Dad’s water balloon

by PumpedBalloon

Your step-dad is home alone with you for the week and on the first day, you and he discover a new bond through some exploration. You discover what it's like to feel a man in your mouth as he gets bigger in more ways than one.

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My step-dad has kinda always been a large guy. Ever since I first met him when he married my mom when I was 12, he’s always had a lot of meat to him. He seemed prideful almost about it. He was a great dad, though. Better than my real one. This one, Patrick, was manlier, more loving, and a fuckin’ looker. Well over six feet, built like a bull, salt and pepper facial hair with a full set of dark thick hair up top. Hell he could’ve been a damn model if he were slim! But holy fuck, his belly was probably tied for being his best feature with his looks and muscle.

It got bigger over the past few years. I guess without the need for dating a guy lets himself go a bit. Pat though, woof. He could easily still be voted sexiest man alive with a gut the size of a yoga ball! I recently noticed I’ve started feeling a bit odd around him. Almost...aroused? Fuck, can’t deny that he’s definitely pulled me in with his charm. His pale blue eyes were also a signature of his. I knew I was gay by age 15, but I think having him for a dad may have sped up that process! The most attracting thing, however, again, was his belly. He’d always tease me saying that if I didn’t do as I was told or messed up doing something that he’d pin me against the wall with his belly like a wrecking ball. Playfully, he’d puff out his cheeks like he was inflating and stick his gut out further, making it quite a good bit bigger than normal. This always got me flustered, and I would begin stammering. It was even worse if his shirt was tight and it exposed his gut in the process. Fuck...what I wouldn’t give to see it up close and personal. I don’t know if he’s gay or even bi for that matter. I’m 20, so it’s not like it’d be illegal or anything...

“Hey, John, c’mere for a minute,” called Patrick one morning. He was in the basement in the home gym he’d built a few years ago. The place was a sweat pit and reeked, but in a good way. I always got hard going in there. Always hoping I’d come across some of his clothes by chance that were used.

“Yeah, dad?” I replied as I walked in. I was already in the basement looking through some boxes when I was called over. Mom was gone for the week due to business, so it was just us starting today. Patrick was already busy working out by the time I’d gotten up around 10, and you could hear beastly grunts from upstairs.

“Now that we’ve got the house to ourselves for a while. I figure we can have some fun together!” Pat smiled, drenched in sweat and bulging all over.

“U-uh, I guess. What did you want to do?” I replied, trying not to look at his physique. If I wasn’t careful, I might look awkward in front of him. I didn’t want to seem like a pervert or anything.

“Well, I suppose we could try out the new hot tub later? I made a little modification to it for myself.” Patrick chuckled at the end, making me wonder what he meant. I was also sidelined by the notion of being alone together with him in a hot tub.

“Fu-I—I mean that sounds good...” I stammered again. I was about to say “fuck” as my mind had immediately flashed to seeing him shirtless. It wasn’t like I’d never seen him shirtless before, but each time I did was a god damn treat. I always felt like he was teasing or testing me whenever he did. He’d kinda give me a look when he was. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was trying to flirt with his gut or muscles. There was one time he got drunk at a 4th of July party and came home absolutely sloshed and swollen from eating and drinking. He flopped down on the bed and passed out cold with his mountainous gut rising and falling as he slept. God, I wanna see that again...

“Super!” Patrick said, clapping his hands together, “Gotta run some errands after I’m done here and then when I get back, we’ll take a dip!”

I nodded and left the room before my own cock began to shoot. Wait, I’m rock hard!? Oh fuck, I didn’t realize! And I’m wearing gym shorts! God, I hope he didn’t notice...

Around 4, Patrick came back home. He brought in some groceries and some building supplies for a project he’d been working on recently. “Hey, bud, I’m home!” Patrick yelled as he walked in. I came downstairs in my swim trunks, ready for the hot tub. “Oh good, you’re ready to get in!” he added and smiled. He put a few things away before looking at the clock on the wall. “Go ahead and get the tub ready, I’ll be out not long from now!” I figured he had to change still and possibly take care of one more thing before he came out.

About 10 minutes later, the hot tub was bubbling and a nice comfortable temperature. It was the mid-point between Summer and Fall, so not too hot but not too cold in the afternoon for a hot tub. I was relaxing and sitting back, feeling the bubbles and jets glide around me, and then I heard the patio door slide open. “Oh, hey, about time you showed u—oh my!!” I shouted all of a sudden. Patrick was completely naked! Like full nudity, cock out!Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” my mind raged.

