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What it’s really like producing way too much sperm.

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It’s not really what you think. Having this condition is not all that fun, and it’s mostly cleaning and constantly watching your pants for stains. The worst thing about it is that it can lead to being infertile, which I don’t want.

Hyperspermia is the condition where your testicles produce an exorbitant amount sperm and, to manage this, the body overproduces seminal fluid. It usually begins in the late teens or 20s, though mine began somewhat earlier. It requires to continuously manage leaking of pre-cum and experiencing aches and pains in your genitals daily.

This condition is not much fun…though I will admit it is entertaining, the bad sometimes outweighs the good. Having to constantly monitor my pants for wet spots and change my underwear a lot is not a relaxing thing, it creates much stress and anxiety. Plus, coupled with the normal throngs of once being a young, 18+ sexually active teenager into adulthood, is embarrassing. Getting exited for no reason is normal for males and this makes managing the fluid very problematic. Also, the constant genital pain every morning (and sometimes at night) demands release. Imagine waking up every morning you have abstained from release the night before with a slow, aching pain in your testicles combined with occasional sharp, shooting, and very painful pains that feel like someone is putting an ice pick inside you. Due to the very large amount of sperm produced the longer you wait doesn’t help, the pain simply doesn’t go away. Now to be clear, I don’t try to abstain at all, I just wish the pain would stop so I could have more than 24 hours without feeling it.

Sometimes there are situations where you can’t masturbate. Like sharing a dorm, going to a hunting shack for the weekend, or doing any kind of marathon type event which requires you to be with a group of people for more than a day, all of which I enjoy. So anything you want to do that’s out of the ordinary, you have to think about your hyperspermia condition.

The first time I realized something was up was when I was younger. I was lying in bed sleeping one night, naked as it was really hot that month and I always sleep naked. I suddenly woke up feeling a pain between my legs. Though I couldn’t move, I just barely started to realize what was going to happen.

My balls hurt and felt like they were swollen and really tight, and my cock was already really hard. I’m only about 8 inches, maybe a little less, but it always gets relatively hard for no reason, even if I masturbated before I slept, which I always do. That night however I didn’t because I was really tired and fell asleep immediately.

At that time I had already been masturbating approximately three times a day minimum. I always had to wake up very early for school so doing it in the morning was out of the question. Instead, I had to do it at lunch period every day, sometimes even leaving class before lunch to go to the restroom stall and relieve myself if it got too much to deal with. I was always extremely horny in those days, like any high schooler I guess, but so many times it got so bad in class I had to leave because I simply couldn’t concentrate on anything else but cumming. I would cum in the stall toilet, and just assumed the already large amount of cum was just normal and never really realized it was above average. After school finished I would take the city bus to the gym where I would train every day, and before practise I would masturbate in the stall there again with generally a somewhat smaller amount then before. Then finally finish with at least one, or sometimes two, at night before bed. That was pretty much a regular day for me throughout high school. Occasionally I would need to do it more, even leaving from class twice in the day to masturbate or even do it 3 times before I could sleep. I never thought this was strange, cumming 3 to 5 times a day because no one ever knew about it.

Before that night when I was sleeping naked, I didn’t masturbate my usual amount the day before. I can’t remember exactly, but I was definitely tired from the workout that day so I just fell asleep right away when my head hit the pillow. Also, my schedule was getting busier then and I didn’t have the same amount of time that I did before. So perhaps I had done it once the day before. I had also begun to realize that the amount was beginning to increase day by day. It was getting erratic too; sometimes it would be very thick and really sticky, like glue, other times it would spray out like a very powerful, very liquid stream which rarely splashed back and got my clothes messy. So, I wasn’t doing it as much as before, becoming too preoccupied with my busy life. I was still unbelievably horny, but I was learning how to control it. Still thinking I was normal and that it was nothing different than other people that age, I went to sleep comfortably. But there was nothing normal about what was about to happen.

Like I said I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night feeling a pain in my testicles. Still being half asleep I couldn’t really move right to feel them. I could feel my cock was very hard as I was kind of already throbbing, and just assumed that I would need to relieve it like I had done many times before. Waking up in the middle of the night to masturbate had already been happening for a while, so I simply prepared to jack off again, but something very odd began to happen.

I felt my legs spread…by themselves…I mean I moved them with my muscles but I didn’t “think” of moving them. They just involuntarily spread further apart while I lay on my back and stopped when my feet were about 3 feet apart from each other. My breathing slowed and it felt like there was a sucking feeling in my lungs as my stomach sucked in too. I hadn’t really moved at all since I woke up so I was just lying there with my arms and hands by my sides. I began to move my arms and pulled the sheet off me, but as soon as I started to move my body just went crazy. The feeling of the nice soft sheets sliding across my swollen cock immediately threw my senses into a sexual explosion of sensitivities and after the sheet was gone my arms fell back onto the bed and the unexplainable and visceral feeling of getting ready to cum spread across my body. What, I was going to cum already? I had only been awake for like a few seconds!!

