Matched pairs

by Jerkoffcentral

Peter becomes infected, not just with growth, but with a need for more strength and size.

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Touchdown Peter becomes infected, not just with growth, but with a need for more strength and size. (added: 8 Oct 2013)
The metamorphosis starts
Four months later
The parents are here  (added: 29 Oct 2013)
The camping trip
The farmhand  (added: 12 Nov 2013)
Rush hour
About to leave After a day-long sex marathon Sam is still ready for more, and discovers he can help himself out orally. The whole time, though, he’s thinking about his brother, and how his feelings for Peter are only getting stronger. (added: 27 Nov 2013)
Close friends Peter’s girlfriend is finding his new size tough to take. Meanwhile, his buddy Brian seems amenable to more than just commiserating. (added: 21 Feb 2014)
Mabel Peter and Brian double-team Mabel. (added: 28 Feb 2014)
Fun in the gym A visit to Brian’s gym makes Peter, now reveling in his growing footlong horsecock and oversized balls, even more hungry for muscle-fuck action. (added: 15 Dec 2014)
Fucking overdrive Peter’s personal trainer is very motivated to help him grow. (added: 17 Feb 2016)
From man to boy Peter switches to a leg workout in his quest to keep growing all over, but needs encouragement from Alex. (added: 22 Jun 2016)
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Peter’s stats 5ft9, 143lb, 6 inch dick

8th of April 2009, 04hr00

N’Qur looked at the large globe of the system’s 3rd planet looming up larger and larger on the screen. There was no way to avoid it anymore; when the last fuel coil had exploded, the ship was slowly but surely pulled into the planet’s gravity well. It started to lose altitude ever more quickly. Instead of anger, N’Qur only felt sadness. He looked to the back of the ship, where his three Drains were resting in a vacuum behind a forceshield, their exoskeletons broken, smashed against the hull of the ship when the first explosions hit five days ago. Without them his life was senseless, meaningless. His live companions for over three decades were dead. And he would die without being able to Drain himself in them. Maybe he would last two weeks, perhaps even three, before his exoskeleton could not keep up with the growth of his body anymore, or before his heart failed, unable to pump sufficient blood through his body to sustain his vital functions.

His only chance was if he could in some way get his interstellar communicator up and running again. He saw little chance for that, considering the primitive level of technology his sensors had picked up. Still, there was nothing else to try. N’Qur turned on the emergency landing protocols, sat down on his seat and buckled himself up. He felt the belts cut into his joints; one more day and he would not be able to fit into the chair anymore. He could hardly remember when he had gone without Draining for such a long time. He estimated that his body mass had already increased by half. The last time must have been when his Queen had gone to war against her northern neighbour, and had ordered all the Soldiers to stop Draining so they would grow to their Battle state. He had been so young then, not even fully adult. They had smashed their opposition, the Soldiers of the northern queen had not had enough time to grow to withstand the onslaught due to N’Qur’s surprise tactic.

Young as he was, he had allowed his fellow Soldiers to take out their battle rage on the opposition’s Soldiers. His Soldiers had raped every single one of them, over and over, until their blood lust was finally satisfied and the opposing Queens army was utterly destroyed. He could recall the pride he had felt when coming back from battle.

He was by far the biggest Soldier of his Hive, and by the time he returned home his body was at least twice as big as he was now. And then, finally releasing himself in his Drains, the incredible sensation of his grotesquely enlarged penis ravaging the orifice of Kain, his First Drain. And after finishing with him fucking Bal’Ar, Num and Ku’Rak. He felt a pang of pain, remembering how Kain had died of that ordeal; how he had not been able to hold himself back in his lust and had ripped Kain’s insides apart. Many more Drains had died, their insides turned to pulp by the penis of their Soldier. Many Soldiers had also died, having grown beyond the capacity of their Drains.

He remembered how he had sworn to himself and his remaining Drains never to take on another Drain. The Queen had raged against him, as had his fellow soldiers, angry that their great General was making himself weak and vulnerable. Years later, when he was fully grown and was not able to turn Workers into Drains anymore the Queen had finally decided to banish him from their lands, leaving him no other choice than to leave the planet.

He had had a good life ever since, living on the ship with his Drains, traveling the galaxy. But now, because of a dumb engine malfunction, his life had fallen apart. He had little hope that he could get his communication device up and running on this planet, and without his Drains, even being picked up would not really help him, apart from allowing him to die amongst his own. It would also allow his Drains to be cremated and spread out over the deserts of his home planet, as was their right. For that, he would make one final effort.

N’Qur saw how the hull of his ship was starting to glow as he entered the planet’s atmosphere. His ship would most likely burn up before even hitting the ground. Still, he steered the vessel towards a isolated area on the Northern Hemisphere, so if he would make it, he would not be detected. He became more and more pessimistic about his prospects as he saw the hull getting increasingly overheated. Eventually, parts of the plating were coming of, and the rutters that were supposed to break the fall of the ship broke of as well. When the parachutes were finally ejected, his velocity was too great and the ship impacted the surface with an incredible blast.

When N’Qur regained consciousness, he saw that most of the ship was destroyed. Now there would definitely not be any chance that he could get communications going. Just when he wanted to hit the self-destruct button and end his misery, he heard a moaning sound outside. Had he hit something anyway, how was this possible, this area was almost deserted? He would need to check this out!

First N’Qur checked his body to see if he was not damaged, but to his surprise he saw only some cracks in his exoskeleton. He knew that as he grew, these injuries would heal themselves again. Still, it hurt a great deal to get out of the spaceship, and the wailing outside had stopped before he finally made it outside to assess the situation.

One of the locals was lying slumped against a tree, not far from the ship, probably blown there by the force of the blast. N’Qur was surprised by its size, at least three times his own height, and maybe double the weight, even in his enlarged state. Maybe he would be as big as him during battle, but he doubted it. When getting closer, he saw that the being was gravely wounded. The skin on his upper body was burned and the body was losing blood from a wound just above its middle. Even though N’Qur was not familiar with the physiology of this creature, it was quite clear it was dying.

Within seconds, N’Qur came to the only possible solution; he would die anyway, but he might save this being by giving him his Soldier powers if he was compatible. Unfortunately, he would not be able to pass on his people’s lore. The transfer of power would most certainly kill N’Qur.

This creature would need to find his way by himself: about being a Soldier; the Growth, the Lust, the Battle Rage. Even the need for Drains, and how to make Drains. That was worrisome. If this creature did not fuck his new Drain at least four times within one moon, the Drain would never be able to keep up with his growth, even if he made more. Still, all that he would need to figure it out himself.

First, N’Qur returned to his ship to say goodbye to his Drains. Releasing them out of the vacuum in which they had been kept, he took each of his life mates into his arms. He felt great pain while holding them, but knew he would need to move quickly to try and save the being outside of the ship. He walked back to the main console, entering the self-destruct sequence. Shortly after exiting the ship, he saw how it began to disappear, its molecular structure disintegrating. Within seconds, nothing remained of the ship as its particles, now innocent molecules, were picked up by the wind. The only thing left was the great tear in the ground. N’Qur collected leaves, logs and dead plants to mask it as much as he could. He expected that within a couple of months, very little of this scar in the land would still be visible. Still, just to be sure that the being would not need to explain anything when discovered, he picked him up and carried him a few hundred meters away, to the shores of a small lake.

N’Qur proceed to search the creature, looking for a suitable orifice to conduct the transfer procedure. He quickly determined that the creatures mouth would be unsuitable, and continued along the rest of the body. The upper body was surprisingly soft, with some muscles, but no protective plating. Its lower body was still covered by a fibre which seemed to be made specifically to cover the creature. How strange, thought N’Qur. Using the fight claws of his front paws he ripped it away, uncovering the creatures two long legs. They were covered with soft light hairs.

With some probing, N’Qur quickly discovered another orifice, at the back of the creatures mid section, between two muscles which were probably intended to move its legs. He pulled away the globes to expose the hole and then inserted his rounded, work claw into the hole, and pushed in. Moving his claw around, he quickly ascertained that the hole would do fine for the procedure if he opened up the muscles sufficiently. He pulled out his claw again to lubricate it and worked it back in. As he saw that the creature was losing more blood, he started to brutally work his claw around in the creature’s hole to open it up for his penis as soon as possible. At the same time, he pulled his penis out of the confines between his two back legs and started working it with his middle legs. The creature let out a soft moan, but remained unconscious.

After a minute or two N’Qur brought his penis to the creatures hole. He wasn’t sure if the creature would be able to take it, even considering that it was much bigger than N’Qurs Drains. Grabbing the being’s upper body with his front and middle legs, he used his back legs to hold himself onto the creature’s legs. Once he felt sufficiently secure, N’Qur started to put pressure on the hole. Slowly, N’Qur’s penis opened up the creatures hole sufficiently and he could push his penis in further. Not having had release in several days, he pushed his penis in all the way in one thrust.

N’Qurs jaw dropped open. Nothing could have prepared him for this. As creatures of the hot deserts, the Drains and himself were cold-blooded creatures and had parch-dry orifices. This creature was entirely different. His hole engulfed N’Qurs cock with tight, wet, warm flesh. Pushing his penis in and out of the creature left him shuddering with excitement. Only a couple of minutes later N’Qur felt that he was about to Drain himself in the creature. He needed to start the other part of the procedure. He let go of the creature with his left front leg, and rested his claws on the creatures spinal cord. An excruciating pain enveloped his arm as small orange tendrils grew out of his leg, tenderly touching the creature, searching along his spine for the best point of entry. When the tendrils reached the middle of its back, their points sharpened and they penetrated the creatures soft skin. The creature thrashed underneath N’Qur’s body as the tendrils wrapped themselves around his spinal cord, and he had to hold on with his five other legs to keep his position on top of the creatures back. As the Soldier energy started to pulse through the tendrils, the creature relaxed.

To complete the transfer procedure N’Qur picked up the pace of his thrusts into the creatures hole, and after a couple of wonderful minutes enjoying his building orgasm, he Drained himself in the creature. N’Qur’s body shaked from the extreme sensations that rocked through him. His juices simply exploded from his penis, coming in thick jets. The feeling of each ejeculation passing through his system was amazing. Within seconds his white Soldier juice had filled the creature’s hole and he saw its abdomen extent to make room as more of the sticky juice was shot into him. N’Qur collapsed on the creatures back, exhausted but satisfied beyond anything he could remember.

As the ecstasy of his Draining slowly subsided he checked whether the tendrils were still connected to the creatures spinal cord. Having ascertained that the transfer of Soldier power was complete he took them out and went on with the next step of the process. He was careful to keep his penis firmly plugged into the creature’s hole, to make sure nothing of the sacred juice could drip out. Then, starting from the creatures head, he used his silk-gland to start spinning a cocoon around the creature. While doing so, he felt his strength slowly subside. He really needed to hurry! He stepped up his efforts, quickly spinning around the creature’s upper body. When he reached the creatures midsection, he made a plug from silk, and with one swift movement, pulled his penis out of the creature’s hole and shoved the silk plug into it, making sure no juice came out. The creature grunted very softly. A good sign, N’Qur thought, the creature might still make it. He felt great relief, his Soldier legacy would not be lost.

When the creature was entirely wrapped in silk, N’Qur used what remained of his strength to roll the cocoon below some small bushes. Just before collapsing, he was able drag himself to the little lake. In his last conscious moment, while he felt himself falling to the bottom of the shallow lake, he felt a kindred spirit awakening, partly of this world, and partly of his; partly his original self, and partly a Soldier of the Queen. The first Soldier of this world was born.


The metamorphosis starts

Peter’s stats 6ft, 154lbs, 7 inch dick

10th of April 2009, 16hr00

Protected from the spring cold in the cocoon, the creature’s body slowly started to heal. Within 8 hours, the wound in its side closed. After around a day, the internal hemorrhages had healed completely. At the same time the creatures body was developing in other ways. The quantities of Soldier juice inside his body were so large that the transformation process went beyond healing. It provided a first boost to the creature’s body growth. In the next 24 hours, the creature slowly grew, both in height, millimeter by millimeter, as well as in weight. In his cocoon, his muscles were gaining some size and definition, while his body fat was slowly decreasing. He gained around an inch in length and almost 12 pounds in weight. Not only were his muscles becoming larger, the fibres changed to allow for a much higher muscle density; increasing the strength of his muscles by a substantially larger degree than would be expected from their size. Moreover, the transformation made room for further growth, changing the composition and alignment of his bones and joints.

As part of him becoming a Soldier, his genitals started to grow. His cock gained around an inch in length and became notably thicker to deliver Soldier juice deeper into a Drain. The production of Soldier juice was also starting up. His prostate was transforming into a specialised gland to transform access Soldier power into white, sticky Soldier juice. To store the Soldier juice, his balls grew slightly, stretching his sack. They would become bigger, as his body became bigger, to contain more and more Soldier juice. The same would continue to happen with his cock, the larger the quantities of Soldier juice, the longer and thicker his cock would need to be to supercharge it in symbiosis with a Drain’s hole.

48 hours after he was cocooned, the cocoon became transparent and soft, and was slowly absorbed into the young man’s skin, increasing its elasticity to allow for further growth and making the skin more difficult to penetrate and quicker to regenerate. As the thin film was completely absorbed, the young man finally woke up.



Peter gasped for air, he felt his lungs burning while filling with air, his body spasming uncontrollably in pain. He felt terrified: an excruciating pain all over his body, no any idea where he was, how he came here, and what he was doing here. He felt like he had been paralysed for hours, his legs and arms felt numb, his spine felt like someone was poking it with needles. He panted while trying to get up but immediately collapsed as the needles turned into knives. The pain was unbearable. He tried to catch his breath, and almost passed out. His tried to blink away the tears in his eyes but it was to no avail. His eyes filled up again, both from the pain and the extreme sense of helplessness he felt.

Some minutes later he tried to get up again, this time succeeding to sit up. His legs and arms still felt like jelly, but he seemed to be slowly regaining control. He looked at his body with surprise, how the fuck had he gotten naked? Peter stumbled to the side of the lake, and quickly washed his face, gingerly feeling the wound on his forehead. How did he get that? Was that why he had been out-cold, here in the middle of nowhere? He couldn’t remember how he got here, but luckily he recognised the pond, around 3 miles from his Uncle’s farm. He would need to hurry as he already felt how the late afternoon air was becoming chilly. Without any protection from the cold he would need to be home before the sun actually set.

Peter started to walk home, first more stumbling than walking. His steps slowly became more secure, and when he finally arrived at the farm he actually felt almost normal, although extremely tired. Luckily, the laundry was hanging out to dry next to the house. He took some underwear of Michael, the farmhand, and an overall of his uncle, both way too large for him. Only then did he open the patio door and entered the house. Inside Uncle Klaas and Aunt Beth exploded in a frenzy of hugs and cries; they had been worried sick, where had he been, was he ill, what was that head wound? It took Peter some time to be able to get their attention and get his Aunt to stop patting him. With difficulty, he tried to explain what had happened, how he found himself naked and alone near the lake and how he had gotten home. He felt almost overcome with fatigue. His answers did not satisfy his relatives at the least, and he also felt like a big black hole had swallowed up his memories. What could have happened to him? He felt drowsy, and there was something else, like something was completely off, although he actually did not feel very sick apart from the pain.

His aunt and uncle tried to talk him into going to the county hospital, to have him checked up. Although the only thing Peter wanted to do was sleep, he eventually relented, and his Aunt and Uncle drove him to town. Luckily the nurse at the Emergency Room quickly determined that Peter was ok, in excellent condition even. Nothing that a couple of nights good sleep could not solve. He only stitched the wound on Peter’s head and then send him home. His uncle and aunt kept on fussing about him on the drive back, his aunt even insisted on seeing him off to bed herself, tugging him in. Only when she felt completely secure that her nephew was truly in good health did she finally leave him to call Peter’s parents back in Holland, who had been about to get on a plane to the US to find their lost boy.

Peter was oblivious of all the commotion downstairs, falling asleep instantly. He slept until the early morning, found some bread rolls, milk and fruit on the bedroom cabinet, ate them and went back to sleep. This happened again in the late afternoon. Completely ravenous, he devoured the fruit, cheese and milk his Aunt had left him, and went back to sleep. Only early that next morning, a couple of hours before sunrise did he finally wake up feeling more rested. He looked around, finding some cold-cuts and bread left on the table in his room. He was again ravenous and ate the whole plate within minutes. Still hungry, he went down to the kitchen, getting out more cheese, meat, milk and bread, eating like he hadn’t eaten in days. Well, he had been lost for more than two days, he justified to himself while filling another plate with some of his aunts mince pies. Delicious, he thought to himself, shoving them into his mouth, and going back upstairs to his bedroom.

Before heading back to bed, Peter first went to take a leak. When he dropped his boxers, and got out his dick, his mouth fell open. What the fuck, he thought, I’m larger. He turned on the lights to take a better look, and quickly determined that his cock was indeed substantially larger than it was a couple of days ago. That was not possible, he thought to himself, nobody got a bigger dick in days, and certainly your dick didn’t grow at age 20. He held his dick, and turned it around in his hand. It was still definitely his dick, smooth surface, long and perfectly straight, not too thick along the shaft, but with a nice bulbous head. But his dick was now definitely a bit longer, and his shaft a bit thicker, no question about it. He sat down on the toilet, holding up his cock to look at his sack. Also a little bit fuller, it seemed, his balls outlined more strongly than he was used to. Fucking hot, he thought, quickly forgetting that it was not physically possible that his dick had grown virtually overnight. He had always wanted a bigger cock. Although six inches was perfectly respectable, he had always had a smaller dick than his younger brother’s 7 incher, something he did not like at all. And although it was not yet the monstercock he had always dreamed of having and fucking girls with, it was definitely better than before!

Just thinking about having a larger dick already started to make him hard, and he started jerking himself off slowly. He was going to fuck the girls in town senseless with his new fuck stick, he thought. Within seconds his dick was at full mast. So hot, it must be seven inches hard and quite thick. Nice! Peter smiled, and started to jerk off more thoroughly. It seemed more dick also meant more enjoyment, because the feelings coursing through his body while jerking himself off seemed to be augmented as well. His jerking became more frantic as he felt himself getting closer to cumming. He grunted as he came, the feeling was so intense! His first cumshot hit his chin, and the following globs landed on his chest and high up his stomach. And there seemed to be more of it than normal. Although—, he couldn’t really be sure about that, because he couldn’t remember the last he had not jerked off for more than three days, he thought with a smile.

He got some toilet paper and started to wipe the cum of his stomach. What? He probed his stomach a bit more thoroughly. It was tight, well at least more tight than he recalled. Was it from not eating? He tensed his stomach, and saw very faint abs appearing. Maybe, he thought, but it did seem that he gained had some definition. He got up and looked in the mirror. No, this was definitely not from losing weight, he had gained weight. He saw clearly that his chest muscles were a bit more profound, as were his shoulders. Nothing major, but also not something that could be explained by laying unconscious for two days. Peter looked down at his legs, running his hands along their length. Also there, less softness than before, especially his thighs seemed to be harder. When he put his hands on his ass, he also found that they were harder, and a little bit thicker. Impossible! He thought by himself. No way that this was happening for real. Suddenly, he let couldn’t help it, he whooped out, from pure happiness. Fuck! This was so cool. Maybe he should keep quiet about this, he thought after the initial excitement tapered of. He did not want any doctor probing him. And he didn’t want the chicks to think he was some sort of freak, growing like this!

Peter spend another half hour in front of the mirror, meticulously studying his body. He really liked what he saw, his body just a bit tighter, losing some of the fat on his legs, belly, waist, sides and ass that had been bothering him since puberty. He decided to go down to the downstairs bathroom to weigh himself. He used to be just over 140 pounds, weighing in between 140 and 145. He was dumbstruck when he got on the scales and weighed in at almost 155. More than 10 pounds more! Incredible, actually a lot more than he had expected from the changes in his body. He pulled a double bicep, and had to laugh. Although he did have some definition now, he would be tiny compared to Michael, the family’s muscleman-farm hand. God, how he would love to have a body like his! He knew chicks would be lining up for him then. Still…. he would have pretty good chances now as well, the thought. Maybe even with Margery, the hot daughter of the Dickson’s, who lived on the farm around a mile away to the north. Again, just thinking about pussy made Peter rock-hard again, and he jerked off for the second time that morning, in front of his aunt’s mirror, marveling at his new, improved body. He jerked of hard, pulling his foreskin all the way back in frantic movements. When he came, his cumshots splashed on the mirror one by one, slowly dripping down. Fuck, he thought, this is almost as much as before! And so much power behind the shots. The chicks were definitely going to love this.

After cleaning up, Peter went back to his room, playing with his new dick until it was time for breakfast. He came so often that he had to throw away the towel he used. He could hardly sit up straight at breakfast, his cock hurt so much from his all-morning jerk off session. Yes, this was going to be a good year, he thought by himself.


Four months later

Peter was lying in bed one night, slowly fumbling with his dick, recalling some of the amazing things that had happened to him. This summer was the best ever. To his great pleasure, his cock had continued to grow, very steadily adding girth and length, hitting about 8 inches hard. He came more, and harder, and could hold out longer. The girls loved it! But what most surely got them into the sack with him was his increasing length and toned body. Over the last three months he had gained an additional 8 pounds in weight, and although he had no idea where some of that weight was going, he was not that much bigger, he did see that he was becoming more toned.

He recalled with a smile that only last week, he had finally succeeded getting Margery to spread her legs for him. They were out swimming with a group of friends at one of the nearby lakes. He had noticed how his cock was becoming increasingly obvious in his swimming trunks, and how his legs and ass came out much nicer than a couple of months ago. So, he made sure that he got his trunks wet as soon as possible, the fabric clinging to his ass and cock. And Margery had noticed as well, asking him if he was working out. She had never really talked to him before, actually had not even seem to notice him; thank you new body! Just thinking about what might happen plumped up his cock just a bit, and he saw that she was definitely noticing the developments in his groin. She kept on eyeing his bulge the rest of the afternoon.

When their other friends left, she asked Peter if he could give her a ride home, so she could enjoy the afternoon sun a bit longer. Yeah right, Peter thought with a smile, while saying that he would be perfectly happy to do so. An hour of innocent chit chat later she again went back to his body, commenting on how good he looked. When he responded that he was not really doing that much, that it was just farm work, she started touching his chest and abs, saying that no one was developing this fast by only carrying around barrels. He responded that he was maybe doing a little bit of dumbbells and push ups, just to appease her mind.

Just five minutes later, she had his dick out of his pants and was giving him an amazing blowjob.

Peter started jerking of harder, remembering what happened next. How she got a condom from her pocket, the skank, quickly putting it around his rock hard cock. She had pushed him back, so he was lying flat on his back. She had then positioned her pussy over his cock and then in one movement sunk down on it. Before he knew it, his cock was all the way up her cunt and she was riding his dick like there was no tomorrow. Half an hour, several positions and two of her orgasms later he had finally allowed himself to release himself inside her. After he pulled out, she had kissed him for the first time. She had gone completely big-eyed when seeing the amount of cum left in the condom. It was a lot, he had thought, the top of the condom swelling up like a small balloon. He smiled at her mischievously, saying that it was a long time ago he had had such a good fuck. She smiled back at him, kissed him again and had then fallen asleep next to him, completely exhausted. He smiled, while stroking her hair, savouring the moment.

And now they were dating. Already the next day, when he called her and asked if she wanted to go on a date, a resounding yes came back. They had gone on three dates since, each ending in amazing sex. First to the movies, after which he fucked her in his truck. Second for dinner at his aunt and uncle’s place, after which he had fucked her in the barn. And yesterday evening, when he picked her up from her job at Wal Marts, where she sucked him off on the parking lot.

