Descent into pleasure

by MrVince

Young, athletic Rhett attends college where he does his best to stay disciplined with his schoolwork and his exercise routine. But he suddenly finds that his overwhelming fetish for male breasts is increasingly invading his life.

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Author’s Note

Inspired in part by Johnny M’s ‘The awakening’.


Rhett’s feet pounded against the sidewalk rhythmically. His heart thrummed in his ears, and his breathing came in slow, practiced waves. His black hair stuck to his sweat-drenched forehead, and moisture clung to him all over his body. He pumped his arms back and forth, mirroring his footsteps.

These were the best mornings to do this. When spring was first rearing its head from the depths of winter. The campus would be cast in a dark shade of violet blue at 6:00 a.m., but the temperature would be a perfect chill. Warm enough for a jog in a short sleeve, but cold enough that you get cooled during your runs.

Not to mention how scenic it was. It was interesting when Rhett looped the quad and got to see the empty campus. Sidewalks normally overcrowded with clusters of students, grass lawns that would become loitered with lounging teens now that the warmer weather was here. But for right now, it was just Rhett. All the buildings and pathways stood completely silent, and it made Rhett feel like he was in his own world.

An electronic ding rang in Rhett’s earbuds, signaling the end of his two-mile run. He let a gasp of relief. He placed both hands on his head as he reduced his run to a power-walk. Rhett felt a smile compulsively spread across his face. It was difficult not to when you’re feeling runner’s bliss.

Sweaty and pleasantly fatigued, he headed back to his respective dorm building, performing stretches to finish cooling-down. Rhett’s frame was dense and lean with muscle, a result from a regimen of weightlifting and cardio he tried to stick to. And he appreciated the results, as he felt his athletic build enjoying the post-run rush pulsing through it.

The dorm’s doors opened, and a sleepy and disheveled Felix came walking out, eyes glued to his phone. His long blonde-hair, which was normally neatly combed back, was hanging in strands over his face. His attire was equally rough, comprised of grey sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt. He looked like a grey blob, even though Felix’s build was both taller and stronger than Rhett’s.

Something about the look, the concentration on Felix’s face as he looked at his phone, the imperfect hair, and literally everything else, made Rhett’s heart flutter and his pulse beat like a drum. He had to restrain himself from biting his lip. Felix was so fucking attractive.

Felix glanced up and saw Rhett. His features brightened slightly. “Hey bro.”

The way he said ‘bro’ with that deep voice made his heart flip, “Hey man. What’s going on? Where you going?”

“Fucking calc dude. It’s kicking my ass. Me and a few of the guys are going to the library to study for it now, cause we got that test on Friday,” Felix’s slumped shoulders indicated that he would probably rather be doing anything else.

“Yeah, derivatives can be a bitch dude,” said Rhett. Well, they weren’t for Rhett but that’s probably because he suspected he was the only one who consistently did the homework in the class. The secret to math was the same as weightlifting, repetitions. But Rhett wanted to sympathize with him so Felix would talk more.

Felix ran a hand down his face in exhaustion. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do dude. I’m completely boned. Like, I can’t keep up with this stuff and all my other courses, ya know? This class is easily taking more time than the others combined.”

Rhett nodded. “Yeah, I hear ya.” Rhett would normally point out that Felix’s time that he dedicated to academics seemed extremely limited when compared to his time spent at Greek Street, but Rhett digressed.

“Have you studied for it yet?” asked Felix.

He had. “No not yet, dude.” The amount of ‘dudes’ he artificially included felt clunky on his tongue.

“Fuck… bro I haven’t even started the homework that’s due…” Felix drawled.

Rhett suddenly perked. “Yo, you wanna study at the library tonight?”

Felix gave him a side-ways ‘huh’?

“You’re only going this early in the morning cause that’s when the other guys can, ya? What if we go later tonight after dinner and we crank it out?” Rhett explained.

Felix contemplated it for a second. Then he smiled, which knocked some of the breath out of Rhett. “Sure, sounds good dude. I’ll text you later, ya?”

Rhett tried to stay composed. “Cool. I’ll see ya around.”

“Yeah, see ya,” Felix started down the sidewalk, once again buried in his phone.

“Hey Felix,” Rhett called after him.

Felix turned with a raised eyebrow.

“Change your outfit, you look like a fucking greyberry.”

Felix smiled, laughed, and turned back around.