Before I could really think about what was going on, I felt something really strange, amazing, and slightly painful strike from inside my body between my legs, in the space between your ass and balls. My whole body went limp, and couldn’t move at all while my breathing almost slowed to a stop. My eyes closed, my cock felt like it started to expand, and then I just began cumming very rapidly. It didn’t start slow at all. My muscles flexed between my legs and I felt my cum literally erupt from my fertile cock in what I perceived to be like a long stream that shot completely past my chest and most of my head. It was like a combination of perception and feeling that seemed like cumming and peeing at the same time. I heard the sound of liquid hitting the floor behind me, and tried to move my arms and face to wipe the line of cum that went from the side of my face completely down to my belly; it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t move! But it was no use, my body was frozen and was completely unable to move. I began to feel scared, what was happening to me? Just as soon as the first one finished I felt another flex between my legs which felt the same if not more powerful than the first. I immediately tried to pull my face to the side but might have only made it an inch or two when the second massive stream of cum came out and made another splash behind me and a line up my entire body. What is this?! I didn’t even do anything! Why am I cumming like this?

Being unable to move, I couldn’t understand what was happening, and for maybe 30 seconds, I released……everywhere…..and covered….everything. I say 30 seconds because thinking about it now I don’t really know how long I came, and I have no idea how many times it came out, but I definitely know it wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced before. I laid there, practically paralyzed, and continued to cover myself and parts of my bed in what seemed to be an impossible amount of my seminal fluid. Even today, still having a moderate case of hyperspermia, I can’t believe what happened. It began very watery, and again and again it pumped and squirted out until my muscles ached and felt like they were cramping in pain. I started to let out little sounds of pain and pleasure but couldn’t practically make a sound even. It got in my eyes, nose, ears, but I really tried to stop it from going in my mouth, closing my lips together tightly. I felt it stop hitting my face and now!

begin to land on my already wet chest, when suddenly it stopped for a second and then let out another giant stream of very thick cum which again hit my face. It started dripping down the side of my stomach, chest and neck and shoulders, sliding down onto my now damp sheets. I let out a uncalculatedly loud moan as my muscle down there started to feel more and more pain, and got even more frightened thinking my parents would hear from the other room. My cock was bucking and throbbing as it continued to pump out. Finally I felt it abruptly stop, and it was over as fast as it began. I laid there, waiting to feel it start again, but it was finished.

When it finally stopped I was very frightened and immediately tried to clean it up, attempting to wipe myself off. I got my muscles to work again and let out long gasps of breath, still trying to not let it in my mouth. I had heard about these kinds of wet dreams before but I was really shocked at the older age it happened and even more shocked by the amount that had come out; I never knew that was possible. I mean I had cum before and I knew that I was above average most likely but this was unbelievable.

I sat up shaking and felt the huge amount of cum quickly slide down my soaked chest and stomach. I put my arm against my waist to try to block it and realized how messy my body really was. It was literally everywhere; from my stomach to my head I was covered in my own cum. Scared and shocked, I grabbed a shirt near my bed and began to clean it off myself. By the time my torso was wiped the shirt was useless as it was soaked and spired in my cum. I got another one and wiped the large amount off my face, then finished the rest of my body and tried to wipe some off my bed. In the end, both shirts were beyond wearing ever again. The first one especially, which was so muddled with cum it felt like some sort of used Kleenex.

Eventually cleaning my body and face off I put the shirts in a bag and hid them under my bed to keep my parents from finding it, only to then realize that there was more behind where my head was laying, and on the floor behind my bed. My pillow also was really bad. I cleaned it up quickly and hid the rest of the clothes under my bed and flipped my pillow over. Then I sat down on the side of the bed.

I remember just sitting there afterwards, wide eyed and sweating, just holding my arms and astonished at what had just happened; feeling gross and confused at the same time, trying to convince myself it was not my fault that it went where it went.

That morning I got up and immediately remembered what had happened and went to the bathroom. Then I looked in the mirror and saw exactly how much had gone in my hair, which I forgot to check the night before. I washed my hair in the sink and tried to get it out but it was really difficult. It wasn’t common to take a shower when we got up in the house because we always took one at night, so I tried to finish my hair in the sink but dried it quickly when I heard my parents were up. I went back to my room and put the shirts even further under my bed. (I know this sounds like paranoia but if you were me trust me you would have done the same thing). Then I looked on the bed and saw my dark purple sheets. There were so many white spots on the one side it looked like most of it didn’t even go on myself. I very quickly un-tucked it and turned it opposite, flipped it over, and re-tucked with the stains on the other side, then I covered it with my blanket. What was I supposed to do, take off the sheet and wash it myself, I had never done that before! I looked on the floor and saw even more that I had missed the night before in very few spots towards the side of the floor. I assumed those would not be seen as there wasn’t much, and went back to the bathroom. I tried again to wash the rest of the white out of my hair and finally after getting fully in the shower I managed to get most of it out.

Basically, it was a scary, astonishing experience that now inspires much different feelings then it did then.

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