Alassares and the cum-starved sword

by brazboy

Elgaro, the magic sword, needs to be properly assisted and fed by its commander and wielder.

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Alassares was sitting on a large couch in his dorm, reading a book on magic and magic enchantments which he thought might contain clues as to the location of a lost scroll which just might contain a record of spells related to body-multiplying magic. The windows of his room were wide open, allowing for the wind to enter, as well as the sun, which inundated the large stone-walled room. The decoration was expensive and tasteful, a sign of the owner of the space, but without being too luxurious for a student.

The attention of the handsome lad was focused on his book, and so he didn’t notice even as a tall and muscular figure walks towards him. That being had short brown wavy hair, an olive-colored skin, and beautiful brown eyes; its body was completely undressed, revealing strong handsomely sculptured muscles, thick arms and legs, broad shoulders and two perfect butt cheeks. On the other side, there was nothing—an empty crotch.

“Commander,” said the figure, kneeling in front of Alassares. “I am hungry, I need your cum,” it pleaded, distracting the second prince from his reading, and making him put down his book.

The young royal sighed and stood up, and then proceeded to lower his pants and underwear, revealing a long, solid and delicious soft cock, which was impressive even when framed by the nobleman’s well-built thighs.

“You are always so hungry, Elgaro. Is my cum not satisfying you enough anymore?” he asked, as he then sat back on the couch—his cock, laying soft and relaxed between the prince’s legs, wetting the seat just slightly where the head met the fabric, now resting on a similar level as Elgaro’s head.

Elgaro licked his lips and clicked his tongue. “No, commander. It’s the other way around, I suspect. As your magic grows stronger, it demands more of me, and I necessitate more from you in order to sustain my human form,” the sword replied, looking straight towards Alassares’s majestic one-eyed snake. The organ reacted to the power it had over the anthropomorphized object by becoming slightly engorged and elongated, its head poking out of the foreskin and revealing the smelly slit to the world.

“I see,” said Alassares. “Serve yourself then,” he commanded, opening his legs wide as to give his sword access to his cock. Elgaro didn’t wait for a second permission, and it took the snake in its two hands, starting to stroke it as it increased in size and hardness. Alassares relaxed as his dick was stroked and massaged, and moaned a little as Elgaro continued to render it all its attention.

“How do you like my cock?” he asked, curious, seeing as Elgaro’s crotch remained smooth and empty. The sword didn’t stop stroking Alassares’s cock as it opened its mouth to respond.

“I like it very much, commander. It is my favorite amongst the cocks of all my previous commanders. I think its juice is the sweetest too,” said the sword, and then it took the hardening rod in its mouth, suckling on it for a while to help it continue to harden. It then pulled away again, and smiled at Alassares—seeing his commander’s cock finally hard, the sword compared it to its arm, showing it to be both longer and thicker than its arm from the elbow all the way to the tip of its fingers.

“I think it is about half my size, in sword form that is,” it noted, and Alassares actually seemed surprised at the comparison—but happy as his penis throbbed when he thought about it. Elgaro was a long sword, and his cock was also long. He also wielded them both masterfully, he thought to himself as he smirked.

“But tell me, if you like cock, why don’t you have one yourself?” asked Alassares, rather curious. Elgaro was, at the moment, busy licking and suckling on his commander’s cockhead, too busy to think too much about the question. It held Alassares’s cock around the shaft with its hands, however, and then pulled its mouth from the mushroom head for just a second.

“Why? Would that please you, commander?” asked the sword, before plunging back into the blowjob. One of its hands was now fondling Alassares’s productive balls as well. The second prince moaned as Elgaro slurped around his cock, but also smirked after hearing his sword’s response.

“Yes, I would,” he responded, before moaning as his sword seemed to scramble his eggs with its left hand. “But…hmmmnn, that’s not what I meant. I wanted to know why you don’t have a dick in your human form, given that you have what is otherwise a perfect male body,” asked Alassares once more, now noticing that his sword’s deep brown eyes were looking up towards him as it forced itself to take more and more of his almost half-a-meter long hardon, with growing success.

