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Army experiment

by BRK

When a secret military experiment produces a company of augmented and multilimbed soldiers and locks them up, it’s up to a select crew of outsiders to infiltrate the base and set them free.

5 parts 4,614 words Added Jul 1997 21k views 4.5 stars (11 votes)

Part 1 When a secret military experiment produces a company of augmented and multilimbed soldiers and locks them up, it’s up to a select crew of outsiders to infiltrate the base and set them free. (added: 1 Jul 1997)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Part 1

I first heard of the “freaks” when I got a letter from my younger brother. He told me our cousin Kevin, who was five years younger than I was at 18, had taken part in this program the Army had—they used new medical procedures and other techniques (my brother wasn't clear on the details, but I found out before too long) to “improve” your body, in exchange for six years' service. “I guess they make you bigger and stronger,” Al said. “Though it's hard to see what they'd do in Kevin's case.” I knew what he meant: Kevin was a strapping young man, tall and lanky and very sexy; and he'd already made a point of improving his body as much as he could, spending most afternoons in his parents' basement gym. It was because of Kevin that I got hard at the thought of family reunions, and the thought of his having been “improved” made my dick jump in my jeans.

Impetuously went over to my desk and dashed off a note to Kevin, telling him I'd heard he had been inducted into a new Army program, congratulating him, and asking him as innocently as I could what it involved. By the time I got to this point I had a massive erection filling my left hand as I wrote with my right, and I had to pull the letter away when I suddenly came, though I still had to clean a glob of cum off the corner.


Part 2

Nearly three weeks passed, and I started to think Kevin had elected to ignore me (or maybe he hadn't gotten my letter?). I had just gotten home from work and had just pulled off my shirt when the doorbell rang. I hurried to the door, pulled it open, and had to suppress a gasp: there was my cousin, smiling, in full uniform and with an overcoat over his shoulders, more gorgeous than ever. After a moment in which we stared at one another, I invited him in, asking him what had brought him my way.

He didn't answer at first, and as he passed by me in the hallway I wondered whether he might be taller. As we came into the living room, he turned and looked at me. I think he saw my obvious hardon almost peeking out of my slacks; anyway he smiled again, kind of lopsided, then he said, “I came for an honest opinion. Tell me what you think.”

He pulled off his coat and I saw what they had done.

Though his waist was still trim, his abs flat, hung on the front of his torso were two big sacks of pectoral muscle; his shoulders were incredibly thick and broad; and hanging from them were four thick arms instead of two. His specially tailored uniform shirt fit him perfectly and was tight enough that nothing was hidden.

I looked at him and realized he was looking at me pleadingly, his ice blue eyes were wide—he was scared, this big new body scared him even as it excited him. He stood close in front of me and without even thinking about it reached up and touched his arms, partly to comfort him, partly because I could not resist his magnetic attraction. As I caressed his arms a shuddering sigh came out of him. He pulled me close and held me, and I have never felt more comfortable than in that four-arm embrace. He brushed his warm face against mine, then our lips met and we kissed, and an incredible kisser he was; a long luscious tongue like a cock filled my mouth, and it was almost like secret sex. Our hips ground together, my rock-hard cock pressed against whatever surprise he had there. The tip of my cock, which stood an inch above the waist of my slacks, dribbled precum onto my abs.

But I would have to wait. He stepped back and said we had to go. I was so distracted that I followed him blindly as he grabbed his cloak and led me to his car, which was parked in my driveway. The sight of the man in the passenger seat made me forget my state of undress. Even from the doorway in the dwindling evening light I could tell he was a hunk—short blond hair, Nordic features, long neck and broad shoulders hidden by a coat draped over them like Kevin's. He was looking around carefully, but he tossed me a quick white smile as Kevin installed me in the middle of the front seat. He was young, though not quite as young as Kevin, and very tall—his head brushed the roof of the car; his shoulders were broad enough I had to slide behind them, which I didn't mind at all. As he leaned forward to let me in the draped coat fell aside revealing three beautifully muscled left arms, resting against each other. He wasn't wearing a shirt under the coat, and when he leaned back, pressing his broad shoulders and thick arms rounded with solid, velvety muscle against my own bare, well-defined torso I almost came without once having touched my swollen cock.

