Doctor Version

by Jackson Rowan

Doctor Version is a terrifyingly intelligent man who craves complete control over an unwilling man. He has money, the technology, and now, a subject.

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To put it simply, Ethan was your slightly above-average guy. Decent looking, with a nicely toned but not overly muscular body. A little body hair, a slightly above-average cock, and a good job as a nurse at a local hospital. At 29 years old, he was very happy with his life. He had a good wage, a few close friends, and no major cares in the world.

He had decided to spend his weekend away from work in a casual, relaxed way. So Saturday lunchtime was spent in a small cafe in London St James’s Park, followed by a walk whilst playing Pokemon Go.

Ethan had not been paying much attention to where he was walking, the sound of the fountains and crowds of people had faded a while ago, and now he found he walked a path which was less well kept where cans and packets littered the poorly kept hedges and the pavement was cracked with weeds poking through. This was fine, though. He felt he was perfectly safe. The occasional jogger passed him, and a group of teenage girls had just passed him as well. It was quieter, but still a frequently used area.

Then suddenly he was off-balance, calling out “Oh, fuck” as his phone fell to the ground. He stumbled backwards, having somehow walked into something tall and firm, his forehead smacking hard into a man’s chin. He looked up and saw a large man standing before him, a foot taller than he was, and broader, too, if only by a little. The man looked to be in his mid-forties and was well dressed in black trousers and a white shirt. “Sorry! Sorry that was me, distracted,” Ethan apologised, picking up his phone. He groaned a little as he looked it over.

“It’s quite all right,” the man asked, looking politely concerned. “Is your phone okay, Ethan?”

“Nah, the screen is smashed to pieces and the buttons don’t….how do you know my name?” Ethan asked, looking up at the man suddenly, his damaged phone all but forgotten.

The man grinned. “Conrad Version,” he said. “You assisted me with a vasectomy last week. Oh, but you only ever see me with scrubs and a mask.” He chuckled.

Ethan’s fear faded away. “Oh! Yes. I didn’t recognise you. I am so sorry!” he laughed as well.

“No problem,” Version said easily. “Sorry about your phone, and it seems that bump on the head was a bit hard too. Come, sit,” he said, taking Ethan’s shoulder and directing him to a rickety-looking park bench.

“I think I am… okay,” Ethan said, but he allowed himself to be steered towards the bench and sat.

“Best to be safe. Old habit from my own days as a nurse, much like yourself!” The doctor smiled and crouched down, looking over the small red bump. “Seems my chin is harder than your head,” he chuckled. “Shouldn’t bruise though.” He then moved his gaze down to Ethan’s eye level.

“Blink three times for me… look left, right, up… and down… good, very good, look straight ahead… over my left shoulder… no, left shoulder… that’s it… good.” The doctor guided him, smiling the whole time. “Any pain? Any strange sensations?” he asked.

Ethan frowned. He recognized the usual checks for concussion, which he felt was unnecessary. It was a mild bump on the head. “No, I’m fine,” he said, blinking to clear his vision. “Uh… I think,” he added, using his hand to rub his eyes.

“Hmm, blurred vision? It’s all right, lay back on the bench for me… there we go. Close your eyes for a moment… yes, good,” the doctor said soothingly. “Now, just let me feel around, see if I missed anything,” came Version’s soothing voice. Ethan flinched briefly as fingers began to gently caress his forehead, presumably checking for bumps or cuts.

Ethan lay there, embarrassed that someone from work was having to do this for him. Still, he answered all of the questions put to him. “Really, I’m okay. I’m 29 years old. Look, it’s just a bump on the… No, I live alone. It’ll pass in a moment, I’ve not had anything to drink for a while and it is hot out. No, no girlfriend, we broke up six months ago. It’s Saturday… Pokemon Go… phone broke,” he murmured.

Version smiled to himself. he was standing now, no longer touching Ethan, just asking questions. “Good. Ethan, you have a severe concussion. You know this to be true, and your medical training tells you that you need my assistance,” he said soothingly. “You will stand and follow me. I am a friend from work, I am here to help you. Do as I say and you will be perfectly fine.”

Ethan slowly sat up, trembling all over, looking pale. “I… so sorry, my head…. Can…can you help me home?” he asked, his words coming only with effort. Ethan found himself being helped to his feet. The doctor said that his car was not far away, and that Ethan would accompany him back to the doctor’s home first.

After that, things were very fuzzy. Ethan was pretty sure he remembered being in the car, sat in the front seat whilst the doctor spoke and the radio played some unfamiliar music.

Ethan sat upright suddenly, sweating and pale, looking around himself. He was wearing only the shorts he had on earlier that day, and was in an unknown bed, in an unknown room. “H–hello? Hello?!” he called, his voice shaking with confusion and fear. The memories of what had happened earlier that day began to filter through his mind, just as the bedroom door opened.

“Ethan! It’s okay, calm… Remember me?” the doctor said soothingly, walking over to the bed. “It’s all right, you passed out for a few minutes… nice and easy, you had a nasty bump on the head.”

“I…I ran into you…my head hurt a little but…I…Yeah I am fine now…Perhaps heat stroke? I do not think it was a concussion,” Ethan said slowly, pulling the covers up over his chest as he sat upright.

The doctor smiled down at Ethan, standing next to the bed. “No, you are quite right, Ethan. You did not have a concussion,” the doctor nodded. “It was a very simple, rather crude form of hypnotic suggestion. I simply needed to get you to agree to come back to my house.” He gestured around him. “Now you are here, there is no need for me to lie. You see, ever since you joined the Hospital, I have wanted you. Now, do not get a big head! You are attractive enough, yes, but I wanted you for your potential!” The doctor grinned, leaning closer. “I have arranged for a death certificate to be issued in your name. Your body was left to medical science… how generous of you.”

Ethan stared dumbfounded up at the Doctor. A horrible, gut-wrenching sensation came over him. “W–what? What are you…I don’t understand! … I–I need to get home,” he said, swiftly standing up. He pushed past the Doctor, heading quickly for the door.

“Ethan, you are paralysed from the waist down,” Doctor Version said with a cold smile.

Ethan instantly fell to the floor. His legs would not move, he couldn’t feel anything below his waist! “What the…no…no. How—how have you… Doctor, please! What are you doing?!” he yelled, turning onto his back and pushed himself into a sitting position, tears streaking his cheeks.

Version crouched and spoke to him calmly from a few feet away. “I have spent three days programming you,” he said simply. “Oh yes, three days. We met three days ago, and since then you have been here. And now…” Version straightened up, looking excited. “Now you are ready. I have full and total control over your mind and body….and I have so much planned.” The doctor smirked darkly, walking over to Ethan.

Ethan stared at him. His doubt must have been obvious. “Don’t believe me?” he asked, the friendly tone replaced with a cold, mocking one. “Hm, Ethan, you are unable to breathe.”

It felt as though an invisible hand had clamped over his mouth and nose. Despite how hard he tried, he was unable to draw breath. Ethan’s hand groped at his mouth and throat, searching for the cause of his asphyxiation, to no avail.

In desperation, he rolled over and pulled himself with his arms towards the Doctor, his eyes red, his face a light shade of purple.

“Oh, you believe me now? Very well, Ethan, your breathing returns to normal.” The doctor chuckled lightly.

Ethan lay on the floor, panting harshly, drool running down his chin, his useless legs splayed out behind him. He felt a hand on his chin as his head was tilted up.

“I can do that whenever I wish,” he said. “I can do anything at all… I can even command your heart to stop. So, you had better behave,” the Doctor smirked, looking down at the man on the floor, still gasping for breath, legs currently useless.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with you.”


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