Exercise regimen

by BRK

Exercise really does improve the body! And really fast, too!

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Tommy couldn't believe how much bigger his dick had gotten. And after only a month of sit-ups! The other exercises he'd seen his brother do had worked when he tried them too—but none of them worked this good!

Now he had a dilemma. He'd seen his brother doing eight different kinds of exercises out in the barn, and knew that must be Rusty's secret to getting people to notice him. He'd never exercised before, and maybe that was why people never seemed to see him, but fawned on his gorgeous older brother. Rusty did them all together, but Tommy wanted to see what each one did, so when he'd started this he'd resolved to do each in turn every day for a month. He'd already figured out the first month that the one where you keep your body straight and pushed yourself up and down with your arms grew your “pectorals”—he'd looked up the muscle names online—and so he now had a month's worth of nice thick “pecs” where before he'd been completely flat.

The second month was grabbing a horizontal bar and pulling your body up and down, and now he had nice thick upper arms and shoulders. Hanging from the attic rafters had worked really good—now he was half a foot taller—almost up to Rusty's 6’2”. He was super lanky now, all skin and bones except for that bulging chest and arms, and tight ten-pack abs.

The sit-ups, though, had mystified him. At first they didn't seem to have any effect on his body at all. Still he'd doggedly kept at it—until he realized after a couple of weeks during his after-workout wank sessions that his boner was feeling thicker and thicker in his hand. After that he worked even harder on his sit-ups and now, at the end of the month, his boner was three times as wide as it had been. Just thinking about it made him hard, and he thought about it all the time. He was eager to see it, to feel it, to touch it, to grow it.

So now, the dilemma. The month was up, and he didn't want to stop. Still, Tommy was nothing if not methodical. He had to see the system through that he had set up. And—he suddenly realized at his solitary post-workout, post-wank breakfast on the last day of the situp regimen—maybe the crunches would do something else equally pleasant.

He pushed himself impatiently through a week of crunches, scrutinizing his body in vain for any effect. Then on the sixth day, as he rubbed down his tall, sweaty body in the shower, he realized that he had gotten so accustomed to looking at his now-constant boner for width that he hadn't realized it had gotten longer! Holy shit—it had to be almost 2 inches longer! He came explosively right then and there, all over the shower curtain.

He almost didn't make it through the month—a 16-inch slab of constantly hard cock the width of his whole hand was almost too much cock even for Tommy, who loved his boner more than anything. He spent all of Day 31 sucking himself off, reveling in the size and sensitivity of his slab.

Feeling that his timing was perfect he moved on to the next of Rusty's exercises, deep-knee bends. Again he was perplexed at first—the first week seemed to have little effect other than tightening up his legs, a little, and by the tenth day he was starting to worry that he was doing them wrong. Still, past experience had made him a believer, so he figured he might as well see it through. And there was the strange sense that something was—pending. His legs were tingling, like something was building up. And finally on the fifteenth day he suddenly felt everything accelerate—he pushed himself through five more reps than usual and suddenly he collapsed on the ground, his legs feeling like they'd exploded! He felt dizzy and nearly blacked out, his head pounding madly. He leaned back on his hands, waiting for his vision to clear.

His legs felt weird. And when he could see again steadily he realized why: he was looking at three of his genetically huge feet. He rubbed the center foot against the others experimentally—he looked closer an realized it was another left. He ran his amazed eyes up three long sinewy legs. And where they joined his body, just below his still-narrow waist—two crotches! Out of each of them was standing his monster constant boner—he now had two of them! Fuck, he thought, and only one mouth. This may not be a good thing. The three legs felt great, though—amazing—but three legs and two monster hardons was enough. That was enough of this exercise!

Wow, what would the jumping jacks do? Could he even do jumping jacks anymore? He smiled and maneuvered his left superwide monster cock into his mouth, wondering what the next month would bring.


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