What I learned on my vacation

by BRK

 (Hint: it involves extra limbs and stuff.)

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“Hey dude!” Josh said as he handed me a beer, “Lemme show you something I learned on vacation.” He sat down on a couch directly across from me and propped his large, bare feet up on a rickety coffee table. He wiggled his toes as he took a swig of beer.

Josh's feet were awesome. They were large, about a size 13, with muscular toes, high arches and smooth, tanned skin. I never did figure out how he tanned his soles, which were the same color as his chest, tanned from days of walking around town without a shirt on. He also went barefoot often, cutoff jeans the only article of clothing on his body, as was the case today.

“Where'd you go anyway?” I asked. “You've been awfully secretive about this little trip of yours.”

Josh took a long swig of beer, then set the empty down on the table. “Hey man, chill out. It was an educational experience. And, yeah, it's a secret. I might tell you in a minute, after I show you this thing I learned. You interested or not?” He asked.

I had been staring at his feet. I looked back up at him and he grinned, “Interested, dude?”

I turned a little red and stammered… “Uh, yeah, sure. Knock yourself out.”

“Cool.” He said slowly.

Josh settled comfortably into the couch, relaxing his entire body, but he kept his bright eyes open, focused on those beautiful feet, concentrating. I was mesmerized. Even though I didn't know what was coming, my cock was already swelling in my shorts.

But something amazing was coming. As if in sympathy with my cock, Josh's feet were slowly swelling. They were growing longer, wider, and thicker, the long muscles developing, the sole and toes lengthening, both feet becoming more and more fantastic as I watched, panting, rock-hard, my own toes writhing in envy. They weren't just growing haphazardly; they were beautifully constructed, growing into a new, awesome, superior architecture the way a beautiful house might grow into a ravishing cathedral. They were also slowly inching toward me: though those feet filled my vision I was vaguely aware that his legs, arms, and torso were getting longer, too, I guess so his feet could get huge while not looking too strange attached to his body. I didn't care—those feet had my blood rushing.

After a few moments (I don't know how long it was, it felt like time had stood still for us), I realized the feet had stopped growing and that I was on the floor, my face inches from those beautifully stretched soles and long, dexterous toes, my breathing ragged. They looked like they must have been nearly twice as long and half again as wide as they were before, and because the legs had grown they overhung the old coffee table as if the table were overflowing with Josh. They were virile, they were masculine, they were awesome. I wanted them, but Josh said, “Wait.”

I looked up at him. He was huge now, overflowing the couch as well as the coffee table, but his limbs and torso merely looked stretched, as if he'd lengthened them without the painstaking attention to detail he'd lavished on his feet. He looked incredibly lanky, and I found that suddenly erotic. Remembering the old saw about lanky guys with big feet I checked his crotch almost automatically. Sure enough, several inches of Josh's long but not-too-thick cock stood proudly above the waistband of his cutoffs, pressed hard against his firm, flat stomach. The cutoffs confirmed my guess that he had simply stretched himself—they were still the same size, and they weren't any tighter on him; they just looked shorter.

I looked back at the feet again. They were my real fantasy—the rest was just gravy. I heard him say, “Do you like those?”

“Huh! Like them?” I breathed. Like seemed ridiculously inadequate.

“Then wait,” he said. Enticingly he slipped off the cutoffs, kicking them onto my shoulders, where I left them, enjoying his light musk. What was he going to do?

Now he tensed, seeming to gear up for something. I glanced up to see his face set in hard effort, his teeth gritted, as if he were lifting a massive weight. I looked back at the incredible feet, just in time. He cried out inarticulately and very suddenly jerked his legs high in the air like a gymnast.

While he held them high I realized with a pulse-freezing shock that his legs and feet were still flat on the coffee table. My heart stopped for just a second. My vision swam and when I could focus again he was bringing a new set of legs slowly down to rest on the coffee table next to the old set. Now I was staring at four huge, massive, beautiful feet, tanned, muscular, long toes wiggling at me. I glanced up at him—his pecs and forehead were glistening with sweat. He was grinning at me, tired but happy.

I couldn't wait any more. I picked the foot closest to me and closed the distance, licking the sole around the inside of the sweeping arch, up across the pads to the toes, which I started sucking—they were toes the size of fingers, bigger than some cocks I'd sucked, and much more erotic, hot and firm and muscular, wiggling in my mouth in response to my ministrations. As I sucked I felt three enormous, strong, supple feet stroking my shoulders, my hair, my chest. Seemingly far away I heard Josh moaning happily. Abruptly I switched feet, kissing, licking, and sucking all over its massive surface area, going down on his toes first one at a time and then as many as I could fit. By the time I got to the fourth foot I had worked myself into a frenzy, my heart was pounding, my cock was harder and closer than it had ever been without my even touching it, and as he used the first three feet to caress my bod I sensed that Josh was close too. I grabbed the third and fourth feet and did them all over, finally taking all of the abnormally long toes in my mouth, and as I did so I felt them tense up and suddenly he cried out again and we came together, his toes still in my mouth. My whole body seemed to come, and my vision went for just a minute. I closed my eyes as I came in my shorts again, enjoying the feel of those incredible toes against my tongue.

