryce said. He was grinning from ear to ear. His white teeth practically gleamed in the fluorescent lighting of the flower shop.

“Um… thanks, but are you sure? This won’t get you in trouble will it?” Marco asked uncertainly.

“It’ll be fine. If anything happens I’ll cover it. I stand to save more money from going through your supplier than this would cost me anyway.” Bryce replied casually, waving off Marco’s concerns in the process.

“Well… Thanks! I’ll see you around then, Bryce.” Marco said happily as he extended a hand for the blond hottie to shake.

“Right you are, bro.” Bryce extended his hand and returned the gesture, but then he stopped just before their hands met. “Wait… I never got your name.”

“Oh, right. I’m Marco.” The super buff, tanned guy said. Bryce’s huge grin returned, and the two of them shook hands.

“See ya, Marco. You gotta tell me how your guy likes the flowers.” Bryce called out as he waved goodbye.

“I will, and sorry about the…” Marco’s voice trailed off and he made a gesture with his free hand like he was stroking a shaft.

“Naw, man. Happens all the time. Part of the reason they let me work here is I keep the fertilizer stocked. Hey, put the back in fifteen sign up as you leave, a’ight? I’m gonna go take care of this.” Bryce replied before ducking into the back of the store to no doubt relieve himself of his troublesome boner.

Marco grinned and shook his head and he stepped out of the florist. He paused for a second to set the clock on the break sign and then headed off towards the restaurant for his date. He fumbled around in his pocket for a minute as he checked to make sure he had remembered to bring the pills that Eli had made. Sure enough, they were there. He could already tell he’d be needing another dose in the near future. The little spectacle that Bryce had put on had gotten Marco worked up even with the inhibitors still in his blood system. Already Marco’s cock was swelling and hardening in the already overstuffed front pouch of his pants. The rope that served as the laces for his fly was digging into the flesh of his massive cock, and with each passing second the pressure was getting worse.

To make matters worse, Marco could already feel his nipples hardening as well. The gigantic nubs were extremely sensitive today, and he could feel electric tingles pulsing through him as the soft fabric of his shirt rubbed against the hardening nips. Marco could already feel his pecs swelling ever so slightly as the muscles began to become laden with extra fluids. His shirt began to pull even tighter across his chest as a result. Already he could feel the edges pulling back ever so slightly, revealing even more of the dark brown ring of his areola. If things kept up, he would be end up giving some unsuspecting people a good old Hollywood nip slip.

Marco pressed a hand against both of the doors that lead in to the little diner he and Eli used to frequent before Marco’s self-imposed house arrest had begun and strode through them like it was the Return of the King. A reverent silence fell over the diner as all eyes fell on the handsome, hulking man that filled the entire doorway. Marco scanned the room and spotted a few old familiar faces, including the waitress that had served them many times in the past. He was a little surprised at how many people had already been enhanced, but didn’t spend much time dwelling on it.

It wasn’t long before he caught sight of Eli sitting patiently in the corner, sipping at his strawberry milkshake through a straw as he stared out the window. He was probably expecting Marco to be coming from the other direction and so he hadn’t even thought to look up when the doors had opened.

Marco couldn’t help but notice the way that the top side of Eli’s thighs as well as his junk were mashed against the underside of the table. Under normal circumstances the table would have been plenty high above the seat that this would not happen, but Eli had a lot of extra cushion. The blond’s huge ass gave him so much extra padding that he might as well have been sitting on a stack of pillows… Although Marco knew firsthand that they didn’t make pillows anywhere in the world that could rival the softness of his lover’s voluptuous booty.

Marco crept over to the table, which was a remarkable feat for someone of his sheer size. He had just about slipped onto the bench on the opposite side of Eli without being detected, but there was just no way a man of his size could get into the booth without first sliding the bench backwards. Despite his best efforts, the heavy wooden bench grated loudly against the tile floor. Eli looked over from the window and cocked an eyebrow but didn’t stop sucking on his drink.

“Sorry… I’m a little late, but I wanted to get you something.” Marco explained. He produced the vase that he was hiding behind his back in his free hand and showed it off to Eli.

Eli was still trying to act aloof, but a grin crept across his face anyway which caused the straw to slip loose. Realizing that his ruse was already over, Eli gave up the act. His face lit up and he reached out his hands towards the vase and made little grabby hands like a kitten reaching for a ball of yarn.

“So. Do you like it?” Marco asked. A smug smile was plastered across his face.

Eli reached into the vase and pulled out a single flower that was in the center. “A wed wose… how womantic.” He said playfully. “What’s the occasion?” He asked before slipping the rose into his mouth horizontally like a Hollywood heartthrob. Fortunately, the thorns had all been snipped away by the florist.

“I just kinda felt like it?” Marco mumbled awkwardly. “This is like our first date in months.”

“That’s so sweet.” Eli said playfully as he began to undo the top few buttons of his blouse. “Had I known that I would have dressed in something a little nicer.” He added saucily as he let the collar of his shirt slip down over one of his slight shoulders, completely exposing his collar bone and the nape of his neck in the process. Marco immediately began to get flustered, which was exactly what Eli was going for. Eli loved toying with Marco like that, especially now that he was so huge. Somehow Marco’s immense brawn just made him seem even cuddlier, like a big, burly teddy bear.

Marco reached into his pants pocket and fumbled around for the pills. It was a tight fit, especially now that he was seated, but he eventually managed to pull the out and shakily undo the lid.

“Whoa. Hold on there. How many of those have you had?” Eli cut in quickly.

“Uh… two…? Three maybe?” Marco replied. He was a little confused and it showed on his face.

“That’s enough for now then. I wouldn’t recommend taking more than one every twelve hours.” Eli said sternly.

“They just kill your libido, right?” Marco asked, suddenly worried about what it was that he had been taking this whole time.

“That’s not what they do at all. That’s just a side effect.” Eli explained. “They’re designed to cause very slight, very specialized swelling in key places. It constricts the flow of blood and other things.” Eli made a slight nod towards the table, or rather what was underneath. “That’s why you haven’t been popping wood here, and it’s also why your shirt isn’t soaked clear through already.”

“Oh… am I going to be alright?” Marco asked. He was suddenly more than a little worried. He had only taken two as far as he could remember, but this sounded serious.

“You’ll be fine. The swelling will be just a little more noticeable.” Eli replied with a cryptic grin. “Still… I’ll be taking these from you for now.” He added as he leaned across the table and plucked the white bottle from Marco’s hands.

Just then the waitress showed up, and as it turned out, it was the exact same waitress they had had the last time they were there. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” She said to Marco. Her voice sounded very pleasant and she had a warm smile on her face. She didn’t even seem to bat an eye at Marco’s immense size. Although, judging from the beach ball sized boobs that were all but overflowing out of the front of her blouse, it was obvious that she didn’t have any problems with extra large body parts. “What’ll it be, guys?”

“The usual for me.” Eli said casually.

“Reuben.” Marco said almost immediately afterwards.

“Drinks?” She asked.

“Coffee.” Eli said.

“Just water is fine for me.” Marco replied.

“Got it. Just let me know if you need anything else.” She said. She then scooped up the menus and walked over to the next table.

Marco looked back at Eli and noticed that his slim little lover had a very devious look on his face. It wasn’t long until Marco found out why. Marco could feel Eli’s shoeless foot rubbing up against the front of his bulge. Already Marco could feel his chubbing dick and even his nuts pressing harder against the front of his pants. He could even hear the laces of his fly groaning as they struggled to hold back the impending mass of flesh.

“Oh. I meant to tell you something.” Marco muttered quickly. He was hoping to distract Eli so that the slender blond would stop toying with his nuts, but this was also a good chance to mention the guy he had met at the florist. “Do you still need someone to work at the bottling plant? I think I’ve got just the guy.” Marco managed to say. His voice quaked a little bit, but all in all he managed to keep his cool quite well, despite the lewd gazes and sensual rubbing that Eli was giving him.

Marco handed the small business card to Eli who looked at the front of it and shrugged. “I already know about these guys. I talked to the club president last month.” Eli stated.

“Not that. The guy on the back.” Marco said. His voice came out sounding a little more irritable than he intended, but he was trying to keep his cool while fighting a losing battle with his libido.

Eli flipped over the card and looked at the name on the back. “Who is this?” He asked.

“His name is Bryce. He’s a really nice guy who works at the flower shop.” Marco replied. “He’s already as big as I am and looking to get even bigger.”

The last comment caught Eli’s interest. For the time being at least, he stopped playing with Marco’s nuts and raised an eyebrow incredulously. “Interesting…” Eli said thoughtfully as he twirled the small business card back and forth across his knuckles like a stage magician setting up a trick. The main thing that had held Eli back from finding people to help provide the raw materials for OmniGro was that the growth was a one way trip. There were plenty of people out there that wanted to be big, but in order to really help meet the demands for more gel, their producer had to be flippin’ enormous.

“You should give him a call and tell him your idea. I got the impression that he wants to be really big… huge even.” Marco explained.

Eli’s grin spread even wider just like the Grinch while plotting to steal Christmas. “If he’s half as eager as you say then I am sure we’ll get along fine.” Eli replied saucily.

Eli slumped back into his seat and slowly unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, making extra sure to do so slow and seductively to really get under Marco’s skin. It was working too. Marco was trying to be on his best behavior, but he couldn’t help but glance towards Eli’s exposed chest. The soft, white exposed skin looked so enticing and inviting. Eli’s musculature was very slight, but he didn’t have any fat to hide the lines and ridges of his healthy physique. Marco couldn’t help but trace the ever so slight contours of Eli’s small, well packaged muscles. Marco’s eyes continued to drift lower and lower down towards Eli’s clean shaven nethers. Marco could see that the top button of Eli’s pants was already undone, exposing much of his milky white crotch. Marco had no doubt that Eli was going commando today, and he knew that he would be able to see the base of Eli’s thick cock if not for the edge of the table that blocked his view. Marco found himself leaning farther and farther over the table in spite of himself. He craned his neck, hoping to catch even a vague glimpse of his lover’s dick.

Marco all but fell back into his seat with a thud when a slender arm shot out in front of his face. The waitress set the first plate, which had a Monte Cristo and a side of fries, in front of Eli and then turned to set Marco’s Reuben in front of him. “You boys make yourselves comfortable now.” She said, flashing one last, sly wink before strolling off to work another table.

“You heard the nice lady.” Eli said playfully as he leaned back in his chair, letting his shirt fall completely open, fully revealing his slender chest and his two, small, pink nipples for his lover’s viewing pleasure.

Marco averted his gaze downward and set to work scarfing down his sandwich. He could already tell that it was barely going to pass as an appetizer. The portions at the diner, while big by most standards, weren’t designed with people like him in mind. Marco was just hoping that the food would last long enough for him to get his libido back in check. Despite his best efforts, Marco’s eyes kept drifting back up towards his boyfriend. Every little glance that Marco got of his lover was more of the same; somehow Eli managed to always be striking a very seductive pose no matter what he was doing. Marco never would have believed it was possible to eat a sandwich in an erotic fashion, but if there was any way in which a simple act could take an erotic turn, Marco could be sure Eli would find it.

Marco had finished his sandwich in record time, and was trying to find some way to keep his mind, and by extension his eyes and hands, occupied while Eli finished. It was an agonizing wait. Marco no longer had his food to keep him occupied and so he found his eyes drifting towards Eli more and more. He would glance up to catch Eli slowly licking off some sauce that had spilled onto his arm. Marco was sure that the spillage was in no way accidental, and the slight smirk he saw on Eli’s face as the slender blond slowly and deliberately ran his tongue sensually up the length of his pale forearm just served to reaffirm his beliefs.

