by Ziel

It’s Trevor’s series, but he doesn’t appear in this one. Makes you think... Jokes aside, this chapter formally introduces a character mentioned in the previous chapter. Devon was also in the lab that day, and his new size has its own set of difficulties.

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Devon’s heart was pounding in his chest as he placed a hand against the cat-flap installed in his front door. He had left the house many times before, but he had not been past the little bodega on the corner of his block… Not since The Incident, anyway.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him now, but he was once a decently tall guy. He stood a solid 5’8, but five of those feet had been blasted clean off of him in a lab accident during his chemistry class, and he was one of the lucky ones… if you could call being chest high to a Barbie “lucky”. He was towards the back of the class. The closer someone got to the epicenter, the smaller they became. Some were left inches tall. Some centimeters. Some were even reduced down to mere millimeters, and an unlucky few now measure in microns! Even in his current, shrunken state, it was hard for Devon to fathom a human being being reduced down to the size of an amoeba or even smaller!

Devon had recently been in contact with a few of his friends from that class. Trevor now stood a hair shy of two inches tall. It was hard for Devon to fathom Trevor now being so tiny that he didn’t even reach Devon’s knees. Trevor had always been a “big” presence despite his fairly average height, and somehow, being reduced to less than two inches hadn’t seem to diminish Trevor’s exuberance, but even Trevor now towered over their mutual friend, Rex.

In some ways, Devon was dreading meeting Rex again. It wasn’t that they had parted on bad terms or anything. The last time Devon had seen Rex, Rex had sucked him off sloppy in the science building bathrooms right before class. Rex was fun to hang out with and gave great head. He was the life of the party and had helped Devon take the first steps towards coming out. The real reason Devon was hesitant to see Rex again was… well… seeing Rex! Devon didn’t even know if he could! Rex was so tiny that it was hard to even measure him! Best estimates put him at roughly half a millimeter! What could Devon even do with a guy that size? Would he be able to even hear him? Would he be able to even see him?

Still… it was thanks to Rex and Trevor that Devon had finally gotten permission from his parents to venture further than the street corner. Ever since his shrinkage, his parents had kept him on a short leash– in some ways literally! They were afraid to even let him outside for fear a hawk or a stray cat would carry him away! It had taken weeks for Devon to convince them to even let him wander off to the bodega down the street! And before they even let him do that, they made him wear a collar that had a tracker in it. It wasn’t even a cute collar! It was a garish, plastic, teal abomination that didn’t go with any of his outfits! … not that he had many outfits. He had to get his stuff custom made. He was a tad too short for Ken’s clothes, and even had he been a few inches taller, the stuff they made doll clothes out of was stiff and scratchy. It would have been irritating to wear and tough to move in.

Devon was glad that he had managed to talk his folks into letting him design his own clothes. His stuff was made out of light, easy to move in fabric, and was a fetching shade of black. His outfit looked much like the stuff he used to wear back in… the before times. All except for the godawful hamster collar, anyway.

Devon’s heart was still pounding as he made his way down the sidewalk. He had walked this path several times now, but it was still jarring to be out in the world of the bigger people. Devon didn’t even reach halfway up most adult’s shins! He was knee high to a toddler! He was barely bigger than an action figure! He was the worst possible size! He was so small that he was easy to miss, leading to many people almost stepping on him, and yet he was so big that he couldn’t slink unseen through the crowd. Everywhere he went, he would constantly hear people murmuring as he passed. “Woah. Is that real?” “Hey. Do you think he was involved in that incident a few months ago?” “Mommy! I want a dolly like that!” People often wanted to ogle him, or handle him, or question him! It seemed like he couldn’t even travel to the corner store without getting interrogated at least twice, and once one person started talking to him, others wanted to join in too! Before he knew it, he would be at the center of a team huddle as several towering individuals hunched down around him and talked down to him!

Devon wasn’t sure if the novelty had started to wear off, or if he had somehow managed to move unseen. Foot traffic in this part of town seemed surprisingly low today. Was it a weekend? A holiday? Would traffic be more or less if it were? Devon wasn’t sure anymore. Days all blurred together, and he had been so far removed from society for so long, that work days and shopping days seemed like foreign concepts. Whatever the case may be, it only took him around twenty minutes to reach the corner store.

