The runner

by LenZelig

Jake is out for a morning run when he meets up with someone who is more than a man and looking for a different kind of exercise.

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Author’s Note

This is a side story in the Empire universe set at the same time as chapter 30, "Pickup Trouble (2)".


Part 1

It was early Saturday morning and I was out for a nice run along the American River Bike Trail. It was a cool late March morning in Sacramento and I figured I’d do twelve miles and an easy 5:30 per mile pace and maybe sprint the last mile. The trail wasn’t crowded. I got passed by a few bikes and passed several walkers and slower runners.

I had gone about three miles on my outbound leg when I heard the footsteps of a runner overtaking me from behind. I sped up to a five minute mile pace but the sounds got closer. I upped it to 4:30. I could manage about 4:10 for a single mile but with what I’d already run I could keep this for another mile or two.

It didn’t work. The runner behind pulled even with me. I’m six-two but he was taller, maybe six-six, and massively muscular. He didn’t seem to be straining to keep pace.

“Hi. I’m Yancey,” the big guy said with a smile. “I saw you ahead of me. You look like a guy in top shape and thought I’d like to run with you. Since you kept speeding up, I guess you weren’t eager for company but I find that sharing physical activity with another fit guy is a lot of fun. I think you’ll agree if you give it a try.”

“Yancey, I’m Jake,” I responded. “You can run with me for now.” It didn’t seem I had much choice and Yancey appeared to be friendly.

“Jake, I’m a senior at Valley High. I play varsity soccer.”

“I’m a freshman at Sacramento State,” I responded. “I’m on the baseball team but I lettered in football and baseball at Kennedy last year.”

“I knew you were an athlete. You have the body of someone with serious training. That strength and endurance comes in handy for lots of activities.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “But I need to ease the pace some if I’m going to finish my run. I can only do another mile at this clip.”

“Sure,” Yancey agreed. “There is a nice spot just a couple hundred yards ahead where we can take a break.”

We ran on and Yancey slowed when we came to his spot. There was a clump of bushes off to the side of the trail. He led me to and through them to a grassy knoll on the other side. We lay back on the grass. We could see the river but were hidden from anyone on the trail.

Yancey sat up and removed his top. I knew he was muscled but uncovered they were spectacular and shredded, not a hint of fat. I drifted from his abdominals to his shorts. His bulge was huge. It extended off to the side of his left hip.

“Yeah, I’m pretty big,” Yancey said, seeing where I was looking. “Wait until you see it hard. Let me give you a hand with your top.”

Yancey reached over and I let him strip me of my running tee. He then pushed me back to the grass and pulled my shorts off. I just let him. My cock, eight-and-a-half, was hard.

“You have a good body,” Yancey told me. “A nice cock too. It is just over half my length. Your cock knows we are going to have sex. Do you?”

“Half?” I mumbled. “No,” I objected, finally processing what he’d just said. “No way. I’m straight. You think you can run up to me, say hello and five minutes later fuck me.”

“Pretty much,” Yancey told me. “When I saw that nice muscled butt ahead of me I knew I had to get my big cock in it.” As he said those words he removed his own shorts and I got a look at his huge piece. It was getting bigger. “Can’t take your eyes off it, right? You can touch. You’ll find it is as powerful as it looks.”

He was right. I couldn’t help but stare at it. I was tentative but I put my hand on it. It was warm and pulsing as the flow of blood brought it to full size. I wrapped my hand around the shaft about in the middle. It was so thick I couldn’t completely encircle it. I tried squeezing but it was so firm I barely made an impression.

I had rolled onto my left side. Yancey was knelling beside me. My right hand gripped Yancey’s cock. It was now fully hard, sticking straight up from his groin with the tip just below his thick pecs, the foreskin fully retracted.

I looked up into his face. He gave me a big smile. He knows he’s got me I thought. It was then I realized that it was true. I was going to let this guy I’d just met do whatever he wanted with me. Why I asked myself. I didn’t really know. It just was something that felt right.

I was there on the grass, now rubbing my fist up and down along the long shaft. It had started to bubble fluid from the tip that made it slick as my hand spread his natural lube over the length. His balls had drawn up tight to the base. They were the size of eggs, way bigger than mine.

