Nightmare at the Pump House Gym

by UberPump

A bodybuilder encounters a strange man at the local gym who forces him to experience his deepest desires first-hand. The growth is intoxicating, but there’s a price to pay he doesn’t see coming.

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“Damn, if only I could get a bit bigger,” I say to myself in the mirror. I admire my tall, ripped frame. Tight obliques. 8 brick-like abdominals. Thick tree trunk legs each, with fat bulging thighs around 28 inches. Calves just under the size of footballs and visible on either side of my shins.

“Mmmmh…” I moan, caressing my pumped and sweaty chest. Veins feeding in from my shoulders into the thick upper portion as they jump in response to my touch. I lift them up and drop ‘em down as their weight ripples through the striated muscle. My shoulders bulging wide as they look crammed up against the skin. My delts pushing outward giving them that heroic look as their 24 inch width, shoulder to shoulder, makes me look super wide.

“Fuck me… I look amazing.” My eyes drift up to my traps and thick neck. Turning sideways, I can see each portion of muscle in my traps and upper back spreading out wide as they envelop my neck. Not to be outdone, my corded neck reaches around 15 thick inches… all muscle. My back muscles taper down from top heavy to a strong core holding everything in place. My lats pushing my arms out at 30 degrees giving me that massive X taper that professionals esteem to have. The biceps bunching up against my ham like forearms. Massive arms.

“Mmmph…” I feel myself getting hard and my balls growing heavy from all the stimulation, chubbing up nice and thick in my work out shorts.

My eyes continue from my crotch to my arms…. Biceps, measuring 18 inches cold, with one thick vein running over the top of them as they fight for space between my massive delts and thick forearms. Veins running along my thick 14-inch forearms and into my meaty hands.

“I am fucking hot…” I moan out loud in the empty gym space. There was no one here in the 24/7 gym. Just me and my 230-pound, 6’1” muscle bound body. I’ve always wondered why they keep the place open when it seems that I am the only one ever to use it at night. My eyes drift to the clock.

12:00 a.m. Midnight….

“Nothing like a late-night workout to fuel me for the next day’s workouts. Gotta get bigger!” I grunt as I tear myself away from the mirror and begin my sets again. “Gotta lift big to be even bigger!” I grit my teeth as I set my fat muscles on the bench… ready for a more grueling workout than earlier.

Yea, yea… I know. Don’t hurt yourself. I’ve heard it a thousand times from family and friends. Some of them have jokingly suggested I move in here. “Heh..” I chuckle as the thought comes back into my mind. I squeeze my shoulder blades together as I prepare for a heavy bench. My thick chest jutting up into the air, pumped and ready to lift big. “Mmmmph…” I lift as the bar bends slightly with the 300 pounds added to it. I push hard as my shirtless chest muscles twitch and bulge more, seemingly growing before my eyes as the pump rushes into them something fierce!. “AAAH!” I scream as I push the bar up and back down. Repeating this 8 more times before *Clank* the bar rests heavily on the rack above my. I drop my arms to my sides as they pull on the tightly pumped muscles. They groan for relief but it arouses me. The skin splitting pump feels like a full body erection focused in each muscle group that is worked. My thick chest seemingly breaking its 45-inch girth, swelling to near bursting. They feel tight and powerful.

As I finish up my chest I move onto the more localized groups. Biceps, swelling beyond intent. Horseshoe tris as they bunch up on the back of my arm. Back spreading wider as everything fills with blood from my ridiculous pump.

“Damn…” I stop and look in the mirror at the shirtless stud. The muscles red and swollen. Shinning with sweat. Large veins feeding their imminent growth. I sit down on the bench behind me. I’m huffing from exhaustion but something else. My cock and balls swollen in my pouch. Reaching down and caressing the fat log as it pulses gently against my thick hands, I feel its heat radiating off it.

“Mmmmmhuh…” I moan out loud. Now unable to focus on the rest of my routine. Sitting there in the empty gym; not a soul in sight. I’m sure if they had cameras, they’d be getting a show… but I don’t care. I’m focused on relieving myself then and there. Looking at my swollen muscles, self-worshipping. I’ve stroked my thick 7.5 inch cock to erection while fondling my swollen golf ball sized nuts. I’ve zoned out, not really caring if anyone walks in on me, not hearing the clang of the door opening and shutting.

“MMmmm…. Yea… I’m fucking big…” I moan as I continue stroking through my shorts, now sliding them down past my hips as my thick cock *sproing* jumps up vertical after releasing from its prison. It throbs with each of my powerful heartbeats. Veins covering it’s fat surface with pre-streaming out as the pressure builds in my balls. In my stupor, I don’t sense the presence behind me. With my eyes closed I don’t even see him.

“Aww fuck! MMmmhhhuh…” I moan as jet after jet streams from my cock and all over my lap and abs. The underside of my meaty pecs covered in each blast of cum.

“That was good…” I huff, breathing heavily as my orgasm dies down. “But fuck, what I wouldn’t give to be bigger…”

“Achem…” A gruff voice behind me startles me back to reality. My orgasmic high disappears while swiftly turning to see who the voice belonged to.

“I can certainly…. help with that, big guy,” the man says.

“Who the fuck are you!?” I jump up, my shorts dropping down then stopping as they catch on my thick thighs. I hastily pull them up.

“I’m the person who’ll make your dream a reality…” he smirks, holding up a small, worn out brief-case. The leather is cracked and almost charred looking.

“Listen bub, I…. I’m not interested in whatever crap you have to offer.” I nervously decline and turn away. I can feel the cold intent in his stare as it pierces my thick back. The hair stands up on the back of my corded neck.

