Alex in Wonderland

by Anarchy A

 Alex follows mysterious man into a forest, and quickly finds himself in a strange new world, deep below the ground.

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Alex sat on the grass by the river, his back against a thick tree trunk, the shade of it protecting his tanned skin from the harsh sunlight of the afternoon. He vaguely regretted wearing full length jeans on a day like today, glancing enviously at his older brother, who lay asleep in the sun, wearing nothing but a pair of tiny black gym shorts. It was a shame, Alex thought, that such a beautiful 8 pack and pecs would soon be burned and red.

As he sat, thinking about how bored he was, some movement caught Alex’s attention from the corner of his eye. As he quickly looked in its direction, something white quickly shot out of sight into the forest by the river.

“What the hell.” Alex said, quickly getting to his feet and hurrying in the direction of the movement, leaving his slowly cooking brother behind.

Entering the dense forest, Alex looked around him, and after a moment, caught another glimpse of white disappearing behind a tree. Rushing forward Alex rounded the tree to see what he was chasing was a man. And not just any man, he was incredible looking. His lithe body was dense with muscle, large but in a strangely compact way. His skin was palest white and he wore nothing but incredibly tight underwear that cupped his round, muscular ass, revealing every detail. His back was broad and had deep striations through the muscles. His lats formed a large V and his round delts perfectly framed his body. Alex saw all this in just seconds, as the man quickly vanished into the thick woods once again.

“Wait!” he yelled into the empty forest, but there was no reply. He quickly pursued him once more, but as he reached the point where he had lost sight of the man in the white underwear, he looked around and couldn’t see anything. He took a step forward and his stomach flipped over as he found no ground beneath his foot. In an instant he was surrounded by pitch black. He was falling deep within the Earth, nearly losing consciousness. For what seemed like hours he fell further and further below the ground.

All of a sudden the ground flew up beneath Alex and he slammed into it with great force. Alex lay there for a minute, feeling the cold marble of the floor against his face. Getting to his feet, Alex took in his surroundings. The ground was black and white marble in a strange, curving pattern, and on every inch of the walls were doors, of all shapes and sizes. Turning around, Alex once again saw the muscular back of the pale man disappear, this time through one of the many doors.

Hurrying, Alex pushed the door open, and found a large room with a high, domed roof. Opposite him were large, red curtains. Alex strode forwards and threw back the curtain. To his surprise, the wall behind it was nearly blank, but for a tiny door that barely came up to his ankle. Laying down, his stomach against the floor, Alex peeked through the tiny keyhole. Beyond the door was a tiny, brightly lit garden. It was strange, like everything behind the door was miniaturised. It wasn’t just small, fully grown trees must have been only a few inches high, and there were tiny, intricate rose bushes with such detail that they couldn’t have simply been crafted so small.

Alex stood up, and intended to leave the way he had come and try a different door, one with more hope of leading him anywhere, but as he turned around, the found the wall he had entered from was blank, there was no door to be seen. He rushed over to it and ran his hands over the smooth marble.

“This isn’t possible.” Alex said aloud, questioning his new habit of talking to himself. “It’s seamless, there can’t be a hidden door or anything.”

He turned around again, but his view of the tiny door was obstructed by a small glass table in the centre of the room. On it sat a small glass bottle full of red liquid.

“That wasn’t there before.” Alex said aloud once more, “Is someone messing around?” he shouted at the room.

When nobody replied, Alex reached down and picked up the bottle. A small tag around its neck read “Drink Me!” Pulling the stopper from the bottle, Alex smelt the liquid and was overwhelmed with a strong scent of strawberries and cherries. Seeing as he seemed to have no other options, Alex wrapped his lips around the bottle and downed the contents in one go.

