I, Bro-bot

by Cris Kane

 A formerly homophobic preppie describes how he came under the control of his computer geek roommate.

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I can still access my memories from before the change, although they fade with each passing moment.

It seems so long ago, although I am aware that it has only been six days, fifteen hours, and twenty-two minutes. In the dark times before the change, my mind was unable to gauge time so precisely. Master Gary has improved me in so many ways, I will never be able to thank him adequately, but I am pleased that he seems satisfied with me.

In the dark times, I know I displeased the Master often.

I fear what would happen to me if I were to displease him now.

I live with the Master in a dormitory room at the university. We have lived together for approximately three months. I am unable to be more precise, as the start of our cohabitation preceded the change.

Upon my arrival at the university, I was addressed by my birth identity: Brewster comma Russell Owen. Among my peers, I was more commonly addressed by the pseudonym “Rooster”, which was bestowed upon me due to the propensity of my “cock” to be “up at the crack of dawn”. I am aware that “cock” is a synonym for “rooster” as well as “penis”, and that this “nickname” was a bit of wordplay which referred to the erectness of my penis upon waking each morning. Since the change, my penis is engorged almost constantly. The Master prefers me that way.

In the dark times, I was frequently cruel to Master Gary. As absurd as it now seems, I perceived myself to be his superior, due to my physical size and appearance, athletic skill, familial wealth, and sexual prowess with females. I often disparagingly referred to the Master as “Gay-ry” or “Gary the Fairy”, as his admiration for males was evident even to my primitive unenhanced senses. Although he attempted to disguise his interest and would glance only furtively in my direction, it was obvious that he enjoyed observing my body when I would remove my clothing after returning from a game of tennis or while preparing for sleep. His appreciation of my body produced an uneasiness in me, and I perceived it as threatening, despite my aforementioned sense of superiority to him in most aspects.

At the time, I lacked respect for his superiority to me intellectually.

While academics ranked well below social interactions, carnal adventures and alcohol consumption in my roster of priorities, Master Gary was devoted to his studies as a double-major in computer programming and psychology. He exhibited pride in his abilities and, in conversation, would frequently mention his intellectual quotient of 163. Like me, he was eighteen years of age, but was technically an upperclassman, having earned collegiate credits while still attending high school. In my ignorance, I derided his intelligence and mocked his frail frame, his below-average height, and his need for corrective eyeglasses. I can still recall how I would sometimes command him to do my bidding, performing errands such as laundering my clothing, tidying our living quarters, or fetching snacks from the dormitory vending machines when I felt hunger or thirst. He performed these tasks while voicing his displeasure at low volume. I can still recall one particular phrase which he spoke on repeated occasions:

“Just you wait.”

Seven days ago, I returned to our dormitory room after concluding a session of sexual activity with a female student whose identity I can only recall as Rebecca. I was in a euphoric state of mind following a series of orgasms, heightened by the intake of pharmaceuticals and alcohol. I was not surprised to discover Master Gary toiling on his computer when I entered our shared living space, although his pleasure upon seeing me was an unfamiliar sight. I still have clear memories of our conversation that night, as it was our final interaction before the change.

“Hey, Gay-rod, what you still doing up?” I said. “You jerking it to some fag website?”

“No, just running the final tests on the new video game I’ve been designing.”

“You designed a video game? What’s it called? ‘Grand Theft Homo’?”

“No, it’s more of a personality quiz. I was gonna go wake up Tate and see if he wanted to test it.”

I viewed Tate with even greater distaste than I had for Master Gary, as his homosexual traits were even more pronounced. “Tate? Shouldn’t you test it on someone who’s actually got a fuckin’ personality?”

“Fine, who would you suggest?”

In retrospect, I realize I should have perceived that Master Gary was luring me into becoming his test subject. Although I usually paid no attention to my roommate’s scholastic pursuits, my altered mindset had made me abundantly curious. “Shit, I’ll try it.”

“Well, okay,” Master Gary said, rising from his chair with seeming reluctance, although I now recall that he had a pleased expression on his face.

