Nico's Beef Co: The first convert - Marco

by Nico Beef

 After relocating his “beef” company, a mysterious man contacts Marco, a 29-year old who’d just lost his job and has nothing else to do. Entering the strange new headquarters, Marco doesn’t know he might not come out the same.

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Waking up bleary eyed I fumbled with my right hand trying to feel for my phone to shut off the alarm that was blaring. Looking at the screen I noticed it was 1:34 p.m. After losing my job a couple weeks ago I rarely woke up before eleven, but this was ridiculous.

Shuffling towards my bathroom, I scrolled through my notifications. It was mostly updates from people’s socials or random spam emails, but one caught my eye. It was a text message from a contact named N. Looking at it I was weirded out. I knew for sure I had no one saved as that. Opening it up I read it while brushing my teeth.

N: You have been invited for a private meeting at Nico’s Beef Corps’ new headquarters. This is a casual event with the main focus being scouting locals to come work to better ensure our expansion into your area. Below is an address in an attached file. Please do not bring any guests with you. No dress code will be enforced.

Staring at it I felt uneasy. I haven’t heard anything about a new company moving here. Maybe my slump has left me more disconnected from reality than I realized. I didn’t have anything else planned so I guess I would accept it.

After finishing up with brushing my teeth, I took a shower. Stepping out of it I looked at myself. I looked like shit. When I was younger I never really felt strongly about my body, but ever since I had so much free time I started to really look at myself often.

After I got dressed I put on a clean shirt that fit loosely enough to not draw attention towards my stomach. But I wasn’t able to find any decent-length pants so I settled with some beige shorts that went a little past my knees.

Getting into my car, I got the address and started the hour-long drive to the spot.

Pulling up into the building I noticed the area was unusually empty. No cars were around. There was no signage or logos on the black spire-like building. Most of the surrounding area was just undeveloped woodland. Still… I’d already done all the effort to drive here, so might as well go in. I told myself this very firmly, trying to psych myself up.

Stepping out of the car I made my way towards the large doors. The whole thing felt so out of place. Entering the air felt different, not hotter or colder, just different. There wasn’t even a person at the desk. Wandering around I looked at the décor. It was very sleek with black marble walls and expensive looking rugs all around. This was definitely no small startup—”Corps” was right. Walking towards them, the chairs were the sort you saw in an interior design magazine with their sharp edges and slight curves.

Sitting down on one lounge chair I began to wait. Bouncing my leg my eyes must’ve trailed off as they landed on the envelope atop the coffee table in front of me.

It was most definitely not there when I first entered, but not a single soul has crossed my path since coming inside.

The cream colored envelope stood out against the black table, it had a rubber stamp seal with a single N on it. Bringing it closer to my face I noticed the monogram was surrounded by a strange circle logo that had a dripping effect near the bottom. It gave off a new age vibe. Maybe this was some sort of sports drug company. Tearing it open I folded out the letter and began to read it.


As the titular Nico behind Nico’s Beef Corps, I warmly welcome you to my collective. We might be classified as a company but we are so much more. We are explorers and researchers looking for answers and resources beyond ordinary men’s reach.

With pleasantries aside, if you are joining us here that means you share the same hunger as me. For power, for growth, for evolution beyond comparison.

As you begin your journey here I can only ask for one thing. Trust.

Trust in my methods and the company’s mission. As long as you believe in our core mission you will reach your goals.

And what is that core mission? To master the body and learn how to transform it. For years I have wandered the world itself looking for this. I have turned my own body into my first lab. I have tried it all. My search for power has yielded numerous results and I have decided to share it with all men bold enough to follow my path.

After reading this letter, please proceed to the elevator behind the reception desk to have any and all questions answered.

Hoping to you see soon,


Closing the letter I felt even more confused. The corporate sounding mumbo-jumbo was mixed with some sci-fi villain level writing near the end. Was I about to be chopped for some mad scientist trying to find dumbasses like me to experiment on.