“I'm Paul,” he said, and his voice was as sexy as he was, rich and deep.

“Stu,” I said absently.

Kevin tossed the coat into the back seat and jumped in, his ass sliding me over until I was pressed against the blond hunk's on one side and Kevin's on the other, and as he necessarily overlapped those thick muscular shoulders with mine I decided I was enjoying this feeling too much to ask a lot of questions. Right then I would have let them drive me anywhere. Both their shoulders overlapped my body so much that their rear arms were pressed against my pecs, their long forearms resting on my legs.

Kevin started backing out of the driveway without a word. As he did my eyes drifted down Paul's bod, from his huge pecs and broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist of his jeans, I noticed his legs. I thought he'd been reclining a little, his knees resting against the dashboard; but I now realized his legs were raised high because they were resting on … more legs. It was tough to tell in the twilight, but there were at least two more legs down there, maybe more. The thigh pressed hard against mine was from a leg hidden underneath the ones I could see.

My jaw fell open. He noticed me looking and said, “Yeah, I know, we're freaks.” His sexy voice sounded dejected. I glanced up at Kevin and saw the same worried look in his eyes even as he watched the road (what road I had no idea).

I shook my head, amazed. “I don't get it,” I said, looking from one to the other. “Don't you guys realize how unbelievably sexy you both are? I'm in heaven just sitting here between you.”

Kevin's face resolved in relief. Paul looked down at me, surprised and grateful. “Do you really think so?” he said softly, and for a moment all I saw were his shining, laser-bright green eyes.

For an answer I moved my face the few inches between mine and his and kissed him. He kissed back with a sudden access of relief and passion. It felt like he had never kissed before. After a moment I felt his tongue, long and phallic like Kevin's, slide into my eager mouth at the same time he moved one of his top legs to the left and draped it across my right leg. It felt warm and nicely heavy. I kissed back even harder.

“C'mon guys,” whined Kevin. “You guys are turning me on, and I can't drive when I'm turned on.” He had two hands on the wheel, and his free left hand was groping his crotch. I couldn't see what was down there, but it was a big package.

“Where are we going?” I breathed. “How long till we get there?”

“Half an hour,” Kevin said.

“Pull over,” Paul said firmly, eyeing me hungrily, his eyes shining in the failing light. “I can't wait that long.”


Part 3

Kevin pulled into a rest area—I was surprised to notice we were on the freeway—and parked way in the back under the trees by the picnic areas, where the thick canopy of leaves made it nearly dark. Kevin took my hand and drew me out, while Paul got out on the other side with some difficulty. But as we walked into the darkness, my hand still in Kevin's, Paul walked as gracefully as anyone, moving his legs with a natural rhythm. I still wasn't sure in the darkness how many there were.

When we got to a small, secluded clearing Kevin stopped and, still holding my hand, started unbuttoning his shirt with his other arms. I watched, fascinated, my cock bigger and harder than it had ever been in my life, standing tall above the waistline of my jeans. Kevin had to let go to pull off the shirt, and they were both standing in front of me, shirtless and gorgeous, reaching for the buttons of their pants with some of their hands and unbuttoning and unzipping mine with others.

Both of them were wearing a special kind of tight, clingy underwear that seemed designed to make their packages as compact as possible, but they were bulging and stretched out of shape—especially Paul, whose undershorts were straining and ripping at the seams. As Kevin peeled his off two monster cocks jumped out and quickly swelled to a rockhard footlong slabs pointing straight up at Kevin's panting face. Then Paul took his off. A nest of pythons erupted from his groin, swelling into giant hard-ons so fast they slapped hard against his abs, or each other. Like his legs I couldn't quite tell how many there were. Four or five, at least. I was in awe. My knees were weak. And I hadn't even touched them yet.