“What the hell,” I exclaim as he suddenly appears in front of me, off to the right side. “Ho… How did you…?”

“I’ll answer your questions later,” he smirks. “The offer still stands. I know all about you. I know you’ve tried just about everything under the sun, Bradley.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I said no questions until later,” he sternly reiterates. *Click* as he lays the case down and opens it up. “This is the answer to all your questions, Bradley… I know your deepest desires.” He holds up a syringe and needle filled with a glowing red substance.

I stare at it for a minute, hesitant and still aroused from the prospect of growing bigger.

“What is it?”

“Ah… now there’s a question I can answer… but… in order to do that…” the strange man steps forward, removing his black hat and sitting it next to his brief case, “I’ll have to show you first!” He lunges forward with the syringe and slams it into my right pec. I feel a searing pain as he pumps the substance into it. It feels thick and burns as it enters my blood stream.

What the fuck, dude!” I scream at him and lunge toward him, the syringe still in place as I yank it out. He dodges me as I throw the syringe down on the ground.

“Ah hah ahah…” he cackles sinisterly. “Now the show will begin.”

The veins in my right pec instantly burn with the substance. A throbbing sensation builds and builds as the veins coming from my shoulder into my thick upper portion of my pecs pump up nice and tight against my skin. The throbbing pumps into my chest as the sensation overflows my right pec and spills into my left… My veins continue to fill up with blood and pump to the surface as they form a netting across my thick chest and over into my fat boulder delts.

“What… What’s going on?” I moan… as the sensation becomes erotic. The pressure building in my chest rising, feeling as if it could burst forth any moment. “Unnnn….” I say, now kneading my chest muscles. They feel tight and overpumped, like my earlier lifting session but twice as strong.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Huuhnnnn….” I can only moan as the sensation of pressure builds ever stronger, then suddenly as it feels like I couldn’t take any more pressure, I feel it release and begin flowing into my delts. The pressure builds and moves into my arms spreading further down, filling up from my fingertips and back up to my delts. The pressure building as it pumps the veins up. I flex my arms into a bicep pose, pumping them back and forth, feeling the blood fill each muscle. Flexing my chest as the pump continues to force more blood into them. It feels like an upper body erection, tingly and filled with power.

“You’re gonna love it once it’s finished,” he snickers. “Enjoy the pump… you’ll want more.” And he snaps his fingers, disappearing in a black wisp. The lights flickering in the gym as the strange man evaporates.

“That was weird,” I think out loud, quickly forgetting my circumstances. “Unnnn….” I groan again as the feeling moves up into my thick neck and down into my traps. Pumping and bloating them with more pressure. The most intense pump I’ve felt in a long time. “Damn, this is gonna make me sore if it continues like this….” I say, shrugging my shoulders and neck as I rub the corded muscles. The pressure flows down my back and down the front and past my chest. My abs begin feeling tight… “Mmmph…” I clutch my stomach, feeling the pressure nearly knock the wind out of me. I straighten back up, feeling stiff as the pressure flows down my abs and into my tree trunk thighs.

“God, I hope that bastard didn’t poison me.” Feeling worried yet awestruck, I watch as the veins thicken down from my lower abs and into my groin, stretching downward into my upper thigh muscles. The pressure fills them to the brim as my thighs begin to bloat with this massive full body pump. Catching at the knees, I can feel the pressure building and building until it finally releases, rushing into my calves and down into my feet. The pressure builds across my body as it feels tight and heavy. The skin glistening as sweat pours off my body. I feel my little buddy down below reacting to the full body pump.

“Even you huh…” I moan, reaching my right hand down to my shorts as the pump begins to spread into my groin. I buckle to my knees as my balls feel like they’re boiling. My cock burning as it throbs hard in my shorts. The sensation of getting a hardon more intense… pulsing even as it grows in my pouch.

“Nuh…” I moan as the first full body throb hits. *Throb* “Mmmph” *Throb* I feel my chest heave out… like a deep breath sucked in but never released.

“Oh fuck…” *THROB* My body grows tighter. I feel a weight building in in each of my muscles.

*THROB* *THOB* My upper back heaves and swells up around my neck… I look toward the mirrors in front and to the side. The sight sends shivers down my spine…

I can see my muscles bunching up. The sinews and cords spasm as each throb through out my body causes them to swell ever so slightly. The soreness of an intense workout spreading throughout my body. I stand up on shaky legs, my thighs not used to having so much pressure pumped into them from whatever this strange man did to me… but I am drooling over it.

Standing up straight I can see my veins in my neck bulging like rivers of blood feeding into my traps and down into my shoulders. The veins running down between the bunched up muscle of my delts and biceps and over the huge peak of my biceps. My arms feel tight as I slowly curl them up and down, feeling the muscle continually pump full of tension, finally…

*Throb* *Throb* as both arms now become involved in the intense pumping sensation filling them with more muscle. The fibers spasm and tense hard, pulling my arms slightly bent, then straighten as they relax.


“Oh fuck!” I wince as the throbbing intensifies now as my chest, back, neck, and arms join in muscle bound chorus.

*Throb* *Stretch*

“What the….” I become concerned as the next spasm causes my muscles to swell. Ever so slightly, but swell, nonetheless.

This is the first time I start feeling how tight my upper body feels. My skin red and my shaggy blonde hair soaked in sweat, beads of it running down my thickened neck and over my pressurized pecs.