Here I am a fit guy with good muscles, tight abs, strength and endurance and well equipped with a cock I had thought was pretty big. I had no problem getting action with equally fit and pretty females. They loved it when I fucked them. I had a date with a hot number this evening and she would be spending the night in my bed. Yet this guy makes me feel like she probably feels when with me.

“Don’t overthink it,” Yancey said. “I know what is running through your mind. What you feel can’t be put into words. For the next few hours I’ll take care of you. Once I get started you won’t be thinking, only feeling.”

Hours, did he say hours? But he didn’t give me a chance to consider that. He rolled me to my back and lifted my legs. He handled me so easily. He must be even stronger than he looks, lots stronger. I felt his tongue explore my crack, find my hole and start to play with it. I’d never had anyone stimulate me there. It was exciting. He worked his tongue around and I felt the tip slip inside me, then probe deeper.

Then his tongue was out and he probed me with his finger. He was kneeling behind my ass with my legs on his shoulders. He’d gotten a small bottle of lube from somewhere and was spreading it around and in me with his finger. My cock was hard to my belly. I reached for it but he brushed my hand away.

“Your pleasure is my responsibility,” Yancey stated. “Hold your knees to your chest while I get you ready.”

I did as he directed and he went back to work. Soon he had two fingers in me, then three. He was stretching and loosening my ring to make it easier for his thick cock. I knew there was no way my flesh could resist him when he forced my entrance. This preparation was just to make it less painful when he does. After several more minutes he seemed satisfied I was ready.

“Jake, tell me you want me to fuck you,” Yancey said.

I had just let him get me ready so it must be obvious I wanted him but I said it. “Yancey, please fuck me. I want to feel your cock in me.”

“Good Jake. Have you figured out why you want me to fuck you?”

Wasn’t my request enough? Now he wants reasons. I had been following his advice and just going with my feelings. It took only a few seconds and it became clear to me.

“It just feels right,” I started. “I can tell you are so much more of a man than I. It is my obligation to serve you in any manner you desire. It is my honor that you chose me to help you meet you sexual needs. I know you don’t really need my permission. I could not stop you even if that were my desire and it isn’t. Use me as you wish. My body exists now only for your pleasure.”

“Everything you said is true. I will get my pleasure from using you. But I think you will enjoy it too. That’s enough talk. I’m ready to fuck.”

I looked down my torso. I saw Yancey use his free hand to position his big cock, pulling it away from his brick-like abdominals until it pointed at my ass. He eased his hips forward and I felt the end press me where his fingers entered. He applied more pressure as he removed the fingers. I was stretched wider by the flaring crown of his cock but not wide enough to get it fully inside. I could feel my hole spasm, trying to eject the intruder. Each time the muscle relaxed a little more slipped into me. The next time Yancey gave a quick thrust. I felt a jolt of pain as he forced me open but he got the entire head inside. It sort of felt like I was stretched by a huge turd but this was going in not out.

I looked up at Yancey’s smiling face. I was about to say something but he eased in several more inches of his long shaft and the sensations were so exciting I lost the thought. He started a slow fuck stroke. It was just a few inches but each time it sent a jolt of pleasure straight to my brain and cock. I started to leak juice every time. Slowly he was sinking deeper into me.

With no warning my cock exploded, spraying my face and torso with lines of my seed. Yancey leaned over me and licked up my cum, tasting some and feeding the rest to me on his tongue. All the while he kept a steady stroke through my ass. When he pushed back I looked down. He was almost half in me but the remainder was as long as my entire cock.

He was still pumping my ass with steady thrusts in and out. I was still hard despite just shooting. As more of him got inside I felt him not just in my ass but up in my gut, pressing my abdominal muscles from inside.

I had another orgasm. The pleasure dazed me. I lost track of things for a while. When I recovered Yancey was almost fully inside me, maybe two or three inches to go. When he shoved in the left side of my belly bulged upward from the thick intrusion in my gut. He was bottoming out somewhere below my second row of muscles.

He saw that I was aware again and started to speed up his thrusts. Each one must have been a foot long and I felt the power behind each stroke. It only took a couple before his groin was mashed to my ass as he pressed in fully. He just kept going, faster and harder, building to his own release. The pleasure for me was intense but alongside that were sensations from deep inside from the hot, powerful extension of the man using my body. There was nothing for me to do but experience it and endure it. My vision blurred and the sounds faded as my mind had no room for anything but what was going on inside.

