An unexpected party

by TheLegendOfSam

Fashion model Zeke gets more than he bargained for at the agency’s annual Halloween party, this year hosted at one of the summer homes of his new billionaire colleague, and finds a whole new meaning for the phrase “sexy costume”…

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Part 1 Fashion model Zeke gets more than he bargained for at the agency’s annual Halloween party, this year hosted at one of the summer homes of his new billionaire colleague, and finds a whole new meaning for the phrase “sexy costume”…
Part 2
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Author’s Note

This is my first major story written under my real name. I’ve decided to stop letting my friend bhart118275 aka Sean Innicioni aka James Innicioni aka Kavinorian aka NerdArtist take credit for my work from now on. He’s retired from the scene and says he wouldn’t want to post any more, so if you have a message for him, let me know and I’ll pass it along! For this story, I had very specific people in mind for each character; you can find the full cast list on my discord server [linked in the byline]. Please note that the Discord server is NSFW. Feel free to check it out if only to put a name to a face for this story, and see if you can recognize anyone. Whoever can get them all may just win a prize!


Part 1

Zeke frantically ran around his house trying to find something to use for a Halloween costume. He had been so excited about tonight’s party that he had completely forgotten to pick out something to wear! Once David had said that everyone from Albright Modeling Agency would be there, and a few of the guys had opted for sexy costumes, it was all he could do not to orgasm on the spot, and the thought of his fellow models in their costumes had occupied every waking moment since. His already hard cock was trying to bone up again just thinking of what he might see tonight.

Jeff was always some kind of merman. One year he was a Little Merman with his brown hair dyed a bright red, and a hyper-realistic green tail that Zeke thought may have been made by the Stratoli Brothers. Jeff had become great friends with the brothers during his brief foray into acting, so it would make sense if he went to them for his Halloween costumes. It would also explain where he was able to get last year’s costume, which had included a latex skin cover that made every inch of his body appear covered in scales, with various fins and spines growing from his head and along his arms. Zeke hoped that Jeff would go for a more classical merman this year; it was a crime to hide abs like his under anything, even body paint!

As for Mark, he liked dressing as some kind of superhero so that he’d have a chance to show off his defined body. He always opted to paint the costume on, unless there was a cape or something involved, to “give it that comic look,” but Zeke knew he just wanted to show off. Zeke wondered what his costume would be this year; last year he had gone as the Flash and Zeke knew he liked to switch between the two comic giants, so he figured he’d go for Marvel this year. He would make a great Spider-Man, or Johnny Storm (if he dyed his hair), or even Cyclops. Whatever he chose, Zeke couldn’t wait to see Mark’s abs literally painted in the costume.

Then there was Charlie. For someone who spent nearly all his time posing for Instagram and posting stories, Zeke was surprised at how in touch with his nerdy side Charlie was. He loved all things fantasy and adored going to conventions (always in costumes so elaborate that there was no way to recognize him) for things such as Lord of the Rings and stuff like that. Zeke wasn’t very into the fantasy scene, but if Charlie liked it, then good for him. Zeke hoped that Charlie would be one of the guys going for the sexy theme this year. As impressively elaborate as his convention costumes could be, Zeke drooled at the thought of Charlie as a sexy elf or barbarian or whatever fantasy creatures didn’t wear much clothes.

Zeke knew a few of the other guys would go for something interesting and unusual. The Rasmin twins would have some sort of themed costume, likely not of the sexy variety, which was a shame. Colin would have some sort of mythology-based costume. His Triton last year was on par with Jeff’s merman; Zeke wondered if the hunky Asian would try to one-up the Spanish fishman once again. David wasn’t saying anything about his costume, though he had teased Zeke that it was a dream come true for him. Zeke felt himself leak a little pre at the thought. Out of all his his friends, David was the only one who knew his secret kink. He had been careless leaving his phone open to the Metabods site, but fortunately when David had taken it from him during a playful Instagram takeover during one of their joint shoots in Buenos Aires six months ago, all he had said at the time was, “We need to find you some better stories; I can’t stand that author.” Since then, David liked to obliquely tease Zeke about guys with extra limbs whenever the chance arose.

