600-pound intravenous waddlers

by TitMorpher

600-pound roid-gutted specimens live on intravenous feedings and waddle onto bodybuilding stages for exhibition. See what goes on at the shows and behind the scenes to keep these men at their circus freak proportions for exhibition and display.

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Mega Muscle Monsters Waddler1 and Waddler2 have reached 540 pounds but are shooting for 600 pounds via intravenous feedings, nonstop injections and force feedings by their sponsors, as well as industrial size implants in selected areas of their physiques. The only problem is the high risk that they may pop ahead of the 2011 Olympia or on the day of the contest itself either backstage or even during the lineup. A special contingency explosion area has been designated both at his hotel and at the contest venue and volunteers have signed up to be present just in case.

The size of the Waddlers’ roidguts is one obvious risk factor, which is only made more severe by the feedings and gorgings. Unfortunately some of the volunteers want to see the muscle guts so huge that it looks like the men are about to deliver quintuplets. Also, one of the Waddlers has had huge silicone gluteal implants placed in back to provide a foundation for the enormous bowel movements that result from his feedings.

They also have huge tit implants. There was a special buzz of interest at the 2100 Mr. Olympia Waddler Extravaganza because the word got out in advance that the two Waddlers had just had the world’s most enormous tit implants installed.

“Has anybody actually seen them yet?” asked Ben Wasserstrom, a top promoter and VIP.

“Not that I know of,” responded his associate Joe. “They’ve been staying wrapped up in giant sweatshirts at the gym.”

“Well, we’ll have to alert the pump room expeditors at the competition. Crowds will be fighting their way into the pump room for a view.”

“Well, I actually want to see those big babies myself,” said Ben.

“Me too, said Joe.

On the day of the show, the two Waddlers walked toward the pump room before the show and observed all the schmoes and fanboys and VIPs crowding to get into the pump room.

“Hey Waddler,” said Waddler. Look at all the helpers we’re gonna have.”

“Yeahhh,” said Waddler. “I can’t wait to pose my new units for that group of fanboys over there.”

“I know you,” you want those boys to get in a line and pull on your nipples, don’t you? Isn’t that why you had George Furdow build out your appendages after the implants were installed.”

“Well yes,” there’s nothing better than extreme tit torture by eager young fans,” responded Waddler. “They really get into seeing who can pull on me the strongest and make them stick out the furthest. But I know you! You want to be in front of the mirrors with all the most addicted tit schmoes moaning and groaning at the sheer size of your fake tits. You’ve got at least 200 pounds out of your 600 pounds stored inside those tits alone.”

“Well yes,” responded Waddler. “Isn’t that what it’s all about? I wish I could weigh them separately to see if they’re really up to the 200 pounds I want them to be. That’s the complete reason I’ve put up to half my body weight into my gigantic pectoral units. Seeing their sheer size in the mirrors with the schmoes all fighting to get the closest to them is what I live for. I’ll yell at the schmoes and ask them to yell at me with their weight estimates while I’m feeling myself up and putting oil on them.”

But many of the schmoes were just as interested in the Waddler’s enormous roidgut as in their new tit implants and wanted to help with their backstage feedings and eliminations.

“Wheel in the buffet trays,” said Mr. Muscle Feeder. “These two big boys need to eat before they go on stage.”

“Yes, said Mr. Muscle Feeder #2. The judges and the audience want to see those roidguts stick out even further than their muscle tits.”

Hearing this, both Waddlers started posing their giant tits, and then alternating with an exhibition of their roided out muscle guts in the mirrors for the fanboys and schmoes. Keeping in mind that both men weighed nearly 600 pounds, it was debatable which feature stood out furthest in front of their physiques and the overall scene was obscene to the utmost extreme. Some of the fanboys reached out to touch the tits and guts of their heroes, but the VIPs and schmoes beat them to the punch and were obscenely rubbing on both Waddlers as the two men moaned and groaned and continued to pose in the mirrors.

