by CentaurQuinn

Ken discovers his friend with benefits is more than he seems, and might be a solution to a problem at work.

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“Ryan, stop.”

Ryan looked up from Ken’s crotch. Ken’s semi-hard cock drooped as it slid out of Ryan’s mouth. Their weekly blowjob session usually went very smoothly, ending with Ken’s seven inches erupting in a fountain of cum for Ryan. But not this time. “What’s wrong?” Ryan asked.

“I’m just not into it today,” Ken said, sadly. “I’m sorry. It’s not you. It’s me.” Ryan smiled a little sideways smile. “What’s the matter? You usually like me sucking at your cock.”

Ken pulled himself up from a semi-reclining position, sitting on the edge of the couch. “It’s work,” he said. “That asshole boss of mine threatened to fire me today, and for the most ridiculous reason.”

“Which is?”

“He wants our department to win at the company Halloween party tomorrow night, or he’s gonna find a reason to fire me.”

“What?” Ryan said, surprised. “I’m sure that’s illegal.”

“He’ll find a way to make it stick. It won’t be for that exactly, but that’s the real reason.”

“And since he only told that you verbally, there’s no paper trail, so if it goes to court…”

“…it’s my word against his. Right,” Ken said, morosely.

Ryan sat back, crossing his legs. After a moment of thought, he looked up to Ken. “I think I can help.”

“I hope you can find me a fucking incredible costume,” Ken said. “Hell, I wasn’t even planning on going to that stupid party, now I’ve gotta win it!”

Ryan stood up and sat next to Ken on the couch. “Ken,” he said tentatively. “Do you know why I like giving you blowjobs?”

“Um… Because you like my cock?”

“Well, yeah,” Ryan said. “But there’s actually another reason.”


Ryan stood up and faced Ken. “How can I put this?” he said. “Let’s start by saying… well…”


“I’m not human.”

Ken’s expression changed, shifting from curiosity to annoyance. “What?”

“I’m not a human being. That’s why I like giving you blowjobs.”

Ken snorted with anger. “You don’t have to make fun of me just because I’m stressed and can’t get it up today. At some point, it happens to everyone, you know.”

“I’m not making fun of you,” Ryan said. “Okay, maybe the best thing is…” His voice trailed off and took on a strange quality, as if it was coming from another dimension. Then, Ryan changed. He shifted up and down, back and forth, right and left as well as few directions that caused Ken’s mind to scream “DOES NOT COMPUTE”. When his form settled down, Ryan had been replaced by something that very obviously wasn’t human.

What the fuck?!?” Ken screamed, scrambling back over the sofa. The figure before him resembled the classical description of a demon. Seven and half feet tall and a mountain of ripped muscle and converted in red scaled skin, the creature stood on two massive legs that ended in cloven hooves. The head was framed by a massive set of horns jutting out from the temples, curling like a ram’s horn and ending in a razor-sharp point. The hands were talon-like, with sharp claws extruding from the fingertips. Dangling from the creature’s crotch was an impressive tube of meat, a fifteen-inch long sausage with a massive foreskin cover what appeared to be barbs. A massive nutsac swung behind it, holding in softball sized testicles. Swishing back and forth behind the creature with a mind was a six-foot long prehensile tail, as thick as man’s arm at the base and tapering to a few inches in diameter with the tip, which resembled the mushroom shaped glans of a penis. Stretching out of the creatures back, were leathery bat wings, spanning eight feet tip-to-tip.

“Don’t panic,” the creature said softly with Ryan’s voice. “It’s okay.”

“Okay?! Okay!?” Ken babbled. “How is this okay?! What the fuck are you?!”

“It’s me, buddy. I’m Ryan.”

“Ryan?” Ken stammered. “How…? What…?”

“I’m an incubus,” Ryan explained. “I’m a kind of a sex vampire, and this is what I really look like. My true form.”

“I… I don’t understand,” Ken said. “How did you…?”

“I can change my form—mask it, really. It’s one of my abilities. It’s how I’m able to get guys to let me… um… feed off them.”

“Feed?” Ken asked, stunned. “What do you mean ‘feed’?”