A few seconds later, he shook his head, thinking to himself how stupid he had been to expect anything to happen. But as he shook his head it felt light, as though he were fainting. He had the sensation that he was falling, but as he looked around, everything was growing. It took a moment to realise that he wasn’t falling, and the room wasn’t growing, he was shrinking. His whole body was collapsing in on itself, rapidly losing height though retaining its original dimensions. His clothes still gripped his skin and he wondered vaguely why something he drank would affect his clothing. The tiny bottle in his hand became too large and heavy for him to hold and he dropped it, expecting a shattering noise, but realising he wasn’t tall enough for the fall to even break the glass.

Eventually the sensation ended and Alex found himself standing next to the bottle, which was now slightly taller than he was.

“What the fuck was that.” Alex said to himself. “I’m tiny, I’m fucking 3 inches tall!”

Looking around the room, everything seemed enormous. The smooth glass table stood what seemed like meters away. Across from it he saw the Tiny door, which now looked large enough that he may have some trouble moving it. He ran across the room, eager to burst through the door and see what waited in the miniature garden on the other side. He wrapped his hands around the handle and his heart fell. It was locked.

“Fuck!” he yelled. “What am I meant to do?”

He looked up at the table and saw a small silver key sitting on top of it. He quickly attempted to scale the glass table, but found it was far too smooth to climb, and the single support joined the surface in the centre, so even if he reached the highest point, he had no way of getting on top of the table.

He was about to sit down and give up on even trying any more, but saw a tiny glass box sitting on the floor a little way in front of him. Opening the box he found a large cookie which had red words iced onto it which read “Eat Me!”

Deciding anything was better than being stuck as a tiny person in a room with no way out, Alex bit into the cookie. Eating and eating, he devoured the entire sweet biscuit and awaited a change. Much to his relief, his body began to stretch and expand, quickly shooting up to the height of the table. He grew larger and larger until he had returned to his normal height. Unsure how he would get though the door now that the bottle was empty, he picked up the tiny silver key anyway, and tucked it into the pocket of his jeans.

As he stopped to contemplate his next move, his stomach gave an enormous growl. A cramp seized through him and he hunched over, arms wrapped around his stomach, eyes clenched shut in pain. He felt a huge crackle of electricity shoot through his body, and felt pain all over his torso. Opening his eyes, he saw his white t-shirt was stretched like elastic over his upper body, it’s material in a war with the body underneath. He felt another crackle and watched as seams split all over the shirt, revealing thick slabs of muscle growing underneath. The material continued to shred itself as a huge shelf of chest jutted from his body. Two huge pecs were ballooning out in front of him, and quickly looked as though his skin were stretched over two watermelons. Large watermelons.

He looked up and saw his reflection in the smooth marble wall. The face looked familiar, but the body it sat on top of wasn’t his. At the front of the humongous pecs sat two round nipples, bigger than silver dollars and growing fast. Below the slabs of chest muscles sat abs that Alex had never had before. 4, 6, 8 of them blossomed out of his stomach, two at a time, each the size of footballs by themselves. Alex raised one had to massage his new abs, and simultaneously, his other found it’s onto his large nipple, which was now bigger than the palm of his hand had been before the growth started. Raising his arms had caused his biceps to flex, and as his arms were growing to match his torso, the swollen beach balls that were his biceps caused what was left of his shirt to shed from his skin.

Breaking briefly from the ecstasy coming from his nipple he was massaging, he noticed the electricity had spread to his legs. They quickly swelled against the fabric of his jeans, ripping them up the seam from his ankles to his hips and inflated calves and huge diamond quads burst through. He reached down and with one swift yank, ripped the remains of his jeans off, so he stood there, in all his new masculine beauty, in nothing but a pair of black briefs.

He suddenly felt like he was getting the most overwhelming boner of his life, and saw his briefs stretch as a huge dick that looked more like a salami swelled within, sitting atop two orange sized balls.

