The chameleon kid

by smitch69

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With Josh stripped, drugged, and tied up in the closet I quickly took on the shape of young jocks body. It was simple and I had been doing it for years, moments earlier I looked like the regular pizza delivery guy.

I picked up Josh’s clothes and began to get dressed; it was always a rush when I took the shape of someone new. My body would remember this form and I could use it whenever I wanted much like the others.

I fixed his necklace and checked out the reflection – perfect! I needed Josh’s body to get into the gym, it was strictly off limits tonight apart from the usual staff – Josh helped out and had a pass to get it… so the fun begins.

I got a lift to the gym from Josh’s girlfriend, I could have taken her there and then – maybe next time, she had no idea the real Josh was still in the closet. Using Josh’s ID get into the gym, tonight’s fun was centred around the college wrestling team, and one person in particular – Brady, one half of identical twins. I knew his brother Brody was at home, and thought it would be fun to have some hot action as one half of a twins.

I used the pass again to get into the locker rooms and found Brady’s locker. I opened it and pulled out one of his wrestling leotards, I stripped out of Josh’s clothes and tucked them out of sight – I would need them later. I pulled on Brady’s suit enjoying the way it stretched over my body. I closed my eyes an within seconds I had transformed myself into Brady, shorter than Josh, but again a tight powerful body, but my transformation was still not complete. Although Brady & Brody were identical twins Brody had a tattoo on his right arm. I moved my left hand up to my arm and rubbed smiling to myself as Brody’s tattoo rose to the surface – Brody was ready. I left the lockers and went to find Brady – we had a couple of hours fun in the gym, in the sessions were equally matched. Later we both went for a shower together; in there the hot action continued we both enjoyed the moment. Brady left and I said I would catch him up – of course I knew the real Brody was already at his home.

I dried off Brady’s body and pulled on Josh’s clothes again, they felt loose until I changed again back into Josh’s muscular form – it was getting late, but I ready for my next conquest.

I walked down the street towards the lights in the centre of town – the night club looked busy there was a huge queue to get in, but I needed some action. I looked at the bouncers but realised if I took one of there bodies I would still have to say outside – maybe next time I though to myself.

I walked around to the back of the night club to see what I could find, and then I struck gold. It was a dance troop, they were hot! They must have been getting ready for a hen party or something. I watched as they all grabbed cases and took in their stuff, one by one they went inside the last guy was about 5’!1” with short black hair – he had a very narrow waist, and an huge chest, creating a fantastic “V” shape visible through his tight shirt. I started to walk towards the back of the van, changing my appearance into once of the bouncers I spotted at the door. I had to loosen Josh’s shirt by a couple of buttons as the bouncer’s body was a lot larger.

I walked over to the van and looked into the back – I saw the remaining dancer in the back and said “left me give you a hand” as I climbed into the van with the guy. With the added weight and skill of the bouncer it wasn’t a problem to knock out the guy. Moments later I was stripping the dancer of his clothes, and talking off Josh’s clothes. I looked at the dancer and took his face and body for my own; I pulled on his jeans and tight shirt grabbed the remaining box and made my way into the night club. The other guys were already dresses in firemen gear, and it wasn’t long before I was wearing the same. We all made our way out the stage, there were a hundred young women baying for blood. Before long I was naked in my new hips gyrating as a young girl gave me a hand job. Suddenly there was a commotion behind me, and the real dancer was standing at the door to the dressing rooms – I had been careless. I had to think quickly! I grabbed the dancers fireman’s pants tugged them of and left the private room for the main part of the night club.

I looked around and quickly ran over to the men’s room hoping for a chance to change again…

I opened the door to the men’s room and ran in – it looked empty, but one of the cubicles was in use, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, it was would be a shame to have to give up this body so soon. Suddenly the cubical opened and I looked at the guy walking out – perfect, luck was with me tonight. He had short black curly hair, a heavy muscular body and aged about 19yrs a bit younger than the body I occupied at the moment.

I walked over to him, he seemed a little intimidated by my larger heavier body – I leaned in and gave him a kiss, deep. He seemed shocked but he didn’t pull away. I slowly pushed him back into the cubical and locked the door behind the both of us.

I pulled back and then just as suddenly head butted him, a trick I learnt from when I was in acting as a sergeant in the army. The young stud was out like a light.

I quickly stripped out of the fireman’s pants and proceeded to strip the young stud of his white shirt, black jeans and trainers. I pulled his face and kissed him once more as I changed again into his young body.

I used the braces from the fireman’s pants to tie the guy up, I gagged him so he wouldn’t make a noise – he should be fine. I pulled on the studs jeans, he had been going commando, and I slipped my new dick into the pants and zipped up. I slipped on his trainers and pulled on his white shirt enjoying how it clung to my new heavy chest. I needed to complete the transformation; I slipped his silver chain around my neck and left the cubical, securing it as I left.