But still, curiosity got to me. Learning to transform the body? Looking at myself and my flabby arms I scoffed. Every company seemed to promise the moon and back. And what does “turning my body into my first lab” even mean? Human experimentation? As I reread the letter a pit grew in my stomach. Standing up I swallowed feeling the dryness in my throat as a warning for what could come next. Taking the envelope with me I figured I might need it later on.

At first I walked towards the entrance but I felt a jolt through my body. The air thickened as I turned and stared at the elevator door. It was taunting me. Behind it was the way to the answers I wanted. I walked towards it.

Pushing the single button on the plaque I waited.

As the black doors opened the inside itself seemed completely normal. The black wooden paneling looked stylish with silver metal accents making it look more metropolitan.

Moving slowly down the sinking feeling in my stomach ironically faded. My body felt a little flushed as I tugged on my shirt.

With a soft ding, the doors pulled and I stepped out. The only lighting was dim fluorescents on overheads that dotted the ceiling and as I looked down from the ceiling the only thing I could see was…


Massive tanks full of liquids with tubes and pipes running through them. They had steam rising out of them causing the room to be very sauna like. The ones close to me look creamy and a little off white. However I noticed not all of them had the same coloration. What in the hell could they be making in these?

“Ah, it seems you accepted my invitation. I’ve been waiting for the brave soul to make their way down here.”

Looking around for the voice I saw a figure ahead of me standing confidently. He was wearing a black turtleneck that was like plastic wrap on him. You could see every crevice and contour of his muscles. His massive pecs were pillow-like in the garment.

While his pants were practically sausage casing with how tight they were. The outline of his penis was clear and believe me I could not imagine lugging it around. His hips seemed sturdy but still had that hourglass shape. I couldn’t see behind him but I felt that his ass was large.

Clearing his throat, the figure spoke. “It seems you are too stunned to introduce yourself. But yes, I am Nico and welcome to my laboratory.” As he walked towards me, hips swaying I could feel my pants get tighter.

With a meek smile I held out my hand as he shook it paying no mind to how clammy the handshake must’ve felt. Up close he was even better looking. His hair was long and free flowing, helping frame his strong face. His glasses were perched on a large nose and his purple eyes seemed to shine in the light. He had no beard but scruff around his jaw was getting me going.

“Oh!” I gulped feeling a drop of sweat running down my eyebrow. The air heavy from all the steam the massive vats were emitting.

“A little nervous are we? Well, I don’t blame you,” chuckling along my blood started a tug of war with my dick as my cheeks burned.

Sputtering, I look away from him, “I’m Marco. Marco Swimings. I haven’t told you my name so I thought it would be nice if I, you know… told you it.” Looking around I took a breath. “Well, thank you for having me, so what’s next?” I could feel my heart beat faster as the warmth of his body overpowered my senses. I felt all the words in my mind get jumbled.

He’s just a big-shot CEO. Why am I so nervous?

“Now since we did introductions. Let’s get started.” He turned to guide me away from the area we were standing in. “In case you were wondering: this is one of the processing floors we have here. All of our formulations are fermented before being sold,” he told me while we were walking in between the small areas of the tanks. There was still not a single soul outside of me.

After a bit of walking we entered a small hallway that had one elevator with an emergency exit sign leading to some stairs. Pushing the sole button Nico and I entered another elevator and rode it up to another, nicer hallway. “It seems like no one else showed up. So I’ll be able to do the whole process myself. Now, tell me about yourself.” I was tensing up, and my mind started drawing blanks. I was never good at icebreaker-type conversation.

“Well, I’m 29, my birthday was a couple of months ago. A couple of weeks ago I lost my job due to cuts. It wasn’t anything I loved to do but it paid bills. So far my friends have been helping out but it hasn’t been easy.” As I kept talking it became easier to speak. Nico nodded, wearing a soft smile.