Before Zeke could delve any deeper into his thoughts, the doorbell rang. “Shit!” he swore under his breath as he tore his closet apart. There had to be something he could cobble together and call a costume. Anything! Zeke prepared to pull everything off the rack when he noticed he was passing over a purple vest that he’d worn for Royal Magazine last year. He had loved the outfit and bought it without hesitation because it complimented his frame so well. Though a lot of the clothes he modeled were tailored for his photoshoots, this one had struck him in a way he couldn’t quite understand, nor even try to explain. Scanning his closet quickly Zeke saw a pair of white skinny jeans and a brown cummerbund, relics from red-carpet events he couldn’t remember anymore. Without another thought Zeke pulled his shirt off, smiling at his defined abs, and pulled the vest on. He managed to pull his pants up and fix the cummerbund just as he heard the door opening.

“Yo, Zeke, you ready to go man?” he heard Peter Fisk calling from downstairs. “David gave me his key to your place; he wanted me to pick you up so you wouldn’t see his costume before the party!”

Zeke held back a grin. Of course David had taken it upon himself to make sure his costume couldn’t be spoiled beforehand. He probably knew Zeke was going to cream himself on the spot as soon as he saw it, and would have Steve or one of the Rasmin twins waiting to snap a photo and get his embarrassment to trend as part of whatever the current stupid viral challenge was for this month.

“Yeah be right down!” Zeke called as he quickly ran his hands through his long black hair. He frowned slightly but shrugged; it wasn’t like he could find anything better by now. He hurried downstairs and saw Peter idly checking his phone and sporting two plastic horns on his head. A pink udder hung from the crotch of the black and white spotted pants he was wearing. Zeke was a bit disappointed that he was wearing a shirt, but smiled when he noticed black and white body paint showing under the neckline.

Peter looked up and laughed when he heard Zeke approaching. “Good thing the ride’s warm; it’s freezing out there! Probably not the best day to go for fashionista Aladdin, my friend.”

Zeke shrugged and tried to adjust his boner without Peter noticing. “Better than nothing. Shall we go?” Peter chuckled and led Zeke out to their Ryde. Ugh, Ryde, good thing I’m not paying for this driver, Zeke thought to himself. “So where’s the party this year anyway?”

“Some mansion; it belongs to this guy new to the agency. I think his name’s Levi or something. Anyway, turns out his family owns most of Harrington Heights, and he decided to let AMA use one of their summer homes for tonight. I heard the place is all decked out too, really spooky.”

“Harrington Heights? Isn’t that millionaire country?”

Peter didn’t bother to look up from his phone. “More like billionaire. I guess when your family’s that rich, it’s easy to get a job at a high-profile place like AMA. Surprised he didn’t go for one of the elite agencies though.”

Zeke nodded. While AMA was very high profile, it definitely wasn’t somewhere that would allow a billionaire to live comfortably, no matter how they invested their money. Through smart investments and a bit of luck, Zeke was sitting on $1.5 million right now, but he knew that a lot of his colleagues were barely over the $500,000 mark for income. “Maybe he’s tired of living it up,” he said more to himself than Peter.

“Maybe. If I see him I’ll ask him. Someone said he was telling people he’s a chair this year. Really weird, but hey, if it gets us a party at Harrington, who am I to judge?”

Before Zeke could answer the car suddenly screeched to a stop. Zeke and Peter looked up and saw that they had arrived at the gate to an old Victorian mansion that seemed to be nothing but turrets and towers. Zeke thought it looked more like a sided castle than a house. It had an eerie green glow about it, and the driveway up to the front was lined with twisted, dead trees that cast unsettling shadows over everything. He now knew how people felt in the Addams Family whenever they first laid eyes on the titular family’s mansion. He was so unnerved by the site that he had forgotten that the driver had stopped so suddenly, and looked around to see why.

Peter gasped and Zeke followed his eyes to the driver’s window where someone stood at the window. If he didn’t know any better, Zeke would have sworn there was an actual corpse standing guard. The gatekeeper was slurring his words into a slightly-over-the-top zombie’s moan as he asked the driver who he was and what he was doing here. Once the driver identified himself as a Ryde driver and gave his passengers’ names, the zombie nodded and slumped off out of sight. The gate audibly creaked open and the driver gulped before he continued up towards the foreboding mansion.

Once inside, Zeke was surprised at how brightly lit and cozy the place actually was. Maybe these people really are the Addams Family, he thought to himself as he and Peter looked around. They could hear music and see mist coming from down a hall on the opposite side of the foyer, and followed the sound. Zeke’s mouth hung open as they walked into an enormous ballroom that had been decorated in the most realistic cobwebs, tombstones, and and skeletal décor Zeke had ever seen.

