Coupon code: littlest

by Ziel

El decides to abuse a coupon code that promises to take “20% off”. He keeps stacking the coupon until there’s nearly nothing left!

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I recently got into a fairly popular podcast featuring a trio of brothers. They made a joke that got stuck in the back of my mind, and I had to do something with it or it would drive me crazy. This is the opposite end of the spectrum of what I normally write, but was quite cathartic.
It had started as yet another normal day for Elroy. He woke up. Threw on some jogging shorts and some shoes and set out for his morning jog. His trek around campus was as eventful as it always ways. The only real interaction he had with other people was when the occasional girl or guy stopped to gawk at the heavy bulge in his tight jogging shorts as it bounced up and down in time with his steps. El knew he was hung, and he loved to flaunt it, but even showcasing his goods was not enough to keep him occupied for the entirety of his jog. Fortunately, his friends had clued him into a hip new podcast.

El had been keeping tabs on the Brothers’ antics for months now, and after binging old episodes during his jogs, he had finally come current. It was a strange sensation to be experiencing things at the same time his friends did. El had become so used to being months behind on content that he himself was beginning to feel like a bit of an anachronism.

The sights and sounds of campus slowly began to blur together as he jogged on. Sweat glistened on his bare torso. No small number of co-eds stopped to stare at the lean, fit, hung young man, and the voices in El’s ears slowly bled into his subconscious as he trekked.

El chuckled at the banter as the bros got into yet another ad spot. El couldn’t even really say what it was that caught his attention and brought the banter from the back of his mind to the forefront, but as the trio of tragically straight bros tried to discuss dildos, El couldn’t help but laugh, and of course, no good ad spot would be complete without a coupon code to go along with it.

“Type in our coupon code and be sure to get 20% off your dick!” said one of the bros.

“I believe you mean 20% of your order…” another brother corrected.

“For your dick,” the first brother reiterated.

“Don’t listen to him. Act now and get 20% off,” the third brother said.

“Your dick!” the first brother joked once more.

El couldn’t even say what it was the made him decide to do it. He had been kicking around the idea of getting some new toys for ages, sure, but the urge to indulge in some retail therapy was so intense that he paused his walk right then and there, pulled up the site, and started perusing their goods. El was impressed with the selection. In no time at all he found a few gadgets and gizmos that looked like they’d be tons of fun in the bedroom, and in no time at all he had his cart loaded and his credit card at the ready. He typed in the code, hit submit, and waited for the screen to reload.

To his surprise, the coupon code activated, the price dropped as intended, but the “accept” prompt for the coupon was still there. Thinking it was just a bug, El clicked “accept” once more. To his surprise, the price dropped yet another 20%. His order was now 36% off the original price.

El glanced sheepishly around. Obviously, no one was watching him fiddle with his phone, and even if they were, they had no way to know he had just double couponed, and yet, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Surely, this was a glitch. There’s no way they would have made it so that someone could cash in on a code more than once… and yet, there he was with a huge discount on his dil. And even with all that deduction, the prompt was still asking him to accept or cancel.

El’s finger hovered over the cancel button. The ethical thing to do would be to cancel this and send a message to their Quality Control peeps and let them know about the bug, and yet… This was a great opportunity for him. Surely, they had to have noticed the error by now. It was amazing they hadn’t patched the glitch yet. There was no telling how long this coupon stacking would work. It would be stupid to look a gift horse in the mouth!

El’s finger shifted ever so slightly to the side and clicked “accept” once more. The price once more dropped, and the prompt once more asked “accept” or “cancel”? El was already in too deep to back down now. He hit “accept” and “accept” again and again. He hadn’t done so much button mashing since his Street Fighter days! Before he knew it, he was getting his order for mere pennies! It was so cheap that the system couldn’t even process any more reductions. It would take 20% off the current couple of pennies, then round up to the nearest cent and put him right back where he started. It was physically impossible for him to get his order any cheaper. El smirked as he hit the confirm button, put his phone back in his pocket, and went back about his trek with an extra spring in his step.

