Fabian: Vore Day

by TreborNawoc

 It’s the first Saturday of the month, and that means multi friends Fabian and Cole are resuming their epic rivalry: whoever swallows the most hunks by the end of the day gets to be on top for the celebnration afterwards.

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bzzt bzzt

bzzt bzzt

bzzt bzzt

A large hand stretches from under the covers to grab the buzzing phone, pulling it back under the covers.

“Hello...?” a newly awakened voice answers.

“Hey Fabe, all set to get your asses fucked today?” the other person asks.

“Cole?” Fabian mumbles. “What time is it?”

“It’s eight o’clock Fabe, and I’m already two up. You still in bed?” Cole asks, sounding very much awake.

“Yeah,” Fabian replies. “Wait, what do you mean two up?”

“Aw, little sweepy Fabian forgot what day it was...” Cole teases. “If you don’t get out of bed, you might as well just give up now and accept that I’m top tonight.”

A shock goes through Fabian’s body as realisation sets in. It’s the first Saturday of the month, and that means only one thing—Vore Day.

“Aw shit!” Fabian shouts, his voice sounding double the volume of a normal voice. He hangs up the phone and throws off the covers, revealing his unique body. From the tip of his blond hair, past his two mouths, his hands with extra fingers and thumbs, his long cock down to his extra toed feet, Fabian is quite a sight.

Bounding to the shower, his long cock trailing behind, Fabian quickly rushes to get ready. With no time to waste, he stretches his long, prehensile cock over to his toilet to empty his bladder, while cleaning his tight body. Jumping out and drying himself, he saves time by using the long tongue from his upper mouth to brush the teeth in his lower mouth, then swaps over while he sorts his golden hair into a cute bedhead style.

Picking out some nice clothes, he rushes out of his room, past Sven the butler and out the front door of the mansion.

Cole is already two up. Fuck, I’ve got to catch up.

Meanwhile, downtown...

gulp, gulp, gulp

“Fuck, this guy is tasty,” Cole says from his free mouth, looking at the other guy being held against the wall. The other guy continues to squirm, trying to free himself, but the kid holding him is built of serious muscle.

“Wriggle all you want, you’re not getting away,” Cole says, with a sinister smile. “I’ve got a game to win, and I’m already in the lead...”

Cole and Fabian had been best friends for as long as they could remember, just as their fathers had been. They had both gone to the same very exclusive boarding school, costing an extortionate amount of money to the parents, but small change compared to their families’ wealth. Both of them were multis—in fact, they were the only multis that either knew—and they loved showing their superiority to their norm classmates—whether that was Fabian playing pranks on the other boys by stretching his long cock down the hall to another dorm to piss on another pupil’s bed, or Cole using his incredible strength and wall crawling abilities to give super wedgies to other pupils from the top of the school flagpole, or both boys just stealing other pupils lunches with their long tongues. Then, after puberty, they discovered a new talent...

Fabian was the first to realise that he could swallow objects larger than normal people could. Through some experimentation he started out with oranges and apples, going through grapefruits and watermelons, until he swallowed Jonathan Jenkins-Smythe that fateful day in Year 11. Although he did eventually release the other boy, Fabian found that he enjoyed the taste, and the unique power that gave him over everyone else.

Cole also discovered a similar ability, and the two quickly gained the nickname of the Vore Bros. Already being bullies at school, they now had the power to intimidate everyone from the youngest pupils to the senior staff members, and they weren’t afraid to use it. Their parents, quickly called to the school, seemed uninterested. Indeed, Fabian’s father was almost encouraging of his new found ability—something triggered the cold, heartless scientist in him and he wanted to study this rather than prevent it. With the green light (or at least apathy) from their respective parents, the boys were free to take things to a new level.

So began their tradition of the first Saturday of each month being Vore Day. Each boy would try to swallow as many people as possible but keeping it completely secret and out of the public eye—the only rule set out by their parents. At 8pm, each boy would tally up their score (verification done by taking photos of each meal on their phones) and the winner would top the loser. In the four years since they’d left school, Fabian was in the lead by 31 to 27. The body count was also significant—Cole had swallowed 554 people (his average being 9.4 each day, with the highest one day count being 13) while Fabian had managed 602 people (his average being 10.2 each day, with his highest one day count being 15).

Of course, Fabian had an added advantage over Cole—where Cole could only swallow through his mouths, Fabian had discovered that he could swallow through his mouths, his navel, his cock and his three anuses. In fact, the two boys had actually tested that out on a non-Vore Day when they were bored, and Fabian managed to swallow 7 things at the same time. They just used hog roasts for that one, as both boys didn’t have enough arms to hold down 7 people to try it out...

Fabian found himself in the shopping mall in town. Quickly scanning, he spotted his first target walking in to the toilets. Mmmm... he looks delicious, he thought, licking his lips.

Quietly following them he checked around the toilets and found himself alone with the hot jock. Quickly grabbing him and pulling him in to the furthest away cubicle, he holds him against the wall, stretching his cock out of his shorts and up around the jock’s head to keep him quiet. Deciding to have a little fun first, Fabian rips the jock’s shorts off and swiftly puts the cock into his lower mouth.

