Farmer’s boy

by Hairymusclemorphs

Working on a farm is never easy. But it won’t take long till you’re big enough to do the heavy lifting.

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I was 25 when I knocked against the heavy door of the farmer’s house. I was sweaty from my ride on the bicycle, and I gulped audibly when the door swung open… And he stood at the door.

“Here for the job?” His low voice was booming… I had never heard such a deep voice before… Fuck, it was sending shivers throughout my bones. My cock was hardening while my eyes tried to process it all.

He was huge… Tall and wide… His hairy pecs pushed the fabric of his lumberjack shirt and suspenders to their limits. 

“Hey, eyes up here!” He had a cocky smirk on his lips when I glanced up.

My neck felt slightly sore. I always knew I was average with my 6 feet in height. But that man was huge. He had to be at least 7 feet tall when he glanced down at me with amusement.

“Y Yeah… here for the job…?”

“Don’t worry, son, you’ll grow the muscle you need to get the job done.” He led me into his living room where I took place. 

“You’re the only one who didn’t turn on his heels after he spotted me….” He tapped the table with his thick fingers while he checked me out. I was athletic… but nothing close to his physique. 

His biceps looked as if it was close to tearing his shirt’s sleeves apart at any given moment. And fuck… he looked like a pro wrestler, or even a bodybuilder. I’ve never seen men this big… or potent.

But when I recalled his job description… He was “an ordinary farmer and lumberjack looking for a new helper to feed the animals and help him in the woods.”

“Boy… listen to my offer before you make your decision.” He leaned slightly over the table while filling my glass with fresh milk. “If you work for me over the summer, I’ll pay you double and give you a room upstairs while I’m feeding you through during the next three months.”

He looked me in the eyes while raising one of his thick brows while I slowly chugged down the glass of milk, wiping my mouth with my forearm.

“I’m in for it!” I placed the empty glass on the table and was surprised to see his grin widen. I never tasted anything like that fresh milk.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect you to agree. The last five studs turned on their heels when they spotted me in the doorway…. But in reality, I’m not that intimidating, am I?” He flexed one of his massive arms, and his shirt just ripped apart around the sleeves.

I could smell his scent. His sweaty musk filled the air. My own 5.7 inches of cock were hardening full mast in my jeans. I gulped slowly. “Not at all,” I lied while glancing around the room to see where his wife was.

He followed my gaze slowly before reaching his full height again. It was the first time that I could take a long stare at his package. His monstrous shaft and nuts were so massive that I could spot them through the jean’s fabric. Fuck, he was packing.

“We’re the only two on the farm.” He glanced down at me. “Lemme show me your room.” He slowly made his way towards the hallway; his broad back turned to me when I tried shoving my hardon underneath my belt before I followed him upstairs.

Fuck, I felt heated, and my cock was oozing pre like crazy. My muscles felt good. Almost as if I had a decent pump even without hitting the gym.

“That’s your room. My son used it back in the day, but he moved overseas a week ago. Never really cleaned up his mess though.” He let me inside and leaned against the wooden doorframe behind me. Fuck… he really filled it out to perfection. He had to lean against the top crossbar with his forearm, crunching slightly to glance down at me through the door.

“Take whatever you need. My son Jake won’t need it any longer. And I’m more than pleased if someone finally takes care of that nasty boy’s mess.”

I slowly nodded when he patted me on my shoulder in approval. “And don’t worry about him returning. He won’t be back home for at least a few years.”

He slowly turned around to leave. “Make yourself at home, and take his clothes if you like them. He grew out of them way too fast…” He chuckled while walking down the hallway. “I’ll introduce you to your work tomorrow. Dinner is at 7. And call me Mike if you need anything.”

I could see his monstrous glutes, quads, and calves fighting with the jeans fabric while he slowly made his way downstairs again…

I inhaled the air, feeling more pre oozing out of my shaft before I glanced down. Did my cockhead always push out over the belt…? And my arms… they looked massive today. Fuck, my workouts had really paid off. I could even spot my abs slightly sticking out underneath my tight tee shirt.

I slowly moved around the room. Jake had to be a fucking freak of a stud… the floor was covered in jockstraps, which either were torn apart or featured prominent stains of what had to be his jizz.

I slowly made my way towards the closet and pulled out a shirt.

It was big enough for two or three of me. And fuck, I got even hornier when I found his underwear drawer… 

He had to be packing. Clearly, he took after his beast of a father. I slowly undressed when I couldn’t resist trying it on.

I got even harder when I realized my hard cock couldn’t stretch the fabric far enough. The waistband was worn out and always slid back down my hips…

But Jake had some hot clothes. Prominent red jockstraps. Enormous hoodies and his own collection of lumberjack shirts.

I tried on one of his hoodies and just gulped when I glanced down at myself, the hoodie ended right above my knees. It looked like a tent on my body. The fabric alone was heavy enough that even I could feel its weight on me.

Did he grow out of this? That’s impossible, right?

