Bottom mega-alfa

by Jerkoffcentral

Lit prof Jonas has been lusting after the exceptionally muscular students on his prep school survival outing, but even more after the massive gym teacher Noah, who’s so alpha he has trouble controlling just how massive he is—especially when he’s aroused by an admirer’s obsessive lust.

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Part 1 Jonas and Noah realize that this relationship, between a brute who turns into a monstrous but beautiful werewolf and a power bottom hungry for size and growth, is unlike anything they’ve ever known, even as Jonas finds new ways to make Noah grow and cum. (added: 31 Dec 2014)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 Jonas considers his obsession with the massive, transformed version of Noah he shares only with him, but his appreciation for Noah’s sleeping, still-impressive human form leads to a new encounter, a new round of growth, and a new test of Jason’s ability to accommodate just how huge Noah can become. (added: 14 Oct 2016)
Part 8 The only thing Jonas wants more than to be fucked hard by the now-massive Noah is for Noah to grow even bigger while he does it. (added: 22 Dec 2017)
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Part 1

Jonas let out a gasp as he finally dropped down on the hard, lumpy mattress. God, his back hurt like hell! Nobody had told him, before starting this school trip, that after a 14 hour bus ride, he would have to carry his gear up a 300 meter incline the two busses apparently couldn’t take and then for about 10 kilometre down a desolate dirt road. He had to ask his massive colleague Noah for help for the last 8 kilometre. The guy had made sure that the experience had been as embarrassing as possible to Jonas. And still Jonas was exhausted; while the other’s had been enjoying an evening around a huge campfire he had been falling asleep constantly. Why had Noah booked this place, 8 cabins on a desolate hill 15 km from the closest hamlet? They would be stuck here for 2 weeks of survivaling and it would be up to Jonas to arrange groceries for himself, his colleague and 36 hungry boys… Well, he would definitely need to have some of them to help him.

That shouldn’t be a problem. Almost of all the boys were bigger than he was. Not just taller, but much, much stronger and eager to demonstrate their strength to each other and to their teachers. The all-boy prep school Jonas taught at had a renowned physical education and sports programme, so the boys attending were not only all into sports, but most of them had been doing a whole lot of sports since they were in elementary school. The amount of peer pressure among them was incredible and most of them frequented the school’s state-of-the-art fitness facilities to bulk up, even though they might be doing other sports such as football, tennis or swimming that definitely didn’t require big pecs and biceps, broad shoulders, a deeply cut six-pack and thick legs. But they all wanted just that and many were succeeding; no one wanted to be the small boy in class.

That was probably why the enthusiasm for this trip had been so much bigger than the school had expected. No one would pass by the chance for two weeks of outdoors training with the school’s massive gym-teacher Noah. As the number of participants exploded, they had demanded that an additional teacher join Noah to make sure the boys behaved and were safe. As the school board wanted an educational part of the survival programme Jonas had been forced to accompany the group and put the boys through an obligatory daily literature class. Which would be hard as the boys were only interested in competitive sports and outdoorsy stuff. And Noah, his fellow teacher, was already trying to dissuade him from forcing the issue.

Jonas looked to the other side of the cabin where Noah stood sorting through his stuff. The school’s gym teacher represented everything that Jonas wanted in a man, at least physically. He looked a bit like Ako Rahim (Jonas’ favourite jerkoff material), but rough around the edges… hairy chest, stomach and legs, his muscles substantially thicker but less cut than those of the aesthetic bodybuilder. He had long, unbelievably thick black hair, reaching to his shoulders. It looked positively wild and a bit coarse. Jonas was always expecting leaves and dirt to be stuck in it. Noah also sported thick eyebrows and a dense black beard. His dark hair and complexion were in stark contrast to his bright blue eyes. At 2 meter tall, he literally towered over Jonas. He had to weigh at least twice as much as his colleague. Jonas felt his dick stir in his pants as Noah turned around, showing the truly massive bulge in his pants. Fuck, the guy was hot.

What Jonas liked much less was the guy’s dominant, overbearing attitude. Such a fucking alpha-male. Everything needed to go as Noah wanted, without argument, people were just supposed to grovel and get in line as soon as he entered. He was a loud, in-your-face-macho, cocky, extremely arrogant and a total show-off. He was absolutely vile to Jonas, who he seemed to consider as vastly inferior in every way even though Jonas was considered one of the best looking guys wherever he went. Sometimes Jonas hated Noah’s guts, but mostly the young, beautifull literature teacher couldn’t stop himself from being turned on by Jonas’ domineering attitude, gruff looks and massive body. The guy was 28 and clearly in the prime of his life. He must work out almost constantly to sport what he was sporting!

He watched from the corner of his eye as Noah undressed. First Noah pulled his shirt off, giving Jonas a glimpse of his hairy armpits. Jonas marveled at his wide shoulders, big hairy pecs and cobblestone abs. He had never been so close to Noah’s exposed body. For the first time he could see that he had a sexy love trail of hair reaching from his chest down into his pants. Noah turned around, giving Jonas the opportunity to enjoy the view of his tanned back and shoulders. He was a bit surprised that the hunk’s wide back were completely hairless and really loved it. Noah then unzipped his pants, pulling them over his bubble butt and exposing his hairy, treetrunk legs. God, he had the body of a god, Jonas thought, his own dick now rock hard. Noah’s boxers had come down halfway while he pulled down his pants, showing of his massive buttocks, which were only lightly sprinkled with dark hair. Jonas watched as Noah walked past him towards the sink in the corner, his bulging quads swaying while he walked and pushing his package forward. The base of his cock was clearly visible with his boxers pulled down. God, his cock was so thick, even when completely flaccid!

His eyes remained glued to the godlike body as his colleague brushed his teeth, his biceps flexing in the process. His teeth looked positively feral, especially his canines were much bigger than average. Odd, Jonas had never noticed that. Then he was distracted as Noah readjusted his boxers with his other hand, showing a good 10 centimeter of his massive cock before pulling his boxers back up. Jonas was shocked when realising that the head of his cock was still not in sight. What a monster that must be when hard, Jonas thought. He also noticed that Noah apparently didn’t trim his pubes, sporting a thick bush of jet-black hair.

Jonas watched as his colleague went out towards the toilets, which were in a small hut at the other side of the compound. The image of Noah’s massive muscular ass in his tight boxers was burned into Jonas’ eyes. Wow, he thought, maybe this trip would not be so terrible after all if he could get front-row seats to a show like this every night! Jonas quickly washed himself at the sink, and made sure he was undressed and back in bed before his massive colleague returned and could pick on him for having such a thin body. He was asleep in minutes.


Part 2

The next evening started in a more or less similar manner. Noah was again exhausted. From around 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, Noah had made sure the boys had been busy with all kinds of sports, mostly competitive; soccer, running, wrestling and athletics. Noah had also been quite innovative in using the local flora to have the boys do basic fitness exercises. When he could get away from preparing food for the group, it had been an absolute feast for the eyes for Jonas. Most of the guys were 18, fresh outta high-school, and only 4 years younger than he was. They couldn’t be more different though. Most of them were jocks; they loved sport. Almost all of them wanted to get big and it showed. In contrast, Jonas was thin and a total literature and history buff.

Jonas kept on being surprised about how hot their bodies were considering their age. They all looked like jocks, some had beautifully toned swimmer’s bods, while many were more muscular. Some even looked like junior fitness models. The two school fitness stars, Lars and Abdul, were up to the level of internet hotshots like Filippo Steflovic, Abel Albonetti, Jeff Seid or Nick Gomez. Both were always working out at school together with their group of adoring groupies. Although in Jonas’ opinion focusing too much on their biceps, shoulders and pecs, and too little on their lower body, like most young guys tended to to do. You didn’t get to show off your legs that often to the girls, right?

Lars, the tall blond god-king of the school was still relatively proportionate. However, his raven black-haired competitor for “School’s hottest guy”, Abdul, an immigrant from Iraq who had been walking around without a shirt all day, had truly disproportionately large pecs and arms compared to his cut legs. Still, they were two of the hottest young guys Jonas had ever seen in real life. Their friendly rivalry only made them work harder on their bodies and recently more and more on their legs.

God, he loved thick legs, Jason mused, thinking about his third idol, Stig. He was the school’s star ice-skater. With his massively thick and powerful legs and beautiful round ass he always made Jason swoon when he passed by in the hallway, or was lounging in a chair in one of the common areas, his huge thighs stretching his jeans.

And then there was Leif, the school’s giant. Leif was more of an all-rounder, although he had recently started to focus more on basketball. At 2.05 meter he was by far the tallest guy at school, much taller than Abdul’s’ 1.80, and Lars’ and Stig’s 1.85. He was cut to the bone, much lighter that the other three guys. At the same time, his broad shoulders and tiny waist gave him an incredible v-shaped taper which Jonas found particularly hot.

Too add to the attraction, most of the boys running around the field were quite good looking, especially Jonas’ four favourites. Around 90% were Norwegian, almost all of them blond and tall. They looked like a Viking army. Four boys, including Abdul, were from abroad, one from Nigeria and two, like Abdul, refugees from Iraq. Their good looks made most of them rather cocky, and they fed on each other’s macho behaviour, especially now that they were out with uber-macho alpha dude Noah. However, he liked the guys alright, easy going and mostly joking around, basically living up to Jonas’ expectations of young guys with raging hormones.

He had recently found both Lars and Abdul on their YouTube channels, showing their bodies in flexing and arm wrestling videos with some of their school mates, trying to make some money by talking tough online or offering cam sessions. They had even made videos together to give the audience extra value for money. Jonas had spend quite a number of evenings jerking off to those videos, and had eventually decided to order private sessions with them. He had asked the boys to touch each other, armwrestle and even kiss. He had loved how the boy’s big cocks had gotten hard in their boxers while feeling each other up. He had even dared dream that both guys, although tough as hell at school, might actually be gay.

He had felt terribly dirty the next day when he had the same guys in his class, but in the following weeks couldn’t make himself stop ordering more, and going further. Unfortunately, he had only been able to talk Lars into jerking off for him on camera, his 20 cm cock well in proportion with the rest of the young guy’s developed body. Abdul had not wanted to go further than showing his beautiful, hairy ass or rubbing himself through his underwear showing Jonas the outline of his fat cock. Luckily they couldn’t know it had been their young literature teacher who had them pose and flex in front of the camera. He had been obsessed with both guys for over a year now. He had even started to financially support them so they could pay for better food supplements and greatly increase their protein intakes. He had given both the advice to focus on their legs and the results so far had been promising, Jonas mused as he felt his cock slowly becoming harder.


Part 3

So that’s how he found himself freshening up at the sink, his semi-hardon tenting his pink and purple Andrew Christian underwear when Noah came in. Noah was wearing soccer shorts that were too tight for his massive thighs, ass and genitals, and a tight sleeveless shirt, showing off his wide shoulders and thick hairy arms. His colleague looked him over, his eyes resting on Jonas’ narrow waist and ass, a slight smile on his lips. Jason’s midsection was actually a part of his body Jonas was quite proud of, incredibly narrow, but still with a significant bubble-but. It showed especially nicely in his AC-underwear. While his cock wasn’t amazingly impressive at 15 cm hard, it showed quite nicely in his briefs; nothing to be ashamed of, especially pushed upward for maximum visual impact. “Fuck, you are a small man”, Noah told him haughtily, walking towards him and taking up position behind him. He flexed his bicep next to Jonas’ arm. Jonas looked in the mirror. “Yeah, I know”, he responded, hoping that would be it, but finding himself quickly disappointed as Noah grabbed him by the shoulders.

Noah towered over him. Jonas didn’t even reach up to his collarbone. The mirror was filled with Noah’s brawn all around his thin frame. Jonas’ model-quality face reached to just below Noah’s handsome but brutish face. “Do a double bicep”, the big hunk ordered his small colleague. When Jonas did not comply immediately, he gave him a slap on the shoulder…which could only ‘just’ be called friendly; it almost knocked Jonas over. “Hey”, Jonas jelled, “that hurts”. “Fucking wimp”, Noah said back in a grumpy voice, “NOW FLEX”. Noah’s voice had changed completely. He sounded much more authoritative, and very compelling. Jonas felt a feeling of fear settle in his stomach. Who was this guy, he wondered. He felt his arms moving upwards on their own volition and before he knew it he was doing a double bicep, his thin but cut arms showing small mounds of bicep-muscle. Noah smiled. “That is better, little wimp”. He pinched Jonas’ small biceps, hard. “Fuck that hurts”, Jonas yelped. “Shut up, YOU ONLY SPEAK WHEN ASKED”, Noah commanded loudly. Jonas could literally feel his throat close up, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to make a sound. What was going on? How did this guy have so much power over him all of a sudden. “Now, this is a double bicep”. Noah flexed his massive arms. Jonas had been expecting them to be big when flexed, but nothing had prepared him for the sheer magnitude of what unfolded behind him. Noahs arms were bigger than Jonas’ legs and more cut than he had expected. And due to the great width of Noah’s shoulders and back, his biceps were only just visible in the mirror. Incredible!