As we stepped out of the elevator we kept walking. “It seems these past couple of months haven’t been the easiest for you, Marco. That’s all going to change. Since you accepted my invitation I will make sure to find a place for you here.” His voice deep but soft filled me with hope. I guess this whole trip wasn’t a complete bust. Getting a job here could be the change I needed.

Turning a corner I looked at the windows. It was a normal hallway, but it felt too clean. For a place that was just launching, everything seemed already done and no one else was here. No boxes need unpacking or people rushing to set up their offices. Strange.

Stopping ahead of a double door Nico opened it and ushered me inside it. It seemed like a stripped down boardroom. No desk or chairs, just a simple grayish room with massive windows overlooking the area.

Closing the door behind me, Nico began to speak as he motioned me to stand in the center of the room. “This next part can be embarrassing for some. I need to perform a physical evaluation of you. No part of it will be without your consent, you understand.”

Looking around the room I felt so lost. “Examination? I thought this was just an open event?”

Looking me up and down Nico started to walk around as he replied. “My deepest apologies. I was scouting for locals to come work for me. I thought my letter explained it. You came because you wanted to help further my research and enhance yourself.” His calm expression cooled me down a little.

Stepping forth, I breathed deeply trying to calm myself. As I did so, a sweet scent hit my nose and relaxed me. When he lifted my arms to take off my shirt I realized I was completely calm. Proceeding with Nico touched my biceps and triceps—or, at least, the general area where they would be. As he did my boner came back full force.

“To explain further,” Nico said as he worked, “I am simply assessing all your basic faculties to make sure you can complete the workload competently.” Nodding, I felt my jaw slacken a bit.

He moved behind me, and I could feel his breath on my skin. “It seems you don’t do a lot of exercise, but that’s fine. That just makes what comes next even better.” He spoke seemingly to himself, lost in thought. I started breathing deeper as Nico kept touching me.

His fingertips grazed my back as I struggled not to bust right there. A slight moan escaped my lips as he ran his hands down my back. Whipping around with my cheeks burning, I started to exclaim, “Oh my god! I didn’t mean—”

Before I could finish Nico put a finger on my lips, shushing me. Pulling his finger away a bit, he said, “No need to be embarrassed. Now, the next part requires you to be nude. Do I have your permission?” I nodded, not being able to find any reason to object. His massive finger seemed to be taunting me. I wanted to suck on it, to let him do whatever he wanted to me.

What’s wrong with me? My mind felt heavy as I wrestled with my new urges. Stuff like that had never crossed my mind before.

Feeling my stomach, he massaged it a bit. Holding my ribcage with one hand he felt behind my back getting a bit closer towards him. He repeated the same process with my pants, shoes, and underwear all of them being removed and that area being examined. He finished by feeling up my feet, having completely ignored my throbbing erection as small drops of pre came down.

Standing there, Nico chuckled as he lifted his finger again and brought it to my lips once again. Leaking some pre I shuddered, feeling my mouth open as I took a step forward. “Good boy. Now, tell me what you want?” Nico asked, his tone getting deeper. I noticed his muscles bulging a little bit more. That poor turtleneck started to rip at one of the shoulder seams just a teensy bit.

“I want…” I began, mumbling. I couldn’t stop myself from taking another step towards him. “I want to be bigger.” My breaths were turning ragged as the head of my penis kept leaking even more. The words were so easy to say. It was true, I was tired of being small. Of being unhappy with what I see in the mirror. Of not being like him. If this man could give me that body then I’ll do anything he wanted.

“You want to be bigger, to be stronger, to be more than what you are.” Nico told me as he slowly teased my lips with his finger. Nodding, I close my lips around his fingertip, closing my eyes.

Leaning forward I could feel Nico’s other hand grab my small penis and gently stroke it. For a couple moments I was in heaven. He kept rubbing my dick as he slathered my pre all over it.

As I kept sucking on his finger I moaned as he started to grope my asscheek. Lightly spanking them. My hole twitched as it felt left out of the fun. Opening my eyes he took out his finger as a long strand of drool fell out my mouth. Using it as a lube he began to finger me slowly as I melted into his chest. Plunging my head in between his pecs I felt ready to suffocate in between them.