I slowly got rid of his hoodie again, making my way to his desk drawers. The upper drawer was filled with polaroids with stuff written onto the white edge beneath.

“First day of college.” I glanced onto the stud. He was hot. Looked like a regular jock. He had a chiseled jawline, and his school uniform was painted on his body to perfection…

“Started wrestling” was the second polaroid. My cock almost exploded in my pants when I stared at the image. That was porn material. He was huge… He was at least 7’, maybe 7’2 in height… He was standing in the middle of what had to be a locker room, pinning someone against his side… against his hairy pits. His huge cock was throbbing. Bulging against his monstrous abs while he clearly did not care if anyone saw his massive member. His nuts were bigger than eggs, more like oranges. And the buff dude to his side looked scrawny compared to his mass.

I slowly switched to the next pic… only for my cock to explode inside my briefs. “Helping my old man on the farm….” He was clearly the one who held the camera for the selfie. I could see Mike standing next to him. His massive right arm wrapped around Mike’s shoulders and neck. The big farmer was barely tall enough to face his son’s huge nipples. He looked … so… puny next to him…!

Mike had a smile on his lips and he didn’t look bothered that his son was all naked. A thick stream of what had to be pre ran over his massive cock onto the muddy ground. And without the other polaroids, I probably would’ve switched their roles in my head.

I slowly pushed the images back into the drawer while I searched for something to clean away the mess inside my briefs. I panted, feeling my cock stir even harder inside my underwear. I had just cum, but my nuts felt like they wanted to blast an even bigger load….

I slowly got up and went to his bed and the drawer next to it. It smelled like gym lockers… or probably just a potent man, if that was what it is.

I slowly opened the drawer and glanced inside. I first spotted a huge bag of condoms, “supersize” written in bold letters across the package. A large flashlight was resting next to the box. And back in the corner, I found an almost empty container of tissues.

The flashlight had slightly broken plastic around its sides…

Wait… A flashlight? I slowly wrapped my fingers around the large tool and pulled it out of the drawer. It was no flashlight… It was a fucking fleshlight. And judging by its clean state, he never really had a chance to use it properly after the fucking sides were crushed by something… 

My eyes widened when I remembered. Jake’s cock was monstrous in the pictures… more like a forearm than a cock. I slowly pulled down my briefs, forgetting to clean up for the moment, when I slowly lowered the fleshlight over my throbbing cock’s head.

I always wanted to try one of these… I always wanted to… nnnghh fuoock! I let out a low growl when my cockhead touched the soft insides. Even with the broken sides, it fulfilled its duties. I laid back on his bed, slowly shoving it further down on my cock while my muscles shivered under the pleasure…

I inhaled deep. My balls felt ready to blow as if they were close to just bursting apart under the pressure of my cum. I closed my eyes before I slowly stared up at the ceiling. Stains were covering the wooden top of the room. I rammed the fleshlight down when I let out a relieved grunt… My cock blasted another load. But this time, it got even worse… I could feel the lust only rise inside my veins…

That fucker really just blew his loads against the ceiling! What a pervert… I let out a lower grunt. My adam’s apple pushed slightly outwards. My pecs started inflating, just a tiny bit, stretching the material of my shirt further out.

My pecs slowly grew hairier along with the tight abs underneath, building a prominent happy trail toward my cock’s base.

My cock was shivering under the lust. I ignored the fapping sounds each time I thrust my cock back into the wet fleshlight… It felt way too good when I pulled my pants further down. The denim felt like a prison for my calves. I couldn’t get my jeans off on their own. But right now, I didn’t care… My calves were rippling. My quads were pushing out further…

Nnnghh fuoooock—! I closed my eyes when I bucked my hips further out. My abs rippled and got denser… Thicker… My body slowly grew into a prominent v-shape. My shoulders pushed out while my neck got stronger… Manlier… My jaw got slightly square when I heard Mike’s deep booming voice from below shouting, “Dinner’s almost ready!

My cock exploded inside the fleshlight when I slowly held my breath and moaned. I was panting, sweating like crazy. “I I’m coming!” My voice was deeper… Fuck, I sounded manly right now. 

I slowly pulled off the fleshlight before glancing down, staring at my cock… It was towering, around 8 inches in length.

I tried to focus but fuck… What happened… I was… bigger? My mind was racing before I heard tableware clinging down in the kitchen.

Dinner… Dinner, right… 

I slowly tried pulling my jeans back up when I struggled over my quads.

I grimaced when I used more force, squeezing my jeans back up further… It was fucking torture to get my massive nuts inside. They were slightly blue, as if they wanted to blow another five loads right now.

I panicked when I realized my shirt was too short. It only covered down to my belly button right now. And my cock… It was fucking oozing out pre like crazy over my abs and pants, clearly visible even after I pinned it underneath my belt.

I rummaged in his closet, pulling one of the lumberjack shirts and tugging it on. It was way too big for my frame, but I just tucked it into my pants, hiding my cock at least a little from Mike’s eyes before I slowly made my way downstairs.