Jonas’ cock literally sprung up in his underwear and Noah immediately noticed it. “I turn you on, little man? You like a big muscle wolf?” Jonas was so scared and turned on at that moment that he didn’t notice the peculiar choice of words, nor how Noah bit back, afraid that he had said too much. Jonas’ sole focus was Noah’s massive arm encircling his body and his hand going into his Andrew Christians and pulling out his rock hard cock. “Nice”, Noah said with a husky voice, grabbing Jonas’ shaved balls and cock. Fuck, was he gay, Jonas thought, having partly recuperated from the shock.

“I guess you like this”, Noah continued, his voice getting increasingly hoarse and strained. Jonas gasped as Noah started to jerk him off. He looked down. Noahs massive paws looked gigantic on his cock, even though he had a pretty decent-sized penis. Noah pulled Jonas body against his rock-hard frame while continuing to jerk off his colleague. It was like he was being pulled against a hairy wall. The guy felt incredibly hot against his back, almost feverish. Although it did not seem natural, Jonas found that he quite liked it, feeling safe even though he was basically being raped. What was going on with him?! He should turn the guy in with the police immediately! However, he had never felt this good in his life as he did now, safely cradled in Noah’s strong arms. He was sure that no one could hurt him now, of course beside his rough colleague…. Jonas turned his head, pushing his face against the top of Noah’s pecs and inhaled. The guy’s smell was simply intoxicating. Being jerked off while feeling Noah’s boiling hot shelve of hairy pecs pressed into his back quickly drove Jonas over the edge. He yelled as he came harder than he had in years, his cum spraying all over the mirror.

Noah pumped him for all he was worth, capturing the last bit of Jason’s jizz in his big paws. “That was nice, little man,” he said hoarsely in Jonas’ ear. “We will be doing more of that from now on”. Jonas felt like pudding in the guys hands, the combination of his hyper-authoritative demeanor and glorious body making him completely submissive. Although he was normally quite submissive anyway, a incurable bottom and a total size queen, he would never let a guy talk to him like this, or start using him against his will. But with Noah there didn’t seem to be too much of a choice.

Noah ripped off Jason’s briefs, letting out a slow, soft whistle as he saw Jonas’ smooth, firm bubble but. He put a hand on the soft flesh and roughly kneaded Jonas’ ass. Not a single hair or blemish marred the milky white surface. As Noah pulled his ass-cheeks apart, he whistled again, more loudly again as Jonas’ pink pucker was exposed. There wasn’t even a single hair in his crack, something Jason’s lovers had loved. “Fuck, you are beautiful, you are going to make one fine bitch”. Noah pushed his hand in between the smaller guy’s ass cheeks and smeared Jason’s own jizz on his hole. Again, Noah wasn’t being very gentle about it, clearly favouring domination and rough sex. At that point Jason was not surprised anymore as he felt first one, then two, and then almost immediately three of Noah’s thick fingers disappearing in his hole. And that all in a matter of seconds. Luckily, Jason’s hole was well-used and he could take it quite well. He heard a deep rumble from Noah’s chest. “You are ready it seems”, the big muscle man behind him said. He used his other hand to pull down his own shorts, his fat prick smacking up between Jonas’ legs. He pulled his fingers out of Jason’s twitching hole and put his hands on both sides of Jason’s hips, his big paws almost circling the smaller guy’s thin waist. “No, I don’t want it like this”, Jason pleaded, finally coming to his senses. He couldn’t see anything behind him, but having seen Noah’s cock soft he could figure out how massive it would be hard, and how much it would hurt if Noah pushed it in without lubricant and without care for Jason’s wellbeing. “I don’t care”, Noah answered simply, while plunging what seemed like his entire thick cock into Jason’s hole. It felt like a fist was being shoved up his chute, obliterating his sphincter muscle. It hurt terribly. Only seconds later, Jason fainted, it was more than he could handle.

When he regained consciousness, he immediately felt that it hadn’t been Noah’s whole cock up his hole, not even close. Now that it was in completely, he felt like he had been impaled on a tree. He had never felt anything like it, and gorgeous as he was, he had felt A LOT of cock in his young life. His knees were resting on the side of the sink and he was supported by Noah’s thick hands on his hips. He looked into the mirror and saw Noah labouring behind him, his eyes closed, his face dripping with sweat. It ran in rivulets along his massive hairy chest and onto his abs, the top ones of which were just visible. His giant pecs and shoulders bulged insanely as he alternately pulled Jonas onto his cock or pushed himself in.

How long had he been out cold? Noah probably wouldn’t even know, at this point he was clearly only interested in using Jonas as a hole to fuck. He could feel his intestines readjust as Noah’s massive fuck pole was pounded into his ass. He also felt Noah’s heavy, hairy balls bouncing against his legs. They must be truly huge, the way they felt when they hit his legs with a smack. He felt how he slowly started to get turned on again. Noah was just so massive and hot and his cock was so big, Jonas’s size-queen side took over. If Noah would have handled it in a different way, he would have been totally willing to bottom for him, as much as the big guy wanted. It had always been his dream to have a massive dominant boyfriend, but not an aggressive rapist like this. But even now, as the pain started to recede and he saw the huge guy pummeling him from behind, completely unconcerned by his colleague’s well-being, he couldn’t stop himself from getting excited. He looked down and back, noticing Noah’s long, massively thick legs, all shiny with sweat, the hairs sticking to his skin. His quads were simply gigantic. The guy was such a power house. Incredible.

He started to moan as the feeling of Noah’s thick shaft ravaging his ass became better and better. He saw Noah’s eyes opening up and he down at him with wide eyes, almost like a deer caught in the headlights. “You awake again?” He asked stupidly, his voice slurred from his extreme excitement. “Yeah”, Jason gasped before moaning loudly. His dick started to twitch and got hard again. “You took my big cock like a true pro. Never seen anything like it. You even seem to enjoy it?”, Noah asked, while stopping his fucking motions, his stupendous cock buried deep in Jason’s ass. “Yeah I do”, Jason said as he nodded, “I would have done all of this had you just asked, you are such a big fucking asshole, you know that…. “, Jason said angrily in between moans and gasps as Noah started to fuck him again. He was immediately betrayed by his rising arousal, his dick dripping pre. He started jerking off in sync with Noahs thrusts. “Sorry mate, I do not ask, I take. It’s in my nature”. “Don’t you like it better when you get it without resistance?”

“What, and lose the fun?”, Noah said harshly. Then his features softened a bit. “I would like it though if I get more of you”, he said softly, seemingly ashamed he was being friendly, “I kinda like you, you are so fucking beautiful, and I really like you ass”. “So what are you afraid of being nice?”, Jason asked pleadingly, “You could have had me any time you wanted, if you had been nice to me.” Noah looked hurt, but then his face hardened again. “I cannot tell you”, he mumbled.

Jonas gasped as Noah pulled out his cock completely, opening up his ravaged hole to the cold Norwegian air. “I feel such a strong connection to you”, he finally said as he pushed his entire cock in in one thrust of his powerful hips. He immediately pulled it out again. He continued to talk, his face serious, not unfriendly, more positively. He looked at Jonas as if he was now his property to do with as he pleased. And Jonas was pretty sure that he could, and would, and there was nothing he could do about it, apart from submitting and trying to enjoy. “I wanted to fuck you from the first time I saw you. And now I will. Whenever, wherever I want, how I want and how long I want it. I will not ask. We are here for two weeks and you will be mine. I will command you, and you will comply. YOU ARE MINE. Your cock is mine, your mouth is mine, AND YOUR ASS IS MINE,” he said in his commanding voice, and Jonas felt something click in his mind. He was Noah’s from now on, and he would be forever, whether he liked it or not. Noah looked at Jonas like he was going to eat him, showing the complete dominance he had over the smaller guy. He pushed his pole into Jason’s hole again to make his point. Jason whimpered softly and caved in further. “You know I can get what I want. I will fuck you. This is me being nice about it”. Jason looked back at his master with big eyes. He felt more turned on then ever, but was also scared shitless that one guy could completely overpower his mind and body.

He knew Noah would use him roughly, but he also felt protected. He knew that Noah would do anything to protect his new conquest. He thought about going to the police after, but he knew he wouldn’t. He already felt owned. And it wasn’t just that, it had always been his dream to be with a guy as big as Noah. Now he finally had the chance to be with his dream man and get to be fucked senseless by the biggest cock he had ever felt. And maybe in the meantime, he could learn the guy to be a bit nicer about it and make a proper boyfriend out of him and getting him to love him. He looked back at Noah again, his eyes closed as he resumed to fuck Jonas like he was whipped cream to be churned. Jonas swallowed; OK, maybe he was being a hopeless romantic. He needed to be real, making Noah into proper boyfriend material would take some time….

Jonas decided just to focus on watching the big muscle man in the mirror, enjoy the feeling of Noah’s cock up his ass, and jerk himself off. For about 10 minutes, that was all that happened, Noah fucking and Jonas moaning and squirming in his grasp. Eventually, his legs really started to hurt from keeping himself stable on the wash stand. “Could we move, I hurt”. Noah didn’t even respond, completely lost in his fucking. Jason tried several more times; only once did Noah respond with an angry grunt and he continued to fuck him with the same steady rhythm. A couple of minutes later Jonas didn’t have any feeling left in his legs anymore. As Noah’s cock passed his prostate with one particular savage thrust, his left leg just slipped off. Noah’s hand’s on his hips were sufficient to keep him from falling. His eyes flew open and he looked at Jason savagely. “Don’t get me out of my flow”, he told him.

Noah picked up Jonas and walked to the bed. He threw Jonas on it back-down. He roughly grabbed the small guys legs and pushed them up towards his stomach. He then yanked him forward so that Jonas’ ass was hanging a couple of centimetres over the side of the bed. As Jonas’s bed was in the corner, Noah’s massive frame was blocking the lamplight and he was completely cast in shadows. He wanted to ask Noah to move so he could see him better, but didn’t have the guts. As such, he had to be satisfied with seeing the outline of Noah’s broad shoulders and mammoth chest. He could also finally see the outline of Noah’s genitals and they were huge! His cock had to be over 25 cm long and massively thick, even wider than Jason’s wrist. And it was no wonder its entry had been so painful, the head was almost as big as Jason’s fists. Noahs balls were the size of double-yolk eggs. He had just established officially that Noah had the biggest cock he had ever seen when the whole thing was pushed in and disappeared in his ass again. It was amazing to see the thick, smooth schlong slide into his ass and how painless it had become. It was literally twice as big as anything he had taken before, and he was taking it like a pro.

Noah bent over him and put down his elbows on both sides of Jason’s chest, the top of his pecs hovering above Jason’s face. God, the guy was big up close, even bigger than Jason had thought. It was like he was witnessing his own personal eclipse, being surrounded by his massive colleague. He looked right and left, marvelling at Noah’s massive biceps and triceps. He pulled out his arm and put his hand on Noah’s sweaty arm. Again he was astounded about how hot Noah was, he must be more than 40 degrees, which of course wasn’t humanly possible. But then Noah didn’t seem to be entirely human. He softly squeezed the mound of muscle but noticed he couldn’t even budge it in its current flexed state. He moved his hand to first slide over Noah’s huge shoulders, which like his upper arms were surprisingly devoid of hair, before moving them to Noah’s thick, hairy pecs. On a whim, he moved his head up and took one of Noah’s nipples in his mouth, softly nibbling on it. Noah let out a grunt and started giving Jonas some extra hard ass poundings as a thank you, churning Janos’ insights as he moved his massive cock in ever wider circles. Jonas gasped as Noah’s groin and balls slapped into his ass with massive force. He was totally at the guy’s mercy. Fuck this was hot; and was his big lover actually getting even hotter?

He looked down and saw that Noah had to spread his legs wide to lower his groin sufficiently to work his magic, even though Jason was up on the bed and Noahs knees were on the floor. The pressure on his insides was incredible. Not painful anymore, just all good. Jason didn’t know if he could ever go back to being fucked by normal guys after this. Noah was increasing his pace again, slowly building up to the gut-thrashing speed he had used before, while keeping up his spinning motions. The guy was a natural, where did he learn this shit! He grabbed his own sore cock and started jerking himself off in the little space he had in between Noah’s massive body and his own scrawny one, cumming less than 30 seconds later.