The briefs didn’t last long, as the waistband gave way to force and his dick sprung free. It now resembled a banana that was not only twice the length of any normal banana, but twice the girth. He wrapped a hand around the base, and one around the head, and started mindlessly pumping the still swelling tool. He closed his eyes and felt his body flood with pleasure as his hands quickly became soaked in pre. In seconds he had lost his grip on the member as it grew too huge for even his large hands, and he wrapped his arms around the shaft in a bear hug, letting his massive biceps pump the tool. He felt a cold sensation on the base of his balls, and looked down to see they now rested on the floor, pushing his legs to the sides.

At the same moment he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and realised that it had hit the ceiling. His elbows too, suddenly grazed marble, and he found that his body had grown so large that he now filled nearly the entire volume of the room.

His dick, still leaking precum like a tap on full blast, continued to swell before him, forcing his arms outwards painfully against the marble.

“Help!” called Alex, knowing nobody could hear him, or even get into the room to help him.

“No, NO, NO!” he shouted as he watched the head of his dick, now as large as his own head, stretch up and begin to brush the ceiling. The feeling was like a million blowjobs all at once, the sensitivity of the head was thousands of times more than ever before, and it pushed him to the tipping point.

He felt a quick pressure in his massive ballsack as an orgasm, so intense it felt like a seizure, flooded over his body. And that wasn’t all that flooded over him. Gallons of cum blasted out of the tip of his dick, spraying at all angles as the ceiling partially covered his dick hole.

Cum covered his muscular torso and dripped onto the ground. From his position, with his head arched against the ceiling, Alex saw the cum quickly cover all he could see of the floor. Still writhing with pleasure as cum poured from him, he felt it had filled the roof well past his knees. In just a few seconds, he tasted his own cum as it nearly filled every inch of the room that his monstrous body didn’t.

Silently screaming in his mind, Alex realised he was about to drown in his own cum, but as he panicked, he felt a new kind of release. All of a sudden he wasn’t contained. No marble pressed against his skin, there was no floor beneath his feet, and his dick wasn’t pressed against his torso. He thought that this must be death, but as he opened his eyes, he was met by the view of nothing but opaque cum around him.

Desperately kicking through the viscous liquid, Alex’s new muscular body forced it’s way upward, clinging to the little bit of air left in his lungs. Soon, his head broke through the surface, and, pushing thick cords of cum from his face, he looked around to see an ocean of jizz, as far as he could see. Looking down he found his body was still obscenely buff, so it hadn’t been some strange dream, and below the surface, he felt his dick, still incredibly sensitive, jutting out as far in front of him as he was tall.

Making up his mind, Alex began to swim in an arbitrary direction, in search of some land in this ocean of his own cum.

Alex swam for hours, through the thick cum. His new incredibly muscular body did not tire however. Eventually he spotted some sort of landmass in the distance, and just a few more strokes of his powerful arms propelled him to it. Sliding his body out of the ocean of cum, Alex was able to admire himself for the first time since his growth. He flexed his magnificent arms, watching his biceps pop out from his skin, each significantly larger than his head. He had no frame of reference for how big he really was, all he knew was that before the room disappeared. All he knew was that at that time he had filled the room, meaning he had been at least 3 or 4 times as large as before all his size changes, and at least as many times wide.

He looked down at his torso and saw his pecs. His mouth watered as he saw the incredible swollen muscles, each standing at least a foot out from his chest. He reached up his hands to feel his abs, as his larger than life pecs made it impossible for him to see them. Starting at the base of his dick he ran his hands upwards over his smooth skin, wrapped tight around the protruding muscles. Two, four, he felt his belly button, six, eight, a grin spread across his face, he had never even considered an eight pack possible on himself, then his smile faded as his jaw dropped, ten… twelve, and then his hands met his enormous chest shelf. A twelve pack. He counted again in disbelief. Then twice more. He felt each muscle individually, still reeling. Each felt to him like a brick, but must be several times larger, and jutted so far from his stomach that his large, masculine fingers couldn’t be forced all the way between the muscle to touch the skin between.

