by LenZelig

A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure.

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Chapter 1: Beginnings A massive consolidation of the entire “Bill’s Education” universe, incorporating the previously separately posted “The Surfer”, “The Rescue”, “Spring Break”, “Pickup Trouble”, and “School Days”, “Empire” is the wide-ranging tale of easy transformation and even easier sex across all boundaries—friends, family members, genders, even species—as a fortunate crop of humans stumble into a wider universe of size, muscle, double-digit-length cocks and much, much more and discover the true meaning of shared, radical, uninhibited pleasure. (added: 27 Apr 2019)
Chapter 2: Exploration
Chapter 3: Pledges
Chapter 4: Brothers
Chapter 5: Brotherly Love
Chapter 6: Hawaii
Chapter 7: Going Native
Chapter 8: Summer
Chapter 9: Research
Chapter 10: Experiment
Chapter 11: Breakthrough
Chapter 12: Changes
Chapter 13: The Rescue
Chapter 14: Party
Chapter 15: Invitation
Chapter 16: Road Trip
Chapter 17: The Surfer
Chapter 18: New Roommates
Chapter 19: Advancement
Chapter 20: Aftermath
Chapter 21: A New Roommate
Chapter 22: The Surfer (2)
Chapter 23: After Graduation
Chapter 24: Life With May
Chapter 25: Pickup Trouble
Chapter 26: Spring Break
Chapter 27: The New Wife
Chapter 28: Changes
Chapter 29: Married Life
Chapter 30: Pickup Trouble (2)
Chapter 31: The Runner
Chapter 32: Family Matters
Chapter 33: School Days
Chapter 34: Eric Grey Eagle’s Update
Chapter 35: The Recruit
Chapter 36: The Pet
Chapter 37: Emergency
Chapter 38: War
Chapter 39: Empire
Epilogue As the celebrations begin for the Empress May’s thousand-year anniversary, Dek-Naomi Eagle Claw looks back on everything that has happened. (added: 1 May 2021)
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Author’s Note

This is a work of erotic fiction intended for readers above age eighteen. It includes graphic depiction of sexual situations, gay, straight, incestuous, and other. If that is not for you, don’t read this story. It has a science fiction theme in which normal humans develop into a post-human future and move out from Earth into a universe. While it continues to be erotic and sexual, I hope you will find that some of the traditional science fiction elements are handled in a unique and interesting way. All characters are fictional with no relation to any actual persons implied.

I hope you enjoy the story. I am always interested in feedback.

The entire story, originally posted in April 2019, has been revised and extended throughout as of May 2021. It is also available on Kindle.


Chapter 1: Beginnings

My name is Bill Foster. I wanted to go to Berkeley, not only because it was the best university in California, but also because it was near San Francisco. I knew I was gay but I kept a low profile in my Midwest home town. Here I wouldn’t have to hide.

Everything started off great when I met my roommate. He was Earl Greene, a six foot black stud. He had participated basketball, football and track at his high school in Southern California, but recognized that his chances of a pro sports career were pretty small and hit the books hard enough to win an academic scholarship. But, I wasn’t as impressed by his mind as his body. I thought I was an okay looking guy, 5’10” with well defined muscles from swimming, on which I was varsity in high school. Earl, however, was really built. At least 50 pounds heavier than my 160 and it was all muscle. I wanted to rub my hands over his smooth chocolate skin, suck the brown tits on his bulging pecs and lick his thick lips. But his most impressive feature was his cock which I glimpsed as he was preparing for bed that first night. It was thick and longer than my seven inch hard member while still soft.

As I lay in bed that first night in the dorm, I knew I’d go crazy if I couldn’t find a way to make it with him. But, I had never actually had sex before, just my fantasies and trusty right hand. How could I approach him? Is he even interested in man to man sex? Would he kill me if he knows I’m gay? With these questions running around my mind I fell into a troubled sleep.

“Wake up, Bill. Time to get ready for registration,” said Earl nudging my shoulder.

When I opened my eyes I saw him standing next to me in the morning light. He was magnificent. My gaze was instantly drawn to his cock, which was hard and sticking out a couple inches below the leg of his boxer shorts, pulling the fabric away from his thigh as it tried to rise. He must have noticed because he said, “Oh, sorry. It gets like that if I don’t take care of it a few times a day. … You seem interested. Would you like to help out?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I think I nodded because he stepped out of his boxers. His dick poked out horizontal from his torso. It must have been at least ten inches and much thicker than mine which had hardened in my briefs in anticipation. He got on the bed, straddled my chest and pushed the tip of his dick to my lips. The foreskin was partially withdrawn, showing the brownish red head. I licked it with my tongue. It tasted a bit salty. With a hand behind my head he pushed me down on it. I opened my lips and allowed the head to slip in, licking the fleshy tube as it slid deeper.

About halfway it hit the back of my throat and I couldn’t take any more without gagging. I went to work on it as Earl pushed it in and out of my straining mouth in a slow fuck motion. I felt him responding to my efforts as his dick got even longer and harder. His moans told me I was doing things right. I tried again to take more of him, but I couldn’t get his thick pole down my throat without choking.

Earl pulled out, his dick snapping straight up to slap against his abs, and said, “If you want all of this you’re going to have to take it up your ass.”

“I need it. I want it, but, please, take it easy. I’ve never had anyone before,” I replied.

“Just leave that virgin butt to me. By tomorrow your ass and my dick will fit together like a lock and key. But first, a little protection,” he said getting up to grab a condom and a bottle from his desk. “Here, roll this on me,” he ordered.

I sat up on the bed and smoothed the latex over his mighty shaft, examining each bump and vein. When the condom was on, Earl stripped off my upper sheet and rolled me to my back. Then he removed my briefs. My freed dick flopped up to my belly. Earl got on the bed, slid between my legs and raised them to his muscular shoulders. He poured some of the fluid on my ass. I shook involuntarily as the cool liquid touched my ass hole. He put some on his hands and rubbed the excess off on his sheathed dick.

“Try to relax,” he suggested.

With one hand he began a slow stroke on my dick while I felt one of his fingers massage my ass ring. His manipulations started sending waves of pleasure radiating through my body. I snapped back to reality when he inserted a finger. My ass clamped down on the intruder.

“Easy,” he encouraged, keeping his finger motionless inside me.

Gradually I relaxed and he started to probe, loosening and lubricating my passage. He added a second finger and the stimulation from dick and ass really started to build. He touched something up inside me that triggered my orgasm. My first load shot clear over my head.

Covered in sweat and cum, I was so exhausted from my just spent passion that I didn’t notice when he inserted a third finger, but when he pushed the tip of his monster shaft up to the gate, the anxiety and anticipation returned.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take it easy at first,” he assured me.

I didn’t say anything, but just looked up at his face. He smiled at me, his white teeth contrasting with his dark skin.

As he pulled his fingers out, he slipped the head of his dick in. It was much bigger than even three fingers, so he only got in part way before my ass ring contracted against it. He pushed into me with steady pressure as I tried to relax. He began to stroke my soft dick which started to come alive again. The pleasure built and induced little spasms in my ass hole. With each twitch of my bottom some more of him would ease in. Finally, with a quick stab, he pushed the last of the head into me as I gave a gasp in surprise.

He left it motionless for a minute to allow me to get used to it. In my nineteen years, I have never been stretched so wide. He resumed his entry, pushing deeper inside me. I felt him opening me up, claiming my ass as his own. Occasionally I’d wince as the rearrangement of my guts would cause a flash of pain. He would stop, pull out some and let me adjust before moving inward again.

He pushed across that spot inside that triggered me before. I let out a moan of joy and my dick twitched in his grasp as the pleasurable feelings from my ass and groin overcame my senses. With a smooth stroke he slid the rest in, as inch after inch of shaft rubbed past my most sensitive spot. At last I felt his wiry pubic hair push against my ass cheeks. He was in.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it? Although you’re the tightest ass I’ve ever had.” I couldn’t believe he had gotten that monster in me. I loved it.

“Fuck me. Show how a real stud treats a lover,” I challenged him.

He didn’t wait a second before starting to power his tool through my body. He leaned forward, placing his hands by my shoulders and bending me double with my legs on my chest and ass in the air. Looking down my body I could see his dark shaft spearing my white ass. The feelings of him moving through me were like nothing I’d ever felt before. It was intense.

As I stroked my dick in time with his thrusts, the pleasure mounted. We were both panting from the exertion and moaning from sexual frenzy. In the midst of this I remember watching his body and being impressed by the grace and power of his muscles as they worked above me. His smooth brown skin was taut and glistened with sweat, some of which would drip off of the points of his pecs onto me.

I felt my orgasm building like a slowly erupting volcano. It seemed to start in my ass which spasmed wildly against Earl’s thick pole that had claimed its territory in the center of my body. I could feel that tremendous shaft shove in for a final thrust and begin to throb. My balls drew tight to my body and began to pump their load. I threw my hands up and grabbed Earl’s arms by their bulging biceps. As I started to unload, I arched my back pressing my dick into Earl’s defined abdominals. I thought I could feel him filling the condom deep within me.

It seemed to go on forever. Finally I was spent and collapsed back to the bed. My cum coated his chest and stomach. Earl lowered his body over me and kissed me on the lips. His tongue pushed into me to claim my mouth as completely as he owned my ass. Our bodies slid over each other lubricated by our sweat and my cum.

After several minutes he broke our kiss and pushed back to his knees.

“You seemed to enjoy that,” he said easing his softening dick from my ass. “You did real well for a virgin. Lots of experienced studs can’t take all this,” he said as the head pulled clear.

I looked at him in awe, this man that had indoctrinated me into the joys of man sex. I didn’t know what to say. Then, as a new feeling overcame me, I forgot all about talk and jumped off the bed and ran for the bathroom. Just as I sat down on the toilet, my bowels released the shit stirred loose from our fucking.

Earl sauntered in, turning the condom inside out as he pealed it from his dick. He scraped off his cum with two fingers and, as he discarded the used rubber in the bowl between my legs, he pushed his fingers into my mouth for me to clean. I liked his taste.

Earl then faced me, straddled my thighs and sat down. His dick slid between my legs as his thick shaft nestled alongside mine. He then released his stream of morning piss. As he continued to flow he pulled my face to his pecs and I licked his tit. When the flow stopped, he knocked off the last few drops against my prick and stood up.

“How ‘bout a shower,” he offered, reaching for another condom pack.

I got up, wiped off and followed him into the stall shower. It was a tight squeeze with both of us in there, but I certainly had no complaints. After adjusting the water, Earl turned me around so his soft dick rested along my crack and started to soap me up with one hand while the other held my body against his. He didn’t miss a spot. He even shoved a couple soapy fingers up in me to get my insides as clean as my outside. When he finished he turned me around and handed me the soap. My dick was so stiff it poked into his pubic bush.

I cleaned Earl with the same care he showed me. It gave me a great chance to explore his wonderful body. He was a few inches taller than I, a little over six feet. While not a competitive bodybuilder, he had great development and the smoothest, naturally hairless, skin I’d ever seen. A thick neck which flared to broad shoulders, 18-inch arms, wide lats and a thick chest with muscular pecs which tapered to a very small waist in a dramatic vee shape were part of the package. His abdominals were clearly defined. A firm round butt stood above powerful legs. Each thigh flared to almost the thickness of his waist. And between those thighs hung that impressive uncut cock and plum sized balls.

I soaped it up thoroughly, examining the veins that crossed its surface. It responded to my touch by growing in my hands. Earl showed me how to clean under the foreskin. Since I’m cut, I was fascinated by it. He let me try cleaning him. It wasn’t easy because as my fingers probed the tip of his dick, he stiffened quickly and there wasn’t much room to slip beneath the retracting fold of skin.

After a few minutes playing with his now fully hard manhood, he pushed me back and said, “You seem to have given me another problem. Are you ready to help me solve it?”

I looked up into his eyes expectantly as he reached for the rubber. After he sheathed his tool he turned me around, split my legs by sliding one of his huge thighs between them and pushed me forward to lean on the wall of the shower stall.

I felt him step behind me. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him until my hole was against his cock. He shoved it inside. I was amazed at how smoothly he entered me. My ass almost welcomed this now familiar guest home. Soon I was in heaven and, from his moans, so was Earl.

I concentrated on squeezing my ass as he withdrew his long shaft. I could feel the silky friction as, inch after inch, it slipped from my ass. On the in stroke, I relaxed, feeling the erotic pressure as he refilled my guts, expanding them to accommodate his massive presence. It was great. The pleasure built and built. When I felt him shove in for a last thrust and start to throb within me, I shot off too without even touching my own dick.

After a minute, the passion ebbed. I felt him growing soft within me but we stayed still, catching our breath. He leaned over my shoulder and I turned my head meeting him in an after sex kiss. At last we broke and he slipped from me.

I turned around and removed the condom, inverting it like he did as I pealed it off him. When I got it off, I just stuck the end between my lips and sucked out his juices. he looked at me with disbelief as he turned off the water and guided me out of the shower.

While we were drying each other he said, “Your ass is mine now. When I need you, you’ll be ready and willing.” There was nothing I wanted more.

We registered for classes that day and were able to get several together. Freshman orientation went smoothly now that I had my sexual orientation. Earl needed me over lunch, after our afternoon run, after dinner and twice before bed. When I fell to sleep after my first day at college I was one satisfied boy.

“Wake up, Bill,” said Earl nudging my shoulder. I squeezed my ass muscles against his buried dick to acknowledge I was awake. He rolled me onto my belly as he positioned himself between my legs and began a slow morning fuck. I looked forward to another great day.


Chapter 2: Exploration

After our week of freshman orientation, Earl and I decided to check out San Francisco. We were going to hit Fisherman’s Wharf in the morning, Chinatown in the afternoon and the Castro for the evening.

Fisherman’s Wharf was pretty much a tourist trap, so we hopped a cable car to Chinatown early. We got off and walked down Grant Street. There were still lots of sightseers like ourselves, but also interesting stores and people. Certainly Asians weren’t unusual; it seemed they were half of Berkeley’s students, but, with the strange writing and sounds, you could almost imagine you were in another country.

As we were wandering around, Earl spotted some activity on a small side street. There were two guys in a costume with a huge animal head that were pretending to attack a colorful ball on a pole held by a third. They were doing this in front of a small store that was decked out like a grand opening. The dance suggested both grace and power as well as the skill of those performing it. They were big guys too from what I could see; Earl’s size at least. About eight others surrounded the main dancers in black silk uniforms doing kung fu moves. The back of their shirts said Dong Long Kung Fu with a large dragon picture and four Chinese characters. Earl and I watched their whole performance.

After about half an hour, they stopped. The crowd gave a round of applause and the store owner handed the lead dancer a red envelope. Then the troop marched off down the small street.

“Weren’t they great? Let’s follow them,” suggested Earl heading off in the direction they took. “I’d really like to learn moves like that,” he continued as I followed behind.

After a block they turned up a smaller street and then, after a hundred yards, up a narrow alley. When Earl and I reached the alley, no one was visible. We went up it a way and saw a wood door flanked by a couple of widows. The glass had been painted black and contained the same drawing that graced the uniforms we saw them wearing. This must be their place, we thought.

There were a few spots where the paint on the windows was pealing, so we put our eyes to them to see what was going on inside. I caught glimpses of guys moving around. Some had already removed parts of their uniforms.

Then we heard a voice behind us, “Hey! Are you spying on us?”

Startled, we turned around. It was one of the group returning. He was much smaller than Earl, who grabbed him by the shoulders. That was a mistake. He gave Earl three punches to the center of his chest so fast you could hardly follow the movement. Earl took a step backward, bumped into the wall and then his legs sort of buckled. He sat down on the ground, knocking over a trash can. His eyes were open but unfocused.

The noise from the trash can brought others outside to investigate. The first guy said something in Chinese and two others lifted Earl to his feet. His legs were still weak so they almost carried him into the building between them. I followed quietly.

Earl was deposited on a mat in the center of a large empty room that was apparently used for training. I was pushed to my knees beside him. Our captor said something to the man I recognized as the lead player in the performance we saw at the store. He had removed his costume and I could see he was even bigger than I had imagined. He was sleek and defined like a lightweight bodybuilder, but scaled up to a six foot two height. His arms must have hit twenty inches.

His partner in the performance looked almost as big. In fact all the guys in the room, big and small were incredibly muscular. I thought it must be their kung fu training.

The leader walked over to us. I admired the way his muscles moved under his golden tan skin which glistened from sweat. He stopped in front of us and looked at Earl, who was still dazed. His only covering was a piece of cloth wrapped around his waist and between his legs. Soaked from his exertions, it showed that it contained a huge piece of meat. Bent in a U shape, it looked half again bigger than Earl’s monster. I didn’t think a dick could get that big. I stared in awe.

“Why were you snooping around the Eastern Dragon Kung Fu Club,” he said in unaccented English. “Are you interested in kung fu? Or,” seeing where I was staring, “Are you interested in the other meaning of dong long? He massaged his dick through the cloth. “You’ll be our guests for a while,” he said and followed that with some talk in Chinese.

The room bustled with activity. Two guys helped me out of my clothes while two more undressed Earl, who was still too confused to object. Another brought out a basket piled high with condoms and a few bottles of lube.

The others shed their remaining clothes.

When the leader unwrapped the cloth, his dick fell out between his legs reaching more than half way to his knee and still soft. His partner was almost as big. In fact of the dozen guys in the room, the smallest must have been as big as Earl in the dick department. It’s funny, I’d always heard Asian guys were small.

The leader held the tip of massive member to my lips. I went down on the first few inches and licked and massaged the head with my tongue. His partner started on Earl who instinctively was licking the offered piece.

I stroked the shaft with both hands and pushed a little more into my mouth. It responded to my efforts, stiffening and lengthening. When I had sucked about six inches, it hit the back of my throat.

“Oh, you can do better than that,” he stated and gripped my head in his hands. He started stroking his dick into me, spearing the entrance to my throat. “Relax and swallow it,” he encouraged.

After a few failed attempts, I succeeded and he slid down my throat. I panicked a little when he continued to push in but calmed down when I realized I could still breathe.

Meanwhile, they had prepared a still stunned Earl for fucking. He was positioned on his knees with his head resting on the mat. The club’s number two guy was behind him with his thirteen inch sex tool sheathed and poised at his hole. In one motion he plunged in halfway. That brought Earl back to reality. I bet you could have heard his scream back in Berkeley. Earl’s stud started his fuck motion and pretty soon had Earl moaning. His ten inch dick was stiff and leaking pre-cum on the mat.

I had continued to swallow dick and was getting close to the base. With a final lunge, my guy pushed the last couple inches in and I found my nose in his black pubic bush. He held me tight against him as I reflected on the unique feeling of a tube of his flesh filling my throat and wiggling in my chest near my heart. I inhaled his aroma and stuck out my tongue to lap at his balls.

“I saw you watching us earlier,” he said still holding me to him. “Did you like my lion dance? I bet you want this lion to show you what a real fuck is.”

Satisfied with his domination of my oral cavity, he pushed my head away from his body. I was awed as inch after inch pulled from my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had all that inside me. When the head popped clear, his dick stayed horizontal in front of him with a slight downward arc as if bent from its own weight.

A junior member rushed up to roll on the protection. I got on my back and held my knees against my chest offering him my ass. He got behind me and squirted in some lube. He probed me with a couple of strong fingers. I demonstrated my muscle control by squeezing and relaxing my ass ring against his invading digits.

Satisfied with the preparations, he positioned himself for insertion. With one hand on the back of my thigh and one guiding his shaft, he shoved in seven inches in a smooth motion. With a week of practice on Earl’s thick piece, I was instantly in heaven. My dick was hard and bobbing on my abs, leaking pre-cum which formed a little pool in my belly button. He began to stroke that long spear into me. Withdrawing some, then pushing in a little deeper each time. When he had gotten ten inches in, it really started to get tight. I was still a virgin that deep inside. I felt him ramming me, spreading me open. When each new stroke bottomed out, my dick released a small drop of pre-cum.

He got in another inch, then another, and another and another. With a final shove the last bit slid home and his balls, now tight to his shaft squeezed between my spread ass cheeks. He left it in place for me to feel, flexing it powerfully inside me and causing me to gasp. I looked up into his eyes acknowledging his conquest of me.

He resumed his stroking with foot long motions that really stirred me up. I reached heights I never had before. He was enjoying it too. His eyes were closed, a look of bliss on his face as he focused on the sensations radiating from his dick.

After several minutes, he drove in to the hilt and I felt a throbbing begin deep within me. It built in intensity, overwhelming all other sensations. It spread to my own dick which released solid streams of jizz in time with its rhythm. The orgasm continued for over a minute before subsiding.

My lover pushed my legs to the side and rested on my body. Our torsos, covered with my cum, splashed together. The throbbing faded and our breathing returned to normal. He pushed back retreating from my ass. I tightened down on him, reluctant to let go, but he popped out.

“You’re a great fuck,” he said. I smiled at the sincere compliment, but my ass felt empty.

Another guy stepped up and filled that void. I noticed that Earl also had a new rider and wondered if he was having as much fun as I. I sort of lost track of events after that. I’m pretty sure I was fucked by each club member two or three times. They were all great but none matched my first guy in either size or skill. The smallest one was maybe five four, but he had about ten and a half inches and his bulging muscles made him much stronger than I.

Sometime that night the action eased off and I drifted to sleep. When I awoke next morning Earl was fucking me and my first guy was giving him some pointers on technique. It’s odd, a day ago I wouldn’t have thought Earl had anything to learn about fucking. Now that I was up, the club had another go at us. Then we washed up in the large shower room that attached to the rear of the training area.

Afterwards they served a hearty American breakfast. Earl and I straddled the laps of the two lead lion dancers for the meal. I would rock a few inches up and down on the stiff pole he had plugged up in me. I kept him stimulated the whole meal. He was having trouble eating, talking or following the conversation.

I found out his name was Eddie Lee and Earl’s buddy was Dan Wong, both third generation, Chinese-Americans. They were juniors at Berkeley and they offered to drive us back when they were finished here. The runt of the club turned out to be Eddie’s younger brother, who was nicknamed Little Dragon. Eddie, of course, was Big Dragon. Eddie said his brother was still in high school and had a few years growth ahead of him. Little Dragon piped in with the boast that in a few years he’ll be bigger than Big Dragon and then we’ll see whose on top. Everyone laughed.

After the meal, Eddie carried me over to the mat and gave me a power fuck as payback for keeping him excited all through breakfast. All the guys were cheering him as he drove into me like a runaway pile driver. He thought it was punishment, but, for me, it was heaven. Wait till he sees what I do to him for lunch.

When Eddie and I climaxed, they were all ready for another round, but they found they were out of condoms. Little Dragon was ordered to dress and run out for a few dozen more. Meanwhile the club gave Earl and I a kung fu demonstration.

The members demonstrated the forms and exercises in slow motion and at fighting speed. The grace and power we admired yesterday was even more evident as we watched the flow of their defined muscles as they performed nude. The highlight was a weapons display using swords, spears and a pair of things that looked like large, broad bladed, knives.

Then Little Dragon returned and we serviced the club with a couple more rounds of energetic sex. After a shower to cool down everyone got dressed. Eddie invited us to come home with him so he could get his stuff together and drive us back to school. Eddie, Dan and Little Dragon walked us down the street. Dan said he’d meet us in an hour and headed to his house while Eddie opened the door.

Eddie introduced us to his parents as friends from college and took us up to his room. While he was getting his stuff together, Little Dragon grabbed a condom from a drawer, bent me over the side of the bed and gave me a goodbye fuck. I buried my head in a pillow to muffle my moans, his parents were just downstairs. He stretched it out until Eddie was ready to leave, then brought us both to a climax. My load splattered off the hardwood floor.

Little Dragon cleaned off my dick with his mouth and helped me pull up and adjust my pants. My shirt was soaked with sweat so Eddie let me borrow one of his. It was way too big, but smelled like him and that was a real kick. We collected Dan, piled the stuff in the trunk of a six year old Mustang and we were off.

I sat in the front with Eddie, who drove. He wouldn’t let me touch him while driving, I leaned over the seat and watched Earl go down on Dan in the back seat. He managed to bring Dan off in the short drive. Eddie and Dan live at a fraternity but they drove us to our dorm. We invited them up for a beer. They stayed the night and we never had that beer.


Chapter 3: Pledges

It was only natural that Eddie and Dan invited us to rush their fraternity. Earl had some objections. “You only want us for sex,” he stated.

“Of course,” shot back Dan. “Don’t you like the sex?” he asked, resuming a slow stroke of his thirteen and a half inches through Earl’s tight ass as they lay together on Earl’s bed.

Dan could whip Earl into a frenzy with his dick like he flipped a switch way up inside him.

“It’s just…It’s just…Aaah…Ooh,” Earl tried to answer.

It’s just that Earl always considered himself a top and he can’t get over that with Eddie, Dan and their friends, he’s a bottom. Even worse, he likes it, a lot.

I, of course, felt empty if I didn’t have a cock up my butt. Eddie was with me in my bed, his fourteen and half inches filling me like no one else could.

The final flow of cum from my last eruption was still dripping from my dick. I’d lost track of how many times Eddie brought me off last night, but there were streaks of drying juice over half the room pointing back to my groin.

“We’d love to join,” I replied for the temporarily speechless Earl. “What do we do?”

“We can’t sign you up officially for a few weeks, but you can move in with Dan and I tonight. We’ll get you started,” said Eddie. “We have the best GPA of any frat,” he continued. “We won the Greek Games the last two years and we’ll teach you kung fu. Plus we know you’ll have fun. What more could you ask?”

Earl shot his load into his already soaked sheets. When he recovered some he agreed. That day, as course work began, we mentioned our plans to some of our classmates. ‘Why do you want to join them? I thought they only had Asian members. You can’t have any fun in a house full of nerds,’ were the most common reactions. I explained that we became friends with a couple of the brothers and they invited us to join so we thought we’d try it out.

Eddie and Dan picked us up in the Mustang just after four. We tossed our few things in the trunk and they drove us to the frat house. With four strong guys it was no trouble unloading the car.

As we carried the stuff up to Eddie and Dan’s room on the third floor I got my first look at the brothers. They were all built like the guys in the kung fu club! Not exclusively Chinese, but some Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and a few darker skinned Asians, possibly Thai or Malay. How did all these hot guys gather under one roof I asked myself.

As we stowed our gear I looked at our roommates’ belongings. Eddie was studying biochemistry. I asked him about it and he explained that his father was a traditional Chinese herbalist and he wanted to uncover how exactly the remedies worked and improve their effectiveness. Dan was in electrical engineering. He wanted to specialize in integrated circuit design and had interned last summer at Intel down in Silicon Valley.

After just a few minutes Eddie ushered us downstairs to be formally introduced to the rest of the house. He took us down to the basement level which was set up like his kung fu club. Mats covered most of the floor and there was a very complete weight training setup. When we arrived, one guy was bench pressing about six hundred pounds for reps. All his muscles were pumped, including his dick which was sticking out the leg of his gym shorts, the only covering he wore. When he powered up the barbell his dick would flex to almost vertical, pushing back the cloth and exposing his meaty balls.

When he finished, Eddie introduced us. He was Tony Thieu, a sophomore. The other brothers were gathering by that time and Eddie made official introductions. My first impression was correct, this was a collection of studs such that I wouldn’t have dared to dream about. They were removing their clothes, so Eddie must have told them about us and introductions were going to be more personal than an exchange of names. Tony was already humping his twelve stiff inches against my ass while he reached around to undo my belt. Someone produced a tray of condoms.

Everybody got acquainted with us both and a good many stopped by for seconds. I noticed Earl and I were the only non Asians in the place. I asked Eddie about it when I had a short break between fucks. He said the frat was started back when Berkeley was mostly white and few fraternities had many Asian members. There was never any intention to limit membership, but most folks, of any race, feel more comfortable in friendly surroundings. The latest white brother graduated last year. He added that he sure hoped I felt welcome. I wanted to ask some more questions but Tony stopped by for thirds. As he skillfully plugged my ass, raising me back to a state of sexual bliss, I know I felt welcome.

About midnight, the party tapered off and Eddie and Dan brought us up to bed. Eddie explained our pledge duties. I was to be in the showers from 6:00 AM to 7:30 to service anyone needing help with morning stiffness. Earl was to be available at night from 10:00 to 11:30 for those wanting some relief before bed. With me the brothers would have a contest. The one that brought me off the most in the next two months would have me as an exclusive sex slave for the week before initiation.

Dan finished with some other rules. Five PM to ten weeknights was reserved for individual study, that is, no sex. That’s how they keep up their GPA. They made an exception tonight in our honor. Dinner was at six and breakfast seven to eight. Everyone was assigned house duties on a weekly rotation, including morning and evening sexual service, which will rotate again after pledge initiation.

“Enough talk,” announced Eddie. “It’s time to cap off the evening and make your first night here truly memorable.”

With that he slowly eased in his fourteen plus inch monster that I’ve become so addicted to. Just as Dan was doing with Earl, he worked me into a frenzy. I came three times before we drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

“Wake up Bill,” said Eddie nudging my shoulder. “It’s time for your morning duties.”

I looked at the clock and saw it was almost six, so I eased Eddie out of my ass. I got up, removed the condom and cleaned Eddie’s dick with my mouth of the remaining cum. I grabbed my kit and ran down the hall to the bathroom still carrying the expended rubber. I made it with a minute to spare.

The shower room had six heads, but the brothers were still sleeping, so the place was empty. I had time to toss the rubber, take a piss, shave and brush my teeth. Then I decided to turn on the water and wait for my first visitor under the spray. I saw they had set up a score board for the contest. It listed the names of all thirty brothers with a place for me to mark off the count. There was a bucket of condoms by the entrance.

I’d just gotten wet when Tony Thieu stepped in, rolling on his protection. He stepped behind me and slid home. In a few seconds I was getting the full benefit of his foot long manhood. And, while he was stroking me, his hands were rubbing my tits, caressing my belly or massaging my dick. He earned the first score when we shot off together a few minutes later.

We were still alone so I washed him off. He was a tad shorter than me, but very muscular. As I soaped him up, I remembered that this was the guy we saw last night pressing six hundred pounds for reps. Feeling his size and hardness, I could believe it. When I finished we were still alone and he looked ready for a second round, so I grabbed a fresh rubber and rolled it on him.

This time he had me face him. He grabbed me at the waist and lifted me effortlessly off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his body as he positioned my hole on his dick head, lowering me slowly onto it. As he lifted and lowered me, stirring my guts with his stick, he pressed my body to him so my own sex was squeezed between us and stimulated by the friction as it slid over his abdominal muscles. He got another score in short order.

By then a couple others were waiting. Tony rinsed off, as I went over to update the score and get two more rubbers. He got a big thumbs up sign from them both when I listed his two points.

By the time I was off duty, everyone had a chance. Eddie came in with Dan and Earl and had their turns. Earl’s score didn’t count in the contest. He said I was the only one he could fuck here. I told him not to worry, he was my first and that he will always be special.

The next couple of months went by quickly. We, of course, had all the sex we could handle, both in the fraternity and, on weekends, at Dong Long Kung Fu club. Eddie taught us kung fu and the practice really had a big effect on our speed, strength and endurance, though we were no threat to any of the regular members in a practice fight.

Little Dragon treated me as his personal toy whenever his brother was otherwise occupied. He was my practice partner, but I had to take his fuck each time I lost. He was enthusiastic, but self centered. When his brother wasn’t around he would care more about getting himself off than his partner.

Once, Eddie walked in on us, saw what was going on and pushed right up his brother’s ass as he was pounding me. The first few stroke caused Little Dragon to cry out in pain. Then Eddie shifted mode and with little brother being pleasured front and back we raised him to the peak. When Eddie rolled off to lay beside me, he reminded his brother to be more considerate of his partner. As Little Dragon walked off rubbing his ass, Eddie said he would learn, after all, he’s still a kid.

We met the other pledges, eight in all, and all of various Asian-American backgrounds. What struck me was that they were all so ordinary. They were bright, but the biggest was about five eight and 140 pounds. They averaged under five inches in the dick department. None even came within an inch of my seven. I couldn’t understand how you develop a group like the brothers starting with material like that and neither Eddie nor Dan would enlighten me. They didn’t participate in the heavy sexual activity; their duties involved mostly the routine housework. Though Dan, the pledge master, did hold some instruction on oral techniques and some anal preparation using dildos of increasing size.

We got off to a good start academically. The set study time was good discipline and there was always a brother to ask who could explain a tough point.

Tony Thieu won the contest for my services. He brought me off every morning no matter how many guys had been with me before or how energetic Eddie was overnight. Near the contest’s end a few of the other leaders tried to get to me early and wear me out, but, Tony would always find a way to get me off.

They moved us both into a private room for the week and I didn’t have any morning duties. We went through a gross of condoms and I had a big smile on my face all week. Earl complained that he had to do double duty each night and with Dan and Eddie. Eddie said his dick was getting lonely, but, I knew he was getting his time with Earl and that any of the brothers would have been eager to offer him their ass.

At last came the night we were to become brothers and learn the secrets of our fraternity. Tony brought me down to the basement after a fuck that served as a finale of our week together. I really liked him and Eddie. It was like choosing between apple pie and cherry pie. But, why bother, when you can have both as often as you like.

No one, brothers or pledges, wore anything. A huge banquet had been set up on a couple of tables placed at the end of the room. The ten pledges were lined up in front of the assembled brothers. A tray with ten cups was set up before us.

Eddie started the ceremony. “You pledges have endured our demands and earned our trust and respect. Tonight you will be literally transformed into brothers. The cups before you contain an herbal formula that I discovered a few years ago working in my father’s shop. When you take it your bodies and muscles will grow until you match the ones before you. Your sex drive will increase ten fold, which is why we work so hard to pleasure each other. The first transformations took months, but the preparation has been improved so that now it takes only a few hours. This food and special protein supplements will fuel your bodies during the change. It works best on those with Chinese ancestry and, almost as well, on other Asians, but, Bill, the effects are much less with Caucasians. Earl, it has never been tried on those of African heritage, so, if you don’t want to try it, you won’t have to.”

Eddie had just answered a lot of my questions. The other pledges looked surprised and pleased. None had any second thoughts.

Eddie continued, “Brother Dan, pass out the cups.” When each had our potion Eddie ordered simply, “Drink.”

It had a bitter taste. I felt a tingling start all over and felt hungry, as if I hadn’t eaten for a day. Earl positively ran to the table and started eating. The others quickly followed. I walked over and Eddie joined me.

“I think you’ll gain about ten percent in your muscle mass and add a couple inches to that dick,” he said. “Asians should gain fifty to sixty percent and more than double their sexual size. I don’t know about Earl, but he is hungry and that’s a good sign. You should eat.”

Earl was shoving down food with both hands and was already markedly bigger. Most of the others had visible changes as muscles started to fill out. I thought I might be changing, but couldn’t be sure yet. Then Earl collapsed to the floor holding in each hand huge turkey drumsticks that he was devouring.

“I’m starving,” he groaned between bites. “Bring out the protein drinks,” ordered Eddie.

Several of the brothers fetched gallon jugs. Eddie offered one to Earl. “Here, drink this,” he suggested.

Earl chugged the whole bottle in one breath and grabbed another. You could see his body visibly grow. By the end of the second he was bigger than Eddie and he took eight more bottles over the next two hours until his hunger subsided. By then he was six foot ten and almost four hundred pounds with a twenty inch dick, a twenty inch hard dick. The change in the other new brothers was just about complete too. I had gained about twenty pounds and two inches as Eddie predicted, but I could tell from his expression that he hadn’t expected anything like what came over Earl.

Hunger eased, Earl examined his body and looked out at the brothers.

“What does a four hundred pound gorilla get,” he roared. “Anything he wants.” He looked at me. He picked me up like a feather and carried me to a weight bench. He put me down on my back and stood towering over me. “I have enough energy to take on the whole fraternity, but I wanted you to be first,” he said softly.

I looked up at his incredible body. His arms must have been over thirty inches, his chest approached seventy with lats that flared in a tremendous vee up from a waist that was no bigger than my own albeit with abs that popped out far enough you could really believe he had a six pack buried in there. His thighs were thicker than a normal man’s chest with deep striations separating the muscles. But, his body was dominated by that huge twenty inch tool. It was standing straight up and proud above balls the size of apples. Veins crisscrossed its length, pulsing visibly with blood. The foreskin had retracted past the head which sort of glowed a reddish brown color much lighter than the rest of the shaft.

Eddie rushed up with a condom and a bottle of lube. I hadn’t used extra lube in a couple of months, but I was sure glad he thought of it. He rolled the rubber down the shaft. It barely fit even though it was the largest made. Eddie applied lube to its full length and squirted some up in me for extra measure.

He spread my legs and stepped between them. Then he grabbed my hips and slid me down to the end of the bench which forced my legs even further apart. Finally, he bent over me, grabbed the bench and lifted me and it up to his torso so he could position my ass at the tip of his dick. I lifted my legs around his waist which was more comfortable than trying to make room for those thighs. I felt the head spread my cheeks as it searched for my hole. He found it. The first contact made me shudder, I hadn’t been this nervous about sex since the morning Earl took my virginity.

He pressed me against him. My experienced ass opened smoothly, wider than ever before, and he slipped in easily. When he brushed past my prostate, I started to writhe on the bench. The level of stimulation was higher than anything I’d imagined. I held his mighty arms as he plunged deeper. I shot off twice by the time he gentle stroking had opened me up to the depth where Eddie had been earlier. He continued to push in. For the third time in my sex life a dick was plowing virgin territory.

I was gasping at every stroke. It was pain and exquisite pleasure combined. I seemed to feel his dick everywhere. I thought it was ready to pop out my mouth. I looked up at his face. His eyes were staring wide, unseeing. He was focused inward and I knew I was inspiring intense feelings in him. He bottomed out, his balls pressed into my butt.

He shifted his grip holding me under the arms and dropping the weight bench which crashed to the floor. He stood up, carried me over to the wall and pressed me against it. He did an undulating motion with his hips that moved him through me. I came again. My orgasm this time must of tipped him over the edge because he buried himself to the limit and started to shake. I could feel each load as it raced up the shaft and erupted out the tip, it was in exact time with my own spurts. It continued, on and on, minutes at least. It felt as if his dick was growing even longer inside me. My own dick continued to spasm in sympathy with his though it ran out of juice a long time ago.

When his orgasm faded, he just sat down on the mat and leaned back to rest and recover. I was still impaled. Eddie and Dan lifted me off. When I pulled clear you could see that Earl had pumped enough cum to form a four inch bubble at the end of the rubber.

When he was changed out, he took on Dan next. They say paybacks are hell, but I’m pretty sure Dan saw heaven just like I had.

Meanwhile, the other brothers worked to prepare the new initiates for the assault they knew was coming. It took most of the night but Earl topped the whole house, finishing with Eddie. There were a lot of sore asses and contented smiles the next day.

We still room with Eddie and Dan. Earl and Dan take turns being top because Dan still knows which buttons to push inside to turn Earl on and Earl likes it too much to forego. After the first night we required Earl to wear a rubber when he gets fucked just so Eddie and I don’t get soaked again when he cums. Oh, one more thing. Last week I finally beat Little Dragon in a kung fu practice fight. Paybacks are hell, particularly when the whole club is watching you get fucked and cheering.


Chapter 4: Brothers

My first year at college couldn’t have been hotter. I’d gone from virgin to sex addict. I couldn’t get enough. Eddie Lee was my bed partner each night, his fourteen-and-a-half inches would bring me off several times. For a real thrill Earl Greene would give me a workout with his twenty-inch tool. Tony Thieu had only twelve inches but he really knew how to use it and we were regulars. Of course, I was always ready to help out any of my fraternity brothers when needed and, thanks to Eddie’s muscle growth herbal mix, they were all hot guys. Finally, on weekends, Earl and I would head into San Francisco to study kung fu and party with the guys at the Dong Long Kung Fu club.

It was a normal day. I was down in the training room laying on the weight bench. I don’t workout, at least not with weights. I had my legs resting on Tony’s shoulders. He had me bent almost double as stroked his tool through my clutching ass. He was close and so was I.

One of the brothers came over carrying a cordless phone. “Bill, it’s your brother,” he said. “Should I tell him you’re busy?” “No, I’ll take it,” I replied reaching for the phone.

Joey was a year younger than I. He was a star halfback on the high school team and I had plenty of fantasies about him while we were growing up. I think Joey suspected I was gay, maybe even before I did. He was always setting me up with dates and, with his muscular good looks and football stardom, he knew every good-looking girl in town. When I was home over Christmas he set me up with one of his girlfriends. I couldn’t back out. After the movie, when we returned to the car, she was all over me. When I pulled her mouth off my dick I found out that Joey had promised to fuck her if she made it with me first. I offered to let her finish her blow job and said I’d tell Joey what he wanted to hear. She gave me an enthusiastic, if unskillful, suck while I imagined it were Joey. “Hi, Joey,” I greeted him. “Why, ugh, are you calling?” I said around Tony spiking me.

“Billy, Cal is recruiting me. Wouldn’t it be cool if we went to the same school? I’m going to visit Berkeley next Friday and I was wondering if I could stay with you?”

“Ugh, ugh, give me a, ugh, minute,” I said, pressing the phone into my pecs as I felt my climax approaching.

I felt Tony start to unload into his condom as I shot streams of jizz, some of which coated the phone. After a minute I calmed down.

Tony leaned over and rested on my torso. “What does your brother want?” “He’s coming to visit next Friday and wants to stay here.”

“Great, if he’s anything like you, I’d like to try him.”

“No, he’s straight, always setting up dates for me with girls. If he stays here, I don’t want my family finding out about my life here.”

“Well, I can understand that. A lot of us aren’t out to our families. He and you could stay in the guest-room upstairs, but; don’t forget, next Friday is the annual hot bottom contest and you’ll need to keep him upstairs. And what about the trip you, Eddie, Earl, Dan and I are taking for Spring Break to Hawaii?

“We’ll work everything out,” I assured him bring up the phone. “Joey?” I asked.

“Yeah brother, still here. Are you okay? You sounded like you were out of breath,” he inquired.

“I’m fine. You caught me in the midst of my workout. Great news. You can stay here.”

“Super, I’ll come over right after I meet the coach, about four.”

“See you then. I’ve got to go. My partner wants me to do another set. Bye,” I concluded.

Tony was licking my cum off the phone and my hand and I felt him start to stiffen within me.

“So long,” concluded Joey as Tony resumed his strokes. I put aside the phone.

It was just after four on Friday when I heard Tony call, “Bill, come on down. Your brother is here.”

I hurried downstairs and saw Joey standing just inside the door next to Tony who had just come from his daily workout. Joey stands six-two and is a very muscular two-twenty-five pounds. He wore jeans and a denim jacket. Tony, wearing just workout shorts with a towel over one shoulder, was half a head shorter. He had remembered the house rules for Joey’s visit and tucked in his big dick before he came up from the gym.

I introduced them and they shook hands. Joey applied all his strength to his grip. Tony, whom I knew was almost twice as strong as my brother thanks to the muscle growth potion he had, ignored Joey’s efforts. I could see Joey was impressed.

I broke it up by saying, “Joey, let me show you your room,” and ushering him upstairs.

When we got to the guest-room, I showed Joey his bed. He tossed his bag and took off his jacket. He had a tight tee shirt on underneath that really displayed his development.

Eddie Lee stopped in and I did another round of introductions. Eddie was Joey’s height but outweighed him by twenty pounds of muscle. He had worn loose clothes and a jock so you couldn’t really tell he had fourteen plus inches to go with that body. Eddie talked about kung fu and I helped give Joey a demonstration. I could see my brother was impressed and somewhat intimidated by this Asian stud.

It was soon time for dinner and Joey, Eddie and I went down to join the meal. Dan Wong and Earl Greene where there and I again made introductions. The guys kept Joey busy talking about his trip, what he thought of the school and Cal’s prospects for going to next year’s Rose Bowl.

After the meal, Eddie whispered a reminder to me to get Joey upstairs before the guests for the hot bottom contest arrived. I hustled Joey away telling him we needed some time to catch up on the news from home.

When we got back to the room Joey surprised me by boldly asking, “Which one is fucking you?”

“What do you mean?” was all I could muster.

“Andrea, the girl I set you up with last Christmas, told me all about your date. After a few orgasms, they’ll tell me everything. I always suspected you were gay. I don’t know why. You could have lots of fun with women. Andrea really wanted you to fuck her. She said you were almost as big as I. So who’s doing you?”

“Well Joey, if you really want to know, they all are. Of course, Eddie, Tony and Earl are my favorites. Oh, on weekends, I take on Eddie’s kung fu club. And any of my friends can put that ten-inch tool you’re so proud of to shame. Does that answer your question?”

“Jeez Billy, what’s got into you? You’re a regular male slut.”

“Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. I’ve had girls and I prefer guys. So no bitching until you know what you’re talking about.”

“Damn. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you two hours to show me about gay sex, but, if I don’t like it, you’ll come back home with me and let me show you the fun you can have with girls.”

“Deal,” I answered as I got up and headed to the door. “Where you headed?” Joey asked.

“To get your tutor. Wait here.” I left the room.

I returned a few minutes later with Eddie, some condoms and a bottle of lube. Joey was sitting on the bed. He looked up as we entered.

“Joey, I’m Eddie Lee. Bill and I have been lovers for six months,” he said, hugging me tight to his torso. “He asked me to show you a good time. Just relax.”

I sat down on the other bed as Eddie started a little strip show. First, he rolled up his loose sweatshirt, slowly revealing his narrow waist and defined abs. Then, reaching under it, he eased it up over the massive slabs of muscle that were his pecs. Finally, grabbing the shirt below his widely flaring lats, he pulls it off in one motion and tosses it aside. He hits a double biceps pose that highlights his ‘V’ shape and twenty-inch arms.

It’s all I can do to tear my eyes from the show, but, I look at Joey and see that he’s staring in open mouth awe at my Chinese Adonis. And, the best part is yet to come.

Eddie steps out of his shoes and kicks them away. Then he massages the pouch of his jock underneath his sweat pants, displaying the huge basket formerly hidden by the loose material. He eases his pants down, revealing the jock and a pair of muscular thighs that each were almost as thick as his waist. He steps out of them.

His jock is straining to contain the power that his manipulations had partially awaken. It pushes away from his body. Eddie steps right between Joey’s legs with his crotch only inches from his face, and continues to rub. Joey is frozen, unable to move. Slowly, Eddie lowers his jock, showing his fine black pubic hair, then inch after inch of shaft. At last, the head pops free of the waistband and Eddie’s, fully hard, fourteen-and-a-half-inch dick snaps upright, striking Joey’s face and leaving a trail of pre-cum to mark its path. He pushed Joey back on the bed with one hand on the center of his chest while the other undoes his belt and unbuttons his jeans. Grabbing the waistband, Eddie strips the jeans and jockey shorts together in one motion, exposing Joey’s ten-inch tool, hard and dripping, standing upright, perpendicular to his body.

After making sure the lube and condoms were handy, Eddie splits Joey’s legs and steps on to the bed in between them. Joey tries to sit up, but Eddie pushes him back down. He’s starting to realize how much stronger Eddie is and that he has no control over what’s about to happen.

Eddie goes down on Joey’s tool, inhaling it in one motion, clear to the root. His nose presses into Joey’s bush and his tongue licks out to bathe his balls. As Eddie begins to stroke his lips along the shaft, Joey is soon in ecstasy. He starts to lift his hips to meet Eddie’s strokes.

This gives Eddie the opening to slip a finger through his crack up against the rosebud of his ass hole. Joey tenses at the contact and freezes his hips, but Eddie just slides his lips down the pole until they press against his groin, forcing him down until his digit is buried to the knuckle. Joey gasps more in surprise than pain.

As Eddie pulls back, Joey lifts his hips, trying to ease the invader from his ass. But, Eddie pushes him back down. Stimulated from both sides, Joey is in a frenzy. Eddie slips his other hand under Joey’s tee shirt and massages his nipples while keeping his back pressed to the bed. When he adds a second finger, Joey is moaning almost continuously. With a last plunge with his mouth and a jab a the prostate, Eddie brings Joey off in a tremendous orgasm. Joey grabs Eddie’s head with both hands, holding him to him, as his hips buck with each spurt into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie swallows the whole load.

Spent, Joey collapses limply on the bed. Eddie lets Joey’s soft dick slide from his mouth and flop softly to his belly. He removes his fingers. Eddie pushes over Joey’s torso, cradling him in his powerful arms. They kiss. Joey instinctively tries to push his tongue into Eddie’s mouth, but Eddie has other ideas. He plunges deep into Joey, dominating him orally and spreading the residue of Joey’s load. As he stares into Eddie’s eyes just above him, Joey tastes himself.

As Eddie continues his oral attack, he strokes his dick between their pressed bodies. The stimulation of that long, hot tube of flesh sliding next to his own brings Joey back to life. When Eddie breaks their kiss and rears back on his knees, both their dicks are coated with saliva and pre-cum. A string of juice stretches between the heads of their shafts.

Eddie rolls on the condom and applies some lube to his fingers and his sheathed tool. He lifts Joey’s legs, resting them on his powerful shoulders. With one, two and finally three fingers, he stretches and lubes the entrance. Bending Joey nearly double, he positions his long shaft at Joey’s hole. His fingers expand the opening as he pushes in the head. He gets only half the head in before Joey clamps down on him. With a quick stab of the hips, he shoves the rest of his fat knob in as Joey cries out in pain.

Impaled now, breathing in short gasps, Joey squirms his ass to try and pull off. Eddie keeps up the pressure and the struggles only serve to embed a few more inches. Eddie starts with short, slow strokes. I can see the pain on Joey’s face as each one bottoms out a little deeper, invading new territory. He starts rubbing across that sensitive spot up inside, and Joey begins feeling more pleasure than pain. Concentrating on stroking the first few inches while fisting Joey’s dick, Eddie brings him to another explosion. Streams of jizz spurt from his hose, spraying as far as his face. With Joey distracted Eddie shoves in more than half way. Eddie spikes in a couple more inches. The shock wakes Joey from his reverie.

He screams, “Stop. It hurts.” It’s the first words he’s said.

“You can’t chicken out now,” Eddie counters. “I’m almost in. Take it like a man.” He shoves another inch in.

“Oow. No. Stop. It’s too big. Ugh.”

Eddie pushes forward and muffles Joey’s cries with a kiss that plunges his tongue deep into Joey’s mouth. Gagged, Joey stares at his assaulter.

Eddie goes to work, using short strokes that each go deeper. The golden shaft slips steadily inside Joey’s pale ass. Joey sucks powerfully on Eddie’s tongue to take his mind off the pain in his ass. It takes Eddie about ten minutes to get the last four and a half inches in. Finally, his balls push tight against Joey’s ass. He holds in place and leans back breaking the kiss.

Joey gasps for air.

“Please Billy, get him off me,” he pleads. “It feels like a fence post was shoved in me.”

“Relax Joey. You’ve past the tough part,” I assure him. “Besides, you still have over an hour left. Might as well try and enjoy it because Eddie is ready to give you the ride of your life.”

With that Eddie leaned forward, placing his hands by Joey’s shoulders, and began a slow fuck stroke. Just a few inches in and out to start. Joey winced at the start from the pain of being stretched so wide, but he soon relaxed as the stimulation built from Eddie’s huge member sliding through his guts. He tried wiggling his ass and found he really couldn’t move side to side. I know that when Eddie gets hard, it truly is like a fence post stuck up inside.

When Eddie saw Joey start to relax and get into the fuck, he increased the length of his strokes. Four inches, eight, ten, twelve, until just the head was left clutched by Joey’s ass ring and then he’d slide all the way back in making sure to rub and massage the prostate the whole way. He drove Joey wild. He was moaning in pleasure now. Joey shoots a huge load, but Eddie doesn’t slack his attack. When the flow stops Joey doesn’t even go soft.

“Stop. Please. I can’t stand it,” pleads Joey. Eddie ignores him. “No. Ah. Ooooh,” moans Joey as he releases another large load.

Joey grabs Eddie’s arms by their bulging triceps, trying to find something to anchor his sensations as he descends into a whirlpool of pleasure. Eddie picks up the pace. Joey is covered in cum and sweat. He is no longer trying to talk. He just issues moans of contentment in time with Eddie’s thrusts.

Reflexively, his ass pushes up meeting each inward motion and he squeezes his ass enhancing the friction as Eddie withdraws. At last Eddie plunges in to the hilt and unleashes his own load. I don’t know how he held back so long. His throbbing dick triggers another orgasm in Joey. When the flow eases, Eddie resumes stroking, building himself up for a second round. Joey is completely out of it. His eyes are wide and unfocused as all his consciousness is concentrated on the feelings from his ass and dick. Joey spurts once more before Eddie has his second orgasm, triggering Joey once again.

Eddie continues to pound Joey’s butt through his orgasm. As each stroke slams home, he grunts as his huge hose spurts another stream of juice. Joey gives a quick gasp at each impact as his own tool sprays his already soaked torso. Their passion peaks for nearly a minute before subsiding.

Eddie pulls out, still half hard. The head makes a soft pop as it is freed from Joey’s clutching hole.

Eddie lays on his side beside Joey, who stretches limply on the bed, breathing heavily. His sex tool rests across Joey’s groin on top of my brother’s, much smaller and now spent, member. Eddie peels off the condom and coats a couple fingers liberally with the large load of cum caught in the tip. He pushes the cum soaked digits through Joey’s lips. He licks them eagerly, getting his first taste of another man.

Just then Tony Thieu opens the door and stares at the scene. He had probably been at the party in the basement and had donned some white nylon running shorts when he came upstairs. With his hard twelve-inch dick tenting their front outrageously, it didn’t do much for modesty. But, I thought, we were beyond that now anyway.

“I guess I won’t need these,” observed Tony removing his shorts. His prick snapped up and ready when freed. “Eddie, we’re going to start the contest soon and they need you,” he continued. “Say, Bill, do you mind if I try your brother? He sure looks hot.”

It was clear, Joey was out of it. He just looked with glazed over eyes as Eddie slid off the bed. He took a last lick at Eddie’s fingers when Eddie pulled them out of his mouth. “I don’t think Joey will mind. Go ahead and plunge in, Eddie has him all warmed up.”

With that Tony rolled on his protection and walked to Joey’s bedside. He rolled Joey to his belly, spread his legs and kneeled between them. Joey offered no resistance. Tony grasped Joey’s hips, lifting them off the bed and pulling him back to his knees. He lined Joey’s well-fucked hole up with the tip of his sex spear and thrust it home. In one slow, smooth motion, he slides in to the base, his balls swinging into Joey’s. The now familiar feelings start coursing through Joey’s body.

Tony places a powerful arm around Joey’s chest and rocks back until he sits upright on the bed. This hauls Joey up too. He plops heavily into Tony’s lap, his legs splayed across Tony’s thick muscular thighs and Tony’s tool plugged hard into his gut.

“You won’t need this,” says Tony, finally freeing Joey from his cum and sweat soaked tee shirt.

Then he places his hands at Joey’s waist and starts to lift him effortlessly up and down along his shaft. In seconds, Joey is moaning from the pleasure this talented Asian stud is giving him. His stiff dick bounces in front of him and drops of pre-cum fly out propelled by the centrifugal force of its swing.

Tony extends the passion for over fifteen minutes before bring Joey and himself off in another gush of cum. When the frenzy eases, he settles Joey back in his lap and leans over the shoulder. Joey turns to meet the kiss, meekly opening his mouth to accept Tony’s darting tongue.

When they break, Tony says, “Bill, you should enter him in the contest. Except for you, he’s the hottest bottom I’ve had. Joey, do you want to come downstairs? Just nod your head,” he added when Joey didn’t respond.

Joey’s head moved slightly up and down. “I think that’s a yes,” observed Tony as he stood up from the bed, holding Joey against his chest with one arm, his dick still fully plugged up Joey’s ass.

I followed as he carried Joey into the hall. It looks like I won’t miss the party after all.


Chapter 5: Brotherly Love

I awoke as usual with Eddie’s morning hard-on plugged up my ass. When he saw I was awake he started to stroke it through me. As Eddie began to excite me, I thought about the party last night. Joey was wild. He couldn’t get enough. He even took on Earl Greene’s twenty-inch monster that gave me so much pain and pleasure when I first took it. But Joey loved it from the start. The memories of my friends initiating my brother and Eddie’s expert fucking brought me to a thundering climax. My cum shot clear across the room splashing Joey in the opposite bed.

The wet spray woke Joey. He was disoriented at first, but soon looked at me, eyes wide, as Eddie finished our morning fuck.

“Aw, Billy, do you have to have guys. The two hours must be up,” he announced. “Our deal was if I tried guy sex and didn’t like it, you’d come home with me. Well, I tried it and I don’t like it, so lets pack.”

All through his little speech, Tony was looking at me over Joey’s shoulder. Joey had gotten so used to a dick up his butt, he hadn’t realized that he was still packed with twelve meaty inches. Tony even had one of his powerfully muscled thighs between Joey’s legs.

When Tony started stroking through him, he remembered it really quick. He struggled to pull away, but Tony placed his second leg around him and rolled him on to his front wrapping his arms about his body. Joey used all his strength to break free, but he only bench presses 400 pounds, no match for Tony who has done 850 for single reps. After a few seconds, he was no longer trying as Tony’s internal massage filled him with pleasure.

Tony relaxed his hold and spoke next to Joey’s ear. “I thought we were friends. Don’t you like what we do together?” He stopped his stroke, half in and half out of Joey’s tight ass.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked, pushing back to take more of Tony’s dick. “Do you want to be fucked?” asked Tony. “Tell me.”

“Yes, I want to be fucked,” responded Joey.

“Tell your brother that you like being fucked,” Tony insisted.

“Billy, you win. I really like it. I want it. Please Tony, finish me off. I love the feeling of your long pole moving inside of me.”

With that confession, Tony went back to work and had Joey moaning with delight in short order. Not content to watch, Eddie rolled me over into the same position as Joey and went to work on our second round. Joey and I watched each other being reamed by muscular Asian studs as our own passion built. The guys timed it perfectly so we all four shot off together, then they raised us back up for a second explosion.

Now fully awake and with no need to hide from Joey, we passed up the small bath in the guest-room in favor of the main shower room where Joey could meet the guys. We saw Earl Greene and Dan Wong there. Joey didn’t believe it when we told him he had Earl’s huge piece last night. His own memory of the night was hazy. He believed when Earl held him by the hips, lifted him off the floor and pushed right up him again. As Earl gave him a nice slow fuck, he bent him over at the waist so he could take Dan down his throat. They all shot about ten minutes later, Joey was suspended in the air the whole time.

As we headed back to the room, I reminded Joey, “You know you won the contest last night.”

“What contest?”

“The hot bottom contest to pick the most talented bottom that’s friends with one of the brothers. I’m the best, but, as a brother myself, I’m ineligible.”

“What did I win?” asked Joey.

“For the next year, whenever you ask any one of the brothers, he will fuck you,” Eddie replied. “Anyone,” mumbled Joey as we returned to the room.

“It’s Saturday,” observed Eddie, “Let’s take Joey to the kung fu club. There are lots of folks who will want to meet him and, Bill, you can show him what you learned.”

It was quickly agreed that we’d stay at Eddie’s house in San Francisco until Monday when we would send Joey home and the rest of us would fly to Hawaii for Spring Break. We packed our stuff in the trunk of Eddie’s Mustang and headed into town. I sat on Tony’s lap and Joey sat on Earl’s. This ride I know we didn’t mind the potholes in the road.

We pulled into the alley and parked next to the door to the Dong Long Kung Fu club. Earl went off with Dan to his nearby house while the rest of us stayed at the club. When we entered a number of the club members were busy practicing.

Eddie introduced Joey as my younger brother and Tony as a member of his fraternity. The guys in the club knew what that meant and pretty soon Joey had a group of six of the hunkiest kung fu fighters taking turns on him while Tony was in a sixty-nine with one guy while another plugged his ass. Little Dragon, Eddie’s younger brother, came over and started undressing me.

Eddie told us to go off and play and went over to join Joey.

Little Dragon had gained a inch in height, up to five-five in the last six months and more importantly about three-quarters of an inch to his dick, putting him just over eleven inches. But, barring a last minute growth spurt, I don’t think he’ll make good his boast to be bigger than his brother Eddie. He had me on my back and was giving me an expert fuck. He has become much more mature sexually in the last few months and is now as considerate of his partner’s pleasure as his own. Eddie had insisted that his little brother practice his fucking technique as hard as his kung fu. Eddie was a stern teacher, who required proper form in both skills. I was, of course, glad to play my part in assisting his education and, as he brought me to the first of several orgasms, I knew the practice was not wasted.

After a few hours where everyone had a chance to get to know Joey and Tony quite intimately, Eddie had the club put on a nude kung fu demonstration like the one I had on my first visit. I watched Joey, who was enthralled by the display. But, I bet it wasn’t the kung fu as much as watching the muscles of those Chinese studs move under their sweat covered golden skin, knowing that each one of them was stronger than he and that each had a dick that beat his ten-inches. A dick that had just finished plowing his ass.

When the show finished Eddie asked, “Joey, as our guest, what would you like to see next?”

Joey thought for a moment and said, “I understand that as the contest winner I can ask any fraternity brother to fuck me at any time. Well, I’d like my brother Billy to fuck me, right here, right now.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. “Joey, I’m your brother,” I said.

“So. You’re not going to get me pregnant. We won’t have any two headed kids,” he retorted.

“And he did win the hot bottom contest; so, you can’t refuse,” added Tony, pushing me over to Joey.

Joey lay on his back and grabbed his legs, offering his ass. “Come on Billy,” he urged. “You had me try sex with men. Now I want to try my big brother.”

In my mind I still wasn’t sure about this, but my cock was sure; it had filled out to its full nine inches. Little Dragon rolled a condom on me and with Eddie and Tony encouraging me, I knelt behind my younger brother. The rest of the club gathered around to watch the show.

Joey looked at me expectantly. I lined up my shaft to its target and pushed in to my balls in one smooth motion. It slipped in easily, I was the smallest cock Joey had taken in his day of sex. When I was in, Joey tightened down on his ass muscles, squeezing my tool in a velvet vise. When I pulled out until only the head was inside, I felt the delightful friction that I try to give all my partners. Joey had sure learned a lot in the last day. I started a slow stroke of my brother’s ass. He pushed up to meet my strokes and kept staring at me. I built his pleasure. Soon he was moaning and thrashing his body under me, his dick leaking pre-cum onto his abs. When I thought he was nearly ready to shoot, I stopped for a minute to let him calm down. Then I built him back to a peak again. When I stopped for a second time, Joey reached back and gripped my hips to force my strokes.

He pistoned me through his guts, faster and faster. I felt the contractions around my cock a few seconds before he unleashed his first stream of jizz. I exploded into the condom as he sprayed both our torsos with his hot seed. Spent, I slipped from his ass and lay down on the mat beside my brother.

“Thanks, for that and for last night,” he whispered in my ear. “Now can I do you?”

“Now little brother wants to fuck his big brother, sounds like a great idea,” Little Dragon added looking at Eddie.

“Well, I’ve never turned down the offer of a big dick up my ass, so Joey show me if your as good with boys as you are with girls,” I said rolling over, sticking my ass up in the air and spreading my legs.

Joey wasted no time positioning himself behind me. He sheathed his shaft and rubbed it along the crack of my ass to awaken his erection.

Meanwhile Little Dragon was all over Eddie.

“Come on big brother. Bill is letting his little brother do him. You’ve been giving me all those lessons, now is your chance to find out how good I can be.” He rolled on fresh protection, looked up into his big brother’s eyes and added softly, “Please.”

Eddie slowly got down beside me.

Joey was hard again but he waited for Little Dragon so they could they could penetrate their brothers together. Joey pushed easily into my well- used love tunnel. I employed all the experience from the thousand plus fucks I’ve taken in the last six months to excite him to the max. Looking over at Eddie, I could see that Little Dragon was as talented with Eddie as he showed in his sessions with me.

Even though I’d been fucked by dozens of guys, all bigger than Joey, the fuck by my own brother, who I had secretly fantasized about as we were growing up, was special. Using my muscle control, I set the pace, squeezing harder or softer to control the stimulation of Joey and myself. Joey was really pounding into me. I could feel the sweat dripping off him onto my back.

“Jeez Billy, you’re fantastic. No girl was ever like this.”

I could see Eddie was also getting quite a ride. His face was flushed; and, when he pushed his ass up to meet his brother’s strokes, you could see his fourteen-plus-inch hose hard against the mat with a pool of pre-cum spreading from the tip. It didn’t look like he would hold off much longer, so I started to really turn up the heat on Joey.

Within a couple minutes Joey was grunting at the end of each stroke. Finally, he hammered me one last time, knocking me flat to the mat and burying himself as deep as possible in my ass. I felt his cock spasm wildly in my guts as my own shot off into the mat.

Almost simultaneously, Eddie pushed up on his hands and feet arching his back and lifting Little Dragon, plugged to the root in his ass, into the air.

Little Dragon hugged his brother around his huge chest to avoid being tossed off. Eddie’s long hose sprayed streams of cum in all directions as Little Dragon unloaded up inside.

Time seemed to slow down, so that this four-way explosion seemed to go on for an hour. I can still remember each instant in vivid detail, each throb, grunt and squirt. At last Eddie settled to the mat as his brother regained his footing and popped from his ass. Joey collapsed on top of my back and rested his head next to mine to catch his breath. We were both soaked with about half of the juice Eddie had distributed around the room.

Eddie rolled to his back and pulled his brother down on top of him. Hugging him to his body they shared a very unbrotherly kiss. I turned my head to meet my brother. Our tongues explored each other and we felt closer than ever to each other.

It was already dark outside, we soon broke up our sex play and took a shower. Of course, we had another round in the showers with Tony doing me as I plugged Joey again, Eddie returning the favor for his brother and most of the other studs taking a last go in twos and threes.

Eddie took us to diner at a Chinatown restaurant used by the locals. The menu was in Chinese only and he ordered for everyone. The food was good.

Afterwards, we went to his house for the night. I’d met his folks before and introduced my brother and Tony. Eddie said that the guests would share his brother’s room and his brother would stay in his room. Little Dragon acted put out, but his eyes looked eager.

While we were putting our stuff away, Eddie was called to the phone. When he returned he told us that Earl had to go back to L.A. His parents had called saying his younger brother was in trouble with a gang. Dan was going with him to help out, so they won’t be able to make the Hawaii trip.

“It’s too late to get a refund on the tickets and uncle’s condo in Waikiki is only available to us for this week,” mused Eddie.

“Well Joey could go. He’s off for Spring Break too next week and I’m sure our parents would allow it if I tell them I’ll take care of him,” I interjected.

“That’s great,” agreed Joey. “But, dad and mom might not be so easy if you told them just how you’ll take care of me.”

“Well, that’s one down,” Eddie agreed, looking around while avoiding his brother, who was furiously trying to get his attention. Exasperated, Little Dragon pushed his brother back on the bed and jumped on top of him. “Okay, you can go too, he said as he grabbed his brother and threw him six feet in the air. Little Dragon did a somersault and landed light on his feet at the foot of the bed. That night Tony, Joey and I explored all the sexual possibilities for three. I awoke in a sixty-nine with Joey and when I opened my eyes my first sight was Tony’s hard dick plugged three-quarters of the way in Joey’s stretched ass.

When we saw Eddie and his brother at breakfast, you could tell they also had a good night. There was a bond between them that had not been present earlier.

We went to the club afterwards. They were to perform at a festival, so Eddie had them practice all morning. We went as spectators. When everyone returned we made up for lost time. They were hot, sweaty and extra horny after almost eight hours without sex, a long time for an Asian who has been treated with Eddie’s growth formula. I really love to be manhandled by these guys when the urge to get off becomes irrepressible. Joey enjoyed it as much as I.

When we went to sleep that night after a goodnight fuck from Tony for both of us, we were thinking of Hawaii.


Chapter 6: Hawaii

At the gate the number of people waiting promised that the plane would be pretty crowded. We were near the back so we got to board early. Joey and I had window seats with Tony and Eddie on the aisle of our rows. Little Dragon had an inside aisle seat opposite his brother. Since the plane was packed with seats ten across there was an empty seat between Joey and Tony and Eddie and I. We hoped they wouldn’t fill up to give us some room to stretch out during the five hour flight.

A middle aged Hawaiian lady, about thirty pounds overweight came and claimed the seat next to Little Dragon, but ours stayed empty as boarding continued. When it appeared we might get away with our empty seats, I saw two Hawaiian boys coming down the aisle. They were about our age, dressed in dark slacks, white short sleeve shirts and dark ties with no jacket. They looked like twins and from what I could see, if you took off their clothes, they could pass for Hawaiian warriors like the pictures we had in our travel brochures.

They spotted the seats next to us which were the only two that were open anywhere close together. They asked if they were taken and, in response, Tony and Eddie slid out to let them in. Eddie stayed close and forced the boy to squeeze by him. I saw him rub his hand along the back of the shirt, revealing quite impressive musculature where the fabric pressed the skin.

When they were settled we found out they were, Andy and Paul Kolani. Andy was the one next to me. Twins, as I thought, nineteen years old and freshman at Brigham Young. They caught a ride from Salt Lake City yesterday and were standing by for a flight to Honolulu when they got lucky with two openings on this plane. As I took in their young, strong bodies, smooth light brown skin and dark, full red lips, I thought we may have gotten lucky too. Looking at my companions, I could see they were thinking along the same lines as I. Across the aisle Little Dragon was watching intensely with a look of envy.

Eddie and I engaged Andy in conversation, to learn more about them and make as much physical contact as possible. Eddie and I pressed our thighs against Andy’s. He didn’t shrink from contact and pressed back against us. As we suspected, he was quite well developed. He looked each of us in the eyes as we kept up the contact. As we talked we leaned into him more boldly, biceps and triceps making contact. He commented on Eddie’s muscular arms and asked if he worked out. Eddie started a discussion of his kung fu training.

Soon the plane was darkened for the movie and the tray tables were lowered for meal service. With that cover, I placed my hand on Andy’s thigh, and, when he didn’t object, moved to the inside and worked up toward his crotch. From what I could see Joey and Tony were following the same plan with Paul.

As I moved toward my goal, I felt the tip of Andy’s hard dick that was extending down his left leg. I caressed its length, about eight inches, as I worked toward my goal. I found Eddie’s hand already there, massaging Andy’s balls and the base of his meaty shaft. Since there was enough for two, I shifted back to the tip and concentrated on sliding his foreskin back and forth over the flaring head. Most of the guys where I grew up were cut, so I was fascinated by the fold of skin over a man’s tool from the first time I saw it in the flesh. Fortunately for me, all the guys in the fraternity and kung fu club are natural.

Our manipulations of Andy were driving him wild. He was struggling to act normal. I felt wetness on his trousers by the head of his dick. The lubrication aided me as I sheathed and unsheathed his crown. We kept at it for over an hour, building him up and letting him down when someone walked down the aisle. Little Dragon was staring at us the whole time, trying to see what was going on.

Andy looked at both of us, silently pleading that we give him release. We relented and built him up to the climax. I felt his dick harden and expand to the fullest a few instants before he started spurting. A sharp exhalation at each spasm of his shaft was the only sound he made as he struggled for control. I felt wetness spread from a massive outpouring of juice, soaking almost the entire inside of his thigh. I rubbed the liquid into his skin. A few minutes later, similar gasps from Paul announced his orgasm. Andy bent forward and said a few words to Paul. Then they asked to be let by to go to the lavatory. Luckily the plane was still darkened, so the wetness of their pants wasn’t too noticeable. As they headed to the back of the airplane, Little Dragon jumped up and fell in behind. I watched as the boys entered adjacent toilets. As the second one entered, Little Dragon boldly pushed in with him and shut the door.

About fifteen minutes later the door opened and a rumpled boy stepped out followed by Little Dragon. He knocked at the other door that opened to admit him. The first twin came back and sat down between us. It was Andy. His hair was mussed, his tie loose and his shirt was half out of his pants and soaked with sweat. He lay back and tried to catch his breath.

“I see my little brother introduced himself,” Eddie said softly.

“That was your ‘little’ brother,” Andy gasped. “He wasn’t so little from my position.”

“It’s all relative,” he retorted, giving Andy’s hand a lengthy tour of his own equipment.

A few minutes later Paul and Little Dragon emerged, startling a mother and daughter who had not expected two boys to come out of one door. Paul looked like he had the same treatment as Andy. Little Dragon looked quite pleased with himself as he followed the Hawaiian to their seats. I had to admit that he hit a pair of home runs while the rest of us scored singles.

The boys barely had time to regain their composure before the plane touched down in Honolulu. After we debarked, Andy said he had to call his brothers to pick them up. Eddie countered by inviting them to come with us to our condo. He said we’d have a car there and drive them home ourselves. After we got our bags, the seven of us piled into a big taxi, a limo that had seen better days, and headed for Waikiki.

Eddie’s uncle’s condominium was impressive. On the twenty eighth floor, the outer walls were floor to ceiling windows with a view from Diamond Head to the west end of Oahu. A balcony, Andy called it a lanai, ran the length of the apartment. When we opened the sliding doors, a cool breeze blew. The rooms were small but nicely furnished. Each of the two bedrooms had king sized beds. The keys to a BMW convertible hung on a hook in the kitchen.

“We can take you home now,” Eddie remarked while removing his shirt. “But I’d like us to get better acquainted,” he continued as he started unbuttoning Andy’s.

Tony was humping his twelve inches along Paul’s ass crack while undoing his belt. Joey moved over to help with Paul’s shirt. The boys looked at each other and in that instant decided to stay. In a few minutes, clothes were scattered all over the room.

We adjourned to one of the bedrooms. The boys lay on their backs and Eddie and Tony, with freshly lubed condoms, stepped behind them, each lifting a pair of firmly muscled legs to their equally well muscled shoulders.

As the twins struggled to accommodate the largest tools that they had ever had, I had a chance to admire the bodies I’d only glimpsed and felt on the flight over. They looked identical. Both about five foot ten and two hundred pounds of dense muscle. Arms were eighteen inches, chest near fifty, with big muscled shoulders and lats. The pecs had large red brown nipples that were angled downward by the bulge of muscle. The chest tapered to a narrow waist without an ounce of fat to hide their tightly knit abdominals.

Their light brown skin would the ideal shade for the winner of a month long tanning contest, but it was their natural color with no sign of a tan line that they wouldn’t have had a chance to acquire after a winter in Utah.

Eddie and Tony had achieved full penetration and begun a slow stroke that had filled out the boys’ dicks to their full eight inches. Their cock heads had poked out from their foreskins and had started to leak fluid steadily. I saw that Joey and Little Dragon had offered their pieces for the boys to suck. To get in on the action, I rested my head on Andy’s belly and inhaled his dick to the root. He reacted to my efforts by coating my tongue with his tasty pre-cum.

As I went to work on Andy, I had a great view of Eddie’s long pole as he shoved it in and out of Andy’s ass in over twelve inch strokes. I could feel Andy react to its presence as his abdominals would bulge up against the side of my face from the pressure of Eddie filling his guts. As his pleasure mounted, Andy caressed my head with his hand, feeling my face, my lips sucking his piece and reaching down to feel Eddie’s snake slithering into his hole.

His dick went wild in my mouth and then flooded me with his seed. His spasms brought off Eddie, who plunged in for a final thrust and unloaded deep within. Seeing his brother’s orgasm brought Paul off in sympathy. He arched his back as he unleashed a solid stream of white. With that Tony, Joey and Little Dragon released their own massive loads. When we calmed down and broke apart, I saw that Paul’s first cum had splattered on the wall over the bed and a line of white splotches marked the impact of many following shots.

“Bill hasn’t cum yet,” announced Andy. “We’ll take care of you.”

The twins looked at each other and, without exchanging a word, did a quick scissors, paper, stone to decide something. Paul won with paper to Andy’s stone. He sucked his brother’s dick back to life with a few practiced moves and rolled on a condom. He then did the same for me whereupon, he stood up, leaned forward against the wall, spread his legs and offered me his ass.

I moved to him and placed my hands on the smooth firm globes of his ass. His position allowed me to see into his hairless cleft to the tiny pink bud of his hole. The dark skin was slightly red from all the stimulation it had been getting. The furrow was streaked with juices rubbed from the long probes that had retrieved them from far below. I buried my face between those muscular mounds, licking the flesh of his hole and sticking my tongue deep inside for my first Hawaiian food.

I moved up along his back, exploring with my mouth the mountains of muscle that covered it. When I arrived at his thick neck and reached around to hold his chest, I was in position. As I pushed in, Andy stepped behind and entered me. It was exquisite, being pleasured front and back by these two Hawaiian warriors. It was like I were a book between two bookends or, more aptly, I decided after looking at the mirror on the closet door, white meat between two pieces of rye bread. With my hands I explored Paul’s firm body. I knew I couldn’t last long as I pushed into Paul’s clutching hole and back against Andy’s stiff pole.

The boys, however, had other ideas. Every time I got close, Andy would grab Paul’s hips and hold us motionless in a tight huddle until I came off my peak. Then they would build me up again only to ease off before I could cum. It was payback for our teasing them on the plane. It was damn effective. I was sweating bullets and begging them to let me finish. They kept me going for over an hour before climaxing in a gushing three-way explosion. I was so weak after I came that, if they had pulled away from me, I would have collapsed. They walked me to the bed and we fell on it still coupled.

Eddie poked his head in and announced that he had a special treat for dinner. He had dressed and gone out for supplies while the twins were busy with me.

He had a couple dozen large cartons of Chinese takeout. But, he also had gotten twenty gallons of milk and two large drums of protein power to mix in it. On the table were three teacups. I knew what he had in mind.

Eddie explained about the muscle growth formula that we had all taken and offered Joey, Andy and Paul a chance to try it. He expected that Andy and Paul would almost double their muscle mass and penis size while gaining a few inches in height and increasing their sex drive up to ten times.

Considering their starting point, the results should be spectacular. The effects on Joey would be less, but still significant. No one turned him down.