Green witches stood hunched over a bubbling cauldron along one wall, colored smoke rising from the fire below the enormous pot. Vampires and mummies stood ready to serve behind tables that looked to be made of rotted wood holding all manner of delectable treats. Zeke almost thought he had walked onto a movie set, everything looked to realistic. If it weren’t for the enormous chandelier—complete with wax candles—hanging at least thirty feet above the center of the room he would’ve sworn he was in a graveyard. Translucent ghosts glided around the chandelier, some looking like they may have once been people and other looking like classic cheesy decorations. That wasn’t to mention the ambient howls and shrieks that blended well with the blaring modern dance music in a way that sounded inexplicably right.

Zeke was so busy marveling at the setup that he didn’t notice an arm wrapping around his shoulder until he was being squeezed against someone. “Glad you made it!” David’s voice called from right next to him. “Awesome genie costume, man; even better than Charlie’s centaur!” Zeke tried to pull free but felt David hold him tighter against his side, wrapping both arms around him and holding his head down so all he could see was a tiled floor that seemed to be projecting grass and gnarled roots somehow.

“Yeah, yeah, this place looks amazing,” Zeke said as he tried in vain to free himself. “You gonna let me go so I can actually enjoy this party though, or what?”

“Now where would be the fun in that before you’ve had some witch’s brew?” a voice sang as Zeke heard someone approaching. Though he could somehow hear their footfalls, they sounded strange, as if they were stepping lightly.

“Have a drink first, Zekey-boy,” a similar voice lilted as Zeke felt a drink being pushed into his hands. There was no mistaking that the voices belonged to Jason and Justin Rasmin. Maybe David was trying to do some new prank after all.

“I’ll let you go once you’ve had your potion,” David teased as he shifted and a menacing goblet was thrust into Zeke’s face. The sickly green liquid inside looked like it should be bubbling, but smelled like a sweet liqueur. Zeke reached up to grab the goblet and take a sip. As soon as the liquid touched his lips, he felt David release him as his legs suddenly gave out from under him.

“Whoa, easy there, clumsy!” David said, holding Zeke steady. “Boys, the man can’t hold his drink!”

“Good thing you’re there to give him a hand then,” Justin or Jason said in his naturally sing-song tone.

“Or two,” Jason or Justin added as the twins laughed together. Zeke groaned as David helped him straighten up, still holding on to his back and chest while someone passed the drink back to him. Zeke took it and turned to thank the twin who had handed him the goblet when he saw that the arm extended to him wasn’t from either of them, but from David. But how could that be possible if David was holding him upright?

“Oooooh, I think he’s getting it,” the twins said together as Zeke turned gobsmacked to behold David. His best friend’s hands fell away as David held all four of his arms up and said, “You got me.” Zeke’s jaw dropped as he beheld his friend, shirtless, holding up four hands in mock surrender, an enormous grin plastered across his face. Zeke looked him up and down and did a double-take when he saw that David was standing on not two, but three legs in a pair of black jeans that were hugging two bulges very nicely.

“What?” Zeke gasped as he turned to the twins, expecting to find their identical faces smiling jovially at him. He found himself facing only Jason—he knew because of the small mole on his right cheek—smiling at him. Zeke’s confusion must have shown, because Jason pointed down—Zeke realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt either and followed his abs down only to see more abs than he should have, followed by upside down pecs, and… Justin standing on his hands and grinning up at him. Zeke looked them up and down and tried to stammer out a response.

“What, don’t like our CatDog costume?” Jason teased, folding his arms in mock indignation.

“Maybe we should’ve gone for the ears and the orange body paint,” Justin said, standing on one hand to scratch his thin thoughtfully.

“Man, I wish you’d get it,” David said from behind, and Zeke found himself automatically responding, “Your wish is my command.” He covered his mouth and shock and looked down as he realized for the first time that he wasn’t standing with his friends, but floating. He still wore his purple vest, but his brown cummerbund had become a sash around his waist, which then gave way to a sparkling tail of white smoke. Zeke waved his hand where his legs should have been, and felt a warm, pleasant sensation as if he were getting a message, but his hands connected to nothing as they passed right through the smoke.

Zeke turned to look behind himself, and saw that the smoking tail extended behind him about a foot or two longer than his legs before seemingly merging with the mist spewing from the cauldron. With barely a thought, Zeke felt something within stir as he willed his legs back into existence, his smoke still swirling around them as he felt his feet again on solid ground.

