Rainy Sunday

by BRK

 Alexander and Evan, a married couple with big pecs and bigger cocks, enjoy a quiet Sunday together with lots of cuddling and plenty of cum.

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Alexander awoke in his favorite place in the world: curled up under the covers with his ridiculously hunky husband, legs intertwined and with no reason to move or think or do. He hummed contentedly, nuzzling closer, his head nestling cozily against Evan’s pillow-thick pecs. He loved the feeling of his powerful and ponderous chest muscles shifting slightly against his cheek, transmitting the soft buzz of Evan’s light snores and the steady, reassuring thump of his heart. His smell was soothing, too: this close his nose was full of Evan’s distinctive scent, earthy and clean, with just a hint of the soap from the post-run shower he’d taken before bed. Alexander breathed in deep, letting himself feel like he was sinking deeper into Evan’s firm, pillowy pecs.

A gentle rumble of thunder sifted through the walls and windows, followed a few moments later by the smack of rain hitting the roof, yard, and patio and then by the steady, universal patter of a long downpour. Alexander smiled, sidling even closer to his slumbering mate. They wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while, and that was fine by him.

The rain also went a fair ways toward explaining his languor. Most mornings he was the first one up, ready to start the day with a punishing workout, vigorous sex, and a decadent breakfast—not necessarily in that order. Then they’d head out to face the day together, whether at work (they co-ran the thriving audiology practice in town, which surprised anyone who didn’t know them and expected them to be models or personal trainers) or play (their many activities included starring on the “white coats” intracity exhibition softball team that regularly beat the cops’ line-up, previously the league champs, and had nearly blanked the firemen twice). Low barometric pressure, though, always made him logy and prone to cuddling, and the intensity of the rainstorm currently battering their home and the world around it made him not want to stir from his best-possible nook in existence.

His morning wood flexed, wanting more stimulation, and Alexander was happy to oblige. His left hand, currently rested under the duvet high on the rounded brick-ends of Evan’s stone-carved abs, started gently upwards, letting the firm contours of that chiseled, undulating expanse resonate deliciously through every pad and surface, until his fingertips met the abrupt, sheer vertical wall of Evan’s towering right pectoral, like a tiny ship smashing helplessly into blank, unforgiving sea-cliffs. Alexander pulse quickened, and warmth flooded through him as his massive cock jerked in excitement, smearing a small eruption of precum against the side Evan’s hip as it spasmed with glee. He began pushing his fingers up the yielding muscle-wall, reveling in the pleasure it gave him, until at last they slowly emerged creeping onto the high surface of his pec like the first rays of dawn. He slipped his hand further forward and at last cupped the bulky muscle, hairless except for the crevasse between and oh-so-carefully and diligently carved into exquisite, monumental perfection over years of relentless workouts. He let his palm feel the curve into that sharp descent he’d just scaled, embracing the pebbled nipple, while his hands splayed across it as though seeking to grab and claim as much muscle as he could. His two-inch-wide, steel-hard erection bucked again, depositing more warm goo onto his mate’s heated skin. Evan himself rumbled happily through his light snores, enjoying the fondling and snuggling even in his sleep almost as much as Alexander was.

He considered continuing his hand’s upward motion, progressing higher to explore Evan’s upper chest, his neck, his sharp jawline and well-kept goatee, his high cheekbones and silky dark brows, and most of all those sweet, sweet lips. But his libido grew impatient. Reluctantly giving up his prized cupping of what he thought of as Evan’s most compelling feature, he slid his hand back down onto the bumpy cobblestones of his abs below. His downward journey was soon interrupted by something wide, hard, and wet.

Evan snorted and shifted, and Alexander grinned. Wrapping his fingers in a loose curl around Evan’s prodigious shaft, he let his fist glide relentlessly downward, engulfing the shaft inch by inch. Evan breathed in sharply, lingering in the halfway world between thought and dreams.

Now was the time to strike, he thought. Diving under the covers’ edge he bent and kissed the messy, blunt head of Evan’s monster dick, bigger even than his own and so unbearably beautiful and look, feel, smell—and taste. At the same time he tightened his grip low on the shaft, near Evan’s hefty egg-sized balls.