These huge muscles could well be larger than his head had been before, but compared to his pecs, still must leave him with an incredibly tapered waist. Thinking about his pecs, Alex’s hands found their way up there again, and, well out of his eyesight, found swollen nipples, incredibly sensitive and plump, pointing down underneath his incredible chest. He massaged them gently, and their incredible sensitivity sent thrills down his cock. His cock. He looked down, having forgotten about the elongated appendage in his exploration of his upper body. There, framed by his diamond quads and large, bulging calves, was a huge ballsack. Comparatively smaller than before, it no longer scraped the ground, but instead dangled to a point just below his knees, and had he been the size of his normal body, each nut would have been the size of a beach ball, which meant they were in fact much larger. Alex’s head suddenly filled with visions of his balls putting yoga balls to shame, zorb balls even, visions of bodybuilders worshipping even one nut that was larger than their entire body.

This caused even more demand for attention from his dick, which soft, was slung over the massive balls and hung well past the sack, nearly dragging the massive head on the ground beneath him. Even soft it was as thick around as his new, impossibly large biceps.

This place he was in must be some kind of special magic, though Alex, because there was no way there was enough blood pumping through even this colossal body to raise this mammoth of a dick to a full erection. And yet, as he watched, the bulbous extension to his gargantuan form rose steadily upward. The flesh bulged outward like some parody of the beginning of a balloon animal. It stretched to the sides, reaching a width of almost three quarters of his waist, and continued its way forward, head arching skyward, until it reached its full length, which was easily as large as his whole body was tall. In what was perhaps some remnant of the cookie’s effects, Alex felt his already huge ass grow into even larger globes of pure muscle, rivalling the balls in front of him. Standing there, admiring his own beautiful, curved member, Alex heard a voice from below him.

“Oh my!” said the voice from somewhere near Alex’s leg. “Such extreme beauty.”

Alex forced his eyes away from his own body long enough to see the owner of the voice was a meek, lithe individual, covered in tight muscle, but standing no taller than his own knee, with mousey brown hair and pale brown eyes.

“You’re perfect!” said the man, who grabbed at Alex’s hand and pulled him into the dense woods in front of them.

“Wait, where are we going?” asked Alex, strangely finding himself compelled to follow the man. He marvelled at his own voice which had dropped by several octaves from what he was used to.

The smaller man didn’t answer, but after a few minutes they arrived in a clearing of sorts. In the clearing were four other men. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who had found food that caused growth, for while they were all dwarfed by his incredible stature, their bodies were all grown in incredible ways. The man with the mousey brown hair that had led him joined the crowd, and had by far the most normal body, simply muscled like an Olympic swimmer. Two twins with hair so blonde it was almost platinum stood near him, each coming up to the shoulders of the mousey man. They were thin, but between their legs swung enormous appendages, each as large as their legs. Upon seeing Alex, these swung upwards and erect, were clearly longer than the guys were tall.

There was another man, this one ever so slightly taller than the others, whose dick, while small in comparison with anyone in the clearing, was large and thick, and hung forward over a magnificent set of egg sized balls. His skin was a beautiful golden tan colour and his hair was equally as golden. His stomach bulged outward with muscle, but no abs were clear to see beneath the thin covering of golden fur. His pecs however were larger proportionally than any Alex had ever seen, hanging off of him like comical balloons, each bigger than his entire muscular abdomen, with huge dark brown nipples dangling forwards from underneath the mounds of muscle.

The last man was much smaller, though very well hung. He had pale white skin and jet black hair, and his body was one to worship. Like a cross between a fitness model and an aesthetic bodybuilder, every muscle was sculpted to divine perfection. His chest was beautiful in every sense of the word, striations appearing with the slightest of movements and large silver dollar nipples that made Alex drool. Framing these pecs were boulder-like shoulders and biceps like overinflated footballs. Below them sat a 12 pack of abs, each protruding inches from his toned stomach. Diamond quads were supported by teardrop calves and in the centre of everything was a dick so well proportioned that, had his own not recently reached titanic sizes, Alex would have envied.