Marco glanced up again as Eli was taking his last bite. Eli was generally a pretty dainty eater, but this time he had all but shoved the last quarter of the sandwich into his mouth. Eli’s cheeks bulged out a bit and white sauce ran down his chin and across his cheeks. Marco wasn’t a food expert, but he was sure that particular type of sandwich didn’t usually have that type, or at least not that much sauce. It was obviously something that Eli had special ordered; whether the blond had ordered his sandwich extra gooey because he actually liked the taste or whether he did it for the sole purpose of giving him more potential for putting on an erotic display in the middle of a crowded diner was anyone’s guess. For all Marco knew it was a little of both.

Eli let out a soft whimper and then moaned sensually as he finally swallowed the huge wad that was in his mouth. He let out a gasp as he sucked in air and shot Marco his best bedroom eyes. The maneuver was not lost on the bigger man. Marco was finding it even harder to fight his growing arousal or to hide his growing cock and pecs. Marco’s shirt had already pulled open so far that his huge, coke bottle thick nipples were openly on display. Already the last remaining clasp on the front of his shirt was showing signs of warping. It wouldn’t be long before it snapped completely.

Eli could actually feel Marco’s steadily boning cock pushing against him. Even when it was soft, Marco’s package had filled just about every inch of space between them under the table, but now that his cock was steadily inflating, it was all but shoving Eli back into his seat. Eli could also feel Marco’s nuts swelling too, but this was something that did not normally happen; Eli knew firsthand about this little side effect of the inhibitors, though. Eli couldn’t help but grin as he imagined just how huge Marco’s nuts had to be now. He also couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take Marco to wise up. Eli could already hear the subtle snapping of threads as the seams of Marco’s new, custom tailored pants began to blow out.

A couple of snaps later, Eli realized that it was in fact his pants that were breaking loose. He hadn’t taken any pills since this morning, and so the effects had all but run their course. Eli was feeling quite backed up before he had even gotten to the diner, but all the teasing he had done had had an effect on him as well. Already his cock was straining against the front of his pants as it progressed past half mast towards a full on hard-on.

“I think I could stand to freshen up a bit.” Eli said coyly as he waggled his sauce-slicked fingers at Marco for emphasis.

Marco was too busy trying to will his semi back into a chubby to give more than a grunt and a nod in response. Eli flashed Marco one last cryptic smirk before shifting his weight to the side so he could slide out the side of the booth.

As Eli stood up, Marco caught a glimpse of his boyfriend’s phenomenal ass. It wasn’t like he could have missed it even if Eli hadn’t been blatantly swishing his hips to flaunt his goods though; Eli’s ass was simply gigantic. It was so huge that even while he was seated at the booth, his humongous, juicy badonk had been spilling out over the sides of the bench, a bench that was designed to easily seat three people, at that. It was hard to tell whether his narrow waste just served to make his butt look even more bootylicious or whether the sheer magnitude of his slammin’ caboose made his slim build look even more slender and elegant, but whatever the case was, it looked absolutely hot as hell.

Marco found himself losing any and all gains he had made against his swelling erection as he stared as Eli sashay his way towards the little scientists’ room. Marco could do nothing but stare slack-jawed at Eli’s gigantic booty as the slender blond slowly and seductively strutted his stuff. Marco was so entranced that he wasn’t even aware of the force of the laces of the front of his pouch straining against the swelling wall of flesh as his cock continued to chub and bone. Marco wasn’t even aware of the steady pops and snaps as the seams of his pants blow out one after another. Even after Eli had stepped through the doorway leading to the men’s room, Marco sat there in a bewitched trance, but without the steady bob and sway of Eli’s glorious booty to keep him hypnotized, Marco slowly but surely began to drift back to reality. His trance had broken enough that when the last clasp on his shirt finally burst, Marco was able to snap out of it and see what had happened.

His pecs had swollen by an absurd amount. He couldn’t even see the table over the immense shelf of pectoral flesh, but he didn’t need to be able to see to know what was happening. He could feel the steady trickle of pre down his chest and across his abs. He had never felt so backed up before. Usually his nipples only oozed a drop or so of pre unless they were being rubbed or otherwise played with, but now pre was all but flowing freely from his chest.

It wasn’t just his chest that was giving him trouble, though. He could actually feel his cock lifting the table off of the ground and shoving the opposite bench farther away by the second. The loud, steady grating of the chair legs against the floor as his swelling junk shoved the seat aside was causing a lot of the other patrons to look back in his direction.

Marco did the one thing he could think of in his situation. He fumbled around blindly as he searched for the pill bottle. He was sure that Eli had not taken it with him, and he really needed to do something to stop his arousal from getting the better of him. It really didn’t help matters at all that Marco could barely reach his arms around his immense mass of pecs to feel around the table.

Finally he felt his chest bump against the small bottle, which alerted him to its position. Marco quickly scooped up the bottle and popped the lid off with one hand. He didn’t even bother counting. He needed extra relief and he needed it five minutes ago. He tilted the bottle back and quaffed the pills like a fun sized box of Nerds. He didn’t even bother chewing this time; not only had it been a terrible experience last time, but he was in too big of a rush to take the time to crunch the mass of pills. The bottle was already three quarters empty before he power slammed the remainders, but he hoped it would be enough.

Marco shut his eyes and tried to think of the least sexy things he could possibly imagine; He mind replayed images of freaky zombies with gooey, drippy limbs, and things like old ladies in tube tops, but the image of Eli’s massive, bubbly butt was burned into his mind’s eye. All other images he tried to produce were little more than fuzzy silhouettes, like he had stared at a picture too long and now the negative was burned into his retinas.

He tried counting sheep, but he ended up seeing sheep bounding happily across great white plains with sloping hills. This seemed to be working until his mind decided to troll him by zooming out. It was then that he saw that the sloping hills were actually Eli’s huge, shapely ass.

Marco struggled for a few more minutes, but it was in vain. He was fighting a losing battle with his own arousal even though he had redirected all of his mental resources towards the war effort. He was so focused on his meditations that he hadn’t even realized that even more of his seams were bursting.

Marco finally gave up the fight. He realized he had no choice but to get out of there, and his best course of action for doing so was to go track down Eli. Marco’s lover had been gone way too long anyway. It didn’t take that long to wash his hands, did it?

Marco stood up quickly. He was not at all surprised when he picked up the table with him. The long dinner table balanced atop his already nearly boned cock like perfectly leveled seesaw. Marco took a few steps away from the booth and then squatted down so that the table once again rested mostly on the floor and began to step backwards. His junk filled up so much of the space under the table that he still ended up dragging the table with him as he moved, but at least he was steadily managing to shake off the piece of furniture as he backpedalled. Even if he hadn’t been making a scene of himself when he had balanced the table on his dick, he would have alerted all eyes from the noise of the table scraping against the floor. Marco was beyond caring at this point though; he just needed out of there now.

Once his cock was finally free of the table, Marco became aware of other issues. The main issue was that the table was all that was holding his cock down. Once the extra weight was gone, the fabric of his pants gave up completely. His massive cock burst free from the front of his pants. The tip of his fully boned schlong stood up directly in front of his face. He could do nothing but stare at it in awe. It was far larger than it had been this morning, but it was impossible for him to adequately gauge just how big it was. One thing was for sure though; his glans was now larger than his head by quite a large margin.

It’s not like his dick was the only problem he had though. His nuts quickly spilled out of the tattered wreckage of his pants. The seams of his pants had already been breaking, but now that the damn had burst, there was no holding back the flood.

He could feel the cool tile floor against his huge nuts. Just this morning they hadn’t even been able to touch the floor, but now they were full on resting on the ground. The cool air and the cooler tile were already causing his nuts to pull back in their sack, but even with the shrinkage they were still completely grounded. Each one had to be the size of a golf cart. Marco felt dizzy just from thinking about it.

He stumbled awkwardly forward a few steps, but then gave up on trying to maintain his modesty. He was already letting it all hang out anyway, and his clothes were just slowing him down now. He ripped what little remained of his pants off in one deft motion and then did the same with his shirt. He was left completely nude with the exception of his shoes in the middle of a crowded diner during lunch rush, and he was sure that all eyes were on him.

He tried to tune out all the people, but it wasn’t working out too well for him. If anything the audience was just getting him even more worked up. He couldn’t remember ever being so horny. Part of him just wanted to pound one out right here for his adoring public, but what little part of his brain that was still rational urged him onward.

He waddled awkwardly towards the restroom; his massive balls made mobility a huge problem. With each heavy footfall he could hear more murmurs and more shutters. He silently grumbled about the age of technology they lived in as he made his slow, laborious march towards the restrooms on the opposite end of the diner. They lived in a time where everyone had some form of camera on their person at any time, and he just knew that they all had some form of internet access too. There was no doubt that his visage was going to be all over Facebook in a matter of seconds and then all over the news soon after. He was going to be the next front page story; he just hoped the newspaper people were sympathetic enough to treat him as a trailblazer and not as some poor schmuck who got too much of a good thing.

With every step, Marco felt his cock lurch and shudder. His cock ached for release so bad that even just moving felt orgasmic. His cock was oozing so much liquid that he was leaving a thick trail of pre wherever he went; the slimy substance flowed from his cock as if it was water from a decorative fountain. His entire shaft and much of his balls were completely laminated in this stuff before he was even halfway across the diner. It was a miracle that he hadn’t completely creamed himself and much of the diner in the process.

Even his chest was getting pretty slimy from the flow of pre seeping out of his nipples. The flow from his chest was nowhere near as severe as from his cock, but there was some definite wetness; the pre was pooling on the tips of his nipples in large beads before eventually rolling off and down his abs.

He finally reached the restroom and staggered through the large, double doors. He was a little surprised that they had added such a thing to the restroom, but he was even more surprised by the changes that had been made to the inside. The restroom was simply huge, and not a lot of the space was relegated towards toilets and sinks. The whole area was wide and open almost as if it was an open air shower room; it even had some shower heads and a lot of drains scattered around the room.

He didn’t see Eli anywhere, but he could tell the blond was in here. Not only did the whole room smell like spunk, but he could hear Eli’s soft rhythmic grunts and coos. It was obvious that Eli was pounding one out… probably a lot more than just one from the sounds of it. The only place Eli could have been hiding was in the large stall in the back corner of the room.

The partitioned section looked a lot like the old fashioned handicap accessible stalls, but it was far, far larger. The whole enclosure had to be bigger than the bedroom that Marco had had when he was growing up. The sign on the door was also different than what he had come to expect. Sure, there was the typical handicap logo on there, but there was a different logo that he had never seen before. It wasn’t hard to tell what it meant, though. The blue sign had a white stick figure on it, much like the handicap sign, but this figure sported an extra limb. The extra line on the stick figure was even bigger than his legs, and if the angle of the extra line wasn’t a dead giveaway, the two big circles sticking off the extra limb made it painfully obvious.

Marco knocked on the stall door. He had meant to just try and get Eli’s attention, but the door had not been latched and fell open as he touched it. Marco’s jaw once again fell slack as he beheld the lewd sight before him.

Eli was leaning back against the wall; the small of his back was resting against the toilet seat. He had one hand rubbing the tip of his huge, fully boned cock, and the other hand slipped down under his nuts. His hand was obscured behind his massive sack, but it was easy for Marco to tell what Eli was doing. There was no doubt in Marco’s mind that Eli was reaming himself with a gigantic dildo.