Evan grunted and moaned, pulled from sleep by his husband’s ministrations. Alexander kept going, pushing the broad, flat glans deep into his hot mouth, spreading his lips wide as he progressed down the flaring shaft and eliciting more groans from Evan as he went. The weight of one of Evan’s hands came to rest on the top of Alexander’s buzz-cut skull. “Unh, what are you doing to me,” Evan moaned his rumbly morning voice. Alexander’s cock jerked again—fuck, that voice alone would do him in. He let his tongue dance around the cockhead as he pushed further downward, letting his hand slide back and forth along the wide shaft near the base in counterpoint to his oral pleasuring.

“Fuck, Alexander,” Evan mewled. He was already close, Alexander could tell, his cock swelling and stiffening in his lover’s mouth and hand. Alexander didn’t mind, redoubling his efforts. He never objected when Evan climaxed quickly—after all, they both made a lot of spunk, Evan especially, and the way they constantly aroused each other beyond all reason meant Alexander never had long to wait before his next chance at making Evan’s big, majestic body writhe and shiver in hedonistic satisfaction.

Alexander deftly twisted his mouth around the upper third or so Evan’s monolithic tool, letting his fist handle the remainder as he brought tongue, lips, palate, throat, grip, and fingers into play like a conductor leading a cocksucking orchestra. Evan was moaning steadily now, and Alexander’s own orgasm was rocketing unstoppably toward him. Quickly, he disengaged just long enough to throw back the blankets and climb onto Evan’s legs before plunging his mouth right back down onto Evan’s mighty prick.

The brief ellipsis and resumption seemed to magnify Evan’s stimulation, and his sex-dark eyes met Alexander in warning. “Love, I’m going to—I gotta—” he gasped. Alexander shoved Evan’s erection as deep down his throat as he could—it was almost too big to even try, but Alexander made sure to get lots of practice. Almost immediately Evan started to cry out. His body tensed, arching subtly, and then massive bursts of high-pressure seed were blasting against the back of his throat.

Alexander pulled back, not wanting to choke on Evan’s copious spunk, even as the spasming eruptions triggered his own release. He manfully swallowed blast after blast of cum, spraying his own seed heedlessly as his did so over the torso before him. He fancied he heard the sounds of his cum-spews smacking like stray ordnance against the forbidding cliffs of Evan’s pecs, and the thought drove him to an even more dizzying climax.

Finally they were both finished, and Alexander slumped forward onto Evan’s cummy torso, his head finding its place nestled in Evan’s huge pecs. Evan sighed contentedly and pulled the covers back up over his back and shoulders. Alexander hummed in gratitude, and they both fell into a long, blissful afterglow haze as the thunder rumbled and the rain fell steadily on the world outside.

“Not moving ever again,” he mumbled as his hand found Evan’s other pec again. He sighed. “Not letting go ever.”

Evan huffed in amusement. “Not until you fuck me, you mean,” he amended in a languid murmur, stroking his mercilessly shorn hair fondly.

Alexander snuggled closer. “Naw, you have to fuck me,” he said muzzily into Evan’s smooth, broad pec, its hairlessness a sharp contrast to his own thick, square-chested, and very fuzzy counterpart. “‘S been a while.”

Evan moaned, reaching for his heavy cock, already half-awake again from all this talk about the next round. Alexander’s, always seemingly aware of its brother’s state, responded in kind. “I’m so huge, though,” Evan joked, slurring his words sleepily. “I swear it gets bigger every time I fuck you.”

Alexander smiled. “Good,” he said. Evan chuckled, stroking Alexander’s head a little more firmly as he caressed his awakening tool. Maybe Evan had gotten a bit more massive down there since they’d met (and fucked) at a university party three amazing years ago, just like he had everywhere else… but it was probably just their overactive imaginations, with maybe a few jocks shrinking in the wash along with the occasional dress shirts and the odd pair of slacks. Still, Alexander appreciated the fantasy and filed it away to linger over later, alongside all the others he had that involved Evan and his amazing body. Like the recurring dream he had of them becoming superheroes together, for example. Hearing-themed, of course, most of the time, just for the parody value; though he’d have to think of better names than Sound-Man and The Audiologist, the last sounding like a better fit for a Batman-’66-style villain than a big-cocked, blue-spandex hero with a dazzling smile and an irresistible bod. Another daydream involved Alexander being shrunk down to wander of over the muscly terrain of Evan’s physique, wandering over his abs like he’d let his hand do before until he scaled the cliffs of his majestic pecs, or encountered the pool of precum dripping noisily from the enormous prick arching high above him and diving gleefully into it, coating himself in warm, fragrant Evan-ooze that made him tingle all over. He’d imagined an Evan sandwich once while he was home alone jerking off—that time he had cum so hard all over his face that even after he’d washed up his cheeks were actually red from the impact.