“Unnnnnhuh… Soooo Tight….” I moan, having a hard time reaching my arms up to grope my thick chest. I begin kneading the muscle hard but unable to penetrate deep enough for relief from the growing tightness in my muscles… “When is it gonna stop… mmmph…” I moan again… *Throb* *THROOOB* this time, the throbbing sensation forces its way down south. Through my abs, past my groin, and into my legs. They begin feeling sore and I can feel the skin tighten up. I look in the mirror as my leg muscles swell slightly from the increased pressure.

“This pump feels like I’m hooked up to an air compressor…” I say, leaning forward now to rub my upper legs.

*Stretch* *Throb*

My thighs suddenly take up more space in my workout shorts, pulling them tight against the muscles. I can feel my upper body *throb* and everything push out again. I feel the weight increasing on my body as it feels like pounds of dense, hard muscle is pumped onto my already bloated frame.

“Unnnhhhuh… Make it stop… Please,” I groan for relief feeling the next *THROOOOB* add a few more pounds…

“Mmmphh.. Fuck. Gotta… mmmph.. see how… hmmm… mmmuch I weigh,” I moan through my throbbing movements as I now waddle to the oversized electronic scale.

Each step feels like my legs feel like a bag of bricks. The tightened skin, across my body, creaking and groaning as my muscles continually *THROB* without end. Each one sending a few more pounds into an already over bloated muscle blimp. Looking in the mirror, I can see my once proud muscles standing out more as the dense cords of muscle pile on thicker and thicker. The definition becoming more pronounced with each pump.

“I’m fucking jacked…” I look on in disbelief approaching the scale. A particularly strong *THROOOOB* brings me back as I feel my muscles tighten, filling with more growth and weight as the mass just piles on…

*Throb* *GROAN*

“Unnnnn…” More mass.


More weight added on as the *Throb* growth “mmmph” gets more intense and closer together…

“Oh….. p…. please….. stoppp… Unnnnnnh… AHHHHHH.” I moan into a yell as the final *THROOOOOOB* continues longer than the rest. I feel the weight dramatically increase as the density of my muscles pack on more mass into an already over inflated muscle blimp. My skin creaking, stretch marks forming at the folds between my delts and pecs, the nipples moving southward as my pecs balloon out in front of me. My thighs getting thicker as they force my shorts to tear at the sides and widen my gait further. My calves looking like over inflated footballs stuffed inside my tortured skin. My back and lats flaring out thick making me look like an aircraft carrier.

“Oh no….ooooooooonnnnnnmmmm…” I moan as my junk feels the filling in my groin. My junk burns with growth as I feel it push outward in all directions. My balls feel like they’re cumming but nothing is coming out. The cum just continues to boil and churn relentlessly. Blue balls having nothing on this. My cock, pushing out in its respectable 7.5-inch glory now stands straight out. My torn shorts having lost the fight and now flutters to the ground as my waist expands slightly, snapping the band. My cock and balls out in the open. Throbbing and pulsing with each pump as it finds a new area to fill up. My cock reddens, veins thickening as they spread across its angry surface. It just keeps filling up with pressure until finally it bursts forth. Thrown into a massive orgasm from my now overbloated orange sized testicles. Each burst of cum pumps more size into my thick cock. *Squack* One shot, *Stretch*. *Splat* Second shot, *STRETCH*… finally my balls seize up hard against the under side of my cock.

“UNNNNNHHHHUH!” I moan loud, reaching down with both hands to my engorged meat, feeling it surge with pressure as the cum races up through my cock. I feel it bulge up the tube and finally stream out. And by stream I mean a continuous river of boiling cum. The pressure increases steadily until my cock feels like its gonna explode. I can now feel it pull my fingers apart, no longer touching as it thickens. A burning sensation fills my cock balloon so erotically that it only intensifies this moment.

*STREEETCH* *CREEEEEAAAAK* as my cock sounds like a balloon squealing before it pops. Overinflated yet still stretching before its inevitable demise. My hand can no longer encircle the girth of its fat length, now needing two hands as it approaches the length of a wine bottle and fattens out to that girth as well. Finally the pressure stops increasing and the cum stops spraying. My cock purple and visibly throbbing with fat veins running around its surface. The head flared out thick as it dry heaves for more.

Tighter, tighter, muscles getting fatter with their bulk, weight piling on intensely as finally the growth subsides. I feel relief spread across my skin as the pressure subsides, leaving only tightness.

“MMmmmmph… h…how am I still in once piece…. Nnnhuh…” I moan, wondering how a man’s body could go through something that intense without his body exploding.

“God I feel so big… So huge… and filled to the brim.” I huff, my eyes closed from the intensity of the situation.

“Mm mph…” I try to look down to inspect the tight sensation spreading throughout my groin, only to be met with pecs at my chin.

“Holy shit…” The reality of my growth finally hits. “I’ve actually gotten bigger…” I look over to the mirror on my left and down to my groin. The wine bottle sized cock and orange size balls filling my sack to near bursting has me excited and scared. But the throbbing in my cock still approves as it continues to bounce up and down with each *thump* of my heartbeat.

*Gulp* I swallow, looking at the electronic scale before me…

“How much…?” I nervously pick up a heavy leg and step onto it. Then the other leg….

“Damn, these things must weigh a 100 pounds each…” I say out loud, exasperated at the heft of my meaty thighs, hams, and calves; feeling as if they are being dragged through deep water while trying to run.

As if to confirm that, the scale suddenly jumps to 102 popunds. I look down. “That’s impossible…” I say, looking at my bulging leg…. One leg…. One fucking leg weighs over 100 pounds.

Next leg and the scale jumps to 320 pounds.

“Fuck me…” I mouth to myself, stumbling backwards as the scale flashes.