I took a seat and stared at the screen of a laptop computer. Master Gary attempted to place a wireless headset over my ears, but at the time, I disapproved of him coming into such close contact with me. I seized the headset and donned it myself, positioning it comfortably over my curly brown hair. I heard a swirling electronic musical soundtrack which I found soothing. On the computer screen, pale pink lettering appeared against a deep blue backdrop. A synthesized voice spoke the text aloud through the headphones, which was helpful as my vision was blurred from the evening’s alcohol intake. Despite its electronic distortion and lower pitch, I was aware that the voice was a modified version of Master Gary’s own voice due to his distinctive slurring of the “s” sound.

Through the headphones, I heard the instructions, “Please state your full name. Last name first.”

I looked for a microphone, but Master Gary lifted the headphones and informed me that I could just speak normally and the computer would hear me. I cleared my throat and said, “Brewster. Russell Owen.”

Onscreen, the letters “B”, “R” and “O” appeared as I spoke each name.

“Welcome, B.R.O. Thank you for being part of this experiment.” I was surprised to hear the word “experiment”, as I had been expecting a game. “Please relax and reply honestly to each question.”

The computer proceeded with a series of basic queries regarding my preferences in various areas. I recall growing impatient at the tedious questions about my favorite foods and films and athletic teams. I was asked to name my favorite book and could not think of a reply. The repetitious nature of the questions and the monotony of the voice and the increasingly sleep-inducing music were contributing to my fatigue. My attention was drifting when I noticed the voice becoming less synthesized and more obviously Master Gary’s natural tones.

“You are feeling very relaxed, aren’t you?”

I nodded drowsily. I felt Master Gary nudge my shoulder and say “Speak up,” so I said yes.

“You would like to get more comfortable, wouldn’t you?”

I began to nod again before remembering to answer aloud.

“You would feel more comfortable without your shirt.”

I said yes, although I now realize that it was not a question, but a statement of fact.

“You would feel more comfortable without your shirt,” Master Gary’s voice repeated through the headphones.

I unbuttoned the maroon polo shirt I had worn on my date and pulled it over my head, dislodging the headphones in the process. I felt disoriented without the sound of the music and Master Gary’s voice in my ears and felt self-conscious about removing my shirt in front of my roommate. But Master Gary quickly repositioned the headphones over my ears and I felt at ease once more. I definitely felt more comfortable now that I was rid of that clinging fabric, with the cool air of the room against my torso.

“You love your body. You love to touch it.”

I felt the immediate urge to stroke my hands across my chest and run my fingers through the tight curls of soft brown hair which covered it. I traced a finger downward from my firm pectorals through the sparse trail of hair that bisected my abdominal muscles. I had always felt pride in maintaining my lean physique, but it was giving me particular pleasure as I inspected it that night.

“You are growing hard just thinking about your body.” I became aware of a tightness in my white chinos. I was increasingly comforted by Master Gary’s voice, which no longer seemed to be coming from the headphones. I felt that the words were emanating from inside my brain. They were indistinguishable from my own thoughts. I realized I was having no other thoughts. Master Gary’s words were my thoughts.

“You want to get undressed.”

Master Gary was right. I kicked off my Topsiders under his desk, unbelted my slacks and slid them down my legs where they pooled around my ankles. I settled back in the chair, wearing only my checkered boxer shorts.

“You want to be totally naked.”

Master Gary was right again. I slithered free of my boxers and felt completely at ease. My stiff penis sprung upward at what I approximate to be a sixty-degree angle. My right hand moved reflexively toward it.

“You want to stroke your cock. You want to stroke your cock desperately.”

I did.

“But you cannot.”

My hand froze, my fingers hovering in a semi-circle around my penis but not touching it.

“Your cock is not for your enjoyment. It is only for the pleasure of your master.”

At that moment, I was confused. I asked, “Who is my master?”

Suddenly, I felt the desk chair swivel 180-degrees until I was facing my roommate. He had also stripped naked while I had been facing the computer. He reached over and removed the headphones from my ears and tossed them onto his desk. He spoke to me in his commanding voice, the voice I now knew as intimately as my own.

He said, “I am your master.”

I knew it was the truth.

“Say it,” he instructed.

“You are my master.” It felt good to say the truth. A warm rush spread through my body, and my erection tilted slightly further toward the perpendicular.

“Your only desire is to serve me.”

“Yes, Master Gary,” I said.

“You love my body as much as you love your own.”