On some level, Devon knew that it was strange that this trip was such an ordeal for him. The bodega was only three doors down from his parents’ townhouse, and yet it may as well be three miles at his size. A trip that once took him a handful of minutes now took him half an hour.

Once he reached the street corner, Devon stared up at the doorway to the bodega. Just the doorframe looked as tall as a five-story building. Part of him considered going in. He had a bit of a rapport with the guy who owned the place. Even after Devon had shrunk, the shopkeep had been nothing but kind to him, but Devon didn’t have anything he particularly needed at the moment, and there were even fewer things that he could lift. His old order of a coke and a candy bar was now impossible for him to lift, let alone consume. A standard 20 oz. bottle was as tall as he was and far heavier!

Instead, Devon decided to wait at the corner for the bus to arrive. The roar of cars rolling past was deafening. At his size he could feel the very rumbles of the cars engines even as they idled at the stoplight. Everything felt so much. He wished he had brought some sort of ear protection, but even protecting eardrums wouldn’t have done a lot to reduce how overwhelming his surroundings were. Even just the tires of the cars in front of him completely dwarfed him. He didn’t even reach halfway up the hubcaps, and that was with the few extra inches of height granted by the sidewalk. And yet, despite how huge and overwhelming the vehicles were, they were somehow less jarring than the people that had clustered around the bus stop.

Devon continually had to dart out of the way as people approached. Very few were looking low enough to spot a guy who was less than a foot tall, and as more and more people crowded around the bus stop, Devon found himself unintentionally gravitating towards a pair of boots that dwarfed his whole body. Devon was so short that his head only reached a quarter of the way up most people’s shins, and the dude was tall even by normal standards. The collar of the dude’s thick, black, leather boots were a bit above eye level to the shrunken Devon.

Devon glanced up and up at the towering figure. The tattered jeans and the denim vest were a familiar sight. These were the kind of people Devon liked to hang around with before the incident. He found that punks were often nicer than your average person, and this one either hadn’t noticed him, or, as was more likely the case, didn’t care enough to mess with him. How little this guy seemed interested in the tiny figure that stood at his feet was a huge relief, especially when considering the looks he was getting from other people in the crowd. There were a few chatty ladies who were glancing his way while whispering to one another, and everyone else had at least cast a curious glance in his direction.

The events at the lab were no secret. As much as the university would have loved to keep everything under wraps, it was kind of impossible to keep the lid on such an event. Whatever happened that day completely turned the laws of mass and matter on its head. The scientific community was in an uproar. Theories and dissertations abounded as countless post-grads decided to change their focus to do their doctorate on whatever the hell happened there, and even without the buzz in the scientific community, the shrinkage had affected too many people to safely keep a lid on. Everyone in the building had lost anywhere from a handful of centimeters to a handful of feet. It was a college town, but it wasn’t a large college town. Everyone knew at least someone who knew someone who was affected by the blast. It would be easy to act like nothing had happened if everyone had lost only a small bit of mass, but there were people that were now smaller than insects!

It was because the events were such public knowledge that Devon had the awkward sort of minor celebrity status that he did. Everyone had heard about people like him, but few had actually seen one of the shrunken people. Devon was no stranger to being stopped and interrogated by random people on the street which was why he was so thankful for the punk he had gravitated towards. The sheer aura of Don’t Fuck With Me this dude exuded provided Devon a barrier against nosey people.

Eventually, a bus trundled up to the stop. The doors opened, and a handful of people shuffled off. Devon kept far enough away from the doors and close enough to the ankles of the punk that he didn’t have to worry about being stepped on, but the motion of so many massive people did send his anxiety into overdrive. He was just so easy to overlook at his size! But eventually the flow of traffic off the bus abated and the flow of traffic on began. Devon hung back as the first few people went on, and then made his move.

Devon stepped up to the curb and balked at the distance. Not only had the bus stopped a good distance back from the curb, but the bus step onto the bus was above eye level! He’d have to Tomb Raider this shit to get onto the bus!

Devon took a few steps back and got a running start. He gathered up some steam as he dashed the foot or so towards the curb and took a flying leap towards the bus. The gap was, in reality, less than a foot from the curb, but at his size, it was like taking a six-foot flying leap! His hands barely managed to grasp onto the edge of the step! Fortunately, the rubber mat of the bus stairway gave his fingers enough traction for him to keep a grip on the ledge, but he was still left dangling above the pavement.

