Climax doesn’t always mean release

by BRK

Jared is pretty much an expert at sucking himself off and producing a super-intense orgasm doing it. Which is good considering how much he needs to cum these days, especially if he’s watching the hunky guys who play basketball on the outdoor court under his apartment window.

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Jared realized he was getting hard and groaned loudly, though there wasn’t anyone in his cramped, upscale apartment to hear him. He wouldn’t mind being so easily turned on if it weren’t for how intense his orgasms were.

Why did they have to put his amazingly cozy window reading nook right where he could look down at the hunks in the full-sized, residents-only outdoor basketball court, anyway? And then the buff dudes in his complex kept showing up and actually using the damn thing and getting all shirtless and sweaty. He tsked, grinning wryly at his only-half-joking mental bitchfest as he idly slid his palm along his fat, EZ-Bone™ footlong cock through his soft heather-gray briefs, already mostly hard at the sight of his four favorite b-balling hunks warming up and getting into their game on the court below.

Jared watched the thirty-something hotties closely, shaking his head. It was a hot day today, and the bright sun overhead was blasting the green, shock-surface-tiled court pretty mercilessly. Those tee shirts and muscle tees they were wearing would not be staying on for long. Man, these guys were better than porn, he thought as they laughed and joked with each other. Just the bromance subtext between these four handsy, totally-ripped, apparently inseparable buds was enough to amp up his arousal to full-on bonerdom in seconds, and that was with the shirts still on and the sweatiest ball-play still to come.

He sighed, setting aside his e-reader on a nearby table. His dick was already committed to cumming again soon, and there was no telling it otherwise. He shucked his briefs, tossing them to the floor next to the deep bedroom window nook where he spent most of his downtime—either doing what he’d been doing, or doing what he was about to do. His freed erection slapped excitedly against his torso, eagerly weeping precum on his hair-dusted upper abs in anticipation, and Jared looked down at it with a mix of pride, lust, and exasperation.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked it. But it was a rhetorical question. They both knew exactly what Jared was going to do with his eager, delicious, rock-hard cock. He almost wished he weren’t so hung, or so ridiculously limber.


He grinned, then lifted his bare, slightly hairy size-13s and braced them on the opposite wall of the nook. At the same time he slid his butt an inch or two along the padded surface of the nook, just enough that his beautiful boner was now tantalizingly close to his wide, practiced mouth. He turned his gaze back out to his guys below, gusting his warm breath across his own cockhead in a way that made him shiver pleasantly as he drank in the perfect bodies of his favorite visual stimulation. Though different in other ways—the two paler ones seemed to be brothers, one dark and curly, one sandy brown with a buzzed scalp; the third tall, tanned, and blond; the fourth dark and smooth—their thick-muscled physiques were remarkably similar, as though they’d spent years driving each other to the same solid gains at the gym and in whatever games like this they played together. Their smiles were kind of alike, too: bright, wide, and feral, exuding the joy that for them came with unbridled, alpha-male competition and shared, full-on exertion.

Still watching the four men dodge and dance, Jared reached out his long tongue and licked gently around his big, long slab of uncut cock, letting the pleasure ripple through him in gentle, spine-tingling waves. He was extra-randy today for some reason—he’d already cum twice since breakfast and now he felt himself already approaching the edge for a third time, though for Jared the edge was only the beginning.

The curly-haired brother got the ball and slam-dunked it, his body extending beautifully for that moment in mid-air as he jammed the ball through the net with grin. This was Jared’s cue, and he leaned forward and wrapped his mouth around the wide, blunt head of his cock, filling himself with a flood of near-orgasmic pleasure just from that. That was always his rule: their first score was always his first score, too, and he never had to wait for long.

He kept his cockhead engulfed in his warm, wet mouth, watching the guys on the court as they paused the game, and—yes! The shirts were being whipped off, one after another, the brothers doffing theirs in perfect unison. Jared’s cock surged forward, pushing an inch deeper into his mouth almost of its own accord, and he tongued it languidly as he took in the powerfully-muscled, already sweat-dappled men exercising below for his pleasure. The blond seemed extra-swole today, he thought, his square, fuzzy pecs casting long shadows over his rippling, brick-like abs in the bright sunlight. Had he been stealing an advantage, putting in extra gym time to outpace his buddies? Either way, Jared knew that it would not be long before the other three were fully caught up to their hard-bodied, thick-muscled pal and were exactly as swole and shredded as he was.

Their shirts dispensed with, the four hunks resumed their gameplay, and Jared, still watching from his cat-bird’s seat above the action, began an unhurried pistoning of his oversized dick into his insatiably cock-hungry mouth. He was already riding the edge, but that didn’t mean it would be over soon. Other guys he knew could trip an orgasm when they got this close, but Jared’s orgasms were so powerful he had to build up to them, keeping himself at near-climax for long, hot, sweetly agonizing minutes before he could push himself over the cliff into actual eruption and long-lasting release. He sucked his delectably hard cock with slow relish, enjoying this prolonged approach to the crest as much the actual plunge over the edge. He’d once told a fuckbuddy it was like a rollercoaster, the kind where half the fun was easing toward the top, unable to stop the building toward that roll over into the plunge.