I studied my new persona in the mirror, smiling at my rapid transformation. I checked the guys ID, seems I was now called Craig. I left men’s room and hooked up with Craig’s friends and played them without problems. I enjoyed the attention, and took off my shirt to show my hot body off to see if I could get some action for later.

It wasn’t long before this guy started checking me out, he wore a green shirt and jeans – it looked too tight on his body, and I thought it was worth a look. I went over to him, and loved the look of his tight muscular arms, I could be anyone but I always got a buzz from being someone new, I loved his shaved head and body. He told me his name was Steve, and without any further talking we left the nightclub and I took him to Craig’s apartment; it was easy to find using the details in Craig’s wallet.

We went to bed, and had the best night for a long while. We fell asleep in each others arms exhausted.

Luckily I woke up first and relived the nights events, I looked down and realised I was still Craig, I had better get a move on, the real Craig must have been discovered by now. I checked the clock in Craig’s bedroom it was 3am. I looked over to the guy lying next to me. I looked at Steve, I rubbed his shaved pecs and I heard him give a low groan – I smiled.

I collected Steve’s clothes up from around the room, and went to the bathroom. I looked at Craig for the last time, and took a deep breath as I did I once more took on a new body, my height increased and my curly black hair receded into my skin, the muscles in my arms enlarged, and my eyes turned from brown to blue, I breathed out using Steve’s lungs and body – another life to do with as I wished.

I quietly got dressed in Steve’s clothes; lime briefs, black Levis, trainers and finally that great shirt. I loved the tightness of the sleeves on my arms. I fastened a couple of buttons but enjoyed the way my pecs pushed the shirt open. One last look in the mirror and I left the bathroom.

I looked over at my twin, and grabbed his personal items as I left the apartment. As I left the building I checked his wallet and ID. I was surprised that Steve wasn’t as old as he looked. I checked his address – he/I lived in shared dorms at the local University, I caught a cab back to where he lived. I found his room, and used his keys to get in. I rooms were empty, but I could see that he shared the rooms with someone else.

I was still tired from the previous night’s events and decided to sleep it off, I found Steve’s bed stripped again and went to bed.

I woke with a start, a deep voice yelled out “I’m going out for the day if James calls tell him I’ll see him tomorrow” – I grunted a reply which seemed satisfactory and then I heard the door slam shut, I guess my buddy had left for the day.

I got up and started to explore the dorm a bit more, I found my buddies room and started to look through the guys stuff. It seemed he was a total jock, there was football gear thrown around the room and to be honest it smelt a bit, which turned me on a little. On the wall were pictures of himself, you could tell he loved himself. His computer was switched on and showing his own website, his details showed;

Name: Delro, 20 years, 5 feet 10 inches, weight: 195 pounds, biceps: 18 inches, chest: 46 inches, and waist: 33 inches.

I scanned through the website and liked what I saw; already naked I sat down in his chair picking up a discarded t-shirt. I held it up and was astonished at the size of it; even so it still looked stretched. I pulled it up to my face smelt it, there was a heavy smell of a hard workout of the gym, I loved it! I held it up to my face again and inhaled deeply for the last time in Steve’s body. I sucked in the sweaty air through Delro’s spent t-shirt, taking all that was him into my body. I heard the big leather chair creak as I took Delro’s body; I rubbed the t-shirt over my body stealing Delro’s musky smell. I checked out my body, the biggest I had taken for a while, “Fuckin’ hey!” I said, in the deep voice I had heard leaving the dorm a while ago.

I got up, and decided I wanted a shower to explore Delro’s body a little more, but there was a knock at the door – “Hey! Its James open the door you lazy shit! We’re supposed to be going out for a run”. I walked over to the door and opened it only realising that I still had no clothes on. “Hey! I see you’re not quite ready, I’ll wait”. What was strange is that I was standing there in Delro’s naked body didn’t seem to phase James which suggested that there was something going on between them.

I walked back to Delro’s room and flipped through the guy’s clothes in his closet. He had good taste, but nothing suitable for a run. Looking through the discarded clothes again I found some sweats and a hoodie; I pulled on a used jock nestling my thick heavy dick in the cup and pulled on the sweats and hoodie. I sat on the couch as I pulled on Delro’s trainers; James looked at my heavy muscular body and licked his lips. I knew then there was something going on between these two guys.