The fall wouldn’t be a problem for him. It was such a short drop that there was no risk of getting hurt, but if he fell, the bus was sure to leave without him! He didn’t feel like trying to dodge tires, and he definitely didn’t want to be stuck at that street corner for another half hour waiting on another bus!

Devon gritted his teeth and pulled with all his might. He wasn’t the most athletic guy before the incident, but in the weeks since being shrunk, he had definitely trimmed up. Everything was a full body workout for him! Trying to climb the stairs in his house was like trying to scale a wall for each step. He’d have to leap and pull himself over the rest of the step! Still, getting up the stairs was easier than trying to pull himself up and over a ledge that was far above his head, and to make matters worse, he was on a tight timetable. The bus driver could slam the doors shut at any moment!

Devon struggled and strained and pulled himself up and over the ledge just in time for the bus doors to slide shut behind him. The force of the doors slamming shut sent him toppling backwards against the stairs.

Devon grumbled as he stared up at the steps above him. Busses always had obnoxiously steep steps. He had caught his foot and stumbled when trying to board the bus numerous times when he was his old size, and now that he was chest high to a Barbie, it was even worse! The stairs were taller than he was! Devon made a mental note to look up some parkour vids on YouTube after he got home because he could already tell he was going to need it in the future. However, that didn’t help him at all in the now.

Devon leapt up and caught the lip of the stair and slowly pulled himself up and over the ledge. Right as he did so, the bus began to move. The bus took off so suddenly and so swiftly that Devon was sent tumbling! Fortunately, he managed to keep himself from rolling back off the stair that he had already climbed, but the sudden motion had left him jostled and jarred.

Devon took a moment to clear his head before attempting the next step. Fortunately, this one was shorter than the initial step. A little bit of a running start, and he was able to scramble up the side of the step and onto the next one. Devon gave a quick exhale and shook his arms out to hype himself up and then scrambled up the next step in much the same way. He staggered into the central aisle and took a moment to catch his breath. He was relatively safe where he was now. All that was left was to lay low until it came time for his stop.

Devon dipped under a nearby chair and clung to the chair leg for stability as the bus made its rounds. His hiding spot not only kept him out of the way of people walking up and down the aisle, but it also gave him a decent view of the digital sign that listed the upcoming stops. The sign was so far above, that Devon felt like he was watching the alerts in Times Square instead of the sign in a bus. The sign was so far above him, that his neck was quickly getting sore, but he didn’t dare move farther back for fear of not being able to make it to the front before the bus took off again.

Again, Devon was struck by how surreal the whole experience was. He had ridden this bus several times before in the past, but back then he had been tall enough to effortlessly use one of the seats. In fact, back then he had been able to sit down in the seat rather than having to climb up to get to it! And of course, back then he didn’t have to worry about the foot traffic! With each stop the bus made, more people shuffled on and filed off. Massive feet which were as large as Devon’s whole body, if not larger, stomped past him. He could feel the shockwaves of each massive footfall. Each step that people took felt like an earthquake to him. Devon felt so weak and powerless as people walked past that he couldn’t even fathom what it would be like for Trevor or even Rex! Devon barely reached past the collar of most peoples’ shoes whereas Trevor would barely be taller than the soles! And as Devon watched foot after massive foot tread past him, he couldn’t help but wonder just how tiny Rex would be in comparison.

Eventually, the bus stopped at Second Avenue. Devon remembered this stop from the before times. The next one would take him to the outskirts of the campus, and more importantly, to the apartment complex that Trevor and Simon lived at. Devon had been there once before, but that felt like a lifetime ago.

Devon waited as the bus began moving once more and headed towards the campus. Just a few more blocks, and he’d be off the bus and beginning the next phase of his journey. Devon was so nervous and so excited that he could barely contain himself. It had been so long since he had had the chance to hang out with friends, but he also knew that this was new territory for him. At least back home, he was never far from safety, whether it be the safety of his own home, or the relative safety of the bodega.

The bus rounded the corner and began to slow down as it approached the stop. This was it. Devon braced himself. As soon as the bus stopped, he was going to have to make a dash for the doorway. He just hoped that the foot traffic wasn’t too heavy. If he had to play Frogger in the aisle as he darted towards the door, he ran the risk of missing his stop!

However, something unexpected happened. The bus slowed down as it approached the stop, but then it sped up again! It didn’t even stop! No! there must not have been anyone at the bus stop, and no one had pulled the rope to signal the bus driver they needed off!