Eli looked up at Marco and managed a weak, sultry grin, but his expression quickly changed. His head lolled back and his mouth opened wide as he shouted in pleasure. His huge, foot and a half long cock erupted like a volcano. Huge, thick spurts of jizz launched into the air. The massive ropes of cum shot up so high that they splattered against the ten foot high ceilings.

Marco had managed to hold back so far, but the lurid display he had just witnessed was too much for him. He let out a low moan of bliss as his own cock burst. Spunk launched from the tip of his shuddering cock like a geyser. Marco had been prone to very large, very messy climaxes ever since his growth, but this blew all his previous wads out of the water. He must have cum six or seven times, but the flow was so intense and the shots so rapid that it was more like one long, solid jet of cum. His huge load crashed against the ceiling so hard that it knocked the square plaster panel loose.

Marco could feel his brain fogging over from the sheer intensity of his orgasm. By the time the hail of jizz finally started to die down, Marco was feeling very unsteady. He felt like he could fall over and flop right down into the inch deep pond of cum that now filled the entire bathroom and that would be alright. He was just about to surrender himself to the euphoria when his eyes fell upon Eli.

Marco’s slender lover was pretty thoroughly drenched in cum now and not all of it was his. Eli didn’t let it slow him down though; if anything, he used it to make him look even hotter. He slowly and sensually slurped the jizz off of his fingers as he climbed off the toilet and back to his feet. He kicked off his pants which had pooled around his ankles and began to saunter seductively towards Marco. Marco couldn’t take his eyes off Eli. The slim, blond man really knew how to ramp up his allure. Eli rocked his wide, luscious hips from side to side as he walked, which caused massive balls and huge cock to bob and sway back and forth.

Even in his lust addled state, Marco was aware that Eli’s balls were bigger than usual. The blond’s nuts usually capped out at around the size of an average beach ball, but they were now closer to the size of yoga balls. They were so huge that they almost touched the ground.

Marco’s erection had begun to wane ever so slightly after his last immense load, but Eli’s lascivious smirk was all it took to get him fully boned all over again. The addition of Eli’s seductive expression and sensual gait just pushed Marco over the edge. Already Marco was streaming pre all over again.

“And just how many pills did you say you took?” Eli asked coyly as he rubbed a hand over Marco’s enlarged pecs. Marco’s chest had swollen even more since he had gotten into the restroom. Already it was so huge that the swollen slabs of muscle were jutting out almost three feet in front of him. His huge, cum-laden pecs rubbed against his massive shaft with every labored breath he took, almost as if he was pec-fucking himself. A fact that Eli had not overlooked.

“All of them?” Marc replied uncertainly. He hadn’t bothered to count; he had just power slammed the whole bottle. He had no idea how many he had actually taken, and there was no telling what the effect would be.

“That must be rough… I suppose there’s no helping it.” Eli said in a sultry voice as he moved back around to Marco’s front. Marco was too mesmerized by the gentle sway of Eli’s glorious caboose to do anything but stand and stare. It wasn’t until Eli turned around to face him that the trance finally broke, but Marco only had a brief moment of clarity. His mind was immediately overwhelmed by his intense arousal as Eli reached forward and wrapped an arm around his huge, thick cock.

Eli pulled his lover’s massive, olive skinned dick in closer and ran his tongue along the entire length of Marco’s huge, oozing slit. Marco’s entire body shuddered in ecstasy, but nowhere more so than his gigantic dick.

“You liked that one, I take it.” Eli said coyly. He had pre dribbling off of his chin which somehow just made him look even hotter. Marco could only muster a weak nod in agreement.

Marco’s response caused Eli’s lascivious grin to spread even wider until it was a full-fledged huge, toothy smile of perverse glee. Eli continued to gaze lustily into Marco’s eyes as he held onto his lover’s immense cock. Eli’s ran his free hand along the head of Marco’s cock. He could feel the warmth emanating from the massive tool as well as the deep trembles of orgasmic pleasure that arced through it. Eli’s fingers slowly drifted towards the deep maw of the beast. Eli’s finger traced a path along the edges of the pre-streaming slit, which just caused Marco’s cock to buck and lurch even harder. The larger, tanned man let out a long, low, blissful groan. Eli fixated on Marco’s eyes as he watched his lover moan and writhe in ecstasy. The slender blond didn’t dare look away for many reasons, but not the least of which was because he knew that if he allowed himself to soak of the glorious sight of Marco’s huge, bulging muscles, or the tanned man’s amazingly huge cock and balls, Eli’s cock was sure to erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Eli was so worked up by the sound of Marco’s voice that he could barely even keep his own cock from exploding.

Marco let out a small whimper as Eli’s fingers dipped into his sensitive schism. Eli allowed his eyes to wander for a brief moment. As his gaze fell upon his hand which was slowly sinking into his lover’s cock, a devious thought crossed his mind. Thanks to the growth caused by the extreme overdose of inhibitors that Marco had taken, the hulking man’s slit looked plenty large enough for Eli to slip his entire hand down there. Eli’s own sizeable cock was pretty close to being the same thickness as his balled up fist. If his hand could slip in there then…

Eli’s smile, which had been momentarily replaced by a slack-jawed look of wonder, returned in full force. He once again made eye contact with Marco, and what the buff man saw made him tremble with anticipation. In Eli’s eyes was the raunchiest glint Marco had seen in ages. Whatever was percolating in that sophisticated brain of his was sure to be amazing.

Eli slid the central three fingers of his free hand into the slit of Marco’s cock and released his grasp on the thick shaft. Eli then used his fingers to slowly, tenderly pull down Marco’s cock as if he was pulling down an old fashioned window shade. Marco let out a small, short gasp of shock, but then surrendered himself to the pleasurable sensation. His entire body tensed up as he struggled to hold back his impending load which caused his muscles to flex marvelously, nowhere more so than his humongous, cum-laden pecs. The force of the muscles tensing up in his chest was enough to cause a few dribble of cum to ooze out of his enlarged nipples and dribble down his front. The tiny dollops of jizz oozed down his abs, slowly sliding their way back and forth down the deep trenches of his abs like a gelatinous round of Pachinko.

Once Marco’s cock was low enough, Eli placed his other hand atop Marco’s huge, flared out glans and withdrew his fingers. Marco managed to open his eyes just enough to shoot Eli a glance that was half questioning and half pleading. The look on Eli’s face said it all. Eli was smiling from ear to ear and had a devious twinkle in his eyes. Eli quickly glanced down low to signal for Marco to do the same. As Marco followed his boyfriend’s gaze his mouth fell open and his eyes got wide. His huge cock was now aimed directly at his lover’s groin. Eli had one hand pressed against the head of Marco’s schlong in order to hold it steady and the other one stroking his own impressive fourteen inches.

Marco caught on instantly. His massive cock bucked and shuddered in anticipation. It took every ounce of resolve Marco could muster in order to be able to hold back his desire to cum.

Eli slowly angled his cock downward and took aim at his oozing maw of his lover’s immense dick. Eli tensed up for a moment as he felt the pre-slicked skin of his lover’s cock brush against the tip of his own fully boned dick. Eli tarried for but a moment before he recovered his resolve and began to press in deeper. It was wetter and tighter than Eli could have ever imagined. As inch after inch of his over a foot long wang slid inside of his lover’s three foot tool, he could feel the inner lining of Marco’s cock squeezing and gripping his cock. It was everything Eli could do to keep from creaming, but Marco was fairing far worse.

Marco could never have imagined it could feel so great to have something shoved inside of his dick. It reminded him of the days before his growth, back when he could still shove his respectable cock deep within his lover’s cute little butt, except the sensations were coming from within this time. His memory of those days was a little hazy, but he was sure that this felt even better; it was as if the sensitive tissue in his cock was being massaged and squeezed, but this time he didn’t have the thick layer of skin to lessen the sensations. He could feel his cock try to give another lurch, but Eli’s rigid member kept Marco’s own dick firmly rooted in place. Every shudder and every shake his cock attempted caused Eli’s own dick to shove against the insides of his dick even harder. Marco’s legs trembled from the sheer intensity of the pleasure that was arcing through his cock. It took an inhuman amount of willpower just to keep himself standing upright. Try as he might though, he just didn’t have what it took to keep himself from firing off a couple of huge, thick bursts of jizz.

Eli gasped sharply as he felt the blasts of warm, thick jizz crash against his dick. It reminded him of the time he had had a little too much fun with the detachable showerhead last time he stayed at a really nice hotel, but of course this was not water; it was far thicker, far stickier, and far more erotic. Marco’s cock was quickly plugged full of jizz, but still he kept coming. The pressure inside the shaft was getting so great that the backed up cum ended up forcing its way through alongside Eli’s rigid dick. The sprays of pressurized spunk flooded out of Marco’s cock and splashed against Eli’s chest, and thighs, and balls.

Eli felt to amazing to let a little thing like this stop him. After all, the added pressure was actually making it feel even better. There was something else, too; something that he had not expected… Marco’s jizz was forcing its way straight in through Eli’s slit. It was as if Eli was cumming in reverse. He could feel the warm, thick spunk pumping down his shaft and into his balls. His dick was completely overloaded with pleasure. He could feel his nuts tighten up as they tried to pump out spooge, but there was nowhere for it to go. The massive torrent from Marco’s gigantic cock was so much stronger than anything Eli’s rock hard fourteen incher could muster.

Eli’s cock shuddered as it tried to spew forth jizz. It felt like the best orgasm of his life, but instead of feeling his balls drain like normal, he could feel them actually swelling. With every passing second, his nuts got fuller and fuller. The already turgid orbs bloated and distended to new extremes. Eli couldn’t even manage to bring his eyes to focus enough to see just how huge they had become, but already he could feel his nuts slapping against his knees and then his shins. His swollen balls felt so amazingly heavy. It was a miracle that he could even keep himself upright in spite of the weight, and still Marco kept cumming.

Eli pulled back several inches, which caused large globs of the backed up spooge to ooze out around his dick as he did so. It turned out that the percentage of spunk that was being pumped directly into Eli’s nuts was but a fraction of Marco’s total output. The excess had been spilling out around Eli’s cock and oozing across the blond’s nuts and thighs. Eli’s motion allowed for even greater volumes of the spunk to ooze out, momentarily alleviating the growing pressure in his nuts. He then slammed his cock back in. The sensation was even better than the first time; not only did he have the same tightness from Marco’s cock passionately gripping his own, but he also had the reservoir of hot, churning spunk flooding the deep passageway.

Eli continued to pull out and slam back in over and over. Huge bursts of jizz continued to spill out around him each time he pulled back, and with each thrust back in, he had another wave of spunk pumping directly into his still swelling nuts.

Marco struggled to remain standing for as long as possible, but after little more than a minute his legs gave out. He landed with a loud splat as he fell to his knees into the lake of jizz that was now several inches deep. Despite the huge volume of cum he had already jettisoned, his nuts were still feeling amazingly backed up and they were still far larger than even he was used to. They were so large that Marco was able to lean against them to steady himself. His enormous cock rested directly between the two enlarged cum-filled orbs which were both still close to the size of an oven.

Eli didn’t allow his cock to slip free of Marco’s dick for even a second as his lover fell to his knees. Eli leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Marco’s huge, thick cock in order to steady himself. As even more spooge pumped through his cock and into his balls, he felt his nuts begin to scrape the floor beneath him. The weight of his now massive, beanbag chair sized nuts provided a nice counterbalance, which helped his hold his ground even as the pressure from Marco’s spewing cock tried to push him away.