Noah, in the meantime, seemed insatiable. Jonas wouldn’t have considered it possible that any guy could hold such a breakneck pace without getting an orgasm. But seeing was believing, the huge hunk hadn’t cum a single time, although over the next 10 minutes his grunting became louder and more laboured. Jonas returned his attention to the pressure in his anus. Wow, he felt full. He tried to relax, which helped for a minute or two, but then the feeling returned with a vengeance. He closed his eyes and again tried to relax and hope Noah’s asspounding wouldn’t last too long anymore before Noah came; how could it, right? The guy had been fucking him now for almost an hour, out of which the last 20 minutes non-stop.


Part 4

About 5 minutes later he was sure, Noah’s cock was getting bigger, plunging in deeper and deeper with each savage thrust and opening up his ass wider and wider. Not quickly, but second by second it inflated. That was impossible! He again tried to relax his ass and closed his eyes, trying to breath normally. It must be his own ass becoming more sensitive. But after another minute or so, there couldn’t be any question about it. Noah’s cock was growing! He looked down and saw that Noah’s cock had become humongous, at least half as wide as it had been. The fat fuck stick wasn’t as thick as Jonas’ wrist anymore, it now looked like his forearm was being pistoned up his ass. At least 25 cm of prime cock was pulled out with each thrust. It looked truly awe-inspiring being pushed into Jonas’ narrow ass. Incredibly, there was no head in sight…My god, Jonas thought… How long would the beast be now?

He quickly discovered Noah had not only become much bigger endowed, he had become taller and more massively muscular. He had also lost some of his beefiness, his muscles were more cut and better outlined under his skin. His tanned skin was incredibly tight, trying to cope with the rapid growth of his body. Jonas first looked up at Noah’s deeply cut abs, the crevices in between were now so deep that he could fit his finger in between the heavy cobbles of muscle and leave room to spare. Even the limited lighting and Noah’s now even thicker coat of short, soft black hair couldn’t in any way hide that he was becoming a truly abnormally muscular and big guy. After lingering on the marvelous 10-pack of bricks for a while his eyes moved up and he saw that he his eyes were now at the level of Noah’s nipples, where they had been at the level of his collarbones before. His pecs were much thicker than they used to be, sticking out insanely from his wide chest. They also seemed more dense, exuding heaviness and godlike strength. The abyss in between seemed to be big enough to fit his face.

Noah’s own face was now almost 15 cm further up than it used to be, the top of his head almost hitting the wall. His neck had become extremely striated, his wide muscles connecting to winglike shoulders that were truly gargantuan, as thick as bowling balls. Considering the increasing cover of fur across the hunk’s body, Jonas was not surprised to also see the first tufts of black hair on the beautiful boulders. He also saw that Noahs legs, likewise covered in an ever thicker layer of hair, were spread out much wider, the massive logs now at a 45 degree angle with his torso. Still, his mammoth thighs were touching each other up to almost third of the way down to his knees. His quads looked like kids legs just by themselves. And astonishingly, even though Noah was squatting more, Jonas’ ass was still being lifted from the bed by Noah’s massive prick. How big was this guy getting? And how was he getting bigger? And how huge would he get? It was impossible! But he loved it.

“What are you?”, Jonas whispered softly. “FUCK!!!!”, he heard Noah yell, looking at him with shocked eyes, his pupils twice as big as they had been. Jonas felt like he was being hypnotized as the deep-blue eyes bored into his. As Noah’s irises contracted, he seemed to come out of a deep stupor. Noah’s hair had grown, now falling well beyond his shoulders in thick, black waves. His brows had become thicker and had knitted themselves together, forming one uni-brow. At the same time, his beard now started higher up his face and went down lower on his throat. What made Noah truly inhuman though, apart from having grown what seemed to be like 30 cm in the space of 10 minutes, were the large fangs sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Jonas couldn’t help it, he only kept on being more turned on. He was completely and utterly under the guy’s thrall even though Noah now looked positively carnivorous, brutal and canine, like a giant muscle wolf.

Jonas let out a large gasp as Noah forcibly yanked his massive cock out of his ass and turned away from his tiny lover. It offered Jonas only a split second to appreciate Noah’s monster cock, but it was enough. The beast must now be at least 30 cm long, probably a couple of centimeters more, and thicker than any cock had a right to be. The shaft looked at least as thick as a beer-can. How had that monster fit in his ass, Jonas thought as a an awe-inspiring quantity of watery pre-cum cascaded out of his wide-open, twitching asshole and gushed out on the floor. Cold air rushed in up to what seemed like his mid-section.

He looked up at where Noah was standing, his barn-wide back blocking the light. Jonas could now for the first time enjoy a view of Noah’s ass. It was huge. Two massively thick, sweaty globes of muscle, they would have looked grotesque on a smaller guy. However, Noah was now so big, at around 2m30, and so wide, that his muscle-ass looked perfect him. Noah turned around and Jonas couldn’t but gasp in awe as he finally saw the full scope of Noah’s god-like body. His hairy body couldn’t in any way mask how truly massive he had become. It was awe inspiring. It reminded him of pictures of the Hulk, but much more aesthetic and cut. Hugely muscular and wide at all the right places, but more toned and proportionate than he had been only half an hour ago. Although his powerful hips were probably twice as wide as Jonas’ they were insignificant compared to his mammoth thighs, the flaring wings of his lats and especially his gargantuan shoulders and arms. He must way more than 250 kg, no question about it. Jonas also finally had the opportunity to study the guy’s balls, now the size of big avocado’s. They were hanging about 15 cm below the God’s groin filling up his hairy sack. How he wanted to touch them, lick them and have them spill their seed in him. Jonas almost choked as he pictured those big balls pumping out hot seed, the contractions clearly visible, his seed, white ropy and thick, squirting out of his god-prick and flying across the room in massive quantities.

He finally stopped ogling Noah’s balls and looked up to Noah’s face. “YOU WILL FORGET THIS HAP…”, Noah started saying in his booming voice. “Nooooo!”, Jason heard himself yelling suddenly, cutting Noah short, “I do not want to forget, I need you! Please do not make me forget”. “You like this?”, Noah asked incredulously, grabbing his incredible cock, slick and shiny from Jonas’ ass-juices, and pointing at his fangs, “You like me?”

“How can I want to forget this, I live for big muscle and thick cock”, Jonas heard himself say, with more honesty than he had ever shown before, “You are a dream come true; you must be the biggest guy on the planet now”, Jonas said to his master, “I’m not sure if I can take much more of your cock, but I need it. I need it now. I need to know we did this. And we need to do this again, if I my ass ever recovers”. “Oh, we were going to do it again anyway, probably all night long, ass-pain or no ass-pain”, Noah said, his brutal alpha-male side coming out again. “Seeing me turn into a werewolf doesn’t change anything about that.”

So that was it, Jonas thought, Noah was a real-life werewolf. They existed! Something he had been fantasizing about all his life, inhumanly strong and completely in control. And Noah was even bigger and stronger than anything he had seen on tv or in movies. And the guy actually seemed into him, although in a very self-satisfying manner. “I am willing”, Jonas heard himself say, “I’m all yours, always. You are my master. I need you in me”. What was he saying? Jonas thought, I cannot take more of that cock! And he didn’t want to be anyone’s property. But he was just so incredibly turned on. And he knew, deep down in his heart, that he was already Noah’s, his dream’s of a loving husband shattered by the brutish, possessive mountain of brawn and his mental power over him.

“I accept your allegiance and your absolute submission to me, little man”, he heard Noah say, all of a sudden formal. Jonas felt like a blanket was thrown over his mind. He felt completely safe and secure, so much that he opened his stupid mouth again. “Do you get any bigger?, Jonas asked. Jonas wanted to bite his lips. What was he doing? He couldn’t possible take the guy if he became bigger; he would either be crushed under his massive weight or ripped apart by his monster cock. He couldn’t even take more of him in Noah’s current state.

Noah smiled at him possessively. “God, you are one good bitch. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years. I am never going to let you go”. He walked over to the bed and offered Jonas his hand. Jonas took it, his small hand disappearing in Noah’s gargantuan paws. He was pulled up so he stood in front of Noah’s hulking form. It took him a couple of seconds to take into the full magnitude of Noah’s body. He only reached up to Noah’s nipples!

Noah pulled him forward, pushing him against his torso and burying his face into his chest. “You fucking like this?” he asked in a cocky voice, “you love my hairy, big muscles”. Jonas could only moan in approval. He had been right, most of his face could disappear between Noah’s hairy pecs. Jonas almost came again as he took a deep breath, inhaling Noah’s sweaty smell. As he pulled back, Noah smiled at him. “Yeah, I get bigger. Much bigger. You wanna see?” Noah asked him. Jonas felt himself nodding enthusiastically. “I only get bigger when I’m really excited or really angry. It has actually never happened while fucking, but your ass is just the best I have ever had”, Noah explained. “So I think I can use it to grow a little bit more. I have enough time before tomorrow to get back to normal.” Jonas felt fear gripping his stomach, god he was so stupid. How else did he expect Noah to grow bigger!? Although he was terribly excited to see Noah become even bigger, he was really afraid he would die for the privilege.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to take your cock,” Jonas whispered, terrified that Noah would ignore his plea and just fuck him into a pulp. Noah smiled, grabbed him and lifted him up like he weighed nothing. “Wrap your legs around me,” he ordered, “and I will show you some of the perks of being a werewolf”. Jonas did as he was told, wrapping his legs around Noah’s hips, and resting them on the shelve of his muscled ass. He then bent forward and wrapped his arms around Noah’s neck, pulling himself up so that his face was resting against Noah’s chest. “Now, RELAX YOUR ASS AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! YOU WILL ACCOMODATE ME NOW MATTER HOW BIG MY COCK IS”, he said as he pushed his cock in in one brutal thrust.

Jonas gasped in surprise. Although it still felt like he was being impaled on a tree, it felt much better now. Noah’s absolute control over Jonas’ body actually allowed him to order Jonas to open up completely! It still felt incredibly full, but now he felt that, at least, his insides were not damaged anymore, nor was his ass ripped apart while futilely trying to keep out the massive invader. The pain was still there, but he could now take it better. The edge was off, like he had taken drugs. He was actually “taking it like a man”. Noah resumed to fuck him, even harder than before. It felt amazing, having more than 30 cm of cock pulled out of his ass and pushed in again,reducing his prostate to a pulp. His ass was now so widely open that Noah’s massive knob, even when pulled out completely, always hit true upon reentry. This allowed him to fuck Jonas with a truly breakneck pace. The slapping and slurping sounds coming from his ass were so loud that they even overtook his own moaning and Noah’s animal-like grunting. Surely if one of the boys was awake and going to the toilet they must have heard something?

Jonas tried to keep his eyes right open to witness the first signs of growth. He only had to wait 5 minutes before Noah was again so excited, his grunts sounding like booming thunder and his body dripping with sweat, that his body resumed to change. The first thing Jonas noticed was that his legs were being pulled apart as Noah’s midsection expanded to carry his widening torso. It was an awesome sight, seeing Noah’s shoulders and chest widening millimeter by millimeter. There seemed to be a constant struggle between the ability of his bone structure to carry muscle and his muscle growth. First a small explosion in muscle size, followed by a much slower growth in skeletal height and width, after which his muscles thickened yet again, splitting up into separate muscle groups and stretching his now paper-thin skin. And this was not only happening with his torso, where his giant pecs and shoulder muscles were fighting for space, but the same was going on with his arms and legs. The thickness of his lower arms was now greater than his upper arms had been an hour ago, while his biceps and triceps were becoming truly enormous and cut. Jonas put his hand on the hard mountain of muscle. It felt harder than stone, but flexible enough to move beautifully under Noah’s skin with each thrust of his hips. Noah must be able to crush rocks with all that strength!