“Now that you’ve had your initiation, let’s get this party started!” David shouted as he grabbed Zeke’s shoulder with two right hands and turned him towards the dance floor.


Part 2

Conflicting thoughts warred in Zeke’s mind. This can’t be happening, part of him said as the four-armed, three-legged form of David ushered him towards the dance floor. And yet it is, because it’s magic came the reply of a more rational-sounding thought.

But magic doesn’t exist!

Except it does, and you just used it to conjure yourself a new pair of legs. You understand it all; you know it’s true.

Getting it and being used to it aren’t the same thing.

Zeke was snapped out of his thoughts as six arms wrapped around him. “Zeke, glad you could make it!” Mark’s voice said. Zeke returned the hug and looked down to see that Mark still looked like himself, but now had six arms with a torn Spider-Man suit hanging around his waist. “You make an awesome genie; the blue skin looks great on you!”

Zeke blinked and looked down at himself. He hadn’t even realized that his skin was now a bright blue that sparkled as if covered in small stars. He reached up to his face and was glad to feel there was no goatee there, and even gladder to feel his hair still sitting messily atop his head. He came too as he saw Mark standing with his six arms spread wide. “I could say the same about you,” he managed to say, trying to avoid looking to between Mark’s legs as he felt the definitely-larger-than-it-had-been member between his own starting to swell. Guess being a genie has its advantages.

“Enough talking, let’s dance!” Jason Rasmin said as he flipped up and threw his hands in the air. Zeke was taken aback by how naturally Justin shot his hands up, or rather down, to start serving as their legs and move with the beat of the music.

After a moment Zeke smiled and started to sway himself, before bumping into someone and stepping on something that felt long and damp.

“Sorry, I’ve got four left feet!” Colin said as the tube of flesh that Zeke had stepped on twisted out of the way. Zeke turned to see the Chinese bodybuilder blushing as he curled a tentacle up and rubbed it with his hand. Zeke didn’t have to look down to know Colin was half octopus—he’d definitely outdone Jeff’s merman costume this year!

Speaking of Jeff, Zeke heard something wet slapping in tune to the music and turned around—taking in all sorts of combinations of people from various conjoined models to another guy with six arms, though he had six pecs to match whereas Mark only had the original two, to a naga, an ice demon, and some other kinds of centaurs—to see Jeff standing with his legs turned into a long fish tail, but standing on his tailfin and slapping it rhythmically to the beat. Jeff saw Zeke staring and waved as an amalgam of at least five people all in one ringed body passed through to make their way to the food table where a leg wheel and a drider seemed to be conversing.

Zeke waved back and turned to see Steve dancing on four human legs with Peter. While he had expected Peter to become some sort of anthro cow, the stud looked the same except for the giant pink udder that swayed where his cock and balls should have been. Zeke felt a twinge of sympathy at losing his manhood before he looked closer and realized that the udder didn’t have four teats but four cocks instead. Peter noticed Zeke staring and gave him a thumbs up, dancing his way over to the blue-skinned djinn.

“Care for some milk?” he asked saucily as they danced in front of each other. “It’s fresh.”

“Har. Har.”

“No, I’m serious,” Peter said, laughing. “It gives milk! I can even do chocolate if I try. The man milk comes later,” he added with a wink.

“I wish you’d go bother someone else,” a voice said behind Zeke. He immediately snapped his fingers and Peter danced off towards someone whose back was to him. It looked like it might be Brandon, but Zeke couldn’t tell what his magical transformation was until he turned around and saw he had far too many eyes, noses, and mouths in various places on his face.

Zeke recoiled slightly, caught off guard by the Picasso-esque Brandon and turned to see Scott swaying next to him. Scott moved his hands and torso in time to the music, and, Zeke saw, his giant scorpion tail and claws, but his eight arachnid feet stayed planted on the ground. “It’s definitely an acquired taste,” Scott said as he tried to stifle a laugh at Zeke’s expression. “Brandon is hit-or-miss with a few of us. I hope he gets lucky tonight nonetheless.”

Zeke was about to open his mouth to ask what Scott meant when the answer came to his mind and he understood perfectly: the transformations were just the first part, to get everyone ready for the orgies. “So, when does the real fun begin?” he asked instead.

Scott shrugged his claws and upper arms. “Lucas and Thomas already went to find a room. Drider and Manspider—like from the comics—think they want to see if either of them can lay eggs.”