“Ah, I see you bought a guest.” said the last man, “And just in time, we’re about to begin the caucus race.”

“The what?” asked Alex.

“Don’t worry, all you need to know is that EVERYONE wins in a caucus race.” he replied with a wide grin.

At the end of his words, everyone moved all at once. Alex couldn’t keep track of all of them as their small forms darted around him. He felt an occasional poke and prod, then all of a sudden felt a great pull. Dark black bindings made from some kind of silk had been wound around his body without his knowing, and as the men pulled, he felt his muscular arms pinned together behind his back and he fell to his knees as they too were forced together.

Alex felt several things at once. The twins had made their way behind him and were tag teaming his ass with their considerable endowments. Even with Alex’s incredible size, the two cocks working side by side were pushing his limits. At the same time they each worshipped one of Alex’s enormous, globular ass cheeks, faces pressed deeply into the flesh and arms stroking the striations in the muscles.

The man with the incredible pecs had found himself straddled over Alex’s monstrous cock, his face flat against the mushroom head as he licked and kissed at every inch he could reach. His whole body undulated against Alex’s dick and Alex could feel his huge, meaty pecs flexing as they worked his massive shaft.

The small man that had led Alex to the clearing had a foothold amongst Alex’s abs, which provided more than enough room to stand, and was worshipping his pecs. His whole body pressed into the deep crevasse between the absurdly large slabs of muscle. Alex could feel the drool pouring from his mouth as he lapped at the muscles. One of his hands reached out to grip Alex’s massive nipple, which sent shivers through Alex’s bound form.

The man who looked like a model had climbed his way up Alex. He had a foot on either collarbone and pushed his cock into Alex’s mouth. He thrust his dick back and forth and as he did so, his incredible body pressed against Alex’s face and his biceps flexed against the cheeks he clung to. With every thrust, his dick seemed to grow. Swelling quickly it soon filled Alex’s mouth and was pushing its way down his throat. He could feel the expanding meat, now reaching halfway down his throat, though for some reason he didn’t feel like he was choking or struggling for air.

For the longest time, Alex was helpless on his knees, in incredible ecstasy. His ass was being worked so beautifully that the pain and pleasure were inseparable. His dick had reached full mast, and copious amounts of precum poured from the tip, lathering every foot of the monster, making him question just how the golden-skinned man managed to keep his grip. His whole chest felt like it was being electrocuted by the sheer pleasure emanating from his nipples and the precum dripping through his insides seemed to be causing all the feeling to be amplified.

All at once, in a single synchronous event, all the men came. Cum blasted up Alex’s ass from the twin dicks, all over his torso and cock from the two men mounting him and blasted in bucket loads down his throat into his stomach. His own cock throbbed with power and his engorged balls gave a lurch. Several huge loads of cum rocketed upwards into the air, raining down onto the orgy and covering Alex completely. Alex’s senses were dulled. Once again he felt lost in cum. He briefly remembered feeling the dicks pull out of his body, but when he eventually managed to wipe the cum from his face and recover his vision, he found all the men had vanished, and his bindings had mysteriously come loose, leaving him alone in the clearing.

Again, feeling bewildered, Alex set off into the forest, his massive dick bobbing proudly before him, cum still dripping steadily from the tip.

Alex wandered aimlessly through the forest, not quite sure what he was looking for, but with the strange feeling that he needed to keep pressing onwards. After several minutes he felt a curious sensation that he’d never experienced; his balls, now many times larger than they had ever been in proportion to the rest of him, had pumped out so much cum that his heavy sack was bumping against his heavily striated quads with each step.

A strange sight met Alex after a long time walking, although, he thought, compared with what he’d experienced recently, he should probably adjust his idea of what was strange. A house sat in a clearing in the woods. There was no road, or signage, no fence surrounding it, but there was a front path made of large, round, flat stones that led out the front door, led out 20 meters or so, then twisted into nothing. The strange part was that as much as Alex was sure he had grown to the size of 10 bodybuilders, the house still seemed to be in normal proportions to him.