Jonas also noted that every minute he got a bit closer to the ceiling. Noah’s head was already hitting the ceiling, which meant he was now 2.40 tall. He must be the biggest guy on the planet! Jonas looked down, at Noah’s huge legs. His thighs were now so heavily muscled that the tall hulk had to put his legs further and further from each other while his outer quads flared out insanely. And then there was his wonderful fuck tool. It seemed that with every thrust, Noah’s cock entered a little bit deeper into his ass, and his intestines seemed to wrap around the monster dick a little bit tighter. “Fuck, your cock is getting so big”, Jonas moaned. “You love my cock, little bitch boy?”, Noah grunted in response. His chest was now so immense that his voice had gone down to the deepest base; it now sounded more like a rockslide than a men’s voice. His voice also had developed a profound lisp, making it even more difficult to understand. Jonas looked up at Noah’s face and was astounded. His fangs were now positively carnivorous, his thick top fangs sticking out of his mouth about 3 cm. His lower fangs had only just showed themselves, sticking out from under his lips, but were also growing. No wonder his words came out somewhat warped! “Yes, I love your dick, it feels so amazing in me! So big! It is so intense,” Jonas yelled loudly, “fuck me, oh god fuck me. Don’t stop!”

Noah looked down at him with eyes filled with savage lust, but also with longing. Almost love,….but just not quite. “You can always get my cock,” he murmured, plunging his cock in up to the hilt, and keeping it firmly lodged there. “I wouldn’t want you to go without it. I’ve seen you looking at the students. Those puny boys, with their weak bodies and tiny cocks. Once you have been with a horse cock, muscle bound man-beast you won’t want to go back. Ever. In fact,…” Noah stopped, considering, before continuing with his alfa-voice: “FROM NOW ON, YOU ARE ADDICTED TO WEREWOLF COCK UP YOUR ASS. YOU WILL ALWAYS CRAVE FAT, BIG WOLF-COCK. YOU WILL NEED WOLF-CUM UP YOUR ASS. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO WITHOUT IT.” Jonas felt how his fate had become sealed, intimately linked to this stud. Noah’s cock up his ass felt even better than before. In fact, he wanted it to be bigger! There was still pain, but also a burning need to feel Noah’s cum filling his insides. He knew that without it he wouldn’t survive. And the scary thing was, in his current state he didn’t care. The only thing he was afraid of was that Noah would leave him, and he would die.

Noah then resumed to fuck him. For another 15 minutes, Jonas world was filled with growing cock, expanding limbs and inflating muscles. As Noah’s grunting became loud enough for Jonas to feel it reverberate in his chest, it finally seemed that the big muscle-wolf was going to cum. Jonas could feel his body quivering with anticipation. And not a moment too soon. Noah’s head was now firmly lodged against the ceiling, making him 2.50 meters tall. His muscles had grown even more, in size and in incredible definition. His chest and shoulders were simply insanely wide, it had even become difficult for Jonas to hold on to them. His hairy arms seemed perfectly capable of destroying a tank, his biceps were now the size of coconuts! Jonas also marvelled at the size of Noah’s insane chest, the pectoral muscles standing out more than 10 cm from his chest, Noah’s nipples pointing firmly downward. His eight-pack abs were separated by deep crevices, while his obliques were now morecut than his abs had been were before. Looking down beyond his own body, Noah’s hairy legs were absolutely insane, even when extrapolating guys with bad-ass quads like james-ellis alexander to his height, it was just something different: More massive, more cut, more powerful, and much harder. Jonas was sure that many people would find Noah grotesque, a mountain of super-hairy muscles, well beyond anything a normal human could achieve or a human body could sustain. But Jonas loved it. He had loved Noah in his brawny human form, and he loved him still in this massively inflated, almost cartoon-like form. The size-queen in him loved it even more.

And that brought him to the tree that was being rammed into his ass with the power of a freight train, its circumference now well beyond a beer-can, more like a wine bottle. It was slick and slimy from a combination of pre-cum, ass-juices and blood. Jonas was pretty sure that it would smell quite bad if it wasn’t completely overpowered by the delicious musk of Noah. As Jonas was watching intently to get a better glimpse of Noah’s balls (they must be the size of large mango’s by now), it seemed that the frothy substance became more and more bloody with each thrust. Fuck, Jonas thought, what would happen to his ass? Would it ever close up again? Would he even feel a cock that wasn’t the size of a salami? And still the god-cock kept on growing; first a couple of thrusts lengthening slowly and then in a matter of seconds thickening even more.

Then, after almost two hours of constant fucking, Noah came with a deafening roar. His eyes, now with yellow and blue and black irises like a wolf, closed and his head fell back. His mouth opened wide, exposing his huge fangs, looking more like tusks at this point. Jonas could feel the Noah’s cock going through on final growth spurt and then it came! He could swear he could feel the first torrent of cum rushing out, straight into his intestines. It felt intoxicating. Noah kept on pumping Jonas’ ass like there was no tomorrow. Only after about 10 cumshots, Jonas could feel each of them rushing up the massive fuck-pole and splattering into his ass, he saw his stomach slowly starting to inflate. There was just so much cum in Noah’s balls, he kept on cumming and cumming! For several minutes Jonas watched in wonder as his stomach literally ballooned.

As the height of Noah’s orgasm passed, his roar slowly turned into a combination of deep rumbling and growling, so deep and intense that Jonas could feel it reverberate in his bones. The pace of his thrusts became slower and slower, eventually receding to a leisurely pace where he it took him a full minute to push his cock in and pull it out again. Looking down, Jonas was astounded to see how the movement was reflected in his stomach. Every time Noah’s pushed his cock in, the cum collected in his ass was also further pushed up into his intestines, even further bloating his stomach. Just thinking about that concept made Jonas cum again, for what was probably the 20th time. Fuck, Noah’s cock was so massive even compared to the massiveness of his body.

This continued for another 15 minutes before Noah finally focused on him again. “Fuck, this was good little man, YOU ARE MINE FROM NOW”. Again, Jonas felt Noah’s will slam into his mind, further exerting his total control over him. “One thing”, Noah continued, “YOU WILL NEVER, EVER TELL ANOTHER HUMAN ABOUT ME BEING A WEREWOLF, ABOUT ME GROWING, ABOUT MY SIZE. YOU CAN ONLY TELL THAT YOU ARE MINE, MY BITCH.” At that point, Jonas just wanted to be with Noah, always. He was surprised that his master didn’t demand exclusivity. Still, he did get the feeling that the feeling was mutual, although there was no love there. Only lust, need, dominance and ownership. But on the other hand, there was also that strong feeling of protection—of complete safety. “Is that clear?” Noah demanded.

“Yes, master”, Jonas answered wholeheartedly.

Only then did Noah pull his cock out of Jonas’ ass and put him down on the floor, Jonas’ head not even reaching his pecs. His giant chest was heaving while Noah was catching his breath, his eyes closed as he seemed to try and compose himself. Jonas heard and felt massive quantities of cum cascade out of his ass, but he was all fixed on Noah, like a god standing in front of him. His eyes could finally take in the magnitude of his cock and balls. His cock was now 40 cm long and standing straight up from his groin at a 90 degree angle, further supported by the two massive, but now slightly deflated globes underneath. Slowly the beast softened and started to angle down towards the floor. Still more cum continued to drip out Only then did he notice Noah’s huge hairy legs. They were completely covered in a mix of cum and blood, the thick hair clotted together and standing in all directions. So much, it was a wonder there was still blood left in his body!

He then looked down, and saw the huge puddle of cum on the floor. It covered everything in a two meter circle around his feet. Truly awe inspiring. It must be more than a gallon. He looked up at Noah as he growled. “Clean this up, my bitch, I need to go out and hunt”. Noah turned around and walked up to the door. As the light hit his back, Jonas could swear that Noah’s skin was becoming grey quickly. What the fuck? And was he growing again? As Noah walked out and the light of the big outside lanterns hit him, Jonas was sure. He was changing again, but now more rapidly, much more dramatically and into something which was less human by the second. He only had several seconds before Noah walked into the forest, but he had already seemed to have grown 20 cm, now reaching 2m70 or so. His chest and shoulders were rapidly widening, while the muscles on his arms and shoulders exploded outwards and his legs continued to inflate with rock-hard muscle. But now, instead of only becoming bigger and more muscular, the ratios were changing. His arms became longer, and his torso lengthened. His hips and lower torso actually seemed to become less wide, making his gigantically wide shoulders stand out even more. And then he was gone before Jonas could see what other changes were in store. Fuck, what was he in for, Jonas wondered as he turned away from the door and started cleaning……


Part 5

Several hours later Jonas woke up as the door of the cabin was slammed shut. His master had returned….He turned his head and saw Noah’s massive shape walking towards him. He had shrunk a little bit again, probably reaching to 2m30, although it was difficult to see with only the light of the moon coming through the windows. “TURN ON YOUR STOMACH”, Noah boomed in his commanding voice as he approached the side of the bed. His massive legs completely filled Jonas’ vision, although he knew they were much smaller than then compared to when Noah had left. How large would he have become, he wondered?

Without even thinking about it, Jonas felt his body oblige. He even threw in an extra kick, lifting his ass into the air to tempt his master. He heard Noah grumble appreciatively. “Fuck, you are a good bitch”. Jonas felt Noah’s massive paw on his head, pushing his head in the pillow. He then felt how Noah positioned his hairy tree-trunk legs at both sides of his thighs, his torso hovering up over Jonas’ body. He felt the heat radiating from Noah. His dick stiffened as he smelled Noah’s overpowering musk. The previous smell of his body, an intoxicating combination of pure testosterone, sweat, wet hair and cum, was now combined with more earthy tones of dirt, herbs and plants. And there was something else. It took Jonas a while to figure it out, but then there was no question about it, it was actually quite overpowering. Blood! Noah had killed some animal and eaten it. Part of Jonas was repulsed, the other part got even further under Noah’s spell, his getting painfully hard in the process.

Mere seconds later, Noah’s other hand went in between his ass cheeks. Jonas let out a satisfied gasp as Noah inserted his thumb in his ass and started to open him up. He made large circles, massaging his sphincter and churning his insides. As a 100% bottom it was one of Jonas’ favourite moves. Seconds later, he was about to cum. “No, please”, he pleaded, “stop. I do not want to cum yet. I need your cock in me. Fill me up with your hot seed”.

“You are a good bitch, so I will do what you want”, Noah growled. Almost immediately, Jonas felt the thick head of Noah’s cock, which was probably around 30 cm again considering his current height, pressed against his hole. Noah stopped there for a couple of seconds for some reason. As Jonas was in such desperate need for Noah’s cock in him, he was actually the one pushing up, engulfing the first couple of centimeters of the massive cock head with his eager chute. “You are one hot son-of-a-bitch, are you not”, Noah growled again. He pushed Jonas’s ass back down and then pushed the remaining 25 centimeters of cock into him while grunting loudly. Immediately he started to pump in and out of Jonas and within a minute he had built up a pace which was seemed typical of him, somewhat resembling the pistons of a steam locomotive.

Jonas just let him be carried away by the storm. The pain was still there, vaguely, but the feeling of Noah’s cock up his anus, the heat of his massive body all around him, his incredible weight pressing him into the mattress, it was the best he had ever felt. This time, it did not take Noah as long to cum and fill up his ass with hot wolf-jizz. But it felt even better than before. He hadn’t noticed before, but he had been needing Noah’s seed, had maybe even been showing the first signs of withdrawal. Wow, after only hours! That was going to be a problem! Maybe he had lost too much of Noah’s cum on the floor the last time?

That was not going to happen this time though. Jonas felt himself filling up with cum as Noah’s climax came to its own climax, and then the giant rolled the two of them on their sides and actually spooned him, his cock still lodged into Jonas’ ass. He pushed one of Jonas’ legs forward so he could put his gargantuan leg around over him. He then put one of his massive arms around Jason hugging him close to his flaming hot, hairy body. Jonas was surrounded by muscles. His master’s rock hard limbs were all around him: he felt Noah’s thick pecs pressing into his back, his quad and bicep grinding into his side, he could even feel Noah’s incredibly defined abs. And Noah’s cock remained rock-hard and thick as coke bottle, even as his slowing, steadying breath indicated the big wolf was falling asleep.

Seconds later Jonas heard snoring behind him. The big hot brute was actually sleeping! He was pretty sure he was not going to sleep. He couldn’t move a muscle, and felt like he was in a furnace. And he was horny as hell but couldn’t reach his cock to jerk himself off! Eventually he decided just to enjoy the feeling of security and of course the massive cock planted into his ass and to his surprise started to slowly drift into an unsteady sleep.


Part 6

Several hours later Jonas woke up again, the first rays of sunlight hitting his face. He turned his head so he could look over his shoulder: Noah was back to his “normal” size again. That still meant 2 meters of prime beef, and as he found when he tried to move, a quarter of a meter of his fat, rock-hard fuck-log lodged up to the hilt into his ass. Even though Noah’s arms and legs were also back to their original size, the guy was still massively strong and there was no way Jonas could move around. Fuck, even at this size, Noah’s arms were thicker than Jonas’ legs.

