Dawn of the Dragon-Men

by JKL

Drake and Irving stumble on an old dragon’s nest and investigate a dead-looking dragon’s egg they find there, only it’s not as inert as it seems.

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Drake and Irving were lost. Due to the snowstorm that raged around them, the signpost that showed the directions back to the town had toppled over. In high spirits thanks to the beer and ladies from the pub, the two woodcutters had taken a wrong turn in the snow and now found themselves battling the relentless wind and snow flurries by the faint light of the moon filtering through the evergreen trees.

“I think I see a cave up ahead!” Drake yelled over the din of the howling wind.

“Thank God. Let’s get in there, find a flint-stone and light a fire before we succumb to the cold!” Irving tugged the pile of branches strapped to his back for emphasis.

With great difficulty, the pair trudged through the snow and climbed into the enormous cavity set in the rock wall. Once they had gotten a good distance inside, Irving piled up his branches while Drake struck a couple of small rocks together to create sparks. Soon enough, a small fire bloomed in the darkness, and both men gasped in shock as the cave became illuminated by the orange flame.

In the deepest corner of the cave was the large skeleton of what looked like a dragon, complete with scattered bones where the wings and tail would have been. And lying in the stomach section was what looked like a rocky grey dragon’s egg that was taller and wider than the two of them put together.

Irving rubbed his eyes in disbelief. “Have I had too much to drink, or have we stumbled into a dragon’s former home?”

“If we’re still drunk, we must be in the same stupor!” Drake exclaimed. Out of curiosity, they approached the giant skeleton.

“Wow, this is like the fairy tales Mother used to tell me. Horns, wings, a spiked tail, this beast would have belonged in a storybook!” Irving ran a hand over a rib bone.

“Do you think the egg might hatch?” Drake cast a worried look.

“I don’t think so. From what Mother told me, dragon eggs have to be kept warm by its parents breathing fire over it regularly. Its mother was probably still pregnant with it when she died, poor thing.”

“Imagine if we carried it back for the town mayor. We’ll be rich!” Drake carefully placed a hand onto the chalky shell, only for his whole arm to sink right in.

“Aah! Help! It’s eating me alive!” Drake cried out as the formerly hard shell took on a gooey, gelatinous appearance and slime like tendrils began to emerge and wrap around him.

“Hang on, I’m trying!” Irving made a futile attempt to pull his friend free as other tendrils also pulled him closer to the egg. Their cries rang put through the cavern until they were silenced by the egg. If anyone had wandered into the cave at that moment, they would have seen the silhouettes of two men struggle around in an egg-shaped mass of goo that quickly solidified into a hard, rock-like appearance like before.

As Drake and Irving struggled inside the egg, a sudden feeling of lethargy came over them and their movements slowed until they gave into it and curled up into fetal positions, suspended in the grey goo. The egg started to work its magic, infusing the draconic essence from its stillborn inhabitant into the sleeping men.

They started to grow bigger and taller and stronger, muscles ripping apart their attire. Their skin became rough and scaly and spiky, resembling a dragon’s scales. Short, sharp claws sprouted from their fingers and toes. Long, reptilian tails emerged from the base of their spines. Their hair fell out as a pair of horns curved out from their foreheads while the rest of their heads and their ears became bony and spiky. Large bat-like wings erupted from their backs, tipped with sharp protruding bones. Their teeth became sharper, laced with draconic venom and the pupils disappeared from their full sclera eyes.

As dawn overtook the night and illuminated the cave with pale sunlight, the egg started to crack open. With mighty roars, two half-dragon, half human creatures erupted from the shell, shaking themselves dry of the remaining egg fluids and the scraps of their human clothing. They ran clawed fingers over their scaly skin and flexed their new bigger muscles, baring toothy grins as they admired the changes to their frail human bodies.

As their gaze met each other, a sense of recognition came over them. The creature that had been Drake gently touched the cheek of the other, causing a soft purring noise to rumble from Irving’s throat. They felt a new feeling within them. It was a yearning, a hunger, for the other’s love and affection. They were mates, and their hearts would only belong to each other as long as they lived.

Drake slowly leaned in to give his former friend a soft kiss, which quickly increased in passion and fervor. Irving buried his nose in his Drake’s shoulder, relishing the scent of his mate. They exchanged tender kisses as their hands explored rock-hard biceps, firm buttocks, wide backs, and mighty wings. The scales between their legs parted to reveal large, fertile genitals; succulent phalluses as long and thick as a grown man’s arm, and fist-sized balls filled with potent draconic seed.

Irving got down on his back, parting his buttocks as he lifted his legs to reveal his tight virgin hole. Drake’s length throbbed with erotic anticipation as pre started to ooze from the fist-sized head. A shocked yet satisfied growl left Irving’s mouth as his lover slowly eased the head in before gradually working is entire length inside him, bulging his firm eight-pack. As Drake began to thrust in and out, he leaned in to lick Irving’s face like a puppy as the latter wrapped his arms and wings around him, nipping and kissing his traps and chest while his phallus leaked pre-cum all over their beefy pecs. They came in unison, Irving’s seed painting their chests and faces in gooey white splatters while Drake’s seed dripped out of Irving’s hole.

Drake laid beside his mate on the ground, both panting from the climax. They purred as they nuzzled each other’s foreheads, until their sensitive ears picked up the sound of townspeople calling their names. They looked knowingly at each other, fanged grins spreading across their faces.

By the time spring returned to the valley, the whole village was a ghost town, its inhabitants now residing in the cave as mighty dragon hybrids. And by the first snowfall of the next winter, Drake and Irving were the first of many proud fathers to welcome adorable Halfling children into the world.

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