They downed the potion in one gulp and dug into the milk and protein drinks. The twins were eating and drinking as fast as possible and, it was as if they were being pumped up like giant man-shaped balloons. You could see their muscles expand. Joey, as expected, wasn’t as strongly affected, but he ate and drank steadily and, after the first hour, had made significant gains and was still growing. The four of us, who already had the treatment, watched the show and had our fill of the Chinese food before the guys had gone through the more concentrated nourishment. After about two hours, the milk and supplements were gone and growth started to taper off. The guys were still hungry enough to eliminate the leftovers from our meal before their hunger eased completely.

I was impressed. Joey had added nearly forty pounds of muscle and an inch of height to six three, plus three inches to his dick bringing it to thirteen inches. We found later that Joey could now bench 550 pounds. That meant that Tony and Eddie were still stronger because they had more benefit from Eddie’s potion.

The twins were the real prizes. Where before they were Hawaiian warriors, now they were Hawaiian gods. Both were now three hundred fifty pounds of mountainous muscles on a six foot four inch frame. Thirty-inch arms, a sixty-five-inch chest that dropped to a defined thirty-two-inch waist. Forty- inch thighs supplied plenty of support. They later told us they could do seated presses with over a thousand pounds. But, even with all that, the center of our attention was their now sixteen and a half inch cocks. When their hunger abated, their enhanced sex drive took charge and they were stiff and ready for action. I wanted to be first.

The twins, however, had other ideas. They embraced each other, squeezing their bodies with tremendous strength. They kissed strongly, exploring each other with their tongues. Their torsos pressed together with those glorious shafts, side by side, stimulated by the muscles of two sets of abs. Then Paul turned around and offered his ass to Andy, who pushed up in one powerful stroke without a condom. Paul let out a roar that I thought would bring the police, but he was soon thoroughly enjoying his brother’s big tool.

Joey came over and wanted to try me bare. I sure wanted to try his new thirteen-incher, but I insisted on protection. Maybe twins know and trust each other well enough, but I thought even that was mighty risky. I knew I didn’t know Joey well enough and helped him on with the rubber then pushed back against him until my butt hit his groin. I really love that full feeling I get with a big dick plugged in me. Joey’s really hit the spot, but I was really eager to try the twins.

Eddie and Little Dragon had sandwiched Tony, but everyone was still transfixed by the show being staged by the two Hawaiian studs. Andy was swinging his body full force into Paul. He’d finish each stroke with a loud slap as he slammed into his brother’s ass. Then he’d pull almost all the way out. Andy continued increasing the pace until he plowed in for a last time.

Their bodies were wracked by spasms. A thick stream of white jetted from Paul and shot out the open lanai doors and over the railing into the open air beyond. Five more followed before one fell onto the carpet. Paul continued to unload and soon cum was leaking from around the dick in his ass, evidence of the massive load Andy deposited.

As soon as the flow stopped, they switched positions. Paul speared Andy with his still hard shaft while Andy’s bobbed in front of him dripping ass juice and cum. I had to get in with them, so I asked Joey to move over there. While he continued our fuck I went down on Andy’s piece, cleaning it with my tongue, enjoying the funky taste, as I worked it deep into my throat. Pretty soon Paul exploded up his brother’s ass and Andy followed. I felt his loads jet down the center of my body as Joey throbbed in my guts. I sprayed my own seed across both boys’ thighs. Just watching this scene brought the others release.

As soon as Andy pulled his still hard dick from my throat, I asked them to fuck me. “I’ve got to try you guys.”

They asked in unison, “Which one do you want?” “Both,” I replied.

I got condoms and rolled them on after cleaning Paul like I’d already done Andy. Then Andy gripped my hips and lifted me high in the air so I could place my legs in the valley between his cannonball deltoids and thick neck. Then he lowered me along his chest. My dick, still wet from my last eruption, laid a trail of liquid between his pecs. I felt his head against my hole. He let my weight rest on it and force it inside. It filled me so deliciously full that I came even before he bottomed out, fountaining cum all over his chest and mine. I felt my balls push through his pubic hair and rest on top of his shaft, he was in and I was ready for more.

I got more, but not what I expected. Paul stepped behind me. I felt his own massive member rub along my back.

“What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted us both,” Paul responded while squatting to position the head of his shaft against the spot his brother had already pierced.

“But, but,” I stammered before Andy pressed my face to his cum soaked chest, muffling my objections.

Paul shoved at me hard. He squeezed Andy turgid shaft some, but mostly, he stretched me like nothing before or since. My screams were stifled, so I bit hard at Andy’s tit. He didn’t flinch and began short strokes with his own member that helped feed more of his brother up in me. My friends had heard and tried to pull the twins off me, but they were much stronger than the four of them combined. Eddie even gave Andy one of his powerful kung fu kicks, I felt the impact even through his body. I’d seen those kicks shatter two by fours, but Andy ignored it.

When Paul pushed past my prostate, the pressure was so intense that I was continuously stimulated. The pain was still incredible, but now it was overlaid by a sexual stimulation that I’d never felt before. I shot off again. Seeing my new orgasm, the guys backed off to watch.

Now my mind was focused exclusively on the sensations radiating from the base of my body; the pain, the pleasure, the tubes of flesh moving inside me. The room could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed. My orgasms, which happened every few minutes, seemed to come from a distant place. I felt the dick throbbing, the cum squirting, but my consciousness was centered on my abused intestines and straining ass.

After a timeless interval I felt a new rhythm begin deep within me. It rose in intensity, drowning out all other feelings. It spread throughout my body, overwhelming me.


Chapter 7: Going Native

I awoke. It was morning. I was in one of the beds. I saw Joey sleeping beside me. He was in the embrace of one of the Hawaiians that was sleeping behind him. His body, now 265 pounds of muscle, almost disappeared, intertwined as he was with those truly huge arms and legs. His legs were split by a monstrous thigh and a couple of inches of sheathed shaft could be spotted before it vanished up his distended hole.

I knew where the other brother was, right behind me. With just one of those pythons up me, it felt great. I ran my hands along his muscles admiring their size and firmness. I reached between my legs to heft the base of the shaft piercing me. I couldn’t get a hand around it. It was at least three times thicker than my nine-inches and had balls to match its extravagant dimensions.

I squeezed the shaft with my hand and awoke the slumbering Hawaiian god. He turned me to my belly as he rolled on top of me. I was pressed into the mattress by a mountain of hard flesh. He pushed my legs apart to make room for his second thigh. His body rose above me supported by the strong pillars of his arms and he began to move through me. There was pain from my abused ass ring as he started to slide. But gods have needs that cannot be denied by mere mortals and I was willing to make any sacrifice to service mine.

Our movements had awaken the pair sleeping beside us. Soon Joey was taking the full force of the other brother, yelping as each stroke ravaged his less experienced ass.

There’s no way I could be completely comfortable with such a huge intrusion in my body, but soon, the pleasure took over from pain, that receded to the back of my senses without entirely disappearing. After several minutes I could feel my lover approach the brink. That huge member seemed to grow even larger inside me. Then it went wild, throbbing as it pumped wave after wave of cum down its long length. My ass clamped down on it as I released my own load into the sheets. As he rolled to his back, pulling me over on top of him, we were soaked as Joey shot streams of juice across the bed.

All four of us lay still for a few minutes, recovering. At last, I sat up and, pivoting on the still hard dick, turned to face my stud. It was Andy. He smiled at me. I called dibs on the shower and Andy sat up and carried us in while I wrapped my legs around his waist.

The shower was refreshing. We washed each other and had another round. Joey and Paul were waiting when we stepped out, threatening to fuck us to death if we had used all the hot water. Andy pulled out of me. I felt really empty as I finished the morning ritual.

When we left the bedroom, I saw that Eddie, Tony and Little Dragon were already up and dressed for the beach with tee shirts, running shorts and sandals. They had set out a breakfast of fruit and cereals. I kissed Eddie and Tony good morning. They both checked to see if my ass hole was still tight and I clamped down on their fingers to show them I was still okay.

As we ate, Eddie spoke up, “After breakfast we want to go to the beach. We can have sex all day back home, but, while we’re here, we want to see Hawaii.”

“Remember you promised to drive us home,” reminded Andy. “We have a place on the North Shore with a very private beach and, if you help my brother and I out with a little problem, we’ll teach you to surf.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Our parents are in Las Vegas until the weekend when we have a traditional family luau planned. Only our four older brothers are at the house now. They were bigger than us,” Andy continued flexing his thirty inch arm and emphasizing the were. “They’ve been fucking us since we were twelve. We don’t mind getting fucked, we do each other all the time, but, they’re not like you; they only care for their own pleasure. Now it’s time to turn the tables. We’ll go out there and surprise them. We’ll rape them and force them into submission physically and sexually. They’ll service our every desire.”

“You guys are strong enough now to take on any four other men,” put in Tony. “Why do you need us?”

“We’re only two guys,” replied Paul. “Two of them might escape before we can force them to submit. Besides, our brothers are hot guys; you’ll really enjoy them.”

“It sounds like they have it coming,” said Little Dragon as we all nodded agreement.

With breakfast over we were ready to leave, but none of the brothers’ clothes would fit. We had to cut the side seams of their athletic shorts clear to the waist band. It would fit, but if they got hard, that huge dick would poke out the side or bottom. For the top, we slit the bottom of the arm and the side to just above the waist to allow room for their bulging biceps, triceps and flaring lats.

Now ready, we went to the garage and found the car. Eddie lowered the top and we loaded seven people into the BMW. Only Eddie as driver sat alone. Joey and I wanted to sit with the twins, but Tony and Little Dragon insisted it was their turn. They had their first orgasms before we hit H-2.

We passed through the small town of Haleiwa on a narrow, but busy, two lane road. About a mile or two further, Andy directed us to turn left on a dirt track that was almost hidden in the encroaching foliage. As we proceeded down the road, it opened on to an expanse of grass above a white sand beach. The beach extended between two rocky points. Three to four foot waves broke near shore.

The house was set back from the beach and raised on posts about ten to twelve feet above the ground. It was surrounded by a deck and, for this typical warm day, all the doors leading onto the deck were open to admit the breeze. The area under the house served as a carport and we parked by the entrance stairs next to an old sedan and pickup.

We piled out and got ready for action, putting on fresh condoms and tucking our tools back in our shorts for the moment. Andy and Paul were already half hard and had trouble getting it all back in. The brothers started up the steps and we followed quietly.

“Come on up brothers,” said a voice from above. “We’re ready to welcome you home.”

With Andy and Paul in the lead, we entered the house and came face to face with four muscular Hawaiian males. They ranged from six foot to over six four, the biggest was easily Joey’s size. I wouldn’t have wanted to run into any of them alone and, a couple of them might even tackle Joey, but, with the new size and strength of the twins and Eddie’s kung fu, I wasn’t worried.

The biggest guy, who had removed his shirt and was starting on his shorts was startled. “What happened to you? Who are these guys?”

“These are our friends. They’re here to help. It’s payback time,” replied Andy whose dick had hardened to its full sixteen plus inches, pushing down below the leg of his running shorts, still enmeshed in the webbing which stretched the waistband, exposing his pubic hair and the root of his shaft.

The four tensed to fight. Little Dragon screamed and charged the biggest one. He reached out to grab this boy who was almost a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter. Little Dragon dodged the hand and landed three quick punches to the center of his chest. Just like what happened to Earl when we first met, the Hawaiian’s legs turned to rubber and he collapsed to the floor.

Andy and Paul charged two of their siblings, knocking them down and pinning them with their massive bodies and Eddie did a kung fu kick right to the chin of the last one, turning out his lights. Before, the fight even started, it was over. Now it was time for the winners to enjoy the spoils.

Andy just ripped the clothes off his victim and then tore off his own. Paul matched him. We followed their lead. Two cries of agony filled the house as the twins plowed into their older brothers without any preliminaries. They were determined to inflict as much pain as possible, short of having them pass out. It was working.

Eddie and Little Dragon tore into their men with similar results. Even though they’re a few inches smaller than the twins, they were much more than these guys ever had. Eddie asked me to stuff my dick down his guy’s throat to stifle the screams after making it clear that he wouldn’t have any teeth if I felt them. Joey and Tony helped out the twins the same way and Little Dragon just gagged his man with someone’s torn tee shirt. The relative silence was refreshing and allowed the twins to tell their captives what was coming.

Andy began. “You are our slaves now. Anything we want you will do—without complaint. Orders from our friends will be obeyed without question. You are nothing now compared to us.”

“We can inflict pain,” Paul continued while spearing his helpless fuckee for emphasis. “But, if you obey, we will give pleasure. It is your choice, but, either way, you will satisfy our needs and desires.”

Eddie slapped our guy across the side of his ass, hard. His whole body convulsed from the pain. I felt his throat muscles spasm against my deeply buried shaft. He gasped for breath and emitted low moans as best he could with me sitting on his face. Eddie slapped him again and again. I could almost feel sorry for him, but I was really getting turned on by the involuntary massage his throat was giving me. After eight or nine I delivered a big load right down to his stomach. With a couple more, Eddie unloaded up his butt and I was hard again. A half hour later his ass was red from the punishment Eddie inflicted, but his dick was hard and leaking.

When we came the second time a few minutes later he sprayed my chest with his seed. I pulled out some to allow him a taste of my cum. Then I wiped up the mess on my body and let him lick his own juices from my fingers.

The first few rounds were brutal until we opened them up to accommodate us without too much pain. It turned out they were butt virgins. They had not even considered themselves gay because they were never on the receiving end—before now. There wasn’t too much bleeding considering what we put them through.

We all got off several more times, but I don’t really enjoy inflicting pain even though they had it coming. I much more enjoyed the end of the morning when we showed them heights of pleasure that matched the depths of their earlier pain.

About noon, Little Dragon got off for the fourth or fifth time and pulled out of the brother he had been fucking for the past two hours since he had knocked him down in the initial fight. When his dick slipped out with an audible pop, his partner reached down to feel his abused ass.

“Feels empty now, doesn’t it? I’ll help you out,” Little Dragon continued looking down at the cum coated Hawaiian brother that he had decided would be his personal toy. He pushed four fingers into the boy’s ass, spread his fingers and slipped in his thumb. With a shove he inserted his whole hand up to his wrist. “That feel better?”

“Well guys, I’m going outside to get an all over tan on our private beach,” Little Dragon continued. “You’re coming with me,” he said lifting his man off the floor using his embedded hand.

He pushed him overhead in a one hand military press. As he did, more of his arm disappeared inside the over-stretched hole. By the time the slide stopped with him sitting on Little Dragon’s eighteen-inch biceps/triceps, he had passed out. Little Dragon marched outside carrying him aloft like an Olympic torch.

Little Dragon made Andy and Paul realize that their guests were not fully satisfied. They had come to Hawaii to do more than fuck Hawaiians. And, though they certainly seemed to enjoy that, they might want some other activities.

As the boys disentangled from their last encounters, Andy spoke up, “I’d like to introduce my brothers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who went with Little Dragon. Mom ran out of gospels by the time she had us,” he added. “I know you’re interested in other activities. Paul and I promised to help you learn to surf. Mark can teach scuba. Matthew has a bike and will take anyone to see the sights and Luke, here, will clean the cum off the floor and get dinner ready.”

I decided to try surfing, if only to stay with Andy and Paul. Eddie and Joey wanted to try scuba with Mark and Tony would take the tour.

We saw Tony and Matthew off. Paul brought out some Hawaiian garments that they would wrap around their waist like a towel, but these were made of colorful cloth. It was long enough to cover even Tony’s twelve-incher, until he straddled the bike. Tony didn’t care. He plugged himself into Matthew, who started the bike, sat down and roared off. I hoped he doesn’t lose control when he comes.

We saw Little Dragon, whose body had been completely oiled with tanning lotion, laying on top of John in a sixty-nine. He was serious about an all over tan because he had John spreading his ass cheeks so the sun’s rays could reach all the way down to his hole. John would change hand positions every few minutes so he wouldn’t leave a shadow. When John was thirsty he would plunge in a finger to stroke the prostate and be rewarded with a nice mouthful of boy juice.

The scuba required Eddie and Joey to hit the books before they could safely go in the water. But, they took a break between sections with Mark’s ass and mouth as their reward for passing.

Andy and Paul showed me surfing. We started on the beach. The basics were about balance and learning to read the waves. The kung fu lessons Eddie had been giving me really helped with my stance and balance, so, when we hit the water, I was able to get up with only a few wipe-outs. Of course, when I tried the fancy moves that Andy and Paul could do, I’d mostly fall, but I still had a ball. Near sunset, we took a final ride into the beach.

Luke ran up and gave his brothers some protection, then they laid me down, Andy in front and Paul behind and double fucked me. It was easier this time taking them both together. I really enjoyed the two sixteen inch snakes penetrating me, one sliding in while the other slid out or both going in the same direction like one double wide monster. I came several times, my cum lost in the waves that lapped our bodies.

After showering on the beach, we were walking to the house when Matthew and Tony rode up with big smiles. The front of Matthew’s wrap and the seat and gas tank of his bike were wet. When Tony pulled out, he must of had several ounces in the tip of his condom.

Luke had prepared a tasty meal and, afterwards, the boys performed a hula. It wasn’t the female hula with gentle swaying movements, but more like an Indian war dance. Each man wore a skirt made of tropical leaves, a bracelet around one ankle and carried a spear. The movements were powerful and suggestively sexual. When they finished the number of spears had tripled and we found out that the skirts offered no protection from a determined thrust.

I awoke in bed with Andy, who had aroused me as he began a morning fuck. I love any dick in my ass, but particularly big Asian ones. After a few minutes of powerful stroking, I felt Andy throb deep within me and I unleashed my own load that sprayed all over Luke, who was asleep on the floor by the bed, waking him.

I went to get up, but Andy held me to him. He wanted a second round. I told him I needed to piss, but he was still hard even after his first load of the day. I offered to come right back, but Andy wanted me to stay and had Luke pop my dick in his mouth. While Andy held Luke’s head against my groin, I emptied my bladder as he swallowed furiously. It was weird. No sooner had my flow stopped than Andy started stroking my ass. Luke stayed on my shaft and a few minutes later I gave him a cum chaser.

That day Little Dragon continued to work on that all over tan with John as his living lounge chair. Tony and Matthew were off on another bike ride.

Eddie and Joey continued scuba with Mark, this time getting to go in the water in a cove with a quiet pool that reached twenty feet.

I wanted to do more surfing but the waves today were twelve feet and crashed the beach with a tremendous roar. I knew I couldn’t handle those conditions. Paul had an idea. He tied me to Andy at the waist, wrist, elbow, ankle and knee, with that stiff dick up inside me. I was shorter than Andy so, when he walked, my feet didn’t touch the ground and, he was so strong now, that my two hundred pounds were negligible.

Andy got a big board because of the extra weight and the big waves, and paddled out. Parts of the bay were protected from the waves, so we were able to get out without too much trouble. The first ride was wild. The powerful wave breaking beneath the board, the view down the steep hill of water, the speed and spray. I had my ass clamped down on Andy the whole ride, I’m surprised he was able to concentrate on maneuvering the board.

The best ride of the day occurred late in the afternoon. We caught a really big one, maybe fifteen feet. Andy and I were riding the face when it broke over us and we were racing inside a tube of water. The tube started to collapse behind us as Andy sped to stay ahead. I could feel the air blowing from behind as it was forced out the opening ahead of us. I came. My spurting white streams merged with the foam of the wave and disappeared. As we shot out the end amid the air driven spray, like sperm from a giant’s cock, I felt Andy release inside my ass. He kicked over the crest and we fell flat on the board to finish our orgasm.

When we got to shore we were both still pumped from the ride. My nine- inches were hard and sticking straight out in front of us and Andy felt like a fence post inside me. Paul saw his brother’s condition and came over to help out. He slipped a condom on me and lay on his back. Since Andy and I were still tied together, he used me to fuck Paul, controlling the pace and motion in the way he knew Paul liked. I was in the middle, without any control over my movements, just like I were a part of Andy’s powerful body. The feeling of being a puppet under someone else’s control and the intense stimulation, front and back, brought me to a couple of gushing climaxes before the boys shot their own wads. Paul spurted so profusely, that he covered my whole torso with his seed. We stayed coupled the whole night. By the time I awoke in the morning, I no longer tried to move independently. Today was Friday and Andy’s parents would be back by evening, so we would go back to the condo. But first, Eddie and Joey were going to finish their scuba with Mark. They invited us to watch. They did a couple short dives to practice. Then they got ready for graduation. They stripped and Eddie and Joey donned condoms. Mark just wore his mask, fins and a couple pounds of weight on a belt. Eddie and Joey put on tanks and they swam out to where there was a sandy patch of bottom at a depth of about twenty feet. We paddled out on surfboards with masks so we could watch.

Mark used Eddie’s octopus, so they could both breathe off his tank. Then they descended to the bottom. Joey followed. Dozens of colorful reef fish ignored these visitors to their realm. Mark lay on his back in the sand and held his legs to his chest to offer his ass. Eddie knelt over him and tried to push in, but, because they were almost weightless in the water, he had to grab Mark’s hips and pull him on to his dick.

In slow motion Eddie’s fourteen and a half inches disappeared inside. Pushing and pulling, he stroked Mark along the shaft. Before too long the quantity of bubbles increased as their breathing got heavier and Eddie picked up speed. The inevitable was not long in coming. Eddie plunged into the limit and you could see him shake as he unloaded. Then Mark’s milk squirted into the ocean. The fish swarmed around this new source of food so thickly that I lost sight of Mark. Each new spurt would cause a new frenzy in the cloud. Finally empty, Mark and Eddie shooed away their guests. Mark was rubbing the head of his dick where one had been a bit to eager to get at the food source.

Mark shifted air supplies to Joey’s spare as Joey replaced Eddie in his ass. Joey floated behind Mark, reaching around to stroke his shaft while pulling him back onto his own stiff tool. Joey took his time to get Mark ready for a second round, building the pace slowly so they could cum together. When they climaxed, Eddie took a breath and removed his mouthpiece . He swallowed Mark’s shaft, blowing bubbles around the seal of his lips as Mark fed him instead of the fish.

They surfaced and swam to shore where we all congratulated them. Then it was time for us to leave so they could get ready for their parents’ return, but they invited us back tomorrow for a real Hawaiian luau. We arrived back at about noon after cleaning the condo and packing, since we had an 11:00 PM redeye flight back to San Francisco that we’d catch right from the party after dropping off the car and taking a cab to the airport.

Andy introduced us to his parents. They talked about how much the twins had grown since going off to college. They also said their boys always used to fight, but now have moved beyond that. We, of course, thanked them for inviting us and said that their sons showed us the real spirit of aloha.

They had placed an entire pig in a pit covered by leaves that served as an oven. It would take several hours to cook thoroughly. There were plenty of other dishes in progress too. We wouldn’t leave hungry.

We relaxed on the beach and had some volleyball matches with the brothers. Eddie and Joey went for a dive with Mark. By twos and threes, we slipped off into the bushes with the boys to say good-bye. Andy, Paul and I went off after the meal and they gave me a final memory of our visit. Then it was time to leave.

At the airport, Tony spotted a story in the paper about a big gang fight in Los Angeles that sent a dozen people to the hospital. They were not cooperating with the authorities and the article speculated that it was a territorial dispute with a rival gang.

On the plane Tony, Joey and Little Dragon had the row behind us. In the row in front I had the widow and Eddie the aisle. A young Chinese man claimed the center seat. It turned out he really was from China. Eddie talked to him in Chinese, but he wanted to practice his English.

He had recently graduated from a university in Beijing, but was just Eddie’s age. He was going to start an MBA program at Stanford in the fall. Until then he would improve his English while working in the export import section of the consulate in San Francisco. He was really cute.

After a quick snack service, the plane was darkened to let passengers sleep on the overnight flight. As most people did we spread blankets over us. I could tell Tony and Little Dragon were saying good-bye to Joey. We went to work on our Chinese student. He didn’t object when we touched his legs, so we grew bolder. Before long I had his hand on my crotch feeling my hardening tool.

“You’re sooo big,” he whispered touching my nine-inch number. Then he felt Eddie’s and you could see his eyes widen. “That can’t be possible,” he exclaimed. “No one could take such a thing, the pain would be incredible.” But, he didn’t let go.

He gave us a nice hand job and we reciprocated. Eddie invited him to come to the Long Dong Kung Fu club next Saturday. I thought he’d be real hot once we got him to try Eddie’s growth formula. As the plane sped toward its destination, I reflected on a great vacation and looked forward to future adventures.


Chapter 8: Summer

What are you doing this summer?” Eddie Lee asked.

“Huh,” I mumbled. I wasn’t expecting the question. Eddie had his fourteen and a half inch man-cock up my butt. He and I just finished our second orgasm since waking up about 30 minutes ago. The last few drops were still seeping out my piss slit and I could sense his now soft pulses that were still pumping cum deep inside me, faint echoes of the powerful throbbing that clouded my mind a minute ago. It just takes me a few minutes to recover after a good fucking before I can move or talk normally.

I shook my head trying to recover. The room was spinning and my vision was cloudy. My mouth was slack as I breathed deeply.

“Bill. Bill?” I heard Eddie call.

Suddenly a jet of liquid spraying my face shocked me back to reality. In rapid succession several more spurts drenched Eddie and I. It was Earl Greene, my black stud roommate in the opposite bed, emptying his huge balls through the twenty-inch cannon he carries between his legs after his lover, Dan Wong, plowed his ass. Dan may be smaller than Earl now that Earl has had the growth formula too, but he can turn that mountain of muscle into jelly with a few well-placed strokes of his 13.5 inch joy stick.

“Hey, you were supposed to use a condom to contain the flood guys.” Eddie shouted, clearly angry.

He held me to his powerful chest with one bulging arm as he carried us over to the other bed and jumped onto the lovers still caught up in their mutual orgasm. Eddie pounded their biceps with his fists. Strong as he was he couldn’t do any real damage to the dense muscles of these massive studs, but it must have stung. After a few free blows Dan and Earl recovered their wits enough to tie up Eddies arms and start to wrestle him. There was little I could do trapped between these much bigger men. Eddie was still plugged up my gut and I was sliding over Earl’s torso slicked by his cum that coated my body. My nine-inch cock was slipping wetly along his much longer one.

Earl and Dan were starting to overpower Eddie. We rolled off the bed onto the floor. Fortunately Dan was on the bottom of the pile and could stand the impact of half a ton of muscle on top of him. I would have been crushed. As it was, I had the wind knocked out of me as Eddie pounded my body into Earl’s granite-like frame.

I was dazed as the other boys writhed seeking an advantage. Eddie’s stiff shaft moved in and out of my ass as he sought to keep our weight pinning the other guys. As they tried to toss us off, my body ground along Earl’s mountainous muscles. Then Dan arched his back, almost throwing us off. He grunted and I knew he was unloading inside Earl. His cock pulsing deep inside brought Earl to another explosion. His cock spewed its massive load everywhere and I felt it beating on my body like an out of control fire hose. That was enough to bring me off again and I felt Eddie letting go within me as well.

After sexual ecstasy took over nobody had any interest in the struggle. Eddie rolled off to his back carrying me over on top of him. The four of us lay side- by-side finishing our orgasms. Earl’s super cock sprayed our already soaked bodies for half a minute before he finally emptied his balls for the moment.

I lay on Eddie, panting to regain my breath and licking up some of the salty fluid that coated my face. Eddie rolled me to the side as I felt him finish pulsing and slowly withdraw the thick intrusion in my bowels. After I felt his cock head pop through my ass ring there were a few inches of cum inflated condom that pulled out with it. Eddie stood up and removed the latex swollen with five or six of his massive loads, twisting the end to trap the milky fluid. He threw the obscene water balloon at the still sprawled forms of Earl and Don. It burst on contact soaking them as much or more than we already were.

Don pulled out of Earl and tried to pay Eddie back with cum stored in his condom. It wasn’t quite enough for a balloon, so he gripped the end in his fist and squeezed the reservoir to force out a stream he aimed at Eddie. Newly soaked Eddie charged Don, but Earl grabbed both guys and held them to his body.

“Guys, guys, it was an accident,” he stated. “My rubber was full after my first morning load and I took it off. Don didn’t know when he started a second round and, you know, I wasn’t thinking too straight after he gets going in me. Let’s forget about it and get cleaned up. We’re a mess.”

He hugged the two Chinese studs. I joined them in the mutual embrace as cum dripped from our bodies.

We broke our huddle and prepared for a much needed morning shower. Don passed out towels so we could dry up most of the sticky sex juice. I don’t like to see cum wasted, so I held Eddie’s towel and cleaned him in a more personal way. Most of the goo was Earl’s salty seed, but there was some of the sweeter nectar that Don sprayed and even a few gobs of Eddie’s own tangy stuff that must have splashed from the bursting condom he threw. I suppose I’m an expert. I can identify most of the guys in the fraternity by taste; each is a little different.

After I finished licking Eddie clean I didn’t bother with myself. We headed down the hall to the shower room. Most of the guys were up now, preparing for the start of the school day. We got a lot of congratulations and smiles from the brothers, several of whom showed the residue of their own action, though nowhere near as messed as we.

I saw Tony Thieu at one of the sinks. He had one of the freshmen, William Reyes, a Philippine-American stud, on the counter. Bill’s legs were on Tony’s shoulders and he was getting the full benefit of Vietnamese guy’s twelve-inch butt-reamer. Meanwhile Bill had an arm around Tony’s thick neck and was giving him his weekly shave. Fortunately he was using an electric shaver because he didn’t seem able to concentrate much on his task. A blade would have been a real danger.

Bill had been in my pledge class this year. He didn’t look like much when I first met him, about five foot and not even 100 lbs. with less than four inches between his skinny legs. However when he had a drink of Eddie’s muscle growth formula there was quite a transformation. He is now five foot six inches, but packs 220 lbs. of muscle on that frame. Add a fifty-six inch chest, twenty-inch arms, a twenty-six inch rock-solid waist supported by thirty-two inch thighs with and eleven and a half inch horse-cock and smooth, tanned skin and you have quite a package.

Of course, except for me, he is still the smallest guy in the fraternity, so he is mostly a toy for the bigger upper class-men. The guys call him Big Bill as a joke. I’m Little Bill.

Yet he’s a real tiger out in the general campus community. He has a thing for jocks, the taller and more muscular the better. With his enhanced strength he has no trouble controlling even the biggest guy. Going between classes he always has two or three of the school’s top athletes walking with him.

Tony waved to me as I entered the washroom. I envied Bill who was getting the benefit of Tony’s fucking skill. I think he is the most talented in our group, but I still like Eddie’s long snake more.

I passed into the shower with my roommates. Eddie started washing me with his strong hands.

“So what are you doing this summer?” Eddie asked again.

I had forgotten about his question. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll head home and get a summer job. I haven’t thought about it much.”

“I have a research grant for the summer and I can hire a lab assistant. Are you interested?”

“Sure. You bet.” I was excited at the prospect of spending the summer with my lover while earning some money. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to try and perfect my muscle growth formula as a supplement for bodybuilders. Part of the work will become my senior honors paper. A big company is funding it for $250,000. After I gave their president a sample they were almost pushing the money at me and I only owe them the chance to match my best offer to get production rights.”

“But your stuff already works better than anything I’ve heard of. What do you need to do?”

“Yeah, it works, but you only need one dose. In addition it works best on Blacks and Asians and not so much on Caucasians. What I’d like is to tune it to work equally with all races and to make the effects temporary so users need to take it every day. Then I’d really have something to sell.”

“You’ll be a millionaire,” I said in admiration of his plan.

“Ha, ha, ha. If guys can get muscles and a cock like me by taking a supplement,” he said hefting his heavy member, “I’ll be a billionaire.”

“So what do you want me to do?” I asked. “Besides taking care of this,” I added while soaping up his long fuck pole, paying particular care to clean under the hood before he hardened too much to allow access.

“I’ll show you how to help out in the molecular analysis, but you’ll also be my test subject. If I can get it to increase your size while you are taking the supplement and go back to normal after, I’ll know I’m on the right track. But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time for play.”

“That’s sounds great, but we better play now. I can’t let you go to your first period molecular biology class this hard. You’ll distract all the students.”

I bent down to nurse the head, then easing down until I had all fourteen- and-a-half inches. I could feel the beat of his pulse in the shaft that snaked down my throat. His flaring head pulsed like a second heart where it rested in my chest near my own heart. I brought him off quickly. I knew all his sensitive spots by now. As I felt cum start to force its way to eruption I backed off to enable me to taste his load. He flooded my mouth and I swallowed furiously to keep up.

As we left the shower I was licking my lips to catch the part of Eddie’s load that inevitably leaks from my mouth. We met Tony and Big Bill on the way in. Tony was rolling on a fresh condom while Bill was sucking out the load Tony had pumped in his ass from the old one.


Chapter 9: Research

Finals are finally over. I got all A’s and B’s for a solid B+ average that I thought was pretty good for me. It is about average for our fraternity, but Eddie thinks I can do better. It is almost totally an Asian fraternity except for Earl Greene and I. While they may be muscle studs they work and study as hard as they fuck.

Earl pulled an A- average. You wouldn’t think there was such a good brain to go with all his muscle, but he earned his way in here; Berkeley eliminated affirmative action a couple years ago. He headed back to L.A. last night. He’ll work in a youth gang outreach project for the summer. The gang Don and he took on for harassing Earl’s kid brother over Spring Break learned their lesson. Earl practically fucked their leader to death. He had to have a foot of his bowel removed. But he got their attention and respect.

Don is back with Intel for the summer. He said he’ll be working with the group trying to fix the disappointing speed of the next generation chip. We’ll see him at the Long Dong Kung Fu Club on weekends. He’s the fraternity vice- president for his senior year.

Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes are among the few taking summer courses, so they’ll be staying at the frat house this summer. Tony is the pledge master for next year when my brother Joey will be pledging. Tony told me that Joey will have my old duties as fraternity fuck toy. I suppose that next year the Foster brothers will have to share the Asian cocks. Fortunately there are plenty to go around.

Eddie was straight A’s, of course, even though he was taking several graduate level biochemistry courses. He’ll be fraternity president for his senior year. Just now he was taking me to his laboratory to get started on his research project. It was in the Life Sciences Building Addition, a good location. The library was just to the east and the gym and aquatics center just south. Even the student union wasn’t much further.

The building was pretty quiet. The summer session didn’t start until next week so there were only a few people around. The lab was about 20 by 30 feet and filled with equipment. Except for two computers, the latest Macintosh desktops, I didn’t recognize any of it. Eddie sat us down at a worktable in the center of the room that was piled high with notebooks, texts and computer printouts. He explained the program.

“My advisor gave me use of this lab for the summer for my senior honors paper. My subject is the variation in human growth hormone that we call HGH for short. I’ve actually already done the research in the Spring, but have to write it up. It was pretty easy. The gene has been identified and the Human Genome Project has an on-line database that can be accessed.

There are several genetic variations listed and once you have the DNA, getting to RNA and protein is straightforward. I think that this variation may be part of what causes my formula to work differently on different races.

“When I worked at a biotech company in Silicon Valley last summer I took the opportunity to analyze the ingredients individually and in mixture. These printouts have the results. Some, as you can see, changed in the mixture.

Those are my prime candidates for the key active elements. Another group is known to be biologically inert and I’ve crossed those off. What I’d like you to get started on is to take these other ingredients and search some of the biochemistry journals available on-line to see if there is any existing research on their effects. If you see anything, call me over and I’ll evaluate it. Can you handle that?”

“Yes, I think so. I might not know much about this stuff, but I’ve done plenty of web-based research.”

“Great. Meanwhile I’m going to investigate the activity of the new compounds in the mixed formula.”

And so we got to work. Eddie was really dedicated in the lab. He wouldn’t fool around during the day. Even in the evening he was often evaluating 3- D models of various compounds that were suggested by the computer runs he did during the day. Of course, that made him extra horny when we finally got it on. I wasn’t so dedicated. I was always ready to accommodate one of the other brothers. It was only a few days after I started that I came across my first hit in the journals. I called Eddie over and showed him.

“This compound was indicated as being similar to one that is believed to regulate sperm production,” I told him pointing out the statement in the abstract. “Here it is in the report. It’s not an exact match but close.”

“Yes, you’re right. It’s one of the components in the ginseng root, I see. A little alteration, here,” he mused, pointing at the structure diagramed in the paper, “would make it much closer to an exact replica.

“How many more compounds do you have to research? I’m just about done my review of the other components. I’d like to make a potion with just what I think are the active ingredients and none of the others and see how that works.”

“I think I’ll be through the list in a couple days at the most.”

“That’s perfect. I’ll make a batch up by Friday, but we’ll need someone to test it on.”

“I thought I was going to be the tester.”

“You will for the final supplement, but for this run we’ll need someone who hasn’t had the formula to see if the response is still there when we eliminate the other ingredients. Preferably he should be black or Asian.”

“How about the Chinese student we met on the plane back from Hawaii?” I offered. “Do you have his local number? We can invite him to the kung fu club this Saturday.”

That night Eddie seemed particularly distracted, so I went down to the basement weight room to see Tony Thieu and ‘Big Bill’ Reyes. Tony asked me if I wanted to have some fun and help their workout. Naturally I agreed. Tony had me stand on a chair and strapped my arms to the chinning bar.

With me secured to the bar he removed the chair and tied my legs to the vertical supports so I was spread wide. I didn’t know what they had in mind, but I trusted Tony.

I saw that Bill had stripped and tied a 200-lb. barbell plate to a belt around his waist. It hung between his thick legs. He had stoked his 11.5-inch cock to full erection and rolled on some protection. I was getting the idea of what they had in mind when he got on the bar behind me. It sagged just a little from the extra weight. It was built extra strong to take anything these guys might try.

I felt Bill pull his body up and soon his cock poked my ass. He adjusted his position some until the tip touched my ring. Then he started his first pull-up, sliding his long pole smoothly up my gut.

Slowly he let himself back down, easing almost all the way out of me. I was positioned so that, if he let his arms relax, he would slip out. Yet his groin would hit my ass before he could get all the way over the bar on the up stroke. So his body was under constant tension during this exercise fuck.

He managed to keep it up for about 10 minutes before he came and allowed himself to relax.

Then it was Tony’s turn. While he was getting ready, adding another 100- lbs. to the belt, Bill pealed off the rubber and allowed me to drink the load in the tip. I felt Tony mount the bar, pull right into position and then mount me. He didn’t just go up and down, but angled his body so his thick twelve- inches would rub my most sensitive spots the whole way. He always knew how to excite me from the first day.

Already warmed up from Bill, I spurted after just a few strokes. Tony had lots of stamina left though. He kept up a steady pace for another twenty minutes. I was hard again and leaking a steady dribble of pre-cum on the mat. I felt Tony’s dick swell even larger in my gut and knew he was close. He pulled up hard and started to throb within me. He grunted as he shot the first wad and tensed his muscles, pulling up on the bar. I was pushed above the bar just from riding his steely shaft until the bonds tying me to the bar prevented us both from moving higher. I came too as he held that position for a minute while he finished his orgasm. Done he finally exhaled as he relaxed and eased out of me. Bill helped me off the bar. When I got to earth again I turned to face Tony who was rubbing his muscles that had a good pump from his workout. I smiled when I saw that he had also pumped up a golf ball sized globe of cum in the tip of his condom. He saw where I was looking and inverted the rubber, squeezing the tip shut as he removed it to hold the precious fluid.

I was disappointed for a moment when he drank his own seed, but he stepped over to me for a big kiss, his tongue coating my mouth with his essence. When we broke the kiss, I said I’d be happy to help them train anytime.

I thought I’d better check on Eddie, so I grabbed my shorts and, without putting them on, bounded up the stairs. Eddie wasn’t on the main floor, so I checked our room. He was undressed for bed, but sitting in a chair lost in thought.

“What’s the matter?” I inquired.

“This is the modified ginseng that was indicated by your research,” he said indicating a small cup on the nearby table. “It should be completely safe, but I was still considering whether to try it.”

“I’ll try it. It was my research.”

“No, I need you as you are to try the final supplement formula. This is just one of many steps we’ll take over the summer.”

That seemed to decide the issue for him because he took the cup and downed its contents. There was no obvious effect.

“What do you expect to happen?”

“I’m not sure. Heightened sex drive I think.”

“This I’ve got to see. You’re already off the charts. Maybe we should get to bed?” I opened a condom. He was already hard when I started to roll it on. I left plenty of room in the tip, just in case, then got onto our bed. He put me on my back, my favorite position, for our goodnight fuck.

Eddie didn’t waste any time making himself at home. He wasn’t any bigger than he was before, but, as he filled me up, he felt harder, like my intestines were rearranging themselves more and his cock bending less. I was glad the other guys had gotten me nice and loose.

Eddie started with long slow strokes like he normally uses to warm me up. It doesn’t take much to get me going, almost any nice thick cock will do, but Eddie and I have been lovers and bedmates all year and we have an almost instant rapport. I let my mind drift with the bliss of his stimulation of my insides.

I came out of my reverie as he started to be more forceful than normal. He wasn’t hurting me, but it was a change from our normal routine. He had bent me almost double as he leaned over me with my ankles resting between his thick neck and bulging shoulders. Meanwhile he was undulating his body to piston his thick cock in foot-long pile driver strokes. His eyes were closed and sweat was dripping off his body onto me.

“Ugh,” I grunted as he pounded into my butt particularly hard. “Eddie? Ugh. Are you, ugh, okay? Eddie? Ugh. Eddie?”

He didn’t respond and seemed lost in his own feelings. A few more strokes and I felt my own explosion building. I came for half a minute, shooting ropes of juice onto Eddie’s chest and abs where they dripped back on me. He didn’t notice and kept his furious pace. The fire he lit in my gut kept me from going soft.

He pounded me even harder. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” I’d grunt as he impaled me again and again on his flesh fence post. The room seemed to start to spin. I gripped Eddie’s nearly thirty-inch arms to try and steady my perceptions. I stared at him. His face was right above mine, but I couldn’t quite focus my eyes. He slammed into me one last time and held himself buried to the hilt. I felt his massive dong snap up in my belly, actually lifting my back off the bed. I felt a huge surge through his deeply embedded hose, followed by another, another and another. Inside it felt like he was growing, taking more and more inches of my gut for his own. Then the feeling vanished, replaced by a boiling flood that coursed through my gut, pushing further with each new blast from Eddie’s cock.

After a timeless interval I realized it had stopped, My back eased down on the bed as he softened. Eddie rested on top of me as I shifted my legs to surround his thin waist. His muscular weight pressed me into our mattress. I realized I had cum again sometime in the ultimate passion without even noticing.

“Eddie, Eddie,” I whispered, rubbing his back softly.

“Bill? Are you okay?” He asked while pushing up on his elbows and taking his weight off me.

“Yes, I think so, but I believe the condom burst. You just shot too much.”

“Bill? I’m not doing anything, but I think I’m going to cum again. Ohhh. Here it comes”

My body shook, up and down, side to side, as he went wild inside me. In fifteen seconds it eased off. I was almost bloated with his load.

“Before you pull out you better carry me to the toilet. I think you’ve given me a cum enema.”

“Maybe I’m having too much fun to pull out,” he joked. “Another good load and it will come out your nose.”

But that was no joke. I thought that was just plain fact.

He held me against his chest and carried me down to the washroom. We met Tony and Big Bill coming up from their workout. They offered a greeting. The sight of Eddie and I coupled was nothing unusual around the fraternity. As they continued down the hall I could see that the workout included Bill’s ass.

When I was over the bowl Eddie eased out of me as I steadied myself by holding his shoulders. When he popped the head out it snapped wetly up against his body as drops of cum and ass juice flew out all along its length.

While it dripped off Eddie’s cock, it poured out of me. I could feel my guts deflate as they emptied a good quart of cum into the toilet. I sighed in relief.

“Wow! Was that the new formula that caused that?” I exclaimed.

“I think so. Maybe that’s one change we better not make. We can’t have guys bursting condoms every time they have sex. It’s not safe.”

“Will it ease off in a few days?”

“No I don’t think so, but maybe the amount will be less if I empty my balls every few hours. I still think it is going to be a lot relative to what I did before and that was quite a lot.

“So now’s the time to ask you something I’ve been meaning to bring up. Bill, we’ve been bedmates for the whole school year and I really like you a lot,” he stammered unsure of his words.

“I know, Eddie, I like you too. You’re the best.” “Well, I’d like for you to be my steady boyfriend.”

“Yes, Eddie, nothing could make me happier. And we can make love bare?” He nodded and I hugged him.


Chapter 10: Experiment

I was waiting for our Chinese guest and, hopefully, test subject, in front of the McDonalds at the corner of Powell and Grant at the entrance to San Francisco’s Chinatown. His name was Ming Li in American terms or Li Ming in China where the family name comes first. We had met him on the plane back from our Spring Break trip to Hawaii and invited him to the club.

Unfortunately he said he was too busy getting settled in America to make that date and, with finals coming up, we hadn’t gotten around to calling him up sooner. We were happy he accepted our invitation for today. He knew we were gay, but I don’t think he has any idea what he’s in for today.

I saw him alight from the cable car a few minutes before noon. I waved him over.

“Hi Ming. I’m Bill Foster. Do you remember me from the plane?”

“Yes. You and your friend Eddie. Hard to forget. Very hard.” I could see him glance at my crotch where the outline of my nine-inches could be seen under my Levi’s.

“Ha. I see you do remember. I’m here to take you to the clubhouse. It’s tucked in a back alley, but we start this way.”

I indicated pointing down Grant Street. He started walking beside me.

“Do Americans think China is like this?” His arm swept to encompass the gaudy storefront and restaurants along Chinatown’s main street.

“I don’t think so. It is supposed to look exotic and foreign for tourists. Sort of a dream China, but it can’t be real.”

We walked a few blocks before I turned us into a side street. A couple more turns and short blocks and we were in the alley by the black painted window with its dragon logo and Chinese lettering. I opened the door and ushered our guest in to the empty training area. “The guys are doing a lion dance for the opening of a new restaurant. They should be back any minute. This is the training area. Feel free to look around. Can I get you something to drink?”

Just as I finished the door opened and Little Dragon, Eddie’s younger brother, marched in carrying the ball on a pole used in the dance. Eddie was right behind in costume and carrying the large lion head mask in one hand and a red envelope with their pay for the performance in the other. Don Wong and the rest of the guys in their black silk uniforms embroidered with their logo followed.

Eddie and Ming spoke a few minutes in Chinese. It looked like he introduced his brother and Don before they switched back to English. Meanwhile the rest of the guys were getting out of their uniforms. I saw Ming’s eyes go wide as all those muscular bodies were revealed.

“We always have a little party after a job and you’re the guest of honor,” explained Eddie. “And you’re way overdressed for it,” he added pulling off his top to display his 68” chest.

“Here let me help you,” offered Little Dragon stepping behind Ming and pulling his shirt from his slacks.

Little Dragon was already naked. He had grown another inch since Spring Break, up to five foot seven. He packed 240 lbs. on that frame, with twenty- two inch arms and a fifty-five inch chest. He turns seventeen this August and his frequent boast to get bigger than his big brother is starting to look at least possible. He added half an inch to his cock too and is only three inches short of Eddie.

As I got out of my clothes I examined our new friend as Little Dragon unveiled his body. Ming was about five foot one or two and about 110 lbs. His skin was a smooth, unblemished golden brown all over. His muscles were small, but defined from athletic activity. He said he played soccer.

When Little Dragon pulled down his pants a thin 4.5 inch dick sprang up, pointing to the ceiling. He had a nice round butt too with dimples in the side formed by the shape of the muscles. Little Dragon rubbed it possessively then reached around Ming’s body to hold him in a tight muscular embrace, his thick fuck pole sliding through the thin legs, pressing against the bottom of Ming’s drawn up ball sack and sticking out several inches in front.

“I have dibs on this,” he announced.

“Have you ever had sex with guys before?” Eddie asked seeing the confusion on Ming’s face.

“Yes, with my university friends, but only with the hands or playing the flute, sucking in American. Everyone is so big. Are you going to fuck?” He asked reaching out both hands to encompass the thick girth of Eddie’s member.

“No, Eddie only fucks Bill now,” interjected Little Dragon. “They are a couple. They’re practically married. Doesn’t Bill make a good wife for my older brother? He’s so petite.”

“Well, why don’t you suck on me,” offered Eddie. “It will distract you while my little brother prepares you for your first fuck. Then we’ll see if our other members can loosen you up enough to take Don. If it gets to be too much for you, just yell and we’ll stop. You’re our guest and we want you to have fun and I bet you will.”

Ming looked at Eddie as if considering his situation. Then without a word bent over and licked the plum-shaped head of Eddie’s cock while squeezing the shaft in both hands about half way along its length. He opened his mouth and pushed down on the crown, but only got about half of it in. He then tried to stretch to the max. Eddie gave a push to the back of his head and they got the flaring rim to slip in. Ming’s cheeks bulged as he sucked on it and ran his tongue around the surface.

Little Dragon wasn’t wasting time. He was on his knees behind Ming. Both hands spread Ming’s butt apart revealing his pink rosebud. It was twitching. Little Dragon dove in to lick it to get it nice and wet with his saliva. He teased the ring with the tip of his tongue until he felt Ming relax, then pushed about half an inch inside. You could see Ming’s body tense a little with the penetration then relax after a few seconds. He wiggled it around in there then withdrew. This was repeated until Ming grew accustom to the invasion of his ass, building up slowly until he had a couple inches into the opening.

The other guys had gathered around to watch the show. Most had paired up, the one in front getting a standing fuck and hand job from the guy behind. Ming was getting into his sucking and had worked a couple inches of the shaft into his mouth. I saw Eddie’s hose shudder a little and Ming swallowed. Ming backed off the cock and looked up.

“Did you cum? Do you want me to continue?”

“Ha, that was only a bit of pre-cum,” laughed Eddie. “You’ll know when I cum. Just be ready to swallow quickly.”

Ming went back to work. Little Dragon had stood up again and was putting some lube on his fingers. With one hand on Ming’s back, he rubbed the butt with the other, then drawing his hand up the crack eased in one finger up to the knuckle. He rotated it around until he felt Ming’s prostate. Ming tried to stand when he hit the right spot, but Little Dragon’s hand on his back held him in position. He pulled out and got some extra lube then pushed in two fingers. After lubing the entrance he concentrated on massaging the sensitive spot through the walls of the gut. After a few seconds Ming was moaning around the plug Eddie had in his mouth.

As he grew accustom to the two fingers, Little Dragon pushed in a third and continued to loosen up his toy for the main event. I could see that Ming was dripping his own pre-cum onto the floor. I figured I’d get into the act and slid under Ming’s torso. I grabbed his upper thighs and took him to the root in my mouth. I had my head right between his legs, his balls on my nose and a great view up his crack of the fingers working his hole.

He was starting to wiggle around a lot as he was being over stimulated at three different points. Little Dragon spread his fingers apart to stretch his hole. The muscles in Ming’s legs where I was holding him tightened when he did this. This was repeated until he got used to it. Then Little Dragon got ready. He put on a condom and got it coated with extra lubricant and added a dab to the entrance too. He reinserted the three fingers and used them to spread the opening again. He positioned the tip of his long, thick tool at the gaping hole beneath the fingers. With a smooth move he removed the digits and replaced them with the fleshy head before the sphincter could snap shut. It was close, but he got the mushroom head inside the ring before it tightened on the firm pole. I heard him groan.

Eddie thought this was the time to give Ming something to occupy his attention, so he put his hands on Ming’s head and pushed more of himself through the straining lips until he touched the entrance to his throat. At the same time Little Dragon held Ming by the hips and shoved in a couple more inches. The dick in my mouth leaped as it reacted to the stimulation of cock rubbing prostate. I decided to help out some more and sucked both his balls into my mouth with his cock. I could lick his whole package now.

Little Dragon started to stroke Ming’s hole with the first four or five inches of his long spear. I could feel Ming react to the assault. He was leaking steadily into my mouth as his cock twitched at every inward stroke and his balls got hard and pulled up tight to the shaft. Then his muscles went stiff and he spurted several streams of hot spunk into my mouth. When he stopped shooting his body went limp. He would have collapsed if we were not holding him by his head, hips and legs.

Little Dragon must have felt him relax after his orgasm because he pushed in another five inches. Eddie also took advantage to slide into his throat.

Ming’s hands were just resting on the shaft instead of holding it, so they moved down to the base as Eddie popped almost ten inches into the exhausted boy. We held still, rubbing his body until he recovered.

I felt his cock start to stiffen and the muscles of his thighs regain some tone. Eddie must have noticed the change too.

“Are you okay?” He asked. “Just nod your head yes or no around my cock” I felt his body move a little. “Good. If you thought that was something wait till we really get started.”

Little Dragon started stroking Ming’s hole again, eight or nine inch strokes now. He was trying to push deeper to get the last few inches into Ming’s virgin butt. Eddie was giving Ming’s throat a massage with short in and out movements that still kept him almost into Ming’s chest. I could here Ming’s muffled gasps as he breathed and moaned around the hard flesh that transfixed his upper body while his ass was skewered on Little Dragon.

Little Dragon started pounding really hard and fast to fit the last inch into his new conquest. It was working as I had a front row seat to see him bottom out, balls deep into the quivering butt. He had lifted Ming’s legs off the floor to get his hole at the correct height for the deepest thrusts, so Ming was now suspended in the air between the two Chinese brother studs.

Without warning Ming released another few spurts into my mouth and went slack for a few seconds. The guys didn’t stop this time, as, I could hear from their own exertions, they were getting close themselves. Ming revived quickly though. The guys were pounding him furiously now.

Little Dragon made a final slow push into the clutching hole and I could feel Ming’s body shake as the big piece released its sexual energy in the depths of his body. Eddie was grunting too as he unloaded a huge flow of sperm direct to Ming’s stomach. When the quantity dwindled to amounts he thought the inexperience boy could manage, he pulled out of his throat and let him drink down the rest.

All the time Ming was feeding me his biggest load yet. As this was all happening we were being sprayed by several of the onlookers who were shooting off in sympathy with the hot scene they were watching.

Ming was really out of it now. When the brothers finished unloading up his now limp body, we lowered him gently to the floor mats. But there were still lots of horny studs waiting to try him out, so his ass was propped up by a cushion and the next guy pushed into his no longer cherry hole. Little Dragon felt concern for the man that he initiated into anal sex. He placed Ming’s head in his lap and, as Ming sucked reflexively on the tip of his cock, he caressed his head and whispered words of encouragement in his ear.

Now that we had gotten things started I couldn’t wait to get Eddie up my gut again. I sat him down where we could watch the festivities and settled down snug in his lap with his long tent pole pressing my intestines against my diaphragm. While we had a few rounds of our own most of the club had a go at Ming. He didn’t seem to notice when one guy replaced another, but every few minutes his cock would dribble a few spurts of cum onto the mat. By the time Dan finished the round two hours later, it was quite a little pool.

Eddie thought this might be a good time for a break, so he told everyone to hit the showers. Little Dragon carried Ming to the shower. I eased off Eddie while trying to keep about a pint of his fresh seed within me. He deposits it so deep inside I can retain it as long as he’s milked every few hours. If he doesn’t unload for much longer, he just floods my guts completely and I lose most of it when he pulls out.

The shower was reviving Ming though Little Dragon was still supporting him with a strong arm around his back. I could see he was looking around in wonder at the guys. A few were still finishing a last round with their partners under the spray.

“Did you have fun?” Eddie asked.

“Yes, I think I did,” mumbled Ming while running a fingertip against his hole that was now quite red from the excess friction and stimulation. “I don’t remember it all clearly, but I know I enjoyed it once you got me loose. How did you all get so huge? Most of you are much bigger than the bodybuilders I’ve seen in magazines.”

“Well we have a secret method and, if you want, you can share it,” Eddie answered.

“You would do that for me? What do I have to do?”

“I have an herbal potion for you to take. This one is going to be experimental. It doesn’t have anything that all of us haven’t taken, but it may not be fully effective. I think it will be, but, if it doesn’t work fully, we’ll give you the normal formula. After you take the potion there will be plenty of food and muscle supplements to fuel your growth. You should double your body weight in a couple of hours and there will be other changes that I think you will like,” he added hefting his thick dick.

“When can we start?”

“You seemed to have regained your energy. Dry off. The guys will set up a meal and mix the supplements and I’ll get your drink. We should be ready in a half hour.”

A while later everyone was gathered around for the event. Eddie handed Ming a cup that he downed quickly. A minute later Ming said he was hungry and started to consume tremendous quantities of food and supplements.

Everyone else started to dig into the food as well before Ming finished it all. We watched his body change.

“It seems to be working just fine,” Eddie said to me. “That means we only need to concentrate our research on the compounds we’ve already identified. The rest are just inert filler as far as the body changing effects are concerned.”

A couple hours later Ming said he was full. That’s the signal that the change is over. He had gained about six inches in height to five foot seven and doubled his body weight to about 230, all of it muscle. In body form he looked like a double for Little Dragon, except maybe a tad smaller. He measured 21.5” for arms, 53” in the chest, 28” in the waist, 34” thighs and an 11” cock that was about three times thicker than before. He was bigger than I, but smaller than the other guys. However, he started out as a small guy and the end result was about what we expected.

“That is great. I feel so strong!”

“Try to lift Little Dragon,” I requested.

Ming held him around the waist and pressed him overhead easily. “He feels so light.”

“Your muscles are about three times stronger than you expect from their size,” Eddie explained. “I think you could lift about 700 lbs.” Holding Little Dragon overhead Ming had another request. “I’d like to try something else. Can I fuck one of you?”

“I think you’ve already picked me for your first fuck,” Little Dragon said from overhead. “That’s fine with me. I was the first to have your ass, so mine can be the first ass you have. Somebody get him ready.”

When he was prepared Ming lowered his sex partner to the tip of his erect cock.

“Push in slowly,” Little Dragon directed. “Now pull out and change your angle a little. Now push it in again. Aaaah. Feel that spot? Try and rub that as much as you can on every stroke. That’s it. Now go in all the way.

Verrrry gooood. Just keep that up. Aaaah, yes. See, I can squeeze your shaft with my ass muscles. Do you like that? Now let me have it hard and deep.”

Ming responded well to instruction. He was obviously enjoying his first ass, lifting Little Dragon rapidly up and down along his stiff boner. Little Dragon had split his legs wide to afford him really deep access. His own rigid member was swinging in a wide arc as he bounced on Ming’s pole. Drops of pre-cum were flying off with each motion.

After a few minutes, Ming pushed Little Dragon down to the base of his shaft and held him there while he unloaded, making soft cries at each spurt. The throbbing inside brought Little Dragon off, shooting several strong streams of his seed onto the crowd of watchers.

After he finished unloading up Little Dragon, Ming seemed to lose his strength. He set him on the floor then held on to his waist as he lowered himself to the floor pulling himself from the tight confines of the ass he enjoyed.

“That was very good for your first time,” Little Dragon said, complementing him. “It will get better with some practice. I have some things I can show you. Why don’t you stay at our home tonight?”

“Thank you. You are very kind.”

“Okay. You can keep your new pet,” laughed Eddie. “We are lucky our parents don’t mind guests.”

“Do you have anything for me to wear?” Asked Ming. “My old clothes will not fit my new body.”

“You can wear my clothes,” offered Little Dragon. “We are the same size now and they will be too small for me in a few months anyway.”


Chapter 11: Breakthrough

“I’ve got it.”

“What?” I asked drowsily, awakening from a night’s rest.

Eddie leaned over my shoulder. “A way to get the formula right. I have to make some notes while it’s fresh in my mind.”

Eddie put his arm around my chest. We were sleeping coupled as usual with him tightly plugged up my gut. The residue of the goodnight fuck was still sloshing around inside me. He carried us over to the desk and sat us down in front of the printouts he was studying before bed last night.

After the test with Ming was successful, we had spent several weeks analyzing the active compounds. He showed me how to run protein structure simulations on the computer. He had several of my runs on the desk.

“See, here,” he said pointing at a sheet. “The growth hormone receptor is slightly different for different races. The compound in our mixture fits best with African genes, but it is not perfect. If we add here a methyl group, that’s a carbon atom with three hydrogen atoms attached, the fit is almost perfect. For Asians we need the methyl group here and, for Caucasians, we need it in both places. If we do a reaction some will go in one or the other or both places. We can keep all the varieties in the formula and the body will just naturally prefer the type with the best fit.

“It’s the same here with this compound. It is a cofactor with the growth hormone. It enhances the binding of the growth hormone. This one is a metabolic enhancer. I think it is what causes our extra strength proportionate to our muscle size. It seems to bind to mitochondria. There is no racial differences I can see, but again the fit is not perfect. A little modification here would make it better.

“So with a few chemical changes I’ll have a potion that will work for all races and be even more potent.”

“Will that make the effects temporary?”

“No, this only makes it better and with equal effect to all genetic types. But, if we were to add a long chain sugar instead of a methyl group, the molecules should be attacked by the cell’s metabolic enzymes. Then our molecules will become food for cellular processes and be dislodged from the growth sites. Bone, once it grows, won’t shrink, but muscle mass will drop and strength decrease unless new molecules are added by consuming our supplement. We’ll keep the amount really low, by mixing it with normal proteins. That way you would have to drink gallons a day to get the same amount of the active ingredients as my current potion. Still, the normal user could see several inches growth and fifty to sixty pounds of added muscle.”

“What’s the next move?”

“Next I’m going to fuck your brains out.” And he did.

Eddie was busy most of the day working in the lab preparing chemicals and purifying the products he produced. In late afternoon he had what he wanted. He called me from the computer simulation I was running. He had a 20-lb. tin of protein supplement and a glass of milk on the table.

“This is it,” he announced triumphantly. “There are only a few grams of active ingredients blended into a normal supplement mix, but that should be plenty. Add four tablespoons to a glass of milk, stir, and drink,” he continued, mixing the glass and handing it to me. “Two glasses a day, morning and evening, should produce dramatic results in a week or so.

Then we’ll see what happens when you stop taking it.” “It is safe?”

“Yes, almost certainly. It is based on what we have already taken to get our current bodies. The modifications I made shouldn’t produce any toxic effects and the active material is highly diluted to slow down the action and, of course, boost sales of the final product. It’s keyed to human physiology. We can’t test on animals, so you’re the test subject. You know I wouldn’t give you anything harmful.”

“Yes, I know.” I drank it all. “I don’t feel any different.”

“That’s what I expected. We should see measurable changes in two or three days. Now we try a second experiment.” He pulled out a small beaker filled with a clear liquid. “This is the optimized growth formula without the changes to make the effects temporary. I’m going to try it. The impact will be immediate so I’ve mixed 30 gallons of supplement to fuel my transformation.”

“How big will you get?”

“Well we know the old potion fit best for African genetics and you saw how big Earl grew. I estimate that this will be about 20% better and equally effective for all racial types. Since I’ve had growth already I think I’ll add about 150 lbs. give or take twenty. The 30 gallons I’ve mixed should cover me to plus three standard deviations.”

He drained the beaker.

“It’s working. It feels like it did when I tried my original formula, but maybe more intense. Bring out new bottles of supplement as I work through these.”

He started drinking. In five minutes he had already finished three of the gallon bottles and it was easy to see he was markedly bigger. I just kept placing new bottles on the table and removing the empties while he continued drinking.

“Damn! I should have undressed before I started this.”

He quickly slipped off the lab coat. Underneath his shirt had stretched as his chest and arms expanded. The top three buttons popped off, exposing his massive pecs. He undid the others, but his biceps were now so taut in the fabric of the sleeves he couldn’t pull it off. Flexing the arms shredded the cloth and he tore away the remaining rags like so much tissue. Then it was back to drinking.

A few minutes and bottles later his jeans suffered a similar fate. When his cock sprang free I could see he was already equal to Earl’s twenty inches and still growing. Eddie was now naked except for a ring of material from his jeans around his waist. The waist hadn’t seemed to grow at all though the abdominal muscles were big, bulging and clearly defined. He was taller too. He used to be six four to my six foot, but now I only came up to his shoulder. He was still growing too.

An hour later he put down the bottle he had just emptied and announced that it was over. He had used 24 of the 30 bottles to add just over 200-lbs. more size and muscle. He towered over me at seven foot ten. The top of my head didn’t even reach his shoulders now. He weighed 420 lbs. I measured his expanded chest at 84 inches. The pectoral muscles were as big as pillows, but hard as stone. The shoulders were like basketballs. His arms measured 38 inches around. They were thicker than his waist that was still only 30 inches. It looked too small to support that tremendous upper body, but it was like a steel column. His thighs were 48 inches each, as thick as my chest.

Yet the focus of his body was his awesome sexual development. The fourteen and a half thick inches he used to have was nice, but now he had a twenty-eight inch pole of steel and a couple of orange-sized balls to supply it with quarts of cum. It was as thick as my forearm and crisscrossed with bulging veins. The mushroom-shaped head was bigger than my fist.

I ran my hand along its length. My fingers could not quite get halfway around its girth. I almost surrounded it with both hands and tried to pull it down to horizontal. It resisted my efforts. When I tried to force it beyond forty-five degrees I lifted myself off the floor. With seemingly no effort, Eddie raised his cock back to vertical, carrying me with it. I lost my grip when it was almost straight up and I slid down until I was sitting on the broad head.

The tip of it pushed up the seat of my jeans with almost an inch of the fabric-covered head pushing into my ass ring, but the material held and it got no further. I steadied myself by holding onto the boulders that were his shoulders. I was lifted about a foot above his head. We looked at each other.

“Do you want to try my new cock?” He asked. “I could push right through your jeans if I want.”

“I know you could and I’ve never turned away from a cock all year, but your clothes were destroyed, so if you wreck mine I won’t be able to go out to get you something to wear. Let me down and I’ll be out of these in a minute.”

He did and I was nude in 30 seconds, just tossing things every which way. I took part of the time I saved to grab a bottle of lube from the desk. As I smeared his manhood with the slick liquid, I asked him to take it easy and not kill me. What a way to die though.

I looked up at Eddie. He smiled. I nodded. I was ready. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me off the floor. At first he just brushed my torso along his mammoth sex tool. My own cock sprung up to its full nine inches. He slid it alongside his own monster endowment. It looked small, not quite a third of his length and thickness, yet it would have gotten me envious stares in almost any locker-room in the country. I touched him. It felt hot.

The heat seemed to radiate off it.

He lifted me higher, rubbing his cock head around the root of my shaft and my drawn up balls. The head was broader than my entire ball sack. The tip moved under my balls and pressed into my crack. It parted my muscular glutes like they were water. This drove home his irresistible power. He found my opening and set me lightly on the tip of his spear. My hole eased open to accept the first inch, just a small fraction of just the head. This time there was no fabric in the way.

As I rested on this perch he rotated my body left and right so my ass lips skated over the oiled skin. This stoked the fire as fresh waves of heat seemed to flow into my body. A momentary twitch propelled a bolt of his pre-cum into me with great force. I felt it splash deep in my colon. Eddie bent his head and inhaled my entire cock in one unexpected motion. He sucked me strongly while running a long tongue over the surface. I was squirming in pleasure from his oral ministrations, but I couldn’t ignore that every movement made me sink a little deeper on his cock head that was gradually forcing me open wider and wider.

A few minutes of this and I lost control, shooting a big load into Eddie’s mouth. As my body shook in the pleasure of sexual frenzy, the flaring crown of his dick popped fully into my gut. He let me slide down a few more inches, pulling about half my spurting cock from his mouth as my body drifted lower.

As I regained my senses, I knew that we had passed the toughest part. My ass was so tight, tighter even than when I had both the huge Hawaiian dudes at the same time on Spring Break. I was stuffed and I liked it.

I looked at him. My mouth was at eye level now so I kissed him on the eye. He looked up at me and I down on him. I bent to kiss his lips, but was still a couple inches too high. He opened his mouth and speared through my lips with his long tongue; it had grown with the rest of his body. I sucked on it and tasted my own love juice. Then he lowered his hands and I slid down his pole and his tongue until our lips were in contact.

I concentrated on kissing him, but I couldn’t get my mind off the massive intrusion in my body. As we chewed on each other’s lips our relative positions changed as he let my body drift lower. Periodically a spasm would shake me as he spewed another jet of natural lubricant into my bowels.

Soon my head was craning upward to maintain our kiss.

A little lower and we broke the kiss. I rested my head in the deep valley in the center of his broad chest and wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. Eddie moved his arms up and surrounded my chest, holding my body against his. My own stiff piece was sandwiched tightly between his abs and mine.

He was dominating my body just by his irresistible presence within me. I could hear the beat of his mighty heart where I rested on his chest and feel the beat as the blood pulsed in his engorged member. My heart matched its rhythm. We were joined in the most intimate way and beating as one. With no anticipation I shot my seed in another orgasm.

The room started to spin and I closed my eyes. My mind registered just one thing, the sensations flowing from deep inside my body. By fractions of inches, he was filling me up, claiming more of the space for his presence.

My body adjusted, it had no choice. Nothing else mattered to me. I felt him in places no man had reached before. After some time it registered that he was not moving inward any more. The tip seemed to be trying to press into my chest.

He just held us together not trying to move within me. He didn’t need to. My muscles were convulsing around his entire length. I felt him react with a muscle movement that shook my body from within. My body squeezed back and that caused a stronger reaction from him. This feedback continued out of control for a few cycles. Then he exploded. My guts flooded with hot lava.

My body shook uncontrollably. He was going wild inside me. I couldn’t breathe. The heat flowed from the stake that impaled me and seemed to pour into my balls and race up my cock. Streams of boiling liquid struck my chin. It felt like I was being pulled down a whirlpool of pleasure. My head spun as it went on and on. My awareness seemed to retreat to a small part of my brain while the rest filled with messages from my body that I could no longer interpret.

From the far away place I was hiding I sensed that the bombardment was over. My mind timidly returned to fill my brain. He was still in me. I couldn’t overlook that fact, but it was calm, solid, an anchor I could use to focus my attention. I opened my eyes. He was looking down at me tenderly.

“You did fine. You took all but three inches.”

He guided my hand down to feel the spot where he penetrated me. There was a hand’s-width of shaft below my butt. I ran a finger along the junction between our bodies. My ring was incredibly tight, but it made no impression his super-hard flesh. My belly was full of his sperm. He started to lift me off his pole. As he left my gut, the pressure dropped. I was no longer sharing my body space with him. When just the crown was left, he asked me if it was okay to continue. I nodded. He popped out the flange with a quick snap of his hips, but let me rest on the pointed flesh until he felt my ass muscles recover and try to shut. Then he slowly eased the rest out. He set me on the floor and we hugged.

“Oh, Eddie, that was too intense. I felt like I was part of you. But I’m totally drained, like I just finished a marathon. It’s just that I don’t know if I can handle sex like that every day.”

“It’s all right. It should get easier as your growth kicks in. Hell, if you get bigger you may be able to take the whole thing.”

“We’ll see. Just let me rest for now. Besides, I need to get you some clothes.”

“I’ll just finish some work here. Get dressed and hurry back.” He smacked my butt playfully.

I ran back to our frat house. I found Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes in the basement working out and explained my problem. Bill said he might have a solution and told me to come with him. He had a fuck buddy that was taking a summer course. The guy was a football defensive end, about six ten and three hundred eighty. If we can borrow some of his sweat suits, they may fit Eddie.

We arrived at the athletic dorm and Bill led me to the room, knocked on the door and announced himself. A big buff black stud answered the door wearing a bulging muscle shirt and gym shorts. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought he had some of our formula, but his development was natural.

Bill just said what we needed and ordered him to get it. He didn’t waste any time getting it either. Seeing his big feet, I asked for a pair of training shoes too. When they were produced, Bill told him to strip and get on the bed. He scattered the clothes around the room as he tore them off on his way. I saw he had a nice thick ten-inch piece that was already hard. Bill was removing his own clothes and invited me to stay, saying how nice and tight his buddy’s ass is. But I had to get back to Eddie and left them to their fun.

The clothes fit, but they were tight around the chest, biceps and thighs. There was some waist showing between the top and pants and the pants only went to mid calf. The shoes were fine though and we could still use Eddie’s sweat socks.

We closed the lab and headed home.


Chapter 12: Changes

I was picking Eddie up at San Francisco International. He was coming back from closing a production deal for his supplement with a company in the Midwest. It worked like he expected. In five weeks I had added four inches in height, fifty pounds of muscle and a couple inches to my dick. We stopped and my muscle size and strength dropped. I couldn’t wait to get back on the stuff again.

We tried it with Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes and it was also effective, though the gains weren’t as dramatic because they had more benefit from the original formula. We even shipped some to Earl in Los Angeles. He got results and he put his kid brother on it too. The kid really jumped in size and won’t need to worry about gangs next year.

Eddie was off the plane quickly. He traveled first class because he needed the room and could afford it now. He was wearing a suit we had custom tailored in Chinatown, as all his clothes must be now. He towered above the other passengers and we drew stares the entire walk through the airport. I had driven his old mustang down, but he got behind the wheel for the trip back to Berkeley.

“I got a ten million dollar bonus for signing with them,” he reported. “I’ll get twenty percent of the retail price of each can we sell as royalty and they issued me stock for a twenty percent share of the company. They estimate three hundred million in sales the first year, but I think that’s way under because it converts fat to muscle, so anyone who is overweight will want it instead of dieting. When they have an initial public offering next year, I should be worth between five and ten billion dollars. We’ll have to trade this in on a Ferrari.”

“What are you going to do with your life now.”

“We’ll fix up the frat house. We can make it a lot nicer. I’ll graduate next Spring Suma Cum Laude. I want to get my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I have enough money to build my own laboratory and work on projects that interest me. There are a few things I want to try. I have so many possibilities and I just don’t know.

“But one thing I do know is I want to share my life with you.” I reached over and hugged him. “Careful. We don’t want to plunge off the Bay Bridge on the day we struck it rich. Besides, if we can make it back to Berkeley alive, I have a special surprise for you.”

When we pulled up to the fraternity house a moving van was just leaving. There were a lot of cars parked around. In the driveway were two red Ferraris.

“Those are our new cars. Consider yours a bonus for this summer.” “You don’t have to do that. I would have worked for free to be with you.” “I know. Let’s go in. The cars can wait.”

The living area was stacked with computer boxes. Tony was waiting for us.

“Eddie, everything was delivered. The new beds are set and everyone is waiting in downstairs.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Come up to our room while I explain.” Eddie ushered me upstairs with a huge arm behind my shoulders. He continued as we walked. “I bought new computers and beds for the fraternity. The old twins were too small for two guys, especially our size, so now the sophomores and freshman have doubles, the juniors and seniors queen beds and the president and partner have their own room.”

He opened the door. The room had been redecorated. It was now dominated by a single king-sized bed. A new plush carpet covered most of the tile floor. Two desks were set up on one side, both with new Macintosh desktops like those in the lab, these with large wide-screen flat panel displays. “Wow! It’s great. Does this mean I’m the first lady?”

Eddie just looked at me, picked me up and tossed me ten feet into the center of the bed. Then he jumped on the bed straddling me on hands and knees.

“I’m serious. I love you. I want you to be my partner for life. Will you?” “Yes. Yes. Yes. You knew I’d say yes, didn’t you?”

“Yes. If I didn’t know that, we weren’t ready for a committed relationship. Now get out of those clothes.”

I rushed to disrobe as Eddie did the same, but instead of putting me back on our bed, he tied a white silk cape over shoulders and donned one himself. He held my arm and guided me down the stairs while I looked at him wondering what was next.

The exercise room was packed with people and set up for a party. Everyone cheered when we entered. There was Don and Earl, Little Dragon and his new buddy Ming plus a dozen of the club members. The Kolani twins, Paul and Andy, had come from Hawaii. My younger brother Joey jumped out from hiding behind Earl and gave me a kiss full on the lips. About half the fraternity had come back early from summer break to join in the celebration. Bill Reyes had brought his football player friend. He had the guy kneeling at his feet while he held him by a chain attached to a studded leather collar.

Eddie and I were the only ones wearing anything and that was just the capes that highlighted our bodies instead of concealing them. This must have taken weeks to set up.

“Was I the only one who didn’t know about this?” I whispered to Eddie. He smiled.

Eddie made a short speech to the group about us. Then Tony came up with a satin pillow holding two silver rings. I slid one on Eddie’s finger. Then Eddie put one on me.

“It’s too big,” I muttered seeing that it was extremely loose on my finger. But then Tony produced a cup of clear fluid and Eddie handed it to me to drink. I knew what was in it. I drank. Everyone cheered and the party began.

While everyone else was devouring the food or each other, I was busy chugging protein supplements to fuel my metamorphosis. When I felt the changes stop a couple hours later I was only about 5% smaller than Eddie, but easily out massed anyone else in the room. I was glad that I hadn’t exceeded him. The ring now fit perfectly.

By this time most of the food was gone and the guys were starting on other recreations. I saw the Kolani boys were double-teaming Joey. There were several other groups of two and three and some had left early to test the new beds.

Eddie clapped his hands three times for attention and the room fell silent. As we stood up everyone broke off and gathered around. Tony came through the group and put a large cake before us. Decorating the top was a very X-rated picture of Eddie and a good estimate of a post-change me, in our capes, cocks rampant, like we were now.

A large knife was produced for me to cut the cake. I cut it carefully and pulled out the piece depicting my cock for Eddie and the one of his for me. Naturally, the portions were quite large. I picked up Eddie’s serving in my fingers and fed it to him while he did the same to me. When we had devoured the cake our lips met in a kiss and we cleaned up the icing around our mouths with each other’s tongue then licked the other’s fingers clean.

“It’s time to go,” Eddie told me and swept me up in his arms.

There was another round of cheers and a few shouted suggestions for the night’s activities as he carried me up the stairs.

He set me down in our room and undid the cape, letting it slip to the floor. Then he removed his own. We kissed as we embraced tightly, our cocks rubbing together between our hard bodies. I could feel how we were now alike, yet still different. I was seven foot six to his seven foot ten so I had to rise on my toes or tilt my head back to kiss evenly. My cock was twenty-six inches to his twenty-eight and just a tad slimmer. His chest was 84 and mine 75, his arms 38, mine 34, his thighs 48, mine 43. Our waists were very alike at 30 inches and both extremely defined. I weighed about 380 to his 420. He was in charge. I wanted him in charge and I was glad our physical difference emphasized that.

He lifted me off the floor so we could kiss more comfortably. While our tongues played, I wrapped my legs around his body. He carried me over to our bed, set me on it and rolled on top of me to continue our kissing.