Eli was all but lying atop Marco’s huge cock while he continued to weekly slide his cock in and out of his lover’s gigantic slit. Marco’s spurts were finally starting to show some sign of stopping. Every so often, there would be a brief lull in the torrent of cum erupting from Marco’s cock which gave Eli a chance to finally spew forth his steadily swelling load. Large jets of jizz flooded out from his cock and down Marco’s shaft, but the second Marco started cumming again, Eli’s wad mixed and mingled with his lovers and was launched straight back at him. Huge waves of spunk continued to flow out and wash across Eli’s dick, spilling out and splashing against his voluptuous thighs and his massive balls. Eli just knew that a sizeable percentage of the spunk that now coated him was his own, which somehow made the whole scenario even more erotic. It was as if their cocks were passionately snowballing one another.

Eli was far too winded to keep a decent grip on his lover’s gigantic cock. His arms felt weak, and he could feel his whole body slowly sliding backwards along the shaft as Marco’s powerful spurts of jizz pushed against his body. Once Eli was shoved back so far that the tip of his dick slipped out of the gaping maw of Marco’s monolithic cock, Eli gave up on trying and allowed himself to slide the rest of the way off.

It was only once Eli’s dick had slipped loose that the two lovers were able to see just how much Eli was cumming. Jizz spewed forth from his cock like water from a fire hose. The massive jet of spunk sprayed upwards and coated the ceiling. Huge gobs of jizz rained back down on them.

The slender blond’s magnificent ass made contact with the lake of spooge with a loud, sloppy splash which sent ripples through the standing pool. With the scientist’s weight no longer holding down the massive, burly man’s enormous tool, Marco’s cock was free to swing back up to its normal, fully boned angle. The change in position caused Marco’s still spewing behemoth to unload waves upon waves of jizz across Eli’s chest and face before it reached its full upright and locked position where it continued to fire massive bursts of cum which splattered against the ceiling panels and rained down upon the lovers in thick, gooey blobs.

After a few minutes, Marco’s jet began to die down, but Eli was showing no signs of stopping. Eli couldn’t even form a rational thought at this point; he could barely even breath he was so wracked with sexual bliss. It was easily the largest, messiest orgasm of his life. Gallons upon gallons flooded forth from his cock in an endless stream yet no matter how much he came, he still didn’t feel like his balls were getting any closer to emptying.

Marco could do nothing but stare in awe. His cock was still fully boned, but as he watched Eli’s continuous eruption, Marco felt like he, too would soon start cumming all over again. His massive wads had gone a long way to emptying out his nuts, but Marco were still feeling incredibly backed up. His massively inflated nuts had only just barely shrunk down, and he still had a long way to go before he got down to his normal size… or what counted as his normal size these days.

Marco’s eyes managed to drift away from Eli’s spewing cock and down towards his blond lover’s immense nuts. Eli’s balls even rivaled the size of Marco’s own. The slender scientist’s nuts had more than tripled in size during their intense cock-fucking. Marco just knew that more than half of the spunk that was now crammed into Eli’s overflowing balls had to be his own. It was one of the single most erotic thought Marco had ever had, and before he knew it, he was spewing forth cum all over again.

It took several more minutes for the two of them to finally stop spewing. They were both so wracked with pleasure that all they could do was lie back and bask in the orgasmic bliss while gallons of spooge continued to pump into the already flooded restroom. There was no telling just how much jizz now sloshed around in the halogen-lit, tiled room, but it looked to be enough to fill a small swimming pool. By the time they had finally stopped, they were both completely coated in jizz, and could do nothing but lie back and struggle to catch their breath.

Eli’s dreamy gaze fell upon Marco. Even in his lust addled state, Eli could still appreciate and calculate the effects the overdose of inhibitors had had on his lover. Had Marco just taken the normal dosage, the growth would have been all but unnoticeable. Even after having taken a double dose, Marco would probably have only added an inch to the length of his dick and an inconsequential amount to the size of his nuts, pecs, and nipples. The way the inhibitors worked was that they reactivated the dormant OmniGro serum but at a very, very low potency. The slight growth in the heavily affected areas effectively cut off the flow of liquids; in Marco’s case, it caused some swelling in the dick and chest which blocked the flow to his cock and nipples. The entire bottle had had impressive results, though. Already, Eli could tell that Marco had added almost half a foot to the length of his dick.

The change to the huge, tanned man’s nuts was even more substantial though. For the most part, the inhibitors had been doing their job, which was to impede the flow of cum and other liquids into the user’s cock. This typically resulted in some temporary swelling of the testes due to an increased output coupled with an inability to cum. Marco’s nuts had all but doubled in size since this morning. Eli had to admit, they looked phenomenal.

As Eli continued to stare in awe at his tanned, buff lover’s three and a half foot hard-on, Marco’s eyes were fixated on something else. Marco couldn’t help but stare at Eli’s immense, bubbly booty; thanks in no small part to it being the only part of Eli’s body that spilled over the periphery of Marco’s own colossal schlong which filled just about all of his vision at the moment; Marco’s cock was now so tall that it capped out slightly above eye level and was so thick that the huge, puffy glans matched his own head in terms of width.

Eli’s enormous, shapely caboose was so huge, that even though the pool of cum was quite a few inches deep by now, Eli’s pillowy booty was still mostly above sea level. It seemed more like the slim, blond guy was resting atop two, large flesh toned couch cushions as opposed to sitting flat on his own immense ass.

Marco had only barely stopped cumming, but already pre was flowing from his slit like water down Niagara Falls. Eli’s ass was just so amazing, and soft, and supple, and shapely. There were so many things that Marco wished he could do with it, but fortunately there were still a number of options left to him.

“Hey, flip over.” Marco said with a lusty growl in his voice that surprised even him.

Eli cocked an eyebrow and flashed his lover a crooked smirk, but Marco was unable to see it due to the huge cock that blocked much of his field of view. Eli got onto his hands and knees and lifted his gigantic, shapely ass for his boyfriend’s using pleasure. The standing pool of spunk was so deep that it was up past Eli’s wrists. Eli’s massively overinflated, bean bag chair sized nuts were so huge that he was effectively draped over them. “Come on. Lover Boy. She’s all ready for ya.” Eli called back saucily over his shoulder.

Marco placed both hands on his dick and slowly angled it down towards his boyfriend’s awaiting booty. As more and more of the slim, sexy, scientist’s glorious physique came into view, Marco found it harder and harder to hold back. Already his cock was completely laminated in pre and was shuddering in anticipation of the next mind-blowing climax.

Marco got up for a moment and shifted his position so that his immense, dishwasher sized nuts were now behind him and waddled forward a few steps so that he was all but on top of his little lover. Marco once again got back down on his knees right behind his slender boyfriend. For a moment it was almost as if they were back to their old sizes and Marco was once again in his normal place as the top, but of course, that was impossible with their current sizes; Marco’s dick was thicker than Eli’s waist.

Marco rested his massive schlong directly between his lover’s humongous, soft, cushiony cheeks and began to rock his hips back and forth, allowing his immense shaft to slide back and forth along the supple crevasse between the two, gigantic, pale white pillows of his boyfriend’s glorious bubble butt. Marco leaned forward a bit, allowing the force from his gigantic, swollen pecs to hold his massive shaft downward for him so that he could sink his hands into the soft, supple flesh of Eli’s humongous ass.

The way the pillowy flesh of his lover’s slammin’ booty caressed the soft, sensitive underside of his gigantic cock sent waves of pleasure down the entire length of his shaft. This intense feeling or sexual bliss coursed up his spine and resonated through his balls. Marco shuddered in orgasmic pleasure, but managed to hold his load back for a while yet. Eli joined in the fun as well and began to rock his hips in time with his lover’s thrusts, which caused the pleasurable sensations to become even more amazing for his massive, muscular lover.

Just having a chance to dig his fingers into Eli’s soft ass would have sent Marco over the edge pretty quickly, but with the added pleasure of his lover’s cushiony butt cheeks against his ginormous schlong, it was a miracle that Marco held out as long as he did. After only just a few minute of gliding his rigid, three and a half foot long cock back and forth along the sensual groove of his boyfriend’s glorious behind, Marco gave up the fight. He cock gave a few hard lurches and shudders before finally erupting like a volcano and spraying jizz against the far wall of the restroom. There was a good five feet between them and the wall, but the beam from Marco’s sexual fire hose didn’t even seem to be slowing down by the time it crashed into the wooden paneling. The partition shook so hard from the force of the blast that it threatened to rattle clean off of its hinges.

Much to Eli’s chagrin, he was for the most part outside of the splash zone. The geyser of cum that erupted from atop his lover’s dick arced well over his head. Only a few errant splatters of jizz found their way into his hair. Eli was just happy to see that Marco had enjoyed it though, and there was plenty of time for Eli to get his kicks after the fact; judging by how backed up they both were. It would be a good, long while before they got ahead of their libidos.

Marco’s entire body rocked and shuddered as he fired spurt after spurt of hot, thick jizz across the room. He was firing so hard and so fast that the preceding shot hadn’t even tapered off before he was cumming all over again. His eyes began to lose focus and his brain began to fog over as the sheer intensity of his orgasm wracked his body and soul. He could barely even think of anything but the intensity of the pleasure coursing through his nuts as they squeezed out gallon after gallon of thick spunk.

Marco’s eruption finally subsided. The huge, muscle-laden man slumped back against his huge, sofa sized nutsack with a stupid grin plastered across his face. That was easily the most intense orgasm he had had in recent memory. There was a huge difference between getting off with the help of someone one loved as opposed to just cumming into a suction cup for hours on end; the whole being almost painfully pent up helped a lot too.

Despite being completely winded, Marco’s cock was still standing at attention and ready to go again. Marco could barely even think, let alone tend to it himself, fortunately Eli had more than enough spunk to spare.

The slender blond crawled back to his feet and turned to stare down upon his burly, winded lover. Eli’s lips were spread wide in a huge, toothy, lascivious grin. Even in Marco’s afterglow addled state, he couldn’t help but get worked up by just how hot his boyfriend looked. Marco’s cock gave a shudder of anticipation which told Eli everything that Marco was too tired to say.

“Not gonna say I didn’t enjoy that, but I think it’s time we did something that I want to do. Don’t you agree?” Eli said saucily. The horny glint in his eyes was unmistakable. Marco didn’t even have time to ask what Eli had in mind. The slender blond was on top of him in a matter of seconds.

Eli sidestepped Marco’s massive schlong and sat down atop his lover’s deeply trenched, muscle laden midriff. Eli was straddling Marco’s abs like a motorcycle. Marco’s huge, thick shaft provided Eli with a nice backrest. Marco’s humongous schlong was so huge that the gigantic, spongy glans provided a nice headrest for Eli as he sat there. Eli’s big, beach ball sized nuts filled up just about every inch of space across Marco’s swole midriff between the burly man’s swollen, cum-laden pecs and Eli’s smooth, clean shaven crotch.

“It’s my turn.” Eli said salaciously as he leaned forward and placed a hand atop either of Marco’s gigantic nipples. Each enlarged nub was so big that it all but filled Eli’s palm. Eli closed his fingers around his lover’s gigantic, over sensitive nips, digging his fingers into the firm tissue as he did so. Marco’s body immediately tensed up from the intensity of the sensations that coursed through his body.

Marco’s nipples had always been sensitive. Eli had liked to play with them all the time when they were their old sizes, but ever since he had been dosed with the serum, Marco’s nipples were so sensitive that it was almost as if he had a couple of superthick chodes on his chest as opposed to a pair of enlarged nipples. The pleasure was so intense that this gobs of cum began to seep out of his teets. The thick, sticky substance oozed out between Eli’s fingers and slowly glided across the rolling landscape of Marco’s immense muscles.