The days went by, and El forgot all about his order. Final’s crunch came, and by the time he had struggled through all his exams all he could think about was how much he wanted to just go home, crawl into bed, and let his brain decompress. Oddly enough, it was on his way back from his last final that he noticed something unusual. There was a package sitting in front of his dorm room door!

El was simultaneously excited and mortified. It had to have been delivered to the front desk and someone, probably the RA, had to have brought it up to his dorm. No doubt word would spread like wildfire. The dude three doors down had once received a stuffed bunny from an admirer at the start of the semester, and the gossip mill had only just finally begun to die down on that. What would they say about El’s big box of dildos? The packaging wasn’t exactly discreet!

El shrugged it off. It wasn’t like he was going to be there much longer. It was summer vacation starting now. He was going to be out of the dorm in a few days, and he doubted he’d see much of his former dorm-mates around campus during the next few semesters. Fall was months away, anyway. Even if he did end up on the same floor as some of them, he doubted they would remember when cut off from the rumor mill.

El was so frazzled that he wanted nothing more than to get busy and let off some steam from finals. He got into his room, kicked off his shoes, peeled off his clothes, and plopped down into his bed with the box in hand. He dug into the box like a kid on Christmas. It didn’t even slow him down that he didn’t have scissors handy. He tore straight into the cardboard! In a matter of moments, he had the box open and his new toy in the palm of his hand.

El scratched his had as he looked at the strange, egg-shaped device in his hand. This didn’t look like what he had ordered, and even if it was, what happened to the cornucopia of cocks he had paid pennies for? Although, given how bad he had cheated the system he was amazed he had gotten anything at all, and the little device looked fancy enough. Given what he had paid, this was a steal!

It didn’t take El long to figure out how it worked. Like most sex toys, there were very few holes it could be inserted into, and only one of those holes was any fun. El reached into the drawer of his nightstand, fished out some lube, and oiled up the egg for entry. El was soon on his back with his ankles to his ears and the small, slick egg prepped and ready to go. His heart was pounding in his chest as he pressed it against his tight hole. It had been a while since he had had any backdoor fun, and this was the first time he had tried a device such as this. He was excited to see just what it was capable of! El let slip a soft moan in spite of himself as he felt the egg slide into his ass. It felt so nice to stretch his hole like that, but the real pleasure was soon to cum. No sooner had it slipped inside of him than El felt something very strange – a soft, buzzing sensation deep inside. This thing was a vibrator? El was amazed. He didn’t see a slot for batteries, nor had he charged it, but there was no denying the pleasant thrumming against his prostate. In fact, the device had barely even entered him, and he was already rock hard and dripping pre!

El stared down at his fat foot-long and smirked. He was hung as hell, and he knew it. Porn stars wished they had cocks like this. El wrapped both hands around his huge, thick shaft and stroked it slowly as he felt the egg buzzing inside of him. He had never felt so good before. A lot of it had to do with how pent up he was, but the addition of the prostate massage was definitely a huge plus. It felt so amazing that for a brief second El wondered why he bothered topping at all. If his ass felt this amazing, he might just as well start bottoming all the time!

El quickly shook the notion from his head and stroked his huge cock some more. With a cock like this, it would be a crime not to dick down the dudes with it. It was his civic duty to make all the hotties writhe with joy as he rearranged their guts.

Just thinking about how huge and sexy his cock was and how amazing he felt and how incredibly horny he was pushed El over the edge in record time. In a matter of moments, El had painted his chest and his abs in spunk. He had even gotten quite a bit of it on his face and in his hair! El was amazed by just how much and how powerfully he had cum! Sure, it had been a while, but that was intense!

“Man… I’m definitely gonna have to get some more use out of this thing later…” El thought to himself as he laid back in bed and basked in the afterglow.