Water cascaded down in the shower stall, filling it with steam. Rhett’s hand rhythmically pumped his shaft, back and forth, back and forth. Between the adrenaline of the morning run, and seeing Felix immediately afterwards, he was done for.

Rhett wanted to moan out from the steaming hot water and the building pressure in his groin, but he had to restrain myself. Rhett clenched his eyes and bit down on his free arm. Running water from other stalls could be heard.

It had been like this for a while. Ever since high school, when his body became stronger. Leaner. Primed for sex.

It always started with a workout of some kind. Pumping iron. Doing sit-ups. Running. Next was the post-workout high, when your body felt light as a feather. Then there would be something that would set Rhett off.

Seeing a hot dude’s strong jawline. Seeing a guy shirtless. Seeing a guy sweating, breathing hard. Oh, seeing a dude doing pull-ups was a huge turn-on. Really any combination thereof would make it start.

A wave of seductive heat would pass through Rhett, and suddenly he would be on alert. His muscles felt tight. His chest felt like it was under a pleasant kind of pressure. His pulse increased. But most importantly he would start to feel himself getting hard, and his head rubbing against his underwear, making him only stiffer. His dick not allowing him to focus on anything else. When it progressed to that stage, Rhett would have to get off.

And that’s why he was here now. He pumped his dick, faster. The tension between his legs building. Flashes of Felix went through his mind. The blonde hair. The brown eyes. The five o’clock shadow that highlighted his jaw perfectly. Not to mention Rhett knew what was hiding underneath that sweatshirt, he had seen Felix in the gym before. Plump biceps. Tough, broad shoulders. Abs, like a bed of smooth stones, that looked so fucking good when he raised his arms behind his head during sit-ups.

Rhett moaned into his arm as his desperation mounted. That’s when he felt his darker fetish begin to surface.

Felix’s best feature was his pecs. Strong and swollen. But Rhett was extremely biased. He began to envision what the stud would look like with breasts instead. Tits. Large, round, tits.

That was what Rhett craved with a vengeance. He’s unsure where the fetish originated, but it was all consuming to him now in his youthful years. Not transgenders, or hermaphrodites. His desire was focused on men pumped with testosterone. Massive arms, titanic backs, tree-trunk legs, long, throbbing dicks. And then hefty tits. Not soft feminine boobs. These were tits that were imposing, spherical, tough, and firm. Like a bloated muscle. The tits responded to sexual stimulation and would begin to swell fantastically with their milk. Become firmer, larger, more virile. Until their masculinity couldn’t take anymore and explode with their flow of milk.

So many sleepless nights jacking off to those images. Colossal men, built like brick houses. Cobblestone abs. Broad, round shoulders. Biceps the size of hams. And then gigantic tits. Kissing each other, dancing, frotting, deep moaning like towering animals in heat. Then there were their tits. Massive, proud, fertile. They would begin to balloon, slowly. Bodybuilders, in groups of 2, 3, 4, it didn’t matter. Fondling each other. Squeezing. Molesting. Their breasts growing more… and more…

Rhett pressed his back against the wall of the shower, knees starting to buckle. His cock was beginning to rhythmically flex in his hand, the 6 inches becoming stiffer. His balls tightened themselves. Heart hammering in his chest as his hips instinctively began thrusting into the air.

He began to envision Felix again, this time at the gym doing bench presses. Only this was the bold new Felix. The jock was shirtless as he grunted with effort. Sitting atop his chest proudly, was a pair of manly tits.

The bar would come down, then Felix’s arms and chest would flex with titanic effort. The bar slowly went back up. And Felix’s chest would swell ever so slightly.

Another rep. The bar came down, Felix’s arms bulged with strength. Rhett’s eyes traced sweat coming from his shaved pits. With another grunt the bar slowly went back up. Felix’s tits would bulge a little more, becoming stiffer.

Another rep. The bar came down, only this was one of Felix’s later reps. He was beginning to fatigue. His face turned red as his whole body flexed to shove it back up. His vigorous tits wouldn’t be ignored, however. They fattened a bit more… then a sliver more, as they became the equivalent of double D boobs. They fattened more, becoming fuller and rounder. Rhett’s breath caught in his throat. He could see droplets of milk starting to form at his nipples. Felix’s deep grunts of exertion slowly morphed into blissful moans as he fought against the iron-

Rhett came. He sighed into his arm as the imagery became too much and his brain short-circuited. His dick throbbed and pulsed as it unleashed six healthy shots of his spunk into the cascading shower. His hand continued to jam into his tip, sending electric shocks throughout his body. His stomach and abs quivered.