On his knees and elbows, he hovered above me. We kissed deeply, his tongue spearing my mouth as I stroked it worshipfully with my own.

Besides our mouths our only point of contact was his cock that he was lightly rubbing across my own with gentle moves of his hips. This excited me no end. Every few seconds my shaft would shudder, beat up against his granite abs a few inches above me, snap back against my own body and spurt out a gob of pre-cum. He was squirting out prodigious amounts of his own natural lubricant. We he continued to stroke along my body we were both soon well coated.

He reared back on his knees, breaking our kiss. I lifted my legs and he rested my ankles on his shoulders in the deep valley between his trapezius and deltoids. He ran his cock for a last time through the big pools of juice collected in the hollows between my abdominals, getting it nice and sloppy.

He bent me double by pushing his body over mine. As my ass raised up to be in position for him the liquid on me flowed like a small stream through the cleft of my pecs, dividing around my neck and soaking into the sheets. He held me in place by my thighs so he could back off the couple of feet needed to line up the mushroom helmet that capped his tremendous pole with the entry to my inner sanctum.

He poked at the door lightly, transferring some of the wetness to the muscle ring guarding the way. He looked at me to see if I was ready. I licked my lips and smiled back in anticipation of the pleasure he always gives me.

The pressure against my tight hole increased and it gaped open easily to welcome him. I was immensely stronger now than before, but Eddie still easily overpowered my flesh.

As I snapped over his flaring flange against the veined shaft that was ready to fill the void inside me. I squeezed my newly powerful muscles against its unyielding surface. The pressure brought a smile of pleasure to Eddie’s face as he shoved a few more inches through my tight grip. He was so thick there was constant pressure wherever he was and on all my most sensitive spots. A persistent gentle pulse that spread from our connection announced the continued flow of the slippery stuff he spread inside me to prepare his way deeper.

He pushed his entire massive organ into me in one slow irresistible motion that took several minutes. It brought an almost continuous moan of pleasure from my lips. As I felt his groin connect with my butt I knew I was now big and strong enough to handle his overwhelming size. I told him so.

“Go for it stud. Put us both in paradise.”

He eased out of me in a move that sucked air into my body as my diaphragm pulled down to fill the vacuum caused as my gut contracted when he left me. Back he came again forcing the air right out of me. Then repeat, faster and faster. I was almost ready to explode when he stopped embedded fully. He leaned over me as I calmed down just slightly. I was panting, trying to regain control of my breathing. He buried my face in soft quick kisses as I held onto his flaring lats. All the while he was pumping me with slow short strokes that kept me just short of the point of no return.

He pulled back just a bit and grabbed my throbbing cock in both his hands. He pulled it away from my body and raised the head to his mouth. At twenty-six inches he had no problem reaching it while still fucking me. He licked the goo from the head that was bright red from the stimulation I had been getting. He resumed the full ass strokes as he sucked in the first foot of my hose to his hot mouth and throat.

A couple minutes of double stimulation had me squirming all over except at the points I was anchored to my lover. I was right at the verge when I felt his pulse inside me explode into a sexual crescendo. As the flood burst into my guts the beat spread to my balls and up the long path to Eddie’s mouth. As he poured his essence into me, mine streamed into him.

Our passion flowed for several minutes before I felt the peak pass and sensations return to normal. Eddie let my tool slip from his lips. It smacked my torso still mostly hard and expelling small spurts of cum in weakening echoes of the past. We kissed again and I tasted myself.

Eddie rolled me on my side and eased himself behind my back while remaining coupled with me. He split my legs with one of his massive thighs. A giant arm reached around my chest to hold me in a muscular embrace while the bulging biceps of his other arm provided a pillow for my head. He resumed the slow stroking of my ass that was still excited from the previous stimulation.

I felt total security being coupled with my lover. My body tingled from each point of contact and, in this position; we touched almost from head to toe. The sensations peaked where he entered me and continued from the friction he generated deep inside of me.

He was building us up again for another burst of passion. He made this one last, bringing us up and down for an hour while he massaged my interior tirelessly, fast then slow. I felt like the room was a sauna, but it was only the heat he was generating in me. Eventually, his motion became harder, more forceful, and I knew he was building us up to climax. He curled his body behind me and forced me to conform to his shape. I saw the tip of my own straining shaft bubbling with anticipatory flow near my lips. I bent my head and accepted it into my mouth, tasting my juice straight from the source.

The sight of me going down on my own meat inspired Eddie to pound me even harder. I knew we wouldn’t last long at this pace and we didn’t. A minute later Eddie plunged into me and I felt him start to go wild in my gut. His searing seed once more scalded my body with his passion. I came in sympathy and flooded my mouth, swallowing reflexively to keep up with my gushing flow. Again we seemed to drift in bliss for ages.

As the sensations faded my energy did too. I awoke with the morning light streaming in the window. I remembered yesterday. It seemed like a dream. I felt a tremendous arm around my chest. My own arm contacted it and seemed to be almost as huge. My hand rested on my cock head that stretched onto my chest. It wasn’t a dream. I squeezed the muscles in my ass that surrounded the shaft that extended impossibly deep within me. As I felt the slumbering snake react all along its length to my pressure and the giant that was my lover stir from his sleep, I smiled, anticipating the pleasure to follow.


Chapter 13: The Rescue

I had come into San Francisco that Saturday looking for some action. After visiting a couple bars and clubs I had no luck. I was walking near Union Square heading toward the BART station when I noticed I was being followed. There were four white kids in their late teens or early twenties. I remembered seeing them across the street when I’d left the gay bar several blocks from here. The streets were deserted. I walked faster and turned toward Grant Street and Chinatown where there should still be people about.

The guys behind me sped up too. I turned the corner and started running. Behind me I heard the sound of running feet drawing closer. A quick look behind told me I wouldn’t reach Grant Street before they caught me. I saw an alley ahead shaded from the light. I ducked in and hid behind a trash dumpster. I heard the runners pass the entrance.

I waited quietly. They stopped to search, not seeing me ahead. One spotted the alley and alerted his buddies. Footsteps echoed between the tight walls of my refuge.

“Thought you could hide from us, faggot,” spat out the guy who spotted my lair.

He grabbed my arm and roughly hauled me into the center of the alley. One held my arms behind me as I faced the other three.

“Let me go and I’ll forget this happened,” I offered in desperation.

“We don’t want you to forget, fag. We want you to remember,” screamed one of them as he uncorked a punch right to my stomach.

Other blows followed like rain. I was beaten to my knees, then the ground. A kick speared my side, then another.

I was at the point of collapse when one of my attackers dropped onto the concrete beside me, out cold. The others turned to face an intruder. In the gloom I could see him flash a few quick punches and another attacker staggered backward. A kick caught a third and I could hear ribs cracking. The last one pulled a pistol. Before he could point it another kick caught him on the wrist and the gun flew off into the dark. He backed away holding the broken wrist with his other hand.

My rescuer walked toward the now cowered attackers. They backed away. A hand motion told them to clear out. They picked up their still unconscious comrade and limped off. He turned and knelt beside me. I could see he was a Chinese guy wearing a loose fitting sweat suit. He looked about my age, twenty or so, though his face was smooth without trace of a five o’clock shadow even near midnight. Despite the baggy clothes, you could tell he had a powerful build. His thigh muscles stretched the fabric tight as he bent his legs.

“Are you okay?” he asked in unaccented English. “I think so, thanks to you,” I replied. “Help me up.”

“Wait a minute. Let me check you over and see if anything is broken. Lay flat.” He asked, “Does anything hurt?”

“Yeah, most everything, but I don’t think anything’s cracked.”

He ran his hands over the bones on my arms and legs and along my torso. I was bruised, but intact. The feel of his strong hands running over my body turned me on. He didn’t touch my groin, but I sprung a bone in my pants that he surely noticed. I have about nine and a half inches and, with my twenty-two year old blond swimmer’s build, I usually have no problem finding companionship.

“You seem all right,” he announced, finishing the check on my left leg just below my crotch. He reached an arm behind my back to help me up. The huge bulge of a massive biceps muscle pressed the back of my neck.

With his support I rose to my feet and faced him. He was an inch taller than my six foot one but must have had a hundred pounds of muscle more than my 160 pounds. Close cut black hair shown on his golden brown face where black eyes gazed into my soul. My knees started to buckle as I hadn’t fully recovered from my beating. He saw this and held me to him. My body pressed into his solid pectoral muscles.

He swept me off my feet and cradled me in his arms, carrying me towards one of the buildings. “You need to rest some and recover,” he said looking down at me.

He took me into an alley entrance. The blacked out windows had a dragon painted on them with some English and Chinese lettering that I couldn’t make out. When he turned on the lights I saw the inside that was set up as a sort of exercise area with mats covering most of the floor. He put me down flat on a mat.

I relaxed and breathed slowly trying to regain strength. He loosened my clothes and unbuttoned my shirt. He undid my belt and lowered my zipper. My hard cock snapped up and my thick tool slapped my gut.

I couldn’t hide the fact that he turned me on so I made the best of it.

“You saved me from those punks. They thought I was gay and would have beaten me to a pulp if you hadn’t come along. I can’t thank you enough. If you’re interested you can try my big dick,” I continued, hoping he was gay or at least curious. “My friends say that a big cock is really fun and they seem to enjoy mine plenty. Give me a few more minutes and I can show you how grateful I am.”

He laughed. I had men stare in awe or fear at my size, but this was the first to laugh. Perhaps he was straight. As I looked at him, puzzled, he placed my hand on his groin. Beneath the baggy material was a huge pole. He was as big or bigger soft as I was hard. As my hand squeezed the flesh, it started to fill out, thickening and lengthening.

He stood up and pulled off the top of his sweats, revealing all his massive musculature; a huge chest, broad pecs, bulging cannonball shoulders, flaring lats that tapered to an incredibly narrow waist with six bricks of abdominal muscles clearly defined. Then he lowered his pants as I gazed with open mouth. Between thighs that were thicker than my chest hung a tremendous shaft that reached nearly to the knee. It was thicker than my wrist, crisscrossed with veins that pulsed, sending fresh blood to fill it out further. The skin on it was darker than the rest of his body. As it cleared the waistband it sprung up almost horizontal with a slight upward bend from the thick base to the crown that poked its bright red head just halfway out the now tight foreskin.

“So, you like big dicks,” he said stroking the long shaft slowly to bring it to full size.

It grew even longer in response. The mushroom head pulled free finally as it extended over fourteen inches, now standing almost vertical against his brick-like abdominals almost to his chest.

“Do you want to try mine?” I nodded.

“I’d do anything for you, but I’ve never met anyone in person bigger than me. My biggest cock was less than half your size. You saved my life. Try not to kill me when you fuck me.”

He stepped out off his pants and walked over to a table. He returned with condoms and some lube as I stared at the interplay of his muscles during his movement and the head of the cock that swayed hypnotically, side to side over his torso with his walk.

He stopped by my legs that I spread to give him access as he knelt between them. The pain of my beating was forgotten in anticipation, or was it fear, of what was to come. He lifted my legs to rest in the deep valley between his bulging shoulders and the flaring triangles of the muscles that supported his thick neck. I felt the tip of a lubed finger rub around my hole. He slipped it in as I relaxed, initially to the first joint, then all the way. He rotated it around and rubbed the bulb of my prostate, causing me to moan and leak the first drops of pre-cum.

A second finger was added, then a third. He spread them wide stretching the opening for the much thicker intruder to come. While he was preparing me his stiff sex tool poked between my legs throbbing in readiness alongside my much smaller equipment. I looked along my body at it, the hole in the head looking back at me. It outreached mine even though its root was several inches behind my ass. I felt the heat flowing from the shaft.

Satisfied with his preparations he rolled on a condom and smeared it with lube. The stimulation snapped his prick back to vertical. I felt his powerful hands encircle my hips as he lifted me effortlessly off the mat. With my legs still over his shoulders, he bent me double as he raised me up. The head of the spear pushed up to my hole. It felt so big that it couldn’t possibly fit.

He lowered me slowly. The pressure built. I could feel my flesh yielding, stretching. He was steel and I butter. It pushed inside as I gasped, feeling stuffed like never before and this was just the tip.

He looked up at my face to see if I was okay. I smiled bravely and he lowered me a couple more inches. I moaned as the crown of his cock brushed past my prostate. He saw my reaction and lifted me up and down to rub my bulb rapidly. I convulsed in ecstasy. My first shot went over his head and splashed into his hair. The next three streaked his face. A couple more wet his neck and chest before a few final pulses dribbled down the sides of my cock.

His tongue licked out to sample my juices from his face as he lowered me a couple more inches. My own cock stayed hard. It usually is super sensitive after I shoot, so I normally pull out and don’t touch it for a few minutes after orgasm until I recover. However, I wasn’t in control here. My shaft was rubbing along the deep cleft between his pecs, squeezed between them and my own abdominal muscles as he held me to him. That would have been stimulation enough, but his shaft continued to brush my prostate as he moved me up and down, gradually sinking deeper. The heat from his buried flesh seemed to flow right to my balls. I thought that if I could see them they would be glowing red.

I held his neck tight as I convulsed again. I could feel my cock spew forth its juice between our pressed bodies, lubricating them and heightening, if that were possible, the sensations. He moved even deeper inside me. I felt him in places I’d never knew existed.

He pushed up against a bend or block in my gut. I could feel the shaft trying to poke me from inside. He moved me up and down and twisted, looking for a way past the obstruction. The motion pushed me past the brink again as I spasmed around him. Then I felt him twitch and pulse within me. It was a sudden motion that rocked my whole body, then again and again. My senses were overwhelmed. I had a second orgasm right on the heels of the last, then a third.

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice inquire.

My left ankle was by my ear. My head rested on the firm neck of my friend, my arms draped limply over his massive back. I remembered where I was and what was happening. I held his neck muscles and pushed back so I could see his face. I was even with him now, bent almost double, legs on his shoulders and my butt on his groin. Looking down I could see my balls, tight to my shaft, resting on a blanket of his straight, black pubic hair. His bush was covered in my white cum that also coated much of our bodies. A few drops were still bubbling from the tip of my cock from an orgasm that I didn’t remember.

“I think so,” I answered tentatively. “I’ve had plenty of sex before, but nothing like that. You saved me from a beating then gave me such pleasure. I—I don’t even know your name. How can I thank you?”

“I’m Eddie Lee. I would have helped anybody in trouble, but I’m certainly glad that it was you I rescued. Don’t worry, you’ve been thanking me the way heroes have been rewarded down through history. You really seemed to enjoy it, but I had fun too. And we’re not done, if you want to continue,” he added as I felt him flex for emphasis the hard shaft that plunged up the middle of my gut like a fence post.

“God, do I,” I moaned. “I’m Jack, Jack Gordon. Whatever you were doing, do it some more.” I hugged his neck and pulled myself to him for a kiss. I opened to accept his tongue. As he explored my mouth my own tongue caressed his.

He lifted me a few inches off his lap. The incredible sensations returned as I felt the full length of him slide through my gripping gut. I sucked strongly on his tongue in surprise at the sudden intensity of it.

My cock slid smoothly along the ridges of his muscular waist trapped between his flesh and mine, lubricated by the many cum loads it already discharged. Added to that I could feel Eddie’s long fuck pole slide along my own as it pushed up inside, bulging the muscle and skin of my belly outward in response to the outrageous intrusion. Already, hypersensitive from what had gone before, I broke our kiss and stared, eyes wide, at the calm face of the Chinese stud who was showing me the limitless depths of pleasure.

I was taken by surprise as a hot jet of my own seed splashed off my face. Others sprayed against our bodies as I hugged my arms around his thick neck to anchor my senses as orgasm overwhelmed me. As I neared the peak my body throbbed with an irresistible beat that announced my partner’s release. The room spun dizzily and I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feelings pouring out from deep within me. I could see his huge pole in my mind spewing fire through my body. I could feel the heat flow like a stream of lava to my balls and up my cock that poured the scalding liquid onto muscles so overheated that the seed boiled away in great clouds of steam. At least that’s what my fevered mind imagined to be happening.

That orgasm merged with the next and the next and the next. Somewhere in there I drifted off to sleep or passed out.

“Jack, Jack?” a man’s voice called as a hand stroked my face. I opened my eyes to see the handsome visage of my hero stud. We kissed, long and deep.

He rolled me to my back. I thought he was about to pull out. “Don’t go,” I pleaded. “I’ll be empty, incomplete.” I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold me to him, knowing that I couldn’t demand anything of him he did not choose to give.

He responded with a slow, full-length fuck stroke, pulling out until only the crown of his flaring head was held in by my ass ring, then plunging back past my prostate and into the deep center of my body. I reacted instantly, rising to the stimulation. Within a minute the familiar throb of orgasm shook my cock. As before it was joined and quickly dominated by the pulsing of Eddie’s massive member. I drifted in the haze of sexual bliss.

Slowly, returning to reality, I felt and heard as Eddie snapped his cock from my tight ass grip. My hole gaped open to the cool air for a few seconds before snapping shut. I felt his absence, the heat of him no longer warmed my gut. I saw the still firm shaft as it stood proudly erect against his abdominals. The latex sheath was covered with my ass juices. At the tip a white globe of trapped seed bulged to twice the size of his already thick hose. I reached for this treasure, peeling the condom, careful not to spill a drop. He watched as I inverted the rubber and drank deeply of his precious gift. We kissed again and I offered the bounty that still coated my tongue to him.

It was morning. We shared a shower in the facilities adjacent to the main room. He fucked me again, draining my strength so much that he had to help support me while we dried ourselves and dressed. I begged to be his lover, boyfriend or slave. I was devastated when he said he had a lover already, but recovered when I found that he went to Berkeley too. As we parted, he invited me to his fraternity Friday night, promising me a big surprise. I can hardly wait.


Chapter 14: Party

I’m Jack Gordon. Last Saturday night I was rescued from a beating by the timely intervention of a muscular Chinese-American stud, named Eddie Lee. As he checked me for injuries I couldn’t help being aroused by his strong touch. Who wouldn’t be. Eddie was only an inch taller than my six foot one, but had at least 100 lbs. of muscle more than my 160. His arms must have been well over twenty inches, with a huge chest tapering to a waist no bigger than mine. His thighs bulged with power, each thicker than his waist. With all that he must have been at least three times stronger than he looked. I know he handled my weight with casual ease.

But it was fourteen and a half inches of steely cock that really got my attention. He fucked me with it all night and, for a devoted top with nine and a half inches of my own, it was a life changing experience. I loved being the submissive bottom to this powerful Asian stud. When we found out we both go to Berkeley and he invited me over to his fraternity the next Friday night, I accepted immediately.

When I got back to the university, my roommate, Ricardo, a nice Hispanic guy from the Central Valley near Fresno, saw my bruises and asked me what happened. I told him about my beating and rescue, but left out the intimate parts. However, as we were playing around that evening, leading up to my fucking his slim, defined, 5 foot 6 inch, 135 lb. body, he noticed my ass was no longer cherry. The friction and stretching from Eddie’s huge pole ramming me for nearly 12 hours made that obvious, so I had to tell him everything.

When I told him of my invitation for Friday he insisted to coming along. Ricardo said he had a friend who told him of a friend that visited Eddie’s fraternity. Apparently they have lots of hot guys.

Over the week I spent a lot of time looking at the Asian students. Of course, Asians make up over a third of Berkeley’s student population. I didn’t see Eddie around campus. Most of the Asian guys seemed pretty normal, but I did see a few that appeared almost as developed as my Asian Adonis. It was 8:00 PM sharp on Friday when I knocked at the fraternity’s door with Ricardo standing beside me. After a short pause the door was opened by a hugely muscled Vietnamese wearing only tight fitting gym shorts. He was only a little taller than my roommate, but with at least 50% more mass, all muscle. The outline of a long cock was visible under the nylon cover. It began above what appeared to be egg sized balls and extended up and out past the side of his hip as the head formed a thick bulge under the waistband.

I swallowed and said, “I’m Jack. Eddie Lee invited me over for the evening. This is my roommate Ricardo. Is it okay if he tags along?”

“Come on in. Eddie told use to expect you,” he said with a welcoming smile as we entered the foyer and he shut the door behind us. I saw another muscular guy headed down the stairs to a lower level as we arrived. He was already nude. “I’m Tony,” he added.

“Eddie should be down in a few minutes. He’s probably warming up Bill, one of our freshmen. Jack, Eddie said you were a good fuck. We’ll show you a good time tonight. Ricardo, are you ready to handle some action with this?” Tony pulled off his trunks exposing a twelve-inch hard cock that stood up past his navel.

“Jack’s pretty big, but I’ve never been fucked by anything like this,” exclaimed Ricardo, reaching out to stroke Tony’s piece. “It’s thick and so hard, but I’d love to try.”

“I like a guy who is up to a challenge. I think both of you are going to have fun. Let’s get started.”

He wrapped his arms around our waists and herded us down the stairs to a lounge and exercise room that filled the large finished basement.

There were about a dozen Asian studs in the room. The party had already started it seemed as most were fucking other guys, white guys mostly, but a few were black or Hispanic. I recognized a star from the basketball team getting reamed by a Thai-looking stud a foot and half shorter than himself. He was bent over supporting his front on his elbows while his fuck buddy held his thighs, splitting his legs widely to gain access. His toes barely brushed the floor as his butt was plowed with foot-long strokes. Streaks of cum indicated he’d shot already, but his ebony eight-inch cock was still hard.

“This is Eddie’s friend, Jack, and his roommate Ricardo,” Tony announced to the group.

Most of the Asian studs gave quick greetings while continuing their activities and looking us over, estimating future possibilities. The guys they were with had their attentions elsewhere.

“We invite some of our outside friends in for a party some Friday nights. It’s a free-for-all. Let me get you undressed and warmed-up.”

“Bill, can you get Ricardo started?” Tony called out to a well-built Filipino stud that just entered from the upper level.

“We have some bins for your clothes over by the wall.”

He picked me off the floor, put me over his shoulder and walked me over there like he was carrying a sack of flour. Setting me down, he wasted no time stripping me to the skin.

“You won’t need these until tomorrow morning.” “How do you like to get fucked?” Tony asked. “Well, before I met Eddie, I’d always been a top.”

“Yeah, you’re pretty big,” Tony remarked, stroking my 9.5 inches that were already hard and dripping pre-cum. “But except for Eddie’s roommate, Little Bill, you’re smaller than every guy in this fraternity,” he said, holding his cock against mine.

It was almost 3 inches longer and twice as thick. Its golden flesh was hot against my lighter skinned shaft. Drops of my pre-cum dripped from my cock head onto him. As he squeezed us together in his powerful grip encompassing both members he produced a copious flow of his own lube that he slathered liberally over both pieces. I licked my lips as he pushed my back onto the floor.

He raised my legs to his shoulders and reached for a condom in one of the baskets spaced throughout the room. As he rolled it on a squeal from Ricardo drew my attention across the room where I saw my roommate on his back getting drilled by the guy Tony designated for him. The guy still had several inches of dark shaft extending from Ricardo’s ass, but he was much thicker than me and my roommate was already straining to accommodate him. The firm pressure of Tony’s sheathed shaft touching my hole snapped my attention back to my situation.

“I know you had Eddie last week, but you’re probably still pretty tight since you haven’t bottomed for our frat regularly. I need to get you ready for a long night,” Tony observed in a calm voice as he slipped a lubed finger into my bottom. He quickly added a second. “You’re taking it really nice, a lot of guys are nervous at their first party.”

“I am too, but I practiced with Ricardo using a big dildo. It was a foot long.” “That’s my length.”

“Yeah, but you’re thicker. Oh, God,” I moaned as Tony pressed my prostate with the three lubed fingers that now expanded my hole.

“I think you’re ready,” said Tony who wiped up my pre-cum that pooled on my abdominals while he was preparing me and smoothed it on the outside of his condom with the residue of the lube coating his fingers. “Just try to relax,” he urged as I felt his tip press hard against my entrance.

I failed. How could I relax with a foot of hard flesh as thick as my wrist waiting to spear my gut. It didn’t matter. The pressure increased and I felt my flesh start to yield. My cock twitched and spewed a gob of pre-cum as I held my breath. The barrier was breached and I felt the bulb of his cock head expand my gut as half a foot of shaft followed it into my depths. I released the air in my lungs in a long moan as the friction from his thick penis massaged my pleasure points.

Tony withdrew a few inches, leaving just the head inside with the flange lightly pressing my ring from within. He held my hips in a tight grip as he pushed the shaft into me again. He hit my pleasure button continuously as he plunged deeper than before. I writhed under the stimulation, my body shaking in ecstasy. He stopped, much deeper. He withdrew again and the sensations returned. In again, he trust, overwhelming all senses. My muscles spasmed and my back arched. I felt my seed splatter on my face. I gasped for air and a spurt caught me full in the mouth. I swallowed.

I relaxed my body as my cock pulsed out the last few drops onto my now sweating torso. I sighed deeply, catching my breath. “That was great,” I complemented Tony who was holding my hips a couple feet off the floor pressed tightly to his groin.

“I can see why Eddie invited you over. You’ll be a great bottom for the brothers here. I think you have enough size, strength and endurance to handle a full night. Believe me, most don’t.”

“Your buddy certainly didn’t. He’s out of it,” said the guy who’d been fucking him as he carried Ricardo’s limp body to a couch. “He passed out after only four orgasms; not able to handle the stimulation from a real fuck.”

“Hey, I fuck him regularly,” I objected.

“And how do you think you compare with what Tony’s giving you? I’ve had football players twice my size. Some were hung bigger than Tony, but they were begging for my cock by the end of the evening. We’re wasting time. You can clean my cock while Tony finishes his fuck. I’ve got that ass next,” he insisted, straddling my chest.

I was about to try a comeback, but “Umph,” is all I said as when I opened my mouth he plugged me with the whole of his cum-coated shaft. It went half way down my throat on the first stab. The gasp I made as Tony resumed his thrusts in my ass enabled Bill to add the last few inches until I had his taut balls pressed to my chin. “Mmmm,” I moaned. Tony seemed to know every sensitive spot in my gut. His cocked rubbed them continually and the pleasure went straight to my brain. Meanwhile Bill would rock back a bit, withdrawing half a foot of cock from my lips, letting me grab a taste of his steadily dripping juice before plunging home so deep I’d feel his bulbous cock head under my breast bone.

It only took a few strokes before the sensations they were generating became my whole world. I closed my eyes as the feelings overwhelmed my senses. I erupted. My cock spewed forth again, but the Asian studs fucking my ass and mouth didn’t miss a beat. As the flow stopped I stayed hard.

Tony upped his pace. I was moaning around the shaft that plugged my throat. That encouraged Bill to keep it full embedded in my throat. His black pubes tickled my lips.

Tony added a few last strokes, more violent than before. My body rocked from the force as his groin smacked my glutes, lifting my entire body from the floor even with another muscular stud riding my chest. As the impact of the third blow ended I felt his cock pulse deep inside my gut. On the next pulse my cock joined in orgasm as Bill shot his first jet of seed directly to my stomach. Again and again we released our loads. Bill backed out of my throat and his next shot flooded my mouth. I swallowed, but a second later was filled again.

It seemed they came forever and my cock couldn’t stop either. I don’t know how many mouthfuls I swallowed before Bill pulled it out completely and spewed several loads on my face and hair. Finally the peak passed, the last few spurts delivered, and calm returned. I relaxed in the afterglow, shivering as I felt Tony extract the long length of flesh from my gut.

I wiped up some gobs of cum on my eyelids. I could feel more drying on my forehead and dripping off my cheeks and nose. Bill had reared back and was rolling on a condom. His cock was still hard. As Tony set my legs on the floor and stood up, Bill replaced him. He knelt behind me, lifted my thighs over his muscular legs, and pulled my ass back to his groin, slipping easily into the spot his buddy just left. “That was fun. Maybe I’ll see you later for seconds. In the meantime here’s something to remember me by.” Tony poured the load from his condom into my mouth. He was saltier than Bill’s. I lost sight of him as Bill started steady fuck strokes in my ass.

I was already hypersensitive, so it only took Bill a few minutes to get me sweating in passion. He may have been a touch smaller than Tony, but he compensated by being much more aggressive. He had my knees pinned back on my chest as he pounded full-length fuck strokes in my clutching chute. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply. When he broke the kiss I saw Eddie standing over me.

“I’m glad you could make it, Jack. I see the guys have made you feel welcome.”

“He’s your guest, Eddie. Do you want to take my place in his ass?” Bill offered while continuing the long strokes that were dazing me enough to make it difficult to follow the conversation, much less say anything myself.

“No rush. The night is young. Stand him up and I’ll fuck his mouth until you finish up.”

In response Bill plugged himself into me fully, put his arms under my shoulders, rocked back on his feet, lifting his knees from the floor as his bulging thigh muscles pressed into my back, and stood up. I found myself suspended in the air, facing the ceiling, supported by his hands and the stake that pinned my butt to his crotch.

I was looking up along Eddie’s towering tube of male flesh at his smiling face. He made a quick signal to Bill who turned me on the axle of his cock until I was face down. Eddie grabbed my head to bend it back and lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened wide to accept his thick piece as he slid the first seven or eight inches in, getting halfway down my throat on the first try.

Eddie replaced Bill’s grip on my shoulders while Bill slid his hands down my body until he was holding the inside of my thighs, taking most of the load off his cock and spreading my legs so wide I lost contact with the floor. I was suspended in the air between two mighty Asians. Bill resumed his assault on my ass with foot-long strokes that finished with his crotch slamming my ass and shoving another inch or so of Eddie into my throat. After half a dozen, my nose was pressed against the marble wall of Eddie’s abdominals smelling the musk from his pubic hair.

Eddie then stepped back, drawing a long tube of flesh from my mouth. He pulled while Bill pushed and my mouth swallowed his sex sword while simultaneously a foot was pulled from the scabbard of my gut. Then they reversed the motion and I was shuttled back and forth between their bodies sliding smoothly over the poles that pinned both ends of my torso.

I knew I had no control. I was their human sex toy, yet the situation was exciting. Waves of pleasure swept my body from the stimulation of their internal massage of all my sensitive spots. They seemed to know how best to raise me to new heights. My overheated body was squirming in their combined grasp. They shifted to a faster pace that I recognized as signaling their approaching climax. When they pressed in together it arched my back as they started to infuse my body with powerful jets of their hot sperm. Again and again I shot in sympathy as my mind clouded in ultimate ecstasy.

I came to my senses draped over the back of the couch. Ricardo had gotten a second wind and was no longer resting. I saw him sitting on the lap of the Thai guy that we’d seen fucking the basketball player. He was facing the guy with his legs wrapped around his waist. Fresh sperm was just dripping from where he’d shot it across both their bodies, but his cock was still hard and balls drawn tight, resting on an inch of thick, dark shaft, the only visible part of the organ that stretched over a foot further inside him.

“You’re back with us,” I heard Eddie remark from behind me as he placed a firm hand in the center of my back. “It’s not unusual for guests at fraternity parties to pass out, but, in our parties, it’s from too much fucking instead of booze. I think it’s my turn now,” he said as I felt the long hose that I loved last weekend expand my gut even more than before. “God, you’re big. I love the stuffed feeling though. It presses all my hot buttons. I can feel the beat of your heart right in my belly. Oh! Oooh! I’m going to cum again.” I did.

Meanwhile Ricardo was bouncing up and down on the lap of his stud propelled by the guys hands lifting his short body. The Thai’s skin was darker than my Hispanic roommate’s and no tan line either. It was quite a contrast where the taut brown skin of the shaft disappeared up the clutching untanned skin of Ricardo’s hole rubbed red by the steady friction of flesh on flesh. Ricardo had his arms wrapped about the flaring muscles of the Thai’s strong neck, his head flopped back and mouth open, gasping air.

I wasn’t in much better shape as Eddie was really giving my ass a pounding. He had my upper body horizontally out above the couch by his hold on my lats. That was the only thing that prevented me from shooting out into the room as he slammed into my butt when each pile-driver stroke bottomed out. I reached out in sympathy for my roommate, stroking his arm with my hand. He reacted by lifting his head, seeing me also being fucked as never before. He gave me a wan smile.

The smile turned to uncertainty, then surprise, followed by joy. The Thai stud had stopped his motion, holding Ricardo fully embedded. I saw Ricardo’s abdominal muscles ripple, not from his own action, but from what was going on inside. He gave a strangled cry and shot a jet of cum that passed over the Thai’s right shoulder and splashed onto my back. Just then my own body shook from the first powerful wave that ran down Eddie’s cock and spewed forth with a force that I felt even through his condom. I no longer had any thoughts about my roommate as I was lost in the reverie of my own ecstasy.

When I next became aware I was sprawled on the couch with my legs limply splayed out in front. I looked around quickly to try and get oriented again. Ricardo was panting deeply, recovering from his own experiences, just to my left. Our fuckers had moved on. I spotted Eddie doing a guy on a weight bench. He was talking to another Chinese guy who was with a really huge black dude. He cocked his head toward us and the pair started coming our way.

The Chinese member of the pair was almost as big as Eddie, both in muscle mass and cock size. He was dwarfed by the other, a chocolate covered mountain of muscle, over a foot taller and at least a hundred pounds heavier with a cock that must have exceeded 20 inches and as thick as my forearm. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as it swayed from side to side as he walked, brushing from one massive pec to the other as it pointed proudly toward the ceiling.

“Hi,” said the Chinese guy. “Mind if we join you? We see you’re without a fuck buddy and don’t want you to get too lonely. I’m sure you’re both nicely loosened up by now and it’s more fun once you’ve been broken in, so we can’t have you tightening up again. I’m Don and the big guy is Earl.”

“Hi. I’m Jack and this is my roommate Ricardo. I know I’m stretched as never before, but, even so, Earl’s thing could kill me.”

“Ha. I’ve never killed anyone with this yet. Did put a guy in the hospital, but he’d hurt my little brother and I was trying to teach him a lesson. He learned it really good too. But I’d never hurt one of our guests. You look like you’re up for a challenge. At least your cock is.”

He was right; my cock knew. It was stiff as a board just from the proximity of this guy. In the normal world I was a big man. Here my 9.5 inch cock was less than half the length and a third the thickness of this stud.

“You’ll be careful?”

“Sure. You can be in control,” he offered, sitting on the couch next to me. The cushions sagged under his weight and I leaned against the muscles of his massive arm as I was tilted toward him. He felt like he was carved from hot stone.

“Stand on the cushions, facing me and straddling my thighs,” he directed. I did. “Then just sit down and you can take as much or as little as you want. What could be fairer?” I had my hands on the melon-sized mounds of his shoulders to steady myself and slowly bent my knees. I didn’t bend far before I felt the head of that towering shaft touch my balls. I shifted so it passed behind my sack and felt the tip penetrate my crack. Earl had a huge hand wrapped around one of my calves to steady me and used the other to adjust his position. He found my hole.. It felt way too big to actually fit inside.

“Just put a little of your weight on it like you’re sitting down,” he encouraged.

I did. Then I put some more, and more, until I started to think that that was all I’d be able to do; sit on the end of his cock-head. I was just about to say something when the pressure became too much for my ass-ring. It stretched and the bulbous head and half a foot of steely shaft pierced my gut before I could regain my balance.

Earl had his arms threaded through my spread legs with his hands wrapped about the tops of my upper thighs. A little pressure from those mighty muscles encouraged me to squat deeper. Another thick inch of cock slipped into my bowels.

Don meanwhile had lifted Ricardo’s legs to his shoulders and he was enjoying the full length of a thirteen inch member plowing his rear. His guy was just a little bigger than his previous fuckers; nothing like the log entering me.

Of course the cock I was trying to take was so wide it made continuous contact with all my sensitive spots. Every motion was a mixture of exquisite agony as pleasure competed with, if not exactly pain, the discomfort of my intestines being forced beyond normal limits. As I let him urge me lower and lower, each motion became harder, but when I tried to stand up the friction from the retreat of his pole made me weak. I wasn’t strong enough mentally, not physically, to get off it, so I let myself be guided down again, settling lower, with him deeper each time.

My thighs were almost parallel to the floor when the sensations became too strong and my body spasmed in another orgasm. My juice sprayed out coating Earl’s neck and shoulders. My muscle strength drained away and I lost my balance, sitting down numbly as another half foot of cock stuffed my straining gut.

It took a couple minutes to recover. I found myself being held by the waist in Earl’s strong grasp. My knees were hooked in the crook of his elbows with my feet splayed loosely out to the sides. He’d caught me and was holding me steady a few inches above his groin. He was maybe an inch or two further than Eddie had explored, but, of course, he was even thicker. I could see one side of my abdominals bulging and the swelling curved across under my ribs.

“I was never really in control, was I?” He just smiled and lowered my body another inch closer to his groin.

He raised me up about a foot and I saw the swelling in my gut that marked his territory recede. Then he let me down, settling deeper. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. What else could I do?

Before I felt his curly pubes tickle my bottom I’d had another draining orgasm, but he never stopped his motions. Now I was being lifted until I could feel the flange of his cock head press my ring from the inside before he lowered me back to the base. He was flexing his hips up into me to speed the penetration of the ultimate few inches.

Then there was a final thrust, faster than ever. He stayed flexed. I felt his cock snap upright inside me, slamming my body against the stone pillows of his chest. I shook with each massive eruption as he released his seed. My own orgasm was barely noticed in my brain that was overwhelmed by the sensations from his cock going wild within me.

I awoke. I was sucking on a cock. Better yet, someone was sucking on my cock. I opened my eyes. I was laying on one of the gym mats that covered part of the floor. The room was dimmed, but there was still some light. It was quiet too, clearly the heavy action had stopped. I saw enough to recognize I was nuzzled close to Ricardo’s ass, with his average-sized, but stiff cock in my lips. His right leg was draped over my shoulder. The golden shaft of a cock disappeared up his distended hole. I could see several inches, but, knowing the guys in this fraternity, there must be much more buried inside. My head was resting on the firm pillow of a massive muscular arm. Perhaps the guy whose body I felt behind me and whose cock I felt lodged deep in my own gut.

Everything was hazy in my memory after Earl, but I’m certain I had several encounters with other members. I certainly didn’t remember going to sleep like this. All things considered I probably passed out again and they finally let me sleep, though not without company. Don’t say the frat brothers don’t take good care of their guests.

I might as well enjoy the situation, so I started sucking Ricardo’s piece more seriously. That soon roused my sleeping roommate. I felt his mouth tighten around my cock as he made small movements, exploring the limits of the tangle of bodies and limbs we found ourselves in. He must have had a front row view of the guy penetrating me. It only took a few seconds for him to follow my lead and begin to nurse my cock with vigor.

His motion must have aroused the guy behind him because I saw the rest of that thick shaft ease into Ricardo’s tight hole. In reaction his throat clamped down on my cock and he uttered a load moan around my shaft. That was enough to waken our last sleeper who must have stuffed another half foot of cock into my belly. The Asian studs took over and before we disentangled Ricardo and I had swallowed a couple of each other’s loads and each taken a couple more up our well used butts.

I felt more invigorated than exhausted as we finally separated and the guys helped us to our feet. The guy having his go at my ass was the Thai hunk we’d met earlier. He told me to call him Pong. Ricardo’s guy was a Japanese-American, named Koji. He had almost thirteen inches. He said he’d had me earlier in the evening, but I didn’t recall.

It turned out to be almost nine in the morning. Some of the others were starting to stir, but it seemed most of the guests must have departed in the night. Koji said that most folks get worn out after only a few hours. Several more drop out as the ratio of guests to brothers starts to fall. The lucky survivors are invited to brunch. That’s us. But first it’s time for a shower. I was looking where to go when Pong reached a hand between my legs and hoisted me over his shoulder, my chest draped over his back. He carried me up the steps, steadying me with a strong hand on my glutes and a couple of fingers up where his cock was minutes before. Koji followed with Ricardo.

A couple of the muscular Asians were setting up the brunch on the dining room table as we reached the main level. They’d already had their shower, but were still nude. Their massive, defined bodies were exciting to look at. Their soft cocks, at eight to nine inches caused a stir in my own. Pong must have felt me start to stiffen because he slapped my butt, hard, with his palm. As we were carried up another flight of steps, the two guys smiled and gave us a thumbs-up sign. I thought I’d seen them last night sometime.

They carried us into a large communal bath. A few guys were at a row of sinks brushing their teeth or grooming their hair. One pair was in the center of the room in a vertical sixty-nine with one guy standing holding the other upside-down. Knowing how big the guys all are here, they each had a foot or more of cock down their throats.

Pong and Koji set us down in the large shower room. There were a number of guys already there under the warm spray from a dozen nozzles. A few were even showering. I spotted Tony fucking Bill. Bill had wrapped his arms about his own knees, curling up into a ball. It enabled him to suck four or five inches of his own cock. Meanwhile Tony was holding him horizontal at hip level with a strong grip where Bill’s chest tapers to his defined waist. He was powering full-length strokes into Bill’s ass with much greater force than he’d used with us last night.

Don was doing a slow standing fuck with the huge black stud, Earl, as he was soaping up the front of his body. That twenty-inch cock was fully erect and pointing up. As he soaped it’s impressive, vein covered length, I shivered, remembering that I’d had that inside me last night. Earl must have already shot a few volleys from that weapon if the gobs of cum dripping from the ceiling above them were any indication.

Eddie was with another Caucasian guy, about my size, perhaps a little more muscular, with a cock I’d estimate that would be about nine when hard. I thought it was one of the other guests, but he turned out to be a member of the fraternity and Eddie’s roommate. His name was Bill, like the Filipino guy still getting a pounding from Tony a few feet away.

The guys helped us wash off the residue of last night’s action. There was a tub of condoms handy in the shower, so Koji rolled one on and soaped up his thirteen inches to get me clean inside and out. My cum didn’t come close to the ceiling, but, after last night, I was surprised I had any left to shoot at all.

While we were finishing up one of the guys carried in another of the guests, apparently he and us were the only ones to make the entire night. He was a Native-American and very muscular, about a fat-free 220 pounds on a five foot eight frame with darkly tanned reddish-brown skin, completely smooth, and shoulder-length straight black hair. When he was set down I saw he had a ten-inch hard uncut cock almost as thick as some of the brothers.

But, as impressive as he would have been anyplace else, he was just another sex toy with these guys. The Chinese-looking guy who carried him in was a couple inches shorter than he, but must have had 30 pounds more muscle. He handled the guy like he were lifting a sack of feathers.

He spotted us and recognized us as compadres and we shared a smile. His name was Joseph Running Bear. This was his fourth party with the fraternity brothers. I asked him about the interesting stud with the yin-yang symbol he wore in his right earlobe, but he refused to discuss it. Pong whispered to me to wait until after brunch.

The tradition is you sit at brunch with the guy who brings you upstairs. By “sit with” they meant on his lap with a huge, hard cock up your tail. So I sat facing Pong with my back against the edge of the table, my legs widely spread straddling his 38 inch thighs.

My balls were drawn up tight to my shaft. They looked like small bird eggs nestled in the nest of his fine black hair. My stiff cock pressed into the deep groove between the rows of his abdominal muscles. A steady seepage of my pre-cum was flowing down that channel and had already soaked his hair. Not a bit of his thick pole was visible as he had me impaled to the very root.

When he flexed his thighs, the expanding quadriceps would push me a few inches off, only to settle back when he relaxed them. That never failed to pump a little more pre-cum from my cock and Pong seemed to delight in surprising me with it at the most awkward times.

The others were at adjacent spots along the table in identical positions. Ricardo with Koji and Joseph with Zai Zai, who we found out was originally from Singapore. We couldn’t feed ourselves with our backs to the table so our personal studs served us like infants. It was just another reminder of how helpless we were amongst a group of truly supermen. I, for one, didn’t need the lesson. I’d gladly be the slave of any one or all of them.

Eventually, it was time to leave. As we were getting dressed Eddie took Ricardo and I aside. He asked if we had a good time. He already knew the answer and didn’t wait for us to say anything before he asked if we’d like the opportunity to attend all their parties.

It seems they invite the few guys who demonstrate they can handle the sexual energy that saturates their fraternity to join a special club as fraternity boyfriends. We’d have an open invitation to their monthly parties. The other duty was to be available whenever a brother needed or wanted you, perhaps an invite by a few guys to come over on non-party weekends, or a quick sex break if you’re spotted around campus. He made that sound like an imposition, but I looked forward to it.

We both agreed instantly. Our new status is symbolized by the oriental- style ear stud I’d noticed on Joseph. He’s been a fraternity boyfriend for a few months and there were a handful of others. I met one, a lithe, black gymnast, walking on campus later in the week. Our ear studs identified to the other our shared status. We had lunch together, sharing our experiences with the guys.

As we were about to get up, Tony came into the room and spotted us talking. Our expressions as he walked over must have made our hopes pretty obvious. He ushered us to the mens room where he dropped a load up both our butts over the next fifteen minutes as we drank the cream he coaxed from the other’s balls. We took the handicapped stall for room and privacy although the sounds we couldn’t help make or hide made what was happening pretty clear.


Chapter 15: Invitation

My life has certainly changed in the last couple of months since I was rescued from a beating by gay-bashers one night in San Francisco by Chinese-American, muscle-stud, Eddie Lee. I had the pleasure of feeling the power of his body as he fucked me that night with his huge 14.5 inch cock.

After our night together, we discovered we both went to Berkeley and he invited me to a party at his fraternity the following weekend. It was a night of continuous sex with the brothers. Most of them were nearly as strong, well-muscled and well-endowed as Eddie and there was a big black stud who was significantly bigger than even my rescuer. In the morning, for surviving the entire night with the entire fraternity, I was offered the opportunity to become a fraternity ‘boyfriend’. I suppose, sex-slave, might be a more accurate description, since, besides an open invitation to all their parties, I was to be available for sex to any brother who requested on weekends or for quick breaks during the day if I met one around the campus. Of course, I accepted.

I was sitting in the library. I should have been studying and doing some research for a term project. I’d gotten what I’d wanted done and my mind was drifting. I was fingering the black and white, yin-yang, stud in my earlobe that marked my status, remembering my encounter over the lunch hour. I had met Pong, who was originally from Thailand and my final fucker on my first party night. We were both returning from morning classes when we spotted each other. I could see his cock stiffen in his slacks as he walked over to me, so I knew what was coming. We didn’t even say hello. I just suggested my nearby dorm room and he followed me the short distance.

My roommate, Ricardo, was already there, playing a video game with a study buddy from one of his classes. Ricardo accompanied me to that first frat party and, after a rough start, handling guys much bigger than my 9.5 inches, finished the night to also achieve boyfriend status. His face brightened when he saw me walk in with Pong, then he made a worried glance toward his buddy. I’d seen his friend before and my impression was that he was straight.

Pong recognized the situation. He could have insisted in fucking Ricardo too, but just announced that he and I were going to have sex and gave Ricardo and his friend the option to join or leave. Of course, he said that while shucking his clothes and giving me a quick glance to insure I was following suit, which I did. It is considered bad form for a ‘boyfriend’ to still have a stitch on when the brother sheds his final piece.

I could see the conflict in Ricardo, eager to stay and get fucked, but not wanting to impose on his buddy. It turned out not to be a problem. As Pong revealed the extent of his massive upper-body musculature when he shed his shirt, his mouth gaped open. Pong gave him a little show, striking a double biceps pose, with his 50 inch chest and 23 inch arms.

It gave me a chance to get down to skin. I reached around Pong’s taut 28 inch waist to undo his belt and lower his slacks. He wasn’t wearing underwear. Few of the guys do; it’s too confining with their big equipment. When I got the fabric past the bulge of his 32 inch thighs, his thirteen-plus- inch cock was freed to snap up against his cobblestone abdominals. A drop of his pre-cum arced out as it swung, striking Ricardo’s friend on his tee shirt at the center of his chest. As he stared down at the wet spot, I saw the bulge growing in his pants.

“It looks like you want to stay,” Pong observed. “You ever do this before?” He twisted his head no, hesitantly. “Well, strip and Ricardo will loosen you up while I fuck Jack.”

Not waiting, or perhaps even caring what the others did, Pong pushed me back into one of two big stuffed chairs we had near the TV. The leather was still warm from the guys video gaming session. In seconds my ankles were lifted beside my head. I reached down and rolled an extra big condom on Pong’s rampant tool. I’m glad I remembered to grab it from my pocket before I stripped. I was already lubed. Ricardo and I do each other every morning, since we can’t know when or where we might need to perform our duties. Pong slid home to the hilt in one smooth stroke. Over the months I’d gotten used to the size of the brothers. Oh, you never really get comfortable with more than a foot of cock up your gut, but the pain is gone and the pleasure pure.

While I was still able to notice, I looked down my body to where Pong had started withdrawing his firm flesh from my body. It was even a little darker than his tanned-all-over skin, a stark contrast to the white skin of my ass, and over twice as thick as my own thick, nine-plus-inch cock that was dripping pre-cum on my abs. Inch after inch of throbbing, veiny, shaft appeared as his torso lifted away from my body. I could feel the broad mushroom-shaped cap of that pole as it dragged with exquisite friction along the walls of my gut, punching the button of my prostate as it passed, sending a shudder through my body. He paused when I felt the flared head press my ring from the inside, a foot of turgid flesh as thick as my wrist connected our bodies.

When he started to insert himself again, the surge in stimulation of my pleasure centers short-circuited my brain. Rational thought suspended as feelings and emotion took control. My hands wrapped around his narrow waist, hands on the round, stone-like, mounds of his ass, urging him inward. I looked up into his face. He smiled down at me, confident in his sexual mastery of my body. The tingling in my gut went right to my balls and cock. Time seemed to crawl as pleasure flowed through me. As my balls touched his soft pubic bush and his tennis-ball-sized orbs dented my butt, he reversed direction and the sensations returned.

A timeless interval passed and my seed spewed forth spraying my face and torso. That wasn’t what was in my mind as the sensations doubled as Pong sped up his assault. Another period passed dominated by the thrust and retreat of his spear in my gut. I felt the spray of my seed as a cooling rain on my body, now sweating heavily in the heat of sexual passion. It was Pong’s cue to up his pace even more. My gasps, trying to recover my breath, competed with moans as the stimulation ratcheted up another few notches.

He was pounding me with his full strength now. When he bottomed out the impact lifted my butt a few inches off the chair’s cushions. A final plunge left me pinned to his groin as he released his seed. My overstimulated body joined him.

I felt his cock-head snap out of my clutching ring. I was starting to recover. I noticed he had a few streaks of my cum on his chest. He stood erect and looked over toward Ricardo, who had three lubed fingers up his friend’s hole while they were watching Pong fuck me. His friend had his mouth open in awe and wasn’t paying any attention to Ricardo. I wondered if he was regretting his decision to stay.

Pong stripped off the used condom and tossed it on my chest. He went over to Ricardo’s bed, grabbing a discarded tee shirt from the floor on the way, to wipe my cum from his torso. He lifted Ricardo’s friend off the chair and set him on his feet. With a pat on his butt, he urged him over toward me.

“See if Jack can fuck you. That should help get you ready for this,” indicating his still hard cock, sticking straight up almost to his chest.

Ricardo was reaching out to it to roll on fresh protection.

I must have been quite a sight, covered in sweat and cum, my legs limply spread over the arms of the chair where Pong had placed them when he finished with me. Most of Pong’s massive cum-load had seeped out of the end of the condom, flowing down my abs and soaking my bush. My soft cock, shrunk to six inches, lay in a pool of it. I didn’t think I was going to fuck anybody for a while.

“I’ve seen you with Ricardo before. Eric is it?” The stunned guy nodded. “I don’t think I can fuck you, but I’ve got something that will work. Try the bottom left drawer of the desk. You’ll know what I want.”

He got the dildo and brought it over. It was the twelve-inch one I’d used to prepare for the party. It wasn’t as long or thick as Pong, but it would work. Ricardo tossed me the bottle of lube just before Pong rolled him onto his back and got into position. I got the dildo from Eric and lubed it up. I had Eric bend over in front of the chair, hands on his knees, as I sat up getting a look at the target, shiny and red from Ricardo’s preparations.

“Just watch Pong and Ricardo while I get you ready,” I suggested. “If it causes too much pain, just tell me to stop and I will, but a little pain is normal for the first time. It should pass, but some guys just can’t handle something as big as Pong’s. It will be easier if we can get this all the way in you, but remember, it’s not as long or thick as Pong. Ready?” He nodded.

Pong was just getting started with slow, deep, strokes in Ricardo as I pressed the end to his entrance. Ricardo had done his preparation well. I got the head and about three inches in pretty easily before Eric asked for a break.

“I feel really stuffed.”

“That’s normal. Are you ready to try some more?” He nodded. I pushed in a couple more inches. I felt his body shudder and cock twitch.

“What did you touch? That felt good. Ricardo was rubbing that spot just before we stopped.”

“That’s your prostate. Now you know why guys like to be fucked. Try this.” I did several quick, short strokes with the dildo, pushing his button each time. I saw his cock get hard as I stimulated him, adding a few more inches. “How’s that?”

“Great. It hurts some when you push deeper, but every time you push it past that spot I tingle all over. Do you have it almost in?”

“Just about half-way.”

He didn’t believe it and reached back to touch the rubber pole sticking out his butt, tracing it back a few inches and not feeling the base. I pulled a couple inches out and pushed back, gaining another half-inch. His fingers were still an inch and a half from touching the end. We heard Ricardo reach his first orgasm.

“Just try and relax and trust me. We need to get going again.” He returned his hand to his knee. I started working the dildo as Pong picked up the tempo with Ricardo.

I had about eight and a half in when Ricardo exploded again. It was getting harder to shove in additional length. I was using about a six-inch stroke, adding a little extra each time, backing the pressure off as Eric’s muscles tensed with pain. He wasn’t complaining, but I could tell I was hurting him some. It’s easier to break a guy in with your own cock since you get immediate feedback from his gut. As Pong started the buildup to his own release, I added extra lube and went back to work.

I’d gotten just over ten inches in when Pong disentangled himself from my spent roommate. Our lunch hour wasn’t yet half over, but I hoped Eric and Ricardo didn’t have an early afternoon class.

Pong tossed the used condom on Ricardo as he headed over to us. “How much did you get in?”

“Ten. Maybe ten and a half,” I said.

“It’ll have to do. Leave it in. You, get on your hands and knees on Jack’s bed.”

As Eric complied, I rolled a fresh rubber on Pong and smeared it with a copious amount of extra lube.

Pong got behind Eric on the bed. With his hands on Eric’s inner thighs, he lifted the kid off the bed and spread his legs open so there was plenty of access for him.

“What’s your name? You’ve never been fucked before?”

“Eric. No, I’ve never done anything with a guy. I knew Ricardo was gay and I’ve heard about it, but I’ve always dated girls.”

As Pong gave a few practiced strokes along Eric’s cock to bring it to a hard six inches, he continued, “So why’d you stay?”

“I don’t know. I was going to go, but when I looked at you I couldn’t.” “My friends and I hear that a lot. You ready to try this?”

His cock had pushed between Eric’s thighs and along his cock, which it dwarfed in length and girth. Eric looked below his body to the monster that was waiting, dark and throbbing in its transparent sheath. He nodded.

“Jack, put your cock in Eric’s mouth. That should muffle the noise some. The last virgin I broke in was pretty loud.”

“Why?” Eric asked nervously as I scooted my knees under his chest so my still soft cock rubbed his lips.

“You’ll have some pain while I’m stretching you to handle my size. I’m longer and twice as thick as that dildo. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it once you get used to it.”

Eric opened his mouth to say something, but I just shoved in four inches of my pole and that ended that.

“Be careful not to use your teeth,” I cautioned him, holding his head to prevent him from backing off.

Pong gave Eric a firm slap on his butt. I felt his mouth tighten around my cock in reaction.

“Just relax your ass muscles. I’m going to take out the dildo and enter you before you can close up.”

Pong pulled his hips back, sliding his long cock from beneath Eric’s body. It snapped to his abdominals once clear. Pong used one hand to position it just below the shaft of the dildo while gripping the rubber phallus with his other. In one continuous motion it was out and he speared the opening. I think he got almost six inches inside as Eric’s scream was stifled by his stuffed mouth. I started to get hard as he couldn’t help but massage my tool.

Pong tossed the dildo on the floor and held Eric by his waist. He started with small strokes working himself deeper. Eric initially enjoyed the stimulation. He was moaning around my cock. But he started to panic as Pong got past the half-way point. You could see all the muscles in his body tense as a little more of the thick shaft disappeared. He started trying to pull off, but Pong was so strong that he had no trouble controlling him.

Each new thrust elicited a grunt as he exhaled around my cock. I was up to almost eight inches by now and, with only a couple inches visible past his straining lips, I must have an inch or two down his throat. Meanwhile Pong was drawing most of himself out of Eric’s ass before plunging home again.

Despite his straining, Pong was pushing the right buttons. I felt Eric’s cum spray my thighs as he was driven into orgasm. The pleasure of the moment caused him to relax and let Pong in to the limit the dildo opened. When the next plunge opened up really virgin territory, it brought him back to reality.

After being pounded a couple more times, he tried to look up into my eyes, pleading for mercy; at least as best he could with eight inches of my now, fully hard, cock in his head.

“Just three more inches,” I encouraged him. I couldn’t have done anything even if I wanted.

There was no missing the fact that Eric was taking a real pounding as Pong was determined to complete his conquest. Each time pressed my cock deeper into Eric’s throat. At least he was pulled back on the outward part of the cycle, gasping to catch his breath. Pong went faster and harder. Soon all my hard 9.5 inches were in his body as his face pressed my groin. A few strokes later Pong bottomed out. The impact transmitted down Eric’s spine right to my body.

Pong started slow, full-length, stokes through the anal canal he’d reshaped to his dimensions, enjoying the tight friction. I could tell from Eric’s reactions that the pain was gone and only pleasure remained. He was humming around my shaft as his tongue explored the intrusion that filled his mouth. I backed out in time with Pong, allowing Eric to grab a breath, then reclaimed his throat. Pong went faster and harder and I recognized he was quickly building to a climax. I matched him in Eric’s mouth.

Helpless in our grasp, Eric was dazed by the intensity of the sensations flowing through his body. It didn’t really matter. There was nothing he could do. This was something to feel and experience. Pong made his last few thrusts, stopping fully embedded in the ass he dominated and unleashed his seed for the third time in less than an hour. Eric joined him, spraying more shots of cream along my thighs as his throat clamped down on my cock.

My first shot went straight to his stomach. I backed out by the next, flooding his mouth. He swallowed a few times but still lost a lot that coated his lips and dripped down his chin. After a few seconds Pong pulled out and ripped off his condom. His next shot splattered off my chest with the splashes raining down in Eric’s hair. His next arced over Eric’s head to splash on his face and my groin. He continued to lay lines of cum along Eric’s back for half a minute before the final spurts poured out the slit at low pressure, dripping down into his ass crack.

As I pulled my cock from Eric’s mouth, he tried to suck down the last few drops. I held up for a few seconds before pulling clear, letting my soft shaft drop between my legs. Pong got up off the bed and grabbed the tee shirt he’d used to wipe up earlier, using it to clean his cock. He then wiped down the cum pooling on Eric’s back before tossing the damp shirt to me. I wiped up Eric’s cum and the larger splatters from Pong’s massive load.

I got up myself as Eric rolled onto his back, clearly exhausted. He still had plenty of cum on his lips, face and hair. He licked around his lips catching the liquid that escaped earlier.

“How was that?” Pong asked. “Worth the pain getting started? I think you got into it.”

“It wasn’t what I expected. It was much worse and much better.” “Well, I’ve only done a few virgins. You did much better than most. I

suppose it’s easier starting with someone smaller than this,” indicating his long cock that was still sticking out horizontal after cumming three times. “But once you’re used to it there’s nothing like being fucked by a big cock if the owner knows what he’s doing.”

“You get fucked?”

“Sure, all the time. But, if you’re not as big and strong as I, you’ll only have sex with me as a bottom. I think you figured that out already.”

“You better get cleaned up, afternoon classes start in fifteen minutes,” I said tossing him the shirt.

“Ricardo and I don’t have class for another hour. I think I need the time to recover.” He took a second look at the shirt I tossed him. “Hey, this is my shirt. It’s soaked.”

“Add smells like cum,” I added.

“I want you to wear it all afternoon,” ordered Pong. “And, if anyone asks you about it, you tell them everything.”


“Because you made a decision a while ago and it changed your life. Now you need to acknowledge it. Now, Jack, how about a quick shower?”

When we got out, a few minutes later, Ricardo was comforting Eric, who was still sprawled on my bed. He seemed lost in thought.

Pong and I dressed quickly, though I didn’t forget to re-lube my hole, just in case. Pong was still partly hard, still nearly eleven inches. It was easy to see its outline snaking well down his pant leg where the fabric was taut from the bulge of his thick thigh.

A hand on my shoulder brought me back to the present. It was Alan Wong, a Chinese-American from the Seattle area. He was almost six-foot-two and three hundred pounds of muscle and an almost fourteen inch cock to complete the package. He wasn’t at my first party, but I’d met him last weekend.

Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes had invited me over Saturday afternoon to help them with their workout. It didn’t surprise me that all their exercises had a sexual component. Alan had heard the new ‘boyfriend’ was in the house and came down to introduce himself. The guys let him work in a few sets. He was much stronger than Tony or Bill, seated-bench-pressing almost a thousand pounds for ten reps with my shoulders and ankles tied to the heavily ladened bar so I’d ride his cock up and down as he did his sets.

Though, I must confess, I still like being fucked by Tony best. He may only have twelve inches, but he knows how to use each one.

“Hi,” I greeted him.

“Hi. I finished my studying. How about you? Are you up for a break?”

“Sure. I’m done too.” Well, close enough, anyhow, I thought. “What do you have in mind?” As if I didn’t know.

“I’ve got a new CD. Let’s listen to it together. We can take one of the listening booths. They’re soundproof.”

And no windows, I remembered. And they lock. I packed my stuff away quickly and got up. He herded me toward the music section with a powerful arm around my waist.

We were about at the stairs when he was hailed by someone behind us. “Hey Alan.”

He turned us around and I saw two guys and a girl. The guys were nothing special, but the girl was kind of nice, if that interests you.

“These are Mark, Ed and Janet. We’re working on our junior design project together. This is Jack, a friend. We were just going to grab a listening booth so I could fuck him.” I was shocked he was so casual, but the others showed no reaction to his admission, other than Frank and Janet wetting their lips.

“We’re going to get together tomorrow to wrap up the project. Did you finish the software?” Janet asked.

Alan fished a static-safe envelope from his bag. “I burned the latest version on EPROM this afternoon. That should kill all the bugs we’ve identified.

How’s the hardware?”

“When I plug this in we have a fully functional breadboard of the entire system,” Stated Frank, taking the chip.

“And the CAD for the commercial configuration is complete,” added Ed.

“I’ll print out the report tomorrow morning,” finished Janet. “We’ll just need to sign it and pack it up for submission.”

“Great. Then we can celebrate tomorrow night,” Alan announced. “I’ll get the champaign,” offered Frank.

“I’ll make some snacks,” added Janet.

“I’ll bring the condoms and lube,” injected Ed.

“So, I suppose that leaves me to provide the entertainment,” finished Alan, running his hand down the thick tube that had extended halfway to his knee in his loose fitting pants. They all smiled.

“Okay. Everyone, my apartment, nine tomorrow,” stated Janet. “Have fun, Jack.”

Alan turned us around and off we went.

“I know the brothers are pretty casual about sex, but I never expected you to be so open in public.” “Most of the brothers find it best to be open about it, though quite a few are not out to their families. I figure most of the guys have five or six encounters on school days and you’ve seen what our weekends and holidays are like. One of the freshmen are available for all takers as we wake up in the morning and at bed time. We rotate that weekly with the other house duties. During the day we have the ‘boyfriends’ like yourself.

But, you know we only have a handful, and all of you would only cover less than twenty percent of the daily requirement. So all of the guys have a network they can draw on.

“Some guys like jocks or athletes. They’re fun. They’re used to being in control and it’s nice to reverse their role. I’ve got to admit, I make it pretty rough on jocks. Before I was this strong, I got picked on plenty. So, I enjoy a few screams and whimpers when I fuck one.

“But classmates are my usual choice when I need a quick break. They’re handy and willing and I’m the most popular guy in the room. The side benefits are that I can take the pick of the best students for projects and study-mates. Of course, I have to take it easier with them than with a ‘boyfriend’ or a brother, even after I’ve gotten them used to my length and size.”

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait for a booth to become available; my pre- cum was already wetting my pant leg. When the thick, sound-deadened door shut with a solid thunk, the outside world disappeared. Just the sound of our breathing and the gentle whisper of the acoustically-dampened air- conditioning filled the six by four foot space we shared with a couple of chairs and a narrow shelf, holding the audio system and speakers. Alan stacked the chairs to give us more room, placing our bags on top.

“How about something classical?”

He put a CD in and turned up the volume.

I’d already tossed my shirt and slacks on the pile and kicked my shoes under the chair. I was on one leg, puling off a sock, when Alan shed his knit shirt, revealing the massive plates of his pectoral muscles. They swelled so big his nips angled downward. I got so caught up in watching the interplay of his muscles that I lost my balance and tumbled into him.

“Steady boy,” he said as he caught me with and arm around my waist. “Let me help you with those.”

He hoisted me over his shoulder, pinning my knees to his chest with his forearm while my torso draped over his mountainous back. As my socks were removed I was dripping a steady flow of pre-cum over his deltoids and pecs. He just held me there, indifferent to my weight as he finished disrobing. His freed cock slapped my calf.

When he set me down again I stood facing his naked body. I was only an inch shorter than he, but he almost doubled my body weight and it was all muscle. I figured he was maybe five or six times stronger than I. It gave him that confidence and assurance that all the fraternity brothers had. They were men, masters of any situation, and everyone else was a lesser being. Oh, they’d never say that directly, it was just assumed by their actions, large and small. However, it was also true. As I stood facing Alan, I knew I was helpless as a small child. His casual manipulation of my body in the simple act of removing my socks underscored it.

When I lived in the normal world, I was pretty cocky myself. My 9.5 inch dick got plenty of admiration, most furtive, but some open, in the showers at the gym. Willing partners were easy to find. Of course, it looked small facing Alan’s massive fourteen plus inch piece that was about three times my girth, standing vertically above a pair of orange-sized balls, tight in their sack. The veins that crisscrossed its golden brown surface pulsed visibly with blood that engorged its size. Tiny rivers of juice bubbled from the top and flowed down its length. Dripping off his nut sack it had already made a small pool on the floor by his feet.

I stepped next to the golden wall of muscle that Alan was, pressing our cocks together. It was hot against the pale flesh of my own. I could feel the throbbing power of it. I used my hands to coat both surfaces with the natural lube that was mostly from his output, easily twenty times my own. As he watched patiently, I applied a condom. Feeling mischievous I stretched it to cover my shaft too when I had rolled it down far enough to reach my cock-head, continuing to cover both shafts for another seven inches.

“That’s an interesting idea, but not today.”

He turned me around and my cock slid from the sheath. I leaned against the door, spreading my legs. He stepped behind me. The fat pole nestled in the crevice between my glutes. Bending his knees he drew it down until the flaring head sliced along my bottom, seeking its target. The instant I felt the tip touch my pucker he was standing up, plunging it home. The impact when I bottomed out lifted me onto my toes for a few seconds. Then it was moving outward again.

The average cock really doesn’t penetrate very far. If you had one my size, you’d know it goes much deeper. All the fraternity brothers could really spear you and Alan’s thing was large even in that company. It was a living presence in the middle of my body, radiating heat and sending a powerful beat that shook my body in time with his heart. It overshadowed the classical selection that Alan had running on the sound system. He was pounding my gut in time with the sound, speeding and slowing, taking cues from the music. As he increased speed and force in time with a crescendo, I had my first explosion, spraying my seed on the door.

A slow section followed as I recovered slightly, my racing heartbeat in stark contrast to the steady drumming of his own as he moved within me at a slow, measured pace. I’d just gotten myself under control when the music changed and Alan sped up in sympathy. The music became louder and Alan pounded me harder. I came again, but there was no break this time as Alan was thrusting faster and harder. I couldn’t hear the music, just the sound of our bodies moving together and whimpers and moans that I dimly recognized were coming from me. My body rocked violently as Alan came, causing another powerful eruption from my cock that squirted my face.

When I came out of my daze, Alan had wrapped his arms around my chest, holding me against his body. My legs were splayed around the thick tree- trunks of his massive thighs while a slow rocking of his hips continued a steady motion through my intestines in time with a soothing piece featuring violins which filled the booth. It took me another minute to realize that my arms were akimbo, pushed out by his bulging twenty-eight-inch biceps under my armpits. Suspended in the air in Alan’s embrace, riding his massive pole, breathing heavily and damp with my sweat and cum, my cock still hard, I held his elbows and went along for whatever was next. What option did I have?

The music changed again, building to the finale. Alan was too. He’s rocking my body every time he pounds into my butt. My hips are thrust up as he pulls back and, as I fall back down along the steel pipe I was riding, he accelerates toward me and another impact reverberates in our tiny space. I cum and cum again. There is a clash of cymbals and the pounding of a base drum that was matched by a pounding in the middle of my body, rising in intensity. I came again.

My back was against the wall, held in position by light pressure from Alan’s body leaning against me. The music had stopped. Alan was licking my face. He noticed I’d come around and kissed me strongly, his tongue darting and exploring. He broke the kiss, my lips squeezing his tongue as he withdraws. I felt his partially hard cock between my thighs, pressing lightly upward against my balls. My own soft member draped around one side of the thick cylinder.

“What did you think of that selection. It’s one of my favorite pieces.” “It was fun. You have others?”

“Quite a few, in fact. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to introduce you to them sometime.”

“It sort of gives me new respect for music appreciation.”

I was a mess. I’ll have to remember to carry a small towel in the future. Alan looked composed in spite of doing all the hard work.

“Give me a couple minutes to clam down. What is your design project?” “We have an advanced digital video camera, more advanced than any on the market and half the cost. It can be controlled from a phone app from anywhere.”

“Is this a real product?”

“We’ve applied for a few patents and have some interest from some companies.”

“I’m impressed. You’re more than just muscles and cock.” “Thank you for noticing. Now get dressed.”

When we left, the booth smelled of sex. So did I. I’d used my socks to wipe up some of the cum on the floor and walls and had them in my bag where they wrapped the used rubber. On the way out we met one of my friends from class. He commented on how disheveled I looked. Emboldened by Alan at my side I told him that I doubted he would look as good after being fucked for an hour by Alan.

Before we separated Alan invited me on a trip over the weekend. Joseph Running Bear, the ‘boyfriend’ I met at the end of the first party, invited the brothers to visit his reservation south of Tahoe near Yosemite. Alan and three others are taking a van, starting bright and early Saturday. Joseph promised they’d meet plenty of his friends and learn something about Native-American culture. However, it’s an six hour drive and the brothers didn’t think one ‘boyfriend’ could handle the trip alone. I earned my invitation tonight. He didn’t wait for me to respond before heading off. I was a ‘boyfriend’ and my weekend services were available for any brother that needed them.


Chapter 16: Road Trip

I arrived at the frat house about twenty minutes early. I saw a van out front and guessed that was our ride. I knocked on the door which was quickly opened by the Singaporean student, Zai Zai. (That’s what everyone called him. I believe it means little boy, though, now, he was anything but.) He was dressed like I was in gym shorts and a tee shirt. Of course, on him the tee shirt was like a second skin and his cock, almost thirteen inches, had a couple inches extended out of the leg of his unlined shorts. My shorts were unlined too, but at least long enough to cover me when hard, a state I reached quickly looking at Zai Zai.

“Hi, Jack. Alan told us he recruited you for the trip. We should be heading out shortly. Come on in.”

“Sure. Where can a put my bag?”

I had a small backpack with a couple changes of clothes, bath items, a small towel, and a couple dozen condoms in the guys’ size. I didn’t really think I’d need the clothes much, but I hoped others brought condoms or we’d likely be short.

“By the door is fine. Alan is upstairs with Joseph.” I knew what that meant. “Koji (Ishikawa) and Harry (Nguyen) are still getting ready. I’ve got a couple things to get too. You okay for a few minutes?”

“Sure,” I replied, spotting a nude Tony Thieu coming down the stairs.

“Hi, Jack,” he greeted me. To Zai Zai, he added, “Can I borrow him for a few minutes?”

“Have him back in fifteen minutes. Is that alright?”

“Plenty. Come with me, Jack,” he directed, leading me downstairs as he had on party night. He put me on my back on a weight bench. No need to undress me, he just raised my legs to his shoulders and pushed up the loose leg of my shorts right into my hole after grabbing protection from a handy basket.

In seconds his stiff twelve inches were pushing all the right buttons. My cock was straining against the nylon fabric of my shorts that already had a sizable wet spot. I reached to free my cock, but Tony batted my hand away. Clearly he wasn’t going to let me touch my cock, so I grabbed the uprights on the weight stand behind my head.

Tony, always a skillful fucker, wasn’t wasting time. He had me thrashing around on the bench as he massaged me internally. A few minutes later I had my first orgasm. The first gobs of cum spurted through the nylon onto my tee shirt. The rest percolated through the fabric, turning the black nylon white for a time until the wetness spread through the material. Tony just kept building his pace and I’m extra sensitive just after I cum. I kept my hard-on.

I recognized that Tony was getting close. A final shove was a continuous massage of my most sensitive spot. I exploded again as he pulled out, thrust my legs to each side of the bench, tore off the rubber and moved forward to plug my mouth. His first shot flooded my mouth as I swallowed furiously. There was more and more as I struggled to get it all down.

Inevitably some escaped the sides of my mouth. After the flow slowed down and I was able to catch up.

When he finished, Tony stood up pulling his cock from my lips. It was still hard and snapped upward spraying my face and hair with a few stray drops of mixed cum and saliva. After he stepped over my prone body, he helped me up. I rubbed some of the drying cum into the fabric of my shorts and tee and licked my lips to clean off the part of his load I spilled.

“Thanks Tony. That was great. You sure cum a lot. I couldn’t keep up. Didn’t you get your morning fuck today?”

“Oh, I never miss that and Little Bill has the job this week. And…” He checked a clock on the wall. “I did Big Bill Reyes too, about 50 minutes ago. I just make a lot of juice. Anyway I better give you back to your buddies for the weekend.”

The guys were assembled by the door just about ready to go. Everyone had selected some variation on the gym shorts and shirt theme. I didn’t think clothes were going to be to important. Half wore sandals like I did and the others, athletic shoes. Zai Zai was still showing his cock tip. He smiled when he caught me staring. Alan had his riding up through the waist of his shorts and under the tee, as did Koji.

Harry was a freshman and Vietnamese-American like Tony. He was five- foot-eight and two hundred thirty five. His cock was almost thirteen and clearly outlined under the material of his shorts angled out past his left hip. He said he fucked me on party night, but he was one of the later fucks that I didn’t remember clearly and we hadn’t gotten together since.

Joseph Running Bear was Native-American and almost as big and muscular as a brother. He was two hundred twenty, fat free pounds on a five-foot-eight frame and sporting a very thick ten inch cock.

Zai Zai was the shortest guy in the group at five-foot-six, but carried two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle on that frame. Harry matched Joseph in height and carried only fifteen pounds more mass. However both guys were at two to three times stronger than our Indian friend and Koji and Alan, being bigger, were stronger still.

Joseph had been a ‘boyfriend’ since almost the start of the year, much longer than I. His deeply tanned reddish-brown skin had a heavy sheen of sweat that also dampened his shoulder-length black hair that draped wetly about his neck. Alan had obviously given him a good fucking, but at least he’d gotten to take off his clothes. I’m sure I had that ‘just-fucked’ look too, but the cum stain and smell in my clothes made it obvious. But it was what I expected. Every time I’ve crossed their threshold, I’ve had a cock up my butt within ten minutes.

Now it was time to go. Everyone had a small backpack or gym bag and Harry brought a cooler. They’d rolled down the second and third row seats in the van that gave a flat floor about eight feet long on which an air mattress was inflated. The bags went in under-floor compartments and the cooler up front. Alan and Koji took the first shift up front and Harry and Zai Zai got in back with us. Our clothes were off before the van was in gear and Zai Zai was the first to enjoy my services.

When the guys switched off every hundred miles or so Joseph and I would grab a cold Gatorade to replace the fluids and minerals we were losing in sweat and cum. We had a short break from sex about eleven, when everyone got a sandwich from the cooler. Joseph and I each got two loads of cum to wash it down, but that didn’t delay Alan and Koji from fucking us as soon as the van got going again.

When we got close They let Joseph get dressed so he could sit up front on Alan’s lap with their shorts stretched to allow all fourteen plus inches to slide home. He provided the directions for the final miles on poorly maintained and often unmarked mountain roads. Meanwhile, I did double duty with Harry and Zai Zai in the back as they switched between my mouth and ass. They had a look at the scenery when they were interested while I had a view of the tops of the pine trees that crowded the roadside.

Joseph gave us notice when we were about ten minutes away. That gave the guys in back time to wrap up a final round and get back into their clothes. I needed their help getting dressed. It was an exhausting trip.

It was mid afternoon when we pulled over a ridge and descended toward a small mountain lake. By the side there were six traditionally constructed, according to Joseph, huts surrounding a large fire pit with a roaring fire. A couple old pickups were parked to the side of the dirt road and a few horses grazed nearby. We pulled up next to the pickups and Joseph leaned over to tap the horn a couple times.

We piled out of the van and stood beside it. I was between Harry and Zai Zai with my arms around their necks for support. Joseph and I were really frazzled from the non-stop sex in the six hour ride up here. Aerobically it’s like running a marathon. And, we were covered in cum and smelled like it. That’s pretty typical around the fraternity house on weekends, but today we were out in the wild, about to meet new people. The brothers looked eager, ready for fresh challenges. Joseph was waiting patiently, his hair matted with dried cum and a fresh gob running down his left thigh from the ride on Alan’s lap.

About a dozen Indian males were approaching us from the camp. They seemed to range in age from late teens to mid twenties. They all had athletic builds though only a couple approached Joseph’s massive development. All wore breechcloths with leather front and back flaps and most had a leather vest type garment too. I realized that it was much cooler than it was in the Bay Area. We must be close to 5000 feet here and you could still see snow covering the mountain peaks in the distance. Half were barefoot and the others generally wore a handmade moccasin.