He waited for another thirty minutes for the big guy to wake up, feeling increasingly restless. Eventually the feeling turned into claustrophobia: feeling protected was one thing, but he needed to move! He started squirming in the limited space he had, and finally his big lover woke up from his deep slumber. “Hey little boy,” he murmured sleepily. His voice was soothing, and he looked at Jonas with a face that showed appreciation, if not affection. Jonas felt his heart skip a beat. Noah put his face in Jonas’ hair and sniffed. “Fuck, your smell makes me so horny and possessive,” he said softly. He sniffed again, this time in Jonas neck. “You smell so good, and you are so beautiful, ever since you walked in to our school two years ago you have been driving me crazy. It was about time I claimed you as mine.” He stopped talking for a minute and then continued, even more softly… “You might even be my mate”…..and then again a deep silence.

“You never told me that, why didn’t you do anything before?” Jonas said while two things were raging through his mind. First, he also had some power over Noah it seemed. Although Noah could take him when he wanted and had fucked up his mind in a way that made him his slave (although Jonas knew he was a willing slave, he didn’t even really care anymore if it was induced or not), there might be some leverage there. And two, he had said mate! What did that mean? A potential at least for something more meaningful? “So basically, I missed out on two years of being with you?” Jonas said, much more self-assured.

“You must now have come to understand that I do not do the mushy stuff very well,” Noah responded sullenly. “I take and I fuck HARD, it’s my nature. I was a hard, rough and hyper-dominant guy when I was a normal human. When I became this beast on the outside, I also became a beast on the inside; all my aggressiveness became magnified ten-fold. There is no going back, and the larger I get the less control I have. You’re lucky that I started out yesterday in my human form. If I am a wolf, I just rape. Normally I have difficulty caring about my partner, but when I’m a wolf, I’ve never been able to make myself care, not even one ounce.”

Jonas got a little bit scared hearing that. Even though he was devoted to Noah and he knew that Noah would protect him from any outside threat, he was still afraid of being hurt by Noah himself. He considered closely on his best approach, before starting with: “We need to get beyond that though. I like it rough and there is nothing I like more than getting fucked by a muscle stud with a massive cock. And you are the strongest guy, with the hottest body and the biggest cock I’ve ever met AND you can fuck forever, you’re fucking amazing. My wet dream since puberty. But you need to play it cool. You must know that I am yours, you are what I want and I will give you what you want whenever you want it, because I want it to. Be rough, be dominant, but I think we can enjoy it more, if I don’t have to be afraid that you’ll hurt me….beyond being hurt by the size of your cock of course,” Jonas added with a laugh. “No, no, no, be quiet,” he added as he felt Noah was about to respond, “…. All those years I’ve been trying to find a guy to satisfy my sick craving for size, and there you were right under my nose….with a bigger cock and bigger muscles than I’ve ever got to touch or even see in real life, and those insane supersize options as an added bonus!”

“You like my beast-size??,” Noah said in a bemused tone …… Jonas even heard some hope and maybe some desperation in the big guy’s voice. Was there a part that had been craving for acceptance all those years?

“Are you kidding?! I fucking loved it. Didn’t even believe such things were possible. I’ve always dreamed about muscle growth, inhumanly large guys with massively developed muscles and cocks…and having sex with those beasts. Your body is beyond my wildest expectations. And I haven’t even seen it all, now have I? When you left yesterday you were getting even bigger and better. I would love to see how you look like then….maybe you will show it to me someday? And hopefully you can be careful enough and fuck me thenwithout me getting hurt too badly.”

“Fuck man, you’re getting me all worked up again,” Noah told him. And Jonas could feel it, could feel Noah’s cock growing again rapidly, beyond the ‘basic’ 25 cm monster. At the same time, his body was pushed forward as Noah’s massive torso started to expand and bulk up. “Jesus fucking shit…. I’m growing again, and fast!!…..I can hardly control myself with you. I’ve never had so fucking little control.” Noah let go of Jonas and wanted to turn around, forgetting his growing schlong remained firmly embedded in his lover’s ass. As such, when he turned onto his back, his powerful cock lifted Jonas right on top of his expanding body. Jonas gasped; the pull on his abused ass was really painful. Noah laughed, “Sorry, forgot that my dick was still inside. Maybe no surprise. My cock is going to be inside of you a lot!” Jonas felt a bit off, like his point of gravity had changed. He looked down and saw his swollen stomach. What could that be? That couldn’t all be cum, could it?

A second later he felt how he was lifted up by Noah, and as he was lifted up Noah’s dong was pulled out of his ass. As soon as Noah’s cock plopped out, what seemed like three liters of cum juices cascaded out of his battered, gaping hole. “Fuck,” Noah yelled as he his midsection was slathered with cum, before continuing in a satisfied way, “I must have cum in my sleep last night, I filled up your sweet ass real good didn’t I?” While saying that he grabbed his huge balls. “Don’t you love these cum machines?”

Jonas could only affirm that he did. He felt empty without Noah’s cock in him. He stepped out of the bed and looked back at the mess on his sheets. Even though Noah’s muscular body was covered in dried mud and blood and an incredible quantity of dried and fresh cum, he still looked gorgeous to Jonas.

Noah’s growth came to an immediate stop as contact with Jonas was broken. Still, Jonas estimated that the couple of seconds of growth had added 1 or 2 cm of cock and brought his height to around 2.05 meters. What people would probably notice first though was the increase in muscle size. “Shit,” Jonas said, “The students! This will draw the boys’ attention. No way they will not notice that their hero gained like 10 kg of muscle in one night. How long does it take to return to normal?” he asked.

“Well, from my full size yesterday….. at least 6 hours. But this will still take an hour or two. The last part always takes longest.”

“Shit! We’re fucked! We need to meet the boys for breakfast within the next half hour or so,” Jonas stressed. “I can start for breakfast and you can come later…but first, we need to wash you up,” Jonas murmured. He extended his hand to Noah’s, who got up and followed him to the shower with a bemused expression on his face, cum dripping from his body onto the floor. He was obviously not used to kindness or care!

Jonas put Noah under the shower. Well, under?….. the head of the shower was set at a maximum of 1.80 meters, so only extended up to Noah’s massively wide shoulders. He turned on the shower and got to work. The thick hair on Noah’s chest, groin, lower arms and legs was all coated with muck, most of which had dried up and was really difficult to clean. It took tonnes of soap and almost ten minutes to clean his master, but this also gave him an opportunity to explore Noah’s current form. He was absolutely beautiful. All his muscles inflated, but alsomore cut; standing out like carved stones under his skin. When he reached Noah’s muscle ass he couldn’t stop himself anymore. He pulled Noah’s ass cheeks apart and buried his face in between. Immediately, he worked his tongue around Noah’s hairy hole. Noah gasped, “Fuck! That feels so fucking good. No one has ever done that!” Jonas continued, trying to push his tongue in. “Fuck, that is good!” Noah roared. He spread his legs far apart, not only giving Jonas much better access to his hole, but also showing the huge balls dangling in between his legs. Let’s see how much we can make them grow, Jonas thought mischievously, extending his arms between Noah’s massive, hairy legs and grabbing one of Noah’s balls with each hand. The egg-shaped globes completely filled his hands. He had expected them to be harder, like the rest of Noah’s body, but instead they felt spongy and soft. He started massaging the big cum factories, much more roughly than he would normally do, but he was sure the big guy could take it.

He felt Noah’s body shudder under the intense feelings coursing through him. He squeezed Noah’s balls harder, each squeeze synchronised with his tongue slipping into Noah’s twitching hole. Noah’s balls started to swell, getting harder with each squeeze of Jonas’ hands, first filling up to their current holding capacity and then slowly swelling up as more cum was produced. And then finally, the growth of his whole body kicked in again, and much, much quicker than the night before. It was clear that Noah had forgotten completely about needing go meet the boys in half an hour as he roared again and his body simply exploded. That was what Jonas had been waiting for. Now, finally, the could see the growth of Noah’s body in its full glory. He continued to suck Noah’s progressively more hairy ass hole, but he had to move up as Noah’s legs got longer. He also felt how his face became mashed in between Noah’s growing ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes he could hardly breath, but is was just so hot, getting stuck in between so much raw power. The only thing he could hear come out of Noah was a continuous, loud moan, and an occasional “Fuck, that feels so good.” Noah bent forward more and more to give Jonas even better access to his quivering hole. As the giant stud’s hole widened as he got bigger, Jonas dove in deeper and deeper, now sticking in his tongue all the way into Noah’s warm, wet musky chute. God, he could probably stick his fist in, maybe both, Jonas mused. But maybe that would be a bit too much for Noah at this point…it was surprising that he was permitting Jonas to rim him…

“Fuck, my balls feel so fucking heavy and full of seed,” he heard Noah grunt. And as Jonas continued to squeeze the behemoth’s nuts, he could only agree. Noah’s hairy sack was drawn tight around two giant spongy globes, each much larger than yesterday when Noah had reached the same size, maybe up to the size of a small elongated coconut. They were vibrating; probably from the abnormally large quantities of cum they produced each second as Noah was drawing near to his climax. Only a minute later, Jonas felt Noah cum. His ass muscles spasmed and then flexed hard, squeezing Jonas’ face out in the process. He fell towards the side on his ass, a perfect position to appreciate Noah’s godliness.

Noah used both hands to jerk off his massive 40 cm dong with hard, wild strokes which would probably pull a normal guy’s cock straight of his groin. His winglike shoulders and American football-sized biceps were pumped up, huge mounds of muscle straining his skin as he jerked of. The same for his globular pecs. No amount of hair could hide their hugeness. “Fuck!!!,” Noah boomed, “I’m going to cum.” And just as he said that a first missile of cum shot out of his massive cock, straight against the wall 6 metres away. The glob of jizz exploded against the wood, splattering the furniture and the carpet for meters around. “Oh fuck, that feels good,” he moaned as a second, even thicker squirt of seed exploded out of his huge gun. He threw back his head and opened his mouth, showing his fangs in their full glory.

Jonas almost came on the spot when Noah let out a resounding roar of pure bliss, the sound so deep that his whole body vibrated. It was like listening to alion. He grabbed his own cock, his eyes remaining fixed on the hairy, massive beast. Never had he imagined a person’s muscles could be so big. Some of the muscles on Noah’s back were bigger than his own leg muscles, together with his pecs, and shoulders forming a torso which was so big that it seemed to defy gravity. His rock-hard midsection looked tiny in comparison, his stomach cut to the bone, his hips wide by human standards, but incredibly narrow when compared to his behemoth chest and shoulders. He didn’t have a muscle-stomach as some bodybuilders Jonas had seen. It seemed that his muscles were drawn inwards giving Noah the same abs as a professional fitness model, with triple the muscle size. His legs were equally dramatic, flaring out below his hips.

There was just one word for it: “monstrous.” Noah was a monster, a hot, muscle-bound, hung-like-a-horse, hairy monster…and handsome to add to the package! Jonas’ earlier fears and doubts slid off him like a cloak. He was one lucky bastard. This monster was all his…..OK, so the man was a brute, but he was still a fucking amazing catch for a muscle fairy and bottom fanatic like Jonas.

With the next cumshot, Noah’s massive legs buckled and he fell on his knees, his cock remaining firmly in his hands. The cheap floorboards creaked under his body’s weight. The whole cabin shook! The enormous amounts of meat on his legs were pushed outwards in the process, giving a whole new definition to the term ‘tree-trunk legs’. So much meat, that there was no room left for his balls, which were pushed up. Jonas got up and walked towards Noah. The guy was on his knees, but remained much taller than Jonas! Standing behind him he started to feel up his lover’s body, first following the deep ridges along Noah’s back and then spreading his arms as wide as he could to caress both his mountainous shoulders at the same time. Jonas looked down and saw that his cock was leaking pre. He was not sure if he had ever been this horny. He walked to Noah’s side and let his hands slide to the front and tried to squeeze one of Noah’s massive pec, marveling at their awe-inspiring size and mass. They stuck out more than 15 cm from Noah’s chest at that point!

All that time, Noah had continued to cum unabated, each cumshot still hitting the far wall and splattering everything around it. Jonas looked at it dumbfounded: the widening piss-list, up to the point where he could probably fit his finger, and then the thick shot of jizz erupting out of it half a second later. He knew that monster cock had fit in his ass, but he couldn’t understand how. It was so big. Or how all that cum had fit in his body! It almost seemed his balls were working so fast that they kept up with Noah’s cumshots. Still, after a couple more minutes, the quantities finally abated, but everything in that whole corner of the cabin was now covered in thick wolf-jizz. Eventually, cum just drizzled out of Noah’s cock, and with one final tug, he squeezed the last glob out.