Alex couldn’t contain his curiosity, so he walked up the strange front path, and raised his hand to knock on the door. As he went to knock, the door suddenly swung open and he was suddenly face to face with the pale man in white underwear he had followed from the riverside. Face to face was a poor choice of words, as the man was eye-level with Alex’s swollen pecs.

“Good, there you are! I’ve been waiting for you for ages,” said the man, sounding somewhat annoyed.

“Y-you were?” asked Alex in his deep, sexy voice. “I didn’t even know I was coming.”

“Nonsense.” said the gym bunny, crammed into the tighty whiteys. “You’re the houseboy I ordered. Don’t you even know who you are?”

Alex’s mouth just hung open, he had no idea how to respond to strange question. He didn’t get to think long either, as the man grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house. He was led through strange rooms. He had no real idea what to call them, as the furniture was unlike any he had seen before. They stopped in a large room, with what was unmistakably a bed, a tall object that looked like a closet, but didn’t seem to have a door, and the small glass table from the hall of doorways, with the same little red bottle labelled “Drink Me!” that he had already drank.

The white gym bunny turned to him and pointed up to the top of the cupboard.

“My stuff is up there, and I can’t reach it.” he said, bluntly. “You’re a massive freak, reach up there and get them for me.”

Alex would normally have responded with some protest, but he figured he could just get out of here if he helped the incredibly attractive man. He reached his colossal arm upwards and grabbed what was on the top of the cupboard. As he brought them down, he found they were a pale white pair of handcuffs, and a small, white whip. It suddenly struck Alex that he was in what could be called a bedroom with another man, holding some kinky toys, with only a pair of tiny white underwear between the two of them. This hadn’t happened to him very often before today.

“Well?” said the bunny. “Are you just going to keep me waiting?” He stuck out his hand indignantly.

Alex handed him the whip and cuffs, and turned away.

“Look, I’m not the houseboy you ordered, so I’m just gonna…” He was cut off by a loud clicking noise. He turned around to see what he feared, the handcuffs were clamped around his wrist, and the other side was firmly around the headboard. He sighed, exasperated.

“Wait here, I’ll be back,” said the man, as though he hadn’t just cuffed a super ripped, naked guy to his bed, and he left the room.

Alex felt the need to leave, he was getting claustrophobic being shackled in place. He looked around, and the only other thing he could see in the room was the curious little bottle.

“I guess it made me small before, so maybe a little will let me slide my wrist out,” he said, realising again he was talking only to himself . He reached over and picked up the tiny bottle. He pulled out the stopper, and tipped the bottle, trying to just get a drop so he could still retain most of his newfound size. His enormous bicep suddenly twitched, like it had a mind of its own, and the entire contents of the bottle splashed straight down his throat.

Alex panicked, not wanting to go back to his usual, undersized self, but all of a sudden he heard a large creaking noise, and instead of his wrist slipping out of the handcuffs, it had thickened so much that the metal had been wrenched apart. Alex took the moment of freedom to rush towards the exit, but found it blocked by the bunny.

“What did you do, I thought I left you over there?” he said, confused, but then spotted the little empty bottle on the floor. “You drank all of that!? That’s way too much!” he yelled, a bit of fear in his eyes.

He probably would have said more, but he didn’t have much of a chance, as Alex’s already huge pecs ballooned forward and buried his face in the deep cleft between them. Alex tried to say something, but all that came out was a moan of ecstasy. Despite the insane musculature, his legs felt weak as waves of pleasure ran through them and he fell. However, as he landed, he found his fall cushioned by enormous steel glutes. As he fell, the bunny was freed from the vice-grip of his pecs, and Alex could see a long, thick, bulge extending inside the tight underwear. The material was turning translucent as pre started to soak them.