“Surprised you didn’t make it an arachnid party,” David said as he came up behind Scott, ducking under his tail to put his arms comfortably around Zeke, one over his shoulder and one at his waist. Scott shrugged but nodded and scuttled off, leaving Zeke to marvel at the way his legs worked in tandem. Zeke leaned into David and smiled as he saw Jacob Hodgson rolling up behind him—his lower half making him a motorcycle centaur. Motaur the voice of knowledge and understanding said in his head.

“I’d like to make my own party,” Zeke said as he turned and kissed his best friend, conjuring two more arms to hold him in turn.

“Your wish is my command,” David replied as he picked Zeke up and carried him bridal style out of the ballroom and further into the mansion.

“Hey, that’s my line!” Zeke protested while they made their way to a bedroom. They passed Mark and Jeff on the way out and Zeke motioned for them to follow over David’s shoulder. The six-armed man and merman immediately dropped the food they were carrying—which vanished before touching the ground—and fell in line, an empty look on their face. Zeke didn’t complain when they passed by Charlie coming out of a side room with Peter and Colin and Mark silently beckoned them to join.

By the time David had opened the door to a large bedroom, Peter, Colin, Charlie, Steve, Mark, Jeff, and the Rasmin twins had all tagged along with him and Zeke. “Guess we’re really going to get this part started,” David whistled as he saw the assortment of guys. Zeke smiled as their blank expressions were instantly replaced with lewd grins. I didn’t even have to entice them for that Zeke thought as he magicked the bed to be large enough to accommodate everyone and fell back on it with a mischievous grin. He smiled as he poofed away what little clothing they were all wearing and lay spread eagle on the bed.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” David said as he straddled Zeke with two legs while Zeke held his hips and Jason lay down next to them, his head level with Zeke’s. “I wish we all will,” the twin said as he kissed Zeke’s sides while Justin took David’s cock into his mouth. “You don’t need a wish for that,” Zeke promised, quickly conjuring a third arm just long enough to snap his fingers so he wouldn’t have to let go of David. He saw Colin dragging himself over to wrap a tentacle around David’s free cock while another probed at Zeke’s hole and yet another wrapped around Zeke’s manhood. Zeke moaned but it was stifled as he felt a large cock fill his mouth and looked up to see Peter kneeling above him, one of his cock teats in Zeke’s mouth, another in Jason’s, while he worked the remaining two with his hands. Zeke closed his eyes and began to suck, realizing he could still see everyone in the room, but all at once, as if he were looking down on everything.

Colin’s remaining tentacles were wrapped around Charlie, who had position himself behind the octopus and was pumping his equine shaft into the very center of Colin’s tentacles. Steve was kneeling behind David, guiding his cock into David’s left hole while Mark was putting his six hands to good use using one to finger David’s free hole, one to jack himself, one to jack Steve’s hind cock, another to finger Steve, and the remaining two to rub over anyone and everyone he could reach.

The room quickly descended into a chorus of moans as the men all pleasured each other, and all too quickly they were spraying—down throats, into asses, and all over each other, their musk filling the air. Someone wished that they could do this all night long, someone else that they could do it without making a mess, and yet someone else that they didn’t have to settle for one mouth or cock at a time. Zeke didn’t bother with any theatrics as each wish was granted, the cum evaporating off of those who didn’t want to be covered in it, or vanishing out of holes to make room for more, with none spilling onto sheets or anything else. Everyone found themselves lasting far longer, or coming much faster and more frequently, as time seemed to stand still. The best part of all, however, was when each man felt someone else ministering to him that hadn’t been before, and looked up to see everyone in the room duplicated several times over. The room was a choir of sexual ecstasy at that, and every Zeke smirked as the rest of the guys realized that they could feel everything that each of their various selves was doing with every other partner.

By the time the clock struck five and the sun was almost visible starting to rise far outside one of the many large windows on the mansion’s east side, there were at least a dozen of each man lying in a pile on top of one another, some as they had been before coming to the party, some with their transformations when they entered the room, some with the transformations of each other, and even some with the other transformations they had seen on the dance floor.

Zeke sighed contentedly as he beheld everything, deciding this was the best Halloween ever. I just wish it didn’t have to end he thought to himself as he basked in the afterglow of countless orgasms and a night of unparalleled pleasure. His smile stretched from ear to ear as an ensemble of voices echoed in his head. Your wish is my command…

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