I realized it was true. His frame was practically skeletal, his muscles almost non-existent, but what I had once derided as anemic now seemed an aesthetic wonder. I gazed upon his face as if studying it for the first time, finding beauty in every nuance from his prominent winglike ears to his bulbous nose. His freckled skin looked translucent in the darkened room, lit only by the blue glow emerging from his computer behind me. In his eyeglasses, I could see nothing but the silhouette of my own head backlit by the computer. He removed his spectacles, revealing pale green eyes into which I stared, transfixed. I wondered how I had lived in such proximity to Master Gary for these months without previously realizing how stunning he was. I could detect my heart rate increasing. I knew that he was feeling similarly excited, as his five-inch penis extended directly toward me, its engorged mushroom head a fiery red.

“From this moment forward, you will do only what I command, for only I know what is best for you.”

“Yes, Master Gary.”

Master Gary smiled, and I instantly adored his irregularly spaced teeth. “You do not need to call me Master Gary when you are around other people. You may simply call me Gary. But when we are alone, you shall call me Master.”

“Yes, Master.” My penis had grown fully erect to its usual eight inches. It was aching for relief that I knew only Master Gary could provide. “Please let me please you.”

“Oh, you already are pleasing me. You performed superbly on the personality test. I thought your ego might put up a fight, but your mind was even weaker than I anticipated. Stand up.”

I rose briskly, my slacks remaining piled around my feet. Although I stood four inches taller than Master Gary, I knew I was his inferior in every way. I awaited my next command in hopes that it would involve relieving the growing pressure in my groin.

“Things will be very different now,” he told me. “But your life will be much better. You will no longer waste your time in pursuit of women, for you live only to please me.”

The fog that had clouded my mind began to lift. The lingering pleasure I had felt before the change from having sex with Rebecca was replaced by revulsion over the filthy act. Everything gained a greater sense of clarity now that I knew my only goal was to please my Master. “How can I please you, Master?”

He appeared to be mulling a multitude of options, but after deliberation, he said, “Suck my cock.”

I was aware enough to know that such a request would previously have filled me with disgust, but I dropped immediately to my knees and leaned my face forward toward his erection as it jutted forth from his musky thicket of ginger pubic hair. I opened my mouth and slipped my lips around his cock, sliding my tongue across his slit and experiencing the unfamilar taste of his ejaculate as it began to ooze forth. Master Gary moaned, so I knew that I was pleasing him, which prompted me to continue. I leaned forward, pulling more of his penis inside my mouth where it did not lengthen but did increase in girth, forcing me to breathe through my nose. He braced his hands upon my shoulders and his erection pulsated inside me as I swung my tongue from side to side to stimulate his shaft. Within a minute, thick clots of warm liquid shot across my tongue and trickled down my throat.

My penis was aching for relief. I gazed up at my Master in hopes that he would give me permission to release the pressure, but he was growing limp and staggered backwards, landing on my bed, his bare bottom landing upon my pillow. His body sagged against the wall and he smiled. “Oh, fuck me,” he declared.

I obeyed his command, rising to my feet, walking over and lifting my Master’s body, positioning him face down upon my mattress. I gazed upon his thin buttocks and bent over to position my erection in his asshole.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” he shouted, looking over his shoulder with a frantic expression.

“I am fucking you, Master.”

He grinned but raised his palm toward me in a halting gesture. “Wow. Guess I really need to watch what I say.”

I was confused. “You do not want me to fuck you?”

“Oh, boy, do I. But not right now. I’m so blown away that I don’t think I could fully appreciate it right this second. It’s late. We should go to bed and continue in the morning.”

I nodded in agreement. He was right. I knew he must be right. I walked toward my dresser and opened the drawer which contained my usual sleeping clothes.

“Stop,” Master Gary commanded. “You will sleep naked from now on.” I turned around and nodded. My Master’s eyes were wide with joy. “Push our beds together.” I did as I was told, sliding the two single beds into the middle of the room. “Lie down,” he said. “On top of the sheets.” I did, stretching out on my back, my hard-on aimed at the ceiling. My Master crawled onto his mattress beside me and wrapped his body against my side, draping one hand around my erection. He kissed my shoulder and stroked my cock. It felt amazing.

“Can I ejaculate now, Master?” I asked, uncertain of the rules.

“Only when I say so.” He continued to slide his hand up and down, and my delirium grew ever stronger as I awaited his permission. When he finally said “Okay, you can cum now”, I launched a gusher which splattered onto my abdominal muscles, forming a puddle which grew wider with each spurt. He nuzzled against my neck and whispered, “You may go to sleep now.”

