Mega-tit wrestler freaks

by TitMorpher

There was no practical way to reverse the impact of the Mega Pecs Maker overdose on the wrestling team, or to hide its outcome. Eventually the team was asked to leave the wrestling league. Even though the boys could not compete against other teams at the present time, their devoted coaches carried on with regular practices and business as usual.

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Author’s Note

This segment follows another story in the same vein, Mega pecs maker dosing accident. This is follow-up to the events that occurred in the earlier story segment, when the wrestling team was overdosed with Mega Pecs Maker solution, resulting in gigantic boobs on all the wrestlers.


There was no practical way to reverse the impact of the Mega Pecs Maker overdose on the wrestling team, or to hide its outcome. Eventually the team was asked to leave the wrestling league. Coaches Sergio and Winstrom transferred to other teams and tried to forget the whole embarrassing incident. But Coaches Andy and Brad stayed with their big-titted boys (of course), and they tried to explore new avenues for the team. Even though the boys could not compete against other teams at the present time, their devoted coaches carried on with regular practices and business as usual.

The team carries on with practice even though they cannot compete against other teams.
The team carries on with practice even though they cannot compete against other teams. (Click to enlarge)
The coaches explained to the boys and to their parents that they were exploring avenues for the team’s future: 1. Possible reinstatement with the current league by continuing to try to reduce the boys’ boob size (at least this is how they expressed their goal to the parents) 2. Formation of a new league where the boys would be welcome.

“Strip down,” said Coach Andy. “Dr. Laurens has informed us that we have a chance of reducing your pectoral bulk through intensive massage. Coach Brad and I will perform pectoral massage on all of your pecs this afternoon.”

“Oh, start with me!” screamed Bruce as he posed his huge boobs in the locker room mirror. “Look at the size of these babies! They’re ready to get worked, because they’re actually gonna get pumped up even bigger when you work ’em, aren’t they?”

“Ok,” said Coach Brad. “Come over here in this alcove and lie down on this table face up. Coach Andy’s gonna work you on one side and I’ll work you on the other. You other boys stay out there and wait your turn.”

And then turning to Coach Andy, Coach Brad whispered, “Oh Andy, have your ever seen anything like it? Stick ’em up real high for us, Bruce! Coach Andy, bring him some Mega Pecs Maker to drink. Let’s balloon him up before we work him! Oh my God!”

“Yeah, feed me that Mega Pecs Maker, Coaches! Let me guzzle it! Look, they’re getting bigger already! Work ’em! Watch ’em grow! Feel ’em up! Oh, that feels GOOOOD!”

Bruce wants to get bigger and bigger.
Bruce wants to get bigger and bigger. (Click to enlarge)
Coach Brad kept dropping his face down closer to Bruce’s pecs as he worked the boy with his hands. And Andy continued working the boy from the other side.

“If you want to suck ’em, Coach—that’s OK with me,” said Bruce.

Coach Brad made sure the alcove curtain was closed fully. Then he leaned down and licked the boy’s boobs all over. Bruce’s nipples got hard and enlarged as his coach’s lips began to move around his huge boobs. This caused Bruce to force feed more of the huge boob meat into his coach’s mouth. Coach Brad began to slurp and slobber all over his boy’s pecs and he was making quite a bit of noise.”

“Take it easy, Brad,” said Coach Andy. “I know you’re a pectoral muscle freak like me, but we need to keep our cool. All the other boys are waiting just outside the curtain. We don’t want to scare them off.” But meanwhile, Coach Andy was going down on Bruce’s other giant pec and slurping and slobbering himself.

Finally, both men got into a smooth suction routine and they gave Bruce a sustained session of oral servicing of his enormous boobs. As they sucked the boy’s boobs, they watched them grow from the combined impact of their oral stimulation plus the onset of growth from the Mega Pecs Maker solution that the boy had been fed only minutes before.

Eventually, Bruce whispered to his coaches that he was going to come. As Bruce shot, both coaches jerked themselves at the same time and shot big wads on the alcove floor. Bruce quietly left the alcove (with enormous, super-stimulated boobs) and the coaches then asked the other big-titted boys to come in (one by one) for their massages.

In terms of the future of the team, the coaches’ biggest surprise was the level of parent support they received. About one third of the boys dropped off the team because their parents were upset about the incident and about their sons’ enormously enlarged pecs. But that left nearly two thirds of the boys and their parents who remained loyal to the team and to the coaches.

Most athletes decide to stay with the team.
Most athletes decide to stay with the team. (Click to enlarge)
Some fathers were downright enthusiastic. “Coach Andy,” said Mr. Johnson, Josh’s father. “I don’t know how you’ve done it, but Josh is so much more confident than he used to be. He told me he really feels appreciated by his coaches and that he likes to show off for you, and make a contribution to the team. At first my wife was upset about all the extra bulk he’s carrying, but I see him standing proud and tall. I personally think your players look great with their extra pectoral bulk. I really enjoy watching the team practice!”