There was a lot of excited talking and pointing as they came closer. Joseph called out a greeting in what I assume was the native language and received a lot of talk back in the same. There was a lot of staring at Alan.

He’s the biggest in the group, including cock size, and, for the meeting, he had eight inches sticking up out of his shorts; not covered by his shirt this time. Zai Zai, as usual, left a few inches hanging out of his leg opening and the bulges of the others, though covered, must have been unmistakable.

Then Joseph said something that ended the conversation and we were mobbed by the guys greeting us excitedly in English. There were a lot of erections pushing aside the leather flaps by that time, some were almost as long as Joseph and I. Each brother was led back to the camp by two or three of the Indians. I went with Joseph and a couple of older boys that were talking to him in the native tongue.

We entered one of the huts. Joseph called it a lodge. It had several comfortable areas for sitting or sleeping covered with animal furs and blankets. Joseph stripped out of his clothes, ran to the lake and jumped in. I followed him.

That water was cold!!! I got cleaned up and out quickly. The boys had brought out some blankets to wrap us in when we emerged. Joseph took a little longer so he could wash the cum from his hair and didn’t seem to mind the water’s temperature. When we returned to the lodge Joseph put on a breechcloth and vest and offered the same to me. One of the boys showed me how to wear it. He was Joseph’s seventeen year old brother, Samuel. The other boy was his best friend, a high school classmate. Samuel was already five-foot-eleven and matched Joseph on weight, though not muscularity, due to his taller frame. He had a pretty nice nine inch piece poking out the front flap of his garment. Joseph thought he’d still have a year’s significant growth in front of him and he’d already beaten a couple of Joseph’s high school athletic records, though still a junior. The friend, Daniel, was an inch shorter, with a sleek, defined build. He had his eight inches poking out the top of his breech and nestled in the valley between the rows of his abdominal muscles. His cloth was tied just above his balls and draped, exposing about half of an incredible firm, rounded, butt that was destined to be a big favorite with the brothers.

I noticed that the lodge was equipped with a basket of the brand of condoms they use at the house and lubricant. Joseph had clearly explained what his friends could expect. However, from the noises I was hearing from the other lodges, the reality had exceeded their imaginations. None of the guys here are new to male-to-male sex. It seems pretty accepted in their society. Joseph explained it and I gathered they believed they’d gain strength by accepting the seed of a more powerful male. The practice has nothing to do with family; a couple of the guys here are already married with young children.

Joseph then surprised me by asking me to fuck his brother. He’d never yet taken a cock as big as mine and if I warm him up he’ll have an easier time with the fraternity brothers. I asked him why he didn’t do his brother himself, since he’s even bigger than I. His answer was that he didn’t think it right for brothers to have sex, but, seeing his brother’s reaction to that, I doubt he agreed. Joseph planned to help out Daniel while I did his brother.

I signaled for Samuel to come over and suck me. Even with the workout I’d gotten I thought he’d be able to get me ready. He was a boy with a classic beauty, muscles very defined and proportionate to his size with the grace of a natural athlete. I loved the dark, smooth skin on him and all the Indians.

His straight black hair was longer than his brother’s, reaching to mid back. He flipped back the leather flap and went down on me skillfully. He had no trouble taking my long cock to the root, getting it well into his throat. I was quickly coming back to life. I asked him to switch to a 69 position straddling my face. I pulled his cock down to my lips and he lowered his hips to drive it into my mouth, starting a slow fuck motion as I laved it with my tongue. I reached around his bottom and started working a couple lubed fingers up his hole. When I started playing with his prostate I found out he had a pretty quick trigger. He shoved his hips to my face, forcing his pole down my throat and started delivering a load of cum. After a couple shots, I pushed his hips back so I could taste his seed. It had a sweet taste.

When he stopped unloading I rolled him to his back and pulled my, now hard, cock from his sucking lips. I suited it up and got behind him. Holding his knees I pinned his legs back beside his chest. I moved my shaft to the target and entered him without trouble. He was tight. I was probably thicker than he was used to but he had no problem with it. I rubbed my head over his prostate several times rapidly, causing him to utter a low moan and his cock became hard again.

He was obviously enjoying my efforts and I enjoyed my effect on him, watching the pleasure sensations send shivers through his body. I started working deeper and extending the length of my strokes. I made easy progress until I had almost eight inches in his hole, then he became much tighter. I was pretty sure that Daniel was more than just a school buddy and suspected that Joseph would see the same thing when he tried to go past nine inches.

I started hitting him with long, powerful strokes to open him up. Now it was pain that flashed on his face. He exhaled heavily as I opened up each new fraction of an inch as he tried to suppress a scream. His friend was handling Joseph as easily, but at least it was not as bad as what was coming from the other lodges. It took me about ten minutes to get embedded fully and loosen him up enough so he was enjoying it. I certainly was. When he was ready I picked up speed. He was thrashing around and moaning, then he stiffened and started spraying his cream over his torso.

He clamped down internally on my cock as he came and that was the ultimate trigger for my own release. As my orgasm eased I pulled out of Samuel. I moved down to his cock and sampled the last spurts from his eruption. I released his legs and lay beside him on the warm fur of the animal skin. I pulled his face to mine and we shared an after-sex kiss. I inserted my tongue through his soft lips, feeding him some of his own juices.

We talked and I gave him some advice for handling the brothers. I told him that they act like they don’t care, but they do. There’s no way you can learn to handle a cock that big without some trouble, but once they get you ready you’ll never forget it. He noticed that I had the same type of stud in my ear as his brother and asked me about it. Obviously his brother hadn’t told him, so I just said that his brother and I were members of the same club and this was a symbol of our membership.

By then Joseph and Daniel had finished up. We told the boys that it was time to visit one of the other lodges. I stopped Samuel from wiping the cum off his torso and sent them on their way. Then Joseph and I just lay back and relaxed, enjoying a no-sex break that was rare for us on weekends.

The brothers probably had enough hot guys to keep them busy for a while. “You know your brother plans to go to Berkeley too.” I remarked.

“Yes, he takes after me, and, to be frank, his grades and athleticism are better than mine. I told you that he’d already got some of my school records. I’ll bet he’ll be a freshman year after next. I’ll be a senior then.”

“He wanted to know about the guys’ fraternity. I think he wants to pledge.” “Had I known about them, I would have. Wouldn’t you?”

“Sure, but have you thought what that means? After he’s initiated, he’ll be a brother, and, you’re a senior and a ‘boyfriend’. That could be interesting.”

“I hadn’t considered that, but there’s no point to worrying about something over a year in the future. On more immediate matters, how about helping me with dinner? I think the others are going to be distracted.” I followed him out of the lodge. From the sounds, the action was still going strong and we were the only ones outside. I heard a scream that sounded like Samuel. Joseph started toward the lodge it came from, but I held him back. He knew I was right.

We found the guys had killed and prepared a deer. It was ready to go over the fire. I saw over a dozen large lake trout and a couple game birds. There was water boiling in iron pots resting on an iron grate over the flame. A big sack of corn was available. It looked like it came from the market. There were modern steel knives and utensils, including a spit we’d use for the deer and some traditional seasonings along with salt, pepper and a few sticks of butter. They had beer and cola in an iced cooler. Joseph started making all that into dinner and I followed his directions.

While I was turning the food slowly over the fire as Joseph worked on adding seasonings and supervising, I thought that our meal represented the problem the Native-Americans had with European settlement. They wanted to maintain their traditions, but also wanted the goods the settlers had that made life easier and better; sugar, cattle, iron and steel tools, firearms and alcohol. They didn’t have enough to trade for these items, so they adopted the tactic they used with other tribes, raiding, and conflict was inevitable. And, of course, we had different concepts of war. It was certainly a tragedy, but a lot more complex than I’d gotten in school.

As we worked on the meal, the sun headed toward the mountain tops and the afternoon grew cooler. I was glad for the warm vest and the proximity of the fire. The periodic screams stopped too. I guess the brothers had finished adjusting our Indian friends’ anatomy. Just before sunset Joseph thought we were ready and told me to get everyone assembled for the meal.

I had my first look at the action in the lodges. I found Koji in the first. He had three guys with him. He was in action with one, bent double beneath his body. He was deep dicking the stunned Indian at a furious pace that I knew would climax soon. One guy was just staring at the roof and the other was out of it completely. There were quite a few condoms discarded around the place. I figured each had been fucked at least twice. I managed to rouse the unconscious one and brought the other over to help him. They were still, sort of, dressed since their skimpy garments didn’t inhibit a good fucking, but they were completely messed with the residue of heavy sex.

Welcome to my world guys. I told them what Joseph wanted and left them to explain it to Koji when he finished with their buddy. As I left I heard the sounds of Koji’s orgasm.

The next lodges with Zai Zai and Harry went the same way. I entered the fourth, finding Alan fucking Samuel. Daniel and a couple other guys were in various stages of recovery. Joseph’s brother had the fortune or misfortune to go from our warmup to the largest brother. They certainly had a rough first fuck, but they’re fully open now and should deal with the other brothers easily. He seemed to be handling his current round with Alan as well as could be expected.

I saw Samuel’s cock spurt as Alan pushed him over the top again. The first stream sprayed his face and hair. Alan pulled out, ripped off his sheath and really hosed down the boy whose own subsequent shots were barely noticeable amid Alan’s flood. When the flow eased he rocked back on his knees. Meanwhile Samuel was breathing deeply from the exertion of heavy sex while trying to scoop up the sperm covering him and transfer it to his mouth.

“Hi, Jack. Nice outfit.”

“Thanks. I bet they have one for you too. The vest is pretty nice. It’s getting cool out. Joseph has worked up a nice meal. I’ve already informed the others.”

“While the others are getting ready, do you have some time for a quick round?”

“Sure,” I replied. It was my only possible answer, but my rising cock showed my sincerity.

Joseph was serving the others when we joined the group around the big fire about fifteen minutes later. Alan was wearing his Indian garb and looked imposing. They’d prepared well, making vests big enough for the brothers’ huge chests. I suppose one size fits all for breechcloths, but with the size of the brothers’ cocks and their usual state of excitement, they didn’t conceal anything. Alan’s cock was still vertical with the leather front flap just draped off the side of its thick base. I looked like I needed another dip in the lake.

We sat on a log around the fire. Most of the Indians were on the bare ground. Joseph handed both of us a pottery bowl filled with a good selection of all the food. I was hungry and that seemed to be common among the guys given the heavy workout they’d gotten.

The Indians were talking excitedly in their own language. I didn’t understand a word, but I knew exactly what they were saying. There was a lot of flipping up the back flaps to look and touch assholes of themselves and neighbors. They’d taken a lot of abuse and a few guys were having trouble keeping them closed, farting at the slightest movement with a couple making quick dashes for the woods. The guys that had been with the smaller brothers, Harry and Zai Zai, were doing a lot of nervous glancing at Alan’s thick member that was sticking up almost to his pecs.

After the meal the guys quickly straightened up and secured the camp for the night. Small fires were lit in four of the lodges. A hole in the top allowed smoke to escape. I had a chance to take a quick dip in the lake. As I was getting out Samuel greeted me with a blanket. He took the opportunity to thank me for fucking him earlier, saying it made things easier.

When I got back I saw that Alan had picked four of the guys that were eying him the most nervously. Harry asked me to go with him and he selected three others. Joseph was going with Zai Zai and had his brother and friend with their group. The remaining three were Koji’s for the night.

One of the Indians secured an animal skin over the entrance after we were inside. I suggested to Harry that I sixty-nine with one of the Indians while he fucks him and he bought it. I lay down on one of the pads and Harry picked one of the Indian guys to straddle me. He knew what to do. He just flipped my front flap up over my abs and went down on me and lowered his own piece through my eager lips. His flap just hung down on my chest and wasn’t in the way at all. As we got down to business with each other, Harry tossed the guys rear flap onto his back to expose his rear entry. He spread his thighs very wide so he could move in close with his knees on either side of my head.

I had a front row view as Harry inserted almost thirteen inches of his thick, golden-brown cock into the darker skin of our Indian braves bottom. He, at first, tried to pull away, which only shoved all seven inches of his cock in my mouth. Pinned to my face by his own stake, his body trembled wildly under the intense internal stimulation. With his hands along the young man’s back, Harry soothed and controlled him as he finished his entry. He left himself in place for a minute, letting the guy come to terms with the powerful living presence within his body. Whatever his fears were about being sexually dominated by these Asian studs, I knew he was excited, because there was a steady flow of pre-cum into my mouth.

Then Harry began to play with the muscular youngster, much like a cat with a mouse he intends to devour. He stroked him fast and slow, stopping and starting, building and relaxing the sexual tension. If he thought the guy was getting used to the pattern, he’d do something unexpected, like hold his head to bob him up and down on my cock, forcing him to swallow it deep and plugging his throat, pulling him up when panic began. Shifting his grip to our partner’s slim hips, he took away any illusion of control, holding himself steady while pulling the guy back on his cock, then away until he plugged to the root in my mouth.

Once our friend gave up all efforts to control his own body, Harry went to work. He raised him to one orgasm, then a second and a third. Each climax jetted fresh seed into my mouth. The cock penetrating his body became the sole focus of his world. By this point his energy had been totally drained.

His arms collapsed and he rested his chest on my abdominals. My cock still filled his mouth but he was no longer sucking it, just gasping for breath around it. He didn’t need to control his lower body; Harry was raising and lowering his hips, stroking his cock faster now as he built up to his own release, while simultaneously fucking the Indian’s cock in my mouth.

From my view on the bottom I saw Harry’s long pole begin to pulse. He made a final thrust, burying it into our tortured Indian and impaling him into my mouth. The powerful eruption of the Vietnamese stud’s member aroused the Indian from his delirium. He found the strength to jerk his head up and off my hard cock and issue a high pitched wail as he simultaneously shot a fresh wad in my throat. The sound reverberated through the lodge again and again and again as he released his seed for the fourth time this session in his most violent orgasm. A final cry stopped suddenly as he passed out. Harry extracted himself from the limp boy and I rolled the body off me.

Harry stood up and helped me to my feet. The other two Indians were staring at us. There was a look of awe and fear, mixed with lust. They both were hard. Harry looked them over and led us to the younger of the two. He appeared to be in his late teens.

“Not what you expected?” Harry asked. “I’m Harry and my friend is Jack.”

“My name is White Wolf. Grey Wolf is my older brother,” indicating the guy Harry just fucked to exhaustion. “Running Bear told us all about you. He described you as extremely strong and sexually powerful. He said he would bring his friends to meet us and we would have sex all day and night. But, we didn’t understand why he invited twelve young braves and only four of his college friends. My brother said you would be tired and loose by the time I got my turn to fuck. We never imagined that four White men could dominate twelve of our strongest braves.”

“Hey, who are you calling White. We’re Asian and proud of it. I’m Vietnamese, Alan and Zai Zai are Chinese and Koji is Japanese. You’re a nice kid. I think we’ll try something different with you that you’ll like. Jack, get some protection and lie on your back. Then I want you to straddle his hips and sit down on him.”

I did as directed and lay down on the animal skin rug. I propped my self up on my elbows for a better view of what was coming. I thought I had a good idea of what Harry was planning. White Wolf sat on my cock and had no problem taking it all until he rested on my groin. Whichever Asian stud had fucked him this afternoon had gotten him loosened up nicely. He lifted himself up and down a few times, squeezing his ass against my pole, before awaiting further direction from Harry. “Comfortable?” He nodded agreement. “I want you to lean back against Jack’s chest. I’m going to fuck you along with Jack, but I’ll take it easy until we open you up enough.”

When he lay back his long black hair fell around my face. It came to his mid back like Joseph’s brother’s. I pushed it to one side so it draped over my right shoulder. I whispered encouragement into his ear and licked the smooth skin of his back and neck, tasting the cum that dried there. My guess was that Zai Zai had sprayed him earlier. Harry spread my legs and lifted White Wolf’s onto his shoulders.

Harry’s hand caressed my nuts, then moved up to where I entered the Indian boy. He pushed a finger against the junction, sliding it up inside and moving it around my cylinder of flesh to stretch the sphincter muscle. He then added a second and later a third finger and moved them around. We both loved the stimulation, but I could tell White Wolf was nervous.

He was mesmerized by the sight of Harry’s weapon, covered by the transparent sheath of latex as it sticks out over his hips. It is twice as thick and inches longer than his own hard pole that is dribbling lube on his abdominals.

“I’m not sure we should do this,” he stated in a low voice.

Harry placed the palm of his second hand over the boy’s wet cock and started rubbing the pre-cum around on his shaft and torso. I felt his intestines spasm around my embedded shaft as his own sex was massaged.

“Are you sure? I’ll stop if you ask me to and move on to our other friend.” “I don’t know. You could injure me.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I guess…” He started chanting something in his language. Harry took that as approval. I felt the tip of his cock push between the palm of his hand and my shaft. He stretched back the ass lips with his fingers, pressing forward as he removed his digits. A couple seconds later the bottom half of my cock was squeezed between Harry’s steel-firm flesh and the hyper-expanded gut walls of our Indian’s colon. He was chanting louder now. I felt Harry put more of himself inside, stopping with his tip just touching the flange of my crown. Harry started short stroking across our friends most sensitive spots which also rubbed the full length of my shaft. It was intense. The Indian’s chanting became unsteady.

I peered over White Wolf’s shoulder to see Harry’s thick tube of lighter skinned flesh slice in and out of the boy’s deeply tanned body. He was holding half his long member in reserve as he raised our pleasure. He had his arms wrapped around the boy’s legs with a hand sliding the Indian’s seven-inch cock along his abdominals lubricated by the increasingly copious flow of pre-cum.

Suddenly, he stifled his chant mid-word and I saw every muscle tense. He clamped down tight internally too. I could feel it. His cock erupted with the first shot hitting his face. I joined his orgasm shooting in his gut as his second shot bounced off his chin. With a quick flick Harry playfully aimed his third spurt at my face, it went right in my mouth as I gasped in the glow of my own orgasm. Multiple subsequent shots coated his torso. Distracted with our pleasure we did not notice as Harry claimed his territory inside White Wolf’s body.

“Was that so bad? What were you singing?”

“I feel so stuffed where you both are. It’s more than with the other man. And then I can feel you inside me deep inside where your friend was. Oh, that was a song to help warriors be brave in battle. Oh. Oh! Oh!!”

Harry had slid out halfway, until his flange touched my buried cock head then back in again.

“Did that hurt?” “No. I’m just so sensitive. Every time you move I feel it from my hair to my toes. If you do that much more I’m going to cum again.”

“That’s the idea. Don’t fight it. I’m in control and you will find out what it’s like to overdose on sex.”

With that he ended the discussion and started serious fucking, starting slowly but building his pace. I was sliding along with Harry due to the friction between us in the tight confines of White Wolf’s gut. My strokes were only about three or four inches and he was doing twice that, continuing to depths that were the brothers’ exclusive territory. The effect on the boy was electric. He was squirming violently as the pleasure signals overwhelmed his senses. I lay flat on my back, bringing him with me and holding him with one arm around his chest. With my other I caressed his face. My fingers wiped up a lot of his spewed cum which I feed into his mouth by letting him suck my fingers.

I came two or three times while Harry worked himself to orgasm. White Wolf several times more. Who was counting. Then things got hazy because Harry wasn’t done. He shot a second time and a third before pulling out, leaving us delirious and exhausted. We rolled on our sides and slept entwined.

Samuel was shaking my shoulder. I woke up. It was morning. Daylight was shining through the lodge entrance. It’s cover was tied back. I had slipped out of White Wolf during the night. My used condom was still halfway on my soft cock, the cum now dried. Samuel said something to White Wolf who ran off. I saw Harry was sleeping with our third, very well fucked, Indian.

He leaned over and kissed me. The strands of his long hair hanging like a black curtain around my head.

When we broke he pulled back some and said, “We have some breakfast ready and you can wash up in the lake. I’ve got to give the others their wake-up call.”

As he got up he rubbed his hand over my morning stubble. His face looked smooth. He grabbed the old condom off my cock as he left. I went over and woke Harry. He was still deep inside the Indian. When Harry stirred his sex buddy woke too. I saw the Indian’s eight inch cock grow hard when he realized that Harry was still deep inside him.

A brother’s first business on waking up is to drain the large quantity of cum they produced overnight, so he started fucking his partner. I gave the guy my cock to suck. Ten minutes later we all felt much better.

As Harry was pulling out I relayed the information I’d received.

“The lake sounds good. It’s pretty easy to get ready,” Harry said, stripping out of the few pieces of clothes he wore and then stripping his current partner as I doffed mine. “The express to the lake is now leaving, “ he announced, tossing one of us over each shoulder and running full tilt outside.

We bounced on his shoulders in a brief dash through the morning activities in camp. He reached the shore and dove in with a flying leap, the Indian and I still riding. The extreme cold of the water shocked my system as we untangled from the heap with which we’d hit the surface. I scrambled to find my footing. The water was about chest deep and way too cold for me. I started to head to shore but Harry wrapped an arm about my waist and held me next to him. The Indian guy was rinsing his long hair a few feet away.

I saw Alan and Koji in the lake a few yards away. They were standing ten to twelve feet apart tossing one of the Indians back and forth, catching him in their arms against their chest then launching him again by pushing him up and out with their hands on his back and butt. A couple more guys were nearby waiting for a chance to be the ball.

Harry swept me up and tossed me about twenty feet in the air to Koji, who had just tossed his Indian away, and yelled, “Catch.” Koji turned just in time to grab me, but he was off balance and lost his footing dunking us both in the cold water. Koji regained his feet carrying me in his arms just as Alan tossed his Indian to Harry. This was about thirty feet and Harry had no chance to stay upright and was knocked backwards into the water as he caught the flying brave.

That ended their game and the guys ran to shore. Others brought up some blankets to dry us. The cold water had shrunk everyones’ cock to their fully flaccid state, but that was still eleven inches for Alan and nine for the smaller Harry. They were hanging limp though so even the small breech cloths were able to cover them most of the time.

Joesph and Zai Zai were sitting on a log by the main fire eating breakfast. They had gotten a big pile of fresh berries of some type I wasn’t familiar with, but they tasted sweet. There were eggs frying and plenty of the deer from the evening still available.

The Indians were talking rapidly among themselves. They obviously had the new experiences from last night to share. A few of the bolder ones were talking to the brothers. They asked to feel their muscles and demonstrate their strength. Alan had hold of two guys under their crotch with each arm and was lifting them alternately up and down like a seated dumbbell press.

After the meal the Indians did a demonstration of their riding skill. They mounted in various gymnastic ways and leapt from horse to horse while at full gallop. They showed their precision archery from horseback too.

The brothers decided on their own little show. Koji picked up a tree limb waiting to be burned, about six foot long and four inches thick, and held it in his hands. He snapped it in two like a toothpick. He then held the pieces, one in each hand, and squeezed. As his arm muscles expanded under the strain, he crushed the wood under his hand to splinters.

Then it was Alan’s turn. He asked for two of the biggest horses to be hitched to strong ropes. Holding one in each hand he directed the Indians on each steed to pull ahead. He couldn’t be moved. They tried pulling hard with one horse and backing the other but Alan adjusted. Then Alan flexed his arms. As he curled his twenty-eight inch biceps he dragged the horses backwards against their efforts. He then slowly crossed his arms across his chest with every muscle in his body leaping in definition.

The tremendous effort he expended awoke another muscle. His cock rose, pushing his front flap aside and reaching toward vertical. That sight ended the demonstration in favor of another round of sex.

I let the brothers have their fun with some of the Indians they hadn’t had yet. I’d have plenty of fun on the drive back. I did get Joseph to fuck me. I’d thought he was pretty hot when I first saw him after the party, but ‘boyfriends’ don’t get much time to date each other normally. There was also plenty of opportunity to drink the cream from the guys the brothers were fucking and I got sucked a few times too.

After a lunch with some more freshly killed game, it was time to head back to Berkeley. Everyone had class on Monday and Harry and Alan still had some material to prepare. I was okay but had a big test on Tuesday to work on.

Joseph thought the outing was a big success. He confessed to us that his real reason for doing it was that normally the fuckee just provides a warm hole and doesn’t get much pleasure. Sex with the brothers showed everyone that both ends can have fun.

The Indians broke down the camp, putting the rugs and skins from the lodges into the backs of their pickups. The spare food was packed out on the horses led by a couple braves. The remainder of the guys piled in the bed of the pickups, a comfortable ride with all the skins.

We got our things into our van. We decided to wear the Indian garb on the trip back, maybe switching to gym shorts from the breechcloths near the city. With a pickup in front and behind they escorted down the mountain to a county road amid a lot of horn honking and waving. When we reached the road everybody piled out for goodbyes. I shared a hot kiss with Joseph’s younger brother. It’s too bad I’ll graduate the summer before he gets to Berkeley.

We started on our drive home, hoping to reach I-80 before dark. Joseph and I were in the back area with Alan and Zai Zai. The guys were pretty horny since they hadn’t had sex in a couple hours as we made our preparations for the trip home. The goodbyes also included a lot of body contact as the Indian boys who wanted a last good feel of their huge cocks.

Zai Zai had me on hands and knees and had just flipped up the back flap of my breechcloth when Koji told everyone to hold off a few minutes. He wanted to stop for gas before the interstate. I sat up as we pulled into a small station on the quiet two-lane road. It looked deserted. We stopped at a pump and Koji stepped out with his credit card to pump the gas. I saw a freezer selling bags of ice and told the guys I’d get some for the cooler where the ice had long melted and our remaining drinks were warm. I opened the side door and got out carrying some coins and a few ones.

As I walked over to the small office area a guy came out. He looked to be a high school student wearing his school letter jacket. He was tall, about six- foot-five, lanky, but definitely an athlete. He looked around rapidly at our scantily clad group.

He asked me, “What’s going on?”

“We’re just getting some gas before we head home. I’d like to get a bag of ice.”

“Two dollars. Why are you dressed like that?”

I saw him watching Harry walk to the mens room. About half of Harry’s large cock stuck out to the side.

Zai Zai had seen the discussion and had come over and heard the question.

“We were partying with some friends on the reservation. They gave us these. I like them.”

He’d been ready for sex with me and all thirteen of his inches were on display. That’s certainly where the attendant was looking. Zai Zai was almost a foot shorter than this guy but had much more muscle.

“That’s a nice jacket. I see you play basketball and football. Can I try it on?”

Zai Zai pulled off his animal skin vest and handed it to me, exposing, fully, his massive chest. The student took off his jacket and Zai Zai put it on. It extended well below his hips, still leaving half his long cock exposed below its bottom. Zai Zai held his arms out to the side, expanding his chest until it stretched the leather and fabric taut. He flexed his arms in a double biceps. His huge muscles pressed against the sleeves. As he reached about twenty-six inches the seams on the arms gave way. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and the seams on the shoulders and back parted with a snap.

“I guess it’s too small for me,” he said as he took it off and handed it back to the shocked student.

I knew what the kid didn’t—yet. I stuck around to watch. Zai Zai was now so close that he’d backed the guy to the wall and end of his cock rested on the guys pants where a wet spot was spreading. He was looking down alternating his gaze between the big cock and the eyes of the short muscleman who was acting so aggressively.

“Sorry about messing your pants. I was about to fuck Jack here and my cock always puts out a lot of juice when it gets excited. Let me help you off with those, no point in getting them more messed.”

He meekly allowed Zai Zai to strip him of the pants. He got his shoes, socks and underpants while he was at it.

So we have the big guy standing there, stripped below the waist, with just his tee remaining and holding the ruined jacket. Zai Zai was close enough to have stuck his cock between the guys thighs with the tip pressing his bottom behind his balls. The kid’s cock, about eight-and-a half, was hard, sticking out straight resting on the twice as thick shaft of Zai Zai’s. It didn’t reach far enough to hit his torso.

“I’m working,” he said in response to nothing. “I can see that,” said Zai Zai holding the kid’s stiff cock against his big one. “Is that your car?” Indicating the clean, but dated, Camaro parked by the side of the building. “It’s nice. Why don’t we go over there.”

The kid allowed himself to be led by Zai Zai holding him by the cock. “Jack, take care of the ice and fetch me a fresh rubber.”

I left a couple bucks on the freezer and went off to do his bidding. The others were leaning on the van, watching.

When I headed back with some condoms everyone followed. Zai Zai had the kid’s chest resting on the hood of his car with his legs widely spread. One hand rested on the center of his back while he probed the hole with a couple fingers from the other.

“Go ahead and fuck him. We need to get back on the road,” urged Koji. “Besides we owe Jack and Joseph our attention now.”

“All right, all right. Here it comes. Let’s see you take it like a stud.” Zai Zai started fitting his, now sheathed, stick into the boy.

“But there’s no reason to wait. Just lean them over and get to it while I finish up.”

Koji and Harry took the advice with myself and Joseph respectively. Alan decided on seconds with the local boy. We were placed on either side of him. We each stretched an arm across his back. The back half of my skimpy cover was flipped onto my back and Koji started to fit himself in. I’d had almost a day to recover while they were concentrating on our Indian friends, so I was nicely tight, feeling every bump and vein on the long pole as it squeezed through my hole and passed my prostate.

The local boy was having it rougher, never having been stretched so wide, but he was taking it a lot better than I expected. My guess was that he’d been fucked before. He became much more vocal when Zai Zai started getting down to the last few inches where he was still virgin. By that time I’d already cum once, spraying my seed against on the sheet metal of his car. Koji was building his pace, now long-dicking me. On the other side I could hear Harry and Joseph doing the same.

Once Zai Zai finished opening our new friend up, he started his fuck for real. Short, quick strokes brought the kid off quickly. Then long and slow to bring him back to hardness. Then faster and harder until Zai Zai unleashed his juice deep in the kid’s bowels, bringing a second eruption from him. Koji and Harry reached their own orgasms within seconds of Zai Zai, joined by Joseph and I.

Koji pulled me upright, holding my back against his broad chest. He stayed inside though. Harry had pulled out of Joseph. Joseph had taken off his rubber and was licking his cock clean. Zai Zai lifted his fuck buddy off the car, holding him by his hips while staying deep inside him. The kid’s legs were splayed wide because Zai Zai was so much shorter. We had really creamed the side of the car with the numerous loads that we’d shot while being fucked.

“My turn,” Alan announced.

He wrapped a mighty arm around the kid’s chest and held one leg by the knee. He then just lifted the boy up and off of Zai Zai’s cock, holding him in the air with his butt hanging down. The loose leg dangled. He moved it around searching for a footing, but it was well clear of the ground. Alan moved the guy’s ass over the end of his cock and let him settle onto it. He felt the blunt bulb start to press his entrance and grabbed Alan around his neck trying to hold himself, but Alan was in control.

I saw the thick head disappear inside. I could see surprise and concern on the kid’s face as he felt how much thicker Alan was than his previous fucker. He’d find Alan is almost an inch longer too if he gets that far. As a few more inches slipped in, he sensed another benefit of such a thick cock, his pleasure centers were rubbed continuously through his overstretched gut walls. His cock snapped to attention. He looked straight into Alan’s eyes in awe at the Asian stud who was controlling his body. Alan started flexing his hips back and forth to make short strokes through the guy’s gut as he let him sink slowly lower on his cock-shaft. The boy was moaning in his pleasure as he rode Alan’s cock. He threw his head back as his cock erupted. Zai Zai reached up and grabbed the kid’s chest as Alan released his hold. Zai Zai pulled him to horizontal, face down, as Alan held onto the upper thighs, splaying the legs wide to give access to the butt now fully stuffed with all his fourteen inches.

Zai Zai poked his cock tip at the guy’s lips. He opened up and accepted the first five inches easily. Meanwhile Alan started stroking his cock in and out of the stretched hole he’d conquered, causing moans of delight to issue from his plugged mouth. Zai Zai pushed another few inches in getting halfway down the gullet and causing the moans to turn to gasps as he tried, apparently successfully, to get air from around the thick tube of flesh. You could see the boy’s eyes dart around as he looked at the five inches of cock that still hadn’t entered his mouth and the wall of Zai Zai hard abdominal muscles that filled the rest of his view. He had a moment of relief as Zai Zai pulled back out of his throat, but he was soon refilled even deeper.

I was turned on by the sex scene I was watching and started contracting my gut around Koji’s still buried member. That was all he needed to start stroking my ass again with his fleshy spear. Just before I gave myself over fully to the sensations emanating from my gut, I saw that our friend had blissed out on the overwhelming stimulation he’d been getting from the two huge Asian cocks. His body had gone stiff as a board, his back arched from the contraction of every muscle, as he was pounded by foot-long strokes of the cocks entering both his holes. His own piece was a rigid rod, sticking out below his abs. The strong spurts of the initial eruptions were long past; the streaks drying on his face and chest, but it still pulsed with a steady flow of white jizz, giving a small, inch-long spurt, every time Alan plunged his cock inward again.

When I came back to earth after Koji finished with me, he was holding me to his chest, giving me support while I regained my bearings. He’d extracted himself from me, though I could still feel his hard shaft between my legs. I looked down and could see about seven inches of its condom clad length sticking out in from of me, with my own soft member draped on one side and the front flap of my breech cloth pushed aside on the other. I reached down and removed the used condom from him. Seeing that I was ready to stand unassisted, he released me and withdrew from between my legs, but not without giving a quick love tap with his cock head to the outside of my well-used hole.

Harry had Joseph’s back against the car and they were sharing a deep after sex kiss. Meanwhile Alan and Zai Zai had finished with the high school stud. They’d carried him back to the office and redressed him, more or less, topping him off by putting him back in his jacket, with the seams from the arms, shoulders and back, split from Zai Zai’s flexing in it earlier. He looked like he’d just finished a game of football in his street clothes and lost, badly. That is if you didn’t notice the big smile and the spreading wet spot on his jeans from his still dripping cock. He’d recover physically in a couple hours, but other effects were bound to be lasting.

We all piled back in the van to resume our trip back to Berkeley. Alan and Zai Zai got in back again since Harry and Koji had just finished fucking us. They lay on their backs and invited Joseph and I to straddle them. Both their cocks were still hard even after a couple rounds with the local kid. I had to bend my head to my chest to avoid hitting the roof of the van when I pushed up high enough for my ass to clear Alan’s towering pole. As the van shook from going over a pothole, I sat back heavily, taking all of more than fourteen inches as Alan grabbed my arms to stop me from falling backwards. My left nut was resting in his fine pubic hair while my right was on the leather front piece that draped between his thighs after going round the base of his pole impaling my gut. My own flap rested on Alan’s abs, collecting the pre-cum dripping already from my cock-head. I actually liked having sex in them. They concealed little but gave easy access to a thrusting cock. However, by the end of the weekend they were getting stiff with dried cum. I’ll have to find out from Joseph how to wash them to restore the softness to the leather.

I leaned forward running my hands along Alan’s powerful torso until I cupped his pecs. Four or five inches slipped from my hole as I moved. I felt the hard points of his tits pressed into my palms. Alan wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me to him. I resisted, pressing my arms to his chest, but he easily overpowered my effort and hugged me to his body. I stared into his face. He crunched his abs, thrusting his hips up and stroking his thick cock through me in short, quick strokes. I gasped from the sudden stimulation and he smiled, enjoying his easy control of my body and pleasure.

“So do you guys talk about us brothers between yourselves? Do you have favorites?” He asked, taking me by surprise with conversation when I was expecting only sex.

“What? Sure,” I stammered. “I bet you guys have favorites among us too. But there’s nobody in the fraternity that I don’t enjoy having sex with. I’m addicted to huge cocks and big muscles. I’m leaking pre-cum like crazy and if you start stroking my ass some more I’ll shoot for the fifth or sixth time today. That should tell you all you really need to know. I couldn’t lie about that even if I were able to think clearly enough with fourteen inches of hard cock inside me.”

That must have satisfied Alan because he started bucking his hips to power his pole through my gut. I was stunned by the sudden resumption of his fuck and the flood of sensation as his flesh stimulated me internally.

Somehow, without missing a beat, I found myself beneath him with my legs wrapped about his narrow waist as he used all his strength to pound my hole. My cock erupted as the pleasure clouded my senses, but he continued, not giving me a chance to calm down or catch my breath. I came at least once more before he climaxed inside me. But that was just the start.

“Jack. Jack. We’re back.” I heard someone say. “Time to get going.” I was face down on the air mattress that filled the back of the van.

Someone shook my shoulder. I looked around, trying to focus. It was Harry

Nguyen, kneeling between my spread thighs. He still had about half the length of his pole in my butt. Beside me Joseph had his back against the front seat, still with his muscular legs in the deep valley between Koji’s delts and neck. Koji was extracting himself from Joseph’s body, pulling inch after inch of sheathed shaft from Joseph’s depths as the Indian stud bit his lower lip, trembling with the end of an orgasm as his stiff cock spurted its last onto his abs. There was a nice bulb of cum trapped in the end when Koji finally pulled clear.

I propped my chest up with my arms, waiting for Harry to exit me. In spite of his words, it would not be proper for me to try to pull off his cock as only the brother could decide when he is finished. But Harry did pull clear and, as I expected, his condom also contained a few hefty loads. I rolled over to my back. Cum we’d shot on the ride home filled the grooves in the air mattress and was running off soaking the carpet.

The guys had stopped the van near my dormitory. It was evening and already dark. Only a few students were about, but I didn’t think anyone could see in the deeply tinted window of the back of the van; not that it would bother anyone to have an audience. I reached for the handle to the side door.

“Maybe you better change to your gym shorts,” suggested Harry. I was still in the leather breech cloth.

“Yeah,” I agreed, taking the shorts he held out to me, the ones I’d discarded on entering the van for the trip out.

Koji was helping Joseph get into his as the Indian was still disoriented. I untied the breechcloth and stuffed it into the bag I’d brought for the trip and hadn’t touched.

When Joseph appeared ready I opened the door and both of us got out, saying our goodbyes to the brothers. Harry gave me the bulging condom, some Vietnamese hot sauce for later. We watched as the van pulled away, heading back to the frat house. Joseph walked with me the short distance to my building. His was only a few minutes further. We shared a deep kiss goodbye before we separated, not caring who observed us.

When I got into my room, Ricardo was already in, resting, fully clothed, on his bed. He’d obviously had his own adventures with some of the brothers this weekend. He looked at me, checking my own condition out after a weekend of sex. We’d tell our tales to each other later. For now, I collapsed on my own bed and soon was asleep.


Chapter 17: The Surfer

When I wrapped up my finals at UCLA, I took off for a surfing adventure in Hawaii. I had landed a summer job for the peak tourist season at Universal Studios theme park in the valley. It would start on June 25th and I didn’t think I’d have much time for surfing the local beaches once I was working full time. I had eight days to relax and have fun. It would be nice to surf in the warm water where I wouldn’t need a wetsuit and, if I were really lucky, maybe I’d get some big waves, though the really huge surf is normally gone this late in Spring.

The plane got in just before two in the afternoon. While I was waiting for my backpack and board I managed to snag a ride with a couple of soldiers as far as Wahiawa in the middle of the island. From there I hitched with a Hawaiian couple, riding in the bed of their pickup with their two preteen children and a large black dog. When they slowed to let me off at Waimea Bay, it was still before four. I figured I still had a couple hours to try the surf. I had planned to camp near the beach to save money.

Waimea Bay was a crescent of white sand that sloped steeply into the ocean. A small stream split it in the middle. A path that descended from the level of the two-lane road reached the beach. Cars filled the parking area and overflowed alongside the roadway. At this time of day most of the traffic was up from the beach.

It looked like the surf was running about eight to ten feet. It would break quite close to shore because of the steep slope of the bottom. I found a spot to drop my pack and spread a towel on the sand. I sat a while to get a feel for the waves. There were a number of surfers still active. Some looked to be Hawaiian, another group were of Asian stock and about a third were Caucasian; white was not a good description since everyone was deeply tanned. The vast majority were male and most were quite good.

After watching for several minutes I grabbed my board, plunged through the surf line and paddled out to where the surfers were waiting to grab their waves. I spotted a likely swell and stroked to catch it. As I felt the wave I stood up and carved down the face. I experimented with a few simple cuts to get the feel of the conditions and stayed ahead of the break until the wave turned to foam. I kicked off and paddled out for another.

I continued to surf, trying more aggressive maneuvers as I became more confident. As the afternoon wore on the waves grew bigger. This was what I came to Hawaii for. Towards evening I caught one of the biggest waves of the day, about twelve feet. I had done a couple cuts along the face and had just cut back to the right to run with the break in the wave that was coming from my left. As I turned I saw that the wave had already broken behind me. I was about to cut for shore when another surfer popped out of the tube into my path. I tried to avoid him. As he zipped below me I was tossed from my board by the force of the tumbling water and slammed into the bottom.

“You okay, man?” I heard a voice say.

I ached everywhere. I opened my eyes. I was on my back in the sand. A huge Hawaiian guy was kneeling beside me. I tried to push up to my elbows. I was sore but it looked like everything was working.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied evenly.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t see you through the curtain.”

“No,” I disagreed, “I just didn’t see you were on the wave with me.” “Can you stand?”

I tried but felt a bit dizzy and sat back down. “I think I need to rest first.”

He squatted next to me. As he did his thighs bulged with muscle, filling the legs of his baggy surfing trunks until they fit skin-tight. Each one was almost as big as both of mine. His arms and chest were huge too, bigger than anyone I’d ever seen, including guys in bodybuilding magazines. I looked up to his face and he smiled at me, his even white teeth contrasting with the golden brown of his skin.

“I’m Paul, Paul Kolani,” he stated.

“Hi, I’m Eric Sanders. Call me Rick. Thanks for your help. I just got in this afternoon. Not a very good start to my vacation I suppose.”

“Where are you staying? I’ll give you a ride. With a little rest you’ll be fine.”

“I don’t have a place. I was planning on camping on the beach. My pack should be just over there,” I said, pointing to the spot.

“Well let me offer you some Hawaiian aloha. I have a place near here and you’re welcome to stay there. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

I looked down to the ten inch bulge that was outlined along his inner left thigh by the stretched fabric of his swim trunks.

“Thanks again. I’m sure I will.”

He noticed where I was staring and smiled even more broadly.

Just then another Hawaiian, who looked like an exact match for my friend, came running up carrying his board under one arm. As he stopped Paul made introductions.

“This is my twin brother, Andy. Andy, meet Rick. We sort of bumped into each other and he’s agreed to stay with us.”

“Great brah,” he said to Paul while grasping my hand with a firm clasp.

“Let’s see if you can stand. I’ll help you,” offered Paul as he lifted me upright with an arm under my back.

As I reached my feet he held me against his side, supporting more than half of my weight. Andy grabbed the three boards and walked beside us. We retrieved my stuff and walked off the beach. They put the gear in the back of an old beaten pickup, helped me into the cab and piled in on either side of me. Andy started the engine and drove down the road toward the setting sun. I was sandwiched between these huge Hawaiians. I was forced to lean forward as their broad chests completely covered the width of the seat.

Now I am six foot one, about 180 pounds and an athletic swimmers build toned by surfing, some light weight-training and varsity soccer. These guys were a few inches taller and must have been at least twice my weight. And, it was all muscle. Their arms were bigger than my thighs. Their chests and backs bulged with mass and narrowed to a small waist that was little thicker than mine though they sported abdominals that stood out in clear definition even when relaxed.

“You must be squeezed there between us,” commented Paul looking down at me. “Why don’t you sit on my leg.”

I licked my lip and nodded consent. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me effortlessly to straddle his left thigh. The muscle felt hard as stone. My weight barely dented his flesh. He held me to him with his left arm around my chest, the bulging biceps under my armpit and his fingers toying with my right tit. I placed my much smaller arm over his, holding his wrist for support as the truck moved along the twisting oceanfront road.

I felt the bulge of his long flesh tube rub against the inside of my right thigh, insulated by the two layers of cloth from our trunks. Amazingly, even though it must have been ten inches long, it was still soft. As the shaft rolled between our legs, it didn’t stay soft long. It pulsed as blood rushed in to fill out its dimensions. The bulge in Paul’s trunks extended inch after inch down the leg as his awakened member competed for space with the thick thigh muscles.

I started to respond to the sight of his hardening dick and the stimulation from my close contact with his hot muscles. I reached down to adjust my own piece, now almost fully expanded to its eight inches. It nearly poked out the waistband of my suit over my left hip. Paul saw what I was doing and reached his right arm around me. He stroked my dick with the thumb and forefinger of his powerful hand and then rearranged me until I was pointing vertical with the top three inches poking clear of my suit along my abs.

“That’s not too bad for a boy, but I know you are eager for a real man-sized dick,” he stated as he held my hand and pushed it along his still lengthening shaft.

The added stimulation accelerated its growth. He used my hand to guide it into a deep furrow between heads of his quadriceps and, with that little extra freedom, it quickly pushed down his leg until a few inches poked beyond his trunks near his knee.

I needed no urging to reach forward and touch the massive head of that monster. Bright red with fresh blood, it had grown completely free of the dark brown cover of skin. I rubbed my fingers over the smooth flesh. It was hot. Paul moaned as I continued my ministrations and rewarded me with a squirt of his pre-cum.

“Have you ever been fucked by something like that?” asked Andy observing our actions.

“Your not going to try and force me, are you?” I asked suddenly very concerned. “I’ve fooled around with some guys in college, mutual masturbation and sucking, and I’ve fucked a couple, but I haven’t been on the receiving end. I’d love to try and suck it, but I don’t think I could even get the head in my butt without killing myself.”

“You’re our guest,” assured Paul. “We won’t do anything you don’t want, but I bet you’ll be begging for our dicks pretty soon.”

Andy turned right into a narrow dirt track that headed through dense brush.

“Our place is just a few hundred yards,” remarked Andy. “It’s on a small cove by the ocean and is pretty isolated from our neighbors.”

As we pulled into a clearing that contained a small cottage elevated on pillars about a dozen feet above the ground, Andy honked the horn. Four Hawaiian men ran from various tasks around the compound to greet the vehicle. They were naked. I could see they all had athletic to muscular builds, though nothing like Andy or Paul. And nicely equipped too, ranging from seven to just over nine inches. They seemed excited by the boys’ return.

Andy pulled up under the house and Paul helped me out of the cab and held my back against his body, my ass crack resting against the firm cylinder that snaked down his leg.

“These are our older brothers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,” said Andy pointing out the bodies that went with the names. “Our parents live in Las Vegas since they retired so we have the run of the place.”

“Rick here is our guest,” continued Paul to his siblings. “Anything he wants, do it as if we asked for it.” The others nodded. “How about a shower while Luke is finishing dinner.”

As one guy ran to the house, the other three starting removing our trunks. The man assigned to me had mine off in a jiffy. I stepped out of them and he picked them up and tossed them aside. He then pushed right up against me until our dicks were side by side and started to jack us with both hands. He looked me right in the eyes and smiled. As I enjoyed his work he seemed to be waiting for something.

I gasped as I was smacked right between the legs. Paul’s trunks had finally been pulled down below his knees, freeing his cock to snap up. It even extended a few inches past both the bodies that straddled it. Paul pushed his sibling away and held me around the waist as he walked over to an outdoor shower station, holding me several inches off the ground. As we traveled he slid my body over his shaft, plowing the furrow between my cheeks and down through my thighs. I saw Andy was already under the spray. Another brother was on his knees before him, bringing him to the same size as Paul.

“Matthew here is the eldest,” said Paul of the man kneeling down before us. “He started fucking Andy and I when we were twelve and kept it up regularly until things changed earlier this year. Now he’s the best cock sucker. Show Rick what you can do.”

Matthew used both of his hands to hold my dick alongside Paul’s while Paul withdrew until our tips were lined up. Opening super wide both of us were squeezed into his mouth. He licked around the crowns, sharing his time between us. Paul pushed us forward so a few more inches forced their way inside. His mouth was lopsided as Paul’s shaft was twice as thick as mine.

After about six inches I felt our dick heads hit his throat. Paul held me as he pushed three or four more of his inches down his brother’s throat. I felt the friction along my entire length. Then he pushed my last two inches and two more of his down that over-stuffed gullet. Matthew’s nose was buried in my blond pubic hair, completely sheathing both shafts to the point were Paul’s continued under my scrotum. It was the tightest I’ve ever been squeezed.

Then Paul moved back, holding me in place. The friction of him moving along my length was exquisite. I let out a loud moan, followed by a startled grunt as Matthew’s throat muscles closed around me once Paul withdrew. When Paul pushed in again I could feel the crown of his mushroom head scrape by mine as he returned to depths nobody else could reach.

Paul moved us back and forth exploring all the possibilities for two men in one mouth. All the while he held me in the air as if I weighed no more than a beach ball. I knew I couldn’t take much of this and in a few minutes, as Paul pushed deep, I erupted with five strong blasts down Matthew’s throat. It must have coated the last few inches of Paul pretty thoroughly, because he definitely slid easier on the out-stroke and I could feel Matthew’s tongue shift into overdrive as that part reached his mouth. Meanwhile I barely softened and was back to full hardness in a few more strokes.

Paul showed his brother no mercy as he pounded his throat faster and faster. I didn’t see how the kid could breathe with so much crammed inside. A few more minutes passed and I could tell from the urgency of his thrusts that Paul was on the brink. So was I.

I felt his spasm start under my crotch and race down the shaft where it was pressed to my own. Matthew’s eyes snapped wide as the force of the fluid shooting into his body struck him. Paul withdrew until we both were clear of the throat. His throbbing dick brought a new explosion from mine. We unloaded into Matthew’s mouth as he tried to swallow. Paul shot a gusher. I could feel it flood the oral cavity, bathing my own squirting dick with warm cum. Since you couldn’t get a tight seal around two tubes of flesh, lots leaked out coating my pubic hair.

Paul must have cum for a good minute and a half. I didn’t think anyone’s balls could hold so much, but they matched his huge cock. When he finished, Paul pulled us out of poor Matthew’s mouth. My entire cock and the last eight inches of his were coated in white and Matthew continues trying to swallow the flood that still filled his mouth.

Paul finally set my feet on the ground. I reached down and wiped off a big handful of the juices that coated me before the shower spray washed it away. I licked my palm with my tongue and decided I liked his taste, so I cleaned off the rest. Meanwhile, Paul was sliding his sex pole out from under my body. He was, amazingly, still hard. The pole pressed up against my bottom as he slid it under my scrotum.

As he got his bulging cock head clear, it began to push up my ass crack, slicing through my cheeks like a knife through butter. This knife also spread something, but it wasn’t butter. I felt it stop right on the rosebud of my ass hole. He didn’t push in, just held it there. I felt the heat from it flowing up into my body yet I shivered. My hole started to contract rhythmically against the intruder. As it did I felt the opening begin to expand and the first fraction of an inch of that immense shaft started to enter.

I got afraid and pulled away. His dick popped clear of my butt and slapped up against his abdominals.

“Well, maybe later,” he said softly. “You know you want it.” I knew I did too, but could I handle it?

“Why don’t you come over here and suck on this,” suggested Andy. “John’s just been warming me up and I’m ready for you to take over,” he continued as he pushed John, who had taken him until his nose was flush to Andy’s groin, away. He slipped inch after inch back out of John’s gullet until it came clear and he pointed the tip of his spear in my direction.

I placed my hands on the shaft. It took both to encircle it. When Andy let go it required some effort to hold it in position at about 45 degrees from vertical. It wanted to pull me towards Andy’s body. I bent over and moved my head next to the flared crown. It was almost as big as my fist.

I licked around it. At first I just tasted the residue of John’s saliva, but it was soon bubbling pre-cum at a furious rate. That tasted like his brother Paul, not surprising since they seemed to be identical twins.

“Try and suck it,” urged Andy.

I opened wider than I ever had in my life and pushed the head of that dong inside. It was an effort to keep my teeth clear, but I got it in. It filled my mouth to bursting with just the head and a couple inches of shaft, but at least it was easier to manage once the flare of the helmet cleared my teeth and I only had the somewhat slimmer shaft stretching my lips. I licked around the bottom with my tongue that was now bathed in the lubricating juices flowing from the tip.

“That’s a great start,” encouraged Andy. “We’ll help you get in position for the rest.”

Help? Rest? I was thinking as he held my shoulders in his vice-like grip. I felt powerful hands, that could only be Paul’s, hold my hips. I was lifted up until my legs rested on Paul’s shoulders, his head between my thighs. I had pivoted around my shoulders that were held so I remained impaled on Andy’s cock. I still had my hands wrapped around it near the middle. As my body was manipulated so I was lined up with Andy’s pole, assuming a 45- degree angle, pointed down. My head was forced back by the unyielding presence within it, opening my throat.

I panicked. However, all I could do was grunt around the plug in my mouth. My body was held so securely that I couldn’t even wiggle. My eyes were wide as I looked down at least twelve more inches that sprouted from his black-haired bush.

They lowered my slowly and I felt myself ingest more of the shaft. The bulging crown pressed up to my throat and forced its way down. They had positioned me so it was lined up just right. It went deeper and deeper as I saw my face approach Andy’s muscular torso. The abdominal muscles grew to be a wall of bricks that filled my vision. Only a few inches to go now. Slowly, they pushed me to the bottom. It felt like the shaft was stabbed against my beating heart.

I was held there. My panic subsided. I could still breathe around the intrusion. I smelled Andy’s male aroma, so strong with my nose in his hair. With no free cock to grab, I explored, feeling his marble thighs, cupping a pair of orange-sized balls now drawn up tight under the shaft, and testing abs that felt as firm as the brick wall they resembled visually.

Seeing me calm down, they started the out-stroke. I saw it reappear from my body inch by inch. It felt like being turned inside out as my tissues clutched at the moving shaft. Soon the crown pulled out of my throat and entered my mouth.

Then Paul pushed his head into my butt. He licked my balls, but quickly moved on to his real target. I felt his tongue rasp over my ass lips. He circled the target and then pressed the tip of his tongue firmly against the entrance. Again I started to spasm around the intruder. As he pierced my rosebud, they started to lower my back down. This time they filled me at both ends. Paul added a hand around my cock and started jacking me too. I was hard in an instant.

As they moved me down and back I was assaulted by sensations from my ass, dick and throat. It was overwhelming. I lost track of time. Eventually a voice said something about cumming. I felt a tremendous pulse race down my throat, a new and unexpected sensation. They were pulling me off.

Three more pulses followed before they pulled it out of my throat. Then my mouth flooded with Andy’s seed. I couldn’t swallow because he still filled my mouth with his flesh. The next overflowed past my lips. They moved me off some more until just the tip of the head was through my lips. It was like drinking from a fire hose. I could swallow now and did so as fast as I could, but new waves would hit as I gulped and the excess would spray from my mouth.

I know Andy came as long as his brother, but from my perspective it seemed like forever. I finally had to grab the shaft and pull it off my lips or I would have drowned. It continued to spurt, creaming my face, hair, shoulders and back. Gradually the flow subsided. I released my hold and his piece snapped back to his body. He was still hard.

I was exhausted. Paul took a final plunge in my ass with his tongue and lowered my legs from his shoulders. They set me upright, but I staggered and Paul held me against him. I saw a few lines of white dripping down his bulging chest where I must have sprayed him. I hadn’t realized I had cum during the last episode. I was a mess. Most of my upper body was coated with the residue of Andy’s orgasm.

Someone had turned the shower off while I was being face fucked, so I reached to turn it back on to clean up. Paul stopped me, saying I looked fine and that it was time for dinner anyway. Paul carried me up the steps to the house. I was too weak to walk.

The twins sat in two large cushioned chairs at the front of the living-dining space. There were floor to ceiling windows that provided a view of the ocean and access to the lanai that wrapped around the house. Some were open admitting a cool evening breeze.

Paul positioned me to sit on his lap with my legs splayed wide across both of his tree-trunk thighs. His cock, hard still, passed right under my bottom and stuck out a good nine inches in front. My own cock, now soft at just under four inches, rested on top of it with my loose balls draped one on either side. Andy’s cum was still dripping from my hair and oozing down my torso.

Luke put a tray between the chairs and started serving. I found the bread useful for absorbing the wettest areas of cum and it was sure tastier than butter. As we ate the twins told me about themselves, how they got their fantastic physiques and the dominance they now exercise over their older brothers in retribution for abuse while they were growing up.

Three of the older brothers ate in silence at a small table. They jumped whenever Andy or Paul asked for anything. I noticed that Matthew was the one missing and inquired about it. Andy said that Matthew worked as a scuba instructor in Waikiki where he had an apartment. They allow him to live there five days a week. He is marrying a beautiful Japanese-American girl next month. Andy and Paul are the best men. Their wedding gift is to release their eldest brother from his sexual bondage. Though the gift comes at a high price. They plan to seduce and initiate his virgin bride the night before the ceremony while Matthew watches secretly. Then they’ll take him home and fuck him until he’ll barely be able to walk down the aisle.

The boys must have been badly abused while young. Now they need to be in control sexually and their powerful bodies assure them of that. They seemed kind and considerate to me, a stranger, but they certainly took control sexually, pushing me into situations where they set the boundaries. Here I was still coated in one boy’s spoor, marked as their sexual property. I found that kind of exciting.

As I thought about what awaited me, my prick started to come back to life, extending itself along Paul’s much larger member until it almost reached the ridge of his cock head. Paul noticed this and suggested we adjourn to the bedroom. He carried me there in his arms as Andy followed.

The master bedroom had a single king-sized bed in the center. Two walls were glass with doors open to the lanai. The curtains were open allowing an unobstructed view of the ocean and rapidly darkening post sunset sky. Paul placed me in the center of the bed and lay down beside me. Andy lay down on the other side. The bed creaked with almost a thousand pounds of muscle on it.

One of the brothers, John I believe, came in with a tray piled high with condoms and a couple of bottles of lube. He looked at the twins and they pointed him to Andy’s side of the bed. Paul turned me on my side facing him. “We’re going to fuck you now,” he stated. “We’ll start slow, no more than about eight inches on the first round. As we promised, if you want to stop, we will. Is that okay with you?” I nodded. “You should suck on my dick while Andy is getting started. It will take your mind off what’s coming. We know this will be painful to start, but if you stick it out it’ll be worth it. We have a lot of experience breaking guys in to handle our size. Trust us. When we’re done with you… Well you’ll see.”

I held Paul’s thick pole in my two hands, pulling it slightly toward me as I bend my head down to reach it with my mouth. I licked the crown, opened wide and pushed the tip and four or five inches inside. Massaging it with lips and tongue, I was soon rewarded with a steady flow of pre-cum.

I felt Andy start with his preparations. He first split my legs with one of his massive thighs. He pushed close to me slipping his stiff pole between my legs and up along my abdominals next to my own hard dick. It outreached my eight inches even though I couldn’t see the base behind my legs. It was over twice as thick too.

I felt a finger tip probe my ass. It spread lubricant around the entrance. I shivered as a breeze blew against the exposed opening. The finger withdrew, but soon returned. This time it probed and pushed in, spreading lube around the inside of the ring. My ass muscles clutched at it. He moved it in and out until the muscle relaxed. He pulled it out again and returned to plunge into my butt as deep as it could go. I felt the knuckle. He probed, found my prostate and stroked it. A wave of excitement coursed through my body. I squeezed Paul’s dick and sucked at it hard.

After a minute he pulled the invading digit partway out. The tip of a second finger starting stroking my ass ring. When I relaxed, the second finger pushed inside. He quickly pushed both in to the hilt and started rubbing the walls of my intestines to coat them with lube. Then both fingers massaged my pleasure button and another wave crashed over me. He repeated the process with a third finger that really forced me open. He inserted the tip of a squeeze bottle alongside the fingers and squirted a healthy shot deep inside me. When that was done even a fourth finger was added. He moved them in and out and I closed my eyes as my ass was forced wider and wider. Apparently satisfied he held his hand in place as I relaxed against the intrusion.

Opening my eyes again, I saw Paul rolling a condom on for his brother. He was handed the bottle and slathered on a generous coating of lubricant.

Paul then reached for my upper leg and, holding it near the knee, forced it up toward my side, spreading my cheeks and freeing Andy to move into position. I saw the now sheathed shaft disappear behind me and knew that they were ready.

“Remember, concentrate on sucking my dick,” cautioned Paul.

That’s easy for you to say, I thought. You’re not about to have a fence post shoved up your butt. However, I tried.

Andy spread his four fingers to stretch me even wider. Then he relaxed and repeated the procedure again and again until I got used to it. Then I felt it.

His sex pole, hard as a real fence post pushed open my glutes adjacent to his hand. I felt the tip probe at the point his fingers entered my depths. Paul stroked my head with his free hand and then placed it to keep me pushed onto his dick. I knew they were ready to take my ass.

I felt the fingers spread my ass once more. Then they were out and, before my hole could react, something even bigger stabbed through the opening. My flesh yielded to his irresistible hardness. There was a flash of intense pain as he pushed the flaring head in. My scream was stifled because my mouth was stuffed with Paul. The doorway conquered, Andy stopped for a minute to let me adjust. My sphincter clamped down on his shaft just behind the flare of the crown. My ass was packed with Andy’s flesh.

With a hand free Andy took over manipulating my leg from Paul. As Paul caressed my face he assured me that the worst was over. I prayed he was right. He moved to jack my dick that had gone soft as I worried about my first penetration. He soon had me hard again.

When Andy felt my ass ring start to accommodate him he knew it was time to continue. Another stab forced three more inches in and shoved the crown past my prostate. Pain as my rectum was expanded, followed by pleasure of the stimulation. He moved in and out now using short strokes. The pleasure hit me again and again. My own lubricant oozed out and Paul spread it as he intensified his jacking motion. They drove me over the brink. I came. My first shot hit me in the face and the next splashed on Paul’s dick just an inch from my lips. The next few hit the sheets before the rest dripped out on Paul’s hand. I managed to get more of Paul into my mouth so I could lick up some of that load.

When I calmed down after my explosion I felt that Andy was in even deeper. I thought I could sense him deep inside my gut.

“I’m in half way,” he confirmed. “You took it like a real man.”

I reached a hand between my legs and touched the spot where he had drilled me. My flesh made a firm seal around his steely pipe. I traced it backward from my body, exploring the eight plus hard inches he had held in reserve for this first fuck.

Andy started stroking his flesh through me. As he pulled a few inches out, it seemed like the friction was trying to force my intestines out my asshole.

Then it was back in again. He started a steady fuck rhythm, gradually increasing the length of his movements. I began to get into it. When he built to the point that he withdrew the lip of the head past my prostate, it drove me wild.

He increased the tempo. Now he was going out until the head was caught by my ass ring and plunging in till he was halfway buried in one continuous shove. I’d grunt each time he refilled me and sigh contentedly as he eased out. At least that’s what I tried to do though it didn’t really sound like that with Paul’s fuck stick stuffing my mouth.

I concentrated on the sensations emanating from my gut. My dick throbbed in excitement. As Andy built the pace I was sweating like I were in a sauna. I approached the peak of ecstasy and then he stopped with his dick at the bottom of the stroke and held it there. I calmed back down as my sexual frenzy receded. When he saw I had recovered sufficiently, he began again climbing the mountain. I again neared the top and again he paused. We started again and again. I felt like I had run a marathon. When he stopped for the seventh or eight time, I pulled Paul’s cock head from my lips.

“Please,” I begged, “finish me I really need to cum.”

He started again without responding. I hoped he would grant me my plea as I resumed my sucking of Paul. He picked the pace up until it was faster than ever. I responded by reaching and exceeding my past plateaus of pleasure. I felt orgasm rushing at me, unstoppable now. My body spasmed as my dick shot a bolt of cum onto Paul’s plate-like pecs. I shot another as I felt a new sensation build deep within my body. Like the beat of a huge heart in the midst of my stomach, Andy’s thick member shook my soul as he started to unload. My own dick was forgotten as Andy erupted like a Hawaiian volcano. His hot lava poured forth with such heat and force that I could feel it even through the latex.

Again and again he poured his essence into me. I had to pull Paul from my mouth to gasp for air. “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” I grunted as he continued to rock me. Eventually I felt the sensation weaken. I was limp, soaked with sweat and totally exhausted.

Andy slowly lowered my leg then held my hips as he extracted his sex pole. The helmet lodged against the inside of my ring of abused muscle. With a sharp pull he ripped it out. I gaped open to the air for a few seconds before my body realized it was gone and clamped shut. They rolled me on to my back.

I looked up at them. Andy’s dick, still stiff and plastered against his abdominals, dripped with my ass juices. The condom had swelled with his seed to the size of a light bulb. The head was bathed in the white fluid where the filament might be. He removed it squeezing the neck to avoid spillage. He skinned the rubber back over his fist and raised the opening to my mouth. I stuck my tongue in the end of the sleeve. He relaxed his fist and the contents poured into, over and around my mouth. I swallowed more of their spunk and licked my lips to lap up the spillage I could reach.

“It looks like you enjoyed that,” commented Andy. I nodded. “Now its my turn,” put in Paul.

“I’m beat guys. Can’t I rest some?”

“We’re only starting,” insisted Paul. “Andy began loosening you up and, while you’re open, it is my job to finish. You liked what Andy did and you haven’t felt anything until you see what we’ll do to you when we really get in. Why don’t you fuck Andy? We’ll get you in and you can rest on his broad back.”

Paul didn’t wait. He fitted me with a condom and brought my dick back to life with firm strokes of his hand. Andy rolled onto his front side and split his thighs. His long shaft stuck out several inches to the side of his waist. I was still too weak to move so Paul moved me in position with his arm around me, holding me over Andy’s broad back. I reached out with my hands and held on to the sides of his lats as they flared from his shoulders.

The muscle guarding Andy’s ass was as strong as the rest of him. Even though he relaxed the opening, when I tried to enter my cock was deflected instead of forcing the gate. Again Paul helped out, plugging the end of his spear into his twin. That was irresistible. He had me get in position, waiting, touching the point where the two siblings joined. He jerked out and, with a powerful shove on my butt, forced me into Andy right to the root. A split second later his gut clamped down on me. I was held in a vice-like grip.

Andy squeezed and relaxed his interior muscles, stimulating me without my having to move an inch.

With my dick clamped in Andy’s ass, Paul moved my legs above Andy’s spread thighs. My knees touched the bed on each side of his narrow waist and I lay my chest on the mounds of muscle that formed his back. I awaited Paul’s pleasure.

After getting a condom, Paul leaned over his brother and I. I felt his chest press against me as he placed the pillars of his arms on either side. He poked my ass. He sliced through my cheeks, exploring the crack until the tip lodged against the target. He pushed down on me. The pressure on my opening rose higher and higher. I felt my flesh give as he forced the gate. In a flash of pain, resistance vanished and he plunged into me. I muffled a scream in the muscles of Andy’s shoulder.

Paul started a slow fuck motion with short strokes. Each inward thrust would take him deeper. A few minutes of this and he was in as far as we reached the first time. He started to plow virgin ground. I expanded to accommodate him. He was irresistible. I am sure he could thrust right through me if he wanted, but he kept a slow steady pace to allow me time, mentally and physically.

He reached some bend or restriction within me. I cried out as he pounded a couple times at the barrier. He stopped for a minute as if considering his next move. Staying pressed to the obstruction he slowly raised the force he applied. Deep inside I felt him demanding my body to yield to his needs.

With a some more effort he rearranged my internal anatomy to allow him access. Resistance collapsed and his last few inches buried themselves in my ass. His groin touched my body, my butt flattened and I was squeezed between the boys.

“I’m in,” he announced, a Hawaiian warrior proud of his conquest. “You took it like a real stud.”

I was pleased that I earned his respect and was ready to serve him.

He resumed the fuck, still taking it slow, but building the length of his strokes. As he moved my body was shaken along the entire length, over 16 inches, of his massive manhood. It was not just my prostate or ass ring, but also places down in the center of my body that had never been stimulated before. Andy relaxed the pressure trapping my own cock. As Paul pulled up he took my ass with him, sliding my eight inches in Andy’s still clutching hole. Then Paul would do the down-stroke and force me back into his brother. The sensations were incredible.

After a few minutes of this I was rocked by another orgasm, spitting my seed into the condom. Andy sensed my excitement and tightened himself against my pulsing member. As I finished and rested my head on his left shoulder, he turned his head and we shared a deep kiss. But Paul was just warming up. He knew I was ready for an all out fuck and started to increase the speed. Now his pile-driver strokes were the full length of his shaft, almost fourteen inches, leaving only the three inch bulb of his cock head inside, then pistoning through my gut until our three bodies slammed together with a slap of firm flesh on firm flesh.

Every nerve in my body tingled with excitement. The heat from my Hawaiian studs flowed into my body, from Andy’s ass up my dick and from the massive log Paul lodged in my gut. It radiated from there throughout my being. I lay in my own sweat that pooled in the deep muscle valleys of Andy’s wide back.

“Oh…oh…please…ah,” I mumbled and moaned, well beyond the point of rational thought. I came again, then fell exhausted on Andy’s back.

Yet Paul wasn’t done. He moved to a higher level, even harder and faster. The sensations doubled and redoubled. I was pushed into convulsions of pleasure in spite of my mental and physical overload.

“No…oh…it…oh…too…oh…much,” I gasped or at least tried to.

Paul continued on even faster. When he came my whole body shook. His cock was in to the hilt and it all bucked and pulsed, sending waves of excitement from my head to my toes. Then he shot. I could feel the first load race down the entire length of his hose and spray from the nozzle with such force that it could be sensed through the condom. I had another orgasm in sympathy though the rest of me was too weak to move a muscle.

After what seemed hours, but must have been just a minute or two, he finished and rested his chest over my back. I was enveloped in over seven hundred pounds of bulging sweating muscle. My normal-sized body almost disappeared between these two muscle giants. After a few minutes of rest the twins shared a wet kiss.

“Now it’s my turn for a deep fuck,” insisted Andy.

“No,” I protested. “I’m all in. I need some rest. There’s always tomorrow.” “Well, brah, you can always do me,” offered Paul.

With that Paul rolled off Andy onto his back. He held me with a forearm around my chest so that I moved with him and wound up resting face up on his hugely bulging torso, using his mountainous pecs as pillows. He still had me totally impaled on his mighty member that apparently softened not one iota. He moved my legs to straddle his thighs then held me with one arm around my chest, a hand playing with my tit, while the other stripped off my rubber, tossed it aside, and started to rub my soft tool. The muscles of his thirty-inch arms pinned my sides as I held onto the round peaks of those monster biceps.

Andy got behind us. His sixteen and a half inches looked ready for action, pointing straight up to the ceiling. He raised his twin’s legs to his shoulders, laying them in the deep valley between bowling ball deltoids and the wide pyramid of his traps. When Paul’s legs moved back it forced mine to spread even wider and up as Paul kept my ass pressed to the base of his shaft.

Andy held his thick sex pole and forced it down to line up with his target. Apparently the twins don’t use condoms with each other. I had a ringside seat to watch it as, inch by inch it disappeared inside in one continuous motion. I felt Paul’s excitement as he shivered under me and, inside, his cock twitched in reaction to the anal stimulation. Of course, a small twitch of that tremendous stake up the center of my body felt like an earthquake to me.

As I watched Andy take his pleasure from his identical twin, I knew they had been gentle with me. He powered his pole with tremendous force. The bulging muscles of his arms, chest, trunk and thighs standing out in dramatic relief, dwarfing any bodybuilder I’d seen. As he slammed his body into Paul’s butt, it would rock us both. Again and again, faster and faster, I saw him build his passion. I caught the reaction in Paul’s cock as he tightened his ass with a force that would have probably pressed my prick into a strand of spaghetti, but brought these supermen to a new level. Now both the boys were sweating rivers with the effort.

Finally, Andy plunged in for a last thrust and unloaded. Paul reacted to the molten stream of cum with his own orgasm, going wild inside me. I joined them, but only a spoonful dribbled onto Paul’s hand from my empty balls. They both continued pumping for over a minute. I felt the bulb of trapped seed swell in my belly as a second voluminous load was added.

When Andy finished. He pushed his brother’s legs off his shoulders to the sides and leaned over us.

“What’s your pleasure for the next round,” he asked me.

“I’m exhausted,” I confessed. “It’s near eleven o’clock. That’s two in the morning for me. I’m still on Los Angeles time. I’d like to get to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day. Can I take a shit and a shower first though?”

“Okay, Rick,” agreed Paul. “We’ve been selfish, but you were a lot of fun and a real good sport.”

Andy pulled back and stepped off the bed. Paul started to pull out of me, but I stopped him.

“Better keep that cork up my ass until we get to the toilet or I think we’ll have a mess.”

Paul carried me around the waist into the master bathroom and set me facing backwards on the seat. I leaned toward the reservoir as he slid out of me in one smooth motion that reminded me of my earlier thrills. As I expected my liquefied shit poured out when the plug was removed. My limp dick added a solid stream of piss. As I was relieving myself, Paul anointed me by dumping the pint of seed contained in the condom over my head and rubbing into my blond hair like shampoo.

As I got up I saw myself in the mirror. I was virtually covered in cum, some dried, some drying, and the fresh stuff matting my hair and flowing down my face.

Andy had started the shower. I stepped into the stall and felt the water start to wash the residue of the hottest sex I’d ever had off my body. The boys joined me after a short stop of their own at the toilet. Though it was built for a couple, the designers of the shower weren’t planning on people the twins’ size. With me added it was tight.

I started by cleaning the boys. That gave me a great opportunity to feel each of their muscles. They were about three inches taller than I at six foot four. I particularly enjoyed cleaning their chests. The pectorals were massive slabs of muscle over a barrel shaped rib cage. They had half dollar nipples of a slightly darker red-brown than their deep bronze skin tone. My cleaning motion brought fingertip-like points up on them. I really couldn’t resist licking them.

Their bodies flared in a broad “V” down to a 32-inch waist. The abdominals bulged with definition as if there really were a six-pack trapped under the skin, but they felt like they were carved in marble.

They didn’t have a trace of a tan line, just an even deep golden brown color all over. Their dicks were somewhat darker except the crown poking out of the foreskin was a bright red-brown similar to their nipples. I got a got look at those pythons and was amazed that I’d been able to take it whole from both ends. It was almost as thick as my fist with a big vein running the length and smaller ones branching off and crisscrossing the circumference. They reached up to just under their pecs. That was mid chest height for me. They were both still hard despite all the activity.

I stuck a soapy finger up Andy’s butt to clean him up. He clamped down on it so hard I yelped with pain. He relaxed his muscles after demonstrating the restraint he’d used when I fucked him and allowed me to proceed. I then did their incredible thighs. Each one was as thick as my chest. Deep valleys formed between each of the bands of muscle that composed the pillars that supported their bodies. Their calves were as big as my thigh.

Then it was their turn to do me. They cleaned me as thoroughly as I did with them, running strong soapy hands over every inch. They started with my matted hair and worked down. When they did my waist, Andy turned me upside down, holding me suspended in the air facing him.

Paul started by soaping my feet. Andy raised me higher as Paul proceeded up (down?) my legs. By the time Paul got to my crotch, my face was even with Andy’s dick head, so I swallowed it. Andy was never one to miss an opportunity. He lowered me onto him until I had his entire piece in my mouth, throat and who knows how much even deeper. Andy inhaled my own small sex pole that he soon brought up to its full eight inches.

Meanwhile, Paul continued cleaning. I felt him easily insert three soap- covered fingers up my loosened hole and, after doing some cleaning, go to work on my joy button. A few minutes later we achieved our release. Andy delivered his load straight to my stomach, while my balls had recharged enough to give him a decent taste.

Andy pulled me off and set me upright on the floor. We stepped out, dried each other and headed to bed. The sheets had been changed while we showered. Paul said they always allow their older brothers to sleep with their soiled sheets when they are occupied with guests.

It was warm enough to dispense with coverings so we lay on top of the big bed. I was between the two twins using their thirty-inch biceps as pillows. Soon I was asleep.

I dreamt I was in a deep valley. The hills looked like the boys’ abdominal muscles. I came to a forest. The trees were huge thighs that met far overhead. Big snakes hung from the trees. The snakes dropped and attacked me. I ran and they chased me. I ran until I became entangled in vines. I moved through the dense tangle slowly. I was very thirsty. Between the vines I saw a fountain. I drank.

I woke up. It was morning. I was in a jumble of huge arms and legs. I had one of the boys’ cocks in my mouth. I could taste fresh cum. Though I couldn’t see it I knew where the other cock was, plugged up my butt. The warmth from what I assumed to be fresh man seed was spreading deep within me. I located my own arm in the mix and grabbed the shaft I was nursing. One of the boys stirred. It was Andy in front of me. We started to untangle. Paul woke up then and realized where he was.

“Sorry about that, Rick,” he apologized. “Guess I’d better wear rubbers to bed if I’m going to fuck in my sleep. Feels like a good load too. I’m sorry I missed it, but I had a great dream.” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to risk unprotected sex, but I was kind of excited to have his seed in me. We just disentangled. Then they each threw another fuck at me properly suited. Cum was great lube because it was down deep where normal procedures couldn’t reach. After a sexy shower we had breakfast. They let me choose which of their older brothers to fuck and they did the other two.

They were going to surf Pipeline today. The waves had built from yesterday, influenced by the remnants of a typhoon passing a thousand miles northwest of the islands. Twenty feet or more was expected. Their brothers brought trunks and dressed us. They wanted me to wear one of the twin’s suits. It fit fine in the waist, but was real baggy in the legs because my thighs were nothing like theirs.

We went to the surfboards. They had over a dozen. They selected two of the longer boards and insisted I use one of theirs instead of mine. They said it would be better for really big surf.

After they loaded the pickup with a cooler, straw mats and some towels, we took off.

I didn’t see much of the trip as Andy was fucking me the whole way. He just put my butt on his lap with my back resting on the dashboard. He rolled up the leg of his trunks and just pushed his sheathed pole up my loose fitting trunks and into my hole. I don’t know if any of the other cars saw what we were doing, but I really didn’t care. Andy brought us off just before we pulled into the parking area.

As we carried our gear to the beach, I saw and heard the power of the ocean today. The waves broke further out than yesterday because they were larger. We set up camp near the top of the sand. Then we grabbed our boards and headed to the water. There were a few surfers already out, less than yesterday, and more just watching.