My eyelids became heavy immediately and my body relaxed. I was aware of my Master’s hand upon my limp cock as I lost consciousness.

When I awoke in the morning, my penis was again rigid and fully extended. Master Gary was no longer lying beside me, but seated naked in his desk chair, swiveling back and forth as he gazed upon me. “I see the Rooster still gets up with the dawn,” he said. “I’m glad some things haven’t changed.”

“Good morning, Master.” He was idly stroking his cock. I felt an immediate desire to suck it, but I knew I would need to be told it was okay.

“Good morning… What should I call you?” He frowned. “I can’t call you Rooster. That’s what your douchebag friends call you. Called you. They are not your friends any more. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I could still remember the people who I had called my friends, but they were so inferior to Master Gary, I felt no desire to be near them ever again.

He continued to ponder the issue out loud. “Russell seems too formal. Russ is too casual.” As the chair spun, he glanced at the computer screen where my initials remained atop the quiz from last night. He laughed as he looked at them. “B.R.O.? Oh, my god, it’s too perfect.” He turned back to me with a grin and instructed me, “From now on, when I address you, you will only answer to ‘Bro’. Do you understand, Bro?”

“Yes, Master.” It gave me a warm feeling in my chest to hear him call me Bro.

Master Gary let out a giggle, rubbed his hands together and pounded his bare feet against the tile floor. “Okay, Bro, it’s time I established some rules for you. First off, you will do all of the chores from now on. You will keep the room neat, you will do all of our laundry, you will do any errand that I request. Do you understand, Bro?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Excellent. Next, since you will no longer be wasting your time with your loser buddies or chasing after those nasty sluts, you will have more time for your studies. I have no desire to spend my time with an idiot. Your mind should have plenty of room now to absorb new information. It’s too late for you to change your courses this semester, so you will continue to attend classes, but they will no longer interest you. I’ll make sure you study enough that you won’t flunk out. After all, I don’t want to lose you now. But I will also start tutoring you here in the room, so that next semester you can begin studying computer programming alongside me.”

“Yes, please,” I said, sitting up in bed eagerly. I knew nothing of computer programming, but the thought of learning from an expert like my Master filled me with delight. I wanted to be intelligent like him.

Master Gary continued spinning in his chair, looking up at the ceiling and gnawing on the tip of his index finger as he thought. “Now about your body…”

“You don’t like my body, Master?”

“Oh, no, I like it fine. But I know it could be even better. You would look so much hotter with bigger muscles, don’t you agree?”

I had to agree. I looked down at my naked body and found my muscles puny. I was ashamed of them for not adequately pleasing my Master.

“From now on, you will stop playing tennis and devote yourself to the gym. You will work hard to grow powerful muscles. When you see the other bodybuilders, you will be inspired to push yourself to be ripped like them. But you will not want to fuck them. The thought of fucking them will nauseate you. The only person you will want to please…”

“…is my Master.” I was already envisioning my body sufficiently jacked to make Master Gary happy. I could not wait to begin. I stood and walked toward the door, but stopped with my hand on the doorknob when I heard my Master’s voice.

“Where are you going, Bro?”

“To the gym, to make myself pleasing to you.”

“You can’t go out like that, Bro. You’re naked.”

I looked down and realized he was right.

“You are only to be naked with me. Even when you are done with your workout at the gym, you will wait until you are back here with me so we can take a shower together.”

I nodded and stood at attention, awaiting instructions. Master Gary stood up and bounded across the room, jumping on our beds as he crossed toward me. He remained standing on my bed with his hands on his hips, looking down at me. I desperately wanted to suck him off, but his attention was focused on the contents of my closet. He looked displeased.

“You were such a fucking preppy. I always hated the way you dressed. From now on, you will dress to show off your big, hot, new muscles. You and I will go shopping today and get you all new clothes. Ones more befitting my sexy Bro.”

I was even more excited to get new clothes than I had been to start working out. “Can we go now?” I begged. “Please?”

My Master looked at a clock and said, “It’s only six in the morning. The stores won’t open until nine.”

“What shall I do until then, Master?”

A smile grew across my Master’s face. He dropped to his knees on the bed and reached over to grip my rock-hard cock. He tugged me closer and issued a stern command.

“Fuck. Me.”

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