A good summer indeed, Peter thought, while stroking his cock. He was becoming more aroused and decided to have one final jerk off session before going to sleep. He wanted to be rested up when his parents and brother were coming tomorrow to visit him. His brother, now with a much smaller cock than his, he thought with a smile. He was already planning how to show off to his brother during the days they would be on the farm, or during the camping trip they had planned mid week.

He jerked off for a while, feeling himself building up to an orgasm. He started fumbling with his balls while increasing the speed of his stroking motions. When he released himself a couple of minutes later, grunting from the intensity, he shot his jizz over his body and face, hitting the head of his bed instead. Only the last shot hit his chest, as the force of his orgasms slowly subsided. Quickly wiping his jizz up with a towel, he went to bed and fell asleep fully satisfied with what life had brought him.


The parents are here

August 2009

What a drag, Sam thought, as endless fields filled with corn, wheat and cows were passing by his window. His father was turning some dreadful country song; just because they were in some rural backwater didn’t mean anyone would want to listen to that. Sam put on his headset and listened to one of his pop-house mixes, dreaming away.

He could hardly remember walking the streets of the Castro, finally getting rid of his parents in San Francisco. Even though it was only two nights ago it seemed ages since he was walking passed guy bar after gay bar in his tank top and shorts, showing of his tall, slim, toned body. So much attention. He really needed to live in a city like this! Only two more months, he thought, and I will be heading off to school in Amsterdam. He was going to be such a boy magnet in that city! And here he was, on a five-hour car ride from Minneapolis, in hillbilly country.

He was shocked straight out of his day dream when they were driving through Thief River Falls; what must have been the most dreadful place on the face of the planet; rows upon rows of one story houses, ugly warehouses, empty stores…. How was it possible that Peter stuck around here for almost 2 years! Incredible. He knew part of the reason was the very same parents that had been nagging at him for the past week, first in LA, then in San Francisco. He could not blame Peter for wanting some freedom from them. Aunt Beth and Uncle Klaas were also his favourite siblings, although it had been almost 8 years since they visited his family in the Netherlands. And Peter’s interest in working in agriculture? Sam could just not figure it out; he knew Peter loved the outdoors, and some physical exercise, but cows—

His dad took the last turn, driving up the long lane towards the farm. He had seen it on pictures that Peter had sent home over the past years, but reality turned out to be a bit more bleak. The huge house was visible in the distance, with some outbuildings around it; barns, machinery sheds, silos, and some trailers. And around this, nothing, absolutely nothing, in all directions. Only some trees, shrubs and bushes, and endless fields of corn and cows. How depressing. Driving closer, he saw four people walking out on the porch in front of the house; they must have heard the car. He saw Beth and Klaas; he looking more Dutch than ever, with his brown-green overall, his hat and his wooden clogs. How nice it would be to talk to them again in real life! Their son, Danny, who now must be around 12, just a little toddler when they brought him to see the Dutch side of the family, was watching the approaching car with avid eyes.

And next to him, taller than he remembered, his big brother Peter. Also wearing a brown green overall, Sam could still see that the farm work was clearly paying off for Peter’s body. His shoulders seemed wider, and his rolled-up sleeves showed some pretty toned lower arms.

“My god, look at my little boy”, Adele, his mother screeched, “he must be half a hand taller than he was when he left”. “Who would have thought that he would have another growth spurt coming at 18”, she added bemusedly. Sam also took a second, measured look at his brother; yes, he did seem taller. He and Peter used to have more or less the same height, but indeed, he had definitely had a second puberty. The extra length suited him well, a firm foundation for his tough boy looks; short cropped hair, the little earing. And, the tattoo on his lower arm…which certainly was not there when he left 2 years ago. Well, he would get into trouble with dad over that, 20 years old or not.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When the car pulled over, it was time for the big family reunion. And Sam had to say, it was very exciting. Although he never was very close with his brother in terms of shared interests, he had always felt deeply connected to him. It was nice to have an older brother around. Especially at high-school when some of his tormentors were giving him a hard time. Peter did not take shit from anyone himself, and certainly also not directed to his kid brother. Peter pulled Sam into a tight hug, slapping his shoulders, a tad too strongly for Sam’s taste. And, wow! His brother’s body was bigger underneath the overall as well. They must be feeding him well. Even though it had only been a very brief moment, Sam had felt how tight his brother’s body had become.

While Beth was showing her husband’s siblings to their rooms, Klaas went down to one of the barns, and Peter headed off to one of the two trailers, behind the house. Behind the window of the other trailer, Sam could just make out a very tall, big black guy; that must be the other farm hand, Michael. Wow, Sam thought, look at how wide that guy is. He must do some serious work in the gym! To his surprise, the guy seemed to be staring intently in Sam’s direction. When Sam nodded to him, he got back a slight calculating smile. Sam gave him back his best smile as well. The guy first got a bit wide-eyed, then winked at him before turning away from the window. Always a winner, Sam thought, maybe it was not going to be as dreary as he expected, to stay in Minnesota for two weeks.

Peter returned shortly after Sam and his parents had eaten some sandwiches. He was now in shorts and a long-sleeved shirt, with his hair still wet from the shower. Looking much better indeed, Sam thought. If he was not mistaken, his brother had gotten himself some biceps. The girls must be really into him here; the big-guy type probably was quite the catch in this part of town, Sam thought with a smile. “What are you smiling about?” Peter said, with a big smile in return. “You are looking good bro, that’s all”, Sam said back high-fiving his brother. “Thanks”, said Peter, looking a little bit taken aback. Woops, too enthusiastically checking out my brother, Sam thought. “You want to head out”, Peter asked, “we have some hours before dinner, I thought maybe we head down to the state park, the weather is nice, and we could canoe to the big lake.” Sam agreed to join his brother, and the two drove to a small jetty a mile from the house at the edge of the park, where a canoe was waiting for them.

While paddling along the streams and little lakes dotted around the park, Sam and Peter discussed the last 18 months. Peter found his time in Minnesota quite adventurous, going out on weekend trips with friends, meeting girls, and of course, farmer’s festivals, races, rodeo’s the whole ballgame. Oh god, Sam thought on several occasions, how did he survive. But Peter, was especially enthusiastic when talking about working on the farm; learning about all the ins and outs of farm management from his uncle and Michael, who was apparently the big black guy Sam had seen earlier that afternoon.

Peter was acting a bit the tough guy, talking about girls, talking about outperforming his friends. His cocky behaviour was not what Sam remembered from his brother. He had always been more on the background, only stepping onto centre stage when he had something good to say, or when he found something as unjust. On the one hand, it fit his brother, he was a lot older now of course, and he had quite a bit of reason to be cocky. Sam couldn’t get his eyes of him!

The whole afternoon Sam had tried to get more of a glimpse of his brother’s body, but with Sam sitting on the canoe’s front seat there had been little opportunity. An occasional peek into Peter’s wide shorts showing his well-formed upper legs, another showing his calves when he pushed the boat onto the shore next to the lake. And once, when Peter was lying on the grass next to the lake, and got something out of his pocket, he pulled the fabric of his shorts in such a way that clearly outlined his package. Sam was sure his bulge was notably bigger than Sam remembered. Sam got a hardon almost immediately. God, he loved cock, he thought while musing whether his brother was now bigger than his own 7 inches.

Eventually, the afternoon came to an end, and they canoed back to the jetty. They had really needed this time together, Sam thought. Not talking for such a long time certainly did not make them much more close then they had been in the past. Before, they were quite different guys, but now…. well… although they still had a cool time talking to each other, it was clear 18 months of separation had left its mark. Still, Sam was really looking forward to the camping trip they would go on the next day; some more time to spend with his brother. And maybe some more time to see more of what his brother had in store underneath his clothes, Sam thought with a smile.


The camping trip

Two days later, Sam woke up in the middle of the night; feeling quite warm all with the first sun rays of the early morning hitting their tent. The first thing he noticed was Peter’s breath in his neck. Considering their regularity, Peter must have crawled near to him while still sleeping. The second thing he discover was that Peter had his arm around him. He looked at his brother’s arm, the toned lower arm, lightly sprinkled with brown hair, and his smooth strong upper arm, his bicep and tricep outlined against Peter’s light skin. His hand rested on Sam’s stomach, sending waves of heat through Sam’s body. Peter moaned lightly and pulled Sam in closer, causing his bicep to swell up to a nice size. Amazing how easy Peter was doing this! And then it hit him. His brother was pulling Sam’s ass to his crotch while sleeping. And Peter’s cock was hard, not just a bit but at full flag. This was not supposed to happen, a shocked Sam thought. He was about to push himselfaway from his brother, when he started to pay more attention to the penis pushed in between his buttocks. As a gay, and very horny little brother, Sam had always kept Peter’s cock under close scrutiny, even though he did not get to see his brother’s dick very often. And there was no doubt in his mind anymore; if he had had any after seeing Peter’s bulge the night before when he was getting ready to go to bed, Peter’s cock was substantially bigger than it used to be. And substantially bigger than Sam’s!

And then, the unthinkable started to happen, Peter was slowly, very slowly grinding his penis Sam’s briefs, along Sam’s ass crack, pulling his hips all the way down, and then pushing his dick up in between Sam’s buttocks, pushing the fabric of Sam’s briefs along with him. First wanting to stop his brother, Sam became intoxicated by his brother’s incestuous act. He never experienced anything like it. Each thrust Peter made pulled his boxers further down, exposing more of his beautiful cock, and making the feeling of Peter’s penis on his crack more intense. If only he could get his own briefs down, so he could feel Peter’s cock on his asshole…. What was he thinking!? This was his brother…he shouldn’t be doing this. Let alone enjoying it, he mused cynically, while noticing how extremely turned on his was getting.

When Sam started to pull away, Peter’s subconscious apparently took action. Sam put his hand behind his back, and pushed back against Peter’s stomach…Oh god, he thought, that feels nice; flat, firm, a faint impression of crevices between Peter’s abs, a faint dusting of soft hairs going down to his crotch… Focus, Sam, focus, Sam was trying to put into his mind, while he was applying increasing force to push his brother away. Suddenly Peter made a grunting angry sound. Sam looked back in alarm. Was he awake? When Sam stopped pushing back, Peter’s expression went from angry, to turned on within seconds, and he felt how Peter’s hand moved down from his stomach, resting on Sam’s now also rock-hard dick. What the fuck was going on here? He again shifted his head to see if Peter was still asleep. Although Peter’s breath was becoming faster he still seemed to be out cold. How was this possible? Since coming to the USA, he had been afraid to admit to himself that hewas definitely sexually attracted to his brother, his own brother! But was Peter subconsciously feeling the same?

Peter’s hand started to knead his crotch, first fondling with Sam’s nuts and then pulling on Sam’s penis underneath his briefs. It felt so good, Sam thought, incredible! Maybe he should just enjoy the ride. He could always pretend he was asleep when Peter woke up. He was wondering if he could also touch Peter a bit in return. He let his hand move from Peter’s stomach to his crotch, making a ring around his brother’s dick with his fingers. Peter kept on pushing his dick along Sam’s ass crack and through Sam’s hand, like nothing had changed. Sam felt flushed. After a couple of minutes he felt the tip of Peter’s dick becoming wet with precum, much more then Sam produced before cumming. He had quite the stud for a brother!

Sam took away his hand and slowly touched Peter’s hard ass, also slightly dusted with very light hairs. He could feel the muscles in his brother’s firm ass and hips moving, to make the pumping motion which was driving his little brother crazy. Moving his hand forward again, he held the top of Peter’s boxers firmly in his hands, so when Peter was pushing up, his boxers went down half way down Peter’s gorgeous fuck-stick. Peter only responded by making a deep rumbling, satisfied grunt. With his next thrust, his boxers came down further, exposing his well-shaped, hairy balls. Sam moved down his hand, cupping Peter’s balls. His brother let out a loud moan, making Sam afraid that his parents, who were only 10 meters away in the other tent, would overhear.

Sam felt how Peter was increasing his tempo, and applying more force to his thrusts. At the same time, Peter kept on rubbing Sam’s dick. Sam moved his other hand to his briefs, lifting them up ever so slightly. Immediately, Peter’s hand went into his underwear grabbing Sam’s quivering cock. Sam was in heaven, completely forgetting about any consequences of the incestuous act he was in with his hot brother. Very slowly, Peter started jerking off his baby brother, making long stroking motions. This went on for several blissful minutes, while the pace of Peter’s jerking and fucking motions aligned.

Just when Sam was about to cum, Peter pulled away his hand. Sam’s disappointment quickly evaporated when Peter yanked down Sam’s briefs and started to grind his slick cock through Sam’s ass crack. Sam almost came on the spot as Peter’s precum-slick cock slid past his asshole. Push by push, Sam’s ass was lubricated by Peter’s cock. Sam held his breath when Peter grabbed his hips. Was he going to lose his virginity right here and now, to his hot brother? Holding his breath, he felt how Peter positioned his cock on of Sam’s hole. Oh my god, is this actually happening, Sam asked himself, as he felt Peter applying more pressure. It felt so good! Slowly, Sam’s sphlinter started to give in to his big brother’s dick until the head finally popped in. A flaming pain took Sam’s breath away. He knew that the first time was supposed to hurt, but this actually hurt really, really bad. And Peter wasn’t giving him any respite; he kept on pushing his penis into his brother’s hole, Sam saw his bicep bulge as he used all his strength to force his penis in, inch by inch. A few excruciating seconds later, Sam felt his brother’s groin hit his ass. He had taken his brother’s cock, all 8 inches!

While Sam was trying to catch his breath, Peter was pulling out again, until the head of his cock popped out of Sam’s hole. He immediately plunged his pole back in all the way. After a minute or two, Peter did not pull out completely anymore, instead increasing the speed and strength of his fucking motions. He put one of his hot legs on his brother’s hips to steady Sam and to apply more force.

All of a sudden, a couple of minutes of slow, deep fucking later, Peter pushed Sam onto his stomach, and climbed on top of him, keeping his cock firmly plugged all the way up Sam’s ass. Immediately he started to truly slam into his brother’s ass. Sam was seeing stars as his brother used all the strength in his hot body to give his brother the pounding of his lifetime. Sam looked back at his brother, seeing how the sweat dripped of his strong face. His eyes were still closed, his mouth wide open, panting from the exertion and the slowly building orgasm. Sam could clearly see his brother’s abs and pec muscles outlined with each thrust, glistening in the half-light of the tent.

When Peter placed both of his hands on his brother’s shoulders, lifted himself up, and started to pound into Sam with even greater ferocity Sam could only barely keep from screaming in bliss. While he came a couple of seconds later without even touching himself, his brother was clearly not done yet. Panting louder and louder, he started pulling out completely again, and slamming back into his brother using the full force of his falling body to give his thrusts extra impact. Sam felt his cock becoming hard again; although this was his first time getting fucked, or having sex beyond a joint jerkoff session, he was pretty sure his brother was a true master with his cock. Where did the guy learn this stuff, and how could he hold on as long as he did without cumming?

When Peter pulled out again, he pushed Sam legs apart and moved his own in between. Luckily Sam was a flexible kid, because Peter kept on pushing his legs apart until Sam’s legs were almost completely spread out. Peter then slammed his cock in again, and Sam felt filled up even further. Peter grabbed Sam by the shoulders and started to fuck him with a truly inhumanly fast pace, leaving Sam completely breathless. Sam felt sweat drops falling on his back, his brother was soaking wet from the exertion.

Apparently not even satisfied with this position, a couple of minutes of continued ramming later, Peter grabbed Sam’s hips and moved him onto his knees. As if to further impress his brother with his fucking prowess, Peter proceeded to make round motions while pounding into his brother, while at the same time jerking Sam off again. Picking up his rhythm, Peter’s breath started to accelerate further and his panting became louder again. A deep moaning started to resonate though Peter’s chest, gradually getting louder with each thrust.

Pulling out all of a sudden, Peter’s cock made a loud popping sound. Before Sam could respond, his legs were pulled from under him, his brother grabbed him by the hips, flipped him on his back, grabbed his legs, flipped them over his shoulder so his ass was at about the height of Peter’s groin, grabbed his ass, and pushed in again with on thrust. Sam finally had a full view of Peter’s heated face, contorted from exertion and his pending orgasm, his eyes still closed, his heaving chest glistening with sweat as he impaled Sam’s ass deeper on his cock. His ab muscles became visible with each powerful thrust of his hips. Sam almost exploded again from the sight of it. With a last thrust and shout Peter finally came, releasing his jizz into his brother’s ass. “Oh Fuck”, “Oh Fuck”, “Oh Fucking God”, Peter kept on repeating. It seemed Peter came for half a minute, moaning and panting and slowly pushing his hot cock in and out of his brother. This also pushed Sam over the edge, cumming for the second time on his blanket.

While Peter rested his body on Sam’s, Sam felt how his stomach became warm and then hot. His brother, face contorted, pulled his slick cock out of Sam’s ass, allowing a thick sticky glob of his brother’s cum to drip out of Sam’s gaping-wide hole. His brother’s cock was almost purple. Maybe not so surprising considering the 30 minute non-stop fucking session he just performed.

Then, in the morning light Sam saw that his brother’s cock was shining with orange light. What the fuck? And the light was connected to Sam’s ass. The light intensified and Sam felt as if a connection to his brother was burned into his ass and lower body. The light engulfed and pulsates around Peter’s cock and balls. It grew stronger and stronger while the burning feeling in Sam’s ass also intensified. All of a sudden, the light also erupted out of his hole, joining with the bundle coming out of Peter’s dick and travelling along it to its origin. The light began to pulsate. My god, Sam thought, it must be visible across the campsite now. But he couldn’t bother anymore. He now felt such a strong need to be filled with his brother’s cock again, to get pounded into submission, he almost climbed back on his brother’s dick there and then. The feeling of emptiness became almost unbearable and he felt that only being fucked by Peter could take that feeling away. All of a suddenthe light died and his feelings became his own again.

The expression on Peter’s face went completely slack and his brother just crashed on top of him. Wow, he was heavy. It took Sam a while to move his brother off him, and onto his mattress. Peter’s cock was all slick and Sam used his underwear from yesterday to wipe the cum of him, his brother, and the sheets. It was so much. Sam himself had never produced that much spunk himself, but his brother was just beyond control. There was way too much in his pubes for Sam to be able to wipe off with his briefs, so he decided to just pull up his brother’s boxers again. Then, if Peter woke up, he would just think he had a wet dream about some girl, instead of having mind-blowing sex with his brother. Or would he remember… and do this again… Sam hoped so. He had 6 more nights at the farm. Six more nights of hard-core sex with his big brother he hoped. He looked at his brother lying there. Body covered with sweat, the bulge in his boxers, his beautiful long, and tan legs. His blond hair matted against his strong, handsome face, his eyes still closed and peaceful.

A couple of minutes later, when Peter began to stir, Sam laid down, pretending to sleep. “What the fuck, “he heard his brother saying, when he truly woke up. Sam looked up into Peter’s laughing face. “Sorry for this Bro”, he said while standing, “It seems like I have had some pretty dirty dreams”. So, no memories of what had just happened, Sam thought sadly while looking at his brother’s pretty ass and legs leaving the tent.


The farmhand

Three days later, Sam was walking across his uncle’s farmyard, towards the enclosure where the horses were kept. He was walking by the trailer of Michael, when he heard grunting sounds. Checking it out, he found Michael at the back of his trailer doing bicep crunches with some simple fitness gear. But the simple gear hadn’t stopped him from growing his muscles. He was wearing a white tank top, a striking contrast to his dark, caramel brown skin, and clearly showing the full extent of his muscled body. His shoulders were at least half as wide as Sam’s, and his arms were more what you would expect on a bodybuilder just before a contest, big and defined, then on a Wisconsin farm hand. Bulging pecs strained underneath the thin fabric, sticking out so much that the shirt hardly touched his stomach. One elbow was resting on his thick, strong legs. He was wearing tiny shorts, his huge thigh muscles outlined under his smooth skin. “Hey Sam”, Michael said panting lightly, as he got up. Sam was dumbstruck by the show. And then his mouth literally fell open, as he saw Michael bulge in his shorts. Huge, simply gigantic, at least as big as Peter’s but probably bigger.

“Uhm, my eyes are here, little friend”, Michael said, clearly catching the direction of Sam’s stare.

Sam jerked his eyes up, looking straight into Michael’s smile. He felt how he was getting flushed. “I’m so sorry”, Sam stammered softly. He almost tripped while walking onwards to the enclosure.

Not enjoying looking at the big black horses, a couple of minutes later he turned back, to walk back to the farm. Michael had left the dumbbells outside and had gone back into his trailer. When Sam passed by the trailer, he could see Michael in front of the open shower booth, his underwear still on. Sam could feel his dick getting harder as he peeked in, slowing down to see more of Michael’s thick muscular legs. His ass was huge and bulbous, standing out of his legs, and melding into his slightly hollow back. When Michael turned slightly to get a towel, he saw Sam slowly walking passed the door. He dropped his towel, and crouched down to get it, causing his upper legs to spread out over his calves, making them even thicker. When he got up, he looked at Sam again, smiling when he saw that Sam had stopped moving all together.

“Welcome back, my little friend,” he said while walking towards Sam, towering over him. “Did you come back to see some more”. When Sam just stood there, dumbfounded, he added “Do you like what you see, pretty man?”. “Eh yes, very much” Sam was finally able to stammer. “and what does the blond little pretty man expect from me”. Michael asked, flexing his pecs, causing them to inflate. “Do you want to touch them, little man?”. When Sam again did not respond he grabbed Sam’s hands and placed them on his smooth pecs. In a reflex, Sam tried to pull back his hands, but Michael was still holding them. He didn’t budge in the slightest, Sam’s hands remained firmly placed on his pecs.

This guy was so strong and big. He was more than a head taller than Sam, standing at 6ft5 meters, while Sam was stuck at 5ft9. And in weight, well—maybe double…Sam only packed 130lbs on his lithe frame, while this guy must measure at least 320, and probably a bit more.

“My god, you are big”, Sam said softly, his voice skipping a beat.

“Two hours of workout, every day, little man,” Michael said back, “then you get the body of a god”. Michael lifted his arms and flexed his biceps, which popped up in full definition. Sam put his hands on Michael’s arms, feeling the rock hard mountains of his biceps, and softly sliding his hands of his triceps and moving through Michael’s armpits to his giant shoulders. He could hardly make a dent in the flesh. Michael again flexed his gigantic pecs. Sam lightly touched them, and then squeezed a little bit, which did not seem to leave much impression on Michael’s chest muscles. Sam then pressed his lips on one of Peter’sdownward facing nipples, and very softly bit in it, resulting in a surprised cough from the black giant.

“Little man, we are going to fuck”, Michael said suddenly picking Sam up by his waist like he was a rag doll, “I am really going to enjoy fucking you”. Slamming the door behind him, he carried Sam over to a chair, dropped him on it, and stood before him. “Feel away, pretty man”. Sam wasn’t going to be said twice. He starting feeling up Michael’s pecs again, and moved down, over his thick muscle belly, rock hard, with striations between his abs where you could almost place a coin. He then moved his hands back, following the line of Michael’s hips and cautiously grabbing Michael’s hard ass. It was so firm and big.