They lay like that for a while, enjoying their arousal and the pleasantness of postcoital inertia. Gradually matters progressed to more active attentions, and soon Alexander got the dicking he’d been craving since he’d brought it up. Evan was huge, and Alexander felt like he was being ripped open, but it was nothing but euphoric and ended in an even more explosive mutual orgasm than their first round had produced.

After that came a shower—more kissing, but they refrained from sex despite the recrudescence of their insistent, indefatigable erections. “We should just wear underwear all day,” Alexander suggested as they dried each other afterwards.

Evan gave him a rueful grin. “I’m too big for it all to fit,” he reminded him as he ran a thirsty white towel over Evan’s bulging, honey-toned arms. He nodded down at his sky-pointing erection. “At least when I’m like this,” he added.

“Exactly,” Alexander said with a grin.

Evan rolled his eyes but acceded, rehanging the towel and heading into the bedroom to pull out a pair of navy-blue boxer-briefs. When Alexander followed him in Evan was pulling them up, snapping the waistband in place over the rosy-red, nearly wrist-thick shaft, fully half of which was completely exposed—not to mention the wide, stubby cockhead drooling onto Evan’s chiseled abs and looking like its eventual aim was to skewer the massive, dense mounds of Evan’s shelf-like pecs only bare inches above. Evan smiled lopsidedly at Alexander, looking oddly shy. He’d never been quite as much of a hedonistic showboat as his husband was.

Alexander gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up, making Evan snort a laugh. “Definitely a good look for you,” Alexander said, moving close to wrap a hand around his flank. “You should dress like this every day.”

“Our patients might object,” Evan said, leaning in for a sultry kiss that did nothing to weaken their respective slate-hard erections. “Your turn,” he added with they were done.

Alexander did as he was told, ending up with his own up-pointing hard-on, a bit surprisingly, as half-exposed as Evan’s was, even if Alexander’s was still wider while Evan kept the lead in length. It was, as he’d said, quite a look, and Alexander was stoked he’d thought of it.

As he’d proposed, Alexander and Evan kept to the scheme of spending the rest of the day that way. Both of them were constantly and relentlessly boned the whole time from being around each other and seeing each other’s massive erections and stunning bodies, appreciating the oversized pecs their lover sported as much as their colossal wangs. Playful groping and periodic make-out breaks as they went about their day only fanned the flames, and they had to twice interrupt their big weekend project (painting the little-used second bedroom) to dash back to their huge comfy bed for another round of frenetic fucking.

Late in the afternoon Alexander found Evan sipping an iced tea and staring tranquilly out of the big living room picture window at the still-raging storm, his cock, like Alexander’s, as big and as indefatigably hard as ever. A smear of sage-green paint marked his left shoulder-blade, somehow looking like it belonged there.

Alexander snaked an arm around his bare waist. “Penny for your thoughts?” he asked.

Evan smiled, though he looked slightly embarrassed. “Actually,” he said, setting his glass down on a nearby table and turning to take Alexander loosely in his arms, “I was thinking it’s too bad it’s Sunday.” At Alexander’s inquiring look he smiled wider and said, “No delivery guys to traumatize with our Sunday Rainy-Day-At-Home outfits!”

Alexander huffed a laugh. “We could call Jerry from reception,” he suggested, voice teasing. “He’s been wanting a look under your lab coat for ages.”

“Pfft,” Evan said. “No way.” He brought his man in for a crushing hug, which Alexander immediately reciprocated, wrapping his strong arms around Evan’s broad back and squeezing tight. “You’re the only man for me,” Evan said softly in his ear.

Alexander kissed his neck and hugged him tighter, dizzied by the feel of their cocks and bulky pecs pressing hard against each other. He’d been dead on, what he’d said before after their first round of sex that morning—he was not letting go, not ever.


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