The shots tapered, his dick still flexing some. Rhett could hear his heartbeat throbbing in his ears, as he tried to stop gasping for air. The afterglow slowly filled his limbs, causing all the muscles involved with hammering his cock to loosen.

Rhett slowly opened his eyes.

Jesus Christ, fuck me.

The professor continued to drone on at the front of the classroom. Something about square matrices operations. Rhett couldn’t focus. His orgasm from an hour earlier left him feeling loose, with the tips of his hands still tingling. It was too good a sensation to ruin with something like linear algebra.

His eyes lazily passed over the other twenty-some kids in the class. Getting into these higher math courses for his major meant that the subject matter was becoming increasingly more complicated. As a result, the number of hot guys in his classes got lower and lower every semester. Now adays there was barely anyone to ogle at when he didn’t feel like paying attention.

Rhett blinked. Why am I such a horn dog today? Jesus, he thought.

His eyes did settle on Matthew in the front row. While he wasn’t beefy, Rhett had to admit he was very easy to look at. Refined raven-black hair, deep black eyes. A pair of glasses that accentuated his intelligence. Rhett imagined Matthew would look hot if he put on twentyish pounds of muscle though. And a pair of nice, firm, juicy—


Rhett blinked out of his daydream that was about to turn X-rated. Sarah sitting to his right poked him with the flat-end of a pencil.

“What’re you doing today after classes?” she asked, smiling. Rhett smiled back at her. It was hard not to; she had a very infectious positive energy about her.

“Why do you ask?” Rhett responded in a hushed tone. Being in the back of the class, while it made note-taking a bitch, had its advantages. Like secret conversations.

“The Atherton gang was going to play some bug house if you wanted to come join.”

Atherton referred to the computer science building on campus. While math was Rhett’s major, he had to spend a considerable amount of time in the computer labs. A cluster of a dozen or so comp sci students had formed, and frequently hung out in the building’s small lounge. Rhett wouldn’t consider himself a part of the group but interacted with them frequently.

“What the fuck is ‘bug house’?” asked Rhett.

Sarah exhaled through her noise harshly. It was her version of a laugh. “It’s sort of like a team version of chess. It’s normally like a 2-on-2 or a 3-on-3. James got really into it, so we’ve been playing a lot recently.”

That’s how things normally went with the Atherton gang. One person would introduce a new video game, or board game, tv show, whatever. Then everyone else would quickly latch onto it and then that’s all the group would do for the next two or three weeks. Until someone brought in a new obsession. It was geeky, but Rhett felt a pang. It would be cool to have group of friends like that.

“What time?”

“Around 5 or 6.”

“Eh. I’ll think about it.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “What do you mean ‘I’ll think about it’? You repeatedly tell me all the time that you have nothing going on.”

Ouch. Rhett wasn’t expecting someone else to pick up on how shallow he was. “I have things going on. I have lots of things.”

Sarah’s eyes narrowed, even though she was busy scribbling notes from the professor’s examples. She was being a better student than him today. “Yeah? Like what kinds of things? Do you have protein shakes you have to go drink?”

Rhett scoffed. “I was gonna join the circus.”

She smiled. “Yeah? What’s your act gonna be?”

“My act?”

“Yeah dumbass. If you’re going to join the circus you need to have a talent,” she nodded towards the board, “Matrix multiplication doesn’t count by the way.”

“Well shit, guess I’m SOL. Think it’s too late for me to learn to ride a unicycle?”

They both smiled and went quiet as they hurriedly wrote down key terms from the board.

“So are you coming or what?” she asked.

Images of Felix flashed through Rhett’s head again. His dick twitched. “I’ll try. I have a calc 2 test I have to study for.”

Another exhale through her nose. “Imagine not having already taken calc 2.”

“Fuck off,” Rhett muttered.

Rhett leaned back against the tree in the quad and closed his eyes. The sun was out and shining fiercely now, although the temperature was still cool and crisp. Rhett took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of new grass in spring.

The tree he sat against was a part of a ring of trees that lined the quad, which was about a football-field in dimensions. Student milled about in small groups along sidewalks, and many lounged around on blankets, talking and laughing.

He had scarfed some food down quickly from the Commons quickly, which left him some spare time before his next class.

