Life upgrade

by squatch

 After you wake up in Blake Griffin’s body, you know life will never be the same.

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As you wake up one morning, you feel a sense of disorientation wash over you. The room you are in is your own, but your body feels different. You sit up in bed, rubbing your eyes, and realize that you are no longer in your own body. Your hands are huge, with fingers as thick as sausages and big enough to palm a basketball.

At first, you are in shock. As you throw the covers back, you notice your sleepwear has changed, as it has been altered to fit your massive frame. Your shirt strains against your broad chest, and your shorts seem to barely contain your tree trunk legs. You stumble out of bed (not used to your massive new frame), and your feet hit the ground with a thud. You look down at them in disbelief. They are massive, easily size 16s, and you can’t believe how good they feel in your new body. You wiggle your toes, feeling the power in your feet, and you know that you are going to enjoy this new reality. You look again at your hands and start flexing your arms and feel the power surging through your massive biceps and triceps.

You go to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror, finding you have to duck to see your head. Your face is different too—an exact replica of Blake Griffin. You can’t help but smile at the reflection staring back at you. It is still you, but now you are in the body of a world-class athlete. You marvel at your new facial features, your strong jawline, your stubble, and your deep-set eyes. You inhale deeply, taking in the musky scent that is now yours, and you couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in your new body. You are a towing figure, with a muscular build, and you are eager to see what you could do.

Excited to explore your new body you decide to take a shower, but find the shower head only hits your chest. You let out a chuckle, hearing your new baritone voice for the first time. The water cascades over your massive pecs, and your broad shoulders take up the entire space in the shower. You wash yourself, taking in the feeling of the water on your new black skin, and marveling at how different your body felt compared to before. As you wash yourself, you realize that you have completely neglected your new, giant, glorious uncut dick laying against your muscled, hairy black thigh. It’s at least 8 inches soft. As you begin to play with your foreskin, your monster comes to life and inflates in your hand. It’s not long until you are ramrod hard at over a foot with a giant shroom. You lather up and give your new appendage a nice tug. A bolt of pleasure flies throughout your new frame. It isn’t long until you are pumping your giant rod, half bent over in ecstasy when you feel yourself about to cum. Your giant tangerine balls begin to churn and you shoot your jizz all over the shower wall. After catching your breath, you take a taste of your genetic gold—nice and sweet.

Once your erection finally subsides and your shower ends, you head to your closet. As you open the doors, you notice that your clothes have all grown and expanded, having molded to your new physique. You find an array of giant sneakers. You slip into each pair and marvel at how they feel on your feet. You can hardly believe how comfortable they are and how much they make you feel like a real man. As you get dressed for work, your shirt strains at the seams, your pants are tight around your massive thighs. You struggle to get a pair of XL basketball socks around your feet, then decide on a pair of classic Jordans that fit your giant feet like gloves. You are amazed at how well your new clothes fit and accentuate your new muscles, as if they were made for you. You feel a sense of pride as you walk down the hallway, your new honking feet thudding on the ground.

You head to work at the hospital, feeling like a giant amongst the normal-sized people. Although you were a doctor before the change, too, you never felt you were taken seriously—that all changes today. You can feel heads turning as you enter; patients and staff gaping at you, simultaneously intimidated but in awe of your size. As you walk down the halls, a sense of confidence that you never experienced before washes over you. You cannot help but feel confident and in control. Your long legs carry you with ease, and you relish the feeling of power and grace that comes with every step. With your new size, you feel like you can take on the world. You go about your day, performing surgeries and consultations, feeling the power in your massive hands as you work.

In the evening, you go to your normal rugby practice in a whole new form. As soon as you step onto the field, you know that you are going to be the star of the game. You are the largest guy there, towering over everyone else, feeling the power in your legs as you run. You absolutely dominate the game, using your size and strength to plow through the opposition. You score multiple tries and make many impressive tackles.

After practice, the team takes you to your usual bar to celebrate, and you are the center of attention. They buy you drinks and clap you on the back, and you feel like a rock star. You look down at your feet and wiggle you toes in you size 16 cleats, still trying to wrap your head around it all. You are living a dream that you never want to end.

After much celebration you finally go home, ready to crash in your bed and get some rest. However, you are met with another surprise. Your bed had never changed size, and it’s now too small for your massive body. You find yourself struggling to fit. Despite the inconvenience, you can’t help but feel grateful for this incredible opportunity and the experience of a lifetime.


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