Suddenly there was something new. My whole body rocked as the thing in my gut bucked and throbbed. It felt like a jet of fire burst in my gut. Another and another followed rapidly. I passed out.

When I came around, Yancey was lightly patting my cheek with his hand, still kneeling behind me, my legs on his shoulders. He was still inside me. I could feel it deep in my gut but quiet, resting. It was still hard, throbbing in time with his heartbeat. Even still, it dominated my body. I guess not my body but its home for as long as it needed it. I had fresh cum on my face from an orgasm I didn’t remember.

“You’re back with us,” Yancey said. “You were out for about ten minutes after I came. Tell me your name and what day it is.”

“Jake and Saturday,” I replied. “Why ask? I never felt anything like that before. It was incredible.”

“Some guys appear to be alert but their brain is still a jumble. I’m just checking that you are okay enough to continue. I’m not done with you.”

He started a long, slow fuck stroke. I was instantly in heaven. Yancey scooped up my spewed cum with his fingers and fed it to me by pushing them into my mouth while I licked them clean.

“I’m going to do the next round,” Yancey said as a subtle change came over him and his cock inside me seemed bigger and firmer. I didn’t know what he meant as he was already fucking me. “I’m Alex Shadow Hawk Junior,” Yancey said. “I’m bonded to Yancey so that when I want I can control his body. I let Yancey seduce you and take your cherry. It is part of his training. I was watching and experiencing his pleasure while he fucked you but I’ll do this round directly while Yancey watches. You may have noticed the change when I took over. I wear his body better than he does. Once I get him fully trained when we shift will be almost imperceptible.”

I didn’t understand and I wasn’t given time to ponder it before the pleasure from being fucked again clouded my mind. I went from one orgasm to the next. The fuck went on and on and it was just a blur of pleasure.

When my mind cleared I was resting on my back in the grass. Yancey was beside me, also on his back, his long cock sticking straight up from his groin, covered in cum. By the sun it was mid afternoon. The shade of a nearby tree was over our area. My gut felt empty without him inside me. My hole still tingled. It was trying to close after being stretched wide for so long. I could feel I was leaking stuff from the loosened opening.

“So Jake, how was your first experience with gay sex?” Yancey asked. “I’d say you liked it. Your body was as much fun as I thought it would be and it showed real endurance to handle almost five hours from Junior and I.”

“You know I loved it,” I told him. “I’m covered in the cum I shot more times than I thought possible and I’m still full of what you put in me though I’m leaking a lot.” I looked at his still hard cock. “I can’t believe I had that huge thing inside me but I feel empty, incomplete, now that it’s not. Can I clean it for you?”

“Sure, have fun.”

He lifted me off the grass with one arm under my back and set me down lying flat on his torso facing his stiff pole. The tip was higher than my head but I started around the base licking his cum out of his trimmed pubic hair and working my tongue around the thick pole. It had a tangy taste that I liked.

Yancey was working on my bottom, licking around my hole, soothing the ring and helping it relax and close. Sometimes he’d poke inside to taste his own seed.

I pushed up with my arms to clean the upper portions until I was lapping my tongue around the head. I opened wide and took the end of his long pole into my mouth. I’d never done that before but it seemed so natural to have him inside me again. Yancey put his hands on my head, encouraging me to take more of him. I got about five inches before it hit the top of my throat and I stopped, just licking around the part in my mouth. But Yancey adjusted the angles of my head and his cock and he started to slip down my throat. I felt the crown ease past my Adam’s Apple. I was still able to breathe around the thick intrusion as the end moved into my chest. A couple minutes later my lips were back brushing his pubic hairs.

“You’re a natural cock sucker,” Yancey remarked. “Not many can take all of me but you didn’t gag once. Your throat is as tight and warm as your gut.”

I was happy to hear his praise. It was exciting to have him inside me again. I think the tip of that cock was next to my heart.

Yancey started sucking on my cock while using his hands to bob my head on his long pole. A few minutes later he delivered another load straight to my stomach as I shot some of my seed into his mouth. After a few deep jets he pulled me off until I just had the crown in my mouth and the next spurt almost filled it. I swallowed quickly before the next arrived, almost as much. It was a few more before the flow eased and I was able to savor the taste of his fresh seed before passing it down. I thought if he shoots so much after five hours of steady sex I must have a huge amount still in my gut.