His mind wandered back to his “date” he had with Felix tonight.

Rhett grimaced. He was gay. Aggressively homosexual, as he liked to put it. His fantasies of tit men the most prominent sexual hunger he had. His immediate family knew of his orientation, but no one at school did. It was just easier that way, especially since Rhett was ‘masculine-presenting’.

He had tried to come out in high school. The jocks no longer wanted to touch him with a 10-foot pole. His friends in other classes were accepting, but there was a subtle shift. Suddenly ‘gay’ was the most prominent adjective when describing Rhett. ‘This one gay guy I know… ‘ ‘That gay guy in our class… ‘

Maybe it was better that way, maybe it wasn’t. It had just aggravated Rhett to no end, so now he was back in the closet, more or less. There were some one-night stands with townies that he had, but Rhett had once again successfully disguised himself as just another jock, just so long as someone didn’t ask what major he was.

It was a good choice, Rhett convinced himself. Now guys were much more willing to take their shirts off when he was around.

“Hey Rhett.”

His eyes opened and settled on Dom. His copper hair was pulled over his forehead and swished to one side.

“Hey Dom, what’s good dude?” I really gotta stop saying dude before it becomes an unironic part of my vocabulary.

“Nothing much, I’m just heading to bio. You gonna play in Dave’s game this weekend?”

Dave. Kind of the pseudo-leader of the group Dom and Rhett played casual soccer with. Dave was yet another one of Rhett’s crushes, with that black moustache that connected to his chin strap. Rhett wanted very badly to kiss him and feel that facial hair. God damn I need to get fucked silly soon.

“I didn’t hear about a game. Did he reserve a spot at the rec for it?” Rhett asked.

Dom smiled and rolled his eyes. “Dude, do you ever check your phone?”

“I didn’t get a text messa—” Rhett fished his phone from his backpack and saw all the texts he had missed that morning. “Oh,” he said.

“You would honestly lose your head if it wasn’t attached,” said Dom. Rhett smiled, as he recalled the various times that Dom had helped him recover various objects Rhett had lost. Like his Geography notebook, and they then had spent an entire night looking through academic building.

“Good thing it’s attached, I guess. Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Cool. My class is starting soon, so I’ll catch you later,” Dom began pacing away.

“Cool. See ya.”

Rhett closed his eyes again. He did genuinely enjoy soccer. It was also another opportunity to be a pervert and just look a bunch of guys’ butts. Especially Dave’s. His was so tight.

A collection of boisterous voices made Rhett crack an eye open. A group of six jocks had bounded into the quad and began throwing a frisbee back and forth. Naturally, all of them were wearing sleeveless shirts. Rhett bit his lip as he took in all their wide arms, heavy with muscle and dominant shoulders.

It obviously didn’t take much to rile him up. He was just watching them toss a dumb disc around. But he saw their solid, hairy legs shifting as they ran from point to point. Their thick torsos swaying from side to side. Their carved stomachs every time a shirt came up. If it was socially acceptable, Rhett would’ve jerked off again with this soft-core porn unfolding in front of him. Rhett’s cock was already at half-mast. He wanted one of them to just walk over and start mating him there in the field.

He also couldn’t help but wonder what they would look like with tits attached to those firm chests. That would make this a real fest for the eyes. The jocks dashing around, working up a sweat. The droplets of water would travel, making the tits slick, and disappear into the cleavage. Maybe getting all that blood pumping would make the tits swell a bit…

That’s when it happened. Rhett was tracing the frisbee through the air when one of the jocks caught it. And the jock now had tits. Beneath his tank-top sat a large pair of d-cup tits. Rhett’s eyes bulged and his cock instantly shot to full attention, making him stifle a pathetic noise from his throat.

Were those real? The man in question was a few dozen yards away so it was hard to make out. The frisbee tossing had stopped and now they were just standing around talking about something.

Rhett rubbed his eyes and looked again. Those had to be real. The tits looked full and round, pressing against the shirt, battling for more space. Almost like they wanted to just burst free to breath. The breasts were so thick that the dude’s shirt couldn’t rest against his stomach.

What the fuck is going on?! Do they not see those? Rhett’s pulse thrummed quicker through his veins, his mouth turning dry. He couldn’t even make out what the jocks were saying, but they were talking to the tit boy like him growing a massive pair of boobs in the middle of the game was normal.