Eli tightened his grip on Marco’s sensitive nubs and began to rock back and forth, causing his own sizable fourteen inches to dig in between Marco’s humongous, swollen pecs. The sheer volume of cum that had soaked into the tanned hottie’s pectoral muscles had given Marco’s pecs a slightly spongy consistency, but they were still plenty firm. Eli shuddered slightly as he felt the two firm walls of pectoral meet press against both sides of his sensitive haft. The gentle warmth that emanated from his lover’s humongous muscles stood in stark contrast to the intense, raw power that the gigantic, dark skinned man’s immense muscles exuded.

Marco glanced downwards and could see the tip of Eli’s cock poking out through the curtain of rock hard muscle as his slender lover reached the highest point of each thrust. Marco could see the steady stream of pre oozing out of Eli’s shuddering cock with each thrust. It was obvious to Marco that Eli wouldn’t last much longer and that the current angle put Marco’s face directly in the line of fire… which was all the better for Marco. The brawny man watched in anticipated as the steady flow seeping out of Eli’s cock continued to ramp up.

The constant oozing of spunk from Marco’s nipples was making it harder for Eli to keep his grip, but so far he was holding on alright. He had to tighten his grip a bit to keep from sliding off, but Marco didn’t seem to mind; in fact, the huge, buff guy even moaned loudly each time Eli’s hands tightened around his sensitive nips.

Finally Eli had reached his limit. His hands involuntarily clenched even tighter around his boyfriend’s sensitive nubs which caused Marco to moan loudly in unison with his slim, blond lover. The two of them came in unison; Marco’s huge spray of jizz fired upwards and crashed against the ceiling before raining down upon the two of them, and Eli’s wad launched forward, completely coating Marco’s face in spunk in under a second. Marco was in heaven. He shut his eyes tight and surrendered himself to the powerful sensations that coursed through his entire body and enjoyed the feeling of Eli’s warm, thick spunk washing against his face. He was smiling from ear to ear, but it was hardly visible through the thick coat of spooge that covered his entire face.

When the two of them had finally stopped spewing forth even more cum, Eli slumped forward on top of his boyfriend; his cock was still firmly wedged deep between the firm mountains of his boyfriend’s pectoral muscles. It was a surprisingly comfortable position despite the bumpy terrain. Eli took a moment to catch his breath and then pushed himself forward a bit so that his torso was draped across the mountain range that was Marco’s enormous pecs. Eli and Marco’s faces were so close together that their noses were practically touching.

The two of them held each other’s gaze for a few minutes. Both of them looked like they wanted to say something, but neither of them could think of anything that was sweeter than the silence that they shared. Eli was the first to make a move. He turned his head slightly so that their noses were no longer bumping and ran his tongue along Marco’s cum-caked cheek. Eli let out a soft, contented sigh as the slightly bitter, mellow flavor crossed his tongue. The two of them still did their fair share of fooling around, but most of the time, their spooge was bottled for use in their product; it was rare for him to have so much cum just for himself. It seemed a shame to let so much of it go to waste, but neither of them were too worried about that right now.

Eli continued to lick and lap at the cum that covered his boyfriend’s handsome face. Eli slowly worked his way lower; down Marco’s cheek, then across his strong jawline, and then finally down the nape of his neck. Eli nuzzled his face in the crook of Marco’s neck and took a moment to just soak up the warmth and smell of his boyfriend’s skin.

Once Eli had lapped up enough, he leaned forward again and locked lips with his huge boyfriend. Marco was a little surprised when he felt and tasted the mixture of his and Eli’s spunk flowing into his mouth, but he was not at all grossed out. If anything he found it extremely erotic. Their passionate kiss contained a little bit of both of them mixed within it. Marco snaked his tongue into Eli’s mouth, and Eli quickly returned the favor. The thick, slimy wad of cum slowly churned and frothed as it was buffeted and blended by the passionate rubbing and swishing of the lovers’ tongues as they rubbed against one another.

This continued for minutes; neither lover wanted to moment to end, but eventually the need for air overrode their desire for each other. They broke apart, swallowing their half of the foam that now filled their mouth before gasping for breath. Marco’s huge, heaving chest gently rocked Eli’s entire body as the huge, muscle-laden guy slowly caught his breath. It took Eli a little longer to recover, but they both held each other’s gaze for long after their breathing had stabilized.

Another devious smirk crossed Eli’s lips. He leaned in again and kissed his lover’s strong chin and then slowly worked his way down past Marco’s neck and across the huge man’s gigantic left pec. Marco tried to watch what was happening, but before long Eli’s face had vanished over the horizon of his mountainous pectoral muscles. Marco wasn’t left in the dark for long, though. Soon enough he felt Eli’s lips wrap around one of his oversized nipples. Soon after he felt one of Eli’s hands reach over and grab the other one.

Marco’s nipple was so huge that Eli had to open his mouth all the way just to get his lips around it, but he didn’t mind; if anything, the sheer size of it just made it even more amazing. Eli ran his tongue tenderly across the huge tip of it while he deeply suckled the gigantic nub. Already he could taste the slightly bitter taste of pre crossing his tongue. It wouldn’t be long at all before he found himself with a mouthful of so much more.

Eli reached across the vast expanse of Marco’s gigantic muscular slabs and grabbed onto the other exposed pec. Instead of placing his palm atop it this time, Eli instead grabbed it from the side as if he was grabbing a soda can; Marco’s gigantic nipple had swollen even more as a result of his overdose and was now dangerously close to being as thick and as tall as a can of Coke. It was so huge that it just about filled his entire palm and he couldn’t even get his fingertips to meet on the other side. He gave it a passionate squeeze as he sucked on the other one. He could feel Marco’s chest heave as the gigantic man tensed up from the pleasure. Eli could also feel the warm, goopy liquid ooze out over his hand as thick jizz seeped out of his erect nipples.

Eli used his lips top block off his teeth so that he could tighten his jaw along his lover’s enlarged nub without actually biting it. Even if his mouth hadn’t been flooded by flavorful spunk, the steady rise of Marco’s moans let him know that his efforts were well appreciated. Eli tightened his lips around it as he gulped and sucked the spunk straight from the tap. All the while Marco was shuddering and writhing in ecstasy. His other nipple was also oozing large quantities of spooge from the constant, rhythmic squeezing that Eli was giving it.

Marco’s chest heaved so hard that it almost shook Eli completely off. Eli had to tighten his grip to stay on, which just sent Marco even farther over the edge. Marco’s gigantic cock erupted yet again, raining thick spunk down upon the entire restroom. Gallons upon gallons of spooge rained down upon the lovers. Eli was so caught up in the moment that he too started cumming. His own huge, although less substantial, wads splattered across Marco’s immense, brawny chest and abs. The two of them were still cumming as the collapsed into exhausted heaps.

Sometime later, they had recovered enough to stand. They were extremely hungry, though. That passionate fucking had taken a lot out of them. Marco looked around and noticed that the door was blocked by the lake of spooge. The water level had barely dropped during the time that they were both lying in a winded heap of cocks and muscles. He remembered that he had seen a rubber strip around the doorway similar to weather stripping. He realized then that the room was hermetically sealed to keep any of the various sexual fluids from spilling out into the restraint itself.

“How do we get out of here?” Marco muttered. His voice came out slow as if he was in a dazed stupor, which would only be a slight exaggeration.

“I’ll open the drains. Fire up the showers. It’ll help clear out the cum and we could stand to get cleaned up.” Eli stated plainly. Before Marco could even ask, Eli had already opened the stall door and was flipped a large switch by the sinks. Almost immediately Marco could hear the slow gurgle of draining cum.

The two of them showered in relative peace, although they did cum another two or three times as they got a little too playful as they washed the regions the other had trouble reaching. Eventually the room had drained and the lovers were clean. Marco was pleased to see that his nuts had shrunk down to a size similar to their original bean bag chair size. They were still noticeably larger than they had been this morning, though.

Even Eli looked a little bigger down there as well, but any slight growth to his balls was overshadowed by his hips and ass. His butt now looked even more phenomenal. Marco would have never believed such a thing had he not seen it for himself. Eli’s hips were now just a bit over three times as wide as his narrow waist, and his gigantic, shapely ass swished seductively with ever little move he made.

Eli looked down as the sopping wreckage of his previous attire. He shrugged and flashed Marco a sly grin. “Well. They did just pass the new clothing optional ordinance, right? How about we get ourselves some dinner as we are?” Marco was too shocked to respond, but he knew by the look on Eli’s face that the slender blond wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Marco just furrowed his brow and grinned nervously, which was close enough to an agreement as far as Eli was concerned.

The two lovers stepped into the dining hall, both completely nude with their gigantic boners and humongous balls openly on display for all to ogle. “Ready for round two, loves?” The familiar waitress asked pleasantly.

“Of course. Got a table ready?” Eli asked happily.

“For you? Always.” She replied with a friendly smile.

The waitress led the two to a table in the center of the room. All eyes were on the lovers as the made their way across the dining hall which was now packed with the early evening dinner rush. Eli casually strode through the hall without a care in the world. In fact, Marco wouldn’t be at all surprised if Eli was intentionally hamming it up to give their audience something to stare at. Eli’s huge, fantastic ass bobbed and swayed seductively with each and every step. Marco couldn’t take his eyes off of it even if he wanted to. The sight was causing his already boned cock to leak pre all over the diner floor.

Marco was a little nervous at first, but he quickly realized no one was making any effort to stop them; no one even seemed to be bothered. A few people were hot and bothered, though. A couple of patrons reached into their pants and began to whatever part they happened to have contained therein. This was definitely a far different world than the one Marco had left a few months ago, but he could already tell he would enjoy this one a lot more.

After that, Marco was able to get out of the house almost every day. He put in a new order for clothes that evening, but it took almost a week for it to show up. He wasn’t too upset, though. He was perfectly fine to wander around the surrounding area au natural. He still needed to have at least some nice clothes, though. Eli had decided that Marco should help with the business end of things. Eli had been far too busy being CEO to enjoy being a scientist, and Marco was only all too happy to be in the workforce. That could wait until after their vacation though.

Marco stepped across the hot sand, a frozen martini in each hand. He was clad in just a pair of black briefs, but he may have been better off wearing nothing at all. His huge schlong was spilling out over the top of his waistband, and his gigantic balls were spilling out around the leg holes. The front pouch was packed so tight that it was all but transparent. Every ridge and contour and vein of his thick cock were easily seen by all. The back of his briefs had all but been swallowed by his thick, muscular glutes. He didn’t mind though. There were plenty people about wearing far less than he.

Gigantic cocks, humongous balls, enormous tits, mountains of muscle; all these things were left to hang free on the sunny, tropic beach. Every day more and more places adopted less stringent clothing laws; many places went so far as to remove them altogether.

Marco walked over to where Eli was sunbathing. The slender blond was lying face down with his gigantic ass exposed to the elements. From the back it looked like he was wearing nothing at all. Marco knew better though. Somehow, Eli’s white bikini bottoms were covering even less than his own briefs. Eli’s cock was only just barely contained within the front pouch; only the tip of it was even covered by fabric. The rest of it spilled over the waistband. Eli’s large beach ball sized nuts were all but completely hanging out.

Eli propped himself up on his elbows when he heard Marco approaching. His tiny white bikini top was all but invisible thanks to his milky white skin. The tiny fabric triangles barely even covered his small, light pink nipples.

Marco sat down next to his boyfriend and handed Eli a glass. “Hardly anyone out there who is un-enhanced.” Marco said casually as he took another quick glance at all the vacationers. This beach was very inviting towards larger people so there were more big people here than in most places, but every day more and more people became enhanced.