Yancey pulled me off and rolled me to my back laying on the grass beside him. I just rested, satisfied but exhausted by the marathon sex session. Yancey sat up and gazed down at me. I saw that his cock had started to soften though it still dribbled a few drops from its last load.

“You’ve been a good sport,” Yancey said. “I’d like some more time with you if you’re up to it. Do you have any plans for the evening?”

“Nothing I can’t cancel,” I replied quickly. My girl would have to wait.

“Great. Your place or mine? Either one, plan on spending the night.”

“If you go to Valley, my place is closer. I live with my brother and dad. But they don’t mind if I have guests overnight. Is that okay?”

“It’s not a problem for me. I expect I’ll have sex with both of them too. If that is a problem for you, we can go to my place.”

“I’m pretty sure both are straight but so was I. My brother is seventeen and a junior at Kennedy. He is a defensive back on the football team and very athletic. Dad is still in great shape. He has dated a few women since mom died five years ago but nothing serious. Yancey, sex with you was so great that I can’t deny my family a chance to experience what I did. And to have you in my bed…I’ll probably never wash the sheets again.”

“I thought that would be your answer. You won’t regret it. Let’s head back to our cars.”

We retrieved our few clothes. I was a mess after hours of sex. I’d shot cum all over my body. A few streaks were even in my hair. My butt was still leaking too.

I took a big drink from my water bottle and dampened my tee with some of the rest, using it to wipe down my head and torso. I pulled on my shorts and tucked the tee in the waistband. I still smelled strongly of cum.

I got my phone out of my pack and dialed a number. It rang three times before being answered.

“Debbie, it’s Jake. Something came up that I can’t get out of. I’ll have to cancel for tonight. Sorry for the late notice. I’ll give you a call Monday and maybe we can reschedule.”

She was understanding and we ended the call. When I put the phone away I saw Yancey had put his shorts on too but was also shirtless. He looked bigger.

“Junior?” I asked.

“Yes,” Junior confirmed. “I’ll run back with you. Yancey is in my body finishing his homework for school. I cut off sensory input from his body so we don’t distract him. Let’s go. You set the pace. In this body I could run a marathon in under an hour.”

I started off at a six minute mile pace. Junior claimed he could do three times that and I didn’t doubt it.

“What are you like Junior?” I asked. “In your arrangement Yancey clearly takes direction from you like his big brother or mentor. Will I get to meet you in the flesh? I don’t even know where you are, well, were Yancey is now I guess.”

“Good questions,” he agreed. “I live on an Indian reservation just north of Yosemite. I’m actually only just over a year old. I was seven months when I bonded with Yancey, that’s early for us. Usually that happens about now. I’m about forty inches tall and very muscular. If you had pictures of Yancey and I without reference to actual size, I would appear more muscular and my cock larger. We grow fast. My small body is much stronger than your big one but I’m still not as strong as Yancey’s body. My actual cock is nine inches and I can use it but, while I can cum, I won’t produce sperm until later, about three. Our small size, me and others like me, makes interaction in the adult world awkward, even though are minds are fully mature including our sex drive. Having a partner allows me to explore the world without physical limitations plus taking responsibility for Yancey is good training for me.”

“I would never have guessed you are only a year old. Will you be running things when we meet my family?”

“No, Yancey will be finished well before we arrive. He’ll handle your dad and brother. It is part of his training. But I’ll switch off for some of the sex later but they’ll never know. For now they’re just casual fucks but we plan on you being a regular so you should know about us.”

“A regular,” I repeated. “You know I’d love that.”

We got back to the start and ran to the parking area. My old Civic was just a few spaces from their old Dodge pickup.

“You can follow me,” I suggested. “It is just a short drive.”

“I’ll ride with you. The truck will be fine here overnight. I’ll just grab a bottle of lube.” It was Yancey speaking now he was back in his body.

He got the bottle and we got in and started off.

We arrived shortly. My place is two stories, about 3,500 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths upstairs and a half bath downstairs. I punched the remote for the garage but both spaces were occupied. Dad has one and my brother and I share the other. If it is full, like now, you park on the driveway. I did.

We got out and entered via the door to the garage. The first space is a laundry room. I removed my shoes and Yancey did too. We generally wear flip flops around the house. This opens into the kitchen. My brother was there grabbing a soda from the fridge.

“Jarad, this is my friend Yancey. He’ll be spending the night. Yancey, my little brother Jarad.”