My feet felt cramped in my shoes/ I almost tripped and slightly cursed when my forehead hit the small doorway into the hallway. 

“Looking good!” Mike remarked as he sat at the same table. It was filled to groaning with all different foods. Two large jugs of fresh creamy milk. Large steaks with fresh salads. 

“Still a bit too large for my frame… But had nothing else to wear.” I was sweating… I could feel the heat in my body. I couldn’t explain it… But I was so damn horny all the time. 

“You remind me of my son… When he was your size, back in the day.” He grinned before he slowly leaned in, filling my glass with the creamy milk again…

I could see his massive hairy cleavage and pecs bulging through the neck of his shirt. His vast muscles filled his clothes to perfection while his skin glistened with sweat from the hard work on the farm.

I tried to focus... and it probably was the wrong decision to tuck my bulging cock underneath my belt. I could feel the pre running down my abs and against the shirt’s fabric.

“Found anything else you wanna keep in Jake’s room?” Mike slowly started digging in. His gigantic forearms flexed with each movement of his wrist.

I slowly wrapped my own hands around the glass of milk and started chugging it down like a hungry wolf. I needed some time to think about it. I couldn’t just tell him that I blew a load in his son’s fleshlight inside his bed.

“Don’t worry about his old stuff. I’ll just use it as good as possible.” I licked the remaining creamy substance off my lips while avoiding his gaze for the time being.

My belly groaned audibly when I started digging in, downing my steak and most of the salads on my plates in mere minutes. My gut rumbled louder in return for the appetizer. “Damn boy, if you already are that hungry without any physical work, you’ll give me a hard time feeding you thoroughly.”

He slowly stood up and brought me more food out of the kitchen, watching me with a slight amusement on his lips when I just used the whole jug instead of the glass to down more of the creamy milk.

I was so thirsty and hungry. I panted; sweat was staining my shirt underneath my arms while my balls slowly grew hairier inside my jeans.

“Sorry... I’m just suddenly so hungry. I could eat a whole cow!” My gut groaned louder when Mike got off his chair again.

“Lemme mix you some of my protein shakes then... Guess young men your age still need the extra protein.” I watched as he took another large mug of milk and added at least 10 scoops of protein powder into the mixer.

I didn’t care... I was hungry and would eat anything right now as long as it stopped my hunger.

I wrapped my hands around the mixer mug, slowly downing the whole half gallon he mixed up. I let out a satisfied burp before I rested my hands over my gut.

It was pushing out like a roid gut, crushing my cock against the belt. I felt the lust... the pain. I inhaled when Mike slowly got up to clean up the stuff.

“Let me clean up for you.” I wanted to get up when I heard my jeans just burst open around my quads and calves. “Fuck...” Mike slowly turned with a raised brow. “Don’t worry about that mess. I’ll clean up, and you get yourself something to change.”

My head turned bright red when I slowly walked toward the stairs. With each step, I could feel my cock grinding against the rough leather belt and against my hairy abs and the shirt’s fabric.

Each step made me hornier. I could hear the jeans fabric tearing open further when my glutes just split it apart between my ass cheeks.


I found the bathroom and made my way inside. Staring at the man in the mirror. My hand ran over my chiseled jawline. I had a prominent beard. And I was one of these men who never really could grow any hair on their frame.

I glanced further down and gaped at my shirt. I was hot. I looked like a jock who was ready for his next wrestling match. I could spot my abs and pecs throughout the fabric... And I could see my cock, which rested between my abs.

Fuck! Mike’d seen my shaft the whole time during dinner. And he didn’t say a single word. I love that man. I never expected him to be that open or mix me one of his own shakes to stop my craving for food.

I slowly undressed in front of the mirror, flexing for myself. My body really needed a shave... I inhaled the strong scent in the air until I realized... It was my own.

I was sweating, but right now, I had other problems. I tried unbuckling my belt, but my cock added too much pressure against the front. It was fucking painful when I finally managed to get it off. My semi-hard shaft just slapped against the ceramic of the sink, covering parts of it in pre.

I slowly ran my hand further down my cock’s base until I felt my sensitive nuts. They were huge. Bulging. Fuck, I’d never seen my balls that massive.

Even when I didn’t jerk off for a week, they never were that blue. I traced over my skin, feeling my cock shiver under the lust. My glutes flexed in excitement when I heard the jeans fabric tear further apart between my ass.

I slowly ran my other hand over my glutes, slightly struggling with my movements after my massive arm made it hard to reach all the way around.

“Fuck, when did I get so massive...” I let out a slight grunt when I felt my colossal ass cheeks revealed.

I ran my rough hand around the jeans fabric and tore it off my body. Feeling my massive nuts finally freed, grinding against my huge hairy quads.

“Everything all right in there?” I heard Mike’s voice while steps were slowly advancing up the stairs.