“I get my sustenance from men’s semen, and from the energy that’s released when you orgasm,” Ryan said. “You humans blast a huge pulse of electrical energy through your nervous system at orgasm. It radiates out and I absorb that. That’s why I always give a real toe-curler of a blowjob. The bigger the orgasm, the bigger the meal. And you…” the creature said, smiling, “…you are an Extra Value Meal!”

“Um, thanks,” Ken said, feebly. “Wait a second. I thought incubuses hooked up with women.”

“Well, if you’re gay, that really doesn’t work very well. Besides, gay guys are a lot easier to feed off of. It’s a lot less work to get some guy to let me suck them off.”

“This is a lot to take in,” Ken said. “I don’t know what to think of it.”

“I know,” Ryan said. “I remember I was confused and scared when I first learned all this existed when I was human.”

“You were a human?”

“Long ago. I was a solider in the Napoleonic Wars. I was even at the Battle of Waterloo, in Dutch forces commanded by Wellington himself.”

“Waterloo? That was two hundred years ago!”

“Did I mention I’m immortal now?

“So, you’re Dutch? You sound like you’re from New York, not Amsterdam.”

“Je kunt in tweehonderd jaar veel accenten leren.”


“I said, ‘You can learn a lot of accents in two hundred years’. I came to the United States in the 1840s. I’ve been here ever since.”

“Oh. So, how does this help me with my asshole boss?”

“What if you had the most awesome costume imaginable?” Ryan said. “What if you looked like me?”

“You can make me look like that?” Ken asked, motioning to Ryan’s inhuman form. “How?”

“Well, I can turn you,” Ryan said. “You know, into an incubus.”

“You want to turn me into a sex vampire?” Ken said, incredulously.

“Think about it,” Ryan said. “You’d be able to put your boss in his place, and there’s all kinds of benefits! Immortality, lots of sex, flying, lots of sex, shapeshifting, lots of sex…”

“I’m getting the idea,” Ken interrupted. “So, I’d be an incubus for what, a week? A month?”

“Uh, no,” Ryan replied. “Forever.”


“Think about it! Thousands of years from now, you’ll be giving blowjobs to guys on other planets!”

“I don’t know… Why me?”

“I like feeding off you. Really, I do. You’re pretty yummy,” Ryan said. “However, I committed the cardinal sin for one of my kind.”

“Please don’t tell me you fell in love,” Ken said. “That’s just so cliched.”

“No, it’s not that,” Ryan said, smiling. “Incubi aren’t capable of what you humans call ‘love’.”

“You can’t love?” Ken said. “Why would I want to do that?”

“Be honest, Ken. Has ‘love’ done much for you? Really?”

Ken thought about that. Ryan was right. Ken wasn’t just unlucky in love, he was downright cursed. There had never been anyone—male or female—that had shown even the slightest interest in him. Here he was, in his thirties, resigned to a life of solitude and loneliness. “No,” he said quietly. “Not really. So what was this major sin?”

“I started thinking of you as a friend and not just livestock. That’s what humans are to us. We feed on you, like you feed on cows. Only we don’t usually slaughter you and rip your bodies apart.”


“Not enough meat on you,” Ryan smirked. “Besides, your cum and your orgasmic bursts are much tastier.”

“So, how exactly does this help me get even with my boss?” Ken asked.

“First, you show up at the party in full incubus form. Everyone will think it’s an amazing, movie-quality costume and wonder how you did it.”

“Yeah, kinda figured that,” Ken said. “But I win the contest and the asshole gets one in the win column. So?”

“Here’s the deal,” Ryan said. “We have Keepers. These are humans that we’ve drained the life-force out of, so they’re practically zombies. They are totally dependent on us to continue existing, and they are completely in our thrall. They take care of us, so we can feed, and they also collect additional cum and energy that we also feed on.”

“Were you planning on doing that to me?” Ken asked.

“No,” Ryan said. “Becoming a Keeper is a fate worse than death, and I only do it people who really deserve it. When I suck you, I’m not taking any of your life force, just the energy you radiate at orgasm. This is a more invasive procedure. The Keeper becomes completely submissive to the incubus, with the original mind sealed in, unable to do anything but watch.”

Ken looked unsure. “I don’t know, Ry,” he said. “What you’re talking about is literally inhuman…”

“I know,” Ryan replied. “But, really, what has being human really done for you?”