Devon silently swore to himself as he watched the sign above the bus driver change from University Heights to Central Campus. Why was there no one at the stop? Was it a weekend? A holiday? Were classes not in session today? If there weren’t students looking to get on the bus at the Heights stop, then what guarantee was there that the bus would even stop at the university?

Panic began to set in. Devon needed to get off the bus before he got too far away. He didn’t know how far this bus traveled, and he didn’t want to risk getting stuck on the bus as it traveled all the way across town, or worse, it made its way to the bus depot to end its route.

Devon looked around the bus. The bus had gotten fairly empty in the stops since his house. There were only a handful of people on it. There was a pair of older ladies towards the back. A mom and her young son somewhere in the middle. An unnervingly twitchy older man… and that punk that Devon had used for cover back at the bus stop.

It wasn’t even a hard decision. Upon seeing his options, Devon immediately turned and darted towards the back of the bus. He didn’t want to risk being spotted by someone he didn’t want to see him, so he kept to the space beneath the seats. He dodged between feet and trekked across old wrappers and discarded newspapers. The carpet beneath some of these seats was filthy! The bus clearly hadn’t been washed in ages! He found half-eaten candy dropped beneath the seats. He found a massive wad of freshly chewed gum pressed against the leg of one of the chairs. Unfortunately, he didn’t spot it until he had accidentally shoved his hand directly into it. His hand sunk into the thick, rubbery substance. The was of chewing gum was so massive that it was like the size of a basketball! Had it been softer, he could have shoved his entire hand into it. Fortunately, he was so small and weak that even had he shoved with all his might, his hand would barely have sunken into the goop.

Devon pulled his hand back. The sticky substance pulled at his skin of his hand as he did so. It was disgusting! It wasn’t just sticky but the smell of sugar and fake strawberries was cloying. Devon wanted nothing more than to wash his hand, but the only cloth he had access to were his own clothing, and coating his shirt or pants in sticky sugar residue felt like a fate worse than death.

Devon forced himself to ignore the grimy feeling on his hand and direct his attention further back towards the large backpack that sat propped beside one of the chairs. The pack was old and beat up and covered in patches and pins. Devon recognized a few of the bands advertised on the pack as well as a familiar rainbow flag. The flag patch was surrounded by various flaming skulls and barbed wire, which somehow made perfect sense.

Devon’s heart was pounding as he approached the backpack. What was he doing? What would he say once he got the guy’s attention? “Hey. You don’t know me, and you have no reason to help me, but could you please help me get to my friend’s house”? There was no good way to ask. Devon was betting a lot on this guy not being a total piece of shit. Devon was so small and there were so few witnesses that if this broke bad, the guy could easily shove Devon into his backpack and carry him away!

Devon tried to shake the thoughts from his mind. He had had plenty of friends who looked a lot like this guy in The Before Times. Devon trusted this punk way more than the chatty Kathys in the back, and he definitely trusted him more than that crazy guy or the bus driver.

With his mind mostly made up, all that was left was for him to try to get the guy’s attention, and that meant getting up onto the seat!

Devon placed his hands against the thick fabric of the punk’s backpack and slowly began his climb. Again, Devon was struck by how small he had become. He was trying to crawl up and over somebody’s backpack like it was the rope wall at a playground! Just the tongue on the zipper of the backpack was wider than Devon’s forearm and almost as long!

As Devon scaled the side of the shed-sized satchel, he was reminded of the time he had visited a rock-climbing gym with some friends. Scaling the sound of the pack was very similar to scaling the wall at the gym only instead of faux stone handholds, Devon had to step from pin to patch to pin as he climbed the side of the backpack.

Devon quickly found himself standing atop the backpack. The trek had gotten him well over a foot off the ground, but it wasn’t enough to get him all the way up to the seat. The top of the seat cushion was now level with his chest. It was a simple enough climb, but he was already so exhausted from all the other stunts he had had to do to get this far. It seemed like the world was just one giant obstacle course at his size, but at least he was nearing the end of his current task.

Devon took a deep breath, shook out his arms, and leapt up to scramble up and onto the empty seat. Even though he was exhausted, climbing onto the seat was easy enough, however, as Devon stood up, he glanced over towards the dude who was sitting in the window seat.