Despite having just busted the biggest nut of his life, El was still rock hard. As he lay in bed, he lazily stroked him cock with one hand while he ran the fingers of his other hand through the thick mess of spunk that coated his chest. He couldn’t believe how amazing he felt. Not only did he have an amazing afterglow, but he was still horny as hell and cocked, locked, and ready to rock! Even though he had just cum like a firehose, he felt ready for round two!

El reached back down with both hands and wrapped his other hand around his cock alongside the first one. He started to stroke it in earnest all over again when something made him balk.

His hands were a little cramped.

El couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. He was still rock hard. His dick couldn’t get any harder, and yet it felt somehow… less?

El glanced down at his cock and what he saw snapped him out of his stupor. There was no way! His cock still looked huge as hell, but it wasn’t the fat footlong he was so proud of. What had happened?

El tried to calm himself down. He tried to figure out what could have happened. Surely his dick didn’t just shrink did it? It had to be a trick of his imagination. He had to be the exhaustion from the exam crunch catching up to him. What he needed was an impartial third party. Something that would not lie. Something that could not lie to him.

El fumbled for his phone and quickly pulled up the app he needed. He had an app that could figure out the size of something by triangulating the image from the three cameras. He had used it plenty of times before when measuring woodcutting at his part-time job. It was as accurate as any ruler and twice as easy to use. He lined up the image of his cock with the app’s viewfinder, moved his finger over the scan button, took a deep breath, and clicked scan.

El’s jaw dropped at the news. His cock had definitely diminished. He previously had an even twelve inches of fat cock, but now he had just a hair more than nine and a half? His cock had gone from as thick as a can of shaving cream to as thick as a can of Lysol. His dick was still amazing, but it wasn’t twelve fucking inches!

El’s mind raced. How could this have happened? But slowly a thought crept into his head. He didn’t want to believe it at first, but the more he thought about it the more he wondered. Soon it was all he could think about. He had to know for certain. He minimized the measurement app and loaded the calculator. He typed in a quick measurement. “9.6/12”. He hit the equal key, but he already knew the answer. The digital display just confirmed his fears. His dick had dropped to 80% its original size. Or to put it another way, his dick had dropped by 20%! Just like the ad had said, he had taken 20% off his dick.

“Shit!” El shouted as the realization struck him. Despite how freaked out he was about his reduced dick, his cock was still rock hard and shuddering with bliss. He was so horny and the buzzing in his butt felt so fantastic. Despite the fear wracking his body, pleasure was wracking him just as hard – if not harder! If he wasn’t careful, he was going to cum again, and then what!?

“Come on… come on…” El moaned as he fumbled awkwardly. He once again had his ankles around his ears and his fingers at his rear hatch, but this time he was trying to remove the egg rather than put it in. El’s cock gave a lurch of pleasure as his fingers slid in. El had to bite his lip to stifle as a moan. Dammit. The last thing he wanted was to be getting off on this! And yet, his ass felt so amazing. The constant thrumming against that sweet spot inside of him drove him wild. His cock was lurching expectantly. It took every ounce of self-control he could muster not to cum right then and there.

“Almost… got it…” El moaned as he felt his fingertips brush against the egg. He thought he was in the clear, but he neglected to consider one small factor.

His fingertips pressed against the egg, causing the small device to press harder against his prostate. An electric jolt of pleasure surged through him. It felt even more amazing than before! The pleasure was maddening!

“O-oh…. Oh. Oh! Shhii-!” El whined as his cock gave another hard lurch. A thick spray of cum surged from his cock and sprayed him right in the face. It was the most intense cum shot of his life. He had had to have drained every ounce of cum from his nuts and then some! And yet… El could already tell it was less than his last one, and some part of him knew that he would never have another cum shot quite as large as that one ever again.

El was once again laid out flat on his bed. His head was spinning. His heart was pounding. His cock was throbbing for release! And yet, not all of his heart rate was from how great he felt. Fear crept into his mind even amidst the afterglow. A pit was growing in his stomach even has his brain floated in the fog.