I slightly panicked when I spotted the mess I had made. My cock rock solid again when I slowly searched for the right words to get out of here.

“Yeah... Guess I just need a bigger pair of pants... Jake’s pants are too big for my size.” I ran my hand through my beard, calming myself down, when I heard Mike open the door and eyed me all over.

“Can see that,” he grinned. “If you’re lucky, I still have a few old clothes from his earlier days stored in the attic. But I’m pretty impressed. Never had someone burst out of his jeans like that in my kitchen... Can’t complain about the sight.” I just stood there, unsure what to say, when he pinched one of my nipples with his rough fingers before slowly turning and pulling down the ladder from the attic.

My cock was rock hard, grinding against my hairy abs and leaking pre like crazy. I almost blew my load over my body when I felt his fingers squeezing down on my nipple.

I watched his massive back, admiring his juicy glutes while he slowly climbed up the ladder. I ran my hand over my thick boner, lubing it with my pre while I tried to focus again.

I couldn’t stop tracing over my hairy abs, rubbing my pre in against my muscled body, when I slowly woke up from my trance. “Found them!” He tossed a large bag of clothes down the ladder before he stored the ladder away again.

“Thanks.” I glanced over his body when he waved it off. I slowly got out of the bathroom, making my way into my room, when I heard Mike’s voice behind me. “I’ll take a shower now. Bet you won’t mind me going first.” He leaned against the walls in the hallway.

“I’m... fine waiting.... I’ll search through Jake’s clothes first.” I felt my cock stir when I saw how he had already unbuttoned his shirt inside the hallway, revealing his monstrous pecs and hairy abs. He was huge... He was a fucking beast of a man. And even with my new size, I felt puny beside him.

He slowly entered the bathroom, and it didn’t take long until I heard the shower running. He didn’t even bother to close the door from me.

I slowly placed the bag on my bed before I made my way through the hallway, the wooden boards squeaking under my new weight.

I couldn’t resist peeking. Pre was dripping down my legs onto the wooden planks when I heard low noises... Was he moaning...? Grunting...?

I ran one of my hands over my fat member, feeling it pulsating with each of my heartbeats. I was slowly jerking it up and down when I felt a fucking shiver in my nuts. I let out an uncontrolled moan when my balls got hairier in return for the attention. My pecs pushed out further, my lats making my frame broader when I could see him towering inside the shower.

He was a giant. His soft cock was resting down to his knees when the water stopped, and he started soaping his body. He turned away from me. His giant glutes are on perfect display. His massive shoulders filled the enlarged cabin when his throat escaped another relieved groan.

I wanted to peek more when I felt my cock getting close. I made it back into my room just in time, tossing myself onto my bed before my cock blasted its massive load all over my powerful frame.

My hairy pecs and abs were covered in my seed. I tightened my grip around my cock’s base. Letting out another uncontrolled moan when the second wave of lust hit me, and a double load splashed up against my beard, face, and chin, even hitting parts of the wall. I pointed it further down when it oozed out even thicker loads against my massive hairy pecshelf. I let out a low growl... My balls pushed out bigger... grew in the process while my whole body slowly adapted to my needs.

My balls started bulging outwards against my already giant quads. I felt my calves ballooning further when I felt and heard my shoes and socks tearing apart like paper. I flexed my abs and pecs before I ran my rough hands over my muscles, slowly massaging it in. I heard the water stop running in the bathroom... I cursed when I just grabbed one of the shirts and tried getting rid of as much cum as possible before I stood back up. My cock was upright, cum covered my hairy pecs, and my body reeked of masculinity and musk.

I heard Mike’s low voice when he stepped out of the bathroom. He was pumped to his rims; water dripped off his hairy pecs onto the ground. “I’m done, stud” He didn’t even glance in my direction when he strolled away towards his room.

I only got a glance onto his giant shaft. He was packing. And his musk still filled the air inside the hallway.

I slowly entered the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I wasn’t as confident as Mike. It took me almost an hour until I managed to get all the dried cum off my hairy frame. At least the regions I could reach with my mobility.

I squeezed my package into one of Jake’s old, blue jockstraps. He had good taste. Or if Mike selected them, he knew what looked good on men. I used one of the massive shirts inside the closet before I snuggled myself into the bedsheets.

They smelled so good… that it only took me minutes until I dozed off for the night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I woke in the middle of the night when I heard deep grunts from the bathroom. I slowly got up, advancing down the hallway before I stopped next to the almost closed door. I heard fapping sounds—deep grunts. The dim light lit the bath only slightly when I glanced inside, trying to make no sound.

Fuck—was he bigger? Mike towered in the shower cabin. His cock pulsated in his grip while he was jerking off. His muscles looked huge. His pecs were pumped to their limits while he looked way more intimidating than earlier that afternoon.

I listened to his low animalistic grunts. His legs were spread wide to give his vast balls more space when I saw the constant pre flow down into the drain. It looked like pure cum. Way too dense for pre. My cock was hardening inside my jockstraps, starting to ooze out more and more pre onto the wooden planks beneath me while I gaped further on his show.

