Many Man, the self-twin

by S.E.

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Many Man Blog is a blog where I share the happenings of myself and my boyfriend, who has a rare, almost magical, medical condition.

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This introductory post is a long one, because it chronicles a lot of context you’ll probably need to understand the other posts, haha!! First off, my name is S.E. (as my boyfriend B.J. calls me), but I’m not the real star of the show here, my boyfriend is!! I guess he should be where we begin….

Benjamin-Jared Bradley-David Reed is my boyfriend’s full name, but he likes to go by Ben most of the time. Some of his friends call him B.J. The reason he has such an unusual name is because he has a condition so rare it doesn’t have an official name. BJ calls it being a self-twin. I’ll excuse you if you’ve never heard of it, because it’s a very, very uncommon condition.

For the few people in this world who do have it, I’ve heard it tends to manifest about the same way. Nobody realizes the person has it until the most alarming stage. Around age eight, people who are self-twins will begin their first “mitosis” of sorts: that is, when a self-twin goes through mitosis, they essentially duplicate. Waking up to find four identical children when you thought you had two is when most parents start researching and finding out that their child is a self-twin.

The first true mitosis occurs before birth, and this is why all cases are just believed to be identical twins at first. This is why Ben has two first and middle names- because he had believed he was two people for his entire childhood, and when he found out he was one person he merged his names. Of course he could sense both of his original bodies, but he thought it was a normal twin thing. Over time, he’s lost track of which of his bodies came from “Jared” and which from “Benjamin.”

The thing about BJ is, he’s very conscious about his multiple bodies. After his first mitosis, his parents were secretive about his condition, which imprinted on him. The doctors gave him medicine to use to control his mitosis, and he’d taken it almost every day of his life since, so he could hide his multiplication. The doctors also offered to take care of extra bodies he didn’t want, which BJ utilized almost every time he’d run out of medicine. He told me he’d always get all his selves into his car and drive to his doctor, and send himself in pairs of two to go get taken care of. After half an hour he’d send another two. Until his new medicine came in the mail he’d do this every day.

He’s been more confident now, however, at least towards me. He still tries to act “normal” in public, because he thinks it’s kind of fun that some people don’t know, and his work colleagues won’t expect as much of him if they don’t find out how easily and to what degree he can multitask. He doesn’t have to subject all his selves to extended family functions, just two.

The way I found out actually was only a month or two after we started dating. We were watching a movie on my couch one evening. Suddenly, BJ bolted up. I looked at him and he told me that he had to go to the bathroom, and so he did. While I paused the movie I heard him scrambling around in there. After a short amount of time I heard the door open and he came back to watch the movie with me. Out of nowhere he asked me about where my roommate was tonight. I was hoping he was thinking about sex (which he was). Little did I know he was also asking to make sure he could keep his other body in my roommate’s room. He was walking there behind us right during that conversation and I didn’t even notice.

Later on, when we were heading to bed, I noticed on my way that my roommate’s door was closed, which was weird because he usually left it open when he was away. When BJ and I got undressed and into bed, I heard a noise from the other room. Ben looked nervous, but a different type of nervous from the type of nervous I was. I asked him if he heard anything and he nervously said no. I was still scared—it could be a home invasion or it could just be my roommate getting home early. Ben could sense that and told me shakily that he knew what the noise was.

This is when I found out all the information I’ve stated earlier. He told me that he had always been secretive about his self particularly around guys, because he thought they’d think he was supernatural, or some kind of freak. I told him I was having the opposite reaction. The door to my bedroom opened and another naked BJ came in, both of him very excited. That night was phenomenal. I got to have sex with two BJs at the same time. He was in my ass while I was in his. The night was very good, and surprisingly long, for how arousing it was. After back BJ came in me he switched positions so he could do it immediately again. I can’t describe how good it felt.

The next morning BJ decided to finally bring me to his house. We both got dressed, and one of him had to wear my clothes. We got into his car. He drove while I sat on his lap in the passenger seat, excitedly. I looked to my side at him and he smiled back and kissed the back of my neck. I even felt something stirring below me.

We reached BJ’s house, which was a decent sized home for someone in his late twenties. Although I suppose on multiple incomes he could do a lot better than average. The two of him who came from my apartment walked me up the front steps, each of my hands holding one of his, while he carried his dirty laundry in a duffel bag over one of his free shoulders. He walked me up to his front door, and as we approached, a third BJ opened the front door from inside.

That day was an experience. BJ gave me an official tour of his house, and with my excitement surrounding his secret I could already tell he was becoming more confident. The two BJs I came in with walked around and guided me through the house with more and more exuberance. Periodically I’d see other BJs walking around and sitting around doing things. Sometimes the ones guiding me would start a sentence and then whatever other body of his was in the room we were in would look up from his activities and finish it.

Now that me and BJ have been together for about a year, I’ve seen him grow much more confident in his bodies. When I first moved in with him, he didn’t let himself multiply very much. He usually stuck to four bodies before I found out about his secret, but since then I can’t really count him anymore. If I ask any one of him, he’ll immediately know how many he is, but I can never remember.

Update: I just asked him, and he says he’s at 178 right now. I know mathematically that doesn’t add up, but he does send some of him to the doctor to ‘purge,’ as he calls it, when it gets too crowded.

I love how BJ walks around the house naked now, because it is a lot of laundry, first off, but its more that he is so much more welcoming to his mitosis, and doesn’t want to rip his clothes. He has not only grown more passionate and confident about his body count (is that the right word?), but he’s also more passionate and confident in general. When I’m out in public with one of him, he smiles more and has really transformed into a more adventurous person. And of course, this translates into the bedroom. Although infinitely better than doing it with one of him, it’s not just being surrounded by nearly 200 of the same body (and I thought 8 was amazing), but I can tell every single one of him is twenty times as vigorous as before.

Being groped from every angle and pleasuring and being pleasured in every way imaginable at once, surrounded in every direction by the man I love most is the most magical experience in the world, but we can’t fit in the bedroom anymore, me and all of him. I kind of love it, but it is hard to get out of, not that I ever can ever bring myself to leave it anyways. Our new house we’re going to move into is much, much more spacious, which is much appreciated by a couple like us. I know I’ll miss our crowded life now, and seeing multiple BJs around every corner, but just thinking of how many more BJs can fit in there makes me well up with excitement.

First off, our bedroom is going to be more than ten times the size it is now, and our bed will take up most of the space. With fifty sources of income, it’s surprisingly achievable. We’ll have about 50 bathrooms, with multiple toilets each. That one is a win-win, because sharing 2 bathrooms between 179 bodies is a mess. Right now, you can’t shut either bathroom door because there’s a consistent traffic flow. Although I do like taking showers being cradled between five or six BJs. Our kitchen is going to have about 30 of every appliance, and there will be so many more of everything so we can both fit in there. I can’t wait to see how fast BJ fills it up.

I suppose that just about wraps things up for a preliminary entry. I’m sorry if it was a little long and scattered. Bye!

Hi. B.J. here. I’m extremely happy with my boyfriend’s draft, and I’m so excited to open up a little about my self-twinning. I do like having my fun, so this is a little quiet, but I do think my condition should be talked about more. So here’s a little treat of a glance into our life. I hope you like it :)

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