“320 fucking pounds and my waist,” the only thing seemingly left nearly out of my muscles bloat fest… grabbing the tape measure, “just over 32 inc…”

I turn to face the mirror. I see the proportions firsthand. My fat muscles have bloated up, leaving my abs more cut and defined, the Adonis belt all bodybuilders strive for. Here on my 32 in waist and 320-pound body of pure masculine power.

“I’m fucking huge. A bodybuilding god.” I eye myself up and down admiring that extreme X shape I have been striving for so long to achieve. Now, with just a simple injection, albeit unwarranted, I have broken the fabled 300-pound barrier with definition a Michelangelo statue would be jealous of.

“He’s right… I do want more…” I say as I waddle out of the gym. A wisp of black smoke following behind me.
“Oh god…. Mmmph…” I moan in bed. Its frame creaking under my weight. “What the hell happened.” I groan, rubbing my forehead as I lay on my back staring up at the ceiling in my apartment.

“Feels like I’ve been hit by a truck… uhg…” I groan again, feeling the weight on my body. “Why does everything feel so heavy?” My arm lands next to me with a heavy bounce. More than I remember. My chest feels huge, lats spreading out behind my back and taking up more space in my once roomy bed.

*Crack* My bed creaks and groans more as I attempt to move. I feel my thighs spread out on my legs; the hams inflated on my back side as my glutes bubble up behind me pressing into the mattress. A weight fills my groin as I feel a tight sensation in my ball sack. My dick pressing hard into the sheet above.

“Shit…nnnnnnhuh…” I huff as I prop myself up, seeing the billowing mass of pecs just below my eyesight. The previous nights’ happenings come rushing back to me.

“Fuck me… It wasn’t a dream.” I say, my hand coming into view as I stare at my meaty forearms; my gaze moving up my arm onto my huge biceps. The veins on my arms are still prominent and pulsing with power.

“These monsters are huge… I could lift a car with these…” I stare, astonished at their size. The muscle in them looks more beautiful in the sunlight of the morning peaking through my bedroom window. I notice how tight my skin feels against every sinew of my body. Staring down, my chin meets my chest. Thick pecs are jutting out several inches.

“Holy shit….” Drool drips down my chin and onto the shelf of my upper pec. The cleavage of my chest deep and striated, the skin folding and rippling as the muscle descends into my breast plate. Dimples form at the edges of my chest near my delts as the skin folds and fights for space with the mass of muscles fighting each other for size. My delts, expanding out like basketballs, ripple with each movement my arms take across my torso. My hands dance across every inch of thick, bloated muscle. I feel my legs squeezing together as my thighs tense.

“This is insane. I… I didn’t think it was possible…” I look over to the mirror stand, and the sight arouses me. I take up more room than before, my thighs nearly hanging off each edge of the bed as their mass jiggles with each movement of my body. I tense them and they explode. The definition breathtaking and arousing. I start flexing my hams and glutes. With each flex, my upright body lifts a few inches from the bed as my glutes explode in size before gently lowering me back down when I relax them. Power flows through every vein as each muscle stares back at me more with more volume and size than before. Then I see it.

“MMMM…. You’re a sexy beast…” I lick my lips as I continue my self-worship in bed. I feel weight building in my groin as my cock begins inflating. I see the massive bulge in the sheets signaling a beast of manhood rising to power. My right hand stops caressing my fat pecs and moves down my cobblestone 8 pack abs and to the throbbing bulge between my legs.

“Oohhh…..” I groan as it makes contact through the sheet.

“Damn… I almost forgot how huge I’ve gotten everywhere…” I moan as my large had grips and squeezes the throbbing semi-erect cock under the sheets. My hand unable to encircle the beast pumping itself up quickly to erection.

“Gotta see it…” My arousal is peaking quickly. My balls throbbing and churning violently as they pulse with the need for release. The sheet is flung off the bed as now both hands grip the thick cock. The girth of a wine bottle. And long, too. The veins crisscrossing its surface, pulsing and feeding this monster baseball bat of a cock between my legs. It reaches up past my navel…

“I gotta see…” I quickly lean over to my nightstand and open the top drawer retrieving my tape measure used for progress. Never needing used for my cock until now. I stretch the tape along the top surface of my dick.

“Oh my… gg..” I can’t even speak.

12 inches long.

“How fucking wide?” I wrap the tape measure around the fat shaft just behind my cockhead where it swells out to its thickest.

3 inches wide…

“Damn…” I drop the tape measure as my hands engulf my throbbing cock.

“Mmmm mmph…” I moan as my hand run up and down slowly, feeling every ridge and vein. My cock its rock hard or harder. No spongey give to its surface as the blood pumping into it fills it up even more. The beast between my legs turning a shade of crimson red as my breathing picks up pace. My balls, churning violently more as I feel the cum swirling around in them…

“NNnhuh…” I groan as I fuck my hands. The fingers spreading apart and coming together as they transverse the swollen bat shaped cock stretching from my groin.

“Here… It comes… nnnnhuh…” I feel my cum factories gurgling as they draw up tight. Pre-cum oozing out like a river as it streams onto my bed…

“Oh damn!” I scream as my hips lock up, glutes flexing, thighs jumping up as my cock goes rigid.

“It’s rude to be jacking off when you have company…”

“What the fuck!” I see the man suddenly appear out of a wisp of black smoke. My cock rigid, spurting a small amount of cum. Relief near as I near explosion.

“Ah ah ah… Let’s not make a mess shall we…” As his finger tip touches my gaping, oozing slit in my cock. The flow of cum suddenly stops as I feel it continue building up in my balls with nowhere to go but continue building.