El fumbled awkwardly for his phone and once again loaded the measurement app. “7.7 inches” it read.

“Shit…” El mumbled under his breath. He had lost another 20% just like that. He still had a cock fit for pornos, but he was no longer the biggest of the big by anyone’s standards. His twelve-inch ram rod was looking pretty puny compared to its former glory. His dick had dropped over four inches! He had lost a quarter of his length, a quarter of his girth! He used to have a Coke-can thick cock, but now it was closer to the thickness of a Monster energy! His nuts had gone from big, fat goose-eggs down to the size of golf balls, and down again to the size of ping pong balls!

El paced nervously as he pondered his options. He didn’t want to dig his fingers in again. It seemed that the smaller the cock got the stronger the sensations became in his ass. Whether he liked it or not, he was dangerously close to being a full-time pillow princess even though his dick was still well above average. He knew he had to find some way to remove the egg, but the pleasure was maddening. He hated how much he loved it, and worst of all? The longer it was in him the more he found himself craving the pleasure more and more. His prostate had gone from an after thought to the most sensitive part of his body. It was more sensitive than his dick had ever been!

Speaking of his dick…

El soon found his legs trembling beneath him and his cock shuddering in his hand. In his hand…?

El was once again snapped to attention. Without even realizing it, he had been absentmindedly stroking his cock while he paced. His cock was once again shuddering and preparing to blow.

“No nononono,” El muttered breathlessly. He collapsed to his knees and braced himself against the side of his bed as he struggled to stifle his need to cream. He was so hot and bothered that it was maddening! His whole body wanted to cum. It was only through sheer force of will that he was keeping his load down, and he was quickly losing the battle.

After a moment, the initial shocks subsided. It seemed he was in the clear. El let out a sigh of relief and glanced down at his rock-hard, pre-drooling cock. His hand was still wrapped around the shaft, but he was no longer stroking it. The lack of motion gave him a moment to admire just how much it had changed. He once could get both hands around the shaft with room to spare, but now he had one hand around it with only a few inches poking out past his palm.

El stared at his dick in bemused fascination for a moment. On some level he knew he was still “big,” but he was no longer “massive.” He couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for people to be so unimpressive. He could kind of see the allure in a way. He had actually scared some dudes in the past when he had whipped out his python. It took a lot of work for someone to work their way up to taking a foot-long trouser snake. His nearly eight inches of thick dick were much more manageable in many ways.

El quickly shook the notion from his mind. He wasn’t ready to accept this just yet. He wanted to believe there was some way to reclaim his lost size, but even as he argued with himself, he felt it impossible to shake the notion that his size as gone for good.

Even if he did never recover his size, acceptance was not an option at the moment. If he didn’t figure things out soon, he’d soon be facing another reduction. He didn’t even want to consider what might happen if he shrunk again.

But even has he tried to deny the facts, he knew that it was just a matter of time. He still had no plans for removing the device, and every second it was in him, the hornier he got. He was now leaking pre like a faucet. A warm, wet pool of pre was nor forming on the floor between his knees. He could scarcely believe he was able to put out so much pre with such a small cock.

A shudder coursed through El’s body. His cock was still big, he reminded himself! And yet, even though he could see his nearly eight inches sticking out in front of him, the specter of his former glory still plagued him. As far as he was concerned, this was small!

Another shudder coursed through him. El’s mind raced. Was he getting hornier? This couldn’t be happening! He was getting turned on by the mere thought of having a small cock?

“No! No, no, no! My dick is huge!” El whined. “I have a big dick! My dick isn’t… it isn’t… small!” El moaned the last word. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Another rope of spunk erupted from his cock and splattered against the sheets which hung from the side of his bed.

“No…” El whined.

He had done it again, and with it another 20% was taken from him.