This was what a real man should look like, Sam thought: Muscles, muscles and more muscles. This thunderously strong men was exactly what Sam usually jerked off on, online….He was a little bit on the old side, but with a body like this, who cared. Sam let his hands drift further down along the back of Michael’s huge thighs. They were so thick, Sam didn’t even know if his own waist was as thick as this. He started kissing Michael’s abs, while further exploring his thighs. This was so hot, he thought. Not like with Peter, there was not true connection here, but this giant was also going to rock Sam’s world, he was sure about that.

Michael let out a soft, satisfied moan as Sam started to lick his thighs. He went through Sam’s hair with his big hands. When Sam looked up again, he saw that Michael’s boxer briefs were straining to contain his inflated cock. His bulge looked obscenely big. “Can you take a big man’s cock, little man”, Michael said with a cocky grin. “Would love to try”, replied Sam, while grabbing the top of Michaels briefs and pulling it down. The cock that sprang out left Sam dumbfounded. It must be at least 20 cm long, somewhat longer (although not nearly as beautiful) than his brother’s cock, but its great size mainly derived from how thick it was. Sam took the giant cock in his left hand; and was not able to wrap his fingers around it completely. Michael moved his hips around, slapping his giant prick against the side of Sam’s face. It was so heavy. Also the balls, swinging underneath, were way beyond normal, looking like two walnuts, or maybe even small chicken eggs.What kind of god was this guy?

When he started to kiss and lick the head of the thick prick, Michael grabbed the back of his head. “Go down on it little man, give me what I need”. Michael started to apply more force, and his huge cock quickly went down Sam’s mouth, filling it almost completely. Moving back and forth, Michael started to fuck Sam’s mouth. Sam went as hard a as rock himself. It was so hot, looking at the rest of Michael’s huge fuck, while he was being mouth-fucked by it. “Further man”, Michael commanded, applying more pressure, and forcing his cock in. Sam started to gag as the fat prick reached the back of his throat, but Michael did not relent in the least. “Calm down, little man, it is going down all the way, not matter what, so just relax and enjoy the ride. Sam tried just that, inhaling through his nose, and trying to relax his throat muscles. Finally, he was able to allow Michael’s cock through, and his new fuck body started to move his prick in out. The experience was so intense that Sam started to tear up and his nose started to run.

Quickly, he stood up a little bit, opened his pants, and shoved them down, exposing his own rock hard dick, and slim waist. “You are beautiful, little man”, Michael said in a thick, excited voice, while continuing to fuck Sam’s mouth. “Can’t wait to sink my cock into your ass. It’s going to hurt really bad, little man, but you will enjoy it all the more later on”. Sam grabbed his own cock with his left hand, and started jerking off, while moving his other hand to Michael’s ass, quickly finding his hole. While Michael continued with shoving his cock in and out of Sam’s eager mouth and throat, Sam started to circle Michael’s hole, probing it and slightly pushing his finger in, while sucking extra hard on Michael’s dick.

Suddenly, Michael let out a loud roar, cumming in Sam’s mouth. He looked a bit bemused, and Sam was also a bit baffled. That was quick. “My god, little man, you are one fucking hot specimen”, Michael said, still with a thick voice. “The fucking will have to wait for later. Or not”, he said with a smile, grabbing his still-hard cock. He turned around, showing his big muscle ass to Sam, and using his hands to spread his buttocks. “Do what you want, little man”, the black muscle god told Sam, while he moved his ass up to Sam’s face.

Sam immediately went to work licking Michael’s hole and trying to push his tongue in. Michael started to moan again, and started working his cock, which, to his surprise, was still hard as rock. When Sam was going all the way in he felt he was completely immersed in Michael’s huge hard ass, it was so hard. From Michael, he could only hear a satisfied moan, because he was to immerses in slobbering Michael’s ass. As such, he was surprised when Michael all of a sudden took a step forward and looked back with a smile at Sam’s wet face. “I think we will have to make the most of the coming days, my small friend”, Michael said. Seeing Sam’s, rock hard, 7 inch cock, he smiled again. “You are sporting a nice cock yourself, little man”, he said, and to Sam’s surprised crouched down, grabbed Sam’s cock and directed it to his hole. Sam let out a muffled moan as the tip of his cock hit Michael’s ass. He had to bite his lips to stop from shouting out in pleasure.

Oh my god, he was going to fuck someone for the first time in his life. Michael positioned his feet and legs to stabilise himself with his hole directly positioned above Sam’s groin. His legs and ass looked gigantic from this position, and when Sam looked up, the only thing he could see was a true wall of muscles which formed Michael’s back. Fucking awesome! Sam was holding the chair, and again biting his lips as Micheal slowly lowered himself on Sam’s eagerly waiting cock. First, Michael’s ass resisted the intruder, but slowly, very slowly, the head of Sam’s cock was breaking through the resistance. Although the pressure was a bit painful at first, when his cock head finally broke through, and he entered Michael, he almost came on the spot. He actually caught himself drooling; this felt so incredible good. Michael, who clearly knew what he was doing, slowly but steadily lowered himself further on Sam’s cock. It felt so tight in there, and warm, and moist. The pressure became quite intense, culminating when Michael was finally sitting on Sam’s lap, Sam’s cock fully up his ass.

“Cute little man”, Michael said, when he noticed how Sam was literally shaking from excitement, “Your first time fucking someone, little bottom man?”.

Sam could only nod in confirmation, not able to put voice to his thoughts. Sam saw Michael flex his strong quads and the giant moved slowly up along Sam’s cock, sending waves of pleasure through him. “Oh fuck”, he panted, “this feels so fucking good”.

Michael laughed, “You have not felt anything yet little man. Now, hold your cock”. Sam was just in time grabbing his moist member, when the head of his cock popped out of Michael’s ass with an audible plop. The air felt really cold on his dick for a split second,before Michael lowered himself on Sam’s cock again, the head now easily passing by his sphincter muscle, and plunging back in the tight wet interior of Michael’s ass. He definitely should do this more often, Sam thought, as Michael wasslowly reaching the lowest point again.

Both Sam and Michael became increasingly sweaty as they were working up their speed. When Michael plunged back on Sam’s cock his ass and legs made wet, smacking sounds against Sam’s lap. In contrast to how fast Michael came, his leg muscles did not seem to tire in the slightest, Sam thought when Michael was already riding his cock for around 10 minutes. Sam felt himself slowly building up to an orgasm. Wanting to hold out, he pushed back against Michael’s big ass, “Give me a second, I don’t want to cum yet”.

“Well, now look at you, Mr. stamina”, Michael said with his hot crooked smile. He stood up, relaesing Sam’s cock, which smacked back on Sam’s tight stomach. He turned and grabbed Sam by the hand, lifting him up slightly and bringing Sam’s face to his. “Hey pretty man”, he whispered softly, pressing his lips on Sam’s. Sam was in heaven, roaming with his hands over Michael’s rock hard body, while drowning in his soft kiss: feeling Michael’s giant biceps and pecs all around him, while feeling cradled in Michael’s careful embrace. What a contradiction, this big stud turned out to be.

Sam jumped up, wrapping his legs around Michael’s massive hips and the stud carried him to his bed at the end of the trailer. He plunged on the bed, bracing himself with his arms so not to crush Sam under his weight. When Sam let Michael out of his leg embrace, Michael proceeded with undressing Sam, revealing Sam’s lithe, hairless frame. “Hot”, Michael mused, and he started kissing Sam’s chest and stomach. Sam’s cock, which had lost some of its hardness, was next on Michael’s list. He engulfed Sam’s cock in his mouth, and started to blow Sam. Within a couple of seconds Sam was as hard as a rock again. Michael the shoved one of his big hands underneath Sam’s ass and lifted him off the bed as if he weighed nothing. While his fingers were spread out on Sam’s tight ass, he pushed his thumb into Sam’s ass, all the while without stopping to blow Sam’s quivering cock. Sam let out a gap of ecstasy. “Ho Ho”, he panted, “give me a couple of seconds here, I’m going to cum”. Although Michael lowered his tempo, he did not hold off completely, and Sam’s orgasm further built up, until he came in Michael’s mouth a minute later. The orgasm was mind blowing, and he felt as if he simply exploded in Michael’s mouth, gasping for air.

When the feeling finally subsided, and he stopped quivering and spasming, Michael lifted his mouth off Sam’s prick. “You are a very young man, let’s see if we can get you going again”. Sam couldn’t help but smiling. He was exhausted, and his whole body was covered under a sheen of sweat, but he still felt horny as hell. He nodded to Michael, who slowly started to blow Sam’s cock again, while churning his thick thumb in Sam’s asshole. At first, Sam’s prick hurt under the renewed attention, but after a couple of minutes, he felt himself slowly, very slowly stirring again. Michael let his cock out of his mouth, “There we go again, my little stud man”, he said, immediately taking Sam’s hardening cock back in his mouth. He placed a second hand underneath Sam’s ass and suddenly plunged a second thumb in Sam’s ass.

Sam couldn’t help himself, he gave a loud scream of pleasure. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”, Sam exclaimed, “That is fucking awesome”. Michael response was to suck Sam even harder, and massage Sam’s ass from the inside, with his powerful thumbs. Instead of going down on Sam’s rock hard dick with his mouth, Michael instead started to put his huge biceps to work, lifting up Sam’s body by his ass every second to push Sam’s dick up his mouth and throat. Michael’s biceps swelled up to their maximum extent with each pull, and after a couple of minutes were becoming increasingly pumped, his veins standing out more and more.

Sam was in heaven, but wanted more. “Fuck me, on my god, fuck me”, he panted. When Michael did not comply, he yelled again. “Fuck me, please, please fuck me now”.

Michael finally pulled away, just before Sam was going to climax again. He crouched down and sat up, his legs flaring out to incredible proportions and pushing his junk up. He grabbed his fat cock, “Do you think you can take it, my young friend?” Michael asked, with actual concern. “Have you taken a cock before?”, he continued.

Sam nodded, smiling when he thought about the amazing sex god who fucked him only a few days ago. “Your cock is much thicker though, much, much thicker”, Sam sad, grabbing Michael’s cock, “But I need it in me”.

“Haha”, Michael responded, “this will hurt as hell though, little man. Someone as young as you can’t have enough experience to take this monster, even a guy magnet such as you.” Sam smiled at the compliment. He rolled on his back, grabbed the back of his knees and pulled his legs back, exposing his pink pucker to the giant man in front of him. “Wow, Nice ass, little man. I should have done this when you first came here last week and I saw you smiling your little gay smile at me,” Michael said grinning.

“What stopped you?” Sam responded, getting himself in an easy position and putting a pillow behind his head.

“You still being a minor,” Michael said laughing, “but who could not fuck a beautiful man like you. You are so beautiful, little man. So when you were camping, I thought fuck the consequences, I need to wreck this man’s ass, make him mine…. What are you laughing at?”

“I’m not a minor, I turned 18 three months ago, how old did you think I was”.

“Like 16, maybe 17, but maybe also still only 15… you look really really young, you know.”

“Haha, I knew that, but not that it was that bad”, Sam said laughing, “but I’m glad it didn’t stop you making a move.”

“Nothing could me keep you away from you, little man, not even your brother. I think we shoul dn’t tell him anything, he doesn’t know I’m gay. Does he know you’re gay, Sam?” When Sam shook his head, Michael smiled again.

“Enough talking”, Michael said, pushing Sam’s leg’s further towards Sam’s face and positioned his fat cock in front of Sam’s hole. “Usually, I’m a considerate top, but I’m not sure if I can hold out with you. I’ve truly never been this fucking horny”, Michael said, his voice thick with anticipation.

Sam looked down. It looked almost ludicrous, how fat Michael’s cock was, when you looked at it next to his own body. It must be as thick as his wrists. The giant muscle man pushed his cock against Sam’s hole and slowly started to apply pressure. Sam grabbed his own cock and started jerking himself off slowly, while waiting in excited anticipation until Michael’s cock would push through his sphincter. Michael was grunting while increasing the pressure, but he was also holding back, not wanting to rip Sam’s ass apart when he would finally plunge in. Sam felt an emptiness building up in his lower body, the anticipation and excitement seemed to get a more physical manifestation. That feeling was becoming stronger by the second, he started to lose touch with what was going on. He only very softly heard Michael say how incredibly tight he was and that he might need to first do some more fingerwork.

When he felt Michael pulling away again, Sam’s subconscious quickly took action. With one swift downward move, he impaled himself on Michael’s cock. He was in such a state of horninous that it did not even hurt too much. Michael yelled in ecstasy, and Sam could see Michael’s body spasming as he pushed himself down on the rest of Michael’s penis, sinking it all the way up his ass. “Oh my fucking god,” Michael shouted out, “You are a bad piece of ass, man. I don’t know how you pulled that off, but I’m happy you did.”

“Fuck me”, Sam said, still in a delirious state, “I need you to plow me with your thick hot cock.”

“Dirty little man, you are,” Michael said laughing. He positioned himself with his legs spread apart and lifted Sam’s ass a bit and then started pulling his cock out almost the entire way. Sam spasmed as he felt the ketchup-bottle-thick cock readjusting his innards when Michael pushed his cock all the way in again. “Oh my god,” Michael yelled, “You feel so good, little man. My cock belongs in your ass”.

Michael started pumping faster as Sam’s ass widened up more. He was still wary of hurting the man with his cock. No one had ever taken his thick cock this easily. He was relieved when Sam started to make happy sounds, which sounded a bit like purring. Sam’s ecstatic face clearly showed him how much he loved the feeling of black monster cock ravaging his ass. Michael felt proud of how he was able to pleasure this incredibly beautiful creature. He knew it was mostly his big body that had lured in the man, god this man was just ogling over his body. But his ten years of working out were definitely worth it, just by being with this young angel. He was just amazed of the young man’s acrobatics. Always when he fucked, it took forever before someone was sufficiently comfortable with his cock. And this little man just did it, Michael thought while fucking the man’s tight hole. Sam was just moaning his head flipped back, and his eyes closed.

Michael further pushed down Sam’s legs, pinning them to his chest. Stretching his own body, Michael put more weight on Sam’s legs to he could lift himself up, and fuck Sam even harder. His body made loud smacking sounds when hitting Sam’s and he could hear slurping sounds from Sam’s hole. Using all the strenght in his body, Michael tried to fuck Sam even harder, and started to pull out completely, before plunging back in. Sam started to moan in pure ecstasy, showing Michael that this man could take any ass pounding that Michael could give him. After pounding into Sam for a minute or two, he felt himself coming close to cumming.

As he did not think Sam would already be satisfied, he pulled of off Sam, and rolled onto the bed next to Sam. Rolling over Sam on his side, he inserted his cock into Sam’s hole again and immediately resumed to fuck him. Still, the short break meant that his imminent orgasm was avoided. He put one of his muscled legs on top of Sam and to hissatisfaction he found how Sam started to explore the muscle trunk laying on his upper leg. Although this position did not allow Michael to fuck Sam fast or hard, it did give him the time to slowly catch his breath and also to get a bit more close and personal. He kissed Sam’s neck and shoulders softly, relishing the feel of the sweaty smooth skin against his lips. He let his hand drift over Sam’s tight, slightly skinny body, not a hair to be found, and grabbed Sam’s rock hard cock.

Sam turned his head so he could kiss Michael on the mouth and the two lovers made out for a very long time, while Michael very slowly continued to fuck and jerk off Sam. Sam was enjoying the little break, especially the feeling of Michael’s beefy body against his, his pecs pressed into his back, his giant arm embracing him and his hand very slowly jerking his cock, his thick, muscle leg wrapped around him. And he was a very good kisser, as far as Sam’s limited experience could tell. He wished this would never end.

A while later, Sam slowly pulled out of Michael’s embrace, feeling the thick prick sliding out of his ass, making a soft plopping sound. He turned around, kissing Michael more deeply. “I think you are amazing”, he told Michael softly, while turning the muscle men onto his back and climbing on. He started exploring Michael’s body in more detail, kissing his bic pecs, giving special attention to Michael’s almost black nipples. He then proceeded down over the cobblestones of Michael’s abs.

“I just love your body, your muscles, its just awesome! And your dick”, he said while taking Michael’s penis into his hand. He got up, position Michael’s dick upwards and sat down on it. “You like?”, Sam said grinning when he heard Michael make a short grunting, almost choking sound.

“Very much,” Michael responded, letting his hands roam over Sam’s body, By default, his hands ended up at the man’s cock again. He slowly jerked Sam off, while Sam started to go up and down on his cock. Michael just enjoyed the view from his position, seeing his thick dick entering the pretty man’s ass with ease. When he saw that Sam was getting tired from the exercise, he started to push up instead, using his strong legs, ass and back muscles to slam into Sam with such force that he was bumping up and down on Michael, while he held the man with his strong hands.

“Oh fuck, of fuck, I’m going to cum”, said Sam.

“I’m almost there too,” panted Michael. He grabbed Sam’s hips to push himself in faster and within half a minute he was ready to cum. “I’m there”, he said. With a couple of last thrusts he released himself in Sam’s ass. A couple of seconds later, Sam sprayed his jizz all over Michael’s chest, stomach and face.

As the mind-blowing orgasm subsided, Sam let himself drop down on Michael’s broad chest, slick with cum and sweat, panting from the exertion. He felt how Michael’s cock slowly became soft in his ass, and finally popped out, releasing more cum on the bed. “I could just fall asleep here I think—But I should actually be going back to the house. I think there will be dinner in a bit.”

Sam stood up, and started looking for his underwear. Michael looked disappointed while following Sam walking around the trailer naked, “Anyway we can do this again, little man?”

“Well”, Sam responded, “How about if I return here tonight, and sleep here. I just need to make sure I’m back in the house before anyone wakes up”.

Michael laid back on the bed, while Sam was putting on his briefs and went on to look for his pants. He felt his cock stir again, looking at Sam’s slim legs and round ass. He couldn’t wait to fuck this little man again. Sam walked back to the bed putting his shirt over his head. Seeing Michael was again sporting a hard-on, he grabbed his dick and gave it one hard wank. “I’ll be seeing later tonight”. He kissed Michael good bye and walked out the door, towards the main house.


Rush hour

It was well after midnight before Sam finally was convinced everyone had gone to bed. He could only still hear Peter rummaging in his bathroom. When he passed by Peter’s room he saw his brother walking around only with his bath towel around his waist. Jezus, his brother was so hot, Sam thought, marveling at his brother’s shoulders and back muscles, his strong legs. So beautiful. What he wouldn’t give for his brother fucking him again. Well, since there amazing night together in the tent, Peter had not shown any specific attention to Sam compared to normal; protective, loving, but also a little bit distant and patronizing.

Sam continued softly down the stairs, out through the back door, and passed the barns to Michael’s trailer. To his dismay he found the lights out. Was he too late? Was Michael already to bed? Very quietly entering he heard soft snoring from the bed: Michael was laying across the bed, basically as Sam left him, completely out. Sam marvelled at Michael’s hot body, his massive legs spread out, his fat cock reaching up to his navel. His torso was still covered with Sam’s cum, one arm had spread it over Michael’s chest while he was sleep, while other hang over the side of the bed. Sam quietly spread the blanket over Michael and snuggled in next to Michael, his ass against Michael’s hip.

“Hey baby,” Michael said with a drowsy voice, “sorry if fell asleep.” When he started to get up, Sam pushed him back. “Let’s sleep big guy, I think you need it.” Michael smiled and spooned Sam, his big arm protectively around Sam. With one thrust, he wedged his cock in between Sam’s legs. Like that, the two lovers fell asleep.

Sam woke up a couple of hours later; Michael was walking around the trailer in his underwear. “Hey big man, what are you doing up so early”, Sam said, with his eyes half open.

“I was going to wake you in a bit”, Michael responded. “I need to go out to the fields in a little bit. I have the early shift today.”

Sam turned on his back and got up to his elbows, his dick flopping on his stomach, semi-hard. Sam smiled a shy smile at Michael. “Sorry, morning woody”. Michael felt himself stir in his own underwear and look at the young man on his bed. Sam’s smile turned mischievous. He brought his hand to his cock and started to jerk himself off fervently. Sam’s cock went full mast within seconds. “Sure you don’t want a quick morning fuck before going to work?” Sam asked.

“Sorry, man, I have to be out on the west fields in twenty minutes and it’s a ten minute drive.” Sam pulled up his knees to his shoulders, exposing his pink hole. While jerking off, he brought one of his hands to his hole and stuck two fingers in and started massaging his hole. “Doesn’t that mean you have ten minutes left?” Sam asked innocently.

Michael’s cock was immediately at full attention, he was at least as horny as yesterday afternoon. Fuck it, he thought and dropped his briefs, walked up to the bed, sat down next to it on his knees and spread them a bit so his cock was at the same level as Sam’s ass. He grabbed Sam and pulled him up to the edge of the bed, and inserted two additional fingers up Sam’s ass, further opening up the young man’s hole. “I am really in a hurry, little man,” Michael said, “but I cannot let you start you day without a dick up your ass, don’t you think?”

Sam shaked his head in ecstasy, “No sir, that would not do”.

Michael laughed and started to rotate his two fingers around Sam’s hole, putting them in further and further. He then took them out, grabbed his cock and with one fluid smooth motion, inserted his cock in Sam’s ass. “Wow, that went a lot easier than yesterday”, Michael panted.

“Well, you did fuck me into jelly yesterday, Mister,” Sam responded while Michael started to fuck him slowly. Sam jerked himself of frantically, coming within seconds. His first shot went straight over his head, while the second landed on his face. God, he had needed that! When Michael wanted to pull out, he used his legs to pull him back in. “I can cum again big man, I just needed to get that out of the way to really be able to enjoy this.” Michael, became even more turned on by this little man than he already was and increased his tempo, quickly picking up to a frantic pace, pulling out, and then immediately slamming back in up to the hilt. Michael knew he could not keep this up long. He eyed Sam to see where he was. He was just in time to see Sam spasm before Sam shot out more of his jizz, gasping his way through his second orgasm in a couple of minutes.

Michael also couldn’t hold out anymore. “I’m gonna fill you up little man”. He moaned loudly and then exploded in Sam’s ass. Again, a mind blowing orgasm engulfed Michael; Fuck, what was this man hot. He continued to pound into Sam, trying to m ake it last, but at last the feeling subsided and his cock started to lose some of its rigidity. He pulled out, again releasing a lot of cum. “God, I don’t know when the last time was that I came so much in such a short time, you are milking me like a cow little man”.

“My pleasure,” Sam purred, while trying to regain control of his ass muscles. Cum continued to drip out of his ass, while sitting up. He saw Michael’s eyes bulge when he saw his jizz falling out of his lover. It was so much. Crazy.

“Fuck, I’m so late,” Michael swore. He just put on his underwear, straight over his cum smeared cock and sweaty ass and pulled up his jeans. “Sorry man, you also have to go”.

Sam went looking for his underwear. His briefs were quickly drenched from the cum that continued to leak out of his ass. He quickly wiped of the worst from his stomach and chest and then quickly put on his shirt and pants. “Ready,” he said, with a smile.

Michael looked up at the disheveled man, looking even more ravishing now. “Fuck, I could just fuck you again right now.”

“I won’t stop you,” Sam responded. Still, he followed Michael out when his big lover shook his head.

Walking out, he was surprised to discover it was still dark outside. “You can still sleep a bit before it gets light. I hope I see you again tonight”. Michael turned around and walked into the night.

Sam stared at the silhouette of Michael’s frame, until he lost him in the dark, before returning to the house. He walked up the stairs again, and made it to his bed without incident. Exhausted, he took off his clothes and got into his bed naked.