He now used both of his rough hands, stroking his member down to his hefty base before he let out another deep low moan when his cock unloaded a massive flood of cum, covering the glass panel of the shower and his whole frame in mere seconds.

I couldn’t see through… but his silhouette was morphing behind the creamy glass. I could smell the air shifting while his moaning dropped another octave.

He was slightly squatting down under the pleasure when an even bigger load exploded out of his shaft, splashing back up against his massive frame before I saw some of it making it past the upper border of the shower.

I held my breath, feeling my cock shiver in my grip while his muscles grew bigger…. They pumped out further until I could see his heavy fat cock slapping against the glass, growing slowly but steadily in length and diameter. His heavy pecs and arms were now grinding against the glass. His balls grew hairier… Thicker… Their outlines were visible against the glass when his cock shot another monstrous load which splashed against the lower side of his hairy pecs before it flowed down against his quads and calves.

I felt my cock give in. He was taller than earlier this evening. I could spot his fucking forehead popping out over the cabin when my cock shivered in my grip. I tried to prevent the worse by aiming it in my direction… But it was no use when my load splashed up against my hairy abs and pecs and the fabric of my shirt.

I inhaled the air when a second load hit my body—covering the door and the wooden planks.

I started panicking when I heard the shower stall open. He was done already… Don’t tell me he’s going to leave like that… I gulped when I spurted down the hallway, closing my door behind my back before I panted, glancing down at the mess I had made.

My shirt was soaked in my thick creamy jizz, making it cling to my body. I heard heavy steps slowly approaching in my direction. I was leaning against the door, still panting heavily.

I couldn’t see how his monstrous frame towered behind the door. His massive cock grinding against his hairy set of pecs and abs while he thought for a moment if his new guest was already ready for a ride.

A constant stream of cum was flowing down onto the ground and underneath my door before Mike slowly turned, returning to his room. His grin got cockier that night after he saw the puddle of cum in front of the bathroom door.

The time would come.

It was still early in the morning when I heard the loud knock against my door. “Hey, son, time for your first day on the farm.” It was Mike. His voice sounded rough, more profound than usual.

I slightly wiggled on the mattress. I was all naked; my hands ran over my massive and hairy pecs when I let out a satisfied grunt once my cock hardened full mast.

They still were damp from the incident last night. But I couldn’t care less. It was almost as if my sorrows were washed away.

I slowly got up when I approached the door, strolling down the hallway towards the bathroom. When I turned the corner, I saw Mike, who stood in front of the pissoir, taking a stroll. His broad muscles pumped to the rims. He was bigger… Way bigger than yesterday. His musk filled the damp air. And his cock… It was resting over his huge nuts. Gravity forced it down in the right spot while he used his free hands to massage his pecs slightly.

I heard the splashing of his piss hitting the ceramic while I slowly approached him from behind. My eyes were glued on his colossal ass. His massive glutes and his broad back.

I couldn’t resist my desires. I could see his hole. His musk was intoxicating. My cock was already throbbing. I ran my rough hand over my thick shaft when I slowly advanced in.

I couldn’t stop my lust. It was like an addiction that fueled my veins. Ever since I started growing, it only got worse. I ran my hands over Mike’s massive glutes, slowly pushing them further apart. He didn’t say a word. Instead, he just flexed his giant glutes against my rough hands.

I wrapped my arms around his hips, unable to resist his body. He was feeling my giant morning wood slide up in between his cheeks. I felt his hands wrapping around my wrist before he pulled me in close. “Don’t be so fucking shy,” his low voice boomed. It was an order.

He noticed that I was unskilled. But at the same time… He had his plan for me. He finished his piss when he slowly led one of my hands further down around his huge cock.

He turned and lifted me off the ground, wrapping his rough grip around my neck before I felt my feet dangling inside the air.

My cock was exploding, cum was splashing up against his massive abs and pecs while he stared me in the eyes. “Listen, boy. I want you to man up… See it as a lesson… Next time when you get the opportunity to breed me, you make me submit, understood?” His grin was cockier than usual. “Lemme show you how it’s done.” His cock was hardening. His balls were pumping outwards.

He slowly changed his grip until his hands wrapped around my glutes. I felt his rough fingers. His skilled touch when he thrust his pre-coated pointer finger down my hole. My eyes widened when I wanted to moan. But he just pinned me against his monstrous pec and nipple, muffling my moans. My cock blew an even bigger load against his body before he just forced my fat anaconda in between his hairy pecs.

I panted while he slowly kept stretching my hole further, bouncing his gigantic muscles around my wood. “Those are just the preparations.” He enjoyed my body’s reaction.

When he slowly lowered me further. He threw me against one of the walls while flexing a most muscular. His cock hardening full mast while he seemed to grow in the process.