“Such a dull term.” Eli said flatly. “We need something with more zest. How about hypers?”

“Sounds like Capcom finisher.” Marco replied jokingly.

“You gotta admit it’s got a nice ring to it.” Eli said playfully as he swirled his drink in one hand. “I bet you by this time next year the whole world will be hype.”

“I’d love to see that.” Marco responded with a hearty chuckle.

“I’d drink to that.” Eli replied and lifted his glass.

“I’d drink to that, too.” Marco replied with a smirk. The edges of their glasses clinked softly as they made a toast to a big new world.

Marco got up from the special ordered, steel reinforced workout bench and set his thousand pound barbells back on the rack. He really didn’t need to work out—not with the OmniGro patented serum still flowing through his veins, but it helped to clear his head, and he really loved the soothing ache in his huge muscles.

He glanced over at the digital clock on the wall. The red LED numbers read 2:45, plenty of time for a quick jump in the shower before the show came on.

Marco even had a custom fit shower which helped a lot given his new size. In fact much of their house had been remodeled to accommodate his and his boyfriend, Eli’s new bodies. Given the profits that Eli’s OmniGro serum had brought in, the renovation costs were but a small drop in the bucket. They could have even bought a new place and moved easily enough, but they loved their current neighborhood. Neither of them had any interest in looking elsewhere.

The shower was nice and refreshing, but Marco didn’t dare dawdle too long. This was to be Eli’s first big TV appearance since their product had hit the market. There was no way Marco was going to pass up a chance to see his hot lover on TV. Not to mention Eli would no doubt never let him hear the end of it if he missed it.

Marco strode from his room to the front room, naked, as always. As he lumbered through spacious hallway he glanced over at the series of small plaques that hung neatly on the wall. There were three separate Nobel Prize plaques in three separate categories, all from the same year. Marco smiled as he beheld the plagues. One Nobel Prize was an impressive feat, but three was practically legendary. No one had ever heard of one person winning several categories before, and yet Eli had done it. The awards were well deserved though.

It was hard to deny the effects the serum had had on society. Practically every aspect of day to day life had been inexorably changed soon after the gel went to the market. No one, especially not Eli and Marco, could have foreseen the results. Given how much had changed in the world in under a year, it was hard to deny that Eli’s new product and their new company had revolutionized the world. At least that was the logic behind the committee that had awarded Eli the winning trifecta.

The impressive victory sweep had netted Eli the nickname of “The Science Olympian.” The name caught on so well in fact that the Olympics foundation had awarded him an honorary gold medal in science. Said medal currently hung on the same wall that displayed the other three awards. Marco beamed proudly at the small golden medal, but he only tarried for a moment before continuing his trek back towards the living room.

Marco stopped for a moment as he entered the front room and passed in front of the giant mirror that now covered the entire north wall. The mirror seemed like an extravagant piece of vanity to Marco. He had said as much to Eli when his lover had had it installed, but Marco had to admit that he did secretly love to sneak peeks at himself when he walked by.

Even after almost a year since he was first exposed to the experimental gel he still couldn’t get over how huge he was all over. His sheer size was simply staggering even by today’s standards, and people were far larger nowadays than they were in years past.

Marco flashed a furtive grin at his reflection. The tanned hotty staring back at him mimicked the expression. Marco then brought his forearm up and flexed his bicep. He watched in silent glee as the mirror image’s bicep bulged out like a balloon. His bicep was so huge that it was easily four times as large as his head. Marco could easily turn and kiss it without even needing to crane his neck or move his arm. Yet despite how massive his biceps had become, they looked right at home on his impossibly swole body.

Marco was just as buff everywhere else if not more so. His impressively cut abs were so deeply trenched that he could get his fingers in down to the knuckle in the valleys between each bulging muscle. His quads were as thick as redwoods. His traps were so huge that it was hard to tell where his neck ended and his shoulders began, and his pecs were simply massive.

Even when fully drained, each individual slab was the size of an extra-thick, memory foam padded, King sized mattress, but he had been off his pumps all day which . His chest was looking extra swollen from the buildup of cum that had been generating in the soft tissue of his pecs. His huge, thick coke bottle sized nipples were steadily oozing milky jizz.

Marco grinned as he flexed his pecs for his reflection. He watched happily as his chest bulged even farther and his nipples squirted thick, white, spunk. It was hard to believe it had been a year since his chest had first begun to gather spunk and his nipples had begun to squirt cum. He couldn’t even recall what it was like before his nipples had begun to behave like cocks, and he had no interest in remembering.

Marco’s muscles were amazingly massive, but they were just the tip of the ice berg. Other parts of his body had grown to even more intense extremes. His humongous balls now rested solidly on the ground even when he was standing fully upright. Each enlarged nut rivaled the size of a washing machine. In fact it often felt like he had two washing machines strapped to his dick with the way cum was always sloshing and churning inside his massive balls, but as massive as his balls were, his cock was in no way overshadowed.

The shaft of his enormous dick had already his six feet in length and was still steadily creeping up in size with each passing day. The sheer girth of the behemoth rivaled that of even Marco’s muscle-laden midriff. Marco’s massive cock had been hovering at a semi all afternoon, but upon seeing his hot, huge, beefy body, Marco’s cock began hardening in earnest.

Marco made his way towards the sofa and plopped down to watch the show. He was a minute or two late, but he didn’t miss anything worth worrying about. By the time he had found the channel, the opening credits had just finished rolling.

Marco shifted in his seat a bit in an effort to get nice and comfy, but the grooves that had been worn into the cushions of his custom couch just didn’t quite fit his enormously meaty ass. He had gotten used to this though. He was still growing all over. Even though the changes were so slight that they were impossible to spot with the naked eye, he never stayed the same size long enough to get a decent butt-groove going on his couch. His furniture’s inability to sculpt to his beefy butt was the only real downside to his steady growth.

His size had more or less leveled out after the first few days. When he had first tried the serum he had gone from being a fairly fit dude to being so heavily muscled that he made The Incredible Hulk look like a scrawny little pencil pusher in the span of a few hours. His growth had greatly tapered off after that, but even now he was still expanding all over. It wasn’t much. He’d gain an inch or two to the length of his cock every other month or so. Every other day he might add a few pounds worth of muscle. His balls might fill up with a few more ounces of cum every day or so. These additions weren’t noticeable given his current dimensions, but the constant, steady changes were enough to systematically undo any attempts to create a nice, consistent butt-print on the soft couch cushions.

Marco gave up on getting into a groove when he heard the annoyingly poppy theme song fade out and the voice of the announcer fade in. He looked up in time to see the camera zoom in on the host. The host of the show was a fairly average looking lady. Marco figured she might even be pretty in the right light, but the excessive amount of product she was using on her face made it hard to tell.

The lady on the screen sat rigidly in her chair and spoke robotically into the camera as she read her cue cards. Something about her forced smile seemed odd to Marco, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. It didn’t help that he had never seen this show before. He had no other experience to base his analysis on. It was more a gut instinct than anything else.

“Good afternooooon!” the host called out to the camera. Her voice was almost annoyingly chipper but at the same time her delivery was somewhat breathy—almost as if she were trying to speak through an impending asthma attack.

“Welcome to the Veronica Daley Show! Your daily does of Veronica! Today we have a special guest! Welcome to the show, the CEO of OmniGro!” The lady said in a similarly breathy, chipper voice.

The audience went wild. The camera panned over to the curtains on the side of the stage. The curtains slowly lifted up, and a small name card appeared on the bottom of the screen.

Marco grumbled audibly as he looked at the name—or more specifically the lack of an important part of the name.

“Doctor, dammit. He’s supposed to have a Doctor in front of his name.” Marco muttered irritably, but his mutterings were cut short when out from behind the scenes stepped Marco’s smokin’ hot boyfriend. Marco’s heart stopped for a moment as he beheld Eli’s smiling face and curvaceous body. They had just seen each other this morning, but to Marco it felt like too long.

The makeup people they had working for the show really knew their stuff. Eli looked absolutely stunning. His long, blond hair was pulled into a ponytail and draped fashionably over his left shoulder. The red blouse he wore showed off his smooth, toned, chest perfectly. The nice, stylish pair of khaki capris that he wore completed the ensemble perfectly. They hugged his gigantic, shapely hips and really showcased the phenomenal curves of his legs.

Eli was by far the prettiest guy Marco had ever met. He had always had a slight, slender physique and soft, gentle features that bordered on feminine, and the effects of the OmiGro enhancements that Eli had given himself had only increased his good looks. Even with the flatness of his chest it would have been easy to mistake him for a woman had it not been for the noticeable bulge in his pants from his well over a foot long cock and his two, massive beach ball sized nuts.

Eli took a seat on the couch beside the host. The couch was a relic from a bygone age before OmniGro. It had been designed to fit two people comfortably and could have even hold three people if they really scrunched in close together, but it was sorely suited for handling people of today’s proportions. Eli’s amazingly wide hips and huge, slammin’ booty easily filled up the entire seat. His juicy ass even spilled over the low armrests.

The host of the show turned to speak to Eli once he was settled into her seat, but her range of motion was severely limited by the size of her gigantic tits. Veronica’s jugs were so huge that they were effectively being held up by the armrests of her chair. Her rack was so huge that even just one of her tremendous tatas was more massive than the rest of her body combined—and that was even factoring in her gigantic, jiggly ass which filled out her couch almost as well as Eli’s filled his. It almost appeared as if she had two, massive, flesh colored, smart car sized water balloons shoved into the front of her blouse.

“Now then, Elijah.” She began. She gestured towards her guest as she did so, but her rack was so huge that only the very tips of her fingers were visibly poking out from behind her titanic tit.

“Just Eli is fine.” Eli cut in.

“Very well then… Eli.” She corrected herself. She seemed a little flustered, but it wasn’t clear if that was because of her guest or because of something else going on in the room.

The host quickly straightened herself, cleared her throat, and continued introducing her guest. “It would not be an understatement to say that your company’s product has changed the face of society as we know it.” She said pleasantly.

“For the better, I should think.” Eli replied swiftly with a sly grin. The audience erupted into a raucous round of applause. Even Veronica herself had to look away from the camera for a moment as she hid her smirk.

“Well… There are many who disagree…” The host said hesitantly. Her position as host and interviewer meant that she was supposed to take a neutral stance as often as she could help it, but it was no secret to anyone who took even a casual glance in her direction that she had more than enjoyed Eli’s new product during her off times

“One thing that can’t be denied is that culture has become obsessed with size of all types.” The host explained cautiously.

“Culture has always been obsessed with size. I just gave them a means to obtain it.” Eli replied with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Eli smiled knowingly as he gazed out amongst the audience. There were several people in the crowd that had the company logo branded on their body either by way of a comically overstuffed article of clothing to cover their massively enhanced body or—in the case of a few extra zealous fans—tattooed directly onto the excessive amounts of bare flesh that they were now flaunting.

“That may be true…” The host continued cautiously. She stopped for a moment. Her lips were pursed as she thought of how to continue, and then steadily eased into her next counterpoint. “You cannot deny that in the months since your product went public, our society, and even the face of the human race as a whole, has been irrevocably altered.”

“Every time a major breakthrough in science occurs, humanity is altered. I see no difference now.” Eli responded casually. He paused briefly to let his point sink in and then added another thoughtful remark.

“That said, I do think what we are seeing now is truly remarkable.” Eli said.

“Remarkable? In what way?” Veronica prodded.

“Well, for the first time we are seeing people truly happy with their bodies. People are so proud of the way they look that they can’t help but share it with others. I have never seen so many people so genuinely happy with the skin they are in.” Eli explained emphatically. Eli was speaking as passionately as he could.