“Fuck, that was good,” Noah purred while stretching his massive body. “I won’t be able to go out to the boys today….Will you manage?”

“I think I will, they will be quite disappointed though, with a whole day of lit.” Noah smiled at that, warming Jonas’s heart. The guy was really handsome if he smiled! “Fuck, it is going to be a long day, here by myself in this tiny cabin.”

“I would be more than happy to service you during the breaks,” Jonas said eagerly. “I will make sure to come back whenever I can and we can enjoy ourselves a little bit more.” With that, Jonas quickly dressed and left the cabin.


Part 7

Jonas slowly and very carefully sat down on the wooden bench. His abused ass protested with searing pain shooting up from his strained sphincter and into his abdomen and chest. He had never been fucked for so long or so often, never mind by a cock that big. A cock big enough to completely destroy his hole. Jonas slowly relaxed as the pain subsided, closing his eyes and relishing the heat of the sauna as it soaked into his body. Fuck that felt good, he thought as he slowly laid himself down.

He looked at his smooth torso and stomach, the normally flawless skin now an angry red and covered with small scratches. He smiled as he reminisced about how his condition had come to be. Just two hours ago, Noah had been slamming into him, Jonas’ body hovering above the floor, wedged between the thick wooden beams of the wall. Held up by a 40cm wine-bottle thick cock rammed up his ass, and a couple of hundred kilos of all-powerful, rock-hard muscle driving that column of meat into his body like a drill. Jonas could feel his abused cock starting to get hard. He had thought he would be pushed right through the walls, such was the power of Noah’s thrusts. It had been fucking amazing. He could hardly imagine how his ass cheeks must look after hours and hours of having Noah’s hard body smashed into them.

Noah’s cock was like a drug to Jonas. He shivered as he relived the feeling of being filled up by the massive log, pre-cum being injected deep into his body. That was what he needed most in the whole world: Noah’s cock, Noah’s cum, while being surrounded by Noah’s hyper-inflated, indestructible muscles. The heat radiating from the hairy mountains of flesh, as they pushed with brute force against his ass and his back, was incredible. The back of his head safely wedged in between Noah’s massive pecs. His intestines already bursting from Noah’s pre-cum alone, and then receiving the unstoppable flood of semen as Noah finally came.

He didn’t even want to know how his hole looked, because it had not been the only time today, nor the hardest or longest fuck, Jonas mused with a smile. Not even close. After their morning fuck, Jonas had come back to the cabin for a quick fuck session during the coffee break, finding Noah back at almost his normal size. Unfortunately, they they hadn’t been able to finish in time. Both Noah and Jonas thought they were going insane as the bell rang and Noah had to pull out his inflated cock, only minutes away from releasing the building pressure in his balls and giving Jonas the cum-fix he needed so desperately.

Over lunch, Noah had almost pushed Jonas through the bed as he frantically fucked him in the short time they had while the boys were eating. Horny as fuck, both of them desperately needing to get off. Noah’s balls had been massive, building up huge quantities of cum in the two hours he had been waiting for Jonas to come back. So worked up the beast had become, his body hadn’t shrunk a single centimetre! Jonas had been leaking cum for many minutes after.

And then at the end of the afternoon, Jonas had been used for hours after the boys returned to their cabins. Noah had fucked him until he came, and then had done exactly the same again, and again and again. His hunger for Jonas’ ass had been insatiable, his enormous body never needing rest, his cock never going completely soft. He had only stopped when Jonas passed out from fatigue. Only a couple of hours later Jonas had woken up with 25cm of cock being shoved up his chute without any foreplay. Then followed the fantastic fuck session where Jonas was picked up, still impaled by Noah’s horse cock, pushed against the wall and fucked for more than an hour, Noah’s cock quickly growing to the gargantuan dimensions Jonas so loved.

As Noah left to go hunt, Jonas had decided that some time in the sauna would do him good. Sitting there, his body absorbing delicious heat, he was so very happy he made that decision. He could feel his tortured muscles relax as the warmth seeped into them. He gasped as he allowed himself to completely relax, his joints and muscles shaking as the tension was finally released. He quickly fell asleep, his mind filled with images of Noah’s god-like body.

As he woke up, he noticed heavy snoring close by. He opened his eyes and saw Noah’s large body stretched out one bench down from where he was. He was back at his normal size, still two meters of prime beef, but the most human Jonas has seen him the whole day. Even his dick was back to normal, still thick and long, but now as soft as he had ever seen it and pointing down, supported by his hairy balls.

He watched the spectacle for a while, taking in every part of Noah’s beautiful body. He wasn’t as cut and aesthetic as when he got bigger, but incredible just the same. His big, burly chest slowly rising and falling as he inhaled the thick air, the hair on his muscular pecs matted to his skin from the humidity. The same was the case with his rock-hard stomach and thick legs, coated with sweat, the hair slicked against his skin. Jonas was sure he would always be able to look at Noah’s broad shoulders and thick arms and picture the big wolf protecting him, defending his bitch. Noah’s tough-guy face was completely relaxed while sleeping, his beard and hair wet with sweat. His features almost unrecognisable, gone was the aggressive look and angry eyes. Fuck, the guy was handsome.

Jonas focused again on Noah’s cock. It was almost hypnotic looking at the thick schlong. He wanted it, he needed it. He tried to stay put and allow his drained body to relax some more. His body was dead tired, he needed this brief respite from fucking. But minute by minute, raunchy thought by raunchy thought, his resolve broke down. Before he knew what he was doing, he gingerly descended down the two steps towards the slumbering hulk, squatting down next to Noah and taking the big, soft cock in his hand.

He loved the feeling of Noah’s meat in his hands. It was smaller than he was used to, but still it overflowed his hands. Resting on the huge man’s stomach, Jonah eyed Noah’s thick hand. He smiled as he put his own long, skinny fingers on top of Noah’s massive paw. Even at his current size, Noah’s hand was at least twice as big as his, the broad back of his hand covered in hair, thick veins running down to his fingers. The mountainous hunk’s fingers were so large and so incredibly thick. Jonas’ cock quivered as he imagined them entering his tortured ass, pushing against his helpless sphincter, opening him up for Noah’s massive cock.

He returned his attention to Noah’s potent genitals. He grabbed the base of the flaccid piece of meat and pointed the thick head upwards. With his other hand he cupped Noah’s balls as he brought his mouth towards his master’s cock. He smelled Noah’s strong musky scent, a combination of dried cum and sweat. He had never been much of a cum lover, he liked his lovers neat and clean. But that had changed when Noah forged his addiction to his seed. The scent was overpowering as he put his lips on to the hot cock-head, gingerly licking it, cleaning it, ridding it of all the residues of their insanely intense sexcapades. Bit by bit he moved down the shaft, which remained surprisingly soft during the process, only plumping up a bit.

Once he was satisfied with the level of cleanliness of the shaft and had ingested any remaining cum, Jonas slowly took the head in to his mouth and sucked on it for the first time. He almost fainted from the intense feeling of bliss coursing through his body. The thick cock felt so good in his mouth! A soft moan escaped Noah’s mouth as Jonah himself involuntarily hummed on the thick meat, a loud moan reverberating out as the insane heat of the thick knob hit the inside of his mouth. He savoured the feeling of the cock-head in his mouth whilst it was still fit relatively easily, swirling it around in his mouth, slowly pulling back the foreskin and enveloping the massive, spongy cock-head as it emerged. He started, ever so slowly, to move his mouth up and down the massive head, loving it each time his lips moved past its ridge and made their way down the thick shaft. He took his time, slowing down even further, taking almost a minute to move his mouth from the tip of the head to taking so much of Noah’s slowly engorging member that he started to gag. He continued to massage Noah’s balls with his hands, as he felt how they slowly started to swell as cum production kicked in to gear.

He allowed one of his hands to roam down, in between Noah’s tree-trunk legs. He carefully gave them a nudge and Noah opened them with a satisfied moan before continuing to snore. Jonas immediately went in deeper, caressing the start of Noah’s ass-crack and the hard ridge where his cock emerged from above his balls, his inner-cock so to say. He unfortunately couldn’t reach Noah’s hole. He would have loved to put his fingers in, massaging the big brute’s ass while giving him the best head he had ever had.

He felt Noah’s cock getting hard in his mouth and within a minute or two it was full mast, all 25cm of it. It felt so thick in his mouth, so meaty and good. The big head alone filled up his mouth most of the way, and not even half of the shaft went in before the tip hit the back of his mouth. He immediately started gagging again as the thick knob hit his throat. But he was now determined to get over his gag reflex and service his master as he deserved.

He repositioned himself next to Noah so there was a straighter line between his cock, standing proudly erect even without support, and Jonas’ eager throat. He then swallowed Noah’s cock again up to the point where the thick head met the back of his throat and he started to gag. He kept it there, firmly pushing his head forward. Several minutes later the gagging finally stopped and he was ready to get the massive beast in further. He counted to three and then pushed himself forward. The head slid into his throat quite easily and centimetre by centimetre he was able to push himself down further. The massive cock burned his throat as it went in, but Jonas was determined to make it happen.

He had been so caught up in getting the thick schlong in, that he only discovered his mistake at the last minute. Just as his lips finally hit Noah’s thick bush, he felt Noah’s cock starting to grow, Rapidly! Very rapidly! Fuck! He had been so horny, he hadn’t even thought about Noah’s growth! How could he be so stupid, he was such a cock-hungry slut!

He felt how his throat was stretched from the inside out as Noah’s cock added centimetre after centimetre in circumference. At the same time, the meat-tube lengthened quickly, pushing itself out against Jonas’ grossly unprepared throat. Within seconds, his lips were again well away from Noah’s pubes and he could see Noah’s massive third leg as it quickly went from big, to bigger to gigantic. It looked like a flesh-coloured salami was sticking out of his mouth, connected to a wall of muscle. Jonas started to pull the gargantuan cock out of his mouth, but it became increasingly difficult as the expanding member lodged itself more and more firmly inside Jonas’ gullet. He pulled harder, but his progress slowed from centimetres to millimetres.

He felt how the thick cock-head couldn’t pass his Adam’s apple. He brought up his hands to touch his throat, no wonder, he could feel it inside his body. A huge, pulsating, and quickly growing lump ravaging his throat. He needed to get it out, and quick! He looked up at Noah, as expected the guy had grown more massive. His body was huge again, and being this close gave Jonas a front seat view to his striated abs, the massive mountains of his pecs, his bowling ball shoulders and his huge biceps. He could see the muscles pulsating and growing, hair spreading over Noah’s shoulders. Impossibly, the guy still seemed to be sleeping.

Before getting distracted, Jonas quickly considered his options. Then, discovering that he had none, he braced himself before yanking his head back, ripping the enormously thick tube out of his throat. Fuck! That hurt!. He started gagging immediately as the cock-head reentered and completely filled his mouth. He must look like a fucking hamster with his cheeks pushed out by the mammoth, orange-size head. Only the taste of Noah’s pre-cum in the back of his mouth kept him conscious.

But he wasn’t out of trouble yet. He felt the corners of his mouth starting to stretch as the shaft continued to grow. He started to pull his head back more and more forcibly to get the monster head out, but the thick head was stuck behind his teeth.

“Ughhhh”, he heard Noah groaning below him. “Fuck that feels good”. He looked up and saw Noah staring back at him, propping himself up in order to see over his massive pecs. His abs working hard to support his gargantuan upper body. He seemed to be two/thirds of his way to his maximum size now, or at least the maximum he had grown in front or inside Jonas. “Are you going to stop?” Noah asked as Jonas continued to struggle to get the massive cock-head out of his mouth. Noah watched him with an amused smile for a while. “You know you are not going to get it out before it goes soft, right?” Noah said “So you either don’t move for an hour, or you deal with it like a man, and I fuck your mouth”.

It became quite obvious that it was a rhetorical question as Noah got up, supporting Jonas as he put him with his back against the wooden bench above his current seat. He then positioned himself with his feet on the floor and his hands on the highest seat, completely surrounding Jonas with hairy slabs of muscle. Then slowly he started to thrust his hips forward, his cock-head bumping straight into the back of Noah’s mouth. Not much more was possible in terms of movement, Jonas’ mouth was filled to the brim.

And as Noah’s cock continued to grow to its full 40 centimetre glory, Jonas’ mouth offered less and less space. His cheeks could still stretch around the humongous tool, warping his face, but in the end there was less than a centimetre of manoeuvrability left for Noah to thrust. That didn’t stop Noah from trying to get in further, either consciously or not, as Jonas felt the blunt bludgeon bashing against his throat, bringing back his gag reflex full swing. But as Noah’s cock finally reached its full size it was eventually his lips that started to hurt the most, their elasticity pushed to the limit by the massive shaft, and then finally starting to rip.