“NNNNhuh… fuck!” I groan, hunched over as my balls suddenly feel tight. *Glug* *Glug*

“Oh god! What did you do!?”

“I merely stopped you from making a mess of my outfit.” He grins sadistically. “Then again, if you don’t relieve yourself soon, you may end up in a more bloated situation than your muscles Bradley.”

“What do you mean by…” *Creak* *Bloat* “HHHHHuhnnnn…” I moan out loud, my hand reaching down to my balls as they begin feeling overpumped with cum. They begin swelling up as the fluid builds in them.


“I need you to listen closely…” the man says.

“I’m here because you expressed a deep desire for growth. I’ve even seen it in your dreams. The deepest desires of your mind I have wandered through for years. Think of this as a….” he smirks, “growing opportunity for you.”

“But I’mm…mmmm huh…” I moan as my balls fill up my sack, stretching tight as I feel my skin groan for relief. My balls screaming for release as the pressure builds into pain. I can feel the cum sloshing and gurgling in my balls as they rest heavily in my lap, my thick thighs pushing everything forward “big enough… this is big enough…” I beg to him. “Please let me cum… I feel like I’m gonna explode.”

“Oh my… you look a little backed up there…” He says, getting closer to me, leaning down next to the bed. I can see his hand disappear below my pecs. His fingers contact my balls and I feel them seize up hard, swelling faster now with cum. My balls jiggling in my lap as they violently fill up with more cum than I thought was possible.

“I’ll give you time to think about it… I’ll be back. When I am, prepare for more…” He then snaps his fingers, laughing as he disappears into a cloud of black smoke. My balls having stopped their swelling the second he disappeared. My balls feel heavy and tight. My hands caress and rub the tops of my bloated testicles. I can feel the cum sloshing back and forth. Tingling races up my shaft and through my tight sack. Pre-cum begins pouring out once again.

“Thank goodness…. Nnnmmmm… oh fuck!” I hunch over as my balls contract hard. A building pressure shoots through my cock as a white blast shoots out of my fat dick. My balls having squeezed their contents out at once. The spray going everywhere coating my chest, face, abs, and lap; pooling up in my bed. The spray slows down as it streams out then dribbles to slow drip. My cock dry heaving, my body still in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

“Damn… mmph… I’m gonna need new sheets after this…” Breathing heavily as my cock slowly deflates. My sack stretched out from my balls’ inflation of cum; now having room to accommodate their large orange size, even as they retain their inflated girth.

I swing my heavy legs over the side of my bed. With a loud *thud* they make contact with the floor, my lamp and loose items shaking from the impact. My oversized tree trunk legs jiggle as their muscle absorbs the impact.

“Mmmm… everything still feels tight…” I groan, feeling a stiffness in my muscles. Aching and throbbing from their recent growth. The skin pulls with each movement as it stretches over the expanse of my body’s bloated girth.

“Time to freshen up… mmph…” I grunt as I push myself upright onto my legs. Standing, I feel the weight bearing down from my neck into my inflated calves. My cock and balls pushed forward obscenely from the amount of muscle packed onto my legs, leaving me standing wider than I was 90 pounds ago.

*thud* *thud* *thud* With heavy footfalls I laboriously lumber into my bathroom. Stopping and staring at the shower, noticing how small it looks in comparison to my inflated physique. I look to my right, my pecs protruding monstrously away from my chest, the first thing to enter a room now. I tense them as they inflate further, burying themselves up into my chin. No room to expand further before locking my neck out straight up and down. I relax as they fall back down heavily, bouncing from the sheer force of gravity yanking on the sinews of muscles. I feel my skin stress as the sudden force, pulling near my delts. My boulder shoulders narrowly missing the shower door frame as I lean in to turn on the water.

*Woosh* Warm water cascades from the showerhead. I squeeze myself sideways in through the shower door. As I adjust myself facing the shower, steamy water cascading down the front side as it pours like a river through the valley of pec cleavage and the cobblestone abs adorning my torso, I feel my thick shoulders grazing the sides of the glass and shower wall.

“Damn… I’m gonna need a bigger house if he blows me up any further…” Thinking back to what the mysterious stranger had said in the bedroom. I nervously wash every bloated inch muscle packed skin, bouncing off the walls and glass as my hulking frame fills the space in the shower beyond capacity. Getting out was a squeeze as I move through the shower door. My muscles red and seemingly swollen from the heat as they become relaxed by the massaging nature of the shower. It takes four towels to completely dry my enormous body. 320 pounds of pure, wet, sagging under its own weight muscle. The slight pump stretches my skin more as I feel a different tightness across my body. Everything expanded slightly as I finished my morning routine. I squeeze back into my bedroom to find some workout clothes.

“Nothing fits anymore!” I groan. The realization of bursting from my workout gear the night before arousing me. My chubby bloats up further. Thick and heavy, straining against gravity.

“Now now… I gotta save this tension for our workout…” I gently rub and grope the bloated masses between my legs.

I settle on an oversized pair of basketball shorts. Once baggy, now stretched over my thick thighs and butt. My underwear becoming Lyrica boardshorts, the only thing able to support the wine bottle sized dick and orange sized balls.

I can still feel my muscles hanging heavily off of my frame. Every movement sends a shockwave through them as they absorb every footfall and collision with the ground and themselves, fighting for space in my now skintight body. I feel shrink wrapped as the muscle moves heavily underneath my skin.