We both left, I enjoyed the renewed strength of this body, After 4 miles, this young body felt like it could just go on forever. I was following James, and he started to run through some dense bushes, and then stopped; he turned looking at me – I knew what he was after…

James turned to me and looked me in the eye… “So who exactly are you?” he asked. I looked at him quizzically “Delro, who the hell do you think I am?” He took his hand up to my chin, turning my head to the left and then to the right. “Amazing, you look just like him” – I tried to argue my case, but he told me he had received a call on his mobile while I was pulling on Delro’s sweats. “I guess the game is up…” I said, “I guess it is” said James. We looked at each other, it had been a while but I had only been caught out once before. “Who do you think I am?” I asked. “I dun no, tell me”. I decided to play with his mind for a while so I changed into his body, becoming swamped in Delro’s clothes. “Maybe I’m you?” I said, I expected him to freak out, but instead he smiled and said “Wow! I really thought I was the only one!” James replied as he changed into the body of the heavily built Delro, his shorts straining to contain the hot jocks muscular thighs. I stood there amazed to find another able to change like myself. “No offence James, but I prefer Delro’s body”, I changed back into Delro’s muscular form again, and we both smiled at each other realising that we had both found each others “soul mate”. Within minutes we had both stripped and started to enjoy each others duplicate bodies, We wrestled to the ground, locking each other into a passionate kiss, within moments we had manoeuvred each other into a 69 position and was sucking off each others monster. Time passed and we eventually fell off each over exhausted, “So how long have you been James?” I asked “a couple of years I set up this persona and moved into college, Every couple of years I swap into a new body and start again. I tend to stay as James, although I change from time to time just for fun”. “No that’s cool, I tend to swap and change frequently – I love the sensation” I replied.

“The real Delro called me on my mobile and said he would be out of town for a couple of days. I would really like to live Delro’s life for a couple of days while he’s away” James asked, “Sure I can be Delro when I like” I replied. “We shouldn’t loose contact I said, after all we are the same in many more ways then the skin we are currently in – my email address is” I said to James. “Cool, I’ll be in touch” said James. I changed again, this time into James’s body, I grabbed his shorts and pulled them on, along with the rest of his gear. I threw Delro’s kit at him and he got dressed in the studs sweats and hoodie.

James told me where he lived, and about his room mate Nick – it sounded interested so we gave each other another kiss and went our separate ways.

I jogged back to James’s dorm and checked out the rooms, there was no-one else around so I showered and used the opportunity to check out James body.

I had sensed that the original James had been gay, whereas I was bi. I had been knocking around with other guys for too long and needed some straight sex, just so I could remember what it was like – I chuckled to myself. I towelled down myself and sort out some of James clothes, some Levis and a nice green polo shirt, I check out my reflection in the mirror – not a bad body I thought to myself.

I heard the door close and my roomie call out “James, are you in?”, “Yeah be right out” I replied in James voice. I went out to find my new roomie, he was about 5’9” with a buzz cut and a chin strap beard – quite hot I thought to myself, “Dude, can you make yourself scarce tonight I’ve got Sally coming around” said Nick. “No problem what time” I enquired, “About 8pm”. I looked at my watch, I had about 3 hrs to find out more about Nick. “No problem, you want a drink?”, I got a beer and threw it over to Nick who opened it and downed it – this is going to be easy I thought to myself. As we drank I extracted more and more about Nick and his life with Sally – it didn’t seem to occur to him that suddenly “James” had become interested in his life at all. I returned to James’s room and retrieved the drugs that the original James has spoken about. He used them to knock out any guys he wanted to swap with, typically it would put them to sleep for about 12hrs. I returned to the kitchen and got another beer, I dropped the sedative into the can and returned to Nick. “Here have another”, I handed him the can and he chugged it like a true jock. A couple of minutes passed and he was out like a light.

I carried him into James’s room, and laid him on the bed – he was dead to the world. I stripped out of my clothes and stood in front of him, I rubbed his buzzed hair loving the feel of it, my fingers followed the line of his chin strap beard down the side of his face and along his chin. My fingers pushed into his mouth, and I felt the wetness of his tongue. I pulled my fingers from his mouth and tasted his saliva, I smiled as I stole his body, his face and later his girlfriend, I looked in the mirror and savoured the look. I was about to returned to Nick’s room to sort out some clothes for the evening, but I thought it would be more fun to wear what he had on already. I started to strip him, his trainers, socks and Levis. I pulled off his boxers, and pulled them on enjoying their warm dampness. Pulling on his socks, jeans and trainers and I was almost ready to go. I reached over to the sleeping beauty and pulled off his black t-shirt and smelt the pits, smiling I pulled it over my new head and checked myself again in the mirror – “Hi Nick, how are you?” I said to my reflection. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door, it was 8pm already it must be Sally. I closed the door to James room and answered the front door – it was Sally.

I gave her a quick peck and it wasn’t long before we were both settled in front of the TV with some drinks, She kissed me tenderly on my head, and asked “Is James around?”, “He’s out, not expecting him back until tomorrow” I replied. She smiled; taking me by the hand she led me back to Nick’s room…

We both stripped, and lay on Nick’s bed it was long before we were making out, I enjoyed using Nick’s body for this hot steamy love with his girlfriend – he certainly had stamina! It was much before we both fell asleep, I must have been there for a couple of hours as when I woke it was starting to get light outside. I gently got out off the bed, and returned to James’s room where the real Nick was still asleep. I picked him up and returned him to his own bedroom laying him next to Sally. I returned to James’s room and changed back to James’s body and slept the rest of the morning off.

It was mid afternoon before I woke, the dorm was empty so I got dressed and decided to explore are area a little more…

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