“Now let me show you how it’s done.” He slowly stepped in my direction. A constant flow of pre covered the wooden planks beneath him when he stopped above me. I could only see his monstrous hairy balls. His huge cock and his even bigger pecs. His face was completely blocked off when he slowly lifted me off the ground again.

His massive arms wrapped around my neck and torso before he forced his huge cock up against my back and ass. I wanted to moan, but he shoved his thick fingers inside my mouth. “Shhhh… I haven’t even started yet”. He licked over his thirsty lips before slowly thrusting his monstrous shaft down my ass.

My eyes widened. I wanted to shout. But he just shoved his fingers further down my throat. I could feel his hot fluids filling me up. My gut pushed outwards in mere seconds while he bearhugged me, lowering his lips further towards my ear. “That’s just my pre, boy.” He pushed my head up against his hairy pecs when he bucked his hip forward and forced a massive portion of his cock down my ass.

I could feel it fighting with my abs. My body rippled. A bolt of energy ran through my bones before my cock unloaded a bigger load. My balls surged outwards. More hair started covering my frame when I felt my feet almost reaching the ground again.

Another thrust. My adam’s apple grew significantly. I moaned, but it was muffled while he slowly repositioned my body. He was now forcing me underneath his monstrous pit, lowering his arm around my head while I had no other option than to inhale his potent musk. My arms were wrapped around his broad back when my biceps bulged outwards. My whole body started changing.

My ccok slowly pushed his abs apart before flexing them, stimulating my body even worse.

I moaned louder, but he flexed his arms rougher before ramming his cock further inside. I wanted to shout in pain when it suddenly turned into pure lust. My cock pulsated. But this time, my nuts started to hold it back.

Each second made the pleasure rise further. It felt like a pure orgasm that repeated over and over again. I started flexing my glutes around his shaft when I heard a moan escape off his lips.

I couldn’t resist when I bucked my hip forward, feeling my fat anaconda fuck his hairy abs and pecs. My cockhead thrusting inside his huge muscle tits.

“Bigger… bigger… more!” My voice dropped another octave when my balls started growing to hold back even longer. My feet finally touched the ground when my body slowly outgrew Mike.

I took another long and deep whiff of his musk. I had to squat down slightly to keep my position under his arms. His hairy pecs felt fucking amazing. But he was so… puny…. fuck. He was a fucking runt compared to my own body!

My tongue licked through his hairy pits, tasting his sweaty skin before my muscles rippled. My pecs bulged outwards. My cock forced his pecs further apart before I ran my rough hands down his back and around his vast glutes, slowly giving them a firm squeeze.

I heard his moan. He couldn’t do anything against it. He tried to keep his lead by thrusting his cock further down my ass. But one flex of my hairy glutes was enough to send him over the edge. I could feel his hot alpha jizz filling me up to the rims when I slowly stood up to my full height.

My glutes held his cock inside, forcing him to move along while he slowly realized he’d fucked up.

My hairy pecs were at his eye level. I could feel my hair brushing against the wooden ceiling when my hands massaged his ass rougher in return. “Guess I’m ready now to breed you, huh?” I flexed my powerful glutes again when his nuts shot a second uncontrolled load down my ass. “I’m just a young, horny man… But you showed me that I could have so much more.” 

I slowly moved one of my hands towards his pecs, squeezing them until I heard his shout. “Come on…. Just getting started!” My low voice boomed when I let his cock free, flexing my right arm to its limits before I took a good whiff of my musk, grinning while my growth got even worse. He wanted to push me away after I pinned him against the wall. But I couldn’t care less at the moment.

He couldn’t even move my body out of the way. My muscles were way more potent than his. “Before we keep playing….” I slowly ran my rough finger over one of his nipples, twisting it in my grip. “You better mix me more of your protein shake together.” My gut groaned audibly. I saw his eyes widen, clearly not in on my plan. “I know you’ve got enough of that stuff to feed a farm of bulls. Get moving and show me your fucking supply!” I kept him pinned to my massive front. My vast cock ground up his back while I carried him down the stairs like a doll.

He slowly leads me into his storage room. “Boy, we can talk that over—”

“Who are you calling ‘boy’…?” I ignored his weak attempts when he tried wrestling my side when I saw the massive gallon containers with creamy white fluid inside.

I slowly advanced, grabbing one of them and lifting it to my thirsty lips.

I was thirsty…. And to be honest, I enjoyed how Mike tried wrestling me with all his body weight and attempted to pin me down without a chance. And how he could only watch while I was chugging down one gallon of his shake like an appetizer right in front of him….

I could feel his frustration while he kept pushing with all his body weight up against my massive side. I enjoyed his little personal fight. He still thought he had a chance. But it was already way too late. My food cravings slowly stopped and slowly got overlaid by lust. I could feel the blood churning through my veins when I slowly lowered the empty canister off my lips and tossed it onto the ground. I turned until I towered right in front of him…

“Like what you see? That’s what a man is supposed to look like.” I flexed a double biceps pose when my cock slowly hardened until it pushed him slightly back up against the cold wall. I grinned cockily before I ran my tongue over my monstrous biceps peak. I couldn’t even see anything past my hairy, juicy pecs.