El didn’t want to see the results, but at the same time he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. He glanced down at his rock-hard cock. The pit in his stomach grew even larger as he stared at the perfectly average rod he now sported. He wasn’t fooling anyone. Six inches wasn’t “huge.” It was a hair above average. If he stopped now, he could hope for a chance at a normal life, but he already knew that that was impossible.

El once again flopped back onto his bed. He was now covered in sweat. His lean, lithe body glistened in the pale light of his overhead lamp, and his cock glistened even more. His dick and balls were now so coated in pre that they were practically laminated.

El glanced defeatedly down at his dick. His hand had found its way back to the shaft, but El was too exhausted to try and fight it. He watched in bemused fascination as his palm covered the bulk of his shaft, leaving just the spongy head of his cock sticking out past his hand. It was hard to believe that just an hour ago he could fit both hands on his shaft. Now he barely had room for one. Soon he’d be stuck with an even shorter cock. El already knew this to be true. On some level, he had given up fighting.

On some base level, El wanted to mount some sort of half-hearted defense. He knew if he stopped now, he could hope for an average life with an average cock, but even as he tried to barter with himself, he knew the truth. There was no average life for him. Not with his ass as sensitive as it had become. The constant thrumming of the buzzing egg-shaped device was maddening. El tried to tune it out, but even as he tried to tune it out, he felt himself wanting more.

El closed his eyes. He tried to recall the image of his huge, fat cock. He tried to remind himself of his many sexual conquests. He tried to remind himself that he was the best fuck in town. Dudes all over wanted a ride on his fat fuck-stick, but even as El quietly recited his mantra of “my dick is huge. I love fucking guys. My dick is huge. I love fucking guys.” El could feel the craving for cock welling up inside of him. This was more than just a sensitivity in his ass. It had evolved into something much more carnal. He craved cocks. He wanted to be plowed into the mattress. The more he tried to recall the image of his former foot-long the more he wanted to feel it inside of him.

El let out another moan, and his cock lurched again. The splatter of jizz crashed down around his abs.

This was the most intense orgasm of his life. His nuts felt like they had pumped out more than ever before, but his load was less than half the size of his first load of the afternoon. His most recent splatter was lost in the mess of his previous climaxes. El felt the pit in his stomach again. The jizz dripping off his pecs and abs and face was more jizz than he’d ever be able to pump out again. If he wanted to feel like this again, he’d need to get the cum from elsewhere.

“Sshit…” El whined. Another lurch. Another spurt. His mind raced as he tried to piece together his size. He had gone from a hair over six to a smidge under five to falling just shy of four.

El glanced down. His cockhead had vanished beneath his palm. His entire dick from stem to stamen was now so small that it was eclipsed by his palm. El tried to run some quick calculations. His cock was now about as long as his middle finger and barely thicker than his thumb! His nuts had gone from the size of goose eggs to the size of robin’s eggs and then shrunk even smaller! At the rate he was going, he’d be lucky to be left with gobstopper sized stones!

Somehow, El felt himself becoming more relaxed. The fear was quickly fading. He couldn’t tell if it was acceptance or just shock, but whatever the case, he was glad the have the pit in his stomach fading away.

El shakily got to his feet. Even as he rose from his bed and took the few steps across the room to his door, some small part of his subconscious raged against his fate and his actions. “Don’t do it!” that part of his mind cried. “Don’t look!” it pleaded, but El was too far gone. His curiosity was too great.

El admired himself in the full-length mirror that hung from the back of his dorm room door. He was still smoking hot. The jizz that coated his chest and abs dripped through his cum gutters and ran down his legs. The well-defined V of his Adonis Belt pointed directly to his rock-hard cock, but unlike before, the prize that awaited at the end of the arrow was far less impressive. El’s rod wasn’t even four inches. The tip of his fully erect shaft didn’t even reach his Adonis Belt. He was small by anyone’s standard. He had mercilessly teased dudes he had bedded for having over five inches. If he had seen a dude with less than four inches, he never would have let them live it down, and yet here he was.

