A real gym dick

by West

 When a spirit visits Isaac on his 18th birthday, he shows off his new blessing at the gym.

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Isaac was a very lucky man. When he turned 18 he was visited by a spirit who placed upon him a gift. His dick would grow in size when he got an erection, and instead of deflating, it would just droop down the same size it was while erect. Basically his soft dick became the size his hard dick once was. Of course hearing what would happen he undressed himself and got to work on his 2-inch softie. One of his ultimate fantasies was to have a gym dick—you know what they call a show-er of a dick, because he loved to show off but that was the one area of his body where he couldn’t. His genetics blessed him with a great body and good face, but his dick was always lacking.

His dick swelled and became its usual 4.5-inch hard self he was so familiar with. Pulling out his phone he put on his favorite gay pornstar to enjoy as he beat off his meat. Sure enough when he was finished cumming, his dick didn’t shrink any smaller than his erection. It just slowly pointed downwards and regained its soft nature. Isaac couldn’t believe his eyes: it was actually true! He now had a very respectable 4.5-inch soft cock and couldn’t wait to show it off in the showers at his gym. All the guys there had no joke, absolutely massive cocks, almost inhumane. But the greatest thing about them was there was no shaming, every cock to the shower guys was a good cock, even if it wasn’t a good cock to Isaac.

He wasted no time going at it again, his dick getting hard and extending half an inch. After cumming for the second time Isaac watched as it once again retained its new 5-inch size while drooping down between his legs.

The next day he woke bright and early to get to the gym during its busy hours. He got a nice pump in and felt great. Some of the other guys at the weights were chatting and Isaac joined in, they all worked out a bit together before all agreeing to hit the showers. Isaac entered the locker room with his neon green tank top soaked in sweat and his workout shorts bunched up around his much bigger bulge.

One of the regular guys Isaac talked with shouted out to the whole room to keep their eyes on Isaac because he was packing now. Sure enough about six of the men gathered around him as he stripped off his tank. Feeling the eyes fixed on him was a rush, and he wasn’t even naked yet. He blushed at the thought of it, as another guy began to strip down to his jock, revealing his massive bulge. The others followed suit and removed everything but their underwear, apart from one who was commando. Isaac referred to him as The King, because all of him was gorgeous and huge. The King had to be 6’10 and had to be at least 440 pounds of hairy muscle. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he was packing even more meat in his crotch—at least a foot of soft man meat if he had to guess. Seeing him in his glory got Isaac hard again but the embarrassment quickly left it soft, and bigger.

Once the guys left him alone to strip, he headed to the showers and got what he always wanted. All the guys kept complimenting his new size, and even though they were always like that, Isaac was now happy with what he had. After all, a 5.25 inch soft cock is a good talking point, even if it won’t stay that size for long.

Isaac felt a hand on his wet shoulder: his best bud Liam had come to the gym as a surprise after being on a worldwide expedition. It wasn’t weird to anyone what happened in the locker rooms, which is why so many used it almost as a second home. Liam was also naked, his 4-inch softie now the smallest in the stalls. According to Isaac, Liam loved his dick too much to be straight, because he had sucked him off countless times. So it was no shock when he kneeled down and took hold of Isaac’s new cock. Feeling the touch of his best friend again sent a tingling feeling to the base of his dick, causing it to rise and extend quicker and larger than before. It seemed like the amount of lust or just straight up hornyness impacted how big he grew.

Liam stuck the entirety of Isaac’s now 6.5 inch dick in his mouth easily. He was a pro with Isaac’s dick, no matter the size. Working his friend’s rod, he quickly started cumming as he kept his mouth firmly over it, sure to not spill any and have to clean it up. When the pulsating and shooting stopped, Liam slid Isaac’s dick out of his mouth and Isaac let out a sharp gasp. It was huge now. It was before, but now it was even bigger! The two finished showering together and went their separate ways for the day.

Isaac walked home after the gym and as soon as he was inside he had the sudden urge to jerk off his now big, big boy dick himself as he hadn’t have a chance to have a good solo session with it yet at this size. He grabbed his cock ring out from the drawer and stretched it over his new dick, just barely fitting. Next up was the porn, some good kinky stuff like muscle and cock growth felt right. His meat swelled and he began stroking it, but then heard a noise downstairs and went to check. After deciding it wasn’t a burglar he went back to his room and returned his cock to its hard state. But sure enough the noise happened again, and this time Isaac was so upset he gave up on masturbating, dressed back up, and investigated the noise again. Expecting to see nothing, he was shocked to see it was a very large figure at his front door. Opening it revealed The King standing there, smiling awkwardly down at Isaac.