I could feel his force when he used all his remaining power to slam his knee between my monstrous hairy nuts. “Nnnghhh fuooock!” The floor vibrated slightly under my deep, bossy grunts. I cramped under the insane pain. He used his chance, his pathetic arms wrapping around my neck while I held my nuts under pain before the inhuman torture slowly shifted. My eyes widened when it slowly turned into pure pleasure and lust. I inhaled his scent when my body started bulging underneath his hug.

I could feel my gigantic pecs pushing further down, up against my sixpack. By now, my abs were more like climbing bricks. I could feel the different rows growing up against each other while I was still crunching in, feeling his puny arms around my rippling neck. He didn’t notice my growth. Because he was confident when he slowly used his strong leg combined with his prior kickboxing skills to crush it in my nuts a second time….

But this time, he hadn’t calculated with my body. A low moan escaped my lips when my shoulders bucked outwards. I slowly straightened my body. My arms were constantly bulging, rippling out bigger and thicker. Fuuuck…. I could feel my head bump against the high ceiling when I slowly couldn’t resist the urge to flex my gigantic right arm. I stared at my biceps while my cock almost crushed Mike against my massive pecs and abs. He was sitting on it like riding a horse. I could feel my rod against his ass and back, wrestling him on its own while I slowly shoved my nose underneath my hairy pits. I was taking a whiff of my new scent.

Each of his movements just made me hornier. Each of his kicks and punches just made his situation even worse. I slowly squatted down until I managed to grab the second canister with the tip of my fingers before I downed it in two large gulps and tossed it onto the ground.

I slowly turned towards the door when I realized… I had a few new issues around his house. “Let’s have some fun before I search for your cellar and more of that tasty milk.” I tried squeezing through the doorway without any luck. My shoulders rippled. I could feel my ass and glutes flex against the doorframe until I heard the wooden frame cracking along with the solid stone.

I could feel the inhuman lust when I finally made it through my new enhanced doorway—ignoring the broken stone and wood on the ground and the dust in the air. It took me a while until I realized that Mike constantly thrust his fists up against my pecs while my cock alone was strong enough to keep him at bay. Forcing him up against my sweaty, hairy pecs.

I ignored his punches for now when I managed to get hold of his glutes. It was more challenging with my new mobility and size. With my power. But I didn’t even need to see his reaction below my pecs when I slowly pushed my thick index finger inside.

“Shhhhh… We just got started.” I flexed my abs slowly while feeling his stiff cock stuck in between. I could feel the shiver in his body each time he blew a load. He was pathetic. Each time I flexed my massive abs, it was enough to send him over the edge. Again… and again…

“Fuck, boy…. If you can’t hold your load back, it won’t be any fun breeding you!” I forced him further up until I saw his face above my pecs. I bearhugged him rougher until our lips touched. I wrestled him against my frame. His cock’s tip now thrust inside my bouncing hairy pecs instead. Lubing them all over with his small loads while I slowly loosened him up further.

“From now on… you’ll only cum when I allow it, understood?” My deep voice rumbled when I slowly forced my finger back out of his ass. My rough hand wrapped around his monstrous cock’s base and increased its pressure until I could hear the pleasure and lust in his voice. 

He couldn’t cum. Instead, his balls rippled under the insane pleasure, slightly blue already. He was trying to blow his load all over me without luck. “Don’t be shy… Call me by my name.” I could see the resistance on his lips.

I lowered my other hand around his glutes and rammed my pointer finger all the way inside. His cock tried to burst without luck when I heard his moan and a silent, muffled “Breed me, Daddy” down my mouth.

He slowly forced his lips up against my inhuman pecs. He didn’t resist any longer. Instead, I could feel his hot lips around my nipple. His tongue slowly slid over my sweaty pecs until his constant low grunts were muffled under the impact when I gently pushed his head further in between my monstrous cleavage while I slowly positioned my cock up against his cheeks.

He was scrawny compared to me. My cock was more than triple his size by now. I slightly leaned in when my low voice hummed in his ear. “Loosen up for your new master.” Precum was flowing down my shaft until it disappeared between my musky nuts.

I could feel Mike’s little hands, how he crawled them into my monstrous pecs. I slowly raised my arm on another excellent flex before I took a good whiff of my musk once more. I felt my cock harden fully, almost crushing him against my brick wall of abs. He was already panting when I slowly lowered my upper body until I could thrust my fist in first. My cock constantly grinds against my forearm while his uncontrolled moans are muffled against my hairy pecs.

I had managed to place his cock between my abs, crushing his shaft in between hard enough that he couldn’t blow his small load during the foreplay when I finally used both my rough hands to stretch his ass up to its limits. Shoving my monstrous cockhead inside.

