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 At the doctors to get checked over, new multi Ezra runs into the hottest guy he’s ever seen.

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Ezra sat in Doctor MacNeill’s GP surgery, with the good doctor sat behind his desk. “Well, m’boy, I’m happy to give you a clean bill of health, although I’m still completely flummoxed as to how we’re currently in this situation,” the Doctor said.

“Thanks Doc. I’m not too sure myself, but am definitely not complaining about it,” Ezra said. “Just one question though—why aren’t you phased by any of this?” he asked.

“Well, to put it bluntly, after being this town’s GP for so long, I don’t think anything shocks me anymore. I’ve seen young men with long bodies, extra mouths, extra arms, extra legs, extra… ahem… well, you know… so seeing yet another young man in your condition wasn’t anything new. Although the method of your introduction wasn’t the most pleasant thing I’ve seen…” The Doctor drifted back to that moment when Dylan vomited up Ezra and shuddered slightly.

“No, I think that I’ve definitely become more than familiar with you young ‘multis’, I think that’s what you call yourselves, over the years. I’ve even given up on the three big unanswered questions and just decided to let things take their own course,” the Doctor drifted off.

“What three questions, if you don’t mind me asking?” Ezra asked.

“Well. The first one is obvious—what caused multis to first appear, ohh, twenty-odd years ago? The second is why are they concentrated around this particular town? Finally, why are there no female multis?” the Doctor responded. “Ach well, no point getting bogged down in that sort of stuff—I’ve been the GP in this town for a long time and I’ve seen every single multi in this town from birth. Not one has had any health problems over and above the normal, so why let it stress me out? I’m 72 at my next birthday and I’ve got a nice, relatively peaceful life here. I’ll leave those mysteries to my successor.”

The receptionist then buzzed in, “Doctor MacNeill, that’s Brandon Nawoc in for his appointment.”

“Thank you, Lydia,” the Doctor replied. “Now then, m’boy, if you just take a seat out in the waiting area, I’ll deal with this patient and then see about getting you back up to the Scott house. Young Dylan is really concerned about you,” he said to Ezra.

“Really? I’m surprised he’d be concerned about anyone,” Ezra said, although without any malice in his voice.

“Oh, don’t let his outward personality fool you, young man. I’ve known Dylan since he was born and I can say, without breaking any patient confidentiality, that whilst he might appear to be completely self-centric and narcissistic, that underneath that mask is a kind, sweet young lad who genuinely cares for his family and friends. Sure, he has his flaws, we all do, but trust me when I say that he is a good lad. Now if I could only get him to stop eating people…” the Doctor trailed off again.

“Thanks Doc. Although, to be fair to him, we did all volunteer to get eaten, and he did actually treat us really well. Ha, if it wasn’t for him eating me, I wouldn’t be having this chat with you right now,” Ezra said, starting to head to the door.

“True, m’boy, true. Thank heaven for small mercies, eh?” the Doctor said, showing him to the waiting area.

Brandon was sitting in Doctor MacNeill’s surgery. He had broken one of his arms after a rock-climbing accident and was here for a check-up. As he waited, he thought about the number of times he had been in here. Doctor MacNeill had been the town GP since before he was born, and Brandon was always getting himself in to all sorts of bother due to his adventurous spirit. He’d had broken legs, broken ribs, been stung by numerous plants and insects, cut by sharp rocks, bitten by a few animals, right down to the routine things that every kid gets like chicken pox and throat infections—particularly bad when you have two throats. Each time, the kindly old Doctor MacNeill was there with a cheery word, a smile on his face beneath his big bushy moustache, and never flinching at the sight of his extras. Brandon smiled. I wonder what he made of all this when Tre, Ryan, and Sam all appeared… he thought.

As he was lost in his thoughts, Doctor MacNeill’s door opened and out walked the hottest guy Brandon had ever seen. He had a gorgeous face, great hair, four thick arms, tight waist and three sexy legs. Fuck, he’s like an angel… he thought.

Doctor MacNeill was chatting with him, but Brandon didn’t hear a word. He was mesmerised by this hunk of a man, to the point that Doctor MacNeill had to say his name a few times before he responded and followed him into the office.

Ezra, meanwhile, hadn’t been listening to a word the Doc had been saying since he entered the waiting room and saw a literal Adonis sitting there. This gorgeous, tanned, tower of muscle sat with four arms—one in a cast, he noticed—and his face had two pairs of luscious, kissable lips that Ezra was desperate to feel on his own. The bulge in his sweatpants also left nothing to the imagination.

The thought of that muscle god started to get Ezra hard and both cocks started to rise. Suddenly remembering he was in a very public waiting room, he came to his senses and noticed a little old lady smiling at him. “Don’t worry dear, I saw him too. Oh, to be 50 years younger,” she laughed, breaking any tension that might have been there. “Would you like a sweetie?” she asked, holding out a bag of hard-boiled sweets.

“Thank you,” Ezra said, taking one.

“Are you new to the town?” she asked.

“Yeah. Only just arrived,” Ezra replied.

“Ah well, you’ll be fine. You’ll fit in here sure enough. The young folks are lovely around here—I’m sure you’ll make friends in no time,” she said.

The two chatted away as the old lady told Ezra about the town where the best food was where the best places were for shopping as well as a few of the local landmarks. All the while Ezra noticed that she didn’t seem to care that she was chatting to someone who was literally a freak of nature. Maybe these people are so used to having multis around that they just see us as normal people? he thought.

Doctor MacNeill’s door opened and out came Brandon with the Doctor. “Ah, Mrs Campbell, how are you today? Here for your usual I take it?” the Doctor said to the old woman. “Just take a wee seat and I’ll be with you in a second.”

The old woman turned to Ezra and wished him a good afternoon and good luck in making some new friends then went into the Doctor’s room.

Brandon just kept looking at the three-legged angel sat there, whilst Ezra was distracted by his tanned Adonis. Doctor MacNeill decided to break the tension. “Ahem. Brandon, this young lad is Ezra. He’s ‘new’ to the town and doesn’t really know anyone here. Do you think you might be able to show him around? He does need to go up to the Scott’s house first as that’s where he’s staying at the moment,” the Doctor said.

“Oh, em, yeah, sure Doc,” Brandon stumbled. He then held out his good right hand and introduced himself. Ezra shook his hand and felt like a surge of electricity passed through him as they connected.

“Now, best not to keep young Dylan waiting. You know what he can be like,” the Doctor laughed as he shooed the two boys out of his waiting room. “Ah, young love,” he sighed before turning back to his room. “Now, Mrs Campbell, let’s see what we can do about your piles…”


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