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Billy grows his sea-legs by Martin Boyar A handsome young sailor at sea among his swarthy young mates proves worthy of this rite of passage. 544 words Added Feb 2005 8,636 views •Four Legs•Multileg•Multilimb

F 1

Flopsie by Martin Boyar Beautiful Tom adds new meaning to the word handsome. 2,961 words Added Aug 2004 7,261 views •Multiarm•Multilimb

H 1

Hoompa by Martin Boyar It's only a little bit easier to deal with an inferiority complex when they are so nice to you! 1,224 words Added Sep 2004 9,047 views 4.8 stars (5 votes) •Lots of Legs•Multiarm•Multilimb•Detachable

L 1

Leg wheel by Martin Boyar Handsome Dave wants to become a wheel of legs so badly that even instructions jokingly made up on the spot actually work! 4 parts 7,253 words Added Jun 2006 8,798 views 5.0 stars (7 votes) •Multicock•All Legs•Lots of Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Replication•Selfcest •M/M

M 1

My friend Jon by Martin Boyar Ever had one of those friends who can do anything? 1,427 words Added Sep 2004 8,894 views 5.0 stars (5 votes) •Four Legs•Multileg•Multilimb•Six Legs

O 1

Our fun thing by Martin Boyar A kind of practical tutorial. 659 words Added May 2006 8,089 views 4.8 stars (4 votes) •Multileg•Multilimb

T 1

Three pack by Martin Boyar Those three-packs of socks aren’t mispackaged, dude. They’re meant for guys that need three socks, if you get what I mean. (Or guys that, deep down, want to need three socks.) 3 parts 4,893 words Added Aug 2004 8,595 views 5.0 stars (1 vote) •Multicock•Four Legs•Multileg•Multilimb•Three Legs

Y 1

Yogic growth class by Martin Boyar The key attraction of yogic growth being primarily spiritual, the multiplication of the feet is secondary, a silent marker of inner progress. 1,139 words Added Oct 2004 6,187 views •Four Legs•Multileg•Multilimb•Six Legs

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