“The water a little too warm for ya, son? You’re turnin’ red there,” asked Patrick as he walked up to the tub. He was holding two beers as well, but that was completely beside the point.

“U-U-Uh, d-d-dad, you’re uh...” I was lost for words.

“Au naturele? Heheh!” Patrick chuckled. “I figure you wouldn’t mind since you’ve been in a men’s locker room a few times over the years. I prefer goin’ in like this, feels right!”

During high school while I ran track and did baseball, I’d had to shower in the locker room after practice and games, so he was right that I was no stranger to seeing another guy in the flesh. But holy fuck, not dad! Nothing in my wildest dreams compared to the beauty I was beholding. His gut was rotund yet firm, his biceps and pecs even bigger and firmer, and that face. God, take me now! I quickly tried to change the subject.

“W-what’s the beer for?” I asked.

“For drinkin’!” he replied. Boy I felt like a dumbass. “I think that since you’re turnin’ 21 next Friday, you could celebrate early and have a beer with me!” Patrick winked while handing me one. It was a tall glass bottle, opened and ready to go.

“I, uh, guess it won’t hurt...” I admitted, bringing it closer to my lips. The smell wafted into my nose, a rather interesting one. Taking a sip, I briefly grimaced.

“Not a fan?” asked Patrick.

“It’s not terrible. Not fantastic though,” I said as I went for another swig. Patrick was in the tub now, his mass making him look like a giant in a boiling ocean. After a while, one beer became a second for me. I was beginning to feel a buzz come on. Pat on the other hand easily went on to a third, fourth, fifth, and then a sixth. Child’s play for him. Hell he could probably fit a whole keg in that gut if he tried...

He’s getting a bit cocky, I can tell in his eyes. He gets a certain way when he drinks. I wonder if I can talk to him about... “Hey dad, how’d you get so big?”

Patrick’s eyebrow raised at this, his cheeks a little red from the beer and hot tub. He grinned and put a hand on top of his gut, “Took years of practice, bud! Heheh!” I was raging down below the waistline by now.

“What do you mean by practice?” I asked, now growing ever more curious.

“Well, I eat a fuck ton to lift big! And—” he added, looking around, like he was checking to see if anyone was looking, “I do a little extra ‘training’ to boot!”

“What kind of training?” I then asked, sliding over a little closer to him.

“Eh, it might be a bit weird for ya. I don’t think you need to know,” Patrick replied, seemingly trying to keep me from knowing some big secret of his.

“I’ve heard of a lot of different training methods, I don’t know what would really count as weird these days, dad. Besides, whatever it is you do, it really works!” patting his belly. We both got a bit flustered at this. It was the first time I’d been a bit forward and put my hands on his belly. It was amazing! So big.

I gave it a little bit of rubbing, as if I couldn’t control myself. He was just so big and powerful. “I mean seriously, you’re really big!” I assured him.

Patrick chuckled. “Heheh, well, what if I told ya I can get a lot bigger?”

My eyes widened a bit. “Really? There’s no way you can get bigger!” I said playfully. I knew he could but I wanted to play it off as skepticism to him. Little did I know what he could really do.

“Watch this!” he said before inhaling quite a bit. He started to push out his gut, making it seemingly rise from the water like an island growing.

“Whoa!” I gasped.

Patrick chuckled again, and patted his bigger belly. “Believe me now?” he asked confidently.

I started rubbing again. “You like my gut, don’t ya, son? Heheh.” he growled playfully. This was a new side of him, to me at least. My spine tingled from his words.

I shuddered thinking of a response. “I, uh, I mean... I... I guess? It uh, yeah, feels like a big rubbery balloon, heheh...” I squeaked.

Patrick groaned happily as I rubbed, pleased if I had to guess. “Ya know, I think I will show ya my ‘training’ method after all,” Patrick decided.

He then maneuvered himself and lifted up the seat he was sitting on. I was puzzled by this seeing as I helped build the hot tub and never noticed the seats could be lifted. Patrick had modified the hot tub to include a jet nozzle right where one would usually sit. With him being nude, it made the next part easy. Patrick shifted himself over the jet which was already running. He could feel the warm blast against his thick ass and suddenly in between each cheek. Patrick moaned as the jet worked its way deeper until it slid into his hole, “Mmmm, get ready, bud! ‘Bout to show ya my ‘training’!” he announced. I was a bit confused until I realized that his belly was growing!

“Whoa, dad, you’re getting bigger!” I yelped.