“Bet you’ve never had anything like this before,” Fabian says from his upper mouth while continuing to suck. Despite his panic, the jock starts to get hard in Fabian’s mouth. Fabian’s long tongue wraps itself around the cock and jerks it off as his lips continue to work their own brand of magic. It doesn’t take too long for the jock to blow his load.

Fuck Fabe, what are you doing? he thinks to himself. Cole probably has another guy or two down his throat and you’re filling yourself up with cum, and wasting time...

“Sorry guy,” Fabian says to the jock. “Fun time is over.”

Fabian’s penis lifts the jock higher, positioning him so his feet are above Fabian’s head. Fabian opens his upper mouth wide as he lowers the jock down. With his feet inside Fabian’s mouth, the jock starts to kick. Fabian laughs...

“Kick all you want, big guy,” he says from his lower mouth. “It won’t do you any good...”

Slowly, Fabian starts to swallow the jock. Savouring the taste of the flesh as it slowly passes down his bulging throat, Fabian closes his eyes. With small gulps the jock slides further and further into the maw.

With his feet now securely in Fabian’s throat, and his arms locked to his sides by Fabian’s long cock, the jock is powerless to resist. Anxiety and fear take over, causing him to sweat.

“Mmmm...” Fabian moans from his lower mouth. “Now you’re just adding to the taste...”

As the jock’s legs get lower and lower, Fabian’s mouth opens wider and wider. Suddenly he feels a buzzing in his pocket. Pulling his phone out, he taps on the screen with his two left thumbs. It’s a message from Cole just saying ‘5’ with a photo of Cole, his massive body filling the entire frame. Cole’s lower mouth is open wide, showing the scared face of his latest meal in the back of his mouth.

“Ah fuck!” Fabian shouted. “He’s playing to win today. Well, I’ll show him.”

Annoyed at getting himself distracted, again, Fabian simply opens his throat wide and sucks the rest of the jock down into his stomach. Lifting his shirt, he feels the pressure of a fully grown muscle jock against his abs, and yet there is not a single bit of extra fat on him. Fuck, I love this body! he thinks, running out of the toilets to find his next prey...

Cole smiled a double smile. He knew that Fabian would be trying to savour things as he always did, but Cole was determined to win today. No fun, just food.

He had already swallowed 5 guys and it was only 10am. Sure, he had only managed 13 on his best ‘Vore Day’ but he had been preparing himself this time. Instead of big jocks, he was aiming for thin guys, and he wasn’t filling himself up with cum like Fabian would be. He also had a few new tricks up his sleeve, but that would come into play only if Fabian started to catch up with him.

It wasn’t that he desperately wanted to avoid being bottom—even just the thought of Fabian’s huge prehensile cock was enough for him to sprout a double boner—but he just wanted to win as he knew that it wound up Fabian more than anything in the world.

Moving away from his current location, to avoid any suspicion, Cole makes his way into a department store to watch the changing rooms for new targets...

Fabian was panicking. It was 2 p.m. and he had only swallowed three guys so far (the jock, and a cute couple in the parking lot) but Cole was on seven and didn’t look to be slowing down. There was only 6 hours left, and Cole had a 4 person lead.

Problem was that the town was filling up so there were less opportunities to find guys on their own. Thoughts were racing through Fabian’s head. It wasn’t actually the fact that Cole was going to be top if Fabian lost—to be honest, Fabian loved when Cole filled his backside with his cocks (much as he wished he knew a guy with three cocks just to feel what it would be like to have all his holes fucked...) Fabian was just too competitive to allow Cole to win.

Suddenly, a new idea came in to his head—Fabian shot off towards the cinema...

Cole was feeling confident. He had just watched two cute guys walk in to the changing room. Naturally they didn’t spot him as he lay flat against the ceiling, his wall-crawling ability coming in extra handy. Waiting for the perfect moment to pounce, Cole watched as the two guys stripped to their underwear and started trying on the new clothing.

After a few minutes, and a few more changes, the boys started making out. Hmmm... this just got interesting, Cole thought. Wait, I can’t get distracted here or Fabian will catch up. Extending his two tongues out, he grabbed them both like frog grasping a fly and pulled them into his mouths without a second thought.

Allowing himself a moment to savour the taste, Cole freezes in place as a member of staff come in to the room to check on the customers. Deciding to try out one of his new ‘tricks’ Cole purses the lips of one of his mouths and starts to breathe in. Slowly, the guy starts lifting off the ground towards the ceiling. Cole smiles with his other mouth, then exhales, allowing his other mouth to continue breathing in. Eventually the guy looks up and sees what is pulling him upwards. Cole smiles and winks at the guy before increasing the suction, opening his mouth wide until the guy’s head is firmly inside. Continuing to breathe in, the guys is sucked into Cole’s stomach, joining the other two guys from a few minutes before. With the guy’s feet still sticking out his mouth, Cole snaps a pic and sends it to Fabian—‘10’...