I really got pounded going out through the breakers, but made it. I rendezvoused with Andy and Paul where they were waiting for their waves. Andy took off and then Paul. I watched as they caught their rides, stood up and disappeared down the steep faces of water. I paddled to catch the next swell. I kept it easy to start and had a great ride. The mountainous waves were exhilarating.

I surfed for a couple hours. I tried hitting a few tubes and made it through once. I was tossed off my board by the waves plenty. Getting pounded by a hundred tons of water is no picnic. Yet it was great and what I’d come to Hawaii for. After awhile, however, the pounding wore me down and I headed in to take a break.

I plopped down on the mat we’d spread and watched the twins in action. They were really superb. I saw several tube rides. They’d stay up easily in situations that would toss most of the guys I’ve seen into the foam.

The waves had continued to build and the lifeguards posted hazardous surf warning along the beach. Only a handful of surfers were out now including Andy and Paul. There was a good crowd watching the action. A half-hour later the boys rode a wave to the beach and trotted up to our patch of sand. Several of the other surfers were running alongside, congratulating them.

I got up to add my compliments as they approached. They tossed their boards to the sand. We were soon surrounded by a group of guys. Paul held me next to him with an arm around my back while Andy stood on the other side of me.

When they finished offering praise on the boys’ surfing, Andy introduced me. Then I got congratulations, usually with remarks like ‘I’m surprised you can walk much less surf.’ Since Andy hadn’t said anything about sex, I figured these guys had past experience with them. I was right. They were all real hunks with a range of ethnicity. Some looked like bodybuilders, from light to heavy, but none approaching the twins. There were swimmer’s builds like mine and a couple of gymnast types.

A Japanese-American bodybuilder, about five-four, a hundred-sixty pounds of lean muscle, asked the question the group was really interested in. “When are you going to have us over? You know that once you break a guy in nothing less is truly satisfying.” Others added agreement. Andy indicated he understood. Meanwhile Andy had slipped a hand down the back of my trunks and pushed a finger up my butt. I was proud I had the place that these hot studs wished they were in.

Someone suggested a party Saturday night and they agreed. There was a cheer from the group. Several of them had major bones showing just from being close to them. I was one of them.

“You guys ought to enter bodybuilding shows. You could take the state, national and Mr. O just by showing up,” urged the bodybuilder who had spoken first. “I could help you put a posing routine together.”

Paul laughed. “You know we have a big problem that’s hard to hide in posing trunks. We’d give the audience quite a show.”

“I’ve an idea. I’ll bring some posing trunks for you Saturday. You’re 32 inches at the waist, right?” They nodded.

“Okay. We’ll see you all Saturday at six,” repeated Andy as they broke up.

We had the lunch that Luke had packed in the cooler and went out for some more surfing. I tried a couple waves and avoided a wipeout, but I thought that the conditions were getting too big for me so I headed in. The boys did another hour. Only a couple others dared the surf with them.

The next few days were an ideal mix of sex and surf. By now I was comfortable with the monster meat the boys would shove up my butt and down my throat. The surf wasn’t so extreme, but well above normal for June. It was thrilling while not quite as dangerous.

Finally, Saturday arrived.

Luke had set out big trays of vegetables with a cream dip and various fruits. There were sport drinks, fruit punch and, for energy, protein shakes. There was no alcohol that might interfere with sexual performance. Big stacks of condoms were located around the house. The other brothers were in the compound to park cars, take care of the guest’s clothes and to be available if anyone needed to warm up.

Paul and Andy each gave me a powerful fuck before the guests arrived since they would be spending most of the time with the others. I was in the living area when six o’clock rolled around. Several cars arrived right on the dot. Their drivers obviously didn’t want to waste any time.

The bodybuilder from the beach was in the first group. The boys took him and another to their bedroom. A couple others came to talk with me while they waited. In the next minutes several others arrived including some that I hadn’t noticed surfing. The word must have gotten around.

I was quite popular, being the guy most recently the object of the twins’ attentions. A number felt my asshole to see how it was holding up to several days of near steady sex. Most also wanted a fuck with me too since they would be sticking their dicks into a hole recently fucked by their Hawaiian gods.

The boys worked through their guests by twos. I saw the short bodybuilder come out with a contented smile. I talked to him. He was married with two kids. This time I felt his ass. He said it took lots of work to stretch enough to be comfortable with the boys, but he managed. He doesn’t intend to let them put him off so long next time. I played with his muscles while I fucked him as he leaned on the rail of the lanai. Then I sucked him off and swallowed his load.

It was near ten by the time the twins had worked the crowd through. They’d managed to fuck each of the sixteen guests. They joined us in the living area and there was an immediate clamor for seconds. But the bodybuilder brought out the posing trunks and asked if they wanted to try to put on a show for the group. The twins agreed if they were able to get into the skimpy briefs.

The bodybuilder had them slip them on and raise them to their thigh level just below their cock heads. They did. He got behind Paul and took hold of the thick shaft by reaching through his legs. Then he bent it back and shoved it up Paul’s own ass. It pushed about nine inches inside until it arced just beneath his big balls. Paul pulled the trunks up and adjusted the package. He still had a big bulge in there, but it didn’t look outrageous.

Andy got the same treatment. The boys tried some movements to test how it felt fucking themselves.

“It feels just like you,” they said simultaneously to each other. We all had a laugh with the identical twins.

They gave us a posing demo under the coaching of the bodybuilder. Their muscles flared hugely over their entire body. It was fantastic. You couldn’t really tell about where their cocks were buried unless they did a pose with their legs split wide and you had a view of their rear. They did about thirty minutes emphasizing one muscle group after another. They shifted from one to another as everyone cheered them on.

They were doing a standing double biceps when a change came over their faces. Their muscles tensed even tighter and you could see their abdominals ripple. They gasped in surprise as they flooded their guts with their hot cum. In a few seconds their seed started to leak out, flowing down their legs and dripping from their trunks to the floor. When the orgasm ended they were thoroughly soaked with their own juices.

“Well, for a show you only have to pose for a few minutes,” offered the bodybuilder.

“We’re not disappointed. It was fun. We’ll give you a call next week,” Paul assured him. “Who’s ready for another round?”

They stripped off the trunks. Paul picked the bodybuilder up in his arms. Andy grabbed another guy and they carried them into the bedroom. A scramble ensued for the discarded trunks.

Most of the guys had to be helped from the bedroom after the second visit. They were exhausted and suffering sensory overload. The older brothers half carried those cases into the living room and lay them on the carpet.

They usually fucked those too tired to protest but still conscious. Round two was followed by round three. Most everyone was out of it by his third visit. There were hunks sleeping in groups of two or three all over by then. The twins helped the last pair back to the living room. They saw their bodybuilder friend and I were the only ones still active. He was fucking me doggy style.

“Looks like the party’s about over,” commented Paul surveying the scene. “Why don’t you two join us for a nightcap?”

He picked us both up, still coupled, with one powerful arm around our waists and carried us into the bedroom. I felt my fucker cum as we were en route.

Paul tossed us on the bed. We did a sixty-nine while the twins fucked us. It was dawn before we got to sleep in a jumble of arms, legs and cocks.

I have to rate that trip to Hawaii as my best vacation ever. I can’t wait to go back.


Chapter 18: New Roommates

I was planning on getting a place in town for my senior year at Berkeley with my friend. But the prices were really outrageous and, when we had the chance to get a place in a brand new senior dormitory, we decided to stay on campus.

My name is Jerry Sanders and my buddy from high school is Mitch Carter. When we checked in for our new year, we had half of a four-person suite. Each person had their own bedroom and there was a large common area with desks for each and a small kitchenette. The suite had an attached bathroom with double vanities and a large shower.

Our roommates hadn’t arrived so we picked out a couple bedrooms and started moving in our stuff. About an hour later we met the others, Jack Gordon and Ricardo Chavez. We introduced ourselves and helped them bring up their gear. They’d been roommates last year like Mitch and I. It turned out Mitch and Jack had a class together last year.

After we got things arranged we settled down in the common area to get better acquainted. Over some cold sodas we told Jack and Ricardo about ourselves. We’re both from the Sacramento area and ran track in high school, sprints for me and mid-distance for Mitch. But we’re not on the team at university as Mitch is in a pre-Med program and I’m looking for law.

Then Jack and Ricardo gave us their backgrounds. No real surprises until they told us they were gay. They asked if that were a problem with us but we were cool. Mitch joked that, at least, we wouldn’t have to worry about them stealing our girlfriends. Anyway, with individual bedrooms the suite offered good privacy and Mitch and I weren’t worried about being checked out in the shower.

I noticed that Jack and Ricardo had matching ear studs and asked them about them. They said they’d won a contest at a frat party last year and were awarded the studs with a “Yin-Yang” symbol. It gets them some special consideration with the fraternity but they’re not actually members. I wasn’t real clear about it even after they discussed it.

Just then Ricardo got a call on his cell and said he needed to go meet someone. A few minutes later Jack got a call too and quickly split, leaving Mitch and I alone.

It was morning and I was eating cereal in our kitchen when Jack opens his door. He was just in his boxers, bare-chested, a pretty decent build. He looked to have had a long night.

“Morning. Had a tough night?” I asked.

“Good morning,” he greeted me. “Not really—had tougher. I’m just not into the routine yet after a summer off.”

Then Ricardo wandered out, looking haggard too. “Did you guys party together? It must have been some party.”

“I don’t think we saw each other once we left here,” Ricardo offered. “Just seeing some friends we missed over the summer. Mine were glad to see me and it looks like Jack had a good time too.”

“Well I won’t be jealous of anyone who gets action. Mitch and I will just have to wait for our dates on Saturday.”

“If you want to switch teams just let us know. We can hook you up,” offered Jack.

“Don’t count on it. Got to go, guys. I have an early class.”

I hurried out, sooner than I really needed as the conversation was taking a bad turn.

It was shortly after noon when I got back to the room. No one was in the common area but there was noise coming from Jack’s bedroom. The bed was creaking and the moans were clearly from Jack. He was being fucked good and hard in there. The sounds filled the space as I made myself some lunch, wondering about what type of guy could so forcefully handle a guy as fit as Jack.

About ten minutes later things quieted down. Later the door opened and an Asian guy came out. He was huge. Actually he was pretty short, maybe five and a half at most, but his muscles were tremendous. He was fully clothed with a polo shirt and slacks. Yet, under the covering, massive muscles were unmistakable. His chest was broad and the plates of his pecs bulged. His belt cinched his pants about a tiny waist. Tiny compared to the chest and thick thighs that stretched the cloth above and below. A thick tube of flesh was outlined along the inside of his left thigh, reaching halfway to his knee.

“Hi. I’m Tony Thieu. You must be Jack’s roommate.”

His voice broke me out of my daze. I looked at his smiling face, realizing my stare had drifted well below his waist. I’m sure he noticed. I stood up.

“I’m Jerry Sanders. Nice to meet you.”

I offered my hand. His grip was firm and he held the contact, looking into my eyes.

“I guess you heard me fucking Jack. You’ve got a nice body,” he added, rubbing his other hand across my back until it rested on my butt. “I’d love to stay, but I’ve got to get to class. Jack has my number.”

I was looking down at him. He was a head shorter than my 6’2”. I was so startled that I didn’t say anything. He released my hand, gave me a quick tap on the butt and was out the door. I sat back in my chair, stunned by his easy assumption that I’d want sex with him.

About five minutes passed and Jack emerged with a towel about his waist. He looked like he’d had quite a workout. His hair was messed and his body had a sheen from his sweat. Streaks of cum were drying on his chest and stomach.

“Hi Jerry. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I guess you were busy. I met your friend on his way out.” “That was Tony. He’s a junior this year and pledge-master at his fraternity. We’re good friends.”

“I got that impression. I think he would have tried to seduce me if he’d had more time.”

“Yeah. Tony’s got quite a sex drive. I guess he fucks five or six times a day, so he’s always looking for new buddies. Did you notice how big he is?

From your blushing, I guess you did. He knows how to use it too. If you’re interested I can set you up.”

God. Damn. “No, no,” I stammered. “He just startled me by being so direct.”

“Well, you needn’t worry. He’ll not fuck you without your consent. He knows his strength can be intimidating, so he always is careful not to do anything his partner doesn’t want. Actually, all the guys are like that.”

“What do you mean by all the guys?”

“The guys in Tony’s fraternity. They’re all really big and strong. Remember I said that Ricardo and I get special considerations from a fraternity? Well its Tony’s fraternity and the consideration is getting fucked regularly by a house full of hot studs. I suppose it’s like being the boy-toy for a couple dozen supermodels if you’re straight.”

“You’re joking. Are we going to have to listen to your fuck sessions every night?”

“No joke, just the truth. But, don’t worry, it will only be a few times a week during the day. Usually we get together elsewhere around campus. On weekends Ricardo and I mostly go over to the frat house. Of course, to be fair, we’d have no problem about you entertaining your girlfriends in the room at any time. You don’t have to worry about us hitting on them and only a few of the fraternity brothers are bi.”

The door opened and Ricardo came in. He had a big smile as he greeted us. “Hi guys.” “Hi,” Jack responded. “Jerry met Tony this morning as he was leaving from fucking me. It looks like you had some fun this morning too.”

“Yeah. Eric and I got together between classes this morning and Zai Zai texted me to meet him at library after my two o’clock. What did you think of Tony, Jerry?”

“He’s big,” I answered. “And seems very confident in himself.”

“Oh, he’s a little below average size for his fraternity, but he really knows how to use it. Or were you talking about his muscles? They are big…and strong. But I guess if you have assets like Tony, why wouldn’t you be confident?”

“Hey guys, I’ve got to go to my afternoon classes,” I cut in and got out of there.

I was uncomfortable with the discussion. I saw I had a small wet spot on my pants from being partly hard. I hoped they didn’t notice.

The rest of the week passed easily as classes started and I got used to my schedule. I heard Ricardo in his room in action with somebody but had to leave before they finished so didn’t see his partner. Mitch told me about meeting a deeply tanned, muscular, Asian guy exiting our room as he was returning. I filled him in on what I’d seen.

Walking around campus, I’d seen a few Asian guys as muscular as Tony and spotted a black kid in one of my lecture classes with an ear stud like Jack’s.

I’ve got to admit that Mitch and I were a little jealous of the action our gay roommates were getting. I’d had a mid week lunch with my friend, Sarah, and Mitch and I were both looking forward to Saturday night. It was clear that Jack and Ricardo would be out with their fraternity friends and we’d have the room to entertain our dates.

As they expected, Jack and Ricardo got calls Saturday morning and left for the weekend. However, the plans for Mitch and I didn’t work out like we expected. Instead of renewing our relationship from last year, it was breakup time. By midnight we were alone in our rooms. I slept late Sunday morning then hit the gym. Our gay roommates got back just after six in high spirits. That made me even more depressed.

I felt even lower when I returned to my room Monday just before noon and heard the noises from Jack’s room. He was getting action again and clearly enjoying it. I just slumped down in a soft chair and imagined what was going on behind the wall.

In about a quarter hour, things quieted down. A few minutes later a huge Chinese guy emerged wearing only a white towel wrapped about his slim, muscular waist. With a frame a couple inches taller than my six-foot-two and over 300 pounds of muscle the towel didn’t cover much. Certainly not his cock, which hung down a few inches below the towel, at mid thigh. The visible portion of that cock still had a coating of cum.

“Hello,” he said. “I didn’t know anyone else was here. I guess I missed you coming in while busy with Jack. Jack mentioned he and Ricardo have a couple of straight roommates. I’m Alan, Alan Wong. Nice to meet you. I’m going to grab a shower.”

I looked up as he spoke. I was blushing, as I’m sure he saw where I was looking just before.

“Jerry Sanders,” I got out eventually.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to guys checking me out. With a body like this, who can resist?” He held his arm up and made his biceps bulge. It was bigger than a softball. He lowered the arm and held his hand out to me. “Shake? Friends?”

“Sure.” I got up and took his hand. He held me longer than I expected in his grip as we locked eyes. Involuntarily, my cock started to stiffen in my pants.

“You want to feel my muscles? Try to squeeze my arm,” he suggested while flexing his left arm and shifting his grip to my wrist to move my right hand to the muscle.

It was warm to my touch and felt like steel under his thin skin. My strength could barely make an impression on it. He shifted my hand to his abdominal muscles. They looked like carved stone and felt like it. By now my cock had tented my pants. He surely noticed the damp spot by the tip. His own cock was getting bigger and starting to lift the front of the towel. I felt dizzy.

“That’s okay. I’m used to the effect I have on people. You’re sweating. Let me help you.”

He put a strong arm about my back and held me to his torso. My mind registered that his cock was now standing straight up. The towel bunched about the bottom few inches as it stood well over a foot tall. The head had pushed well clear of the skin surrounding it and pre-cum bubbled from the tip. The wet spot on my pants had grown dramatically. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. I couldn’t think.

“You know, I find many guys aren’t as straight as they think. You’ll feel more comfortable with fewer clothes.”

I let him tug off my shirt. He put me down in the chair. A minute later my shoes, socks and pants were tossed on the floor. My seven-inch cock was sticking straight out the opening of my blue boxer shorts; the head damp with pre-cum. With his hands under my pits he lifted me to my feet. He pulled off his towel.

“I think there’s another muscle of mine you might want to feel. Go ahead,” he urged.

It’s like it were a magnet. My hand was attracted to the tall shaft sticking up in front of his body. My fingers wrapped the thick cylinder at about the mid point. I couldn’t completely encompass it. It was so thick…and hot. The surface was slick with his juices. Some soon pooled in the groove between my fist and his firm flesh as a steady flow creep down its length from the fresh stuff bubbling at the slit on its tip. I slid my hand along the impressive member. His hand on my back pressed me against his rock-hard body. His lips touched mine. We kissed. I felt him push his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me like I’d kiss my girlfriend, only, in this case, I was the girl. He was in control. I didn’t mind. It felt right, natural, normal. Next to him I was weak, helpless, feminine. His hands roamed my body. Somewhere in there my boxers joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.

I was back in the soft chair, my legs in the air resting on his strong shoulders. His finger had entered my ass, doing things that made my cock bounce and leak. The massive pole that was his cock bisected the angle formed by our bodies, arching over my trunk with just the smallest upward bend. A steady dribble of his juice rained onto my body. He was at least twice as long as my seven inches and three times thicker. I knew he was getting ready to put that monster member into me and I wasn’t scared. It seemed right. He’d gotten a condom from somewhere and was rolling it on. He must think I’m ready. So did I.

I looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me. His cock pulled out of my sight as he put it into position. I bit my lower lip and concentrated on his calming visage. I felt the blunt tip press my bottom where his fingers penetrated my interior. He pressed himself against me as he pulled out and pushed in with a fluid motion. It felt as big as it looked. My bottom stretched around his invading shaft. It went deeper. I could feel the bulge from the flaring cock-head and the veins and bumps of the pole they squeezed by the taut ring of my ass.

He plunged inward, opening me up. He touched a spot inside that caused my cock to bounce. He shifted to short strokes, massaging the sensitive spot. I gasped at the sudden stimulation. My cock spurted as my gut clamped down on his pole. As my orgasm eased I flopped limply back on the chair. Dazed and drained, I drifted in the afterglow.

It must have been several minutes before my mind refocused. I saw Alan still hovering above me, smiling. I realized he was much deeper inside me.

“Having fun?” He asked. I nodded. He pushed some more into me. As it moved within me I tingled all over. He started smooth strokes, sliding his thick flesh through my gut.

Gradually I felt him move deeper until he seemed right in the middle of my belly.. Yet, a minute later, he seemed even further. I looked down my body to check his progress. There were still several inches of his thick hose extending between our bodies. I could see his big balls drawn tight against the root. They were huge too, a perfect match to his mighty member. He must shoot buckets when he cums.

I lay back as he continued to claim more and more of my ass. He seemed to be everywhere. I felt him in places I didn’t know existed. Heat seemed to pour from the stake he’d shoved into my belly. It flowed straight to my cock that was again hard and leaking. I’d had fantasies about gay sex before but they were nothing like the reality.

Pleasure poured through my body in ways I could never have imagined. My fevered mind recognized that his big balls were pressing my flesh. He was in me to the hilt. All of that hard, hot flesh, that reached to my pecs as he’d stood before me, was now inside me. I rubbed my hand on my stomach, slick with my cum. I could feel the shifting bulge as it moved within me.

He resumed a steady fuck motion with short strokes. At least, short for his cock, maybe five or six inches. He stoked my pleasure and my cock erupted again. That was his cue to speed up. As he did he lengthened his thrusts until just the bulbous head was inside before he plunged the steely shaft into me. My cock hardened once again as he stimulated all my pleasure centers. The internal sensations dominated my senses. The room appeared to darken.

Then there was something new. A strong tremor shook me, then another, and another. My body shook. He exploded inside me. A searing jet spewed in my gut…another…another…another. I convulsed in the ultimate peak of sexual pleasure and release, then, the world went dark.

I saw Alan above me when my senses cleared. My face was wet with my own spewed cum. Alan was still deep inside me and still cumming, but just small spurts instead of the powerful jets he initially released. A minute later quiet returned. My world was still again inside and out.

I spotted Jack standing beside Alan. He was dressed for class. “I see you met my friend Alan.”

“It’s not what you think,” I sputtered.

“You still have a foot of Alan’s cock up your hole and you’re coated in your own spewed cum. What is it?”

“Well…I guess it is what you think. But I wasn’t trying to steal your boyfriend.”

Alan laughed. “It’s not like that. Jack, how many guys have fucked you in the last week?”

“I didn’t count, certainly more than a dozen guys, many, more than once. Alan fucks more than five times a day. He just added you to his network.”

“What does that mean? I liked what we did, but I guess I don’t know the rules.”

“It means I plan on using your ass on a regular basis. I assume that’s okay with you,” Alan stated while giving a full stroke with his still embedded cock for emphasis. “By the way, I almost forgot. We have something new. Here’s a new ear stud for you, Jack. It has an RFID chip. And I’ve got a ring for you, Jerry.”

He handed me an item from a tiny bag on the floor. It was the promised ring. The face had a golden circle filled with a red inlay.

“The gold is for a senior as I am this year. Silver would be for juniors, bronze for sophomores and white for freshman. The red is my personal color, so wearing it marks you as in my network of fuck buddies. If you see another like it around campus you’ll know you have something in common. It has RFID too. Let me initialize it.” Alan picked up a smart-phone and entered something. He showed me the screen. It had a campus map. I spotted our dorm. There were a couple symbols like the ring and one like Jack’s stud. One ring symbol was larger than the other. I guessed that was Alan. The other was blinking. Me?

“Why is the one symbol blinking?”

“When I’m within two feet of your ring for more than a few seconds it blinks to show you’re busy. The symbol is linked to your class schedule and will dim 10 minutes before any of your scheduled classes to show you’re not available. For a normal symbol I can select it, enter a time and a meeting location and send you a text message setting everything up. When you text back a ‘Y’ it highlights your symbol, the location and time remaining. It should be real efficient and save a lot of time. One of guys adapted it from an airport baggage tracking system. But don’t worry we won’t accidentally send you to St. Louis.”

“Mostly the symbols are like your ring or the yin-yang symbol,” asked Jack.

“Yes. It’s set to track my network and boyfriends; the guys that I’d call on most often. I can display the other brothers and their networks, but I’d need the brother’s permission to access their network.”

“Say, how come you happened to have my phone number and schedule ready? Did you plan this?”

“Actually we got your data from university records when I initialized your ring, but you’re right, this was planned. Eddie Lee, our president this year, decided to bring roommates of our existing fuck buddies into our group. It makes up for the losses due to graduations and gives us more freedom to plan encounters. I chose to initiate you after hearing about you from Jack and Ricardo last weekend. I think we made a real connection.”

When he said that I couldn’t help but look at the few inches of thick flesh joining my ass to his groin and extending over ten more inches inside me.

“Does that mean you’ll be seducing Mitch when he returns?” “No, we thought someone else was a better match for Mitch. Big Bill Reyes met him after his morning class. Bill doesn’t take no for an answer, but when he’s done, Mitch will never dream of saying no to him. Let’s see if I can get a track on the system.”

He pressed a few buttons.

“There he is in the varsity baseball equipment room. The three bronze and green symbols.”

I noticed the two smaller ones were blinking.

“I’ve got more time and it seems you do too; no need to let Mitch have all the fun.”

Jack left for class as Alan resumed fucking me. He started by reinserting the inches he’d eased out while we were talking. I noticed that he didn’t actual ask if I wanted to be fucked some more. I did, of course, but his casual assumption of that, told me a lot about our relationship.

As Alan moved his thick pole inside me the pleasure flowed through me. He had opened me up to accept his dimensions and, big as he was, there was no pain. I could feel each vein as they pressed through my over-stretched ring. The flange of his mushroom-shaped head thrilled me each time it pressed past my prostate. My cock was bobbing over my abdominals, dripping pre-cum. A new spurt emerged as each stroke bottomed out. As he sped up his motions my excitement mounted to a new peak. He added something new, flexing his cock muscles as he ended his inward plunge.

My whole body shook as he rearranged my internal anatomy.

He made three final thrusts, each one faster and harder than the last and held still, pressed in to the max. There were a few seconds of quiet. Then I felt him explode. I could feel his cum race down his long shaft and shoot from his gun. The hot load bounced off the walls of my gut in places even his long pole hadn’t reached. He shot again and again as my cock joined in the party. It was my biggest cum ever, but just a dribble compared to the flood of seed he was infusing me with. Eventually his pulses weakened and stopped. I reopened my eyes that I’d shut in my ecstasy. Alan’s smiling face was just above mine. He leaned in for a deep kiss. His tongue plunged into me and I caressed it with licks from my own. When we broke apart I knew that whenever he texted me, whatever I was doing, my reply would always be ‘Y’.

“You know, now would be a good time for that shower,” Alan suggested while standing up, a movement that snapped all fourteen inches of cock from my intestines in one stunning second. I felt empty. “Damn, I shredded the condom again. Ever since I tried Eddie’s new formula, I cum ten times as much, and so forcefully that it shears the rubber. He says we’ll be getting a stronger batch by next weekend, but that’s 30 to 40 fucks from now.”

“I don’t mind. It’s kind of nice knowing your sperm is churning inside me. But, if it’s a concern, why not limit your contacts for the next few days?”

“To you perhaps,” he chuckled, while helping me to my feet and steering us toward the shower.

“I’m just offering.”

Alan turned on a cool spray and we entered the shower together. I started by washing his muscular body. I loved feeling up all his muscles but I paid special attention to his ass. He spread his legs to give me access. I soaped his butt and rubbed fingers around his hole.

“Go ahead,” he offered. “Get it clean inside too.”

I soaped up my hand and pushed my middle finger inside. “Have you been fucked?” I inquired.

“Yes. But don’t get any ideas. If you don’t have a cock like mine and real muscle behind it you’d be an instant eunuch when I cum.” He emphasized his point by contracting his sphincter muscle painfully about my invading digit. “That’s only a fraction of what happens during my orgasm.” I was convinced. Anyway it was his cock I wanted in me. To that end I soaped my hands and used one to slip his foreskin back and forth over the head of his shaft while my other ran up and down the length of the long pole. It was only a few seconds before he was hard as steel and covered in slippery suds.

“I think it’s my turn to clean you.” Alan leaned me up against the wall, spreading my legs wide with a casual, but irresistible, push from his knee. I felt the soapy member poke my entrance. He pushed up into me with no trouble from gut that he’d already molded to his dimensions.

While he cleaned my insides with foot-long strokes, he soaped my body and washed my hair. His strong hands covered every inch of my torso while he never missed a beat in his fuck. I was in heaven. After several minutes he placed both hands on my hips and hoisted me off the tiled floor. Holding me aloft he thrust my body along the steel pole that speared me. He was moving faster and pulling harder as he built to a peak. I was his to use and glad of it. A minute of furious action and he pushed into the maximum and held me there as he unloaded within me as I sprayed the walls of the shower with my juices.

Still cumming he bent my legs to my chest and lifted me halfway off his gushing fire-hose, turning me around to face him. My back rested on the wall as he let me drift down the length of his pulsing member. Bottoming out he shifted his grip to my waist as I wrapped my legs about his trunk. I looked down to where our bodies joined. Only half an inch of that pole was visible where it sprouted from his straight black pubic bush. Every few second I’d see a tremor shake its surface, followed shortly by a jet of cum from the deeply buried tip that shook my interior with its force. By the time his ejaculations eased, cum was seeping from around the tight seal where he plugged my opening.

We rested, still coupled, as the spray from the shower cooled us down and rinsed the residue of our sex from our bodies. I had a class in half an hour. Strangely, I felt energized, not exhausted. I had many thoughts running through my mind. I knew I wasn’t straight anymore. Was I bi? I didn’t think so. Why bother with trying to get Sarah to put out, when, even if she did, I wouldn’t be near as satisfied as I am now. I knew I belonged to Alan. I was wearing his ring. What did that mean? I guess Mitch belongs with the guy, Bill, but what did that mean? What is the new relationship between Jack, Ricardo, Mitch and I and the others in the fraternity? I knew so little about my new life other than I was excited to learn.

When Alan pulled his cock from my ass a quart of his cum flowed out before my hole adjusted to his absence. He turned me bottom side up to let the spray wash my butt. He set me on my feet and shut off the water. We dried each other and reentered the common area where my clothes had been discarded in the run up to my initiation.

We found Ricardo in the soft chair that had held me, being fucked by an unfamiliar Asian stud almost a big as Alan. On the out stroke I saw he was almost as big in the most important feature with maybe just under fourteen inches of cock that he smoothly stuffed back into my very happy roommate. His cock was stiff and already had shot a couple loads.

“Hi Alan. Jerry this is Charlie Kim, another fraternity brother. We got the e- mail about you and Mitch, so we figured there’s no need for privacy. We’ve got class in twenty minutes.”

“Hi Jerry,” greeted Charlie while picking up the pace in fucking Ricardo. “He looks like a hot fuck. Can you let me try him sometime?”

“Sure, if I can try that cute wrestler I’ve seen you with.”

“Alan, he’s a nice guy and needs his confidence if he’s going to win his meets. We all know how rough you are with jocks. I always let him pretend to pin me. Then he jumps onto my cock and acts like he’s raping me with his ass until the pleasure he’s giving me forces me to cum. If you can play along and not break his spirit we’ve got a deal.”

“Okay, deal.”

“Do I wait until after Ricardo?” I asked. Charlie had returned his full attention to his fuck and I guess they would climax soon. “No. You’ve got a class and so do they. Get dressed. I’ll set it up so he can call or text your cell with the arrangements. Have fun.”

As Alan and I left we heard Ricardo and Charlie cumming.

When I returned after my afternoon classes, my other roommates were already there doing homework at their individual desks in the common area. So much had happened but the scene was totally normal.

“Hi guys.” I greeted everyone and got back. “Mitch, how was your day?”

“About like yours I heard,” he said turning to face me with a big smile. I saw he had a leather band about his neck from which hung a small bronze and green disk.

“No ring like mine?”

“Bill prefers the leather collar.”

“I see.” Mitch had changed more than his sexual orientation. They said Bill doesn’t take no for an answer and I guess Mitch knows it. I wondered if I’d be the same way. That’s certainly not how Alan and I are. I’m a person to him not just a sex object. But he didn’t ask if I wanted sex with Charlie. But that’s just because it was obvious, wasn’t it? I guess I’m just new at this.

“Hey guys, you’ve had more experience. How about filling us in on what’s expected. What are our duties?”

“It’s pretty simple,” Jack explained. “The fraternity brother have a sex drive that’s off the scale, maybe five, six or seven encounters on school days and two or three times that on weekends and parties. So they all have a network of contacts they can call on to meet their needs. You’re in Alan’s and Mitch is in Bill’s. The other brothers have their own networks and won’t poach from their brothers without permission, like Charlie got for you. When they need you they’ll contact you and you’ll have fun, probably several times a week.”

“What if we’re busy?”

“That’s your loss, but it’s okay. Just say you can’t and someone else gets lucky.”

“I don’t think Bill would like that,” suggested Mitch in a soft voice.

“Probably not,” Ricardo laughed. “But Alan and most of the guys are more reasonable. But I doubt you’d want to pass up a chance to get fucked by Alan.”

“I’ve seen you with many different guys. I guess all in the fraternity. Why are you different?”

“We’re considered boyfriends to everyone in the fraternity. So we’re not limited to one guy, but the price is that we can’t ever say no; not that we’d want to.”

“So why are the four of us now completely unoccupied with all those sexy boys out there?”

“That’s the rule. Five to ten PM Sunday to Thursday are study hours, no sex. Then for some pre-bedtime relief one of the freshman, pledges now, takes on all comers. Another is assigned wake-up duties.”

“It’s amazing. I’m a senior and in all my time here I’ve never known about this.”

“Yeah. My introduction was a rescue by Eddie Lee in San Francisco. He invited me to a fraternity party last year and I brought Ricardo. He’d heard rumors from one of his friends. I guess they keep a low profile. They don’t enter the greek sporting competitions anymore. They do have the best greek GPA, but they’re mostly Asian, so that’s not considered unusual. I guess keeping things within their networks makes for a low profile. How many are really involved in a big campus?”

“Maybe, with the new tracking system, we can find out?” Ricardo suggested. “I’ll just call up the tracking software on the fraternity’s server. Tony gave me the password.”

He went to his computer and punched it up. The screen displayed a campus map with the symbols.

“Let’s zoom out for the entire campus. The four symbols here are us. This cluster is the fraternity. Most of the brothers are there, but I see a couple in the library and that’s Eddie’s symbol in a lab. I even see a few clusters in off campus apartments. I didn’t know they’d had any sensors in town.”

“It looks like there’s another group in our dorm,” I observed. “There are only a few with symbols like yours. Can you tell who that is in the next dorm?

The one next to the solid white symbol.”

Ricardo placed the cursor over the symbol and a data block appeared. “That’s Joseph Running Bear. We met him last year. The white symbol is his brother Samuel. He completed high school a year early and is pledging this year.”

“You know anyone can fuck a pledge,” added Jack, “even guys in the brothers’ networks. They’re not permitted to refuse. So if you see a guy with a solid white ring you can try him out.”

“Are the pledges like the brothers?”

“No, they’re normal, even small. Though I’ve met Samuel. He’s hot. But I’m told that after their initiation they’ll be as big and strong as the others. I don’t know their secret. Remember if you decide to try a pledge out that they’ll be calling the shots when they become brothers and being in Alan or Bill’s network won’t protect you from reciprocation from anyone you’ve tried as a pledge.”

“I’ll remember that, but I don’t think that being on the receiving end of an encounter with guys like that is exactly a negative. It’s only a few hours and my ass really misses the feeling of a big cock.”

“I know what you mean,” said Ricardo. “Jack’s pretty big, though not in the brothers’ league. He does me several evenings and I’m sure he’d fuck you too if you want.”

“Yeah, I used to be a top but that’s not my role with the fraternity. But I still like the chance to try and I’ve learned quite a bit from the guys.”

“Thanks. Is tonight okay?” It was.

I was finishing my morning classes when I got the text from Alan. I confirmed a meeting back in my room for 11:15. Heading back we spotted each other about a block from our mutual destination. Alan was wearing a skin-tight polo and slacks whose legs were stressed by the thickness of his massive thighs. The thick tube of his long, but still soft, cock was quite noticeable on the inside of his left leg. I greeted him and we walked toward our goal, his hand about my waist.

We were at the dorm entrance when I heard my name called. It was my ex- girl, Sarah.

“Hi Sarah, what do you need?” I inquired.

“Nothing. We’ve moved on, but can still say hello. Who’s your friend?” “This is Alan Wong. Alan this is Sarah, as of Saturday, my ex-girlfriend.” “Hi Alan. How come Jerry never mentioned you?”

“We only met yesterday. We’re fuck-buddies. In fact we’re headed to his room now for some sex. You’ve a really sexy, fit body. I bet you’re an athlete. Perhaps you’d like to join us? I’m sure I can show both of you a good time.”

I didn’t understand what was happening. I expected Sarah to freak-out, hearing that I’m gay, but I could see her checking out Alan. She wet her lips as she noticed the outline of Alan’s cock against the taut fabric of his slacks down his thigh.

“I’m on the women’s soccer squad and I’m certainly interested. I’ll go with you and we’ll see what comes up.” A couple minutes later we were in my bedroom. Alan hugged Sarah against his muscular frame and gave her a deep kiss. They held it for a good minute. When he released her, she stumbled back and sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at Alan. Her face was flushed.

I knew Alan was in control, so there was nothing for me to do but strip and await whatever he had in mind. Alan shucked his top accompanied by a gasp from Sarah as she had an unobstructed view of his massive upper body development. She was fingering her pussy through panties already soaked with her juices. When I was naked I sat down on the bed next to her. She didn’t notice me.

Alan stepped close in to Sarah, unbuckling his belt. Then he slowly lowered his pants. He had no underwear on. It would be too confining with his big equipment. Sarah was treated to the sight of his fine black pubic hair and the thick base of the flesh that snaked down the left leg of his trousers.

As he eased his pants lower, more of the thick, golden shaft was exposed. Now Sarah had her mouth agape as eight inches were visible with no sign of an end and the bunched fabric obscured the over half-foot I knew remained.

“Oh my God,” Sarah gasped as the base of the bulging mushroom head came into view, his foreskin tightly wrapping the flange.

As the last piece of cloth restraining it was pushed clear, it snapped out, spraying Sarah’s face with a few drops of his dripping pre-cum. Sarah reached out to it tentatively, touching the shaft with one finger as Alan stepped clear of his pants. She tried to grip it in her hand, but it was far too thick. Soon both hands were traveling the hard surface, spreading Alan’s copious pre-cum until it glistened in the light from the windows.

Alan put his hands under her arms, lifting Sarah toward the center of the bed, pushing her onto her back. He climbed aboard the bed, bridging her body with his powerful frame. Sarah still had his cock. Alan gave Sarah another deep kiss, pressing his hard torso onto her softer flesh with only a fraction of his weight in full body contact. Sarah wrapped her legs about his waist as her dress pushed up past her hips.

When Alan broke the kiss, pushing back I could see the wet impression from his pole on her top reaching between her firm breasts. Sarah’s hard nipple points were clearly poking the thin material. Alan just pulled backwards, the slick flesh slipping from her grasp. He didn’t bother undressing Sarah. He just pulled the panties to the side and shoved the blunt head of his cock at her very wet opening. When Sarah felt him against her she started writhing on the bed but her body was securely confined by the mass of immoveable muscle above her.

Alan again deeply kissed her as he eased his hips forward and down. I had a clear view as the tip of his long shaft spread her nether lips and disappeared inside. I knew Sarah was no stranger to sex, but she’d clearly never had anything like this; certainly not from me. I’m not half Alan’s length or thickness. Alan only had about six inches in when she had her first orgasm. Even with Alan’s mouth over hers, it was loud.

Alan broke their kiss to let her recover. Sarah gasped for breath, still moaning as she squirted the thick spike of flesh protruding from her cunt with her juices. Slowly she calmed and stared up at the Asian stud that filled her vision.

“I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve had orgasms before, but they were nothing in comparison. Sorry Jerry, no offense, but that was real sex.”

“None taken,” I said. I knew what she was feeling. In truth, I didn’t compare.

“That was only your introduction. We have plenty of time and I’ve lots more cock.” Alan shoved in another inch as Sarah’s legs reflexively tightened about his waist.

Alan pushed her top over her breasts until it bunched under her arms and began to slowly pump his steely member through her clutching vaginal lips.

“Oh, it’s so big,” mumbled Sarah. “So thick…I feel it in so deep…What? Oh.” And then there were just grunts and moans. Alan had about ten inches in when Sarah had her second orgasm. It was marked by a moan that quickly rose in pitch before cutting off suddenly as her body spasmed on the bed. Alan just kept up a steady fuck motion throughout. A few minutes and another orgasm later he had all fourteen- plus inches in my ex-girlfriend. Sarah was sweating, her skin flushed red from her sexual stimulation. Her eyes were wide, staring at Alan, but clearly, she was beyond conscious thought as she was stimulated sexually to pleasure undreamt.

After conquering Sarah with the full dimensions of his cock, Alan upped his tempo, powering full-length strokes through a quivering Sarah. After several minutes, he plugged Sarah to the hilt and released his seed. It must have shocked Sarah to a new level of ecstasy as her body went into a wild bucking as Alan held her tightly to prevent her from injuring herself.

After a couple minutes Alan started to ease out of her. He was still shooting cum, but not strongly. When the head finally pulled clear there was quite a bit overflowing from her over-expanded cunt. The fabric of her panties wedged into the gap as Alan left. Cum was added to the female lube coating it, but plenty flowed to soak her dress and my sheets.

Alan was still spurting about as much as a normal guy cums; just a dribble for him. He moved the tip up to Sarah’s mouth, laying a couple streaks along her torso and breasts on the way. Sarah instinctively nursed the offered tip, swallowing his seed as he finished cumming over the next minute.

Alan pushed off of Sarah and looked my way. It was my turn.

When he raised my legs to his shoulders I flopped back on the mattress next to the dazed body of Sarah. Seconds later Alan’s still hard shaft was piercing my hole, eased on its way by the coating of Sarah’s pussy juice and the residue from Alan’s last load.

In one smooth motion I was plugged to the hilt by the more than fourteen inches of his male member. He started his fuck stroke and I was instantly in heaven. I reached for my cock, but Alan intercepted my hands and pinned both my arms above my head as his hips powered his pole through my gut. My own cock was bouncing stiffly each time he bottomed out. He pushed me over the edge and I spewed my first load like an out-of-control fire hose.

Alan then started to build to his own release, pounding me faster and harder. His big balls were punching my ass as he finished each inward motion. My senses where overwhelmed. My cock was hard again and I was sweating. I was looking at Alan’s face as he hovered above my body, filling my view. He eased his muscular body onto mine, bending me double. He lowered his head beside my own and whispered something in my ear. I heard the sound but couldn’t comprehend the words.

For a period it seemed his muscles enveloped me, feeling them tense and relax as he power-fucked my ass. Suddenly, there was a moment of quiet as he holds me. A tremor shakes my frame from his presence dominating my interior. The first jet of fire blasts my gut, then the second and third. He begins to move within me again, in and out, in time with his ejaculations. I join the party, spewing sperm from my own cock in time with each burst.

It seems forever, but quiet returns. I bask in the afterglow, barely noticing as Alan extracts himself from my depths. I’m sprawled on the bed next to Sarah, who was sleeping or passed out.

Time passes. I hear Alan talking. It brings me out of my haze. I see he’s had a shower and is holding his pants, preparing to dress.

“I’ve got my afternoon class. I’ve added Sarah to my network. Explain it to her when she recovers,” Alan said while dressing.

He left me alone in the bed with my ex.

I checked the time. I had just over an hour to my next class. I left Sarah for my own shower. On the way the sounds from Jack’s room told me he had a visitor.

When I returned Sarah was still out of it, sprawled on the bed still, more or less, clothed. Alan’s cum still oozed from her slit. I noticed that Alan had put a ring with his symbol on the fourth finger of her left hand. I just sat next to her with my towel over my shoulder, waiting for her to recover.

I figured that while I’m waiting there’s no reason to waste all of Alan’s cum, so I rubbed a couple fingers over Sarah’s bottom and tasted the juices. I’ve tasted Sarah before and, of course, Alan’s cum. The combination was pretty nice. I went back for more. After a few minutes my fingers were dipping into her cunt to get at the tasty treasure. That finally roused Sarah.

The first indication was that I felt her pussy squeeze my invading fingers. Then her body stirred and she looked around wildly, finally focusing on me.

“Where’s Alan?” She asked. “What happened? Where am I? What are you doing?” She blurted out rapidly and then noting my hand between her legs.

“Alan had to get to class,” I started, pulling my fingers, dripping wet from her snatch. “He fucked you in my room. You’ve been out of it for about 40 minutes. I was just getting some of Alan’s cum that he shot into you. It’s pretty nice. Try some.”

I put one of my wet fingers near her mouth. She needed no further urging to lick it clean. I made a show of savoring my other finger.

“Did you fuck me too?” From her tone I guessed that wasn’t a pleasant thought for her. However, it was a reasonable question since I was sitting next to her nude and she was confused once Alan had her.

“No, I’m over you. Once Alan fucked you senseless, he fucked me. Frankly, if I can have sex like that, I don’t need you.”

“I understand. I’d do anything to experience that again.”

“You’re in luck then, Sarah. Alan has added you to his network. You’re wearing his ring. I’ve got one too,” I said, putting my ring next to hers.

“What does that mean? Will he be dating me? Why do you have one too?”

“As I said, you’re in his network, as am I. The ring has a chip in it that lets him track you. When he wants you he’ll call or text you. Just don’t expect dinner and a movie. If you’re busy, you can decline, then someone else gets lucky, maybe me.”

“I don’t think I’d ever say no to Alan.”

She finally noticed the condition of her outfit. She pulled her top down, recovering her big breasts. It was still damp and stained from her encounter with Alan. She stood up and straightened her dress. The entire back half was soaked where cum leaked from her slit. She was still dripping part of Alan’s huge sperm deposit onto the floor between her legs.

“I can’t go like this. Jerry, can I borrow a tee shirt and gym shorts, just until I can get back to my room and change? Please, I’ll do anything.”


“Sure, you can fuck me.”

“I don’t want to fuck you, but I’d love to eat more of Alan’s cum from where you’ve been keeping it warm.”

“I’ll give you five minutes,” she offered while stripping off her clothes.

I pushed Sarah back onto the bed and dove between her spread thighs. As I enjoyed my feast, she would slip her fingers into herself to grab some too. There was plenty. A hundred normal men couldn’t have shot so much. She pushed my head away when my time was up.

I gave her the tee and shorts. They were big on her but worked for the emergency once she cinched up the string tied waist. She got a tampon from her bag to absorb the fluid and stuffed it into the shorts. As she brushed her hair, I dressed for class.

When we left my bedroom we ran into Jack and another huge Asian stud returning from the shower. Sarah was openly checking him out, but he was only interested in me. He noticed I was in Alan’s network. He went into Jack’s room without introducing himself. As we left, I heard action from Mike’s room. I got no action on Tuesday. Wednesday, Charlie Kim gave me a call for a meeting over lunch. He had access to a physical therapy room in the athletic complex and I got a deep tissue massage from his impressive cock. Thursday I got another encounter with Alan in my room. He invited me to a party at their fraternity on Friday evening.

I mentioned the invitation to Jack that evening. He and Ricardo were going too, but apparently, not Mitch. I wondered if Sarah might have been invited. That just got a laugh from Jack. Alan might have a bi side, but it wouldn’t be evident at the party. I was told that even though I’m in Alan’s network, at the party, I’d be expected to take on any brother that wanted me. From what I’d seen of the guys dropping by to visit Jack and Ricardo, that would be a pleasure.

As Jack, Ricardo and I were getting ready for the party Friday, I heard Mitch entertaining Bill Reyes in his bedroom. From his moans, whimpers and the muffled screams, he was really getting drilled.

I showered, shaved and had Jack loosen and lube me with a twelve-inch dildo. There was no need to dress for the party as we wouldn’t need clothes once we arrived. I decided to use the tee shirt and gym shorts I’d lent Sarah. She’d returned them yesterday. I hadn’t washed them and they still smelled of Alan’s cum.

While finishing up, I saw Bill Reyes leaving Mitch’s room. He was wearing a tee shirt and running shorts, though his bulging thigh muscles caused the light material to gather at the top of his legs. The thick shaft of his long cock and big balls were clearly outlined. He left with a promise to see me at the party.

I looked in on Mitch. He was sleeping or passed out, naked on the bed, except for straps on his wrists and ankles that were now untied. Cum was leaking from his ass and mouth and he was liberally covered in streaks from stray shots from his own gun. I doubted he’d be doing anything before morning.

Jack knocked on the door when we arrived at the fraternity shortly before eight. A few seconds later the door was opened by a muscular Asian stud. He recognized Jack and Ricardo and they introduced me. He was a Singaporean Chinese, called Zai Zai. He was wearing tee shirt and shorts like we were, but a few inches of cock stuck clear of the leg opening between his thick thighs. He sported a bronze ring with a blue center, a sophomore.

Zai Zai closed the door and stepped out of his few clothes, leaving them by the door.

“I see you’re one of Alan’s guys. This must be your first party. Let me get you started and warmed up.”

With a hand about my waist he herded me down a flight of stairs to their party room as Jack and Ricardo preceded us, shedding their tops en route.

The party had started. The lower level had mats covering much of the floor. There was a well-equipped exercise area with weight stacks, heavily laden bars and dumbbells, benches and several machines. Another area had seating and couches. Everywhere massively muscular Asian guys were in heavy action with the guests. I saw some had ear studs like my roommates, including the black guy with the gymnast build I’d spotted earlier around campus. Others had rings like mine in various designs, though there were a few without.

I saw Alan, Charlie Kim and Tony Thieu already pumping the asses of their guests. Bill Reyes I didn’t spot.

Zai Zai escorted me to an empty basket that quickly accepted my few clothes. I was placed on my back on a mat. My legs were lifted to his shoulders, resting in the valley between his bulging deltoid and thick neck. Zai Zai rolled on a condom from one of the bowls spaced about the room. Did they get the stronger ones in? He wasn’t quite as big as Alan in height, muscle or cock, but he had at least thirteen inches that were twice as thick as mine.

He was strong too. They all were. Of course, you’d expect that given their massive muscles. Zai Zai was only about five-foot-six, a head shorter than I, but must top 250 pounds with 24-inch guns. He was one of the smaller brothers from my experience and the quick survey of the room. But, even with that, he was two or three times stronger than he looked.

He shoved that big cock all the way into me in one thrust. Though not Alan’s size it was plenty to stretch my hole. He pulled out, leaving just the head inside. Then in again, beginning a steady, powerful fuck. He was hitting all my sensitive spots. He knew it too.

“You like this? Am I better than Alan?”

I might have been dazed by the intense pleasure from our sex, but I retained enough of my wits not to answer that. A minute more of Zai Zai’s fuck and I didn’t remember the question. My cock spewed its first load shortly after. Then things really got hazy. My partner came, triggering me again. He didn’t stop. We came again, at least once maybe more. Then he was gone, leaving me limp on the mat.

Another Asian stud, bigger than Zai Zai, had me next. If he mentioned his name, I didn’t catch it. There was another when he finished. This one pulled out when he came and soaked me in his cum. I had a few minutes to recover when he left me.

Bill Reyes spotted me crumpled on the mat. He helped me to my feet, saying he had something special for me. I was pretty exhausted by then so he was half supporting me as he steered me through the action in the party room. I spotted Jack being stuffed from both ends by two of the brothers.

Bill had moved to the exercise area. We’d stopped near an extra-sturdy square frame with cables and pulleys leading to four massive weight stacks. Bill adjusted the weights, so each was about 600 pounds. Next he put leather straps tightly about my wrists and ankles. Each strap had a thick steel ring attached. He donned a set of straps himself.

I had an idea where he was going and didn’t like it, but didn’t know what to do. He clipped my wrists to cables from the upper corners of the frame and I was suspended a couple feet in the air. My ankles were clipped to cables from the lower corners and he adjusted their length so I had tension on each limb, holding me like a big X in the frame. At least the weight stacks were at their bottom stops, so I only had a little more than my own weight pulling me apart.

However, Bill stepped behind me and clipped his ankle straps to the lower cables. Now I had 220 pounds of Filipino-American muscle to support as well as my weight. He stood up behind me, his thick 11.5-inch cock sliding into my hole. With his left hand he grabbed my right wrist, pulling it down, raising the weights, until he could clip his right wrist to the cable. Then he used his right hand to secure his left as the weights danced on their stacks. Since he was over eight inches shorter than I, his body resisted the weights and I was attached to him by my wrists, ankles and the hard cock up my ass.

He reached his right hand to my cock. The weight stack on that side moved up as his arm came down, but the other weights shifted too as we moved up and right in the frame. He stroked my cock while flexing his hips to stroke himself in my ass. I was instantly hard. He wrapped my chest in his left arm with my arm slaved to his. His biceps muscle was four times my size. We shifted up and to the center. He squatted against the more than a ton of weight on the stacks, moving us down and extracting about half his cock from my hole.

So we fucked in mid air suspended from the frame. The hundreds of pounds of cable tension seemed not to bother him. All the time he’d be fucking me while my arms and legs were forced to follow his movements. He curled up into a fetal position with my body on the inside, squeezed and enveloped by his muscles. That’s when he shot his first load as I sprayed my face with my own seed.

When he stopped cumming he just relaxed, allowing the weights to open us up into our original spread eagle. Then he put his hands to my waist and started to push and pull me along his still hard pole. He started slowly then increased his pace. In a few minutes he was pounding me with full-length pile driver strokes, flexing his powerful shaft in my gut as each bottomed out. When he came again, so did I. Each of his powerful jets was matched with a spurt from my own cock as if he were shooting right through my dick. When his cock stopped blasting he unclipped us both from the cables, wrists first, then ankles, while still plugging my hole with his steely pole. He moved me face down onto a padded weight bench, my arms and legs draped over the sides. He pressed his wide chest to my back. I could feel the hard points of his nipples dig into my traps. He brought his legs up beside the bench, forcing mine to split widely to the side. Then he pumped me again. When he came, it was too much for the condom, even this stronger variety. My gut was flooded as he spurted a new load. Even so he kept going while his past loads soaked the bench and dripped onto the mat. He came inside me again and, with me totally spent, he left me there.

I just couldn’t move. I was exhausted. I don’t know how many times I came or how many loads I took. The party went on around me for a while. Then strong hands were helping me up.

It was Tony Thieu. He helped me to a big leather couch and sat me down on it. He was talking to me, but I had trouble following it. I just nodded agreement whenever he seemed to be expecting me to do something.

I guess his latest question was whether I wanted to be fucked, because he pulled my ass to the edge of the cushion and raised my legs to his shoulders. He had twelve stiff inches of cock that he inserted easily into my well-used hole. Instead of just pounding me for his pleasure, he spent a few minutes exploring while watching my reactions, finding my sensitive spots. When he really got going he hit them all the time. I’d had some really good fucks but Tony’s was incredible.

I came and came and came. He shot and I came even harder. He didn’t stop. He upped the pace. It was too much for me. I begged him to stop, but only random moans escaped my mouth. I came again. Then he unleashed another load and all my muscles convulsed as my mind darkened.

Cool water was spraying my face. I was in a shower, like the one in my room. I was being supported in the arms of an athletic male. He wasn’t nearly as built as the fraternity brothers, but certainly handsome. He was an Indian, well, Native-American, about five-eleven and well-muscled.

“What happened? Where am I?” I asked.

“Hi, I’m glad to see you’re awake. You passed out at the party and I was tasked to take you home. We’re in your dorm. I’m Samuel Running Bear, one of the pledges.”

“Thanks. I’m Jerry Sanders. I guess I’m not ready for so much sex in one evening.”

“You did better than most. You lasted to almost midnight. If you can stand on your own now I’ll wash the cum off you.”

I could and let Samuel wash me. I saw he wore the solid white ring of a pledge. He had a nice nine-inch cock that was semi-hard.

After a few minutes he turned off the water and we stepped out and dried off. In the common area were our few pieces of discarded clothes. I led him to my bedroom.

“Are you okay now? I’ll head back to the fraternity.”

I guess I was okay, at least physically, but I didn’t want to be alone. “Can you stay?”

“If you want, I’ll stay. I’m a pledge and you’re in Alan’s network. You can fuck me if you want.”

“No, not like that. I just need someone with me. Just sleep with me and hold me.”

“I can do that. You’re lucky. Normally I have to be available from six to eight for any brother needing a morning fuck, but I’m free when there’s a party.”

I got into bed and Samuel climbed in behind me, wrapping an arm about my chest. I felt his cock harden against my butt. I pushed down on it and it eased inside. It wasn’t big compared to what I’d taken, but I needed it.

Samuel just left it in, not moving, a firm hot presence in my gut. My internal muscles massaged it gently. A few minutes later Samuel, without any motion, added his seed to my gut and we drifted off to blissful sleep.


Chapter 19: Advancement

It was a pretty normal November Tuesday for me. I was up early to do a three-mile run and some weights at the student gym. With my life I need every bit of endurance and strength I can muster. I’ve been doing my exercise routine with Jacob Greene, a fellow senior I met in the gym a few weeks ago. He wears the bronze and blue ring that identifies him as in Harry Nguyen’s network. He, naturally, also recognized the meaning of my gold and red ring.

We started spotting each other on the weight bench. We soon compared experiences. He had the advantage, having been fucked by Alan Wong at a party late last year, while I’d only seen Harry at one. Actually, Alan was his inspiration for his workout since his party fuck put Jacob out of action for the night.

Harry is about an inch shorter and not as thick as Alan. Since Jacob is only five-foot-two and, with a gymnast build of 125 pounds, he gives away over a hundred pounds to Harry and almost two hundred to Alan. I guess everything inside is much smaller than with my six-foot-two, so it seems amazing he could take Harry’s thirteen inches or Alan’s fourteen plus at all. The only thing not small about him was his eight-inch cock that was thicker than my seven-point-five piece, but, of course, nowhere near our fuck- buddies’ equipment.

I’m Jerry Sanders, a Berkeley senior. I’ve already recounted how I was recruited to be the fuck-toy of Alan Wong, a member of a unique fraternity of, mostly Asian, muscle studs. Harry Nguyen, at five-foot-eight and 230 with thirteen thick inches, is about average for them. Alan is bigger, but not nearly the biggest. I think their smallest Asian cock is eleven inches, if you can call an eleven-inch cock that’s almost wrist thick, small. They’re unbelievably strong too; way beyond what you’d expect even with their huge muscles.

I’d already upped my bench press fifty pounds to 340, adding half an inch to my biceps and an inch to my chest. I’ve added one-twenty to my squats. That really muscled my glutes and thighs. Alan, who didn’t notice my increased strength, he could overpower my whole body with one arm without seeming effort, really liked how my firm ass felt on his cock.

My suite-mate, Jack Gordon, was tutoring me on how to be a better bottom, using my ass to actively make love to a cock. My aerobic work has helped me too. I don’t pass out from a fuck anymore, though the sensations when Alan turns up the pace tends to cause me to lose track of time and place.

That’s where I was headed rapidly as Alan was steadily pounding my ass. He’d arranged our meeting after our ten o’clock classes back in my dorm room. It’s been a pretty regular event for Tuesday as our schedules coincide. I usually get a few other meetings with Alan at other times in the week but the times vary.

I’d already cum three times and Alan once. I was on my back with my legs wrapped about his thin waist. I could use my leverage on his body to pull my ass into his body as he thrust his steel pole into me. When he presses me into the bed I relax my legs and squeeze my ass against his withdrawal. I feel every inch as he pulls it from my body and the big bulge of the flaring cap to his member can be felt as it moves from the center of my gut to the stretched ring that it forced open to enter me. The flange pressing my back door is my cue to relax my muscles as he reverses direction to plunge inward again.

He presses my pleasure buttons on every stroke. I cum and he speeds his assault. I’m running on pure instinct by now as my pleasure increases. I drift, my mind awash with sensations. I’ve been told my cock bubbles cum almost continuously during this period, one long, long orgasm from balls that have been mostly emptied from earlier eruptions. Then Alan’s cock shocks me back to reality as it bucks wildly in the depths of my abdomen, spewing powerful jets of sperm.

Alan can cum like that for minutes. Since it’s his second of this encounter my gut is full. I can feel his juices spurting from around the tight seal where our flesh merges. Alan pulls the spewing member from my gut and shifts it toward my face. I reach for it to guide it to my mouth, but it’s still bouncing all over from the muscle contractions powering a six-foot ejaculation every second. It shoots again and again soaking my bed and body with a couple bouncing off the wall and ceiling. A last spurt before my lips surround the head creams my face, leaving me snorting and blinking to clear my nose and eyes while trying to swallow the cum flooding my mouth.

They stopped using condoms. Alan told me that the stuff they took has so supercharged their cells that no disease could survive in them. It was a good thing too since they cum so much and with such force that even the strongest sheaths frequently failed. I really like the feeling of him shooting deep inside me.

Eventually, the flow eases and stops. I run my tongue around the head to clean off the last residue. Alan pops his cock from my mouth. It’s still mostly hard. He leans over me, bridging my torso on his knees and elbows. He wipes the pooled cum from my eyes with a finger. I open my eyes and see his face smiling down at me. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he stopped a couple inches from my face and licked up the cum soaking me and pushed his tongue into my mouth as a dessert for me.

That completed, I did get my after sex kiss, gently stroking his tongue with mine as he explored my mouth. We pressed together in full body contact, our cocks resting beside each other between our cum-coated bodies. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top.

“That was fun,” he remarked. It was a real complement from him. “Yeah,” I agreed, still glowing from the experience. A gob of Alan’s cum

dripped from the ceiling and splashed on my back. “It looks like I’ll have to

do some cleanup this evening.”

“By the way, do you have an extra key for the room? I’d like to use the bed occasionally while you’re in class.”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“I’m meeting Sarah at two and this is closer than her place off campus.” Sarah and two friends had rented a townhouse just a block off Telegraph Avenue, but they never brought their dates in. When we were dating I always brought her to my room.

“Sarah and her friends are pretty uptight about their privacy. I understand. I hope they won’t mind the mess.”

“It’s not a problem,” he stated as his cock started straining upward against my torso. He lifted me by my hips until the tip found the mark and he pushed me down on it to start our next round.

I got back from my afternoon classes at about three-thirty. Only Ricardo was in and, from the sounds, having a good time with someone in his room.

I found Sarah and her two housemates, fully naked, sprawled across my bed. Alan was gone but he’d been there. All three were dripping his seed from their cunts and Sarah had taken a load up her ass as well. My bed was a lot damper too as Alan apparently hosed them down after filling them up inside.

I shook Sarah to bring her around.

“Alan,” she moaned. “Jerry,” she remarked, recognizing me. “Where’s Alan?”

“I guess he left. I found you here when I got back from class.”

“Kelly, Briona,” she called to her friends, who started to stir. I noticed they also wore Alan’s ring.

“Girl, what happened here?” Asked Briona, rubbing her long fingers across her pussy lips. The white cum was a stark contrast to her chocolate skin.

“We had sex with my, our, friend, Alan. Don’t you remember?”

“I remember every second, but I’ve had sex a lot and it was nothing like that. It’s like I still feel him in me. Everything’s so sensitive. I’ll explode with the slightest touch.”

“Who are you?” She asked noticing my presence finally.

But she wasn’t interested in the answer. She grabbed my crotch and pulled out my cock. She had me by the balls, literally. She pulled me down to the bed and rolled on top, straddling my hips.

Briona had her needs and was stroking my cock. In spite of myself I got hard. The fact that Alan’s cum dripping from her cunt was lubing her hand strokes didn’t hurt. She just sat on me and my whole cock was engulfed in her sopping vaginal canal. Alan had expanded her so much I barely felt any friction, but the walls started to spasm and she began to squeeze down on my smaller shaft.

“Ah. Yes, I needed that. I was so empty. Oh!” She clamped my cock in an internal vise as she came.

“Mind if I get some of that?” A new voice asked. A few seconds later Kelly’s red-bushed slit was against my lips. I knew what she wanted and started to lick Alan’s cum from her dripping snatch.

“Sarah, you set us up,” complained Kelly. “Needed to pick up an assignment from a classmate, just a quick stop.”

“Well it was an assignment, sort of. Alan asked me to bring you. Why use that tone? I know you liked it. Would you have come if I told you what was going to happen?”

“Girl, that’s crazy. Like we’re going to come with you to meet a guy who wants to fuck all three of us.”

“So, Briona, you wouldn’t have come. You wouldn’t have met Alan and you wouldn’t have had the best sex of your life. Could you even have counted how many times you climaxed?”

“But we have boyfriends. There’s no way I can enjoy a date with Leon after this. When will we see Alan again?” I missed the next part as I shot a load that mixed with Alan’s inside Briona. I don’t think she noticed. A few minutes later we disentangled and the girls left to grab a shower, not caring if anyone saw them naked. I got up and zipped up my pants. Then I stripped off the cum-soaked sheets and used the dryer parts of them to clean off the splatters on the walls, ceiling and floor.

When they returned they completely ignored me while completing drying themselves.

“Who was that guy out there? Asked Kelly. He was almost as big as Alan.”

“He must be gay if he wasn’t interested in these,” said Briona, cupping her size-D breasts. I wondered if this were Ricardo’s guest or someone else.

“I brought us a change of clothes,” stated Sarah. “Something sexy. I always feel like I want everyone to see my fresh-fucked look; at least I have once Alan’s been fucking me. Try these on.”

“Wow. Low cut and short. When we sit down everyone will see our panties.”

“No they won’t if we don’t wear them. No bras either. Let the guys see what they can’t get.”

Briona already had my cum in her cunt, but it didn’t seem the time to mention it. I just wanted my room back. They dressed quickly, looking both sexy and slutty in their skimpy dresses. All were still leaking cum from their slits that wetted their inner thighs though they continually wiped them with their towels.

At last they left, but Sarah finally acknowledged me on the way out. She turned and lifted the dress to flash her pussy. “Miss this, Jerry,” she taunted and shut the door.

Well that was over. I hoped Alan didn’t need my room too often, at least without me being part of the fun. I knew there was no way I’d refuse him though. I left to do the laundry of cum-soaked sheets and towels and saw Tony Thieu in the common area drinking a glass of water. He must have been the guy the girls met returning from their showers. He was nude and his twelve-inch cock was hard and pointing up near vertical. It had obviously been in action with a slick coating of cum and juices. The door to Ricardo’s room was open and I could see Ricardo sprawled on his bed from a vigorous fucking.

“Hi Jerry. You interested in a little fun?” I didn’t say anything. I guess I was just staring at his huge muscles and cock. He might not be as big as Alan, but he was certainly as sexy. “Take care of your laundry and hurry back. I’ll call Alan.”

I was back in three minutes. Tony was sitting on the big stuffed chair where I had my first fuck. I quickly stripped and went over to him. He grasped my waist and lifted me into the air.

“Just straddle the arms of the chair and I’ll lower you into position.”

I did as he suggested. Looking down I saw the thick pole disappear beneath my bottom. He slowly lowered me and I felt the tip press into my crack right to my quivering rosebud. He flexed his hips spearing a good portion of his long member right into my gut. When he sat down he left my thighs sitting on the heavily padded arms with about half of him still inside me.

“You should have taken my offer the first week. Alan is good and has a big cock, but you can’t be your best when you waste part of your skill on women. Try this.”

He pressed up until his groin hit my butt. Then slowly he pulled almost out. Then he went on the attack, hitting me with rapid strokes of different depths and angles. Every one found a sensitive spot. I gasped and moaned as he showed me a new level in male sexuality. When, seemingly forever later, he reverted to a slow measured pace, I looked down at him. He had a big grin. I must have spewed numerous streaks of cum over his body, a couple in his short black hair and one smacked his mouth which he seemed to have mostly licked up. He was still adding some of his own seed to my gut on each stroke, just as my cock still dribbled after its last eruption.

“I think you liked that,” he observed. “Ready for round two?”

I hadn’t had a time to wrap my dazed mind around his words when it was round two.

I was on my back in the chair when Tony eased us down from our latest peak. I didn’t remember how we shifted positions.

“God, that was great. Since Alan popped my cherry I have great sex almost every day, but that was special.”

“Yes, I am a sex god. Here, worship the cock of your god.”

He pulled his thick, still firm, pole from my gut and pressed the tip to my lips. I opened wide to let him enter and massaged the tip and first few inches with my tongue.

“I have sex six or more times a day. My balls start to ache if I don’t get off for more than 12 hours. I’ve got the fraternity and network here and, with my body, can usually find plenty of willing partners when traveling. But, if you want me regularly, you’ll have to earn your ear-stud like your suite- mates.”

“How do I do that?” I asked, easing his spit-shined shaft from my mouth. “Ask Alan if he’ll invite you to the pledge initiation party Saturday.”

“Will that be like the party I attended earlier this semester?”

“No, this will be much wilder. The pledges get initiated in every way. It’s a lot of sex for the brothers and you’ll probably not make it through the night, but, if you can, you’ll really have earned your new status.”

My next encounter with Alan was Thursday afternoon. He had access to a private hydrotherapy room in the athletic complex where he fucked me for almost an hour in the hot, swirling water. The water was cloudy with the cum that overflowed my gut by the time he relaxed with me sitting on his lap, laying back against his broad chest. I was basking in the post-orgasmic glow, my gut walls reflexively squeezing his deeply embedded member.

I wanted to ask him about the party, but he spoke first. “Thanks for the use of the room. With Sarah’s friends in the network their townhouse will make a great location for weekend parties. If you want I’ll tell Sarah to get back together with you. This time she’ll show you respect and do whatever you want, whenever you want.”

I saw my opening. “Thanks. I appreciate the offer, but Sarah and I have too much history for me to enjoy her company again. Besides, I’d much rather be fucked by you than fuck a girl. One of the guys mentioned a fraternity party for Saturday. They said you’d need to invite me.”

“Yes, it’s pledge initiation. That’s going to be pretty intense, non-stop sex. It will make your last party seem tame. Are you sure you’re ready for it?”

I nodded.

“Okay. Guests should arrive between six and six-fifteen. Don’t be late. The initiation is at seven and is private. The party starts at eight. Breakfast is at eight in the morning, if you make it that far.”

I arrived just after six with Jack and Ricardo who had standing invitations to all the parties. They couldn’t tell me much about the initiation since they hooked up with the frat after that point last year. The door was opened by Samuel Running Bear, one of the pledges from a California tribe. An athlete in high school he had a well-muscled body and a nine-inch cock that I became intimately familiar with when he helped me home after my first party. He was wearing a white athletic shirt and running shorts.

Inside were some other guests being helped by other pledges who were dressed like Samuel. I saw most of the pledges were Asian and they were mostly short and thin, though a couple were clearly athletes though nowhere even half what the smallest brother was. The only other non-Asian was Joey Foster, a freshman star of Cal football. His brother is in the fraternity and he looked to already have their massive size, including an unmistakable bulge in his shorts.

I saw several of the brothers dressed in black shorts that really were completely inadequate to fully contain their massive equipment. They were bringing stuff to the lower level, setting up for the initiation.

There were baskets for our clothes. As a guest we were supposed to strip and wait on the main level for the private part of the ceremony to conclude. I did and then busied myself meeting some of the other guests. About a third wore ear studs like Jack and Ricardo and the others had rings.

Generally our first questions were who’s your brother and then move on to favorite techniques and positions.

Samuel’s brother, Joseph Running Bear, arrived just before six-fifteen. He was a senior and had an ear stud. Samuel greeted him, but he looked uncomfortable. He was shorter and more muscular than his younger brother and, when undressed, I saw he had a longer, thicker cock, about ten inches. That was the biggest of any of the guests.

So we had about twenty guests standing around naked, nine pledges in their white outfits as hosts, the brothers busy setting up so not fucking anyone and another forty-five minutes before anything happens. I was bored.

I figured I’d check out Joey Foster who had the best body of the pledge class. I started by asking him about Cal football and our chances for a bowl game. He thought we were a lock if we beat Stanford. Then I got more personal.

“You have a really nice body—as big as some of the brothers. Do you mind if I feel your muscles?”

“Yes, my brother joined the fraternity last year and you could say I got a head start. You’re welcome to check me out. For the next few minutes I’m still a pledge and you’re wearing Alan’s ring, so I’m yours to command.” I’d forgotten about that. I didn’t waste any more time and started feeling his thick muscles.

“How much can you bench?” I was feeling the bulging mounds of his pectorals and then let my hands drift down his washboard abs.

“Five-hundred-fifty for a dozen reps. No need to stop there if you want more.” My hands were at the waistband of his shorts.

I slid under the elastic, running my fingers through his pubic hair until I felt the root of his member. I wrapped it in my hand and started to stroke it while feeling his muscular butt with my other. He pushed his shorts down to mid thigh to improve my access.

“Can I fuck you?”

“Of course. But expect me to return the favor later this evening.”

“I’m counting on it,” I said, moving in position. I saw I’d broken the ice as other guests were starting to use the pledges’ services.

I ran my fingers through the crack between the globes of his glutes. I felt the puckered hole with the tip of my middle finger. He pushed back on me taking it inside as his ring clamped down around it and his internal muscles sucked more of my finger into the opening. He was well lubricated from what must have been several earlier fucks today, but was so tight that he didn’t leak any out as I would in similar circumstances.

“Are you sure you want your cock in there?” He was taunting me, contracting his muscles around my finger. I couldn’t pull out until he relaxed and let me.

I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me. I shoved my cock against his entrance. I couldn’t force the door. He held me out until it was clear that even though I was the fucker and he the fuckee, he was in control. I felt the ring open and he actually pulled me into him until my groin was tight to his butt. He relaxed just enough for me to pull out against tight friction from his gut walls, then he clamped back down and pulled me inside again.

He must have been satisfied he made his point because he eased up to a firm pressure surrounding my cock and let me set the pace. I gripped the sides of his slim hips and started a steady stroke as we fucked standing. He was much tighter than any woman I’d tried. I liked being fucked, but fucking a fit guy was great too. I stated to speed my pace as I built to my climax.

Plunging in to the root, I spurted my seed. It triggered Joey. His ass clamped down on my cock as he shot. He milked my cock as he finished unloading.

I held him to my torso as I recovered. “You’re a great bottom, but I guess this will be my last chance to sample that pleasure.”

“You’ve no idea. I’m versatile. Who knows? You might get another shot.”

He let me stay inserted and the muscular contractions of his colon kept me mostly hard. We noticed a crowd around Samuel and his brother, Joseph. They were arguing.

“The initiation starts in a few minutes. I want to carry your seed in me during the ceremony.”

“I don’t think I should, little brother.”

“I want your strength with me for the ceremony. You’ve always been my inspiration, but I could never get you to share your essence with me. You were the star athlete in high school and everyone wanted to share your strength. I broke many of your records and deposited my seed with many men that told me they had received yours. Why not grant me my wish on this special day? Without you I wouldn’t be here.”

With that everyone added their encouragement. He gave in.

Samuel shucked his white shorts and lay on his back, pulling his knees to his chest to offer his ass to his brother. Joseph was already hard, so I guess he’d had thoughts about his brother that he’d never acted on before now. It took just a few seconds before he was driving his substantial tool through his brother’s gut at a furious pace. As they locked eyes you could see their love. Joseph lowered himself for a deep kiss without missing a beat with his hips.

They held the kiss for a minute before Joseph broke off and buried his cock with a final grunt. Samuel reacted with joy as he felt the seed he long desired spear his gut. He arched his back as his own gun sprayed jet after jet onto their writhing bodies.

Samuel relaxed, finally spent, and his brother rested on top of him, still coupled, but not cumming. They kissed again.

“I’m sorry to break up this touching family moment, but we need the pledges downstairs.”

It was Tony Thieu, still in his black outfit, but his twelve-inch cock was fully hard under the thin material, poking a tent of material about six inches above the waistband of his shorts. He put his phone on a table.

“When this rings, the guests will come downstairs. That should be half an hour or so.”

It was a long wait. Jack produced a bottle of lube and I did him and Ricardo and then he got me. It was just a touch-up since we’d all used the dildo to get deeply lubed before we left. He passed the bottle around.

It was near forty minutes until the phone rang. There was a rush to the steps.

They’d turned out the lights with only a couple glow-sticks to light the treads. So, despite our eagerness, everyone was slow going down. There were five ahead of me. When the first reached the bottom he was yanked off into the darkened room, then the next and the next. I could hear guys fucking in the dark. There was a short screech as someone got penetrated unexpectedly. One of the guys in front of me, I wondered? As I reached the last step I was lifted into the air. I found myself tucked between a huge arm and an equally muscled torso as I was carried into the darkness.

“I’m glad I got you. This should be fun.” I recognized the voice of Charlie Kim, the first brother who borrowed me from Alan. But the arm holding me felt much bigger than Charlie’s, or even Alan’s.

“Charlie Kim?”

“Yes Jerry, just relax and let me get you started. We have a big surprise for our guests tonight.”

I was put on my back on a gym mat and my legs raised to Charlie’s shoulders. They felt massive too. I mean even more than I knew them to be. When I felt the tip of his cock against my butt I knew it was bigger, much bigger. Charlie was not quite as thick or long as Alan, but what he was trying to insert in my ass tonight was easily thicker than any cock I’d yet taken.

As soon as it touched my skin it started pulsing gobs of stuff into my crack. In seconds the skin around my hole was soaked with his lube. He found my entrance and the tip nestled at the center of the ring of muscle that was the door. My anal virginity was discarded weeks ago. I opened easily to the dimension of the huge cocks I’d become accustomed to, but his cock-head wasn’t all in yet. A quick stab with his hips forced me wider and it was in.

He pushed it deeper.

“That’s really something, isn’t it? It feels really great in you. Tonight you’re a virgin all over again.”

My eyes were starting to get used to the dark. It wasn’t total as they had glow sticks as on the stairs spaced about. I began to make out Charlie Kim’s new body. He used to be shorter than me, but now he was clearly way taller. All his muscles were bigger too. I’d guess he’d doubled his muscle mass. Of course, the outside was only relevant as a clue to what was going on inside. I figured he had a foot of his cock in me by now. It was pressing all my sensitive spots.

The dark shadows between Charlie and I prevented me from seeing his cock, but the dark gap between him and I must be bridged by almost another foot of steely flesh. A couple inches further and he was in me as deeply as I’d experienced. He must have sensed that too as he started a smooth piston action to open up the area where no man has gone before.

I loved it. I stopped trying to think about things and just enjoyed experiencing it. Charlie’s cock wasn’t just a pole of hot flesh. It was like a wild beast living inside me, dominating me. Every twitch along its length shook my entire body. My insides rearranged with its every movement along my gut. I gasped air as I reached my first orgasm of the evening. The sound was lost in amongst the moans and screams of a room in which male-to-male sex was being taken to extremes.

A few minutes later I exploded again. My gut squeezed down on the thing that had crawled still deeper inside me. It wouldn’t, couldn’t, be contained. This time it reacted by going crazy, shaking my whole body while spewing jets of fire. It plunged inward, completing its conquest of me. I gave myself to my master as my internal muscles relaxed to a soothing wave of pressure along its length. For minutes it infused me with its seed.