“Come on, boy… Grow for Daddy… Give me something to breed. I can’t stand twigs who can’t even take my cock inside. He tried saying something when I forced his head underneath my sweat pits instead, feeling his cock shiver against my abs.

He was a fucking pervert, and he loved every bit of it. I still wondered how he grew the night before. What his secret was. What he mixed into my food. I relaxed my abs. His cock blew a monstrous load all over my hairy torso and up against my pecs. But he didn’t settle. Instead, he tried pushing his head out underneath my pits.

I let him lose slightly when he started licking all over my hairy pecs and abs… Like a hungry wolf who just got served a stack of fresh red meat.

“Who gave you permission to clean me up!” My low voice boomed when I forced his head back against my hairy cleavage before ramming my cock inside.

His body rippled. His muscles pulsated, and his ass. Nnnghh fuooock… I couldn’t resist a grunt when his powerful glutes exploded around my shaft. He grew on my shaft. And I could feel his rough fingers how he squeezed my nipples rougher, making me shudder slightly in the process.

His glutes flexed stronger like iron tongs. My balls were churning. More pre-cum flowed out of his hole, pushing his growing abs further into a roid gut. I tried to focus. But the pleasure… This lust of breeding him. Of his increasing body surrounding my cock.

It was his cum… But there was a twist to it, wasn’t there? I let out another deep uncontrolled grunt when I felt his grip stronger. More powerful.

If I wanted to keep my fucking position, I had to act fast.

I used my whole body weight to slam us down onto the ground, ruining the wooden floor planks underneath our combined weight.

I could hear his masculine voice. His low grunt while he tried to get back towards my torso.

I pulled my monstrous shaft out of his hole. I was eying his massive body all over. There was no way it was my cum that made him grow… right? I towered above him. My gigantic cock was towering above him like a free fountain. But he tried to push it away. He tried to get his tongue back to my hairy abs—the spots where he blew his load.

I pinned him back onto the ground, looking at him like a wild animal out for prey. “Guess I’ve to know your secret first before we can have fun in peace” My deep voice rang through the room before I kept his upper torso pinned to the ground and lowered my monstrous frame over his body. I was licking over his sensitive and growing shaft.

The taste was familiar… Like a sweet can of his milk. “You fucker…” I ran my rough fingers around his thick neck and throat. “Never thought I’d find a bigger pervert than my own self.” I slowly repositioned my monstrous frame until I sat on his abs. His cock was grinding up against my hairy, pumped glutes and my huge back before I slowly lowered my unfucked ass around his anaconda. “Thought you’re servicing me because you’re a good runt…. But guess I’ll have to teach you the hard way first. Who’s in charge, huh?”

My rough hand slowly ran further up over his torso and pecs before I slowly shoved one of my large fingers down his mouth. “Come on, boy… Cum for Daddy… I know you want me bigger… Right? Nothing better than being the fucking cum-dump for your Daddy.”

He wanted to resist. But he couldn’t resist when I flexed my glutes to their limits. I could see the lust inside his body before his high-pitched moan filled the room. I could feel his hot jizz fueling my ass up to the rims. My cock bulged out another inch. My balls started growing onto his abs. He could only witness my growth. Feel my increasing weight while I towered above him. “Guess pays double that you’re so sensitive, huh?” I ran my rough finger over his nipple when I started bouncing my massive cheeks against his cock.

Fuoock, yeah.” My voice crackled when my adam’s apple pushed out even more prominent. The ground was shaking underneath my bassy voice. Each second made my growth speed up faster. “Bigger!” It was an order. When more power filled my veins, my eyes started glowing in an icy blue color. My pecs pushed out further, kissing my hairy abs while I couldn’t move my arms properly any longer before I felt it.

The pain was inhuman. I doubled over in pain. I was resting my Huge head on his chest before my glutes cramped in the process. Crushing his cock to its limits. I heard his moan. Felt the cum that filled my belly up to the rims.

“F Fuck… L-Luke, everything all right?” I heard his silent stammering in my ears.

Before the loud crackling sound of shifting bones filled the air, my spine rearranged. Thickened. My whole skeletal structure started changing. “Nnnnghhh fuoooock—” I let out a painful growl when my pecs bulged outwards. My shoulders got wider…. I grew taller to keep my mobility as good as possible.

Sweat flowed down my body, dripping onto Mike while he clearly worried about me. “L-Luke!” I felt how he ran his tiny hands around my massive arms, which rested next to his body before I repositioned myself. My huge legs were now resting on the ground beside him when I could feel it.

The pain started shifting again. My pupils dilated in pleasure. I slowly pushed my upper body back upright. Mike couldn’t see me from his current position. Just my godly pecs and abs. The constant flow of sweat still dripped off my growing frame.

“Guess I just found my personal lifetime stock of milk,” my deep voice boomed. I flexed a most muscular before leaping in and forcing Mike into a bearhug. I wanted to kiss him so bad. I wanted to breed him all night long when I finally felt his arms wrapping around my monstrous neck.

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