Slowly I reached out with my two—only two!—hands to grab the nearest cocks, one of Kevin's and one of Paul's, even as they moved toward me. They both felt wonderful in my hands as I stroked the wide shafts, but I wanted to be able to grab them all. Both of them wrapped a hand around my extra long cock, using other hands to caress my torso, rub my ass cheeks, stroke my chest. A light sheet of sweat glistened on their bodies in the available light, and their cocks began to feel moistened too, not so much with sweat as with a light, natural lubricant. I wished my body were so conveniently set up. We'd shifted around with Kevin pressed against my back, rubbing his cocks between my asscheeks, and Paul facing me; and as he bent to kiss me again—he really was very tall—I was using both my hands to stroke each of those huge, steelhard cocks, since one hand couldn't reach round. Even though his chest was pressed delightfully against mine, his pecs were so thick there was plenty of room to stroke his incredible cocks. I was immersed in joy and lust. But the way we kissed it seemed like even more—there was a real passion there that wasn't just sex, and his eyes held mine while we kissed, his long, phallic tongue probing deep into my hot mouth.

Kevin was pressing the head of one of his monster cocks against my trembling anus and even before I knew it he was sliding it in, slowly, an inch at a time. To my amazement it was O.K.—it was tight, really tight, but it felt wonderful. Paul drew a hand across his abs to collect some sweat and then began stroking my cock with that, but only for a moment—because he soon turned around and pushed his beautifully muscled ass onto my surprised hardon even as Kevin continued sliding his inch by inch deeper into my own tight, furnace-hot ass. It was virgin-tight, but Paul knew what he was doing, using muscles inside his ass to somehow massage my cock in a way I had never dreamed possible.

The three of us pressed together, and I was in ecstasy to be sandwiched tight between these two incredibly sexual supermen. Breathing in jagged gasps, I reached around and grabbed two of Paul's giant, wonderful cocks in my hands as he grabbed the rest. Kevin was now all the way in, his other cock in two of his hands, while he stroked me all over and massaged my shoulders and chest and arms. The three of us got into an incredible rhythm, Paul and Kevin both pulling their hips away from mine simultaneously Kevin's cock pulling partway out of my ass even as Paul pulled partway off mine; then both pushing toward me, Kevin fucking me deep even as I pushed deep into Paul. And we kept this up a couple minutes, faster and faster, until at last Paul's cocks started to quiver in my hands and Kevin gasped, “I gotta—” and before I knew it we were all cumming at once, multiple arms flailing, hands and arms and legs against pressed against each other, our entire bodies cumming and cumming.

We stood there, pressed together, for a long time, feeling wonderful and totally sated. At last we pulled apart, moving over to sit at the nearby picnic table. Paul sat opposite me, his six bulging arms folded together on the table. He put a bunch of feet in my lap and I rubbed them under the table. Kevin sat down next to him and smiled at both of us. “It's nice to see you're on our side,” he said.

“Am I ever!” I said. My cock was already getting hard again. Paul smiled across the table at me, rubbing my hardon between two of his feet.

“Good,” Kevin said. “Because we need your help.”

“Anything,” I said, and meant it. “What can I do?”

“It's like this,” said Paul. “We were part of an Army program to develop enhanced physiques. A thousand guys or so were involved—that was just muscle growth, endurance, stuff like that. That went really well—that's the program you heard about.”

“It went so well,” Kevin put in, “that the Colonel who ran the program go the go-ahead to go even further in secret. That led to guys who looked like me, about forty of us.”

“But the Colonel got so turned on by how we turned out that he kept going, dosing the best subjects—like me—with far more than we were supposed to get, and changing the parameters so that instead of fighting machines we became sexual machines, all cocks and raging hormones—I'm horny all the fucking time,” he added, and I noticed his erect cocks starting to peek over the edge of the picnic table.

“Then he went nuts and locked down our building—so he could have us all to himself, I guess. They were all trapped, all 40 of our group, guys like me and guys like Paul. The two of us were out getting dinner when it happened.”

“And they're still there? Trapped?” I said, amazed, though even as my heart went out to them all I could think about was how sexy forty guys like these two would be.

“That's where you come in,” Kevin said. “You can pose as an initiate and distract the Colonel while we break everyone out.”

“But won't he dose me?” I said, wondering what I thought of the idea. I couldn't wrap my mind around it.

Kevin and Paul exchanged glances. “He'll just be continuing what's already started,” Kevin said.


Paul shook his head. “It's built into us,” he said. “It's in our sweat, our saliva, our semen….” He fixed me with his bright green gaze. “You've already been dosed—big time.”

I stared at him, then at Kevin, my jaw slack, while they watched me carefully. Then I broke into a huge grin.