It moved inside me, exploring the deepest depths it forced so wide open. Every inch reminded me of its power and sent waves of pleasure crashing against the last walls of rational thought. I came again and again and again before it released another flood within me and I explored me peaks of sensation.

Someone was speaking. “was fun.” “What?” I mumbled.

“I said, I thought that was fun.” It was Charlie Kim. He was kneeling with my butt resting on the matt between his massive thighs, each bigger than my chest. Someone had turned the lights back on. I saw his cock. It was thicker than my wrist. I could see about a foot of it before it entered my ass. The vein along its top expanded a bit in time with his heartbeat and there were periodic contractions that raced down its length and continued to the part still within me.

“Fun? Fun doesn’t begin to describe it. I love you.”

“Thanks for the complement, but it’s time to let someone else enjoy you while I look to make some new friends.”

He pulled the remaining inches from me and helped me to my feet. I saw he was a head and a half taller than me now and at least 500 pounds of muscle with over two feet of thick cock. And he wasn’t the biggest by far.

I saw Samuel Running Bear in a standing fuck with his brother. Samuel was now two feet taller than me, nearly eight feet tall. His brother was dwarfed by the muscle stud he’d become. Samuel was holding his hips and running him along his cock. He raised Joseph’s ass up to shoulder height and pivoted him on his cock so they faced each other. From there he could suck Joseph’s ten-inch piece while still fucking him with the end of a cock that must have been nearly thirty inches.

I went over to him. “Wow, you’re huge.”

Samuel pulled his lips from his brother’s cock and swallowed the cum it had spurted into his mouth. Joseph was still oozing a little while taking a massive load in his gut. I could see the contractions race over the surface of the long hose powering each jet.

“I think my brother has come to like sibling sex. But he needs a break, so I’m glad you’re here.” Yes, Joseph Running Bear was definitely in a happy place as Samuel pulled the last of his cock out of his ass and set him on a mat. He stood before me. I only came to his mid chest. His tall fuck pole reached above my head. I tried to angle it down to get at the tip, but I couldn’t budge it more than a few degrees. He grabbed the sides of my chest and raised me a foot so I could access the head. I opened as wide as possible to get the thick cap into my mouth. It was coated with his last cum and still bubbling pre-cum.

It was all I could manage to lick the bottom of the flared cap of his shaft that filled my whole mouth. I had both hands on the slick shaft that was too thick for one to encircle. A couple times a minute I’d swallow, drinking down a gulp of his pre-sex juice that flowed freely from the tip.

After letting me service his monster orally for a couple minutes, Samuel lifted me off, his cock slipping from my lips with an audible pop. He turned me facing away and reached between my legs to grip my waist, lifting me high while spreading my legs wide with his elbows. I was going to get fucked by a cock that was longer than my torso and felt as hard and unyielding as steel. It should be impossible, but I’d taken two-feet from Charlie and Sam was only about 25% bigger. I realized I didn’t have to understand it, just experience it. The brothers are going to do whatever they want, I just need to submit and enjoy.

Then I felt him at the gate. I could feel my flesh yield and he was inside and moving deeper. I could feel heat and power radiating from the powerful presence within me. My abdomen bulged along the path of my expanded large intestine. I could see as well as feel as it moved deeper. It curved under my ribs then halfway down the other side before I felt his big balls press my glutes. I was amazed I’d taken it all without dying in the process.

He started to fuck me with long, slow strokes. I could feel his heart beating as it forced blood through his cock and I sensed it when my heart started to beat in synch as if we were one. Also his flesh would pulse periodically, powering a spurt of pre-cum in my gut. My own cock, untouched, but hard as a rock, would pulse in sympathy, giving a small gob of juice for each of his jets. Every twitch from his embedded flesh caused a spasm of ecstasy throughout my body. I shut my eyes and the outside universe vanished. The only thing that remained was his living presence inside me and the waves of pleasure radiating from it to every part of my being.

I can’t really describe it for you. I just felt, unthinking. The pleasure would build, then ease, then, build again. Changes would be slow then rapid, but steadily, gradually, more intense. Then I, we, exploded, beyond what I’d felt before. It lasted, but time had fled with the rest of the universe. Eventually, it was a memory and the normal waves of pleasurable sensation washed over my world. It built again and there was another explosion and another and maybe more.

When the world returned I lay on Samuel’s torso, sucking on the downturned nipple on his bulging right pectoral muscle. A huge arm was on my back, its hand caressing my head. He was still in me. The presence and power was unmistakable, but it was like a sleeping dragon, a mystical force, now quiet.

“Did you like that?”

How could I tell him what it was like. I didn’t have words. “Yes,” was all I could mumble.

“I had fun too.”

I saw he was on a weight bench. One specially built for the brothers’ size and strength. Samuel’s right hand was gripping the steel box beam bar support. He’d crushed the beam to a third its normal size as the steel took deep impressions from his fingers and thumb. I guess he enjoyed it too.

“Can I borrow him now?”

I recognized Joey’s voice. No answer must have been needed as I was lifted away from Samuel, his long cock sliding from my gut. I hated losing it.

Joey held me by my hips in the air. With a quick flip and spin he turned me toward him at face height. He was now well over seven feet, maybe seven and a half, and had easily doubled his body mass. His cock wasn’t as long as Sam’s, but still clearly topped two feet. His cock was coated in a mix of juices from its earlier adventures, but was spurting pre-cum and ready for more.

“I promised you I’d return the favor. My balls are already churning so let’s not waste any time.”

He raised me up another foot and probed my butt until he found the spot. He pulled me down on it, forcing the entire thing into me in one powerful thrust. With my feet planted on the bulge of his massive chest, it was like I’d squatted on his cock, except he was standing and my body stuck out on the horizontal. Then he lifted me off until just the fist-sized head remained. Again, he plunged in. He erupted and I came too. Then he really started to fuck, deeper, harder, faster.

It was fun, but, for some reason, not world-shaking like my time with Sam. We were two guys having fun. He came again as did I.

I was fucked a few more times by brothers I’d not met before. The last was a double with a huge cock up my gut and one in my mouth. I could only get the flaring head in. It was way to thick to get down my throat. I almost drowned when he came. I swallowed several mouthfuls but I had to pull off and the rest of the load spurted around the room. It wasn’t the first. I’d been sprayed several times earlier and, by now, the floor mats, walls, furniture and everybody were liberally coated in slippery spunk.

When they left I had a couple minutes to rest on the mat, my head on my arms, my hole still leaking some of the last load that I could feel as it dribbled over my ball-sack. The taste of cum was still in my mouth.

But, it wasn’t long before my legs were spread and a pair of thick, muscled thighs positioned between them. My next fucker bridged my body with his. A long tongue licked my ear. I turned my head to see Tony Thieu. He was now taller than me, seven feet five I later learned, still one of the shorter brothers. He’d doubled his body mass and doubled another important muscle, though at two feet exactly it was almost the shortest. It felt plenty big when he put it in me. He entwined me in his arms and legs, his muscled torso against my back. His long, thick sex embedded to the hilt as his firm balls nestled behind mine. His head was beside mine and he was talking to me as he began to fuck me, but I couldn’t understand the words. It was English. I knew each word, but I couldn’t process them. My mind was only able to react to what was happening inside me.

His cock had found the spot. He’d always been talented, but his new size allowed him to overwhelm his partner. I surrendered to the feeling as his body and cock became my universe.

I awoke. There was morning light seeping into the room from curtained windows set high in the wall. I was resting on the broad chest of a guy, Tony. His arms hugged my body to his, surrounding me in a strong embrace. I could feel his cock in me, but he wasn’t fully hard. My legs brushed the mat at the sides, still widely split to allow room for his thick thighs.

Tony was sleeping, eyes daring under his closed lids. I wondered what he was dreaming. Then I knew as his cock started to grow inside me, throbbing and starting to pulse squirts of pre-cum. The feelings of bottomless pleasure started flowing from it. His wet dream became my reality as I lost myself in the sensations.

A spray of cool water brought me back to the world. I was in a large walk-in shower sitting on Tony’s thighs. He was on a bench, holding me as the refreshing cascade revived me. I looked at him and he smiled.

“You made it. It’s morning. It was a wild night. We knew we’d all grow bigger, but never expected the results to be so spectacular. You’re the only non-boyfriend to make it, and, even some of them couldn’t make the night.”

I looked up at Tony. That took some getting used to since he used to be a head shorter than me and now I’m that much shorter than he. His body was a wall of huge muscle. I looked down to his crotch. The root of his cock was thicker than my wrist. I could see nine or ten inches before it entered my ass. I could feel the rest up inside me, but resting, quiet now, but I remembered its power. My own cock was hard, the tip buried in his fine pubic hairs. It shouldn’t be long enough to bridge the gap separating us.

I grabbed my shaft. “Am I bigger too?”

“Yes. It seems our cum had some of what we used. You absorbed it through your gut and stomach. All the guests got a somewhat bigger and, if you made the night, you gained the most. With the size difference between the brothers and our guests, nobody noticed until the morning. I’d guess you added a couple inches in height and thirty pounds of muscle and about three inches to your cock. That’s about normal for a guy who did the whole night.”

As Tony soaped my body I looked around. The brothers were taller and bigger by far. A few were fucking each other. I spotted Charlie Kim fucking Bill Reyes. Bill seemed to still be the shortest of the brothers though he was now easily seven foot or so and his cock might be just less than two feet.

He was really being pounded by a much bigger Charlie. I suspect his partners are in for a rough session when he gets going and I’ll be one of them now.

I didn’t see Ricardo, but Jack was with Alan Wong. Jack looked to have almost thirteen inches though Alan easily doubled that. Joseph Running Bear was with his brother. He’d started the night as a very muscular 225 and ten inches. He was pro-bodybuilder sized now with at least fourteen. Next to his younger brother he looked small. He still had a dazed look about him. He had one hand holding the middle of his brother’s vertically pointed cock, letting it lead him about. I guess he’s okay with having sex with his brother now. If I’m the only non-boyfriend to make it, Jacob Greene must have had to quit early. I guess I’ll see how much he gained when we workout next.

So I earned my ear stud and have a whole fraternity of huge, handsome guys to play with. Sarah, Kelly and Briona now walk bow-legged from getting stuffed with Alan’s now twenty-seven inch cock. Briona didn’t need to worry about breaking up with Leon as he’s now in Alan’s network too and no longer interested in the ladies. Unfortunately the growth effects from the brother’s cum didn’t last beyond that first night, however, Jack, Ricardo and I still enjoy the results with each other when our boyfriends are in their study hours.


Chapter 20: Aftermath

I’m Jerry Sanders, a Berkeley senior. I’ve already recounted how I was recruited to be the fuck-toy of Alan Wong, a member of a unique fraternity of, mostly Asian, muscle studs. All the fraternity members were monster muscle studs, but at their pledge initiation they moved into unreal territory. The brothers now ranged from seven foot three to almost eight feet in height and 400 to almost 600 pounds of solid muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of it. While 800 pound plus bench presses were common before, no gym could try their strength now. I saw a couple of the guys test their strength late night at a deserted construction site. They started by each grabbing the side of a bulldozer and pressing it overhead. It was easy so they each held their side by one hand and did ten easy reps with each arm. A fully loaded dump truck that must have been more than twenty tons proved to be just as easy.

They didn’t work up a sweat but they did get worked up in the way I liked best. I got to take several loads from a pair of 26-inch cocks. That’s about average now with the range from 23 to just over 30. Since I achieved boyfriend status I get to be fucked regularly by all the brothers. You’d think getting fucked by a more than two-foot cock thicker than a normal wrist would be impossible or, at least, extremely painful. It’s not, at least if your partner knows how to use his equipment, and what’s the point of having a huge pleasure pole if you can’t get the most out of it?

Needless to say all the brothers know how to use their cocks and some are real virtuosos. I was told there is a training program. The pledges bottom for the rest of the fraternity and learn how to please a top, orally and anally. But they get to understand how much pleasure a bottom can get from a good fuck. I understand there are even performance requirements, grades and even extra tutoring for slow learners. After initiation they get to try topping and the grading is two-thirds on pleasuring their partner.

Completion requires fucking a boyfriend senseless so he passes out from pleasure and exhaustion for an hour or more. Since becoming a boyfriend requires surviving a full night sex party with every brother that wants to fuck you, it’s not an easy test. Samuel Running Bear chose me for his final exam and put me out of commission for over three hours. I’m told I lasted 194 minutes, which was second longest in that year’s testing though I, of course, have no specific recollections beyond the first few minutes. My blackout period was the longest by over forty minutes. Samuel and I seem to click sexually especially well which is why he chose me.

While the pledge initiation changed everyone in the fraternity, as a guest I got some of what they used infused into me via all the cum shot into me at the post-initiation party. I had been six foot two and 190 pounds with a 7.5- inch cock. Now it’s six foot four and 210 with 10.5 inches. My bench press went from 340 to 710, so, like the brothers, my muscles are much stronger for their size, though they must be a hundred times stronger, maybe more. My suite mates, Jack Gordon and Ricardo Chavez were also at the party and enjoyed the benefits. Jack is now six three, 185, with 13 inches, but Ricardo couldn’t do the full night and is only five eight, 148, now with seven inches. He isn’t complaining since he is well defined and can now bench 400 and for the first time in his life has a piece he loves to display in the showers at the gym.

My friend and fourth roommate, Mitch Carter, missed the party and didn’t get the benefits. He was surprised by the changes in us when we returned. He’s taller than Ricardo still, but Ricardo is now stronger and bigger where it counts. He’s now the runt of our suite and we treat him as such. He’s been trained by Bill Reyes as a submissive bottom so he likes it that way.

Of course, Bill’s new size was his biggest surprise. We’d told him naturally, but it was Tuesday, after his morning class, that he had a personal introduction to it. I was returning from my classes to meet Tony Tran at my room. Tony was a freshman from Anaheim and I hadn’t met him since just before the initiation. He texted that Samuel had recommended me though he didn’t need to provide any explanation as boyfriends are always available to meet any brother’s needs. I could hear Mitch well down the hall from our room. He was pretty vocal urging Bill to fuck him harder, faster and deeper with shouts and exclamations when Bill hit his buttons just right. A small group had gathered by the door. Most of the dorm knew we were gay and the frequent visits by Asian studs were no secret. Since the initiation even loose clothing couldn’t conceal the massive size and musculature of the brothers who were stared at wherever they went.

The crowd parted when they saw me arriving. I knew one of the group was gay; I’d fucked him yesterday evening. Most were just curious, male or female, wondering what it would be liked to be fucked by a huge muscle stud. I was trying to get them to move on when Tony Tran strode down the hall. Tony was seven four. Nobody came up to his shoulders. His shoulders must have been three feet wide. Every muscle bulged under his clothes.

His arm was thicker than my leg and each of his legs thicker than both of mine though his waist was no thicker than mine except for the bulging abdominal eight-pack that added a few extra inches. Anticipating our encounter his cock was partly hard and stretching the fabric of his pant leg away from his bulging thighs. If I didn’t get him undressed soon it would rip right through the material.

“Hi Jerry, what’s going on?”

“I guess Bill’s inside fucking Mitch and the sounds drew a crowd. I thought they were ready to leave before you arrived, but now you’re the attraction.”

“Are you going to fuck Jerry?” asked Mary, a cute, petite, blond who lived a couple rooms down.

“Yes, I am,” admitted Tony.

“You’re so big. Can I feel your arm?”

“I don’t think it’s my arm you want to feel. That’s not where you’re looking. Just go ahead and feel what you really want.”

Mary blushed instantly, but reached out to the cloth-covered member that bulged along Tony’s thigh. It bucked against the taut material in reaction to her touch. “It’s so big and hard. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be fucked by that. You’re way, way bigger than my boyfriend.”

“Hey, Mary, I’m standing right here,” complained a male voice from the crowd.

“Who knows? You may get to find out. Anyone interested in some action just e-mail Jerry a nude photo and he’ll forward those I might be interested in. I’ll e-mail or text you to set up a meeting. Explain the rules to them, Jerry.”

“You know university policy is ‘no’ means no. That doesn’t apply here. If you agree to meet Tony, he’s going to fuck you. It’s not dinner and a movie, just sex. Once you agree to meet you’re his until he’s done or you’re too exhausted to continue. If you’re good enough he’ll want to fuck you regularly.”

“So get to work on you’re e-mails, I’ve got 27 inches to slip into Jerry.”

He removed Mary’s hand from his shaft and gave her a pat on her ass to urge her to move. As I opened my door the group started dispersing.

Inside Mitch’s moans and exclamations were much louder. Bill’s calmer voice was soft and encouraging.

“Only six more inches, you’re doing great.”

We heard Mitch cum as Tony and I entered my bedroom. I wasted no time getting naked. I plopped onto my bed and had a chance to admire Tony as he disrobed.

Tony was a freshman, three years younger than me. You could see his youth on his face. I bet he shaves once a week, if at all. When the clothes came off, revealing all his massive muscles I saw his skin was a flawless golden brown with no real body hair except a small triangular patch of straight, black pubic hair above the thick root of his pole. His shaft was a darker tone than his normal skin. I could see a couple blood vessels throbbing along its surface, pumping it up to full size as it rose toward vertical in front of his torso. It reached up to his thick pectoral plates as the bulging mushroom-shaped head pushed clear of the enfolding skin. No sooner than it reached full-size it started bubbling pre-cum. Occasionally a tremor would shake its length, resulting in a foot-long jet of juice from the end that I realized must just be more of his natural lube, not actual cum.

Tony reached down and gripped me by my lats, lifting me off the bed until we were face to face. He pulled me to him for a kiss. He plunged his long tongue into my mouth as I lapped its rough surface with my own. My feet were about a foot off the ground as Tony held me securely against his body as he explored my mouth. The long, thick tube of his cock was pressed between our bodies, my own 10.5 inches squeezed against a small portion of its length. I could feel it pulsing with power, spitting its juice that quickly soaked our flesh until the excess dripped on the floor as Tony continued to dominate me orally.

Tony snapped his tongue back into his mouth and broke our kiss.

“I love kissing guys,” he admitted, “I could cum just kissing and rubbing your body along my cock. But it makes a really big mess if I don’t shoot inside you.”

“Kiss me as much as you like. Well I guess you’d do whatever you like anyway. It’s not like you need or I’m giving permission, but it’s great for me too. I feel so safe and secure in your embrace. And don’t worry about the mess. I’ve cleaned up after Alan plenty.”

“Probably not after our initiation. Do you remember what the party room looked like? And that was mostly just the overflow. Anyway I like fucking too.”

Tony casually flipped me onto my back in the center of my bed. I felt the bed sag as he knelt behind me and hoisted my legs into the air. I felt him push against my hole and looked down my body at Tony. He was over two feet behind me to allow his thick pole room enough to access my entrance. He pressed the flaring cap at my sphincter and it yielded to the irresistible force of his steel-hard member. My ring stretched as he punched the blunt head through the gate. Then my band snapped past the flange and snuggly held the sides of the pole. For me, I think the tough part is over once I get the cock-head in. Tony eased in a few inches of shaft until he bumped my prostate, sending a shiver down my spine.

“I had just five inches a couple weeks ago,” observed Tony. “If I stuck it in you you’d hardly feel it. Not that I’d have had a chance to fuck you then. I wouldn’t rate a second glance. Now even my first five inches gets your attention and I’ve twenty-two more to play with. And you saw the reaction from the crowd by the door. I could have fucked any one or all of them and I probably will.”

“You’re a stud, but, for now you’re my stud. Why don’t you show me how much fun a twenty-seven inch cock can give?”

He did. He pushed the whole shaft into my gut in one smooth, long stroke until his big balls dented my glutes. My prostate was massaged by every bump and vein the entire way. My body convulsed from the intense pleasure signals but the sex spike driven up my ass held me immobile. I could feel it as a living presence within me, beating with his steady pulse, throbbing as the muscle contracts, writhing and moving inside me, rearranging my internal anatomy, squirting out shots of lube.

Tony started long-dicking me using two-foot strokes that left just the tip inside before plunging back. I came by his second thrust, then again and again. He bent me double to reach my face for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I sucked on his tongue. It felt like an earthquake when he came. Eventually peace returned as just a gentle ripple from a now sated beast coursed through my belly and my cock dribbled a few finals blobs of cum.

He broke our kiss and reared back, resting on his knees. He lowered and released my legs that I wrapped about his slim waist. My butt was still tight to his groin. I smiled up at my young fucker, happy in the afterglow of my long orgasm. Many streaks of my cum coated his massive muscles. A couple drops fell from the points of his tits back onto my body that had its own liberal coating of juice shot from my gun. “Ummm,” I moaned. “I love being fucked. There’s nothing like a good drilling by a big cock if your fucker knows how to use it. I was straight until a few weeks ago. Now I love being fucked and dominated by big muscle studs and you’re only eighteen and so assured and skilled.”

“I know. I hardly believe it myself. I was a virgin when I arrived at Berkeley. Tony Thieu contacted me about pledging with the fraternity. I wasn’t a virgin after he explained the benefits of membership. But I’m only sixteen. I graduated high school two years early. I wasn’t confident before but when I see how everyone reacts to me, physically and sexually, it’s easy. I love it.”

“You’re still a kid, but a hundred percent stud.”

“Yeah, a stud. You’re not likely to forget that when I’ve got over two feet of cock squirming in the midst of your body.” He flicked the tip around deep inside me as a reminder. “I think we need a shower and that’s a good place for round two.”

Tony raised his cock to vertical and I was powered upright and pressed into his bulging pectoral plates. He stood up from the bed and I went along riding his cock with no other support.

When he carried me into the common area we met Bill and Mitch who’d just finished there own post-sex shower. I didn’t know if they’d done round two or whatever in the shower, but Mitch had a steady leak from his hole that was red from friction with Bill’s thick piece. I introduced Mitch to Tony. They shook hands while Bill slipped a couple fingers in me alongside Tony’s pole.

Then Jack came in with Tony Thieu’s arm about his waist, obviously for their own fun over lunchtime. Tony Thieu asked my Tony what he thought of me as a sex partner. I got a good grade and Bill agreed, his fingers still playing at my hole. Tony Thieu concurred and suggested he try Jack too.

Bill mentioned a couple of his favorites and that generated some discussion. Meanwhile Jack had stripped, getting ready for his fucking. His thirteen inches were hard and pointing up his defined abdominals. My Tony complimented Jack on his cock as being pretty nice for a non-brother while giving it a couple strokes. That generated some more discussion.

Since the sexual discussion was clearly for the men only I busied myself by undressing Tony Thieu who cooperated by staying within easy reach of my perch on Tran’s cock. I guess this must sound like a weird scene, but not in my life.

The only thing really unusual was we had six naked guys but we weren’t actually having sex if you don’t count the cock and fingers up my hole. That couldn’t last. Tony Thieu broke off the discussion and led Jack away to Jack’s bedroom. Then Tran asserted that it was time to shower. As he turned Bill extracted his fingers from my ass and made a show of sucking one and letting Mitch taste the other.

Tony Tran carried me to the shower. Bill and Mitch had been there. The spray must have been off when Bill pulled out of Mitch because the shower deck had a big puddle of cum spilled from his ass. He stepped right in it so it was probably a normal thing at his frat house. He turned on the spray and adjusted it to a nice warm setting. As the spray rinsed our bodies of the cum from our first round he held me by my waist and started lifting me to ride his sex pole. My own cock was riding between our bodies rubbing along the ridges of Tony’s abs and up the groove between his thick pecs as I traveled the top several inches.

The friction inside and out soon had me on the verge. On the next trip down Tony’s pole he flexed it toward himself, pressing my body against his stone- like muscles. I shot. Seeing me cum, Tony sped up his strokes. The rapid beating of his cock on my abs from the inside announced his release as I came again. As soon as his deeply buried cock stopped spewing he started me riding even faster. After a wild minute he plugged me to the hilt again and spewed another load. It was too much cum for any gut to handle. I felt the excess spurt from my plugged ring as new seed jetted from the tip far up my gut.

When I recovered I was resting with my back on the tile wall, still panting from orgasms that came too many and too fast. Tony had turned the shower to a cooling rain that felt good against my overheated body. “You look dazed,” Tony observed. “I enjoy fucking but I really love the effect I have on my partners. I guess you had fun too.”

“Oh, god, yes. I can’t believe you’ve only been doing this a few weeks.”

“Me too. Well I think it’s time to get ready for our afternoon classes.” He reached to shut off the water.

“Wait a moment. I just noticed I shot some cum onto your hair. You’re so tall the shower spray didn’t get it. Let me wash your hair.”

“Good idea. Let me loosen it up.” Tony kept his hair pulled back into a ponytail that he freed. With his hair untied it draped down to his shoulders.

“Wow. You’ve got great hair. It frames your face like that. Why do you keep it tied back?”

“My elder brother told me long hair made me look too feminine.”

Now feminine was not a word I’d associate with the mountain of muscle that was Tony and certainly not when I had twenty-seven inches of his cock up me.

“I’m betting your brother hasn’t seen you since the initiation.”

“No. I’m concerned how this is going to change our relationship. He was always the star athlete and I the star student. In school I was always the youngest and smallest in the class. I would have been a big target except everyone knew that they’d have to deal with my brother if they bothered me. He was my protector.”

“And now you’re the big guy. Could you kneel on the floor, Tony? That will get you low enough to be under the spray while I shampoo your hair.” He did with me still riding. “Now lift me up about a foot so I have better access. That’s perfect.” I started working on his straight black hair.

Another thought came to me. “Do you want to have sex with your brother?” “I’ve fantasized about it. They usually involved him doing me. How will he react when he sees me now?”

“I gather your brother is straight, but so were Mitch and I. It was pretty easy to seduce us. If you want your brother I don’t think he’ll put up much resistance, mentally that is. But you don’t want to do that, do you?”

“No. Actually I’d still like him to be my big brother, but how can he feel like it when I’m like this?”

Since I’d had Tony lift me I’d been bouncing a couple inches up and down along his sex pole while I did his hair. The internal massage was starting to have an effect. My cock was hard and leaking and the pleasure signals were making it hard to concentrate on the serious conversation we were having.

“Is your brother in college now?”

“No. He joined the Marines. He’s with his unit in Iraq until Spring.” “So, he’s still protecting you, us.”

“I suppose.”

“I’ve an idea. He must have learned lots of hand-to-hand combat skills. Ask him to show you them. Then he can be the teacher. That’s a big brother role. Let him take the first step sexually, but I’m pretty sure he will.”

“That sounds really good.”

“Thanks, I try, though I don’t do my best thinking when I’ve a thick cock up my ass.”

“Must be all the practice you’ve been getting helps your concentration. Anyway that cock can help express my appreciation.”

Tony started bouncing me on longer strokes. I tried to finish rinsing his hair but after a few seconds all I could manage was holding onto his traps while another orgasm overtook me. He took me on a last slow trip from base to tip and back down, rubbing my most sensitive spots the whole way. Then he came, triggering me again. I shot some more cum in his hair but the shower washed it off by the time my last spurts dribbled out. Tony kept shooting for a couple minutes more but I leaked most of it.

After a couple minutes resting under the spray Tony stood up carrying me too. I unwrapped my legs from his waist but they dangled a foot from the floor.

“Can you stand?”

“I think so, but I haven’t tried my legs in an hour. Set me down and we’ll see.”

Tony bent his knees while splitting them to let me dangle between his thighs. I felt my toes touch then settled firmly. He squatted lower pulling the thick cum hose from my bottom. The friction force from twenty-seven inches of thick cock shoved up my gut surprised me, pulling me off balance. Tony grabbed my hips to steady me as he continued to extract his pole. His butt was touching the floor when the head popped out, followed by a flood of cum before my hole adjusted to his absence.

When he stood back up his cock was just partly hard, starting out horizontal with a downward arc. It must have still been twenty inches covered in cum and residue from my gut, though I keep myself pretty clean and cum flushing a few times a day certainly helps. I started washing it while admiring it too. The foreskin was long enough to cover the head and I was able to slip a finger in between to clean underneath, but I had to be quick before Tony got too hard. He grew a couple inches and was noticeable straighter but calmed down once I pulled my finger out. Meanwhile Tony did my ass crack.

When he turned off the water we dried each other. I loved feeling his body and all his bulging muscles, not to mention the impressive shaft that had given me such pleasure. I noticed he didn’t pull his hair back. When we got back to the common area Jack and Tony Thieu were there, nude, waiting for their turn in the shower. Tony had pulled out of Jack but both were still hard and I thought they’d do more in the shower like we’d done. Tran got some good comments on his hair and he generously said it was my suggestion. We split, us to get dressed.

Back in my bedroom I wiped up the leakage and decided a butt plug was best for the afternoon. I checked my phone and saw Pong had scheduled me for a session between my afternoon classes in a professor’s office. He didn’t mention whether the professor would be there, but that’s not my concern. I texted an acknowledgement as my agreement is assumed by my boyfriend status. Charlie Kim wanted six to eight for tomorrow morning in my bedroom. He’d let himself in. I wondered if there’d be time for breakfast but, again, that’s strictly his call. There were also e-mails from candidates for Tony to fuck but I didn’t have time now to review them.

As Tony and I were getting ready to head to our afternoon classes he asked if I were free at four. My last class today is out just before and nobody had booked the time, so I was. He invited me to the fraternity house. Study hours begin at five so most of the brothers like to have a chance to empty their balls. I’d be passed around until five, have some time to clean up and was invited for dinner with the brothers at five-fifteen. Since it’s during the study hours that would be my first time with them in a non- sexual situation.

My afternoon encounter was awkward. I got to the office Pong indicated and the door was locked. I knocked and this handsome, late-20s professor type opens it. Charles Reese, Associate Professor, Asian Literature, it said on the door, so I assumed this was he. I obviously wasn’t whom he expected so I explained Pong sent me. He let me in and relocked the door. He wore Pong’s ring but didn’t show any recognition of my ear stud.

We were both waiting for Pong to arrive and fuck us, so we had something in common, but neither of us said a word. I figured I might as well get ready and started to disrobe. That got Professor Reese agitated and he tried to tell me to stop, but I suggested he’d better get busy himself or Pong might rip his off. He saw the merit of my idea and was half done when Pong unlocked the door with his own key. Being ready got me the first fuck and a chance to watch Pong earn his ‘A’ in Asian lit as I got dressed for my second afternoon class.

My room was on the way to the fraternity so, with a few minutes to spare, I stopped in to dump my books and change into something more convenient. Ricardo was in action with someone in his bedroom but I didn’t see who and my other suite mates were out. I changed into some running shorts and a tight tee with sandals for my feet.

I made it to their door by a couple minutes before four and knocked. The door was opened by Koji Ishikawa, a fourth-generation Japanese-

American from Southern California. He was wearing shorts and a tee too

but it did little to hide his physique. He’d reacted extra-well to the last growth spurt and was now seven foot eight with twenty-nine inches. His huge thighs caused the legs of his shorts to bunch in his crotch and it looked like he had two tennis balls and a pressurized fire hose stuffed under the thin fabric. When the door shut he quickly shed the little he wore, dumping them into a basket by the door for use of the next brother answering a knock. I dropped mine into one of the guest bins and noticed a couple already in use.

“I’ll start you off, Jerry.”

He put a huge arm on my shoulder and herded me to the lower level where the party was. The exercise equipment was mostly gone. There were a few hundred pound barbell plates that were bent in half or stretched in various ways. They’d brought in some twenty foot steel I-beams from some construction site. They were bent to form chairs and benches for guys the brothers’ size and way too big for us normal-sized guys. On most of these the steel was oddly deformed in several places as if they’d been battered by a wrecking ball.

Koji sat on one of the beam chairs and helped me stand on the beam straddling his thighs. I needed to rise onto my toes to get enough height to put the tip of his long pole at my opening. I popped my plug out and dropped down to a flat-footed stance before I lost much of the cum I’d been carrying.

“Pong and Tony Tran are providing the lube for your fuck. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I doubt there’s a boyfriend anywhere by this hour that isn’t carrying seed from several brothers. Were big on sharing at our fraternity. You’ll soon have mine in the mix.”

I didn’t doubt that standing on the giant chair with just his cock-head up my ass. Koji startled me by pushing my feet off the seat so my only support was his fuck-pole. My weight forced the shaft up my gut. The first foot took only seconds, but friction from forcing my intestines wide enough to accept his thick tool slowed my descent to maybe an inch per minute by the halfway point.

Once I’d recovered from the surprise the pressure on my prostate made me hard. Koji reached around and stroked my cock with a thumb and two fingers. I rested my back on his chest. His other hand turned my head toward his as we kissed. My cock sprayed its seed onto my chest.

I stopped moving with about five inches to go. I guess my 210 pounds wasn’t enough force to plug Koji’s thick piece fully.

“I’m stuck.”

“I know. It takes a real man to use a weapon this big.”

He bucked his hips shoving the remaining inches up me. I settled on his lap. He used his hip thrusts to bounce me up and down, riding the bottom foot or so of the steel pipe that was his cock. It was a wild ride, but Koji knew his stuff. Ten minutes later I’d cum twice and had Koji’s fresh spunk warming my belly.

“Can I borrow him?”

I was fucked four more times that hour, twice with a second cock down my throat. The last was a five minute rush to beat the 5 PM deadline. “I’m sorry I didn’t have more time,” said Mike Fong, my last fucker. “I’ll set up a meet during the day and make it up to you.”

“You made me cum and you added plenty of your own to the stuff leaking down my thighs. So we both had fun. But I’d love a longer ride on your twenty-eight inch ass-pleaser. I’ve no classes Monday afternoon.”

“It’s a date then. I’ll enter it in the system. We have time for a shower before dinner. Follow me.”

The bathroom on the second floor had a large walk-in shower that could easily fit a dozen guys, even as big as these guys were. Joseph Running Bear was there, but I didn’t see his biological brother, Samuel, who was in the last pledge class. I’d seen Joseph in the party room getting fucked like me. He was with Eddie Yi, a Korean-American, his last fucker. There were plenty of brothers of course. I saw Tony Tran speaking with Alan Wong.

Joseph and I gravitated to each other since we’re both boyfriends and by far the smallest guys. Joseph grew to six foot from five eight on party night and had 260 muscular pounds on that frame and a fourteen-inch cock. That would have been brother-size before they all became true giants. I’m six four but everyone else in the shower was seven foot or over and double even Joseph’s weight. It was study hours so there was no sex play, but Joseph had been fucked by all of them and I by most.

Alan Wong, who introduced me to gay sex, came by to introduce me to a couple brothers who promised to see me soon. The two Tony’s, Thieu and Tran, set up meetings too and Tran said he had something for me Saturday night too.

With so many gay or bi studs in proximity there were plenty of hard cocks even with no sex in prospect. Mine was hard even with the workout I’d gotten. Mike Fong came over to take us to dinner. He stood in front of me and handed me a big towel, taking one himself. At seven foot eleven, Mike was almost the tallest, so tall the last half foot of his upward pointing twenty-eight inch pole rested on my shoulder while we dried off. We split

the drying duties. He took everything above his cock for both of us and I got his cock and everything below.

Mike escorted me to the dining area. I’d thought about getting my clothes but most of the guys were nude and the rest just had athletic shorts on with their cocks usually sticking out the top or bottom. There were four circular tables each seating about ten. They were about half occupied. Some brothers had taken food to their rooms to eat while working and a few were in university labs or the library. Dinner had a variety of dishes, mostly Asian and chopsticks plus the standard Western utensils.

“Mike, do you have any brothers?” I asked remembering my talk with Tony Tran.

“Yes, two older brothers and one younger, plus an older sister.” “What do they think of the changes in you?”

“They haven’t seen me since the pledge party so they don’t know the latest. It was hard enough to explain the initial change. I said it was a late growth spurt plus working out in the university gym.”

“How did that change things?”

“Oh, you dirty minded boy. You mean do I have sex with them. Yes, with one of my older brothers. My other big brother and sister are married and I don’t want to interfere in their relationships. My younger brother has been trying to seduce me for a year, but I told him not until he’s accepted by Berkeley. With luck he’ll be in next year’s pledge class.

“I, well all the brothers, need sex several times a day, but it’s not like we have any trouble finding partners, even without you boyfriends and our personal networks.”

“How do you mean that?”

“Well, you’ve seen the looks we get walking around campus. The vast majority, men and women, gay or straight, are attracted. But almost all are afraid to approach, we’re just too big and powerful. All I really need to do when I see someone I like is to give him a warm smile, some eye contact and maybe a gesture urging him to come over. They always comment on my build and then I just invite them to feel a muscle, making sure they get a good look at the bulge running down my leg. For those slow on the uptake, a casual rub of the cloth covered shaft against their leg seals the deal and then I just suggest we go somewhere. You’ve seen it. How long did it take Alan to get his cock up your hole?”

“Yeah. I thought I was straight as they come, but he had me in less than ten minutes.”

“You’ve been in Alan’s network, to a couple parties and a boyfriend for a week,” interjected Charlie Pham. “What’s it been like for you?”

“After getting fucked by Alan I knew I was gay one hundred percent. I never had near the fun fucking a girl as I got from him fucking me. Plus there were no games. It was just sex. He had fun and I had fun. He let me enjoy some of the other brothers and I loved every fuck. You’re all a little different and I never quite know what to expect. Then there’s the fact that you’re all so big and strong. I know that when I’m having sex with you you’re in total control. I don’t need to think about what I should be doing, but just enjoy the sensations you’re creating for me. Since I became a boyfriend I’ve had more sex and fun than ever before. You can chain me downstairs and fuck me twenty-four hours a day and I’d love it.”

“I’ll bring that up at the next meeting,” offered Mike. “But, for now, we’ve got to study and you probably do too.”

So I walked back to my dorm with Joseph, carrying a good meal and lots of cum in my belly. I did my course work and had some time before bed to review Tony Tran’s fuck buddy candidates. I forwarded him the e-mails from three guys with good athletic builds. I saw Mary had submitted a photo too. I channeled my former straight self and rated her worthy but didn’t know if Tony was bi, so I sent an e-mail asking if he was interested in female submissions. I got a reply about twenty minutes later saying yes, so I forwarded Mary’s e-mail. There was one from her boyfriend so I sent that too. Once Tony fucks him he won’t mind losing Mary. I went to sleep dreaming of the huge, muscled guys that fucked me today. I could imagine my body enveloped in bulging arms, a biceps as big as my head was my pillow. A thigh like a tree trunk spread my legs and I imagined the touch from the tip of a hard cock. My dream lover shoved himself into me. I felt his power inside me and surround me. He pumped his essence into me and it filled me so full it shot out my cock. Then he did it again and again. The room glowed in light.

“Good morning, sleepy.” “Who? What?” “Charlie.”

“Charlie Kim? You’re here for our fuck session already. Just give me a minute to get oriented. I was just dreaming about getting fucked and now its real.”

“You bet it’s real I’ve been fucking you for an hour. I thought you might want a shower and some breakfast before class.”

“Mmm. Good idea. So that was real? When did I wake up?” “I thought you were. You shot five times. I’ll pull out.”

Charlie lifted me off and set me upright bedside and climbed out beside me. I had shot an impressive amount. I’ll need to change the sheets.

We walked out to the common area where Jack and Ricardo were lubing each other’s ass after their shower. Jack had put a coat of lube on his thirteen inches and was getting ready to stick it up Ricardo while Ricardo was holding our twelve-inch dildo.

“Morning guys,” greeted Jack. “It sounded like you had fun.” He looked at Charlie’s cum slicked cock. “Say, Charlie. We can’t really get the lube in very far. Would you mind giving us a stroke with your piece, more than one if you want. Zai Zai is coming in a few minutes to meet me and Ricardo has something after his morning class.”

“Sure. But I’ve only time for one stroke this morning. I’ve got to shower and get to class too.”

Charlie gave each a nice slow full thrust. It cleaned cum off his cock. Then we showered and he gave me a fully awake fuck under the spray. Back in the common area we could hear Zai Zai and Jack were in action in his bedroom. Ricardo and Mitch were out.

I got out some cereal and asked Charlie if he wanted anything. He said no and started to put on the clothes he’d left in the common area. I swore when I opened the fridge and saw we only had a small amount of milk.

“What’s the problem?” Charlie asked while buttoning his shirt. “Nothing much. Just we’re about out of milk for my cereal.”

“I can help with that. I’ve got something better, higher in protein.”

He put the tip of his long cock above the bowl holding my flakes and an inch of our last milk and started pumping with both hands. He quickly started spurting his pre-cum that was almost a normal guy’s cum and stroked even faster. A minute later he sighed and jetted the main load, a couple dozen solid streams that nearly filled the bowl despite a lot that splashed onto the table from the force of each shot.

“Wow. I haven’t seen anyone shoot since the initiation. It has always gone up my butt or down my throat. It was a lot before but this is wild.”

“Yes. I can cum again, just as much, again and again. We’d shoot off involuntarily if we went without sexual release for much beyond twelve hours.”

“It tastes great, the breakfast of champions.”

I licked off the residue from his cock-head as he let himself go mostly soft. Then he finished dressing. We shared a kiss before he headed out. I still had some of my cum-coated cereal in my mouth that he swiped with his tongue and swallowed when we broke apart.

I finished my breakfast, drinking the excess from the bowl. Then it was time for me to dress and head for class.

When I stepped out the door I was stopped by two guys. One looked familiar.

“Jerry, I’m Richard,” said the taller one. “I wanted to thank you for sending my e-mail to your friend. My roommate will suck you off or you can fuck him.”

He pushed his slightly built friend to his knees in front of me. He reached for my zipper but I held his hand away.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry. He’s good and does what I want.” “It’s not what I want. So Tony contacted you.”

“Yes, he set me up for this afternoon and I just wanted you to know I’m grateful.”

“I got your message but I’ve got class.” I got out quickly.

Waiting for class to start I texted Tony Tran. ‘Recommend you cancel with Richard this afternoon. Met him this morning. He’s a jerk. Couldn’t tell that from photo, sorry.’

Fifteen minutes later my phone vibrated. Tony texted, ‘Why do you think he’s a jerk?’

‘His roommate is only five four, barely over a hundred pounds. He dominates sexually and treats like dirt. Call me after class at 9:15 if okay.’

I got his call. “Hi Tony”

“I cancelled for today with Richard. How is he different than Bill Reyes and your roommate, Mitch?”

“Well…Bill does like to dominate his partners, but he cares about them. He’d never hurt or humiliate them. My quick read is that Richard gets off on hurt and humiliation.”

“Sounds like it. What about his roommate?”

“He didn’t seem happy but isn’t physically or mentally strong enough to break it off.”

“I’ll talk to Tony Thieu about it. During pledge training he mentioned that we sometimes do humanitarian work. Maybe this will qualify. I’ll see you at the house Friday evening.”

As I was leaving the next morning an agitated Richard stormed up to me.

“It’s all your fault. Tony cancelled and now my roommate told me to move out. I’ll get you,” he shouted, raising a fist.

He was about my size and I’d chosen his photo because of his nice build but I’d gotten some of what the fraternity used. I grabbed his neck with one hand and slammed him into the wall. He tried breaking my grip with both his arms but to no avail. I squeezed his neck a little and he sputtered as his breathing was restricted.

“I could snap your neck easily. When I come back at lunch I want you gone.”

I released my grip and he ran down the hall. That felt good. I’m with giant muscle studs so much I tend to forget that in the real world I’m not a guy you’d want to cross.

I saw the roommate approaching. He was about two inches taller and thirty pounds of muscle heavier, still not a big guy, but very fit and quite handsome.

“Hi. I’m Diego. I wanted to thank you. Yesterday I met an Indian, well, Native-American, Samuel. He said you were why he was seeing me. He gave me something to drink and you can see the effect.”

“Hi Diego. I’m Jerry. I’m glad you got rid of that jerk roommate.” “Samuel is coming back this afternoon to see how I’m doing.”

“It looks like you’re doing pretty good. I know Samuel. He can be a lot of fun. Good luck.”

“I feel lucky. Thanks again.”

As I walked away I noticed he had a decent bulge in his pants. I guessed he’d have Samuel’s ring next time we met.

That evening while I was sitting in the chair where I’d gotten my first fuck, finishing my reading. My suite mates were also in the common area preparing their own work. There was a knock on our door. Ricardo answered it. He let Diego in. He was dressed in athletic shorts and a tight tee like we all were and he sported Samuel’s white and turquoise ring.

I greeted him and introduced him to the guys. He came over to my chair and sat, straddling the padded arm, facing me.

“I see you had a chance to get to know Samuel more intimately. He’s fucked me too.”

“It was the best sex I ever had. He’s almost thirty inches. Standing in front of me the tip was sticking up over my head. I don’t know how he got it all in me but he did.” “And now you feel empty and your ring itches because there’s nothing stretching it. I know the feeling.”

“I told you thanks for what you did but I was thinking of thanking you more personally. Would you like to fuck me?”

“I can see that’s a sincere offer. Your cock is tenting your shorts. It looks like you have about seven inches now. Since you’re staring at my shorts you know my answer. Just drop your shorts, pull off mine and hop aboard, straddling the chair.”

“You want to do it here, in front of your roommates?”

“We see each other have sex every day and we’ve had plenty with each other. And I bet Jack and Ricardo would take a turn with you if you’re interested.”

“Ummm. Yes, I’m definitely interested,” Diego admitted while pulling off my shorts and his. “Sex between friends is much better than just sex.”

He proved to be a talented bottom, made even better by his added size and muscle. Jack and I each added two loads to the deposit Samuel had given and Diego broke in his newly enlarged cock in Ricardo’s ass accompanied by a lot of pornographic Spanish lingo.

The rest of the week included plenty of sex, but I was looking forward to the weekend. This wasn’t a party weekend so individual brothers requested boyfriends. Jack and Ricardo were going to San Francisco with Eddie Lee and Bill Foster to visit Eddie’s Kung Fu club. I was going to the fraternity house as guest of Tony Tran. As the brother inviting me he has first call on my time but any brother could borrow me. I knew he had something planned for Saturday night, but didn’t know the details.

When I arrived, just after five, Joey Foster answered my knock on the door. He was wearing football training shorts and a mesh football jersey. You could see his thick cock behind the mesh, sticking up between his pecs. “Hi Jerry. I’ve got door duty until six, but if you toss your clothes in a bin and head downstairs, you’ll be taken care of. I’ll see you later.”

I thanked him and stripped off what little I was wearing and headed off. I met Tony Thieu coming down from upstairs.

“Jerry, Tran said he invited you. He’ll be down in a while after he wraps up some course-work. I’ll get you warmed up.”

“That’s a great start to the weekend. Tran said he had something special for tomorrow night. Do you know anything about it?”

“I do. Alan Wong and a couple of our bisexual brothers are doing an unofficial training session for interested freshmen. I think he’s using a flat off-campus.”

I wondered if that was the flat that Sarah, Kelly and Briona had. However, Tony flipped me to my back on a padded bench and began entering me, so there’d be no thinking, only feeling, for a while.

There are a few different styles the guys used for entry. A few brothers had cocks that tapered from tip to base with the head no wider than the shaft. Those generally went in smoothly and easily, gradually forcing the entry ring wider as the shaft widened near the base. Most had cock-heads that flared to a crown significantly wider than their shaft. That’s the style Tony had. These men had two choices, punch the head through the entrance with a quick hip thrust or apply steady pressure and force the gate open slowly. Today Tony Thieu took the slow and steady route.

As my ass ring spasmed against the end of his pole a little more of him slipped into me each time. A normal cock would have been squeezed by the pressure of forcing the gate but here we’re talking about flesh as firm as steel. I could sense every tiny fraction of an inch and with a two-foot piece, the head was almost four inches. As more and more entered me I tried to push down to get him inside, but Tony had complete control.

The head is as wide as a fist. When my ring cleared the flare of the crown and snapped tight to the shaft there was a moment of relief. My colon was stuffed now and he tip already in deep enough to press my prostate. With a steady thrust he shoved the shaft into me and I felt my guts expand as the wide cap traveled deep inside me. The whole time the friction on my pleasure centers sent incredible sensations straight to my brain.

Looking down my torso I watched the thick pole disappear as Tony’s hips moved inexorably closer too my butt. My own cock was stiff and bouncing in excitement, drooling a stream of pre-cum when without warning I spasm and shoot in my first orgasm and Tony hadn’t completed his first inward stroke. I looked up at him in the after-glow of sexual release. He was smiling, satisfied in his mastery of my body. There was a second orgasm and another and another and then they sort of merged.

“Jerry. Jerry. You ready for some more sex?”

“Sure, Tony.” I answered automatically, somewhat dazed from our previous sex. Then I realized that the voice was not Tony Thieu’s.

“No Jerry, it’s Joey. I told you I’d see you later. Remember?”

“Sure, Joey.” I finally got my eyes in focus and recognized Joey Foster leaning over me, my ankles on his shoulders. I could feel that he’d taken Tony’s place in my gut and had all his inches in me as his groin pressed to my ass. “I guess I was a little out of it when you took over from Tony.”

“You think? Charlie Kim had you before me. It’s been almost four hours since I greeted you at the door.”

I realized he was right. I could feel cum coating my torso. My own plus the much larger deposit from one or more of the brothers. I’d could taste the residue of a load taken orally, though I couldn’t match the flavor with anyone as it wasn’t fresh. I’d had hours of sex and had no clear memories beyond the first minutes. All I knew was that I had fun.

“Well, more than a little out of it, I suppose. Good sex does that to me. So, why’d you give me a pause?” “I like to connect with my partners. If you’re too far gone, the sex isn’t much more than masturbation.”

“I think I understand. I’m glad you want me as a partner, not just a sex object. Though, once I chose to be a boyfriend, I sort of volunteered to be a sex toy. It’s been a great choice for me. And, in case you haven’t noticed you have made a connection with me.”

“Oh. This connection?” He gave a short laugh as he flexed his cock, lifting my back off the bench and shaking me for a few seconds before letting me down. “I noticed. And when I use that connection to pleasure you and me you’ll know who’s responsible.”

I was about to respond when I felt him start his fuck motion. By the time he’d dragged the shaft halfway from my tightly clutching gut I wasn’t thinking about what to say. After a couple slow piston strokes I was mumbling Joey’s name as my moan of pleasure. My orgasm followed shortly. There was another and a bigger explosion when Joey came. After that I was back in that place where time didn’t matter.

When I recovered there was sunlight in my eyes. It must be morning. I was on a bed, held tightly amid a tangle of hugely muscled arms and legs. The skin was the golden tone of an Asian, so I knew it wasn’t Joey anymore.

Whomever it was, they were still asleep. I could feel the cock shaft throb in time with the slow beat of his heart. It wasn’t in me as far as some of the longer brothers could reach, but it might not be fully embedded. I managed to shift a bit inside the muscle embrace and slipped a couple more inches into my hole. That must have aroused my partner because I felt his body tense as he regained his senses, followed by him inserting the last few inches of his hard pole.

“Good morning, Jerry.”

The voice told me that it was Tony Tran. “Good morning, Tony.”

“Are you ready for a wake-up fuck?” The question was purely rhetorical as he started fucking me as he talked. After a couple preliminary strokes Tony rolled my front onto the mattress, finishing on top of me. He supported most of his weight on his knees and elbows, a good thing for me since he was over 400 pounds of muscle. I was still wrapped in his arms. One hand cradled my face while the other wrapped my cock. With Tony’s seven four height and muscular width my head and torso were completely covered by his powerful frame. My legs were splayed wide to make room for a pair of thighs each as thick as my chest. He let enough weight on me to let me feel the play of his hard muscles as he powered his steely cock through my gut.

In the midst of the fuck I felt the the bed sag again followed by the blunt tip of a massive cock pressing my lips. I reopened my eyes but couldn’t see much, the shaft extending away, part of a hand positioning it and muscled legs. But I knew what was expected and opened wide to take at least the end, six to eight inches, of the long member inside me.

In a half hour I’d shot six times, taken a couple loads up my ass and swallowed a torrent from the cock in my mouth. Tony and the new guy were resting after getting off. I was recovering with their cocks in my mouth and ass, still swallowing the spurts of pre-cum I got fed several times a minute. They were talking but I’d missed the beginning.

“…a full day at least. We’ll start after breakfast.” I recognized Alan Wong’s voice.

“That sounds good,” Tony replied. “Who else will be there?”

“Donny Yi will be co-hosting. He’ll be bringing a couple of his girlfriends for you to try out. I’ve got the three girls that share the apartment we’ll be using plus a guy from my network if you want a change of pace. Ming Li is the other freshman. Like you he’s a virgin in heterosexuality. And you’re bringing Jerry Sanders.”

“Yes. Jerry’s right here. He’s been our fuck this morning.”

Tony rolled us to our sides exposing me to view. I saw Alan who’s cock head still filled my mouth. “Morning, Jerry. I hope you’ll like our plans. If you want to fuck any of the girls just push into any unused opening. They’ve been well trained.”

Alan didn’t expect a response from me as he kept the end of his cock stuffed in my mouth while he and Tony discussed a few more details.

After a shower where, for me, washing was incidental to being passed around for the morning cum loads of several brothers, I had breakfast with the fraternity brothers. I met Joseph and Samuel Running Bear. Joseph, as a boyfriend, had been passed around but Samuel claimed him for his bedmate. The discussion centered on the Rose Bowl coming in a few weeks. The consensus was that it would be an easy victory as no team could stop Joey Foster from scoring.

That led to more discussion of the football team’s prospects, not in the game but as fucks. Several were already in the brothers’ networks and got good reviews. Team members were mostly big guys and the hard training and rough and tumble of the game was considered as good preparation for some uninhibited sex. That precipitated some argument because no normal guy, no matter how well developed, could withstand a fraction of a brother’s strength. That got me wondering about what they do when they fuck each other and I remembered the unusual deformation of their steel benches and chairs.

The discussion was still going hot when Tony announced it was time to leave. He was going to his room to don some clothes and would meet me at the door in five minutes.

I was at the door digging out my discarded clothes from the guest bin when Ming Li came by. Ming was Chinese-American from somewhere in Orange County. I’d seen him a couple times but we hadn’t fucked, at least as I remembered. He was about seven-six with a sixty-five inch chest, twenty- six inch arms, huge thighs and a slim waist. He had on nylon running shorts that were pushed toward his crotch by the flare of his quads. The bulge of his big orbs at the base of his thick cock were clearly outlined. The shaft continued up under a tight fitting muscle tee, curving right until the head pressed under the bulge of his pectoral plate. You could see every bump and vein against the tight fabric of the tee. I’d guess he was about eighteen inches soft.

“Hi, Jerry. Tony told me he invited you along in case anyone wanted a change of pace. He said you had a nice ass. I have to agree,” he added, feeling my butt.

He had a couple fingers in me when Tony came down, interrupting us. Another minute and I would have had his cock up me. Ming quickly popped his fingers out and I donned my clothes as he licked off the cum he’d collected from my hole.

We walked to the apartment just off Telegraph Avenue. It wasn’t far. I must have looked like a child between the two giant Asian studs. They were used to the stares from normal men and women.

As I expected, our destination was the place Sarah, Briona and Kelly shared. Donny Yi opened the door when we knocked. He was already nude and from the juices on his cock he hadn’t waited on us to get started. I saw Briona in the living room with two other shapely girls. They were nude too. Donny made introductions. The new women were his friends, fraternal twins, Hope and Chastity. They were sophomores, 19 years old. Hope was a natural blond and the clearly misnamed, Chastity, was a dyed blond as proven by her trimmed brown pubes.

The girls helped us out of our clothes. Donny assigned Briona to Tony and Hope to Ming while keeping Chastity for his demonstrations. By that time Sarah and Kelly had appeared from one of the bedrooms. Both had obviously been well fucked by Donny.

At that point Alan opened the door using his own key. He was accompanied by a well-developed, for a non-brother, black stud that I recognized as Leon, Briona’s boyfriend when I was dating Sarah. I saw he wore Alan’s ring so he obviously was not missing Briona.

Since the ladies were the reason for this party I got to help Leon out of his clothes while Alan and Donny demonstrated some things for Tony and Ming. They started with safety, but not in the way you might expect. Unlike an ass there is a definite limit to how deep you can go in a vagina. With over two feet of rigid flesh they’d easily exceed the length of vagina and uterus. While the uterus is very flexible if they pushed too hard and too deep their cocks would tear through and could easily be fatal.That got the boys’ attention.

Donny demonstrated with Chastity. I’d seen Alan when he had first fucked Sarah. That was her first experience with a big cock and Alan was only half his current size. The girls for today’s party had plenty of experience. Donny lay on the floor, his cock standing vertical, bubbling and pulsing his pre- cum. Chastity stood astride his hips, the cock column reached to just below her crotch. The stronger spurts of juice splashed against the red lips of her cunt. With a slow bend in her knees she lowered herself to contact. I, everyone, was entranced watching as the thick head of Donny’s penis penetrated the tiny opening. It was forced to stretch wide and that caused friction with her most sensitive spots. After five inches her body trembled as she had her first orgasm. We watched as Chastity dipped lower, swallowing more inches. She had another orgasm before her knees touched the floor. She sat back, taking a couple more inches before reaching the limit, about a foot and a half.

Donny held her by her hips and started slowly stroking her along the shaft of his sex pole. Chastity was quickly in a continuous orgasm as Donny built up speed. You could see the bottom inches of his cock pulse as he pumped cum into his dazed partner. When he finished he stood up, holding a delirious Chastity against his torso, his cock still deep inside her, the exposed portion dripping with her juices and cum leaking from her.

“Okay guys. It’s your turn.” Alan directed.

Sarah had been holding Tony’s thick piece through the demo and used it to lead him into her room. Hope, Kelly and Alan followed while Briona led Ming to her room, followed by Donny still carrying Chastity. That left Leon and I in the main room waiting for the guys to exhaust the girls or tire of them.

“I guess you don’t miss Briona.” I said to Leon, figuring conversation would pass the time until we’d get fucked.

“No more than you miss Sarah. Why bother with games when I get all I want from Alan.”

“Does being gay on the football team cause a problem?”

“Not now. I remember last year one of the linemen took up with an Asian guy. Three of his unit decided to give his boyfriend a beating to rescue him from his choice. The next day they were bruised but as gay as their buddy. That was Bill Reyes. Then, this year Joey Foster joined the team. We see him every day and he’s fucked a lot of the guys and most of the rest want to. Joey introduced several to other guys in his fraternity. I guess Alan knew I was free once Briona became one of his girls.”

“Alan converted me, but Sarah and I had broken up just before that. I didn’t mind at all when he fucked Sarah. She knows her place with Alan is to be his sex toy. There’s no games and no attitude anymore.”

“I know. It’s kind of nice to be free to express yourself sexually. I get lots of sex from Alan but if I want to fuck or get fucked I have plenty of friends or teammates to call on. We’re so open about stuff that would have freaked us out a year ago.

“You’ve a pretty nice piece yourself,” he added, starting to stroke my ten- plus inches.

“We might as well have some fun while we’re waiting.”

I pushed him to his back and raised his legs to my shoulders. I could tell he was surprised by my strength but that only seemed to excite him. I put my piece at his entrance. I could see he’d been recently fucked from the cum still seeping from his puckered neither lips. I wouldn’t need lube and he’d have no trouble handling me in a cavity that Alan had possessed. I shoved my whole length into him in a single stroke and started to piston as his gut clamped tight on a pole much thinner than he was used to.

I don’t have the equipment or talent of some of the brothers. I’ve only been gay for a few months and that, mostly, as a bottom. But Jack and Ricardo have been giving me some pointers and I know what I like when receiving, so I think I’m pretty good. I paid attention to Leon’s reactions and found techniques that hit his hot spots, at least the ones my short ten inches could reach. He started enjoying my fuck and was verbally urging me on while stroking his hard cock. I bent over him to suck his nipples while pistoning faster in his tight hole. After about ten minutes Leon sprayed his seed onto both our bodies. As his orgasm clamped down on my pole I shot several volleys up his gut. As our excitement eased I rested on top of his muscular torso, my softening cock still in his hole. I licked up some of his cum splattered across his pec and shared it with him in a deep post sex kiss.

“I see you’re enjoying your new sex life too, Leon,” I heard Briona observe off to our side.

I guess I was too busy to notice her before. She was naked naturally and had been well used while Leon and I were having fun. She was leaking cum from ass and vagina and sprayed down liberally as well, the white steaks contrasting with her chocolate skin. She showed no concern with her condition or ours. Sex was as normal to her life now as breathing.

“You’re looking good, Jerry,” she added.

“Thanks, Briona. I see you’re having fun too,” I observed while Leon just stared at his ex.

“Yes, Ming has lots of energy and enthusiasm. Donny asked me to bring one of you to add variety to the mix. I think I’ll take Leon if that’s okay.”

“No problem, Briona, you have experience with Leon so I’m not slighted by your choice,” I stated while extracting my cock from Leon and disentangling our bodies.

“Oh, I remember jumping your bone right after my first encounter with Alan, but I need more, these days, than you or Leon can offer. Anyway, I’d better hurry back before Chastity gets too blissed out by the guys double teaming.” She hustled back to her room, tugging Leon and carrying an extra bottle of lube.

I was left alone in the living room for almost an hour listening to the sounds of sex from the bedrooms. Finally Tony Tran came out and motioned for me. His cock was still hard but I noticed that it had been freshly licked clean though there were plenty of splotches of dried cum and female juices scattered about on his torso and thighs.

“How were the girls?” I asked.

“It’s fun, but I think I prefer guys. Maybe it’s not a good test since they’d already had sex with Alan or Donny, so I wonder if they’re comparing me to them. Guys are more straightforward with sex and I can be less inhibited without damaging them.

“I think I’ll try that girl, Mary, whose e-mail you forwarded. I’ll give her a good introduction to sex.”

“I’m pretty certain she has a boyfriend and isn’t a virgin.”

“I don’t really count what normal men and women do as real sex, just a pale imitation of what we do. I was a virgin before Tony Thieu contacted me but you had sex before Alan. Did it compare?”

“Yes, Sarah was my girlfriend last semester. I thought we had great sex but Alan showed me something I never imagined. I wasn’t interested in Sarah after that. I’ve had sex with my roommates and some normal friends. It’s better than masturbation. Your study hour policy can be rough on boyfriends.”

“On the brothers too, but we take care of each other before bedtime. “Anyway I came to get you involved in our sex.”

Tony herded me into the bedroom. It looked like Sarah and Kelly had had most of the boys’ attentions. They were in a sixty-nine position on one big bed, lapping up the cum from each other’s snatch. The other bed, a queen, had Alan and Hope. Alan had about two-thirds of his long pole up Hope’s rear as they both lay on their sides. Hope had been well-fucked and was still leaking cum from her, now empty, cunt, but had had some time to recover and was wiggling her ass on the thick flesh that penetrated her interior depths. I observed that Hope’s hip was suspended a few inches off the mattress as the powerful sex muscle supported her weight.

I didn’t have much more than a few seconds to take in the scene before my own ass was entered by Tony’s thick flesh. He pushed in to the hilt and I was raised off my feet as he was much taller. One of his muscular arms about my chest stabilized me, but my 210 lbs. were supported easily by his powerful cock.

“Hope, this is Jerry,” Alan said making introductions that we skipped on arrival.

“Nice to meet you, Jerry,” Hope added in a sweet voice while running a hand over her slit to soak it in the oozing juices. “You better get this in me,” she added, smearing the juice over my cock. “Alan’s got me on the brink already.”

“You look like a nice girl, but I guess my fucking you is Tony’s call.” I looked back over my shoulder at Tony who started maneuvering us onto the bed.

“Nice,” giggled Hope. “Chastity and I haven’t been nice girls since we met Donny. If our parents knew they’d have fits. I know you’re not a nice boy. Nice boys don’t ride cocks while fucking sluts like me.”

By then I was face-to-face with Hope. She gasped as Tony eased my stiff cock into her wet snatch. I felt Alan’s massive member against mine separated by a couple layers of Hope’s internal tissues. It was sliding deeper inside her gut. Alan raised her upper lag until it was pointed to the ceiling to get himself better access as he slipped a huge thigh between my legs and Tony’s too. Tony began stroking deep in my gut, resulting in a steady fuck stroke of my tool in Hope and against Alan’s thrusting member.

“Oh, God,” screamed Hope as she came. She’d had much thicker cocks in her than mine, so, even in orgasm, I wasn’t triggered myself. My stimulation was from the rubbing of Alan against me and the thrusting of Tony through my gut. I was pressed firmly against Hope’s body as we both were enveloped in the muscles of the huge Asian studs. While the guys were inside Hope and I, they were stroking against each other as our abdominal muscles bulged from the thick flesh that was rearranging our internal anatomy. I could feel the last half-dozen or so inches of the two, steel-like shafts, dueling each other.

Basically, Alan and Tony were making love to each other and Hope and I were along for the ride. They began a long kiss above our heads.

Hope orgasmed again, biting my shoulder muscle to muffle her moans. This time I shot my seed into her already sopping cunt. The boys sped their thrusting. Hope’s body started a continual shaking as sexual frenzy took her. I came again. I felt the throbbing from the base of Alan’s long pole that pressed mine in Hope’s vaginal canal. Seconds later the explosion reached the tip, punching my gut and the end of Tony’s long member that soon shot in sympathy. I knew I was cumming but only the beat, thrusts and explosions from the boys’ buried members dominated my mind.

The screech of a woman’s climax woke me from a sex dream to real sex. Yesterday had been a long day of sex. That’s pretty normal for my weekends except that there were almost as many girls as guys. Of course, the key number was four brothers to seven normals and I was the only boyfriend.

I started to get oriented. There was light streaming into the room. I was entangled amid a jumble of huge arms and legs. I could feel a woman’s breasts pressed to my chest. Long blond tresses draped my face, filtering the light. Was it still Hope or perhaps Chastity? My cock was up her cunt but I was sharing it with the guy behind me. I could feel the thick tube of flesh between my legs and squeezing my cock along its full length in the vaginal canal. It went much deeper than my ten plus inches could reach despite starting well behind me. There was another big shaft sharing our female companion. It was up her gut and sliding against mine and my partners. That must have triggered the orgasm that awakened me.

A golden tanned hand brushed back the hair covering my face. I recognized Ming gazing down on the face of Chastity who was still panting from her orgasm.

“Good morning Chastity. Did you sleep well?” Ming asked. “I see you’re up too Jerry.”

“Ming?” Chastity was still confused from the constant sex of yesterday and waking in ecstasy. “Everything is still spinning. How many cocks are in me?”

“Yes. I’m Ming. I’m in your ass. Tony and Jerry are sharing your cunt. Tony is still sleeping.”

“I don’t remember sleeping at all. I started to cum and it was dark and when I finished it was light. This was our first sex with multiple partners. We were virgins before meeting Donny. Donny is great but this was wild. He said we’d be your first women. I hope you’ll continue to make other women as happy as you made me.”

“I’m sure of that. Hold on. I’ll wake Tony.”

Ming’s wake up consisted of flexing the cock he had embedded deep in Chastity’s abdomen and against Tony’s and my cocks. That must have pushed the still sleeping Tony over the edge as his cock started spurting. The sensations against my cock pushed me off too and Ming joined the fun.

The guys must have cum for a couple minutes. They’d built up quite a load over the night. The stimulation from two shooting cocks and Chastity’s spasms got me to a second cum before the boys finished. Finally calm returned. Somewhere in there Tony had indeed awakened.

“That’s a nice way to wake up guys. Good morning Chastity.”

She didn’t answer. Her eyes were open but unfocused. Tony called her again. She blinked. “Umm…ah,” she mumbled. “Oh! Sorry. It takes me a couple minutes to recover after a good orgasm and that was one of the best.”

“Careful sister. You’ll make Donny regret taking us to the party,” came a voice from the bedside. It was Hope. She and Donny were standing there. Donny with an arm about her waist and she holding his hard pole about halfway to the tip. They’d obviously just finished a few morning rounds themselves.

“It looks like you like my girls and visa versa,” observed Donny. “Kelly and Briona are setting up for breakfast. My girls will get you showered and ready while I fuck Jerry. Then we’ll shower and meet for the meal.”

We disentangled. Ming stayed plugged in Chastity’s ass while Tony got Hope. I was soon on my back in the sheets soaked with the copious leakage from last night’s activities with Donny’s long pole up my gut. By the time Donny had shot a couple loads in me the shower was free. I was still riding Donny’s stiff pole with my legs wrapping his waist while we washed off the residue of yesterday’s sex.

“I understand Sarah was your girl before you met Alan,” said Donny. “Are you totally gay now or do you still look at girls?”

“That’s a strange question to ask when I’ve over two feet of your cock up my gut. Besides as a boyfriend I get as much great sex as I can handle and there are no games, just fun. For a normal guy women are high maintenance, but you and Alan have them well trained. Still Hope and Chastity are beautiful and real sexy.”

“That they are and, pretty much, insatiable. Their younger sister, Faith, is coming to visit next weekend. They already told her all about me. She’s seventeen and in high school. I’ll be her first. The girls are still trying to set up a meeting with their older brothers that are in their junior and senior years down at UCLA. They’re not gay yet but that shouldn’t be a problem. It should be fun to see their reaction when they discover their new boyfriend has been fucking their sisters.” When we finished and returned to the main area, the table was set. Leon was sprawled on a big chair in the living area, out cold. He must have been fucked too hard and often last night by brothers looking for a change of pace. That left the four Asian studs and me with the five women for breakfast. Everyone was still nude. There was certainly no need for modesty since every cock had been in every opening in the last day. We sat boy, girl, boy, girl. I was between Hope and Kelly.

Kelly devoted most of her attention to Ming, seated to her right, and who could fault her for that. While my attention was on Kelly and Ming, I felt a hand grip my cock. It was Hope. I turned toward her and she gave me a really warm smile. She left my shaft and picked up a large strawberry. With a couple fingers she pushed the fruit into her cunt. When she removed it, it and her fingers were coated in cum. She raised this treat to my lips. I bit a piece off just short of her fingertips. Once I swallowed, I opened my lips and she pressed the remaining section into my mouth. I took it on my tongue and licked off the remaining cum from her fingers.

My next morsel was a toasted English muffin. Hope placed the disk below here opening and with the other hand on my wrist moved my fingers between her legs. I gathered I was to release the flow this time and pushed a couple fingers into her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. It didn’t take long to fill all the nooks and crannies with warm spunk. When I pulled out she guided my fingers to her mouth to clean them. Then she held the piece to my mouth while I ate it bit by bit.

While Hope fed me my cum flavored breakfast the other girls did the same with the boy on their right, Kelly with Ming, Briona with Alan, Sarah and Tony and Chastity for Donny. Everyone enjoyed the cum-flavored bits.

Suddenly, Tony gave a muffled groan. He was being fed a cum flavored orange slice by Sarah whose other hand was wrapped about the midpoint of his stiff pole. A massive white jet erupted from its end and splattered off the ceiling. The next half dozen or so arced high in the air and sprayed everyone around the table. Sarah tried to block the next jets with her hand but the force was such that it just splattered everywhere and everyone.

Sarah finally got her mouth over the head but not before getting a burst full on her face. You could see her swallowing quickly as each new spurt flooded her mouth. It was another minute before the flow eased enough for her to back off.

Everything was well soaked by bits of Tony’s massive discharge. It was still dripping from the ceiling. Tony was blushing and trying to smile, still with half the orange segment between his lips. Sarah leaned over to kiss him, pushing the orange into his mouth with her tongue before allowing Tony to taste his seed from her mouth.

As they were kissing Hope straddled my chair, sitting down on my now hard cock. She had a large splatter of Tony’s cum on her left breast that had started to drip from the stiff tip. I took the firm flesh of her breast into my lips and licked it clean as she writhed along my pole. I moved to a streak dripping in the deep valley between her two mounds then off to the peak of the right breast. It was not cum-coated but I was enjoying the texture and taste of her shapely chest. Hope must have liked it too as she was squeezing and thrusting along my cock with urgency as we both came in a shuddering climax.

“There’s hope for you yet,” observed Donny in a slight pun when Hope dismounted from my softening piece. “You may not be quite as gay as you think. You just need the right partner.”

“Well Hope and Chastity are pretty special,” I admitted.

“Unfortunately they only party on special occasions. But, I think I can get you what you need.”

I didn’t have time to get more details as we started the day’s sex play.


Chapter 21: A New Roommate

I was back in my room just before five. Jack and Ricardo had gotten in only a few minutes earlier from their adventures. Mitch was sleeping. It looked like Bill Reyes had stopped by and fucked him a few hours earlier.

Jack, Ricardo and I spent a couple hours on homework before heading out for a pizza. We were back about eight.

I was doing some reading for class when there was a knock on our door. Ricardo went to answer it. It was an Asian lady pushing a loaded baggage cart.

“Hi. I’m Meilin Chu, Jerry’s new roommate. Which of you is Jerry?”

She was tall, several inches above Ricardo, maybe six foot or even an inch over. It wasn’t platform shoes either, she wore sandals. She was clearly Chinese with golden skin, tanned deeper than her natural shade, and straight black hair that draped to mid back. She wore black denim jeans that hugged her shapely legs and hips like a second skin. They were very, very low rise. Her top was a black denim jacket, completely unbuttoned down the front and nothing underneath, not even a bra. She certainly had no need for a bra. Her breasts were large, probably a D cup, and firm. They pushed her jacket open and out showing her full cleavage and barely masking her tits. Her body language screamed confidence and sexuality.

“I’m Jerry,” I answered, raising my hand and standing up.

“You can call me, May,” she said while appraising me for a few seconds then giving a nice smile. “Can you help with my stuff?”

We all pitched in, moving the bags into my bedroom. “I only have the one bed.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Do you?” She smiled again and put one hand on her hip, an action that spread her top further open, exposing the right breast fully. Even Jack and Ricardo, confirmed 100% gay, were staring and getting hard. My cock was almost painful. The look on May’s face told me she knew exactly the effect she was having and was enjoying it.

“Boys, can you give Jerry and I a few minutes to get acquainted. We’ll get a chance to talk later.”

They left us alone, shutting the door.

“Donny sent me, but I’m sure you figured that out.” She pushed her long hair back, showing an ear stud like mine but in Donny’s colors. “Let us put my stuff away first.”

I showed her the closet and cleaned out a couple drawers. She started putting her stuff away. Some of it made her current outfit appear modest. While we were doing that I asked her to tell me about herself. She was twenty-one and a senior like I but in pre-med. She was from the Bay Area, Walnut Creek. She met Donny during her junior year. She knew about my status as a boyfriend and I added my personal details.

The last bag was a gym duffle. I picked it up and it made a metallic clank. “What’s in here?” I asked.

“Sit down and I’ll show you,” she said pressing me back until I sat on the bed.

She unzipped the bag and removed a few unusually shaped implements. There were a pair of daggers or short swords over a foot long. Then she removed a long object. Holding it in one hand she withdrew a sword from its scabbard. It had a red tassel dangling from the handle. She waved it around in wide strokes, some came close enough for me to feel the breeze.

“How sharp is that thing?” In response she tossed a sheet of paper into the air. As it fluttered down she took a swipe, reversed her direction, then moved the sword aside.

Four, almost even, pieces of paper dropped to the floor. She then took a swipe at me, just missing I thought, until I heard all the buttons on my shirt clatter on the floor. Before I could react she thrust at the side of my neck. The blade pierced the back of the shirt below the collar. With a flick of her wrist it was pulled over my head and tossed to the wall. I grabbed the waist of my jeans.

“I’ll get out of these myself while you shed yours, if that’s okay with you.” “You’d have nothing to worry about, but since you asked nicely, that is fine.”

She sheathed the sword and tossed it aside. The jacket followed and she stepped out of her sandals. My pants were gone when May popped the button on her jeans, so, it was obvious I liked what I was seeing. She wore no panties and had no tan line. From what I’d seen so far neither was a surprise. The pants went quickly once they were pushed past her thighs.

She slowly walked to me, confident and sexy. My cock was pointing straight up from my groin.

When she stopped just beside me her hands shot out, one to my chest and the other to the small of my back. Before I knew what was happening I was flipped high into the air, doing a full somersault and a quarter before landing on my back in the middle of the bed. May jumped right on top and we lay chest to chest, my head held immobile in both her hands. She smiled down just above me, amused, no doubt, by my stunned expression. I was so confused by her actions that I hadn’t realized my cock head was inside her pussy, that is, until her internal muscles gave it a squeeze.

“We need to come to an understanding,” she explained. “Donny said you were unsure whether you were gay or bi. Don’t worry, you’re bi. I’m never wrong about these things. I’m your girlfriend, lover and bedmate. This is not just because Donny asked, though he did. You’re a great guy and I like you. As I said, I’m never wrong about these things.

“I know you’ll be fucked by all the big fraternity cocks, but I’ll be here each night to make love to you. I’m still in Donny’s network and you know what that means. I have no problems with you fucking other women. You’ll never find anyone better than me, not bragging, just fact.”

“You’re on top,” I observed by way of a response.

“That’s right,” she acknowledged. “You’ll discover that even when I’m on the bottom, I’m on top,” she said, tightening her internal pressure on my cock head for emphasis.

“I don’t doubt it. Can I ask, did you take something to change your body, increase your strength and become so good in martial arts? I’ve seen the fraternity brothers make dramatic changes and some rubbed off on me.”

“Yes, I was a test subject for something Eddie Lee was working on. I agreed because I saw the changes in Donny. But it only made me about twenty times stronger, my body was otherwise unaffected. This is just how I look and I’ve been studying wushu from childhood. My other skills are natural too, with lots of practice, but my new strength does make a difference.”

With that she practically pulled my cock into her vaginal canal and I felt the stony nub of her clit brushing it the whole way. She wriggled her body over mine in a dance to the increasingly rapid beats of our hearts. My pole was as hard as it could be as the motions thrust it through the hot, slick, tunnel of muscle massaging it. Her breasts, soft on the outside but firm beneath, slid across my chest lubricated by the sweat brought forth by rising passion. A few minutes of this and she came, the powerful internal spasms milking my cock. She came and came and came. It didn’t stop and neither did I. All I could see was her beautiful face. The orgasm went on, over a half hour from the sounds and cries of pleasure according to my roommates. I didn’t remember any sounds. It seemed like May and I were in our own world. Then May’s muscles relaxed, inside and out and she rested limply atop my torso, our heads side by side, her long black hair like a veil over my face.