The microphone picked up every syllable he uttered. Yet despite this the sound crew had their hands full up in the booth. With every word that Eli said, the crowd grew louder and louder. Their joyous cries were threatening to drown out Eli’s words.

The camera cut to the audience and panned back and forth across the crowd. Every person in the audience was huge in one way or another. There were men and women alike who were completely covered in muscle from head to toe. Everyone in the audience had huge boobs or massive cocks and gigantic balls protruding from their bodies. A few had tried to maintain some semblance of modesty and were wearing tight clothes that did little to cover their bodies, but many others were completely nude. Their oversized endowments were free to jiggle and flop about as they hopped and cheered at the camera. A few of the audience members were so caught up in the endorphins and the rush from being on live television that they turned to the nearest person and began to make out passionately while grinding and groping one another as if they were on some sort of hyper-erotic kiss cam at a football game.

It was a good thing that the studio had the foresight to install rubberized flooring. The floor was positively soaked from the constant streams of pre flowing from fully boned cocks and milk cascading from massive, jiggly tits. Had the padding not been set down to provide some form of traction, the audience members would have been slipping and sliding and falling all over one another.

It was hard to believe that a year ago this sort of behavior would have been something that could only be seen on the ‘unrated’ cuts of sleazy MTV spring break videos, and even then they would have been horribly censored. Nowadays though this was about par for the course. People everywhere were huge and proud. With each and every passing day, clothing was becoming more and more obsolete. Clothes were now seen as more of a luxury item than as a necessity of polite society.

Public displays of affection like the ones witnessed in the frenzied crowd of fans were also a common sight in post-OmniGro society. Friends and lovers would often great each other with a passionate embrace or an emphatic fucking in the middle of the street. Even strangers sometimes greeted each other’s with a casual hand job or an introductory blowjob. Grinding dripping nipples, or rigid, drooling cocks against one another had become such a common greeting that it had even replaced handshakes as the conventional way to start a business meeting.

The camera cut back to the hostess who was gazing longingly at the erotic spectacle that was the studio audience. Even through her thick makeup, the tinge of arousal was clearly visible on her face. It was finally clear just why she seemed so absentminded and breathless throughout the course of the interview. She was as horny as any person in the audience!

There was but a brief second during the transition that the camera caught a full glimpse of her body, but it was enough to give the folks at home an idea of just how heavily she had modified her body. As massive as her tits were, the changes to her chest seemed tame compared to what she had going on between her legs. She had to sit with her legs spread so wide that she was practically doing splits. Her pussy was simply too huge to be able to close her legs! Her clit alone was as thick as a flag pole and two feet long. Her fleshy clam was so big that the lips of it actually drooped over the front of her seat and rested on the floor below. The lips of her engorged womanhood were so plump and swollen that they visibly quivered live on national television. The constant flow of feminine fluids had already soaked the carpet clear through. The growing pool of sexual liquids was steadily spreading outward and had already begun to drip off the stage.

Veronica continued to stare out into the crowd. She pensively chewed on her lower lip as she dreamed of flicking her bean right there on TV, but she was a professional. The show came first. She came second and sometimes not at all—although that hadn’t happened since her gardener had grown his dick to the size of a diving board.

Veronica suddenly seemed to snap back to reality. Her face was still flush with arousal, and she was quivering like Jell-o, but she managed to focus enough to continue the interview.

“Well, we all know about the physical changes that people have undergone, but let’s talk about the other major advancements. Within weeks of the product hitting the market you had developed new methods of processing the excess fluids. We now use human semen for much of our daily lives. Everything from the food we eat to the electricity in our homes comes from…well… cum.” She said casually. Her hormones were raging at full speed now which caused her to drop her normal, professional demeanor in favor of a more relaxed, conversational tone.

“Well. I hate to see good jizz go to waste.” Eli responded with a chuckle. The members of the audience who were not too lost in their lust to hear him speaking joined in in the laughter. It took several minutes for the peanut gallery to quiet down enough for Eli to continue.

“It seemed only natural. We had so much raw protein to work with. It was easy to convert it into enriched compost, and it only took a little basic chemistry to turn it into a meaty substance which is quickly replacing the need to raise animals for slaughter.” Eli explained once the crowd had quieted down.

Eli gave a slight nod towards the host’s immense cleavage. Her arousal was definitely getting the better of her, and the front of her blouse had become all but transparent due to the immense volume of milk that had soaked through. She may as well not have been wearing anything at all, but her lewd figure provided the perfect segue for his next topic.

“… and of course, there’s also been plenty of extra milk being produced as well. Human milk has become so easy to obtain that the need for dairy cattle has all but vanished. People the world over have been adopting breast milk as a healthier, more economical solution.” Eli explained.

“mm… I know I have switched to using my own when I cook…” The host managed to murmur between sensual squeezes of her engorged teats. She was beyond horny by this point. It was a wonder that she was coherent at all let alone able to carry on with the interview.

“And there’s new advancements being made every day. Why, I was just reading this morning about a new theoretical generator that could replace the need for environmentally hazardous coal burning plants or dangerous nuclear facilities.” Eli explained.

Veronica stopped licking the milk from her fingers long enough to respond to Eli’s topic. “Generator? Like a power plant…?” Veronica asked dreamily.

“Exactly. The generator itself is nothing new. A prototype was designed and built years ago. It works by mimicking the human body’s natural ability to process nutrients and convert them to energy, but up until recently there has been no viable fuel to use to sustain such a device.” Eli explained.

“Oh. I think I saw something about that at the trade show I covered last week. The new model year for cars has made use of this generator to provide power.” Veronica said dreamily as she slunk lower into her seat. It was fairly obvious that she was enjoying herself a little more than was professional, but as long as she was able to continue her interview no one seemed to care—least of all her.

“Have you seen the new commercial? The guy just whips it out and pumps his cum directly into the tank.” She murmured softly. It was actually pretty impressive how she was keeping the dialogue going in her current hormone-addled state.

“Already emissions are down over 47% worldwide, and with state of the art power plants slated to start construction this fall, experts project that we could wean the planet off of fossil fuels and other environmentally hazardous forms of power in the next few years.” Eli confirmed.

“What a wonderful world… It’s no wonder you took home the Nobel Prize for medicine.” Veronica replied dreamily.

“Hehe. I guess…” Eli said. A furtive grin crept across his face. Marco couldn’t help but smile. It was so rare to see Eli actually looking bashful, but the slender blond looked exceedingly cute on the rare occasions that he did.

“I feel kind of bad for Hans though. He was a shoe in for the prize for his work in neurology.” Eli said modestly.

To anyone else watching, Eli’s last comment would have seemed odd, but Marco knew better. He knew that Eli had been a huge fan of Dr. Schindler’s work for years and had been watching the old German neuroscientist’s latest work intently. Schindler’s most recent breakthrough had paved the way for new drugs that could alter and ever repair brain chemistry. Had Eli’s new invention not taken the world by storm, Eli’s old mentor would have been the one to take the prize.

“After all… I already got the prize in finance and the Nobel Peace prize.” Eli continued. Eli looked just as furtive and bashful as before despite his claims. He somehow still managed to sound modest even though he was effectively bragging about his clean sweep at the Nobel Prize awards.

An idea popped into Marco’s head at that moment. He reached over to grab the small tablet that was lying on the end table right next to his seat. He grunted a little as he shifted his weight around. His immense bulk made maneuvering tough at times, but he had no intention of ever giving it up.

His “small” tablet was the size of a dinner tray. A few months ago such a device would have been considered comically huge, but things everywhere were getting bigger to accommodate the growing populace.

Marco had to finesse things a bit. He was having trouble finding a nice angle to hold the tablet at so that he could work and still keep an eye on the show. His immense pecs were so huge that they blocked his field of vision below the neck, but Marco was a resourceful one. He had learned a few tricks to handle his size in recent month. It only took a few clicks to transfer the feed from the TV onto his tablet and just a few more clicks to set half his tablet to play the show and half his tablet to open up the OmniGro mainframe so he could both watch the show and do some CEO work from the comfort of his couch.

Eli may have been the CEO of the company, but that was merely a title. He had given Marco complete control of the business aspects of running such an enterprise. Eli was a science guy plain and simple. He wasn’t the most business minded individual, and every time he got a flash of inspiration he would vanish into his personal lab for days, sometimes even weeks on end. Once OmniGro really started to take off, it was quickly decided that Marco would handle all the finances and logistics while Eli provided the science and the public face.

Marco used his executive privileges to construct a nice little surprise for when his lover got home. He finished a few quick business things and tuned back into the TV just in time to catch the next topic being discussed.

“In a matter of months you created clean, renewable energy and all but stamped out world hunger. I’d say we don’t have near enough awards to give you.” Veronica cut in suddenly.

“I’m not doing it for the awards. I just want to improve people’s lives.” Eli replied.

“I know my life has been greatly improved.” Veronica murmured softly in reply. The camera didn’t show anything below the neck, but it was clear from the look on her face and the motion of her body that she was rubbing one out on live TV.

“Thanks for saying so, but I had plenty of help from the folks back at the office.” Eli said proudly.

“Oh. That reminds me. Your company has ranked #1 on the Fortune 500 best companies to work for list. That’s unheard of for an upstart business like yours.” Veronica said lazily. Her eyes seemed to be drifting in and out of focus as she gazed vacantly at the cue cards.

“Well, we do have some unique benefits of working with us, and our employees love what they do.” Eli replied conversationally.

“Let’s talk with one!” Veronica said suddenly. “I’d love to see what life is like at the OmniGro plant. Our reporter in the field has said you’ve got some very… hehe…. big things to show us.” The smirk on her face could only rightly be described as horny. It was fairly obvious that her interest in the story wasn’t strictly professional. There was definitely a more carnal fascination at work too.

The large screen on the back wall of the stage changed from the show name to an extreme close up of a clean cut guy’s face. His short, blond hair was styled up nicely. His blond stubble was very neatly trimmed in such a way that it really emphasized his strong jaw perfectly.

“Oh! Hey, boss. Hey.” They guy on the screen said happily.

“Hey, Bryce.” Eli responded conversationally.

Eli and Bryce were well acquainted. After OmniGro had hit the market, it quickly became apparent that Marco alone could not provide enough raw materials for a global enterprise. Eli had thought to seek out new recruits, but he didn’t have to look hard. Once word of the product reached the public, people were lining up around the block for a chance to get in on the ground floor with such a company. Bryce was one of those guys, and his passion for huge amazed even Eli.

“Hey. You can see me, right?” Bryce asked.

“We can just see your face right now, but we can see you.” Eli replied.

“Well that’s no good.” Bryce responded. He furrowed his brow thoughtfully and then nodded at the cameraman. “Yo. Can’t you zoom out a bit? I want everyone to see how good I look!” He said.

“Can we do that? I mean, this is a family show, right…?” Eli asked the host.

“Fuck it. They’ve already showed the audience. Zoom all the way out. I sure I speak for the rest of the world when I say I wanna see the bad boy.” Veronica told her cameraman with a dismissive wave of her slicked hand.

The camera steadily panned out revealing the absolutely massive wall of brawn which rested atop a colossal pair of nuts. The OmniGro bottling plant that Bryce was in was an old airplane hangar that had been converted into a factory, and the dude’s balls just about filled up the entire thing! Even though Bryce’s meaty dick was easily three times as long as he was tall, Bryce’s fifteen foot long cock looked comically undersized compared to his immense balls.

