Male foot love

by Josh Dugan

Beautiful David multiplies his legs.

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I massaged David's big, beautiful feet as we sat in the thundering hot tub.

"At last!" I said, as they weighed heavily in my lap as the fragrant waters boiled and roared about us. David laughed, his wonderful loose-limbed body relaxed and comfortable in the warm bubbling waters.

The beautiful muscular toes curled about my hand, their edges white as they pressed gently against me, and the other foot reached for my chest, pushing gently into my breast. I grabbed the two strong ankles and the big handsome feet relaxed, hanging heavily and lazily as I kissed them. Wow, were they beautiful!

"If you had a dozen more like these I'd love them all," I said, loving the feel of the big, gorgeous feet against my lips."

"Oohhh," David said. "That would turn me on! Please, have as many as you like!"

The thought of it aroused me, as I bent to gently press my lips against the magnificent feet so strong and lazy in my hands.

I closed my eyes and felt them on my face, imagining being inundated with several of them, how they would feel weighing on my lap as they pressed against my chest, stomach and sides, heavy ankles resting on my shoulders and reaching through my arms to lay heavily against my sides.

Even my legs and feet would welcome the gentle, friendly pressure of David's many feet as the dark waters of the hot tub brooded with their heavy beauty.

I could actually feel them, and as I looked up, David's long, muscular neck leaned back as his beautiful gaze searched the stars high above. His broad chest glistened as it broke the surface of the boiling waters and he moaned, aroused.

And I did feel them, as his legs became many, their beautiful long muscles gently caressing each other as they crowded the waters, and beautiful feet, brothers to the pair I worshipped, found me and caressed me.

I gladly embraced armloads of the handsome male legs, and I kissed the heavy bouquets of handsome male feet that hung so relaxed from their fine ankles.

David laughed, a soft and throaty laugh of pleasure and love as his fine head tilted towards the sky, and his gentle love surrounded and held me as I feasted on the beauty of his many magnificent, sexy male feet.

They caressed and held me, gently couching my face in their delicious soles, the beautiful swell of their smooth contours warm against my neck and shoulders, and my torso relaxed in the firm friendly grip of the beautiful multitude of legs.

The swell of the calves and thigh muscles caught the dappled light of the rippling, bubbling hot tub water, and other feet found the edge of the hot tub, steaming in the cool evening air as they broke the surface and rested against the edge.

Tears of pleasure ran down David's eyes as he groaned; he stretched the legs and relaxed them against me, caressing me with the large, sensitive feet. I couldn't stop kissing them or grabbing them, holding them to my pounding hot lips and face.

The strength, grace and beauty of his large, masculine feet overcame me as I held and kissed them unstoppably, and the legs spasmed gently all around me as David came.

I buried my face in several of the beautiful feet and, feeling them beautifully pressed against me all over, lost myself in them as I came and came and came.

Surrounded by their beauty and resting my head on long, smooth leg muscles as I snuggled my face against the feet nearest me, I drifted off to sleep as David and his beautiful legs and feet drifted off to sleep all around me.

In my dream David galloped in slow motion on what seemed like dozens of beautiful feet, and other beautiful young men like him galloped into view, their multiple large feet alive and desirable as they met up with each other, rearing up like horses as their magnificent legs wrapped around each other joyfully, slowly falling over and worshipping each others' wonderful huge collections of beautiful feet.

I came again in a powerful wet dream, waking to find myself enwrapped in David's loving brotherhood of legs. Kissing a beautiful foot resting near my lips, I gave the legs and feet a gentle squeeze.

David stirred in his slumber, embraced me in a multiple-leg squeeze and pressed all the feet gently against me, and we drifted off to sleep again.

Our love would continue forever.

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