They began tossing the frisbee back and forth once again. When it came time for the tit boy to catch it, he had to sprint across the field to get it. As he did so, his tits bounced up and down softly, a clear weight and solidness to them. Just like Rhett fantasized about.

Rhett’s cock thrashed around in his pants, and he tightened his hands into fists, flexing all the muscles in his arms. He could feel the pressure of orgasm beginning to rise and he had to hold it back. He couldn’t be so vulgar in public. His breathing got shorter and frantic.

Just then the tit boy, deciding that he was becoming too sweaty. He tugged at the hem of his shirt and began pulling it up. Rhett held back another whine as those abs came into view. He wanted to look away, to maybe preserve his sanity and get a reality check. But he was glued to the unveiling. He had to see those tits. His mouth salivating at prospect of seeing them.

The shirt crept up… and up… and over the dude’s head, revealing his very solid… pecs. The boobs were suddenly gone, replaced by their very male counterpart.

Rhett’s blood began to cool a little bit. What the fuck was that? Am I hallucinating?

When Rhett’s erection calmed down and gave some slack, the teen furiously gathered his things and paced away from the quad, covering his crotch with books.

Rhett rested his head against the Commons table, his plate of food untouched. After the… incident… his mind had been a whirlpool of adrenaline, panic, and excitement that took away all his cognitive power to focus on classes where he was normally very disciplined.

Part of him was so sure that the jock’s… assets, were real. They looked so natural, and just as solid as the rest of him was. Rhett’s cock jerked just remembering their plump shape pressed against that shirt.

But that was impossible. They couldn’t have been real. His mind was playing tricks. He couldn’t believe that he had to tell himself ‘Guys don’t just randomly sprout tits out of nowhere’. Although that thought created imagery of guys just spontaneously growing tits as they went about their day. No one saying anything or paying it any mind. Built, masculine guys just developing mouth-watering tits…

“I need to calm the fuck down,” Rhett said to himself as he took a swig of water. Maybe he’d have enough time to go rub one out in a bathroom stall somewhere to get his libido back under control.

“What’s good man?” A shiver ran down Rhett’s spine. That could only be one person, and it wouldn’t help his current condition.

Rhett lifted his head to see Brandon. The football player was huge. A few inches over six feet tall, he was built from what looked like solid marble. His musculature shifted gracefully beneath a light layer of fat like tectonic plates whenever he moved. Not to mention the generous pecs he was sporting, that practically had cleavage without Rhett having to imagine anything. And that didn’t even mention his killer face. Dark brown hair with ghastly blue eyes that made Rhett wanna just squirt whenever he smiled at me.

“Hey, Brandon, what’s good?” Rhett said weakly.

“I’m just eating with my buddies,” he pointed in a direction with his cup of water towards a table where at least three other football players sat, “You doing all right? You look kinda… pale.”

Rhett forced a smile to his face. “Nah dude, I’m livin’ the dream. How’s algebra treating ya?” That’s where they met initially. When Brandon stumbled into Atherton looking for a math tutor. When the tutor didn’t show, Rhett decided to help him based solely on his looks. They’d been acquaintances ever since.

Brandon let out a puff. “Not great dude. We started doing shit with two variables and I can barely keep up. Think we can meet up later this week?”

First Felix, now this tower of meat. How could Rhett refuse? “Yeah sure, just hit me up whenever.”

Brandon smiled and Rhett wanted to squirt in response. “Cool, thanks dude. I’ll catch ya around.” With that he sauntered off, his hips shifting hypnotically.

Rhett could feel his heart hammering in his chest.

“Yo,” the syllable made Rhett look up from his textbook. There was Felix, still in his iconic sweats. His form looked sinfully good, even being covered up by all that cotton.

“Yo,” replied Rhett, trying to act as casually as possible, “so what’re we gonna study?”

Felix let out a pfft. “Fuck if I know dude. Basically all of it I guess. I don’t understand what an infinite series is.”

Rhett just stared at the hunk and blinked. “The test is on nothing but infinite series… and how to solve them.”

“Yeah, so I guess let’s start there.”

Rhett internally rolled his eyes. It was a good thing he was pretty.

That’s how the next hour was spent. Textbooks open and notebooks scattered across their library table. Other tables lined the wall around theirs, other students milling about in quiet. Rhett spent time going over the foundations of infinite series, trying his best to break it down for Felix. While it did take some failed example problems, they began to make some progress and Felix got to the point where he was completing some of the homework problems independently.