The area of the bottling plant that wasn’t filled with gigantic testes housed a special pump which was affixed to the tip of Bryce’s dick. A constantly flow of cum flowed out of Bryce’s enormous cock and was pumped into a nearby vat for storage. Each vat could hold an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of jizz, but it only took Bryce 20 minutes to fill one of those.

“Is that it? Am I on TV? Quick! How much can you see?” Bryce asked excitedly.

Bryce’s face lit up like a kid’s in a candy store, but that wasn’t the only part of him that was getting worked up. His cock lurched violently, and the shudders and tremors through his cock and balls only got more and more violent as he got more and more worked up.

“All of you… God… You’re fantastic.” Veronica moaned breathlessly. Her words were but a soft, breathy whisper, but thanks to the small mic which extended from her ear piece, Bryce could hear every word of it as if she was whispering it directly to him.

“I know, right?” Bryce shouted happily. He gave a huge, exaggerated flex for the camera which caused his pecs and biceps to bulge even farther.

“He’s so huge….” Veronica whimpered.

Bryce’s face went bright red. His body shuddered from the passionate moans that flowed into his ears through the small receiver he was wearing.

“Oh, you like that’s don’t you?” He grunted primally. His voice was coming out as an almost feline purr of self-satisfaction. His cock began to rock and shudder even harder on live, national television. He was getting so worked up both from being on TV and from having such a sultry voice goad him on that it was obvious that he wasn’t going to hold out much longer.

“Oh, Shii…nnnngh” He groaned as he massive cock sputtered and lurched.

Bryce came hard into the clear, reinforced pumps that help his cock. Cum flooded into the receptacle and was pumped into the storage vats. Hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of spunk came gushing out.

Bryce continued to shudder, but despite the intensity of his climax he kept trying to pose and flex for his adoring fans. His feral grunts were soon joined by loud, passionate cries from the show host.

It was the most powerful orgasm anyone had ever seen. It even far surpassed the limits that the pumps were designed to hold. The clear aluminum chassis cracked and shattered. Hundreds of gallons of cum spilled out onto the factory floor. Bryce’s gigantic cock continued to sputter and lurch launching a hail of jizz into the air and coating much of the walls and even the other workers in the hangar. By the time Bryce finally finished spewing he was left completely winded and mired in a bog of cum that was several feet deep.

“Hehe… how was that, boss?” Bryce asked. He was gasping for breath, but still managed to flash a smug grin for the camera.

“That was amazing…” the host replied groggily. The question wasn’t meant for her, but nobody was about to correct her. She was only saying what everyone else was thinking after all.

The show faded out to a commercial commercial, and Marco was left alone with his thoughts. Everything Eli had said during the interview was true. The world had changed immensely since their product hit the market like a speeding freight train. People were happier and healthier. The economy was booming. There was no shortage of food or fuel. It seemed like everything was perfect… but there was one thing that bothered Marco.

Things seemed great between him and his boyfriend, but it felt like something was missing. Marco had a pretty good idea what that was though. They never fucked anymore. Sure, they fooled around. There was plenty of frotting and salad tossing to go around, but Eli hadn’t had an honest to god cock shoved down his ass in almost a year.

Eli had always been one hell of a size queen. He had loved huge cocks, and it was Eli’s love of massive dongs is what had spurred Marco on to grow his own dick by any means available to him. Marco loved the results. He loved how huge his cock had become. He loved how thick and sexy it was. He never wanted to go back to the dick he had before, and yet… It was too big to use for the one thing he had grown it for in the first place! As much as Marco loved having such a godly cock, he also missed being able to give his lover the deep dicking he deserved.

To make matters worse, Eli had been spending the last several weeks locked in his lab. Marco knew this was common behavior for his lover, but he couldn’t help but wonder if Eli’s absence was somehow related to his own overgrown cock. Marco couldn’t help but wonder that if maybe his dick wasn’t too huge to use for reaming his boyfriend senseless that maybe they could be spending more time together.

There was something else about the whole thing that bothered the hell out of Marco about it all. Even though Eli loved to hole up in his labs and work into the wee hours of the nights, usually he made an effort to come out and spend dinner with his boyfriend. Marco didn’t understand all the sciencey stuff that much, but he still enjoyed listening to Eli gush about his work. Lately though, Eli hasn’t said anything about what he had been working on. The sudden silence worried Marco a lot more than anything else.

Marco’s brief introspection was cut short by the sound of the latch on the front door unlocking and the door opening. “Hey, babe. Did ya miss me?” Eli called playfully from the entryway.

“What are you doing here?” Marco responded incredulously.

“I… uh… live here, babe.” Eli replied just as playfully as before as he stepped into the living room. He was dressed just as he was in the show and was carrying a small, brown, grocery bag.

“No, but, you’re on TV.” Marco sputtered, gesturing to the commercials.

Eli just laughed. “It’s filmed live, but it’s not aired live. We shot that this morning, and then it went to editing. You know. Had to make sure it was safe for all audiences and whatnot.” Eli stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh. I guess that makes sense. How long have you been done with filming?” Marco replied.

“We wrapped up about three hours ago, but I had a few errands to run on the way home. I wanted you to get a chance to see the show before I spoke to you anyway. So… how far in did ya get anyway?” Eli said.

“Bryce just trashed the bottling plant… again…” Marco replied.

“Oh. So you were pretty much done. After that there were a bunch of product testimonials from various celebrities and stuff, but my part in the show was pretty much over.” Eli explained.

“One thing I was wondering about though… they’ve been trying to get you on the show for months. Why did you finally agree to it?” Marco asked.

“Would you believe it’s a secret?” Eli replied impishly.

Marco let out a dejected sigh. “Yeah. I would. You’ve had a bunch of those lately.” He said.

“And that stops today!” Eli replied excitedly.

“Wait, what?” Marco sputtered.

“I haaate keeping secrets. I know how much you’ve wanted to know what I’ve been up to, and every time I had to play it off, I just felt so shitty.” Eli explained. He shot his lover big, soulful, puppy dog eyes and big, pouty frown to really ham it up.

“And yet you did it anyway.” Marco grumbled.

“Because I knew that the look on your face when I broke the news would make it all worth it.” Eli replied. He had done a complete 180. His sad, pouty face was replaced with a look of smug, self-satisfaction.

“Oh?” Marco asked.

“Yeah. I know these past months have been interesting to say the least…” Eli said. His voice trailed off a bit leaving Marco wanting for more. Eli wouldn’t be this cagey about it if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“Yeah?” Marco asked. He was trying to keep from sounding too insistent, but his curiosity had been piqued. It was hard for him to stay calm.

“I know that you love the way you look now…” Eli said slowly. He ran his fingertips along the length of Marco’s incredibly huge cock. The massive shaft was longer than Eli was tall.

“Yeah…?” Marco responded softly. His voice was equal parts a sensual sigh and expectant plea.

“I also know that you wouldn’t want to go back to how you looked before…” Eli added. He pulled up blouse up and over his head exposing his slim, slender torso for his big, beefy beau’s viewing pleasure.

Marco soaked up the sight of Eli’s beautiful body. The way Eli’s blond ponytail draped over his pale, shapely shoulder made him look like a model on the cover of a magazine, and Eli’s mysterious smirk and flirty gaze just added to that effect. Marco’s dick was already pretty chubbed thanks to the lewd images from the interview, but this new strip-tease got him beyond boned in no time flat. By the time Eli was pushing his capris down past his wide, shapely hips Marco’s cock was already dribbling pre. Marco could barely take his gaze away from Eli’s fantastic cock. Eli’s dick was as slim and slender as the rest of him, and thanks to the effects of the OmniGro serum, Eli’s cock now dangled down to his shins and his beach ball sized nuts were almost as wide as his incredibly round and shapely thighs.

Marco waited with baited breath as his boyfriend slowly sidled up beside him and began to straddle his thighs. There was no way that Eli could sit right on Marco’s lap—not with Marco’s massive, towering cock in the way, but Eli had his own way of doing things. Eli straddled Marco’s midriff and laid back against his lover’s enormous cock. Marco’s thick, veiny cock was so huge that it was wider than Eli’s shoulders! It was almost as wide as even Eli’s thick, shapely thighs. Eli’s hips only jutted out a few inched wider than Marco’s fat cock, but Marco’s cock had Eli beat by a good margin in terms of height. Had Eli been standing side by side with Marco’s cock, Marco’s dick would have been several inches longer, but in his current position, the tip of Marco’s dick towered a few feet above Marco’s head. In fact, the tip of Eli’s head came to a rest a few inches below the puffed up ridge of Marco’s thick, swollen cock head.

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve longed to feel the beast inside of me…” Eli cooed softly. He rocked his hips back and forth and ground his thick, bubbly booty against the massive shaft of his lover’s cock.

Marco tried his best to stymie his arousal, but it was no good. His entire body shuddered with sexual frustration and carnal bliss. His cock drooled pre. Cum oozed from his swollen, meaty pecs.

“… and I know you’ve wanted to stick that dick of yours into me, haven’t you?” Eli teased sensually. He leaned forward and nuzzled against the nape of his lover’s neck. His hands glided across the curved of his lover’s thick, muscular pecs and found their way towards Marco’s full, fat, soda-bottle-thick nips. As he clamped down on his lover’s nipples the steady trickle of cum erupted into a full on spray of spunk. Eli silently exulted in the power he had over his lover. He loved how readily he could turn the big, beefy man into a quivering heap. He loved how excited he could get Marco with just a few soft touches, but he wanted more. He longed to get as intimate as they had back in the days before the serum…

Marco was too busy writhing and moaning to give any coherent response to his lover’s question, but that was just as well for Eli. He knew the answer to his question already anyway. Now all that was left was to spring the news.

“There’s a reason I’ve been working on a secret project and a reason I’ve been doing the PR circuit lately, and it has everything to do with our ‘little’ problem…” Eli moaned breathlessly into his lover’s ear.

Marco was ready to pop right then and there. Cum was already flowing from his swollen nips, and spunk was sure to start erupting from his fully boned cock at any given second, but just when Marco thought he was about to reach his limit, Eli backed off.

Marco stared pleadingly at his boyfriend as Eli slid off of his cock and sauntered back over towards the large hand-bag he had been carrying earlier. Marco’s dick gave a lurch of approval as he watched Eli bend over. The maneuver caused Eli’s big, bubbly booty to sway before Marco’s very eyes, but there was no way that was an accident. The way Eli swished his hips as he hummed a happy tune and rifled through his bag was far too deliberate. Marco was sure that Eli was going to continue teasing him for hours to come, but suddenly Eli let out a sudden, “ah ha!” and stood back up with an unmarked jar of creamy white gunk inside of it.

“What’s that?” Marco asked groggily.

“This, my dearest dear, is the secret to all those mysteries. This is ticket to making our bedroom romps even more magnificent. This is the best thing to come out of my lab since OmniGro itself! This is the next big product from our little company, and this… is the next biggest revolution to reshape the world as we know it.” Eli expounded dramatically.

“Heh. As modest as ever, I see.” Marco replied playfully.

“Oh, you know you love it.” Eli sassed back in kind. He even went so far as to playfully stick out his tongue to really ham it up.

“You know I do… but uh… what’s that stuff do?” Marco asked.

“What’s is do? Well I could tell you… but I think it’d be so much more fun to show you…” Eli replied cryptically.

Marco was so excited that he couldn’t sit still. He was squirming in his seat as he watched Eli slowly unscrew the lid and dip his fingers into the goop. Marco had no idea what the goo would do, but judging by what Eli said and judging by the sly, seductive smirk on his lover’s face, Marco was sure it would be amazing, and he couldn’t wait to find out.


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