“God I feel tight…” I complain as I sit down in my truck, the springs creaking from the increased weight of my body… “If I just workout, maybe it’ll alleviate all this.” I turn the engine over as it cranks up. My truck, struggling with the additional 90lbs, gets going down the road. Every bump jiggles my bloated frame. Veins, still swollen on the surface, press into the tight clothing. My tank top stretches across my traps and pushed out at the sides by my thick lats and back muscles before tapering down to my 32-inch waist.

I arrive at the Pump House Gym. It’s not as crowded there. The sky overcast and a bit chilly from the change in the seasons. Fall has arrived finally. October just starting in as Halloween approaches around the corner.

“I gotta think of something for the party….” I lumber my way into the gym, and an audible ‘What the hell happened to you’ comes to my ears as soon as I enter.

“Hey David! What’s up?!” I say, waving a thick meaty arm to him.

Geez! It looks like you’ve been hooked up to an air hose!”

“Ha… But do these look bloated and soft to you?” I grin as I curl my arm up, the definition piercing through my skin as I feel it groan. The vein on my bicep engorging more from the sudden pump. I feel everything become more sensitive as my body prepares for round 1 of muscle torture.

“You got me there! But… how? It wasn’t two days ago that I saw you? No way you’ve grown that much!”

“Maybe you just haven’t been paying a lot of attention…”

“Who couldn’t miss you! You’re a walking muscle blimp!” *Slap* as he smack my thick shoulder. “You were right, nothing soft about it!”

“Well, believe it. Guess my body is responding faster than I thought it would to this two a day session.” I shrug, then bounce my thick pecs up and down emphasizing their might.

“Damn, I swear. Whatever you’re on this time keep it up, maybe you’ll be big enough for me then.” He winks.

“Any bigger and I might just pop!” I jokingly say as the remark reminds me of how tight and thick everything feels on my body. I’m still not used to this size and weight yet. I walk away chuckling…

I step over to the scale to confirm my weight… “Yep. Still 320 pounds.” And every bit as astonished as I was the night before. “Time to start off with some warmup running…”

I start off on the tread mill. It groans as I start lightly jogging… each footfall pounds loudly as the machine’s belts groan with so much weight on it. I’m sweating profusely now, my leg muscles still feeling heavy and tight as they pump up from this warmup.

“I think you better cool it on the tread there bud,” I hear David pipe in as he hits cool down.

“Why?” I look down. I’ve been running for 30 minutes… “Holy shit!” I realize how thick my thighs feel as my butt and calves expand outward as well. My shorts have ridden up above my knees as the tear drops of my thighs expand outward.

“Can’t have you burst your short seams in here. As much as I’d find that appealing, I can’t. And that…. Oh my go…” his mouth drops open as I turn to him. Apparently my legs aren’t the only thing pumped up. My bulge has risen up slightly, showing what appears to be two potatoes and an eggplant stuffed in them.

“I guess my muscles aren’t the only thing growing.” I wink at him, then walk over to do some arm curls. My bulge presses hard into the seat as I sit down. My arms respond to the weight, instantly pumping up insanely huge. I can feel the skin physically stretching to accommodate the additional size added to them. Next comes squats, my shorts are tight but at least the Lycra is stretchy enough to handle my bloated muscles. My thighs, butt, and hams instantly inflate as the weight is lifted. I can now squat nearly 500 pounds easily. Before, this was my one rep max but now it seems effortless. I feel the heaviness of my legs disappear as the strength returns. My muscles getting used to something heavier as their new normal rep range expands.

“I wonder how much stronger I’ve gotten?” I say, smirking cockily in the mirror as I flex my legs, the seam screaming on my shorts. I can see tanned flesh peeking through the fabric.

Moving onto bench presses, I load up the plates. David lurking in the background, drooling over my bloated muscle. Every detail visible from afar as my muscles expand their definition against my tight skin. Every vein surfacing as they form a roadmap of muscle growth. A webbing of growth inducing blood flowing into every inch of my heavy body.

“Come spot me!” I yell over to him. There’s just us, no one else. Loaded with nearly 300 pounds on the bar, it bending from the weight. Lay down, my back now spills over the sides of the bench as it creaks. I arch my back and pinch my thick shoulder muscles together.

“Mmph… Ah!” I lift, grunting as the weight slowly lifts from the bench.

“Damn, dude!” David is standing behind me. I see the tent in his shorts growing. He’s staring down at my pecs, his hands prepared to catch the bar if I fail. I lower it to my chest, then push hard. My normal one-rep max, now glides heavily yet smoothly up and down. I can feel the blood pouring into my chest as each push pumps for into them. I can feel the muscle inflating with size as I continue pumping out rep after rep.

“Are… are your pecs growing?” David, now with a full blown hard on, one had disappearing into his shorts. Slack jawed as my pecs bloat up further with size.

“Ah!” *Clank* As I rerack the weight. Standing up, sweat dripping down like a river. My tank top having succumbed to my muscle pecs. Torn in the from as my front delts have swollen into my pecs, the skin creaking and, weirdly squeaking somewhat from the strain of my pecs pulling at them cleavage between my delts and chest. My pecs feel overfull and shine in the bright lights of the gym.

“Dude… you’re definitely big enough….” David says.

“Yea… you’re right…” I moan. Rubbing my sore, burning muscles and skin on my chest. The surface of them red and soaked. The fur on my chest, short yet coating in a light dusting, shows the perspiration on my chest. I’m breathing heavily. I feel heavy. My chest moans from the exertion.

“This gives me an idea.” David pipes up! “You know the Halloween party costume you’ve been having trouble with?”


“Why don’t you go as Bane?”

“That’s a great idea… but I think I’d have to get a lot bigger for that…” I roll my eyes. Not really wanting to go to this thing anyways.