“Hi Jarad,” Yancey greeted him. “I’ve been running with your brother and then put him through a strenuous workout. He’s quite an athlete but you look pretty fit yourself. Do you think you could handle me?”

He flexed his right biceps as he said that. It was well over twenty inches. Jared was already six-one at seventeen. He might get taller than I. He was almost as muscular as me too. His arms were seventeen inches but nothing like Yancey’s.

“Anything Jake can do I can do better,” he insisted. “What’s that smell? You stink. I thought you had a date with Debbie tonight.”

“I did. I cancelled on her. If you had plans you should cancel them too. That smell is cum, fresh and dried. The workout Yancey gave me was a few hours of great sex. I’m still leaking some of the stuff he pumped up my ass.” I turned around so he could see the big wet spot on my running shorts.

“What’s the commotion?” Dad asked, entering the kitchen. “Jake, we expected you hours ago. Who is your companion?”

“Yes, Dad. This is Yancey. I met him while I was running. Yancey meet my Dad. He’s Jake too, so I’m actually Jake Junior. Yancey has been fucking me almost constantly since we met. I invited him to spend the night with us. I hope he’s not too much for the three of us to handle.”

“Jake, your son said you were in good shape for an older guy and I can see you are. You gave those good genes to both your sons. Jake, first you should understand that when I’m with you, I’m in charge. Whatever I tell you to do, you do, no questions. Understood?” Dad nodded. “You too, Jarad.” He also nodded. “I’ll see all of you have a great time.”

I thought being upfront about Yancey and I was they way to go and it worked. Most of that was Yancey. His physique and demeanor are so dominating that dad and Jarad naturally became submissive to him. I shed my shorts and Yancey did too. He was only partly hard, about fourteen inches, angling maybe thirty degrees below horizontal. Dad and Jarad were staring at it.

Yancey went to dad and put an arm about his shoulder. Dad is six-two like me. He looked up at the taller boy beside him.

“I’ll start with you,” Yancey stated. “Take me to your bed.”

He pointed the way for Yancey to go and they went into the living room and up the stairs to the Master Suite. I grabbed his lube bottle and followed with Jarad.

Yancey sat dad on the edge of his bed and started removing his clothes. He pulled his knit shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Yancey unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off along with his briefs. They were tossed aside too. Dad was naked.

He has a gym membership downtown that he uses after work, Monday to Friday. I never really considered his muscles before but they were pretty decent. He even had some abdominal definition. If dad lost ten or fifteen pounds they’d look really good. Dad’s cock was hard. He had eight inches. I had him by half-an-inch and I was a little thicker too. I think it was the first time I’d seen him hard.

Yancey was standing in front of dad. His cock was fully hard now, sticking straight up his body almost to his pecs. Dad was just staring at it. Yancey put a finger on dad’s chin and raised his gaze to his face.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Yancey began. “You are saying to yourself you are straight and thinking how can I let this guy I just met come into my home and just fuck me. But you want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he said softly.

“I could barely hear you,” Yancey stated. “Tell your sons that you need me, a real man, to use you for his pleasure and pleasure you.”

“Okay. Jake, Jarad, I need Yancey to fuck me and use me. I don’t know why really but I know I have to serve him in any way he wishes. I glad he chose me, us, for this.”

That was said clearly and firmly. His doubts were gone.

Yancey looked toward me and I tossed him the bottle of lube.

“Time for you to get out of your clothes, little brother.”

“I’m not little,” he insisted.

He was wearing a football jersey with his number, 47, on it. I lifted it over his head. Then I removed his jeans. He was going commando. His cock was hard and snapped up as it pulled free. He wasn’t little. He had nine inches but mine was thicker.

He got his phone from his jeans’ pocket before kicking his stuff into the corner of the room. He made a call.

“Neal, Jay here.” That’s what his friends call him. Neal was one of his football teammates, a wide receiver. He was new on varsity when I played. “I can’t make it tonight. My brother is going to fuck me…yeah, really. He brought a friend home with him that is going to fuck dad and then me. He’s huge. Much bigger than the guys in your videos.” Jarad turned to me. “Can Neal come over?”

“I thought you were straight,” I remarked. “Always dating cheerleaders like I used to.”

“I’m bi,” Jared admitted. “Usually I top but I guess not tonight. Can he come?”