When we recovered our breath, she lifted her head, flicked her hair to her back and gave me a deep kiss, probing my lips and dueling with my tongue. Then we had sex again, just as wild and as long.

When the second round eased, she rolled off me to her back on the bed beside me. I rolled to my side and looked at her. She had a post sex glow, skin still flushed and a sheen of moisture from the sweat of exertion. Her big breasts were rising rhythmically with her breathing. She had a small, neatly trimmed, triangle of black hair above her snatch. The lips of her opening were red and puffy from the friction from my cock. She turned her head toward me.

“You passed my test drive. I knew you would but for something this important it pays to make sure. I’m going to marry you. You noticed I didn’t ask if you want to marry me. You will soon understand that when I decide something it is as good as done. Now, let’s meet my roommates.”

She sat up and stepped out of our bed. May walked to the door, not giving a thought about clothes. At the door she looked back at me and I scrambled to follow her.

Jack and Ricardo had been joined by Mitch. All were doing course work but had looked to our door when it opened. The nude May got stares from everyone and a reaction. They might be gay but they’re not dead. May walked over to Mitch who stood as she approached. She reached for the leather collar he wore.

“Mitch Carter, Meilin Chu,” I introduced.

“You can call me May. I see you know Bill Reyes,” May added, tugging at the collar and lifting Mitch to his toes. “He’s very strict with his boys. Have you been a good boy?”

“Ye…Yes,” stammered Mitch. “That is yes, May or yes, mistress.”

“Yes, mistress,” he corrected promptly.

“Better. Don’t forget again or I will need to discipline you. You would not want that.”

“Yes, mistress. No, mistress.”

She released his collar and turned back to Jack and Ricardo.

“You’ll find I’m very easy to get along with,” she explained, “as long as it is clear who’s in charge. Do you have any white wine?”

“No. Is beer okay?” Ricardo answered.

“Boys,” she blurted with a tinge of disgust. “Beer will do for now. You definitely need a feminine touch about here. I thought you two were gay.”

She sprawled on our big stuffed chair with one leg dangling over the arm, completely unconcerned about the guys staring between her spread legs. A stern glance at Ricardo reminded him to get the beer.

We spent the next couple hours finding out about her and telling our stories. May started by announcing our engagement and the guys congratulated me. I found out the wedding would be this summer after we both graduated. May talked about her first sexual experience at fifteen with a college jock she seduced. Her second was a four-way with the jock and his two roommates and she went on from there.

May said she’d been accepted into the Berkeley—UCSF joint medical program on full scholarship plus a stipend. She stated that I’d get a similar offer to Boalt Hall this week. She knew my LSAT score and I wasn’t expecting the results for a couple weeks. It seemed unbelievable but I knew it was true if she said it.

Jack told the story of his rescue and how he got involved with the fraternity up to the growth spurt after the pledge initiation. That prompted May to ask Jack and Ricardo to show her the results. We’ll be living together for several months and having sex frequently, so there was certainly no reason for modesty among ourselves she explained. They did as May asked and she complimented them on their bodies, particularly Jack’s thirteen-inch cock. She invited them to ask her if they wanted to try heterosexuality, but I’m not sure sex with May qualifies except at the mechanical level.

With that May announced that it was time for us to get some sleep. Holding my hand she led me back to our room. I suspected that tonight I might not get much sleep. I was right.


Chapter 22: The Surfer (2)

I’m Eric Sanders, Rick. I’ve already told you how I met Andy and Paul Kolani, identical twin Hawaiian muscle studs, on my surfing trip to Oahu.

When I returned to L.A. we stayed in touch. My summer job kept me busy until I started my senior year at UCLA. Paul and Andy were going to BYU in Provo, Utah for their sophomore year. They wouldn’t be twenty until October. Different schools and different states meant we didn’t see each other. I missed those big cocks.

I had gained confidence in my sexuality from my experience on my trip and came out to my family. They took it well and I guess I expected they would. Mom and dad work in the movie industry. Dad is a production assistant setting up location shoots around the world and mom helps arrange logistics on location shoots. It pays very well but in the last five years they were often away.

I have a sister in her second year at USC and a brother who is a senior in high school. They were cool with me being gay though Samantha, Sam, won’t leave me alone with her boyfriend. He is a pretty stud, decent muscles but more cute than hunk. My younger brother, Hank, is straight but he has asked me about what I do with other guys.

I had a boyfriend, Bobby Wu. He also worked at Universal over the summer where we first met. We were both on the Jurassic Park River Ride, loading and unloading the customers most of the day. We had the same work schedule and hit it off right away. He would be a senior at UCLA next year like I. Bobby was about five seven with a toned gymnast build. He likes to bottom and loves my eight inches as much as I love his tight, muscled ass. He has seven inches himself and if he doesn’t cum while I fuck him I can get him to finish up in my ass.

It was Labor Day weekend. We had a rare Sunday off but would be working the holiday and the rest of the week. The following Sunday would be our last day and we’d have a week before school began. Bobby suggested we go to a gay Asian dance club in West Hollywood. We changed into our club clothes right after the park closed and made it to the club about 11 PM.

There were quite a few Asians with White, Hispanic or Black dudes but most were Asians with other Asians. Bobby knew a number of the club goers and introduced me as his boyfriend. One big muscled Asian asked me how I liked Bobby’s tight ass much to Bobby’s embarrassment. I replied that I liked it fine and that I enjoyed riding his cock too. That got me an offer to try riding the stud’s cock. He had grabbed his crotch and I estimated him at about ten inches. I told him it wasn’t bad but I had much bigger. As Bobby pulled me away he stated that my boyfriend had his number.

As we separated Bobby asked me if I’d really had bigger cocks than that stud. I hadn’t told him about my Hawaiian trip. I was about to answer when I spotted two Black guys with two Asians. They were all massively muscular like my Hawaiian twins. They had a table off to the side of the room and it was clear that club goers found their size intimidating and stayed well clear. I practically had to drag Bobby over there.

“Hi,” I began. “I’m Eric Sanders and this is my boyfriend Bobby Wu. I know Hawaiian twins, Paul and Andy Kolani, that are as muscular as you guys. Perhaps you know them.”

I saw the smaller of the Asian guys smile as I gave the names. He spoke.

“I’m Billy Lee, everyone calls me Little Dragon. This is Dan Wong. Earl Greene is Dan’s boyfriend and Dom, Dominic, is his little brother. I’ve met the twins; fucked them both and their four brothers. We’re good friends.

They mentioned you, a surfer they hosted for a week. They said you were a good fuck.” I smiled at the compliment.

Earl was the biggest in the group. He must have been about six-ten and almost four-hundred pounds of bulging muscle. He was by far the biggest guy I’d ever seen. You could see the outline of a huge cock sticking above the belt line on his slacks almost to his huge pectoral muscles under his sheer shirt. It was easily fourteen inches and still soft. Dan was about six-two and also massive but not as outrageous as Earl. His cock stretched the taut fabric of his slacks down the left leg, maybe ten inches soft. Dom, Earl’s younger brother, was just a little shorter at six-one. He was more muscular than Dan and wore his cock up like his brother. I guessed eleven inches soft. Little Dragon was the shortest at about five- seven, the same height as Bobby but with fifty percent more muscle, at least. He had twelve inches in his slacks and, judging by the way it was straining the material and the wetness at the tip, he was hard. I had no doubt about what he was thinking.

It was clear that this evening would end with them fucking us. I was eager but I could see Bobby was nervous. They bought us beers and we chatted. Earl and Dan go to Berkeley, Dan will be a senior and Earl a sophomore.

Little Dragon is the brother of a guy in their fraternity and is a senior in high school in San Francisco. Dom is a high school senior in L.A. They’re my brother’s age. Earl is working in an anti-gang youth program for the summer and Dan is with Intel up in Silicon Valley for the summer. Dan is down visiting Earl for the weekend and Little Dragon tagged along to see Dom. They had met when Earl brought Dom up at the start of summer and this visit was to renew the relationship. I gathered that meant that Little Dragon was fucking the bigger Black boy just as Dan was his massive big brother. It was obvious from their body language. We told them about ourselves.

I invited everyone back to my place for a night cap, mentioning that I have the guest house by the pool to myself and my folks are in Vegas for the holiday weekend. Since they were staying in Dom and Earl’s parents’ much smaller home with little privacy my offer was eagerly accepted.

We put the address in Dan’s iPhone but Bobby would ride with Earl and Dan in case they needed help finding the place while Little Dragon and Dom would be with me in my four year old Honda CR-V.

There was no traffic at the late hour. My place is in West Los Angeles just off of Sunset Blvd. not far from campus. We arrived about one in the early morning and I pulled the car into my spot in the five-car garage. We parked Earl’s car by the side of the wide driveway. The main house was dark and quiet as I escorted everyone to the guest house.

Bobby was shirtless. Dan was carrying it. His own shirt was unbuttoned all the way and his cock was sticking up well past his navel. I’d say thirteen inches hard. Bobby was busy on the ride over.

I opened the door and everyone came inside. The main level was open plan with a full kitchen to the back and a half bath. There was a loft area over the rear half of the space that had a king bed and full bath with a spacious shower. The sofa in the lower level opened to a queen bed too. The lower level was tiled and we had wood floor in the sleeping area of the loft.

Dan complimented me on my space and then took charge. He stated that he and Earl would fuck Bobby in the loft while the younger two fucked me on the main level. While he was telling us that, the others were shedding their clothes. We knew they were going to fuck us when we invited them but didn’t expect them to be so direct.

“You looked shocked,” observed Little Dragon, placing his hands on my hips and looking up into my eyes. “What did you think was going to happen when you invited four studs home?”

“Well, I knew you were going to fuck us,” I admitted. “I guess I expected that we’d get to know each other first and not just go straight to sex. Look, you two are the same age as my kid brother, still in high school, and you’re treating me like a toy for your pleasure.”

He had lifted me a few inches off the ground with no more strain than I would show lifting a pillow. Meanwhile Dom had pushed a couple wet fingers up my ass and I felt the last foot of his thick pole along my spine in mid back.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Dom confirmed. “We do tend to treat regular guys like sex toys. I’ve done all the big shots in my hood over the summer. It was easy but about half started out as rape until I converted them into cock hounds. I did a few of their girls too. Just to show them that I was more of a man than they ever were. But I definitely prefer guys.” “Once you accept the fact that from the time we arrived until we leave you have no control you’ll feel better. Just go with the flow and we’ll see you have fun,” Little Dragon stated.

“One favor, please.” I knew they were right but I had to try. “My brother is your age but he’s straight and my sister is home too. They know I’m gay but, if you see them don’t try to seduce them.”

“If they’re as sexy as you they’ll be hard to pass up,” Dom said while putting the tip of his pole against my hole. “No guy is really straight if we want to fuck them. We hear your request but you know it is our choice.”

“No promises,” my Asian stud added.

Dom pushed in. Hard he was almost as long as the Kolani twins, about fifteen and a half inches, and just as thick. I hadn’t had anything half as big since returning from Hawaii. It was a tight fit but I loved it. He took over holding my hips and forced in a few more inches before starting a fuck stroke.

Meanwhile Little Dragon had my shoulders in his firm grip and was bending me forward toward his erect cock. I had my mouth open as it approached. I took the first few inches inside and went to work. I could use my neck muscles to bob a few inches. I put my hands on his hips. I couldn’t actually use my arms to pull down or push up, his grip on my shoulders completely controlled my body position but he could use that as a hint that I wanted to be lowered or raised.

I had the first five inches stuffing my mouth to start and ran my tongue all around it. He leaked his pre-cum profusely and it tasted great. Dom had about half of himself in me at this point and I could see the seven inches that separated me from Little Dragon’s muscled abs and fine black pubic hair that filled my vision.

I signaled for more and got pulled closer. The tip of the pole poked my throat and slipped down. I had about eight inches now and I could feel it against my Adam’s Apple from inside. I pushed back and he let it withdraw back into just my stuffed mouth. I pulled his hips again and felt him slide in once more a little deeper. I signaled him to push back then pulled him to me again until my nose and lips were mashed against his firm groin muscles. I had all twelve of his inches. The tip felt like it was under my collar bone. At the same time I had Dom’s twisty pubes pressed into my ass crack. I’d taken both my studs to the limit, over two feet of hard cock inside me. It felt great.

Then they went to work. I just held on to Little Dragon’s hips. There was no point in signaling now. They had control. I just enjoyed the sensations. I knew my cock was hard and leaking my own juices on the tiles beneath my suspended body. My hard pole would bounce against my firm torso each time Dom bottomed out inside me. I worked the pole in my mouth and enjoyed the taste when it was pulled out far enough to leak on my tongue. When Dom was on the out stroke I’d squeeze my ass around his shaft and relax as he plunged in.

My fuckers were just casually enjoying me. They were chatting to each other about other guys they fucked. Their comments indicated that I was one of the best they’d done. Little Dragon was impressed that I could swallow all twelve of his inches; most guys couldn’t. Dom didn’t think I’d be able to take all of his brother, both longer and thicker, but Little Dragon thought I could. I was determined to justify his confidence in me.

Dom then complimented me on my place. He said he didn’t have much privacy at home and would like to use my pad to entertain his friends occasionally. Little Dragon said that was a great idea. He uses the San Francisco home of one of his boyfriends that lives with his dad. He moved the dad to the son’s room so he can have the master suite when he stays overnight or brings guests. That brought on some discussion about sex with the boyfriend and his dad. Apparently Dom had visited the place when he was up north. The dad is only in his late thirties and Little Dragon has him on a serious workout program with another of his fuck buddies who is a personal trainer. Dom told me that he would include me in the action when he had guests over if I were home.

That decided, the boys began to get serious about fucking me, building the pace and force of their thrusts. As they built my pleasure I realized that Dom had just assumed mastery over my space and me. Little Dragon had done that and more himself and thought nothing of it. My acceptance of what they had decided was assumed without a second thought. I was confused but then the pleasure started pushing everything out of my mind. I had an powerful orgasm but they just kept going. My whole world became the huge cocks moving in my throat and ass. They just kept pounding me.

Finally after who knows how long they both exploded inside me. I blacked out.

There was sunlight streaming through the windows. I was in my bed in the loft. The smooth balls of an Asian male were a few inches in front of my eyes. They were drawn tight to the base of a light skinned shaft that extended to my lips. It was Dan Wong. That meant I had been asleep with most of his inches in my mouth and throat. My head rested on his massive right thigh muscle as a pillow. There was another cock fully embedded in my gut. It was in way deeper than I’d ever felt before. It could only be Earl. I remembered he had twenty inches.

“Good morning,” Dan said cheerfully. “It looks like you enjoyed last night though you probably don’t remember much after the first fuck. Earl and I are going to work off our morning wood if you don’t mind.”

Though he asked, he wasn’t really asking as I still had his cock down my throat. He added the last few inches as Earl began fucking my hole. Dan took all my eight inches into his mouth and throat and the friction from Earl moving in my gut provided a fuck motion for both of us. Dan was deep fucking my throat, pulling out until he was about halfway down and plunging back into my upper chest.

I had almost three feet of cock inside me. It was great. They ramped up their speed and force. They were each way stronger than I. I just wrapped my arms about Dan’s waist and held on, savoring the experience of being their fuck toy. I came a couple times before they exploded and I gave Dan a third load.

I really had no sense of time but Dom later told me it was about twenty minutes. Bobby and the younger pair had come up to shower and watched our little show but I hadn’t been aware of our audience until we untangled.

Dan had fired his first shot straight to my stomach before pulling back and flooding my mouth with the rest. I swallowed furiously but lost a lot. Earl eased all his inches out of me in one smooth motion. His condom had a huge bubble in the tip. He pulled it off and tossed it to the floor. There were almost a dozen already discarded and the seeping seed had pooled into a sizable puddle on the wooden floor.

The boys got off the bed and helped me stand up. They seemed alert and bouncy but I could still feel where they’d been deep inside me. My ass and throat felt stretched and used and my muscles felt that they’d been worked heavily. I was sweaty and had cum dripping or dried all over. I hadn’t felt this used since Hawaii. It was great.

Bobby, I could see, was in the same condition but, unlike me, he hadn’t had anything like it before. He was still dazed from the experience and didn’t really understand what had happened or where he was. His two fuckers were supporting most of his weight. Dan was partly supporting me with a strong arm across my back, hugging me to him.

We let the kids take the first shower. Earl picked up the old condoms and I stripped the sheets while Dan used a spare towel to wipe up the pooled and sprayed cum. I picked up our discarded clothes from last night and started a load in the laundry.

The shower had revived Bobby and he came out in high spirits, chatting with Dom and Little Dragon. It was our turn. For the moment we were sated so it was just a shower. I felt much refreshed as we joined the others in the loft.

There was a knock on the door. I grabbed a pair of swim trunks and headed down to answer it. It was my kid brother, Hank. I opened the door and he stepped in. He’d come to tell me that they set up brunch by the pool and my guests were welcome to join. It was our normal Sunday routine and I had my guests join us before. He took a good look at the group in the loft, still naked, and recognized Bobby Wu who visited frequently this summer. I got out three pairs of my baggiest board shorts for our guests. There was no way Earl’s thick thigh muscles would fit through my trunks. We could split the seam up the side but then there’d be no way to contain a cock that was about fourteen soft. I got a big beach towel and we wrapped it around his waist. It extended to his knee and would hide his pole unless he got almost fully hard.

We went outside. Dom had his left arm possessively about my waist. I guess I knew that that was my status now, his possession. Little Dragon had paired up with Bobby who was clearly in awe of the much more muscular Asian stud. Earl and Dan were obviously a pair and their expressions showed they were amused by the actions of the younger boys and our obvious submission to them.

Sam was sitting with her boyfriend, Travis Peters, soon to be a junior at USC, a year ahead of her. He was six-two with a toned swimmer body. He has about seven-and-a-half and a very fuckable bubble butt. He’s on the swim team for four and eight hundred meter freestyle and among the top ten nationally. His parents are also in the industry and we had known him for many years before he started dating Sam. Sam was wearing a skimpy yellow bikini and Travis, blue speedos. They certainly had gotten it on last night.

Hank was sitting with a plate of food in front of him. He stopped eating with his fork halfway after getting a good look at my guests. He didn’t realize his mouth was still open.

I made the introductions and our guests took it from there. It was obvious that Hank, Travis and Sam were in awe of their bodies and with their thick thighs stretching what should have been loose shorts, their packages were easy to see. Of course it was no secret what we had been doing last night.

“Rick here was a real fun fuck,” Dom began. “He took all my fifteen inches up his ass and down his throat. I didn’t think he could get all of me orally but he even managed my big brother and he has a full twenty.”

I blushed from his praise. Dom pulled up a chair and sat down, moving me to sit straddling his left thigh. His left arm was still around my waist with his hand full on my crotch where he casually fingered my cock. I was soon rock hard. He told me to get some fruit for us. I leaned forward to start my task while he continued and the others took their seats.

“Rick invited me to use his pad when I needed a place to entertain friends so you’ll probably be seeing me a few times each week. I’ll be fucking Rick too of course. Right Rick?”

It took me a few seconds to realize he expected me to respond. “Sure, Dom. I’ll get you a key so you can let yourself in if I’m not here.”

He picked up a grape and pressed it to my lips. I ate it. My answer must have satisfied him.

“Hank, Rick tells me you’re going to be a senior in high school like me,” Dom continued. “You ever get it on with another guy?”

“No,” Hank confessed. “ I’m strictly a ladies man.” I could see he was uncomfortable.

“I’m surprised Rick hasn’t broken you in already,” interjected Little Dragon. “I get it on with my big brother and his boyfriend all the time. It did take some convincing to get him started but sex with your brother is really cool. Your sister is hot too.”

“Yes, brother sex is really hot,” Dom agreed. “My brother does me all the time when he’s home. A big cock up your ass is really fun if the guy knows how to handle it and we do.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Last night was special. You were all great fuckers. Dom careful. If you keep that up…” My voice just trailed off.

I guess thinking about last night and Dom’s continued manipulation of my cock, triggered my orgasm. I came strongly in my trunks. Dom peeled back the leg of my trunks exposing me. My cock, upper thigh and the inside fabric of the leg were coated in cum. Dom got a slice of bread and used it to mop up most of the goo. He tore off a piece and fed it to me and then had one himself. He offered the next piece to Hank. He declined as did Sam and Travis. It went to Little Dragon who made a show of savoring my taste. Dom and I shared the rest. I like the taste of cum, mine in particular.

When we finished the bread Dom did not recover my cock as he returned to casually stroking it in full view of everyone. I realized that it was his prerogative and not my place to question his actions.

There rest of the meal the boys talked about their plans for Bobby and I for later in the day, often asking Hank what he thought. Hank never responded though.

I guess I should have been embarrassed. Dom was openly playing with my cock in full view of my brother and sister. He was the same age as my kid brother and I was clearly submissive to him. But, strangely, I wasn’t. I felt proud that these big studs desired me and didn’t care that my family knew it.

I know. By this point anyone I tell my story to is thinking, how could you be so submissive. I have a good body and a cock most guys would envy. I’m athletic and act like a man but I’m letting guys four years younger than me do whatever they want. It’s not that they were physically stronger than I or had bigger cocks. Somehow I just knew they were real men and my role was to submit and serve them. I could see it in my younger brother and sister. Mentally they were shocked at how my friends were acting and talking. But their bodies knew they were going to get fucked and were reacting to that. I couldn’t see my brother’s cock but by the way he was fidgeting, he was hard, as was Travis. Sam’s nipples were hard points and you could see the flush of sexual excitement on her bare torso. I knew this was inevitable last night and they never promised not to. Now the only issue was who fucks who.

After the meal it was time for a swim. With what had already gone on there was no point in our friends wearing the ill fitting trunks. They were just discarded and everyone had a full view of what they were packing. They stripped Bobby and I too. I don’t think Sam had seen me naked since I was six and she four. Given the company I was in, my eight inches wasn’t at all impressive. Sam, Travis and Hank joined us but kept their suits. The guys were hard as I expected and Sam visibly wet between her legs.

I was still Dom’s plaything. He would control me with his left arm around my waist and his mostly hard cock between my thighs where my smaller one would extend along a part of its length. I liked the contrast between his chocolate skin and my tanned tone. I just bent my knees, placing my ankles on the sides of his thighs and let him move us as he wanted.

The others usually found way to get up close and personal. Sam, Travis and Hank were often pressed by the massive muscles and huge cocks. Earl once managed to pop up in front of Hank with his hard pole poking right up the leg of Hank’s trunks and out the waistband. He was lifted half out of the water by his suit impaled on Earl’s huge hard cock. His own hardness was pressed against Earl’s much thicker member. My brother looked to have almost nine inches. I didn’t know he was bigger than I.

Little Dragon had pushed Travis up against the pool side in the shallow area. He had his arms on the pool deck on each side of Travis’ hips. Even though he was several inches shorter than the college jock his long cock rested in the groove between the defined abs of the taller boy with the head nestled against his belly button. It was putting out a steady flow of pre-cum that was already dripping down Travis’ muscles.

“You have a nice muscled butt,” Little Dragon remarked. It was Travis’ best feature from a gay guy’s perspective. “Have you ever taken a cock in there?”

Travis shook his head no. He had his hands pushing Little Dragon’s shoulders and trying to get out of being pinned to the side but the shorter Asian was immovable.

“It would mold very nicely around a thick cock like mine,” Little Dragon observed. “It is like having a few extra inches of gut. I really like the feeling and guys I fuck say they enjoy it too. Of course, when I want to go really deep those globes would roll aside so I can get my root right up to your opening and give you every inch. I’ll start slow to let you get used to it but you are going to really love it.”

“What are you doing?” Travis asked. “Stop! Please,” he begged.

“I’m just doing a little exploring,” confessed Little Dragon. I saw he had his right hand in the back of Travis’ tight trunks. “Even better than I expected. Your hole really is tight. I can believe you really are virgin back there. Some guys lie about it; too embarrassed about submitting to another man. I can tell you don’t really want me to stop. Your hole is nibbling on the tip of my finger. It wants me inside.”

“No, no,” Travis almost shouted.

Little Dragon let him escape. He jumped on the pool deck and ran to the house. Little Dragon followed at a normal walking pace.

Dom saw the action of his buddy and moved to keep Sam engaged. We pressed her to the side of the pool. I had all eight on my inches and Dom had eleven against the firm flesh of her belly. Dom complimented her on her breasts, a natural C cup and just reached up and felt them. Sam gasped at the contact but didn’t stop him. His fingers slipped easily under the material of her top that only concealed half the mound anyway. The flesh soon popped free. Dom told me to untie the top while he worked the hard points of Sam’s nipples. I tossed the cloth onto the pool deck and went back to watching Sam as Dom worked on her.

“That’s better, Sam,” Dom stated. “Your breasts are so nice you really shouldn’t cover them when you’re among friends.”

“You think so?” She asked shyly, looking up into his face over my right shoulder. I could tell that in her mind I wasn’t even there.

“Certainly,” Dom asserted. “You are a pretty girl. Why hide it? Let us see what you are hiding in your bottom. Give me a hand Rick.”

I knew what he wanted. Since he was holding me by his left arm I used mine to push down the right side of her bottom while Dom pushed down the left. “I see you trim your pubes,” Dom observed. Sam had a neat blond triangle above her pussy very similar to the patch I leave above my cock. “I like that in my partners..” Sam gave him a shy smile for his praise.

“I don’t know about this.” I heard Hank say softly from somewhere behind me.

“You’re doing fine,” Dan’s voice assured him. “I have the head in and that’s the hardest part. Relax and nurse on the tip of Earl’s cock. It will help while I open you up to take the next ten inches.”

They hadn’t promised not to seduce my brother and sister and once I agreed to Dom visiting regularly it was bound to happen sooner or later. It might as well be sooner and end the awkwardness we had during brunch.

“You are nice and tight,” Dom said. He was fingering her cunt and had a couple fingers inside Sam to the knuckle. “Rick, put me in your sister. You are going to really love what a big cock can do to you. Tell her Rick.”

“Dom’s right,” I agreed while using my left hand to put the tip of his hard pole where his fingers spread her opening. Dom eased his hips back to make room for his long pole. “Once you have a really big cock the normal- sized ones won’t be fully satisfying. We’re lucky that Dom will be here regularly to take care of us.”

He just pulled out his fingers and pushed in his first five inches as Sam gasped in surprise at how widely it stretched her. What surprised me was that the first two inches of my cock rode in alongside Dom. He pushed in three more inches of us both before beginning a slow fuck stroke.

“I invited Rick along for the ride while I take your big cock virginity,” Dom stated. “Any sex you had before today was just girlish experimentation. Today you become a woman.”

I could see it in her eyes. She’d never felt anything like this before. She opened he mouth as if to speak but just closed it up and swallowed hard. She just stared into Dom’s eyes as he added more inches. Dom had undone the bow on her left thigh allowing her bottom to slip free and her legs to open wider giving us better access for the final inches.

My pectorals were mashed into Sam’s breasts with my head over her right shoulder. I heard Sam and Dom kissing.

I was almost six inches in, nine for Dom when I felt Sam clamp down on us in orgasm. I spurted a load into my sister but Dom just kept stroking and the stimulation from the walls of Sam’s overstuffed cunt and Dom’s rod kept me hard. Pretty soon I had all eight inches in my sister and Dom, eleven.

He spread my legs and Sam’s really wide and slipped in a couple more.

Sam had had a few more orgasms while Dom finished the initial penetration. I sort of lost count. Then Dom got serious about fucking, using rapid strokes of about six inches of both our cocks. He continued about five inches past where I ended.

I couldn’t see Sam’s face but I heard her squeals and moans and felt her cunt as it contracted uncontrollably around the flesh thrusting powerfully inside her. It must have been an almost continuous orgasm.

Then Dom made a final thrust and stayed in to the hilt. I felt his big cock pulse as the first jet of seed raced down the length beneath my cock. When that erupted deep inside, the walls of muscle around our poles clamped down tight. Jet followed jet and I added my own small contribution to the voluminous load Dom was infusing her with. I spurted five or six times over fifteen seconds. Dom must have cum powerfully for over a minute and less so, but still better than my best shots, for almost another.

We were still inside Sam but pulled back to let her recover. It took about five minutes before her eyes refocused. She looked at Dom then looked around and back to Dom. She looked down to where we both entered her. There was a steady ribbon of white leaking from her hole and dissipating in the pool water. She looked at me and then to Dom.

“That was…great,” she admitted. “Dom, I don’t know how to thank you. We have to do that again.” “Sam, seeing your pleasure is thanks enough,” Dom stated. “And you’ll get your wish too. I’m not done with you.”

We fucked her again. By the end of round two Sam was totally blissed out. We uncoupled from her but supporter her between us in the cool pool water. I saw Hank was in the same state after a few rounds with Dan and Earl. They had let Bobby Wu support him while he recovered and Bobby had taken the opportunity to push into Hank’s ass. There were several discarded condoms on the pool deck.

Little Dragon came out of the main house, holding Travis’ hand and leading him back to the pool like a little boy. He was naked and totally submissive to the short Asian stud. Little Dragon gave him a stern look.

“Bill Lee fucked me,” Travis admitted in a confident voice now standing straight and proud unlike his subdued posture just before. “It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I now know my role in life is to bring pleasure to other men. Sir, I’m sorry I tried to reject you and run away.”

“Travis was a good fuck,” stated Little Dragon. “He has an ass that will make any man’s cock feel good. There is no need to apologize. You just needed a man to take charge of you and show you your true nature.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Travis smiling broadly. “I shot four times while you enjoyed my ass though it was nothing like the two times you shot. The condom was so full I was surprised it didn’t burst. I guess I wished it had but, at least, I got to drink your seed. I hope you will all fuck me so I can show you how good my ass can make you feel. I’m still learning to take cock orally. I only got nine inches of Bill when I cleaned him off.”

I had a turn later. His hole was well stretched by then but that bubble butt was still fun to plow. I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of him after today. With his looks he should have no trouble finding someone to take care of his new needs though it looks like he might need the whole swim team to satisfy his lust.

There was no need for any pretense any more. My house guests were going to fuck us all for the rest of the day and overnight.

Dom got his phone and made a call. About an hour later a car pulled into our drive. An Asian athlete got out carrying a small box. It was Eddie Cao, one of Dom’s high school fuck buddies. He had stopped off at Dom’s house to retrieve the box. He was obviously going to stay.

The box was Dan’s. He said it was an STD test kit developed by one of the members of his fraternity at Berkeley. It was not FDA approved yet but he had sold it to a big drug company for a few hundred million and they are doing the paperwork. Dan trusts it. You just put some of your urine on the test strip and if it shows green you are clean for all STDs. We all showed green so there would be no need for more condoms which was a good thing since we were almost out of the special ones they brought with them that could handle their size, strength and copious discharges.

We did a few rounds by the pool to start and then moved into the main house. Sam managed to take almost sixteen inches of Earl up her cunt. Then Earl shifted to her ass while Dan fucked her front. Then Hank had a turn while Dom fucked him up the ass and I plunged in to her gut flooded with Earl’s sperm.

Travis readily accepted the role of Little Dragon’s personal slave. He would have Travis clean him off after he fucked a cunt or ass and then eat out the load he just deposited in one of us. Once when I told Little Dragon I needed a quick bathroom break before he fucked me he told me to just use Travis. I’d never done anything like that before but Travis knew what was expected and was on me in a flash. He drank it all and Little Dragon gave him a ‘good boy’ remark like he were a well trained dog and Travis smiled and licked his lips. By the end of the evening he could even take Dom to the root orally.

Dom took over the master suite since our parents were away. I spent the night there with him and Eddie Cao. Bobby and I were up early because we started at Universal at nine. The others will take off sometime later. Dan and Little Dragon have a late afternoon flight back to San Francisco. I left Dom the key I promised before I took off. Our parents would be back Tuesday afternoon and Sam and Hank had a lot of cleaning and washing to do between rounds of sibling sex before their return.

The next few months went smoothly as I started my senior year. Dom would visit two or three times a week usually with a guest or two. Eddie Cao was a regular A few weeks on I got the chance to introduce Dom to my mom and dad but I got the impression that they already knew each other. I asked Dom about it and he confessed that he’d fucked them both during one of his afternoon visits while I’d been in school. They know he’s been fucking Sam and Hank too.

Since everything was out in the open Dom moved in with us full time, taking over the master suite as our official head of the house while our parents took the largest guest suite. My old room was still available and Eddie Cao moved in too as he and Dom were over eighteen. Eddie shared the big bed in Hank’s room. Dom and Eddie transferred to Hank’s school to finish their senior year.

Dom would have one or two of us with him each night in the master depending the number of guests he had. We’d usually get a ride on his big cock sometime each day. He never ran short of juice or stamina. Those not with Dom would make other arrangements for the night so everybody had some action every day. Whenever Hank, Sam or I had a guest it was normal for everyone to fuck them and Dom freely shared his friends too.

Early November I got a call from Paul Kolani. He and Andy wanted to visit us over Thanksgiving. I told him about Dom but he already knew. Little Dragon had told them in September. I was eager but it was not my decision to make. I took the phone to Dom. They chatted and agreed and Dom returned the phone. Paul had already ended the call.

It was Wednesday afternoon. I had been just outside LAX waiting for their call. I got it and headed to the Delta terminal. They would be curbside with their bags and I figured it wouldn’t be difficult to spot two six-four muscle studs. I was a good hundred meters away when I spied them towering over the others waiting.

As I got closer I could see they were way taller than I remembered. Nobody even came up to their shoulder height. I stopped adjacent to them. One, Paul, I thought, put their two carry-ons and a briefcase in the front passenger seat while the other opened the second door and flipped down the second row seating. Then they both piled into the expansive cargo area of the CR-V. I pulled out into the traffic headed to the airport exit.

“What happened?” I asked. “How big are you now?”

“We got version two of the stuff we took earlier,” Andy said. “We are both seven feet and ten inches and almost five hundred pounds.”

“And we’re big where it counts too,” Paul added, “twenty-eight inches.”

The San Diego Freeway was jammed with holiday traffic and it is not fast at this hour on normal days. We had plenty of time to catch up on things before we reached our exit on Sunset.

They had been this huge for just over a month. They needed to fly first class to get enough room to sit. They needed special seats in their SUV to get enough head room. It sounded pretty expensive but they said they were doing okay. Their Berkeley friends got them hooked up with a lady that manages their investments and has doubled their worth in six months even with their parents gambling losses.

Paul asked me how I liked Dom being in charge of my family. The question surprised me as I hadn’t really thought about it before. It was just something I accepted because I knew I didn’t really have a choice. I paused for a long minute before answering.

“I think it has been good for the whole family. When I came out after our time in Hawaii they accepted my decision but I was separate and living in our guest house. Dom brought us back together again.”

“I’m sure you like the sex,” Andy remarked.

“Sure,” I agreed. “Dom is dominant but he sees we all have fun. When he is fucking someone else I can have fun with any of the others and we all have friends over for sex all the time. But it was my visit with you that changed my life, our lives. Your sex was great but I think our relationship is more than just that.”

“Of course,” Paul assured. “You’re our friend first.”

“With benefits,” Andy added. “You have a foot of virgin territory we’re going to love exploring.”

Eight inches,” I corrected him. “Dom’s brother, Earl, had twenty inches. If he got what you did he might have more now. Dom said he is spending the holiday with Dan Wong visiting some Indian friends in the mountains.”

We were home. They both agreed it was a nice house. I pulled into my slot in the garage. We had high ceilings but they would have to duck and turn sideways some to get through most of the doors but I quickly saw they were used to that.

The security system had alerted everyone when we opened the driveway gate so Dom, Hank, Sam and Eddie were waiting to greet us when we entered the house. Paul and Andy had informed Dom that they would be taking the master suite for their visit and he did not object. Dom took our parents’ room and they were pushed out to the guest house for the weekend and told not to enter the main house. Dad protested that they are still paying the bills. It is the only leverage they have on us. Dom promised them both a good fucking come Monday and they accepted the deal.

Everyone except Dom was startled by the twins’ size; much bigger than I described. I made the introductions. They broke the ice by picking me up for a welcoming kiss we had to forgo at the airport. They were twenty-one inches taller than I. Standing in front of them I only came up to the big boulders that were their pecs. Dom could easily lift my car. They could probably toss it over the house with one arm. The kisses were hot and I could feel their thick sex snake as it was pressed between our bodies.

Twenty-eight inches, I thought and knew that I was going to enjoy them all.

Then they kissed Dom who was not used to being handled like that. He had accepted that they would be in charge mentally but their kisses cemented their status physically. After a few moments of futile struggle Dom submitted and meekly allowed them to explore his mouth with their tongues.

Hank, Eddie and Sam were excited by their kisses. Sam started unbuttoning Paul’s shirt to get at his cock while still in his embrace. He had to put her down and hold her away.

“Slow down Sam,” Paul said. “We have all weekend. First we have a gift for you.”

“We call it the boyfriend mix,” Andy said. “Works for girls too. It will make it safe for us to have uninhibited sex with you. With our size and strength, even Dom’s, if we are not careful we could easily injure or even kill you.”

“Like what Earl did to the gang bangers that were harassing me,” Dom said.

“We heard about that,” Paul said. “Exactly. The stuff we give you won’t make you like Dom or us but will make you strong enough inside and out that we won’t rip you up if our sex gets a little wild and, frankly, it’s more fun to let loose.”

“You’ll get a few inches of height and cock size for the boys,” Andy stated. “You’ll all get strength and be way stronger than anyone else you know.

Pressing a thousand kilos overhead should be easy. Dom can probably do three times that and we could do ten thousand easily. Hell, we could have run from the airport to here carrying the car faster than the trip through L.A. traffic.”

“The boys will get muscle mass and very low body fat,” Paul continued. “Sam, you won’t get the muscle but you’ll love your new body even though you’re a hot number right now. Dom, you won’t get the final phase to look like us until you go to college.”

They retrieved four vials from their briefcase and sent Eddie to get a jug of nutrient powder from their suitcase. I got a couple five gallon beverage coolers we had in the garage and we mixed up the drinks to fuel our growth. We had enough to refill the coolers a few times if needed. We downed the vials. They had a citrus taste. I didn’t feel anything immediately and could see the others were wondering if it was working. Then I started to feel hungry. Andy handed me a big glass of the drink. It had a thick texture and a chocolate taste, like a milk shake but not cold. I drank quickly and got another glass. The others were drinking too.

We consumed almost thirty five gallons before we were sated. I gained a couple inches to six-three and went from 180 to 218 pounds but lost almost all my body fat so my abdominals stood out clearly and there were big veins on my biceps. My cock went from eight to eleven and it was thicker too. Hank was now six feet even and had twelve inches. He was two- hundred-ten pounds of muscle and proportionately more muscular. Eddie Cao was now five-ten with a nine-inch cock and looked like a slightly smaller version of Hank.

Sam would make supermodels jealous with her new body. She was six-one with D cup breasts that were very firm with zero sag, topped with big nipples that were perfect for sucking. Her legs went on and on and her ass was perfect. It would be tough to choose whether to fuck her from front or back but I knew I’d do both before the weekend was over.

Paul and Andy offered Dom the first fuck but he suggested they start with me since they knew me first. They agreed. Dom would start with Sam and the boys would break in their new bodies with each other.

They took me to the master suite. I had discarded my clothes when I’d started to grow. They tossed theirs on the floor as soon as we were in their room. They looked like Hawaiian gods. Their cocks were only partly hard, about twenty-four inches, with the foreskin still wrapped over the tip.

Andy lay on his back in the middle of the big bed. He pulled me on top of him in a sixty-nine position, taking all my new eleven inches in his mouth. My mouth was at least a foot short of the base of his pole but he was so long that his shaft extended below my face, beside my neck and under my chest. I took both hands to put him in position where I could swallow the end and let it push into my throat. He was so much taller than me that there didn’t seem to be anyway I could reach the base and still have any part of my cock in his mouth. I used my strength to slide down his torso to get another five inches but I had the same five inches of my cock slip from his throat.

Paul got on the bed too and straddled us. He placed his tip at my hole and pushed in. He was easily the thickest cock I’d taken, well thicker than he was on our first meeting. The stuff I’d taken had made my body more adaptable. My hole stretched easily around the thick flesh and he pushed inch after inch into me with only pleasure registering in my brain.

“I’m just over half in and you are getting a lot tighter,” Paul remarked. “You may have taken twenty inches a few months ago but you recovered since. It won’t be a problem though. I put out a lot of lube that helps ease the way.”

I could tell he was beyond where I normally feel Dom. He started an in and out motion, maybe twelve inches or so, short strokes for a monster cock. It would slide me almost as much along Andy’s body, perhaps eight inches. I put both my hands around the base of Andy’s cock so I wouldn’t slip down too far and pull my cock out of his mouth. I must have had about twenty- four inches through my mouth into my throat and down to my stomach.

After you can swallow cock deep in your throat another five, ten or fifteen inches is no big deal.

Andy must have had a good view of his brother penetrating me. I felt his fingers exploring around my ring. He eased a couple in beside his brother’s pole and that extra stimulation triggered my first orgasm. I flooded his mouth. I could tell it was a lot more than I used to cum. I felt Andy swallow the cum and then my cock so a few shots went direct to the gullet.

While I was cumming Paul pushed in the rest of the way. I had all twenty- eight inches of his and a full two feet of Andy inside me. I could feel Paul’s powerful fuck muscle pushing on my abdominal muscles from the inside. When both poles were at their deepest they crossed each other in the center of my body. I could feel them rub past each other separated by the flesh of my internal anatomy that was trying to contain them. “You have me all,” Paul announced. I knew. I could feel his groin press into the gap between my glutes. “Now I’ll show you what this big boy can do to you.”

He resumed stroking me still using short, twelve-inch, strokes. He would pull out or push in so that his big bulging cock-head would stimulate different areas. The shaft was so thick that any movement rubbed my prostate which for normal fucks is the whole deal but there were deep spots that added an extra dimension to my pleasure. Just feeling him rearrange my insides was an erotic experience. My abs were tight and rested bridging the groove between the thick plates of Andy’s pectorals without sag but when Paul pushed his tip through that section I would bulge down into the groove between the mounds and Andy would flex to squeeze his brother inside me. The description really doesn’t do it justice if you haven’t felt it yourself. That was my second orgasm.

After that Paul picked up the pace and used long strokes, eighteen to twenty inches. I loved it. I could sense he was getting close. Paul then pushed in fully and with really short, four-inch, motions rubbed across” the tip of his brother way deep within me. A minute of that and they both blasted their loads. I came too for the third time.

My whole body shook from the over four feet of cock, pulsing, bucking and jetting inside me. I tried to pull Andy’s piece out of my throat so I could taste some of what he was giving me but I couldn’t budge it with all my strength in two arms that they said could lift a thousand kilos. They shot for well over a minute. I could feel the powerful jets flooding my gut and stomach.

“You ready to share brother,” Andy asked.

Share? Paul lifted me above Andy’s body, slipping Andy’s cock out my throat. He held me against his trunk still fully plugged in my gut as he stood on the bed above his brother’s hips. Andy’s stiff member rose vertically between Paul’s spread thighs. I hoped what they gave me worked or what they were planning would be quickly fatal.

Paul bent his knees a little and dropped us lower. I felt the end of Andy’s rod press my ring where Paul entered. I saw him reach both arms up and felt a couple fingers from each hand push in. He stretched my sphincter creating a gap that allowed the first couple inches to stuff in alongside Paul. Paul took that as his signal to sit down some more and I got a couple more inches as Andy pulled his fingers out. The two shafts created a small grove between them that allowed a steady leak from the load Paul gave me just before.

With his hands free Andy held my ankles, pulling my legs up and out, widely split. Paul continued to bend his legs until he was kneeling. At that point I must have had half of Andy stuffed alongside him. Then Paul just sat slowly down until his butt rested on his brother’s upper thighs. I looked down past my own hard piece that was dripping lube on Andy’s abs. There may have been a couple inches gap between my bottom and Andy’s groin because his thighs kept Paul from dropping any lower.

I could see where they were under the muscles of my belly. My new flat, muscled, stomach was oddly distended where they passed through it. I put my spread hands on my flesh and I could feel their hardness underneath. The bulbs of the heads, Andy’s just before Paul’s, were easy to discern.

I muttered, “I didn’t think it was possible.” “Wait until you feel this,” they said in unison.

Paul pushed me forward until I was lying on Andy’s chest, bent double with my ankles, still in Andy’s firm grip, by my ears. My chin rested in the groove at the top of Andy’s chest and my cock was pressed between us.

Paul pulled out a few inches and I could feel his thick head slip over Andy’s deep inside. Then he pushed in. Then Andy pulled my legs up so I slid forward until my head was even with his. He kissed me deeply while Paul continued to stroke in my gut.

I think we rested in one heap, still fully coupled, for half an hour, trying to recover. We disentangled. Andy and I were soaked from my spewed cum and I had lost a lot from what they shot inside me. I was still leaking as my abused hole tried to recover. They asked for Dom and Eddie next and I went to inform them. I took Sam to Hank’s room for some sibling sex double teaming Sam. It was great too.

A couple hours later Eddie came in to tell Sam and Hank it was their turn and I went with Eddie to spend the rest of the night with Dom. It was well past midnight when we drifted off to sleep and mid morning before we awoke.

Everyone felt great, as if supercharged. The twins explained that every cell in their bodies is packed with energy. The cellular environment is so charged that no bacteria or viruses can survive it. Their sperm are supercharged too. They easily swim through our gut or vaginal walls, get in our blood and drop little energy packets in every cell they enter. The feeling would fade a few days after they leave.

It was Thanksgiving and Sam had recruited Hank and Eddie to help with preparations for a traditional feast. That left the twins free to entertain Dom and I. It was a nice day in L.A. And our pool is heated so we had fun there. The meal prep went smoothly and the others had some time for fun while things were in the oven.

We ate around five and brought some of everything to our parents in their guest house exile. With our time in the pool they had a chance to see what they were missing but I didn’t feel sorry.

I might have had a fully belly from the meal but I added plenty of cum to the mix. All that sperm swimming around probably aided digestion. The vials we drank also make sure we don’t gain fat if we eat well; another great benefit.

On Friday, Hank, Eddie and Dom had invited several friends from their high school. They had obviously had sex with all of them and most had visited here previously. I had been with a few of them.

Dom was doing really well at Hank’s high school. His grades had been indifferent at his old school downtown but he was straight A’s and even moved to advanced placement in math mid semester. He aced his college entrance exams too and now hopes to join his brother in Berkeley next year. I looked at some of his homework. It was good so he was earning his grades and not just fucking his teachers though he certainly was fucking some of them.

Hank’s and Eddie’s new bodies were big hits but everyone wanted to experience the twins’ big cocks though none could manage more than half in any opening and I saw how careful they were with unaugmented partners. Though they enjoyed the attention, for Andy and Paul the sex wasn’t much fun, but they did give everyone lots of sperm to carry home. We had another great night with them.

Saturday was for friends of Sam or I. Sam had three girls that were also cheerleaders and I had invited Bobby Wu. We started with a four way with Bobby and I and the twins. I did a sixty-nine with Bobby while we got fucked and we each got a great view of the huge cock reaming our partner’s ass. Bobby loved my upgraded body and Sam’s was enough to make one firmly gay boy straight for an hour. Being an older group, everyone spent the night. The twins took the four girls and I had Bobby.

Sunday was a quiet day. Bobby was able to stay through the afternoon. And we all had several rounds with the twins. They took me for the overnight and we were up at 5 AM to get them to LAX for an early flight to Salt Lake City.

After the visit our lives went back to almost normal. Dom was already the alpha male at his high school but with newly enhanced Hank and Eddie in his posse, they ruled. I was pretty hot myself but I was going steady with Bobby Wu. Paul and Andy invited us to visit them in Hawaii over the winter break and Bobby got his own upgrade.

While in Hawaii we got the news that Sam and my mom were pregnant. They had both gone off the pill in October and had their first natural periods just before Thanksgiving. Andy and Paul knew that the babies were theirs. They hadn’t had sex with our mother but, when Dom did her the day they left, there were probably a few dozen of their sperm mixed with his millions and that would be enough. They knew of two more pregnancies back in Provo from married guys they fucked. No one had realized how potent their seed was until things started happening. They probably should have expected it but just didn’t. The guys are more careful now and there is talk of developing a more effective means of birth control but that will take some time.

We had great sex in Hawaii that was even better because the twins didn’t need to hold back with Bobby any more. We got to fuck their brothers and Bobby learned to surf. For New Year’s Eve they had a party for the friends I had met last summer. Those that were married had to confess their bisexuality and bring their wives. There was only one married guy that failed to show.

Their eldest brother, Matthew, and his wife, Grace, were special guests. The twins had fucked Grace the night before the wedding while Matthew watched secretly but Grace didn’t know that or that her husband was bi and unlike the others it wasn’t confessed ahead of the party.

They cooked a whole pig in a pit. Bobby and I watched Mark and Luke prepare it. It would take several hours. We did a quick fuck of both guys when they finished. We couldn’t tie them up too long because there was lots to do to get ready. In this case we meant tie them up literally as we fucked them standing, roped, spread-eagled between wooden posts.

The party started at six with dinner and everyone in casual Hawaiian clothes. They gave Grace the enhancement formula secretly and she was very hungry all through the meal. Her colorful mini dress was a micro mini by then and her halter top barely covered a third of her double D breasts. I think everyone noticed but her.

Fruit was served as desert just before seven and everyone watched the ball drop in Times Square on the big screen. That was our cue to get the evening really rolling. Bobby and I went to Matthew. I kissed him while Bobby pulled down his slacks and pushed his cock up his ass. Bobby now had a respectable nine inches.

That was the signal for everybody to get naked and begin the evening’s entertainment. The twins took a shocked and surprised Grace to their room to get started.

Bobby quickly dropped a load in Matthew and we moved on as neither of us was really interested in him. I spotted my Japanese-American bodybuilder friend, Haru, with his wife and took Bobby over to meet them. We had a good fuck with them for about half an hour before Paul and Andy got them.

We saw Grace who was sitting in a chair dazed from her experience. She had cum on her face, ass and cunt and her husband was trying to talk to her. We just pushed Matthew aside and I took her cunt and Bobby her ass.

After Grace we concentrated on the males. The twins managed to get through everybody before local midnight. We all had a glass of champagne to toast the New Year. They did seconds for most. We got to sleep with them at around three.

The twins have a wicked imagination. Before bed they had Bobby sit in my lap facing me, his legs around my waist, with my eleven inches fully up his butt. Then they knelt facing each other and lifted us, still coupled above their paired cocks. The two poles pushed between my thighs and into Bobby, one on either side of my member. I had one arm about each twin’s neck and a leg in the ‘V’ formed by the base of their cock and groin. They each got about eighteen to twenty inches up into Bobby beside me. Then they started moving, alternating together and opposite motions. My inches were sandwiched between their flesh. I doubt if I touched Bobby’s gut walls at any point except when they withdrew their shafts well below the tip of mine. Usually they were way beyond where I could go. But everywhere was so tightly stuffed that we all loved it. Bobby and I shot three times before the twins flooded his gut.

Satisfied we went to sleep with Bobby and I nursing each other’s cocks and one twin up each our holes. It was mid morning when we arose still coupled.

Mark, Luke and John had set out a hearty breakfast. Some of the guests had departed overnight but several stayed hoping for a morning round and they were not disappointed. Our bodybuilder friend and his wife were last to leave around one. They were looking forward to adding one of the twins’ children to their family.

When we were alone with them again, their older brothers didn’t count, we asked them about their plans. With kids in Utah, California and Hawaii due this year things will get complicated. Paul and Andy had thought about it.

They had some fuck buddies from polygamist families and saw how that worked. They think they will just take it a step further. They hoped Bobby, Samantha and I would be part of their family and Bobby and I were overjoyed and I’m certain that Sam would jump at the chance. There would be others too but they are still working it out.

One thing they know is that they can support their new brood. They invested almost a million of their family’s assets with the lady their friends from Berkeley recommended, Meilin (May) Chu. She tripled it in six months and expects to do better. They introduced us and we gave her the trust funds, just over $100,000 each, our grandparents gave Sam, Hank, and I. They are up 25% in just a month. Primarily she is backing work done by the group at Berkeley. Dan Wong has developed a way to make computer processors a thousand times more powerful and thinks he can use some special techniques that his friends are developing to get another thousand fold boost. He sold a tiny part to Intel that will give them a five fold boost for big bucks and his investors got part of it but most is invested in other projects that May expects will be really big.

Dad made a fuss when mom had a child from Andy and Paul. She grew younger and sexier during her pregnancy until she looked like a sister to Sam instead of a mid forties mother. We just kicked him out. By that point the investments were so good we had all the money we could ever need and now, for most things, we don’t need money at all. He married a rising starlet last year. She couldn’t compare with mom or Sam and was only two years older than I but was considered sexy and the wedding had a picture spread in a popular entertainment magazine. I visited her two months ago when I knew he was at the studio. I left her passed out on their bed leaking my seed from mouth, cunt and ass.


Chapter 23: After Graduation

Jerry Sanders here. I did score the full-ride to law school. I was able to use my savings for grad school to get a very nice two-carat diamond engagement ring for May. She was impressed and that’s not easy to do. Of course, May did all the wedding planning.

Our first stop was for me to meet her family. May picked out a sport jacket for me and she wore the denim outfit she had on when we met. This time she used a pink mini bra as a top under the jacket. Walnut Creek is less than an hour from Berkeley. Her home was in a very nice neighborhood.

The parents were nice and friendly. They knew their daughter and agreed with her on everything. I’m sure part of that was because May was the perfect daughter, smart, beautiful and athletic, successful in everything she did. May’s parents would be paying for the wedding, a ceremony at a Buddhist temple and the reception at their country club.

May had a younger brother, Xiaolong, 16 years old. He was also an expert in martial arts and on varsity soccer in high school. You could tell he adored his older sister. May said he has sexual fantasies about her and that she loves to tease him until he has to run to his room before he cums in his pants. She also has a young sister, Xiaolu, just ten. I’d bet in a few years she’s as beautiful as May.

Visiting my family was not as easy. My parents were divorced as dad left mom right after I graduated high school for a woman only ten years older than me. My mother got a good settlement that included his support for my college bills. I’m still friendly with my dad but try to stay away as much as possible. May said she’ll keep them well separated at the wedding.

The drive to Sacramento was about two hours normally. We took May’s new red Corvette, a graduation present from her folks, and did it in just over an hour. She drove. I think we passed Willie Brown’s car en route.

May was wearing a modest, for her, yellow dress. That meant a low cut scoop neck that covered almost half of her big breasts, though her pointed tits were easy to spot poking the thin material only about an inch from the edge. Of course the dress was backless, dipping so low in back that it would be below the panty line, but May never wears panties. It came to just above mid thigh so it was one of her longer dresses. She had white shoes with three-inch heels that brought her close to my height and emphasized her legs.

We started at my mother’s. They bonded instantly. I’d say she was surprised I did so well, well, so was I. She made us a light lunch and, after, May and mom continued talking while they cleaned the dishes.

After lunch we headed to my dad’s place across town. Dad and wife, Sandy, answered our knock. May is a couple inches taller than my dad, a difference exaggerated by her heels. After the introduction she bent forward and gave dad a quick peck on the cheek. Sandy at thirty-one was still quite pretty, though only five-six. She has nice boobs but not in May’s class. May greeted her with a full body hug, actually lifting the shorter woman off the ground and planted a kiss full on her lips. There was tongue. Sandy’s face was flush when they broke. The front of her dress was stained and May’s left thigh was damp. May made a show of rubbing a finger in the damp spot and licking it clean.

We sat in their living room and pretended to have normal conversation. I let May do all the talking as usual. Dad couldn’t take his eyes off her. Neither could Sandy though she was fidgeting the whole time. I couldn’t help thinking that my fiancé was way hotter than my dad’s trophy wife and he knows it.

We only spent an hour at my dad’s place. It was plenty. On the drive back May explained that Sandy was a closeted lesbian. She probably hadn’t had any lesbian experiences or recognized her need, but she will now. I was certain it was true. May is never wrong on things like this. I figured dad would soon be looking for a third wife, another little gift from May.

Graduation was the last week in May. The new year will bring changes. Tony Thieu is the new fraternity president and Donny is taking over pledge master. Alan Wong was in our graduating class. He’s opening a design business in San Francisco with the other members of his junior design project team. They have several patents relating to hard disk and flash digital video camcorders that are yielding good royalties. They used that to buy a building in the Mission District. The ground floor will be offices and the top two floors will be living space. The team members are part of his network but Alan is bringing in Sarah, Briona and Kelly. He can’t fuck his key workers during business hours if anything is to get done. A good side effect was it allowed May and I to take their flat for next year.

I was given graduate status as a boyfriend which allows me to decline an encounter. However, May wants me to remain active with the brothers, so I shall. Donny also offered to drop May from his network as his wedding gift, but May had another gift in mind and besides she loves Donny’s huge cock as much as I.

Our wedding would be the end of June. We’d moved to our new flat which was now wedding headquarters. May had designed her own wedding dress. The basic form was supplied by a sheer white fishnet with a high back, long sleeves and low-cut scoop neck. It was short too, only 10 inches below the waist. So far it would be totally see-through, so threaded through the open weave of the fishnet were white silk ribbons in an apparently random fashion. It was just enough to obscure the critical parts. You would think you could see through it but when you look closer you can never actually see the most intimate details clearly. There was a cape of the same design, fishnet plus ribbon weave, that attached to the shoulders and reached to her waist. She would wear a silk ribbon head band tied in back with a fancy bow and ribbons woven into her long hair.

The bridesmaids would wear the same outfit but with red ribbons in the weave instead of white. May had picked Hope, Chastity and their younger sister, Faith, newly in Donny’s network, for the role and they had the bodies to pull it off. After a test fitting May decided that Chastity would have to dye her pubic hair blond to avoid it clashing with her natural sisters.

For me and the groomsmen May designed an outfit with tuxedo pants, a sheer, see-through, long-sleeve, white shirt and a gold cummerbund for accent. My body was good enough to handle the sheer shirt, but I’d need to shave some hair on my chest and abdomen. I decided on Alan Wong, Donny Yi and Tony Tran for groomsmen as they were most responsible for the events that let to my wedding. They’d look spectacular in the outfit with their huge upper body muscles clearly visible under the sheer shirt.

May’s younger brother and sister would have a role as ring bearers, but in more conventional outfits. As an only child there was nobody from my family.

Alan was in charge of my bachelor party. It would be at the fraternity. In a first for a fraternity party there will be females. Donny is providing Hope, Chastity and Faith in the traditional stripper roles and the guests are a good mix of brothers and boyfriends. The plan was for everyone to fuck me and I fuck each of the women. May thought we should have a couple more females since I’d already fucked Chastity and Hope. She had recommended a couple Vietnamese-American sisters to Tony Tran’s network and thought they’d be a good addition.

I was carried home by my groomsmen after the party. They took plenty of pictures and a video DVD to help me remember it. I needed a full day to recover. When I got up I saw May watching the DVD. I was being fucked by Donny in the ass and nursing Tony Thieu’s cock. Being in Donny’s network, May had lots of experience with Donny’s cock both in her cunt and ass.

She commented that it appeared Donny used longer strokes with me than with her. She was also interested in watching me and Faith since Donny had just recently ended her virginity. Of course, it had been an intensive course since then and May was satisfied. She was still learning but had plenty of enthusiasm.

The penultimate event was the rehearsal and dinner. Everything went smoothly. At the dinner I didn’t see May’s brother. I asked May where he was. It turned out he was getting a gift. Faith had slipped out with him and probably had him in ecstasy by now. By morning he’ll be big dragon. After the wedding reception Faith will introduce him to her sisters for a foursome. That’s the gift May asked for from Donny.

The ceremony was beautiful. Though the temple was beautifully decorated and everything was perfect, May was the center of attention. I’d seen the dress design in computer simulation but the actual item was even sexier. I’d been sharing a bed with her for months and I was getting hard during the ceremony. I tried to look around just to help me calm down. The bridesmaids didn’t help. Hope, Chastity and Faith weren’t as sexy as May but if May were a 10, the others were maybe 9.8 to 9.5. Their versions of the dress seemed to conceal nothing. I saw May’s brother only had eyes for Faith. I figured it was due to last night, but then I noticed, just a few peeks as her dress shifted, that Faith had a few fresh spots of cum in her blond pubic hair. They probably had grabbed a quick fuck before the ceremony. It would be pretty easy since her dress only extended a few inches below her cunt. I managed my few lines and then it was time to kiss the bride. We turned toward each other and I hugged her to me while her arms pulled my hips to hers. In full body contact we kissed. I thought I’m married to the sexiest woman in the world and came in my pants. May could feel it as my cock was pressed to her pubic mound. We held the kiss until I calmed down, then turned toward the assembled guests and their applause.

We had a fifteen minute limo ride to the reception. Given my excitement at the ceremony, May pulled my still damp cock out of my pants, pushed up her dress a little and straddled me. She timed it so our orgasm eased just as the limo was pulling up to the site. We stayed in the back a couple minutes adjusting our clothes and getting our breathing under control. The guests had gathered for our arrival but the deeply tinted windows gave them no view inside. When we exited we were greeted by more applause.

May arranged the head table for us, the bridesmaids and groomsmen plus her younger brother and sister. Xiaolong was seated between Faith and Chastity. By May’s plan he’d been in the limo with the bridesmaids while the young daughter rode with her parents and my mom. We had a receiving line with May’s parents and my mom so it was a while before May could get the scoop on the latest developments on her plan for her brother’s initiation.

While we were waiting for everyone to get seated for the meal, Hope filled us in. As I guessed, Faith had taken a ride on his cock only fifteen minutes before the procession. Her sisters knew all about it without being told.

When they got in their limo Chastity mentioned the, now dried, cum in Faith’s blond bush. That prompted Faith to ‘confess’ that she and Xiaolong had fucked. Then she said that Xiaolong was really good.

Xiaolong was blushing, hearing his new sexual skills being discussed by three sexy women wearing almost nothing. Hope had pushed up Faith’s dress and was helping her clean the cum from her hairs. He was hard again and then he felt Chastity’s hand on him saying that it feels like a nice size. Before he knew what was happening Chastity was riding him. They’d arranged with the driver to take a longer route so it wasn’t too rushed.

When he came, Chastity pulled off and allowed him to spray the rest of his load over her torso. She’d hiked her dress over her breasts during her ride in preparation. After complimenting him on making her cum and shooting such a healthy load she just pulled her dress down leaving the cum streaking her skin. We looked over at her and we could see something but the dress design makes it hard to tell exactly what. Hope said it’s all arranged that he’ll spend the night at their place in Berkeley.

Between the meal courses, the toasts, speeches and the like, May and I circulated among our guests. My dad, whom May seated in the back of the room, well away from my mom, was alone. We were friendly enough but it was clear there are problems with Sandy. When he tries to find a new wife he’ll never get one a tenth as good as May and he knows it.

Jack and Ricardo were seated with Ming Li and the two Vietnamese sisters in Tony Tran’s network that I’d fucked during my bachelor party. They were just seventeen and eighteen but were technically considered seniors for next year. May said they would graduate and get their Ph.D. in a few months. Mathematics for one and physics for the other but I wasn’t certain which was which. They were talking to each other in a language I didn’t understand. I asked them if it were Vietnamese and they said no, they were discussing the space-time evolution of the tensor state function in eleven dimensional string theory, or something to that effect. I’d have a better shot understanding Vietnamese. But they were as good at sex as they were with whatever they were into intellectually and I didn’t need genius level IQ to appreciate that.

Our wedding proved the perfect opportunity for Hope and Chastity to invite their older brothers up. Donny invited them to my bachelor party but quickly shunted them upstairs to his bedroom so they didn’t see their sisters with me and every other bisexual brother. Once he’d introduced them to gay sex he let a few of the other brothers entertain them while he rejoined the main party and had his turn with me and their sisters. When we visited them they were wearing Donny’s rings but were sitting at a table with a mix of brothers and boyfriends. They’d be brought back to the frat house for the night as we didn’t want them interrupting their sisters’ plans.

There were lots of tables of May’s relatives and friends from, to use her borrowed phrase, the muggle world where super-strength and hyper-sex are just rumors. They were seeing a little of that world with giant men and stunning women, but the reality would never occur to most of them.

We did the expected traditions, the cake, the toasts, the dancing. It seemed, somehow, that my dad never quite managed to get up to the dance floor for his turn with May. Best, it was all done without seeming to do anything.

While May was dancing with Donny I took a turn with Chastity. Xiaolong’s cum had dried by now, though you could still see the streaks if you knew what you were looking at. I asked her about him. He has seven inches which is mighty good for just sixteen and it’s a decent thickness too. Faith told her he was initially pretty quick to shoot but has been getting better, and is fast on recovery. Chastity said that he managed over ten minutes with her in the limo, but tonight they ought to have enough time to really improve his skills.

Xiaolong claimed Chastity for the next dance. He was cycling among the sisters. I wonder if he suspects that he just didn’t happen to get lucky.

May had started with Tony Tran so I moved on to Faith. Since visiting her sisters she has had fun exploring the world of sensual pleasure that she had been taught to reject. Her sisters and Donny had been her guides and now she was excited to be helping Xiaolong in his discovery. She loved the reaction she was getting in her dress. It was better than naked because you had to look carefully for a peek at the hidden parts, though she said she figured out how to move just right to give someone she was interested in a good show. Like me, I thought, as both her firm tits had pushed through the weave and were sliding over the slick fabric of my sheer shirt. Faith said she’ll be going to high school here next year. Her parents have agreed to let her stay with her sisters who promised to keep her out of trouble. Their older brothers would check up on them frequently. Very frequently, I was sure.

We spent another hour with our guests. May finished with a toss of the bridal bouquet. My mom caught it. I knew my wife well enough to know that it wasn’t just luck. She probably already has someone in mind for mom.

Then it was time to change for our big departure. A limo would take us to a suite at the Mandarin for a couple nights and then it was off for two weeks in Tahiti. May wanted us to learn scuba diving. She always wanted to try sex underwater.

Alan and Donny showed us the room they set up for us to change and was where they stowed our suitcases and travel documents. Faith, Hope and Chastity were just exiting when we arrived. Xiaolong was walking between Faith and Chastity with one arm about each girl’s waist. The girls had changed into matching black dresses, backless and only a couple inches longer than the wedding outfits. May asked her brother if he were having fun and he just looked embarrassed and mumbled something, certain that his big sister knew what had been going on.

When we entered the changing room Hope stayed behind to talk to May. She offered May a taste of her brother’s cum, warm from her cunt. May licked it from Hope’s fingers and said it was good. Hope gave Alan, Donny and I a taste too. She then retrieved the video camera they’d hidden. We’d have something to watch on the trip. She offered a final wish for a safe trip and hurried off to rejoin her sisters.

May slid out of her dress and we all shed our wedding outfits. Donny and Alan invoked droit de seigneur since May was still in Donny’s network and Alan had initiated me. May agreed that it was only fair and a fine way to start our honeymoon. May decided so it was set, but, by now I know that May’s decisions are always right.

They placed a couple padded benches side-by-side. With our backs on the benches we could hold hands while we were fucked. Our legs were raised to the powerful shoulders of our fuckers and we were entered simultaneously, me in the ass and May in the cunt. Living in my room, May has seen me fucked dozens of times. I’d only seen her fucked once when Jack took her up on the offer to try straight sex with his thirteen inches.

Donny’s cock was over twice that size but May was familiar with it. They’d fucked many times during our engagement, just not when I was around, and May had been in Donny’s network almost a year prior to rooming with me.

Of course, my ass was intimately familiar with Alan’s cock and he knew my pleasure spots well. My cock was hard and drooling pre-cum. May screeched Donny’s name as she arched her back and came. The sight pushed me to shoot my gun. When I recovered Alan was pumping me even faster. I’d shot over my chest and even sprayed a couple on May. She was still in ecstasy and her powerful internal muscles must be milking Donny’s cock furiously, but Donny had not cum. He had about twenty of his inches in her and was doing foot-long strokes but not yet cumming.

May started thrashing about as her orgasm reached another level I’d not seen before with her. Donny had to press his chest against hers to keep her on the bench while continuing to power his thick pole through her clutching cunt. My own cock exploded again as Alan flooded his seed in my ass. When I calmed down Alan was still spurting but not with the force of the initial blasts. May had let go my hand and was clutching at Donny’s back. I could see he was pumping his sperm into her, the pulsations of the six or seven inches that could not fit inside were easy to see. A few minutes later, it was spurting out as fast as new stuff was added.

Donny slowly withdrew the long tube of flesh from her. He was strong enough to fight the internal contractions trying to pull him back in. I’m not. With his cock out he continued to spurt for another minute, soaking May’s torso. The few spurts of my seed were drops in the ocean of his spunk.

When he stopped shooting he lightly called to May. She soon started to respond. Donny helped her sit up as Alan pulled out of me.

The sex put us a few minutes behind schedule. Alan got us some towels to wipe up the cum. May was almost bathed in it, but it was nothing we hadn’t done many times before. May slipped into a black dress similar to the sisters’ while I donned slacks, silk shirt and sport jacket that May had chosen for me.

We left with Donny hauling our two suitcases and carry-on. It was only a hundred pounds, nothing for him. We headed for the entrance where we spotted Hope and Chastity. Alan told us to wait there while they loaded the limo and got the guests set for our departure.

We asked the girls the whereabouts of Faith and they pointed. Faith and Xiaolong were behind a row of plants. His back was to us and he probably thought they were hidden. Faith’s arms were wrapped about his back.

Xiaolong had hiked her dress to her waist and was holding her bare hips while pumping her with his cock. Faith gave us a little wave.

Alan returned saying they were ready. We rushed outside through the cheering guests, thrown rice and loud air horns to where Donny held open the limo door. With a final wave we jumped in and were off.

In the quiet of the limo I looked at my beautiful and sexy wife. It was the start of our married life. She smiled at me and told me not to worry, our marriage would last forever. I visibly relaxed. May is never wrong about these things.


Chapter 24: Life With May

Married life with May is not what I expected. I thought we might get into a routine but every day is different, a fresh discovery. Fortunately, the graduate school routine has not been too stressful. My first year at law school is going well and May is a natural for medicine. But let me give you a sample from last weekend.

I was arriving home late afternoon after my last class. I had a lunchtime encounter with Samuel Running Bear that was particularly satisfying. We always had good rapport.

When I got to our flat May was already home. She was at her desk working on some papers. Our friends, Vietnamese-American sisters, Ty and Ahn Quan, were standing behind her, looking over her shoulder. Ty is eighteen and her sister seventeen. Both are considered seniors but are working on their Ph.D. along with the undergraduate requirements, Ty in physics and Ahn in mathematics. Ty is five-six and Ahn five-seven. Both could be models. May had recommended them for Tony Tran’s network and they wore ear studs in his colors, now with a bronze outer ring as he’s a sophomore.

It looked like all three had recently come back from the gym. The Quans were wearing white bandeau tops only a few inches wide, barely enough to cover the nipples of their C-cup breasts. They had on small nylon running shorts, split up the side to the waistband. Ahn, with her left hand on her hip had pushed one side down exposing the top half of her trimmed black pubic bush. May had on a yellow cutoff top that only barely covered her tits. I couldn’t see her bottom but it probably was even more revealing than the sisters. They all had a nice sheen of sweat on the vast areas of visible skin. The sisters were naturally a bit darker in skin tone than May was even with her light tan.

They didn’t look up when I entered. May scribbled something on the paper and a couple of notes on a second sheet. Ty then crossed something out and wrote a new line. “I think that will work, May,” observed Ahn as Ty nodded agreement. “You have to let us credit you.”

“That’s not necessary,” May insisted. “You just needed a fresh eye. You would have come up with this in a couple days yourselves.”

“You’re too modest. But we’ll test this out right away,” Ty added. “Oh, hi Jerry.” The others looked up noticing me for the fist time.

“Afternoon ladies. May, you understand that?”

“I like math,” May explained. “It helps in balancing the checkbook.”

May does balance our checkbook and handles all the finances. She has been investing since thirteen and opened an internet brokerage account as soon as she reached eighteen. For the past couple years she’s managed investments for family and some friends. After our marriage she told me she’s worth twelve million dollars. It’s more today. Yet the sheets of paper in front of her had rows of incomprehensible, to me, symbols and she had been writing on them. I didn’t think it had much to do with our checking account.

“I don’t think we’re ladies,” observed Ahn. “You know May, your belief that Jerry would never find anyone better than you is a theory that, as scientists, we should put to the test.” She had slipped a hand into her bottom and was fingering her clit.

“Right,” added Ty. “Why the limit on one?”

“You both had sex with Jerry at his bachelor party,” insisted May.

“That wasn’t a fair test as we had a dozen other guys fucking us too. Now we’d like to double-team him,” added Ahn.

“Well this,” May indicated the papers, “does call for a celebration. But I’m here too. You can try your experiments when he’s free and I’m in class, maybe Wednesday afternoon. But today let’s just party. You call Tony and I’ll call Donny and we’ll start on a four-way and build up from there.”

“That will work,” agreed Ty, reaching for a phone in her gym bag while May picked up the iPhone on her desk.

“Then you’re mine to start,” stated Ahn, using the hand damp with her juices to lead me into our bedroom.

Ahn was naked in seconds and started undressing me. Soon Ty was helping and I was as naked as they. Ahn grabbed my neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs about my waist. She sat down, easing the tip of my cock into her warm, wet, opening.

“You girls are eager,” remarked May, entering the room already nude. My cock twitched inside Ahn on seeing May’s beautiful naked body. Ahn noticed and eased a few more of my inches into herself. May came over and kissed me and then Ahn. I felt a finger rubbing the flange of my cock

inside Ahn. Ahn sat down a little further so May could no longer reach the head.

“I don’t want to share right now, May. Jerry, fuck me nice and hard.”

May pulled her finger out and tapped my butt. I moved to our bed and set Ahn on her back, climbed on the mattress and started a steady fuck stroke. I leaned forward and sucked on Ahn’s firm, shapely breast. It tasted slightly salty from the lingering workout sweat.

May placed Ty on the bed beside me. She hopped on the bed and started to lick Ty’s cunt while pressing her own for Ty’s attention. It was the first time I’d seen May in lesbian action though she certainly turned my dad’s ex, Sandy, on.

“I didn’t know you had any interest in lesbian action, May.”

“I greatly prefer guys, but there’s no part of sex I don’t know or like. Besides, I need to keep Ty entertained until you’re ready for her.”

Ahn, while only seventeen had been sexually active for several years. In high school where she and Ty spent only two years, they were a few years younger than their classmates. Though their bodies developed early the boys were intimidated by their brains and their youth. When they arrived at Berkeley, only fourteen and fifteen, they looked a few years older and kept their true age and their genius IQ a secret. With their looks they had no trouble finding boyfriends. May had met them last year and introduced them to Tony Tran.

Though now used to Tony’s huge cock, she knew how to make a normal male feel good. She had a good grip on my 10.5 inches and we were both enjoying the smooth friction. I was pounding her fast with almost full length strokes, trying to brush her button as much as possible. She was urging me on. Ahn pushed her hips off the bed as she climaxed. As she squeezed my cock I shot a good load in her cunt, pushing deep on each new spurt. As I dripped my last cum I did a smooth, steady stroke to try and stay stiff.

Ahn sat up, pulling my cock from her cunt. I leaned back on my knees. Ahn gave me a nice kiss while Ty scooted in and went to work getting my cock hard again. Meanwhile May started on Ahn, licking my cum from her snatch.

Ty was a great cock sucker. After having Tony she had no problem at all swallowing my much smaller member. In a few minutes I was ready to go again. Ty pushed my chest, urging me toward my back. I complied and she straddled my hips, sitting on my pole. She bobbed up and down, giving pleasure to both of us. I reached my hands up and tweaked both her hard tits. She leaned forward a little so her shapely breasts were cupped in my hands as she stroked along my shaft.

I thought to myself; these girls are geniuses but when they have a cock up their cunt the primal sexual urge takes over. Ty orgasmed and sat on my groin as she peaked then resumed her ride. She sped up her motions and a few minutes later I shot my spunk into her as she came again. Ty rested on top of my torso, catching her breath. I gave her a kiss.

May rolled Ty off me and took her place. I felt her lower lips brush my semi- hard member. May was wet from her juices and the oral efforts of Ty and Ahn while I was slick with my cum and Ty’s lube. She moved her hips brushing my tip between her labia and my abs. I started to harden and I felt myself enter her. May gave me a quick smile once she felt me inside her. I wrapped my arms about he back as she started to use her vaginal muscles on my cock. I rapidly got fully hard and as I did she pulled me fully into her. We did the horizontal dance I loved so much; our bodies sliding against each other as I slid inside her.

May knew just how to stimulate me and, at the same time, use me to pleasure her. In a few minutes she orgasmed and her internal spasms triggered me. We fed off each other, the pleasure increasing as time seem suspended. Finally like a wave crashing on the shore our passion ended and the universe came back into focus. Ty and Ahn just don’t compare, but there was no need for either of us to mention it.

“That was quite a show,” said Tony Tran, who must have arrived while May and I were focused on each other

He’d already stripped and Ty and Ahn were playing with his cock. There was plenty of shaft for four hands and two mouths. His twenty-seven inches were already hard and spurting foot-long pre-cum jets every few seconds.

The sisters were splattered by several before Ahn swallowed the head. “So many options,” mused Tony. “Which hole should I try first?”

“May’s ass,” the sisters urged together, Ahn speaking just in time to direct the next jet into her open mouth.

Tony spread my legs wide and scooted up between them. Still inside May, I felt her react when Tony’s cock touched her. She reflexively squeezed down on me as she was penetrated. As Tony pushed the rest of the long pole into May I felt him rub across my cock as May’s vaginal muscles gripped me firmly. As he started with long, slow, strokes, May would relax her internal muscles as he pushed in and clamp tight on withdrawal, actually pulling me inside as Tony moved out.