“I can definitely help with that…” A sinister voice appears behind me…

“Shit…” My heart sinks remembering the promise this dude made.

“Well well well… Enjoying the muscles?”

“I sure am…” I answer back turning and revealing the strange man. Hands filled with syringes of the red substance.

“Wh… who is that?” David asks nervously.

“Oh, I’m just about to let Bradley make his final decision. I know that what you want is… probably not in Bradley’s mind right now.” His raspy voice chuckles.

“What do you mean?”

“You did say you’d want him bigger did you not?”

“David, just ignore him….”

“Quiet!” the man snaps.

“I… I yea. Sure. But… I don’t see how…”

“Not your decision to make anyways. Just thought I’d probe your interests a bit.” He chuckles again, then turns to me. “Made your decision?”

“Well, not exactly… I…”

He interrupts me with his hand. “I’m disappointed in you Brad. I thought you wanted to get huge?” He drags one needle across the surface of my tight pecs. The scrape is erotic. A tingly feeling spreads from my neck and down, lodging itself into the base of my cock as it begins to throb. My arousal intensifying.

“I… I… umm…” I struggle with my arousal. I know he has something to do with this like he did in the bedroom.

“Ah… someone is letting his ‘little’ dick make the big decisions this time… I’ll take that—” He points to my growing erection. “—as a yes.” He grins.

He takes the first syringe and stabs me in the chest with it… I’m not fast enough to dodge. Before I recover from the first, he stabs me again. This time just above my belly button. Two more into my thighs, one for each leg. Finally, he pulls the waist band down revealing the base of my growing cock…

“And this one should be particularly pleasing…” He looks to David. “… to you.” He then jams the last one into the base of my cock.

“Ahhh hahaha…” he cackles. “Enjoy your growing body!” He disappears into a black wisp.

“David… yo.. you need to call for help.” I groan, feeling the mounting pressure building across my body like before. This time, more intense as the substance spreads throughout my body.

“I…I … What…” David is dumbstruck.

“Oh god!” *Throb* As my muscles begin throbbing. Each pulse feels more intense than the last. *Throb* *Throb* *Creak* my skin stretches as my muscles begin bloating up further.

“Oh damn make it stop!” As the pressure builds and builds. I feel my skin burning as every vein inflates to huge pipes. I feel them burning and throbbing as they feed more growth. My heartbeat quickens as the pump grows more intense. I can feel every pound of muscle added as it piles onto my already overinflated frame.

*Rip* as my shorts and tank give out. My chest has begun filling my field of view. My traps encompassing my neck as it too thickens and disappears into the expanse of my upper back. My lats blow up and out as stretch marks begin popping across the surface of my body…

“This is insane!” David comes over to me. My body tingles with the growth as my muscles pack on more size. Each throb bloats them up further. I feel tighter and tighter as the muscle strains to grow even more! My cock, harder than ever, begins *throb* pumping up and down as the growth continues on.

“Make it stooooop….” I groan as my body creaks from the massive growth of muscles. *THROB* *THROB* My muscles inflate further. My thighs having filled the space between my legs, my stance no longer able to wide. My legs give out from the sheer weight…

“When’s it gonna stop! You’re gonna explode!” David yells, frantically.

“I know! OOOOOOnnnnnnn…” I moan, matching the moaning coming from my body as I collapse onto my back. The impact rattles the weight machines and cracks a couple of mirrors. I feel a massive weight building between my legs. My balls are filling up with cum fast. I can feel the sack stretching to accommodate the size of my balls. They rise up over my thighs as everything spreads out on the gym floor. I can only groan and feel the tightness increasing across my body as everything expands. The weight on my chest now making it hard to breath.

“You… you need to take cover. I’m not sure how much more I can take!” I moan to David… his eyes transfixed on my bloated surface. “Am.. am I big enough for you?”

“More than enough…” David leans forward, grabbing my wine bottle thick cock as it now begins pumping up in size. The tightness spreading through my groin.

*Throb* *Creak* *Stretch* As my body continues to swell with pure muscle. I feel like a beached whale. Unable to move as the muscles prevent me from even lifting an arm. Swelling to absolute girth. My cock, covered in thick veins now, burns with growth as the skin stretches across its surface. I hear cracking as the tiles below me become stressed under my increasing body.

“Nnnnhuh!” *GROAN* *CREAAK* as a leathery, ballooning, stretching sound cries out from my body. My muscles quiver with each throb as they’re force fed into oblivion. The soreness becoming unbearable erotic as everything bloats.

My balls have grown so fat with cum that they overflow my lap. They spill over the side of my thighs as they expand and jiggle with each throb of my growth. My cock has expanded into thick monster. Stretch marks and rivers of pre-cum run along its surface. It’s as thick as my volleyball calves and still expanding outward. It becomes girthy as the length gains begin slowing down. The pain and pleasure mixing in my groin as my balls begin quivering as well. I feel an explosive orgasm building but with no escape.

“David! David!” I try to get his attention as he continues groping and worshipping every fat inch of my bloated muscular body. I feel no pain, only pleasure as the pressure no mounts up. My muscles continuously quiver as the throbbing attempts to grow them more.

*Pop* “AHHHH!” I feel a pain spread across my chest as my skin stress more under the pressure. My pecs swell up, blocking my view even further as my chin becomes lodged. My traps begin creeping up the back of my head as my face and head slowly begin disappearing into my muscle bound body. My cries for help from David become muffled.

“Mm… MMMMMMM!” I try my best as the growth creeps along. My body is heavy, breathing is becoming nearly impossible as the weight of my body bears down. I can hear the throbbing in my ears through the muscles that have engulfed me.