While they worked in silence, Rhett indulged himself by taking frequent looks at Felix. The way he focused made Rhett swoon. His expression tightened in concentration. Those brown eyes flicking back forth, signifying the amount of mental work going on behind them. It was almost as hot as how swole he was.

He heard laughter erupt from the table to their right. A collection of 4 jocks. Rhett turned his head, intending to give them a scowl, except his mouth went dry immediately.

Sure enough there were four dudes sitting at the library table. Each of their bodies looked heavily exercised with dense, functional muscle. One of them was a dude with spiked blonde hair swished upwards to one side and black eyes. He also had a big pair of tits.

The guy wore a sweat jacket, which was zipped up halfway, with nothing underneath. His proud, firm breasts were jutting out, contesting the zipper. While some of their surface area was still covered by the sweat jacket, their delicious cleavage was not.

Rhett’s heartbeat quickened. His blood was set ablaze, his breathing turned rapid. Sweat began collecting in his armpits from the adrenaline. Those were definitely real. There was a bro, sitting no more than 15 feet away from Rhett sporting a burly rack to compliment his musculature. Rhett could spot the first row of abs directly beneath the tits. Rhett’s cock resurged to full mast in record time.

Their laughter subsided. “Davian, there is no way you can bench 450! I saw you struggling with 350 not that long ago,” said one of ‘bros’.

The tit-bearing boy, Davian, gave a mischievous smirk. “Yeah? Well, that was before I got these bad boys,” he said, playfully smacking his right tit. The thing was firm, and barely jiggled.

Rhett frantically looked around. Someone had to be seeing this, right?! But even Felix remained deep in whatever problem he was doing, completely oblivious to the loud conversation next to them.

“So you got a pair of tits, big whoop. Doesn’t mean you can lift any better dude, their just full of air,” replied the first jock.

“Yeah? You think so?”

“I know so, dude. Tits don’t do shit for lifts.”

Davian furrowed his brow and smiled a predatory expression that made Rhett’s dick throb. “You wanna try and take these fuckers on, huh?” Davian pushed his chest out, exposing more cleavage. Rhett could practically see the entire inner-boob of those tits.

“Oh please, you ain’t shit,” the other dude got up and circled the table standing next to Davian, “What do you want me to do, eh? Jiggle your titties or something?”

Rhett couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. This was unreal. And no one else in the library made a move to signify that this was unordinary. Or even acknowledge what was happening. His dick practically throbbed with each word they said. It felt like his libido had been dosed in gasoline and lit by a match.

“Get on your knees, dick,” commanded Davian.

“Bro, what do you—”

“I said on your knees Jake I ain’t got all fucking day!”

Jake, whose black hair was shaven to a rough buzzcut got down on his knees. “I’m telling you, these ain’t shit,” he said looking at the tits that were now eye-level. The other two jocks just looked on with casual interest.

Davian roughly grabbed Jakes hands and slammed them onto his tits, making Jake gulp. Davian’s smile got a little wider. “Work ’em bitch.”

Jake, looking unsure of his decision making, slowly began to squeeze the tits. It was a hesitant motion at first. His fingers, which didn’t come close to encompassing one tit, tried to dig into the flesh. The solid tits refused to yield. Jake’s squeezes slowly began to pick up a rhythm as they tried to find purchase.

“What’s the matter bitch, they too manly for you?” Davian said with practically a growl.

“Shut up man, these ain’t shit!” But Jakes face got less and less confident by the second. He tried adjusting his grip, and Rhett could see his forearms flexing as he tried to repeatedly squeeze the considerable boobs.

Rhett’s body was on fire. This scene was becoming too much. The tantalizing tits were serenading him and he couldn’t look away. Both of his arms laid on the table and he instinctively clenched his fists as the pressure began to rise. Felix, still, didn’t notice anything.

Jake continued to try and find purchase against the tits. But they were a wall of sexuality. A monument of fertility. They wouldn’t give. Rhett could see an erection snake down Jake’s jean leg. Rhett’s eyes bulged as he saw that python must be 8 inches at complete erection. Jake’s expression was flickering. Squeeze, grope, twist. Nothing would make the tits back done.

Davian shoved his chest forward more, shoving more tits into Jake’s palms. More of the sweat shirt fell away, exposing more of the globes. “Come on fucker! I’m hardly feeling anything.”

