by Ziel

 When the cock-growing virus breaks free, even quarantining may not be enough.

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David quickly ducked into one of the unused examination rooms. His hands trembled as he pulled off his gloves, goggles, and surgical mask. Using the small sink in the corner of the room, he splashed some cold water on his face and caught a quick glance of his reflection in the mirror. There were circles under his eyes. Black ones from the exhaustion of having pulled two full shifts in a row, and red ones from extended use of safety goggles.

David was so exhausted that he could barely even remember how the outbreak had started, but he could sure remember how it spread. He had been part of the task force handling the infected and limiting the spread. He “had” been part of the task force, but he knew that role was now lost to him. There was no doubt in his mind that he would soon be joining the ranks of the infected living out their days in quarantine.

David had been so careful. He always had his full surgical gear on. He double and triple checked the equipment every time he had to work with one of the patients, but there was no way to completely protect himself. There was always the potential for mishaps, and that’s exactly what had happened. One second, he was handling the fluid pumps, and the next, he was drenched as the thick, sticky liquid splashed against him. He had underestimated the output of this patient. The flow of fluid exceeded the capacity of the pumps causing the pipes to burst. The blast not only soaked him and his clothing clean through, but also knocked his mask off. Before he could even fully comprehend what was happening, he had taken on a large mouthful of the stuff.

David’s heart raced as he stared at his reflection in the small mirror. Blood was rushing through his body, but there was one place where it was rushing to faster than others. David had seen plenty of cases in the past few weeks, but that didn’t mean he knew what he was in store for. It seemed like with each new infection the effects of the virus had increased exponentially. His team had so far managed to completely stop the spread, but stopping the spread was one thing, treating the infected was another. The virus had continued to advance and evolve as they struggled to find a cure, and with it having been weeks since the last new patient, there was no telling how potent the latest strain of the virus would be.

David took a step back from the mirror and began to pull off his surgical scrubs. He knew he needed to take a look at the effects the virus had had on his body, but there was more to his actions than that. The feeling of clothes against his skin was maddening. It seemed like every inch of his body was more sensitive that ever before. His whole body felt aroused. It was as if the muscles themselves were engorged, and there was one muscle more than others that was particularly engorged.

David slid his pants down. The waistband of his pants caught against the tip of his rock-hard cock. Once his cock sprung free, a hail of pre arced through the air and splattered against the cold, tile floor. David stared down at his rod in awe. He had never been one to dribble pre before, but now his cock was leaking like a faucet.

“Oh, fuck…” David murmured under his breath in a mix of shock, awe, and arousal. He had never been the most gifted guy down south, but now he had a solid foot of fat cock. His dick was almost as thick as his wrist, and his nuts had grown to the size of tennis balls. This was by far the fastest growth on record. When the virus had first made its rounds, the initial patients reported sizes of up to a foot in the first week! And some of those guys had been much more gifted than David from the get-go.

David knew he needed to get a handle on the situation. The longer he let his cock grow unattended, the worse it would be for him, but he could barely focus on anything other than how hot his cock looked and how amazingly horny he was. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with his newly enlarged tool.

David sat back on the examination table. The cool, faux-leather surface felt weird against his bare ass. Some part of him knew he should at least pull the roll of paper over the table before he laid back on it, but he couldn’t bring himself to do even that. That would require him to take his hands off his glorious cock for even just a moment.

Even as he stroked his fat cock, he could feel it growing and swelling in his hands. With each stroke he could feel his swelling cock pushing against his grip. It wasn’t long before his cock filled his whole palm. He couldn’t even get his fingers and his thumb to touch. He could feet his heavy nuts slapping against his thighs with each pump. They had already gone from the size of tennis balls to the size of oranges.

Even as he continued to stroke his cock, some part of David’s mind was racing with the implications of what had happened. Never had they encountered growth of this magnitude. This far exceeded even their most extreme models. Had the virus mutated so much in such a short amount of time? Was he somehow more susceptible to the changes than any of the previous patients? All the theories that ran through his head didn’t change the facts, though. His cock had already grown so long that the tip of it reached past his belly button. His fat cock drooled pre onto the uppermost row of abs. Soon, he’d be basting his pecs in his own sauce. The mere thought of this both horrified and excited him. His cock had already far exceeded the thickness of even his forearm. It was coming close to matching the girth of his thick, sculpted upper arm – bicep, tricep, and all!