It hurt more and more by the second as he felt his lips burst, his jaws almost dislocating as the cock was pushed around in his mouth, but Jonas knew he could take it. Maybe Noah’s command that he could “ACCOMMODATE HIM NO MATTER HOW BIG HIS COCK GOT” also worked for his mouth? As he thought about that he started to relax a bit and get into it again. His eyes still continued to water from the lack of oxygen and the pain in his mouth, but he now started to appreciate the massive tube of flesh humping his mouth. It was so incredibly thick and beautifully smooth, and so long from his current perspective, more than 30 centimetres of fat wolf-cock sticking out of his mouth, now as thick as a wine bottle.

With the small movements Noah was making, his balls were working like a pendulum, the two coconut-sized cum-factories swinging back and forth in their huge, hairy sack. It was hypnotic. Their size and weight, which must be more than a kilo each, started to become painful as they bumped into Jonas’ throat again and again and again. Both painful and hot as hell, Jonas thought as he put a hand on his own cock and started to jerk off. He used his free hand to roam over Noah’s now fully grown body. He started at his own mouth, feeling his lips stretched to thin lines. He left those alone quickly, sliding his hand over the top of the massive prick, which looked like a flesh-coloured bridge from his viewpoint. He was in no way able to fit his hand around the gigantic tube, but just touching it already got him so hard that he almost came. After slowly covering the 30cm expanse, he reached Noah’s rock-hard groin and immediately went up to feel up the canyon-land that was Noah’s stomach. The most deeply cut and ripped abdominals in the world, rock-hard and completely unyielding, the tanned skin covered in beautiful black hair.

He stretched his arm further and discovered that with Noah’s current massive size, and himself being pinned down by the beautiful cock, he was only able to touch the bottom part of Noah’s gargantuan pecs. Still, it was better than nothing! The two massive slabs of meat were hard as diamond, the skin the only part which had some give. The mountainous muscles underneath didn’t budge a millimetre as he tried to squeeze them. Fuck they looked so hot, sticking out from Noah’s torso like overhanging rocks, pushing down his thick, hard nipples, the only part of his massive torso that wasn’t covered in hair.

He looked beyond the monstrous chest, to Noah’s colossal shoulders. The guy was well over a 1.5 metre wide now at the shoulders, almost half his length and well over three times the width of his comparatively narrow waist. His taper was incredible; he looked impossible and completely unnatural, but absolutely beautiful to Jonas. The guy looked like a Greek god from his boyhood jerk off-fantasies, surpassing mere mortals in any way imaginable. But he was real, and his to be fucked by. If only he would be a bit nicer and actually act like his boyfriend instead of his owner. But owner would do for now, Jonas thought with a smile.

He looked at the bowling-ball shoulders again. God he would love to touch those as well, but no way he would be able to reach them with Noah at his current size. Next time! Instead he brought his hand down from Noah’s big twitching nipple and tried to circumvent Noah’s hips and reach his ass. That proved impossible. With the added distance between them due to Noah’s cock, the increased width of Noah’s hips and the size of his muscle-ass he didn’t even reach half way. Fuck, he would like to have been able to touch Noah’s hole. That would have made him cum for sure! And then Noah would finally be able to fuck him. Jonas’ ass was burning with need!

He brought his hand down from Noah’s powerful hips to roam over Noah’s massive, tree-trunk legs. He felt so lucky, being able to touch them, the thickest, hardest, and most beautifully muscled legs in the world . Fuck, Noah’s thighs must be thicker than the torso of any of the guys, even Lars. Muscles were layered on top of each other, his quads sticking out beautifully, almost as big as Jonas’ whole leg. He slammed his fist into them a couple of times, marveling at how hard they were. So much raw power, and all at his disposal, all to fuck him as hard as as long as he could take, and beyond.

Noah just moaned, even though Jonas was hitting him with all his might. “Fuck! Your mouth is so tight, I can’t! Fuck, I need to cum so bad”, Noah said with his now incredibly low voice. “When I’m out, I am going to fuck you so hard, so long. I’m going to fucking breed you all night long. YOU LIKE TO BE BRED BY ME, RIGHT MY BITCH? IT’S JUST WHAT YOUR ASS NEEDS, IT WILL FEEL LIKE HEAVEN WHEN I RIDE YOUR SUPER TIGHT ASS WITH MY BIG COCK. YOUR NARROW CHUTE WARM AND WET AROUND MY MONSTER COCK. TIGHT AS HELL, BUT STILL ABLE TO HANDLE WHAT I’M PACKING! “ Noah boomed.

Jonas could feel his ass starting to itch with need, and with something else. He felt how his hole started to contract, responding to the demands of his master. All the efforts of opening up his hole to be able to cope with his master’s insane cock were for nothing. Fuck, Jonas thought, how would it feel now to get fucked by Noah? He was scared, but also looking forward to discovering the answer. He needed it right now! He couldn’t wait any longer.

He suddenly grabbed Noah’s balls with both of his hands and squeezed them hard. Noah first let out a loud yelp in surprise, but then started moaning louder and louder as Jonas kneading his balls finally got him to approach his climax. Noah’s monster cock swelled just a bit more, the gigantic, bloated cock head pushing even harder against the back of Jonas teeth, nearly forcing them out of his gums. Jets of precum were being injected straight into his throat and down into his stomach. The thick goo also quickly filled his mouth, a mixture of drool and cum slowly dripping out of his mouth in white, sticky ropes.

Noah then lets out a loud roar as he finally cums. The first almighty blast of super thick, hot, salty cum explodes down Jonas’ throat, painfully filling his stomach. It felt like he was drinking from a hose, the quantities were just unbelievable. In seconds a quarter of a litre of wolf cum was shot into him. With another roar a second, equally powerful, eruption fills up his stomach and gullet completely. Then as a grand finale, Noah hits his fists straight through the sauna benches as he erupts for the third time, now with such incredible force and such volumes of cum that the colossal cock head was pushed out of his victim’s abused mouth, the back of Jonas’ head hitting the bench with a loud crack.

Jonas watched in awe as Noah continued to cum. He could see the wide slit open up just before the next thick volley of jizz shot out of Noah’s beautiful breeding cannon. He was right in the line of fire as cum shot after cum shot of hot slime covered his face and his body, then the bench and the sauna floor. A minute later, it was finally over, and Noah looked him the eyes.

“Now, we will fuck”.


Part 8

Jonas swallowed as he looked at Noah’s giant form. His ultimate alpha male was standing up straight, breathing hard, his massive chest heaving. The guy was a colossus, his ridiculous taper accentuated by the massiveness of his chest and wing-like shoulders. God, his waist was tiny in comparison…but still wider than Jonas’ narrow shoulders. Immense muscles everywhere, all inhumanly large. His huge dong still dripped cum onto the floor, and was sticking out straight from his groin, rock hard and stronger than any powertool. His balls were hanging low in their hairy sack, now deflated but still huge. And to his own surprise Jonas still wanted more. He wanted to see Noah growing even bigger: Much taller, way heavier, infinitely stronger, with far more muscles, and with a far bigger dick. And how would his face change? How much more canine would he get? How much wilder? Would he get a tail? Jonas was not sure if he would be up for that. But the bigger dick… He was scared for it, but it was also what he felt he needed. To be filled up by the enormous wolf-cock. His ass would just have to adjust to the new reality. He couldn’t wait to get Noah to trust him enough to grow to his full size. How large would he really get?

“Let’s first open you up, little bitch, COME HERE,” Noah ordered. Jonas stepped forward immediately, part through compulsion, part because it was the thing he most wanted to do in the whole world. He stopped only centimetres from Noah, looking up at his rough and thickly bearded but handsome face. God, Jonas was now a full meter taller than he was. He basked in the heat radiating of Noah’s body as he awaited his next order. After a couple of seconds, Noah continued with “TURN AROUND.” As Jonas turned, he heard Noah make a whistle, which sounded a bit strange warped by his canine teeth. Jonas felt himself getting hard again as he considered the beast that was now behind him. Fuck, his non-human features got him so hard. “MOVE UP TWO SEATS,” Jonas did so immediately, his head now almost reaching the ceiling—the same height as Noah now had. “BEND OVER” Noah continued. God, Noah was into ordering Jonas around all of a sudden. And Jonas realised he was equally into being ordered around. With his master being this large, it felt completely natural to Jonas.

Noah positioned himself behind him and then bend over, sniffing Jonas’ ass. “Hmmm, that smells so good,” Noah said as he stuck his nose in between Jonas’ ass cheeks. “I love your tight ass. Fuck, my ass must be three times as wide.” Jonas felt himself getting hard as he thought about Noah’s massive behind: two globes hard as rock, covered with hair and immensely muscled. Had it only been earlier today that he had been going down on Noah’s hole? It felt weeks ago, considering how much fucking had taken place in the meantime. He couldn’t wait to get his tongue into Noah’s eager hole again as it widened with his increasing size.

And now there was a good chance that Noah would return the favour, he thought as Noah again pushed his nose against Jonas’ bunghole and took another deep sniff. He gasped as the tip of Noah’s tongue touched his hole. It felt scorching hot. His own cock twitched as he waited in anticipation. “Hmm… you also taste good,” Noah said after he pulled his tongue back in. He then immediately dived in, pulling apart Jonas’ ass cheeks with quite a bit of force and pushing his tongue hard against Jonas’ hole. As his big tongue was so slick and flexible it took only seconds for the tip to sink in. Jonas had no idea how long Noah’s tongue actually was, but it quickly became apparent that it was now much bigger than any mere mortals’. Within seconds, something resembling the size of a normal guy’s cock was lodged deeply in Jonas’ hole, twirling around. No cock could have done what was now happening, however. And most cocks were probably smaller, Jonas thought as Noah pulled his tongue out, and plunged back in. The super strong muscle was circling around and massaging Jonas’ prostate with incredible strength. Jonas almost fainted, it felt so good. Noah quickly found a good rhythm, plunging his tongue in and out in quick succession and lapping Jonas asshole clean every now and then. Jonas couldn’t stop moaning, goose bumps appearing all over his body from pure bliss, his cock starting to drip pre-cum and his legs shaking so much that they could almost not support him. His sphincter was quivering feverishly every time Noah’s tong exited his tight hole as it tried to close up. His ass never got the chance though, as Noah’s hot, thick tongue was pushed back in only seconds later.

He needed Noah to get in deeper. He needed his tongue in all the way. He started by pushing back, but that wasn’t enough. He then arched his back as far as he could and gripped Noah by the hair, roughly pulling him in further. He wanted, needed, to get every millimetre inside. He felt how Noah gripped his hips, tiny in his massive, rough hands. He could probably break every bone in his body if he wanted to. Noah now also started to pull Jonas’ ass harder onto his slurping mouth, making sure every centimetre of his swirling tongue got in. Noah was snorted with lust as he ate Jonas’ ass. Jonas looked back and saw how Noah’s hips were humping the air like a horny dog, his colossal cock slapping against his rock-hard stomach and thick, vascular legs spraying cum around in copious amounts. Jonas himself also continued to squirt, whimpering and groaning with every powerful flick of the massive tongue on his prostate, sending squirt after squirt of pre-cum out of his sore dick.

Noah was unstoppable and went on for more than 15 minutes, his tongue never tiring. Every now and then, Jonas looked around where he saw Noah squatted down, his massive cock now either making huge circles in the air or lodged firmly in his hand. The midsection of his body was slimy with jizz, the hair matted onto his gargantuan legs, his crotch and his washboard stomach. He was squatting in an quickly expanding puddle of semen, the floor around them covered with his wolf elixir.

Even in his huge paw his cock looked humongous, too thick for him to wrap his hand around completely, and with ample cock visible both below and above his hand. He was happy that Noah was taking so much time opening him up, because he had never taken Noah’s cock when it was already this big. In particular now that Noah had demanded he tighten up. He felt anxiety building in the pit of his stomach as he knew the moment of penetration was coming closer and closer. Noah’s balls were again ridiculously big, the coconut sized globes straining his hairy sack in an incredibly sexy way. Anything else that Jonas could see was just cum-covered muscle, muscle, and more muscle.

“I think you are now ready to give me what I need,” Noah said after he pulled his tongue out with a loud pop and got up. At his current size he completely blotted out the light as he positioned himself behind Jonas and grabbed his hips with his giant hands.

“I would really like to see you when you fuck me,” Jonas pleaded.