Slowly stretching my virgin hole out, I moaned into his fabric-covered pecs. The mounds looked so hard but taking my quivering hands I started to squeeze as Nico started to prod my prostate. After a couple moments he took his finger out looking ready to jump me.

Using his other hand he held me up as he took one step to undo his belt. Looking down I saw his massive bulge ready to burst out. With one swift movement his cock flew out as a dollop of pre landed on my face.

Wait, I don’t…, I started to think, but at the same time I felt like… I needed it. I need… My mind’s protest started to blur and fade as Nico let me go and I slowly got on my knees. Without thinking, the urge to suck him off overtook any qualms I had. Getting face to face with his cock I took a deep sniff. That was the smell. The scent of a god.

Smirking, Nico held the back of my head to guide my lips toward his rod. “Drink deeply my dear. This will be the elixir for your transformation.” I dreamily stared at the coin slot slit as it dripped onto the floor. What a fucking waste—that should be in me!

Plunging forward. I tasted all of him. Nothing else mattered. All my anxieties and fears melted as I struggled to take the head. Feeling his pre slowly drip down my throat it lubricated it.

Heat bloomed throughout my body as more of Nico kept slowly sliding down me. Air became unnecessary to me as I kept going down. Slowly I began bobbing my head. I felt drool dripping down the corners of my mouth. I couldn’t deny my master any pleasure as I breathe deeply through my nostrils letting the scent of his shaft drive me even crazier.

Moving up and down I let the cock move right through me. I was nothing but a tool to help him feel the ultimate pleasure. Nothing could pass the seal I created with my lips. Nothing was left untouched. That was right, nothing else mattered but making sure Master’s dick was pleased.

Moving quickly I put both hands on his thighs as I slowly started to become more confident in my dick sucking. I felt like I was growing bigger as I kept going. The cock got slicker as I kept up my ministrations. But the closer I got to the root of it, the emptier my head became. The meat in my mouth left space for nothing else.

Finally after enough effort I felt his pubes on my nose and his massive churning balls on my chin. Taking my hands I massaged the tightly packed orbs. Rolling them in my hands I could all that spunk boiling inside waiting to be released. But as I kept caressing them I also felt… squirming? It didn’t matter, because I could feel he was close and ready to pump me full.

Pulling his dick out of my mouth I tongued his slit, making sure it would have enough space to fill me up.

“Yes, take it! Feed!” Nico moaned as his words turned into roars. His shirt was full-on ripping apart as his muscles bulged, his pants tearing at the seams as he grew. His purple eyes glowed as he threw his head back. Arching back his testicles were churning as his load got ready. All the veins kept throbbing inside me but it took a moment before he could start pumping his load.

He plunged right back into my throat, and it burned as I swallowed his massive load. Blasts of cum kept crashing into my stomach as his cock veins twitched. Rope after rope kept coming down as I shot my own load over myself. Feeling bloated, I brought a hand up to feel my abdomen expand as I kept swallowing. I looked nearly seven months pregnant after he pulled out of my throat.

And even after all those shots, he was still coming. Unable to stop himself he begin to fuck my mouth one last time, making his sperm into a frothy mix that was pouring out my gullet.

I moved off his still-throbbing dick, his rod still hard as it gave one final hurrah and covered me in cum. Smiling, I rubbed it around my body as I stood, feeling more definition and muscles all around. Looking down I saw everything was bigger about me. “Oh, Master, thank you so much for giving your blessing,” I said. Revering the bigger man, I smiled as Nico leaned forward to kiss me deeply.

“You are no longer a regular man, you are now on the path of ascension. Bear my gift,” he whispered as he moved his hand towards my stomach. A sharp pain spread from it towards my genitals as I felt something crawling inside of my balls. The pleasure was so intense I covered myself in a second load. Finally exhausted, I passed out.


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