“It’s not my decision. What do you say Yancey? Can we add another?”

“Sure,” he agreed. “The more the merrier.”

“Around eight, okay?” Jarad said and put down the phone. “I’ve been trying to seduce you for a couple years. Did you think all the times I walked in on you naked in our shared bathroom were accidental? But you never noticed me. Now you have no excuse. Fuck me while your friend does dad.”

“You know, Yancey gave me a choice. I could go to his place for the night or host him here, knowing that he would also fuck you and dad if he did. I chose to bring him because I wanted you to experience what I just had. So I’ll fuck you brother. I’ve just had it on the receiving end so far but the basics seem easy enough. I’ll do my best.”

Yancey had finished with the lube and was getting dad positioned for entry. I retrieved the bottle. Jared took it from me and used it to slick up my cock and then lube his hole, pushing a few fingers inside to spread it. He got on the big bed beside dad and lifted his legs to his chest, exposing his hole to me.

Yancey had three fingers in dad and was poised to push his clock inside but he was waiting for me. I pushed a couple fingers into Jared but his hole was already loose. I removed my fingers and just placed the tip in the center. His ass ring started nibbling on the end.

“On three,” Yancey said. “We’ll see who can bring off their partner first. One…Two…Three!”

I pushed against Jared hard. He opened easily for me and I got almost six inches in on my first thrust. I stated stroking him and shortly had all my inches inside. He was tighter than any pussy I’d been in.

“Adjust your angle a little,” Jared coached. “That’s better. A little more. Perfect. Feel that? It’s the bump of my prostate. Try and hit or rub that as much as possible. The sensations from it go right to my cock.”

I did as he suggested. I could see his pole buck each time I hit the spot and he started to leak juice onto his abdominals. He reached to stroke his cock but Yancey knocked his hand away, saying it must be hands free.

Yancey had eight inches into dad but he had eight more still to go. Dad’s cock was dripping too. He had his eyes closed concentrating on the new sensations from inside.

I started speeding up my stroke in Jared. I was hitting his pleasure spot every time. He told me he was close. I gave him some full length power thrusts to push him over the edge. But dad screamed first as his cum flew clear over his head. Jared followed seconds later. His first shot splattered on his face. I knew I never really had a chance to win. Yancey could have triggered dad any time he wanted to.

“That was great,” Jared told me. “You’re doing pretty good for your first time. You just need more practice.”

“Are you volunteering?” I asked him.

“Any time brother, any time.”

I never felt this close to my brother before. I wiped up his cum on my fingers and fed it to him as I kept up a steady motion. I tried some myself. It tasted sweeter than Yancey’s or mine.

By this time I was struggling not to cum. I started to power fuck Jared hoping to last long enough to bring him off with me. I only was able to hold off a couple minutes before shooting my seed in his ass. My cum triggered him so we shared our orgasms.

My cock softened as I stopped spurting. I eased out and lay on the bed beside my brother as Yancey continued working over our now delirious dad. We kissed, not as brothers, but lovers.

Yancey fucked dad for another hour. That gave Jared a chance to fuck me. He was good but nothing like Yancey. Still he was my brother and we both knew this was going to be regular from here on.

When Yancey shifted to Jared I moved to lay beside dad. He had passed out from the pleasure and intensity of Yancey’s final fuck. I tried rubbing his face but he didn’t respond. Dad had pools of his cum still on his body so I dipped my fingers in a few and tasted his seed, seed that had made me, while I waited.

It was about fifteen minutes before he came around. I saw his eyes open and look around to try and get oriented. Jared was being fucked on one side and I was on the other.

“Dad, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes son. That was my best sex ever. The best anything ever. I never knew such intense pleasure, that it was even possible.”

“I know. Jared and I aren’t in Yancey’s class but we can still give you plenty of pleasure. We’ll take care of you until Yancey can visit again.”

Just then Jared gave a scream as he had another orgasm. Dad and I just watched Yancey do his thing.

Neal came by at eight promptly. He brought four large pizzas and we took a much needed break. Then it was more sex until past midnight. Dad had Jared and Neal with him in the Master Suite while Yancey and I shared my bed. Junior fucked me for an hour before we went to sleep still coupled.

By the sun it was late morning when I woke up. Yancey was still asleep but he had most of his big cock up my gut. I gave it a squeeze with my ass muscles and felt him stir.