When I opened my eyes I was confused for a minute. It felt like my left arm was pressed hard against someone else's well-muscled arm, but it wasn't Josh, because he was staring down at me, eyes like saucers, a huge amazed grin on his face.

My eyes followed the line down his body. The first thing I noticed was the pint of cum streaming down Josh's long torso. Below that was the first surprise—Josh now had eight long, long legs, evidently the result of his doing his trick (unconsciously?) when he came.

At the bottom of those legs were eight feet. I was still sucking the toes on two of those feet. Pressed up against me was someone else sucking the toes of two more, and even though it was obvious who it was it took me a long minute to realize it was another me. I was looking into my own brown eyes, eyes I'd stared into in the mirror all my life.

Slowly I pulled my mouth off those toes and my twin did the same. We checked each other out—he had my tight, long-limbed bod all right, identical in every detail. Then we looked into each other's eyes again. Almost on impulse I did something I'd always, always wanted to do—I kissed my reflection. And he kissed back.

We finally pulled apart, secure in the knowledge we'd pick up again before too long, and looked up at Josh. He was getting aroused again, his fire-hose stiffening in his hands. “I thought I was going to blow you away,” he said. “But now we're even.” He started stroking his monster cock as my dupe and I stood up and put our arms around our shoulders.

“You'll have to tell us how you did that,” I said, nodding to his eight massive feet.

“I'll do better than that,” he whispered, still stroking. “I'll show you how to do it yourself.”

Josh had recently returned from vacation. He hadn’t talked much about it, but he had demonstrated some new talents he had acquired wherever he’d been. He had learned to exercise extreme control of his hot body, changing it at will.

This morning I found him in the living room seated naked on the couch. His tan legs were folded in the lotus position, soles facing upward, his hands rested on his knees and his flaccid but large cock spilled gently over onto his ankles. He was smiling. His green eyes closed. They opened as I walked into the room and looked penetratingly into mine.

“Morning bro,” he said as I yawned. “I was just practicing some of the stuff I learned. Wanna sit down and watch?”

I nodded and sat down as my cock began to swell. I’d always been attracted to Josh and his new skills made him incredibly, intensely erotic.

“Here goes,” he mused. His green eyes stared down at his flaccid cock and it began to grow. The tip slowly inched off his ankle, hanging down. It then rose, not hardening, but rising as if it were hard, pointed directly at the ceiling. His cock continued to grow…extending halfway up his chest. The top half bent, leaning towards the right, then to the left, then forward towards me. It grew towards me, stretching across the room, headed towards my face. It reached my lips and released a drop of precum as it touched them.

Josh’s gaze intensified and the impossibly long cock straightened, reaching halfway towards the ceiling. I stared as it grew and grew until it gently touched the ceiling…and remained there. “Knew I could do it…” Josh chuckled. He took a deep breath, and as he exhaled slowly, his extraordinary cock shrank until it again reached halfway up his chest. “Glad I didn’t get hard when it was really long…could have hurt myself. Now for the good stuff.”

I looked at his cock rising from between his two incredible feet and noticed he was levitating, suspended a few inches above the couch. But my attention returned to his cock as it began to swell again, this time to harden. Josh’s gaze had changed. Though his eyes were still fixed on his cock, his face bore an expression of incredible ecstasy. The grin widened in stupefied pleasure, the eyes fixed, full of expectation. His fully erect cock extended to just above his eyes. As precum began to drip from the tip, oozing down the incredibly long shaft, he leaned forward and kissed it.

His legs tensed, his toes flexed, his eyes rolled back as he inhaled deeply. He moaned as he exhaled and the tip of his cock doubled, divided…and his division quickly shot from the tip down to his crotch.

He peeked out from behind his two impossible cocks at me and smiled. I expected him to say something, anything, but instead he sat back up and gazed blissfully at his two cocks. Again he inhaled. Again he exhaled, moaning. His body trembled as he multiplied his cocks again. The two became four. In a final moment of rapture, Josh newly multiplied cocks hardened further. His body tensed, his jaw dropped and he came. His four cocks a fountain of cum, showering the room with his jizz.

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