Only an hour later, Sam was woken up by someone stumbling across his room. Did Michael dare to get into the house to fuck him here? When he turned around he saw it was Peter, walking towards him, the early morning light showing off his hot body. “Peter”, Sam said drowsily, “what are doing here”. Then Sam saw that Peter’s eyes were closed. Oh dear, he thought, there we go again. He waited in anticipation until Peter was at the foot of his bed. He saw his brother pull down his boxers, showing his rock hard prick, standing at full mast. Sam swallowed, not sure if he could take a third fuck session in less than 12 hours, but not sure if he could stop Peter if he wanted to without waking up the whole house. He quickly realised he certainly did not want to stop his brother.

Peter spread his legs slightly and started to jerk off, his cock aimed straight at his brother. Fucking hot, Sam thought. He pulled away his blanket and grabbed his own dick and also started to jerk off. This went on for a while, while Sam watched his brother’s jerking becoming more and more intense, turning from jerking his cock to fucking his own hand. Sam reverently saw how Peter was straining his abs and hips to pick up more speed. Not stopping his jerking motions, Peter walked around the bed and sat down next to Sam’s knees. Sam looked up expectantly. Peter, slightly clumsily (but what would you expect of someone sleepwalking) grabbed the inside of Sam’s knee, and moved it up. To Sam it was obvious what Peter wanted and he quickly complied, pulling up his knees again for the second time in a couple of hours. Peter immediately took charge, getting into position, grabbing his cock with one hand and Sam’s ankles with his other and plunged in, right through the driedup spunk left by Michael. Sam was in heaven. Although much thinner than Michael’s cock, his brother’s cock just felt better, more right in him.

Peter started grunting while quickly increasing his tempo. Hmmm, Sam thought. He is trying to be quick. Compared to Michael though, Peter had way more stamina. He slammed into his brother like a super fast sledge hammer for nearly ten minutes before he broke of, sweat beading on his forehead. He stretched out himself and Sam, while keeping his dick firmly lodged up his brother’s hole. He then rolled them on their right side, pushed Sam’s left leg forward with his so he could get a better grip and then started to fuck again, this time slower but making circular movements as well.

Sam felt like he had a fist up his ass the way Peter was working him. A fist going straight past Sam’s prostate. It was an incredible feeling. Peter kept this up for another five minutes before Sam heard him catch his breath. A rumble was all indication Sam got before he rolled them over again, dragged them both to their knees and started fucking Sam like there was no tomorrow, his breath continuing to accelerate. Sam grabbed his own cock and jerked himself of frantically. About a minute later, Peter let out a soft muffled cry and Sam could feel his cock jerking in his ass. Peter let his upper body fall on Peter’s back, slowly continuing his fucking motions while his orgasm passed its height. A couple of seconds later Sam also came, spraying the last little bit of jizz he had left in his balls on the blanket. Just when he thought happily that he wouldn’t need to clean up his bed, Peter pulled out, and what seemed as a quarter cup of Peter’s cum oozed out of Sam’s ass on the blanket. Damn, Sam thought, how was he going to clean this up?!

Turning around, he saw that Peter was already putting on his underwear. Again, in the soft light, Sam saw the orange glow around Peter’s cock, a thin streak of light connecting it to Sam’s hole. What the fuck, Sam thought again, as the streak disappeared immediately as Peter’s limp, wet cock disappeared in his underwear. Then, without looking back, Peter left the room, leaving Sam to cope with his dripping, sore hole and dirty bed. After wiping off his ass and bed with a towel, he went into the shower to rinse of all the sweat and cum he had accumulated on his body during the last two fuck sessions. He tenderly touched his ass, feeling how loose and wide he still was down there. He tried to flex his sphincter, which helped a bit, but it still felt a bit risky when he put on briefs, shorts and a shirt and went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Peter was already sitting in the kitchen, still wet from his own shower, again appearing completely oblivious to the fact that he had just filled up his brother with his jizz. Peter looked terribly hot sitting on the kitchen barstool, with his skimpy shorts, his thighs resting on the side of the stool and his crotch nicely outlined. He smiled at his brother, “Hey Bro, you are up early this morning, not sleep well?”

“I’m ok”, Sam responded, keeping the disappointment out of his voice with difficulty.

“Are you ok, little brother?” Peter asked with concern when seeing Sam’s response.

“Yeah it’s ok, I’m just a bit bored I guess”.

“Do you maybe want to help out today in the field? Michael could use some help with the fences on the park-side of the farm.”

Sam’s face lit up. “That sounds cool, Michael is really a fun guy to hang around with”, he responded, trying to be casual. He could feel his cock stirring with anticipation.

“He sure is, bro, fucking awesome body as well, don’t you think? I would love to have a body like his”. While saying that, Peter flexed his biceps, showing a nice peak. “Still not there yet, right, what do you think?”. Sam tried to keep his face neutral, as he felt Peter closely looking at him to determine his response. Was he expecting that Sam was gay? Or worse, that he was actually sleeping with Michael?

“Ehm”, Sam started uncertainly, “he obviously pays a lot of attention to his body.”

“So, do you like looking at him?” Peter pressed.

“Yeah, sure he has a nice body,” Sam said, and then looked away. Peter looked a bit annoyed at him, but did not press the matter further. The rest of the breakfast, the brothers just discussed about little things, but the atmosphere remained a bit tense.

After breakfast the two boys went to the car. Peter drove Sam to the western field, where Sam saw Michael’s car left next to the road. “See you tonight bro, Michael will take you back in a couple of hours”, Peter said, while stopping the car. Sam got out and closed the door. Just before he turned around, Peter said, “Enjoy,” with a wink, he waved, and drove away. Well, Sam thought, his brother at least had some inkling about what was going on—Whoops.

Sam turned around and looked across the field to see where Michael was, finally seeing him walking around at the other side of the field, near a patch of trees next to a small lake. He was fixing the fence, behind which the actual nature park started. Sam started walking across the huge field. About 5 minutes later, Michael finally saw him and waved his big arms in welcome. Fuck, what a hot guy, Sam thought,while speeding up his pace. He finally reached Michael, who immediately embraced him and started kissing Sam passionately. “Hey pretty man,” he whispered in Sam’s ear, “are you feeling ok?”

”My hole feels like it has been fucked all night, I’m so sore”.

“Sorry, little man. The thing is, the only thing I can think about is having my cock pumping your hot ass”, Michael responded, kneading Sam’s ass with his strong hands, “maybe we should get some work done first, before I fuck you again, so your ass can recuperate”.

Sam laughed nervously, “let’ssee if I can take it later.”

Michael explained Sam how to roll out the wire, and attach it to the fence poles with the nail-pistol. Sam first struggled with the big coil of wire, which was too heavy for him, but after an hour or so, he slowly established a system. Still, he saw that Michael went at least three times as fast. He was constantly distracted by the sight of the shirtless, sweaty muscle man, his muscles coiling under his skin while he was working. Michael quickly finished his part of the field. Michael returned to Sam and took over the coil with ease. The work progressed much faster as Michael held and unwound the coil and less than half an hour later they were ready. “I still have to work the fences on the north of this field,” Michael said, “but maybe we should first take a swim. What do you think?”.

As response Sam opened the buttons on his pants and let it glide off his legs, clearly showing the raging hardon in his tighty whities. “Fuck, you’re so hot little man.” Michael said, while peeling his shirt of his big body. Before he even finished, Sam was already fully nude and had jumped into the water. Michael quickly took of his pants, showing his thick legs, and jumped in behind Sam. He swam towards Sam, taking the young man into his hands, kissing him passionately again. He picked up Sam a little bit, put his thick cock in between Sam’s legs so Sam could sit on his prick.

“Let me clean you up a bit”, Michael said with a thick voice. He pulled Sam’s buttocks apart, and started to grind his cock through Sam’s butt crack, marveling at how slim Sam’s hips were compared to his, and how luscious his ass felt around his cock. Sam started kissing him passionately, feeling up Michael’s big body. As he became increasingly horny, the need for a cock up his ass started to take over, and with a quick movement of his hand he pointed Michael’s cock up and sat down on his dick. Michael smiled approvingly, grabbing Sam’s hips, so he could start fucking him again. “God, you are such a horndog, little man”.

Sam was not responding anymore, completely engrossed with the feeling of his lover’s thick cock up his ass. Michael again had difficulty holding out, pummeling into Sam’s ass, and churning his insides around with his fuck prick. Within a couple of minutes he came again, while Sam sprayed his jizz in the lake.

Michael had never felt this horny in his life. In less than a day he had sex with this young god three times, fucking him 4 times already. And now, his sore cock didn’t even get soft again. With Sam still impaled on his cock, he walked back to the shore of the lake. He first starting to ram his cock into Sam while still standing up, using both his hips and legs to slam his cock upwards into Sam’s ass, and using his powerful arms to slam Sam down onto his eager prick. To his own surprise, he was able to hold off an orgasm for more than ten minutes, even though he was fucking Sam with a frantic pace, and full abandon. And even though he was hornier than ever, he was able to stay just at the brink of cumming by sometimes lowering his pace slightly and putting more effort in kissing Sam. Eventually though, holding up the man proved to much of and exercise, even for his strong body. He pulled his out of Sam’s ass, resulting in a slurping sound.

Sam didn’t even respond to it, he just kept kissing Michael. With some effort, he pulled away from Sam, and put him on his knees on the grass. He looked at his lover with appreciation, his nice firm, small ass beckoning Michael to ravage it even further. Sam’s hole was already gaping wide, and the skin on his ass was red inflamed from all Michael’s ass-pounding. Jesus, what was he doing to this man, he thought. He looked at his own cock, the skin also red from all the action it had been getting. Considering to call it a day for a couple of seconds, he asked Sam whether he was ok.

“One more time, Michael, I need this”, came back the response of Sam. Ha, Michael thought, this kid really came straight from a porn fantasy. He crouched behind Sam, and quickly inserted his cock in Sam’s hole, his thick cock sliding in like it was only a thin 5 incher instead of a ketchup bottle sized fuck pole. He pushed Sam down further onto the grass, until he was lying flat on his stomach. He then climbed on top of him, and started to slowly and deeply fuck him.

Sam just moaned. He was in heaven; Michael’s heavy body fully on top of him, pushing him into the grass, his cock stimulating a whole series of G-spots in his body at the same time. He was really going to miss Michael when they would leave the US. This guy was fucking amazing, super hot body, big cock, eager for Sam and with a really nice friendly attitude. He could even imagine having him as boyfriend, Sam thought. He felt more aware of Michael’s size than ever, with his big pecs grinding into his upper back, and his thick legs pushing Sam’s legs, thin sticks by comparison, against each other while he pushed his hips forward. Michael was literally bigger everywhere; his feet were below Sam’s while his mouth was at the level of Sam’s forehead, which Michael was tenderly kissing. The same happened in width, looking down Sam saw how Michaels body sticked out beyond his everywhere. Only a little bit at the hips and waist, but a whole lot more at the thighs, and especially the higher up their bodies you went. Michael’s shoulders literally stood out a hand width beyond his, Sam thought dreamily while looking at them.

“God, you are fucking awesome”, he whispered softly in Michael’s ears. Michael responded by increasing the pace of his fucking a bit.

“You are beyond awesome, Sam”, Michael said, using his name for the first time. “You are the hottest man I’ve ever met, can’t imagine that you will be going back to Holland soon.” They started kissing again, while Michael kept on grinding his cock around in Sam’s hole.

“Well, show me how much you will miss me then,” Sam responded teasingly.

“You got it man,” Michael responded, while using more force with each thrust. He softly bit his lips, the feeling of his dick in the man’s hot, wet, warm ass was just so good. He tried to hold out longer this time, but when Sam flexed his sphincter, he lost it and almost immediately released himself in Sam’s hole again with such force that his vision blurred and he felt he would almost lose consciousness. He slumped on top of Sam’s body, his sweaty body so slippery that he had to hold himself in place as not to slide off. He kept his penis firmly lodged up Sam’s ass, and he felt how it finally, very slowly, became soft. He kissed Sam again before pulling his cock out of the boy's bruised ass. He got up, lifted Sam of the grass and carried him into the car.

Sam slumped on the front seat, completely exhausted. Within seconds he fell asleep, while Michael drove him back to the farm. Arriving there, Michael had to shake Sam several times before he finally awoke. Quickly checking whether there was anyone around, Michael gave Sam a stealthy kiss and opened the door for the man.


About to leave

Sam walked into the house, unsteady on his feet. Although only early afternoon, he excused himself with his aunt and uncle, and headed up to his room. After taking of his pants and shirt, he discovered that he was completely covered with a mixture of cum, sweat and a little bit of blood. He tenderly touched his hole, finding it still slightly open, and incredibly sensitive. Looking at his finger, there was a little bit of blood on it; he was still bleeding. God, he thought… this was really too much sex. He decided to first go and take a shower before taking a nap.

He took his time washing off all the remains of 24 hours non-stop sex, and paid specific attention to tending to his sore ass. His cock, surprisingly, remained at full mast while he was showering. Apparently Little Sam still hadn’t had enough, Sam thought. As he dried off he took particularly tender care when drying his ass. Even that didn’t stop him from crinching; god it hurt so fucking much!

He finished drying off, and jumped into bed. He couldn’t remember ever being this exhausted in his life. Within seconds, Sam was dead asleep. When he woke up, still tired as a dog, it was already late in the evening. He opened his eyes, and saw that his Aunt was putting a plate overflowing with food on his bed-side table. She smiled at him when she saw he was awake. “What is it with you Dutch boys,” she said, “needing so much sleep”. She gave Sam a kiss on his cheek, and then left the room, allowing Sam to have his meal in private. He quickly pulled down the sheets, exposing his smooth, upper body, now tanned from being outside so much. He sat up, and quickly devoured his aunt’s delicious home cooked food. Afterwards, he went to the bathroom to check out his hole again. He turned his ass towards the mirror and spread his ass cheeks, showing his raw hole. It seemed the bleeding had stopped, but he couldn’t properly see at in the mirror. When he tried to bend closer, he got the shock of a lifetime. He was able to bend his back in such a way, that his face was only inches removed from his ass. What the fuck, he thought!! When had he gotten this flexible….and… no one was this flexible! Maybe it was all the bending his fuck buddies had put him through the last couple of days. But even so, this was pretty weird, Sam thought.

Saw walked back to his bed, and laid down on it. He looked at his body, his long, well-formed legs, his dick laying on top of his flat belly, his smooth chest. He smiled thinking about how into himself he had become the last couple of months. He was really ready to go to the big city, and start enjoying his adult life… with as many boys as he could get. Thinking about sex with an endless number of boys quickly hardened his cock, which within seconds stood up proudly from his groin. He smiled again, as a thought crossed his mind. He bend over as far as he could, and quickly discovered that he could take the tip of his own cock in his mouth! Fuck, that was hot. He tried to push himself down further, but was not able to get beyond the head of his penis. Still, Sam thought while licking his cock, this was fucking good! He was of course the one person best to know what he wanted and craved. He continued to lick his penis, and used his hand to pull his foreskin back as much as he could. Wow, and now only to have a thick, long cock lodged up to the hilt up his ass, Sam thought, and he would be completely in heaven.

He fell back on his back as his position became uncomfortable, his cock plopping out of his mouth and back on his stomach. He started to jerk of himself of. He caressed his flat stomach with his other hand, feeling the tight muscles underneath his tanned, hairless skin. He loved how his cock was sticking up from his hairless groin, perfectly straight and smooth. He had always loved his cock, its length and girth; its skin slightly darker than the rest of his body. He had to admit he was a little bit jealous of Peter’s improved cock; that one was simply amazing! The same perfect shape his own dick had, but just a little bit longer and a little bit thicker. And with a lot more stamina, Sam thought, as he felt himself coming close to cumming. Just picturing Peter’s hot cock grinding into his hole, his balls slapping against his ass, working his tight hot body into a sweat while hammering into his little brother, made Sam horny as hell. My god, he thought, am ? actually falling in love with my brother….? And with his perfectly straight brother, he added as an afterthought. His eyes became a bit wider, when the implications of his thoughts sunk in. Would he want to be with his brother, like seriously be in a sexual relationship with his brother, if his brother would be gay, and would be in to Sam? He felt his stomach constrict a bit when considering this, and felt a certain heaviness coming over him, his conscious mind fighting for a bit of sanity; it was his brother he was thinking about! What would people say? But then his feelings came out; simply erupting out of his subconsciousness. Yes! He would! He loved his brother. And fuck his parents, and everyone else.

And he did not just love him for giving his kid brother the best sex imaginable. He also loved how his brother always took care of him, always stood up for him, always taking Sam’s interest into account when making his own decisions. He loved how his brother was never quick to judge, always listening to Sam’s explanation before anyone elses. And how he was just, not picking crap from anyone, and demanding people to be fair, also his own little brother and himself. Peter had great mental strength, never budging, never leaving things as they were, just because it was easier that way. And although Peter probably did not think of himself that way, he was pretty smart, and pretty funny when he wanted to be and not trying to be serious about being a tough, straight guy. That was his pitfall, Peter loved to be stronger, bigger and tougher than his friends, and landing the best girlfriends in the process.

And Peter definitely seemed to have gotten his wish. Sam loved how his brother had grown into a young stud. How he had gained muscle and strength, and how his body had become more toned. How he was now substantially, and impossibly, bigger than Sam; both in height, in width and especially in weight. Although his brother did look bigger overall, Sam had still been surprised how heavy his brother had been, when he was pushed into the mattress the day before. Peter was substantially heavier than you would give him credit for.

Most of all, however, Sam liked how his brother’s cock had grown. Sam didn’t care that it was not humanly possible that a cock became that much bigger at his age; Sam believed it must be at least 2 inches longer. It was just impossible to grow that much cock. But he couldn’t make himself care about it, he just loved its size and girth, and Peter’s incredible stamina. It was by far the best cock Sam could imagine. Sam had always known he was a cock slut, and more bottom than a top, but with his brother, cock was the only thing he could think about; licking it, sucking it, having it up his hole.

And then it hit him. Although he loved how his brother had developed, he realised that he hoped, he even needed Peter to grow further, that it was actually the growth itself, Peter’s increasing size and strength that he loved.

At that point his fantasy went berserk, his normal visions of muscular men quickly turning into a out-of-his-body experience with images going far beyond what Sam thought he wanted. It actually felt like he was hallucinating. Central in his hallucination he saw Peter, nearly 9 ft tall and hugely, almost grotesquely muscular. Peter face was still the same, maybe two or three years older, but his body was the body of a god. Incredible muscular, but not as big and brawny as a human bodybuilder. Bodyfat seemed to be completely absent from his body, and his skin was completely smooth, not showing any veins. Everything you could see under his skin was pure muscle, each separate muscle more outlined than on Sam would have considered possible. Peter’s giant muscles were almost sticking out in a way, so deeply cut in between them as Sam had only seen on the leanest muscle-teens on Youtube, but at the same time with muscles that were larger than two or even three bodybuilders combined.

Peter was lying on a twin bed, but as he was so inhumanly tall, his big feet were resting on the carpet at the foot of the bed while his head was up against the headboard. His shoulders were also sticking out several inches from the bed on both sides. His thick, hugely muscular legs were spread out wide to allow his orange sized balls their space. In the golden lamp light the hairs on Peter’s legs had an almost luminous shine to them. The light also outlined Peter’s giant thigh muscles, each individual muscle clearly visible and bigger than Sam believed possible. And on his lap was Sam, going up and down on a humongous penis, a true monster cock.

Sam’s vision started with his dream-self sitting down, Peter’s cock lodged all the way up his hole. Sam’s feet were positioned just above Peter’s surprisingly narrow hips, while his hands were resting on Peter’s gargantuan quads. Sam’s hips seemed almost dislodged by the huge cock up his ass. The base of the cock, clearly visible through Sam’s widely spread buttocks, was at least 5 inches thick, maybe even 6, and seemed impossibly wide compared to Sam’s lithe form. It was almost half as wide as Sam’s whole ass. The impossibility of Peter’s fuck pole actually fitting comfortably in Sam’s hole became even more clear when dream-Sam pushed himself slowly to his feet, sliding up straight along Peter’s steel-hard cock. Dream-sam did not even have to hold on to anything, as Peter’s massive fuck stick was so hard, sticking up from Peter’s groin like a granite pole, completely unmoving, that it gave him sufficient support to stand up against.

When about 15 inches of giant cock had were out, Peter grabbed his dick with one of his huge paws, his arm swelling up with muscle. As more and more of his cock came out, Sam’s body became notably thinner as almost 2.5 cubic feet of cock was released from his hole. Finally, the insanely thick head started coming out, definitely 6, maybe even 7 inches thick. And then finally as Sam stood up almost completely, the head was released with a loud, resounding, plopping sound, showing the full extent of Peter’s 30 inch fuck pole. Then, while holding his cock with one paw, Peter used his other to pull Sam back down on his penis, pushing the entire monster in in less than 5 seconds. Dream-Sam only made a satisfied gurgle as his body was ravaged by the huge cock, his stomach and torso clearly showing when it passed by. Considering the length of Peter’s cock, it must be in far beyond Sam’s stomach, maybe up to half way his chest.

Grabbing Dream-Sam’s hips more firmly, Peter started pushing him up and down on his gigantic pole. His cannon ball sized biceps and shoulders and giant pecs flexed with each push and pull. While the giant prick was shoved up and down his chute, dream-Sam was having mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm, he could hardly see straight. In the meantime, Sam noticed how Peter’s balls were slowly swelling up, pulsing with orange light while increasing in size, as they were producing more and more jizz. Soon, Peter needed to spread his legs even further as they first reached grapefruit size, and then continued to grow to the size of coconuts. Dream-sam also felt himself being pushed up by the giant nuts, their flexible, spongy form feeling like tight pillows below Sam’s ass.

Peter started shaking and shuddering as he was approaching his orgasm. Then with one final thrust and a booming roar, Peter came; simply exploding in dream-Sam. Sam could actually see how Peter’s coconut-sized balls were working to churn out huge quantities of jizz with each contraction they made. Quickly, dream-Sam was filled up with Peter’s jizz, his stomach protruding out more and more by the second as almost a gallon of cum was pumped into his ass. Dream-Sam could feel how Peter’s cum was quickly filling up his intestines, straining him more and more by the second. However, it seemed his body was specifically made to contain Peter’s cum, as he felt how a couple of seconds later his intestines simply made room to expand further. Eventually, he pulled himself of Peter’s cock, which was still exploding cum. Cum was hitting the ceiling, the walls, every cumshot containing more cum than 5 normal guys combined. His brother was a god!

When Sam looked at his brother again, he saw something remarkable. His brother was slowly but surely becoming smaller, just a very small bit, he was still a surreal muscle monster, but his body seemed a bit less gargantuan then it did a couple of minutes ago. At the same time, he saw his own stomach glowing up with orange light, and slowly but surely contracting to its normal size. He felt full of energy and power. He saw his brother looking up at him with dreamy eyes. “I love you, little brother,’Peter said, with a voice that was still somewhat recognisable as his own, but a couple of octaves lower. “You know I hate it when it is just about fucking, but I cannot go out of the house looking like this, now matter how much you love me being big.” You are fucking hot”, Sam heard Dream Sam say,” You know I do not care how big you get, there is nothing my ass can’t handle”. “That I know, little brother”, his brother said with a smile, “in the meantime, I have to go back to school in two day, so there is no time to lose”.