As Tony fucked I looked at May and saw the pleasure on her face. Soon she started to lose muscle control as the signals from her ass and cunt began to saturate her mind. I was on the brink from the massage from May’s cunt and the motion of Tony’s pole over mine. I saw May’s eyes open wide as she came and the internal spasms pushed me to join her. Together we have long orgasms but with Tony’s continual stimulation she was overwhelmed. When Tony started to shoot it ratcheted May to another level. She arched her back lifting her whole body above her hips off my torso. I could see the beat of Tony’s cumming cock against her flat stomach. All three of us were united in sexual pleasure. Suddenly May went limp, laying on my body, panting to catch her breath. Though Tony was still shooting in her gut, the pulses were no longer strong. My own cock grew softer, but was still lightly pressed by May’s internal muscle.

“That was pretty nice, Tony,” mumbled May, still resting with her eyes closed.

“That was amazing, May,” said a male voice.

“L.D., why are you here?” May has called her brother, Xiaolong, L.D., since our wedding, saying he’s no longer a little dragon after his sexual initiation.

“He’s with us,” Donny answered. “When you called he was visiting, so we brought him with us.”

I rolled my head some and saw Donny with Hope, Chastity, Faith and Xiaolong. The girls had shed what little they had been wearing already. Hope and Chastity were undressing Donny while Faith handled Xiaolong. All the women had dried cum between their thighs and spots elsewhere.

“I see you’ve been busy too. So, L.D., I know you like fucking girls, but have you tried riding Donny’s pole yet?”

Xiaolong just looked uncomfortable and blushed. Faith, who had gotten his clothes off, had her left hand around his cock. With the right she pushed a finger up his ass as he flinched from the contact. It came out covered in cum.

“I guess that’s a yes. Don’t be embarrassed. I think everyone is bisexual. Some like Jerry and Donny are pretty much fifty-fifty. You and I are about eighty-twenty straight. Some people try and suppress their gay or straight sides. It’s much better if you don’t. Donny’s a good teacher.”

“He still likes fucking girls. We can all attest to that,” asserted Chastity. “He’s getting pretty good too.”

Tony had pulled out of May while we were talking so I rolled May to her back, staying inside her and putting her legs on my shoulders. Xiaolong had a good idea of the size of Tony’s cock, but he was still astonished to see how much was in his sister’s gut. Ahn didn’t let the pole stand idle. She sat down on Tony’s lap, taking him up her ass, resting her back on his thick pecs.

“So have you tried fucking ass too?” May asked.

“Yes. Donny took me to his fraternity and let me try out a couple of the pledges. I liked it, but having a big cock inside you is really nice, but you know that. A few of the guys have fucked me besides Donny. But, I was hoping that perhaps, now that we have no secrets, I could fuck you. I’ve dreamed of that since I was twelve and walked in on you naked in the shower.”

“I know. I loved teasing you, but if you fuck me you’ll always be comparing your other women to me. It would not be good for you. I’ve decided and what do I tell you?”

“When you decide it is as good as done. I understand. At least Donny lets me date Faith. I’m taking her to the fall dance next Friday.”

“And I have nothing to wear,” added Faith.

“Nothing is what you prefer to wear,” stated her sister, Hope, running her hands over Faith’s taut form. “This could be a problem,” she added rubbing her fingers through the cum leaking from Faith’s cunt.

“We all leak after Donny fucks us but it’s no big deal. I like the feeling of being full of cum. You and Chastity have Donny to refill you during the day, but I’m stuck in high school.” “Stuck in school with your posse,” added Chastity. “You must have picked the four guys with the biggest cocks and the two sexiest girls beside yourself. And they were all good sex partners.”

“Well, considering the sex we have at home, I need something special for school. I picked the guys for size, strength and endurance and the women were a couple of their former girlfriends that I figured I’d might as well use once I’d stolen their guys. Everyone knows that girls make the best cunt- lickers.” All the women in the room nodded knowingly.

“Of course, they weren’t virgins, but they might as well have been. But I gave them some good training and I was so happy that everyone pitched in. I want all my lovers to know each other. Which did you like best, Xioalong?”

“Well the girls were okay fucks but not at your level. They were decent cock suckers but the guys were better. The guys all enjoyed being fucked but Donny had trained them well. I liked being fucked by Chris and we have lots in common. I’m teaching him some martial arts and he’s had sex with a few of my boyfriends.”

“So do you have your own posse?” I asked.

“No. Everyone knows that Faith and I are an item, but that we’re open to new people. If I see a interesting guy or girl I just go to them and ask if they’re interested in some sex. The guys all get an obvious hard-on even if they’re with their girlfriends and the girls wet their panties and I can see their skin get flushed and tits hard even before I ask. I usually fuck a dozen times a day.”

“So, Donny, you gave him the pheromone enhancement formula,” observed May.

“Yes. Faith requested it along with about a tenfold increase in strength and cum production. We’re going to do it for all the fraternity boyfriends and some others in the networks. Hope, Chastity, Faith, Ahn and Ty will be getting the same formula you tested.” “So I’m going to get that too?” I asked, excited by the prospect.

“Yes, Jerry,” assured Donny. “It will bring you up about double what you got from the initiation dose. Your cock should grow to the twelve to fourteen inch range, but we toned things down to take a few weeks instead of nearly instant results. Xiaolong has added about an inch to his cock but should get another four or five inches in the next few weeks.”

Donny came to our bed and knelt behind me, spreading my knees to make room for his thick legs. I felt the big bulb of his cock head at my hole. He reached around my waist to hold May’s hips and pulled her toward him, sliding May and I, still embedded in her snatch, toward him and impaling me on the long, thick shaft of his pole.

“You like big cocks,” observed Donny. “You’ll like your new size and I’m sure May will too.”

May wrapped her arms about me to hold Donny’s flaring traps and her legs split around our torsos so she could use her heels on Donny’s glutes to guide his fuck. I’m about three times stronger than a normal athlete, but May is six or seven times stronger than me and Donny maybe five times stronger than her. So I was sandwiched between their strong bodies, surrounded by their muscles, a huge cock more than two feet up my gut and my own being milked by powerful vaginal muscles as their writhing bodies stimulate every sensitive spot.

May groans and kisses me deeply as she climaxes. I cum with her and my spasms trigger Donny who unleashes a flood of cum in my gut. Donny pulls his long pole out, still spurting. A stray shot sprays my nuts as he drives the head to the spot where May and I are joined.

An irresistible thrust from his steely pole is too much for even May’s muscles to resist and her pussy lips spread to take the massive width of Donny’s cock. It squeezes alongside mine in the hot vice of May’s love tunnel. May climaxes again, more strongly, but even her powerful internal muscles can’t control the beast now inside her. My own member is trapped between the the spasming vaginal walls and the pulsing, spurting tube that is continuing to thrust deeper, now well beyond depths I could explore.

May must have a second G-spot deep inside as it triggered a new level in her orgasm. Donny began flooding her with even more of his seed and I spurted anew, though it was nothing compared to Donny.

My body was squeezed between my two immensely stronger partners. The points of May’s tits felt like iron against my pecs and I could feel on my abs the end of Donny’s cock drumming on her womb from the inside like a kicking fetus. Donny leaned over my shoulder to kiss May as they shared the moments of intense pleasure.

It must have been ten minutes before we eased our excitement. Donny rolled until he sat on the edge of the bed with May and I straddling his thighs. I was still sharing May’s cunt with his thick sex pole but we weren’t cumming. The massive load of cum was slowly leaking back and dripping off our balls to the floor. May had a big smile and the full-body glow she gets after a particularly good orgasm. She kissed us both repeatedly while giving us quick hugs with the cunt wall that was still tightly stretched by the flesh penetrating it.

As I became aware of my surroundings I saw that Hope, Chastity and Faith had gotten into a cunt-licking ring on the floor and were lapping up the juices and cum from their earlier fucks. There was a lot and each of their faces was smeared by mixed cum and pussy juice that missed their mouths.

On the other side of our bed, Xiaolong was fucking Ty as Tony Tran fucked his ass. Ahn had straddled her sisters face and Ty was licking her cunt as Xiaolong flicked his tongue on her clit and then dipped it into Ty’s mouth. I saw Tony’s cock flex, lifting Xiaolong a few inches out of Ty’s snatch. He starting pumping his seed into the young high schooler. The beat of Tony’s shooting fuck-pole pumped Xiaolong’s piece in and out of Ty. That pushed Ty to the brink with a high-pitched cry muffled by her sister’s cunt on her mouth. Xiaolong arched his back as he came into Ty. Ahn grabbed his head and pushed him back to her clit as she joined the fun from the oral stimulation. We were satisfied, at least for the moment. Donny pulled out and May rolled me to my back, straddling my hips with my member still inside her swimming in the massive load of, mostly Donny’s, cum still swelling her uterus. Faith had reclaimed Xiaolong and had knelt between his legs to lick the cum and Ty’s juices off his cock. Tony had Ahn and Ty straddling each of his massive thighs with an arm around each of their waists. Donny was similarly holding Hope and Chastity.

May stretched above my reclining torso. “I think we all had some fun that round,” she observed. “I do have some serious business to mention though. Ty and Ahn will be getting their Ph.D. and undergraduate degrees later this month. They’ve been contacted by the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton I think they are going to be as famous as Einstein.”

Everyone offered congratulations, but I knew May. “You have something more in mind than just announcing their success. What is it, May?”

“Yes, dear. You are a perfect match for me, you know me so well. I think Tony should go with Ty and Ahn to Princeton. Since the girls have known Tony they’ve been totally satisfied sexually. They need it to rest their minds and let them to attack the difficult problems they are exploring fully refreshed. So, Tony, are you willing to donate your body to science?”

“It was the best thing that happened to me when you introduced me to Ty and Ahn. My parents love that I’m dating Vietnamese girls. But if they were my only partners I’d exhaust them.”

With that May stood up, stepping off the bed and sliding my cock from her cunt, which started leaking the heavy load of cum she carried. She walked over to where Tony sat with Ty and Ahn on his thighs. She stopped right in front of the seated Vietnamese muscle giant, her six foot height putting her face to face with him.

“Tony Tran, I’m Meilin Chu. You know me well enough to know I understand that. If you go to Princeton with Ty and Ahn, I have prescreened six very sexy boys for your new network. A couple are even smart enough to understand some of the work the girls are doing.” May was poking Tony’s muscular pec with one finger for emphasis while her other hand had grabbed his cock just below the flange.

“I should have known that you thought of everything, May. I’ve never been disappointed when I followed your advice. Of course, I’ll go.”

“You’ll have a full scholarship at Princeton and they’ll take all your Berkeley credits in transfer. But I doubt money will be a problem, Ty, Ahn and you are going to be very, very rich.”

“Why will I be rich? The girls are the geniuses.”

“Because you’re our lover; our husband if we could do it,” both Ty and Ahn responded together. “Without the release we get from your great sex we couldn’t have done what we’ve done.”

“You’ll be busy enough besides sex with managing the household, world travel and your studies,” added May. “But, for now, it looks like you’re up for another round. Your cock is leaking pretty nicely. You can fuck me while Ty and Ahn watch for your apology.”

So we started another round of sex that lasted past midnight.


Chapter 25: Pickup Trouble

I’m Vince Taylor, a high school senior and eighteen. It was the first weekend in December and it promised to be perfect with clear skies and unseasonably warm temperature. We had Friday off for a teacher training day so my friend and I planned to visit Yosemite and camp near the park. I had to take my younger brother along but we’ve done camping and hiking before and he would be no trouble.

We live in the southern suburbs of Sacramento where we attend high school. I’m six foot one, 160 pounds and play varsity soccer. My brother, Paul, is a sophomore and is five-seven and 135 pounds. He is on the wrestling team and has a lean muscled body. My friend and soccer teammate is Yancey Harris. We look very similar but he has blond hair and I, like my brother, am brown. Yancey and I were tanned from our outdoor practices. We had our first game this week, a 2-1 victory. Paul had completely lost his summer tan but we brought plenty of sunscreen.

We piled our gear in the back of our eight-year-old Dodge pickup and hit the road to the south. It was mid morning and we were driving east on CA

120. We had passed through Groveland a few miles ago then our engine died. I coasted to the shoulder. When I tried to start the engine it wouldn’t turn over. Even the radio was dead.

Yancey’s family had a AAA membership and we still had a couple bars on our cell phones so we gave them a call. They said they would have help for us in forty minutes to an hour. It was forty-five minutes later when a tow truck pulled off the road ahead of us.

We had dropped the tailgate of the pickup and were sitting on it when it pulled up. We got off and walked to the front to meet the driver. The driver’s door opened and out stepped a huge Native-American male. He must have been almost six-ten and had muscles everywhere. It was easy to see since he wore loose coveralls that were open at the sides down to his hips. He had nothing on underneath. We had never seen someone with such fantastic muscles; not even in bodybuilding web sites. “What seems to be the problem?,” he asked in a friendly tone. We were staring at his body but he didn’t seem to mind. I guess he is used to it.

I described our problem and he lifted the hood and did a few checks.

“Your battery is dead. That can’t happen when driving unless your generator failed. You’ll need a new generator. I can tow you to my station and I’ll try and get you going as soon as possible.”

He hooked us up for a tow by lifting the end of the truck with one hand while attaching the tow chains with the other. He showed not the slightest strain from the effort. His arms must have been about twenty-five inches but they must be even stronger than they looked to handle that weight so easily.

We all squeezed into the bench seat of the tow truck. Paul, being smallest, had the middle, mashed up against the massive muscles of our driver. I was next to him and Yancey had the window. It was a tight fit.

“It is about a half hour to the station. I’m Matt Standing Bear. I’ll take good care of you. I have another priority job in the shop but my son, Peter, is helping out today and he can get you fixed up. First thing is to see if we can locate a generator for you. I also recommend a new belt. Yours is pretty worn. If our supplier has it in stock it will only take a few hours to get and install. It looks like you were going camping so we’ll try and get you going while it is still light.”

He gave Peter a call on his truck’s radio to fill him in and then we started off.

Seated, the front bib of his coveralls hung loosely allowing a great view of massive pecs and rock-like rows of abdominal muscles down to the top of his black pubic hair. His thigh muscles stretched the fabric of his leg coverings. A thick bulge extended down the inside of his left thigh. It must have been over a foot long and, I realized, still soft.

We turned off to a small two-lane paved road that climbed higher into the foothills. About thirty-five minutes later we pulled into the station. It had two gas pumps and one for diesel, a small store and a two bay garage with both doors raised. A police SUV was on the lift in one bay.

Matt towed us in front of the empty bay and unhooked our pickup. We got out and he parked his tow truck on the side of the garage. An Indian boy came out of the store and walked toward us. He looked like a slightly smaller version of the first guy, about six foot. He wore tight-fitting work shorts and a white muscle tee with worn work boots. I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge extending toward his left hip. He smiled as he approached us, seeing me checking him out.

“Guys, I’m Pete. Dad gave me the details. The generator is not in stock locally but I located one in San Jose. It can be here Saturday afternoon. It will be $235 for the generator and belt and $50 for labor. Should I order it?”

I agreed and we introduced ourselves to Pete. I could cover the repair with a check but it would put a big dent in my savings.

“What can we do until it arrives?” I asked. “We were planning on camping near Yosemite.”

“You are welcome to camp behind the station but I have an idea you might like but I need to clear it with my dad first.” He turned toward his father who was walking back after parking his truck. “Dad, the generator won’t be in until tomorrow afternoon. I told them they could camp out back if they wanted but, if I can get the afternoon off, I was thinking Jimmy and I could take then to the lake for the weekend.”

“That sounds good. Get them back in time to fix their pickup Sunday afternoon and get them home. Make sure they’re not too exhausted to drive.”

“Sure Dad,” Pete agreed. “They look in pretty good shape. We’ll give them a workout but nothing too intense.”

His dad turned to work on the vehicle in the garage and Pete turned back to us with a big smile. “What is this lake and what will we do there?” Yancey asked.

“It is a nice lake up in the mountains,” Pete explained. “We often take guests there. You can hunt, fish, swim and go for nice rides in the woods but the best part is meeting everybody. There should be others from our tribe there and their guests and I’m sure they will love meeting you.”

“Thanks, we appreciate the offer,” I said. “You saved our weekend.”

“Great. I’ll get some stuff together and be back here in half an hour to pick you up. We have everything you need at the lake. Just pack a small bag with some spare clothes and essentials. The rest of your stuff will be safe here until we return.”

He ran off to a house set back a couple hundred yards at a surprisingly quick pace. We got our stuff together. At about the promised time we saw a pickup towing a horse trailer drive toward us from the house.

Pete was driving and I could see another Indian boy beside him as they approached. They stopped near us and both boys got out. Pete had changed into a tan leather breechcloth and vest. The other boy was just wearing the breechcloth. He was only about five-six but proportionately just as muscular as Pete and his dad. While dad had twenty-five inch arms and Pete, twenty, the younger boy had about seventeen on a smaller frame.

“This is my younger brother, Jimmy,” Pete began. “Our guests are Vince and his brother Paul and their friend Yancey.”

“Hi,” Jimmy said. “You’ll love the lake and we’ll see you have a good time. Things are pretty casual up there. We have some clothes for you when you feel comfortable enough to go native.”

Yancey got in the cab with Pete. Paul and I rode in the pickup bed with Jimmy. They had a number of blankets spread on the bed so it was a comfortable place to ride. We started off on the paved roads but soon turned onto a dirt track that headed up the mountains. It was a bumpy ride. The forest closed in around the road. Jimmy was sitting on a big tool box mounted behind the cab while we were propped against the raised tailgate. The rough ride had caused his breechcloth to sag down exposing his black pubic hair and the first inch of a thick cock that extended several more inches under the leather. I couldn’t help but stare. He smiled at me as he saw me checking him out.

“How old are you Jimmy?” I asked to get out of my awkward situation. “I’m fourteen,” he stated. “I’ll start high school next year. I have some

growing to do to get a big as my brother and father but I think you’ll find I’m

man enough already.” He said the last with a big smile that made me uncertain about what we had gotten into.

“You’re bigger than anybody on my wrestling team,” stated Paul. “And your brother and dad are big too. Are all guys here so huge?”

“I’m typical for my age,” Jimmy stated. “If you think Dad is big you should see some of our friends. They are almost eight feet tall. And if you think we are big here,” he grabbed the exposed base of his cock with his thumb and two fingers, “you should see them. They can have almost thirty inches. The biggest I’ve had has only been twenty-seven. If we’re lucky you’ll have a chance to meet some at the lake. It’s not for beginners but we’ll get you warmed up and you can try it if you dare.”

“You’re saying you’re going to have sex with us?” Paul asked with surprise. I had suspected as much since I saw how they were dressed.

“Sure,” Jimmy stated. “Didn’t Pete tell you? Everybody has sex with everybody at the lake and newcomers are always in demand.”

“We’re not gay,” I stated. “We have girlfriends back home.” “I’m just sixteen,” added Paul. “I haven’t had sex yet.”

“That’s okay guys,” said Jimmy laughing. “Vince, you have been staring at my cock too much to be totally straight. I’m just over eight inches hard and Pete, who is the same age as you, Paul, is over ten. Dad has eighteen.

They are nice and thick too as you can see. We’re not allowed to get sexy with tribal girls until marriage but lots of guys have girlfriends from town and they share them with us. Girls are fun but guy on guy sex is too as you will learn.”

“You’re not going to force us, are you?” Paul asked in a low voice.

“No,” Jimmy stated. “But I can see your cock is hard in your shorts. I’ve never broken in a virgin before. It should be fun for both of us.”

“Won’t your brother have something to say about your plans?” I suggested.

“We agreed he has first crack at you and your friend while I do your brother. I have to settle for seconds with you. Then we’ll pass you around until everyone pairs up for the night. I can see you are getting excited in anticipation. We could easily force you. I can bench 500 kilos for reps and my brother easily twice that. But we never need to do that because you feel in your gut, cock and brain that you’ll submit.”

When he said that I knew he was right. I was shocked and scared when I first realized their intentions but now I was looking forward to it. I remembered he said he could press 500 kilos and figured that must be close to the world record. He said his brother could do double that and I thought back to his dad casually lifting the end of our truck. No wonder I felt so submissive to them.

“I guess you’re right,” I admitted. “Is the trip all sex or do we get a break now and then?”

“It’s not all sex,” Pete said. “We brought horses and we’ll take you on a ride, hunt a deer for dinner and catch a few mountain trout and show you a secluded waterfall where we can have some fun. You’ll enjoy it for more than the sex but the sex will be great; not boasting, just the truth.” He looked around. “We’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Why don’t you get out of your clothes and dress for the visit. These don’t get in the way for sex,” he said, flipping the front flap over his thigh exposing his pole.

We took his suggestion and shed our clothes. We knelt in front of him while he tied our breechcloths on. We both took the vests as it was only low seventies at this elevation. He had moccasins for our feet though he was barefoot.

Our vehicle crested a ridge and the road descended into a mountain valley. I could see the deep blue lake. There was a camp by the shore with several structures surrounding a big central fire. I could make out several people in the camp. Everyone was dressed as we now were.

We parked at the foot of the dirt track, about a hundred feet from the camp. There was another pickup and a 4x4 SUV already there. The pickup had a, now empty, horse trailer behind it.

Pete and Yancey got out of the cab. It seems Pete had filled Yancey in on what to expect. Yancey changed into the Indian garb. While we made little joking references about what would be coming. We acted like it was no big deal but we were nervous.

We all grabbed stuff from the pickup to bring into camp. We left our spare clothes behind but I took the sunscreen. We were exposing a lot of skin and even Yancey and I would need the protection. We had distinct tan lines unlike the uniform reddish-brown tint of our Indian friends.

Pete selected an empty structure for us and we brought our stuff inside. The lodge was circular about twenty feet in diameter and domed to slightly more than that high. It was constructed with a frame of branches tied together in a lattice that supported a thatched grass covering. There was a round opening at the center of the dome to allow smoke from a fire to escape. Below the opening was a ring of stones with the dead embers from the previous fire. There were two pads made of dried grass on opposite sides of the fire ring. We covered these with blankets to serve as our beds. The rest of the floor was compacted soil.

Jimmy left to lead the horses to the corral while Pete gave us a tour of the camp. Around the big fire going at the central area we were introduced to Luke and Matt Grey Eagle. There were with two White boys about my age, Rob and Jeff. Also here was Alex Shadow Hawk and his son Alex Jr. Dad was mid twenties and teacher and coach at the high school. He was about six-eight and almost as muscular as Pete’s dad. His breechcloth was barely able to cover his thick twelve-inch soft pole. All the younger Indian boys knew him and I thought probably had sex with him.

Alex Jr. we were told was only seven months old but he looked like a miniature muscle stud about thirty inches tall, like a superhero action figure. He talked and acted like an adult. He came up to me. The top of his head barely reached my crotch. He looked up into my eyes as I stared down at him. I felt his right hand on the back of my left thigh and tried to pull back but his small hand held my leg in place. I thought this small kid is stronger than me, a lot stronger. I stopped trying to resist him. He pushed up into my crack and I felt him rub my hole. He pushed a few tiny fingers inside while his thumb pressed my nuts. After a few seconds exploration he withdrew and stepped away, saying he would see me later. I knew that meant he intended to fuck me and somehow I realized that he should.

Jimmy came up to the group carrying some towels. Pete moved us toward the lake where we shed the few things we were wearing and entered the water via a beach of small smooth stones with a few larger smooth stones mixed in. The water was cold but our Indian friends didn’t seem to mind. I got used to it after a few minutes.

We returned to our lodge half an hour later cleaned inside and out. Paul ran ahead to our lodge. When the rest of us arrived he was wrapped in a blanket and sitting on one of the sleeping areas.

“I don’t want to be fucked. Take us back,” he insisted.

“We won’t fuck you if you don’t want it,” Pete agreed in a calm voice. “But it is too late to go back. By the time we load the pickup we won’t have enough daylight to make the main road before dark and it is too dangerous to drive the dirt track at night. Besides the part for your truck won’t be in until tomorrow.” He continued, “what do you guys want?”

“If I have a choice, I’ll pass,” Yancey stated. I gave him a nasty look. We usually did everything together.

“I’ll try it,” I admitted. The Indians seemed so casual about sex and Rob and Jeff looked happy with their boyfriends that I figured I’d see how it was. I’d worry later about what my kid brother and my best friend thought after watching me.

“A good choice, Vince,” Pete stated. “You won’t regret it. You two can have that bed and we’ll take this one. Enjoy the show.”

Pete pulled me into a kiss, his lips over mine as he hugged me to him with his arms about my back. I let my hands feel his twenty-inch arms and roam the muscles of his shoulders and back. He pressed his tongue to my lips and I opened my mouth to let him enter. I let him explore my mouth. I didn’t really have a choice as his tongue was as strong as the rest of him, but it felt right having him inside me.

Pete’s cock was pressed between our bodies. It hardened rapidly. It felt so big, over ten inches Jimmy said. My cock got hard too and pressed up between Pete’s legs. He moved his hips back to let me snap up beside him between our pressed torsos. I have seven inches, decently thick too, but it felt, was, small next to this Indian’s tool. I put out enough juice to make my head slick when excited. He put out a lot more and soon both poles and our abdominals were smeared with it.

He broke the kiss and pushed back a couple feet, holding me by my shoulders. He had a broad smile on his face. I just stared at him, a little dazed. I’d never had a kiss like that and he knew it. I looked down, shy and embarrassed by my obvious reaction to him.

No longer pressed together our cocks crossed the small gap between us. His looked huge next to mine, longer and almost twice as thick and I’m not small. The head rested in the depression of my belly button, the skin that normally covered it fully retracted. It was still bubbling juice that was running down my skin and soaking my pubic hair. My own cock, cut, was nestled in his black bush above the root of his pole. His balls were partly drawn up and big too. I started to move my right hand from his shoulder but stopped.

“Go ahead,” he urged. “You need to realize that when two people make love” “Or three,” interjected Jimmy.

“there is no your body and my body but it is all ours to share however we want. Nothing is off limits. I know that in the past you had sex, hesitant and tentative, without fully sharing. I’ll show you how it is supposed to be.”

I moved my hand to his slick pole, holding it in the middle. I could just get my hand around it and there were inches extending on each end. It was warm and throbbed with quiet power, soft on the surface but firm underneath, very much like the Indian male that it was part of.

Pete took his hand down and rubbed some of the copious juice onto two of his fingers. He brought the hand to my lips. I remembered his words and opened my lips to let his fingers inside. I sucked his nectar. I liked the taste and licked my lips after he withdrew to show my appreciation. He fed me twice more before suggesting I sample some fresh from the source.

Why not, I thought. My body is his, inside and out, our body, nothing off limits. I knelt in front of him and used my hand to move the head to my lips. He pressed lightly to me with a hand steadying the back of my head. I opened wide and he entered. I licked the stuff that coated the tip as fresh production dribbled on my tongue.

With my left hand on his powerful thigh muscle, I let my right explore his ball sac while my tongue caressed the end of his pole. A little pressure on the back of my head urged me to take in some more and I did. There were still five inches between me and his groin.

I felt his muscular butt and eased my fingers into his crack. These muscles were as firm and strong as the rest of him but he did not resist my exploration. My finger tips touched his hole.

I put a little pressure on the ring and he slid another inch into my mouth. The tip entered the top of my throat. I gagged and he let me back off a couple inches. I slipped the tips of two fingers in him. The inside was warm and he squeezed me tightly with his internal muscles. I eased in more of my fingers and he pushed more cock into my mouth. This time I did better and it slipped into my throat.

He started a slow stroke of his thick flesh through my lips, mouth and throat; just a few inches but enough to pull out of my throat for me to get a breath and taste his juices before going deep again. I got into the rhythm and used my fingers to touch the hard spot up his ass that made his cock bounce whenever he was in deepest.

Slowly I started to take more and more until he pressed my nose into his fine black pubic hair. He just held me there with my lips around the base of his long pole and the flaring tip deep down my throat. I wondered what my brother thought seeing his sibling fully impaled on the spear of an Indian boy no older than he.

I didn’t have much chance to ponder it as he resumed his fuck stroke, moving longer and faster. I felt his explosion first on my buried fingers. Then his pole lurched against the roof of my mouth as he thrust it in for a final plunge. I felt the first jet of his cum shoot past my lips and over my tongue as it rushed down the long tube to the tip. It squirted straight to my stomach. He held my head in place as the second jet followed. Then he pushed me away until only his cock head was through my lips. I could see the long shaft pulse as the third jet raced to the tip and flooded my mouth. I swallowed. The fourth, fifth and sixth bursts were just as big. I couldn’t keep up and lost some of his seed out my lips. The flow gradually eased over the next dozen or so and I caught up and started cleaning off the stuff that coated my mouth then moved to his head as the last bits dribbled out.

He pulled his shaft from my mouth. It snapped up against his torso, still hard. I eased my fingers from his hole and looked up into his face smiling down at me. I licked my lips to get some of the spillage and used the two fingers that had been inside him to wipe up some more and lick it off. I could see that pleased him.

He knelt in front of me. He kissed me again. As he pulled my body against his I was forced to spread my legs over his massive thigh muscles. It proved easiest just to wrap them around his slim waist as he easily supported me in his wrapped arms. When he broke the kiss he said, “I know you enjoyed that.” It was a statement of fact that must have been obvious by my awed expression looking at him. “Now the main event.”

He pushed me to my back on the blanket that covered the straw mattress. He held my legs in the air as he moved behind me. My cock was hard to my belly. I had a decent six-pack, nothing like his but well defined. My cock didn’t reach to my button and everything down there was soaked from the juices that dripped from his gun.

He licked up some of his fluid and moved his tongue into my crack. He rubbed the stuff around my hole. He licked up some more and this time he pushed himself inside and started spreading his lube while gently opening me wider. I bent my neck to look at him working. When he came out for more lube he saw me staring at him and smiled.

After some more tongue work he reared back, placed my legs on his shoulders and inserted a couple fingers. They could go deeper than his tongue. He rubbed the sensitive spot in me that I had found in him and caused my cock to bounce and leak. I would have cum had he kept it up but he backed off and added a third finger. He started stretching the ring to get me ready for his entrance.

“I think you are ready,” Pete stated.

I knew I was. “Please fuck me,” I requested. “I trust you.” I did but I didn’t know why. It was something I felt.

He used his other hand to put his cock tip between the fingers still spreading me open. He shoved in as he removed the digits. My ass clamped down on his shaft. He was in me. It was definitely bigger than the three fingers that had been there. My ass was no longer virgin. He added some more until he bumped my sensitive spot.

The pleasure went right to my cock. I reached to stroke it but he pushed my hand away. He started to move, rubbing the point continuously. I began to thrash about beneath him and tried to shove more of him in me. He easily controlled me with his powerful arms and the hard like steel shaft inside me. I relaxed and let him take charge.

He moved deeper. It felt weird being so stuffed in my ass but the pleasure of him moving in me was intense. I felt my orgasm coming. It was unstoppable now. My cock spewed my cum. The first jet went clear over my head and I had long streaks from my face to my belly from the next few before the remnants dripped onto my abs. It was my best cum ever by miles.

Pete leaned forward, bending me double, and licked up my cum on my face, tasting it. He smiled down on me. His hips kept up a steady fuck stroke in my ass all the while. I looked down between our bodies and saw he still had a few inches he had not yet inserted in me.

He moved more upright, still stroking me steadily. I started to get hard again.

“Pete, I have never had sex like that before. I don’t mean just in my no longer virgin ass but I think I mean so completely connected to another person.”

“It’s the difference between having sex and making love. You never knew there was a difference until you let me show you. But we are not done yet. It only gets better. For this round you should nurse on Jimmy’s cock. It will help keep you focused when the pleasure really gets going.”

Jimmy knelt beside my head. He had about eight inches but was not fully hard as his foreskin had not fully retracted and still covered half the tip. He pressed the side of the tip to my lips. I turned slightly toward him and sucked the end into my mouth. As Pete continued in my ass I ran my tongue around the head as he quickly hardened fully and started leaking his lube.

From my position I was looking up into Jimmy’s face. He was looking at me servicing his maleness. I thought this stud is only fourteen years old but I can see he knows he is more of a man than I. Even if he were only half as good as his brother it was true. He knew what I was thinking.

“Better believe it,” Jimmy said. His brother chuckled at the remark.

I felt Pete’s groin pound my ass. He was in all the way. He started using full thrusts, leaving only the head in me before he plunged inward again. He was fast and hard like a pile driver. His cock twitched inside me each time he bottomed out. With his strength it lifted my ass off the blanket an inch before I bounced back down as he started the out stroke.

The sensations rocked my body even more than the physical pounding. My cock was hard and bouncing. He leaned forward, bending me almost double with his arms on either side of my chest and his head just above mine. In this position he had the best angle for maximum penetration and he pounded me even faster. I gripped his big biceps to steady my mind that was being continually assaulted by the sensations of the powerful stake he was thrusting through my quivering flesh. I knew I would have been moaning in ecstasy had I not been furiously sucking on Jimmy’s cock.

Then there was a last powerful thrust and he stayed buried to the hilt. I felt his embedded flesh pulse along its entire length as the first jet of cum burst from the end deep in my gut. I joined him in orgasm but barely noticed the spurts of my own cum as what he was doing deep inside me dominate my senses. Jimmy also shot into my mouth and I just swallowed his big load as his brother was still pumping more of his seed in my gut.

Finally calm returned. Jimmy popped his cock from my lips and it snapped upright against his abs. I was about to try to speak when Pete started fucking me some more and I realized we weren’t done. The pleasure flowed through me again. I looked up at Pete whose face filled my vision just a foot above mine. He was smiling, secure in his casual mastery of my body. My friends later told me I had a strange expression on my face. I think it must have been a mix of surprise, awe and love.

At that point I guess I just stopped thinking as my mind was washed by sensations of pleasure. When I refocused on the world again. I was sitting on Jimmy’s lap with my legs around his muscular waist. My butt rested on his groin with his cock plugged fully up my hole. He was kneeling on the blanket and just held us chest to chest. I was leaking a lot of cum from my bottom.

Yancey was beside us getting fucked by Pete. He had already cum at least once but Pete still had almost half his pole to work into him. He saw that I was alert and looking at him.

“Hi, Vince,” Yancey greeted me. “You seemed to have so much fun I had to try it. It is actually even better getting fucked than it appeared from watching you and your scene was better than any porn video I’ve watched and I’ve seen a lot.”

I was still getting oriented so I didn’t reply. I looked for my brother. He was sitting cross-legged on the other blanket watching the action. He had put on his breechcloth and vest. His cock was hard, about six inches and cut like I. It had pushed the breechcloth aside. He wasn’t touching it at the moment but I could see that he had cum at least once from splotches on the vest and blanket.

Jimmy saw where I was looking and took it as a cue to bring Paul into the action.

“Was I a good fucker?” Jimmy asked me.

“I was so out of it when you did me, I don’t remember anything until I recovered on your lap a couple minutes ago,” I admitted.

“You were watching,” Jimmy said to Paul. “Do you think your brother enjoyed my fucking?”

“He shot twice after cumming five times with your brother and you added a big load to his ass, so I guess he did. I never thought my big brother was gay.”

“I don’t know that I am gay,” I responded, “But one thing is certain I’d never turn down a chance for sex like that no matter how it is labeled.” “You came with us to experience some of our culture,” Jimmy said. “White guys get so involved in trying to have sex that they never get very good at it. Here sex is fun and we enjoy it and our partners do too. Let me show you how good it can be.”

“But you are only fourteen. I’m sixteen.” Paul hedged, trying to find an excuse.

“Don’t get hung up on his age,” I urged. “He’s more man than anyone we knew back home. If you still refuse, I’ll get the chance to enjoy his talents while I’m aware enough to really appreciate them. His cock is hard and starting to twitch in my gut.”

“Okay,” Paul conceded. “I’ll try it. But go easy on me and, if I want to stop, promise you’ll listen.”

“Of course, I’ll go easy…to start. And I’ll stop if you request it. I know you are a true virgin sexually and it is an honor and a responsibility being your first. If I break you in right you will be begging me to go harder, faster and deeper before we are done and those requests I’ll be eager to follow.”

He stood up with me still riding him and moved us over to the other bed, stopping just before it. He just lifted me off his stiff pole, showing no strain with my weight. He popped clear and the cum-coated member snapped up tight to his muscled belly. I lowered my legs from his waist and he set me on my feet in front of him. I dropped to my knees to clean his cock with my mouth without being asked. He looked pleased by my display of respect and submission. It just was the right thing to do to show my appreciation for being serviced by a stud of his caliber.

Jimmy went to Paul and knelt down in front of where he was sitting. I stayed kneeling just off the edge of the pad. With Jimmy no longer in me I was leaking quite profusely as my stretched ring tried to recover.

Jimmy was an inch shorter than Paul but outweighed him by at least thirty pounds and it was all muscle. Paul’s white skin was in sharp contrast to the reddish-brown tint of the Indian boy. Paul just stared ahead, glancing frequently at the stiff cock of the younger boy. The cock that had just been inside his big brother and would soon be into him. Jimmy just looked into his face with a friendly smile.

After a minute of calm Jimmy just reached out with his hands under Paul’s armpits and pulled him into a strong kiss. As their bodies came together one arm wrapped Paul’s back and the other secured the back of his head so he could not back away. Paul struggled some initially but he was securely in the control of the much stronger boy. Shortly he relaxed as the kiss and close physical contact worked on his brain.

I knew what he was experiencing. I’d felt it too. It is the moment you realize your partner is a real man and your role is to submit to his needs and give him pleasure while he shows you what sex is all about.

After a few minutes Jimmy broke the kiss and laid Paul on his back, positioning himself between his legs. Words weren’t needed now. Jimmy raised Paul’s legs and Paul held his knees to his chest to give Jimmy access to prepare him. Paul still wore the leather vest but it was spread open and not covering his front. Jimmy just flipped the front flap of the breechcloth up on his abdominals so it was out of the way and went to work.

Jimmy was thorough in readying Paul for his initial penetration. He played with his opening with his tongue while stroking Paul’s cock. Paul liked what he was doing. Once the ring was relaxed Jimmy shifted to fingers to stretch him open enough to allow easy entry for his big cock. He wasn’t as long or wide as his elder brother but still 50% thicker than me. It was obvious Jimmy knew what he was doing so I wasn’t too concerned.

“I think you’re ready for me,” Jimmy asserted. He had positioned himself behind Paul and holding his thighs just above the knees to keep him bent and spread. His stiff rod was just lightly pressed against Paul’s virgin rosebud that seemed to be nibbling on the tip. “There may be some initial discomfort as I spread you open to handle my thickness; maybe even a twinge of pain as I force the entrance. That will pass quickly and pleasure will follow. Trust me. If you want me to go slower or stop just say so but I’ll probably see from your reactions what I need to do before you have to ask.”

“I do trust you,” said Paul looking into the eyes of the young Indian boy that was about to initiate his sexual life. “Put it in and fuck me, please.”

Jimmy just put a little more pressure from his cock on the hole. Now each little spasm of the ring allowed a little more of the head to slip inside as the ring stretched around it. It took about a minute for the flaring crown to get inside and the ring snap onto the shaft.

“I’m in,” Jimmy announced.

He slowly added three more inches. I saw Paul’s surprise reaction when his most sensitive spot was touched. Jimmy did too and began a slow fuck stroke concentrating on that spot. Jimmy played Paul like a virtuoso building his excitement as he gradually claimed more of his interior. Then he built to a crescendo with full length, fast thrusts. A final thrust and he shot his hot sperm into my brother’s no longer virgin ass as Paul joined him in his first orgasm not from his own hand.

Jimmy stayed still inside Paul, letting him recover. It took a few minutes. Paul finally looked into Jimmy’s eyes. I knew he was wondering what to say.

“I guess you know I liked it,” he finally uttered. “It felt a little odd at first but you were right, pleasure took over. I can’t believe I almost missed my chance to experience that. Jimmy, you can fuck me anytime you want.”

“We are both soaked from all the cum you shot, so yes, I know you liked it,” Jimmy said. “I plan on taking you up on your offer.”

Yes, they were soaked. Paul’s first shot went over his shoulder and the others sprayed his chest and vest while the front flap of his breechcloth was resting in a pool on his abs from the later spurts. His rear flap was soaked from the stuff leaking from his ass.

“I suppose I need to wash these,” Paul remarked. “No need,” Jimmy stated. “The cum stains and smell just announce to everyone you are having a good time. Meanwhile, I’m still hard and I bet I can coax a few more loads from your balls.”

Paul wisely didn’t take the bet. Jimmy came twice and Paul five times over the next forty minutes. Meanwhile Pete exhausted Yancey in time to throw me another fuck while the younger boys finished up.

It was sunset when we ended this session. Pete and Jimmy looked energized but Paul, Yancey and I looked like we just finished a serious workout. The young Indian males were gods to us. We felt the need to compliment and thank them. It all sounded confused and garbled but they knew what we were trying, unsuccessfully, to express.

They got us into our clothes. Everyone, including our Indian studs wore their vest as it was turning into a cool fall evening. Jimmy put some logs in the fire pit for lighting later and we moved out into the camp.

Everyone was gathered around the large fire in the central area. They had cooked a deer and some lake trout for dinner. The elder Shadow Hawk had done the dinner preparations while his young son hung out with the Grey Eagles and their guests.

Everyone knew that Paul and Jimmy had fucked us. It was obvious from our appearance but it was clear that it was also standard treatment for guests at the lake. Rob and Jeff had been fucked too but managed to handle it better, having more experience with Indian boys. There was no need to ask us if we liked it, it was obvious we did.

The dinner conversation was about sex naturally but not the way we might have expected. The Indian boys talked about us and other guys they fucked, making comparisons. Paul and Jimmy rated us pretty highly and it was decided that Paul and I would go with Matt and Luke for the night while Yancey went with the Shadow Hawks and our boys had Rob and Jeff. This conversation was strictly for the men in the group. Men included the seven month Alex Jr. but not us, Rob or Jeff. We were expected to accept what they decided. Rob and Jeff did not consider this unusual. My first thought was to object to this treatment but then I understood that they had so much more experience in these matters that I should trust their judgement. While I didn’t know the others I did trust Pete and Jimmy.

So while the men had their discussion I took the time to find out more about Rob and Jeff. They are seniors at a nearby high school and on the football team. Both were very athletic and bigger and more muscular than Yancey or I. A couple months ago they came to the reservation to play a game.

They were told that the visiting locker room was under repair and both teams would have to share. The Indian players fucked their team and their coaches. It started as rape but by game time they were all addicted to Indian cock. They were fucked again at halftime and after the game. The game was one sided but I was surprised they could even manage to take the field after the sex they had.

The visitors were chosen by Indian players as personal sex slaves. Rob belongs to Matt and Jeff to Luke. They are freely shared with the boys’ friends. When with Matt or Luke you just ask them for their service but when they are away from their master apparently anyone can request them directly and they are not permitted to refuse. Back in their high school they usually handle several requests each day. You’d think that would be degrading but they are envied by the other students.

Hearing their story made me wonder if our boys had any special plans for us.

It was time to go with Matt and Luke for the night. Luke brought a burning branch from big fire to light the one in their lodge. It was similar to the other one except there was only one large sleeping area. After we were inside Matt secured a leather skin across the entrance to keep out any wandering animals.

Luke appeared to be Pete’s age and they were, in fact, classmates. He was about six foot and about two hundred pounds of lean, defined muscle rather than the bodybuilder look of our boys. He had nine hard inches, uncut like all the Indians we’ve met.

Matt was near Jimmy’s age and only about five foot four tall. He packed 140 pounds of muscle on that small frame so he definitely had the bodybuilder look. A nice 7.5 inch cock completed the package. He was also hard with his front flap just draped over the side of the shaft.

“Pete and Jimmy said you were good fucks,” Luke began. “That is quite an achievement considering it is your first time with a man and first time period for you, Paul. I think you are lucky that your first is with us. We’ll show you how men are supposed to have sex and you haven’t picked up any bad habits from guys just out for a quick release. You’ll probably be comparing us with Pete and Jimmy. Go ahead. You’ll soon see we are just as skilled.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “We are as hard as you so you know we are eager to see what you can do. Enough talk, just fuck us.”

They did. Paul started with Luke’s nine-inches while I enjoyed the attentions of young Matt. They then suggested that I fuck Paul but I thought it would be best if he did me because he has only been on the receiving end so far. They watched for a while. Then Luke offered Paul some pointers. He got behind my brother and put his cock back in his ass and used that to guide his thrusts into me while explaining the best techniques. He also showed Paul how to gauge my reactions to get feedback on how he was doing in pleasuring me. It was twenty minutes of real sex education. Then Luke pulled out to let Paul practice on his own. It worked. He was much more fun after the session and we had a nice mutual orgasm after another fifteen minutes of fun. We fell asleep with Paul and I in a sixty-nine while Luke fucked my ass and Matt did Paul.

There was morning light filtering in the lodge when I opened my eyes. Paul was sucking my cock. I moved to suck his again and saw through his legs split by one of Matt’s thick thighs that Matt was already fucking him. I had a good view of the toned rod working his pale ass. There was plenty of white cum coating everything down there but It might have been from last night’s activity. My movement must have roused Luke from his slumber as he started to pump my ass again. We managed to all shoot together about fifteen minutes of pleasure later. Paul shot a good load in my mouth. It was only a few jets unlike the mouthfuls I get from the Indian boys but I liked it. He got mine while Luke filled my ass to overflowing. After swallowing Paul’s cum I moved in to get the stuff squirting around Matt’s rod as he pumped fresh seed into Paul’s already full gut.

After a few minutes relaxing in the afterglow of good sex we decoupled and stood up. I felt energized for what adventures the new day would bring. We thanked Luke and Matt for a great night. It was obvious we enjoyed it. They asked if they were better than Pete and Jimmy but we had sense enough to say that they were all way better than anyone we knew or heard of. Paul specifically thanked Luke for his sex lesson last night. Luke suggested we ask Pete and Jimmy to continue our training.

Our first stop was the lake to clean up. It was maybe low sixties but the sun was bright and already warming the air. We saw Pete and Jimmy were already in the water with Rob and Jeff. We shed our few clothes and joined them. Rob and Jeff made a point of thanking Matt and Luke for sharing them with Pete and Jimmy. Paul started to do the same with Jimmy but they said it was unnecessary since we weren’t their slaves. Pete said he hoped we could be boyfriends.

Yancey and the Shadow Hawks, father and son, were next to arrive. Yancey was holding the hand of Alex Jr. It looked like the youngster had to reach way above his head to hold Yancey’s hand. At first glance it looked like a father helping his son get around but on closer examination you could see that the bigger man was the one being led and his expression and demeanor showed that he accepted the superiority of the smaller man.

When they entered the water Junior rode Yancey’s shoulder and told him where to go and how to wash him. Yancey had had a good night. Alex senior had about seventeen inches. Junior was only six inches on a thirty inch body but he knew how to use them. He was also about twice as strong as Yancey.

Junior told us that he and his dads would be fucking us. I noticed the plural on dads and asked him about it. It seems The older Alex is not his biological father. His seed was from a student at Berkeley, Charlie Kim. He is a real super stud, almost eight feet tall with a twenty-eight inch cock. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around being fucked by one that big. Some tribe members go to Berkeley and brought their friends to the lake. Initially they were no bigger than the tribesmen are now. I gathered that the Indians were more normal then too. Then their friends became giants and their sperm super potent. Alex was fucked by Charlie at the lake and later at home fucked his wife. A few of Kim’s sperm was mixed with his millions and that’s all it took. It explains the more Asian features on the young Shadow Hawk boy.

There are a couple dozen kids like Alex Jr. in the tribe and others elsewhere. More are on the way. Pete says their mom is four months pregnant with a girl and can talk to her daughter in her mind. She has grown younger and stronger during the pregnancy and now looks no more than eighteen. Kids like Alex are born after only six months and can walk and talk within a day.

Charlie Kim and some friends are expected to arrive by mid afternoon.

After the lake we went with Pete and Jimmy. Alex Jr. wanted more time with Yancey and he readily agreed. The central fire was going strong. There was still meat from yesterday’s deer and they were making fried eggs. We washed it and the lingering taste of cum with fresh water from one of the mountain streams that fed the lake.

At breakfast the boys told us they planned to take us on a horseback ride in the mountains. We will need a couple deer for the larger group tonight.

We decided to just go in our breechcloths like the boys though with plenty of sunscreen to guard against burn. We did take the moccasins but Pete and Jimmy were bare. The horses looked like normal quarter horses but about 25% larger. We were told they were about five times stronger than normal horses and could easily handle our weight riding double. The Indians would ride bareback.

Pete and Jimmy leaped easily to the back of their horses and offered us a hand, pulling us up to straddle the horse behind them. As I held his sides my hard cock nestled between his ass crack and the soft horse hair.

Alex trotted over on his own horse. He would go with us and undoubtedly fuck us at some point. His son was staying in camp to get better connected with Yancey. He was carrying a bow slung on his back. It was made by a student at Berkeley of some metal alloy and took about a ton of force to draw. He had a couple for Pete and Jimmy that only need about half that. I couldn’t pull their bows more than a couple inches. The arrows were titanium with steel tips, razor sharp. He demonstrated targeting a two foot pine tree a hundred yards or so away. The arrow went right through the trunk and was stopped by a second tree fifty yards further on. I thought he missed until I saw the hole in the target tree as we rode over to retrieve the arrow.

We continued at a normal pace up the mountain following a stream that fed our lake. It was a beautiful ride but the best part was holding Pete’s muscular body. My hands felt his muscles from chest to abs to his cock. We were both soon hard. He adjusted his riding position a little and took my cock in his hole saying that he really meant it when he said that nothing is off limits. He was hot and very tight inside and the motion of the horse provide a gentle fuck stroke.

We had been riding for about an hour and a half when we heard the sound of a waterfall ahead. The steam cascaded down a hundred foot drop into a small pond. A couple deer had come to drink. They were about two hundred yards away and unaware of us. Alex and Pete drew their bows and agreed on their targets. Alex counted down and the arrows were away simultaneously. Both shots went clean through the hearts and embedded in the ground beyond. The deer staggered a couple steps and dropped.

We rode up and dismounted. Pete tied the horses. There were trout in the pond. Jimmy stood on the bank with his bow partly drawn. Five arrows later we had our lunch.

We set up around the pond. Jimmy would handle the cooking. The rest of us dropped our breechcloths and enjoyed the pond and waterfall. I couldn’t help but stare at Alex’s huge body. His cock had gotten partly hard and was over fifteen inches. Pete saw me checking Alex out.

“That big cock feels as good inside you as it looks,” he told me. “Coach, our boyfriends would like a ride. Will you show them a good time?”

“Of course,” Alex said. “Just waiting for your invitation. Vince come over here.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered and moved next to him. I noted that Pete had called us his boyfriends publicly so it was official.

The water was chest deep for me but only waist deep for him. The first two rows of his abdominal muscles were above the water level. The top of my head only reached his chin. The tip and about three inches of his thick pole were poking up out of the water a fist length ahead of his torso. I gripped the shaft just below the surface in both hands and put the end in my mouth. He was definitely thicker than Pete. It was too thick for me to get in my throat so I concentrated on the end. It quickly filled out to its full size, reaching to the bottom of the groove between his bulging pectoral plates, just over seventeen inches.

He had me lean against a boulder almost as tall as he was. I felt his fingers rubbing my hole. I had cleaned out in the lake this morning and not been fucked since. I relaxed my body and felt the cool water seeping inside as he stretched me open. He held me by the sides of my back and I spread my thighs to allow his legs, each one thicker than my waist, between them. I felt him at the entrance. He added pressure and slowly but inexorably eased inside. It felt great being so stuffed. He pushed a few inches more in and started a slow stroke.

He complimented me for taking him so easily and I urged him to give me more and not hold back. He fed me a few more inches but said that he would have to be somewhat gentle since I’m not as strong internally as an Indian boy. He gave me some more inches and I felt him as deep as Pete had been but he still has at least seven inches to go. That thought triggered me to shoot my first load into the lake water.

Then he really got serious, going faster, harder and longer. It took fifteen minutes to add the remaining inches. I was hard again. As he bottomed out he turned it up another notch and really pounded me with full-length pile- driver thrusts. I asked myself is this his definition of gentle? What must it be like when he cuts loose? It was great though. He kept me right on the verge for several minutes and then made a final plunge and hosed my insides with his cum. I came again too. When things calmed down he pushed his head next to mine and I turned to him for an after sex kiss. He slowly extracted his long pole from my gut bringing with it gobs of the seed that clouded the water. When he was out I turned to him and we shared another deep kiss, our cocks mashed together between us.

I saw that Pete and Jimmy had doubled Paul with Jimmy down his mouth and Pete up his ass. They had just wrapped up so Paul was free to switch to Alex while I had the boys.

I thought what they had done with Paul looked hot but the brothers had other ideas. Pete held me by my waist, hooking my knees in his elbows. He then lowered me onto his stiff cock until I had all ten inches. It went in easily since Alex had just been there. Jimmy got behind me and I felt him press me where his brother entered me. He stabbed upward and shoved in beside Pete. He must be standing on a rock to equalize their size difference. All three of us shot a couple times while Alex showed Paul the pleasures of his long cock.

We had lunch after. Then Alex headed back to the lake with the two deer tied to his horse so he could get them ready for the evening meal. We would enjoy a quiet afternoon by the waterfall with our boyfriends.

I asked Pete what our being boyfriends meant besides lots of great sex. He said that we were welcome to visit them anytime, stay at their house and meet their friends. I realized that when he said meet he meant have sex with. They would also like to visit us and meet our friends. I had no problem letting my friends know I had such a hot boyfriend and maybe experience some of what I would be getting regularly.

Paul mentioned the sex lesson he got from Luke last night and asked if they could continue our education. They said they certainly would since our performance reflects on them.

Then the boys fucked us again and I got my first lesson fucking Paul with Pete guiding me in my ass. He showed me how to play with Paul’s sensitive spots and how to recognize when I was hitting them just right. I also learned how to gauge how close he was to orgasm so I could hold him just on the brink and control his release. That meant I had to learn to control myself as well so I could use my orgasm to trigger his. Of course, when I really learn the skills I won’t have to think about them. They made us promise to practice with each other every day when we get home. Paul and I are looking forward to it.

Then it was time to head back to the lake. When we arrived there was an SUV in the vehicle area that appeared to have been modified to handle extremely tall occupants. Jimmy took care of the horses while Pete and we stowed our gear. Paul and I donned our vests as it was turning cool in the late afternoon.

Around the fire, Alex had the two deer prepped and cooking assisted by two newcomers but not the giants we were expecting. We introduce ourselves. They were students at Berkeley and boyfriends of the big studs. One was a sophomore, Diego Fernandez, Hispanic, about five-six and one hundred thirty pounds with seven inches. He wasn’t a big guy but very fit and stronger than he looked; maybe twice as strong as I. The other was a junior, Terry Cooper. He was a tight end on Cal football and got a start by being a fuck buddy of Joey Foster, their big star. He was six-three and two hundred ten pounds with almost eleven inches and also way strong but not in the class of our Indian friends. They were given a little boost so the big guys didn’t need to hold back when fucking them.

They came up with three of their big friends, senior Charlie Kim, Alex Jr.’s biological father, sophomores, Tony Tran and Samuel Running Bear, a member of the tribe. Samuel is visiting friends and family in town. Charlie is with his son and Yancey. Tony is with Matt, Luke, Rob and Jeff. Diego and Terry were used heavily to entertain the big boys on the drive up and will be needed on the drive back. They had a few hours to recharge and accepted Pete’s invitation to our lodge.

Being sex toys to a house with forty super studs is as much fun as you could imagine. They both had yin-yang ear studs that they said indicated their status.

Pete and Jimmy enjoyed wildly pounding the two guys, knowing they couldn’t hurt them. Then Paul and I got a lesson in bottoming. Paul fucked Jimmy and I did Pete. While we did that Diego and Terry fucked our asses. Jimmy and Pete were facing us so they could watch us and our fuckers behind us. They told us to do to our fuckers what they did to our cocks.

That is easier to say than to do because I didn’t know how to control my internals like he could. But, by the time Terry shot his load up my ass, I was getting the hang of it and, of course, feeling the effect Pete’s actions had on my cock explained why he was doing it. Now we have top and bottom things to practice when we get home.

We saw Charlie and Tony at dinner. Charlie was seven-ten, all muscle and God only knows what he weighs, twenty-eight inches of thick cock. Tony Tran was seven-eight and had twenty-seven inches. His build was sleeker and more defined. They both wore breechcloths but it didn’t even try to conceal cocks that were over twenty soft.

Tran will spend the night with us while Diego and Terry join Luke’s group. Charlie Kim will stay with the Shadow Hawk family and Yancey. We didn’t see Yancey and Junior at dinner. They were doing some special bonding in their lodge. I guess that meant sex.

We took Tony Tran back to our lodge and Jimmy started the fire while Pete secured the entrance for the night. Then Pete introduced us all again and offered Tony his choice of which of us he wanted to start with as we gathered about him. The top of my head didn’t reach his shoulders and I would have to stand on my toes to lick the top of his cock-head if he were standing.

“Guys, we have all night,” Tony said. “Tell me about yourselves. I usually like to know a little about guys or girls I fuck, even at sex parties.”

Pete told him about himself and his brother and I described how we met and mentioned that he must have already met our friend, Yancey, who has been spending the stay with Charlie Kim’s son

“Yes,” he began, “Alex chose him to bond with. It is early for that but he is quite advanced for his age. Anyway Yancey was over eighteen and made an informed choice. I’m sure Junior will take good care of him.” I didn’t understand why being over eighteen was important for Yancey when it didn’t seem to be a concern for anything else.

Then he told us some about himself. He started college at sixteen and is just seventeen now. He was in his fraternity pledge class with Samuel Running Bear and has made several trips to the reservation with him or his brother Joseph. He has a couple kids due in a few months from the wives of married guys he fucked in past trips. Tony said he is actually bi and has two Vietnamese sisters that he hopes to marry back in Berkeley. They will be graduating and they and he will be moving to Princeton in the new year.

He then said that Pete should choose the order. He chose to go first. I was to be third after Jimmy.

Jimmy fucked me on the second bed as I sucked my brother while Pete got drilled. He and Jimmy had been fucked by giant cocks before and had enough internal strength that Tony didn’t need to hold back. Even being fucked myself I watched as much as I could to get an idea of what was coming. Tony’s piece was nearly as thick as my wrist and when it was in deep you could see Pete’s muscled abdominals bulge outward as the cock pressed them from below. Pete came three times before Tony pumped him full with a massive load that sprayed from the tight seal around his buried cock with some force.

Then it was Jimmy’s turn. Pete needed a break so Paul shifted to fucking me. By the time Tony withdrew from an exhausted Jimmy, Pete had recovered enough to sandwich Paul as he fucked me. It would help loosen him up for his turn. I slid off my brother, carrying some fresh cum for deep lubrication and went over to Tony. Jimmy was still sprawled of the blankets unable to move but there was still lots of room.

“What is the biggest cock you’ve had?” Tony asked me. “Seventeen inches from big Alex,” I answered.

“That’s good and I see that the boys got you warmed up and lubed with their cum. I’m only ten inches longer than what you had.” Only ten inches I thought. One giant normal cock more than the huge one I had this afternoon. I’m in a world where ten inches is no big deal.

“Will it hurt?”

“No way. I’ve fucked lots of normal guys and you’ll love it. I’ll pump you a big load before I get past what has already been explored. That will expand your gut deep like pumping up a balloon and make it nice and slick. Then I’ll claim all that virgin territory. Let’s get started.”

He put me on my back and knelt between my widely spread legs, his knees between both of mine. When he pushed his cock down to horizontal it extended many inches past his knee. He leaned toward me, pushing his arms under my legs to hold me by the sides of my chest and raised me off the blanket until I was held vertical in front of him.

Pointing up, his pole extended to the middle of his breast bone but the thick muscles pressed it forward so the tip was about eight inches out. He just held me at a comfortable height where I could use both hands to feel his powerful shaft and lick around the crown with my tongue. He would periodically spurt out a jet of lube that was more than most guys cum and I swallowed several of the tasty offerings.

He then raised me another foot and kissed me strongly. His tongue was as long and strong as I might have expected. It was a good kiss but not like with Pete where it expresses our mutual love. This was more of a casual display of the dominance I already knew he had.

When he broke the kiss he lifted me above his head so he could position the tip at my hole. He let me sit on it with light pressure. His face was at my chest level. I looked down past my hard cock and saw the long stiff shaft extending from his groin to nestle in my ass crack. He looked up at my face, smiled and let more of my weight press on his pole. It was enough to force me open and let him pop inside. I felt really stuffed.

He added a few more inches and started a short fuck stroke. It felt great. Besides the internal feeling I could track our progress as I gradually sat lower. When he was about halfway I was face to face with him. With the stroking, my eyes would be up by his hairline to down by his mouth. He brought me off and I sprayed both our faces with my seed. We licked each other clean.

By the time he reached my previous limit I was hard again. A few quick thrusts and he exploded inside me as I came again. It was a massive discharge that I could feel pumping up my guts and he had had several orgasms already this evening.

When the flow eased, I looked down at the ten inches that remained. Then I looked up into his eyes. He smiled again and resumed his fuck stroke.

Now the strokes were over a foot long. Each time I bottomed out a little lower as he boldly went where no man had gone before.

My stiff piece was bumping along the cobblestones of his abs as he moved me up and down. When I put my hand on my own tight belly I could feel his thick flesh moving underneath, bending under my diaphragm to follow my intestine as he pushed deep into me. Ten minutes more and he pushed me tight to his groin and held me there. I had all of him inside me. I felt proud and looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back.

Then he began the real fuck. The strokes were long, hard and got increasingly faster; not as hard or as fast as with the Indian boys but plenty. How can I explain how a two foot long fuck stroke feels? Even your wildest imaginings probably fall short of the reality. He pounded me for what seemed forever but I was told it was twelve minutes before exploding inside me as I came once more.

He just left me sprawled on the blankets as he switched to my younger brother. I was still in the dazed afterglow of his fuck as Paul had his turn. When he finished with Paul he left him beside me and moved for seconds with Pete and Jimmy. Somewhere in there we feel asleep hugging each other.

It was morning when we awoke. I was being fucked by Pete and Paul by Jimmy. “That’s the best way to wake up,” Paul stated. “I wish we could do that every morning.”

“We fuck each other every morning,” said Pete. “There’s no reason you two can’t do the same.”

I was thinking of what reason we could give our parents to start sharing one room and maybe one bed.

Tony had fucked the boys before we woke and left. We stripped the blankets and folded them to get set for the trip home. We then headed to the lake to clean up.

Alex Jr. was there with both his dads. He was riding Yancey’s shoulders. Yancey was bigger, about six-six with some serious muscle and a sixteen inch cock.

“Yancey, how did you get so big?” I asked.

“I bonded with Junior this weekend and my new size and strength is a little bonus in the deal. We’ll be happy to give you and Paul a ride any time.”

“We?” I asked.

“Junior and I,” he replied. “Since our bonding he is always with me.”

A subtle change seemed to come over his body. He seemed a little bigger and he continued in a confident voice.

“I’m so small now that it limits my interactions with others. With Yancey I can explore the world while my own body grows.”

Yancey went back to normal.

“That was Junior if you didn’t guess. He can run my body while I observe anytime he wants. He uses it better than I and I’ve already learned a lot from watching. Plus what I experience through his mind is so much deeper than I get direct from my senses. Since you can’t experience an orgasm like we do you don’t know what you are missing.”

“Are you still you? Are you still our friend? Are you going to come home with us today?”

“Some of that is complicated,” he began. “I’m still me but I’m also part Junior and there are lots we share. It is a partnership but I know that it is best if he makes all the decisions. I, we, are still your friends and you know that after this trip our friendship will be much more intimate even if I had remained just Yancey. Finally, yes, we will be coming home with you. Junior wants to meet my family and all my friends. Then we’ll do some exploring.”

I knew what he meant by meet. I wasn’t really certain what their arrangement was but Yancey seemed happy with it. It will be fun to see the impact from unleashing a super-stud on our high school.

We ate a light breakfast and said our goodbyes to our new friends. That was usually a full body embrace and deep kiss with our cocks mashed between us; cocks that knew us intimately. I wished we could have had more rounds with them but I knew we’d be back.

We packed up the truck and loaded the horses. I rode in the bed on the soft surface made by our cum soaked blankets. Yancey was with me. Pete drove with Paul and Jimmy in the cab. We started off.

Yancey immediately put me on my back and positioned himself to fuck me. I was eager to try out his enhanced body and sixteen-inch cock. He was good and we soon enjoyed a nice mutual orgasm. Then there was a change in him that told me Junior had taken charge. Yancey was good but Junior was incredible. Then he let Yancey back for round three. We finished that round just before we left the woods and turned onto the paved road.

I had a few minutes to recover before we would arrive at the service station. Both Yancey and I were covered in the cum I spewed as were the leather garments. I was leaking from my ass and I wiped up some and took a taste as I hadn’t tried Yancey’s sperm before. I saw Paul through the back window of the cab. He had been busy too, sucking both our Indian friends. He had leaked cum smeared on his face.

We pulled into the station. Matt, Pete and Jimmy’s father, came out of the office. He still wore loose fitting coveralls. I noticed that the vehicle he had been working on was no longer on the lift but was parked by the side. Our pickup was still in front of the second bay.

“Hi,” he greeted us. “It is obvious you had a good time. My boys can be lots of fun. This is a small community and I already heard Junior chose a pet. It looks like you were the lucky one,” he said to Yancey. “Congratulations.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied. “Pete and Jimmy showed us a lot. We’re their boyfriends now.”

“We hope we can have them over frequently and visit them,” said Pete.

“Sure. It is not like we need extra room since you’ll share one bed. I think it is great you’ll have a steady relationship instead of just the usual casual sex,” Matt agreed. “But, for now, you should fix their pickup so they can get home. The generator was delivered yesterday.”

“I’ll get right on it and Jimmy will unload the truck and take care of the horses,” Pete said. He went to the garage, dropped his breechcloth and took coveralls from a wall hook.

“It will take Pete about an hour to get you ready. I charged your battery yesterday. That gives me some time to meet my boys’ friends,” Matt said. I knew what he meant.

We followed him through the station office to a back room that had a bed and wash basin. He washed his hands and unsnapped the straps holding up his loose coveralls. They fell to the floor. I guess I’m getting comfortable with things. I was looking forward to my boyfriends’ dad fucking me. He was a hot guy and he awed us from the first time we saw him but two days ago I would not have imagined him fucking us. Now I expected it. We were not disappointed. I loved his eighteen hard inches and Paul got a chance to try Yancey and Junior before getting his turn with Matt. Jimmy returned in time to get Yancey up his ass while sucking me.

We had just wrapped the second round when Pete knocked. Our pickup was ready. We took a quick shower from a head on the wall in the garage before getting into our regular clothes for the drive home. Nothing Yancey brought would fit him now so Matt lent him one of his coveralls.

With a final hug and kiss we did our goodbyes with Pete and Jimmy. They would stay with us next weekend and we planned to spend the days after Christmas with them. Paul and I decided to tell our parents everything. We didn’t want to pretend or hide the sex we will have between ourselves or with our boyfriends.

We headed home in high spirits. Our pickup trouble had changed our lives.


Chapter 26: Spring Break

We were seniors. Normally we went to a party spot for our Spring Break, but, this year, Jim suggested, since we were all going different ways after graduation, we do something together.

I’m Eric Banner, a senior at Stanford. I’m six, two and 180, a varsity swimmer. After graduation I’ll be heading to UCLA for graduate work in economics. Jim Hanson is the leader of our group. He plays football and baseball. On the football team he plays tight end, usually in two tight end formations. He got a key touchdown against Washington State this year. But his best sport is baseball where he plays second base and hits for power. He was drafted by the Mets and will report to their AAA team in Florida after graduation. Rounding out our group is Paul Sims, he wrestles in the 141 pound class and, at five, five, is probably, pound for pound, the most muscular guy I know. He’s headed to Princeton next year for law school.

What we’d decided on was a hiking and camping trip into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We were looking for a wilderness experience to share a final adventure together. We took Route 4 east of Stockton and headed up into the mountains, shifting to a dirt road heading north when we were at about 3500 feet. Another ten miles and several hundred feet higher the road ended, so we piled out, collected our stuff and started our hike. We had a good portable GPS so we weren’t worried about getting lost though we hadn’t hiked this area before.

We made a few miles that first afternoon before finding a mountain stream and making camp. We caught a couple trout for dinner and talked about our plans for the future.

The next day we decided to follow the stream higher into the mountains. It was about an hour after our stop for lunch when we heard noises just ahead. There was a small clearing next to the bank and we spotted two horses tied near the stream. The sounds were from their owners. Three Indian men were having sex in the grass, very energetically and vocally. We watched, concealed by the bushes. They were about our age or maybe a little younger, but they were huge, both size and muscle. The smallest must have been taller than me by a few inches and have proportionately more muscle than Paul. That guy was being fucked by the biggest of the group. He was well over seven foot and plowing his buddy’s ass with over foot-long strokes with a cock that must have been much longer.

The third in the group was resting, sitting with his back against the trunk of a tree, legs widely spread, obviously recovering. He was intermediate, maybe six, eight or so. He wore a type of leather vest that was fully open revealing a massive chest, thick lats, bulging arms and shoulders. Despite his size and muscularity he looked to have been given quite a workout. He was breathing deeply and had a sheen of sweat on his body and very long, black hair. He also had some sort of leather breechcloth but it was severely askew and not concealing anything. Of course, his half-hard cock must have been over fifteen inches and would have been impossible to hide.

Even not fully stiff it extended well past the second cobblestone of his defined abdominals. He had shot several loads over his torso, vest and even into his hair. Yet, even though he was a huge muscle stud, it was obvious he’d been thoroughly fucked. It was easy to see that his ass was leaking a steady stream of cum from what must have been a massive load.

The guy being fucked gave a shout and spewed a large load from a cock that was well over a foot long. The first spurt was a jet over eight feet long that landed past his head. The next half dozen sprayed him and his partner and the ones that followed would have exceeded my best load by three or four times. A minute after he started he was still bubbling cum from the tip of a still hard cock.

Meanwhile the huge guy fucking him had sped up his assault. The rapid strokes were almost two feet long and he clearly had many inches still buried in his partner. After a couple furious minutes he plunged into the root and held it there. The abdominal muscles of his partner started rippling up and down as the thick tube of muscle embedded in his gut spasmed as it released a torrent of sperm. The young male on the receiving end unleashed another big load even though he’d just finished cumming. We were engrossed in watching, not making a sound. After a couple minutes the big guy started to extract his cock. One foot, two feet, when the head popped free it had extended past his knee and must have been near thirty inches; thick too.

We were so engrossed in watching the big stud we didn’t notice the guy by the tree until he shouted something I didn’t understand to his friends. He had stood up and was pointing in our direction. The biggest one got to his feet, looked our way and said something to the first guy in what, must have been, their native tongue.

“Come out and show yourselves,” he demanded. “We’re friendly Indians, very friendly. Don’t even think of running. We know these mountains much better than you.”

We glanced at each other and decided to comply, meekly walking into the clearing, stopping a dozen feet short of the big stud that was the leader.

“Did you like our little show? I think you did.”

“We’re not gay,” I insisted. “We were hiking and heard some noise. We’ve never seen anyone so big…er, muscular, as you guys.”

“Then why are your cocks hard?” said the one recently fucked who had rolled to his side on the grass.

It was true. My cock, almost eight inches, was stiff and I had a wet spot on my shorts near the tip. My friends were in a similar state.

“That was quite a show you put on but, I assure you, we’re straight. I’m Eric and my friends are Jim and Paul. We’re seniors at Stanford on our break.”

“I’m Samuel Running Bear,” said the biggest. “My brother, Joseph,” indicating the one who was by the tree, “and our friend Daniel. I’m a sophomore and Joseph’s a senior at Berkeley. You’ve been hiking on our reservation land.” “We didn’t mean to trespass,” I offered. “We thought this was a national forest.”

“No problem, I said we’re friendly Indians. Let us show you how friendly. Which one do you want to fuck?” He asked Daniel, who had gotten to his feet.

“I’ll think Jim will be fun. You ready for a little action with this?” He indicated his fourteen inch piece that was still almost fully hard and dripping the remains from his last cum.

He walked toward Jim who took a step back. They were the same height, six, four, but the Indian was clearly more muscular.

“No, stay away. I’m not gay. You can’t force me.” He turned to run, but the Indian reached out with one arm, grabbing him by the straps on his backpack. He was lifted off his feet.

“I think you’re wrong, about a great many things,” Daniel said with a hint of a chuckle as he effortlessly tore away Jim’s tee and shorts.

Daniel slipped Jim’s backpack off and tossed it aside. Jim was pushed to his back. He’d stopped struggling when he realized how much stronger the young Indian was. Daniel had bigger muscles, but he must have been much stronger than he looked to handle Jim so easily. Jim’s legs were raised to Daniel’s shoulders as he got on his knees and bent over Jim.

He maneuvered his thick pole next to Jim’s. Jim had a thick, eight-and-a- half-inches, that looked, was, small next to his fucker’s. Daniel reached between his legs and rubbed up some of the copious fluid running down his inner thighs. He used that to slather his thick pole with lube as Jim watched stunned.

As I watched Daniel put the flaring cap of his cock at Jim’s entrance. When he felt the pressure he started to squirm but a hand pressing his chest calmed him down. It began to press into Jim. “Please, stop. I’ve never been fucked before. You’re too big. Aren’t you supposed to get me ready for you or something?” Jim babbled as he felt the tip of the thick head start to spread his opening.

“Relax. I can feel you’re virgin. There’s no way I could get you open enough to make this easy. I’ve done this before. Your cock is already leaking.

You’re gonna like it.”

Jim grunted as the wide cock-head punched through his ring. Steady pressure added a few more inches. He started some short strokes that got Jim shaking and gasping. His cock spewed a load onto his chest and there was still nearly a foot of pole left to enter him.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Samuel. I turned toward him. My eyes were looking right at one of his brown nipples on the huge mass of his pectoral muscle. I bent my neck to look up at his face. He was looking down at me with an amused expression. He looked left and I followed his gaze the end of his incredible cock as it stood proudly erect between the plates of his chest. The reddish brown shaft was darker than his natural skin tone and crisscrossed with veins that pulsed with the blood that made it hard.

I put a hand on it, somewhere about halfway. I was only able to wrap about two-thirds around it. The surface was warm and slick with juices. There was some give and then firmness underneath.

The cone-shaped cap was a brighter shade of red. The skin that enfolded it had retracted below the flange. From the top there was a steady flow of fluid mixed with the occasional inches long jet. It was hypnotic. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Go ahead, taste it. You know you want to.”

He shifted his hand to the back of my neck but wasn’t trying to force me. He didn’t need to. He was right. The base of the crown was right at mouth level. I licked with my tongue, lapping up some of the juice. It was different. I sucked on the side of the tip with my mouth. He dipped down a few inches so I could get my lips around the end, teasing the slit with the tip of my tongue that was soon coated by the stuff that kept flowing out. A jet sprayed into my mouth. I was surprised by the amount but instinctively swallowed. I tried to put more cock in my mouth and managed, barely, to get the whole tip inside. It was just too big and I had to back off.

“Are you ready?”

Ready? “You can’t be serious. It’s as thick as my wrist and longer than my entire torso. If you shoved that in my ass it would come out my mouth, but I’d be dead before you got half way.”

“You’re not going to die. You’re going to have to trust me. You know I could do whatever I want with you.”

He was waiting for an answer. “Yes, I know.”

“You want me to fuck you even though you are afraid it may hurt you, even kill you?”

He was right. I did. “Yes,” I mumbled, shocked by my answer. “Why do you want to be fucked by me?”

Wasn’t my acceptance enough? Now he wants a reason. “You’re so big and powerful. I know I can’t resist you but I don’t want to. I guess I want to feel your power, your sex, inside me.”

“Good. I know I really didn’t give you a choice, but it definitely will be easier for you that you’ve recognized your need for a man to take charge of you.”

I was puzzled over that last statement but didn’t have time to ponder it as he put his hands on my hips and hoisted me into the air. My 180 pounds was really nothing to him. He lifted me straight overhead so he could reposition his arms between my legs, so, when he lowered me again my legs were spread wide by the bulging muscles of his upper arm, each one was much thicker than my thigh. By the time my ass was at his shoulder height my knees settled into the crooks of his elbows. Lowering a few more inches and I felt the blunt point of his sex spear spread my glutes. I felt him press my hole.

I could feel him, hot, wet, and slippery, right at the entrance. He let some of my weight rest on it and the tip started to spread me open just a little as my ass ring tried to snap against the intrusion. A jet of his lube squirted against the ring and some more slipped inside me. The next spurt actually breached the gate and I felt it spray my gut. With more weight on the head I could feel myself being forced open and him sinking deeper.

It felt weird, being opened up, not particularly painful, but like I needed to go, however it was going in me not out. The next inch allowed my ring to clear the rim of his head and snap tight to the shaft. I remembered that was still as thick as my wrist, but I was proud that I’d gotten the widest part inside. Some more slid inside and that reminded me there was well over two feet, just as thick, to go.

He bumped something that caused my cock to jump. I was still well in the air so I looked down at Samuel. He looked up at me and flashed a smile that told me he knew what he’d done to me. He did it again, again and again, causing me to gasp and tingle. A minute more had me in a frenzy. I was cumming. I shot half a dozen strong bursts. When I looked down I saw that most of it had streaked Samuel’s long, black hair, but he was still smiling at me, so I guess he’s pretty used to that.

While I’d been distracted I hadn’t realized that his cock was much further into me. From my height I guessed it was about a foot. It was still stimulating my sensitive spot with every movement but the bulge of the head was well in my gut. He was stroking me constantly, but each one ended somewhat deeper. I remembered there was something I was worried about earlier, but the sensations from the spike of flesh within me made it hard to focus. It was big and thick. I could feel it spreading my gut as it pressed in and the relaxation as it retreated. However, it was not just a passive presence. It was a living, throbbing, writhing shaft of muscle and, I could tell, it was as powerful as the rest of his muscles. Another strong orgasm took me by surprise. When I recovered I saw I had sprayed most of my cum on Samuel’s face. It took me a few seconds longer to realize I was now face to face with him, so he mus