Part 4

The Colonel must have taken part in the main program. Though he had the normal complement of arms and legs his body was amazing, even under his snappy uniform, and certain things seemed slightly out of the ordinary—the arms seemed a couple inches longer than usual, for example. He was handsome of face, with close-cropped dark hair, and looked about 35 or 40. He eyed me with equal parts suspicion, curiosity, and hunger as I sat nervously across the desk from him. Over his shoulder was a large window looking out over the secluded campus he used as a base of operations; I could see only one other building—a brick building lit with floodlights: the main building where Kevin said all the other guys were.

Kevin had found an old work shirt—from his two-armed days—in the back seat of his cluttered car, and that's what I was wearing. I felt an odd warmth flowing through my body, which was wonderfully energizing, but I knew it was the change, and I was both excited and apprehensive from not knowing what to expect. The shirt had been loose earlier in the evening, but now a few hours later it felt tight in the shoulders, chest, and arms. My slacks felt tight, too, and they were an inch too short now too. I hoped the Colonel didn't guess I was already “dosed.”

“So, private,” the Colonel said, eyeing me thoughtfully, “you say Major Rawlings ordered you transferred here suddenly, and ordered you to report in civvies.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you have no idea why you're here.”

“No, sir.”

“Hmm,” he said. He got up and walked around the desk, eyeing me up and down. “Well, I've gotten quite a few men from Rawlings,” he said. “He's got a good eye. Stand up.”

I stood. My shirt tails didn't go all the way into my pants any more, and my shirt front was straining the buttons over my pecs. I found the sense of my body changing very erotic, and I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. I hoped the Colonel didn't take it the wrong way—even though his bod was terrific I knew he was nuts.

He nodded. “You'll do very nicely.” He leaned back and pressed an intercom. “Corporal, would you come in here?”

The door opened and one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever seen walked into the room. Tall and generously muscled, he had a beautiful face and four wonderful arms. The front of my pants was suddenly very tight. Meanwhile he was looking not at the Colonel but at me, clearly impressed for his part. “Corporal,” the Colonel said, leaning on his desk, “this young private needs to be checked out.”

I frowned. If I was going to be taken somewhere, the Colonel would not be distracted during the break-out….

But the corporal was taking his shirt off, and the Colonel seemed to be settling back to watch.

“Undress,” the corporal said to me.

I shrugged and took of the suddenly tight shirt, feeling good to be free of it, and peeled off my pants and underwear. I understood now why the front of my pants had seemed so tight—my cock was a little longer and a lot wider than it had been just a few hours before. Still it looked normal enough. The corporal was out of his uniform, two giant erections pressed against his abs. He moved toward me and immediately knelt, talking my cock into his mouth.

I nearly lost my balance. Either he was the world's best cocksucker, or his mouth had been enhanced, or both, but it felt so awesome, my cock filling his hot mouth, sliding down his tight throat, his tongue wrapping around the shaft. It felt so awesome I wanted to come right then, but I had to hold out. The Colonel was watching us intently—his own footlong cock was now poking straight up out of his fly, and he was jerking it slowly with both hands. Over his shoulder I caught movement toward the main building. I moaned and fucked the corporal's face with abandon, grabbing his head and pulling him toward me. Damn, he was so excellent. Could I hold out?

I managed to make it through five minutes of the best head I'd ever had or heard of, five minutes as his mouth, throat, and tongue milked my rockhard cock. Two hands grabbed my muscular ass while two others worked his own cocks. Finally I couldn't stand it—I just couldn't hold back. I felt whitehot cum well up in side me—I pushed it back until I was seeing stars—then the dam broke and I shot an enormous quantity of cum into the corporal's eager mouth, and I wanted to pass out from the pleasure.

When I looked down the corporal was staring up at me with giant eyes. And no wonder—in the act of that incredible orgasm my cock had become two cocks, both wedged into the corporal's accommodating mouth. He was looking up at me because he knew what this meant—I wasn't brand new to the program. Suddenly he came, shooting torrents of cum out of his cocks onto his spherical pecs; he closed his eyes but kept my cocks in his mouth, caressing them lightly with his talented tongue. I decided he was O.K.