The blowjob mixed with a jacking off continued, with Elgaro working hard for its meal—stroking and twitching the skin along Alassares’s shaft, while licking and engulfing his cockhead inside the weapon’s humid mouth. Alassares grunted and looked his sword in the eyes again, before noting: “You’ll not talk to me before I feed you, now?” he asked, and his sword shook its head, while its mouth was still stuffed with cock. Alassares smiled, and then simply used his hands to keep his sword’s head in place, and started using his powerful legs to, keeping his back against the couch as support, push his glutes forward to hammer his handsome sword with cock deep into its throat.

Elgaro gagged as it received the prince’s member, but adjusted itself easily and took all the cock and all the violence its commander threw at it. Excited, Alassares continued to hammer his cock into his sword’s mouth, all the way to its wet and malleable throat, which seemed to bulge to contain his imperial rod. As Alassares hammered his hardon inside Elgaro, his balls flied back and forth, hitting his own ass with their weight and making a loud slapping sound. Soon, the Second Prince couldn’t contain himself anymore and he released his joy juices inside Elgaro’s mouth as well as a long and deep moan to the world. Elgaro drank everything his commander threw at it, swallowing all the white liquid of life with delight. After slurping all the man juice and even using its tongue to try to reach inside the prince’s delicate but large slit, Elgaro finally let go of the softening rod, and looked up to Alassares, his on eyes now blue.

“Did your eyes change?” asked a blissful and confused Alassares, checking his handsome sword’s face. Now that he looked at it in more detail, it seemed to him that his sword’s mouth had also shifted slightly—having become thicker, a little more like his own.

“Oh, have they?” asked the sword, standing up and then moving towards a large mirror the second prince had in his wall. The sword checked itself on the mirror, and seemed pleased at what it saw: not only had its lips and eyes changed, but its body had also become slightly more muscular and its brown hair had become ever so slightly darker. “You speak true, commander. I think it is the force of your seed overpowering my previous commanders. It is nothing out of the ordinary, except that your seed works too fast and is too strong,” said the sword. Alassares actually raised an eyebrow and also stood up, going towards his sword and standing behind it in front of the mirror, while appreciating both of their bodies.

“You mean you are going to become more similar to me over time?” he asked, the sword nodded.

“Yes, but probably not so much that it will become a problem, commander. The energy of my previous wielders will also continue to shape my form as well,” Elgaro replied. Alassares’s eyes then moved down, towards the sword’s empty crotch. So did his right hand, as he started to caress the soft and smooth skin.

“And what about down there, why are you not like me between your legs?” asked the second prince, curious. He noticed his long softening rod was so sizeable that its image can be seen on the mirror hanging below and behind his sword, heavy and respectable. Soon, he was imagining what Elgaro would look like with a nice, long, nobleman’s cock as well.

“I can make it so, commander, but I never saw a need for it. I am already a sword as is,” said Elgaro, shrugging, and Alassares laughed at the remark.

“If you had a dick I might let you take my rear as well, which I can’t do if you stay in your sword form,” replied the prince, and Elgaro seemed uninterested.

“Why would I like to take your rear, commander? The seed is delivered from the front,” said the sword, and Alassares smiled again and patted his weapon in the head.

“I see, I see. You are very practical, sometimes,” said the prince, half-amused. “Then what about growing a second mouth, or a pussy? That way I could feed you while we talk, or kiss, or alongside someone else,” said the nobleman, and this time the sword seemed to consider it for a while.

“I am no pussy, commander,” it then replied. “Besides, a sword only needs one mouth, as it only ever had one commander at a time,” it added. Alassares sighed, and then went back to his coach and picked up his book.

“As you wish, Elgaro,” he granted, and his sword then followed him back to the couch, before kneeling and rubbing its face against his majestic thighs, attracting the prince’s attention once more.

“Commander, I want another feeding, as later on you’ll be busy in class,” said the instrument. Alassares conceded, and soon his melon-sized balls were once again being overworked and giving his sword its life juices.


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