Danny: Filming a star

by TreborNawoc

Danny’s special body makes filming a porn shoot extra-intense for everyone involved, the star included.

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“And cut!”

The crew started moving, and the director called out, “Good work everyone. Danny, that was spectacular. I really don’t know how you did it, but that was something really special. I take it they’re all ok in there?”

“Yeah, sure, Doug. They’re all nice and comfortable, snug as a bug in a rug,” Danny said from his bottom mouth while taking a drink of water from his upper mouth.

“You sure?” Doug asked. “‘Cause it doesn’t look like there’s five muscle hunks in that tiny waist of yours.” Swapping mouths and towelling the sweat off his muscular body with his lower arms, Danny reassured him that the guys are okay—he had mastered his digestive system and they were fine. Doug just scanned over his star’s unique body, licking his lips as his eyes fell lower, past his four arms and pecs, past that taut waist to his four thick legs and the five cocks that dangled there.

“Any more you want to shoot, or should I let them out now?” Danny asked.

Doug did a quick check of his notes. “I think we have everything—that was some effort though. I don’t think I’ve ever filmed a guy fucking five guys at the same time, let alone fucking them and jerking them off. But seeing you swallow them whole, one by one at the end blew my mind. I think we’re definitely on to a best seller here.”

“Hey, it was amazing for me too. They were so hot, and they got into it so quickly that I forgot we were filming at points. Where do you want me to put them?” Danny asked. Doug just pointed to a soft-floored area in the corner of the studio.

Danny walked over, showing off his perfect rear ass, cocks swinging freely before pressing all four hands on to his rock hard 8-pack. As he pushed, he opened his mouths wide, a little wider, even wider, until a fully grown head appeared out of both of them. Slowly the mouths opened wider as more and more of the hunks slid out. At the same time, Danny anuses started opening wide as another two other guys started appearing, head first, one between his front legs and another between his rear legs. Some of the crew were getting hard, watching as this tight-bodied boytaur released four massive bodybuilders at the same time without showing any discomfort.

Eventually the four guys dropped to the ground with a soft thud, followed by the fifth coming out of Danny’s lower mouth.

Jensen, the blonde-haired Swedish hunk stood up, towering over Danny by about 6 inches. He bent his head down and gave Danny a kiss, feeling two of Danny’s very long tongues tickle the back of his throat. “Thanks man. That was awesome!”

He then made his way to the shower, followed by the rest of the guys who gave Danny a hi-five as they went past, except Jeremy who gave his perfect bubble butt a squeeze instead. Danny just smiled with both mouths and headed to his dressing room.

Inside the dressing room he had a light snack—5 cooked chickens, whole—and showered himself, making sure to get everywhere on his body clean. Throwing his dressing gown on, he headed back out to catch up with the guys as they all watched clips from the film. As the clips went on, the guys just chatted away.

“Fuck Danny, how do you keep yourself from just jerking those things all day long?” “Shit, I didn’t realise they were that big. No wonder if felt like you were fucking my throat from the inside!” “C’mon Danny, you must have measured them when they’re hard? Just tell us!” “Holy… you just picked Jensen up like he was a kid’s toy and swallowed him like he was nothing. How strong are you?”

Danny just laughed. He tried to answer some of the questions they had—’44 inches hard’, ‘not sure how strong but lifted my friend’s van once without breaking a sweat’, and so on—but then the video stopped on an image from near the end of the session that caused everyone to shut up and get completely boned.

In the scene, Danny was lying on his back, each of his five cocks in a different ass, using his two lower hands to jerk of the guys on his front outer cocks, and his upper hands to jerk off Jensen’s massive cock while he rode his front centre cock. Danny was jerking off the guys on his rear cocks using his lower mouth’s two long tongues, while using his upper mouth’s three long tongues to lick Jensen’s nipples and belly button.

“Fuck!” came a gasp from one of the guys as he blew his load. The other guys were close too, including Danny, who leaned forward and took his rear cocks into his upper mouth, and his front cocks into his lower mouth and started sucking them off. The other guys, turning to look at Danny, saw him bent forward, giving himself head and cream themselves instantly. Danny wasn’t far behind, never taking his eyes of the image on the screen, blowing from all 12 balls and swallowing the lot.

Doug entered the room at that point and ssawees the guys covered in their own cum, and Danny still sucking his cocks dry. Shit, he thought to himself, this video’s going to break the internet…

Added Nov 2021 4,138 views 5.0 stars (181 votes) 934 words

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