The Colonel was moaning loudly—he was coming. Over his shoulder I saw people running from the main building. Carefully I eased us around until my back was to the Colonel and eased my cocks out of the wonderful mouth, taking a moment to stare at them (they were long and thick and beautiful and mine), before quickly pulling up my underwear from around my ankles. The Colonel was practically yelling, and then with a loud “Yes!” came mightily onto the floor in front of him, getting not a dribble on his uniform.

I finished dressing as the Colonel moaned in post-j/o delight and the corporal, still naked, straightened up and looked at me thoughtfully. My shirt wouldn't even button across the chest now, so I just left it open.

Finally the Colonel heaved a giant sigh, zipped up, and smiled at me. “Satisfactory, corporal?”

The corporal was standing naked at attention. “Satisfactory, Colonel.” He winked at me. “Anything further, sir?”

“You may kiss him and go,” the Colonel said indulgently.

“Thank you, sir,” the corporal said. He turned his beautiful face and that talented mouth to me, leaned forward and pressed those luscious lips against mine—and suddenly we were kissing hard and deep, out tongues dancing together, out hot mouths working each other, all his arms wrapped around my newly hot bod. It was as good as the cocksucking—my cocks were already straining to get back out of my shorts.

The Colonel let this go on for a while and then cleared his throat. The corporal pulled reluctantly away, regret in his eyes, and picking up his clothes walked naked back into the other office.

The Colonel walked over to a safe in the corner, opened it, and pulled out a vial of milky white liquid with a blue band around the top. It looked a lot like cum, I thought. “Here,” he said, “is your first dose of Elixir J5A. It will make you stronger and a better soldier.” He started to hand it to me, then retrieved two more vials, each with a different colored band, and gave them all to me. “I think I want you for the advanced program,” he said, eyeing me lustily.

The Colonel retired shortly thereafter and since I was not a full inductee I was allowed to report back the next day. I snuck out the back way. The corporal was standing there in the dimly lit parking lot, waiting for me, the lone streetlamp throwing deep dark shadows under his thick, rounded pecs.

My heart jumped, but all he said was, “Take me with you.”

I took him into my arms and kissed him again, rubbing the heads of his giant hardons through his shirt. “My name's Perry,” he said softly in my ear. We held each other, enjoying the feeling for a moment. Then we headed into the woods, running for the rendezvous point.


Part 5

I woke in my bed, still woozy, wondering at the vividness of my erotic dream. It was all coming back to me—Kevin and his hunky friend—beautiful extra arms—Paul—all those legs (how many?)—incredible cocks—the Colonel—that gorgeous corporal—Perry was it? My cocks were getting hard just remembering this wonderful dream --

Cocks. Cocks, plural!

I tried to focus. I felt really strange. Someone was leaning over me. The shape was blurry but it resolved eventually into Kevin. He was naked and straddling me, his four fantastic, bulging arms fondling his two monster half-hard cocks. He was grinning at me.

It wasn't a dream…

“I brought everyone here. It was the only place I could think of,” he said.

I became aware the room was filled with men. I looked around—a dozen gorgeous, generously muscled hunks, most naked or half naked, were standing around, talking, leaning against each other, making out, or watching me and Kevin. Some were outstandingly gorgeous and had six arms and a lot of legs. One was in bed with me—Paul. He was watching me and grinning, a nest of tall, wide, quivering hardons hiding his abs. Perry was there too, peeking over his shoulder.

“I can't wait till he realizes,” Paul said.

“Realize what?” I muttered, trying to sit up.

I suddenly realized why I'd felt so strange—I was feeling muscle against muscle—arm against arm and leg against leg—and cock against cock. It was incredible and totally erotic. My cocks writhed against each other, swelling to massive proportions. There were a lot of them—a pile of hardons and they felt so damn incredible pressed against each other I felt a rush through my body. I had a lot of arms too—I put eight hands on my torso and nearly died—eight long, thick, bulging arms, arranged in twos so that they were constantly brushing against each other. I had a lot of legs too—I couldn't tell quite how many because Kevin was sitting on them. With this incredible body and these visions of incredibly enhanced, deeply attractive men, I felt like heaven had come to me. I laughed with pure joy. Kevin, Paul, and Perry laughed too and piled on top of me, and my bed became a mad mix of wonderfully beautiful bodies.

And so my new life began. Our new life.

5 parts 4,614 words Added Jul 1997 21k views 4.5 stars (11 votes)

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