He got up, his giant muscles flexing all over his body. He picked up his brother, put his legs over his huge shoulders and pushed his cock back in. Dream-Sam’s eyes rolled back as Peter’s plunged his cock in up to the hilt, pushing aside Dream-Sam’s hips and pelvis bones. Picking up a rhythm, Peter started fucking and as he became more aroused, Sam saw how Peter’s balls were inflating again. Peter held up Dream-Sam with ease; he was so big that Sam thought he wouldn’t even feel his brother. Dream-Sam was basically surrounded by muscle, Peter’s huge arms at both sides of his torso, triceps and biceps bulging around him, Peter’s pecs sticking out at least 8 inches from his body, his hard nipples pointing down. From the back, only Dream-Sam’s feet were visible above Peter’s gargantuanly wide back and shoulders. Although Peter’s hips, and to a lesser extent his ass, were comparatively narrow considering his length and width, they were still wide enough to completely obscure Dream-Sam. Peter’s ass muscles formed a huge bubble butt, their round expanses sticking out and lightly sprinkled with soft blond hairs. Underneath were his legs, more hairy than the rest of his body, but no amount of hars could ever obscure the strong muscles underneath, his thighs flaring out from his knees to wider than Sam’s shoulders, and his calves still as wide as Sam’s waist. Peter constantly needed to adjust his stance to make room for his growing balls until ten minutes of fucking later he pumped his brother full with cum again. Peter again became a little bit smaller, but he still had to cook his head under the 9 feet ceiling. Peter pulled out his giant dong in one swift movement, dropping a torrent of cum on the floor. The sudden sensation was so good, that Dream-Sam let out a loud scream of pure joy….

….and Sam came back to his senses, screaming from joy. He was back in his own head again, in his own bedroom, cumming and spraying his jizz all over his tight stomach and chest. And Peter was there, back at his normal size, pounding into Sam with incredible force, his face contorted and red, his jaws clenched. After having seen dream-Peter’s godlike body, his brother was almost a disappointment. ALmost, because, god, what was his brother beautifull, his though face, his wide shoulders and strong arms and chest, his tight stomach, and the large cock and balls which were depositing Peter’s load deep in Sam’s body. As soon as that happened, orange light explodes out of the both them, connecting them in a deep, more profound way. He feels his brother, his urge to excel, to win, but also to protect and help. All of a sudden Sam sees his brother’s shadow becoming larger, growing wider, taller, until you could see it wasn’t the shadow of his brother anymore, but of a huge bodybuilder. Peter pulled back, his cock continuing to spray cum all over the room, all over Peter. And his shadow kept on growing bigger, not having any relation anymore to his brother’s form; rather the shadow of a 13 feet mountain of muscle…Maybe his dream was true to, Sam thought with a smile. How would that be, his beautiful Peter growing until he was the strongest guy ever, and with a drive to fuck little kid brother.

But then the shadow disappeared, bringing Sam back to his senses. Of course that was not going to happen, he had probably seen something else. He gasped when Peter suddenly pulled out his cock, slick with cum. His brother, eyes still closed wiped his cock on Sam’s towel, hanging next to the door, and left, leaving Sam feeling exhausted and fucked raw.

That next morning his father suddenly had the idea to leave the farm early and to take his mom out shopping in Minneapolis before they would catch their flight. What the fuck! What about Michael, what about Peter!? Sam got into a huge fight with his mom, who called him selfish and self-centred, and said Peter would be coming back to Holland in less than a year. That made Sam even more sad, but eventually, there was nothing to be done. The only goodby he could give Michael was one good bye kiss. His brother just gave him a hug, oblivious to the fact that he had been lodged 8 inches into his brother’s ass less than 5 hours before. And then, they were leaving, the farm slowly receding in the car’s mirrors.


Close friends

Peter’s stats 6ft2, 181 lbs, 9 inch dick

December 2009

Author's note: First, sorry, guys for taking such a long time to finish the next story. It’s been a bit more difficult to find the time and inspiration. I really hope you like it though.

Peter was driving to south from Margery’s place at 80 miles an hour, frantic to meet up with his friend Brian. “That fucking bitch”, Peter said, as he slammed his fist on the wheel. How could she just say it was over, only because he was hurting her when he was fucking her. He knew his cock was getting quite large, but she had loved it until about recently. She had a bit of point though, he had to admit, that things had changed quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.

First, while before his cock had grown more or less equally in length and in girth, this had changed dramatically. His cock had gotten a lot thicker during the most recent spurt, but also comparatively. Whereas at 8.5 inch, he had measured around 2.2 inch in diameter when at his hardest, the last half inch in length had seen his girth explode to almost 3 inch in his shaft, and 3.5 at its head. And his balls had exploded from just above average, to the size of small chicken eggs, straining his sack. More and more, Peter got the feeling that this was just in preperation for more to come; first growing in girth, building the foundations, before growing in length again.

Margery agreed with him that his fuck trunk looked amazing, but it was just getting hard for her to take it. Still, she liked a challenge. Why she had really dumped him today was different. At first she had loved his great stamina; he could literally slam into her for 30 minutes without cumming and without going soft. Although he could already cum after about 10 minutes, he could also keep himself on that brink for a very long time, holding off his orgasm with sheer force of mind. And even if he did allow himself to cum, his cock did not get soft unless he pulled out and stopped fucking. She had loved it; the little skank basically wanted to get fucked all day long. And he had of course been only happy to oblige, he loved fucking more every day. More recently though, the time it took him to work up to an orgasm was increasing every day; he just did not seem to feel so much anymore when fucking her. Added with his increased girth she just was not able to keep up anymore.

And then the bitch had just decided to throw him out of the house today, as if the only thing they shared was sex. He had called Brian immediately when exiting the house. Since last April Brian had been working in Minneapolis, and he had only seen him once since, when he had visited his best friend in October, for Minneapolis Octoberfest. They had been with a larger group of friends, but Brian was always sure to talk with his buddy. He always knew what to say, and how to comfort Peter, or get him out of one of his gloomy periods. So now they had decided to meet midway in Madena at some stupid bar and motel where they would probably get pissed drunk.

And that was exactly what they did. Peter was already sitting in the bar for about half an hour, still drinking his first beer when Brian entered the bar. He didn’t need to see Brian enter, he just needed to see the response of the female bartenders, when Brian, his best friend and Regular All American Hunk, walked in. When he did, her eyes just seemed to lit up, and she smiled while biting her lips. Yep, Brian had arrived. Peter flipped around his stool and saw his friend walk over to the bar. Brian was very tall for an American, at 6ft 3, but unlike many of his buff countrymen, Brian was not beefy at all but cut as hell, and not afraid to show it off. As such, he had decided to move to Minneapolis and become a professional physique model. He definitely had the face and the body for it. Broad shouldered, hard pecs, big arms, tiny hips flaring out to wide legs, the girls loved Brian. And Peter had always looked up at Brian, always wanted to be as big as Brian.

But when he got up to shake hands with his friend, the height difference, at least, had diminished to less than an inch. Also in muscle mass, the difference between the two friends wasn’t as huge as it used to be, although Brian still outweighed Peter by about 25 pounds. Still, that was nothing compared to the almost 60 pound difference just 7 months before. Brian looked at Peter with big eyes. “Jezus man, what is your aunt feeding you, you keep on growing… who the fuck grows at 21”. He smiled to his friend and squeezed his pec, “Well, I still have lot of growing to do it seems. How big are you now, man?”

“Haha, now at contest weight, so 200 lb”, Brian gave him his winning smile.

God, his friend was beautiful, Peter thought. “Awesome man, I would love to be as big as you”.

This immediately gave Peter the ideal opening to tell his story. So, 3 hours and 8 pints of beer later, EACH, the two friends walked to the motel area, unsteady on their legs and with bloated stomachs. The cold december air quickly revived them, and when they got to their room, they crashed on the kingsize bed and continued to talk. “You don’t really look so big down there”, Brian asked him while pushing up his own package in his pants. It was huge.

“Well,I’m a bit of a grower”, Peter said shyly.

“You know that there is now no other option than to show it to me, right?”, Brian asked with a smile. Peter was so drunk at that moment, that he didn’t think the question weird in any way. Actually, he was quite turned on by the whole prospect of showing how big he had gotten to his best friend. So he opened his zipper and pulled out his fat, soft cock.

Brian whistled, “Ok, yeah, it is a thick one, but not really a monster. I’m quite a bit bigger than that”.Peter, looked at him, shocked.

“You can’t be serious; who the fuck has more than a 9 inch cock?”

“Fuck, man, you grow to 9 inches?”, Brian asked almost reverently, “I need to see that!”

“Ehmmm, are you suggesting I get hard in front of you?”, Peter asked surprised. In the meantime, the thought of getting off together with his muscular friend already engorged his cock.

“Yeah, actually I am”, he said.

“You horny, dirty fuck”, Peter yelled throwing a pillow at Brian, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”.

“Fuck you man,” Brian said, fighting back.

The two young guys got into a wrestling match, falling of the bed. To his surprise, Brian quickly found himself wrestled to the ground within a minute. Jesus, Peter was strong. Far stronger than he was, actually. While although he had been very effective in building muscle mass, Brian was purely working on his muscles for aesthetic reasons. So, with all the farm work Peter had been doing, Brian quickly found himself nailed to the ground, his arms held above his head, and his legs pinned down by Peter’s strong legs. Then he finally saw the log that was pushed up against his groin and stomach. Peter’s cock was hugely thick, as Peter had said. And at 9 inches the thing was just humongous, one of the biggest Brian had ever seen. And beautifull, Brian had to admit. His eyes seemed to be inexplicably drawn to the beautiful monster cock. “Wow man,”Brian said softly, “It’s fucking huge”. Peter looked at him with a mix of pride and resentment, while he let go of Brian andthey sat down next to each other on the bed again. Peter’s cock was pointing straight up against his tshirt. Brian had to restrain himself not to touch it.

“Well, yeah, it might look awesome, but no girl wants me to fuck her anymore”.

“You’re joking!? I think there will be millions of girls that would be estetic to be plowed by you”. As he said that, Brian felt himself getting hard as well. “Did you try fucking her in the ass? That often works better if you are as big as us.”

“No Margery did not want that”, Peter explained, “I have never fucked ass yet”.

“Would you want to though?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, sure, I like fucking any which way. But don’t really know how to get me some on short notice, and who wouldn’t get scared shitless if they saw my cock,” Peter said wrily, while giving his cock a wank.

“Haha, maybe, but I would still kill to have a cock like yours”. Brian felt himself more and more drawn to Peter’s cock, while he was looking, completely mesmerised, how Peter’s cock slowly got soft again.

All of a sudden, Peter got up, and walked to the bathroom with his cock hanging out of his pants. “Fuck I need to pee”, Peter said, while Brian heard him gushing in the toilet for what seemed like an eternity. Brian was a bit shocked about how much he was getting turned on by this whole situation and tried to readjust his cock, which at 8.5 rock-hard inches, was also not so easy.

When Peter came back in and plopped back on the bed next to Brian, his dick was semi-hard again. “So now let me see yours”, Peter said. Brian was part shocked, part excited, and quickly decided he was definitely going along with this adventure. So without responding, he unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his jeans, showing his toned legs and his big cock, which was straining against his jocks.

“Fuck, you are big too,” Peter said, almost breathless.

Brian pulled down his jocks as well, exposing his cock. “Let’s compare”, he said, while getting up. Peter also stood up and pulled his genitals out of his pants completely and put himself in front of Brian. Wow, they were really almost the same size, Brian thought.

Peter jerked himself of slowly and with seconds, his cock was also back at its full size. Brian grabbed both their cocks and pushed them against each other. The difference was huge. Although only half an inch more in length, Peter’s cock was a full inch thicker than his own. And the head of his cock was even bigger. “Fuck your cock looks awesome”, Brian said, while starting to masturbate in front of his friend. Peter also took a step back and started jerking himself of. The first couple of minutes, they kept on looking at each other, eying each other’s cocks and bodies and then quickly looking away. As the guys became more and more aroused, they didn’t look away anymore. Instead they gave each other their full attention. Peter loved how Brian’s pecs and biceps strained against his shirt while jerking of. Then, when Brian turned aroundto close the curtains, he got a close look at Brian’s ass; big, round, slightly hairy. Then Brian bend over to push something away from the curtain, and his ass cheeks opened up, exposing his hole.

In a blinding flash, Peter could see himself fucking his friend, and the urge to just jump him was almost unbearable. It became white before his eyes, and he could feel the thumping of blood coursing towards his cock. And although he had restrained it, apparently, he had inadvertently asked it, because Brian jerked upwards and turned around, his face looking astonished. “You want to fuck me?” Brian repeated in a soft, but not unfriendly tone. Peter thought that, now that the harm was done, he might as well ride it out. “Yeah man, I would really want to try out fucking someone from behind, and well… you are here, and you are my best friend. I don’t want it to get weird between us man, so just tell me, and otherwise forget about it”.

“Fuck man, this is sick”, Brian said. Peter felt his heart almost stop. Shit, was this the end of his friendship with Brian. But then Brian continued, “Fuck, I want this, I have been thinking about getting fucked by you all night, what’s fucking happening to me, man?”

Peter shrugged, “Well, same here, and I don’t mind, I don’t think that there is anything that could hurt our friendship. Maybe this can even deepen it”.

“Haha, I doubt that, my friend”, Brian responded, “you only want to get off on me. And that makes me scared. Have you seen how big you are down there, dude?”

“I’m sure you can handle it, you are a big boy”, Peter responded.

“Fuck, let’s do this”, Brian agreed. He walked to the bed, and fell down on it,face down, his hard fitness model ass right at the bottom of the bed, sticking up, and his knees still resting on the floor. “Try to find something to lube me, otherwise I think I’ll die”, Brian said, while pulling his pants further down so they rested on the inside of his knees.

Peter walked to his bag, and looked whether there was lube any left. He found some in the big bottle of lube he had bought to be able to work his way into Margery, and walked back to his friend. He put a little bit of lube on his finger, sat down on his knees behind Brian, and very tenderly touched his friends hole.

“Fuck, that is cold”, Brian let out.

“It will get warmer, I promise”, Peter said, while sinking in his finger all the way in Peter’s ass. He had incredible difficulty with taking it slow. He would have much rather shoved his entire hand in, so as to be able to get his cock in that much quicker. Even so, he knew he would seriously hurt his friend (and his chances of fucking him) if he would proceed like that. So Peter was taking it slowly, first pushing in and out this one finger, before massaging his finger along Brian’s sphincter. It felt good; wet and warm and tight around Peter’s finger.

Brian was obviously enjoying himself; while screaming “God, that hurts”, he was grinding his ass into Peter’s finger. That was a good enough signal for Peter to push in a second finger. Brian let out a loud moan. “Oh fuck man, that feels really intense”.

“I can stop if you want”, Peter asked, hoping for a negative answer. “Fuck no man, this is awesome. Just wish I had something on my cock right now. Would be awesome, fucking someone like this.”

“Hmm, sorry to say there is not a third person here, but maybe a third finger”, Peter joked while pushing in a third and then a fourth finger. He churned that around for a while and then when he had opened up Brian sufficiently, pulled out and positioned his rock hard cock so his cockhead was lodged against Brian’s lubed hole. “Are you ready?” Peter asked, while already pushing the first two inches of his cock in. Brian gasped for air but did not say anything, so Peter continued to push more of his cock into Brian’s waiting hole. Peter was shaking from the sensation. Fuck, it felt so good. He kept on pushing until a couple of seconds later his entire fuck stick was lodged deep in Brian’s ass.

“So, how do you like this”, Peter asked.

“Fuck man, I can hardly think”, Brian answered breathlessly. “God, I’m, going to fuck you so incredibly hard, you wouldn’t believe”.

And with that, Peter started to hammer into his friend, pulling out his cock and pushing it back into Brian’s hot, tight chute with incredible speed. “Fuck this feels good”, Peter moaned. Brian only responded by letting out soft grunts. Peter continued to fuck his friends ass for several minutes, while Brian’s grunts and moans become louder and louder. He then pushed Brian of his cock, turned him around, and pushed him on top of the bed. “Jezus, Peter, how the fuck did you get so ridiculously strong”.

“No idea, I just seem to keep on getting bigger. The farm work is really working for me. It’s fucking amazing”. While saying that, he saw that the blanket was covered with Brian’s spunk. His friend had already cum several times!

“Fuck man, you already came,” Peter complained.

“Maybe three times already,” Brian responded laughing out of breath, “Fuck, it feels so good, I would have never thought getting fucked felt like this. Should have done this sooner. Now, keep fucking me, man! I need you in me”.

Peter did not need to be told twice. He pushed Brian’s legs up against Brian’s broad chest, pushing up his friend’s shirt exposing his hairy sixpack. Brian’s hole was opened up wide by Peter’s fucking and some pre-cum was leaking out. Peter’s vision went black, and when he regained cohesion, he had climbed on top of his friend and has pushed his cock back in up to the hilt. He notices that his knees were smearing warm Brian’s cum across the lower part of the bed. Brian was jerking off while he was fucking him, and within seconds,

Brian again shot a big wad of cum which landed on his upper abdomen. “Fuck, let me take my shirt off”, he said. While doing that, he exposed his wide chest, also covered with light hair, and his strong arms and shoulders.

Peter was touching Brian almost reverently while he slowly continued to fuck his friend. “Wow, man, you have an awesome bod. Your muscles are a so much bigger than mine”.

“Let’s compare that later”, Brian responded not really believing that Peter, being as strong as he was, wasn’t big under his clothes as well, “now fuck me”.

“OK boss”, Peter said, slamming his cock in again.

To get a better grip, he grabbed Brian’s leg and put his other hand on Brian’s hard stomach, smack in the middle of the puddle of cum that was collecting at the top of Brian’s big cock. He should have been disgusted he thought absently, but he was more aroused than he had ever been with Margery. This just felt more right. He was marveling at Brian’s thick muscles, his pecs standing out from his chest, his wide, beefy shoulders, his big, cut biceps, his hard abs. And he never really realised how beautiful Brian’s face was; chiseled jaws, light beard, bright blue eyes, dark almost black hair. No wonder the guy was such a popular model. Peter stared into Brian’s eyes, while continuing to fuck him, all of sudden surprised. He actually looked a little bit like a older version of his brother. Maybe Sam was even prettier, a bit more delicate and boyish looking, and less chiseled.

Peter then looked down, where his rock hard cock was pistoning into his friend’s bubble butt ass, while his hips were slamming into Brian’s hairy, muscular legs. Peter was surprised that he was so much stronger than his friend, while his friend’s muscles were bigger. Maybe he should actually be going to the gym to get a bit bigger.

“Maybe, I should be going to the gym with you some time”, Peter remarked while grabbing his friend’s pecs. “My cock and your muscles and looks, can you imagine what girl’s would do for that”.

“Fuck yeah men”, Brian responded. “I have to go to New York for a month for work from tomorrow, but maybe you could join me back to Minneapolis for a week, and we could go to my gym there, take some days of to blow off some steam?”

“That sounds awesome man!” Peter responded.

“And maybe you could even give my ass another good fucking”, Brian said with a wink, “This feels fucking awesome.”

Peter then returned his full attention to fucking his friend. His cock was so wide that Peter was amazed that Brian was taking it so easily. He was really getting into seeing his thick long cock slide in and out of Brian’s chute, slick from Brian’s ass and his own pre-cum. It looked really big, and Peter tried to pull it out almost the entire 9 inches, marveling at its size, before he pushed the monster back in. After a couple of minutes, Peter could feel his orgasm building. He felt his balls pulling and churning, and it felt like they were expanding, filling with cum. He reveled in the feeling, while slowing down his pace to make sure he could hold on some more. Peter felt he almost couldn’t take it any more “I’m almost there”, Peter moaned, looking in to Brian’s eyes. “I’ve been there for the last 10 minutes”, Brian said, pointing at his cum-covered stomach and chest and his thick cock, which was still slowly leaking cum, without Brian touching it.

Peter felt himself getting ever closer to cumming, and his vision was getting black. This time, though, he was able to keep himself together and a minute or two later, experienced an orgasm of mind-numbing proportions. He shot his seed deep into Brian’s hole and kept on shooting for what seemed like an eternity while he continue to slowly fuck his friend, grabbing him firmly to push his cock in as far as possible. When it finally subsided, the only thing he could do was crash down on Brian, trying to catch his breath. “Fuck, that was awesome”, the two friends said in unison. They laughed, and Peter moved a bit to the side, so as not to put his entire weight on Brian.

As such, his body obscured what was going on further down, where an orange light started to emanate from his cock. As his cock remained deeply lodged in Brian’s ass, neither could see the blinding orange radiance which transformed Peter’s seed and started to change Brian’s anatomy. Peter was a bit surprised when he pulled out of Brian’s ass, no cum came. He felt like he had come buckets. Maybe he had shot it too far up Brian’s ass.

He moved next to Brian, putting his head on Brian’s shoulder, making circles with his fingers in Brian’s cum, drawing cum-lines along the ridges between Brian’s abdominal muscles. God, Peter thought, he was really starting to get into guys. And he didn’t even feel that upset about it.

He was just on the point of kissing Brian, but when he looked up, Brian had fallen asleep. So he undressed his friend further, and also took off his own clothes. He pushed Brian on his side and nuzzled up to him, his cock pressing against Brian’s ass and fell asleep.

When Brian woke up, he felt a bit bruised, but also very energetic. He looked back, seeing Peter’s serene face. God, his friend looked young, he thought. He wouldn’t even give him 18 years. He pulled away from Peter so he could take a closer look at his friend. He was amazed about how cut and lythe his friend was, almost thin and wiry but with substantial muscular development so he looked more muscular than he actually was. Brian was getting hard again, fuck his friend looked hot. Actually, his friend seemed poised for further growth, his shoulders and back much wider than they should be considering his muscularity. And the guy’s strength, far more than he should have. It was ridiculous. Brian had felt like a toy in his friend’s hands, he hadn’t stood a chance. He then looked at the giant cock hanging between Peter’s strong legs. Now it looked normal, a bit similar to Brian’s own equipment. If he hadn’t seen for himself how incredible thick Peter’s equipment got, he would not have believed. Neither would he have believed that he would have been able, or would have wanted, to take the monster up his ass. He almost felt proud of himself.

Brian went into the shower to rinse of the thick layer of dried cum on his stomach and chest. He then proceeded to wash his ass, which felt less tender than he expected,considering the thick pole that had been lodged in it only a few hours ago. Not surprisingly, his sphincter felt really loose and flexible. He took some extra care to clean his ass, before getting out of the shower and back to the room, where Peter was still asleep.

Brian looked at the clock, and he saw that he almost had to leave, he still had to pack before catching his flight to New York. So he woke up Peter telling he needed to leave and started to get dressed. Peter jumped up and also started to look for his clothes, his muscles moving under his skin in a most seductive way. He saw that his friend was really uncomfortable, looking almost achingly young in his hurry to get out of this room.

That would not do, Brian thought. “Fuck men, that was really awesome last night, would not mind doing that again when I’m not out cold”.

Peter stopped moving, and looked at him. “I do not think I’m gay, but I’m not sure anymore”, Peter started. “I do not know what came over me yesterday….are you?….”

“Don’t worry my friend,” Brian responded, “although I’m bi, I do not expect anything from you. But a guy can hope. I won’t pretend that I don’t want you….bad. God man, I do not know what you and your cock did to me, but fuck, it was amazing!”.

Peter looked incredibly relieved at that time. “Well,” he started, “I wouldn’t want to say I also didn’t like last night, in fact, it was the most amazing sex I have ever had, but I think I prefer girls… if they would have me”.

While saying that, Peter pointed to his cock, which was at its full 9 inch glory again. Brian had to swallow. Fuck, he wanted to just push Peter back onto the bed, and mount his glorious fuckpole again. He knew from before that Peter was impressionable, and considering last night, needy enough to allow it. But he decided to take another approach.