“God… You’re so small…” El murmured in awe.

His cock gave a lurch of delight and a shudder of pleasure coursed through his body.

“Heh… you like that?” he asked.

It was strange. It was like he was staring at someone else’s body, and yet he was feeling everything from both perspectives. That cock on the body in the mirror was so tiny.

“It’s so tiny… It doesn’t even count as a cock,” El murmured. His voice was slightly stronger this time. The lurch from his cock and the shudder of bliss was stronger too.

“Fuck…” El murmured. He struggled against himself to keep upright and to keep his load down, but he was no longer trying to fight his own shrinkage. He was in such a daze that he could barely even think about that. For the time being, he just wanted to enjoy the little game he was playing with the El in the mirror.

“Hehe. Yeah. I thought so. You like that,” El teased his reflection. El let out another moan in reply.

“Hehe. I had a bigger cock than that in middle school,” El teased.

And it was true too. El could still remember what it was like to be in the locker room during middle school. Even back then he was well above average. Hell, even in grade school he knew he put the other boys to shame, but now… now he would be outclassed by his middle school self. He would be outclassed by so many guys younger than himself.

El let out another moan. He placed a hand against the door to steady himself as a spurt of cum launched forth from his cock and splattered against the mirror.

Once again, this load felt like the largest of his life, but in reality, it was anything but. The rope of cum left a splatter the size of a bug hitting a window. That was as much as his malt ball sized nuts could push out.

El staggered back to his bed and scooped up the phone he had left there earlier. He wanted to measure again, but this time out of bemused fascination and not abject horror. He loaded the app, aimed the viewfinder, and hit the scan button.

What he saw made El chuckle. “3.14?” he said with a giggle. His python was now a pi-thon! His rod was now shorter than his pointer finger and thinner than his thumb. His nuts had shrunken down to the size of those crispy M&Ms.

El returned to the door and once again admired himself in the mirror. “Look at you,” he said to his reflection. “You’ve got a kiddie dick,” he teased.

Even as he said this, he was struck by the sound of the jeer. “Dick” sounded way too large for the nub that the dude in the mirror was sporting, but what was smaller than a dick? While El pondered this, he looked over his reflection some more. His dick was now so short that the tip of it didn’t even reach the top of the well-trimmed patch of fuzz of his crotch. He kept his junk well manscaped to really accentuate how huge he was, but now his small, shortly-buzzed patch of pubes were having the opposite effect.

El chuckled at the figure in the mirror. He was drunk on power and high on his own arousal. He could still scarcely reconcile that the figure in the mirror was actually him. “Look at that. You should shave that shit,” he teased. “That’s right. Get it nice and smooth. Smooth as a baby’s bottom to match that baby dick you got there,” he teased breathlessly.

El moaned again. His whole body shuddered as another spurt fired from his dwindling dick. A cursory glance at his app showed that he had been knocked down to two and a half inches. His dick was about as long as a Double A battery and not a whole lot thicker. His nuts had dropped down to the size of standard M&Ms.

The part of his mind that had been screaming at him to stop was now silent. Whatever part of him remembered what it was like to be a big-dicked stud, had all but faded out of existence. This was his life now. He was a baby-dicked butt-slut. The thought of this caused a huge grin to spread across El’s lips.

El reached down to grip his cock and give it a good stroke but was momentarily taken aback when he realized his palm was now far too large for the task. Instead he opted to grip his dicklet between his thumb and his pointer and ring fingers. El smirked in bemused fascination as he compared the sized. His thumb was only a hair longer than his dick and quite a bit thicker.

“I’d say it looks like a thumb, but that would be an overstatement,” El said to the figure in the mirror.

El let out another moan as he continued to stoke his dick. He could actually feel it dwindle ever so slightly between his fingers.