“Damn right, son! Watch ‘n learn! Heheh,” Patrick chuckled as he leaned back. His belly was slowly swelling and gurgling as it flooded. It took nearly a minute but he was already as big as an overinflated beach ball! It was getting rounder and rounder.

“Dad, you’re a balloon!” I said as I started rubbing again. I could feel it swell under my palms, my cock twitching at this.

Patrick pressed the button to turn the jets off. “W-what are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, don’t wanna get too big for ya! A belly this big could crush ya! Heheh” Patrick warned, his laughs rippling his swollen tank.

“You’re so big... Like, really really big!” I kept repeating.

Patrick rubbed the top of his belly, and then suddenly placed it over mine, dwarfing it. I blushed hard. “I know you’re lovin’ this, son.” Patrick said smoothly.

“Fuck... I guess I can’t hide it...” I said, looking to the side. “I just can’t get enough of you and... well, all of you...”

“I don’t blame ya, son. It’s just how ya are and I don’t mind! Hell, why don’t we explore a little and I’ll let you try whatever ya want!” Patrick smiled warmly. My heart could fucking explode it was racing. How could this possibly be happening!? It was like a wet dream come true, almost literally. I hesitated before thinking about what to do next.

Patrick grabbed me, gently, and pulled me in closer and wrapped his right massive arm around me. “Come here.” I gulped as I felt his big, warm embrace, my arm brushing into his pumped belly. He was much fucking bigger than I expected.

Before I could do anything, I had to ask, “H-how did you know I’m not straight?”

“A father knows,” he chuckled. He reached down and brushed his meaty hand against my trunks and against my throbbing cock. “Seems I hit the nail right on the head, too!” he grinned.

I blushed and sort of smiled, “Heheh, I guess I can’t deny it then. You’re just so fuckin’ hot!”

I rubbed his belly some more as dad’s hand slid under the brim of my trunks and further down. I could feel him inspecting my cock. “Seems you’ve got a nice stem here, son!” grinned Patrick.

I blushed hard and moaned a bit. “How big are you, then?” I asked as my hand traveled down the rotundness of his swollen gut below the water. It took a second to fondle around but eventually I found his cock. Jesus, he’s a mammoth! I can’t get my hand around it! I went beet red. “You’ve got one hell of a cock yourself!”

Patrick chuckled. “Oh yeah? Heheh! Nice of ya to notice!”

I now had one hand on his belly and the other around his cock. I could feel it getting bigger and harder as I rubbed. “You, uh, you like this, dad?” I asked casually.

“Mmmmhm...” he confirmed.

“It still amazes me how big you got here,” I said, patting his gut. “Do you could get...bigger?”

Patrick raised an eyebrow at this. “You want me to get even bigger? I think that’d be easy as pie, but are ya ready to see such a thing?” he asked.

“Can you?” I replied, inquisitively.

“I damn well can, heheh!” he chuckled, reaching over and activating the jets again.

The jets began to hum and water bubbled around us again. “You may be surprised by what I can really do here, son!” Patrick grinned, but a bit deviously, maybe seductively? His belly slowly started expanding again, my cock shuddering at the sight. Patrick moaned as he leaned his head back in bliss.

“Oh fuck...” I moaned as I kept rubbing the swelling mass. His hairy tank was now getting bigger than I’d ever seen it! It wouldn’t stop growing! Bigger and bigger it swelled in my hands. I was so enamored in his growth that I didn’t realize that the water level was slowly dropping as he grew. I stopped for a brief moment to pull my trunks off, my cock getting uncomfortable in there. My 9 inch cock shuddered like a steel pole in the water, the bubbles tickling it. It only made me even hornier.

After a few minutes, Patrick’s belly was now getting bigger than a yoga ball and showed no signs of stopping. “Bigger, dad, bigger!!” I demanded.

“Sure thing, son! Heheh!” chuckled Patrick as he pressed a button to increase the jets. He was growing bigger faster now. I was starting to find myself sinking lower in the tub. Wait, the water was getting lower! Fuck, it’s all in his belly!!!

“Fuck, dad, you’re becoming a blimp!” I yelled as I felt myself starting to cum. He was just too hot to handle, not needing hands to rub one out. I didn’t stop worshipping him, though. It was all I could do to satiate my need to see him grow and be near him.

“I know, boy! I’m gonna get nice and fucking big for ya!” Patrick roared, flexing as he grew. His belly gurgled and groaned loudly, getting tighter as well. He was becoming a literal blimp! Fuck I love him.