“Jake, you’re up,” Yancey said. “I’ve been up for a couple hours but didn’t want to disturb you. I’ve been in Junior’s mind while our bodies slept. His neighbor has a couple teenage boys that he’s been fucking regularly so I have a head start on today’s fun but I’ll catch you up.”

With that he gave me a power fuck. I shot four times to his two but he was careful not to push me too far. It left me energized rather than exhausted. He pulled out of me and we rested side by side on the cum-soaked sheets. I could hear the sounds of sex from the Master so the others must be awake too.

“Yancey, I don’t know how I can thank you enough. The sex was great. You know that but the best part was you transformed our family. We are finally free and open with each other and happy. It is your real gift to us.”

“Junior here. I’m giving the brothers a turn fucking me so I have Yancey running my body while I talk with you. Yancey’s body feels everything that my body does so if it shoots there, this body will here. We shot a couple loads into you when you were asleep and I was fucking back home so you are extra full.”

“I’m starting to get an idea of your connection with each other. It sounds so close and intimate. Is it as fun as it appears?”

“It’s better actually. You really can’t know what it is like from words. We don’t use or need words between us. We are not really two persons anymore. The bodies and minds are not Yancey and Junior but both at the same time. Of course, Yancey’s mind is not developed enough to hold all of mine so there is always a piece of me in my birth body. But someday it will be big enough for both of us.”

Junior continued. “We were happy to transform your family. It is what we try to do with every family we visit. Your dad was frustrated from lack of sex but had two hot studs living with him. You and your brother were unable to act on your desires. We set you free.”

Yancey’s cock erupted, spraying me with ropes of his sperm.

“The older brother has ten inches,” Junior explained. “With my small body it is relatively bigger than this one when inside me. He knows how to use it too.”

“No problem,” I told him. “Your cum tastes great and the more we have on my sheets the better. I plan on sleeping surrounded by your smell. I’ll have great dreams.”

We got up and had a shower together. When we finished I could smell breakfast. We went downstairs still naked. The others were there also nude.

Everyone got up and came over when they saw Yancey. He hugged dad, Jared and Neal to him and gave each a morning kiss. Everyone wanted another fuck before he left and he agreed. I thought Yancey had switched back but wasn’t totally certain. I guess it doesn’t really matter. The important thing was everyone was happy and excited, hungry too. The sex we had burns lots of energy.

I got some eggs, bacon, toast and sat next to dad.

“Dad, how was your night?”

“Great,” Dad said. “Jared fucked me and then he showed me how to fuck Neal. I expect you to fuck me regularly too. I’m lucky to have two such studs as sons.”

“Sure dad,” I replied. “But Jared and I are the dominant males in our house. You have to respect our authority and follow our directions. In return we will satisfy your sexual needs.”

“I understand,” he acknowledged. “I know you are both men now. I now know I need a man in my life to control me and love me and I have two.”

In response I leaned over to him and kissed him. Not like a dad but like I’d kiss a girl before we have sex. When I touched his lips with my tongue, he opened his mouth to let me inside. He showed total submission to me and I was pleased.

When I broke the kiss, dad just looked at me. His face blushed. He was embarrassed by his submission to me, his son, but he knew he had no choice.

After the meal we did have a final round. Just casual fucks, nothing too intense. Yancey dropped a fresh load in each of us. I fucked dad for my first time after Yancey bred his hole. It was fun thrusting my cock in a hole filled with his warm cum and finally mixing it with some of mine. I was quite physical with dad, slapping his ass to get him to tighten his hole that had just been stretched open by Yancey’s thick piece. When I pulled out I had him clean off my cock in his mouth and then fed him the cum from his ass.

I was driving Yancey back to pick up his car. We had washed our running clothes overnight and had a quick shower so we were clean. I was about to speak but he beat me to it.

“You don’t need to thank me again. We enjoy straightening out families limited by sexual inhibitions. The dynamic is different depending on the family makeup but all are happier once they feel free to enjoy each other.”

“Yancey, it is Yancey or doesn’t it matter.”

“It really doesn’t matter. Most of my friends just address the name of the body they are with, irregardless of who happens to be in it. If the matter is specifically for the other partner just use that name and we’ll hear and respond. We both see, hear and feel everything from both bodies though normally one is pushed to the background. Junior actually controls that but he knows what I want. Well, we don’t actually talk to each other. Our communication is deeper than that but you can’t understand it and it is impossible to explain.”