Meanwhile, the Muscle Feeders began to grab food from the feeding trays and shove it down the willing throats of the Waddlers who felt their roidguts extending further and further from the gorgings.

“I feel like I’m gonna pop,” said Waddler1 to Waddler2.

Overhearing this, Len from Muscle Cock Magazine whispered into Waddler1’s ear, “You know where the toilet stalls are way in back, don’t you? I personally volunteer as a private toilet assistant at these shows,” added Len.

“Oh yes,” responded Waddler. “We have heard about you. “But don’t you think we should save that for later so we have all our food inside us when we are on stage and so our guts stick out a mile in front of us on stage. The judges and the audience love that!”

“Well, that’s true,” responded Len. “But isn’t there the risk that you guys may pop right on stage?”

“That will only increase our popularity,” said the Waddlers and Len had to agree.

“But do you know where the stalls are located just in case? You need to know that for sure I’ll be waiting there. Just between you and me, I always serve as a personal toilet at these competitions and I remain in that area for all contingencies.”

“With all of us at 600 pounds and with the buffet lines, how do you keep up?”

“Yes, especially right after the competition is very challenging. I sometimes need to run back and forth between the stalls.”

“Don’t you need helpers”

“Well yes, but I really try to keep the volume for just myself. These competitions have proved to be very satisfying for me. Well, see you men back at the stalls.”

“Okay,” said the Waddlers as the gorged on additional food from the trays and posed their fake tits and roidguts for the men and boys.

Explosion Chambers

When the most prominent VIPs heard about the benefits Len was receiving in the remotely located toilet areas, they decided they needed to fight back. Many of these men did not want to be too far removed from the stage and pump room just in case the bodybuilders might pop during actual competition or during pump up or right after walking off stage. Also, many of these men, because of their personal wealth and status in the bodybuilding community enjoyed a cash faggot/ATM atmosphere in conjunction with servicing the 600 pound bodybuilders. This led to the creation of a backstage feeding and rim station chamber for the most well to do sponsors. As a symbol of the wealth and status of the benefactors, each rim seat was gold plated and fitted with extremely comfortable padding for subservient positioning.

special gold buttoms inside rim seats to push out $29, $50 and $109 bills during cleanings and deliveries

Also, specialized tit implant preparation activities given the enormity of the units and special last minute preparation requirements for on stage display. With the advent of 200 pound pectoral muscles on the Waddlers, special arrangements needed to be made to accommodate and prepare the giant organs for……

Waddlers Walk on Stage in Tit Harnesses

While Waddler2 was able to carry his size, Waddler1 packed so much implant size on to a smaller frame that he immediately required creative pectoral support solutions in order not to fall forward or to create consternation when walking in public. Dr. Garcia worked with a special factory to equip Waddler2 with a special support harness that would allow him to function in a normal manner. Ben Wasserstrom worked with Waddler to help him with his harness and tit straps and was instrumental in getting the green light for Waddler to walk on stage in the harness in order not to topple over forward on to his face from the weight of the implants. However, once Waddler was given permission to wear his gear on stage, it was impossible to deny hat privilege to the other bodybuilders. So eventually an obscene scenario developed where the various intravenous tit men walked on stage with all different sorts of muscle bras, cleavage supporters, and various other types of obscene pectoral support harnesses.

“Waddler, take that shirt off. Let’s fit you into your harness and stabilize you. Oh my, how much did the doctor add?”

“Well, now I am up to 220 pounds in my pectoral region alone. Do you like the way they stick out a mile in front of my physique?”

“Oh yes I do, but it’s not just the forward protrusion. I’ve never seen anything so gigantically rounded.”

“Yes, I asked the doctor to round them out like that. We did some simulations on the computer and I kept morphing the image up to an ever more extreme round shape.”

“But how was he able to incorporate all that additional size on your frame?”


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