Devon gasped as he realized the guy was staring right at him! Devon instinctively took a step back, but he immediately realized his mistake. He was already on the edge of the seat! There was nowhere to go! His foot hovered above the edge for a split second before his mistake and gravity started to catch up to him. Devom flailed his arms and tried desperately to maintain his balance, but he could already tell it was a lost cause. At this point, the best he could do was try to limit the impact of his fall.

Right as Devon began to tumble backwards, the towering figure in the neighboring seat lunged at him with his hand outstretched. Was he trying to grab Devon? In any other situation, Devon would have been terrified to see someone so large lunging at him so fast, but It all happened so fast, that Devon’s mind would have been spinning even if he wasn’t dealing with the vertigo of losing his balance on such a high ledge.

Devon suddenly felt something against his back. He had fallen backwards, but he had not fallen off the seat! Something now propped him up and kept him from toppling into the aisle. As Devon glanced around, he quickly realized what it was that had saved him.

The dude had placed his hand directly behind Devon to provide a barrier. Devon was suddenly hit by waves of conflicting emotions. Now that he was pressed against the guy’s palm, it was clear to see just how tiny Devon was compared to him. If the dude decided to curl his fingers, he could easily wrap his hand around Devon’s entire torso and then some! Devon was so tiny that had the dude wanted to, he could carry Devon around like King Kong carrying his latest captive!

Devon was immensely grateful to this guy for catching him and was double appreciative that the guy had done so in a way that didn’t involve directly grabbing him, and yet being pressed against a giant’s palm made Devon both incredibly nervous and incredibly excited. Devon had not had much exposure since he had shrunk. His exposure was pretty much limited to his immediate family and the kindly old owner of the shop down the street. These were people that Devon knew very well and could trust completely. Devon knew nothing about this guy other than his choice in attire and what bands he chose to advertise on his backpack!

There was a tense pause as Devon leaned awkwardly against the guy’s palm and stared up at the towering figure. Devon had not gotten a good look at the guy’s face at the bus stop, but now, Devon was staring directly at it! The guy was stunningly handsome. His dark hair, which was gelled up in spikes, stood in stark contrast to his piercing grey eyes. Devon could do nothing but stand there and stare in awe as the blood rushed to his face and his crotch. His cheeks burned bright red, and the front of his pants suddenly started to feel tighter.

After a tense moment, the guy finally broke the silence. “Are you all right," he asked.

“God, I hope so…” Devon muttered as he stared at the titan in awe.

The dude tilted his head to the side slightly like a confused puppy. Had he not understood what Devon had said? Devon was suddenly incredibly thankful that his voice didn’t carry far at his size. This gave him a second chance to make a first impression on this guy that didn’t make him sound like a total doofus.

“Yes! For the time being, at least! I might need your help, though!” Devon shouted up at the giant.

“My help?” the guy asked. He tilted his head slightly and cocked an eyebrow skeptically.

“I… I need some help, and you… seemed like… you might be able to help?” Devon said. He tried his hardest to keep his voice raised enough that the guy could clearly hear him, but the way that the guy was staring at him as if appraising him made Devon feel smaller and punier by the second.

The guy looked up and glanced around the bus as if taking a quick inventory of the passengers. Then he redirected his attention back towards the shrunken figure on the seat beside him. “Okay. I guess I can see that. What’s up?" he said.

“I missed my stop,” Devon said as forcefully as he could muster. “I meant to get off at the Heights, but the bus didn’t stop there.”

“That was a couple stops ago at this point. It’s a few miles away,” the guy commented.

“Yeah… it could take the bus hours to get back there again, and I have friends waiting on me, so…” Devon stammered.

“Friends? Are they your size?” the guy asked.

“Well… some of them are smaller…” Devon replied awkwardly.

“You don’t say…” the guy said. He suddenly leaned back against the window. One leg was draped over the side of the chair and the other leg was crossed over his lap. He seemed fascinated by this new information which made Devon a little worried.

“Well, Not all of them are…” Devon stammered. He was starting to doubt he made the right choice in revealing himself to this guy, but he the cat was already out of the proverbial bag. There was nothing to do but see this through… and speaking of bags, Devon remembered a specific patch on this guy’s backpack and decided to play that angle. “My friend Trevor said his boyfriend could come pick me up, but I wanted to prove I could make the trip by myself so I turned down the offer,” Devon explained.