After about 30 minutes, the water finally dropped below the intakes for the jets. Dad’s belly finally started slowing its growth and he turned the jets off. He had taken up nearly all of the fucking hot tub! I was pressed against the other side by his huge belly. “God damn! How does someone even manage to get this big!?” I asked trying to keep myself from getting crushed.

Patrick chuckled, his water balloon of a belly sloshing and gurgling. “Son, there’s a lot you don’t know ‘bout me!”

“I guess I don’t... I still love you, though, in more ways than one...” I gushed, my cock still hard as ever. I then had another idea. “Seeing as you uh, got me off, I think I should return the favor...” I said as I began shifting around trying to get below his belly as best as I could.

“Oh yeah? I hope I made ya shoot good! Heheh,” Patrick grinned. He was then puzzled to see I was gone, but could feel his belly shifting. “Woah, whatcha doin’ down there, son?” he asked. He could then feel my mouth sliding over his 12 inch pipe of a cock.

“Shit, he’s a mouthful and I’m not even halfway!” I thought as I fought in a dark, wet enclosed area with his belly crushing me from above. All that water and his gut were easily well over 100 pounds. His cock was so big, but so good. I could taste that he’d been pre-cumming while he inflated. Maybe he shot too? The water might have also been why, but whatever it was, it definitely had his musk.

Only one time before had I gotten a taste of him and it was when I huffed his used jock after he’d been wearing it for a week. He boasted about it for some reason, not sure why. Maybe that was one of his ways of trying to see if I was gay or not. But damn if I didn’t fall for that hook line and sinker. He just smelled and tasted so good, I had to have his cum. I did my best to get him in deeper. His tip was already sliding into my throat. My teeth grazed his veiny shaft and made him shudder, the water in his belly gurgling. The idea of what I could do to dad and his belly made me just as hard as before and I began stroking myself as I continued to gag myself on him. “Fuck, what is he capable of? I want him even bigger!!”

I shoved his shaft even further down my throat. I couldn’t breathe he was so damn big, but it was worth it. His cock was too damn good to pass up. I got it further and further, feeling like it would take ages to manage. Finally I could feel his globular balls against my chin. He was so much, but so fucking good. Jerking faster, I began to ease my mouth back and forth along the length of his massive girth. Patrick grunted and moaned, his body seizing up here and there with the sensations he felt. His son was surprisingly well gifted with men of size like him.

His shaft lubed up with saliva, I worked it faster, his tip pounding my throat. I could feel it swell as it went deeper, both his cock and my throat. It was getting unbearable but I soldiered on. I had to make him cum for me. He deserved it. Being a sexy monster, getting extra big for me. He was the best dad I could ever have! I could feel him beginning to reach climax, his balls tensing up. “Here it comes!” I thought. His cock started to swell, a little too big for me! “Fuck, he’s stuck!” I panicked. Within that moment, thick bursts of hot cum blasted down my throat.

I was balls deep on him and his cock had swollen up and taken my whole mouth hostage. I couldn’t open any wider he was just so big. I was forced to gulp nonstop if I didn’t want to drown in seed. I could start to taste it, though. It was saltier than I expected but carried his musk which sent me over the edge, making me shoot with him. “Oh fuck...oh fuck...” Patrick moaned.

I could feel the waves shortening now, thankfully. His cock pulsed a few more times before the swelling went down. After what seemed like an eternity, my mouth was now free. My jaw was sore as fuck, but at least I was free now. I began to work my way back up. His gurgling tank sloshing as I surfaced opposite of him. I took a deep inhale as I got out. “Fuck, son! You all right?” asked Patrick.

I gave him a thumbs up as I spat some cum out. I then crawled on top of his waterbed-like belly over to him. “Never better, dad, heheh!” I chuckled. I kissed him on the lips, cementing my affection for the world’s greatest bear of a dad. “You taste fucking great!” I then said pulling back.

“Mmm, glad ya enjoyed it. Heheh!” said Patrick as he got a taste. “I’m proud of ya son, you took a real man!” he continued.

“Thanks, heheh. First time. I guess beginner’s luck!” I thanked him, flopping down onto his jiggling girth.

Later that night, dad and I were on the couch, cuddled up close, enjoying dad’s now normal-size ball gut. My hand hard at work rubbing his beautiful hairy ball gut, I asked, “So, uh, can you get even bigger than that?”

Patrick grinned, “Son, I thought you’d never ask!”

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