“I have a proposal”, he started, “You know I’m also working as an escort, right?” Peter nodded with a slightly surprised, bemused expression on his face. “Well, there is a lady I service quite often, and she is always asking for other hung guys that I know. This woman, Mabel, is filthy rich, and into cock big time, I once fucked her together with another guy; we both fucked her cunt at the same time, and she took it like it was nothing. So I’m sure she can take yours easy, and she will pay handsomely for it to. I have an appointment with her in 5 weeks, and she pays more if I bring somebody. $500 more actually. So if we split it would be $ 600 each. What do you think? You get to fuck and you get enough money to burn for the week with me in Minneapolis”. What he didn’t add was that he was also looking forward to being naked with his friend again. He looked anxiously and Peter’s response, but eventually he nodded with a smile.

“I’ll do it,” he said.



Peter’s stats 6ft4, 204 lbs, 9½ inch dick

February 2010

So that was how Peter found himself, three months later, and after repeated cancellations by Brian, his cock buried deep into Mabel’s cunt, while Brian was fucking Mabel’s from behind. And Brian had not been joking. Even though his cock had grown another half inch in length, a fact that Brian luckily did not seem to notice, Mabel was taking it like a pro. Actually, this was already the fourth time he had fucked her this night; at this point she was mostly just blubbering into his ear in ecstasy, reduced to complete incoherence.

Although his friend Brian was fucking her, he seemed to be mostly focused on Peter as well, caressing Peter’s back and hard ass, or guiding Peter’s wet, incredibly thick cock into Mabel. Peter found that he was feeling more and more comfortable with his attention, and had actually missed it during his other sexual escapades the last couple of weeks. He had fucked more than ten girls, and it had been awesome. He had found the others through the first one, who had told her girlfriends about the new horse hung guy in town. Basically he had been able to fuck every day, sometimes twice. Still, his cock would never become tired. Once, four girls had come together and he had fucked all of them repeatedly during a long winter night.

He looked at Brian again, who was at the other side of the Mabel sandwich, with Mabel suspended more than a foot above the ground, held up by the pressure of their bodies, and the two thick cocks on which she was impaled. Brian was looking at him intently. Did the guy look even prettier than 3 months ago, Peter wondered? His features a little bit stronger, his eyes of a deeper colour? Fuck, he was beautiful.

To distract himself, he quickly looked at Mabel, her hair matted on her face from all the sweat. Not the prettiest woman, in her late 30s, but reasonably good looking. She had been happily surprised to see beautiful Brian and his big friend standing in front of her door that evening, although she had been a bit reluctant to let Peter in. She thought he looked something like 17. What the fuck was that?!

At that moment, Brian had unbuttoned Peter’s pants, and dropped them, revealing his strong legs and the thick lump of meat in his briefs. Her eyes had already gone wide, but then Brian put his hand on Peter’s crotch and started kneading it. Within seconds, his cock responded, quickly engorging to its full length and especially girth, straining his briefs to the maximum. Then, Brian had pulled away his hand, showing Peter’s package to the woman in its full glory, like he was a horse up for sale. Still, Peter had not minded to much when looking at her response. He also looked down, still amazed about how his big cock looked like, tenting his briefs to almost obscene levels. He was sure there were other guys with a 9½ inch cocks, but as thick as his he had never seen.

Still, Mabel was not to be persuaded, he had actually had to show his ID to prove he was old enough. But once she had made up her mind, she had acted fast. Less than a minute later he had had a condom around his cock and she had already mounted him, she sitting on the living room table, him standing in between her legs. It had taken her some moments to guide his entire monster cock into her, but then she had started to pull him inwards, pushing him to fuck her hard. Wow, with these other girls, it had taken a long time, Peter thought. This was awesome! He started to pummel into her with all his strength, rocking the table, slowly moving it across the room until it hit the wall.

That first couple of minutes, Peter thought she had already had her first orgasm. Now, hours later, he had lost count. And he was surprised Brian was also still going strong. That guy also had a mighty cock, he thought, especially considering that Brian had already cum 4 or 5 times, while it had taken Peter almost an hour to cum for the first time. That was actually getting worrisome, the feeling of fucking and being on the brink for tens of minutes was awesome, but few women would be able to take his behemoth for such a long time. Mabel though, had not seemed to mind, and Brian was also totally in to the whole scenario. And then he had finally cum, it almost hurt his balls and cock, that’s how extreme his orgasm was. He just kept cumming, shooting his jizz into the condom. While Mabel and Brian were kissing and caressing him. Then, he very very carefully took out his cock, while holding the condom. Brian and Mabel gasped when the final part came out, with the condom filled like a balloon with what looked like 4 of oz of jizz. Both Mabel and Brian had looked at him like he was a bit of a freak. A hot freak though. And their look became even more bemused when he came again, about an hour and a half later, and he filled another condom to bursting.

Returning to the present, he looked at Mabel again. He was pretty sure she was about to have another orgasm. And indeed, a minute of two later, her moaning became louder, and she started to buck in between the two studs. Both Peter and Brian stepped up their effort, pummeling into her even harder. She started screaming and then stopped, her eyes rolling back, goosebumps forming on her body. Both guys plunged their cocks in fully, and then stopped, waiting for her to recuperate.

“Fuck, you guys are fucking awesome”, she panted. “I would like to try something before I send you boys home. How about double-fucking me?”

“Fuck, no way that is going to fit, lady,” Brian laughed, “But will be fucking hot to try”. When Peter also nodded enthusiastically they proceeded. As he was the heaviest, he laid down on the bed, his legs spread wide to give room to Brian, and pushed his fat cock upright. “Fuck, what a thick fuck column you have, boy”, Mabel purred appreciately. She jumped on the bed, quickly shoving Peter’s entire prick in.

Lastly Brian approached, quivering in anticipation. He put his cock on top of Peter’s much thicker cock, his cockhead pressed against Mabel’s cunt. There didn’t seem to be any room left, her cunt was already stretched out to the limit. But still, he started pressing harder and harder. He heard Mabel grunting and whimpering but he was too into it to care. And then finally his cock slid in. With the pressure he had put on it, the full 8 inches slid in at once, and he heard Mabel scream in surprise, pain and pleasure, and Peter grunting in ecstasy, letting out a small “Oh fuck, oh fuck this feels good, your cock feels so good against mine, I can’t hold it”. First Brian thought Peter was going to cum, but then he felt Peter’s legs wrapped around his ass, pushing him in further, while he used his strong arms to shove Mabel up and down on their pricks. Brian didn’t have to do anything, only to brace himself against the force Peter was applying. Within around 30 seconds, Brian already came, as did Mabel, and this time it only took Peter a little bit longer before he also came. When he did, he let out an animal roar, and Brian could feel the cum shots course through Peter’s cock, as it was pressed so closely to his. It was one of the hottest things he had ever felt.

After Brian and Mabel caught their breath, Peter and Brian slowly pulled out of Mabel, to make sure their condoms wouldn’t come off. When their cocks finally popped free, Brian was astounded. Again, Peter’s condom was filled to the bursting with warm cum. The fourth condom already that night! When Mabel indicated to the guys that they should be going home now, he put a knot in both condoms and walked to the bathroom to throw them away, while Peter was helping Mabel with putting the furniture in order again. When he was about to throw the condoms in the waste bucket, he all of a sudden felt a great need to get Peter’s cum up his ass. Without thinking, he opened Peter’s cumfilled condom, layed down on the small carpet next to the bath and put his legs on top of the batch tub. He then inserted the opening of the condom into his ass and squeezed the liquids inside. A feeling of pure bliss hit his body; it was not the same a being fucked by Peter, but it did feel like Peter and him were growing closer together. He wanted to enjoy the moment a bit longer, but then heard Peter calling out for him, so Brian quickly left the bathroom, finding Peter fully dressed and looking at him curiously. So Brian also quickly put on his clothes and so couldn’t see that an orange glow was emanating from his ass, while Peter’s cum was working on his body. He just felt incredibly good and very connected to his best friend.

While exiting the apartment, Mabel gave them $600 each, and then decided to give Peter an extra$ 200. “You can come back at any time”, she said. Peter was astounded about the amount of money. This was more than he normally was able to save from a month working at the farm! And with fucking! His favourite hobby. So they agreed on a new date to meet, in 6 weeks time, as both Brian and Mabel neded to work abroad, while Peter was needed at the farm to prepare the land for sowing.

Brian and Peter drove back to Brian’s downtown apartment, where Brian immediately crashed, completely exhausted from the 6 hour fuck session.


Fun in the gym

Late evening the next day, Peter followed Brian’s frog-green Tesla to Brian’s gym. It had taken Brian ages to get started that day. He had been completely exhausted from last night’s crazy-ass all-night fuck session. Peter felt his fat dick stir just thinking about it. It had been the best night of his life, but had also freaked him out big time. In the end, he had cum so much that it was not human anymore. There was just no way that those quantities of cum could have ever been produced by his balls, even though they had tripled in size over the last year. A part of him didn’t care. He loved his growing horse cock, his bull-balls and his incredible stamina. Although it made fucking women more difficult, the weight and feel of having an ever bigger cock swinging between his legs was definitely worth it. He had actually been dreaming about having a salami-sized cock, and the idea didn’t put him off at all, even after waking up from that wet dream. He was taking the proverb “third leg” ever more seriously! It made him feel like a stud, and he wouldn’t mind it growing a lot larger still. He had considered how having a foot-long cock would have freaked him out before, but now he would loved it. He didn’t know what changed, and he didn’t really care. He was sure there were more women like Mabel out there, ready to take him no matter how large he got. Especially if the rest of his body continued to grow as well. He loved how he had grown from a regular Joe into an increasingly muscular stud. Also in that department he wanted to get huge!

His cock got even harder when he thought about how much stronger he now was then Brian. OK, so the guy still had a bigger, more muscular body and outpaced him in definition. Peter’s pecs, shoulders and biceps were just starting to show when he wore a shirt, while Brian’s were even visible when he was wearing a thick sweater. So fucking hot! And he didn’t hold a candle to Brian in terms of ass and legs. Fuck, the guys lower body was delicious. However, Peter’s body was developing so rapidly that he might surpass him in a couple of months, both in size and in definition. He subconsciously touched his growing pecs and let his hand run down his flat and hard stomach. Fuck, how he would love to have more definition there—to get some serious abs. He looked down at his legs. Thicker than they had been, but still lacking real size and definition like Brian’s.

Peter was very curious to see what actually training his muscles would do for his form, if doing nothing already made him grow so fast. He was planning to stay in the gym for hours to see. He would love to look like Brian,…well who was he kidding. Maybe he had wanted to be a muscular jock some months ago, but now he wanted to be much, MUCH bigger than Brian. He wanted people to look around when he passed them, he wanted to hear gasps when he entered a building. Now, he thought well looking at Brian’s car as he turned into the parking lot of the gym, he just wanted to explore more of Brian’s body, in particular his ass. Fucking Brian had been amazing, and he was ready for more. He had been craving it ever since that first time in that dodgy motel. He had loved fucking Mabel, but is was incomparable to the feeling of Brian’s tight chute around his pole. He considered whether that made him gay, bi, or just horney. He quickly waved those thoughts away; what did it reallymatter in the end, as long as he got to have such mind-blowing sex. And basically, that had been all he could think about for the last weeks. He was becoming an animal!

Before he got out of the car he needed to readjust his cock, which was tenting his training shorts. As they walked passed the front door, he saw Brian’s eyes locked on his crotch. He quickly looked down and saw that he had not succeeded in the slightest to hide his erection. Fuck, his bulge was huge! And no wonder with almost 10 inch of massively thick cock. He really needed to start thinking about how to hide his cock better, especially if he grew more. He saw Brian smiling mischievously. Probably he had given Peter his tightest gym shorts on purpose! Luckily, it was already ten in the evening, so as they entered, the gym was deserted apart from the guy behind the counter. It seemed he was about to close up, but as his eyes set on the two studs it was obvious he had changed his mind. Peter’s eyes widened as he took in the attendant. They guy was beautiful! Around his own age, a bit of a frat-boy/surfer mix, with long and messy blond hair, a tank top covering his tanned and incredibly lithe and toned upper body. He was substantially shorter than Brian or himself at around 5ft10. Peter immediately envisioned fucking Brian and the guy until morning. He was absolutely sure he could do it.

Peter’s cock immediately inflated to its maximum extent, tenting his crotch to obscene levels. As such, it was no surprise that his bulge drew the attendant’s attention. He saw the young guy licking his lips. Wow, also gay, Peter thought! Maybe he would get his wish. Brian didn’t seem to notice, as he was focused on filling in some forms to allow Peter to use his membership. The attendant looked him in the eye, a coy smile on his face. “As a partner, you will be able to make use of this gym, or any affiliated fitness centre in the state for six weeks”. Peter smiled. Awesome!

Brian was already moving to the changing rooms, so he could only mumble a quick thank you to the hunky attendant before he turned away to follow his friend. However, before he could do so, the guy grabbed his shoulder. “Peter, nice to meet you, my name is Alec”, he said, while grabbing Peter’s hand and devouring him with his eyes, “You and your friend are two fucking hot guys. I would love to help you grow bigger…. although one department you do not require help I think”. The guy looked straight at Peter’s crotch when saying that. Wow, this guy was not the shy type, Peter thought while he felt his face growing hot. He was probably red as a beat. “Thanks man”, was all he could get out of his mouth, before practically running after Brian. Fuck! What was wrong with him, Peter thought. Alec was basically offering himself to him.

When he entered the changing room, Brian was unfortunately already in his sports gear. Peter had missed the show! He thought about telling Brian about the eager fitness guy, but before he had a chance Brian had some bad news. “Sorry Peter”, he started. I will have to leave in about an hour. I have a plane to catch to NYC tonight for a sudden assignment tomorrow. So let me just show you the ropes, and then I will have to leave.” Peter was really disappointed. He felt betrayed. Brian apparently saw it written all over his face. “Fuck man, I’m so sorry. It was just such good money, and you were going to drive back home tonight anyway. But why don’t you come back in six weeks? Then I’ll make sure to be in Minneapolis for a week or two.

Peter tried to hide his disappointment by turning around and pulling up his sweater. “It’s okay”, he said. We will we see each other then”. He suddenly felt Brian’s hand on his shoulder. “I’m really sorry, man! I will make it up to you, I promise.” Within his seconds the hand on his shoulder turns from being comforting to something entirely different. “Fuck man, your body is getting so hot”, Brian murmurs with a thick voice. He caps both of Peter’s shoulders with his hands and starts exploring Peter’s body. “You’re getting some serious shoulders”, he said while tenderly caressing the hard muscles. He went down to Peter’s developing pecs and then down to his nascent abs. “Fuck, I can’t wait for you to get bigger than me. I’m sure you will”. His hand then tried to cup Peter’s cock, which was rock-hard and failed miserably. He got his other hand in the game, but still couldn’t cover Peter’s huge 9.5 inch cock and chicken-egg sized balls. His shorts were completely inadequate of covering up his cock, which was sticking out at the top. “Well, there is definitely one area where you are already way bigger than me. Fuck, I would love to have your gear”.

Peter let out a soft moan and put his hands on the walls as Brian pulled down his shorts. Brian grabbed his cock and slowly started to jerk Peter off. It felt amazing to Peter, one of Brian’s hand on his cock, the other grabbing his balls, Brian’s hard pecs pressed against his back. Brian pulled down his own shorts and started grinding his rock-hard cock along Peter’s ass crack. He became more and more aroused as Brian increased his tempo. It was also obvious that Brian was getting more aroused. He felt how his crack was becoming slick from all the pre-cum oozing out of Brian’s mighty cock. He loved it! Within a couple of minutes he was about to cum. This was amazing, he hadn’t been ready to pop this fast in months! “Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he yelled, just before an awe-inspiring orgasm ripped through his body. Cum gushed out of his cock and splattered on the walls, hitting the wall with solid thunks. Luckily the walls were covered with tiles as the whole area around them was quickly covered with thick, white spunk.

“Fuck you are turning into a god”, Brian moaned. Peter turned around and without thinking kissed Brian. He first felt Brian pull back, but he held him in his arms. Within his seconds Brian was returning the kiss. It was hottest kiss of Peter’s life. When they broke up, he was completely breathless. Brian was not, however. He pushed Peter down on the benches and turned around and started sitting down on Peter’s lap, pointing Peter’s cock towards his ass hole, his broad back completely blocking Peter’s view.

Brian and Peter let out a collective moan as Peter’s cock hit Brian’s pink hole. Brian continued pushing and after a second or two of resistance, Peter’s thick pole broke through. Brian dropped down on Peter until all 9.5 raging thick inches were in. The ease of penetrating his friend baffled him, it was like his friend was made to receive his dick. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, who would have thought that a cock up my ass could feel so good”. “Same here buddy”, Peter moaned, “I never thought that you would be the best fuck I ever had”. Brian kept on rambling as he slowly started to move up and down, up to the point where Peter’s cock almost popped out, and then down until the whole fuck-club was buried deep in his beautiful ass. The sight almost took Peter to the brink but he fought the urge to cum. He wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible “You’re actually the only guy that ever fucked me. I don’t think I’m gay, I just love you. You’re my best friend. And one hot fuck! I would kill to have a cock like yours. You’re like what, half an inch bigger than last december.”

So Brian had noticed he had gotten bigger!, Peter mused. He hardly dared ask what his friend thought about it, but there was no need. Brian wasn’t the shy sort. “It’s fucking unnatural, and I’m fucking jealous that you get to be bigger without doing shit, but I’m glad I’m there for the ride. Or a ride actually”, he added laughing while grinding his ass into Peter’s groin. “Now fuck me, stud!” he yelled at Peter so loudly that he was sure the blond attendant would hear. “Your wish is my command”, Peter responded while standing up, pushing Brian up in the process without any real effort. “Fuck you’re strong”, Brian moaned. He moved his hands behind him, so he could touch Peter’s hard ass.

Peter was now standing up completely, his cock still logged deeply in his friend’s hole. He brought his mouth to Brian’s ear and whispered, “For the next hour, I will fuck you so hard that you will still feel me when we see each other again. I will be your human piledriver”. To prove his point, he grabbed Brian’s hips and then started pummeling into him with all his strength, which was to say something. He quickly lost track of time completely.

For about half an hour, Peter continued unabated, struggling to hold of his orgasm and keep himself just at the brink. After a while he started seeing stars. It felt so good. He had slowly pushed Brian forward so that his back was almost horizontal and Peter had maximum access to his friend’s luscious ass. When he finally snapped out of his reverie at a particularly difficult to suppress jump into a full orgasm he started noticing Brian again. The guy was blubbering away making unintelligible gurgles, groans and murmuring sounds. The floor in about a three meter radius in front of him was splattered with cum. Brian must have cum dozens of times, without even touching himself! The skin of his ass cheeks was an angry red, probably from Peter’s mid-section smacking into him for the last hour.

Peter pulled out his cock. Immediately, precum cascaded out of Brian’s gaping hole and splattered on the ground. Before Brian could snap out of his trance, Peter had pushed his friend on his knees and hands, and entered him again, doggy style. Within seconds he had again picked up his rhythm, this time even more punishing than before. He roughly kneaded Brian’s ass, chest and shoulders, relishing in his friend’s amazing body. He grabbed Brian’s hips to get a better leverage and then further upped his game, using his strong arms to pull Brian towards him, while drilling into him with all the force his powerful muscles could muster. And that was saying something. Brian started screaming. Fuck he was loud. No way the guy at the counter was not hearing this… He was so incredibly worked up though, he just didn’t care anymore. The only things in his mind were the feeling of Brian’s abused hole on his cock and the pleasure he was giving to his friend. He wished he was even bigger and stronger, so he could give him even more pleasure. He was sure that Brian would not only be willing to take him, but also capable.

He felt himself going into a sort of trance. Never had sex felt this good. The first time with Brian had been awesome, but what he was now experiencing was at a whole other level. His hearing dropped to zero, he had been hungry before, but that also vanished. The his vision first became blurry and then went black, his whole world reduced to his cock and Brian’s hole. Brian hadn’t had a coherent thought for the last half hour, so neither saw an orange glow starting to emanate from Peter’s cock. With a loud growl, Peter finally came; he was not able to hold it anymore. His swollen balls pumped their contents into Brian and then went into overdrive to pump even more seed into Brian’s eager hole. And instead of his orgasm fading away, it seemed to be only getting stronger as he kept on slamming his cock into Brian. He felt how he and Brian were becoming even more connected, like Brian was a part of him, or at least something he needed.

Finally though, he felt all his senses returning and found himself buried up to the hilt in Brian. Brian’s chest was heaving, he was practically panting from all the exertion. It took him a couple of minutes to recuperate. In the meantime, Peter started to slowly push his cock in and out of Brian’s chute again. He was actually getting horny again! “Fuck man”, Brian was finally able to say, “that was unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many orgasms in an hour….I don’t want to…But I think we need to stop….”. Peter pulled his cock, still rock-hard and ready for action, out of Brian and allowed his friend to stand up. To his surprise, not a drip of cum leaked out of Brian’s gaping hole. The floor, however, was covered with Brian’s own cum. “Shit man, I really have to run…I’m going to have to leave you to clean up this mess”. Peter nodded that that was ok. He was actually looking forward to working out, and maybe fucking Alec as an added bonus….

Peter sat down on the bench and enjoyed the views as Brian quickly pulled his jeans over his strong legs and ass (no underwear mind!) and pulled on a shirt. His cock was standing straight up and he almost pulled Brian’s pants down again to fuck him again. His horniness was getting out of control! As Brian took his leave, Peter went into the showers. He had just cleaned his cock when he heard footsteps behind him and a voice saying: “Now it is my turn.


Fucking overdrive

Alex walked in, smiling mischievously. He remained put about three meters from where Peter stood toweling off. He was absolutely gorgeous, his long blond hair looked disheveled, his expression filled with lust, his twinkling blue eyes focused on Peter’s fat cock. The attention of the gorgeous Alex and his raging lust for the surfer stud quickly engorged Peter’s cock. Within seconds it was standing full mast, sticking out almost 10 inches from his groin.

“Fuck, you are hot! I love your cock, man. It’s so big, amazing! I’ve never seen such a thick cock in my life…..” He took a step closer. “I first thought you were under-age. You cannot imagine how happy I was when I saw on your passport that you are 21 and we can actually have sex legally.” Peter looked at him surprised, how was it possible that people kept on thinking he was that young? Was he, next to growing, also rejuvenating, getting younger? When would that stop, he mused, when he looked like a twelve year old muscle model? He refocused on Alex. “And when I heard your hot model friend scream in ecstasy, I knew I was going to get me some of that as well.”

He walked up to Peter and put his hands on Peter’s hard, developing pecs. “You looked so lost and adorable when you were at the counter. Have you ever even been at a gym before?”

“Nope, never touched a set of weights in my life,” Peter answered. “all of this just from farm work.”

“Fuck, man, that is unbelievable, you must have amazing genetics! And once I help you build more muscles you are going to be the biggest stud in town. You have the body for it, I know it from experience. I was actually surprised how little mass you’ve got, considering the crazy width of your shoulders. But that only confirms that you are probably going to be one big, cut guy! Fucking awesome!”

Peter blushed. He didn’t really know how to take the next step. His cock was itching, the urge to stick his dick up the guy’s ass clouded his mind. Luckily he needn’t have worried as Alex continued. “So how about I’m going to help you grow, in exchange for you fucking me? How does that sound?” He added with a wink.