“OH SHIT!” I hear muffled shouts coming from Bradley as I come back to reality after feeling every tight inch of his body.

“You’re making some weird noises…” I try backing away as the mountain of muscles fills the room. The blob of muscle that he’s become has begun pressing into the machines, knocking some of them over as his body continues to pack on muscle. I can see the muscle sinews through the paperthin skin. Each muscle still retains their definition as they fight for space on his bloated frame…

*GROAN* *CREAK* As his body suddenly expands, pushing outwards.

“NNNNNNNNNNMMMMMmmm…” I hear his muffled groans from him… not sure if he’s in pain or giving into the pleasure of growing out of control…

“Glorious isn’t it, David?”

“What… What did you do to him…?” I say to the man who’s suddenly appeared.

“Just what Bradley desired… to be the biggest man alive,” he says with a smirk. “You’d better take cover… I don’t think he can take much more…” he disappears into a black whisp….


I turn to the muffled screams of Bradley’s musclebound monster body. His cock purple his balls, vein covered and seemingly ripe to explode. I see cum spraying out of his quivering dick as it swells up. The cock head engulfs the slit, sealing off any escape for cum building up in his beanbag chairs size balls.

Holy shit.” I start backing away from the quivering, muscle bound monster before me. Bradley no longer exists but as a swelling mass of pure man. His balls swell, groaning as the cum builds up in them. The sack showing signs of giving out as the stretch marks audibly burst across its surface. His abs having retained their blocky shape, even as they’ve expanded into solid thick bricks.

*GROAN* *GROOOOOAAAAN* *CREAAAAAAK* His body swells a final time as I dive behind the counter….

“mmmmmm…. MMMMMMMM…mmmm….” Then silence… and a long stretching sound. I peer into the mirror behind the desk as the man suddenly stops swelling….. groaning and creaking as the muscle mass quivers. His body involuntarily trying to move…

I can only imagine the pressure Bradley must be feeling.

I slowly make my way out from behind the desk, admiring the massive man now immobilized by his desire to get huge.

“Mmmmmmm……” *CREAAAAAAAAK* The massive pile of muscle slowly begins quivering and swelling more. I run to the exit just in time as they mass of man explodes in a white flash. Cum going everywhere.

“So, tell me what happened?”

“Okay, officer….” I say. “There was this guy, and he injected him with something… multiple times!” I explain, getting aroused. “Then my buddy’s body just started swelling with massive amounts of muscle. I though he was gonna blow up! I tried to help him but there was nothing I could do! He just kept piling on more muscle and cock size and his balls kept churning. It was incredible! But scary…. It was like a fantasy turned into a nightmare…”

“I see… anything else?” the officer asked.

“Nooo… but… he’s gonna be okay right? I mean, it can’t be healthy with all that bloated muscle….”

“As far as the medical examiner is concerned, aside from your friend’s extreme muscular hypertrophy, he’s perfectly fine. He’s definitely gonna be sore…. that’s for sure. I know I would be if my muscles started bloating up as fast as his did.” The officer adjusts his pants as a significant bulge forms.

Johnny! Get a crane over here! We got another one!”

“Another one?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s been happening quite bit recently. This is the most extreme case we’ve seen to date though.”

“We need to be careful with him…” The medical examiner comes over. The muscular stud wearing glasses piques my interest. “He’s still in one piece but if we move him too much, I’m afraid he might…”


“Yea… Pop.” We all shiver…. “It’s remarkable though… He’s still looks muscular and not bloated. All of it is just… exaggerated. Other than that he’s healthy as can be…”

“Will you be able to shrink him?”

“Not by much but he may be able to regain mobility. He’s gonna require a lot of food to keep him sustained for the rest of his life though.”

“We need to find this bastard before he really does pop a man… This one nearly went too far…”

“Crane’s here!”

“All right, strap ‘im down!”

I stare on as they begin lifting Bradley’s bloated muscular body. Camera crews here to report the latest on the freak’s latest victim. Someone who got greedy and made a deal that ultimately made them into a real-life fantasy before turning them into their worst nightmare.

Everyone gasps at the sight. As the beginnings of tanned bloated flesh make their way into the sunlight, glistening from the inflated muscles stretching the skin, the crane creaks from the nearly 1500 pounds of man meat being lowered onto the flat bed. Over sized load having been labeled on it as Bradley’s body groans and creaks from the shift. His lats and back muscles, thighs, and calves spill over slightly from the flatbed. Everyone looks on as the bloated musclebound monster gets hauled of to some unknown facility to be treated.

“I wonder where that stranger is off too…”

“Where’s Kevin? Wasn’t he supposed to be Hercules?”

As the music thumps in the background. Everyone’s costumes are on point tonight for my Halloween party.

“I don’t know but this is wicked!”

At Kevin’s house.

“Kevin… it’s time to choose….”

“All right…” Kevin says in his deep baritone… his muscles bulging on his short frame. “I’ll take it…”

“Goood….” The man jabs the needle into Kevin’s muscular chest.

“Hope you’re prepare to grow….” As he cackles and disappears into a black whisp.

“Damn… this stuff burns…. Nnnnnnnnhuh…..” he moans, as his body begins to thicken. Groaning sounds coming from his stretching skin as he becomes the next victim.

“What is going on… getting soooo big… tooooo full!” As Kevin turns into a swelling pile of muscle on the floor of his apartment; muscles groaning from the intense pressure building within his expanding frame.

A distant cackle ripples in the night as the stranger goes to find his next muscle-hungry victim.

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