David managed to pull a hand away from his glorious shaft and reach down and cup one of his balls. He wished he could claim that it was scientific curiosity that had spurred him on, but he needed to feel the sheer heft of his massive nuts firsthand. David let out a soft moan as he felt his massive nut fill his entire palm and then some. It was like holding a soft, over-ripe cantaloupe. The feeling of his enormous teste filling his entire palm drove him wild. Just thinking about how huge his cock and balls had become and how much bigger they would grow caused his massive cock to shudder. The steady flow of pre from his enormous cockhead ramped up and poured out all over his defined pecs.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” David whined in a mix of horror and excitement. The tip of his dick already reached up to his collar bone. His cock was fatter than his neck. His cock was so thick that even with both hands wrapped around the shaft, he wouldn’t be able to get his fingertips to touch. His nuts had grown from the size of cantaloupes to the size of watermelons. His dick was so astoundingly massive that it filled him with dread and arousal. The two parts of his mind were locked in a furious debate. Part of him wanted to stop this now. He knew he needed to get control of the situation before his cock dwarfed his entire body, but at the same time, the mere thought of how huge and sexy his junk had become made him even hornier than before. It was like the larger his package grew, the hornier he became and the harder it was for him to fight back against his base desires.

Before David could even fully process what was happening, he could taste the warm, viscous fluid enter his open mouth. His cock had grown so huge that pre was drooling out from the tip of it right into his mouth! He wasn’t even leaning over or craning his neck to get closer to the glorious tip of his thick behemoth. David found himself staring down the slit of his own gargantuan glans. The head of his cock was even bigger than the head of his body! The massive, pre-drooling slit dwarfed his own mouth!

David reached a breaking point. The scientific part of his brain that was trying to run theories and statistics as his cock grew before his very eyes was completely eclipsed by his hormone addled brain. David wrapped his arms around his cock, locking his massive dick in a great, big bear hug. His hands had long since become too small to effectively pleasure the enormous rod, and he couldn’t keep himself from pressing every inch of his body that he could against the enormous, amazingly sexy shaft. David nuzzled his face against his dick. His cock was now so massive that the thick, spongy tip of his enormous rod now jutted out past his head leaving his nuzzling against the soft foreskin which now clumped around the base of his glans right about eye level.

David was so close to cumming now. His nuts, which had grown past the realm of prize pumpkins and were now coming close to yoga balls in size. His nuts completely eclipsed his lap. He could feel the enormous orbs shifting in their sack atop his legs. His enormous nuts were beginning to tense up. His massive cock shuddered and lurched. Pre flooded from the tip of his cock and poured out onto headrest of the examination table causing the warm liquid to pour down the back of the table and soak his hair and coat his skin.

It wasn’t long before David reached his limit. His whole body shuddered from the intensity of his climax. His cock bucked and lurched. Thick ropes of cum erupted from his cock and splattered noisily against the wall behind him. David came and came again. Each eruption seemingly more potent than the last. He was so overcome by his own orgasm that he couldn’t think. All he could do was writhe and moan as he came and came again. As he continued to cum, spunk pooled on the floor. The gap beneath the doorway was far too small for the spunk to seep out anywhere near as fast as it was being pumped in. By the time David’s climax finally started to wind down, there was a standing pool of spunk that was easily shin-deep.

David was spent – mentally and physically. He slumped back against the examination table and hovered in a state between euphoric bliss and gnawing dread. He couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the climax felt and how incredibly hot his massive cock and balls looked, but even amidst the haze of the afterglow, he knew he was in trouble. His chubbed up cock was almost as thick as his waist. The enormous schlong now draped over his thigh and drooped over the side of the examination table. His cock was so massive that it hit the floor beneath the examination table and still had a few feet left over to splay out on the cum-soaked floor. David’s nuts too were so massive that they spilled over the foot of the table and hung over so low that they rested solidly on the floor. Either cum-soaked and cum-laden nut had surpassed the size of your average yoga ball and was now so huge that they could serve as couches.

Eventually, David began to come down from his afterglow, and as the afterglow faded, his dread grew and grew. This was by far the largest case of initial growth on record, and growth became faster as the infection progressed. His growth had stopped for the time being, but David knew firsthand that his solo-session had been more of a treatment than an actual cure. When he got horny, his cock would get harder, which would make it grow, which would make him hornier, which would make him grow faster…

At his current size, David could barely walk, and he had no doubt in his mind that he would soon join the ranks of those immobilized by their own cocks. He had seen some of the more advanced cases firsthand. He had even been to the sprawling site that had been set up in the New Mexico desert to house Patient Zero. When David had been there, he had taken a moment to admire the sprawl of Zero’s colossal cock and balls. Patient Zero’s package was a mountainous expanse atop which sat a small figure. That figure was kept in a constant state of sheer bliss as gigantic industrial strength pumps and pipes worked to constantly drain his balls, but even with the tons of machinery hooked up to his cock in an effort to keep ahead of his growth, Patient Zero was looking like he would soon outgrow the entire facility.

On some level, David knew that that was the fate that awaited him. It was the fate that awaited everyone who contracted the virus, but he was going to get there a lot sooner than anyone else. At his current rate of growth, he could expect to surpass even Patient Zero in the span of a month. David’s mind raced as he wondered what it would be like to be trapped atop a cock that spread out for miles. He wanted to say that the thought horrified him, but he couldn’t lie to himself, nor his cock. Even the mere mention of swelling up to miles of cock caused his semi to chub up once more…


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