“Your son’s got a lot to be proud of,” said Coach Andy. “He’s one of the biggest boys on the team, and he carries his bulk beautifully. And he’s starting to enjoy showing off his gigantic pecs. He likes to stick ’em out and display ’em for Coach Brad and me. Also, he appears to enjoy the attention and appreciation we offer when our hands linger on his boobs during routine pectoral measurements and during other opportunities which our positions as coaches permit us to take advantage of.”

“I agree that he carries his bulk beautifully,” said his father. “I looked at him yesterday in his swim trunks at the pool, and I was really proud of him. His pecs are enormous, plus he’s really developing some manhood in his pants where it counts. The girls are gonna be all over him.”

“Well, Mr Johnson,” we’ll make sure he continues to get fondled over and appreciated,” added Coach Brad.

“Oh thank you,” said Mr. Johnson, who was himself a very well-built man.

“Say Coaches,” added Mr. Johnson. “I consider you very fortunate to have the opportunities which you enjoy with the team, and I know you work very hard for the special priveleges and opportunities which you take advantage of. Speaking of contact with the boys and physical appreciation to help bolster their egos, do you need any parent volunteers to help with the boys? If there are other young men who could benefit from being appreciated, I could be a good role model for the boys.”

“Mr. Johnson, we are focusing specifically on pectoral growth at this point with the team. We are really only looking for volunteers who share our passion for extreme pectoral growth among the players. Our boys are developing humongous, oversized boobs. Is that a line of growth you would personally be interested in, Mr. Johnson?”

“Oh yes, extremely interested,” responded Mr. Johnson enthusiastically. “Ever since I’ve begun to see what you are achieving with the boys, I can’t think about anything else. It has become an obsession for me to observe their huge boobs and I would love to be around the team day and night.”

“Well, maybe we can find a role for you, Mr. Johnson,” said Coach Andy. “You’ve got a good build yourself. Why don’t you build your own pecs up so that you can be a role model for the boys?”

“Yeah,” said Coach Brad, “We can supply you with plenty of Mega Pecs Maker to take home. You and Josh can dose each other on a regular basis and grow together as a father and son team! We’d love to see Josh expand his boob dimensions to a much more extreme level. He has the genetic potential to be one of the largest tit men in the world. We’d welcome your help in getting Josh on an accelerated Mega Pecs Maker dosing program? He’ll EXPLODE!”

At that moment, one of the youngest players, Robbie, came walking toward the coaches and toward Mr. Johnson with his shirt off.

“Coach Andy, can I have some more Mega Pecs Maker?’ asked Robbie. “Bruce says I’m not big enough yet.”

“Don’t listen to Bruce,” said the coach. “You’re developing just fine for your age. Pose those boobs for Mr. Johnson, Robbie. Stick ’em way out, kid, so Mr. Johnson can admire ’em. He’s gonna start helping the team out, and he can help you with your growth goals, Robbie”

“How do you think I look, Mr. Johnson?” asked Robbie. “I don’t think I’m big enough.”

“You look just fine, kid,” responded Mr. Johnson. “But I do agree that we could get some additional size on to ’em. Would you like me to help you get them bigger?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Johnson, will you work with me? I want some really big ones like Bruce and Josh have. Eventually I want to have the biggest boobs on the whole team.”

“One step at a time,” said Mr. Johnson. “But I like the fact that you have goals, I will be happy to work with you, Robbie.”

Robbie thinks his pecs are too small.
Robbie thinks his pecs are too small. (Click to enlarge)
Mr Vandermeer was another father who developed a close bond with the team. When he was younger, Mr. Vandermeer had been a professional bodybuilder and he had won a number of top-level bodybuilding competitions in the Netherlands, his country of origin. Because of his enormous pectoral muscles and giant nipples, Mr. Vandermeer also had taken prizes at several Mr. Super Tit Man competitions.

Although Mr. Vandermeer was honest with his current wife about his past experiences as a Super Tit Man, he had never said anything to his son and he did not encourage his son to become involved in bodybuilding. Instead, young Tommy had joined the wrestling team, and unfortunately (or fortunately) was involved with the team during the Mega Pecs Maker overdose.

As a Super Tit Man, Mr. Vandermeer had succumbed to having multiple pectoral augmentation surgeries, and he also went to great lengths to develop giant nipples. On several business trips between Europe and the United States, he stopped in San Francisco and visited the world’s leading nipple surgeon, a specialist who catered to California’s thick-nippled gay musclemen, but also to certain professional bodybuilders who needed extreme nipple dimensions in order to gain the edge in Mr. Super Tit Man contests.