Slowly, it began to dawn on Ken that the sex vampire before him had a point. It seemed that he had all upsides—immortality, constant sex—and very little downside. He looked up, locking his gaze with the monster before him.

“How do we do this?”

A smile crept across Ryan’s face as the massive penis between his legs began to inflate. “Get up and turn around,” he said. Ken slowly stood up, turning his back on Ryan. Ryan put his massive talons on Ken’s shoulders. “Bend over,” he said. “Close your eyes. I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt. Like, a lot.”

“Wait, Ry,” Ken said. “Aren’t you going to use any…”

Ken choked off the last word as Ryan’s gigantic cock slammed into his hole. His vision exploded into a shower of pyrotechnics as the steel hard rod drilled past his prostate and began shoving aside his intestines and rearranging his internal organs. The invading organ ballooned beyond first eighteen inches, then twenty four. Catching his breath, Ken looked down at his abdomen as Ryan began pumping back and forth. He saw his own stomach distending as the head of Ryan’s cock began to saw back and forth. The spikes in Ryan’s dick began to extend, grabbing onto the internal organs in Ken’s abdomen. The tail whipped around and forced itself between Ken’s lips, driving itself down his throat.

Ryan’s wings spread out to their full span and his back arched back as his testicles began to pump what seemed to be gallons of lava-like, searing hot cum into Ken. The sex vampire let out an inhuman roar that shook the windows of the apartment. The flow of semen from both ends made Ken’s gut began to expand like Violet Beauregard after trying Willy Wonka’s experimental gum, except his skin was turning red instead of purple. The pain began to spread throughout Ken’s body, expanding from the giant reservoir of jism that was once his abdomen.

Ryan fell back, his cock still spurting ribbons of incandescent cum on the now bloated form of Ken, who was writhing in agony as much as he could with his new spherical shape. The firehose of semen began to push the beachball shaped Ken around the room, coating him with the sex vampire’s spooge.

Ken tried to scream from the excruciating pain that was radiating from his demolished ass, but was unable to force his lungs to expel enough air, much less will his vocal cords to vibrate. His mouth opened with a silent scream as the gallons of cum inside him began melting his insides, reforming them. His skin, now a glossy stop sign red, began breaking out in scales. The spherical shape began to retract, revealing a muscular, ripped frame. His muscles enlarged, swelling to enormous proportions as they became more and defined. His abdomen erupted into a first eight-pack right enough to bounce a coin off of. The skin at his temples erupted as shiny ebony horns sprouted, growing to a length of two feet while his ears lengthened and swept up to a sharp point. Ken’s tongue began to stretch out from the floor of his mouth, bifurcating and snaking out two feet, twitching with a new prehensile shape.

Ken struggled to his feet as they stretched, his five toes fusing into two. The nails split as the hooves grew out of the bone. He stood uneasily, assuming a wide unguligrade stance for the first time. A tingling sensation in his back turned into a stabbing pain as his new, leathery wings erupted from his back, growing and stretching to an impressive span of eight feet. Ken watched as his hands became sinewy talons, with razor-sharp claws that matched his horns and hooves sprouting from his fingers.

His cock began to twitch, growing in response to the changes he was undergoing. It began to elongate, sprouting spikes from the head. His testicles grew to size of softballs, his scrotum distending downward from the added weight. A sharp pain stabbed at the base of his spine, causing Ken to arch his back in reaction. A nub of flesh formed just above the crack between his tight, muscular buttocks and grew outward, gaining in thickness. As it snaked away, the tip began to swell, coalescing into a perfect mushroom shaped glans, complete with a urethral slit.

The transformation complete, the pain began to subside, transitioning smoothly into a sensation of ecstasy, washing over Ken’s new body. Again, his back arched as the euphoria became a massive orgasm, causing his reformed balls to begin blasting flaming ribbons of red hot cum from his engorged cock. After what seemed like an eternity, the spasms subsided, and covered in his and Ryan’s cum, Ken’s metamorphosis and orgasm subsided. The newly minted incubus drew in a deep breath and looked to his sire.

“Wow,” Ryan said. “You’re fucking gorgeous!”

“This is incredible!” Ken roared.

“How do you feel?”

Ken smiled, a gleam appearing in his eye. “I’m hungry.”

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