“Ha ha, damn, you drive a hard bargain,” Peter responded likewise, trying to sound laid-back. He was actually quite nervous, the guy was so handsome. Only after years of shyness and awkward behaviour, Peter had finally learned his way with the girls. Now he felt he had to do the same all over again, but now with guys. Who would have thought. Peter. Bi? He didn’t think he had ever lusted for a girl like he did for Brian, or now for this incredible stud. But this was not only a guy with some serious model qualities, he was extremely confident. Even though Peter hardly dared hope, the guy seemed all his to have fun with! Maybe he had been looking at the wrong demographic all along…Anyhow, as long as he got to satisfy his need to fuck.

He continued with, “So AND I have to fuck you, AND you want to force yourself on me as my personal trainer. Fuck men, that sounds unfair. But well, I’m a good guy, so let’s do it…and let’s start tonight. I’ve always fantasized about working out during a good fuck.” Peter stopped, dumbfounded. Wow, what had he said!? The guy was never going to agree to jeopardizing his job to have one night of sex…

He looked at Alex with trepidation. “Ehmmm…OK,” Alex responded a bit doubtfully… He waited for a minute before continuing “I’m sure the owner is not coming in tonight anymore…… Come.” He grabbed Peter’s hand, and Peter followed him into the gym, still nude, his rock hard cock standing straight up from his body. His fuck-stick was slowly swinging from right to left as he was walking behind Alex, mesmerised by the guy’s narrow hips and cute bubble but, which was clearly outlined in his trainers. He was not only painfully hard, but also dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. He was going to have such an awesome evening! Finally working out his body to the max, seeing what would happen, and having sex with this gorgeous stud at the same time.

Alex brought him straight to the scales so he could measure his weight. As the machine showed 205 lb, Alex looked at him surprised. ”That’s weird. You don’t look like you would weigh nearly that much, that’s 50 pounds more than me!”

“Heavy bones I guess,” Peter responded with a shrug, hoping that Alex would drop the subject. He was becoming a bit of a freak, who the fuck weighed that much!?….

“It’s hot though, I like a big, heavy guy on top of me,” Alex said with a smile as he walked across the room and quickly showed Peter how to do bench presses. He then loaded up 80 pounds on either side of the bar and helped Peter position himself. “This is about 80% of your body weight, that should be a nice weight to start with, learn how to balance and start building your core.” While he said that, he lightly touched Peter’s tight but undefined hips, midsection and stomach.

Peter almost grabbed him there and then, pulling down Alex’s pants and fucking him. With difficulty, he forced himself to turn away and sit down. He put his legs on either side of the bench. His cock standing straight up, thick and slick with pre-cum, while his sack was almost resting on the soft leather cover of the bench. His balls were getting so big! “Wow, that looks so hot,” Alex said with a thick voice. He sat down on the bench in between Peter’s knees and started caressing Peter’s athletic legs. “Fuck, we are going to build you some massive legs, amigo. I love thick legs.”

This made Peter even more horny. He felt like he was almost going to cum, his cock was so hard! To divert his mind he started pushing the weights up. He looked at Alex in surprise, they felt light! Was that normal? He had never done it before. Alex, however, was 100% fixed on his cock and balls, cupping his balls with one hand and slowly jerking of Peter’s moist dong with the other. Alex’s hands felt so good. “Your cock is humongous, I never thought I would ever get to touch such an inhumanly large cock. You look like a horse.” As Peter started his second 15 reps his fuck stick started to leak more and more pre. “Don’t cum on me yet, amigo,” Alex cautioned, “You will still need to fuck me later. I need that King Kong dong up my ass.”

“Don’t be afraid about that,” Peter responded, “I can cum as often and fuck you as long as you want.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Alex said hoarsely as he started to jerk Peter off harder and harder. He continued to pull hard on Peter’s dick until Peter finished the instructed 3 times 15 reps. When he stopped, Alex looked up. “That seemed a bit light for you, right?” Alex said, readjusting his own hard cock in his shorts. Alex reluctantly let go of Peter’s cock and cleared his throat and then got up, putting on another 20 pounds at either side. “This brings you at 100% of your body weight. That should work better for you.”

Peter started again, but it was still easy for him. Alex looked at him a bit surprised. “OK, so I will put on another 20 on both side…But that is more what advanced lifters lift.” Again, Peter finished his reps without difficulties, but now he finally felt a nice burn building up in his pecs and arms during the second and third set. He loved the feeling. But he still did not have any difficulty with lifting the weight. He was a bit afraid to tell Alex, what would he think!? But again, he shouldn’t have worried. Alex responded in a surprised, but also a very interested tone. “I’ll put on another 20 on each side, that should be more than enough. Most of the heavy lifters here can’t even take that.”

This time, Peter had to strain himself to get the bar up. Fuck, it was heavy! But he felt proud! He was lifting 280 pounds! “I wouldn’t mind trying more,” he told Alex.

“No way!” Alex exclaimed, surprised. He went to get more weights and put them on. “You are not going to be able to get this up!.” Peter smiled. He felt so strong, he was positive he could do anything. And he did. As he lifted the weights up, Alex looking at him with his huge puppy-dog eyes.

“Fuck, no one is this strong the first time they go to the gym. What the fuck are you?” Alex asked with big eyes.

“How much is it?” Peter asked, bemused. “320 fucking pounds,” Alex exclaimed. “No one your size should be able to bench that, period. There is just no fucking way.”

Peter felt his stomach become tense. It was bound to happen that someone noticed he was a freak, but he would be really upset if it happened now and Alex wouldn’t let him fuck him anymore. Brian had probably seen that something was off, but this was maybe a bit more extreme. Alex was looking at him as if he saw water burning. But then Peter looked closer. The guy was looking tense and freaked out, but also completely turned on. So, in the end he decided to take a chance.

He started telling Alex the story, much more detailed than he had told Alex. How he had grown 7 inches over the last 9 months, adding almost 60 pounds in weight. He explained how some of it he could see happening. His shoulders and chest getting wider, his ass and stomach tightening, his arms and legs becoming a little bit thicker. He explained that there was just no way he added that much weight in muscle especially since his waist had actually tightened up and he had lost most of his fat.

“Maybe you have just become more dense,” Alex proposed, “and that’s why you are stronger than a normal guy your size would be.”

“Maybe,” Peter responded, “I actually didn’t know I was this strong until you told me. I knew I was strong, and getting stronger and heavier. And much faster than I could explain away, but still….Maybe I have been putting my head up my ass for too long,” he added with a smile.

Alex looked at him, “Fuck you are so hot. I’m just imagining you getting bigger. This all happened without training or eating a particular diet?”

“Yeah, I guess it did. Don’t understand it. And for some reason it seems to going ever more quickly….”

“Fuck man, you almost sound like you don’t like getting big,” Alex said, while breathlessly running his hand over Peter’s developing pecs and abs. “I would kill to grow so easily…..And I can’t wait for you to get bigger. In my opinion, guys cannot be big enough. I’m such a size-queen, you know,…. no surprise I ended up working at a gym,” he told Peter with a wink.

Peter’s stomach started to unclench. Alex liked him getting bigger! Wanted him to get even stronger and muscular. And so did Peter himself he had discovered over the last weeks. “So what about you cock and balls,” Alex asked, “Were you always this huge?”

Peter couldn’t stop himself…he blushed. “I added about 3.5 extra inches in length, and just over an inch in width…and I think my balls are about three times as big as they were before.” He looked at Alex to gauche his response.

“That is so hot,” Alex almost screamed, “Never had a cock your size up my ass, but tonight that is definitely going to happen.”

“Why not now,” Peter asked grabbing his hard cock, only part joking.

“No, not yet. Work before pleasure,” Alex countered, “I’m going to grow you into my big, hung muscle stud. You are going to train until you drop. Now start!” he said while slapping Peter’s hand away from his cock.

Peter grabbed the bar and started to push it up. To his surprise, he could finish the first set of reps without needing to call in Alex to spot him. He had just started the second set when he felt Alex’s tongue on his wet cock. He dropped the weights in surprise and looked up just as Alex looked at him, his lips shiny with pre-cum. Wow, the guy was gorgeous. “Your cock tastes so good,” Alex said with a thick voice, as he started licking Peter’s cock clean. The speed at which pre-cum oozed out of Peter’s pole was now so high that he could hardly keep the whole thing clean. Alex looked up again, his face looking particularly happy. “So, a challenge for you,” he told Peter, “I will blow you, and you will do reps of 15 until you cum.”

At that point, Peter could have shot within seconds, so he felt perfectly okay taking on the challenge. Before getting back to lifting his weights he did want to see Alex take on his thick rod. The beautiful blond hunk sat down in between Peter’s toned legs and pushed them apart further. He then bent down again, pulled back Peter’s foreskin to the maximum extent and placed his cum-slick lips on the huge, exposed, cock-head. Peter couldn’t stop his toes from curling up as Alex went down on his cock, first taking the plum-sized head. Slowly but surely, inch by inch, the rest of his thick rod disappeared between his wet lips and down his throat without any visible effort. He started moving up and down making loud, slurping sounds. It looked so hot, his messy blond hair around his angelic face, the massively thick cock bulging his cheeks.

Every time Alex pulled back the pressure on Peter’s dick increased, the guy's mouth felt like sticking his cock up a wet, warm tube of a vacuum cleaner custom-made for his ever growing monster dick. Better yet, Peter mused, it felt almost as good as Danny’s ass. But not quite….That had been the most intense feeling he ever experienced, his cock in Danny’s narrow chute, feeling so connected to his best friend, unloading his huge balls and pumping his jizz deep in his buddy’s hot, muscular ass.

He didn’t know how Danny had taken his cock like he was born to it, and how this guy was eating it up like it was a fucking match-stick. Fuck, it felt so good, he was going to explode in seconds…but no matter how much he enjoyed being sucked by the hunk, the only thing he could think about was fucking him. What was going on with him? Suddenly Alex stopped. “Why are you not doing your exercise?”

“Fuck man, it just feels so good!” Peter explained.

“I’m not doing anything anymore until you start.”

“Fuck man, you drive a hard bargain,” Peter exclaimed, “I was going to explode in your mouth in seconds, and now you stop!.”

“Lucky that I stopped, because you need to become fucking big, my boy, and the only way to do that is to exercise. So go!.” So Peter started pushing up the weights.

Only after two full sets did Alex start sucking him off again with his glorious mouth. It felt so good, exercising his muscles while being sucked of by the hunk. And he was still amazed about the weight he was pushing. Peter slowly felt a burn building in his arms and his chest. He looked at his chest and biceps and saw veins pumped full of blood. It was definitely working! But every time he felt close to cumming, Alex held off, like he knew exactly when Peter was about to shoot. Just for a second or two, but enough to stave off the inevitable. Soon, Peter’s strong arms and chest started to strain from the effort but he was also seeing some serious pump.

After about the 10th rep the pain was becoming excruciating. “Fuck man, I can’t anymore,” Peter panted. Alex immediately released Peter’s raging cock from his mouth and looked at Peter, smiling mischievously.

“Too bad man. Well, than we just need to go to the next exercise for you to get your reward.”

He let go of Peter’s cock, which plopped onto Peter’s hard, flat stomach and he got up. He pushed Peter back down as he tried to get up as well, instead taking the biggest weight he could find and putting it in Peter’s hands. “Now you are going to exercise your abs,” Alex said, and then quickly explained how Peter could target different sections of his abdominals and obliques. He moved Peter’s ass to the end of the bench, sat in between his legs and put his arms on them to steady Peter during the exercises. “Do you think you can take more of my blowjob,” Alex asked seductively.

“I’m not sure anyone ever did it so well. Your mouth is fucking amazing. You drive me crazy!,” Peter responded, hoping Alex would resume his cock ministrations.

“Well,” Alex responded, “I’have been giving blow-jobs since I was twelve.” Peter’s mouth fell open. Fuck! At 12 he was still too shy to even consider that he could do such things with other girls, let alone guys! Or too afraid they wouldn’t let him. But this guy was not shy at all! And probably always got what he wanted. He was so beautiful.

A couple of minutes into the exercise, Alex took Peter’s big cock back into his mouth and started sucking him off again. Peter was amazed how much energy he got from being sucked off: doing his dreaded ab crunches with a super heavy weight didn’t bother him in the least. He only focused on the amazing feeling of Alex’s hot, wet mouth and tight throat around his cock. He focused on a different part of his stomach until his muscles started to burn, then returned to the same exercise as the burning sensation subsided. before he knew it, he had already done 15 reps and still Alex hadn’t allowed him to cum. Fuck, he was getting so horny. He could feel how his balls slowly started to expand, making room for the increasingly copious amounts of cum being churned out. It felt so good. The sexual energy and the workout….. His stomach burning….. His dick sucked.

Alex just wouldn’t allow him to cum. He was about to complain when Alex stopped completely. “Enough stomach… biceps,” he said, taking Peter to the arm curl machine. He put the weights way up, quickly showed Peter how to do it and how to sit, and then moved in between Peter’s legs again, slurping on his cock like a happy puppy. Peter tried to ignore his burning stomach muscles as he started doing curls. Immediate he was sure: this was going to be his favourite exercise. He could watch how his biceps, not very large yet but certainly showing good definition, flexed with each curl. Within minutes, he saw the veins on his arms engorging to deliver blood to his arms. He almost forgot Alex’s ministrations as he saw how his biceps were becoming more pumped by the minute. Fuck, that was hot.

He had also forgotten his balls, until all of a sudden Alex pulled back and exclaimed: “Holy fuck, what happened to your balls. They’re huge! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck they look so fucking hot.”

Peter smiled, at least he didn’t have to be afraid that Alex would freak out of anything about him, as long as it involved muscles, cock and balls. “Ehmm…. I’ve only noticed a couple of months ago, but when I get really worked up, and hold off long enough, my balls start to grow…. You like?.”

“Fuck yeah,” Alex exclaimed again, “Look at them!” Peter looked down between his legs. He couldn’t believe it. He’d never seen them this big. They looked like mandarins, and not even very small mandarins, straining his sack. He couldn’t even imagine how much he would cum. Hopefully Alex liked cum….

“How large do they get?,” Alex asked with a thick voice.

“Don’t know, never tried, eventually I just get too worked up and can’t stop myself from cumming.”

“Fuck that is so hot,” Alex said, “I’m so going to enjoy growing you everywhere. Growing your cock to fill me up, growing your body to become my ultimate muscle fantasy.” Peter felt like he was finally free, finally free of the burden of his growth. Here was this guy that was completely cool with him growing in such an unnatural way. He took Peter as he was because he liked it. Maybe there would be other’s like him as well, that wouldn’t think he was a freak. Or well, Peter mused, maybe a freak, but a hot one, and one to be nourished and nurtured.

“I will grow as much as you want man,” Peter said with a thick voice as Alex took his cock back in his mouth. Then he gasped as Alex started kneading his balls, first very softly, but becoming more rough by the second. He felt them going in overdrive, churning out more cum, filling up. Finally, Alex allowed Peter to really build up to an orgasm. And a mind-blowing one, Peter could already tell. And it got better as Alex brought one hand down and squeezed his thumb in between Peter’s hard butt-cheeks. He started pushing against Peter’s virgin hole. Peter almost blew his load right there and then, but he was just able to hold of by biting down hard on his lower lip. He stopped his exercise completely as Alex now circled his hole with his thumb, squeezed his balls with his other hand and sucked down hard on his raging cock. Peter gasped, it felt so good.

“Push it in,” he heard himself say. “Fuck it feels so good.” A thumb up his ass? What was he saying. But before he could retract what he just said, he felt Alex’s thumb slide in and immediately start to circle against his sphincter. He could feel his dick getting a little thicker and even harder as he was approaching his orgasm. Suddenly, Alex went down further on his massive cock, taking the monster up to the hilt, his nose right in the middle of Peter’s pubes.

That was it, with a roar Peter came, gushing out huge quantities of cum down Alex’s hungry throat. He couldn’t stop shouting: “Fuck, that’s good, Fuuuuuuck, oh, oooooh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Within seconds, he felt a connection with Alex slamming into his brain, if felt like he got hit on the head. What was that?

No matter, Peter thought a second later as his orgasm intensified. He could feel his cock swell as his orgasm reached new heights. He looked down to Alex who had his eyes closed and was busy trying to cope with the huge quantities of jizz being deposited in his stomach. Peter had never cum as much, not even remotely, and never as hard. He felt like he was shooting rockets! His vision started to become blurry and then went black as he almost lost consciousness from the intensity of his orgasm. His vision only started to return as his orgasm slowly subsided after a couple of minutes.

Again he missed the orange-yellow light as it emanated from inside Alex’s throat. The first thing he saw was Alex’s cum-covered face, as he looked with big eyes at Peter. “I love your cock, it’s so amazing,” he exclaimed as he got up, went to the bar and started washing the cum of his face. Peter followed him, his cock dangling between his legs, still dripping cum on the insides of his thighs. He caught Alex watching him as he approached, his mouth slightly open, his breathing becoming faster. He looked at him like Peter imagined a wolf would look at his prey. Not in the least bit intimidated that Peter was taller, heavier, wider, and far stronger than he was. He grabbed Alex, pressing him against his naked, hard body. He felt Alex’s boner against his left thigh. The guy had a pretty decent hard-on as well. Peter couldn’t wait to take it in his hands. But first he pulled Alex’s face against his and kissed him. It felt amazing. The guy tasted so good, his wet, warm mouth, his tongue sliding around Peter’s tongue. His dick, just having gotten limp, jumped up again, and was back at its rock-hard 9.5 inches in seconds.

And then he figured it out, that delicious taste, neither salty nor sweet, that was his own cum! That was a bit creepy, liking his own cum so much. But, so did Alex apparently as the guy had seemed glued to Peter’s cock.

His stomach rumbled suddenly. Fuck, he was so hungry. He let go of Alex and looked at the clock. 1 am! Fuck, it had been three hours since Brian left…so he had been working out for three solid hours already! Alex looked up at him with a smile. “Are you hungry, big guy”? Peter’s stomach roared again.

“Famished,” he responded.

“Let me mix you a protein shake then.” Alex mused back…

“Well, make it a double.” Alex smiled at him and got a huge mixing jug out of a cupboard, got the protein powder and got out the non-fat milk. He stopped Alex. “Ehm, I can use all the energy I can get, including fat.”

“Ok, whatever you big stud. But you will need to train it off later. I don’t want a beefy stud, i want you to become cut as a razor,” Alex said as he quickly mixed the drink.

“Later is fine,” Peter responded as he almost aggressively grabbed the whole jug out of Alex’s hands. He threw back his head, and put the jug at his lips. As he started gulping down the contents he felt Alex’s hands roaming his stomach and chest.

“Jezus man, you look really pumped.”

Alex finished the jug in seconds and then looked down. Alex was right, his stomach looked more toned than before. His pecs and biceps also looked seriously pumped up. He looked down to his legs. Still a bit of disappointment there: his legs continued to look as thin as they did before. “I really like getting bigger, starting with my legs,” Peter could hear himself say.

“Fuck man,” Alex said with a thick voice, while grabbing Peter’s massive fuck-stick, “You are at the right address, I will grow you bigger than you have ever dreamed of being. Big-ass body, big-ass muscles, it’s my job to take care of. You just grow your big-ass cock and big-ass balls and leave the rest to me. Would love to see you on stage with your big, fucking cock. Imagine, the response of the judges looking at your bulge!”

Peter smiled, turned on by the idea, but mostly thinking about fucking Alex and how hungry he was. “I need to eat more first,” he said while his stomach rumbled.

“Still?!,” Alex exclaimed. But he went straight to work, mixing up another double shake, and then another as Peter started to down the first one. “Fuck, you are a beast,” Alex said while readjusting his hard cock in his gym shorts….”I need to pee,” he continued as he walked off towards the bathrooms, giving Peter a prime view of his beautiful bubble-but stretching the fabric of his shorts.

Again, Peter needed to stop himself from not jumping on top of the guy, ripping of his shorts and burying his fat cock into Alex’s hole: no lube, no prep, just ramming his shlong into the hot chute and start slamming into him like a sledgehammer…. Instead he ripped his eyes away from him and concentrated on his food. He quickly mixed another shake, his fourth, downed it, and then started making another one. He felt insatiable. He quickly ransacked the other cupboards, finding some energy bars and dried meat, and quickly stuffed them into his mouth as well. He felt a bit better when Alex came back a couple of minutes later. But still hungry.

“OK boy, let’s hit the machines again. Time for some cable action.” Immediately, they stepped into the same routine. Alex quickly explained how he could use the cable column machine for his shoulders, traps, triceps and back, put the weights up and got on his knees between Peter’s legs as Peter got working. At the same time as he pulled the cables up for the first time, he felt Alex’s tongue on his cock.

“Your cum tastes so good,” he heard Alex say just before the blond surfer-jock dove down on his cock, taking the whole monster down his throat. Peter started to moan as he hit the weights with all his strength, set after set after set. No rest between shoulders, triceps and back, just pushing himself relentlessly until he felt the burn starting, waiting until it became almost unbearable before going to the next exercise. Only minutes later, Peter felt his balls churning, getting into an cum-production overdrive again. It felt like heaven. His muscles burning under the heavy weights, first his triceps and back, then his shoulders, then back to his triceps. Eventually his whole upper body was burning up, but pumped like crazy. And all the while, his cock was sucked by a professional. The energy coursing through his body was making him see stars.

He was ready to cum only a couple of minutes later, and he felt that it was going to be an intense one. His mind was spinning. Fuck, he was going to cum now! He tried to warn Alex, but the guy only stopped slurping and sucking on his cock for two second to say, almost out of breath: “You cum, but continue to pull on these weights until you cum again, you are not done here yet.” He quickly added 50 lb onto the machine and then immediately dived back onto Peter’s cock.

Peter tried to hold it off, but he was so worked up that he couldn’t stop himself for more than half a minute. He felt his cock expand as he was about to reach an earth shattering orgasm. His cock was now so far up Alex’s throat that the guy probably didn’t even taste his cum, he was going to shoot straight into the guy’s stomach!

His vision went black and his legs buckled as he started shooting. He roared and pulled even harder on the incredibly heavy weights, increasing the burning feeling in his muscles to new, searing-hot levels. He felt his jizz shooting through his fat prick, straight down Alex’s hungry throat. His balls churned, as they went into a cum-producing frenzy, sending feelings of ultimate bliss through his body. Alex continued to suck him for all he was worth, only becoming more forceful. Peter’s balls responded eagerly, shooting even more jizz through his fuck-pole with ever great force and bringing his mind-blowing orgasm to ever greater heights.

Second-by-second, he felt himself slipping away from reality. He was becoming increasingly disconnected from his body, like he was having an out-of-body experience. In his mind, he could swear his balls and cock started to grow. As he opened his eyes, he was disappointed to only see his normal, although huge, cock going in and out of Alex’s hungry mouth, his fat balls swinging in unison every time the beautiful surfer dude went down on him. As soon as he closed his eyes though, the feeling of growth returned, now even stronger, spreading beyond his cock and balls to the rest of his body. He allowed the feeling to overwhelm him. As he felt himself growing, he started feeling more powerful, more masculine and more sexual than he ever felt before. His felt how his cock, already filling Alex’s mouth and throat, lengthened further down into Alex’s gullet. And as the humongous shlong started to thicken he felt how pressure was mounting from Alex’s mouth and throat. God, was the guy going to burst?