As The King stepped inside he introduced himself as Weston. He later explained he followed Isaac home hoping to get to know him better, and that he broke his doorbell by accident. Weston had his eyes on Isaacs bulge the whole time, so feeling brave, Isaac stood up and grabbed his bulge with his hand bucking wildly in front of Weston. He took the cue and kneeled down in front of Isaac, peeling off his underwear and revealing his even-bigger-than-earlier 7 inch softie, courtesy of his failed attempts at jerking off.

Blown away, Weston stripped himself down to nothing. His presence was overwhelming, towering over Isaac and still putting his dick to shame. Weston presented himself to Isaac, allowing him to fully explore the huge man’s body. Of course Isaac went straight for the man’s 20 inch biceps, sliding his tongue all along the hairy arm while wrapping his arms around Weston’s impossible 10 pack abs, each one bigger than his fist. He was surprised at how his dick was remaining soft, as it flopped around while he traversed The King’s body.

He was running his hands along Weston’s thick muscular glutes when he was asked to fuck him. Not sure if he heard correctly, Isaac asked for confirmation, to which Weston answered again that he wanted to be fucked by Isaac. At this moment Isaac’s heart fluttered, and he was overtaken by an intense wave of desire. He needed to fuck Weston, and he needed to do it now. His dick got rock hard and due to the intense emotions he was feeling, it grew to 9.5 inches long as he teased the huge man’s hole. Weston must have been the ultimate power bottom as he put more work into moving his body than Isaac did moving his cock into him. Weston’s own cock was rapidly expanding from the pleasure he was in, traveling further and further up his abs to the base of his pillow-like pecs. Isaac came then and there, just from knowing Weston was both a show-er and a grower, his dick resting below his pecs and probably two feet long. It turned out his dick doubled its length when hard, and this was true no matter how long he had been soft. And speaking of hard, Isaac was still hard and cumming inside Weston’s tight muscle ass, shooting wave after wave of his special sauce inside him.

That’s when Weston told Isaac a secret: his body also had a special factor about it. Whenever someone would cum inside him, his body would absorb it and store it for a surge of growth whenever he wanted. And how much potential growth was stored depended on how much cum there was. Isaac asked to see it now, to which Weston happily obliged, his eyes focused on how Isaac’s dick wasn’t losing any size as it sat at 9.5 inches soft.

Weston’s body began expanding slowly but surely. With the amount of cum Isaac left inside it was going to be a big growth spurt, plus Weston said he had been storing up for a while for such an occasion. His body packed on size, his pecs jutting out further, his abs splitting and expanding into a 12-pack, and his arms exploding to 23 inches. Not to be left behind, his height followed suit and he began stretching taller before coming to a stop at 7’4.

Isaac stood there with his jaw on the floor and growing a new erection in seconds. The two talked about their ideal man and what he would look like, giving Isaac’s dick time to soften. Both of them answered that they were size queens, Isaac readjusting his bigger dick. Weston’s own rod had returned to its soft foot-long state, but hearing how Isaac was a size queen he began expanding it in both length and thickness. At the rate he was going, half an inch was added every minute as he hardened. Weston decided to play with Isaac, growing his own cock in bursts. This would catch Isaac off-guard, so his dick would soften and harden multiple times during Weston’s show. By the time Weston was done, his new dick was 18 inches long soft, taking 12 minutes to become that size. Isaac was dumbfounded at how huge this man in his living room was, to which Weston told him to look at himself. Confused, Isaac looked down, he was so busy staring at the other expanding dick to notice he had also done so multiple times. He was staring at 11 inches of his own meat sticking down his legs.

With Weston now almost a foot and a half taller than Isaac, he offered to treat Isaac to what his massive meat could do, which Isaac of course happily agreed to. The two flip fucked each other for hours on end until Isaac got so large he had to stop. While Weston had grown to be a 9 foot, 2,000-pound beast with a 3.5-foot soft, 7-foot hard cock, he also showed off to Isaac how he could return to any previous state at will. So there was no fear of getting too big.

Unfortunately for Isaac, he couldn’t do such a thing. Weston shrank back down to his original height and foot-long dick. Now Isaac had the bigger softie, sitting at a heavy 13.5 inches.

The following day, Isaac returned to the gym bright and early again. Weston was already there and had apparently hyped him up to the other guys. They piled over each other to get a look at the biggest gym dick they had ever seen.

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