The guys’ game on the court was intensifying, and so was Jared’s. He was definitely past the point of no return now. His orgasm was starting, the long fuse sparkling through him as it raced toward the trigger point, and he pushed his wide, super-long, unstoppable cock deeper and deeper into his greedy mouth as he watched the guys play. He felt the first stages of his climax piling up inside him like always, stacking like cordwood, ecstasy on top of ecstasy. Fuck, if this were just a random dude’s cock he was sucking he would be feeling all of this, loving the heft and taste and hardness of this gorgeous uncut monster tool shoving cross his palate, his tongue slobbering around it as he sucked, the leaking head riding closer and closer to his throat as he gave himself over fully and completely to pleasing this huge, sweet dick. But this was his huge, sweet dick, and the glorious blowjob he was giving himself giving and receiving was frying all the high-intensity fuses buried deep in his pleasure-seeking id. He felt like he’d already had five orgasms and was plowing toward more, like a semi crashing through wall after wall before the true explosion comes.

The guys were playing hard now, their sweaty, bulging shoulders sliding across each other as they jostled and dove before making their play for the net. He wasn’t even sure they kept score—winning for them was doing this, going all out together and pushing their bodies to the limit almost as one. It was an incredible turn-on and Jared was now drilling himself hard, swallowing his flat, wide cockhead into his throat with each sweep, each drive in and then out sending so much pleasure through him it was almost too much and, because it wasn’t his true release, not nearly enough.

More play, more exertion, more near-climactic sucking. The darker-skinned, smooth-bodied one slid past the others and executed a smooth, graceful lay-up, the ball dropping through without even noticing the rim, and suddenly all four of his sweaty muscle buds were hugging and celebrating, a single knot of sweat-drenched shoulders and thick, corded arms and grinning, handsome faces as they laughed and held each other, the ball bouncing away forgotten.

That amazing sight, by itself, was enough to push Jared over. But then the buzzed, sandy-haired brother went in and kissed the darker, smooth one, and—fuck, Jared didn’t know or care if it was just as playful straight-boy congrats kiss, or if they were way into it and were going to be fucking later… and he didn’t care. It didn’t matter. He roared over the edge and his climax started exploding through him.

But his climax was not his release. Not yet. He was cumming, spurting hot seed into his eager mouth and swallowing every gout of high-pressure spunk, but it still felt like he was building, thrill stacking on thrill. His body rocked as he continued deep throating himself on automatic, his mind exploding in bigger and bigger waves as he came and kept cumming. This went on, cumming unendingly without release, for what felt like ages. Then, when he truly couldn’t take it anymore and his mind was frying with ungodly pleasure, his true release finally kicked through him and he came for real—three huge spurts of thick, super-hot cum. It was so much he could barely swallow all of it as he pulled back, only the head and half the shaft in his mouth as he blew his final wad, his entire, shaking body and being obliterated, transcendent with utter euphoria.

He panted around his cock, not wanting to let it go. It was the feeling he always had first as his ability to think slowly surfaced—that he didn’t want to let this beautiful, delicious, miraculous dick out of his mouth, not ever. It was the moment he liked least about sucking himself; and the need to have that cock back again, pushing between his lips, humping his tongue and rocking his throat, was the one constant factor driving his perpetually high libido and his need to get off again, and again, and again.

He fell back against the wall of the nook, feeling spent and elated, cock popping free and flopping against his belly, his face flushed and his forehead damp with sweat. Like his boys, he thought with a messy grin. He glanced down at the window, and as soon as he did they started whooping and cheering—at him!

Jared gaped at them. They… they could see him? They knew the whole time?

The curly-haired brother had retrieved his wallet from his bag and was now handing over a couple of twenties to the sandy-haired one, shaking his head, like he’d lost the bet over whether two of them kissing would be enough to make him blow his load. Jared had to laugh. How could it not be?

The others were grinning up at him, and then the curly-haired one was, too. He gestured suggestively, first toward the four of them and then toward Jared. Jeez, they wanted to come up? The darker-skinned, smooth one was lolling his tongue at him, making the others laugh, but they were nodding, too, as they laughed, arms around each other’s shoulders, like, “Yeah, that’s what we’re offering—you in?”

Jared bit his lip, hesitating—but only for a second. He grinned back, gesturing confidently for them all to come up. Then he climbed out of the window nook, his half-hard cock flopping against his lean thighs as he stood, his body and mind still pulsing with what felt like ten afterglows.

He spotted the briefs he’d cast aside and wondered if he should put them on. There didn’t seem much of a point, he thought giddily. Instead he picked them up and tossed them in his hamper, then headed for his intercom even as it started buzzing impatiently, the excitement of his next orgasm already starting build inside him.

2,048 words Added Oct 2021 6,516 views 4.5 stars (6 votes)

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