He looked down, and this time he remained in his dreams. He needed to bend forward a little bit, and then saw something unbelievable. His shaft was now thicker than a beer can, and he could see the head of his cock two thirds down Alex’s throat making its way down just below his Adams’s apple. And still, almost 5 inches of cock were visible from the massive root up to the point where his cock disappeared in Alex’s mouth. How long would it be? 14 inches, 15 inches? More? It looked absolutely obscene. And his balls?! What was going on there?! The size of small mangoes and expanding by the second, exploding with his potent seed.

How was the guy taking such a massive dong? How was it humanly possible that anyone would or could take on a horse cock like his? But as he was looking down, Alex didn’t seem the least bit phased. And then it hit him. He liked having a equipment this big. As long as he could fuck, and as long as he could be sucked off, he didn’t care how big his cock got. Whether people would find him a freak or not. He would find the right people to be with—and he was sure he had found them in Alex and Brian. And he was sure he would find more to satisfy his needs. He wasn’t happy with his 9.5 inch horsecock, he wanted a 15 inch horsecock. Or bigger. The bigger the better.

As the thought hit him, he felt like a switch was being turned, like he was released, even though he hadn’t felt confined before. He almost literally felt like he broke out of a box, and then immediately starting to expand. He looked down again, and saw impossibly, how his cock started to thicken again, all the while shooting more cum into Alex’s stomach. It was all he could focus on, everything else became a blur. He saw Alex’s lips stretching around the monster, his neck visibly getting wider as Alex gullet was stretched by the ever-thickening shaft. He wanted to know how long it was so he started to pull out his wet cock. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was so long now, he actually had to take a step back to get the monster out. And then another. As more and more of his dong became visible, he saw that he needed to revise his earlier estimate. It was substantially thicker than a wine bottle and at least 20 inches long! It must be the biggest manhood on the planet!

As his monster dick was released from the confines of Alex’s body, it expanded further, quickly adding another 10 inches in length and more than 2 inches in width. His balls exploded to the size of coconuts. He screamed, the feeling of his growing genitals so intense that his orgasm reached new levels, blinding hot in his head, in his groin and stomach. He could see his balls churning while they continued to send copious amounts of jiz into the world, now shooting towards the far wall of the gym. He was becoming a freak! How was he going to go on the streets? As fear shot through him, he luckily felt the growth subside. Still, there was no way back, his cock was now almost as big as his thighs were before he started growing all that time ago. With his piss-slit grown to the size of a dollar coin, his cum came out in thick shots and literally splattered at the wall with loud thuds. There was no sign at all that the amounts were subsiding—his balls must be producing cum in almost the same pace as his cock was shooting it across the room, or he had more reserves stored in his body. He watched, awed, how each shot hit the wall with the same force and quickly both the wall and the floor below were covered with his juice.

And then things got even weirder. Alex, apparently feeling deprived of a cock to fill his mouth grabbed Peter’s fuck-pole with both hands (that was now definitely needed) and brought his mouth forward. It looked ridiculous as Alex opened his mouth to not even a third of the circumference of the huge prick, let along the bulbous head. The head started below Alex’s chin and went up to well above the level of his eyes. No way such a monster would fit! Peter felt a wave of primal disappointment, so there was a too big…. Was he ever going to enter a guy again? He felt depression hit him. What was he to do? He loved getting head, and fucking! Still, it felt good as Alex started moving Peter’s foreskin over the huge head, his mouth covered his oozing slit and slurping up his cum. Peter could see Alex’s throat muscles working overtime as he was swallowing as a madman to not spill a drop.

Alex started pushing his wide mouth harder and harder against the huge cock head, his teeth grinding into the hard, engorged flesh. Completely without effect, Peter saw. Then, just as Peter thought either Alex’s teeth or the skin of his cock would break something crazy happened. As if he were a snake, Alex’s lower jaw dropped further down and slowly widened, splitting down along the middle of his chin. His jaws came apart further and further as well, dislocating with a small pop while the tendons between became ever more flexible. Consequently, his mouth widened dramatically until after half a minute or so he was able to take the tip of the giant cock head into his mouth. His cheeks adjusted further, stretching wider and wider, his lips thinning out without ever ripping. Millimeter by millimeter the cock head went further into the gaping mouth. After a couple of minutes the thickest point of the head passed Alex’s eager lips. Peter was appalled and amazed at the same time. What the fuck was going on?! This was freaky! But it felt so fucking good so no way he was going to pull back.

Slowly Alex-the-man-snake swallowed the rest of Peter’s cock. Peter’s watched with amazement how the giant dong first passed through Alex’s throat, quadrupling its girth, and then descended into Alex’s torso. The giant cockhead was clearly visible as it went down through Alex’s chest, his ribcase being pushed outward. The cock then continued into his stomach as the last inches of the 30 inch monster were ingested by the hungry hunk. Alex’s body innards didn’t even begin to resemble a normal human being’s anymore: his face and whole upper body seemed to have turned into a receptacle for Peter’s cock.

Peter began to fuck Alex’s mouth, pulling out as much as he could without stepping back and then pushing back in. His huge balls slapped into Alex’s shoulders and chest with each thrust. He hadn’t stopped cumming for a second, and his two cum factories had filled up Alex stomach to the bursting. As he looked down he noticed how thick Alex’s stomach had become, it bulged in his shirt. His body looked like he was going to pop, but Peter couldn’t make himself care. He had goosebumps all over his body as his climax continued. He closed his eyes as he continued to fuck the warm, wet shute. Bit by bit, he upped his pace and the force of his thrust. It felt amazing, his whole body was tingly. He felt strong as a horse and increasingly hot and bloated. He felt like his strength was exploding out of his body, so pent up, so intensely masculine it didn’t fit in his body anymore. He felt like he could lift a car, then a bus, a tank, a plane, getting more inhumanly strong by the second. All this time, his thick cock was squirting quart after quart of cum, his monstrous balls never abating. Peter felt incredible, he loved this new him! This masculine fuck-monster!

He bend down his head and opened his eyes again. He couldn’t see his cock anymore, something light-grey and heaving was in between. What was going on? He felt disoriented for a couple of seconds until he saw the huge slab of concrete was part of him. His pecs!? What the fuck was going on!? When did they get so monstrously thick that he couldn’t look down past them anymore? And when the fuck did they turn grey? And completely hairless? Then he looked up into the gym mirror and his mouth fell open. It took him a couple of seconds to take it all in, but what he saw was incredible!

Alex was almost standing up, Peter’s cock still down his throat. And Alex was standing up because Peter must be over 12 feet tall. And he was big. Immense-hulk-superhero big kind of way! Bigger than he could have ever imagined. But still cut and carved like a pro-fitness model at the shooting of a lifetime. His shoulders were wider than a double bed, a big American one that is. They were supporting a monumental neck and themselves topped hugely thick slabs of pectoral muscle sticking out at least 10 inches from his 10-pack stomach. The crevice in between was so deep that he couldn’t even see the bottom and the canyons in between his abs were almost as impressive. His hips had become much wider than before as well—he was 10 feet tall, of course, so he needed some support, but they remained very narrow in comparison to everything else. His cock still stuck out obscenely huge from his groin, but as it hadn’t grown further it was now more in balance with the rest of his godlike body. Only a couple of inches were visible, the rest of the massive pole was still inside Alex. Peter then regarded his legs, two massively thick but incredible cut tree trunks. His quads looked like they could fall straight of, they stuck out as if they had been added onto his legs by a master sculptor. His legs were so thick that his feet were several feet apart even though his thighs were still pushed together, the thick slabs of muscle being pushed for and outward.

With great difficulty, he looked away from the marvel that he had become and turned his head to look in the mirror behind him. He wasn’t disappointed as he regarded his absurdly massive back, muscles like ship-mooring cables running across the barn-door wide expanse. The muscles on his thick bubble-but ass flexed as he continued to thrust his dong into Alex. It was by far the biggest muscle ass Peter had ever seen, sticking out from his massive legs and lower back, bristling with strength. He then looked to his side, at his arms, his now football-sized biceps, gigantic triceps and forearms thicker than most men’s legs. He had truly become a god. He must weigh more than a 1000lb of pure muscle!

And it was not only his awesome size and inhuman muscles that set him apart from lesser men. Everywhere his muscles stretched his skin, his skin had turned grey: on his shoulders, biceps and triceps, cables running along his neck, his lower arms and hands, his pecs and abs, his traps, his quads and calves, his big ass cheeks. Only in the small areas in between his muscles and on his genitals was his skin still his original white colour. He touched his chest—it felt like smooth marble—any hairs or blemishes or even the smallest unevenness in his skin was gone. And he knew it was completely impenetrable, turning him into the ultimate fighting machine.

He wanted to have some fun with his new body. He let his pecs bounce up and down and crunched his abs. The muscles responded beautifully. Hard as steel but still lithe and flexible, Peter mused. And his shape, although inhuman, remained aesthetically VERY pleasing. Fucking hot! He then hit a double bicep and almost fell backwards as his biceps ballooned to the size of watermelons, completely filling the space between his lower arms, face, neck and shoulders. He stared at the image for a couple of minutes while effortlessly holding the pose and then adding a most muscular and flexing his massive quads. Fuck, fuck, Peter’s mind was spinning. He felt so good, so hot, so strong, so much of a man!

But then he finally looked up and watched his face. What?! He was 16 again. He wasn’t a man, he was a fucking boy. Even though his face was gorgeous, an improved version of his old dimply self, it looked grotesque to Peter. He wanted to be the big alpha, the leader, the MAN in the family! Not the cute boy. That was his little kid brother. He shaked his head furiously, fuming with frustration. How could he have grown to be the god he had always secretly dreamed of being, the most powerful and strongest man alive, and than have his old teen-face back again! He closed his eyes, and felt tears running onto his soft cheeks, and dripping onto his behemoth chest.

Then, carefully, he opened his eyes and he found he was back to his old self. A wave of disappointment and then one of joy washed over him. Losing his earth-shattering body, but also getting his old face back. And the disappointment faded quickly. He now knew for certain he had the potential to grow as big as he had dreamed of being if he wanted to. He didn’t know how, but he knew it was possible.

Then he looked down at Alex, still sucking his cock with enthusiasm. He smiled as he thought about what else to do with the beautiful guy. First things first.


From man to boy

Peter looked at his arms and chest. They were red and covered with veins from his workout. How long had he been doing these exercises. How much had he cum? Apart from the inflamed colour, he looked good though, his muscles pumped at peak performance and maximum size. He pushed Alex back up to the point where his big cock popped free. “Fuck that felt good,” he said breathlessly.

“No shit,” Alex responded. “You are such a hot freak. You must have cum like 5 or 6 times during the last half hour. And so much cum, I fucking love your cum!” He looked up at Peter with carnal lust. “And you kept up your workout. You are a god!” he continued while getting up.

Alex looked at the clock. “Two AM. So that gives us another 4 hours before the cleaners arrive.” He smiles at Peter mischievously. “Let’s do something about those thin, spindly legs of yours. Can’t have you walking around with thin sticks of legs under a massive upper body, now can we?”

Peter looked down. Yep. Quite a bit of work to do there. His legs had gotten toned and hard but hadn’t widened to the same degree as his shoulders and back. They would have been perfect for his old untransformed body, but were a bit unimpressive on his improved body. Especially since he had witnessed his massive quads in his dream.... Alex slapped his hard ass. “So how about I give you a two hour, gruelling leg workout, and then you get to fuck me as a reward?” Shit, Peter thought. He was actually aching to fuck Alex now, to finally pull down the guys shorts and enjoy the treasures underneath. But he relented. If he wanted to become bigger he could wait for a couple of hours.

So for the next two hours, after an extensive feeding session at the bar, Alex took him through a series of hardcore exercises to work on every muscle imaginable in his legs and ass. Alex told him it was like a dream come true, a guy capable of handling any exercise he threw at him, weights only the strongest powerlifters would be able to handle and for a duration no human should be able to cope with.

Then, after the two hours were over, Alex fed him a couple more shakes, vitamin pills and other supplements, “All legal,” Alex assured him, before leading him to a bench press machine. He put the machine at the highest weight. “I like big legs,” he explained while turning around with a wink. “450 pounds, let’s see for how long you can handle that—this is for the heaviest elite lifters.”

Peter’s legs wobbled a bit as he got on the machine. His legs were really tired, his muscles taxed far beyond their maximum capacity. As he lay down on the machine he looked at his legs. Skin flaming red from the strain, but with a notable pump in his muscles. They looked good, although nowhere near where he wanted them. But maybe it was best that his muscles didn’t grow too fast. If he grew too much at once, people would surely take notice that it was unnatural. Actually, he thought with a smile while looking at his huge cock and balls and his long, toned and hard body, they were already crazy that they didn’t see it: 7 inched taller, almost 4 inches extra cock while doubling in girth, and 60 pounds heavier! He could hardly believe it himself. Fuck, he loved this!

When instructed by Alex he started pushing. Fuck it was heavy. Only very slowly he was able to push himself away, steadily stretching his shaking legs. He could hardly hold his legs steady as he went back again. It was too much, his neck and jaws hurt from the effort. He was too tired! “Fuck it hurts,” he grunted through his clenched teeth, sweat dripping down his face. “I can’t do it!”

“No pain, no gain buddy. Do it again. I’m sure you can,” Alex urged him. So Peter pushed up, and slowly went back down again, his leg muscles feeling like they were being ripped apart from the weight.

With a little bit of support from Alex, he pushed out 5 more reps but then his legs gave way and the machine clanged back to its base position. “Sorry, I can’t,” he huffed. “It’s too heavy.”

Alex looked a bit disappointed but then started smiling again. “Let me see if I can motivate you,” he said as he suddenly dropped down his shorts. Finally, after hours, Peter could see what Alex had in store for him. He was perfect. His thighs were tanned and sprinkled with blond, almost white, hairs. They were beautifully toned, almost as thick as Peter’s but considering Alex’s much smaller length, they looked really hot and athletic on him. His ass was also beautiful; full and round and hard, and starkly white compared to his sun kissed legs. Completely hairless and utterly smooth, like a milky white paradise Peter couldn’t wait to ravage. He sported a nice cock—about 6 inches long—sticking out straight and rock hard from his shaved groin. He then pulled his shirt over his head, showing how his incredibly narrow hips widened into a nicely developed chest and broad shoulders. As he dropped his arms again his pecs became visible, tanned and smooth above his well-defined 6-pack stomach. He was more toned then Peter was! The guy was a vision of male perfection!

Peter tried to touch him, but Alex pushed away his hands. “No no, you haven’t deserved to touch this,” Alex said as he climbed on the machine, one leg on either side of Peter. “Let’s first see if you do better on this machine if you are thinking about something else than weights. Hold up your big cock,” he ordered. “Are you hard for me?” Peter looked down and to his satisfaction his cock was ready to rock, it’s almost 10 inches standing up straight, thick and hard as granite.

“I think it’s time you fucked me,” Alex said as he slowly started to bend his legs, his ass inching ever closer towards Peter’s ready dick.

“Oh yeah,” Peter heard himself say, “bring it on.” He had to stop himself from pushing Alex down on his rod as a the blond god slowly made his way down. The suspense was killing him! When Alex’s hole finally made contact with Peter’s cock he almost lost it. It felt so good. So right!

“Are you ready, big boy?” Alex asked with a dirty smile.

“Fuck yeah, your ass is mine,” Peter said. And then, finally, it was time. First gingerly, then harder, Alex started to grind his ass into the waiting cock making circles to work the huge head around his hole, lubricating it with Peter’s jizz.

Peter closed his eyes as Alex worked his magic and started to push down harder. Then, with a loud plop, Peter entered Alex’s hot hole. As the first two inches slid in an overwhelming sense of homecoming swept over Peter. The same as with Brian, he belonged here, in this guy. The feeling intensified as Alex led himself slide further down Peter’s thick, rock hard pole, inch after inch of it being devoured by the hunk’s cock-hungry hole. Peter moaned continuously as his cock slid in further, Alex’s innards adjusting to the invading monster. He opened his eyes and looked at Alex’s concentrated face. Then suddenly, Alex led himself drop the last four inches down. “Fuuuuuuck,” Alex yelled as he was impaled by the most massive cock he had ever seen in his life, let alone had inside him. Then almost surprised he opened his eyes and laughed.

“Hmm, that went in a whole lot easier and with a lot less pain than I expected.” Peter smiled, he was so happy. It meant that his cock could continue to grow without stopping him from fucking guys. And he was sure it would.

“Oh god, your cock is so big,” Alex moaned as he started to move up again. “It feels so good in me.” Peter smiled again. He was becoming the god of gay pleasure! He grabbed Alex’s narrow hips and pushed him down hard onto his raging cock, grinding his groin into the stud’s muscled ass.

“You are hot as fuck,” Peter said as he bend forward and kissed Alex. He felt pure bliss, training his muscles, his cock buried deep in a gorgeous hunk, his tongue deep inside his mouth.

Soon Alex pulled back. “OK, big boy,” Alex moaned, “Now start doing your exercise again, while I exercise your cock.” Alex immediately started to slowly move up and down on Peter’s cock, using the thick pole itself to steady himself. Peter closed his eyes, it felt so incredibly good. Then remembering where he was he breathed in and started the exercise. He wasn’t too sure he would be able to push out any rep, but for Alex he was willing to give it his best try.

He opened his eyes in amazement as he pushed himself up, the tremendous weight still there, the pain still there, but his energy levels up at least two-fold, just by having his dick in Alex’s hot ass. He finished his first rep and continued with a second. In the meantime, Alex was bouncing on his lap, Peter’s cock sliding in and out of his hole. He was bending forward so Peter’s strained legs had sufficient maneuvering space. His eyes were closed, and his mouth hung open, as he let out soft moans and groans. Instinctively Peter slowed his reps and started to push his hips up as Alex came down, fucking Alex a little bit harder. Immediately, Alex gave him a smack on his hips. “No boy, this is not how it is done,” he said, “You will continue to do your reps until you cum. Same deal as before.”

So that is how it went on for another hour, Peter slowly reaching a climax but never truly getting there as Alex slowed down as soon as Peter started to come too close. But each time, he came a bit closer, his arousal reaching painful levels. His cock was getting a workout which was at least as intense as his legs, his balls churning and growing with cum. His mind could hardly focus on the grueling workout his legs were getting as he was completely mesmerised by his large log sliding in and out of Alex’s hot ass. He loved the view of its thickness entering Alex, ravaging his hole, slick and shiny with cum. God, he loved his cock. Almost 10 inches now—how big was it going to get? And how much bigger, muscular and stronger was he going to get himself?

He closed his eyes and drifted off for a minute. He almost came as he thought about such a future. Him, but much taller, wider, heavier, stronger, and far, far more muscular. A hulk with huge, bulging muscles, but cut like a razor. With a huge horse cock in between his legs, fucking the living daylight out of the most beautiful guys. Cum in abundance from his orange-sized balls. He knew he could get there, in fact he was getting there. Although he didn’t know how it was happening, he thought he now knew how to get their faster. Fuck, and train! Forgotten were the days he was freaking out about becoming gay, or not being able to fuck because his cock was getting too big, or that he was becoming a huge, muscle freak who only scared people off. He wanted it all.

He opened his eyes again. Fuck, he was so horny, he needed to fuck hard and finally cum! And finally be in control. He put his legs down on the floor both sides of the machine, grabbed Alex by the hips, and with one powerful haul lifted himself and Alex of quickly putting a hand under Alex’ lower back to support him. “Whoa, big guy, what are you doing? We’re not done here yet,” Alex said, trying to get back in control. No way that was going to happen, Peter thought. There was one guy in control here. Him!

“It is time to show you how I fuck,” Peter said, almost growling. With quite a bit of effort, he swung his leg over the machine, his cock still up to the hilt in Alex’ ass and walked over to one the benches. Fuck, his legs felt tired. Burning pain seared through him as he sat on his knees and layed Alex on top of the bench on his back. Peter bit through the pain. He needed this too much. He pulled Alex forward so his ass was right on the edge of the bench, pushed back his hot tanned legs and immediately started slamming into him. “Oh, that feels so good,” he said out of breath as he quickly upped his pace to a truly breakneck speed. He could feel his heavy cock throbbing with need inside of Alex’s warm and wet ass. It was begging him to finally get release. But he pushed the need away. Finally he could give Alex the fuck he really deserved. That he himself really deserved.

He kept pushing into him, long heavy strokes, pulling out almost completely, before pounding his cock back. Alex shot his load only seconds later and clenched down on Peter’s huge rod so hard he thought he was going to shoot right then and there. Again he pushed the feeling away and started hammering Alex’ ass even more. Alex’ moans had increased in both pitch and intensity—the guy was basically screaming. So, Peter started slamming even harder into him. He imagined that somehow his dick was growing even more with every thrust. Fuck, how had he ever been ok with a 6 inch dick he thought as he watched his massive dong entering Alex’ abused ass, his big balls slapping the guy’s hot buttocks. And one which felt like a numb piece of meat, when he compared it to his current pleasure stick.

How would it be to have a 12 inch dick? Or a 15 inch monster? Thick as a normal guy’s lower arm? Or maybe his lower arm he thought with a smile, as he looked at his toned lower arm, the muscles taut and swollen from his grueling workout. He wanted it bigger, with his whole heart. He was sure Alex was up for it, if his current drooling mouth and rolled back eyes were any indication. He was completely at Peter’s mercy!

He continued to pound his cock into Alex’s hole with all the power he could muster. And that was saying something. He tried increasing the pace of his thrusts and found he could! He heard Alex gasp as almost 10 thick inches of cock were pistoned in, and pulled out in a split second, and then again, and again. Fuck, this felt good, Peter thought as he saw Alex going from one mini-orgasm to the next, his dick turning an angry red, his balls pulled tight to his body. He felt his own orgasm approaching, and this time it seemed he couldn’t keep it in. So he decided to go out with a splash.

He grabbed Alex again, one hand under the middle of the guy’s back, the other under his ass and slowly got up, still impaled in Alex. The guy only opened his eyes halfway. It was obvious that the guy was exhausted. As was he. He was sure that the only thing that kept him going was his dick in Alex’s body. But he wanted to try out one more thing, see if he was strong enough. He stood up completely with Alex heavy in his arms, and then held Alex a little bit away from his body, and up from his midsection. Immediately, he started to pump into Alex’ ass again. Fuck, it was heavy, holding him like this. But he was so free in how he wanted to penetrate the gorgeous hunk, he thought, as he started to move his cock in and out in slow circles. Alex just moaned louder as the only indication that he enjoyed it.

Then, finally, Peter couldn’t hold it anymore. He felt his balls being pulled in, and as the orgasm hit him, he almost lost his footing. It was so intense! He felt his jizz shoot through his big cock right into Alex’ eager ass. He continued to pump his cock into the warm chute, churning his cum inside of Alex, resulting in a foamy white substance slowly oozing out around his thick rod. It dripped on his hard legs and then, as more and more cum came out, on the floor. Fuck! He was cumming so much now, and for so long he thought dazed. It seemed like minutes, as he watched his slick cock sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of Alex. All the time cumming, and all the time bliss shooting through his body. Growing to nerve-wrecking heights, subsiding and then up to the climax again.

But then, it was over. As he let go of Alex and pulled his cock back out, he almost collapsed. Fuck! He was so tired. He could hardly move. Only being in Alex had kept him going. Alex had to basically drag him into the dressing room and clean him up. Alex looked really tired as well, as he fed Peter some more protein shakes, supplements and energy bars, before ushering him out of the gym in a great rush and rushing back in. Peter was a bit annoyed, but he quickly understood why as two cars drove into the car park. Probably the cleaners! Fuck! They had been just in time. He hoped Alex would be able to clean up before. Then, as the guys disappeared inside, he started his car and drove off for the six-hour drive home.

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