The guy once again cocked an eyebrow as he sized up Devon. There was clearly something going on in his head, but Devon had no idea what.

“So, this friend of yours, Trevor. How big is he?” the guy asked.

“I… don’t know. I haven’t seen him since, well… All this,” Devon said and gestured towards himself.

“And he has a boyfriend? Is he also…?” the guy asked.

“No. He wasn’t in that lab, so he was unaffected. He’s still however tall he was before,” Devon explained.

“Huh. No shit…” the guy said. The expression on his face seemed to indicate that he was mulling over the mechanics of it and that he was amused by whatever images he was dreaming up.

“So, as I was saying…” Devon began to say, but the guy quickly interrupted.

“Oh, right! Did you want me to take you?" he asked.

“No. That’s fine. I just need someone to signal to the bus driver so I can get off,” Devon explained.

“But we’re like on the opposite side of campus. Even if you cut straight across the quad, that’d be like three miles, and at your size… that’d be like… I mean, no offense,” the dude said, seemingly genuinely concerned.

Devon didn’t want to admit it, but this guy was right. Even if Devon got off at the next stop, he’d be in for several hours’ worth of walking to get back towards the Heights. The trek across campus was a massive pain even when he had been full-sized, but now that Devon was the size of a squirrel, the trek was guaranteed to be even worse, and that wasn’t even factoring in the several city blocks between his current location and the campus itself. He’d have to cross several streets in broad daylight if he were to try and walk.

The other option was to wait at the bus stop and catch a bus going the opposite direction, but that brought with it several new challenges. Devon didn’t know the bus routes well enough to know which line he needed, and he was far too short to read the signs posted at the bus stop.

Whatever the case was, he either needed outside assistance or he would have to spend hours to get to his intended destination. This world wasn’t designed for people of his size, and as much as Devon wanted to prove to his family and to himself that he could be self sufficient even when he was, literally, only a handful of inches tall, things had already gone so off the rails that he had to admit he needed help.

Devon had apparently spent long enough lost in his own thoughts that things had started to get so awkward that the giant felt he needed to break the silence. “I’ll take you,” he said.

“W-what? I can’t ask that of you…” Devon stammered.

“You don’t have to. I’m offering,” the guy replied.

“But don’t you already have plans?” Devon asked.

“Not really,” the guy said with a shrug. “I was originally going to go to the park to find somewhere quiet to study, but I’m not feeling it anymore,” he said.

“But the park would have been the stop right before the Heights,” Devon said.

“Yeah. I’d been kinda watching you since before we got onto the bus. I was… maybe curious… maybe concerned. I dunno. I just didn’t feel right leaving until I knew that you would be fine,” he said.

“O-oh…” Devon replied. He could feel the heat in his face. His heart was pounding. Not only was he a little over half a foot tall, but he was blushing!? How embarrassing!

“I noticed you were hanging around me at the bus stop. It’s not that common that someone wants to be near me, especially someone like you,” he explained.

“W-well… I was friends with a few guys like you before… well… you know,” Devon explained.

“Were friends?” he asked.

“Yeah… I haven’t reached out to any of them since… well…” Devon explained, his voice trailed off at the end.

“Have you reached out to any of your friends?” the guy asked, but then quickly corrected himself. “Wait. You said you were on your way to a friend’s house, Trevor, right?”

“Y-yeah! Although, he reached out to me, first. I was… I don’t know,” Devon said. He started to go into more detail, but then suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. Why was he telling this guy this? He didn’t even know the guy’s name!

There was a moment of silence as the guy just continued to patiently watch and wait for Devon to say more, but Devon was too conflicted to continue. Everything in his head told him to not unload his life story to this guy he had just met, but something about this guy’s calm and caring personality made Devon’s heart cry out for him to spill everything.

Devon wasn’t sure if it was just to break the silence or if it was an attempt to change the subject since Devon was obviously conflicted, but the guy suddenly spoke up, “We’re approaching the next stop. Let me take you to your friend’s place.”

“I… you really don’t have to…” Devon stammered.

“It’s fine. I want to. I don’t have any other plans, and I’ll feel better knowing you got there safely,” the guy said.

“B-but… I don’t even know you?” Devon stammered.

The guy merely shrugged and reached a hand towards Devon and extended a pinky. “Ashton,” he said.

“W-what?” Devon replied.