His dick had shrunken to a combined total of two whole inches. He had lost ten inches. He had lost more cock than some men had had in their entire lives. The amount of dick he had lost would be enough to put porn stars to shame, and yet his cock was still shrinking.

As El stared at the pitiful nub that had once been his prize-winning hog, he slowly became aware of something odd. He was feeling empty. There was something missing inside of him. It slowly dawned on him what that feeling was.

The egg had stopped buzzing. El had no idea how long it had been out of juice, but he was sure it hadn’t been vibrating since before his last shrinkage or two. That answered one question, but more now cropped up. The device was no longer powered, and yet his cock was still shrinking? Just how much would he lose?

El once again laid back in his bed and lifted his legs to remove the device. This time there were no issues. He got his fingers in there, gripped the device, and plucked it with ease. He came again as the egg caused his hole to once again stretch ever so pleasantly. El knew instinctively that that was another 20%. He could barely even keep track of how small he was now. Well below two inches, obviously.

El sat there for a moment staring at the device and pondering. This was not going to do it for him anymore. He needed something more. Something bigger. Something fatter. He craved a real cock, but in lieu of that he’d take the biggest dildo he could find.

As if to answer his prayer there came a knock at his door. El was startled, but he got up to open the door in spite of himself. It was like he was watching in slow motion as his body moved on its own. As his hand reached for the knob, he could hear the voice of his RA.

“You must be quite the popular guy. We’ve got another package for you!” the RA said.

El opened the door and stood there in all his nude, cum-soaked, pin-dicked glory. His dicklet was an inch and some change at this point. It was thinner than his pinky and half as long. His mini-M&M sized nuts filled his tiny sack to the brim.

The RA’s gaze instinctively darted towards El’s crotch. El half expected a look of smug satisfaction from the RA, but instead he was greeted to a dumbfounded gaze of awe.

“Woah… is that real? It’s so tiny…?” the RA murmured.

Somehow that response was even more cutting than any barb the RA could lash at him. A few small dribbled of cum escaped El’s tiny cock leaving him with almost exactly an inch. He had less than 10% his starting mass at this point. He had a dick that would look more at home on an infant than a college student, and the gossipy RA now knew the truth.

El’s mind was racing. He couldn’t do anything but stand there and gasp as his cock shuddered with glee. Pleasure coursed through his whole body causing every muscle in his body to tremble. The truth was out, and soon it would be out across the entire dorm floor, and given El’s reputation around town, El knew it wouldn’t stop there.

El’s mind felt foggy. He was so giddy he was becoming delirious. Another shudder. Another few tiny droplets of jizz. Another 20% gone.

El was once again lost in his own internal calculations. How small would he get? He tried to recall the order he had placed that had started this all. How much of the original total was he left with? There had been over $200 of toys that he had reduced down to a single, solitary pair of pennies. He had paid less than a hundredth of a percent! Was that what was in store for him now? Little more than a single percent of an inch? What would that even look like? El kept the hairs on his crotch as short as his manscaper would allow. The stubble around his mini-dicklet were little more than a millimeter in length, and yet, there was a very real fear his dick could get lost in the tangle.

El almost chastised himself as he came yet again, but he wasn’t able to muster the energy to even care about how he must appear. His cock was closing in on half an inch. It was little more than a mere centimeter in length! His cock was as thick as the ink cylinder in the middle of those Bic pens he used in class! With one more climax, he’d be looking at a dicklet as thick as mechanical pencil led! His nuts were no longer measurable in M&Ms. Even the minis were too large for his nuts. They were too large even for his entire pouch. Even Nerds candies would eclipse his sack.

“I’ll just… leave this here…” the RA said. He set the box down in front of El and awkwardly walked away.

El slowly fought for control of his body against his own arousal. He managed to stop shuddering enough that he could kneel down and collect the box. His legs and arms felt like jelly. He was giddier than he had ever been in his life. He needed to have what was inside that box no matter what.