“That can be arranged,” Noah said gruffly, quickly putting Jonas one step higher in the sauna and flipping him around, his back on the hard boards. “You like seeing this,” Noah said as he flexed his biceps, his hands behind his head. He then added his entire upper body to the show, flexing his massive shoulders, pecs and abs. Jonas almost came again on the spot, so much muscle ballooning up at the same time. His biceps were beyond belief, incredible thick and hard, fighting for space with his triceps at the back and pushing up against his gargantuan pecs on the side. The thick coat of hair did nothing to hide his muscles, they were just too massive. As Noah went from one pose to the next, his muscles slowly became more pumped as he exercised his powerful body.

Surprisingly, he also seemed to become more ripped as he flexed. As he did a mind-blowing most-muscular, Jonas could swear his muscles were actually becoming more defined. The last bits of body fat on Noah’s body simply melted away. It could never have been more than 2 or 3 percent body fat at this point, but it being gone made a world of difference. In particular where there was less hair, like his upper arms shoulders and hips, veins became more visible. Also individual muscle fibers showed through his thin skin. Still, also where Noah was thickly covered with his sexy wolf-hair, Jonas was seeing tonnes of hot things happen. On his stomach, his abdominals were becoming more and more pronounced. His eight pack was becoming crazy, and slowly but surely, as Noah went into pose after pose, flexing his stomach again and again, Jonas saw his lowest abs coming through, forming an ever more pronounced 10-pack. Jonas hadn’t even known that was possible, but with his big wolf, he had found that anything was possible.

“Can you fuck me and flex,” Jonas heard himself ask with a squeaky voice, his sphincter already quivering just thinking about the impending invasion. Noah smiled at him, his canines slipping through between his lips. Fuck, that was sexy, Jonas thought. “I need you in me,” Jonas groaned. “Now!” He wasn’t sure if Noah would normally have complied to any command from his bitch, but his time he did. He grabbed Jonas’ legs, thin in his massive paws, and pulled them up against his colossal upper body. “I need you, please be fast,” Jonas moaned, “fuck me, grow bigger, grow bigger in me.”

Noah chuckled. “I don’t think that is safe, I will rip you apart. I really won’t be able to control myself.”

“Oh, that sounds fucking hot,” Jonas moaned. “I just need you to be as big as you can for me. You can’t be too big for me.”

“One step at a time,” Noah said in a thick, husky voice. “Let’s first see how you take my cock now.” He then started pushing his massive, 40 cm fuck-club against Jonas’ sphincter. Jonas couldn’t believe how hot his tool felt. It burned against the wetness of his hole. And how blunt, it was so thick that it didn’t even feel like a cock. The massively thick slab of boiling hot meat felt more like a big, bulbous street bollard. His common sense screamed that something that big, fat and blunt would never fit inside something so small and tight. It almost made Jonas cum, just looking at it. The cock, thicker than his own arms, pushed against his crazy tight ass.

“Fuck, I’m ready. Push it in,” he pleaded, his ass itching for the monster cock. Noah didn’t have to be told twice. He immediately started to apply pressure, building it up slowly, while moving his hips around to approach the tight hole from multiple directions. Slowly, but surely, Jonas hole started to open up, but nowhere near enough to permit the massive pole to enter him.

“This is taking too long,” Noah suddenly said with an angry voice. He then grabbed Jonas’ hips and with one aggressive shove pushed in the first 10 centimes of his cock. Jonas’ vision started to become black as pain exploded in his lower body. Fuck! It hurt so much. But there was to be no respite as Noah started pushing forward again. Jonas started screaming when he was smashed against the wall while every single centimetre was forced in by the insane power of Noah’s gigantic muscles and insane weight. Very slowly, the monster log was pushed in. Basically, there was no space for the thick monster, but Noah continued pushing anyway, pushing Jonas’ innards out of the way. When the first 20 centimetres were in, Noah hit a kink in his intestines. The pain started to intensify as Noah further increased the pressure, trying to force his cock past the barrier. Jonas was getting scared that he was going to be ripped open from the inside. Noah started to move his massive dong around, roughly trying to find a way through without a single consideration for Jonas. This went on for minutes as he felt the thick log rearranging his intestines, churning everything around. Eventually, even that felt good to him, until finally, his intestines lost their fight against the battering ram, and the god-cock slid in the remaining 20 cm in one amazing push, Jonas eyes instantly going black as he lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness the massive dong was pushed in and out with relative ease. He must have been out for quite a while…. Still, it was clear that Noah was now far too big for any normal ass to take—if he was going to be Noah’s fuck buddy as often as was happening now, his ass was not going to have sufficient time to recover. Still he wanted it. He gasped as the insanely blunt cock head pulled out completely, then entered him like a fucking battering ram, pushing through his intestines and then hitting his diaphragm, pounding the wind out of his lungs. And again. And again. Faster and faster. Noah sweating like an otter, but not showing any signs of fatigue. He felt himself building up to another orgasm, his painful, red cock starting to twitch. “Oh it fucking feels so good,” he said in a shaky voice ending in a squeak as Noah’s pole rammed into his body again. “Grow for me, pose for me, show me your fucking body,” he heard himself say as the godly manhood was pulled out again. “So fucking good!” he cried out. “Flex for me as I come. Flex for me as you fuck me.”

He looked up and saw how his massive master obliged, putting his hands behind his head to flex his gargantuan biceps. They were so big, that they almost filled the gap between his upper and lower arms. Only a few rays of light crept through between each mound—his wing-like shoulders and barn door chest blocking out all other light. What a god. He would annihilate any competition if he would ever join a bodybuilder contest. He was trying to imagine Noah the beast, all hairy and bigger and heavier than the other competitors combined, his huge cock standing at a 90 degree angle. His cum factories so big, they looked like they would burst right out of his sack. Starting to squirt as he feels the admiration of the audience and jury, spraying his juices on row upon row of ecstatic fans. Fuck, he would like to see that.

And then Noah really started to flex. As he did, his muscles bulged so incredibly that they filled even the little gaps, forming one massive wall of muscle and blocking out the very last rays of light. His bicep was even pushed forward by his forearm, as both equally hard muscles struggled for space. Jonas was beyond himself as he saw every giant, mountainous muscle ballooning to terrifying proportions. Muscles that in normal guys were sexy, but never big, were also pumped beyond belief. His adonis belt not only pointed toward his massive cock, it formed a narrow shelf over his groin. Similarly, his obliques almost looked like abs themselves. So hot!

And then the fucking started again. Very slowly and leisurely in the beginning, building up speed slowly minute by minute. It felt like his intestines were pulled out (they probably were), as the massive pole was retracted from his body, and then slowly shoved back in. The feeling was out of this world. But where the fuck was he going to get the energy to do this every day. He was pretty sure that Noah wanted that, if not more! Those thoughts were pushed out of his mind as Noah bend forward, putting one massive hand on either side of the young teacher’s body, lowered his head and softly, tenderly even, touched his lips to Jonas’. This was what Jonas hungered for. Surrounded by his man’s massive, hairy muscles, his wine-bottle cock destroying his insides, and his lips on his, his rough beard tickling his soft cheeks. It felt like he was in a furnace, but he never wanted out.

Noah now started to kiss him more seriously. His tongue slowly, sensually entering Jonas’ mouth, as Noah’s god cock continued to grind into his behind. Jonas could feel Noah’s tusks bruising his lips. On the one hand they made kissing more difficult, but at the same time they made it an even more out-of-this world experience. He felt Noah’s sweat dripping on him as the temperature in the sauna continued to rise. He was actually surprised that he was having sex here at 70 degrees Celsius. Maybe his physical condition had also improved because of Noah? He should be exhausted and dehydrated, suffering from a heat stroke even. But he was not, he actually felt energised. He didn’t want Noah to stop. He was in a great deal of pain, sure, but mostly from the immense prick churning his insides. And he wouldn’t miss that feeling for the world.

Seconds after they stopped kissing and as he was looking at Noah’s strong face hovering above his own, he heard timber crack. As he looked to his sides, fearing he and Noah would crash through the wooden steps in the sauna, he saw that Noah’s strong hands had dug into the wood to give him better grip while fucking his lover. How freaking strong was this guy, Jonas wondered, as the extra grip was put to good use. “Ahhh…I like fucking you so much,” Noah panted. “I could do this all day, every day. I have never experienced this connection before. I think you are my life-mate, Jonas.”

Jonas swallowed. Fuck, did he hear that correctly? He wasn’t just a piece of meat to fuck, a cock glove to get off on? Could it be? Or was it said in the heat of the moment. He didn’t dare say something about it.

“And I like you in me, it feels so fucking good,” Jonas said back instead. “I love your big, strong body. Your cock in me. I need you in me. Then I feel whole.” He watched as Noah’s pecs, shoulders and biceps fought for space as the muscular wolf started to pummel his ass harder and harder, a very happy smile on his face as he took Jonas’ words in. His crazy thick arms pushed his pecs forward, while at the same time the extreme definition of his super tensed pecs made it look like they had been split, divided by a deep crevice running horizontally across his gargantuan chest. Jonas had never seen anything like it.

He run his hands over the massive shelves of meat. Even through the hair, he could feel the muscles working, flexing each time he thrust his hips forward. He wondered how crazy Noah’s body would look like without the hair masking some of the striations and gullies. Probably grotesque to almost anybody. But not to him. Muscles couldn’t be too big. His strong, muscle giant. Never too big. He needed to find out how he could get him bigger than this. But Noah only got hairier as he got bigger. And he loved it. He would never want to be hairy himself, but shit, did it look good on Noah!

Too bad there wasn’t a mirror to look at Noah’s backside as he was working his magic. He knew how large Noah’s ass and legs would be right now. And how they would look like. His gargantuan glutes pushing his fuck-log in and out of his abused ass. The biggest, hardest ass in the world. Bouncing him into the wall with each thrust. Like a steel wall on fire being slammed against him. Jonas was going to make sure next time he could see that, maybe positioning some mirrors behind and to the side of Noah? And more light. He definitely needed more light to see Noah better. Or maybe filming it so he could enjoy it later….

As Noah continued to pound into him, Jonas needed to hold on to Noah’s enormous, bulging biceps. He let his hands roam over them, feeling their striations, the indestructible fibres rolling under his gripping fingers as the giant maintained his pace. He circled around his tree trunk arms, to Noah’s equally massive triceps. Jonas’ fingers gave particular attention to his veins, pumping bigger the more he flexed and continued to pound Jonah. His arms were now roped with bloated veins, pumping up further as he tensed his mighty muscles with every thrust. Jonas’ finger followed them, first to his wide shoulders, and then up his thick neck. He moved his hand up further, up to Noah’s neck, and then very carefully pulled the giant towards him up to the point that their lips touched again. Noah immediately opened his mouth, allowing Jonas’ tongue to roam around in his mouth.

They kissed for what seemed like an hour, Jonas’ ass now so loose that he felt he could take a much larger cock. Fuck! Why didn’t Noah want to get larger with him? He did feel how Noah’s thrusts were becoming more urgent, his kissing now rough bordering on painful.

Noah, broke of the kiss, obviously getting ready for the last pounding session. He now grabbed Jonas’ hips, his huge hands circling around half of Jonas’ extremely narrow mid-section. His thumbs were almost at his belly button, while he could feel Noah’s thick fingers encasing his side, and pointing towards his spine, each probably with more strength than he had in his arms. He then noticed for the first time that he could actually see the bulge of the massive dick beneath his own abs as it pounded into him. Fuck, that looked so hot. Like a submarine pushing up the waves, he could clearly follow as the thick log entered him, moving his abs up even though it was moving well inside his body. Jonas looked at it mesmerised, almost forgetting how the massive club crashed over and over against his diaphragm, knocking the wind out of his lungs on every slam. He didn’t feel how his muscles now completely buckled under the sheer girth and power of the furnace hot log, going completely limp and surrendering to his god. He didn’t even notice himself screaming to be fucked harder as he started to run his hands over his own stomach, caressing the 40 centimetre slab of meat pulsing inside him.

Then with one final grunt Noah pistons back inside of him and finally starts to cum. He roared as his log spewed out ounces of cum with each squirt. For Jonas it felt like there were now two heart beats at once inside his body, the pulse in Noah’s dick as it was shooting easily overshadowing his own heartbeat. He screamed at the top of his lungs as he came one more time, a fucking orgasm so hard as to leave him completely senseless. He could only half see how Noah pulled out and exploded in size again, running out as he turned into a full wolf, leaving Jonas’ lying in the sauna, cum gushing out of his hole and onto the wet floor….

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