“My name. Now you tell me yours, and we won’t be strangers anymore,” Ashton explained and then gave a quick little motion with his hand to try and coax Devon to shake.

“O-oh… I’m Devon,” Devon replied. He reached out and placed a hand against Ashton’s pinky. Ashton’s hand was so large that Devon couldn’t even fully grip his pinky. Devon was so small that grabbing onto Ashton’s fingertip was like trying to palm a pro-sized basketball.

“Nice to meet you, Devon. So does this mean you’ll let me help you?” Ashton asked.

Devon blushed once more. He hoped that at his size, it was hard to tell that his face was beet red, but given how pale he was normally, he doubted he was hiding it well.

Devon wanted to protest, but he knew that would be not only foolish but hypocritical. He had specifically sought this person out. Devon needed help and he wanted Ashton to help him, and yet… it was so hard for him to accept Ashton’s offer.

It wasn’t that Devon didn’t trust him. Devon had never been one to ask for help. Even before the incident he had been too proud and headstrong to ask others or even allow people to help him, and once he shrunk, he just became even more determined to prove that he could do everything on his own. Yet even as he put up a brave face, he knew that it wasn’t true. Pretty much as soon as the bus had rumbled up to the bus stop, Devon had realized he was in over his head.

While Devon stood paralyzed by his own nerves, Ashton reached up and tugged the cord above the window. The telltale chime indicated that the bus driver was alerted that someone needed to get off at the next stop. Ashton then reached a hand down and held his palm out so that Devon could climb aboard.

“C’mon. This is our stop,” Ashton said in a calm, reassuring tone.

Devon’s heart was pounding in his chest as he stared at the guy’s palm. Ashton’s hand was so large that Devon could recline in it as easily as he could a papasan. Devon looked back up at the towering punk. He fought against his own nerves and managed a nod. “O-okay,” Devon replied as he stepped up onto Ashton’s outstretched palm.

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Stanley’s cup by Ziel Jason has always wanted to play on the hockey team. It’s been his dream ever since he was a little kid. Unfortunately, his size and stature didn’t lend themselves to athletic endeavors. It seems he’s destined to live out his days helping the team from the sideline… not that that isn’t without its own perks. 5,959 words Added Oct 2020 10k views 5.0 stars (5 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Size Increase •M/M

Bottoms up by Ziel Chess, a haute and hung twink, is too proud and too big to bottom which is a shame given how nice his ass is! But things change when he visits a trendy new club for his birthday. 7,092 words Added Jul 2021 11k views 5.0 stars (2 votes) •Cock Shrinking•Huge Cock•Increased Libido•Humiliation•Nonconsensual change•Dildos/Toys•Alcohol

Rapeenzel by Ziel Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued. 6,583 words Added Sep 2015 24k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) •Cock Growth•Cock Vore•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Prehensile Cock•Hyper Cum•Always Shirtless•Medieval(ish) •M/M

Esgrow by Ziel Gil is the quintessential dweeb. Just a short, scrawny, number-crunching nerd… until he decides to make some modifications to a certain legal document. 2 parts 4,979 words Added Jun 2021 Updated 8 Jan 2022 13k views 4.9 stars (12 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase •M/M/M/...•NS

NAUGHTY by Ziel Parker has been dreading returning home for the holidays. His asshole older brother will be there, and that can only spell more misery... unless Parker gets some help from a different kind of Christmas Spirit. 8,792 words Added Dec 2023 4,191 views 4.9 stars (7 votes) •Cock Shrinking•Cock Theft•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Cock Body•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Brothers•Nonconsensual change•Supernatural•Christmas •M/M

The magic jockstrap by Ziel Something short and simple this time around: A guy tries on a special jockstrap with interesting results. 1,385 words Added Jul 2016 18k views 4.8 stars (19 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock •M/M

Mandemic by Ziel When the cock-growing virus breaks free, even quarantining may not be enough. 2,374 words Added Apr 2020 15k views 4.8 stars (9 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Immobility

Gooed friends by Ziel The author, prompted to write about multi-limb and keen to indulge in his love for “slime boys,” offers a story rife with gooey fun, cute sappy young love, multi-limbs, consentacles and some mild muscle and junk growth for good measure. 5 parts 39k words Added Jul 2014 Updated 5 Jan 2018 47k views 4.7 stars (73 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Size Increase•Goo People•Tentacle•Halloween•Shapeshifting •M/M

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