El was unable to get his hands to cooperate. He couldn’t quite grip the cardboard in such a way that he could tear it open. He instead reached into his shorts which still lay beside his bed and fished out his dorm room key. He marveled for a moment as he pulled it out. The key absolutely dwarfed his entire package, and at the rate he was going, even the individual teeth on the key would soon eclipse his entire cock and then some.

El bit his lip at the thought. A few more droplets. A few more millimeters.

El used the sharp edge of the key to slice open the shipping tape. El could swear he heard a chorus of angels as the top opened and the contents came into view. These were what he had ordered. It felt like years ago when he had placed the order, and even now he couldn’t quite recall why he had done so.

El pulled out the first item from the package. A dildo. A full, solid foot of fat cock dildo. The enormous tool looked impossibly huge in El’s hands. How could anyone use such a thing? What must it be like to have such an enormous organ swinging between your legs? The sheer concept seemed like science fiction to El. Like the giant sea monster in a Jules Vern book – not something that could happen in the realm of possibility.

El held the rubber tool beside his own centimeter of schlong. It wasn’t even a comparison. One was a cock and one was a nub! It was like comparing an anthill to an amphitheater!

El licked his lips. His cock shuddered. A fraction of an inch vanished from his already pathetic cock.

El knew what he had to do. He had to ride that cock right then and there. He needed to feel it inside of him. He wasted no time. El once more assumed the position. Back to the mattress. Ankles to ears.

El moaned in bliss as the tip of the fat, faux cock slid into him. Just the tip was enough to make him cream. He slid inch after fat inch into him, moaning every step of the way. El couldn’t tell how much he came. It wasn’t just a matter of the number of times. His cock was so small that he could barely even feel it shudder. He couldn’t even feel the droplets of spunk that touched down on his stubble. Eventually El felt the base of his new toy press against his hole. He had taken the whole thing! He rad ridden that impossibly huge cock, and it felt amazing! It felt more than amazing. It was as if it was the perfect fit. It was as if that cock was what had been missing from his life all along.

El laid back in bed and just basked in the satisfaction of his victory. He could scarcely comprehend the sheer size of the toy he had just fully taken. Inches seemed like acres. Feet were like miles. These measurements were impossibly huge by his reckoning. His little nub was too small for imperial measurements. He had to measure in metric. His dick was too small to even really be a nub. His nublet measured in millimeters now.

El glanced down at his crotch. He couldn’t even see his dick. It was buried under a thick layer of cooling spunk. There was so much jizz. Whose was it? Who could have possibly been packing so much sausage and eggs that they could churn out so much spooge? It boggled El’s mind as he tried to imagine what kind of monster cock would make such a mess.

El lazily ran his fingers through the spunk on his crotch in a half-assed effort to clean up. Eventually he managed to get his crotch clean enough to get a glimpse of what he could only assume to be his micro-dick. It was tough to be sure. It was lost amidst the stubble.

El pressed a fingertip against the bump. The pleasure coursing through his body and clouding his mind said it all. That was in fact his dick. His dick had been reduced to something so small that his fingertip could completely eclipse it.

El was once again curious as to just how small he had become. He fumbled awkwardly for his phone. He loaded the app once more and aimed it at his crotch. He tried to line up the view finder with the nub, but it was no good. The phone could not detect the right target. It kept going towards larger targets and measuring those. El had just buzzed his bush with a size 1 trimmer this morning. His stubble was a mere one sixteenth of an inch – a whole millimeter and a half, and still the phone kept trying to measure those instead of his dick.

The true size hardly mattered. His dick was shorter than his stubble. That was the fact of the matter.

Once again, El’s mind wandered to the coupon code he had abused what felt like lifetimes ago. At some point, the price could round no lower. Had he reached that point? Would he ever reach that point? El couldn’t help but wonder if his dick would ever stop shrinking. How would he even know if it had? At this point it didn’t seem like it mattered.

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