Alex reached his bulging arms out in front of him with the intent of taking the underwear off the man in front of him, but as he grabbed the waistband, his biceps and pecs surged larger, pushing against each other and forcing his arms outwards. His attempt to strip the man instead resulted in him ripping the underwear in half like tissue paper. His dick sprang free, monstrous in comparison to the lithe body that held it, obviously incredibly turned on by the growth going on in front of him.

If Alex had felt claustrophobic before, with a set of handcuffs on, that was nothing compared to what he felt now. His head felt like it was sinking into a pit, as his pecs continued to balloon in front of him, and his traps rose like mountain peaks behind him. His massive delts must have had more muscle mass than any bodybuilder’s whole body, and were forcing ever further outwards. His arms were basically immobile, and his elbows were brushing the walls on both sides of the room. His expanding legs caused his feet to be planted either side of the door, and his muscle ass crumpled the bed aside as it pressed into the opposite wall.

The bunny climbed over Alex’s cobblestone 10 pack abs. Alex’s monstrous cock rose up behind him, his balls laying like beanbags on the floor, his mushroom head brushing against the ceiling, leaving a trail of sticky precum which dripped slowly down onto the bunny’s toned back. Reaching the top of Alex’s abs, he grasped his over-footlong cock, wielding the weapon with grace and expertise, plunging it deep into the gap between the impossible pecs before him. He spread his arms, each reaching one of Alex’s nipples which had been forced downwards, pointing almost vertically, from the rapidly expanding muscle.

He began to thrust, fucking the huge pecs, and with every buck Alex could feel the long thick cock growing bigger, further and further up his chest, closer to his face. Alex’s cock head was suddenly pressed hard against the roof as he grew, causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through his body. Every muscle flexed, and the wall his huge legs were pressed against gave way like it was nothing. He slid down to lie on his back, and his legs shot through the next room and collided with the next wall. His pecs quickly rose like baking bread, brushing the roof, as the bunny continued to fuck with the vigor of a crack addict.

His feet burst through the wall, and he found that his feet were now outside. Almost simultaneously his arms burst through either side of the house. The bunny seemed to take no notice of his house being demolished by the young god. Alex’s cock surged larger, blasting out of the roof like an erupting volcano, rocketing up to twice the height of the house. His balls would have easily filled a room if any of the walls still stood.

He felt pressure all around him, lats pushing out, traps pushing up, everything pushing upwards as he swelled, all but immobile. There was a horribly loud crash as the entire house gave way, and Alex shot an obscenely large load which shot like a cannon over his own head and into the distance. The bunny seemed not to notice the devastation, and continued fucking, his cock having stretched longer and longer, reaching almost from the base to the top of Alex’s pecs. Alex tried to lean upwards, but found it almost impossible. He opened his mouth to speak, and instead found a torrent of cum blasting out the top of his pecs. It was funnelled down between his pecs and traps, down to his head. He swallowed the cum, which was strangely sweet, but still hot and salty. He downed mouthful after mouthful until there was none left, save for the thick sticky coat over his entire upper body.

He felt odd, like a balloon with the air being let out. Many times faster than he’d grown, he shrunk. Faster and faster, he dwindled down, losing height and muscle mass at an unbelievable rate. Soon, the bunny (and his cock which was shrinking down like a measuring tape being retracted) was the same height as him. Then taller. Then he towered over him. Alex panicked, worrying he wouldn’t stop shrinking and would simply disappear. As quickly as it started, the shrinking stopped.

Alex looked around, and to his horror saw blades of grass all around him, taller in comparison than a forest of pine trees. Looking down, Alex let out a happy sigh of relief, seeing that his despite his minuscule size, his body retained the inhuman build of a bodybuilder whose roids were on roids, and his cock was the size of his forearm, hanging down to his knees in a groove between his quads.

Looking upwards, Alex saw a gigantic blue mushroom, like a mountain on the horizon, and set off towards his new goal.


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