Dropping to the floor with a grace that wouldn’t be expected with such a huge frame, Cole casually steps out of the changing room and out the store. Just 4 hours to go...

Fabian was in luck...

Three guys were sat a few rows in front of him in the cinema, and there wasn’t another soul in the room. Carefully lowering his shorts, he snakes his cock along to the end of the row of seats, down the steps until it is in line with the row the guys are sitting in. My cock is stretched about 25 feet and there’s still plenty to go, he thinks to himself, smiling. God I’m so fucking amazing. As his cock slithers closer to the guys, he opens his mouths, shooting his tongues out to grab two of them. As he pulls them back into his mouths, the third guy notices and starts to run—straight into Fabian’s waiting cock...

The cock head rears up like a cobra, its movements mesmerising the young guy. With his guard down the head opens like a blossom mouth, splitting into 4 parts, then lunges forward to swallow the guy’s head. Fabian, sliding the other two guys down his throats, is overcome with a wave of pleasure as the guy in his cock teases and stimulates the inside of his cock as he slides along its length. At the last minute, Fabian’s mind clears, and he remember to take a photo of his ‘threesome’ as proof for the contest.

Well, that’s me up to six, but Cole still has one more than me, he thinks, just as a message comes through from Cole saying ‘10’.

“Well, shit,” Fabian says to the empty theatre...

Jumping out of his seat he rushes out of the cinema. It’s nearly 5 o’clock, he thinks. Where am I going to get enough prey at this time?

Cole was happy. He had managed to catch an early lead on Fabian and now he was in reach of his goal. He had just swallowed number 11 and was already eyeing up numbers 12 to 15. Could he hit a new personal best?

Walking up to a group of slightly older guys, Cole decides to try another of his new ‘tricks’...

“Um, excuse me,” he says to the group, all aged between 30 and 40 by the looks of them. “Can you see if I have something in my eye?”

The four guys look and instantly freeze in position—the hypnotic glare of Cole’s eyes catching them in his trap.

“Hey,” he says. “It worked. Thanks guys!”

Taking a selfie with them, to really wind up Fabian, he wolfs them down two at a time.

Holy shit Cole, he thinks to himself. You’ve beat your record. AND you’ve matched Fabe’s record. And with just enough time to get back to the meeting point in the park...

It’s 8 o’clock and the two boys meet up at their secluded spot in the park. The size difference is quite obvious, with Cole towering over Fabian, his shoulders wider than the shorter blond boy’s. Instinctively, as they have done for years, the boys greet each other with a double kiss.

“Fuck Cole,” Fabian says to the bigger boy, “I think you’ve definitely done it this time. I only managed 13 today.”

Cole smiles, having refrained from sending Fabian the last message.

“Oh, I think I have definitely earned those holes tonight...” Cole smiles. “Count them and weep Fabe—I managed 15 today!”

Looking at the selfie with the last four guys, Fabian is shocked.

“Wait,” he asks, confused. “How did you manage to convince them to have a selfie with you?”

“Oh,” Cole says, coyly, “I just asked them nicely and then they just waited patiently while I gulped them down.”

“Yeah right,” Fabian replies. “How did you do it really?”

Spotting a guy out walking in the park on his own, Cole told Fabian to watch as he demonstrated his new ‘trick’ before swallowing the walker up.

“Ok, I believe you,” Fabian said. “And now you’re definitely the winner, because that’s you on 16—even better than my PB...”

“Well, as the winner, I do believe I’m due a prize?...” Cole smiled.

“Ok, ok, ok...” Fabian said, turning around and dropping his shorts. Cole marvelled at that ass. Not only was it perfectly rounded, but with three anuses it was like it was built to be fucked. Pushing a finger in each hole, Cole felt a shiver down Fabian’s spine.

“C’mon, don’t tease. Just fuck me already,” Fabian called out.

“Damn, Fabe. Not like you to be so demanding,” Cole teased. He then pulled something out of one of his own anuses. “I’ve decided to make this as pleasurable as possible for you, so let’s see if we can fill all three of these holes.”

Dropping his own shorts, Cole took out his two hardening cocks, each over 2 feet long and stuffed them into the lower two anuses. In the third, he put his huge dildo, still warm from his own ass.

Slowly, he started to fuck Fabian.

Fabian, finally getting fucked in all three holes starts gasping from both mouths. He jerks off his long cock with his huge extra fingered hands, as it slithers further and further. His cock eventually starts wrapping itself around a nearby tree, gripping it tightly and shaking it with each thrust from Cole.

“Uh, uh, uh,” the boys moan in unison, the tempo increasing until finally Cole blows his load in Fabian’s holes. At the same time, Fabian’s cock head, now far about the top of the tree, sprays cum everywhere.

Cole looks up from his admiration of Fabian’s perfect butt.

“Fuck Fabe, how long can that thing go?” he asks.

“You know,” Fabian replies with a smile, “we might need to find out next week when I’m back on top...


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