Sweat began beading on Jakes forehead as he redoubled his efforts. “I’m telling you, they don’t do nothing!”

That’s when Rhett saw it. The tits beginning to swell. They were starting to compile their milk supply from the stimulation. They had started as solid D’s, but were beginning to work their way up. Davian laughed. “They don’t do nothing, huh? Say that shit again.”

Jake visibly gulped. With the swelling, the firm breasts were now actively pushing against his hands. “These… the-they ain’t shit!”

Rhett felt like his entire body was a coil of pleasure, being pulled more and more taught.

Davian laughed again. “They ain’t shit huh? Bet ya 50 bucks that they make you blow your pussy ass load before you can make them squirt milk huh?”

Jake gritted his teeth. “You’re on fucker.” But his bravado and confidence were quickly failing. Rhett saw a spot of pre stain where the tip of Jake’s dick were in his pants.

Jake redoubled his efforts. Sexy grunts of effort came from him as he kept trying to squeeze the expanding tits. Grip. Press. Clutch. Pinch. Nothing was working against the tits, as they exuded an aura of pure arousal.

“The-they… ain’t… they ain’t…” Jake whimpered.

Just then, the breasts became too large to be contained. Like a curtain being shoved aside for a star, the tits pushed past the sweat shirt with their swelling, shoving it aside so they could be witnessed in their full glory. His tantalizing nipples being forced to point downwards from the volume of breast.

“They ain’t shit, huh?!? Is that what you’re trying to say bitch?!” The commanding voice was making Rhett’s muscles tense up. He was gonna blow.

“I… I don—”

“I can’t hear you fucker! Speak up!”

The tits surpassed double Ds now. Jake’s grunts turned into whimpers. And then the whimpers turned into moans of pleasure that he tried to stifle. He was so desperate that he resorted to just slapping the tits.

Davian laughed. “Come on fucker, are they too much? Can’t take the heat? You gonna cream yourself like a little bitch?”

Jakes moans got caught in his throat as his hands just latched onto the tits that slowed their swelling. Jake’s body was beginning to instinctively jerk and hump, and he clutched the tits to support himself.

“Oh… oh f-fuck…”

Davian gave a vicious smile. “You’re done fucker. Cum!

That was it. Jake gave a deep shout, his hips jerking forward uncontrollably. His shout of ecstasy shifted in octave several times as he very clearly started squirting his load into his jeans. His eyes rolled back, his hips continued thrusting forward on auto-pilot. And a very prominent stain began to soak through the denim. The other jocks at the table began cat calling and hollering, almost like they were just watching someone make a play at a sports game. Jake kept moaning like a bitch in heat.

Davian started bouncing his chest up and down in triumph. Jake’s hands still latched onto them, but they couldn’t contain the spheres as they bounced furiously.

Rhett’s balls slammed into his crotch and he exploded into his pants as well. He couldn’t take it. The sight of a jock dominating another one using nothing but his massive tits was too much. Sensory overload. Rhett let out a noise somewhere between a gasp and a shriek that he subconsciously tried to dial back. His cock flexed over, and over again in his pants, shoving a load of cream into his underwear. It quickly soaked through the crotch, and Rhett couldn’t help when his hips involuntary slammed upwards.

“You good bro?” Felix’s voice felt like it ripped Rhett from some deep haze.

“Huh, what?” Rhett panicked looking back at the guy opposite him. Felix was just staring at Rhett with a quizzical look on his face.

“What was that noise you just made? That was really loud dude.”

“I… uh…” Rhett looked down at his crotch. Sure enough his load was still staining his pants, and the very distinct scent of bleach wafted up to his nose. Some people at the surrounding tables were giving him annoyed looks.

Rhett looked back to the table of jocks to the right. They were all looking intently at books on the table. No tits, no cream-soaked jeans. In fact it looked like none of them had moved, and Davian, if that was even his name, was wearing a black shirt beneath his sweat jacket, hiding his firm pectorals.

Rhett felt himself going beat red. He had just jizzed his pants in public. After having a tit hallucination. The embarrassment slowly became overwhelming, sending his mind racing in a thousand different directions.

Rhett quickly swiped up a binder and tried to use it nonchalantly to cover his crotch while he frantically packed his things. “Yeah I don’t know man… I don’t feel good, I gotta go.”

“You all righ—”

“I said I have to go,” tossing all his things into his bag in no particular order, Rhett bolted out of the library as fast he could.

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