With that we arrived. He gave me a deep kiss and got out of the car. I just sat there and watched him drive off, wondering what is like to be him.

All of us were worried that we might never see Yancey again but he became a regular guest in our house, frequent enough that I did wash my sheets. Sometimes he brought a friend. They were always fun.

Jared and I also often had friends in overnight for sex. Sometimes they were female. Jared would share his friends with me and I’d share too. We’d also invite our male friends to fuck dad. The ladies would be treated to a show of Jared and I fucking or us spit roasting dad.

Dad started dating again. He met a Korean-American bodybuilder at his gym. I figured it started with casual fucking. I noticed dad had cum in his ass one day when I fucked him after work and asked him about it. The guy was Joo Yi, everyone called him Joe. He was a couple years younger than dad and besides the sex, dad worked out with him and was making great progress under his guidance. I could see that. Dad had also lost twenty pounds and had real definition now. Now that it was out, dad asked our permission to spend a night or two each week at Joe’s apartment downtown and we agreed.

A couple weeks later dad asked if he could have Joe stay with us on the weekend. He wants to meet us. We were eager to see the guy in dad’s life too so it was on.

It was Friday evening about eight when we heard the garage open. Jared had just finished fucking me on the living room couch. We were naked as we now normally are at home.

Dad and Joe came in still wearing their gym gear. Joe was six foot, so a little shorter than any of us but he had much more muscle and he was shredded with near zero body fat. He had a big bulge in his shorts, ten-and-a-half inches, hard in anticipation of meeting us.

It was obvious what Jared and I were doing just before. Jared’s cock was coated with cum and I was dripping some of his fresh load onto the wood floor.

Joe told Jared and me to kneel before him. We did. He’d heard from dad that we were in charge and let us know that, when he is with us, he’s the boss. He told us he had a son, my age, that’s even bigger than he but he tolerates no disobedience from him even so. His son, Donny, goes to Berkeley. Seeing Joe, we both knew that he could back up his words so we accepted his dominance.

It was a fun weekend. The sex was great. Saturday morning, Joe told me I had broken one of his rules and I needed to be spanked. He never told me which rule but I knew better than to dispute him. He sat on a chair and I draped myself over his big thighs. Beneath my naked body his hard cock pressed mine as he gave me twenty hard slaps with his open hand on my bare butt. It hurt, but by slap ten, I came, spurting a new jet on each subsequent slap. By fifteen he joined me. After twenty he let me up, asking if I learned my lesson. I had. After that Joe was always rough and physical when he fucked me. Nothing that left bruises or marks but always some painful slapping mixed in. It was fun. I enjoyed being man-handled and roughed-up by the muscular Korean stud.

After that Joe would spend a weekend or a few nights with us each month. And, as I said, he was great for dad. While still submissive sexually he had gained confidence by having a strong man backing him up. He got a big promotion and nice raise at work.

It was late summer. Dad, Jared and I were sleeping in the big bed in the Master Suite as we always did when we didn’t have guests overnight. I had just awaken. Dad and Jared were still asleep. The TV came on. Junior was on the screen. He told me that he had a friend he wanted me to meet. Apparently I was the only one that could hear what he said as the others were undisturbed. All I needed to do was go outside and he’d have transportation waiting. I agreed.

I got off the bed without waking anyone and did a quick morning routine in my bathroom. I donned a clean gym outfit and stuffed my phone and some items in a fanny pack. There had been lots of stories about the tribe and goings on at their reservation since they had bought all that government land a few months ago. Yancey seemed excited on his visits but neither he nor Junior gave any details.

I walked out the front door. There was a van-like vehicle on our driveway but it had no wheels. The door opened and I got in. The van lifted into the air and a few minutes later we arrived outside a nice home. A miniature muscle stud was waiting for me.

He was Joshua White Horse. He was a year old and Junior had recommended me as his partner. I met his family. They were all sexy hot and thought I was a good choice.

I already knew about Yancey and Junior but I got the trial version of the real thing. We got to know each other in ways impossible to describe. I now know what Junior meant when he said his mind was bigger than Yancey’s. All that was to see if we were compatible. I was told that my decision was literally forever. I said yes eagerly and the result was even better than I expected. There are lots of youngsters soon needing partners and we hope Jake will be suitable for one.

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