Now Mr. Vandermeer hid his enormous muscle breasts and thick nipples underneath heavy sweaters and sweatshirts. And although his wife knew about his big boobs, his son knew nothing about it.

Everything changed after the Mega Pecs Maker dosing accident.

“But Dad, it’s horrible,” said Tommy. “All of the wrestlers have huge boobs.”

This caught Mr. Vandermeer off guard and he did not know what to say to make his son feel better.

Finally he offered, “Well Tommy, think about it this way. There are many bodybuilders who work for years and years to build up their pectoral muscles. I used to be a bodybuilder so I know. Actually, huge pecs can be a beautiful thing. Let’s just say you’ve been able to jump ahead to an advanced level without having to do all the hard work.”

“But not like this, Dad.” And Tommy burst into tears.

“Come on, son. It can’t be that bad. Take off your shirt and show me.”

When Tommy pulled his shirt off, his father gasped in disbelief. A set of huge male boobs, full, succulent, and fat sprung from underneath the boy’s shirt.

“Oh, Tommy. I had no idea. Those ARE extremely large. What happened? Are you saying that all the boys on the team have boobs (I mean pecs) that big? Oh my God!”

“Yes, Dad. Coaches Winstrom and Sergio are so upset that they’re leaving the team. But Coach Andy and Coach Brad are telling us, since it’s already happened and there’s nothing we can do about it, we boys should stand tall and be proud of our size.”

Mr. Vendermeer felt a riot of different emotions. Little by little, his own pectoral obsession from the past flooded over him. “I need to think about this situation,” he said.

But meanwhile his son continued to have a hangdog look and appeared to be sad.

“Tommy. Don’t feel bad. I think your coaches have a point. Go ahead and stand proud! Here, stand in front of the mirror. Now stick those pecs out and pose ’em for me. Yeah baby! Show ’em off! See what I mean. They’re impressive when you think about it.”

“Dad, you really think they look OK?” And Tommy continued posing in the mirror. Mr. Vandermeer’s eyes were glued to his son’s development.

The next day Mr. Vandermeer realized there was no turning back. He realized that he would be driven to ask Tommy to remove his shirt again and that he would crave the opportunity to have his big-titted boy pose his huge boobs for his father’s pleasure. And he knew it was time for him to be honest with Tommy about his own past as a Mr. Super Tit Man.

“Here, son. I am going to show you something I’ve never shown you before,” said Mr. Vandermeer the next evening as he removed his heavy sweatshirt. “Years ago, I was a Mr. Super Tit Man when I lived in Europe.

“Dad! Oh my God! Your pecs are HUUUGE! And what are those things, Dad?”

“Those are my nipples, Tommy. I had them enlarged. I won a lot of contests showing these things to the judges on stage. There were certain judges who admired enormous nipples more than anything else in the world, and that’s why I won so many contests. These men liked to feel the nipples on the musclemen, they pulled on them, and they did certain other things with them too.”

Dad, can I feel them? Wow, do you think that I could ever get nipples as big as that? I know Coach Andy and Coach Brad would really be impressed. They love big boobs on the wrestlers, so I'm sure they will love big nipples too.
“Dad, can I feel them? Wow, do you think that I could ever get nipples as big as that? I know Coach Andy and Coach Brad would really be impressed. They love big boobs on the wrestlers, so I’m sure they will love big nipples too.” (Click to enlarge)
From that point on, father and son became knows as a pectoral muscle family duo. Many evenings Mr. Vandermeer said to Tommy, “Let’s go downstairs and work on our muscle breasts.” Tommy then raced to the mirrored muscle chamber in the basement where he and his father worked out, pulled his shirt off, and started flexing and pumping his huge boobs in the mirrors. Then he placed suction cups on his nipples and begged his father to pull forcefully on the suction cups in order to create an extreme degree of nipple expansion. Tommy loved being physically manipulated by his father. And once the suction cups were removed, he loved to show his father how far his obscene nipples stuck out in front of his gigantic boobs. The greatest thrill for Tommy was the respectful admiration and worship which his father demonstrated as Tommy indulged in his new hobby of heavy boob flexing and nipple display. Tommy always looked carefully to see whether there were signs of physical stimulation inside his father’s pants. Usually not, but occasionally Tommy noticed that Mr. Vandermeer could not control his excitement as Tommy pumped and posed and then screamed out, “Look how far my boobs and my nipples stick out, Dad!”

So the two men worked on their muscle breasts and nipples every day, and they showed off to each other and felt each other’s development every evening in the mirrored muscle chamber in the basement of their home. And everyone knew that beneath their shirts were the biggest morphed male tits and nipples that had ever been seen on a father and son team in the history of pectoral muscledom.


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